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  1. Last night, June 15th, BPZ Wrestling's Powertrip event aired live across the world. After a day to contemplate, here I am, Mike Hunt, giving my thoughts and opinions on the event, match by match. FDS vs Monda The night would begin with two BPZ Hall Of Famers facing off as FDS and Monda would go one on one. The pair would put on a good opening matchup to get the crowd excited for the rest of the show, with Monda picking up the pinfall in his returning match. Winner: Monda Blade vs Buddy Ace The next match would see a veteran in Blade take on an up and comer in Buddy Ace. Since the break-up of The Flock, it looked like Buddy was being lost in the shuffle but his victory over Blade here tonight proves otherwise. Winner: Buddy Ace BPZ North-American #1 Contender Match: Aaron North vs Alex Costa vs Bob Sparks vs Hans Clayton In a fatal four-way matchup, four promising talents with youthful careers in BPZ would face off in a match to decide the next challenger for the BPZ North-American Championship. This match would be fairly even with each competitor getting their piece of the pie in terms of a moment to showcase their abilities. However, it would be perhaps one of the more likely candidates that would walk out the victor as Hans Clayton would guarantee himself at the current champion, Arius. Winner: Hans Clayton Bashka vs Nanovirus In his returning match, Bashka would take on Nanovirus as another two Hall Of Famers would clash. As dangerous as Nanovirus would look, showing no mercy, Bashka would manage to pick up the victory. Winner: Bashka BPZ North-American Championship Match: Arius (c) vs KENJI Arguably the hottest rising star in BPZ, the North-American Champion, Arius would defend his title against possible his most exciting challenger yet in KENJI. The two would put on a great match with KENJI pushing Arius further than he's ever been pushed before but nevertheless, Arius would successfully retain his title. Winner: Arius (c) BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match: Julius Jones (c) vs Xavier King Next, Julius Jones would defend his BPZ Intercontinental Championship against Xavier King. The contest would be competitive with two former BPZ World Heavyweight Champions going at each other. Nonetheless, Julius would pick up the victory and keep his title. Winner: Julius Jones (c) Bart Hoogveld vs Flynn In a must-see matchup, Bart and Flynn would face off with two of the best in BPZ today going at it. After a stellar match that was extremely close up until the last second, Bart would pick up a big victory over one of the greatest of all time. Winner: Bart Hoogveld BPZ Tag Team Championships No Disqualification Match: The Big Ballers (c) vs Royal Flush In the main event, The Big Ballers, BrendenPlayz and Sameer, would defend their BPZ Tag Team Championships against Royal Flush. After their match at Mayhem would end in a draw, their rematch would be announced as a no disqualification match to prevent such a result again. After a long, tiring matchup, Sameer would catch Jon with a superkick before falling into the pinfall. However, Sameer's shoulders would also be touching the mat and the referee would call yet another draw between the two teams! Winner: DRAW
  2. WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 4 Nick Lenders | The Fuoriclasse | Italy | 176 lbs Coming from a family dedicated to European football, Lenders spent a lot of his youth kicking a ball but at eighteen-years-old, he took to kicking heads. Now, Nick has held championships across all of Italy such as the most prestigious, Italian Wrestling Championship, proving to be one of the best that the nation has to offer but has rarely ventured abroad. However, initially inspired to become a sports entertainer at the age of six by WWE, Nick Lenders now looks to make his own impact, on the company that originally instilled wrestling glory into his dreams, through means of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Robbie Eagles | The Sniper Of The Skies | Australia | 176 lbs As an Australian native, Robbie Eagles made his start in wrestling alongside his brother and his sister-in-law, in Australia's Professional Wrestling Alliance, becoming one of the best in the country. His name became a global attraction when he joined Bullet Club, the same faction that saw the likes of AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. As a part of the group, Eagles has competed in the most prestigious Japanese cruiserweight tournaments to exist so he certainly has experience in these kinds of competitions. Plus, that does also mean that Eagles is here alongside his stablemate, El Phantasmo, but at the end of it all, only one man can become WWE Cruiserweight Classic, and the sniper has his sights set on doing just that. Sean Maluta | The Samoan Dragon | American Samoa | 191 lbs After losing in the first round of the original Cruiserweight Classic, Sean Maluta has appeared on 205 Live and NXT on occasion but hasn't become the star that some had hoped. As the nephew and student of WWE Hall Of Famer, Afa Anoa'i, the strong Samoan blood is within Sean, coming from the same family as current top tier talents in The Usos and Roman Reigns. He's proven that he