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  1. Smith

    WWE: 2019

    Unifying the world titles is an interesting move. I'm assuming this will be the beginning of the end of the brand split with Becky unifying the women's belts and the tag titles being unified later on. However, I'm interested to see how it all pans out. I'm predicting Styles vs Rollins in the RAW finals and Reigns vs Kofi in the SmackDown finals with Reigns vs Rollins as the unification match and Rollins as the first Undisputed Champion of the new era.
  2. HFE Title(s): Medallion Of The Eight Islands HFE PPV(s): Trouble In Paradise (Shout out to Kofi) Tropical Warfare Misguided Vacation HFE Show(s): Eruption
  3. Name: Eli Smith Height: 5'11 Weight: 201 lbs Hometown: Leeds, England Heel/tweener/face: Face Finishers: 8th Sin (Straight-Jacket German Suplex), Omoplata Crossface Signatures: Sick Kick, Frog Splash Color for attire: Black and white with a hint of pink Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: Cruiserweight Theme song: BMTH - Can You Feel My Heart?
  4. After Vince's tweet, it seems as though Lesnar is making the jump to SmackDown which will be very interesting. Personally, I'd like to see Balor, Lashley & Rush, Ember, Ziggler or Gable make the jump over. They're all great talents that I think would excel on the blue brand. Also, I think it would be cool if Murphy left the cruiserweight division for SmackDown. If Alexa moved with him, they could make a really good pairing because from what I've seen, Murphy isn't the most entertaining on the microphone but can put on a good match. Even a cruiserweight like Gran Metalik could make a solid mid-carder for SmackDown.
  5. Name: Will Smith Nickname: Red Dragon Gender: Male Birthdate (Year): 1994 Debut (Year): 2012 Nationality: Welsh Ethnicity: White Based In: America Hometown: Carrog Personality: Professional Fighting Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Kickboxing Stance: Southpaw Height: 5 foot 9 Minimum Weight: Featherweight Maximum Weight: Welterweight Three Best Stats: Submissions, Standing Strikes, Ground Defense
  6. Name: "Dunkosaurus" Rex Smith Age: 20 Nationality: English Height: 6'11 Wingspan: 7'2 Weight: 240 lbs Looks: Black with big beard and cornrows Similar game style: Giannis Position: PF
  7. Name: Gran Santo, "El Diablo de las Cuerdas", "El Mago" Age: 30 Weight: 205 lbs Wrestling Style: Luchadore Gimmick: Very respectful luchadore who focuses on mastering the art of lucha libre whilst paying homage to the greats in his performances such as Blue Demon, Gory Guerrero, Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, El Santo, etc. He fuses the use of ropes within lucha libre with his own unorthodox style of submission wrestling in which he uses the ropes to apply even more painful holds than he could with just his four limbs. Heel/Face/Tweener: Face Usual/Basic Moves: Moveset focuses on submission wrestling, especially with the use of ropes, but has hints of lucha libre wrestling. Signature Moves: Crucifix Driver, Gory Special, Camel Clutch Finishing Moves: Octopus Hold, Truco de la Muerte (Somersault Cutter) Tag Team: No specific tag team but does excel in tag teams Stable: Will join stable (but not one called Superkick Squad) Additional Information: From Tala, Jalisco, Mexico. Masked. Grandson of legendary El Santo. Lifetime rival of Gran Metalik.
  8. Loving this dairy at the moment, keep up the good work Mikey! Also, I was wondering if we're allowed to sign up more than one character.
  9. Name: Blizzard Age: 34 Race: Water Genasi Class: Rogue Subclass: Assassin Background: Hermit Based In: Nirinos Physical Description: Aqua colored skin with white markings all over that he carved into himself while in solitude. White slicked back long hair with a matching beard. If he doesn't take time to maintain his hair, it floats freely as if he was underwater. Medium height with a slim toned build. Beads of moisture can be found across his skin and hair. Fighting Style: Stealthy Favoured Weapons/Gear: Wears a mask that covers his face up to his nose as well as leather gloves. Has a set of light armour that only covers his shoulders, forearms and lower leg which is built with scales forged into it. The rest of his body is covered in robes that lead to a hood. Blizzard usually makes use of his hand-crafted pair of daggers but for bigger troubles, he also carries an ancient trident that when he throws, generates a rope of water that keeps itself attached to its owner. Backstory/Bio: Left to be an orphan, Blizzard grew up nameless just outside of a city run by a mafia that he would inevitably join at the young age of 14, using his powers to perform tasks of sin under the command of the boss. The boss would give Blizzard his name after witnessing his immense success in the field. After a few years, Blizzard would come to the realization that he was being used and that the boss would happily throw him aside when necessary so, in an attempt to escape whilst also undoing all his wrongdoings, Blizzard would murder the majority of the mafia, donating their riches to their victims, before then leaving the city. Blizzard would then spend years traveling, exploring and learning before making his way to Nirinos where he would settle down and live in solitude. Blizzard's experiences at such a young age have lead him to be almost completely serene. However, his years traveling have allowed him to broaden his knowledge and emotions. With over a decade in solitude, he has been able to reflect on himself and the entirety of the world, or at least what he has witness of it, allowing him to define what he believes is his true purpose.
  10. Opener: Maddrix vs Birdman Charles Lupin vs Maasa (SSW National): Aaron North vs Arius vs Joey Marvelous Main Event (SSW Championship): RAINE vs Angelo Caito
  11. Name: RAINE Age: 26 Weight: 192 lbs Wrestling Style: Cruiserweight Gimmick: Since living with a single mother who struggled on a daily basis to provide for her kids, RAINE has found success within the wrestling industry and it would be nowhere near an overstatement to say that it has gone to his head. From family-orientated humble beginnings to a self-deluded, vainglorious narcissist, RAINE refuses to share his spotlight with anyone but perhaps his unique offense and insane talent as a highflyer deserves such attention. Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel Usual/Basic Moves: Highflying moves (Ricochet, Jack Evans, etc.) Signature Moves: Starship Raine (Starship Pain), Standing Corkscrew Moonsault, Famouser Finishing Moves: MoneyMaker (Codebreaker), 630 Senton Tag Team: N/A Stable: N/A Additional Information: African-American, not a friendly person, rude to others, dresses like a modern day Ric Flair
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