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  1. The Network Novel With RAW signed to the USA Network and SmackDown signed to the Fox, WWE enters a new dynamic where not only are the brands battling, but so are the networks that the shows are broadcasted on. With this, ratings have become more important as each brand will be looking to top the other in order to please their network. To give this new approach a fresh start, a draft will take place on both RAW and SmackDown, with two separate pools for each show. RAW Bart USA Network Monday Night, 7 PM Central SmackDown Smith Fox Friday Night, 7 PM Central
  2. Moments after the reckless act by Slim, after security has calmed everyone down and removed the chaotic and unpredictable world champion from the building, the press conference resumes. As "Bring Me The Horizon" can be heard throughout the room, Eli Smith steps into the room in casual but high-end clothing, with shades covering a good section of his face, the BPZ Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder and his version of the white gold chain we saw him gift to Sameer and the two other men days ago. However, as he comes into the room, he tucks the chain under his shirt so that the pendulum can't be seen, suggesting that it has something on it that needs to be kept as a secret. As he reaches the table, he props up his championship for everyone to see before taking a seat and picking up a microphone, keeping the shades on for now. After tapping on the top of the microphone to make sure it's working, Smith greets the press as he gets ready to answer their questions, remaining relatively calm throughout. Smith: Well that was certainly... something, I guess. Are you all okay though? Yeah? Alright, good, who wants to ask the first question? Mike Hunt (@Julius): Hey, Smith, it's Mike Hunt from BPZ Commentaries. Heading into your match with Slim this weekend, that will decide the winner of your block, what makes you think you're going to be able to beat Slim this time around? Smith: I mean, you just saw that, right? Clearly, Slim isn't in the right state of mind to even be competing but I guess, if he wants to and it entertains you guys, no one is going to stop him. Heading into this match, Slim has created a little fantasy where he's this all-knowing anarchist that needs to reveal the truth to me, that doesn't care about winning or losing the match, that's obsessed with breaking my will. On the other hand, I'm not going into this match to play around like Slim, I'm going into this match with the sole intent of getting him down for three count, picking up the pinfall and coming out victorious. It's nothing more or nothing less than that to me and that in itself is going to put me one step ahead from the get-go because whilst he's trying to play mind games, I'm going to be kicking his head in, planting him on the back of his neck with an 8th Sin and bridging into the pin that gets me the win. James SweedinFerg (@Death Notorious Angel): Hi, it's James SweedinFerg from Smarks Daily. As Mike touched on your last encounter with Slim, I just wanted to elaborate on that and ask what specifically is different this time from the BPZMania III main event? Smith: Last time, BPZ Mania III... Wow. That was some night, wasn't it? Last time I was heading into a match with Slim, as I'm sure you saw, I was completely embracing my demons, trying to use that dark power to help me defeat Slim but looking back on it, it was foolish. Sure, it enhanced my abilities in the ring but mentally, I just wasn't there at all and I can see the same happening to Slim now. Anyway, this time around, instead of embracing my demons, I'm training harder than ever before, I'm making sure I'm both mentally and physically at the top of my game. Mr. Smartie Pants (@ArrowGargano): With yourself and Slim having a storied past, it's clear that Slim knows a lot about you and he seems to be favoring this dark side of you labeled as 'The Enigma'. Have you considered letting this side out of you again? After Mr. Smartie Pants asks the question that perhaps some reporters were afraid to, Smith pauses as the tension in the room rises. However, Smith breaks the tension with a chuckle before slowly removing the shades on his face, revealing a few black veins around his eyes, the same veins that cover the whole of his body when he embraces 'The Enigma'. Smith: This, this is what Slim wants to see, right? This right here is the foundation of the paint that I cover myself in when I let 'The Enigma' take over. This right here is what Slim has been begging to see but this small visual representation, that's all he's getting. I know what Slim wants to see this weekend, I know he wants me to come out, covered in black veins and with 'The Enigma' in the driving seat but like I've said over and over again, it isn't happening. I've worked too hard, training myself mentally and physically so that I don't have to resort to such darkness. Truthfully, I have one-hundred percent confidence in myself to defeat Slim this weekend, without the help of 'The Enigma', as the true Eli Smith. After answering Mr. Smartie Pants' question, whilst putting his shades back on, Smith notices Josh Trenton giving him the signal that means it's time to wrap it up so he leaves the press with these final words. Smith: I am aware of the challenge that Slim presents but this whole tournament has been one of the biggest challenges I've met for years. This tournament has taken its toll on my body, as you saw with my arm being injured for the majority of the tournament and still not even being fully healed now. Even with the injury, even with being beaten down week after week, one thing never even showed any signs of breaking and that's... My will. When my back is up against the wall, when I'm stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea, it's the willingness to keep fighting that allows me to prevail time and time again. This weekend, if there's one thing that I can promise you, it's that Slim will not break my will. With an emphatic statement left to linger in the minds of the reporters, Smith puts down the microphone, gets up from his seat and collects his belt from on top of the table. As Smith leaves the stage, he says his thanks and goodbyes before then leaving the room.
