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    With the BPZ Universe set to witness the beginning of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational, all eyes are on the tag team division right now and especially the eight tag teams competing in the tournament. Nevertheless, before the action incites, 'On God' by Mustard blasts through the speakers and around the arena like a shockwave as the fans jump to their feet, cheering for the team that prevailed and walked out victorious at Survivor Series, finally overcoming BulletProof, the faction of troublemakers that had been tormenting the locker room for the past several months. As the fans look to the stage for the arrival of Creed, it is Bart and Smith, the two members of Creed that captured the BPZ Tag Team Championships a few weeks back that come out, with their matching leather jackets, matching Creed pendulums and matching championship belts. After posing at the top of the ramp together with their gold, the tag team champions make their way to the ring. Before entering, Eli collects two microphones from the ringside crew, chucks one to Bart in the ring and then climbs through the ropes with the other. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first round of the 2019 BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational! Tonight, I can guarantee you that you will see premier tag team wrestling as not only some of the best tag teams in the world but some of the best singles wrestlers in the world unite for this tournament, resulting in matches jam-packed with top-tier superstars! Nevertheless, before we get into the action, as the current BPZ Tag Team Champions, I and Bart would like to say a few things. First of all, we'd like to comment on the events of last weekend. After months of warfare with BulletProof, after they constantly stuck their nose in our business and repeatedly assaulted us with no good reason, the two of us and our other two brothers, Julius and Sameer, finally got to face those cowardly weasels and at the end of the night, after the final pinfall in the traditional Survivor Series match, Creed stood tall as your victors but also your BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and BPZ Tag Team Champions, and truly, that's what we treasure the most in this business, the honor of being champions. As Eli pauses, he removes the championship belt from his shoulder and holds it in his hand, looking down at it as he now continues with the microphone in his other hand. Tonight, this is what it's all about. Tonight, we witness the inception of this year's, 2019's, BPZ Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational as eight teams, meaning sixteen athletes that are some of the best in the whole world, they go all out tonight, they put everything into every second of their matches so that they survive, move onto the next round and hopefully, come out the other side as the winners of the whole tournament because then, they get to face the two of us at Night Of Legends, the most prestigious Carnage-focused event of all time, but more importantly, they get a chance to rip these belts off our shoulders and become the new tag teams champions of the world. With Eli's face being serious throughout saying all of that, staring solely at the championship in his grasp, it's a few moments before suddenly an innocent smile hatches onto the face of Smith and then, he brings the mic back up. Over these next few weeks, whilst teams are going to war in order to win this tournament, Bart and I will be preparing for that fatal night in January where we defend our championships against whichever team prevailed through all tribulations and walked out of the tournament, and trust me, when Night Of Legends comes around, Bart and I will be ready for whoever it is, we have no doubt in our ability to retain our titles as we are here to make these titles what they've always had the potential to be. Whilst taking a pause, Eli lifts his head and looks out across those in attendance. A few moments later, Smith raises the microphone back to his mouth and then continues. Throughout the existence of the BPZ Tag Team Championships, we've only really seen this division be pushed to its limits by the likes of Switchblade Clapsiracy, Cpe and Maestro, the team that the annual invitational is honorably named after. During their time as champions, they were a tag-team through and through, had full focus on these titles and truly had everyone's eyes on the tag-team division. Now, locking in a stern glare down the hard camera, with an unexpected fierce intensity spelled on his face, Smith makes his final statement here tonight. For Bart and I, this is our goal, our mission, our drive. Afterward, Smith lowers his microphone and then turns his head, looking at his partner.
  2. Season 5 | Episode 5 | "Old Friends Reunite" Rey Mysterio Wishes Dragon Azteca Jr Good Luck As episode five of season five begins, we join Dragon Azteca Jr, a veteran of the temple, backstage as he unpacks his bags, getting ready for his match later tonight in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament. From behind, the legendary Rey Mysterio approaches, a close friend of Dragon Azteca as we've seen in previous season of Lucha Underground with them even winning the trios championships together alongside Prince Puma. Rey Mysterio: "Long time, no see, amigo." Dragon Azteca Jr: "Mysterio! It's great to see you. Congrats on winning your tournament match last week." Rey Mysterio: "Thank you, thank you but how are you feeling about yours tonight?" Dragon Azteca Jr: "Good, I think. I know I'm good enough to win but Aries, he's one of the best in the world, he's held championships everywhere he's gone, I know he's going to be a really difficult challenge to overcome and it's only the first round." Rey Mysterio: "Come on amigo, this is the temple, this is Lucha Underground. I've witnessed you both inside those ropes and I know you can beat him, you just need to make sure your head is in the right place." Dragon Azteca Jr: "Thanks, that means a lot." Rey Mysterio: "No worries. I'll leave you to prepare for your match, good luck." After Azteca Jr nods back at Mysterio, Rey pats him on the shoulder and then leaves as Azteca Jr watches him go, a sparkle of inspiration in his eyes as arguably the greatest luchador in history just gave him his blessing. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) King Cuerno vs Rey Fénix In the first match of the night, two luchadores who have been apart of Lucha Underground since it's creation, King Cuerno and Rey Fénix, clash in tournament to crown the new champion. In a very competitive match-up, two men with very similar wrestling styles continuously try to one-up each other but in the end, it's the first-ever Lucha Underground triple crown champion, Rey Fénix, who is able to pick up the victory and advance to the second round. Winner: Rey Fénix MVP Ensures His Client Is Ready For Tonight Next, we join MVP inside the back of a luxurious limousine in a tailored suit and designer shades. After adjusting his shades as his glamorous watch would glisten, MVP begins to speak but we aren't shown who it is. MVP: "So three weeks ago, we made an impact, we made sure that eyes or on the 'UNTAMABLE' brand but tonight, it's about more than that. Now, you have the opportunity to become the brand new Lucha Underground Champion and lead these masked scrubs into the new era. Are you ready?" After MVP lays out the question, the camera cuts to the other side of limousine where MVP's client, Matt Riddle, is sat. Matt Riddle: "Of course, bro. These flippy weirdos are light work, I'll tie on arm behind my back, carry the championship in my other and still beat their little luchador asses." MVP: "Okay, great, and remember, when we're in front of those cameras, it's all smiles, pleasantries and compliments. I don't need bad press surrounding the brand so early in it's existence. Right now, you're the hero, the fun-loving bro that they all cheer for." As a grin creeps onto the face of Riddle, he nods back at MVP as the two laugh together with their plan for tonight seemingly set out. