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  1. "A Long-Awaited Crossing Of Paths" BPZ.com
  2. Name: Dafydd Smith Age: 29 Nationality: Welsh Club: Liverpool Skin Tone: White Height in cm: 187 cm Weight: 90 kg Position: CB Role: Sweeper
  3. FEBRUARY 2021 PAY-PER-VIEW Heart Of Elysium Match Killer Kross (c) vs Big E Opening the night, Big E not only seeks gold but also revenge for his close friend, Kofi Kingston, who was victimized by the beast that holds the Heart Of Elysium, Killer Kross. As these two absolute powerhouses clash, just like Kofi did, Big E pushes Kross further than anyone has thus far in QUEST. Nevertheless, 'The Herald Of Doomsday' manages to pick up the victory, starting the night off well for Los Mercenarios. Winner: Killer Kross (c) Daniel Bryan vs Último Dragón Next, one of the best wrestlers in the world today, Daniel Bryan, takes on legendary Japanese wrestler, Último Dragón in an exhibition one-on-one contest. In a fair and even bout, it is Daniel Bryan who picks up the victory but still, he pays his respect to the legend after their match. Winner: Daniel Bryan Bianca Belair vs Lacey Evans vs Rhea Ripley With both Belair and Evans looking to gain momentum off of the back of Rhea Ripley, the inaugural QUEST Women's Champion fights for her namesake in this triple threat. As all three women want to be the next in line for the QUEST Women's Championship, this match is extremely competitive but in the end, Rhea Ripley is able to pin Evans for the win. Winner: Rhea Ripley QUEST Tag Team Championship Match The End (c) vs Everett & Lee With the QUEST Tag Team Championships on the line, the undefeated duo of Parrow & Odinson defends their titles against the newly reformed duo of Everett & Lee. Despite a good start for Everett & Lee, the cracks begin to show late in the match and ultimately, it's Lee's lack of commitment to the team that allows The End to put an end to Andrew Everett and retain. Winner: The End (c) AJ Styles vs King Cuerno In the second match for Los Mercenarios tonight, King Cuerno takes on AJ Styles after picking a bone with AJ over the month. With both of these men considered all-time greats of their country's wrestling scenes and having years upon years of experience, this match is another competitive bout but in the end, AJ Styles proves Cuerno's doubts wrong as he picks up the victory. Winner: AJ Styles Prize Of Proteus Championship Match Rob Van Dam (c) vs Nick Gage Before the headline match-ups of the show, Nick Gage raids the rings with a bunch of weapons and a microphone. From the ring, Gage calls out Prize Of Proteus Champion, Rob Van Dam, and states that he won't attack RVD from behind like everyone else has for the whole month and that he wants the hardcore icon face-to-face in the ring. After Rob Van Dam comes out and accepts, the two extreme athletes take each other to hell and back before eventually, Rob Van Dam picks up the victory. Winner: Rob Van Dam (c) However, after the match, with the hardcore rule still applied to RVD's reign, the scrawny Spike Trivet appears for the first time in QUEST Wrestling as he climbs onto the apron. With Trivet distracting RVD, Moose is able to catch him off guard with a spear before then allowing Trivet to pin RVD, crowning Spike Trivet as the brand new Prize Of Proteus Champion to the shock of everyone watching. QUEST Women's Championship Match Toni Storm (c) vs Dakota Kai In the co-main event, Toni Storm defends the QUEST Women's Championship for the first time since winning the title in the finals of Trials Of The Amazons in singles competition against Dakota Kai. Despite Kai having momentum off of a PPV win against Rhea Ripley and a number one contender match against Lacey Evans, Toni is able to retain her title, proving that she truly does deserve to be champion. Winner: Toni Storm (c) QUEST World Heavyweight Championship Match Randy Orton (c) vs Seth Rollins In the main event, after battling over the challenges put against him by part-owner of QUEST and ally of the reigning champion, Seth Rollins is here tonight and will finally get his shot at Randy Orton for the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship. Before the match begins, as Batista and Orton arrive, Bischoff makes his way out and instructs the referee to ban Batista from ringside to avoid any shenanigans. In response, Batista stands eerily silent for a few moments before nodding and heading to the back as he complies, to the surprise of Eric. Nevertheless, the match between these two long-time rivals is a very close encounter. In the closing moments though, the referee takes a bump, leaving only Seth Rollins stood on his feet when suddenly, Trevor Lee and a debuting Ricky Starks surround the ring before rushing in and laying a beating on Rollins. By the time the referee has come to, Lee and Starks have evacuated the ring, and Randy is poised, waiting to strike Rollins with an RKO which he does before then picking up the pinfall. After the match, Batista makes his way back out, clapping all the way down to the ring. Once he gets between the ropes, Batista embraces both Lee and Starks before then congratulating Randy on the successful defense. In the final moments of the night, this new alliance stands side-by-side with many questions to be asked but one answer unquestionable, Randy Orton is still QUEST World Heavyweight Champion. Winner: Randy Orton (c)
  4. FEBRUARY 2021 WEEK 1 The New Queen Of QUEST Moving on from Blessed Be The Fight, we start the second month of 2021 with the newest unveiled part-owner of QUEST Wrestling, Paige, who brings out the winner of Trials Of The Amazons and new QUEST Women's Champion, Toni Storm. After Paige congratulates Storm, the champion promises to hold the title with pride, unlike its past champion. However, she of course can't go interrupted as firstly, Dakota Kai makes her way out, boasting about her win at BBTF, before then, Lacey Evans makes her debut appearance in QUEST, stating that she will bring proper class to women's wrestling. In the end, Paige announces a number one contenders match for next week between Evans and Kai, with the winner getting a title shot at this month's PPV, Love Is Blindness. Lucha Dragons vs Vicious Canuck Veterans Opening the in-ring competition, high-flying Luchadors, Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara), take on gritty Canadians, Vicious Canuck Veterans (Teddy Hart & Tyson Dux). Despite Hart & Dux doing their best to ground the Luchadores, Kalisto & Cara once again prove themselves as an elite tag team as they manage to pick up the victory over two well-versed competitors. Winner: Lucha Dragons Daniel Bryan Is Disappointed Following his loss to Seth Rollins at BBTF, Bryan appears in front of a camera, his hair messy and a frown on his face. Although he mentions the shady low blow by Rollins, which he isn't sure was incidental or not, Bryan focuses on being disappointed in himself for his shortcomings in GPW and now his failure in QUEST. Nevertheless, Bryan ends it all off by promising to reestablish why he is the best pro wrestler in the world today. As Bryan finishes talking, Rob Van Dam walks by and nods at Daniel when suddenly, he is stopped in his tracks by a white rabbit. Out of nowhere, Paul London comes flying at RVD and attempts to pin him for the Prize Of Proteus, with it being under hardcore rules during RVD's reign. However, RVD is able to counter it and pin London instead. Andrew Everett vs AR Fox Next, two incredible high-flyers compete in a singles match as Andrew Everett takes on AR Fox, with Fox expectedly accompanied by Reed and as a surprise, Everett is joined by Trevor Lee. After a close contest, without Everett knowing, Lee interferes to help his friend pick up the victory over Fox. Following the match, Fox and Reed argue with Lee and Everett. Whilst Everett is confused, not knowing or condoning such actions, Lee bites back and riles the opponents up but Everett defuses the situation and it ends at that. Winner: Andrew Everett AJ Styles Won't Be Down For Long After losing the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship and being unable to capture it back, AJ Styles comes to the ring for one reason and one reason only, to declare that whether it be in a few weeks or a couple of months, AJ Styles will be back on top as world champion sooner or later as he is the best in the world today. Suddenly, he is interrupted by all three of Los Mercenarios who tell AJ that there's a force plowing threw QUEST and it will go straight through 'The Phenomenal One' if necessary, with Cuerno being the one especially getting in Styles' face. In order to set an example, Cuerno tells AJ to watch tonight's main event from ringside, a front-row seat as Killer Kross defends his right as Heart Of Elysium holder in an open challenge. Heart Of Elysium Match Killer Kross (c) vs Cedric Alexander Answering the challenge is Cedric Alexander as he and Kross face for the first time ever. Despite an inspiring fight from Cedric, Killer Kross is able to get the victory, and whilst he is choking out Alexander, Cuerno talks trash to AJ, getting right in his face once again as Los Mercenarious send yet another threatening message. Winner: Killer Kross (c) WEEK 2 Randy Orton Is Number One After successfully defending the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles at BBTF, Orton appears two weeks later, joined by his ally Batista. Explaining their absence from last week's show simply as them being too busy celebrating their success, there seems to be a lack of care for the company and pure focus on themselves. As they move onto the #1 contender, Seth Rollins, the man himself comes out and confronts the pair. Not pleased by the disrespect shown by