  3. 1. Bailey 2. Flynn 3. Nebakos 4. Slim 5. Smith
  4. Undisputed: Flynn (c) vs. Necce vs. Echo NA: Yelich (c) vs. Mikey Block A Matches: Julius vs. Bart Jonathan vs. KENJI Prince vs. FDS Block B: Slim vs. Smith Bashka vs Hollow Sameer vs. Hans Street Fight: Meko vs. Alex Costa Arrow Gargano vs. Aidanator
  5. Smith


    As Sameer opens the door, the suspenseful edge is taken off as Sameer welcomes the man in after greeting him. As the visitor walks in, he is revealed as Eli Smith, in normal clothes and carrying a bag. As the two start conversing, Sameer mentions that he was just filming a video for Carnage which is when the two start to talk about BPZ. Sameer: So I was actually just filming a video for Carnage. Smith: Oh nice, do you think you got your point across? Sameer: Yeah, this one felt good. Smith: Good to hear. So are the other two here yet? Sameer: No, not yet, but they should be here soon. Smith: Okay, well, I thought to show how serious I am about this, I'd get these. Out of the bag that he brought with him, Smith pulls a high-end designer leather case. As he opens it with care, red velvet is the first thing we see on the inside. As the case is opened further, the red velvet is revealed to be cushioning a chain made of white gold links and at the bottom of it lays a pendant in the shape of a cross with a word written across it. To make the word stand out, diamonds are used to shape the word but the two are stood too far away from the camera for us to make out what it says. Sameer: No way! Those are fire! And you got one of those for each of us? Smith: Yes, of course, bro. It's calm, I know a guy. Sameer: The other two are gonna love these! Smith: Yeah, I hope so. Hey, did you leave the camera recording by any chance? Sameer: Oh damn, I did. Smith: No worries man. Actually, do you mind if I say a little somet? Sameer: Yeah, go for it. I'm gonna go get us some water whilst we wait for the other two. As the two have found things to do, they share a fist bump and split up. As Sameer walks out of the room and towards the kitchen, Smith walks towards the camera, places the bag to the side and takes a seat where Sameer was talking from before. He takes a moment, to think about what he's going to say, and perhaps also what he shouldn't say. Once he's ready, he takes a look into the camera, takes a deep breath, and then begins to talk. Smith: This weekend, I know most of you know already but if you don't, then I'm facing Slim, one on one, at the Survival Games event in the match that will decide the winner of our bloc. At Survival Games, there's a lot of great matches set, a lot of determined competitors looking to use this momentum heading towards the new year. On the other hand, there's also a lot of superstars that I see and they don't seem too interested in the matches they have coming up, a few of these being competitors in the Survival Games tournament. I understand I'm not in the same situation as them, I know I still have a chance at winning the tournament, but even so, every match in this tournament is a showcase, a chance to prove to the people backstage, to the fans watching, that you should be given more opportunities, that you should be heavily on their radar. As Sameer comes back into the ring with two glasses of water, Smith pauses as he is passed one of the glasses. He takes a sip of the water before placing it on a coaster to the side of him. After replenishing his palet, Smith begins to speak again, with Sameer sat on a chair in the background, checking his phone. It's these negative mindsets that lead to people slacking, to people not making the most out of these opportunities, to people becoming disappointed in the progress they're making. It's a vicious cycle but all it takes to break it is the right mindset, resilience, perseverance, the willingness to keep going even when your back is up against the wall. Every match, especially the ones this weekend at the official event, is an opportunity to take your career to the next level, to show everyone else what you already know, that you're worth more than they think. It's this same mentality that has pushed me my whole career. The mindset that has allowed me to have this list of accolades, to have this ring, to have the prestige that I have earned. This mentality and this mindset, it allows me and pushes me to be a better competitor, a better performer, a better overall superstar. It's also this mentality that will keep me from becoming lost in the illusion created by Slim's mind games as I keep myself completely zoned in on the mission, the victory that will take me to the finals and one step closer to that BPZ Undisputed Championship. As Smith is still talking, a knock can be heard at the door once again. After putting his phone away, Sameer gets up to answer the door and as he is doing so, Smith gives his last few words as he has one last topic to address. On one last note, if you haven't seen the announcement or heard it through the grapevine, I will be defending my BPZ Intercontinental Championship at Halloween Havoc in the Elimination Chamber. My challengers, from the veterans like D.N.A and FD to the guys newer to the Intercontinental Championship division, Arius, Hans Clayton, The Marker, they're all exciting performers and I'm looking forward to the competition. You know, as a champion, I'm always looking for the biggest challenge, the biggest match-up, the one that will bring the most eyes onto the division, and whether it's just a normal singles match or a somet mental like an Elimination Chamber, I'm down to do whatever is best for this championship, for its reputation, and for BPZ Wrestling. After greeting the door-knockers, Sameer welcomes them in as two men can be seen walking in. However, before they are revealed, Smith gets up, blocking the view. Okay, got to go, we've got some business to attend to. With Sameer and the two others waiting, Smith leaves us with a cheeky wink before leaning forward and turning off the camera, leaving the screen in blackness as the identities of the two other men meeting with Sameer and Smith remain unknown.