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Austin Aries vs Dragon Azteca Jr In the second match of the episode, Austin Aries makes his way to the ring for the second time inside the temple and so does Dragon Azteca Jr who looks especially fired up after his talk with Mysterio earlier tonight. At the beginning of this match, we see Aries taking Azteca Jr lightly as he expects this match to be a walk in the park but as the match goes on, Aries realises the abilities of Azteca Jr and starts having to go all out. Nonetheless, in the end, Aries is able to put Azteca Jr to bed but Azteca Jr definitely proved something Austin and the believers here tonight. Winner: Austin Aries Prince Puma Is Defended By An Old Friend Backstage in the temple, Prince Puma is training with a punching bag as he prepares for his tournament match next week. However, his opponent, Angel Garza, and his accomplices, Humberto Carrillo and Raul Mendoza, approach Puma and interrupt his training. Angel Garza: "It's a waste of time you know!" After laying one last extra hard punch into the bag, Puma turns around, clearly annoyed that these three have interrupted him. Prince Puma: "What do you want?" Raul Mendoza: "No need to be so aggressive amigo. Angel here was just advising you that you're wasting your time training for your match next week." Angel Garza: "See, you're just not blessed with the same heritage as myself. Naturally, I'm better than you but there's no need to sulk, it's not your fault." Prince Puma: "Yeah, okay, cool. How about the three of you just leave?" As Puma stands up for himself, the other three don't seem to take too kindly to Puma's response as they now slowly walk towards him even further with mean looks on their faces. Angel Garza: "You know, that was extremely rude amigo. Perhaps, we need to teach you lesson in manners." However, before anything kicks off, a man that met Puma many times in the past season of Lucha Underground comes to his rescue. Rey Fénix: "Is there a problem here?" With the arrival of Rey Fénix, the three men decide that it's no longer worth inciting a brawl so they back away and leave. Afterwards, Fénix and Puma share a fist bump and then start chatting, catching up with each other. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Matt Riddle vs Sin Cara In the final match of the night, the sixth first round tournament match-up takes place as The UNTAMABLE Brand's Matt Riddle takes on one of the biggest luchadores in the world, Sin Cara. Within the match, these two very different fighters push each other to the limits as they are potentially two of the biggest stars to step foot in the temple and are both looking to lead Lucha Underground in this new era. Nevertheless, the hard-hitting strikes and elite athleticism of Riddle gets him the victory over the traditional lucha-libre style of Sin Cara as 'The Original Bro' advances to the second round of the tournament. Winner: Matt Riddle Bobby Gunns Makes A Proposition After the final match inside the temple, we are taken outside to the back alley that runs behind the home of Lucha Underground. Out of the backdoor, Jordan Devlin walks with a note in his hand as he seems to be following some instructions. As he walks down the alley, leaning against the corner of a building is Bobby Gunns with a cigarette in his mouth. Bobby Gunns: "Hey, Jordan." Jordan Devlin: "For fucks sake fella, I thought this was actually going to be something good." Bobby Gunns: "Not the pot of gold you were hoping for?" Jordan Devlin: "Very funny. So what do you want?" Bobby Gunns: "Well, I saw your tournament match last week and it didn't seem to go so well." Jordan Devlin: "Really? You brought me out here just to rub my loss in my face again?" Bobby Gunns: "Not just that. See, I understand the troubles you're going through in migrating to the style inside the temple. I too am yet to get a victory and hell, I wasn't even entered into the tournament so what I purpose is an alliance so that we both have someone to have our backs. How does that sound, fella?" After the proposition is set by Gunns, he takes another puff of his cigarette whilst Devlin looks at him, contemplating the offer made by Bobby. Before Devlin is able to give an answer, the show comes to an end as his response remains unknown.
  3. Pre-Show Epic McDonald vs Joshua Scott vs Maasa vs Mirage Buddy & Bishop vs Alex Costa & Sir Raven Main Show BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match Julius Jones (c) vs Echo Wilson BPZ Tag Team Championship Match First Class Express (c) vs Young & Free ICON vs The Marker vs Mikey Dikey Angelo Caito vs FDS BPZ North-American Championship Match Arius (c) vs Bob Sparks Natedog vs Slim The Godsent vs James Ropati & ??? Bashka vs Flynn BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match Sameer (c) vs The Bailey vs Bart Hoogveld Additional Questions Who will be Ropati's partner?
  4. Roderick Strong Right now, my favorite superstar in all of WWE is Roderick Strong. He has been a consistent performer for NXT and keeps on doing well, rarely ever putting in a disappointing effort. If people weren't aware already, I think Roddy's performances at the recent War Games and Survivor Series events were enough to convince people that Strong really is a great talent.
  5. When Styles was in NJPW, I remember I hated him because at the time, I didn't watch NJPW and I basically formed my whole opinion on the fact that Yoshi Tatsu broke his neck whilst being hit with the Styles Clash. Without properly looking into it, I blamed it on Styles and it wasn't until I replied to a status update from Zombie in which he praised Styles as the best in the world. I replied and well, Zombie basically straightened me out and explained it was Tatsu' fault, not Styles' and that the move is completely safe if you don't tuck your head in. From then on, Styles has been a favourite of mine as he's consistently been one of the best performers in the world.
  6. After a night of compelling battles, thrilling moments and emotional outcomes, BPZ Survivor Series finally comes to it's signature finale, the traditional four-on-four Survivor Series match. This year, we see the two top factions in BPZ right now clash. After months of being at war, all four members of both BulletProof and Creed finally meet in the ring as Hans Clayton, Isaiah Carter, Jeremiah Flynn, and Mikey face off against Bart, Eli Smith, Julius, and Sameer. Firstly, BulletProof make their entrance as Flynn proudly carries his BPZ Undisputed Championship which he has held for some time now, putting on a great reign so far but tonight, it's all about BulletProof, not just the champion himself. As they reach the ring, the four of them stop in a line as they allow for the BPZ Universe to appreciate the unit that is BulletProof, from one of the greatest of all time in Flynn to a veteran trying to prove that he is one of the best in Carter to two of the hottest prospects in BPZ today in Hans and Mikey. After a few moments, Isaiah breaks the pause and is soon followed by the others as all four of them now enter the ring and await the arrival of their opponents. Next, Creed walks out onto the stage with all four of them wearing their Creed chains around their necks. As they come to the top of the ramp they stop and pose, with the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Bart and Smith, taking a knee each in their matching leather jackets. Behind them, Julius and Sameer who main-evented SummerSlam in a world title match against each other now stand side-by-side. Then, the four of them go to the ring but noticeably, Julius no longer has the Money In The Bank briefcase. Instead, he carries the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship as he cashed-in earlier tonight, defeating Isaiah and Kamel to become the champion, and he makes sure to remind Isaiah of it as Creed enter the ring. After the two teams trade words with things already boiling over, the officials calm everyone down as the two teams retreat to their corners and wait for the match to start. As the bell sounds, Sameer is bouncing on his feet in Creed's corner whilst BulletProof are across the ring, discussing who's going to start the match. Eventually, out of the four men, Flynn steps forward as the others exit onto the apron but just as it looks as though Flynn is going to engage, he steps back, laughs at Sameer, and tags in Mikey, giving the youngest member of BulletProof the stage. Now, the action of our main event begins as Sameer and Mikey