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  1. 'The Festival' was very weird and cringe as fuck but was overall, it was decent.
  2. I would tell you but I can't reveal the massive plans that I have for you.
  3. Velocity Preview: 4/13/17: "The Cruiserweight Capital" As announced on RAW earlier this week, the new rendition of Velocity makes its debut this Wednesday night with the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, set to make a personal appearance in order to introduce the cruiserweight exclusive show and appoint the first official general manager, following the new set of general managers being brought into both RAW and SmackDown LIVE. Tune into Velocity Wednesday night, 9pm/8ct. Vince introduces Velocity Who will be the first-ever Velocity general manager? Which cruiserweights will step up? Austin Aries defends the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
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  5. BPZ Carnage | 22nd July, 2019 | 3Arena | Dublin, IE Bashka Confronts Sameer Before Their Match On the go-home episode of Carnage for King Of The Ring, Sameer kicks tonight off by walking out to the ring with a microphone in hand and addressing the recent events that have occurred between himself and the chairman of BPZ, Brenden Playz. Sameer: "Complete and utter injustice! I earned this Money In The Bank briefcase! I put my body on the line to defeat five other men for a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship on my own terms. What I wasn't told was that I could be forced to defend that shot. What I wasn't told was that the boss could take from me a title shot that I rightfully deserve. It is total abuse of power and I'm not going to-" As Sameer is complaining about the recent decisions of the chairman, Brenden Playz, the man that Sameer will defend his Money In The Bank briefcase against, Bashka, interrupts him. Bashka: "What are you doing? Did you really think that the best way to start the show was to waste everyone's time, stood in the ring, whining just because things aren't going your way? When you betray the guy that owns this place, what do you really expect to happen? Did you really think what you did would come with no consequence? Either way, at King Of The Ring, it's me versus you for that beautiful briefcase and you can bet that I'm taking that shot away from you, cashing it in on Bailey and finally, after all these years of climbing back up the mountain, I will be back on top! Now, excuse me as I have a match but please stay and watch as I set an example of what I'm going to do to you this weekend." After Bashka's response, Sameer simply looks at the Hall Of Famer and bursts out laughing, not taking anything he just said seriously. As he exits the ring, Sameer pats Bashka on the shoulder before returning to the back, ignoring Bashka's invitation to watch from ringside. Bashka vs The Marker Following his confrontation with Sameer, Bashka competes in the first match of the night against The Marker. At King Of The Ring, Bashka will be competing in a one on one match against Sameer for the Money In The Bank briefcase whilst The Marker doesn't yet have a match for the event but perhaps this is his opportunity to earn one. In this match, the two men go back and forth with the grittiness of The Marker being very prominent. Nevertheless, it is clear that Bashka, the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, is of a higher caliber as he is able to come out victorious, gaining momentum heading into this weekend. However, as Bashka is celebrating, he is attacked from behind! Despite most people assuming it would be Sameer, it is actually Bob Sparks! Bob Sparks beats down Bashka until he stops moving. That's when Sameer walks out, clapping his hands with a huge smug grin on his face, as it becomes clear that Sameer has found himself some muscle. An Injury Report On Natedog Is Given In the backstage area, Natedog is in the doctor's office as the injury caused by George AK last week in the King Of The Ring tournament may result in Natedog having to forfeit the tournament. Natedog: "So how is it looking, doc?" Doctor: "Your left ankle is sprained, which usually isn't too bad, but there is a concern that you may have torn or ruptured a tendon, which can take anywhere from three to six weeks to heal. Therefore, under our advice, you shouldn't compete tonight as it may cause these tears to worsen." As the doctor explains to Natedog his situation, he sits up in a panic and starts rambling to the doctor, begging him to let him compete. Natedog: "But you said I may have torn a tendon, not that I have. You can't just take me out of the tournament on a hunch. Please, I-" Suddenly, the door flies open as a security guard and a referee rush into the office, carrying Epic McDonald of SSW Club with them. Following them is the rest of SSW Club, lead by Joshua Scott who is filled with anger as for the second time in two weeks, a member of his group has been attacked. First Class Express vs Jack Bishop & Mave Deltzer In the second match of the night, First Class Express take on Jack Bishop & Mave Deltzer in the first and only tag team action of this week's Carnage. Once again, Jack Bishop is competing with a new tag-team partner as he continues to try and find the right partner. On the other hand, First Class Express are looking to finally prove themselves as title contenders after being an impressive team for the time they've been together. The match itself turns out pretty one-sided as the difference in experience and chemistry is obvious. In the end, Deltzer makes a mistake which ends up in First Class Express finishing him off and picking up the pinfall. After the match, as First Class Express is walking to the back, Jack Bishop grabs a microphone. Whilst puffing and