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    BPZ Battles

    Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) vs Steve (Minecraft) Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) vs Abe (Oddworld) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) vs Vault Boy (Fallout) Blinx the Time Sweeper vs Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Marth (Fire Emblem) vs Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) Master Chief (Halo) vs Kirby Duke Nukem vs Jin Kazama (Tekken) Gordon Freeman (Half-Life) vs Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) vs Kratos Samus Aran (Metroid) vs Pikachu Solid Snake vs Bomberman Jak & Dexter vs Ratchet & Clank Monokuma (Danganronpa) vs Spyro the Dragon Pac-Man vs Rayman Shantae vs Clementine Captain Falcon vs Tony Hawk John Marston vs Doomguy Simon Belmont (Castlevania) vs Lara Croft Agent 47 (Hitman) vs Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause) Earthworm Jim vs Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) Conker the Squirrel vs Dante (Devil May Cry) Slime (Dragon Quest) vs Nathan Drake (Uncharted) Sly Cooper vs Banjo-Kazooie B.D Joe (Crazy Taxi) vs Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) Frank West (Dead Rising) vs Sonic the Hedgehog Morrigan Aensland vs Crash Bandicoot Donkey Kong vs Mai Shiranui Mario vs Max Payne Mega Man vs Link Bubsy vs Marcus Fenix GLaDOS vs Chun-Li
  2. BPZ Judgement Day | 30th June, 2019 | Royal Farms Arena BPZ North-American Championship Match Arius (c) vs Hans Clayton Kicking off arguably one of the most significant shows on the BPZ calender, the BPZ North-American Champion, Arius, defends his title against the qualifying number one contender, Hans Clayton. These two men began competing in BPZ at similar times and both have become prominent figures in the current generation of rookies but it is truly Arius that has been the top, stand-out performer. Tonight, Hans looks to change that and prove who the best of the two men really is. The match begins very slow as the two feel each other out in their very first one on one match-up. As the pace quickens, the superior athleticism of Hans Clayton becomes visible as he is clearly quicker and more agile than Arius. However, as the match goes on, Arius' impeccable technical skill set comes into play as he is able to slow down Hans and tire him out through painful holds and smart wrestling. In the end, neither man backs down and the pair push each other to the limits, showing that BPZ has a bright future ahead. As for now, Arius is able to prove why he has been named by many as the leader of the new class of BPZ superstars, picking up the victory over Hans and retaining his BPZ North-American Championship. Bob Sparks vs KENJI Since joining BPZ, Bob Sparks has dominated and destroyed his opponents through his brute strength and intimidating build. On the other hand, KENJI has found success through pure wrestling ability whilst carrying a proud sense of honor into every match-up. Now, the two men go head to head and there's no doubt that the winner of this battle will be in-line for a BPZ North-American Championship shot. The match gets underway and straight away, Bob is on the attack. He gains an early advantage and continues using his clear size advantage to overwhelm KENJI in what shapes up to be a David versus Goliath type of match. Every time KENJI fights back and looks as though he is overcoming the giant, Bob smacks him back down to the ground but eventually, after working his way back into the match over and over, KENJI is able to keep Bob down for the three-count and get the victory. BPZ Tag Team #1 Contender Match The Godsent vs SSW Club In the third match of the night, we get the first set of tag team action as the newly debuted duo of Maddrix Delgado and Odyssey Sellers, known as The Godsent, go toe to toe with Bulldozer and Epic McDonald of the infamous SSW Club, who would have Maasa in their corner. Both of these teams approach the matchup in a similar fashion, trying to keep the action closer to their corner in order to keep an advantage. They both also show no fear to get vicious and gritty, throwing stomps and punches between tags and whilst the referee isn't looking. The match looks as though it is heading in SSW Club's favor as Maasa gets involved, giving his teammates the upper hand but the undeniable, ever-so fluent, team chemistry of The Godsent allows them to turn the situation around and come out victorious, earning a shot at the BPZ Tag Team Champions who are defending their titles later tonight. BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match Julius Jones (c) vs Monda In the second title match of the night, the eminent BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones, defends his title against the returning legend and American hero, who won a fatal four-way to earn this shot, Monda. To begin with, they step up to each other as the two men of incredibly brawny physiques stare each other down. They begin trading blows as the action gets underway. Julius, who has been asking for a challenge, is seemingly surprised by Monda who is able to overpower Julius at points in the matchup, something we don't see very often. The two continue to go at it in what turns out to be an awesome clash of titans. Nevertheless, despite the success of his recent return, Monda is unable to capitalize on his momentum as Julius conquers the Hall Of Famer and earns the victory after a hard-fought slugfest. Bart Hoogveld vs Xavier King It would be Xavier King that would challenge Bart Hoogveld to a match at Judgement Day without really giving any reasoning but perhaps, with Bart being dubbed as the future figurehead of the company, Xavier King wants to prove that nothing in his career has been a fluke and that he deserves to be considered as a top talent within the rankings of BPZ and it there's no doubt that he has shown the potential to be but he just hasn't quite put all the pieces together. On the other hand, Bart is progressively and impressively rising through the ranks, proving himself as a highly skilled superstar. In this match, the two men go back and forth but it seems apparent that Bart is the superior talent. He receives louder reactions from the crowd and outperforms King on various occasions. Nevertheless, Xavier keeps