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  4. BPZ SummerSlam Kickoff | 1st September, 2019 | Staples Center | Los Angeles, CA Brenden Welcomes Us To The First-Ever Kickoff In the final evening of the weekend, with the first night of September dawning on us and SummerSlam quickly approaching, BPZ Wrestling's first-ever pre-show, named 'Kickoff', begins as the 2019 SummerSlam set is revealed before the owner of BPZ Wrestling, Brenden Playz, makes his entrance. Despite having a match on the main show later tonight, he comes out in a suit with a microphone in his hand as right now, he has business matters to attend to. Brenden: For years, BPZ has had monthly pay-per-views featuring your favorite superstars battling each other in some of the most anticipated matches that wrestling has ever seen. From all-time greats battling for supremacy to up-and-coming superstars trying to prove their worth in the big stage, from historic face-offs to emotional wars, pay-per-views always promise to be the most exciting show of the month and now, we are expanding that. Now, before our pay-per-views, we will be streaming a pre-show to get you in the mood, to get you ready, to introduce you to the thrilling action that is due to only get better throughout the night. Ladies and gentlemen... Welcome to... The Kickoff! After an emphatic introduction to the first-ever Kickoff show by Brenden himself, the chairman makes his way to the back as the first match is only moments away. James Knight vs The Marker In singles competition on this week's Carnage, James Knight and The Marker went at it but as the rookie came close to defeating The Marker, he would be met with a brutal beat down from a very frustrated Irishman. After refusing to stop, The Marker would be disqualified but still continued to ruthlessly pummel Knight as he would exclaim how he is tired of these new superstars rising past him in the ranks and being given opportunities over him. With the original match not coming to a proper ending, the rematch would be set for the kickoff here tonight. With The Marker now aware of the impressive ability of the rookie James Knight, the usually gritty Irishman would up the aggression even further, hardly giving Knight any breathing room. Nevertheless, Knight would fight his way back into the match-up and the two would go back and forth until The Marker catches Knight in mid-air with a forearm to the jaw that almost knocks him out. With Knight laid out barely moving, The Marker wheelbarrow dead-lifts him into an elevated neckbreaker, a move that he calls Reaper, before picking up the pinfall and proving that eyes should be on him, not the brand new up-and-coming rookies. The Kickoff Broadcast Team Introduce Themselves After the first match of the night and the first-ever kickoff competition, we join Josh Trenton on a set planted within the BPZ Universe, with the backdrop being the main stage. As Trenton welcomes us to the kickoff, the camera pans out, revealing the set to be a panel with some familiar faces including Danielle, the first-ever woman to compete in a BPZ ring, Alyx Wilde, an accomplished BPZ Superstar who despite main-eventing BPZMania, was unfortunately set back by various recurring injuries, and finally, a representative of BPZ Commentaries, the number one BPZ Wrestling review show on the internet, Mike Hunt. Josh Trenton: As Brenden himself said to start the show, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the kickoff. What you see in front of you is the team that will present the SummerSlam kickoff to you and hopefully, the rest of the kickoffs as with us is a beautiful variety of BPZ Wrestling enthusiasts. Alongside myself, on your far right, we have the first-ever female BPZ Superstar, Danielle. For you, sat to the left of her is BPZ Commentaries representative, Mike Hunt, and sat to the right of me is BPZ Triple Crown Champion, BPZMania main-eventer, Alyx Wilde! Alyx Wilde: Amazing introduction from you Josh as we look forward to an amazing night of action. Mike Hunt: Before we go any further, I want to ask this question: what match is going to be the match of the night? Danielle, do you want to go first? Danielle: Despite never competing in a tag team match in my career, I think that the BPZ Tag Team Championship Ladder Match is going to pull it out the bag tonight and of course, I have my girl, Sheridan, and her partner, Jonathan, retaining the titles. What about you, Josh? Josh Trenton: Well, the card is absolutely stacked with matches that have the potential to go down in history as classics but I think I'm going to play it safe, go with a match we've seen blow the roof off arenas in the past, and pick Flynn vs Necce. For you, Alyx? Alyx Wilde: You know, I'm stuck between three, Julius vs Ropati, Bashka vs Slim and The Bailey vs Bart but I think because of it having the King Of The Ring tournament behind it and it being the main event, I'm going to go with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship match. Now, do you want to answer your own question, Mike? Mike Hunt: Come on Alyx, that's why I asked it. I've got an answer for this that may get questioned but I think it's a sleeper, personally, I don't think there's been enough talk about it and I'm going with the BPZ North-American Championship match between Arius