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  1. Preview Final Step On Leeds' Title Road Augustin Misses Chance To Double Leeds' Advantage Against Charlton EFL Championship Final Match | Saturday, May 2nd | Elland Road Highlights In the opening minutes of the match, Costa is able to sprint down the wing with the ball after a one-two with Hernández. With the defenders expecting him to cross the ball into the box, Costa continues his sprint, cutting inside as he runs adjacent to the goal line. Now, only a few meters away from to the front, Costa attempts to drill the ball past the goalkeeper but the shot would be blocked out of play by Charlton's Sarr. As the game would go on, Hernandez would find himself orchestrating the play once again. With the ball at his feet just outside of the opponent's box, the Spanish veteran would be taken out from behind by Charlton's captain, David Davis, who would then receive a yellow card for the reckless challenge whilst Leeds would be awarded a free-kick in a dangerous area. Nevertheless, nothing would come of the free-kick. After Leeds break down Charlton's attack, Phillips looks to carry the ball into the attack but is caught off-guard and is dispossessed by Josh Cullen. Starting an attack already deep into Leeds' defense, Cullen passes the ball off to Macauley Bonne who takes a shot from just outside the box on his first touch. However, the attempt at a very difficult shot results in the ball flying over the bar for a goal kick to Leeds. Now, it's Charlton who is continuously applying pressure as they get another chance at goal. As Adam Matthews whips the ball in from the right-wing to the middle of the Leeds box, Lyle Taylor meets the ball with a header but isn't able to direct it goal-wards, sending the ball way over the bar. On the other side of the field, Leeds form an attack that leads to Sam Lammers being given the ball just outside of Charlton's box. After turning on his first touch, Lammers takes a couple more touches to create some space before letting off a powerful shot that tests the keeper's reaction speed but Ben Amos passes as he parries the ball over the crossbar. Once again, Leeds finds themselves on the attack as Doku cuts in from the wing, passing the ball back to Philips who plays a first-time pass to Lammers. On his first-touch, Lammers flicks the ball up and over his head before chesting the ball down and then smashing it towards goal. Although Amos is able to get a touch to it, the ball crosses the line and hits the side netting as Leeds United go 1-0 up! Despite going 1-0 up, Leeds don't let off at all as the players are eager to rack up their goal tallies with the league title already secured. The next man to find himself in a scoring position is Jack Harrison as Lammers plays him through after a one-two but Harrison puts too much power behind his shot, sending the ball way over the crossbar. Nevertheless, Harrison relentlessly hunts for his piece of the pie as he takes on Sarr before letting off another shot. This time, the shot is on target but it is Charlton goalkeeper, Ben Amos, who denies Harrison of his goal. In the closing moments of the match, after being subbed on in place of goalscorer Sam Lammers, French loanee Augustin has the chance to put his name on the scoring board but produces a shocking attempt at goal, missing the net completely from only a few yards out as the final match of the season comes to a somewhat satire ending. Man of the Match Overview After the final whistle is blown, not just for this game but for the whole season, the crowd at Elland Road erupts as Leeds United finish the season as champions of the EFL Championship. Once the players have commemorated each other and the opposing team, the Leeds squad gather on the stage in the middle of their home ground. Then, in front of their unbelievably passionate fans, the team captain, Liam Cooper, lifts up the trophy as the rest of team, the management, the coaches, and the fans cheer their hearts out, celebrating as Leeds United are crowned the 2020 champions of the EFL Championship and are officially promoted back to the Premier League for the first time since 2004.