battling and shows those signs of a top-level superstar but whenever he does, he gets ahead of himself, boasting to the people watching instead of focusing on the man he is facing. In the end, it's this exact fault that costs King the match as whilst he takes time to boast, Bart recovers enough so that he can reverse the No Regret maneuver into a Cardiac Arrest, forcing King to tap out. BPZ Tag Team Championships Two Out Of Three Falls Match The Big Ballers (c) vs Royal Flush In tonight's premiere tag team action, The Big Ballers defend their BPZ Tag Team Championships against Royal Flush after the two teams previous two bouts both resulted in a draw. In order to help ensure that a decisive winner is crowned tonight, the two teams will face off in a two out of three falls match where the first team to gain two pinfalls over their opposition will be victorious. This match starts off reasonably slow as both teams avoid giving up an early pinfall. As the competitors begin to become more comfortable with the stipulation at hand and settle into the matchup, the pace quickens and the intensity thickens. With The Big Ballers knowing this is their opportunity to prove themselves as the greatest tag team in the company's history and Royal Flush knowing this is their opportunity to prove themselves as a top-flight tag team, neither team shows a single sign of backing down and truly go to war. By gaining the first pinfall, Sameer puts his team on track to glory but against all odds, Royal Flush comes back from being down and get the next two pinfalls, making them the victors and new BPZ Tag Team Champions! After Royal Flush finishes celebrating their victory in what was an epic war between two great teams, Brenden and Sameer, The Big Ballers and former champions, are left at ringside, filled with disappointment and frustration. Inside the ring, Brenden invites Sameer to join him in taking a bow to which Sameer hesitantly accepts. As the two men stand in the middle of the ring together, the crowd give them a standing ovation but all of a sudden, those high spirits drop and everything goes silent as Sameer, after finding success alongside Brenden and building a five-year strong friendship, blasts Brenden with a devastating superkick out of nowhere that leaves the chairman of BPZ unconscious in the middle of the ring. Sameer demands that he is handed his Money In The Bank briefcase with which he poses over the body of his friend, claiming that he doesn't need that man because he is going to prove that he is the man. Echo Wilson vs Flynn Following his loss to Bart Hoogveld, Flynn would take his frustrations out on Bart's former partner, Echo Wilson, injuring him in the process. Despite Bart offering to take care of Flynn, Echo Wilson would refuse to stand by and let his former partner have all the glory. Thus, tonight, Echo Wilson and Flynn go one on one in a matchup that has become very personal, very quickly. Straight out of the gates, Echo Wilson is gunning for Flynn, attacking the former world champion with what seems to be no end. Whether it's been his training over his absence or the anger locked up inside of him being unleashed, Echo Wilson relentlessly goes at Flynn with everything he has but there's just one problem, Echo Wilson's shoulder is still hurt from Flynn's attack last week. This ultimately decides the fate of the match as the heavily experienced Flynn is able to target that injury over and over again until he is finally able to lock in a deep submission hold, wrenching at Echo's shoulder, forcing him to either tap out or suffer an injury that could put him out for months. With tears in his eyes and shame written all over his face, Echo unwillingly taps out and gives Flynn the victory. BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match The Bailey (c) vs Bashka In the main event of Judgement Day, a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship match that dates back to the year of 2015 that saw the true uprise of BPZ Wrestling takes place as the career-long feud between two of the greatest BPZ superstars in history, The Bailey and Bashka, is reignited. The match itself is compelling as before the two can even lay a finger on each other, it's clear that the fans are excited to see these two legends clash once again. The match is fairly even for the most part but there's a sense of something that seems to be allowing The Bailey to get the upper hand. As we get deep into the matchup, it becomes evident that Bashka's long-term absence from in-ring competition has resulted in his performance deteriorating whilst The Bailey has continued wrestling on a regular basis, only progressing as a superstar. After realizing this, Bashka hits a wall and seems to be falling behind, giving Bailey the advantage until the fire of this blood feud drives Bashka to have the champion inches away from a pinfall but The Bailey narrowly escapes and finishes off his opponent with the Game Changer! After an intriguing matchup, The Bailey stands tall and still the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Prediction Results
  3. Anthony Joshua is highly overrated; he's not even the best heavyweight in Britain, let alone the world. He had the chance to prove that he is the best in the world but he ducked Wilder's challenge and the true top heavyweight in Britain, Tyson Fury, stepped up instead. Also, Conor McGregor was overrated in the cage but fortunately, Khabib showed everyone that so I don't need to say much about it.
  4. Match 1 (Lightweight Title Match): Will Ospreay Match 2: Mystico Match 3: MJF Match 4 (Lightweight Tag Title Match): Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH) Match 5: Mercedes KV Match 6: The Lucha Brothers Match 7: Uhaa Nation Match 8 (Winner enters match for World Title): Marty Scurll
  5. One of my all time favourites is Warrior and it includes one of my favourite actors, Tom Hardy, playing a lead role so I'd like to see you review that.
  6. I know how much you love UK music, especially drill, so I'd like to see you review Digga D's 'Double Tap Diaries'.
  7. As a kid, I probably would've said Teen Titans, Johnny Test or Ed, Edd n Eddy but as I grew up, the likes of Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy became more enjoyable. In terms of all-time, I'd have to go with South Park.