engage in a series of chain wrestling, in which Mikey is able to keep up with a veteran of the business. After they break, Mikey goes for a clothesline but Sameer ducks it and hits the ropes. As he comes back, he slides under the legs of Mikey then sweeps Mikey's legs from underneath him, causing Mikey to fall to the mat. With a stunned Mikey getting to his feet, Sameer hits the ropes again and goes for the curb stomp but Mikey is able to avoid it. After dodging such a lethal move, Mikey scurries to his feet and looks at Sameer who smiles back, gesturing with his hands how close he was to getting Mikey out early on. Nevertheless, the two go at it again as Mikey looks to shut down Sameer's momentum early with a clothesline but yet again, Sameer ducks it and hits the ropes. As he comes back this time, Mikey tries to leapfrog over him but Sameer catches him in a belly-to-belly before going for the suplex but Mikey is able to use the momentum to flip onto his feet. After this, Mikey is able to catch Sameer off-guard and set up for the Cosmic Ascension and now, it's Sameer that avoids being eliminated early as these two have now gone tit for tat. As Mikey does the same gesture that Sameer did to him, he hears Carter asking to get in the match so he backs up, still laughing at Sameer, and tags in Isaiah. After Isaiah enters, Sameer notices a chant from the crowd who sing 'Oooooh The Death Machine!' repeatedly, referencing Julius who cashed in his Money In The Bank contract at the start of tonight's show and took the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship from the BulletProof member who now stands across the ring, Isaiah Carter. Being a man of the people, Sameer grants the fans' wishes and tags in Julius. Now, Carter and Julius come face to face for the first time since the cash-in, only a few hours after it, and it's clear in the face of Isaiah how much losing the title hurt him as he charges straight at Julius. The former world champ unleashes a fury of strikes on Julius but being the monster that he is, Julius is able to put a halt to Isaiah's attack with a huge chop to the Carter's chest that echoes around the arena and sends Carter onto his knees, gripping his chest! Then, Julius gets the back clinch and goes for a German suplex on Isaiah but Carter lands on his feet and hits a dropkick to the back of Julius, pushing him back into Creed's corner. As Julius turns around to face Isaiah, Smith tags in discretely so that none of BulletProof notices. Therefore, when Julius goes for a Claymore and Isaiah ducks it, Smith is able to catch a completely unaware Isaiah with a Sick Kick to the back of the head. Immediately afterwards, Smith goes for the cover but Carter kicks out at two. Looking to stay on top, Smith doesn't give Carter anytime to recover and meets a kneeling Carter with a series of kicks to the chest, repeatedly hitting that sore spot left by Julius' emphatic chop. As Smith looks to end the combination with a roundhouse kick to the head, Carter catches the leg of Smith that has the knee brace on from the injury Eli endured in their ladder match. Keeping hold of Smith's injured leg, Carter climbs back to his feet and once he's stood up, Carter hits a vicious dragon screw, twisting that damaged knee of Smith's. With a grip on Smith's leg still, Carter hits another dragon screw but still keeps hold of Smith's leg. Once again, Carter brings himself and Smith to a standing position but this time, he uses both arms to fling Smith's leg so that Smith back-flips unwillingly, landing face-first into the mat. As Smith lifts his head up, Carter meets one-half of the team that took the BPZ Tag Team Championships from him with a knee strike right on the jaw, allowing Isaiah to taste the sweetness of revenge. Following this, Carter quickly tags in the man that he was champions with, Hans Clayton, as Carter now rips off the knee brace, exposing Smith's bad knee and allowing Hans to directly stomp on it. Trying to put Smith out of the match via incapability to compete, Hans hits a series of moves focusing on Smith's knee before tagging Isaiah back in. With First Class Express now in the ring together, Hans Irish whips Smith to the ropes but as Smith hits the ropes, Julius sneakily tags himself in so after First Class Express hit the First Class Flight, Smith roles out of the ring and Carter is caught with a Claymore that he isn't able to dodge this time around! Looking for the first elimination of the match, Julius covers Carter and he gets the three count! ISAIAH CARTER HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! With an elimination to his name, Julius looks to his brothers who are cheering but he realises that Bart hasn't been in yet so he lets his Dutch brother get some. As Bart enters, the BulletProof member that enters following Carter's elimination is Jeremiah Flynn, the BPZ Undisputed Champion who's current reign actually started when he defeated Bart for the title. Nonetheless, Bart isn't phased as he and Flynn now go back and forth but as soon as Flynn gets some breathing room, he tries to catch Bart with the FKO but Bart is ready as he reverses it into the Cardiac Arrest. In order to break up the submission, Mikey runs in and starts stomping on Bart's head but is quickly put to a stop by Julius who almost beheads Mikey with a devastating clothesline. Then, Hans springboards in and connects with a flying forearm on Julius but as Clayton kips up to his feet, he is met with a superkick from Sameer. With the remaining three members of BulletProof on the outside, recovering together, the only man left standing in the ring is Sameer but he doesn't stop there as he hits the ropes, builds up some speed, and then launches himself over the top rope and out onto BulletProof. Afterwards, Sameer sees that Bart is back in the ring so he grabs Flynn and pushes under the bottom rope. With Bart on his feet and Julius on the apron, the former Kingdom members and now Creed brothers make a tag as they look to finish off Flynn together. However, as Bart goes to pick up Flynn, he is poked in the eyes, blinding him and leaving Julius to take care of Flynn by himself. Therefore, trying to keep Creed on top, Julius rushes at Flynn and attempts a clothesline which is ducked, sending Julius running at the ropes. After rebounding, Julius comes back at Flynn with a run-up that usually results in a Claymore but out of nowhere, Hans slides into the ring and lifts Julius up as if Carter was there for them to hit the First Class Flight but instead, Flynn catches Julius with an FKO! Immediately following this, Flynn slithers into the cover and gets the pinfall, eliminating the first member of Creed! JULIUS HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! With the momentum now in the hands of BulletProof, Flynn gets to his feet and boasts, getting right in the face of Bart and Sameer in Creed's corner but he forgets about the third man left in the match who has been laying at ringside, trying to recover from the damage dealt to his knee. With Flynn getting ahead of himself, Smith is able to creep back into the ring and sneak up behind Flynn, planting the Flynn with an 8th Sin before he even realises that his arms have been crossed! Bridging into the cover, Smith is able to get the three count as one-half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions just eliminated the BPZ Undisputed Champion from this match! FLYNN HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! As Flynn holds his neck realising what just happens, anger takes over his face as despite being eliminated, he attacks Smith from behind with a chop block to the bad knee. Quickly, Flynn then applies a knee bar on Smith whilst simultaneously punching the knee, causing Smith to scream in pain but as Sameer and Julius run over, Flynn wisely rolls out of the ring. Then, he looks over to the BulletProof corner and sees Hans and Mikey. With the two veterans and leader figures of BulletProof eliminated, the two up-and-comers are left in arguably not only the biggest match of their careers but their first-ever big main event match-up. Looking to offer some guidance, Flynn quickly joins Hans and Mikey and gives them a quick pep talk. Meanwhile, Bart drags a hurt Smith back to Creed's corner so that Sameer can tag in. As Flynn leaves after patting his men on the back, Sameer