panting, still exhausted from the match, Bishop begs for another opportunity. Jack Bishop: "Hans! Xavier! Give me a rematch! I came so close to beating one of the best teams this division has to offer. I know I can do it, I just need the right partner. At King Of The Ring, let's do this again but this time, I'll bring a better partner." As Bishop looks to First Class Express longingly, the pair look at each other before nodding, agreeing to the rematch at King Of The Ring where Bishop will have a mystery partner. A Face-To-Face Interview With The Bailey And Monda For the second time in tonight's show, we return to the backstage area but this time, Josh Trenton is sat in a media room. Josh Trenton: "Hello, BPZ Universe! Tonight, I will be conducting a face-to-face interview with The Bailey and Monda. This involves the two superstars sitting across from each other as I ask them questions so please, welcome our guests." After Trenton's introduction, both The Bailey and Monda walk into the shot and take a seat. However, The Bailey seems to already be enraged whilst Monda is more unsure about the situation. Josh Trenton: "Hello, The Bailey. Hello, Monda. I would like to start this interview off by having each of you explain what your match at King Of The Ring means to you. Monda, you first." Monda: "At King Of The Ring, after five years in this company, I get my first-ever shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. After five years of watching my friends and even my own brother overshadow me, overlook me, I get a shot to prove that I can hang with the top tier of BPZ. For years, I've been parading around as the funny, wholesome, face of America but now, finally, after so long, I get the opportunity to be the face of BPZ. Therefore, to me, this match at King Of The Ring means everything and that's why, despite the promise me and my brother, Bailey, made, I took this opportunity. This means everything to me." Josh Trenton: "And now you, The Bailey" As it comes to The Bailey's turn to speak, not a single word comes out. The usual loud-mouthed trash-talking champion is completely speechless. Instead, he just stares at his brother, Monda, and the emotion can be seen in his eyes. Suddenly, the normally cool and composed champion bursts out of his seat, causing it to fall over, before marching straight out the room. Behind him is left a shocked Josh Trenton and a conflicted Monda. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Bart Hoogveld vs Julius Jones As the King Of The Ring tournament continues, arguably the biggest match-up of the tournament so far is upon us as the former Kingdom members, Bart Hoogveld and Julius Jones, battle it out to earn a spot in the finals. As expected, this match is an absolute spectacle as the heat between these two builds further and further throughout the match. Ultimately, after a magnificent battle, Bart is able to come out on top as he heads to the finals of the King Of The Ring tournament with a victory over last years winner, making him the favourite to win it all. Flynn Says Joshua Scott Is Next Before tonight's main event, Flynn comes to the ring with a microphone and a message for SSW Club who attacked him two weeks ago. Since then, Flynn has enacted his revenge on one member, Bulldozer, and looks to do the same again this weekend when he faces their leader, Joshua Scott. Flynn: "Yes, Josh, it was me. I did beat the living hell out of Bulldozer last week and I did beat the living hell out of Epic earlier tonight as well. One by one, I have systematically destroyed your club and at King Of The Ring, I finish the job. At King Of The Ring, I'm ending the war that you started and I hope that then, you realize how worthless you and your club is." After a glance at his fists, Flynn stops speaking and rubs his knuckles instead. He then shakes his hand as if it hurts before suddenly stopping and staring at a certain point on his hand as he begins to speak again. Flynn: "See, I claimed to be the most dangerous force in BPZ because I am whereas you did it to impress the fans and scare the other superstars. Well, right now, I'm looking at the blood of one-quarter of the self-proclaimed most dangerous force in BPZ on my fist that is still aching from beating down Epic earlier. Honestly, I'm finding it hard to believe that any of you are dangerous at all but I guess I'll find out at King Of The Ring when I face the ring leader." Happy with his work, Flynn lets off a smirk before dropping the microphone and returning to the back after revealing it was him that attacked Epic McDonald earlier in the show. BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Arius vs Natedog Despite concern about his injury as shown earlier in the show, just as they are about to announce a replacement for Natedog, his theme hits and he comes storming out as the crowd here in Dublin go insane! Nevertheless, in the main event of tonight's show, Natedog goes one on one with one of the most dominant forces in BPZ today, Arius, as they both battle to make it to the King Of The Ring finals this weekend. Throughout the whole match, the crowd continues to cheer for the Irishman, Natedog, firing him up to overcome the odds against Arius. Every time that it seems as though Nate has the upper hand, Arius finds a way to gain the advantage back through his incredibly versatile skill set. In the end, it comes down to the wire as Nate only just gets the edge, picking up the pinfall after catching Arius with a surprise superkick as it was looking to be going the other way. As the bell rings, the crowd go insane as Natedog continues to prove why he is named Mr. King Of The Ring! Natedog is going to the finals this weekend at Wembley Stadium! The show ends with Natedog on his knees in the ring with the crowd celebrating passionately behind him.