  8. Match Card BPZ North-American Championship Match Arius (c) vs Hans Clayton Bob Sparks vs KENJI BPZ Tag Team #1 Contender Match The Godsent vs SSW Club BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match Julius Jones (c) vs Monda Bart Hoogveld vs Xavier King BPZ Tag Team Championship Two Out Of Three Falls Match The Big Ballers vs Royal Flush Echo Wilson vs Flynn BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Match The Bailey (c) vs Bashka
  9. NAME: Chad Smith GENDER: Male LOOKS: Tall, Blonde, Blue Eyes, Built CHARACTERISTICS: Rich, Sniffs Coke, Mad-head, Dickhed
  10. BPZ Carnage | 24th June, 2019 | Angel Of The Winds Arena The Big Ballers Are Ready For Round Three After yet another dramatic finish in their series of encounters with Royal Flush, The Big Ballers kick off tonight's episode of Carnage in the ring, stood side by side, with a microphone each. Brenden: "Another draw... Really? How lucky can they get? The Big Ballers are the greatest team to step inside a BPZ ring. In fact, we are the best tag team to step in any wrestling ring. The only reason for that to even be a discussion is because of arguably the luckiest duo I've seen in my company." Sameer: "A duo that has managed to pull out a draw not once, but twice against us. Two completely undeserved and fluky victories. However, it's clear that Royal Flush doesn't recognize this as they have challenged us to yet another rematch and we happily accept so that we can finally shut up any doubters, as ludicrous as that sounds." Brenden: "And this time around, there won't be any doubt, there won't be any draw because this time, it will be a two out of three falls match! And in the end, there will only be the greatest tag team in history stood with the tag team championships still around their waists... As long as nobody gets themselves pinned by a motionless body this time around." With that clear reference to the finish off The Big Ballers' last encounter with Royal Flush, Sameer looks at Brenden in shock, confused as to why his own teammate would say that. Brenden looks back at Sameer with a grin before laughing and pulling Sameer in for a hug that Sameer reluctantly accepts. Arrow Gargano & Jack Bishop vs The Godsent In the first match of the night, we would see four fairly new BPZ superstars face off in tag team action. Both teams would be making their debut as a tag team here tonight but the huge difference is that The Godsent has been a team in wrestling before entering BPZ. The match kicks off with all four wrestlers getting their offense in but as the match goes on, the experience difference becomes evident as the chemistry between The Godsent overwhelms Arrow and Bishop. This allows The Godsent to pick up the victory after a beautiful double 450 splash that they call Blessing From The Sky. Echo Wilson Tells Bart That He Can Handle Himself In the doctor's office within the backstage area of the Angel Of The Winds Arena, Echo Wilson is with a BPZ doctor, getting an update on his injuries inflicted by Flynn last week. Suddenly, Bart, former partner of Echo, walks into the room. The two former comrades just look at each other in silence until it is broken by Echo. Echo Wilson: "What are you doing here?" Bart: "Look, I just came here to say that I know Flynn attacked you because he lost to me and wanted to get back at me. Therefore, there's no need for you to be involved with this any further so I will take the rematch against Flynn at Judgement Day. Just to be clear, I'm not doing it for y-" Echo Wilson: "No! For the past year, all I've been hearing is that Bart and Julius are the future of this company. Every time my named is mentioned, I'm called the weak link, the one who isn't quite good enough, the one that doesn't have that special something. This, this is my opportunity to prove I can thrive in the big time, that I am a star. I'm taking the match with Flynn at Judgement Day, no matter what condition I'm in because this is my opportunity and I'm not letting you take it away from me again." Echo storms out of the doctor's office, leaving Bart stunned and put to silence by his emotional words. As Bart is about to leave, Xavier King walks into the room. Xavier King: "Wow. That must've been hard for you. Unfortunately for you, I couldn't care less. All I care about is that you are now without a match at Judgement Day and funnily enough, so am I. Is that settled then? Right, yes, I'll see you there." After arrogantly confirming a match between himself and Bart at Judgement Day, Xavier King leaves the room, having turned Bart's stunned face into a face of confusion. Nevertheless, Bart stays composed and leaves the room too. Blade vs Dave Meltzer In the second match of tonight's episode of Carnage, the BPZ veteran, Blade, faces the BPZ rookie, Dave Meltzer. At PowerTrip, Blade came up short to a younger face in Buddy Ace but tonight goes one on one with an even newer star in Dave Meltzer. This match is a somewhat short one with Dave Meltzer getting the offense in early but losing control of the matchup as Blade fights back. Despite Meltzer's efforts, Blade finishes the match off with a wonderful swanton bomb off the top rope. The Young & Free Visit Washington After their incident last week, the team of Prince, Kieron Black, and Cody Cage, known as Young & Free, drive into the state of Washington where tonight's Carnage is located. However, instead of going to the Angel Of The Winds Arena, they head towards the iconic, 605-ft tall spire, named the Space Needle. Cody Cage: "Wow! That is one massive building! What is it called again?" Prince: "For the fourteenth time, it is called the Space Needle." Cody Cage: "Yo, we should call our finishing move the Space Needle." At this point, the driver, Kieron Black, brings the car to a halt. He looks over his shoulder at Cody with a blank stare which immediately shuts Cody up. The trio then leaves their car in the parking lot and head up the enormous spire. The elevator opens up at the observation deck level and the team dramatically walks out as if they're in an action movie until the awesome scene is interrupted by a tour guide. Tour Guide: "Hello and welcome to the Space Needle! I am Holly and this is the obs-" Kieron Black: "Shut the hell up." Kieron Black gives the woman a back-handed slap which shuts her up as the others look on in shock. Whilst Cody begins shouting about how cool it was, Prince is seen in the background helping the