enters the ring and so does Hans. As these two go at it, it's clear that Hans is putting everything into this match now that the pressure lays on just his and Mikey's shoulders, doubling the amount of pressure that he walked into this match with. After ducking a right hook from Sameer, Hans goes for a Pele kick but Sameer avoids it, leaving Hans to fall onto the mat with no connection. To capitalise, Sameer hits an axe kick to the back of Hans' head but it only gets him a two count. After the failed pinfall attempt, Sameer gets Hans up and sends him into the Creed corner with an Irish whip but as Hans arrives, he has the awareness to hit Bart off of the apron. With Smith already down, there's no longer anyone for Hans to worry about on the apron but there is still Sameer in the ring who charges at him but once again, Hans has the awareness to bring his leg up, catching Sameer with a boot. After hitting an enzugiri, Hans climbs the turnbuckles as he looks for one of his signature high-flying moves but Sameer is able to recover quickly enough to put a stop to Hans' plans. At the same time, Bart is getting back up onto the apron so Sameer tags him in as Bart then launches himself up onto the ropes from the apron, springboards and HITS AN AVALANCHE HURRICANRANA! WHAT A MOVE! Of course, the fall takes an affect on Bart too but eventually, he is able to crawl over to Hans for the cover but the desire of the young star to get his team this victory remains prominent as he is able to kick out after such a nasty landing! After Hans kicks out, Bart sits up and looks back at Sameer as to say 'how in hell did he kick out of that?' Nevertheless, Bart gets to his feet and tries to get Hans up but as he does, Hans begins to fight back, eventually gaining enough space so that he can leap to his teammate and tags in Mikey who has a burst of energy, gunning right at Bart with a series of strikes until Bart is left kneeling and struggling to stand. With Bart trying to use the ropes to help himself up, Mikey hits the opposite ropes and then comes back with the Adrenaline knee strike! Once again, Mikey hits, and then again! With complete control over Bart here, Mikey now lifts Bart into an Argentine backbreaker rack position, seemingly looking for the Shattered Illusion, a scarily dangerous move from Mikey's arsenal that has never been kicked out of. However, Bart is able to fight out of Mikey's grip as he then falls off of Mikey's shoulders. Then, Bart goes for the Cardiac Arrest but as he locks it in, bringing himself and Mikey to the ground, he isn't able to get his legs around Mikey before Mikey uses the momentum of them falling to roll over onto his feet. With Bart still holding the upper body part of Mikey, Mikey isn't able to fully role through but the referee begins to count a pinfall as the hold is actually resulting in Mikey pinning Bart. Therefore, Bart is forced to either break the hold or be pinned so obviously, he breaks the hold. As Bart then gets to his feet, Mikey grabs him from behind and looks for the Cosmic Ascension but Bart is able to reverse the inverted headlock into a front facelock, apply the hammerlock and then hit The Last Breath! With Hans kicking out of that avalanche hurricanrana still in the back of Bart's head, he doesn't leave Mikey there and makes sure that he won't kick out by hitting his newest finishing move, The Death Machine! Now, Bart hooks the leg and indeed, he gets the three count this time around! MIKEY HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! With that, BulletProof and Creed are now three-on-one but with Smith seriously hurt at ringside, it's more like a two-on-one. As Bart gets to his feet after pinning Mikey, he turns around to face Hans who is already flying at him as Clayton hits a springboard dragonrana, hooks the legs and yes, he does it, he gets the pinfall, quickly cutting Creed's advantage to what now is practically a one-on-one! BART HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! In shock, Bart sits up after being pinned and looks at Sameer in shock as both men are blown away by what just happened. Nonetheless, Bart respectfully leaves the ring and applauds Hans for getting him on this one. Meanwhile, Sameer enters through the ropes as we now see the pace slow down a little bit with both men knowing that if they are pinned, there team will lose, as Hans is the only man left for BulletProof and Sameer is the only man left for Creed except for an injured Smith who is still at ringside but is sat with his back against the barricade and a grip on his knee. As Hans and Sameer try to gain the advantage over each other in a series of chain wrestling, neither man seems to be letting up and it is only stopped when Hans hits a head-scissors take-down. Using the momentum, Sameer is able to roll through onto his feet, turn around and run back at Hans but Clayton leapfrogs over Sameer. After Sameer hits the ropes, he runs back at Hans but is met with a picture perfect dropkick right to the face as Hans exhibits his impressive vertical jump. After this, Hans runs to the ropes for the Lionsault but Sameer catches him mid-air with a superkick! After swatting Hans like a fly in the air, Sameer goes for the cover but only gets a two count as Hans continues to prevail. Nevertheless, Sameer looks to hit a move that Hans won't kick out of as he hits the ropes and comes back looking for the curb stomp but Hans launches Sameer into the air by pushing up when Sameer goes for the stomp. Then, Hans catches Sameer out of the air with a cutter! WHAT A REVERSAL! After hitting a move that would make his BulletProof comrade, Flynn, very proud, a worn-out Hans falls into the cover... One! Two! Th-NO! Sameer kicks out and Hans can't believe it! However, it's not long before the top rope catches Hans' eye as he scales the ropes and now stalks Sameer from the top... SHOOTING HANS PRESS! ONE! TWO! THRE-NO! SMITH BREAKS IT UP! Out of nowhere, Smith just throws his body onto the two men to break up the pinfall attempt! With the two legal men completely exhausted, it's only Smith that is really moving. As he sits up, he grips his knee once again but now rage takes over, frustration as BulletProof have once again caused him an injury, have once again surely shortened his career and caused damage to his life as a whole. Therefore, Smith then releases the anger onto one of the men that caused all of this torment, laying into Hans from the ground and pound position. Even though Hans puts his hands up, he is tired and Smith is being driven by rage so Hans' guard doesn't do him much good. Eventually, Smith tires and gets up, still struggling with his bad leg but now he looks at the turnbuckles and climbs them, no doubt looking for a Frog Splash. Unfortunately for Creed, Hans is able to get to Smith and sweep his legs from underneath him. Then, Hans joins Smith on the top rope and sets up for a superplex but Sameer comes running in and saves his brother before then sending Hans crashing down to the mat with a huge powerbomb. After Sameer makes sure Smith is okay, Smith tells him to go climb the opposite turnbuckle... SIMULTANEOUS FROG SPLASHES TO HANS! However, Sameer doesn't go for the cover but instead looks to make sure that this is over and done with, that this war is put to bed and that Creed come out on top... CURB STOMP! Now Sameer covers Hans... ONE! TWO! THREE! HANS CLAYTON HAS BEEN ELIMINATED! CREED WIN THE 2019 TRADITIONAL SURVIVOR SERIES MATCH! THAT'S IT! THAT'S THE LAST PINFALL AS SAMEER GETS THE THREE COUNT TO ELIMINATE HANS! Immediately, Sameer goes over to check on his brother, Smith, who was seriously injured in the process of this match as he proves what he kept saying, that he is willing to put his body, career, and life on the line for this brotherhood, for Creed. After Sameer lifts Smith to his feet, the two celebrate after Sameer just reminded us with that performance why he was the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion just a few months ago and why he is among the best in the BPZ right now and all-time! Furthermore, despite being eliminated, Bart and Julius run down to the ring to celebrate with their brothers as they both also gave so much into this match. As BPZ Survivor Series comes to an end, the final scene is the four brothers of Creed hugging in the middle of the ring.
