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  1. 205 Live - May 17th, 2019 The high-impact, thrill-full, exhibition of the most impressive cruiserweights in the world, 205 Live, continues its momentum tonight with two exciting singles matches, beginning with Drew Gulak vs Trevor Lee Caddell. Nigel McGuinness introduces us to the show before the theme of the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, hits and the excitement begins. Lio Rush Continues His Celebrations Last week, the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, celebrated his championship victory backstage but tonight, he kicks off the show by continuing his celebrations in the ring, directly in front of the WWE Universe. After being carried to the ring on Babatunde's shoulders, Rush stands in the ring with his title proudly dressed around his waist. However, after numerous brags from the champion, the former champion, Evan Bourne, interrupts and just like last week, requests that Rush gives him a rematch after the controversial ending to their match at Backlash. Nevertheless, Rush ignores his request and instead, announces that he will be defending his title tonight but against a 'more worthy' opponent. Drew Gulak vs Trevor Lee Caddell As Drew Gulak is making his entrance, Tony Nese runs up behind him and attacks, sparking yet another brawl between the two. With Trevor Lee Caddell left without an opponent, Akira Tozawa would make his return! After being out because of injury after Hideo Itami's severe attack, Tozawa makes his return against a budding new 205 Live superstar in Trevor Lee and is able to carry the momentum through to a victory. Tyler Promises To Make 205 Live Prettier In an undisclosed yet luxurious, stylish, elegant location, 'Prince Pretty', Tyler Breeze is sat on a pink throne, evidently in bliss. He talks softly but with meaning and with an alluring essence. He mentions how he is dissatisfied with 205 Live's present state and how it needs to be improved. To conclude, he promises that he will make the purple brand unimaginably prettier. Dar & Perkins Want More Challengers The inaugural and current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, Noam Dar and TJ Perkins, are joined backstage by Charly Caruso. She asks the pair how they are feeling coming out of their win at Backlash as well as their defense last week. The champions seem clearly ecstatic and grateful for the opportunity to be making history but they also are still hungry. After struggling in the cruiserweight division for months, TJP wants to give other superstars as much opportunities as possible. The two put out a statement, telling the whole locker room of WWE that they want more challengers and that they will be defending their titles once again next week in an open challenge. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Lio Rush (c) vs Mike Kanellis As promised earlier tonight, Lio Rush puts up his WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a match and it's against Mike Kanellis, notably not against Bourne. After Maria Kanellis tries to get involved, Babatunde steps to the wife of Mike, sending fear down her spine and freezing her still. Mike panics and runs out the ring, hitting Babatunde before realizing the mistake he just made. Nevertheless, it's Lio Rush who strikes Mike and gets him back in the ring to hit him with The Final Hour for the victory.
  2. Full Name: Dafydd Smith Date of Birth: 29/03/1998 Ethnicity: White-British Skin Colour: White Place of Birth: Corwen, Wales Languages Spoken: English & Welsh Positions Played: CB, LB, CDM Best Stats: Defending, Strength, Stamina, Passing Worst Stats: Finishing, Set-Pieces, Crossing, Aggression Relationships with people: Positive
  3. WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 2 David Starr | The Product | Israel | 203 lbs Despite his Israelean descent, David Starr was raised in the states and almost became an all-American athlete in amateur wrestling, losing only one match before receiving such honor. After this disappointing loss, Starr would take an interest in professional wrestling and would join the Wild Samoan Training Center, owned by the Hall Of Famer, Afa. In just one month, Starr would become the fastest ever graduate of the wrestling school before going on to prove himself as one of the best in-ring competitors in the world, making himself a top figure in the USA and European independent scenes. Starr takes pride in being an independent wrestler and is here in the Cruiserweight Classic to show you can succeed on your own. DJ Z | The Filipino Flex Factory | Philippines | 175 lbs After making bursting out as an up-and-coming star in TNA because of his ability to excite a crowd with buoyant energy both inside and outside of the ring. From his lively personality to his thrilling maneuvers, DJ Z takes great pride in entertaining the fans. However, last year, a career-threatening injury sustained