  6. BPZ Carnage | 19th August, 2019 | XCEL Energy Center | St Paul, MN The Boss Takes Action Into His Own Hands With the biggest party of the Summer, SummerSlam, only two weeks away, Carnage begins with the owner of BPZ Wrestling, Brenden Playz, comes out to the ring. Despite his recent conflict with Sameer, he remains professional as he now starts to talk. Brenden Playz: "St Paul, welcome to Carnage! Tonight, we have a fantastic main event as two BPZ veterans, two BPZ Hall Of Famers, FDS and Flynn, go one on one. Furthermore, we continue the BPZ North-American qualifiers set by the champion himself. With SummerSlam now only two weeks away, its no surprise that the roster has become so heated, with everyone trying to prove why they should be on the biggest show of the Summer. With that being said, I would like to announce that at SummerSlam, BPZ Wrestling will have its first-ever pre-show that will include a number of match-ups. Not only will the pre-show bring you extra in-ring action, but we will also have an array of BPZ presenters, superstars, and legends giving their thoughts and predictions of the matches on the show. Therefore, I hope to see you all tune into the BPZ Network extra earl-" With Brenden making an important announcement, one on behalf of his business, it would be extra disrespectful when Sameer's music hits, interrupting Brenden. With a smug grin on his face, Sameer walks out, with one hand holding the Money In The Bank briefcase and the other holding a microphone. Of course, by Sameer's side is Bob Sparks and his newly hired hit-man, Slim. With such powerhouses behind him, Sameer seems very comfortable in getting in the same ring as the man who he turned on and has been tormenting over the past couple of months. Once gloating in front of the man he betrayed, who is also his boss, Sameer finally begins to speak. Sameer: "Come on Brenden, no one cares about some stupid pre-show and I know you don't either. I can see straight past this business-first mentality you're trying to force onto yourself. For months, ever since stabbing you in the back and taking my career into my own hands, I know it's been eating you alive. Even putting a Hall Of Famer against me and forcing me to defend my briefcase, none of it has stopped me from proving to you why I never even needed you. Everyone here, everyone watching, they don't want you to see you keep your head down and carry on running your business, they don't want you to ignore me, they want you to get your revenge, beat the hell out of me and defend not just your pride, but your legacy and your company. Nevertheless, as much as you want it, I know you won't go through with it. You're afraid of me, you're scared that your rusty body might not be able to run the ropes anymore, and you're anxious that I will defeat you, ruining your great legacy. In fairness, I don't blame you. I mean, I am the hottest thing in wrestling right now and you're just a-" After so many insults and so much antagonising, Brenden decides that enough is enough as he interrupts Sameer, now with fury prominent in his voice. Brenden Playz: "Shut that foul mouth of yours! For just under five years, I took you under my wing and I pushed you to stardom! Throughout all those years, many faces came and went but I never stopped supporting you and your career here in BPZ Wrestling. Now, you've thrown all of that in the trash and you walk around flaunting about it, bragging about how you took that big jump, and I was ready to let you thrive by yourself, perhaps I had been too controlling. Yet, you still have a problem with me, you still keep trying to antagonize me. Well, if it's me you want, then you've got me! That's right, at SummerSlam, in Toronto, it's me vs you, Brenden vs Sameer!" With Brenden finally giving in, finally taking matters into his own hands, it has been announced by the owner of BPZ Wrestling himself that he will face Sameer at SummerSlam. In response to the news, Sameer starts nodding in excitement before giving Brenden some final words. Sameer: "Thank you, Brenden! Thank you for allowing me to be the one that puts an end to your career! ...I'll see you in Toronto, buddy." After giving his final words, Sameer drops his microphone and exits the ring. However, Bob and Slim don't follow; the two powerhouses remain in the ring. As Sameer walks up the ramp, cockily chuckling to himself, Bob and Slim step towards Brenden as the boss realises their intentions. Acting quickly, Brenden starts throwing punches but is soon overwhelmed by Bob and Slim, who start to lay a beating into the boss until Bashka runs in from the crowd in order to even the odds. Just as the duo of Bashka and Brenden start to fight back, Sameer creeps into the ring and takes out Brenden from behind, allowing Slim