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  1. My electric teams are Raichu, Pikachu, Electabuzz, Plusle, Minum, Electrike, Manectric, and Electivire
  2. We're back on Carnage, and out comes Mave Deltzer, who is not only trashing the fans, but to Arrow. Mave has the microphone and let's listen in on what he has to say. “What's up, bitch faces? Now I know you guys love seeing my face and I don’t love seeing yours so I’m going to make this as quick and as sour as possible. Look here Arrow, I don’t give a damn about what type of man you are. If you are a man at ALL for that matter. So go back to whatever single club you came out of and stay there. Focus on getting a girlfriend not getting your ego destroyed 5 seconds flat in this damn ring right here. As for everyone else, I don’t know whatever you drunk bitches are doing but expect your ass to be hurting. And it won’t be because I slapped it, it’ll be because is kicked it. I hope all of you have the worst day, I hope you dumb asses get hit by a car, and most importantly, I literally love none of you. Goodbye and I hope to never see ANY of you again”. Mave walks out of the ring.
  3. First of all, thank you for having me. Second of all, Arrow, I will take you down if it's the last thing I will do. I don't care what you do to me. I will hunt you down like a dog.
  4. Render: Finn Balor Name: Mave Deltzer Color Scheme: Red and Black
  5. TBH, you're right. I have had my shot for the NXT Championship. But that won't stop me from challenging you for your spot at King of the Ring. What do you say, James? Are you in or are you out?
  6. We're back on Carnage and out comes Mave Deltzer, who wants a one on one shot at Meko's NXT Title. At Judgement Day, Mave was one of the participants in the NXT Championship Battle Royal that got eliminated. Mave has the microphone and let's listen in on what he has to say. "Hello, Meko. I would introduce myself, but you already know exactly who I am. I just wanna say that I look forward to our match after the King of the Ring PPV, and hopefully you'll face me this time. And when I beat you for the NXT Championship - and I don’t give a damn whether anyone else is happy about that or not-, I will reach Ultimate Glory. And all of everyone's so called heroes have done nothing, they're a burden here, and they need to be gotten rid of, all everyone's so called hero's are not here to stay like I am, you all should warship me as your god because believe me, I am here to stay, and if you're not on my side, horrible things will happen, so let this be a warning, to all the hero's, to all the fans of the hero's, and to anybody that's against me, something bad will happen to you." Mave walks out of the ring.
  7. We're back on Carnage, and out comes Mave Deltzer, who apparently has something to say to not only to the fans, but to his opponents one last time before Judgement Day. Let's listen in. "I'm not you people's slave boy. I'm here to kick ass and take names. I'm not everyone's follower. I'm a leader. And yeah, I do talk a lot of shit for somebody who doesn't come close to outmatching everyone, but in the grand scheme of things there were more important matters to deal with. Bob Sparks, I've thought about nobody else for weeks. You will be a witness of what's to come tomorrow night at Judgement Day. After I win the NXT Championship, you and the other peasants will fall on your knees and start praying to me. So I hope everyone in the back was listening because I am coming for you and the other competitors that stands in my way." Mave walks out of the ring.
  8. Or he should relinquish the title altogether. WWE should bring back the 30 day title defense rule again. Damn you Vince!
  9. We're back with the aftermath of the PTC finals, and out comes Mave Deltzer, who is realizing that the odds are stacked up against him. At Judgement Day, it will be a battle royal for the NXT Championship. Mave has the microphone and let's listen in on what he has to say. "At Mayhem, I was eliminated by Sir Raven in the battle royal. At that point, I felt like giving up on my dream of becoming the NXT Champion. But I decided to not give up. I also realized that at Judgement Day, the odds are stacked against me. I will never give up. I will fight for BPZ Wrestling. One day, I will become the NXT Champion. Even though people will either hate me or love me, I will finally make it to the top of the mountain after all the failed attempts. All of the participants in the battle royal, sleep soundly in your beds tonight, because judgement will fall upon you at first light." Mave walks out of the ring.
  10. My favorite Pokemon is Raichu.
  11. I'm a fan of the Resident Evil franchise because of Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) and Alice (Milla Joviach)
  12. Samoa Joe vs Ricochet? This is gonna be all out action.
  13. Shane being the WWE Champion will be worse for the company. It's bad enough that he is "The Best In The World." For Kofi vs Vince, hell no.

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