in Mexico would question his future in wrestling. Nevertheless, DJ Z would make his return to wrestling and would be better than ever before. Now, he continues to prove that you should never give up on your dreams as he enters the same tournament that the man who inspired him to wrestle, Tajiri, took part in last time around. Dragón Lee | The Wonder Boy | Mexico | 165 lbs After his older brother would take on the mask of Místico following the original's departure to WWE where he would become Sin Cara, the mask of Dragón Lee would be left for the man who owns it today. As apart of a celebrated family within the luchador culture, Lee and his two brothers are currently three of the top stars in Mexico. In CMLL, Lee would quickly rise to success, becoming the youngest ever CMLL World Lightweight Champion at the age of nineteen. Furthermore, Lee has also found success in Japan, capturing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at the young age of twenty-three. Now, Dragón Lee looks to continue his meteoric rise in the states, in the Cruiserweight Classic. El Hijo del Fantasma | The King Of The Hunt | Mexico | 200 lbs When you step in the ring with El Hijo del Fantasma, you become his prey as he goes on the hunt. Ever since his mask was removed after his loss to LA Parka in a Lucha de Apuesta, Fantasma hasn't been quite the same. He has struggled to find his footing but is now entering the Cruiserweight Classic with an extra something to prove, to prove that he does deserve to be considered one of the greatest luchadores of his generation. Furthermore, as the son of the legendary Fantasma, he was born to do this and definitely has no intention of letting his father down by giving up because he lost his mask. It's the man underneath that spent years putting on top performances and has no intention on stopping now. El Phantasmo | ELP | Canada | 183 lbs Originally making his name in Canadian promotion, ECCW, El Phantasmo would capture their world championship on three different occasions. He would also venture across the border and into the USA, sometimes teaming with the aforementioned Angélico. Later, ELP would go on to make his name known worldwide, winning both the RevPro British J Cup Tournament and GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup Tournament in consecutive years, as well as aligning with the infamous Bullet Club in NJPW, a stable that previously included WWE superstars Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Now, El Phantasmo looks to follow in their footsteps and find success in WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic. Emil Sitoci | Smash-Mouth | Netherlands | 204 lbs Emil Sitoci began wrestling in Europe but moved to the USA as an exchange student where he would find tutorage under NXT superstar, Kassius Ohno. Upon returning to Europe, Sitoci would achieve success in German promotion, wXw, capturing the wXw World Lightweight Championship and defending it against the likes of Evan Bourne, Sami Zayn and Neville. In addition, Sitoci's master's degree in media studies would lead him to feature in numerous Dutch television programs. However, despite his success in both wrestling and television, Sitoci would be constantly overlooked, causing him to grow cold, hungry for a feeling, a feeling that he can only experience by tearing through his opponents. There's no doubt that he is a danger to anyone and everyone in the Cruiserweight Classic. Flamita | Fireball | Mexico | 165 lbs Flamita is a third-generation luchador and at the young age of twenty-four has already been dubbed one of the best high-flyers in the world. In addition to finding success in his native country of Mexico, Flamita would claim championships abroad, most notably in Japan's Dragon Gate and the United Kingdom's PROGRESS. Flamita isn't a luchador that has fully proven himself yet but critics have claimed that he has all the potential in the world and has even been compared to the likes of the most historic luchador in wrestling history, Rey Mysterio, and the Cruiserweight Classic could be the platform that Flamita needs to prove he's worthy of such an honorable claim. Fred Yehi | Daredevil | United States | 180 lbs Fred Yehi is best known for his time in EVOLVE Wrestling where he would face the likes of current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, current NXT North-American Champion, Matt Riddle, current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, TJ Perkins as well as Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. In fact, Gulak would be so impressed with Yehi during their match that he would offer him a position in his stable at the time named Catch Point. With his innovative offense and numerous clashes with WWE superstars, it seems as though Yehi would be a perfect fit for the WWE's cruiserweight division but he has to make it through thirty-one other men in the Cruiserweight Classic to make it there.