Rollins, Batista, being a part-owner of QUEST, books Seth in a handicap match next week against the reigning, undefeated QUEST Tag Team Champions, The End. QUEST Women's Number One Contender Match Dakota Kai vs Lacey Evans After both these women stepped up to the new champion last week, they face off this week in Lacey Evans' debut match and it is to become number one contender. Despite an impressive debut, the blistering kicks of Dakota Kai get her the victory and earn her the title shot. Winner: Dakota Kai Trevor Lee And Andrew Everett Pair-Up Once Again In the locker room backstage, we see Trevor Lee approach his reunited friend, Andrew Everett, as he apologizes for cheating to help Everett win next week but then goes on to ask Everett to reform their tag team. Hesitantly, Everett accepts. As the two shake hands, Rob Van Dam can be seen in the background as a football/soccer ball comes flying into the shot and hits RVD right in the head. Following it up, A-Kid tires to pin RVD for the Prize Of Proteus but once again, RVD counters and gets the pinfall himself. Alex Zayne vs Amazing Red The episode before BBTF, we saw two insane high-flyers in Alex Zayne and Amazing Red go off against each other. After such a close and thrilling contest, the two have a rematch and this time, it is the young boy, Alex Zayne, who bests the veteran. Once again, the two shake hands in respect of each other's mesmerizing abilities. Winner: Alex Zayne Rhea Ripley Refuses To Stop After falling short to Dakota Kai in their rematch at BBTF, inaugural QUEST Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, cuts a promo about where she goes from here. Although she knows she won’t be in contention for the title this month and maybe even next, she promises that she will fight her way to being back on top of the division. Heart Of Elysium Match Killer Kross (c) vs Kofi Kingston In the main event, Los Mercenarios once again end the night off, with all three members making their way to the ring, cutting a promo and opening the challenge to anyone to try and take the Heart Of Elysium from Killer Kross. This week, The New Day answer the challenge as Kofi gets between the ropes with Big E at ringside. Although Kingston would push Kross further than anyone in QUEST so far, “The Herald Of Doomsday” would prove too powerful once again as he ruthlessly chokes out Kofi whilst staring right into the eyes of Big E. After the referee calls for the bell, Kross keeps the choke in on Kofi until Big E rushes into the ring, coming to the aid of his friend. Taunting as they leave, Los Mercenarios look back at The New Day as they hold their flag up proudly. Winner: Killer Kross (c) WEEK 3 QUEST Tag Team Number One Contender Match Lucha Dragons vs Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee With Lucha Dragons victorious in tag team action two weeks ago, they meet Everett, who also picked up a win that night, and his friend, Trevor Lee, as the two pairings face in a match to decide the number one contenders to the QUEST Tag Team Championships. Although Kalisto & Sin Cara are much more fluent as a team, the reunited Everett & Lee manage to pull off the victory, earning themselves a shot at the tag titles at Love Is Blindness. After the match, whilst Everett & Lee are celebrating, the lights go out as if there is a surprise attack but when the lights come back on, Everett is in the ring alone whilst Lee is cowering on the outside, having ditched his friend. Obviously, this doesn’t sit well with Everett whilst Lee pleas for forgiveness. Chad Gable Challenges AJ Styles As has become a theme for Chad Gable, we see him backstage as he approaches AJ Styles and challenges him to a friendly bout next week to which AJ accepts. As the two have a little exchange of friendly trash talk, RVD walks by and joins in, putting himself above both AJ and Gable as the Prize Of Proteus Champion. As the three then laugh it off, suddenly RVD is blasted from behind by Son of Havoc who tries to pin RVD but once again, RVD is able to counter and gets the pin on Havoc. After RVD escapes, Cuerno runs in to help Havoc up but he then notices AJ and starts getting in his face just like he did the other week, trash-talking ‘The Phenomenal One’. Bianca Belair vs Kayden Carter Next, Lacey Lane makes her debut for QUEST in singles competition against Bianca Belair. After picking up the victory, Belair cuts a promo calling out Rhea Ripley, claiming that she never would have been the inaugural champion if Belair was here from the get-go and that she’s down to prove exactly that anytime anyplace. Winner: Bianca Belair Nick Gage vs Jordan Oliver In a second one-on-one contest, fan-favorite hardcore extraordinaire Nick Gage takes on young prospect Jordan Oliver. Although Oliver impresses by taking the fight to Gage, Mr. MDK is able to get the victory. After the match, Jordan Oliver is recovering in the ring when AR Fox and Myron Reed come out and approach Jordan. After asking Jordan to join them and help them fight for justice, the three men embrace and then head to the back together. Winner: Nick Gage Eric Bischoff Has A Surprise For Daniel Bryan With Daniel having expressed his disappointment in his performances as of late, Eric Bischoff greets him backstage and offers some words of encouragement before then telling Bryan that he has a surprise in store for him at Love Is Blindness. Then, a video package plays revealing Daniel’s opponent as legendary masked Japanese wrestler, Último Dragón, with these two greats set to clash for the first time ever. Seth Rollins vs The End In the main event, the number one contender to Randy Orton’s QUEST World Heavyweight Championship is pitted against the reigning undefeated QUEST Tag Team Champions, The End, with the handicap match being booked by Randy’s friend and part-owner of the company, Batista. As expected, it’s a dominant showing from The End but of course, Rollins doesn’t give up and keeps trying to fight his way back into the match. Just as it seems as though Rollins might actually have a chance, Orton and Batista raid the ring and lay waste to Rollins, forcing the referee to call a no contest. After a savage beat down, Orton raises his title high over the barren body of Seth. Result: No Contest WEEK 4 Heart Of Elysium Match Killer Kross (c) vs Sin Cara This week, Los Mercenarios kick off the show as Killer Kross puts his title on the line for the third time this month, this time against legendary luchador, Sin Cara. With there still being heat between Lucha Dragons and Los Mercenarios, there’s more to the contest than just the Heart Of Elysium being on the line. This time, it is Kalisto who is forced to watch his partner fall to “The Herald Of Doomsday” but as soon as the bell rings, he gets into the ring to help his partner. However, Los Mercenarios don’t take too kindly to it and attack Kalisto which is when Big E comes sprinting down to the ring and forces them to retreat. Then, E grabs a microphone and calls out Kross for a match at Love Is Blindness as he seeks revenge for Kofi. Dakota Kai Questions The Champion After the opening bout, number one contender to the QUEST Women's Championship, Dakota Kai, comes to the ring and cuts a promo questioning the integrity and honor of the reigning champion, Toni Storm, as she points out that she was the reason Storm beat Ripley in the semi-finals of Trials Of The Amazons. Not letting Kai just talk trash on her name, Storm comes out and bites back as the two then staredown ahead of their match at Love Is Blindness. Carmella vs Rhea Ripley Looking to redeem herself after he recent loss to Dakota Kai, Rhea Ripley takes on and defeats Carmella. After the match, Bianca Belair comes out and confronts Rhea face-to-face. However, from behind, Rhea is rocked with a huge right by Lacey Evans. With Ripley down, Bianca and Lacey stare down for a few moments before Lacey departs as there’s clearly tension between all three of these women. Winner: Rhea Ripley Everett & Lee Confront The End Next, we see Everett & Lee backstage as Trevor still seems to be getting Andrew to forgive him. In order to prove that he will stand by his friend, Lee suggests that the two go find The End, who they will be battling at Love Is Blindness, and let them know what they’re in for. When they do find the champions though, Lee does a lot of trash talking to the two monsters but is noticeably doing so over Everett’s back. As The End stays silent but visually can be seen growing angrier and angrier, Lee decides its in their best interest to end this confrontation here and wishes them good luck before pulling Everett away. AJ Styles vs Chad Gable In the main event, AJ Styles and Chad Gable go one-on-one in an exhibition match. The more the match goes on, the less friendly the competition gets as both men really want the win here tonight. Nevertheless, at the end of a very close contest, AJ Styles gets the victory. After the match, Styles’ celebration is cut short as King Cuerno makes his way out and cuts a promo saying that’s Los Mercenarios have been running this place since they formed and that AJ is an overrated puto who needs to know his place. Stepping up to the challenge, AJ suggests that the two face-off at Love Is Blindness. In response, AJ is met with nothing more than a cocky grin from a Cuerno. Winner: AJ Styles Disruption Within QUEST Ownership As the go-home show comes to an end, we see Eric Bischoff enter the office of Batista. Unpleased with the way Batista has been abusing his power, Eric confronts him but soon regrets it as Batista grabs Bischoff by his neck and tells him he’ll use his power how he sees fit. With a grip still around Eric's neck, Batista asks Bischoff to excuse himself as he has some important calls to make...
