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  1. Time to ask Mikey once again to see what FJA does in this save sim lol. Now seriously, imma ask it now so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle like last time. Please tell me how did FJA do in year 3. Also, what's with the hate towards Aaron North?
  2. Please do this with FJA!. I wanna see how someone like me would do
  3. *FJA is sitting on a chair backstage when he notices a camera* FJA: Hey everyone, it's me, FJA. I'm Carnage's newest member and i want to say that i will be succesful here in Carnage even if i'm a rookie. And in the case you wonder how i'll do it...it's simple. *FJA raises from his chair* FJA: I want to offer an opportunity to anyone to team with me. I know it doesn't seem like the best idea since i just debuted. But think about it, if you get to make someone who is a rookie like me be succesful, that'd sure as hell make you look as the best of the best. *FJA looks straight at the camera* FJA: The gauntlet has been thrown everyone, let's see who'll accept to be my teammate. *Afterwards, FJA enters in his locker room and starts talking to himself* FJA (whispering): Well, step one of my plan has worked, time to see who's the dumb person that accepts to be my partner and how long i'll be able to benefit myself from him *the segment ends with FJA's simply grinning*
  4. Figurehead: Eddie Edwards Name: FJA Height: 180 cm Weight: 220 pounds Gimmick: Backstabber who'll mislead others into trusting him so he can use them for his benefit until they're of no more use to him and then he'll stab them in the back. Alligment: Tweener Backstory: After being interested by the BPZ company, FJA has decided that he'll make himself famous by joining the promotion and now that he's on Carnage, he'll use anyone, after making them trust him, for his benefit and when they're of no use to him, he'll stab them in the back. Moveset: Fighting Style: High-Flying with a bit of technical Regular moves: Missile Dropkick, Armbar, Neckbreaker, Springboard Clothesline, etc Spots: Suicide Dive, Tope Con Hilo, Dropkick Through Ropes Signatures: Stunner, Springboard Crossbody Finishers: TrustWorthy (Meteora), Trust Fall (Backstabber) Rare Finisher (no one kicks out of it): End of the Line (Reverserana off the top rope) Theme: "Falling Apart" by Trust Company
  5. FJA (my character) is a free agent and wants to be a part of a company
  6. *we see FJA walking backatage and finding Stan* FJA: Hey! Stan: hi FJA how is it going? FJA: Fine, i was searching you to ask you something Stan: ok?, and the question would be? FJA: what if we form a tag team?, think about it, you and i had our first match as a team against Fireware and it was our best match in the company!, and if we did that without experience as a tag team, imagine how good our matches would be if we were an active tag team and what we would be able to accomplish! Stan: I think i'll accept your request of forming a tag team with me, it could make us the most interesting thing of the entire tag team division and become tag team champions, now the thing is: which would be our tag team name? FJA: well, i had thought of Ace of Diamonds as our tag team name, what do you think? Stan: Fine by me *Stan and FJA shake hands*
  7. Evolve, after the first commercial break: *We see FJA sitting on a chair* FJA: hello everyone! *crowd boos due to FJA defeating an hometown wrestler on the pre-show* FJA: Jesus calm down, i get that you are pissed off due to me defeating a local wrestler, but i'm sorry ok?, i didn't know that i was facing a hometown wrestler on the pre-show!, so let's start again ok, i'm FJA and even though i'm not known in any place besides here, believe me when i say that one day i'll become a Evolve World Champion you can be proud of *crowd give FJA a decent babyface reaction* FJA(after they turn the focus of his segment to a match and therefore he's not being listened anymore)😞: Heh, those dumbs don't suspect anything about me not caring about who i have to backstab or what i have to do to get to the Evolve world title *FJA lets out a maniatic laugh*
  8. Name: FJA Born: 25th of november, 1996 Set to debut: january 2016 Gender: male Race: white Nationality: Argentinean Based in: mexico and USA Style: luchador and highflying Body type: slim Size: cruiserweight (or light heavyweight if cruiserweight isn't in the game) Minimum size: cruiserweight Maximum size: middleweight Moves: The Finale (a frog splash) is my finisher, my signature is a tornado DDT Face gimmick: either underdog, pacifist or fan's own Heel gimmick: either cocky or cheater Mask: None Hair: short black hair Favourite role: wrestler Backstory: FJA was always the target of jokes, bullying since he was a pacifist and didn't like to fight, also he was always the last being picked for any sport since he wasn't the best on any sport and also didn't had much stamina, however FJA had a friend who helped him get through everything and even defended him from the bullies, then when FJA asked him how did he became so good on fighting he said that he was training to became a wrestler, after hearing this FJA decided to train on the academy that his friend assisted and after a lot of years training, the master of that academy said that he was ready to be a profesional wrestler, after this FJA who was 19 by this point met once again with the bullies who tried to bully him, then when the bullies saw that there was no effect on their bullying they tried to attack FJA who took care of everyone very easily, after this incident he went to his house and watched some wrestling and the images of BPZ Wrestling and Twitch Wrestling and then said to himself "i want to on one of those promotions" and 2 weeks later traveled to USA
  9. Ring name: FJA Weight: 193 pounds Height: 170 cm Finisher: Argentine Backbreaker Signature: DDT Gimmick: a guy who does what he thinks is correct no matter if it's good or bad Attire: red boots and kneepads and a blue and white short Alligment: tweener Tag team partner: no
  10. NXT week 1: velveteen dream wins an battle royal to determine the number one contender for the nxt title and after that gets attacked by tommaso's crutch NXT week 2: velveteen is demanding an answer of tommaso after his attack, then tommaso said that he did what he did to ensure that velveteen dream doesnt gets the nxt title after that while tommaso has a match against ohno, velveteen appears and costs ciampa the match by doing his finisher on him NXT week 3: velveteen is cutting a promo on which he says to ciampa that he can do what he does 10 times better when ciampa appears on the titantron in front of the house of velveteen's family, then ciampa says to velveteen if he can do what he is about to do better and enters the house, meanwhile velveteen is calling 911, we see how tommaso assaults velveteen's family with his crutch even choking velveteen's father with it, after doing that and looking at all the unconsious bodies of velveteen's family ciampa says that he will turn velveteen's dream into a nightmare and laughs NXT week 4: ciampa gets assaulted without mercy by velveteen who puts him through the commentary tables and does a death valley driver of the top of a ladder and then anounces that he will put ciampa to sleep forever and also says that he managed to get a extreme rules match against him after talking with regal NXT Takeover: War games 2 NXT championship extreme rules match: velveteen dream vs tommaso ciampa(c), the match goes for 35 minutes and it's a storytelling match with tommaso using his crutch in the 70% of the match and even doing a project ciampa to velveteen on to a lot of chairs of which he kicked out while velveteen was just destroying ciampa rather than trying to win the match, for example in one moment he did his death valley driver and instead of pinning ciampa hitted him with his crutch 10 times, the ending of the match came when velveteen got the win after countering the project ciampa of the top rope with an hunricaranna which sent tommaso to a lot of chairs that were in the ring and then velveteen applied the death valley driver on ciampa on the pile of chairs and pinned him for the win
  11. I am franetichammer01 and i have something to tell everyone and that is that i will do what i think is the correct thing to do, no matter if i win or lose, or if i get cheered or booed

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