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Mave Deltzer

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  1. Mave Deltzer

    WWE Hall of Fame Classes Prediction and Discussion

    Hall of Fame Headliner: The Undertaker Randy Orton John Cena Michael Cole Hardy Boyz
  2. Mave Deltzer

    Wanting a Rematch

    That wasn't fair! I didn't get a fighting chance! @Alex Costa, I want a rematch for the NXT Championship at BPZMania!
  3. Mave Deltzer

    NXT Championship Celebration

    @Alex Costa, I'll challenge you for that title right here, right now!
  4. I pick The Riot Squad to win because I want to see Ruby Riot as RAW Women's Champion and Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan as the inaugural Women's Tag Team Champions.
  5. Mave Deltzer

    Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin

    Obviously, Strowman because we have seen this match many times and Strowman dominated Baron Corbin that many times.
  6. I pick Finn Balor to win the Intercontinental Championship because (And this is a rumor) of Kevin Owens because he or Luke Harper is returning to WWE soon.
  7. Mave Deltzer

    Challenging The NXT Champion

    NXT Champion, I want to face you at BPZMania! Why? Because I can't wait to beat you for that title and I want to prove myself to all the naysayers that I belong in this company. That will be after St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
  8. Mave Deltzer

    Ahhhhh Shucky Ducky. Your Fave 5 for WWE Topic

    1.Kofi Kingston 2. Seth Rollins 3. Mustafa Ali 4. Mandy Rose 5. Shane McMahon and The Miz
  9. @Emperor Nate, I partially agree with you. Daniel Bryan has been a good champion in his heel run, but Kofi should be WWE Champion because of his determination, his heart, his soul. Not only that, but he could be a grand slam champion.
  10. I hope Seth Rollins wins the Universal Championship because we need a full-time champ. Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to win the title at SummerSlam last year and he promised to be a full-time champ. He did that. Until his leukemia came back and was forced to vacate the Universal Championship and Brock won the vacant title by defeating Braun Strowman at Crown Jewel.
  11. I agree with you. Where is Sanity? Where is The Club? Hell, where are the rest of the Smackdown Tag Team Division? They should deserve this opportunity
  12. True, but Akira Tozawa is a former Cruiserweight Champion in his own right. He won the title against Neville in 2017 and I hope he could win it again for the second time.
  13. It's a done deal. Ronda will probably win this one because she has been on a hot streak with the RAW Women's Title and I don't think she will lose that title anytime soon.
  14. I think Mustafa Ali should walk out as WWE Champion because of his athletic ability and every week, he continues to impress us with this ability and he never gives up. He inspires others, himself, his wife and kid to never be afraid of everything that comes in their way. So, that's why Mustafa Ali should walk out WWE Champion.
  15. Mave Deltzer

    A New Mave Deltzer

    Bitches, I'm back! And I've come to kick ass and win titles. I don't care if it's the Intercontinental Champion, the United States Champion, or any champion. You better watch out, because this is a new and improved Mave Deltzer.