  2. Shayna Baszler vs. Kanako Urai ( KO / SUB / UD ) Miroslav Barnyashev vs. Bill Goldberg ( KO / SUB / UD ) Tom Budgen vs. Naomichi Marufuji ( KO / SUB / UD ) Stephanie Bell vs. Toni Rossall ( KO / SUB / UD ) Keith Lee vs. Harry Smith ( KO / SUB / UD )
  3. || King Of The Ring || The Forgotten Fifth Over the past few years, WWE hasn't been at its best and there are various reasons that could be identified as the cause to this but one of, even though it's probably not a major one, is the lack of tournaments. Although we get the odd tournament for a championship, there's no big tournament every year like NJPW, PWG, RevPro, etc. have and personally, I find these to be the most entertaining parts of these other promotions. However, there was once an annual tournament within WWE, a tournament that was it's own pay-per-view and was such a significant part of WWE's calendar that it was once known as apart of the big five of WWE. Since 2010 though, there have only been two renditions of the tournament, resulting in it losing its prestige and becoming somewhat forgotten. Now, the big five is only the big four, with the tournament becoming the forgotten fifth. Of course, I am talking about King Of The Ring. From 1985 to 2010, we saw 19 editions of the King Of The Ring tournament with some of the greatest WWE superstars of all-time winning the moniker. From 2010 to 2020, we've seen 2 editions of the tournament with lackluster brackets and nowhere near the excitement the tournament used to receive. Therefore, I will be booking a King Of The Ring tournament for every year that WWE missed since 2010, beginning with 2018. Thanks to @Echo Wilson as I took inspiration from his G1 Climax diary when making this, below is his diary.
  4. SPOILER: Do not reveal the tab below or read the rest of this thread if you don't want to see future plans for NXT Superstars. The next NXT superstar that is supposedly being called up: nodq.com
  5. Firstly, I'd like to say that this was a great match and the two men performed the classic David vs Goliath style match very well. Secondly though, I want to focus on the outcome of the match.Personally, I have no problem with the winner of this match at all and I wouldn't say either man necessarily needed the win but it was more what the title needed. Before AEW, all I knew Archer for was being apart of Killer Elite Squad in NJPW and that tag team wasn't exactly a mega-team so I found it interesting that he'd been given such a big opportunity here in AEW and he has undoubtedly fulfilled it. However, this match was for the TNT Championship, a title that will represent a multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate, and quite frankly, I don't think Lance Archer was ever or will ever be the right person to be the first champion whereas Cody definitely is. As probably the most well-known member of the AEW roster, bar Jericho and Moxley, he was easily the best option out of these two to be the inaugural TNT Champion and I'm sure he will represent the title very well.
  6. I'm glad to see that they didn't resort to shenanigans in order to keep both men strong but instead, gave them the platform to put an absolute stellar match which ultimately, will boost both competitors' momentum if anything. Even though Lee lost in his first big match, he performed extremely well, kicked out of numerous big moves, looked like a beast and was only defeated when Moxley forced him out of consciousness, so I don't see that ruining his momentum at all but the problem of what he does next still remains and I'm interested to see how AEW solve it.
  7. Clearly, AEW wanted both men to look good in this match and they definitely did. Before this match, the only talk I'd heard about Jungle Boy was either about him riding Luchasaurus or being Luke Perry's son. However, he extremely impressed me as a wrestler in this match and was a great babyface that complimented MJF's incredible heel work. Also, what I found interesting is that both these men are very young yet the match they wrestled was very traditional, with old-school psychology and a clear cut face/heel dynamic. From my understanding, MJF hasn't been pushed to his limits in singles competition like this often but I think, with his great character work already respected by pretty much every fan, it is bouts like this that will be needed to get him over as the full package as in this match, he very much showcased that's he's talented between the ropes as well.
  8. Having the big bad beast defeated through the uses of weapons in a No-DQ match was a good booking choice by AEW that keeps Nyla strong. Although I can't say I'm a fan of either of these women, I'm definitely happy to see the title taken off Nyla and put onto one of the better female wrestlers in AEW. Hopefully, with a new champion, AEW can finally see the fruition of their women's division as I think it's the weakest part of the promotion by far.