and Natedog. Josh Trenton: Wow, a different answer from everyone. I think that just goes to show the wide range of stellar match-ups we have for you tonight. Speaking of which, we still have three more matches to come here on the kickoff including High Society vs United Nations, FDS vs Mikey, and coming up now, ICON vs Yelich. We'll see you afterward. ICON vs Yelich After the BPZ North-American Champion, Arius, announced a series of qualifying matches for a number one contenders match at SummerSlam, Yelich would be competing against Bob Sparks in one of the aforementioned qualifying matches when ICON would interfere and cost Yelich the match. Clearly not happy with ICON's actions, Yelich called ICON out to a match at SummerSlam and that match starts right now. At the start of the match, ICON apologizes to Yelich, explaining how Sameer told him to do it but Yelich didn't seem to care, still going after revenge against ICON. Throughout the match, it would seem as though Yelich cared more whilst ICON seemed somewhat unfocused which would ultimately allow Yelich to pick up the win via pinfall. The Kickoff Welcomes It's First Guest Following Yelich's victory over ICON, we return to the kickoff panel. After the team recaps the match, Trenton welcomes the kickoff's first-ever guest to the panel, 'The Sendai Supernova', KENJI. Josh Trenton: Now, we move on and we move onto our first guest on the panel here tonight. Tonight, he is competing in the BPZ North-American Number One Contenders match. Everybody, please help me welcome KENJI! KENJI: Hello everyone, I hope your days have been well. Danielle: Thank you very much, KENJI. I just wanted to ask what your thoughts are going into your match tonight. KENJI: Well, obviously there's nerves but there's also excitement and determination. Tonight, I'm determined to getting one step closer to my first title here in BPZ Wrestling and I'm excited to entertain the fans, put on a great performance and at the end, get the victory and earn a shot at the BPZ North-American Championship. Mike Hunt: Not too long ago, at PowerTrip, you challenged for the BPZ North-American Championship against Arius who is still the champion today. Let's say you both win your matches, what are you going to do differently to beat Arius the next time around? KENJI: I think everyone saw how close our match was last time around, I think everyone knew how close I was to defeating him, and I think that everyone believes I'm capable of beating him. I know Arius has been extremely dominant since coming to BPZ Wrestling but I also know that no one has pushed him as far as I have. Next time, I'll have that in the back of my mind, that voice telling me that you can't mess it up this time, telling me that you need to put maximum effort in, train ten-times harder, and put every inch of my heart into the match. Josh Trenton: Great answer and thanks for spending some time with us KENJI but now, it's time for the first-ever tag match on the kickoff, it's time for High Society vs United Nations. High Society vs United Nations In the first tag team action of the evening and more significantly, the first-ever tag team match on a kickoff show, the team of Alex Costa and Sir Raven, now known as High Society, take on the debuting United Nations. Over the past few weeks, we've seen each member of United Nations introduce themselves and the pride they have in their countries. With all four members of United Nations coming to the ring, it would be only Joh and Monda who would step in the ring, leaving Caito and North on the outside, but all four members would have a very formal demeanor about them. As Joh and Monda would clash Costa and Raven, every movement they would make would be calculated as it would be clear that United Nations aren't here to play around. In the end, United Nations would come out on top after a very impressive debut. Slim Further Explains His Controversial Return After the debut of United Nations in a victory over High Society, we return to the kickoff panel as Trenton looks to move onto the next part of the show. However, he is interrupted by an intimidating figure. Josh Trenton: What a debut by United Nations! A very no-nonsense approach by the new force but how do you guys think they compare to the rest of the tag team div- Slim: Oh hey guys... and lady. Mind if I take a seat? Of course, you don't. Over the past few weeks, I've seen a lot of people talking on my name and not in a positive way, that includes you, Mike. So, I thought I'd take the time of this useless show, explain my intentions and make the kickoff actually worth watching. Okay, so are any of you going to do your jobs and ask me a question? Alyx Wilde: Hey, Slim. Long-time, no see, buddy. Your recent return seems to have a lot of people talking, could you please explain to use the intent behind what you did? Slim: At King Of The Ring, I returned and I ensured that Sameer retained his Money In The Bank briefcase. Why? Because he showed me the right amount of money. It's that simple. I've already done everything there is to do in this business, I've already reached all those dreams that you all wish you could, so tell me I'm wrong, tell me it's not right, but I'm simply back to make money and right now, Sameer is money, Sameer is set to be on top, so right now, I'm by