  5. Smith

    Moving Forward

    Looking at Bart, Eli smiles proudly, appreciating the educated break-down of the forthcoming encounter between the reigning champs and the recently reunited Angelo Caito and Echo Wilson. Allowing a break before he begins to speak, Smith directs his attention to the crowd, surveying the fans' reactions to his partner's words. After letting Bart's words settle, Eli now brings the microphone to his mouth and injects his own take on the bout. I tell you what Bart, you're not wrong, not a single bit. However, I would like to touch on a few things, things that our upcoming opponents have had to say, things that an old friend of yours had to say. Whilst Angelo retained the respect you all witnessed between us when this tag team championship bout was created, his partner had a noticeably different take. Echo, personally, I have no problem with you and I don't remember ever having one. However, earlier, you stood in front of the camera and acted as if we're enemies, as if there's heat between the two of us. Perhaps, you are right to do so as I stand by a man you have a storied past with or perhaps, you are wrong to do so because now you've made it personal. See, you say you're not fighting to relive a part of your past, that you don't want to drown yourself in your history, yet, here you stand today, stood beside an ally of your past, reforming a tag team from your past. To me, it seems as though you can't make your mind up, as though you're stuck trying to pick your favorite aspects from each path ahead of you but what you have to realize is that you either fully go for it, refresh yourself completely and return with a new drive or you take on your past, you embrace your failures and use them to fuel you to heights greater than you ever reached before. What I've seen from you today, it's an awful mixture of the two. You claim that you aren't here to correct your past mistakes yet, you also claim that you still want vengeance against Bart for your past grievances. You claim that you don't want to relive your past yet, here you are reforming your team with Angelo. Withal, you still expect us to believe that you don't care about righting the biggest wrong of your career? As far as I'm concerned, it all points towards the real reason you don't have that drive to correct the biggest mistake you ever made, one that you refuse to admit... You know you can't, you know you're never going to be at the level you were before, you know that you had your chance to break into the main event scene permanently and you crashed harder than anyone in BPZ history. Still, two years later, you want to dub yourself as the new age redeemer. Your chance to be apart of the new age has passed my friend. Your chance to be that huge rising star who takes the company by storm has passed. Now, claiming such a title only sours the use of the term, associating yourself with the new age only limits how far the real members of the new age can truly go because you've hit your ceiling. All you're doing is holding the new age back, misrepresenting the great youthful talents that are fighting their way to the top, and somehow you have the gall to call Creed cancerous. Whilst you've been doing whatever, wherever, for the past year and however many months, Bart and I, Creed, we've been the ones putting our all into BPZ, we've been the ones defining the landscape around here, we've been the ones keeping this place going, and today, we stand as the four cornerstones of this company. That's why this match means so much to your career. Everything I just said about you not being able to break that ceiling you hit two years ago, that could be proven wrong with a single victory over the reigning, defending, undefeated BPZ Tag Team Champions of the world. However, quite simply, that isn't going to happen. At Exodus, we don't relive the past, AK-47 doesn't relive the success it once did. Instead, Creed, the undefeated BPZ Tag Team Champions of the world, we do what we've been doing for the past 200-plus days and what we will continue to do for as far as one can imagine, we conquer yet another formidable duo, we raise the prestige of these titles once again and we further our legacy.
  6. "Brand New Valor Championship Announced" BPZ.com
  7. Name: Dafydd Smith Nationality: Wales Club: Leeds United Skin Tone: White Height: 6’2 Weight: 205 lbs Position: CB Play Style: Sweeper
  8. An artist who always provides incredible visuals for his music videos is SL. Although they might not be the most meaningful or complex videos, he will always provide a mesmerising location each video which also gives an insight into how much he cares about each song he releases. Here's an example: Also, if you do like a bit more though and complexity in music videos, look no further than Rapman. Making his name known through story-telling songs, it's no surprise that Rapman has in-depth videos to match his thoughtful lyrics. Furthermore, he literally has a blockbuster movie in which he tells the story through rap. Here's the trailer:
  9. Venue: Egyptian Army Stadium, Suez, Egypt Theme Song: Matchcard: BPZ Undisputed Championship | Slim (c) vs Sameer BPZ Tag Team Championships | Creed (Bart & Smith) (c) vs AK-17 (Angelo & Echo) Tony Tastic vs TheGRV SummerSlam Qualifier | Eric Shun vs Marc Aaron Newton SummerSlam Qualifier | Addy vs Austin Omega Story Of Temples | Arius vs Gunner vs Mikey vs Yelich vs ??? Bob Sparks vs Necce
  10. Smith


    Firstly, I need you to know that the lists of championships, the tallies of awards, they're great to have, nice to look back on, but nothing is better than knowing you truly have a passion for this art, knowing that you've put your all into what you do and being able to look back, reflect, and know that you've made a difference. Without even thinking twice, Angelo, I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that you've changed this business, you've left your mark and your legacy will never be forgotten. So, in a few years, when you're looking back at your time here, please don't focus on the negativity, the shortcomings, the underachievements; think about the lives you changed, the memories you made, and everything that you have contributed. Now, allow me to answer your challenge on behalf of both Bart and myself. See, we had a feeling that this may be the reason you wanted us to come out here, we had an inkling that you may want us as apart of your retirement tour. To that, we accept. Momentarily, Eli pauses as he looks down at the strap draped over his shoulder. Then, he glances up at Bart who gives Smith a reassuring nod as Eli then turns his attention back to Angelo, returning the microphone to his lips. However, as the reigning BPZ Tag Team Champions of the world, it wouldn't be right to just lay our belts aside and spend our time facing you in singles competition when we could be defending these titles and further raising their prestige. Therefore, instead of a singles match against Bart and a singles match against me, what we propose is that you, Angelo, find yourself a tag-team partner and you face us two-on-two, for the BPZ Tag Team Championships, at Valor's Chapter II: Exodus!