is championship material in Afa's North-Eastern based promotion, World Xtreme Wrestling, but is looking to prove it on the big stage with his second opportunity in winning the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Shane Strickland | King Of Swerve | United States | 191 lbs As one of the top talents on the independent scene since 2017, Shane Strickland has been wrestling since eighteen-years-old after originally following his father's footsteps as apart of the United States' military by serving in the United States Army Reserve. He would balance the two careers for eight years before really kicking off his wrestling career in Combat Zone Wrestling. Strickland has already measured up against NXT wrestlers, such as Adam Cole, Fabian Aichner and Kassius Ohno, as apart of EVOLVE. Strickland would also win championships in Lucha Underground, Major League Wrestling and Westside Xtreme Wrestling. Earlier this year, Strickland signed a WWE contract but looks to make his first impression here in the Cruiserweight Classic. Sonjay Dutt | The Guru | India | 185 lbs As an almost twenty-year veteran of the American independent wrestling scene, Sonjay Dutt has plenty of experience between the squared circle against superstars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Evan Bourne, Drew Galloway, Justin Gabriel and many more. With valuable experience and treasured knowledge in sports entertainment, Dutt would be signed to a WWE contract as a producer earlier this year. However, he is tying the laces on his boots one more time to prove why he was a renowned independent wrestler, and to prove he can perform in the big leagues both backstage and in the ring. Stacey Ervin Jr | The New Wave | United States | 180 lbs From the age of eight, Stacey Ervin Jr would train in gymnastics and would win the 2013 NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships. Last year, mid-2018, Stacey signed a contract with WWE as a superstar and has been training the Performance Center ever since. With plenty of time to develop, his background has been a huge help in allowing Stacey to bring an excitingly athletic dynamic to his arsenal of moves, even competing with the incredible abilities of the likes of Ricochet. With a place in the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic, Stacey Ervin Jr is looking to make his debut matches in sports entertainment add up to a tournament win at the young age of twenty-five with just over a year of training. Teddy Hart | The Loose Cannon | Canada | 200 lbs In 1998, Teddy Hart became the youngest ever WWE superstar but a young-brash attitude would result in Teddy being released. Since then, his relationship with WWE has fainted but as apart of the legendary Hart family, his relationship with cousins Natalya Neidhart and David Hart Smith has remained prominent. As a prosperous product of the illustrious Hart Dungeon, Teddy has proved himself as a formidable single and tag team competitor. An innovator between the ropes and an outspoken personality has earned Teddy the nickname of 'The Black Hart' but his incredible ability has proven him as a favorable member of the new-era Hart Foundation. Now, Teddy returns to WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic and surely is set on winning. Zumbi | The Capoeira Luchador | Brazil | 167 lbs This luchador uniquely combines the Brazilia martial arts of Capoeira and Jiu-Jitzu to form an arsenal of unorthodox maneuvers. With a touch of flare in every strike and masterclass abilities on the ground, Zumbi adds a splash of unprecedented flavor to the traditional Mexican lucha libre. After missing the original because of legality issues, Zumbi heads to the second rendition of the Cruiserweight Classic and as part of the top flight of Brazilian wrestling, he intends on claiming the trophy.
  3. Characters Firstly, thank you for the positive feedback already, I greatly appreciate it. Secondly, obviously I haven't been the most active, especially in kayfabe, so I might not have the best idea about everyone's characters. Therefore, if anyone wants to, they can fill in the sheet below to give more detail about their character. Please note that this is based on kayfabe so if you do fill in your details, make sure they correspond with your kayfabe character. Also, the more interesting and in-detail you explain your character to be, the more likely you are to be booked better. Finally, I may make some changes to some characters and not everyone will be pushed instantly so be patient and just enjoy the shows. THE MORE DETAIL, THE BETTER! Your Kayfabe Character Gimmick What is your gimmick in kayfabe? Does your character have a significant background? How does your character interact with the fans? What mannerisms does your character have? In-Ring What are your signatures and finishers? How does your character carry himself? What kind of wrestling style does your character have? What general kind of moves does your character perform? Other Are there any further details about your character? Graphics By Kirk Lastly but most importantly, a huge thank you to Kirk for the graphics. They make the diary look so much better and he is fantastic at what he does. I appreciate the effort he puts in and I'm sure all of you do too.