  9. Flip Gordon Signs New Multi-Year Deal With ROH: wrestlinginc.om
  10. I'm actually really looking forward to the clash between Bobby and Drew, they're both two talents that I'm a big fan of. In addition, I'm glad that Bobby has been given an excellent mouthpiece in MVP (I guess he'll somewhat make up for Lio's absence) as I think he's definitely a worker that needs someone to talk for him and also, his work with MVP as apart of Beat Down Clan in TNA was class. Other than that, I'm not interested in much else advertised for this show but I did find reports of a pre-recorded segment that sounds pretty funny. *SPOILER* Pre-Recorded Segment (w/ The Viking Raiders & The Street Profits):
  11. As Brenden said, this is an absolutely ridiculous idea. Hulk Hogan winning the ATGMBR might be a fun little commemoration to his friendship with Andre but the match really should be used to push stars stuck lower down the card and at this age, Hogan shouldn't really even be stepping back in the ring, let alone winning matches. However, there is an aspect to this which I do like and that is having a legend return for the match. In the Royal Rumble, arguably the most exciting part of the match is the returns, debuts and legendary appearances. I understand that the ATGMBR doesn't quite work the same but I think it could really help the prestige of the match if they do have returning legends in the match. Having big names in the match will help to raise the prestige of the match and actually give the winner momentum which we've failed to see time and time again.
  12. WWE Road To WrestleMania 36 | March 9th, 2020 | Press Conference | Battle Royals Hulk Hogan's Welcoming Is Interrupted By The Bulgarian Brute After announcing the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal earlier this week and that the winner would receive a shot at the WWGP Heavyweight Championship, Hulk Hogan now welcomes us to an exclusive press conference being held for the competitors of both the ATGMBR and the Sensational Sherri Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 36. After welcoming everyone, Hogan continues to talk about what's in store for tonight's press conference but that's when he is interrupted by 'The Bulgarian Brute' Rusev and his social ambassador, Lana. With little respect shown to 'The All-American' legend, Lana orders that Hogan leaves the stage for a real athlete in Rusev. After Hogan departs, Rusev makes his intentions known, vowing that he will win the ATGMBR. Beth Pheonix And Natalya Want To Solidify Themselves As Greats Next, for the first time tonight, competitors of the SSMBR make their way to the stage to let their voices be heard as two veteran women wrestlers, two living legends of WWE, Beth Pheonix and Natalya look to throw their names in the hat. As they answer questions from the reporters in attendance, it becomes clear that both Beth and Natalya want to reassure themselves that they are greats of the women's division and want to solidify their legacies by winning the battle royal and then the WWGP Women's Championship. NXT Talents Claw For Career-Changing Opportunity After two showings of names that could be considered favorites for the battle royals, an unexpected name who hasn't been seen since the folding of NXT and merging of WWE's three brands, Tommaso Ciampa, makes his way to the stage. Whilst Ciampa believed NXT was destined to be his home, he claims that he's realized he must move on and must fight for his place in this new landscape of WWE. Nevertheless, with Ciampa out here, it's no surprise that Johnny Gargano also resurfaces for the first time since the new era began and of course, he is alongside his wife, Candice LeRae, as the two of them come out and argue with their blood feud rival. However, what isn't expected is that this leads to a series of former NXT talents making their way out and pitching their own ambitions within the new landscape of WWE as Damian Priest, Tyler Bate (alongside Pete Dunne and Trent Seven), Ilja Dragunov, Jaxson Ryker (alongside Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake), Jordan Devlin, and Lio Rush each give their takes. Alexa Bliss Wants Everyone To Remember Who The Goddess Is After a stand-off between numerous men who have each been dubbed as the future of WWE, the focus is once again taken back to the women as the former multi-time