his side. Mike Hunt: So are you insuating that once Sameer falls down at all, you are going to turn your back on him? Slim: Listen, Mike, you need t- This time, it is Slim who is interrupted as his most recent ally, Sameer, and Sameer's right-hand man, Bob Sparks, walk onto the set. Despite Slim seeming somewhat annoyed, Sameer has a wide cheerful smile spread on his face as he puts his arm around the seated Slim and speaks into his microphone. Sameer: Josh, Alyx, Danielle, Mike, it's lovely to see you all, I love this little show you have going on here but unfortunately, Slim has some business to attend to so we're going to have to cut this short. Come on, Slim, we've got places to be. After rudely interrupting by politely excusing Slim from the panel in an arrogant manner, Sameer, he pats Slim on the back as he waits for him to get up. Once Slim walks off set, visibly frustrated by Sameer's actions, Sameer shakes the hands of the presenters, kisses Danielle on the cheek, and then leaves, with the intimidating Bob Sparks following closely. FDS vs Mikey In the main event of the kickoff, FDS and Mikey go one on one. After a series of vignettes in which Mikey would give cryptic messages, he would finally appear live on Carnage after FDS' main event match against Flynn, where Mikey would attack FDS. Now, with Mikey looking to make a statement out of FDS and FDS looking for revenge, the two face off in the ring. In the longest match of the kickoff, the BPZ veteran, FDS, and the much newer Mikey go back and forth in a very technical match-up with FDS sticking to his motive to focus on purely wrestling, rather than entertaining all of the theatrics around it. Despite the roughness and aggressiveness showed by the merciless Mikey, the five-year BPZ Wrestling veteran picks up the pinfall after a WRSTLMaker. Bart Expresses How Much Tonight Means To Him With SummerSlam now only moments away, we return to the kickoff panel one last time as Trenton welcomes the final guest, a very topical one as he is main-eventing tonight's show. Josh Trenton: And with that victory from FDS, we are now only minutes away from SummerSlam! Nevertheless, Alyx, were you impressed by the two men competing just then? Alyx Wilde: Absolutely. There's no need for me to talk much on FDS, you know, he was around during all of my runs and has been committed to this company so it's nice to see him getting a win. On the other hand, I really like the look of Mikey, I'm sure he has an illustrious future ahead of him. Josh Trenton: I couldn't agree more. Anyway, now it's time for our final guest, he is challenging for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship here tonight, he is the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament winner, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Bart Hoogveld! Bart Hoogveld: Thank you, Josh, I'm happy to be here. Danielle: Hello Bart, I wanted to ask you a question about the fans. Over the past few months, you've made it clear that you don't care for the fans opinions and in response, they've shown a hatred for you but recently, it doesn't seem to be as intense. In fact, some fans are even rooting for you against who is supposed to be 'The People's Champ' The Bailey. Do you have any comments on this? Bart Hoogveld: This is actually something I've noticed and personally, I think they just understand the journey I've been on and how much this match means to me. For years, I've been working to get to this point and I think the King Of The Ring tournament was just a showcase of how much I've had to put into this to get where I am today. Now, finally, I've got a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship match and to make it even better, it's in the main event of SummerSlam. This match, this is my chance to solidify myself as one of the greats, this is my chance to have to my turn on top of the company, this is my chance to make Bart Hoogveld a legendary name in this business. If the fans can appreciate that, then good for them I guess but don't be mistaken, I still don't care what they think, I'm doing this for me. Alyx Wilde: Bart, I think we can both recognise that The Bailey is arguably the greatest of all-time in BPZ Wrestling so with that being said, what have you done heading into this match to make sure you're capable of beating someone of such calibre? Bart Hoogveld: Yes, I'm no fool, I understand the challenge that The Bailey brings. Nevertheless, don't be mistaken, he's only considered as such because he's been here for so long and was chosen to be on top from the start by the boss himself. Me, I've had to put in a million times more effort to get to this position and not only does that mean that I'm a better competitor than The Bailey, it also means that I'm hungrier, it means that I want this so much more than he does. So yes, I have trained especially hard for this match but it's not just because my opponent is The Bailey, it's because this is where I am finally crowned as the number one in BPZ Wrestling. Josh Trenton: Truthfully, I can really hear that hunger in your voice so from myself and the rest of the broadcast team, good luck in your match tonight but right now, it's time to bring the first-ever kickoff show to a close as the biggest party of the Summer is now literally seconds away. BPZ Universe, this has been Josh Trenton, Alyx Wilde, Danielle, and Mike Hunt, joined by Bart Hoogveld. Now, it's time for SummerSlam! After Josh Trenton signs off, the screen fades to black as the kickoff comes to an end, which means only one thing, it's time for SummerSlam. 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  5. Smith