  4. BPZ Wrestling The greatest wrestling company to exist, the most highly rated sports entertainment business in the world, BPZ Wrestling has produced some of the best professional wrestling ever seen and only continues to grow, expanding its roster and enhancing its product. Since 2014, BPZ has seen faces come and go, superstars created and legends forged. History has been made over and over, with memories ranging from heart-warming endearments to heart-breaking betrayals to hair-raising surprises, but there is still much, much, more to be witnessed and so many more stories to be told. Roster Superstars Aaron North - Alex Costa - Arius - Arrow Gargano - The Bailey Bart Hoogveld - Bashka - Blade - Bob Sparks - BrendenPlayz Buddy Ace - Bulldozer - Cody Cage - Echo Wilson - Epic McDonald - FDS FDS - Flynn - Hans Clayton - Jack Bishop - James Knight James Ropati - Jonathan - Joshua Scott - Julius Jones - KENJI Kieron Black - Kirk Kelly - Kyle Pain - Maasa - Maddrix Delgado The Marker - Mave Deltzer - Mikey Dikey - Monda - Nanovirus Natedog - Necce - Odyssey Sellers - Prince - Sameer Sheridan Muller - Sir Raven - Slim - Xavier King - Yelich Tag Teams The Big Ballers (BrendenPlayz & Sameer) - Caito Enterprise (Aaron North & Nanovirus) First Class Express (Hans Clayton & Xavier King) - The Godsent (Maddrix Delgado & Odyssey Sellers) Royal Flush (Jonathan & Sheridan Muller) - SSW Club (Bulldozer, Joshua Scott & Maasa) Young & Free (Prince, Cody Cage & Kieron Black) Alumni Alyx Wilde - Akki - Apex - Ark Universe - Bizzy Cobhead Jake - CPE - Dunstan - Eli Smith - Elliot Gill - Heel - Heyman Guy - Joh - Maestro Nebakos - Poidust - Razor - Ross - Ryan Reeves Sandman - Sheepy - Tamer - The Lunatic Ginge - Zombie Championships BPZ World Heavyweight Championship The most prestigious, illustrious, honorable championship in professional wrestling today. The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship represents not only the best in BPZ, but the best in the whole wrestling world. To win this championship means that you are the best wrestler in the world at that moment in time. BPZ Intercontinental Championship The second most highly-acclaimed championship, the BPZ Intercontinental Championship, has represented the workhorses within this business and continues to do so today. The past champions, the incredible feuds, the amazing history behind this championship makes it an honor to wear for anyone. BPZ North-American Championship The BPZ North-American Championship isn't as celebrated as the other singles titles but it does hold its own unique position within BPZ. It holds its place as the championship that represents the future, having been the starting point of many legend's careers. BPZ Tag Team Championships The art of tag team wrestling is often undervalued but the BPZ Tag Team Championships allow the unique style to be showcased within the most successful company in this industry. Whether it is tag team specialists or a combination of mega-stars, these titles can always offer special entertainment. Special #1 Contender Matches Royal Rumble - Money In The Bank - King Of The Ring These are special ways in which superstars can earn a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. The Royal Rumble is a special thirty-man battle royal, the Money In The Bank is a six-man ladder match, and the King Of The Ring is a sixteen-man tournament. Pay-Per-Views Royal Rumble - St. Valentines Day Massacre - BPZMania - Backlash Mayhem - Judgement Day - King Of The Ring - SummerSlam Bad Blood - Halloween Havoc - Survivor Series - December To Dismember Carnage Carnage is the must-see, five-star, weekly televised wrestling show delivered by BPZ Wrestling. The show has bared witness to some of the most momentous moments in the history of professional wrestling. With over a million viewers still tuning in every week, Carnage continues to narrate compelling stories and exhibit top quality encounters so if you aren't watching already, you're missing out.