to then plant Bashka with an Essential Eliminator. The three men show no respect, continuing to hit moves on these legends of BPZ until they literally can't move. With a strong statement made, the three men leave the ring, happy with their work. BPZ North-American #1 Contender Qualifying Match Alex Costa vs Joshua Scott In the first match of the night, Alex Costa and Joshua Scott compete in the third qualifying match for the BPZ North-American #1 Contender Match. With his return not being as successful as maybe, he anticipated, Alex Costa has struggled but has found a tag team partner in Sir Raven. With that being said, Joshua Scott has also struggled but is also apart of a team as the leader of SSW Club. With both men in need of this win, the two superstars push each other to their limits, trying to find success as singles stars despite being apart of teams. In the end, the much more experienced Joshua Scott defeats Alex Costa and therefore qualifies for the BPZ North-American #1 Contender Match at SummerSlam. Hollow Wants The Prince Following the first match of the night, as we wait for the show to continue, the arena suddenly loses all lighting. Moments later, the screen displays a dark room, with the only thing visible being someone in the distance. All of a sudden, a close-up on the face of Hollow flashes on the screen before we return to the darkroom where the man, who is Hollow, is now much closer. He begins to speak, erratically and eerily. Hollow: "In you, I see him. In you, I see your master. In you, I see the same man that has overshadowed me my whole career, the greed-fueled monster that you once let guide you. Well now, let me guide you, let me guide you to the dark place, where I've been forced to find comfort, where I've become the madman you see before you. Echo Wilson, at SummerSlam, I will show you the pure darkness generated by your master's deeds." With his last words spoken, Hollow goes straight into laughing hysterically as he strolls back into the dark setting until he is no longer visible. The Tag Team Division Incites A Massive Brawl With Buddy Ace & Jack Bishop winning the only other tag team match than the championship match at King Of The Ring on their debut as a team, they walk out onto the stage pretty smugly. Once entering the ring, the newly formed tag team grabs a microphone each. Jack Bishop: "For weeks, I competed in tag team matches with new partners, trying to find the right man to stand by my side. When I faced First Class Express for the first time, I came so close so I asked for one more chance, with a new partner." Buddy Ace: "That's where I came in. Instantly, we clicked and you all saw it. In our first-ever match as a tag team, we defeated one of the best team in the division, live on pay-per-view. Now that we've discovered how great of a team we can be, we're out here to challenge the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Royal Flush, to a match at SummerSlam. Jack Bishop: "We understand we've only had one match but realistically, the only other team with the credibility to challenge for Royal Flush's titles are the same team that we already beat so let's not wait months on end, let's just get this over and done with, and get that championship gold around our waists nice and early." With their challenge put out, it wouldn't come as a surprise when the theme song of Royal Flush hits and the BPZ Tag Team Champions enter, carrying their belts with them alongside microphones. As they approach the ring, they respond to the challenge set by Buddy Ace & Jack Bishop. Jonathan: "Holding these BPZ Tag Team Championships, it really has been enjoyable. At King Of The Ring, we defeated the number one contenders in The Godsent and now, we're looking for the next team to challenge us, the tag team to take us on at the biggest party of the Summer." Sheridan Muller: "And the two of you, you make a good point. For the past few months, First Class Express has been one of the best that our division has to offer yet, you two defeated them on your first night as a tag team so perhaps, the two of you do deser-" Now, the theme song of First Class Express hits and interrupts Sheridan. As First Class Express make their entrance, the two teams that have already made their way out watch on from the ring. Of course, First Class Express have their own microphones as they look to give their piece. Hans Clayton: "Hold on, hold on! At the biggest party of the Summer, you want to defend the BPZ Tag Team Championships against Buddy Ace & Jack Bishop? We're First Class Express, we run the biggest parties all year round." Xavier King: "That's right and what's also right is that the BPZ Tag Team Championship match needs First Class Express if it's going to get any of the limelight at SummerSlam. Royal