  7. From myself and @Jonathan, thanks for the support guys! We are only three episodes away from the season finale.
  8. No One Man - Chapter Seven: The Death Of Drizzy ☠ El Hijo Favorito del Diablo ☠ In the brisk, chilly morning, with the sun only just rising, I walk my usual way to the Ángeles del Infierno's base of operations but as I approach the building, something doesn't feel right so I quicken my pace until I'm effectively running. I burst through the front door and everything is up in flames. In shock, I freeze and just look around at my kingdom burning to the ground until my attention is grabbed by a man straight ahead of me. Through the flames, I can see a built figure approaching and as they come closer, they are cleared of the fire and smoke, and I recognize him... It's Don Dada. Suddenly, Ben comes out of nowhere and charges straight at Don Dada but Ben comes to an abrupt stop. Suddenly, Fox reveals himself, disabling his camouflage, and as he does, his arm appears to be going straight through Ben's chest. After Fox removes his arm from the hole now going straight through Ben, my closest friend and the best fighter in our whole organization, slowly drops to the floor but still, I'm frozen, I can't even help the person that has had my back the whole time. Once Ben is laying on the floor lifelessly, Dada and Fox stroll up to me as Dada gets in my face and stares straight into my eyes and into my soul. “You lose,” he whispers into my ear as he then stabs a knife right into my gut. Just like Ben, I slowly fall to the floor as my enemies walk away laughing. With my last sights being my whole organization burning to the ground, my eyes close for the last time and I'm met with a lonely, empty blackness. Moments go by and I'm still conscious. Suddenly, my eyes reopen and I'm laying in my bed at home, unhurt, with not a single scratch on my body as I come to the realization that it was all just a very bad nightmare. As I sit up, I remember the ride we went on last night where we burned down one of Dada's warehouses but then, I remember the final moments where Fox, one of Dad's top men, appeared and killed one of mine. With all of this repeatedly running through my head, I rush to get myself ready and get to the base of operations as quickly as possible. When I walk in this time, in reality, everything is as per usual. Being one of the only men that know Fox caught us last night, I head straight to my office with my head down, trying to avoid any altercations with my men. As I enter my office, Ben is already there waiting as he seems concerned about something. “Buenos dias, Ben! Is there something I can do for you?” I ask, already knowing the answer. “Yes, well kind of. Last night, everything went fine until Fox of Don Dada's crew and you know he's going straight to Dada to tell him what we did. In fact, Dada probably already knows and has probably already rallied up an army of chingados ready to take our heads off on-site! What the fuck are we gonna do El Hijo?” Ben stresses to me as he's clearly worried about how Dada will react to our actions. “Listen, I know Dada most likely already knows what we did but this was bound to happen. The fact of the matter is, at some point, we're going to have to face that hijo de la chingada so why not now? We're stronger than ever and we're already one step ahead of him. Just don't worry yourself too much Ben, I have everything under control,” I tell Ben, trying to reassure him that we'll be okay even though I'm more worried than he is. Nevertheless, I keep a stern face and give Ben a hug before he then leaves me to think of our next step in my office. Around half an hour later, I head out of my office and tell Ben to come with me as we then head outside. After my chauffer brings the Rover around, we go on a cruise around the city. “So, what exactly are we doing?” Ben enquires, confused as to why we're just driving around. “We are thinking, planning our next step. I needed to get out to help clear my mind. Plus, we might be able to find something like how we found Fox yesterday.” “Okay, capo.” As we continue to roam around the streets, I get a call that I wasn't expecting which instantly makes me think it's from Dada and that he's already stricken back. However, when I pull my phone out, I see that it's from Feugo and sigh out loud in relief before answering the phone. “Feugo, what's the matter?” “Capo, I've got some news about Don Dada that I think you'll like.” “Okay, great, I'm heading to you right now then.” After I finish on the phone with Feugo, I redirect the chauffeur to take us to Feugo's district. As we pull up to the restaurant we met him in yesterday, it's once again only him at the table but this time, he's digging into some nice warm chili. “Hola, you enjoying that?” I ask jokingly as I greet Fuego and his men. “Yes, it's excelente. Do you want some?” Fuego offers, showing his respect for me, the capo. “No, that's quite alright, I've already eaten. Anyway, what's this news you wanted to talk about?” “Ah yes, so the word around the street is that the new nightclub opening up in Midtown, 'Diversión', is actually owned by Dada and he's going to use it to clean money. With the amount of money that goes in and out of those places, he's going to be able to clean thousands in just one night there. Furthermore, you know the rapper, Drake? Well, he's going to be there on the opening night which is going to sky-rocket their sales for at least the next year. In conclusion, Dada is going to be making a lot of money from his new nightclub and it most likely will put him miles ahead of us.” “When is the opening night?” “Tomorrow.” “Okay, we meet here at midnight tomorrow evening. Me, you, and Ben, we're going to break in and ruin their party, just to make sure that this little business venture of Dada's fails.” One day later, minutes before midnight, wearing completely black gear once again, I and Ben walk into the restaurant to meet up with Feugo. Once we're all set, Feugo takes us out back and being the kind man he is, he has prepared three motorbikes for the occasion. As we speed through the streets of Midtown, the noises of partying is all around us as pubs, clubs, and restaurants are blasting out music. Although, as we get closer to Diversión, it is Spanish music that becomes much louder, with Dada making his club Hispanic-themed. With hundreds waiting outside, we pull up down a back alley and get off the bikes as we look for a way in. Just like at Fox's warehouse, Feugo is able to use his abilities to spawn a coat of lava around his body in order to melt the hinges of a door which results in the door simply just falling off. With a clear entrance into the back of the club, we put our masks on make sure our weapons are ready. Before heading in, I give instructions for I and Ben to take care of security whilst Feugo heads straight to whoever is running this place under Dada's orders and takes them hostage. As we head in, we are sneaking through the back of the club when we overhear some men who seem to be talking about something very serious. After I tell Ben and Feugo to pause, their voices become much clearer and I recognize one of them as one of Dada's men as they say “Yes, Fox told Dada that it was Ángeles del Infierno and that El Hijo Favorito del Diablo was there himself. It sounds like they're trying to send a message if you ask me. I reckon Dada needs to do put them in their place or even put them down for good. Since La Muerte passed, they've been useless and a nuisance.” With the mentioning of Muerte's passing, I lose control as I step into their sight so they can see my face, cuss at them and then spray all three of them down with just one clip. Shocked, Ben and Fuego just stare at me as I just stare at the four men I just murdered. After a few moments in which I recompose myself, we head-on with the mission at hand and manage to reach the main floor. With the music blasting and the lights flashing, there's no longer much more need to be stealthy so instead, we just act casually, not trying to gather any attention as we get rid of the security. Once I and Ben have finished, I look around for Fuego and when I find him, he already has a gun to the hip of the manager as we have officially hijacked the party. All we need to do now is create a scene to ruin this place's reputation and then get the hell out of here. As I search for something, I see Drake, the biggest celebrity in the world. Just like Fuego said, he is here as a VIP but is perhaps a bit too intoxicated to realize that all of his security is gone. Unsuspiciously, I pass through the crowd of dancing drunks and finally come face to face with Drake. “Yo, you look bad-ass in that all-black, homie! You a fan?” As Drake extends his hand, I smirk, raising my hand past his offer for a handshake and straight to his neck, gripping it tightly. After sharing a look with Feugo, he takes the manager into his office as the music and dance lights then turn off as the civilians are put into a state of confusion which soon flips into them being scared for their lives as they seem me holding Drake off of his feet with just one hand. “Oh man, oh man, not again!” Drake screams out loud whilst I say my prayers, sacrificing Drake to Lucifier himself. As I feel the energy rushing through me that I am repaid with by the devil when giving him a sacrifice, I let go of Drake's neck and his body drops the ground with all life drained from it. With everyone scared to their core, the thud of his body hitting the ground echoes around the room that remains silent until suddenly, a gunshot is heard from the manager's office. Then, everyone starts screaming and making a runner for it. Trying to get away from the scene of the crime, I and Ben run to the exit where Feugo joins us after grabbing some funds from the office in which he killed the manager. Once we're all out, we jump on the bikes and head back, another hit on Don Dada's organization complete.
