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    WWE Reborn

    Superstar Name: Ángel "El Sicario del Diablo" Height: 6'3 Weight: 258 lbs Face/Heel: Heel Figurehead: Killer Kross Character Backstory: Very unclear but one thing is for certain, wherever he was brought up couldn't have been very nice. Gimmick: A mysterious Latin-American hitman who works for religious reasoning, rather than for the highest bidder. Signature: Saito Suplex, Spear Finisher: HellFire Bomb (Elevated Sitout Powerbomb), Rear Naked Choke Additional Information: Has rare finisher called The Sacrifice (Double wrist-lock knee strike to a kneeling opponent), has Catholic choir of women sing him to the ring on special occassions.
  2. Smith

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Toni Storm vs Kota Ibushi Orange Cassidy vs Justin Thunder Liger Tyler Breeze vs Rich Swann Naito vs Tj Perkins
  3. Match Card Flynn vs Joshua Scott First Class Express vs Jack Bishop & Mystery Partner BPZ North-American Championship Match Arius (c) vs George AK BPZ Intercontinental #1 Contender Match Echo Wilson vs James Knight vs James Ropati vs The Marker BPZ Money In The Bank Briefcase Match Sameer (c) vs Bashka BPZ Tag Team Championship Match Royal Flush (c) vs The Godsent BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match Julius Jones (c) vs FDS BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match The Bailey (c) vs Monda BPZ King Of The Ring Tournament Match Bart Hoogveld vs Natedog
  4. Smith


    After live action on Monday Night Carnage, the show cuts to a shot of a dark room, with only half the room lit up from the daylight shining through a window. With the camera centered on one spot of the room, there is complete silence until footsteps can be heard, growing closer and closer. Finally, a man walks in front of the camera but his face isn't clear until he sits down and lifts his head up, revealing himself as the two-time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Eli Smith, who makes his return to BPZ Wrestling next week at SummerSlam. Now, sat on a chair, directly facing the camera, Smith doesn't say a word. In fact, the silence becomes worrying as it seems as though Smith has been rendered speechless by the accusations made by his opponent at SummerSlam, The Bailey. Only a few weeks ago, Smith was feeling on top of the world after making his monumental return to BPZ Wrestling after almost a years absence but yet, here he is, days before his big return match and he doesn't look excited at all. Actually, as he looks past the camera and into the distance, Smith looks genuinely disheartened. Eventually, Smith begins to speak very gently, with his lips shaking and his eyes still staring into the distance. It's... It's true. I admit it, okay. I made some decisions that I know I shouldn't have. I did things I was told not to. I would get caught, apologize, but then continue to do it. I never saw it as a problem, it never affected my performances, or at least, that's what I thought. It took me a while to see that it didn't matter if I thought it was okay because I wasn't the one running a huge organization, I wasn't the one responsible for every single employee, I wasn't the one with all the pressure. For that reason, Brenden, I'm sorry. However, who I won't apologize to is Bailey. You want to call yourself the 'good guy'? You want to try and convince everyone that you're the 'good guy'? Honestly, it doesn't surprise me. It doesn't surprise me that you don't see the bad in what you've done because in your eyes, you've always done what's right. For your whole career, it's always been about you. Every time you step into the ring, you want all eyes on you. That's why, when you stand in the middle of the ring and talk about your dedication to this company, the crowd doesn't cheer you. They know that you didn't spend five years in this company to make it a better place, to help it succeed, to give the fans what they want. You only stuck around because it meant more fame, more riches and more success for The Bailey, and it's always been clear to see. Now, you have the chance to make it in Hollywood and you've taken it without a second thought because that's where the money is and that's where the fame is. Despite being brought into this company as the golden boy and being given the right to throne, you're turning your back on everyone for the bright lights of LA. That's why it doesn't surprise me that you don't understand. You don't understand the struggles I've been through, the conflicts I've encountered, the barriers I've had to break through. You walked into this company as the golden boy, the boss' favorite, guaranteed a spot as a top superstar. For me, it wasn't like that at all. I came in alongside a class that outshined me. I wasn't the height that they wanted a champion to be. Nevertheless, I kept clawing and scratching my way up the ranks, working day in and day out just to get my name noticed. Then, once I finally get some attention, I find out that the man who runs the organization that I'm working for doesn't like me at all, that there's never been any plans for me and that they don't intend on giving me any sort of big opportunity. However, despite all that, I climbed to the top of the mountain and I claimed the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship! ...Just to lose it five days later. Just when I thought they finally believed in me, they- They cut the cord on me and left me to fade into the darkness. At this point in my career, I was lost. I was almost at the point of giving it all up but I didn't. I fought my way back to the top and I claimed the world title once more. This was finally my time, I could feel it. As I walked into BPZMania III as the champion, I knew this was my time to be at the top but that night, I once again walked away having lost the most prized possession I've ever held. It's never been easy and that isn't an excuse but I never chose drugs over this, over the fans. I chose drugs to numb the pain caused by this, caused by looking in a fans eyes, knowing that I disappointed them, knowing that I couldn't deliver to them what they had hoped for. I chose drugs to help me cope with the fact that no matter how hard I work, no matter how much time I spend, no matter how much blood, sweat and tears I give, I'll never be number one just because I don't fit the mold, just because I'm not what one person deems suitable. But you wouldn't understand that, would you? You were always the favorite, you were always given special treatment, you never had to worry that at any moment, the people you've spent years working for might just give up on you. At SummerSlam, I'm going to show you how much pain I've been through. At SummerSlam, I'm going to fight for everyone that was held down by the system. At SummerSlam, I'm going to beat the living hell out of you. At SummerSlam, I bring The Bailey to an end, no matter what the cost is... Finally, as he comes to a conclusion, Smith looks directly down the camera for the first time and the raw emotion is visible in his watery eyes. After taking a deep breath, Smith slowly shakes his head side-to-side as if to say that Bailey has made a mistake. Eli then stands up and walks away, with the screen fading to black. Just as the segment seems to be over, the screen shows a weird fuzzy clip that's hard to make out but the BPZ Universe recognise what it is straight away. Will 'The Enigma' return at SummerSlam?
  5. Gordon Constantine vs Nate Devlin James Ropati vs James Barros H.R Pufnstuf vs Julius Jones Raven "Birdman" Grayson vs Bailey Justin George AK vs Prince Ahmed
  7. Name: Eli Smith Age: 29 Nationality: British Gimmick: Underdog w/ demon side Face/Heel: Face Signatures: Sick Kick, Frog Splash Finishers: 8th Sin (Straight-Jacket German Suplex), Omoplata Crossface Theme Song: Can You Feel My Heart? - BMTH Attire: Black & White w/ hints of pink
  8. Smith