Flush, you know that. Ace & Bishop, you know that. The whole BPZ Universe knows that the match everyone wants is First Class Express against Royal Flush." After First Class Express pitch their idea for the BPZ Tag Team Championship Match at SummerSlam, it starts to become intense in the ring, with the three teams staring each other down. All of a sudden, the four members of SSW Club rush the ring and incite a massive brawl between the four teams! Eventually, the numbers game works in the favor of SSW Club as the four men stand tall over the champions and the other contenders. BPZ North-American #1 Contender Qualifying Match Bob Sparks vs Yelich In the final qualifying match for the BPZ North-American Championship #1 Contender Match at SummerSlam, the intimidating big-man Bob Sparks takes on the returning Yelich, who is a three-year veteran in BPZ. After an uphill struggle for Yelich, he would be closing in on a victory over the much bigger Bob. However, in the closing moments, the referee would get knocked down and then, ICON would make his return by costing Yelich the match and giving Bob the victory! Afraid of the consequences, ICON would sprint up the ramp and to the back, leaving the aftermath to be settled between the two competitors. Monda Believes In The Land Of The Free Once again, Carnage is taken to the same vintage setting that we've seen Angelo Caito and Joh at. This time, we see BPZ Hall Of Famer and American hero, Monda. Just like Caito and Joh, he is also in a nice tailored suit. Monda: "Welcome to a United Nations serviced story. As a born and raised American, a man who bleeds red, blue and white, I have a lot of pride in the United States. From young, I saw my country evolve, I saw states take different directions, I saw the people change, but still, I'm proud to be American. This country is like no other. Each state has its own culture, each city has its own life, and each person is proud of their country. This is the United States of America, the land of the free, and I am Monda, the American hero." After a similar statement to both Caito's and Joh's, the camera fades to black as the United Nations logo appears on the screen. ICON Reports Back To Sameer After returning and helping Bob Sparks defeat Yelich moments ago, we see ICON backstage rushing through the corridors, checking behind him every few seconds to make sure no one is following him. As he comes to a locker room, he knocks and is then answered by Bob Sparks. Bob Sparks: "What do you want?" ICON: "I'm here to see Sameer." Reluctantly, Bob lets ICON into the locker room where we see Sameer and Slim playing cards, with a hand left on the table at a seat which ICON takes. The two men sat at the table look at ICON confused before looking past ICON and beginning to snicker. To see what they are snickering at, ICON turns around and is met with Bob standing tall over him. Bob Sparks: "That's my seat." ICON: "Sorry, sorry, I didn't realize, here you go, Bob mate." Quickly, ICON scurries to his feet, not trying to get on the bad side of the brute. After a bad start, ICON is somewhat rattled and nervous. Sameer: "So did you want something?" ICON: "Yes, I did what you said and I interfered to help Bob win. You said if I helped him with his qualifying match that you would-" Sameer: "I told you to do what? Listen kid, I don't know what you're doing here but just get out." At first, ICON is frozen to the spot, confused, not sure whether Sameer is joking or not. However, when Bob stands up, ICON gets out of the room as fast as possible as he realizes that Sameer has played him. FDS vs Flynn In the main event of tonight's episode of Carnage, two veterans of BPZ, two Hall Of Famers, FDS and Flynn go one on one. Despite FDS having one-year in BPZ over Flynn, the major difference between these two legends is that FDS has never won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship whereas Flynn has done on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, FDS would prove why he is a Hall Of Famer as he would push Flynn to his limits in an exciting match-up. With both men exhausted, suddenly the lights would go out. Once the lights would return, Necce would be stood behind Flynn. As Flynn turns around, Necce attacks him before planting him with an Antichrist Revolution, forcing the referee to call the match. With his damage done, the lights would go out and Necce would disappear. However, it wouldn't be over. As FDS would be comprehending what just happened, Mikey would creep into the ring and hit FDS with a Cosmic Ascension. Standing over FDS, Mikey would laugh at the destruction in the ring before sliding out and walking up the ramp. With the last scene being FDS and Flynn both laid out in the ring, this week's Carnage show comes to an end.