woman up and giving her some money, suggesting that was all scripted. The trio then heads to the observation deck but Prince is stood significantly further back from the windows than the other two. Kieron Black: "Prince, you're not going to see anything from back there, step closer." Cody Cage: "O-M-G! Prince is scared! What's wrong you coward, there's a window to protect us." Hesitantly, Prince looks to prove the others wrong by stepping forward. He makes it to the window and lets off a sigh of relief. However, as soon as he looks down, he faints. Cody and Kieron look at each other before bursting out laughing. After they're done mocking Prince, they carry him back to the car, put him in the back and continue on their journey. Aaron North vs FDS In another one on one matchup here tonight, the up and coming prodigy of Nanovirus, better known as Brad, in Aaron North faces one of the most experienced superstars in BPZ, FDS. Having strayed away from his violent past, FDS now seems solely focused on wrestling and winning matches, something he was unable to do at PowerTrip but looks to do tonight. The two go back and forth throughout the match, with FDS bringing the technical ability out of the younger Aaron North. Nevertheless, the veteran is able to beat Aaron by catching him off guard with a stiff WRSTLMaker. Julius Asks For A Challenge At Judgement Day In the middle of the show, the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones makes his way to the ring with a purpose. He climbs into the ring, grabs a microphone and looks at the belt wrapped around his shoulder. Julius Jones: "The BPZ Intercontinental Championship, arguably the most historic title in our industry, the title that holds the bridge between rising stars and certified top level performers. I've been holding this championship for a while now and honestly, I'm disappointed. Where is the passion? Where is the fire? Where... Where... Where is the competition?! I want to make history and to do that, I need a challenge, I need challenges, including an opponent at Judgement Day." That's when Monda's music hits, then Nanovirus', then Buddy Ace's, and finally The Marker's. The five men stare down with Julius finally happy, seeing four possible contenders stood in front of him, all visibly hungry for this opportunity. It is then announced that the four men will compete in a four-way number one contender match. BPZ Intercontinental #1 Contendership Match: Buddy Ace vs The Marker vs Monda vs Nanovirus The main event of this week's Carnage comes as a result of the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, Julius Jones, asking for a challenge at Judgement Day as Buddy Ace, The Marker, Monda, and Nanovirus face off to decide the number one contender. In a match with a wide variety of experience levels, from Monda being one of the original BPZ superstars to Nanovirus entering the company in mid-2015 to The Marker and Buddy Ace being around eighteen months into their BPZ careers, the four put on an extremely competitive matchup. With every man having something to prove, it is Monda who comes out victorious, continuing his success in his recent return to the ring and earning a shot at the BPZ Intercontinental Championship.
  11. Name: Eli Smith Height: 5'11 Weight: 205 lbs Hometown: Leeds Heel/tweener/face: Face Finishers: 8th Sin (Straight-Jacket German Suplex), Omoplata Crossface Signatures: Sick Kick, Frog Splash Color for attire: Black and white with hints of pink Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: Cruiserweight
  12. BPZ Carnage | 17th June, 2019 | Staples Center The Bailey Is Challenged By A Career-Long Rival Kicking off tonight's Carnage, the most important figure not to appear at PowerTrip, the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, The Bailey stands in the ring with a microphone in his hand as every fan in attendance is waiting to see what 'The People's Champ' has to say. The Bailey: "Finally!... Finally! The Bailey has come back to Los Angeles! Tonight, you get to witness the most electrifying man in sports entertainment! But firstly, The Bailey would like to say his apologies for not appearing at PowerTrip but The Bailey was actually busy admiring his name engraved into the Walk of Fame down Hollywood Boulevard. He could see his name next to the likes of Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Aniston, Simon Cowell, Snoop Dogg, Michael Buble, George Segal, Ice Cube, Adam Levine and many more of the millions and millions of Bailey fans! Because everyone, even the busiest, wealthiest, most successful people in the world can't help themselves from being entertained by the great one! They can't stop themselves from wanting to tune in and watch the six-time! Six-time! BPZ World Heavywei-" The famously loud mouth of Bailey is silenced as to his surprise, he is interrupted by the music of a superstar very familiar to him. With a microphone of his own, Bashka walks onto the stage, with a smirk across his face as it was only a couple days ago that he had his first match since returning and successfully defeated Nanovirus at PowerTrip. Bashka: "How long has it been? Four? Three years? And yet, that mouth of yours keeps running. By this point, honestly, it's impressive. I just feel bad for the people that actually stick around here and have to hear your annoying voice all year round. Nevertheless, here I am, standing in BPZ, locking eyes with Bailey Justin once again and I'm sure you've already figured it out, I want that beautiful gold strap so wrongfully placed on your shoulder." The Bailey raises his finger, signaling for Bashka to stop talking. At first, Bashka looks confused but it soon fades to irritation whereas The Bailey retains his zoned-in, intensely straight face. The Bailey: "Why don't you fix yourself a nice tall glass of shut up juice! The Bailey needs silence! The Bailey needs to try and remember who this man is, and why he thinks he can speak such trash to the great one! Who are you to disrespect the six-time, six-time, BPZ World Heavyweight Champion! The Bailey needs to be reminded, what is your name again?... It doesn't matter what your name! The Bailey can kick the candy ass of any piece of grade-A monkey crap Jabro-" Once again, Bashka interrupts the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, The Bailey, with his own talk. Bashka: "Just shut the hell up already. If you want to talk so much, let's do this. Bailey vs