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  1. Full Name: Christian Cortez Date of Birth (1988/01/01) - (1999/01/01): 87-7-16 Ethnicity: Caucasian Skin Colour: White Place of Birth (City and Country) Philadelphia, United States Languages Spoken: English, Japanese Positions Played (Any up to three): Striker, Wing Best Stats (Choose four): Finishing, First Touch, Stamina, Technique Worst Stats (Choose four): Crossing, Long Throw, Marking, Free Kick Taking Relationships with people (Positive or Negative): Neutral with everybody
  2. Cole/Gargano II is a match I'm incredibly hyped for, as they are two amazing workers. While many people say it will/should be Cole's last TakeOver, I just don't see that happening due to there being such a small number of established heels for Gargano to face. There is a way that can be fixed, but it will be put in later, since it involves spoilers. Cole and Gargano should deliver another epic match, and I could honestly see this going either way. While most expect Shayna to lose, I'm not so sure on this one. Io is being far more aggressive in recent weeks, and I feel as though the aggression might lead her into the dangerous territory of mental errors and being choked out. Io does have a case to win, however, as she is an incredibly wrestler and it might be better for Shayna to move up while she still has the chance. Being nearly on the wrong side of 40, Shayna can't afford to wait to move up much longer. Io is also incredbly deserving of a run with the title, and it would be interesting to see how her reign would pan out. This next part is entering spoiler territory, so take warning. All in all, XXV will be an amazing TakeOver, honestly having top 10 TakeOver potential. We'll see how all goes at TakeOver, and if anything else is added to the card on the 29th's edition of NXT TV.
  3. The Crippler


    After we come back from commercal break, an odd message drapes the titantron. "We interrupt this broadcast of Carnage to bring you a News Flash that will brand the past with your future and take you through a Soul Search" Confused murmurings among the crowd, curious to see who, or what, emerges of this. The lights dim as the crowd begins to get louder, until the arena is lit up by a titantron video and the mystery superstar's theme song. The camera, which had been focusing on the titantron, pans to the ring, where a man becomes visible. As the lights come back on, it becomes apparent the man is the once thought to be gone Odyssey Sellers! A loud pop erupts, before boos rain down on the controversial superstar. He takes a breath and raises his mic. "Did you miss me? I know I missed the rush of competing, the joy of a fight. It wasn't my decision to stop competing, however." The crowd begins a what chant, most confused as to what he means. "Doctors confirmed that my knee injuries from my past had caught up to me recently, and that the Carnage Showcase match, which I won, had aggravated my past injuries. I was forced to take time off from wrestling, but I certainly wasn't about to stay away from training. For the past few months, I have trained in the art of boxing. I have found a way to become even deadlier and even better at what I have perfected, at what I do best." As he puts down his mic, some fans begin to cheer for him, but others still find the edge in his words a bit too cutting for their liking. He chuckles, enjoying the near 50/50 split on fans cheering and jeering. After a few moments, he puts the mic up again. "I feel this next sentence will make what I'm after even clearer, so listen up and listen good. I've noticed that in my absence, the NXT title has become somewhat vacant. This plays exactly into my hand, as now is a better time than ever to pursue the title that will prove just how dangerous I am. I don't care who or what stands in my way, I don't care what lengths I have to go to, and hell I don't care if I get reinjured. Nothing will stop me from winning the NXT title, whether it is won by the time I step back into the squared circle of BPZ, or if everybody has lollygagged their way around winning the belt. And believe me when I say, it will take somebody prying that belt off my cold, dead hands to take it from me. Now, I could walk to the back, but I want to sit out here. I will stay out here and if anybody wants to come out here and mouth off to me, I'll have fun proving I'm the best at more than just wrestling." Odyssey walks over to the corner as the 50/50 continues from the crowd, waiting for anybody from the NXT Title picture to step up. Carnage cuts away to a commercial break.
  4. Name: Odyssey Sellers Figureheads: Adam Cole, Aleister Black Alignment: Tweener (Leans Heel) Nickname: "The Crippler" Height: 6'2"/1.88 m Weight: 200 lb/90.72 kg Hometown: Oakland, California Theme: Tear Away - Drowning Pool Gimmick: Narcissist Bio: Grew up in a rough Oakland area, around tons of violence. Had a love of wrestling rooted deep from a young age, and tried his hand at backyard wrestling for many years. Had a love for Japanese wrestling and Japanese culture from the age of 14, when his family went to Japan to see a wrestling event live. He ended up practicing MMA, specifically Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, achieving red belts in both martial arts. The MMA training both benefitted him during his wrestling training and keeping himself alive in the rough streets. Fighting Style: Puroresu, Hard Striker and Agile High Flier Moveset Guidelines: Basically none, the moveset is extremely flexible, and basically any move is possible (of course taking into account weight differences in terms of lifting), especially in the realm of striking. Loves kicks and knees due to his amateur kickboxing experience, and is a red belt in Muay Thai and BJJ. Heavily influenced by Japanese wrestling, and as such has a good submission game. Signatures: Springboard 450, Frog Splash Finishers: Soul Search (Black Mass), Journey's End (Powerbomb Lungblower), Crippler Crossface
  5. I feel like R-Truth is gonna pull some Crash Holly shit and find a way to dodge everyone. I didn't really like the idea of the 24/7 title at first but it seems like it could be good for comedy. Interested to see if the 24/7 Champe ever shows up at NXT.