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Rey Mysterio Adrian King Dragon Lee Fenix
  9. Three New Additional Matches Announced For The King Of The Ring Live Event 24th July, 2019 In the build-up to this year's King Of The Ring event, we have seen many great performances, mostly from matches in the King Of The Ring tournament. On this week's Carnage, we witnessed arguably the two best matches of the tournament so far in the semi-finals as Bart Hoogveld defeated Julius Jones and Natedog defeated Arius. Therefore, with the Intercontinental and North-American champions being eliminated from the tournament late-on, they are without matches at the event so BPZ Wrestling chairman, Brenden Playz, has announced a match for both men as well as an additional match. Here are the three matches being added to King Of The Ring: BPZ Intercontinental #1 Contendership Match: Echo Wilson vs James Knight vs James Ropati vs The Marker BPZ North-American Championship Match: Arius (c) vs George AK BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match: Julius Jones (c) vs FDS
  10. Wednesday Night Velocity: April 12th, 2017 - Nassau Center in Uniondale, NY A new theme song for a new show plays as the sounds of "Getting Started" welcomes us to the first-ever episode of the brand new, revamped, Velocity! After Corey Graves and Tom Philips initially introduce us to the show, the chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, comes to the ring to formally establish the new cruiserweight-exclusive show and its inaugural general manager. Vince McMahon: Welcome to Wednesday night Velocity! Welcome to the cruiserweight capital! Where the best wrestlers under the 205-pound weight limit will face-off, battle against each other and put everything on the line for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and the potential future of being a top WWE superstar. Now, of course, just like RAW, SmackDown and NXT, this new show will need a general manager and who better than not only one of the greatest cruiserweights of all time, but one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Please welcome, the new Velocity general manager... As Vince points up the ramp to the stage, "break the walls down" blasts through the arena! The crowd goes hectic as Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring and shakes Vince's hand. Chris Jericho: Thank you very much, Vince. Not only for that great introduction but for this opportunity. For too long, cruiserweight wrestlers have been overlooked and underutilized but now, we have a whole show to showcase the phenomenal talents of some of the most athletic superstars in the business. This is the platform that the WWE Cruiserweight Championship needed and trust me when I say, I promise to make this the most exciting hour of weekly television every week, starting with today where we will see three high-caliber, highlight-filled matches, including a bout for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship between Austin Aries and Mustafa Ali. Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to Velocity! Jericho holds his hand high in the air before turning around and once again shaking Vince's hand. The two would then return to the back as the new show gets underway. After Vince McMahon and Chris Jericho would give us an emphatic introduction to Velocity, "The One Man Nation" Apollo Crews makes his way to the ring. Apollo Crews: So here we are, Velocity. You know, I was just sat backstage in the locker room looking at the other superstars on this roster and almost every one of those guys isn't anywhere close to the weight limit. They're miles under whereas I, I had to cut weight to make it into this division. I was born as an athletic beast and every time I step in the ring I show it. Every time I step into a Velocity ring, I'm going to show why I'm the number one in this division, I'm going to show why an athlete will never lose to a nerd with twig-sized arms, I'm going to show why Velocity is my show. And the funny thing is, no one is going to be able to stop me because they're all half my size and yet still nowhere near as fast, agile, or explosive as me. So if anyone does want to try and stop me, please come and take this ass whooping. As Crews would challenge anyone on the Velocity roster to step up to him, someone arguably as athletic as "The One Man Nation" would make his way out as "The Premier Athlete" Tony Nese takes up the challenge. Match #1 Singles Match Apollo Crews vs Tony Nese Apollo