Bashka, BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, Judgement Day." The Bailey: "The Bailey accepts your challenge! At Judgement Day, the Jabroni-beatin', pie-eatin', Hell-raisin', trailblazin', People's Champ will put his boot to your candy ass!" The Bailey throws his microphone to the mat and raises his fist, raising his eyebrow to the roar of the crowd as his long-time rival, Bashka looks on scornfully from the stage as it appears the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship at Judgement Day has been set. Bob "The Bomb" Sparks vs Kyle Pain After coming up short in the fatal four-way for the #1 contendership of the BPZ North-American Championship at PowerTrip, Bob "The Bomb" Sparks makes his entrance still looking as intimidatingly fierce as ever. His opponent, another fairly new superstar, Kyle Pain looks to finally get the momentum he needs by overcoming the giant in front of him. Initially, Kyle Pain has Bob 'The Bomb' on his back heels with an early knee strike but eventually, Sparks catches Kyle with some huge chops, cutting down his momentum. The huge size of Sparks allows him to control the matchup from then on but Pain comes back in the closing moments. However, in the end, Bob manages to put him down for the free count with a destructive Bob Bomb. Kieron Black Continues Journey With New Friends The show is then taken away from the arena to a road. The car that Cody and Prince drove to the prison to pick up Kieron Black drives through the shot before we see it pulling up at a road-side store. The three men are in the car together and are conversing about something but it is unclear what. After they settle down, Prince gets out of the car and heads into the shop, seemingly agitated. He grabs something from the shelf and purchases it but as he turns around to head out of the shop, he bumps into a muscular figure and the item that Prince just bought falls to the ground... It's extra small condoms. The muscular figure isn't impressed as Prince made him drop his slushy but to his relief, the somewhat unstable Kieron Black takes the man out from behind and the BPZ superstars run to their car. Outside, inside their convertible, Cody finally figures out how to work the radio and to make him even more excited, an absolute banger by Britney Spears begins playing out of the speakers. However, his triumph is short-lived as he only gets to sing-a-long with the first couple of lines before he is cut-off by Kieron and Prince jumping into the car. Only just realizing the situation, Cody looks up and sees a massively built man running towards the car so despite not having passed his driving test, Cody begins to drive the expensive motor as the Young & Free ungracefully ride into the sunset. First Class Express vs SSW Club After both men came up short in their matches at PowerTrip, the team of Hans Clayton and Xavier King known as First Class Express make their entrance, ready for tag team action against Bulldozer and Epic McDonald who come out next, accompanied by Maasa. The two teams go back and forth, to begin with, but as the match draws out longer, the difference in talent becomes more clear as First Class Express show that they are on a different level. Despite Maasa's attempts to interfere and give the win to his fellow club mates, the pairing of Hans Clayton and Xavier King are able to finish the match after an impressive assisted belly-to-back suplex that they call Buzzer Beater. KENJI Reflects On His Match With Arius After his match at PowerTrip, where KENJI faced the inaugural and current BPZ North-American Championship, Arius, KENJI is backstage with respected BPZ Wrestling reporter, Josh Trenton. Josh Trenton: "At PowerTrip, you challenge Arius for the North-American Championship but was unfortunate in the outcome. Where is your focus after losing a matchup of such significance, especially after being dubbed as the one to bring a stop the end of Arius' dominance?" KENJI: "Where's my focus? My focus has been something to ponder on. After such a devastating loss, where does my focus reside? The answer simply... Exactly where it has been this whole time! I'm still hungry and I still want to prove that I am part of the future of this company. I know Hans rightfully earned a championship opportunity but my eyes are still locked onto that belt and I will not stop working until I hold it high above my head." Josh Trenton: "Now, you mentioned Hans Clayton who will be the next challenger for the North-American Champion. Are there any other contenders that you might think will stop you from reaching the title?" Before KENJI can answer Trenton's question, a familiar figure interrupts the interview. Strolling into the the shot of the camera is Bob Sparks who was also involved in the #1 contendership match at PowerTrip that Hans won. As the two athletes stare down, Trenton leaves expecting chaos to ensue but Bob simply smiles before walking away, leaving KENJI with no words but a clear message sent. The Marker vs Mikey Dikey In the next match, The Marker and Mikey Dikey would face off for the first time ever. Whilst The Marker has been proving himself as a formidable competitor in BPZ for over a year now, Mikey Dikey is a newer face with only six months in the company. Nonetheless, neither of these men competed at PowerTrip but here tonight, they begin to prove why they should be competing at Judgement Day, which is only days away. From the beginning, it would be obvious that The Marker has the experience advantage over the younger Mikey Dikey. Nevertheless, Mikey is able to gain the advantage with a reversal and continues to do so on various occasions. Ultimately, after a Nail In The Coffin on Mikey, The Marker picks up the pinfall and celebrates but it is important to note that both men proved something here tonight. Royal Flush Demand Another Bout With The Big Ballers After an epic war against The Big Ballers at PowerTrip only days ago, the duo of Jonathan and Sheridan Muller, known as Royal Flush, walk out to the ring. Despite putting on an amazing performance, their mood is somewhat gloomy, especially Jonathan. They climb into the ring and collect a microphone. Sheridan Muller: "At PowerTrip, we faced one of the greatest teams to ever step in a BPZ ring. At PowerTrip, we faced two of the most legendary BPZ superstars in history. At PowerTrip, we once again came moments away from capturing the BPZ Tag Team Championships but once