  5. Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy the forums just as much as you've been enjoying Brenden's videos. If you need any help, you are more than welcome to ask any of our moderators (members with blue or green names).
  6. Welcome to the forums TBrinan! I'm glad that you're enjoying Brenden's content and I hope you enjoy the forums just as much. If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask any of our lovely moderators (members with blue or green names).
  7. 205 Live - May 24th, 2019 The new branding of WWE provided by Kirk continues as the new 205 Live logo is shown, similar to the previous but significantly cleaner. Nevertheless, Nigel McGuinness introduces us to the show as per usual, announcing that there will be tag team action including Moustache Mountain as well as a singles matchup between Chad Gable and Lince Dorado as the main event. The show then comes to an abrupt start as we head backstage. Evan Bourne Asks Christian For A Chance McGuinness' introduction is interrupted by Evan Bourne backstage who is with a cameraman, heading towards the General Manager's office. He knocks and Christian lets him in, asking what he wants. In response, Bourne asks for a rematch against Lio Rush but Christian seems hesitant. Although Bourne pleads further, he is interrupted by Maria Kanellis, manager of Mike Kanellis who faced Lio Rush last week. She also complains about the result of his match and demands for a rematch. However, before Christian can respond, Evan calls Mike out to a match next week which catches the couple off-guard. With a smile on his face, Christian confirms the matchup as next week's main event. Magic Edge vs Moustache Mountain In the first match of the night, we see cruiserweight tag team action as the brand new division continues to grow. A team that has been training in the Performance Center for some time now, the team of Jeff Parker and Matt Lee named Magic Edge, takes on the well-established, United Kingdom wrestling pioneers, Moustache Mountain. Both teams perform well with them each getting to show their talents but Moustache Mountain are the clear and decisive winners as most would predict. Breeze Wants To Make Trevor Lee Gorgeous In an interview backstage, Trevor Lee Caddell is talking about his match last week and the beginning to his run here on 205 Live that has ensued over the past few weeks. However, he is cut off by Tyler Breeze who walks straight into the shot, stealing the spotlight. Lowering his glasses, Tyler looks at Trevor in disgust before insulting him and naming him as the first beneficiary of Breeze's gorgeous makeover of 205 Live. The Brian Kendrick Is Returning Soon In a video package, the veteran cruiserweight, The Brian Kendrick, is shown with his experienced talents and versatile arsenal on display. As a member of 205 Live since it's inception, The Brian Kendrick is familiar to face to the purple brand and looks to further his success in the cruiserweight division, possibly capturing gold once again. Chad Gable vs Lince Dorado In the main event, the technical specialist with the heart of a lion, Chad Gable, takes on 'The Golden Lynx Of Lucha Libre'. The Puerto Rican luchador catches Gable off-guard, to begin with, surprising the classic American-styled wrestler with unorthodox maneuvers in rapid succession. However, the 'Ready, Willing and Gable' attitude of the Olympian prevails and he manages to pick up the victory after a Chaos Theory.