  4. 205 Live - May 10th, 2019 Despite the attention that the newly announced Cruiserweight Classic has gathered, 205 Live would still continue to thrive on Friday nights with Nigel McGuinness introducing us to what is set to be an exciting show. After both a new WWE Cruiserweight Champion and the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions were crowned only a few days ago at Backlash, the division is set to be bubbling over with eager competitors trying to earn their time in the spotlight. Inaugural Tag Team Champions Celebrate Kicking off the show, after making history at Backlash this previous weekend by becoming the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, Noam Dar and TJ Perkins would stand in the ring alongside the CEO of WWE, Triple H, and the General Manager of 205 Live, Christian. The two WWE Hall Of Famers would reveal the brand new belts together before handing them over to the champions. With the new titles around their waists, Dar and Perkins would promise to prove that they deserve to be champions and develop the prestige of the championships, starting tonight with an open challenge and the titles on the line! The Blood Feud Is Still Not Over In the backstage area, Tony Nese would be approached by Charly Caruso and a cameraman but Nese would only stick around to ask if they had seen Drew Gulak. After Caruso would answer with a no, Nese would move on. Following this, Caruso would be about to send the broadcast back to McGuinness at the commentary table but the cameraman would spot a particular man in the background, Drew Gulak, who would approach the pair and ask if they had seen Nese. He would even go as far as holding the cameraman by the throat in order to force the information out of him. Once the cameraman would tell Gulak, Drew would run after Nese and by the time the cameraman would catch up with them, they would be going at it in another huge brawl. Chad Gable vs Shane Thorne The first official showing of action tonight is a one on one match between Chad Gable and Shane Thorne. It's been a struggle for Gable to get his hands on the WWE Cruiserweight Championship for a few months now, coming close on multiple occasions. On the other hand, Thorne is laying his foundations on the purple brand, making only his second appearance and putting on an impressive performance. However, it wouldn't be enough to beat Gable who would pick up the victory and show why he should be considered one of the best that 205 Live has to offer. Lio Rush Celebrates His Championship Victory The new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, would be hanging out backstage, celebrating his big win until an unwanted guest would appear. The former champion, Evan Bourne, would walk through the crowd and straight to Rush as they would now stand face to face only days after their thrilling matchup. Feeling cheated, Bourne would claim that Rush won the title unfairly and would challenge him to a rematch. Without actually answering Bourne's question, Lio would rant about how great he is until Bourne would step even closer, not seeming appealed at all. That's when the behemoth, Babatunde, would step forward, causing Bourne to realize his best option is to back away for now. WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Open Challenge Dar & Perkins vs Burch & Lorcan As they announced earlier tonight, Dar and Perkins would host an open challenge for there newly won WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships. With a lack of teams on the purple brand, it would be a mystery to everyone to who would appear until the fan favorite team from NXT, Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan would answer. The two teams would put on a noteworthy performance but ultimately, the champions would prove that their victory at Backlash was no fluke and that they aren't giving up those titles without putting everything on the line.
  5. MATCH CARD NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano (c) vs Adam Cole NXT Women's Championship: Shayna Baszler vs Io Shirai And more...
  6. WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 1 Adam Brooks | The Loose Ledge | Australia | 176 lbs Initially trained by former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and close friend, Buddy Murphy, Brooks has become one of the main attractions in the Australian independent scene. He is a competitor who is confident in his ability, making it known that he hasn't traveled to the other side of the world to come up short. Angélico | The South-African Heartthrob | South Africa | 204 lbs Born in South Africa, residing in Spain, trained in Mexico, Angélico now looks to find success in the epicenter of sports entertainment, the USA. With training from the legendary Último Dragón, Angélico has spent years fighting in Mexico, proving himself as the half-man, half-amazing, thrill-seeker. AR Fox | The One Man Army | United States | 185 lbs After battling in the indies for over a decade, AR Fox has earned the respect of the fans and the right to be named the highest flyer in the game. Later in his career, Fox would eventually take over the wrestling school that taught he was originally trained at, becoming the teacher of many talented superstars now looking to make a name for themselves, with some even involved in this tournament. Austin Theory | The Unproven One | United States | 205 lbs A man with the whole package that is destined for great success in sports entertainment. The incredible physique of Theory is no coincidence either; he has spent tremendously long gym sessions perfecting himself as a bodybuilder, even cutting a whole fifteen pounds just to qualify for this tournament. However, he is only three years into his career as a professional wrestler, making him one of the most inexperienced in the tournament but to his relief, he is being trained by the aforementioned AR Fox so is in good hands. Chris Brookes | Calamari Catch King | England | 187 lbs After becoming one-half of the number one tag team in the British independent scene as apart of CCK, winning tag team championships all over the country, Brookes now looks to find success as a singles star in the second WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Brookes' stature at six-foot-four allows him to stand tall over almost all other cruiserweights and there's no doubt that Chris would rank himself over them as well. Chris Ridgeway | Smash-Mouth | England | 189 lbs With a black belt in Shotokan Karate, having practiced various mixed martial arts since the age of eleven, Ridgeway is an extremely intense competitor and terrifyingly ferocious striker. Chris has been dubbed as one of the future stars in the British independent scene but is now looking to become one of the future stars of WWE's cruiserweight division. Daichi Hashimoto | The Prince Of Destruction | Japan | 180 lbs Hashimoto is a young wrestler with a cult following, currently signed to Big Japan Pro Wrestling. While being signed to Big Japan, a promotion known for its Hardcore deathmatches, Hashimoto is known for his destructive strikes which have seen him garner success in BJW's Strong Division, which focuses on more traditional Japanese Strong Style. At the age of 27, Daichi is a former BJW World Strong Heavyweight Champion as well as a celebrated tag-team and six-man competitor, winning BJW's Tag League once and six-man championships twice. Darby Allin | Daredevil | United States | 180 lbs Earlier we looked at Austin Theory but now, we look at the long-time rival and polar opposite, Darby Allin. He is exactly what the perfect sports entertainer isn't supposed to look like and has spent his whole career defying the odds but that's what makes him so special and gives him a chance against any opponent. Living by a 'do or die' attitude, Darby puts everything on the line every single night in order to achieve his dreams.