again, we didn't quite do it." Following these words, there is a pause of silence until Sheridan mutters something to her partner, seemingly queueing him to start talking. However, he remains silent whilst she looks at him in concern before she decides to continue talking herself. Sheridan Muller: "But, neither did The Big Ballers. Our championship match once again ended in a draw and the most annoying part is that we know we can beat The Big Ballers, we know that we can win those titles but every time, we just come up short by that little amount. I'm sure that Brenden and Sameer feel very differently so we challenge them to put those tag titles up just one more time, and we promise that we will prove ourselves as champions." In the corner of her eye, Sheridan once again notices the discouraged Jonathan so she stops. She steps closer to Jonathan and tries talking to him but she gets no response. Seriously concerned for her partner, she suggests that the two just leave and let Jonathan rest but as she goes to put her microphone down, Jonathan grabs it. He clinches the microphone and looks Sheridan in her eyes. She can see the fire burning inside of Jonathan before he suddenly explodes, shouting down the microphone with raw passion. Jonathan: "I returned to BPZ with hopes! I returned to BPZ with optimism! I took a young, unique superstar under my wing because I thought that I could let her reach her full potential! I wanted to show the world once again my talents but on top of that, I wanted to show them her talents! But all I've done... All I've done is disappoint but... Brenden. Sameer. If you put those tag titles up just one more time, let us challenge for those titles one last time, I will truly show you why I am 'The Ace' and why we are the best tag team in BPZ Wrestling today." With his heartfelt words echoing through the arena, Jonathan slams the microphone to the ground and signals for Sheridan to follow him as the pair leave a clear-cut message to the BPZ Tag Team Champions, The Big Ballers. Echo Wilson vs Joshua Scott In the main event of Carnage, after a brief absence from the ring, Echo Wilson appears and is looking just as good as ever. Next, Joshua Scott, the BPZ veteran of the SSW Club, makes his entrance, showing no respect to his opponent or the fans. These two have risen up the ranks of BPZ simultaneously and here they stand, facing each other in the main event of Carnage. The men start off very back and forth as their storied history with each other becomes evident, with each man being able to predict the other's next move. However, the gritty aggression of 'Manchester's Number One' allows him to put a stop to the momentum of Echo Wilson. Nevertheless, Echo is able to fight back into the matchup and finish Josh off with a mesmerizing Stardust Stomp. After the match, Echo Wilson celebrates his victorius return in the main event of tonight's Carnage but suddenly, Flynn attacks him from out of nowhere! 'The Fallen King' continues to brutally beat down on Echo. It becomes apparent that the attack was targeted as a way for Flynn to get revenge on Bart, former partner of Echo and the man who beat Flynn only a few days ago.
  13. Smith

    Icon Pro Wrestling

    Name: RAINE Nicknames: The Perfect One Moves: Highflying moves (Ricochet, Jack Evans, etc.) Signatures: Starship Raine (Starship Pain), Standing Corkscrew Moonsault, Famouser Finishers: MoneyMaker (Codebreaker), BreathTaker (630 Senton) Hometown: Los Angeles, California
  14. Smith

    BPZ Ballers

    Name: DeAndre Smith Height: 6’8 Weight: 222 lbs  Looks: light skin with medium dreads Archetype: Driving & Finishing / Defending Position: SF
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  16. Name: DeAndre Smith Year: Sophomore  Height: 6’8 ft Weight: 222 lbs Looks: Lightskin, short dreads Archetype: Driving & Finishing / Defending Position: SF
  17. Last night, June 15th, BPZ Wrestling's Powertrip event aired live across the world. After a day to contemplate, here I am, Mike Hunt, giving my thoughts and opinions on the event, match by match. FDS vs Monda The night would begin with two BPZ Hall Of Famers facing off as FDS and Monda would go one on one. The pair would put on a good opening matchup to get the crowd excited for the rest of the show, with Monda picking up the pinfall in his returning match. Winner: Monda Blade vs Buddy Ace The next match would see a veteran in Blade take on an up and comer in Buddy Ace. Since the break-up of The Flock, it looked like Buddy was being lost in the shuffle but his victory over Blade here tonight proves otherwise. Winner: Buddy Ace BPZ North-American #1 Contender Match: Aaron North vs Alex Costa vs Bob Sparks vs Hans Clayton In a fatal four-way matchup, four promising talents with youthful careers in BPZ would face off in a match to decide the next challenger for the BPZ North-American Championship. This match would be fairly even with each competitor getting their piece of the pie in terms of a moment to showcase their abilities. However, it would be perhaps one of the more likely candidates that would walk out the victor as Hans Clayton would guarantee himself at the current champion, Arius. Winner: Hans Clayton Bashka vs Nanovirus In his returning match, Bashka would take on Nanovirus as another two Hall Of Famers would clash. As dangerous as Nanovirus would look, showing no mercy, Bashka would manage to pick up the victory. Winner: Bashka BPZ North-American Championship Match: Arius (c) vs KENJI Arguably the hottest rising star in BPZ, the North-American Champion, Arius would defend his title against possible his most exciting challenger yet in KENJI. The two would put on a great match with KENJI pushing Arius further than he's ever been pushed before but nevertheless, Arius would successfully retain his title. Winner: Arius (c) BPZ Intercontinental Championship Match: Julius Jones (c) vs Xavier King Next, Julius Jones would defend his BPZ Intercontinental Championship against Xavier King. The contest would be competitive with two former BPZ World Heavyweight Champions going at each other. Nonetheless, Julius would pick up the victory and keep his title. Winner: Julius Jones (c) Bart Hoogveld vs Flynn In a must-see matchup, Bart and Flynn would face off with two of the best in BPZ today going at it. After a stellar match that was extremely close up until the last second, Bart would pick up a big victory over one of the greatest of all time. Winner: Bart Hoogveld BPZ Tag Team Championships No Disqualification Match: The Big Ballers (c) vs Royal Flush In the main event, The Big Ballers, BrendenPlayz and Sameer, would defend their BPZ Tag Team Championships against Royal Flush. After their match at Mayhem would end in a draw, their rematch would be announced as a no disqualification match to prevent such a result again. After a long, tiring matchup, Sameer would catch Jon with a superkick before falling into the pinfall. However, Sameer's shoulders would also be touching the mat and the referee would call yet another draw between the two teams! Winner: DRAW