  9. Back when the white strap was first introduced, I think for the first couple of years, the championship was predominantly represented by four men, Cody, Barrett, Miz, and Ziggler. However, since Cody and Barrett's departures, Miz and Ziggler have taken the title to new levels and continued to maintain the prestige of the championship over five years now. Therefore, I'd say this one has to be split between the Cleveland boys, Miz and Ziggler.
  10. Season 5 | Episode 4 | "The King Of Mystery" Del Rio Is Met By Luchadors Looking For Opportunities As the Lucha Underground intro finishes, after fading through back, the first scene of this week's episode has us follow an unmasked fighter walk through the corridors of the temple. As he approaches a door that reads 'Alberto Del Rio', he stops and whilst he composes himself, talking can be heard coming from the other side of the door but it is soon masked by the noise of the person knocking. Now, we join Alberto Del Rio in his office as the man walks in, revealing himself as Jordan Devlin. Another man can be seen standing opposite Del Rio and next to Devlin but his face isn't revealed. Jordan Devlin: "So I heard about the tournament you announced last week, for the Lucha Underground Championship, and I want you to know first-hand from me that I want in." After Devlin makes his demand, Del Rio smiles but it seems fake, as if he is actually annoyed but doesn't want to show it. Even so, he responds to Devlin respectfully, containing his emotions, trying to remain professional as the host of the temple. Alberto Del Rio: "Jordan Devlin wants in on the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament, huh? I like that fire, that determination to walk straight into my office and demand an opportunity so you know what, I'll give it to you. Tonight, I have one of the best luchadors to ever step foot inside the squared circle returning to the temple and you, Jordan Devlin, will face him." After offering an opportunity to Devlin, Del Rio extends his hand and it is accepted by a budding Jordan, who then leaves the office. With Devlin gone, Del Rio returns to the man he was previously talking to and now, his face is revealed as none other than Mark Haskins: "So, where were we?" Both Haskins and Del Rio share a grin as the two men look to continue their business discussions and settle whatever agreement they're looking to make. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Chavo Guerrero vs Humberto Carrillo In the first match of the tournament announced at the end of last week's show, two luchadors from two different historically prestigious Mexican wrestling families, Chavo Guerrero and Humberto Carrillo, go toe-to-toe. Throughout the match, Chavo and Humberto show their sound Lucha libre techniques as is expected from two luchadores of such heritage. Nonetheless, it's clear that Carrillo is much more comfortable in the air whereas Chavo remains grounded for most of the match. In the end, Humberto comes out on top and gets the victory for himself, and his family, as he defeats the current figurehead of the most praised family in Mexican wrestling, the Guerreros. Winner: Humberto Carrillo The Arrival Of The King Is Confirmed After the first match of the night, we cut to see a hooded man approach the outside of the temple. As he opens the door and walks in, we cut to González entering Del Rio's office. Arturo González: "I've just received word that he's here. The king has officially returned to the temple, do we have a match planned for him?" Alberto Del Rio: "Yes, Balor's protege, the young Irishman, Jordan Devlin, he came in here asking for an opportunity. By the way, remind Killshot that his match is up next and make sure he still understands what his mission is, to make the luchadores humble and understand that they must respect the host. I've already had enough of these idiots constantly asking me for things." After Del Rio gives his orders, Arturo nods and then leaves. Next, we cut back to the hooded man who now stands inside the temple, and as we pan around from his back to his front, his identity is revealed as arguably the greatest luchador to ever step into the squared circle, Rey Mysterio. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Mark Haskins vs Killshot After an exciting revealing of the fact that Rey Mysterio is back inside the temple, we return to the ring as we get set for the second first-round match in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament in which Mark Haskins makes his debut against Killshot. Under the orders of Del Rio, Killshot is extra ruthless in this match as he tries to make an example out of Haskins but the fire of the British fighter keeps him in the match and in the end, it is Haskins who is able to get the victory and advance in the tournament. Winner: Mark Haskins Austin Aries Promises He'll Prevail Victoriously After an impressive debut from Mark Haskins, we join Austin Aries outside of the temple, in a flash lounge, as he sits back in a padded leather chair, in a high-end suit and with a cigar lit in his mouth. After lifting his shades up to reveal his eyes, Aries starts speaking. Austin Aries: "Over my almost twenty years in this industry, I've traveled all over the world and fought against the greatest our sport has to offer but more importantly, everywhere I've competed, I've won gold, belts, championships, that's why they call me the belt collector." As the camera pans out, revealing the backdrop to be his twenty-five-plus titles on display. After taking another puff of his cigar, Aries begins to talk again. Austin Aries: "Now, I enter the temple, I step foot into Lucha Underground and already, I have the Lucha Underground Championship in my sights. Realistically, this tournament, all it is to me is a platform, an extra special stage to make my championship win that much more exciting, so thank you Del Rio, I appreciate you making the birth of my ruling over your temple that much more extravagant because after all, after I've overcome the hardships of a whole tournament, no one will be able to deny that I am a deserving champion, that I am the best in the world." With his message to the believers and luchadores of Lucha Underground made, Aries puts his shades back on and continues to smoke his cigar in his lovely relaxing lounge as he continues to enjoy the luxuries earned through his years of success in the business. Lucha Underground Championship Tournament (First Round) Jordan Devlin vs Rey Mysterio After another eventful night inside the temple, possible the most noteworthy event of the season so far comes as the king of Lucha libre, Rey Mysterio, comes down to the ring for his match in the Lucha Underground Championship Tournament against the protege of Finn Balor, The Irish Ace, Jordan Devlin. As most would expect, Mysterio's return to the temple is glorious as he shows off exactly why he is the living legend that he is respected as. Nevertheless, Devlin also shows off his gritty, rough, hard-hitting style developed in Britain and his homeland of Ireland. Ultimately though, Mysterio's return is triumphant and he moves onto the quarter-finals of the tournament as this episode of Lucha Underground comes to a joyous end. Winner: Rey Mysterio Aerostar Begins The Search After the action inside the temple ends, we return to Aerostar who we saw two weeks ago protecting a mystery man. Now, Aerostar is in the hideout that we saw him in before and he's talking to the mystery man once again. Aerostar: "With the return of the temple, Del Rio has announced a tournament to crown the new Lucha Underground Champion. Is this our time to strike?" ???: "No, no. Whilst you have been planning our journey back to the temple, I have heard some rumors that my brother still lives, that he is being caged up somewhere. We must find him, release him, and bring him with us. Then, we will be ready to take back what's rightfully mine." After Aerostar is told his next move, he nods at the man and leaves as his search for the man's brother begins and this episode of Lucha Underground comes to an end.