  7. In a dimly lit room, the limited light causes the surroundings to be unclear but there is still enough luminosity projected to shine off of the championship gold that is propped up in a presentable manner. The camera pans across a row of belts, all from BPZ Wrestling. As the camera passes two BPZ Intercontinental Championships, two BPZ Premium Championships, two BPZ Tag Team Championships, and two BPZ World Heavyweight Championships, it becomes noticeable that every centerpiece of each belt has the name Smith engraved on the plate. As the camera passes the last championship that is propped up, it comes to a final BPZ Intercontinental Championship that is hanging. As the camera pans outwards, it is revealed that there is a hand holding the belt and on the index finger of that hand is a BPZ Hall Of Fame ring. As the camera continues to pan out, the man stood holding the belt, if not already revealed by the accolades showcased, is revealed as none other than Eli Smith. As the BPZ Superstar comes into the shot, the lights brighten gently, revealing the room as an office, with the championships won by Smith on display behind a grand desk and leather chair. After Smith gently lays his current BPZ Intercontinental Championship across the desk, he strolls out from behind the desk and to the adjacent side of the room. Despite the rest of the room being made from vintage dark oak wood, the wall behind Smith is made out of clear glass planes that allow you to see through into a massive gym, with an array of exercise equipment, including a professional wrestling ring. After waiting a few moments to allow the surroundings to be soaked in, Smith begins to talk, calmly but emphatically. Behind me, is my own personal gym, used by myself, obviously, and the people around me, my team. Throughout my whole life, I've always stuck with my team, never turning my back on anyone. Every day, they help me push myself to greater heights and in return, I do the same for them. Every day, we push ourselves and each other to the limit and as a result, we better ourselves as performers and human beings. Every day, I'm doing everything I can to write my legacy, to build a legendary history around the name of Eli Smith, to make sure that myself and my team are living life to the fullest, because its all worth it to see the progress, the success, the happiness. With his first statement made, Smith continues to talk but as he does, the screen cuts between him in his office right now to prerecorded footage of him training. In both scenes, whilst he's both training and simply talking, it is clear to see the determination in the face of Smith as even though there's a lot of people doubting him heading into the match with Slim, the same man who took the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship from Smith in the main event of BPZMania III, Smith is used to the adversity and even thrives off of it. Every day of my life, I'm met with pressure. The pressure to feed my family, the pressure to be someone that can inspire others, the pressure to perform to the best of my ability in and outside of the ring, the pressure to not be a disappointment to myself, to my friends, to my family, and to the millions of people watching from home. Despite all of that, every day for over the past five years, I haven't crumbled, I haven't broken down, I've adapted and now, I live for it. Now, the pressure only motivates me to work more, train harder, and put maximum effort into everything I do. And what allows me to keep pushing this hard? What allows me to keep myself at my peak? Rules. Whether it's set by others as guidelines for a functioning society, or set by myself to ensure that I stay on top of my game, they are important. Every day, I force myself to get up in the early hours of the morning so I can get into the gym early, that's a rule I live by. Every day, I make sure I help at least one other person, that's a rule I live by. Every day, I make sure I'm a better man, either as a performer or as a human being, than I was the day before, that's a rule I live by. Rules like these, they are what have allowed me to gain all of the championships you saw moments ago. Rules like these, they let me live my best life and right now, that's what I'm living. Furthermore, this lifestyle isn't just for me; my whole team lives this way, and that ranges from one of my closest friends in Sameer to the people off-screen, off-camera that you don't even know. Everyone who stands by me has the same mentality, we all work until we physically can't do anymore, we make the most out of every opportunity, we have one-hundred percent belief in each other and that's why we are all winners, that's why we have multiple world champions in our camp. In this team, we don't step on each other for success, we lift each other up to the top as a unit. What we don't do is let each other slack off, what we don't do is blame society for our failures, what we don't do is let each other descend into insanity because, in this team, there's genuine care for each other. When we're met with failure, we accept it as apart of the past but never do we accept is as apart of the future. Heading into this match, failure hasn't even been contemplated but for you, you've already said that you don't care if you lose, the reality of you being defeated has already manifested in your brain and that's how I know you're weak. For you, everyone you've had around you, everyone that you came up with, they're all gone and it's because of the greed-driven, power-hungry, control freak that you are. People are only just seeing the lunatic in you now that you've gone completely insane but I know it's been there all along, trapped inside your head and now you're letting it run wild because you feel weak. Now that you don't have lapdogs doing your dirty work, now that you've realized you're not at your pinnacle anymore, you've resorted to anarchy but to me, it's just what you like to call a mask. A mask to cover up the weakness, the regrets, the fear, the disbelief, the knowing that you might just not be as good as you once were and the knowing that the man you beat at BPZMania III in the main event is about to prove exactly that. That's why you don't scare me, that's why I'm not afraid of you, because you're the same Slim that has always been around, the only difference now is that you're trying to use chaos, turmoil, and animosity to cover up the fact that you don't even believe in yourself. Now, you've let all control go, you've demolished every wall you put up and broken every rule that kept you in line but even with all that, I can see that you still aren't confident in yourself. You can talk about morals and society all you like but when we're in the ring, that doesn't matter so you can threaten me all you want but you will not distract me from my mission. Keep obsessing over me and I will continue to work on myself and better myself. Continue to stroll around in your own delusional world whilst I keep in check with reality, ensuring that I perform to my best and enhance every aspect of myself at every opportunity. For you, this is all a game but for me, this is a mission... A mission that I refuse to fail. With a close-up on Smith's face being the final shot, the final line from Smith is spoken clearly and dramatically, as he makes it clear that he is heading into the match this weekend, at the Survival Games event, with no doubt, no fears, and no intention of coming away from his match against Slim, that decides the winner of Block B, without having his hand raised.