champion, Alexa Bliss, makes her way onto the stage, followed by her psycho sidekick, Nikki Cross. After Nikki runs through the crowd of reporters like a lunatic, Alexa calms her down before taking to the microphone, answering questions and making a clear point that she's seen the rise of these new stars and appreciates their talents but finds it necessary to remind everyone that she is known as The Goddess of WWE for a reason and that the battle royal will serve as the perfect platform to do exactly that. Ichiban Will Prove Themselves As Number One Then, it is a collective of Ichiban members who make their way to the stage with Sami Zayn leading out both Kushida and Akira Tozawa. However, after being questioned, Zayn reveals that only one member of Ichiban shall be competing in the ATGMBR and that it will be the legendary 'Time Splitter', Kushida! The Undisputed Era Declare That They Will Win Both Battle Royals Afterward, it is another faction that takes to the stage as the whole Undisputed Era, including their newest recruit in Toni Storm, waltz out from the back, making snide comments to the reporters as they walk past them. With the five of them on stage, Cole leads in taking to the microphone before Roderick Strong does, announcing himself as apart of the ATGMBR, and then Toni Storm, who announces herself as apart of the SSMBR. As the five members of UE pose, attention is brought to the back of the room where 'The Big Dog' Roman Reigns has entered the room. Across the crowd of reporters, Reigns stares Adam Cole down and in response, is met with barks of insults from UE but 'The Big Dog' simply chuckles before calling Adam out to a match, one-on-one, at WrestleMania. Bayley Refuses To Fall Behind In The Race Of The Four Horsewomen With Becky Lynch set to defend her WWGP Women's Championship, Charlotte ahead of a monumental clash against Kaitlyn and Sasha Banks competing for the WWGP Women's Tag Team Championships, Bayley is the only one of the Four Horsewomen not to have a match at WrestleMania and it is evident that she is displeased by this as she storms onto the stage, declaring herself as apart of the SSMBR. With each question that the reporters ask, it seems as though Bayley is fixated on not being left behind in the women's evolution and not being overshadowed by the rest of the Four Horsewomen. In her final statement, Bayley states that she'll win the battle royal and rip the title out of Becky's hands herself if it means being number one. Kevin Owens Is Sick And Tired Of Being Overlooked Since the change of WWE's landscape, one man who has fallen from the top of the card to seemingly not being on it at all is Kevin Owens. However, tonight, he shows his face but with barely any enthusiasm or care for being here. As he steps onto the stage, he disregards the welcoming of Tom Philips and Hulk Hogan who have been hosting tonight's conference. Then, he completely ignores all the questions asked by the reporters and simply states how sick and tired of being overlooked he is. As one of the most talented workers in this company, he demands way more respect but since he isn't being given it, he declares that he will show no man in this company any respect and without the company's backing, without a faction behind him, he will win the battle royal and dethrone the WWGP Heavyweight Champion. Heyman Inc's Bobby Lashley Is Challenged By Two Monsters As the press conference is coming to an end, Paul Heyman is given the final time slot as he brings out none other than 'The Destroyer' Bobby Lashley. After advertising his newest signee to a tee, as is expected from the great Paul Heyman, Bobby steps forward to the front of the stage but as he poses for the cameras, a new face that caused havoc at the Royal Rumble in his debut steps up to Lashley. Staring right into the soul of the freakish athlete is the monstrous athlete known as Killer Kross, followed by Zelina Vega, who responds to Heyman's words, challenging one of the greatest managers of all-time as she looks to make her own mark. As Lashley and Kross stare each other down, all of a sudden, they are both blindsided by yet another freakish athlete in Braun Strowman. After power-bombing Kross off the stage and slamming Lashley through a table, Strowman stands tall and lets out a humungous roar as Heyman and Vega can do nothing more than stand in awe.