  11. As Carnage cuts away from the live-action in the arena, we are met by a room that is completely black, an ominous parallel to the setting we have seen Flynn comment on the members of Creed in. With Flynn already dissecting Julius and Sameer with his enchanting use of words, Eli Smith now sits in the middle of this room but unlike Flynn, Smith isn't wearing a suit, not even a shirt. Aside from his bare chest, Smith just has casual clothing on, with all the attention of his apparel being concentrated on the BPZ Tag Team Championship over his shoulder and the Creed pendulum hanging from the chain draped around his neck. Also, unlike Flynn, Smith sits head-on, at a different angle as to suggest that Smith will provide a different viewpoint as to what Flynn would, as to show that everyone has their own reality. In all this darkness, the only source of the light, the only reason that Smith is visible is a film projector that is shining onto the wall behind him, with a part of it being projected onto him. The video that is being played is a series of clips of times that Smith has encountered the members of BulletProof, from Isiah Carter ending his record-breaking Premium Championship reign, to Team Smith defeating Team Flynn at Survivor Series 2017, to Smith ripping the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship from Flynn's grasps at the end of 2017, to the recent attacks on Smith by BulletProof, to Smith's victory over Hans in Survival Games as well as his victory alongside Bart over First Class Express only weeks ago that saw Creed obtain the BPZ Tag Team Championships. As all of these moments are showcased, leaning back into the chair and looking directly into the camera, Eli speaks but very gently, trying to articulate every thought in his head perfectly so that his message comes across in the right way, instead of it being perceived as a rant, a form of venting or some sort of breakdown. Five years ago, after my name in the British independent circuit, I signed my first-ever contract with BPZ. Over those five years, I've accomplished things that I couldn't even dream of but equally, I've been hurt, I've hurt others and at the end of it all, I have to question if it's worth it. After all, this reality that we live in has no manual, there are no instructions, so how do I know if what I'm doing is right or wrong, how do I know if it's worth it or not? As Smith lets these questions sink in, he pauses and when he begins to speak again, the tone seems to be much more authoritative, his words feel much more meaningful, and he makes sure that he is speaking loudly and clearly. Facts. Facts are what structure how we function, how we live, the society around us. Isiah Carter, you want to staple the word lies to the brotherhood I care so much about but look around you. The men you stand by, they still haven't comprehended the fact that you failed against myself and Bart. Over the past few weeks, both sides have been trying to expose brotherhoods as falsehoods but at Carnage Wildcard, the truth was revealed. Fair and square, the fact is that I and Bart defeated one-half of BulletProof but you, you couldn't handle reality, you couldn't handle the truth, so you ruthlessly beat us down. Nevertheless, with a few extra bumps and bruises, the fact is that we are your BPZ Tag Team Champions and unless you win the tag team classic, there's nothing you can do about it. Hans Clayton, you keep saying that I'm only a shadow of my former self, that I'm nowhere near as good as I used to be but at Survival Games, I pinned you cleanly, at Halloween Havoc, I outlasted you inside the Elimination Chamber and just days ago, myself and Bart defeated you and Isiah for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. That's three opportunities you've had to prove that you're better than me and all three times, despite you saying that I'm not as good as I used to be, you failed, so if you can't beat me when I'm not even at my best, then how does that look for you? To fall to one man repeatedly and still try to slander his name, it only makes you look desperate and pathetic but clearly, you don't see it. Clearly, as I've said over and over again, Flynn is in your head and has blown all the praises you've received from others out of proportion and now, you think you're something you're not. Now, you are heading into the main event of Survivor Series and you are way in over your head but when you fall, when you come to realize reality, don't expect Flynn to help you, don't think he'll stick by your side through the rough because, at that point, you'll no longer be useful to him. As Eli pauses once again, his stare now flutters around the room, into the distance, past the camera. Nonetheless, it is still clear that he is deep in his thoughts and when he begins to speak again, his glare doesn't return to the camera but it does fixate on one particular spot. I, myself, have experienced this. In the past, I've been thrown aside, I've been stabbed in the back and I've been left to rot by men that I thought I could trust. It's why it's a struggle for me, it's why it took the four of you beating the living hell out of me for me to realize who I really can trust. Whilst you thought you were putting me down for good with merciless attacks, you only opened my eyes as it was three men that came to my aid, it was three men that proved I can trust them and now the four of us, we stand united, bonded by the scars that you have caused so at Survivor Series, when you're back is on the mat and you're looking up at the lights, just remember that you caused this. As these words come out of Smith's mouth, his glare is distant as he begins to get emotional, with this clearly meaning a lot to him. Nevertheless, as he pauses, he composes himself and sits forward, leaning so that his elbows wrest on his knees. After he once again directs his glare down the camera lens, the emotion on his face gradually fades from somberness to intensity. Then, Eli begins to speak with a lot more intent, with a much more imposing feel. This discovery of trust in Bart, Julius, and Sameer, it's a great example of change. I constantly hear people telling me that I'm not the man that I was two years ago, that I've changed, but that's what you do in life, you change, you adapt, you evolve so that you can survive, and so that you can succeed. Two years ago, I thought Slim had my back for life and now, I'm pretty sure he's trying to murder me, so yes you can bet I've f*cking changed, it would be foolish not to. Perhaps, I'm still adapting to my surroundings, maybe this version of me isn't better than past versions of me but I know what hasn't changed, my love for this sport, the hunger that drives to bigger and better things. Although one new thing in my life that stands out is the fact that without a doubt, I will put my life on the line for my brothers, for Creed. Ultimately though, one thing that never changes, one that especially stands out to me, and that is very meaningful to me is the borderline between good and evil. In this world, evil is defined by the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride, and that's the borderline between good and evil, but in this reality, there's an eighth. See, these seven sins are brought to life by your actions, by the choices you make but the eighth can't be controlled, the eighth remains hidden until the time comes. When the times comes that you realize the fire in my heart, the hunger in my belly, the will to never give up is the most relentless force you have ever been met with, that is the time. When the time comes that I cross your arms and plant you directly on the back of your neck. When the time comes, you will be met by the 8th Sin. As the final words of Eli fade away, he sits back, takes a deep breath and then stands up, walking off of the set as the filming crew around him are revealed but the emotion on Eli's face remains prominent, showing how real this actually is to him.
  12. There's nothing really to be discussed here. Golf is a sport, it has been recognised as such for ages, it's a matter of fact. Perhaps if this was about esports I'd understand but golf is undoubtedly a sport.