  6. From what I've heard they will be announcing a new opponent for Page this week. Hopefully, he gets a good opponent.
  7. As recently as today, news articles everywhere covering the sport of pro wrestling have all been reading the same story. PAC v. "Hangman" Adam Page has been pulled from the AEW Card, as well as PAC declaring in a promo after the pair's match at a recent WrestleGate event that he will no longer wrestle for All Elite. This reportedly stems from his agreement with Dragon Gate to go undefeated, to retain the credibility of his Open The Dream Gate Title. This resultsf in some creative issues and the ensuing drama that has unfolded. It has been announced that Page will likely be receiving a new opponent in the coming week, with AEW's first official pay per view lingering ever closer. What do you all make of this development? Sidenote I decided against putting this in the Double or Nothing thread because I felt this to be huge news, if a mod feels otherwise please correct me if I am wrong for making this a separate thread. https://www.sescoops.com/adam-page-vs-pac-nixed-from-aew-double-or-nothing/ Source
  8. Seeing as I have more brain cells now, let me iterate my new opinion. I think it's between PAC and Page. I haven't seen Page wrestle, so that check mark goes to PAC (btw I don't mean WWE Neville I mean Defiant), however Hangman is the way to go if you're looking for a face victory to cap off the first show in the promotion's history.
  9. Here we are, folks, a diary that has probably been severely overdone. A SvR 08 GM Mode Playthrough, with a twist of interactiveness. You guys will get to pick the challengers for each title (or in certain special cases, like this one, other things will be voted on). However, since this is the first entry, I will do something special. All 4 Championships are vacated (Also should mention I'm playing as SmackDown), and so you guys will get to pick the inaugural champions! So, here are the results for Entry One, including the full draft results, a blockbuster deal, and your choices for the championship contenders! Full Draft Pick 1 - ECW - The Rock Pick 2 - SmackDown - Steve Austin Pick 3 - Raw - John Cena Pick 4 - Raw - Triple H Pick 5 - SmackDown - Bret Hart Pick 6 - ECW - Shawn Michaels Pick 7 - The Undertaker Pick 8 - Rey Mysterio Pick 9 - Edge Pick 10 - Mick Foley Pick 11 - Randy Orton Pick 12 - Terry Funk Pick 13 - CM Punk Pick 14 - Batista Pick 15 - Melina Pick 16 - Bobby Lashley Pick 17 - Ric Flair Pick 18 - Roddy Piper Pick 19 - Mr. Kennedy Pick 20 - Elijah Burke Pick 21 - King Booker Pick 22 - Rick Rude Pick 23 - Carlito Pick 24 - Sabu Pick 25 - Marcus Cor Von Pick 26 - Umaga Pick 27 - Mickie James Pick 28 - JTG Pick 29 - Kane Pick 30 - Jeff Hardy Pick 31 - Matt Hardy Pick 32 - Sandman Pick 33 - Shad Pick 34 - Torrie Wilson Pick 35 - Johnny Nitro Pick 36 - The Great Khali Pick 37 - Finlay Pick 38 - MVP Pick 39 - Chris Masters Pick 40 - Gregory Helms Pick 41 - Kelly Kelly Pick 42 - Chavo Guerrero Pick 43 - Mark Henry Pick 44 - Kenny Dykstra Pick 45 - Snitsky Pick 46 - William Regal Pick 47 - Candice Michelle Pick 48 - Ashley Pick 49 - Michelle McCool Trade Alert SmackDown Trades Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle for The Hardy Boyz Options Per Title World Heavyweight Championship: - Steve Austin - Bret Hart - Rey Mysterio Unites States Championship: - Ric Flair - Carlito - MVP Tag Team Championships: - The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) - Evolution (Batista and Randy Orton) Cruiserweight Championship: - Johnny Nitro - Elijah Burke - Kenny Dykstra - Carlito I hope you liked this diary entry, and don't forget to reply your choices to be crowned champions! CJ Out.
  10. Well it looks like this died a bit. Loaded 22 wasn't that bad, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's. I also appreciate their library of free matches.
  11. Well, this has been dead, hasn't it? So many great teams to have won this belt are being wasted on the main roster. Let's hope the same won't happen to the UE. Now that the Raiders have won, who is there to feud with them, especially if ERA moves up. The only real teams I can think of are Burch and Lorcan and the Street Profits. There is the possibility of using Keith Lee and Matt Riddle as an alliance tag team, but who knows what Hunter will work out.
  12. Halftime Heat, it was a great match. Go back and watch it if you haven't, trust me. It might be Aleister's last NXT match.
  13. Bryan retaining is all but a given. These 6 are all talented and it will be exciting to watch them all in such a match. The combustible elements surrounding this match could blow the roof off the house. The match complements the high flying of Ali and Hardy and the viciousness of Bryan, Orton and Joe. Should main event but the Women's Tag main eventing would not surprise me at all.
  14. Will be exciting. Will give the edge to Miz/Shane, as they just won the titles. This match could be an very good or very bad, let's hope not the latter.
  15. Brock retaining would be a nightmare. The chances of him staying are slim, and I don't think he'll go to AEW. The likelihood of Lesnar retreating to UFC is very high, and having your championship on him while he is not under contract, and likely has no desire to return, is not a fun situation at ALL. Seth winning the title will be better for him, for the championship, and for the WWE.

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