  8. Name/Nickname: "The Enigmatic TrailBlazer" Eli Smith Preferred Figurehead: Lio Rush Wrestling Style: Muay Thai x Catch Can x High-Flying Signatures (up to 2): Sick Kick, Frog Splash Finishers (up to 2): 8th Sin (Straight-Jacket German Suplex), Omoplata Crossface Background: Originally training in Muay Thai, Smith chose to transfer into wrestling by coming up through the independent scene in Britain. Then, Smith moved out to Australia and signed a contract with an upcoming promotion called BPZ in late 2014. A few months later, BPZ moved to America and soon became the #1 promotion in the world. Now in his fifth year at BPZ, Smith is one of the most experienced on the roster and also one of the most successful. Heel/Face/Tweener: Face
  9. No Holds Bar Match: Brock Lesnar vs Triple H Universal Championship Match: Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle Undisputed Era vs Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Cedric Alexander The Brothers of Destruction vs Dolph Ziggler and Elias Goldberg vs Baron Corbin United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Jeff Hardy Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor vs AJ Styles vs Braun Strowman Smackdown Tag Team Championship 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ricochet and Rey Mysterio RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn vs The Usos
  10. PAY-PER-VIEW | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA Jushin Thunder Liger Open Challenge As announced last week, the owner of KAIZEN Wrestling himself, the legendary Jushin Thunder Liger, starts the first-ever pay-per-view with an open challenge. To the excitement of the crowd, the challenge is accepted by 'The Swiss Superman', Cesaro! At the end of a great exhibition match, after warming the crowd up for a night of fantastic wrestling, Cesaro manages to beat Liger and earn the respect of the legend. Winner: Cesaro (Pinfall via Neutralizer) Jushin Thunder Liger Introduces Beauty In Combat Following the great contest between Cesaro and Liger, the owner of KAIZEN Wrestling takes a moment to welcome all the fans in attendance and wishes them all a good night. However, out of nowhere, Joe creeps up behind Liger and puts him to sleep with the Coquina Clutch. After putting his own boss and a fan favorite legend to sleep, Joe takes the microphone and claims that he was clearly screwed out of the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament and that Liger is a fool for not acting on it. Therefore, Joe plans to act on it himself, first by attacking Liger like he just did and secondly, by beating the hell out of Bobby Roode in a match tonight! Bobby Roode vs Samoa Joe After ruthlessly attacking Jushin Thunder Liger and calling out Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe's request is met by 'The Glorious One'. With these two having faced off for over ten years, battling each other all over the world, in all of the biggest promotions, the two meet once again here in KAIZEN Wrestling but with extra heat in the fire. After Joe attacked Ziggler before their semi-final match, Roode would come to the aid of Ziggler and help him win, clearly infuriating Joe who would take his anger out on Roode here tonight. Despite Roode putting up a good fight, it would all be over when Joe would lock in the Coquina Clutch, not letting go even after Roode would tap, putting him to sleep just like he did with Liger. Winner: Samoa Joe (Submission via Coquina Clutch) 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor Is Coming To KAIZEN Wrestling In between matches, a trailer is played, showcasing the mixed martial arts career of the three-time NCWA National Champion and former UFC fighter, 'Filthy' Tom Lawlor. Despite being well-known for his antics and jokes at weigh-ins and during his walk-ins before fights, the amateur wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu hybrid ability of Tom Lawlor shouldn't be overlooked as once the bell rings, he becomes a very dangerous man. With equal amounts of wins through knockouts and submissions, Lawlor has proved to be versatile and an entertaining competitor. As the video package comes to an end, it is advertised that Tom Lawlor is coming to KAIZEN Wrestling soon. Firing Squad vs The Hart Foundation In the third match of the night, we would get some variation in match type as Tama Tonga, Tonga Loa & Bad Luck Fale of the group dubbed as Firing Squad would compete in a six-man tag match against the new age formation of The Hart Foundation that includes Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr & Brian Pillman Jr. It would be during a KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Qualifier between Low Ki and Teddy Hart that Firing Squad would make their debut, taking out The Hart Foundation in favor of the newest member of the squad, Low