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  8. Graphic by Hans In 2016, WWE debuted the Cruiserweight Classic, a tournament pitting thirty-two of the best cruiserweights from around the world against each other. After the success of the tournament, only moments before the finale between Gran Metalik and TJ Perkins, the CEO of WWE, Triple H, introduced the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Later on, a TV show dedicated to the cruiserweight division, named 205 Live, was launched. Now, three years later, with 205 Live thriving like never before and the recent inauguration of the WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships, we see the return of the Cruiserweight Classic. Once again, thirty-two of the best cruiserweights from around the world will face off in a single-elimination tournament. None of these competitors are signed to RAW, SmackDown or 205 Live contracts but there's no doubt that this is the perfect opportunity for them to earn as such. Furthermore, this time, the winner will challenge for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam this August!
  9. Predictions: Ropati Julius Jones David Haskins Ice Cold Liam Starr Mil Almas King Slim Prince Jack III
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    1. 21 2. USA 3. Red 4. Lion King 5. Power Rangers 6. SpiderMan 7. Rock 8. Michael Jordan 9. Dolphins 10. The Undertaker 11. 2018 12. PS2 13. Gaming (mostly Skyrim) 14. YouTuber 15. Seth Rollins
  11. 205 Live - May 3rd, 2019 Before tonight's cruiserweight action, a video package showcasing the WWE Universal Championship match at Backlash where the ever-resilient champion, Seth Rollins, will take on two destructive forces in Lars Sullivan and Kevin Owens. As we return to the show, Nigel McGuinness introduces us to an exciting night on 205 Live where Drew Gulak and Tony Nese will finally go head to head, and Evan Bourne will defend the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Gran Metalik. Evan Bourne Talks Ahead Of Upcoming Title Defenses The WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Evan Bourne, would start the show with a few words, as he will be defending his title tonight against Gran Metalik as well as at Backlash only days later against Lio Rush. Speaking of which, Lio Rush would interrupt the champion and the two would continue to go back and forth over the microphone until Rush would finish with a joke, mentioning something about an 'insurance policy', before leaving with a smug face. Drew Gulak vs Tony Nese For months, the tension between Gulak and Nese has only heightened to the point where they can't even stand in the same room without throwing hands at each other. Tonight, they are given the chance to do exactly that in a one on one match. In the end, Tony Nese is disqualified after he would grow too heated, ignoring the referee's count and continuing to beat down on Gulak. Despite the match being stopped, the two would continue to fight, brawling all over the arena until Christian would finally stop them and grant them a rematch in a falls count anywhere matchup. Chad Gable Promises He Will Not Stop Last week Chad Gable came up short in a triple threat to decide the #1 Contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. However, tonight, Gable takes the time in an interview to make it clear that the loss was only a bump in the road, the road to becoming WWE Cruiserweight Champion and proving himself as one of the best cruiserweights, or even one of the best wrestlers, in the company. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Evan Bourne vs Gran Metalik The second and final match of the night would see Evan Bourne defend his WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Gran Metalik. "The King Of The Ropes" would push the champion to his limits but the wave of momentum Bourne has been riding since returning at WrestleMania continues to prove unstoppable. Bourne retains the title and goes on to defend it against "The Man Of The Hour", Lio Rush, at Backlash. Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Contenders Face-Off This week's 205 Live would come to an end with a face-off between Balor Club and the team of Noam Dar & TJ Perkins, supervised by the General Manager of 205 Live, Christian, and the CEO of WWE, Triple H. These two teams will be going head to head at Backlash for the right to be named the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. Karl Anderson explains how he and his brothers have been battling for years in WWE now and this is their chance, especially for Anderson, to put their name down in WWE history forever. However, Dar and Perkins reply by pointing out that they've been giving their all into the cruiserweight division since it's creation. With the crowd split between the two teams, this bout is set to be a thriller.

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