  11. JANUARY 2021 PAY-PER-VIEW Heart Of Elysium Match Killer Kross (c) vs Chad Gable vs Trevor Lee In the opening bout, Killer Kross defends his Heart Of Elysium against Chad Gable and Trevor Lee. With Chad Gable heated after his original opportunity at HoE was taken away from him by Los Mercenarios, he is hot out of the gates but lets his emotions get the better of him, focusing on getting revenge on Kross over winning. Meanwhile, Kross is as cold and calculated as ever and Trevor Lee is completely focused on using this platform to prove himself. Therefore, in the end, Kross gets the pinfall on Chad Gable and remains the holder of the Heart Of Elysium. Winner: Killer Kross (c) Dakota Kai vs Rhea Ripley In a rematch of the first-round bout between these two, Rhea Ripley looks for revenge on Dakota Kai who interfered in the Australian's semi-final match. With both women being the reason the other isn't competing for the QUEST Women's Championship tonight, there's tension from the go and after all, Dakota Kai evens the score against Ripley. Winner: Dakota Kai Kalisto vs King Cuerno Next, another battle of wills commences as distasteful competition between two-Luchador units spires into a singles bout between Kalisto of Lucha Dragons and King Cuerno of Los Mercenarios who are joined by Sin Cara and Son of Havoc respectively. With teammate Killer Kross retaining the Heart Of Elysium earlier, King Cuerno brings home the second win of the night for the squad with a hard-earned victory against Kalisto. After the match, Cuerno approaches a fallen Kalisto who looks up to him from the ground. One last time, Cuerno offers a spot in Los Mercenarios to Kalisto. Once again, Kalisto declines with Sin Cara by his side. In response, Cuerno grows sick of the disrespect so he straight-up slaps Kalisto around the face and then spits on him before running away alongside Havoc. Winner: King Cuerno QUEST Tag Team Championship Match The End (c) vs FireFox With the QUEST Tag Team Championships on the line, the monstrous and dominant reigning champions, The End, defend their spot at the top of the division against AR Fox & Myron Reed, known together as FireFox. Despite a heart-warming effort by the mentor and mentee duo of FireFox, The End continues their tyrant reign as champions as they force Myron Reed to watch AR Fox be decimated and pinned. Winner: The End (c) QUEST World Heavyweight #1 Contender Match Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins In a match between undoubtedly two of the best wrestlers in the world today, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins battle for the right to be named QUEST World Heavyweight #1 Contender in an extremely competitive match. In the closing moments, things get a bit shady as Bryan goes for a knee but is caught by a superkick from Rollins that seems to catch Daniel a bit low. Nevertheless, Rollins hits the Curbstomp and gets the victory with the referee making the pinfall. After the match, Daniel Bryan is clearly in pain and appears to be claiming that he was kicked in the private area. With the call already made, Rollins is crowned the #1 contender in front of an irate Bryan. Winner: Seth Rollins Deathmatch | Prize Of Proteus Championship Match Kevin Owens (c) vs Rob Van Dam In the next match, Kevin Owens defends the Prize Of Proteus Championship in the stipulation of his choice, a deathmatch, against challenger Rob Van Dam. Going back to his extreme routes, Rob Van Dam puts on a performance like his younger self in an effort that earns him the victory, with the fate of the title now in his hands. After capturing the Prize Of Proteus Championship, Rob Van Dam looks to immediately set the rules for his reign as he goes for a microphone whilst celebrating. Right there and then, Rob Van Dam announces that the Prize Of Proteus will truly be "The Whole F'ckin Show" as the championship will follow the 24/7, falls count anywhere stipulation of the classic hardcore title, and it begins now! Winner: Rob Van Dam Trials Of The Amazons Finale | QUEST Women's Championship Match Sasha Banks vs Toni Storm In the co-main event, Sasha Banks and Toni Storm II occurs in the finale of the Trials Of The Amazons tournament to crown the new QUEST Women's Champion. After Sasha cheated to beat Toni at Blinding Sun, Storm has struggled to regain her footing here in QUEST until TOTA, where she has been on fire and tonight, she goes all the way in an avenging victory over 'The Boss', crowning Toni Storm as the QUEST Women's Champion. Winner: Toni Storm QUEST World Heavyweight Championship Match Randy Orton (c) vs AJ Styles At the end of what has been a whirlwind of a show, after shocking QUEST to its core last week, Randy Orton defends the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship as AJ Styles' invokes his rematch clause after losing the title in a controversial manner just over a week ago. This time, as he comes to the ring, Orton whispers to Batista who then turns around and heads to the back, taking Styles one-on-one, man-to-man. Ultimately, Orton gets the job done and retains his spot on top, marking QUEST Wrestling as Viper territory. Winner: Randy Orton (c)
  12. JANUARY 2021 WEEK 1 Trials Of The Amazons First-Round Match Dakota Kai vs Rhea Ripley Opening the new year, Dakota Kai and Rhea Ripley face-off with Kai being the only entrant into the tournament who had to compete in a qualifying match. Although, despite being able to earn a spot in the first-round, Kai isn't able to earn a spot in the next as she falls to the former champion, Rhea Ripley, and is visibly extremely upset with the result. Winner: Rhea Ripley Los Mercenarios Are Taking Over After Killer Kross made his debut in QUEST Wrestling at FFT as a surprise entrant in the Heart Of Elysium match, which he won, he and his newly-found comrades, King Cuerno & Son of Havoc, make their way out to the ring, donning Los Mercenarios branded gear. Boasting the success of Kross who now holds that Heart Of Elysium, a passage to a one-on-one title shot for the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship at anytime of Kross' wish, Los Mercenarios are interrupted by Chad Gable. As Gable was the victim of an attack before the HOE match that meant he couldn't compete, he challenges Kross to a match for the title. However, the three members of Los Mercenarios simply laugh at Gable before walking past him, leaving the ring and blatantly ignoring his request. Myron Reed w/ AR Fox vs Trevor Lee In the second match of the night, AR Fox, still suffering from the injuries garnered in the deathmatch for the Prize Of Proteus at FFT, brings out a young talent trained at his academy, Myron Reed, as he is set to take on Trevor Lee. Despite a respectable effort from Reed, Lee is able to pick up the victory. Winner: Trevor Lee Trials Of The Amazons First-Round Match Mickie James vs Toni Storm In the second match of the tournament to crown the new QUEST Women's Champion, legendary veteran Mickie James takes on former champion, Toni Storm. As these two clash for the first time ever, it is Toni Storm who is able to pick up the victory. Winner: Toni Storm The Spotlight Is On Seth Rollins Next, before the main event, Seth Rollins cuts a promo in which he refers to Trevor Lee's pre-FFT claims of deserving the spotlight as Rollins now claims that he can't be denied the spotlight, that although he isn't a champion, he's the hottest thing going in QUEST Wrestling. Kalisto vs Randy Orton In the main event, after both men came up short at FFT, Kalisto and Randy Orton face-off one-on-one with Batista in the corner of The Viper and Sin Cara in his tag partners. Although Kalisto pushes Orton to his limits, Randy is able to get away with a poke to the eyes of Kalisto through his mask that allows him to get the victory. After Orton and Batista leave following their celebration, Kalisto is left in the ring being consoled by Sin Cara when to everyone's surprise, Los Mercenarios come down to the ring for the second time tonight but this time, their attention is on Lucha Dragons. With a t-shirt for each man, Los Mercenarios offer Kalisto and Sin Cara a spot within their ranks but the honorable tecnicos refuse. Winner: Randy Orton WEEK 2 AJ Styles Reigns On As World Champion In his first appearance since FFT, reigning QUEST World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, comes down to the ring and cuts a promo celebrating his victory over both Big E and Randy Orton. However, it isn't long until he is interrupted by the latter