Ki. Tonight, the two experienced trios would show just how impressive six-man tag action can be and in the end, Firing Squad would manage to come out on top in the first-ever trios match in KAIZEN Wrestling. Winner: Firing Squad (Pinfall via Gun Stun) Paul Ellering Warns KAIZEN Wrestling In a mysterious, dimly-lit room, a single spotlight shines down onto a light fog. Eerie footsteps can be heard before Paul Ellering steps into the spotlight, revealing himself holding a book. He opens the book and begins to read out loud, speaking of a fabled warrior, telling the story of a monstrous being in Japan that would tear through opponents, break human bodies with ease, and possess the power that was only imagined to be held by gods, thus earning the nickname... Zeus. Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Matt Riddle In the final non-championship match of the night, Andrade 'Cien' Almas goes one on one with Matt Riddle. After being eliminated from the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament, Riddle would look to address his future in KAIZEN Wrestling but would be interrupted by a gloating Andrade and Vega, as Andrade would make it to the semi-finals. However, Riddle would payback the ridiculing after Andrade would lose against Adrian King and set a challenge for Andrade at Beauty In Combat. At the end of an extremely competitive match, with the referee down, two hooded men would invade the ring and attack Riddle, allowing Andrade to hit La Sombra and pick up the victory, but the identity of the two hooded men would stay a secret for now. Winner: Andrade 'Cien' Almas (Pinfall via La Sombra) The History Behind Junior Heavyweights Before the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match that we have seen qualifying matches for over the past four weeks, a video package showing the great history of Junior Heavyweights across the globe would be played. From legends such as Jushin Thunder Liger, Dean Malenko, Owen Hart, and Último Dragón, to icons such as Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, and even to more recent stars such as Daniel Bryan, Adrian King, and AJ Styles, the lineage of the junior heavyweights is exhibited. Then, the junior heavyweight action we've seen from the division here in KAIZEN Wrestling is shown, giving us the results of every qualifying match before finally hyping up the ladder match which is next. KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match ACH vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Low Ki vs Matt Sydal vs Travis Banks After each man would win their respective qualifying matches, the inaugural KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Champion would be decided in a ladder match including six of the best junior heavyweights in the industry today. After an exciting and thrilling match with plenty of high-flying showcased alongside other various styles, it would be the newest member of Firing Squad, the veteran with lethal strikes and zero mercy, Low Ki, who would grab the title from the top of the ladder and be crowned as the first-ever KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Champion. Winner: Low Ki (Championship Retrieved) Recapping The KAIZEN World Championship Tournament Before the main event, the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament finals, the inaugural KAIZEN World Championship Match, a video package would be played, recapping each match in the tournament so far. The story of each man in the tournament would be told, with each of them clearly having something to prove. Finally, the recap would end with Adrian King and Dolph Ziggler winning their semi-final matches, earning their spots in the inaugural KAIZEN World Championship Match, and detailing exactly what this victory would mean to them. KAIZEN World Championship Tournament Adrian King vs Dolph Ziggler After a tournament of eight of the best wrestlers in the world today, we conclude the KAIZEN World Championship Tournament with the finals between Adrian King and Dolph Ziggler, with the winner of the match being crowned as the inaugural KAIZEN World Champion. In a match where King would showcase his overall incredible ability, it would be an uphill battle for Ziggler who is still clearly hurt from Joe's attack earlier in the week. Nevertheless, Ziggler would keep fighting and retain that trademark resilience of his, even kicking out of a picture-perfect Black Arrow. Ultimately, despite everything that Ziggler would put into the match, King would hit a second Black Arrow before going straight into the Rings of Saturn submission that would force Ziggler to unwillingly tap out. Winner: Adrian King (Submission via Rings of Saturn)
  11. During the pre-show, Mustafa Ali challenged Randy Orton to a match.
  12. Announced on WWE Now Live.

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