  8. WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 3 Humberto Carrillo | The Latino Sky-Walker | Mexico | 198 lbs As the newest generation of Mexico's illustrious Garza dynasty, Humberto Carrillo made an early entry into lucha libre, building his foundations in Mexico, debuting at the age of seventeen. In August of last year, Humberto began training in the WWE Performance Center under an official contract and is now pouncing on the opportunity to claim a WWE Cruiserweight Championship match by winning the second Cruiserweight Classic. The Mexican prodigy is already an acclaimed high-flyer at the young age of twenty-three and could use this to catapult his career. Ilja Dragunov | Unbesiegbar | Russia | 187 lbs The story of Ilja is especially heartwarming because of his upbringing which brought many struggles to his life. Nevertheless, he scratched and clawed his way through his younger years much like his he does in the ring now against every opponent. Whether it be growing up poor as the son of an immigrant or in the squared circle, all the pain doesn't matter because he believes he is unbesiegbar, German for invincible. As the current star of wXw, the German promotion that saw the rise of wrestlers such as Aleister Black, Zack Sabre Jr, Walter, Sami Zayn, and even former WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan, there is a clear path beckoning Ilja Dragunov for sports entertainment greatness and the next step is the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic. Jonathan Gresham | The Octopus | United States | 161 lbs Jonathan would begin training in the WWA4 Wrestling School but would eventually win championships across the globe. He has experience in the ring against the likes of Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong, Cedric Alexander, Justin Gabriel, Zack Sabre Jr, and current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, as well as in tag team matches alongside close friend and previously announced contestant, Chris Brookes. With an arsenal of hundreds of submission moves, including his signature Octopus Strech, Gresham has proved himself to be one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world and looks to continue proving himself in the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic. Jordan Devlin | The Irish Ace | Ireland | 180 lbs Starting at the impressively youthful age of twelve, Jordan Devlin was trained by Paul Tracey and former WWE Universal Champion, Finn Bálor, spending a short stint in Japan to work on his striking after originally specializing in amateur wrestling. As a pioneer in Irish independent wrestling, Devlin proved that he is more than just Bálor's protege by becoming the inaugural Over The Top Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, which he would go on to hold for almost a year, shaping it into the most prestigious championship in Ireland and earning the monarch of Ireland's ace. In addition, Devlin was apart of both the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournaments but is now making the flight to the United States to compete in the Cruiserweight Classic. Justin Gabriel | The Darewolf | South Africa | 203 lbs The face of Justin Gabriel shouldn't be unfamiliar to fans of recent wrestling. He made an impactful debut on RAW as apart of the infamous Nexus stable who tore apart any superstar the defied the young superstars. Since then, Justin Gabriel has enhanced his abilities, matured as a person, and broadened his knowledge, wrestling for promotions such as TNA, EVOLVE, Lucha Underground and Ring Of Honor. Furthermore, Gabriel is more invested in his career than ever before, cutting over ten pounds to qualify for the tournament as well as constantly putting his health on the line to optimize his capabilities. It could be argued that Justin is currently in his prime as an athlete and therefore, is a legitimately mighty threat to the Cruiserweight Classic. Low Ki | The Professional | Puerto Rico | 174 lbs From the rough, tough, gritty streets of Brooklyn to the most popular business in sports entertainment, Low Ki spent days on end improving his strikes to perfection, perfectly balancing precision and ferocity. Beginning in New Jersey, Low Ki would venture through the independent circuit before signing a contract to compete in the original NXT as 'The Warrior' Kaval. Now, almost ten years after last appearing in NXT, Low Ki has only become even more lethal, winning championships across the globe and truly mastering his craft. With tamed aggression that allows Low Ki to go from calm to savage within milliseconds, Low Ki is an extremely dangerous wrestler but only hurts in order to get the job done, retaining his proud, professional, attitude. Marius Al-Ani | The Ninja | Germany | 198 lbs A man of mystery, Marius Al-Ani is an extremely dangerous competitor. His intimidating physique partnered with his enigmatic eerieness is sure to put any opponent off their game and Al-Ani has the vicious, savage mentality to take full advantage of that. He has found success in Europe's biggest promotion, wXw, becoming one of their main-stays and proving that he is championship material by holding the wXw Shotgun Championship for a total of 238 days, the title's longest reign since 2014. Al-Ani claims to have come from the darkness, from the shadows where the greatest warriors hide, but he is now looking to step into the light by winning the Cruiserweight Classic. Mike Bailey | Speedball | Canada | 175 lbs No one has been around the independent scene like Mike Bailey, who has been in several different companies around the world and has shined in every single one, finding success in both America and Japan. As a black belt in taekwondo, he brings a unique feel of offense to the Cruiserweight Classic and has earned the nickname "Speedball" because of his quick strikes. When you add some of his various other very impressive moves such as his shooting star press, it becomes clear that Mike Bailey is the real deal.