who is joined by Batista. As Orton's ally, Batista points out that AJ pinned Big E, not Orton, and therefore, Orton deserves another shot at the title, one-on-one. When AJ tries to argue back, Batista reminds AJ he is an investor in QUEST Wrestling and that this isn't to be discussed, it is an order by the authority of the company that AJ Styles will defend his championship against Randy Orton in next week's main event. Trials Of The Amazons First-Round Match Carmella vs Sasha Banks Continuing the first-round match-ups of TOTA, Carmella and Sasha Banks go one-on-one. In the end, it is The Boss who picks up the victory and advances to the semi-finals. Winner: Sasha Banks The End vs Cedric Alexander & Max Caster Next, the reigning QUEST Tag Team Champions, The End, compete in tag team action against the first-time pairing of Cedric Alexander and newcomer, Max Caster. On his way to the ring, the debuting Caster instantly makes a big impression as he drops some sick rhymes, dissing Parrow & Odinson with a rad flow. However, the two monstrous champions aren't so impressed as they demolish Caster, leaving the odds against Cedric who puts up a valiant effort but ultimately, falls at the feet of the champions. Winner: The End Daniel Bryan Responds To Rollins' Bold Claims After coming out victorious in a personal bout against long-time friend Brian Kendrick at FFT, Daniel Bryan cuts a promo in which he mentions Rollins' words from last week. Disputing them, Bryan claims that Rollins is being naive and that the world title is the way to the big spotlight as Daniel then states that that's exactly what he has his eyes on. Trials Of The Amazons First-Round Match Bianca Belair vs Naomi Next, the first-round of TOTA comes to a close as Bianca Belair and Naomi face-off. After a clash between two of the most athletic women in the industry today, Belair is able to overcome the experience advantage held by Naomi as she puts the ten-year veteran down for the three count. Prize Of Proteus Match | Deathmatch Kevin Owens (c) vs Nick Gage After the contest between Belair and Naomi, as promised on social media, the Prize Of Proteus Champion, Kevin Owens, storms into the ring and demands a microphone. After going to war with AR Fox at FFT, Owens states that he wants more, he wants to face the toughest S.O.Bs in the business because he wants to out-rightly prove that he is the most dangerous fighter in the world today. Undoubtedly, Owens isn't disappointed as he is answered by arguably the top hardcore wrestler in the USA today, Nick Gage! Entering through the crowd, Gage strikes fear into Owens as he, along with the fans, shout MDK ALL FUCKING DAY! Nevertheless, at the end of a hellacious bout, Owens proves how tough he truly is as he knocks off Nick Gage. After the match, a disgruntled Owens doesn't stop after the bell and continues to beat down Nick Gage until none other than living hardcore legend, Rob Van Dam, sprints down to the ring and makes the save. In a quick promo, RVD admits he hasn't been the most righteous person as of late but to attack a man after a battle like that is beyond him. Then, RVD challenges Owens to a title match at the upcoming PPV, Blessed Be The Fight. Winner: Kevin Owens (c) WEEK 3 Kevin Owens Isn't Scared Of Anybody Following the closing moments of last week's show, Kevin Owens comes down to the ring with a microphone and speaks on the man that challenged him to a match last night, Nick Gage, before then moving onto the main focus, the man that then challenged Owens to a match at Blessed Be The Fight, Rob Van Dam. As the Prize Of Proteus Champion, Owens chose deathmatches as the stipulation of his title defenses and he reminds us all of that before claiming that he's not scared of anyone or anything, especially a rusty overhyped hardcore 'icon'. Trials Of The Amazons Semi-Final Match Rhea Ripley vs Toni Storm Starting the action tonight, the paths of archrivals Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm cross once more but this time in the semi-finals of TOTA. In the closing moments, it looks as though it may be swaying in Ripley's favor when all of a sudden, Kai interferes. At first, Toni hesitates as she knows it's wrong but still, she takes advantage and gets the victory. Winner: Toni Storm Andrew Everett vs Killer Kross In an exhibition singles contest, the holder of the Heart Of Elysium, Killer Kross, takes on the debuting high-flyer, Andrew Everett. In the end, it is Kross who gets the victory after a dominant display of power but during the match, it appears that Everett hurts himself. After the match, a friend of Everett, Trevor Lee, comes down to ringside to check on his friend. Meanwhile, as Kross celebrates, Chad Gable comes running down to the ring, still looking for revenge against the man that stole his spot in the HoE match. Of course, though, the cavalry soon arrives on behalf of Kross as Cuerno and Havoc now ambush Gable. After slightly hesitating, Trevor Lee runs into the ring and saves Gable but as Gable thanks him, Lee spikes him as well! With a message sent, Trevor Lee stands tall. Winner: Killer Kross Confrontation Between Two Of The Best Backstage, Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins bump into each other as Rollins confronts Bryan about what he said last week. With no sign of backing down, Bryan reinstates what he said as the two now go back-and-forth, getting more and more heated to the point where they just stare right at each other before Rollins storms off. FireFox vs Lucha Dragons Next, FireFox (AR Fox & Myron Reed) takes on former tag team champions, Lucha Dragons. In a very fast-paced match, FireFox is able to knock off the inaugural tag champs in an extremely impressive victory. However, their celebration is cut short as the current champions, The End, raid the ring and lay waste to FireFox, letting them know who runs this division. Winner: FireFox QUEST World Heavyweight Championship Match AJ Styles (c) vs Randy Orton Ending the night, AJ Styles defends his QUEST World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton after Batista used his powers as an investor in the company to make the match. In a stellar main event, two of the best wrestlers in the world today put on a great match but with a sour ending as Batista underhandedly interferes, distracting AJ which allows Orton to connect with the RKO! Immediately, Orton covers AJ and a new champion is crowned. Winner and brand new QUEST World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton! WEEK 4 Titans Of QUEST Encounter Each Other Beginning the last show before Blessed Be The Fight, the brand new QUEST World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, joined by his ally and investor in QUEST, Batista. As they boast the success of The Viper in last week's main event, pronouncing the start of QUEST's evolution, the pair are interrupted by the former champion, AJ Styles, who is rightfully pissed off. Soon, Seth Rollins makes his way out, and not long after, so does Daniel Bryan. All five of the men say their part before then Eric Bischoff, another investor in QUEST, comes out to resolve everything. Withal, Bischoff makes two matches for Blessed Be The Fight, a QUEST World Heavyweight Championship match between Orton and Styles, and also a number one contenders match between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins. Los Mercenarios Give Dragons One Last Chance Backstage, Kalisto and Sin Cara are grabbing some food before the first match of tonight's show when they are approached by Cuerno and Havoc of Los Mercenarios. After taunting them about their loss against FireFox last week, Cuerno gives the two of them another opportunity to join Los Mercenarios but once again, Lucha Dragons reject the offer. Then, instead, Cuerno calls Kalisto out to a match which Kalisto does accept. Alex Zayne vs Amazing Red In the opening contest, two insanely talented high-flyers face-off as the up-and-coming Alex Zayne takes on the veteran Amazing Red. In a very exciting contest in which both men showcase their incredible aerial abilities, it is the twenty-two-year veteran that gets the victory. After the match, Red offers a handshake to Zayne, which is accepted, as respect is shown from generation to generation of high-flying. Winner: Amazing Red Rhea Ripley Wants Her Revenge On Dakota Kai With Kai already eliminated from TOTA, she appears backstage being interviewed about what's next for her in QUEST. As she is answering, her attention is drawn away as a woman can be