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  1. Hello my people, Before anything, I'd like to say thank you to Brenden firstly for providing this platform which somehow, sad or not, I've spent five of my teenage years on. Secondly, I'd like to thank Sameer for being the fucking boy without failure. Thirdly, I'd like to thank all the other close friends I've made on here for the good times we've had, and I don't have to name names, you know who you are. Lastly, thank you to the community as a whole, even the weirdest of you, because this has consistently been a place I can come and chat the upmost shit whenever I want and it's been take
  2. Smith

    6ix God

    Beginning with a flashback to last week's Valor Survival Game matches, we see the ending moment of the most anticipated match of this year's BPZ Grand Prix, Eli Smith vs Tamer. As Tamer picks up the victory, we see Smith look up in awe after just suffering his first loss in the whole tournament. Then, we cut to the current time where Eli is in a suave lounge, in a black tracksuit, with the Creed chain around his neck but noticeably, the chain is now entirely a luxurious gold. With a glass in his hand, Smith looks across to the person he is conversing with, who is revealed as none other
  3. Smith


    As Friday Night Valor continues, we cut backstage as we approach the General Manager's office. Upon entering the room, we are presented with the Eli Smith that we are used to, except the look on his face is that of a troubled man. After a few moments of Eli staring into the camera with a look of affliction, he eventually breaks the tense silence. I know, out of everyone, I should be the least shocked but yet, here I am, feeling lost for words. I want to explain Bad Blood, what I did, but- Suddenly, the lights go out in the office except for a single murky illumination that shin
  4. As the brand new BPZ Tag Team Champions of the world hold their newly won gold up in the air for one last time here tonight, on the outside of the ring we the fallen former champions, Sameer and Smith. On his knees, in both physical and mental agony, Eli looks up to his brother in the ring, Jeremiah, standing beside the man who turned his back on their brotherhood, Julius, as they hold the championships he sold so dearly since November last year. Meanwhile, Sameer gets to his feet and strolls over to Eli, patting him on the back and trying to reassure him after such a devastating loss.
  5. Smith


    On the day of Survival Games' third set of block matches, we are met with where the participants will compete tonight, The Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand. As the midday sunshine sets a calm tone, in contrast to the intense and savage brutality that will take place in this very same location later tonight, the beams of light excentriate the architecure, showcasing the beauty of tonight's venue. Now, inside The Spark Arena, we are met by Josh Trenton as he his backstage. Entering a lounge area, Trenton approaches a group of men sat around the table, with one noticeably bei
  6. RIP Animal, there's not many men who had a bigger influence on tag team wrestling within its entire history, a true legend.
  7. Smith


    As we continue the tour around Australia and New Zealand, with the Bad Blood Festival underway, we find ourselves in Auckland of the latter, but more specifically, the iconic volcanic island of Rangitoto. With mesmerizing sights and beautiful nature all around, we see Eli Smith as he continue his ventures around Oceania's greatest sights. However, noticeably, this time, he is joined by his new tag team partner and Creed brethren, Sameer, as they hike through the world's largest pohutukawa forest. Eventually, they come to a stop and take a break whilst processing the fascinatin
  8. Valor Chapter 3: 6ix Paths Stepping foot in Toronto for the first time ever, Valor brings to you October's very own premier wrestling show, Chapter 3: 6ix Paths. Tune into the BPZ Neccework on October 9th to see the best in BPZ go to war on Canadian soil as Arius cashes in his Story Of Temples Medallion for a title match against reigning BPZ Undisputed Champion and Canuck hero, Sameer. Furthermore, watch as the six paths of Valor's Survival Games competitors cross for the last time, with the brand's final block matches being hosted in the Scotiabank Arena. In addition, current Valor
  9. Smith


    With week two of Survival Games merely hours away, we enter the Qudos Bank Arena where tonight's matches will take place. After a short montage of clips showcasing the venue, we are presented with an executive suite where there is a host of food, drinks, and other commodities. As the smooth chords of jazz music play through the speakers, Eli Smith strolls into the lounge in a swanky tracksuit. After picking up a strawberry, biting up to the stalk, and then throwing it away, he licks his fingers as he turns his attention towards the camera. For the past few weeks and especially
  10. Name: Dafydd Smith Nationality: Welsh Club: Leeds United Height: 175cm Weight: 73kg Position: ST Role/Play Style: Complete Forward
  11. Smith


    With the second week of Survival Games coming closer, a preview of the stadium where the bouts will be held is shown as mesmerizing shots of Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena, formally known as The Sydney Superdome, are blended together. Coming to the front of the arena, Eli Smith is seen talking to what appears to be employees at the arena. After their conversation is over, Smith comes to the center of the shot and begins to speak in a sincerely pleasant manner. Sorry for the delay, Yelich, but something came up which I didn't expect, M.A.N Global dropped out of the tag team title match that
  12. After a hellacious battle between Death Riders' pairing of Buddy Ace & Jason Ryan, and the reigning champions, it is the champions who retain the BPZ Tag Team Championships as Sameer and Smith successfully defend the titles for the first time together. As they celebrate though, Eli whispers something to his brother, the two share a fist bump and then he collects a microphone from ringside. This, this was just the beginning. Although I never lost these championships, I did lose my partner, my brother but today, we mark the beginning of a new journey, the legitimization of the pairin
  13. Smith


    As per the request of the self-proclaimed "Savior Of BPZ", Eli Smith makes his way out but in this instance, as the acting General Manager of Valor, not the reigning BPZ Tag Team Champion that went to war against the Death Riders only hours ago. Whilst making his way to the ring, Eli begins his response to Mirage. Austin, whilst I can't say that I agree with most of the claims you just made, such as you holding this industry on your back and you being the hardest worker in this entire industry, I can appreciate the incredible unadulterated passion you show for this sport, the

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