  9. No, the brand split has ended and there is only one brand now, Carnage. Therefore, you don't need to sign up as a free agent; you are automatically apart of the Carnage brand. If you want to promo, you are free to do so by creating a new topic in the 'Kayfabe' section (the first link below). If you want to sign up your character, you can do so by filling out the form on the 'Kayfabe Character Information Thread' (second link below). If you have any further questions, you can ask me or any other moderators on our Discord server or through forum DMs. http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/54-kayfabe/
  10. 205 Live - May 17th, 2019 The high-impact, thrill-full, exhibition of the most impressive cruiserweights in the world, 205 Live, continues its momentum tonight with two exciting singles matches, beginning with Drew Gulak vs Trevor Lee Caddell. Nigel McGuinness introduces us to the show before the theme of the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, hits and the excitement begins. Lio Rush Continues His Celebrations Last week, the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, celebrated his championship victory backstage but tonight, he kicks off the show by continuing his celebrations in the ring, directly in front of the WWE Universe. After being carried to the ring on Babatunde's shoulders, Rush stands in the ring with his title proudly dressed around his waist. However, after numerous brags from the champion, the former champion, Evan Bourne, interrupts and just like last week, requests that Rush gives him a rematch after the controversial ending to their match at Backlash. Nevertheless, Rush ignores his request and instead, announces that he will be defending his title tonight but against a 'more worthy' opponent. Drew Gulak vs Trevor Lee Caddell As Drew Gulak is making his entrance, Tony Nese runs up behind him and attacks, sparking yet another brawl between the two. With Trevor Lee Caddell left without an opponent, Akira Tozawa would make his return! After being out because of injury after Hideo Itami's severe attack, Tozawa makes his return against a budding new 205 Live superstar in Trevor Lee and is able to carry the momentum through to a victory. Tyler Promises To Make 205 Live Prettier In an undisclosed yet luxurious, stylish, elegant location, 'Prince Pretty', Tyler Breeze is sat on a pink throne, evidently in bliss. He talks softly but with meaning and with an alluring essence. He mentions how he is dissatisfied with 205 Live's present state and how it needs to be improved. To conclude, he promises that he will make the purple brand unimaginably prettier. Dar & Perkins Want More Challengers The inaugural and current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, Noam Dar and TJ Perkins, are joined backstage by Charly Caruso. She asks the pair how they are feeling coming out of their win at Backlash as well as their defense last week. The champions seem clearly ecstatic and grateful for the opportunity to be making history but they also are still hungry. After struggling in the cruiserweight division for months, TJP wants to give other superstars as much opportunities as possible. The two put out a statement, telling the whole locker room of WWE that they want more challengers and that they will be defending their titles once again next week in an open challenge. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Lio Rush (c) vs Mike Kanellis As promised earlier tonight, Lio Rush puts up his WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a match and it's against Mike Kanellis, notably not against Bourne. After Maria Kanellis tries to get involved, Babatunde steps to the wife of Mike, sending fear down her spine and freezing her still. Mike panics and runs out the ring, hitting Babatunde before realizing the mistake he just made. Nevertheless, it's Lio Rush who strikes Mike and gets him back in the ring to hit him with The Final Hour for the victory.