heard calling her name. Suddenly, Rhea Ripley enters the shot and immediately gets right into the face of Kai, furious at Dakota for interfering in her semi-final match. As the interviewer and a member of security split the two up before things get physical, the two bark back-and-forth as Rhea challenges Kai to a match at Blessed Be The Fight which Dakota accepts. Gable Questions The Pride Of Kross In desperation, Chad Gable comes down to the ring and rants about how Los Mercenarios screwed him out of his shot at the Heart Of Elysium. After trying to get his revenge or even just a match against Kross for the past few weeks, Gable states that this is his last hope as he begins to question the pride of Killer Kross. Displeased with the words of Gable, Kross makes his way out and responds. Soon after, Trevor Lee comes out and boasts about how he stood tall over both Kross and Gable last week. In the end, Kross declares that he will destroy both men at Blessed Be The Fight with the Heart Of Elysium on the line. Trials Of The Amazons Semi-Final Match Bianca Belair vs Sasha Banks In the main event of the night and the last match before Blessed Be The Fight, Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks face-off in the second semi-final match of TOTA. With Bianca looking for another big win over an established name in the division, she is hot out the blocks but the experience of Banks proves prosperous as The Boss gets the victory and advances to the finals. After the match, Sasha is celebrating her victory when the other finalist, Toni Storm, interrupts, making her way to the ring. With both finalists of TOTA in the ring, the next QUEST Women's Champion is between the ropes right now as both women staredown ahead of their big match. Winner: Sasha Banks
  13. Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - Eye for an Eye match Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight The New Day (c) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura - Tables match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP - United States Championship match Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the PPV? Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler Will Otis cash-in during the PPV? No Will the 24/7 Championship change hands during the PPV? Yes Will someone make a cameo in the Wyatt Swamp Fight and if so who? No Will WWE be stupid enough to use a prop eyeball? No What will be the stipulation for the McIntyre vs. Ziggler match? Horror Show Match
  14. Smith


    As per the request of the BPZ Hall Of Famer, the reigning, defending, undefeated BPZ Tag Team Champions of the world, Bart and Smith, stroll out onto the stage of their brand's stage to the tune of the late great Pop Smoke. With their championship gold over their shoulders, two warriors of the Creed brotherhood that has defined the landscape of BPZ for the past year make their way to the ring, taking in the atmosphere surrounding the BPZ-hearted legend already in the ring who's career-end is within sight. As soon as the two enter the ring, they step over to a man that they have both worked alongside for the past few years and shared many moments with. In a heartwarming moment, two founders of the Valor brand console and appreciate a man who was relentlessly put his all into this company with no questions asked. A few seconds pass by before Eli Smith goes over to the ropes and asks for a microphone from the ringside crew. Leaning on the ropes with one hand, Smith grabs the microphone from the staff with the other. As Eli takes a moment to think through what he's going to say, the champions stand across the ring from Angelo, symbolizing the fact that these are still two opposing sides when inside the ring, competitors first and foremost, but right now, Eli takes to the mic as a friend of Caito. Angelo, it's no secret that you're one of the hardest working members of this company, it's no secret that you've been extremely committed to BPZ and it's no surprise to anyone to say that you'll be etched in its history for eternity. However, what isn't so much in the eyes of the public is the sizable camaraderie that the two of us personally share. Having rarely crossed paths within the ring and the only encounter that comes to mind being the first-ever Survivor Series match, it's fair to say that we've taken two very different courses to where we are today. Over five years, we've faced the same opponents, we've battled the same foes but as far as you and I competing against each other goes, nothing has manifested what could potentially be. Yet, backstage, it's not quite the same. For the past five years, whenever I clock into work, whenever I train alongside the rest of the roster, whenever I do anything BPZ, I know I'm more than likely to bump into you because you live-and-breathe this company. Through mutual respect, we've built a friendship but what you did heading into Revelation, it quivered that respect. Attacking my brother, blaming us for something we didn't do, slandering our name without real reason, it wasn't the best time between you and us. Nevertheless, here we stand. Perhaps, that speaks on the history between us. Hearing you announce your retirement tour, looking into your eyes as you fought back those tears, it put things into perspective. Understandably, at points in your career, you've been frustrated and angry, and maybe that has led to some questionable choices but right now, I see an Angelo that is at peace, I see an Angelo with his value set straight and I see an Angelo that I'm proud to share this ring with.
  15. As Sameer looks towards the door, his Creed brethren, Eli Smith, walks into the room. Casually, Eli strolls by and greets Sameer but at first, doesn't realize he's recording. After the two briefly converse, Eli mentions he was just about to start a training session if Sameer wants to join which is when Sameer tells that he's making a video for Valor. In response, Smith looks up and only now spots the camera. At first, Eli is slightly hesitant but then reassuringly adjusts his posture and steps fully into the shot. With Sameer next to him, Smith now adds his own thoughts to the message. Five years ago, I toppled the most dominant champion in the business, I dethroned a tyrant who had ruled a reign of terror over this company and in doing so, I captured the hearts of these fans. As the love and support grew, the connection between the fans and I grew stronger until we were bonded like brothers in arms. Thus, an army was formed, Our Army and I was The Captain of it. Today, although it's hard for me to admit, it's clear to everyone who's tuned in that I'm not on the frontline day-to-day, I'm not the same man I was back then. However, when I look at the golden brand and when I watch Valor, there's one man who has that same connection with the fans that I had back then. Although many men lead the charge here on Valor, the wholehearted passion, and unwillingness to let down his supporters shines brightest in my brother, Sameer. Slim, once again, I see that you're talking out of your ass. If you don't believe Sameer is at the top here in BPZ, then you haven't been watching anything BPZ for the past year. If you didn't believe it, you wouldn't make such desperate attempts to defame his name. Of course, though, you do believe it and of course, as you usually do, you pathetically try to hide it with cheap digs because you just saw this man best fifteen of the top competitors each brand has to offer. With the fans behind him, cheering his name, celebrating alongside him with every successful result, you just witnessed Sameer clear up any doubt that he is one of the best to ever step inside a BPZ ring. Now, he's set on a similar goal to me in November of 2015. With his love for this sport and Our Army stood by his side, there's a fire inside of Sameer, one that I recognize, one that won't rest until your reign is burned to the ground and he is left standing with the Undisputed Championship in his hand, the pride of Valor to his name and the title that he will hold as Le Captain! After his words settle in, Smith takes a deep breath and then looks to his comrade, Sameer, who throughout was fired up by his brother's comments. Following a fist bump shared between the two, Smith finishes the video off with one final statement. At Chapter 2, it's brand new BPZ Undisputed Champion, Sameer, and it's reigning, defending, undefeated BPZ Tag Team Champions of the world, Bart and Smith who will stand tall once again.