  18. WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 4 Nick Lenders | The Fuoriclasse | Italy | 176 lbs Coming from a family dedicated to European football, Lenders spent a lot of his youth kicking a ball but at eighteen-years-old, he took to kicking heads. Now, Nick has held championships across all of Italy such as the most prestigious, Italian Wrestling Championship, proving to be one of the best that the nation has to offer but has rarely ventured abroad. However, initially inspired to become a sports entertainer at the age of six by WWE, Nick Lenders now looks to make his own impact, on the company that originally instilled wrestling glory into his dreams, through means of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Robbie Eagles | The Sniper Of The Skies | Australia | 176 lbs As an Australian native, Robbie Eagles made his start in wrestling alongside his brother and his sister-in-law, in Australia's Professional Wrestling Alliance, becoming one of the best in the country. His name became a global attraction when he joined Bullet Club, the same faction that saw the likes of AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. As a part of the group, Eagles has competed in the most prestigious Japanese cruiserweight tournaments to exist so he certainly has experience in these kinds of competitions. Plus, that does also mean that Eagles is here alongside his stablemate, El Phantasmo, but at the end of it all, only one man can become WWE Cruiserweight Classic, and the sniper has his sights set on doing just that. Sean Maluta | The Samoan Dragon | American Samoa | 191 lbs After losing in the first round of the original Cruiserweight Classic, Sean Maluta has appeared on 205 Live and NXT on occasion but hasn't become the star that some had hoped. As the nephew and student of WWE Hall Of Famer, Afa Anoa'i, the strong Samoan blood is within Sean, coming from the same family as current top tier talents in The Usos and Roman Reigns. He's proven that he is championship material in Afa's North-Eastern based promotion, World Xtreme Wrestling, but is looking to prove it on the big stage with his second opportunity in winning the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Shane Strickland | King Of Swerve | United States | 191 lbs As one of the top talents on the independent scene since 2017, Shane Strickland has been wrestling since eighteen-years-old after originally following his father's footsteps as apart of the United States' military by serving in the United States Army Reserve. He would balance the two careers for eight years before really kicking off his wrestling career in Combat Zone Wrestling. Strickland has already measured up against NXT wrestlers, such as Adam Cole, Fabian Aichner and Kassius Ohno, as apart of EVOLVE. Strickland would also win championships in Lucha Underground, Major League Wrestling and Westside Xtreme Wrestling. Earlier this year, Strickland signed a WWE contract but looks to make his first impression here in the Cruiserweight Classic. Sonjay Dutt | The Guru | India | 185 lbs As an almost twenty-year veteran of the American independent wrestling scene, Sonjay Dutt has plenty of experience between the squared circle against superstars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Evan Bourne, Drew Galloway, Justin Gabriel and many more. With valuable experience and treasured knowledge in sports entertainment, Dutt would be signed to a WWE contract as a producer earlier this year. However, he is tying the laces on his boots one more time to prove why he was a renowned independent wrestler, and to prove he can perform in the big leagues both backstage and in the ring. Stacey Ervin Jr | The New Wave | United States | 180 lbs From the age of eight, Stacey Ervin Jr would train in gymnastics and would win the 2013 NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships. Last year, mid-2018, Stacey signed a contract with WWE as a superstar and has been training the Performance Center ever since. With plenty of time to develop, his background has been a huge help in allowing Stacey to bring an excitingly athletic dynamic to his arsenal of moves, even competing with the incredible abilities of the likes of Ricochet. With a place in the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic, Stacey Ervin Jr is looking to make his debut matches in sports entertainment add up to a tournament win at the young age of twenty-five with just over a year of training. Teddy Hart | The Loose Cannon | Canada | 200 lbs In 1998, Teddy Hart became the youngest ever WWE superstar but a young-brash attitude would result in Teddy being released. Since then, his relationship with WWE has fainted but as apart of the legendary Hart family, his relationship with cousins Natalya Neidhart and David Hart Smith has remained prominent. As a prosperous product of the illustrious Hart Dungeon, Teddy has proved himself as a formidable single and tag team competitor. An innovator between the ropes and an outspoken personality has earned Teddy the nickname of 'The Black Hart' but his incredible ability has proven him as a favorable member of the new-era Hart Foundation. Now, Teddy returns to WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic and surely is set on winning. Zumbi | The Capoeira Luchador | Brazil | 167 lbs This luchador uniquely combines the Brazilia martial arts of Capoeira and Jiu-Jitzu to form an arsenal of unorthodox maneuvers. With a touch of flare in every strike and masterclass abilities on the ground, Zumbi adds a splash of unprecedented flavor to the traditional Mexican lucha libre. After missing the original because of legality issues, Zumbi heads to the second rendition of the Cruiserweight Classic and as part of the top flight of Brazilian wrestling, he intends on claiming the trophy.