  13. Smith

    Fusion Pro

    Pre Show Rumble - Tom Lawler Main Card Next Gen Championship - Triple Threat Laredo Kid vs Bram vs Austin Aires Chris Adonis Lock Challenge Chris Adonis vs ??? Fusion Tag Team Championship Motor City Machine Guns vs Crist Bros King Mo vs Austin Gunn Fusion World Championship Match Stu Bennett vs Winner of Battle Royal Bonus Questions Who is the Mystery Competitor? R-Truth Who will accept Adonis' Challenge? Jake Hager
  14. Smith

    Sweet Release

    As the melodic yet haunting synth faintly lingers into the ears, under the pitch-black night sky, a desolate road can just about be made out but only in blotches, with the moist tarmac only illuminated in a pattern of circles radiating from each street light. Suddenly, the mellow instrumental is met with an equally blissful sound in the form of a well-crafted motor engine, as the spotted street lights are momentarily linked by the vehicle's head beams. Coming to just a few feet above the ground, the camera looks upon the car from the front as it is revealed as an Aston Martin DB11. After the car is followed, cutting from the open road to a closed neighborhood, the destination of the driver's journey is reached as the luxury British automobile comes to a stop. A brief couple of seconds pass before the door is opened and a besuited, well-groomed, dapper gentleman rises out of the car. With the camera focused in on his upper body, we see the man adjust his lavish jacket with his gloved hands. With the jacket unzipped, the split down the middle reveals none other than the established symbol of the famed brotherhood, the cross pendulum donned by the members of Creed. As the man then begins to take off his lush leather gloves, we cut to the man now inside the location. Now, without gloves, the man strolls into a dimly lit lounge with a rack of liquors but first, his attention is brought to an old-fashioned jukebox. With one gentle click, the vintage machinery starts whizzing away until it finds the selected record, plucks it out and places it on the turntable. As the stylus makes contact with the rotating vinyl, the existing melody that wandered in the back is replaced by a similar yet much peppier and more assertive beat joined with belligerent lyrics that challenge the suave, elegant tone With an extra bounce in each step, the man waltz over to the marble counter, removing his coat as he approaches the stool tucked under the Dupont ledge. After placing his jacket on the back of the stool, he takes a moment to analyze the options of beverages in front of him before making his choice, pulling out a fine bottle of Scotch whiskey. Whilst swirling the Scotch around the glass in his hand, the mysteriously urbane gentleman saunters under a freshly-polished Lignum Vitae arch into an office which is when everything becomes much clearer as the office is one very familiar to BPZ regulars. With the glass panes looking onto the gym we've seen Creed training at on numerous occasions, inside the same office where we've seen the brotherhood broadcast various messages, the man places the drink down as he turns, leaning back onto the desk, facing the camera and finally unveiling his face... It's the reigning BPZ Tag Team Champion, "The Enigmatic Trailblazer", "Britain's Finest", Eli Smith. Just a couple of days ago, the former world champion announced that he would be challenging for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at Mayhem, putting his name in the hat against both leaders of Mafia, Bailey of The Death Riders and Slim of The Inner Circle. Despite heading into a match where he will undoubtedly face a united front by himself, Eli doesn't seem fazed or anxious. Instead, he looks directly down the lens, tranquil and poised to a sinister extent. Once the zestful tune fades into the background, he begins to speak, sedately, yet the passion shines through in the tone of his voice as the hunger of the five-year veteran remains as potent as ever. Sweet releases. A smooth salt-caramel elixir, a sweet release for many, the spurring of Dutch courage risen with each sip until nerves are settled, pain is forgotten and confidence is grown. Nevertheless, one man's treasure can be another man's vice and for many, liquor is a severe, life-reckoning vice, but everyone has their own. For the reigning BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, it's very clear to identify his vice. Constantly, we see him cowardly hiding behind others; he continuously uses others to put himself ahead. It's even grown to the point where he's left with no one other than the newest members of the company to manipulate because, at this point, no one else on the roster is stupid enough to stand by his side, why else would every seasoned member of Mafia want to be on a completely different brand to their own comrade? Although, it can't be ignored that Slim's side is a place I once found myself, a place that my brother, Bart, also once found himself. Since then though, our careers have undoubtedly gone much further and we have found greatness of our own yet, Slim doesn't want to recognize that because Slim only cares about what he did for us, what he can claim as his