    The Chamber

    A week removed from the Survival Games event, where Smith fell short to who many would call his archenemy, Slim, in the match that decided the winner of their block, we see Smith in the locker-room at Carnage, sat by himself with his head bowed, looking somewhat discouraged. However, he still has his BPZ Intercontinental Championship with him and the Creed chain around his neck, perhaps the only sources of pride in this time of dismay for Eli. As he begins to speak, he speaks very mellowly, with his feelings showing themselves in his tone. Right now, there's a lot going on for me. With Creed finally coming together, with that disheartening loss to Slim in what is now officially my final Survival Games match, with BulletProof having a target on my back, and lastly, but certainly not least, with my upcoming defense of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship in the Elimination Chamber at Halloween Havoc, their really is a lot going on in my career right now. Nevertheless, heading into Halloween Havoc, you can bet that my full focus will be on representing the BPZ Intercontinental Championship in the main event, ensuring that the title is given the performance that a true, honorable, champion should give it. After looking down at the white strap laying next to him, the emotion on Smith's face lightens up. A cheerful grin shines through the gloominess that Smith has been radiating so far as looking at the title seems to bring the relentless heart and inspiring spirit that Smith is known for. Now, he speaks a lot more passionately. At Halloween Havoc, I defend the title that has defined my career, the title that I have worshipped as the true representation of the hardest worker in the company, the title that I have treasured as the most important in BPZ. At Halloween Havoc, I'm defending the BPZ Intercontinental Championship in the main event, I get to elevate this championship and represent it as the six of us showcase just how much this title means to each single one of us and you can guarantee that if any of the five other men don't give their one-hundred percent, they won't have a single chance at winning. The BPZ Intercontinental Championship is for the hardest workers, the wrestlers who are truly passionate about this business, so if you're not fully committed to this match, if you're not willing to put your body on the line for this title, then don't even think of imagining that you will be capable of taking this title from my grasps. As Smith talks on how much the title means to him, he grabs it, bringing it closer to his face as now he stares straight down at it before lifting his head, glaring into the camera with so many emotions pouring out of his eyes as he gives one final message to his challengers at Halloween Havoc. To everyone set to challenge me for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship inside the chamber this weekend, from my close friend Sameer, to BulletProof member Hans, to a man I've never faced before in Arius, to the rivals of my past in FDS and Prince, I welcome the challenge. I want you all to put everything into this match and I want you all to push me to my limits because whoever you are, I will not be holding back when that white strap is on the line. Whoever you are, whatever your motive is, please just know that right now, this title means everything to me and I am willing to lose my life before I lose this strap. After a very personal and emotional message is given by the champion, he gets up, noticeably more cheerful than he was at the start, and walks away as he now looks forward to his upcoming defense.
  6. I just wanted to say that I love the creativity of this diary. You've approached the usual forums wrestling diary in a new manner which I really appreciate. I'm interested to see how you develop each character and how you style the shows themselves. Festival Of War Predictions Eli Smith vs Sameer Flynn vs Slim The Mob (Bob Sparks, ICON) vs The Kingdom (Alex Costa, Mikey Dikey) FDS vs Arius James Ropati vs Bart Hoogveld
  7. Name: Alexio Gender: Male Superpower: As a demi-God, the son of Jupiter, Alex has similar powers to that of his older brother, Hercules. Backstory: A normal teenager's world would be flipped when Alex Price would be greeted by Mercury, the messenger of the Roman Gods, who would tell Alex that he is in fact the son of Jupiter, birthed by a human woman which explains why Alex never met his father. Then, Mercury would tell Alex that he was given the name Alexander by Jupiter his self as his fate is to become the protector of mankind. After coming to terms with the obscure reality that faces him, Alex starts donning the name Alexio as he embraces his life as a demi-God and role as the guardian of Earth. Alignment: Hero Other information: He is very caring. Note: Alexio has to overcome not only the usual struggles of a teenager but also those of a demi-god and build himself into a fearless and brave hero.