  13. CHAPTER 13 | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA Samoa Joe Celebrates As The Inaugural TETSUJIN Openweight Champion After winning the TETSUJIN Openweight Championship at TETSUJIN Elite, Samoa Joe kicks off the episode of KAIZEN following the PPV by coming to the ring with his new championship and articulating the dominant rampage he went on to claim this gold. Then, he sets an open challenge for anyone to answer and at first, Keith Lee comes out but he is suddenly attacked by Alberto El Patron who continues to beat down Lee until he's unable to compete. After this clears up, Konnan comes out and introduces us to the new great luchador he has promised to bring to KAIZEN... Humberto Carrillo! TETSUJIN Openweight Championship Match Samoa Joe (c) vs Humberto Carrillo In his first defense of the title, Joe manages to put Humberto to sleep despite an impressive debut performance from the Mexican superstar. Winner: Samoa Joe Matt Sydal Speaks On His Future After making his way to the ring, Matt Sydal addresses his future in KAIZEN over the microphone but is interrupted by Paul Ellering and not far behind is 'The God of Destruction' Zeus, as the two get set to go one-on-one. Matt Sydal vs Zeus After both men failed in the fatal four-way at TETSUJIN Elite, Sydal and Zeus now look to regain momentum and unfortunately for the high-flyer, Zeus' deadly strikes and inhuman strength is too much. Winner: Zeus The New Junior Heavyweight Champion Is Stepped To By A Newcomer Backstage, Lio Rush addresses TETSUJIN Elite where he captured the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship. Nevertheless, he is interrupted by Alex Zayne, a new signing to KAIZEN who is known for his unbelievable and innovative high-flying maneuvers, who challenges the champion. In response, Lio Rush accepts the challenge and announces that they'll face next week for the title. KAIZEN World #1 Contender Qualifying Match Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Low Ki vs Matt Riddle vs Tom Lawlor In the main event, the second qualifying fatal four-way match to decide who faces the winner of the fatal four-way from TETSUJIN Elite takes place. As Almas, Low Ki, Riddle, and Lawlor battle for the chance to become number-one contender, it is The Original Bro that is able to get the victory. Winner: Matt Riddle CHAPTER 14 | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA Adrian King Continues His Triumphant Reign The KAIZEN World Champion, Adrian King, comes to the ring and addresses his magnificent run with the company's top prize and how he has proved himself as the best wrestler in the world today. Then, he is confronted by the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Los Ingobernables. After a back and forth between Adrian King and Zelina Vega, it is agreed that King and Almas with face next week in a champion versus champion match. The Hart Foundation vs The Mighty Don't Kneel In tag team action, Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr of The Hart Foundation take on Nick Miller and Shane Thorne of TMDK. However, the competition comes to an abrupt ending as the ring is raided by The Colons who lay a beating into both teams as they put the trios division on notice. Winner: No Contest Jushin Liger Announces KAIZEN's Love For Violence PPV Backstage, the owner of KAIZEN, Jushin Liger, announces that tonight's number-one contender match for the KAIZEN World Championship will lead to a title match at KAIZEN's newest PPV, the Valentine's special, Love For Violence. KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Lio Rush (c) vs Alex Zayne In singles action with the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship on the line, the champion, Lio Rush, is taken by surprise by the uniquely outstanding high-flying ability of Alex Zayne. Nevertheless, the champion is able to retain as he proves to be a better overall competitor. Winner: Lio Rush (c) Alberto El Patron Explains His Actions Backstage, Alberto El Patron explains why he attacked Keith Lee last week. He mentions how he's fed up with these new guys passing him and that he refused to let Keith Lee take another opportunity that should be Alberto's. He then states that he will make an example out of Lee. KAIZEN World #1 Contender Match Matt Riddle vs Tama Tonga In the main event, Matt Riddle and Tama Tonga clash to decide who will be the one to face Adrian King for the world title at the Love For Violence PPV. Despite outside interference from Tonga Loa, Riddle is able to get the victory and earn his shot at the title. Winner: Matt Riddle CHAPTER 15 | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA Samoa Joe Wants More Challengers After defending his championship two weeks back, the TETSUJIN Openweight Champion, Samoa Joe, comes down to the ring and asks for even more challengers to step up, stating that he wants to prove himself as the most dominant force in wrestling today. The men that answer his proposition are Cesaro and Low Ki. TETSUJIN Openweight #1 Contender Match Cesaro vs Low Ki To determine Samoa Joe's next challenger, Cesaro takes on Firing Squad's Low Ki. In a hard-hitting and technically impressive match, it is the outside interference from Low Ki's fellow Firing Squad members that allows him to get the victory, with Tama Tonga being the key factor in Cesaro's loss. Winner: Low Ki The Colons Put The Trios Division On Notice In the ring, Carlito, Epico, and Primo stand united as The Colons with a microphone each. They explain why they interrupted the match between The Hart Foundation and TMDK, saying that they did it simply to get eyes on them. Then, they call out the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Los Ingobernables, but are instead answered by one of the teams that they attacked last week, TMDK. The Colons vs The Mighty Don't Kneel In a six-man tag match, a much more aggressive side of The Colons is exhibited as they take on The Mighty Don't Kneel. Ultimately, the aggression and tenacity of The Colons allow them to prevail, knocking off one of the division's best teams. Winner: The Colons Matt Riddle Is Excited For His Championship Match Backstage, Matt Riddle speaks on his win last week to become the number-one contender to Adrain King's KAIZEN World Championship. He also speaks on how they'll be doing a face-to-face next week and how he's excited for the title match at Love For Violence but is then interrupted by Bobby Roode, who challenge King at TETSUJIN Elite. Roode tells Riddle that he's not ready and will fail miserably against King so Riddle suggests that he shows Roode just how ready he is in a match next week. KAIZEN World Champion vs KAIZEN Trios Champion Adrian King vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas In the main event, the KAIZEN World Champion, Adrian King, takes on one-third of the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Andrade 'Cien' Almas, after their confrontation last week. In the end, King gets the victory but he is pushed further than we've seen before here in KAIZEN as Andrade shows that he could be a potential future world champ in his own right. Winner: Adrian King CHAPTER 16 | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA KAIZEN World Championship Match Participants Face-Off In the beginning of the go-home show to Love For Violence, Jushin Thunder Liger hosts a face-to-face between the KAIZEN World Champion, Adrian King, and the man that will challenge him on the PPV, Matt Riddle. As they get in each other's faces, it's King who throws the first punch but it's Riddle who comes out on top of this brawl, perhaps a preview for what's to come this weekend. Alberto El Patron vs Matt Sydal In the first match of the night, Alberto El Patron and Matt Sydal go one on one. The match is competitive between the two veterans but after a revenge attack by Keith Lee on Alberto, Sydal is able to easily pick up the victory. After the match, El Patron is evidently furious whilst Keith Lee just laughs as he has gotten his revenge. Infuriated, El Patron grabs a microphone and challenges Lee to a match at Love For Violence. Winner: Matt Sydal Lio Rush Has Two Formidable Competitors On His Tail In the ring, the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Champion, Lio Rush, gloats about his victories and abilities until he is interrupted by at first, Chad Gable, and then also Humberto Carrillo alongside Konnan. With two budding challengers in the ring with him, Rush suggests that the two should face right now to decide who gets the title shot. KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight #1 Contender Match Chad Gable vs Humberto Carrillo In an extremely competitive match between Gable and Carrillo, two very different wrestlers, the result is so close that the match ends up as a draw, with the two men completely gassing each other out and being counted out at ringside. Winner: Draw Los Ingobernables Respond To The Colons In the trios division, The Colons have been running wild over the past couple weeks, even calling out the champions. Now, the KAIZEN Trios Champions, Los Ingobernables respond as Zelina states that they fear no one and that they are more than happy to face The Colons at Love For Violence. Bobby Roode vs Matt Riddle With Roode having doubts in Riddle's readiness for the world title scene, Matt Riddle approaches this match with something to prove. Ultimately, he does that as he is able to knock off a richly accomplished veteran in Bobby Roode. Winner: Bobby Roode PAY-PER-VIEW | WALT DISNEY CONCERT HALL | LOS ANGELES, CA KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Lio Rush (c) vs Chad Gable vs Humberto Carrillo Winner: Lio Rush Cesaro vs Tama Tonga. Winner: Cesaro KAIZEN Trios Championship Match Los Ingobernables (c) vs The Colons Winner: Los Ingobernables (c) Alberto El Patron vs Keith Lee Winner: Keith Lee TETSUJIN Openweight Championship Match Samoa Joe (c) vs Low Ki Winner: Samoa Joe (c) KAIZEN World Championship Match Adrian King (c) vs Matt Riddle Winner: Adrian King (c)

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