  11. Full Name: Dafydd Smith Date of Birth: 29/03/1998 Ethnicity: White-British Skin Colour: White Place of Birth: Corwen, Wales Languages Spoken: English & Welsh Positions Played: CB, LB, CDM Best Stats: Defending, Strength, Stamina, Passing Worst Stats: Finishing, Set-Pieces, Crossing, Aggression Relationships with people: Positive
  12. WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 2 David Starr | The Product | Israel | 203 lbs Despite his Israelean descent, David Starr was raised in the states and almost became an all-American athlete in amateur wrestling, losing only one match before receiving such honor. After this disappointing loss, Starr would take an interest in professional wrestling and would join the Wild Samoan Training Center, owned by the Hall Of Famer, Afa. In just one month, Starr would become the fastest ever graduate of the wrestling school before going on to prove himself as one of the best in-ring competitors in the world, making himself a top figure in the USA and European independent scenes. Starr takes pride in being an independent wrestler and is here in the Cruiserweight Classic to show you can succeed on your own. DJ Z | The Filipino Flex Factory | Philippines | 175 lbs After making bursting out as an up-and-coming star in TNA because of his ability to excite a crowd with buoyant energy both inside and outside of the ring. From his lively personality to his thrilling maneuvers, DJ Z takes great pride in entertaining the fans. However, last year, a career-threatening injury sustained in Mexico would question his future in wrestling. Nevertheless, DJ Z would make his return to wrestling and would be better than ever before. Now, he continues to prove that you should never give up on your dreams as he enters the same tournament that the man who inspired him to wrestle, Tajiri, took part in last time around. Dragón Lee | The Wonder Boy | Mexico | 165 lbs After his older brother would take on the mask of Místico following the original's departure to WWE where he would become Sin Cara, the mask of Dragón Lee would be left for the man who owns it today. As apart of a celebrated family within the luchador culture, Lee and his two brothers are currently three of the top stars in Mexico. In CMLL, Lee would quickly rise to success, becoming the youngest ever CMLL World Lightweight Champion at the age of nineteen. Furthermore, Lee has also found success in Japan, capturing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at the young age of twenty-three. Now, Dragón Lee looks to continue his meteoric rise in the states, in the Cruiserweight Classic. El Hijo del Fantasma | The King Of The Hunt | Mexico | 200 lbs When you step in the ring with El Hijo del Fantasma, you become his prey as he goes on the hunt. Ever since his mask was removed after his loss to LA Parka in a Lucha de Apuesta, Fantasma hasn't been quite the same. He has struggled to find his footing but is now entering the Cruiserweight Classic with an extra something to prove, to prove that he does deserve to be considered one of the greatest luchadores of his generation. Furthermore, as the son of the legendary Fantasma, he was born to do this and definitely has no intention of letting his father down by giving up because he lost his mask. It's the man underneath that spent years putting on top performances and has no intention on stopping now. El Phantasmo | ELP | Canada | 183 lbs Originally making his name in Canadian promotion, ECCW, El Phantasmo would capture their world championship on three different occasions. He would also venture across the border and into the USA, sometimes teaming with the aforementioned Angélico. Later, ELP would go on to make his name known worldwide, winning both the RevPro British J Cup Tournament and GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup Tournament in consecutive years, as well as aligning with the infamous Bullet Club in NJPW, a stable that previously included WWE superstars Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Now, El Phantasmo looks to follow in their footsteps and find success in WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic. Emil Sitoci | Smash-Mouth | Netherlands | 204 lbs Emil Sitoci began wrestling in Europe but moved to the USA as an exchange student where he would find tutorage under NXT superstar, Kassius Ohno. Upon returning to Europe, Sitoci would achieve success in German promotion, wXw, capturing the wXw World Lightweight Championship and defending it against the likes of Evan Bourne, Sami Zayn and Neville. In addition, Sitoci's master's degree in media studies would lead him to feature in numerous Dutch television programs. However, despite his success in both wrestling and television, Sitoci would be constantly overlooked, causing him to grow cold, hungry for a feeling, a feeling that he can only experience by tearing through his opponents. There's no doubt that he is a danger to anyone and everyone in the Cruiserweight Classic. Flamita | Fireball | Mexico | 165 lbs Flamita is a third-generation luchador and at the young age of twenty-four has already been dubbed one of the best high-flyers in the world. In addition to finding success in his native country of Mexico, Flamita would claim championships abroad, most notably in Japan's Dragon Gate and the United Kingdom's PROGRESS. Flamita isn't a luchador that has fully proven himself yet but critics have claimed that he has all the potential in the world and has even been compared to the likes of the most historic luchador in wrestling history, Rey Mysterio, and the Cruiserweight Classic could be the platform that Flamita needs to prove he's worthy of such an honorable claim. Fred Yehi | Daredevil | United States | 180 lbs Fred Yehi is best known for his time in EVOLVE Wrestling where he would face the likes of current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, current NXT North-American Champion, Matt Riddle, current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, TJ Perkins as well as Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. In fact, Gulak would be so impressed with Yehi during their match that he would offer him a position in his stable at the time named Catch Point. With his innovative offense and numerous clashes with WWE superstars, it seems as though Yehi would be a perfect fit for the WWE's cruiserweight division but he has to make it through thirty-one other men in the Cruiserweight Classic to make it there.

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