  16. Name: Tyler Saint Gender: Male Role: Contestant Age: 17 Years of Experience: 1 Why Did You Join? English football prodigy sustained horrible injury so looked to pro wrestling Wrestling Style (If Wrestler) Best Skills: Athleticism, Stamina, Kicking Worst Weakness: Maturity, Knowledge, Wisdom Favorite Wrestler: Bart
  17. Name (with nickname is character has one): John "Biggie" Smith Gender: Male General Physical Description: 6'6 and WHENCH Role: Staff Interests: Training, Meat, Beer, Fighting Biggest Fear: Playing Football Why are you coming to camp? (backstory): After suffering a devastating injury during his tenure in College Football, Smith joined the Armed Forces and now wants to share what he's learnt with others at the camp. What should the name of the Summer Camp be? Cool Kids Camp
  18. Predictions Match 1 SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones (c) VS Alex Costa Match 2 SFW Lightweight Championship: Ropati (c) VS Overheel Match 3: Brass Knuckles Club VS Crescent Fall Match 4 SFW Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (c) VS The Roundtable of Excellence Match 5 SFW Television Championship: Kin Takeshi (c) VS Angelo Catio VS CJ Sellers VS Benjamin Wolfe Match 6, Street Fight: Ryan Reeves VS BIC Main Event, SFW World Championship: Yelich Anderson (c) VS Arius Bonus Questions Will there be any debuts? No How many Title Changes will there be if any? 2 Do any of these matches not end in a pinfall or submission? Yes If so which one(s)? Ryan Reeves vs BIC
  19. BPZ Judgement Day Predictions Arius vs Nebakos - Power Trip Cup Final Hans (c) vs Slim - Undisputed Championship Sameer (c) vs Amai - Intercontinental Championship Creed (Smith & Bart) vs Inner Circle (Ryan Reeves & Mikey) - Tag Team Championships Brad vs Addy - No DQ Match FDS Vs Ropati - No Hold Barred Isaiah Carter vs Raven Cody Cage vs Gill Buddy Ace vs Jason Ryan Jeremiah Flynn vs Prince- BPZ Undisputed Championship
  20. PAY-PER-VIEW Brian Kendrick vs Daniel Bryan In the first match of the night, we open up with what would most assume would be a very technical bout but with Kendrick's betrayal, Bryan is too infuriated as he charges right into the kicks. Despite Paul London being at ringside and trying to help Kendrick where he can, Daniel Bryan is able to win via submission. After the match, Kendrick is on his knees looking up to Bryan in desperation but Daniel simply shakes his head in disappointment before leaving and heading to the back in an emotional opening to tonight's show. Winner: Daniel Bryan QUEST Tag Team Championships Match The End (Parrow & Odinson) (c) vs Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo) In the first championship match of the night, the monstrous duo of Parrow & Odinson, The End, defends their QUEST Tag Team Championships against Team WhiteWolf, A-Kid & Carlos Romo. With the momentum on their side after scoring a huge upset over The Hooliganz to earn this shot, Team WhiteWolf is hot out the gates and catch the champions off guard but ultimately, The End's brute force proves too mighty for the young Spaniards. Winner: The End (c) Heart Of Elysium Ladder Match Chad Gable vs Cedric Alexander vs Kalisto vs Kofi Kingston vs Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka vs Rob Van Dam After the six competitors in this match won matches to earn their each individual medallions, they all cash them in tonight for the opportunity to win the Heart Of Elysium Ladder match. Yet, when it is Chad Gable's turn to enter, he doesn't appear. After a few moments pass, it is revealed that Gable has been hurt and can't compete. In the closing moments of the match, Kofi Kingston and Moose are both close to capturing the prize when all of a sudden, the ringside is raided. Over the barricade jumps three masked men, two recognizably being King Cuerno and Son of Havoc who stay on the outside, keeping the others down. Inside the ring, the last masked man takes out Kofi and Moose before then grabbing the Heart Of Elysium. Holding the prize high in the air with Cuerno and Havoc by his side, the last man reveals himself to be Killer Kross as his comrades present a flag that reads 'Los Mercanarios'. Winner: Killer Kross Seth Rollins vs Trevor Lee When Seth Rollins debuted on QUEST Wrestling and immediately set his sights on the world champion, it didn't sit well with fellow star Trevor Lee who aimed to steal the spotlight from Rollins by ambushing him. Since then, Rollins has sought revenge but Lee has evaded him. Tonight, the two finally clash one-on-one, face-to-face, and to his satisfaction, Seth gets his revenge and scores the pinfall victory over Lee. Winner: Seth Rollins Prize Of Proteus Match | Deathmatch Kevin Owens (c) vs AR Fox As the newly crowned Proteus Prizeholder, Kevin Owens was allowed to choose the stipulation for his title defenses but when trying to announce such stipulations, would be interrupted by AR Fox who would push for the extreme, ultraviolent side of Owens to reappear for an epic encounter between the two. Resultingly, the two of them clash tonight in a deathmatch for the title and Fox gets exactly what he wished for, an absolutely savage Kevin Owens who brutalizes Fox. Winner: Kevin Owens (c) Trials Of The Amazons Qualifying Match Dakota Kai vs Natalya Neidhart In a match to decide the first official entrant into the Trials Of The Amazons Tournament, newcomer Dakota Kai takes on Natalya Neidhart who has found herself in almost a gatekeeping role for QUEST's women's division. Nevertheless, Dakota Kai steps right through the gate with a pinfall over Natalya and a spot in the tournament earnt. Winner: Dakota Kai QUEST World Heavyweight Championship Match AJ Styles (c) vs Big E Langston vs Randy Orton In the main event, AJ Styles defends his QUEST World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match against Big E Langston and Randy Orton, who is accompanied by QUEST Wrestling investor, Batista. Undoubtedly, this is AJ's biggest challenge as champion so far but by the end of the mega main event, Styles finds himself victorious once again as he gets the pinfall over Big E, retaining his title Winner: AJ Styles (c)
  21. JANUARY 2021 WEEK 1 Bischoff Presents What Is To Come In QUEST Wrestling Beginning the next chapter in QUEST Wrestling, the most overt investor in the company, Eric Bischoff, announces that at this month's PPV, Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat, a unique opportunity will occur in the form of a special six-man ladder match for the Heart Of Elysium Championship, a belt that will be able to be cashed-in for a QUEST World Heavyweight Championship match. Over the next few weeks, competitors will compete in matches to earn medallions which are then redeemed in order to enter the match. Then, Bischoff announces that with the current and former tag team champs each having a single win over each other, they will settle their score in tonight's main event as The End defend the QUEST World Tag Team Championships against Lucha Dragons. However, Bischoff isn't able to leave without the reigning Prize Of Proteus Champion, Kevin Owens, making his way out. As per the rules of the title, Owens is about to announce what match stipulations will apply to his title defenses until he is interrupted by a debuting AR Fox. Being a fearless individual with a past in extreme matches, Fox dares Owens to choose deathmatches. In response, Owens tells Fox to shut up and decides that he won't be choosing the stipulations tonight. Heart Of Elysium Medallion Match Kofi Kingston vs Paul London In the first match for one of the six Heart Of Elysium Medallions, two veterans and tag team specialists clash as Kofi Kingston and Paul London face for the first time ever. Despite a very competitive start, the longer this match goes on, the more it weighs in Kofi's favor, and ultimately, he is able to defeat London via pinfall. Winner: Kofi Kingston Randy Orton Is Congratulated By The Mystery Investor Following his victory over Kofi Kingston at High Seas, we see Randy Orton entering the dark eerie room we've seen him in on numerous occasions now as once again, he meets with the mystery investor of QUEST Wrestling that has shown special interest in The Apex Predator. Noting the merciless aggression that has returned to Randy's offense, the mystery investor congratulates Orton on his victory over Kofi before then declaring that it is time for them to make their move. Heart Of Elysium Medallion Match Brian Kendrick vs Rob Van Dam Next, the other half of The Hooliganz, Brian Kendrick, competes in a Heart Of Elysium Medallion match of his own as he also takes on a veteran but in the form of Rob Van Dam. Unfortunately, Brian's result is the same as his partners as he also comes up short with Van Dam getting the pinfall. Winner: Rob Van Dam AJ Styles Keeps It Moving As Champion After successfully defending the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship against Tommaso Ciampa at High Seas, the reigning champion, AJ Styles, comes to the ring and speaks on the future of his title reign, announcing that in next week's main event, he will defend the title in an open challenge. Nevertheless, to the surprise of everyone, one of the best wrestlers in the world today, Daniel Bryan makes his debut on QUEST Wrestling as he confronts the champion. Not long after, yet another man considered as one of the best in the world, Seth Rollins, makes his debut in QUEST Wrestling as he enters himself into the equation. However, out of nowhere, Rollins is blindsided by Trevor Lee to the confusion of both AJ and Bryan. With them not knowing whether to help or not, Trevor is able to beat Rollins down and escape unscratched, making a huge statement by stealing the spotlight from arguably the three