and what he can hold against us. Later in the year, after Slim grew jealous and betrayed me, after I beat him clean one-on-one, I went on to defeat Jeremiah Flynn and Andrew Richards for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Following that, I held the title until BPZMania III, defeating Bailey, Bashka, and Brad on my road to Mania which is where my last reign as world champion came to an end at the hands of none other than Slim... And the man that was by his side that night. See, Slim wants to talk down to me because I don't have as many reigns as world champion as him, because I haven't held the title for as long as he has but the record books don't tell the whole story. For the majority of your time on top Slim, you've had at least had one helping hand, someone holding you up and that's why I'm not impressed when you boast about reigning at the top of this company for so long. I know what you do to stay on top, I know the amount of manipulation you spiral, I know the webs you weave and I know the politicks you talk. It's why I'm not jealous of a single thing you claim to and it shows that the key difference between you and me is that everything you do is for yourself, every alliance you create is for yourself. Whilst on top, you've never tried for the company, you don't ever give credit to the men that helped you, and you've made our number one title the most uninteresting it's ever been. Whilst Bart was by your side, you used him to get the advantage over me with him illegally running interference during our famed clash at BPZMania. How does that differ from my alliance with Bart today? For me, Bart is involved in my matches as my partner, we stand together as brothers and as the greatest tag team this company has ever seen, two men willing to put our livelihoods on the line for each other. And if it isn't some lackey doing your dirty work, it's some other underhanded move just like when we clashed during Survival Games. With the winner of Block B depending on our match, both men undefeated in the tournament so far, we go to war for the first time since BPZMania III and in the closing moments, after you realize that you're about to lose to me for the second time, you resort to a low blow, an illegal move used by no one other than cowards. This time around though, at Mayhem, you find yourself an advantage in the form of your ally, Bailey Justin, being involved in the match as well. Surely, the two of you plan to work together to eliminate me from the equation before battling it out between yourselves and I'm aware of the odds I'm stepping against, I always have been but I embrace it, it pushes me more than anything else. Speaking of Bailey, hello to you my old friend. Looking back to 2015, it's funny to think about where the two of us are now. After I ended your legendary reign of terror, capturing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship for my first time, I truly thought it was my time on top but as we all know, that crashed and burned, and you soon reclaimed the title. For that, I have to give you respect. For the past five years, you've repeatedly reclaimed that title to the point where you now stand as a six-time world champion, and once again, I have to give you respect for that. However, when I came back to BPZ last year, it was hard to have any respect for you at all. After signing back to BPZ, I found out that it was you who pushed Brenden to fire me in the first place. Knowing that someone I worked alongside for years on years had cost me my job, it truly shook me to my core but I got my revenge and defeated you at SummerSlam. This year though, I know you want more than that, you want to be in the main event of SummerSlam, defending the world championship against the King Of The Ring winner. Unfortunately for you though, what you need to realize is that when we clash, I come out on top, just like at Bad Blood 2015 and just like at SummerSlam 2019. At Mayhem, I'll be craving my own sweet release, a sweet release that sees a slight altercation to your plans, a sweet release that results in me walking out as champion. See, whether it's you, Bailey, or you, Slim, whichever one of you Mafia bums finds himself on the receiving end of my 8th Sin, then just know that you have blessed me because smashing your neck into the mat, hearing the referee slam his hand against the canvas three times over, lifting gold above my head whilst I stand above of my fallen foes, that's my sweetest of releases.
  15. Since being released by WWE, Ethan Carter III has been extremely active on social media with promo video after promo video, branding himself to be a talent that WWE never used properly and that from now on, he will control his own narrative. However, it hasn't been all about him. Within his promos, EC3 has mentioned other superstars that were also released by WWE, which has come as a suggestion to many fans that a new stable is in the works, with the expected members to be EC3, Rockstar Spud, Curtis Axel/Joe Hennig and The Revival/The Revolt. EC3 Tweets: What are your thoughts on the stable? Who would you want to be apart of it?

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