  8. Name: William Price Appearance: White skin, bald head, brown beard, built figure. Backstory: Growing up with a single mother in the north of England, he was forced to become the man of the house from an early age, protecting his siblings and his mother, but has now been forced away from his family and must protect them from overseas. Personality: Very cold-blooded but is very loyal and has a lot of care for those around him. Quotes: 'I only care for those that care for me.' What War They Are Fighting In and Which Nationality: World War 1, British, Gallipoli
  9. Throughout my time here, many people have started diaries that have nothing to do with wrestling like this but they don't ever seem to stick to it. However, you have and you've created one of the best, if not the best diary at the moment. I loved the first season, the evolution of characters and relationships panned out well and remained interesting throughout. I'm looking forward to the next season and finally finding out what me and Bashka could possibly be doing.
  10. FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN ROSTER CHAMPIONS WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar WWE SmackDown Women's Champion: Sasha Banks WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush MEN Brock Lesnar | Daniel Bryan | Tommaso Ciampa Drew McIntyre | Shinsuke Nakamura | Andrade 'Cien' Almas Ricochet | Rey Mysterio | Bobby Lashley Lio Rush | Cesaro | Chad Gable Cedric Alexander | Rusev | King Corbin Elias | Jinder Mahal | Tony Nese Akira Tozawa | Humberto Carrillo | Heath Slater WOMEN Sasha Banks | Bayley | Alexa Bliss Rhea Ripley | Carmella | Kairi Sane Sonya Deville | Peyton Royce | Liv Morgan TAG TEAMS The O.C. | The New Day | The Street Profits The Street Profits | Ziggler & Roode Moustache Mountain | The Viking Raiders | Lucha House Party COMMENTATORS Corey Graves | Nigel McGuinness | Michael Cole
  11. Roman Reigns Replaces Rollins As Captain Of Team Hogan & Gable And Ali Are Added To Team Hogan wrestlinginc.com
  12. Most Kills (1 Point): Smith First Killer (1 Point): Steph First Dead (1 Point): Arrow Who Will Survive (1 Point Each Correct, -1 Point If Wrong): Bart, Julius, Sameer & Smith
  13. Match Card Changed Due To Luchasaurus Injury
  14. Friday Night SmackDown | October 18th, 2019 | Bankers Life Fieldhouse | Indianapolis, IN #1 Draft Pick Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Following the first draft that occurred on Monday Night RAW, the drafting of the second half of the roster begins tonight and in order to decide who gets the number one pick, Becky Lynch, representing RAW, and Charlotte, representing SmackDown, faced off in a singles match. With these two being career-long rivals and even friends at some points, this contest would be very competitive and come down to the wire as arguably the two top female superstars in the company would battle on behalf of their brands. Ultimately, Charlotte would come out on top and win the first-round pick for SmackDown. The First Six Picks Are Made For The Draft After Charlotte defeats the RAW Women's Champion and fellow member of the four horsewomen, Becky Lynch, earning the first pick for SmackDown, the first three picks for each brand are made. Shane McMahon: With the first-round pick, SmackDown selects a former general manager of the blue brand and a five-time world champion, Daniel Bryan. Stephanie McMahon: With the second pick in the draft, RAW selects a ten-time women's champion, 'The Queen' Charlotte Flair. Shane McMahon: SmackDown gains a top-tier singles superstar as well as a top-tier tag team by selecting The O.C. Stephanie McMahon: RAW takes the risk and selects the unpredictable, chaotic, and dangerous, Bray Wyatt. Shane McMahon: SmackDown takes the final four horsewomen as Bayley joins her best friend on the blue brand. Stephanie McMahon: With an eye towards the future, RAW picks Adam Cole from NXT with his allies Fish & O'Reilly already being picked on Monday Night. Daniel Bryan Reacts To Being Picked First Overall After the first six selections are made for tonight's draft, we go backstage and join the overall number one pick, Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan: Over the past few months, I was lied to by Rowan, a man that I defended and believed, a man that I considered as a close friend. Afterward, I knew I had to get revenge and I did so alongside Roman Reigns but the damage that Rowan did still hurts. Nevertheless, within these sorrowful times, by selecting me as the number one pick, SmackDown has provided me a light, a light I can reach towards. Heading into this new chapter of SmackDown, I am the number one pick and I'm going to prove why, I'm going to prove why I am the greatest wrestler in the world. With a powerful statement for Bryan put out into the WWE Universe, it should be interesting to see what's to come for Daniel Bryan as he continues his journey on the blue brand. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Lio Rush (c) vs Ricochet In Lio Rush's first defence since defeating Drew Gulak on last week's NXT, he would defend the title on SmackDown against Ricochet, who earned the opportunity on RAW by defeating three former WWE Cruiserweight Champions, Alexander, Murphy, and Gulak, in a fatal four-way. After relentless, fast-paced, high-flying action from two of the quickest, most agile, most athletic superstars in wrestling today, Lio Rush would continue his triumphant return to WWE with an impressive win over Ricochet, thus retaining the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and bringing the belt to Friday nights. Both Brands Use Their NXT Women Picks After Lio Rush retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and secures the belt for the blue brand, the next six picks are made and perhaps as a surprise to some, both brands use their only NXT women picks. However, who they pick are perhaps far less surprising as they pick up two of the most dominant women in wrestling today. Shane McMahon: With our fourth pick tonight, we take 'The Scottish Psychopath' Drew McIntyre. Stephanie McMahon: With our fourth pick, RAW selects the thirteen-time world champion, 'The Apex Predator' Randy Orton. Shane McMahon: Looking to the future of women's wrestling and the surging Australian independent scene, SmackDown selects Rhea Ripley. Stephanie McMahon: With the tenth overall pick tonight, RAW selects Samoa Joe. Shane McMahon: Bringing the life of the party to the blue brand, SmackDown selects The Street Profits. Stephanie McMahon: .With RAW also having an eye on the future of women's wrestling, RAW selects arguably the most dominant woman to step foot in an NXT ring, 'The Queen Of Spades' Shayna Baszler. United States Championship AJ Styles Open Challenge After being select third overall tonight by SmackDown, The O.C. walk out to the ring smugly, with AJ Styles wearing the United States Championship around his waist. AJ Styles: I'm glad, we're glad that SmackDown recognizes the value that The O.C. brings. Given that we should have gone first overall, I won't hold that against SmackDown but RAW, we literally ran that place and they can't respect that? It truly is disgraceful but either way, the blue brand made the right choice and in order to celebrate, as the honorable champion that I am, I'd like to issue a United States Championship open challenge to anyone on the roster, RAW or SmackDown, because in case you all forgot, SmackDown is the house that AJ Styles built! And now, it's the house that The O.C. runs. With an open challenge laid out, The O.C. waits to see who will challenge Styles for the championship and after a few moments pass, he is answered by none other than Adam Cole! After being selected by RAW on Monday night, Adam Cole is now here on SmackDown to challenge AJ Styles for the United States Championship! After a stellar match, in which Adam Cole would show exactly what all the hype is about, the match would be coming to a very close ending when all of a sudden, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly would jump the barricade and start to attack Anderson and Gallows. With this distracting AJ, Cole would catch the champion off-guard with a superkick before finishing him off with a shining wizard, picking up the pinfall, and being crowned the new United States Champion, as Undisputed Era celebrates in the ring together. RAW Gains Two Potential Future Main Event Superstars After an impactful debut by Adam Cole that saw the reuniting of Undisputed Era as they look to take over Monday Night RAW, with Adam Cole already capturing the United States Championship, the draft continues. Shane McMahon: Starting off the third series of picks, SmackDown selects 'The Staten Island Princess', 'The Moonwalking Trash-Talking Chick', 'The Crown Princess of SmackDown', Carmella. Stephanie McMahon: With the fourteenth overall pick, RAW selects the man that has lit the WWE Universe on fire with his outstanding performances in NXT, Johnny Gargano. Shane McMahon: Next, SmackDown selects 'The Future of Flight', 'The One and Only' Ricochet. Stephanie McMahon: Following that, RAW selects a cruiserweight of their own who has shown he can compete with the likes of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, 'WWE's Best Kept Secret' Buddy Murphy. Shane McMahon: SmackDown adds another monstrous heavyweight to their roster by selecting 'The Destroyer' Bobby Lashley. Stephanie McMahon: Bringing experience to our women's division, RAW selects 'The Queen of Harts' Natalya. Tommaso Ciampa Is Coming To SmackDown With Ciampa being selected on Monday night by SmackDown, the self-proclaimed 'Greatest Sports-Entertainer of All Time' is set to make an impact on the blue brand as he moves up to the main roster from NXT. After a video package showcasing the emphatic run that he had in NXT, it is advertised that 'The Black Heart' Tommaso Ciampa will be making his debut next week on Friday Night SmackDown. Three Great Tag Teams Are Picked In A Row After Ciampa, who was called up to the main roster as SmackDown's fourth pick on Monday night, being advertised for next week's episode of SmackDown, the draft once again ensues. Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'The Pirate Princess' Kairi Sane, splitting up The Kabuki Warriors and allowing Kairi to fill her potential as a singles competitor. Stephanie McMahon: Next, RAW selects the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, 'The Top Guys', The Revival. Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects a tag team of their own, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, Moustache Mountain from NXT. Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects yet another tag team, one of the most dominant teams in recent history, Authors Of Pain. Shane McMahon: Next, SmackDown selects a fierce women's superstar with a background in mixed martial arts, Sonya Deville. Stephanie McMahon: RAW looks to give this man the platform he deserves but hasn't been given yet, Ethan Carter III. Bayley vs Kairi Sane In the next match of the night, we get the second women's match of tonight's episode of SmackDown as Bayley and Kairi Sane compete one on one after both women being selected by the blue brand here tonight. With Bayley showing this new aggression over the past few weeks that we've never seen from her before, she brutalizes Kairi throughout this match but 'The Pirate Princess' keeps fighting and eventually, gets the upset, defeating Bayley, causing Bayley to grow even more frustrated after losing her title to Charlotte and now losing to Sane. The King Has Found His Kingdom After an impressive win by Kairi Sane, the penultimate series of picks take place. Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'Queen City's Favorite Son' Cedric Alexander. Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects the meat-loving, weight-lifting team of Heavy Machinery. Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects the winner of the 2019 King Of The Ring tournament, King Corbin. Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects 'The Merchant of Mayhem' Eric Young. Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'The Drifter' Elias. Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects 'The One Man Nation' Apollo Crews. The Tag Team Champions Agree To Swap Belts After the fifth series of picks are made, the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Revival, who were just selected by RAW, make their way to the ring with the blue belts and a microphone each. Scott Dawson: Well, well, well. SmackDown, it seems like we're in a bit of a predicament. Dash Wilder: See, despite being the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Shane, Fox and the rest of the SmackDown team decided to pick The Street Profits before us. Seriously though, The Street Profits? Scott Dawson: Rhea Ripley? Who even is that? Dash Wilder: Ricochet? Kairi Sane? They haven't even been on the main roster for a year and yet, they got picked before us. Scott Dawson: But you know what, it's SmackDown's loss, not ours. If they are stupid enough to pick those bums before their own tag team champions, then they're really about to get destroyed by RAW. With The Revival's thoughts on where they were picked in the draft shared, the RAW Tag Team Champions who were drafted to SmackDown on Monday night make their way out with their red belts and microphones of their own. Dolph Ziggler: Dawson, Wilder, we understand your frustrations. We, the best team in the whole world, weren't even picked by the brand that we are champions of either. Bobby Roode: But we have a solution. Look, we both know that we're the best tag teams on our respective brands but right now, we have the championships of the opposite brand and I'm pretty sure that that's going to result in us both being stripped. However, if we just swap our belts right here, who's going to stop us? After Dawson and Wilder discuss the proposal from Ziggler and Roode, the two teams hesitantly hand each other their titles. Once the teams have swapped belts without any tomfoolery, they smile at each other before clinking the four belts together. Nonetheless, the celebration is cut short as Shane McMahon comes out. Shane McMahon: Really guys? What do you think this is? Dawson, Wilder, you're no longer my business but Ziggler and Roode, don't think it's going to be that simple. Granted, you were the RAW Tag Team Champions so I'll let you keep those belts but next week, you'll be defending them against one of these two teams. After Shane's interruption, The Revival leave whilst Ziggler & Roode remain at ringside in order to see who the two teams that will be competing for a title match next week are. SmackDown Tag Team #1 Contender The New Day vs The Street Profits After being selected earlier tonight by the blue brand, The Street Profits make their way to the ring as they prepare to take on The New Day, a team that has been a pillar in tag team wrestling for years now and their worth was proven as SmackDown took them with their third pick on Monday night. In a match where the winner goes on to face Ziggler & Roode in a championship match next week, both of these teams would put everything on the line for the opportunity to lead SmackDown in this new chapter. In the end, in their first match on the main roster, The Street Profits would get the upset and defeat The New Day, earning their shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships next week. Heath Slater Has Kids And Now A Job As Well After a huge upset by The Street Profits in their debut match, the final six picks of the whole draft would be made. Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects three of the best luchadores in wrestling today, Kalisto, Lince Dorado, and Gran Metalik, Lucha House Party. Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects the ever-so entertaining R-Truth. Shane McMahon: SmackDown selects 'The Premier Athlete' Tony Nese. Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, The B-Team. Shane McMahon: He's got kids and now he's got a job, SmackDown selects Heath Slater. Stephanie McMahon: With the final pick, RAW selects the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak. Rey Mysterio vs Andrade 'Cien' Almas After the final selections of the draft are made, this week's episode of SmackDown comes to a close with the main event match between Rey Mysterio and Andrade 'Cien' Almas, two men that in the past pushed each other to the limits before being separated by brands. Now, they are both back on SmackDown and will go head to head once more to bring the night to a close. As expected, these two put on a mouth-watering performance and were neck and neck all the way through, each man looking to make an impact heading into this new chapter of SmackDown. After all, it would come to a nail-biting finish but Almas would get the victory after crushing Rey's head with a running double knee smash in the corner followed by a hammerlock DDT. SmackDown would then come to a close with 'El Ídolo' standing tall and Zelina Vega by his side.
  15. Chavo Guerrero VS Marcus Cor Von CM Punk VS King Booker Time Fault VS Submission Masters Rey Mysterio VS Elijah Burke Johnny Nitro VS MVP VS Mr. Kennedy VS Broken Matt Hardy VS Jeff Hardy VS Bobby Lashley
  16. In terms of albums and something to sit down and listen to, I'm currently enjoying Lil Tjay's new album, True 2 Myself. On the other hand, in terms of a bopping song, it's Opp Thot right now. It's cool seeing Poundz going from drill diss tracks to a party songs like this.
  17. I've been really excited for this since it was announced but haven't quite got round to buying it yet because I've had other things to buy first. However, this is definitely the next game that I'm buying, the first two were classics that I could still play today and enjoy it for hours on end. From what I've heard, this one is also really good so I'm looking forward to when I finally get up, hopefully some of the guys on here want to play through it together.
  18. I guess as long as Crown Jewel is an annual event, Mansoor will get at least one match every year. I understand that they are only using him because he is Saudi Arabian but they could at least have him on the shows leading up to it. Either way, Cesaro is a great in-ring worker who can put on a decent match with practically anyone and it's not like he has any momentum that'll be hurt by doing the job so I guess he's the perfect opponent in a dismal kind of way.
  19. It's not often that you come across a talent who you can legitimately believe is more of a beast that Lesnar which is what makes this match-up special. There's that legitimate factor that Velasquez defeated Lesnar in UFC in dominant fashion that brings a new dynamic to Lesnar's character. Usually, we're used to seeing Lesnar dominate his opponents, other than Goldberg, so this should by a somewhat fresh feeling. Plus, from what I've seen from Velasquez in CMLL, he's actually been putting effort into his pro wrestling ability as he was doing springboards and hurricanranas. The only complaint I can have about Velasquez so far is that he could be in a bit better shape to help him look more menacing but other than that, I'm interested in seeing how this one turns out.
  20. I'm a fan of Tyson Fury, the best heavyweight boxer in the world today, so this is pretty exciting for me and was a complete surprise as I hadn't heard any rumours about it. I know the match won't be the best quality but as a fan of Fury, I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out, but would've preferred to see him face someone better than Strowman.
  21. When this match became official after Flair and Hogan going at each other, I was confused as to why it was happening but also thankful that we weren't getting Flair vs Hogan. Despite this match not really having much meaning, it'll be cool to see all these top tier talents in one match like how it is at Survivor Series. However, I'm not sure why they're having Rollins do double duty when they could give this platform to another of talent, especially since the WWE has more extremely talented superstars than they know what to do with.

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