Crews and Tony Nese would go back and forth match, with a high-temp from start to finish. Each man would show their incredibly impressive athleticism in Velocity's first-ever match but the mean-streak of Crews would give him the edge. The extra aggression from Crews would show as when Nese would out-do him in showing off, Crews would retaliate with a nasty strike to the back off the head, followed by a brutal beatdown. This would allow Crews to then hit The Chariot (spin-out powerbomb) and pick up the pinfall over Nese. Your Winner Via Pinfall (The Chariot) @ 10:44, Apollo Crews! After Apollo Crews picks up the victory over Tony Nese in an exciting matchup, we join Mustafa Ali outside, in the car park, who, later tonight, will be challenging Austin Aries for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Mustafa Ali: Since I was a kid, I've dreamed of being a WWE superstar. As a kid, I looked up to the likes of Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Jericho. Now, after barely making it into the Cruiserweight Classic, here I am, about to main event the first-ever episode of Velocity. To think, it wasn't long ago that I was working as a police officer to pay for gas to get me to wrestling events and training to help me improve my skills in the ring. To think, it wasn't long ago that I had to hide my identity to stop stereotypes from holding me down. Now, I'm the first WWE superstar of Pakistani descent but that's not what I'm going to let define me. What will define me is the impact I make on Velocity, then RAW, then SmackDown. Wherever, whenever, I am given an opportunity, I'm going to capitalize on it. I am going to keep fighting until you can look at me and honestly, truthfully, call me immortal but right now, my aim is to help make Velocity something great, I'm willing to put everything on the line to open opportunities for cruiserweights of the future, I'd even make myself... The Heart Of Velocity. After his inspirational take, Mustafa looks into the camera with emotion before pulling his hood up, putting his hands in his pockets, and walking away. Match #2 Singles Match Jack Gallagher vs Zack Sabre Jr In the second match of this historic night, two British wrestlers with very similar in-ring styles would clash as "Gentlemen" Jack Gallagher goes one on one with "The Technical Wizard" Zack Sabre Jr. After a slow start, with the two exhibiting phenomenal catch wrestling, a classic British grappling style, the pace would quicken with both men showing that they have more in their lockers than submission holds as they start bringing out lethal strikes, including Zack's blistering penalty kick and Gallagher's skull-shattering headbutt. As Gallagher looks to end the match with the Shotgun Dropkick (running corner dropkick), ZSJ reverses it into the Tangoed submission maneuver (over-the-shoulder single leg Boston crab combined with a calf slicer) that forces Gallagher to tap. Your Winner Via Submission (Tangoed) @ 9:51, Zack Sabre Jr! Main Event WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Austin Aries vs Mustafa Ali In the main event of the night, WWE Cruiserweight Champion, "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" Austin Aries takes on "The Heart Of Velocity" Mustafa Ali in a singles match for the championship. To begin with, the champion dominates, proving why he holds the gold but gradually, as the match goes on, Ali fights his way back into the fray. The more that Ali gets back into the match, the more embarrassed and frustrated Aries grows which only helps Ali even further, even getting to the point where Ali looks like he is about to win. Nevertheless, Austin Aries is able to connect with the discus fivearm before locking in the Last Chancery, leaving Ali no option but to tap. At least, that's what most would do. Instead, Ali refuses to tap but can't escape either, causing him to struggle until finally passing out. Your Winner Via TKO (Last Chancery) @ 14:07, Austin Aries! Despite being bested and currently laying on the mat motionless, Mustafa Ali has won over the fans and caught many eyes here tonight with a heart-warming performance. However, it is Austin Aries who stands tall with the WWE Cruiserweight Championship around his waist as the first-ever episode of Velocity comes to an end.
  11. 'The Festival' was very weird and cringe as fuck but was overall, it was decent.
  12. I would tell you but I can't reveal the massive plans that I have for you.

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