  19. Characters Firstly, thank you for the positive feedback already, I greatly appreciate it. Secondly, obviously I haven't been the most active, especially in kayfabe, so I might not have the best idea about everyone's characters. Therefore, if anyone wants to, they can fill in the sheet below to give more detail about their character. Please note that this is based on kayfabe so if you do fill in your details, make sure they correspond with your kayfabe character. Also, the more interesting and in-detail you explain your character to be, the more likely you are to be booked better. Finally, I may make some changes to some characters and not everyone will be pushed instantly so be patient and just enjoy the shows. THE MORE DETAIL, THE BETTER! Your Kayfabe Character Gimmick What is your gimmick in kayfabe? Does your character have a significant background? How does your character interact with the fans? What mannerisms does your character have? In-Ring What are your signatures and finishers? How does your character carry himself? What kind of wrestling style does your character have? What general kind of moves does your character perform? Other Are there any further details about your character? Graphics By Kirk Lastly but most importantly, a huge thank you to Kirk for the graphics. They make the diary look so much better and he is fantastic at what he does. I appreciate the effort he puts in and I'm sure all of you do too.
  20. BPZ Wrestling The greatest wrestling company to exist, the most highly rated sports entertainment business in the world, BPZ Wrestling has produced some of the best professional wrestling ever seen and only continues to grow, expanding its roster and enhancing its product. Since 2014, BPZ has seen faces come and go, superstars created and legends forged. History has been made over and over, with memories ranging from heart-warming endearments to heart-breaking betrayals to hair-raising surprises, but there is still much, much, more to be witnessed and so many more stories to be told. Roster Superstars Aaron North - Alex Costa - Arius - Arrow Gargano - The Bailey Bart Hoogveld - Bashka - Blade - Bob Sparks - BrendenPlayz Buddy Ace - Bulldozer - Cody Cage - Echo Wilson - Epic McDonald - FDS FDS - Flynn - Hans Clayton - Jack Bishop - James Knight James Ropati - Jonathan - Joshua Scott - Julius Jones - KENJI Kieron Black - Kirk Kelly - Kyle Pain - Maasa - Maddrix Delgado The Marker - Mave Deltzer - Mikey Dikey - Monda - Nanovirus Natedog - Necce - Odyssey Sellers - Prince - Sameer Sheridan Muller - Sir Raven - Slim - Xavier King - Yelich Tag Teams The Big Ballers (BrendenPlayz & Sameer) - Caito Enterprise (Aaron North & Nanovirus) First Class Express (Hans Clayton & Xavier King) - The Godsent (Maddrix Delgado & Odyssey Sellers) Royal Flush (Jonathan & Sheridan Muller) - SSW Club (Bulldozer, Joshua Scott & Maasa) Young & Free (Prince, Cody Cage & Kieron Black) Alumni Alyx Wilde - Akki - Apex - Ark Universe - Bizzy Cobhead Jake - CPE - Dunstan - Eli Smith - Elliot Gill - Heel - Heyman Guy - Joh - Maestro Nebakos - Poidust - Razor - Ross - Ryan Reeves Sandman - Sheepy - Tamer - The Lunatic Ginge - Zombie Championships BPZ World Heavyweight Championship The most prestigious, illustrious, honorable championship in professional wrestling today. The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship represents not only the best in BPZ, but the best in the whole wrestling world. To win this championship means that you are the best wrestler in the world at that moment in time. BPZ Intercontinental Championship The second most highly-acclaimed championship, the BPZ Intercontinental Championship, has represented the workhorses within this business and continues to do so today. The past champions, the incredible feuds, the amazing history behind this championship makes it an honor to wear for anyone. BPZ North-American Championship The BPZ North-American Championship isn't as celebrated as the other singles titles but it does hold its own unique position within BPZ. It holds its place as the championship that represents the future, having been the starting point of many legend's careers. BPZ Tag Team Championships The art of tag team wrestling is often undervalued but the BPZ Tag Team Championships allow the unique style to be showcased within the most successful company in this industry. Whether it is tag team specialists or a combination of mega-stars, these titles can always offer special entertainment. Special #1 Contender Matches Royal Rumble - Money In The Bank - King Of The Ring These are special ways in which superstars can earn a shot at the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. The Royal Rumble is a special thirty-man battle royal, the Money In The Bank is a six-man ladder match, and the King Of The Ring is a sixteen-man tournament. Pay-Per-Views Royal Rumble - St. Valentines Day Massacre - BPZMania - Backlash Mayhem - Judgement Day - King Of The Ring - SummerSlam Bad Blood - Halloween Havoc - Survivor Series - December To Dismember Carnage Carnage is the must-see, five-star, weekly televised wrestling show delivered by BPZ Wrestling. The show has bared witness to some of the most momentous moments in the history of professional wrestling. With over a million viewers still tuning in every week, Carnage continues to narrate compelling stories and exhibit top quality encounters so if you aren't watching already, you're missing out.
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