  6. Happy birthday Toxik you absolute mad man!
  7. I'm glad we're doing this style of tournament again. Despite the lack of activeness in the Global Series, I think both Global Series and Global Championship Chase have shown how interesting the different format can be. Plus, the activeness in kayfabe right now is much better and the quality is as good as ever. I'm excited to see how this turns out!
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  9. As the drums sound and the stage lights flash, The Bailey, alongside the fans in attendance, await the arrival of Eli Smith. Since returning at King Of The Ring, Smith has made it very clear that there's a problem between these two BPZ Hall Of Famers and all-time greats. Usually, Smith takes his time when making his way to the ring but this time around, he storms out from the back and straight to the ring, sliding in very quickly and getting right into the face of The Bailey. The two begin to shout back and forth at each other until Smith gives up and stares at the ground, clearly very frustrated but trying to keep his emotions under control at the same time. On the other hand, The Bailey does what he does best and continues to trash talk Smith who steps right past him, ignoring what Bailey says as he collects a microphone from the crew at ringside and then leans on the ropes, looking away from Bailey as he talks. This isn't how I pictured it at all... Over the past year, I dreamed of the moment where I return to BPZ. I dreamed of the fans cheering for me as I made my monumental return but all of the joy, the triumph, the celebration, it's all been tarnished and ignored because of the one thing that has spited me my whole career... betrayal. At King Of The Ring, when I returned, I shared that moment with you Bailey because I thought you had grown too vain, not even caring about your own friend's final show of his independently sold-out tour and I wanted to show you that you're not too important for me, that you're not out of my league just because you're finding success in Hollywood. Tonight, I was excited to come out here and make this match official, cementing a historic clash between two titans of this industry. However, as I waited to make my entrance, I was pulled aside and told something that I will never forget. I was told that... They said that... The emotion is now more evident than ever as Smith now struggles to even get his words out. He buries his face into his hands for a few seconds, collecting himself before turning back around to face Bailey, eye to eye. They said that it was you. They said that it was the man who guided me through the early stages of my career, the man that I traveled with on a daily basis, the man that I considered a close, personal, friend. They said... That you were the one who told Brenden to fire me! They said that you were the one that almost cost me my house and made it a struggle to put food on my family's plate! THEY SAID IT WAS YOU THAT TOOK MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME! After screaming right in the face of Bailey, with each word consumed by the passion pouring out from Smith's heart, the returning legend continues to breath very heavily into the microphone as the two men now stare each other in the eyes with so much intensity, leaving the fans jaw's dropped and goosebumps raising on their arms. Moments later, Smith speaks again but now, much more gently. I just- I need answers. Right now, I need you to tell me the truth. After his emotions running so high, despite now being a lot less animated, Smith looks more distressed and hurt than ever as he waits for The Bailey's response. Was it really The Bailey that pushed to get Smith fired from BPZ?
  10. 1. Daniel Bryan 2. AJ Styles 3. Brock Lesnar 4. Neville 5. Dolph Ziggler
  11. Welcome back Steve! It's nice seeing you around the forums and chatroom again.
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