best wrestlers in the business today. Yet, the reasoning behind the attack isn't very clear. QUEST Wrestling Tag Team Championships Match The End (c) vs Lucha Dragons In the main event, the inaugural tag team champions, Lucha Dragons, challenge the reigning champions, The End, after the latter defeated the prior at High Seas. Now, with these teams with an even record against each other, they compete to not only prove who the greater team is but also for the right to be named QUEST Wrestling Tag Team Champion. Ultimately, despite the heartful fight by Lucha Dragons, the monstrous duo of Parrow & Odinson get the victory via pinfall as The End remain champions. However, during the match, the merciless aggression of The End would leave Sin Cara with a devastating injury and after the match, he would have to be carried to the back by Kalisto and ringside staff. Winner: The End (c) WEEK 2 Heart Of Elysium Medallion Match Chad Gable vs King Cuerno In the opening match of the night, Chad Gable and King Cuerno compete in the third Heart Of Elysium Medallion match. Despite the pair putting on an extremely entertaining match, proving themselves as underrated performers here in QUEST, ultimately, it was Gable who picked up the victory and earned his passage into the Heart Of Elysium match at Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat. Winner: Chad Gable QUEST Wrestling Tag Team #1 Contender Match The Hooliganz vs Team WhiteWolf Following last week's main event match for the QUEST Tag Team Championships, two teams we've seen previously in QUEST Wrestling, The Hooliganz and Team WhiteWolf, compete in a number one contenders match to decide who will face The End at the pay-per-view. In the end, Team WhiteWolf pull off an upset and get the victory, handing another loss to The Hooliganz after two disappointing results for them last week as well. Winner: Team WhiteWolf AR Fox Is Bringing A Whole New Extreme To QUEST Wrestling In a promo cut inside AR Fox's own wrestling school, the seasoned fighter pitches his voyage in QUEST Wrestling, promises to bring a whole new dynamic to the competition. With a past in extremely dangerous and life-risking matches, the determination and heart can be seen in Fox's eyes as 'The Highest Flyer In The Game' once again calls out the reigning Prize Of Proteus Champion, Kevin Owens. Ivelisse vs Natalya Neidhart In the first women's match of the month, two veterans of the game, Ivelisse and Natalya Neidhart go toe-to-toe. Despite both women exhibiting their seasoned talents, it is Natalya who picks up the pinfall victory. Winner: Natalya Neidhart Daniel Bryan Offers An Opportunity To Paul London Following The Hooliganz's losses in singles action last week and tag team action this week, we see the disheartened pair backstage in the locker room when they are approached by Daniel Bryan, a close long-term friend of Kendrick. After overhearing London's complaints, Bryan offers him to some friendly competition next week in Daniel Bryan's debut match in QUEST Wrestling. Without hesitation, London jumps on the opportunity and accepts the challenge as the two then shake hands. Suddenly, a hurrying Rollins bursts into the shot and asks the three men if they've seen Trevor Lee around. After they answer no, Seth hastily storms off as he's seemingly on the hunt for his attacker from last week. QUEST World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge AJ Styles (c) vs Big E Langston As promised last week, AJ Styles hosts an open challenge for the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship but with Bryan and Rollins otherwise occupied by other competitors, it's not clear who will accept. To everyone's shock, it's none other than The New Day's untamable powerhouse, Big E Langston. Shocking the spectators even further, Big E manages to push the champion to his limits and almost even capture the title. Nevertheless, ultimately, AJ Styles is able to retain the title but shows respect to the tough competition as he offers a handshake to Big E. As Langston goes to accept it, all of a sudden, Randy Orton plants Big E with an RKO out of nowhere. Instinctively, AJ goes straight at Randy but is too exhausted to keep up with The Viper and ends up on the receiving end of an RKO as well. Winner: AJ Styles (c) WEEK 3 Kevin Owens Announces The Rules Of His Reign After being interrupted by AR Fox when originally trying to announce the stipulations for his title matches as Prize Of Proteus Champion, Kevin Owens opens tonight's show in the ring with a mic. Just as he is about to announce his rules, AR Fox interrupts him again and once again requests that Owens chooses deathmatches as a throwback to The Prizefighter's past. Now enraged by the constant disruption from AR Fox, Owens blasts Fox with the mic, continues to beat the hell out of him, and then yes, announces his rules as deathmatches before then promising to end AR Fox's short stint here in QUEST Wrestling. Heart Of Elysium Medallion Match Kalisto vs Son of Havoc After failing to win back the QUEST World Tag Team Championships, Kalisto appears tonight with an injured Sin Cara at ringside as he competes against Son of Havoc for a Heart Of Elysium Medallion. After a nice back-and-forth match-up between the two masked fighters, Kalisto is able to pick up the pinfall victory. Winner: Kalisto Trevor Lee Deserves The Spotlight In an undisclosed location, out of the way of wherever Seth is, Trevor Lee cuts a promo about how he's sick of seeing the same guys in the spotlight. Truthfully, he doesn't care about the looks, about the branding, he just knows that he's one of the most talented competitors in the world and deserves the spotlight. Therefore, if he isn't going to be given it, he's going to steal it, even if that is at Seth Rollins' expense. Daniel Bryan vs Paul London After Bryan made the challenge to London last week, Daniel makes his in-ring debut for QUEST Wrestling in this one-on-one match against Paul London, with Brian Kendrick at ringside. After a very technical bout, Bryan is able to make London tap out. However, humiliated and upset, Paul London blindsides Bryan whilst he's celebrating. At first, being a close friend of both men, Kendrick looks shocked as he climbs in the ring, asking London what the hell he is doing until suddenly, he turns around and goes at Bryan himself! After a sour ending, The Hooliganz stand over a beaten and betrayed Daniel Bryan, spoiling their supposed friend's debut. Winner: Daniel Bryan Eric Bischoff Explains The Future Of The Women's Division With news coming out about the reigning QUEST Women's Champion, Tessa Blanchard's suspension, questions are up in the air about the company's women's division. From his office, Bischoff promises that this mishap will not stain the division and that a new investor of QUEST Wrestling has an announcement in store for next week's episode. QUEST World Heavyweight #1 Contender Match Big E Langston vs Randy Orton After Orton's attack on AJ and Big E following last week's main event, a match between Randy and Langston is made for this week's main event with the winner getting a shot at Styles' QUEST World Heavyweight Championship. With yet another stellar performance, Big E gives all-time great, Randy Orton, a run for his money. As it begins to look as though Big E is going to get upset, a jacked, suited, and masked man raids the ring and lays Big E out with a huge powerbomb. As the man then looks at Randy, he hesitates and then hits him with a weak-looking punch. After the referee calls a no contest, Randy instantly gets in with a huge grin and embraces the man who then reveals himself as... BATISTA! Winner: No Contest WEEK 4 Batista Believes QUEST Needs To Evolve After a shocking ending to last week's episode, the reunited Batista and Orton start this week's in the ring. After soaking in the boos, Batista explains that he is the mystery investor, that he partially owns QUEST Wrestling and believes that the company needs to 'evolve' and that despite his age, Orton is that 'evolution' and the best solution for the company. In turn, an unsettled AJ Styles and unhappy Big E come to the ring, giving their takes. After each man says what they have to say, Eric Bischoff rounds up the segment by announcing that at Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat, the first triple threat match for the QUEST World Heavyweight Championship will take place as AJ Styles defends his title against both Big E Langston and Randy Orton. Heart Of Elysium Medallion Match Cedric Alexander vs Kenny King In the fifth and penultimate match for one of the six Heart Of Elysium Medallions, Cedric Alexander and Kenny King compete against each other. In the end of a match that saw two very similar athletes face-off, Cedric is able to pick up the victory via pinfall Winner: Cedric Alexander The Hooliganz Regret Nothing After their heart-breaking beatdown on Daniel Bryan last week, The Hooliganz cut a promo on how they don't regret a single thing. Obviously angry at the two, Bryan storms out and calls Kendrick out to a one-on-one at Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat, claiming that he'll beat him just like he beat London, without breaking a sweat. A-Kid vs Trevor Lee In a preview of what is to come for the reigning QUEST Tag Team Champions, The End, one-half of the number one contenders, A-Kid, with Carlos Romo in his corner, takes on Trevor Lee. After Trevor Lee picks up the pinfall, he is celebrating when all of a sudden, Rollins sprints down to the ring but Lee is able to escape by the skin of his teeth. Winner: Trevor Lee Paige Promises A Brighter Horizon As announced by Bischoff last week, the newest investor in QUEST Wrestling makes her debut as Paige comes to the ring. With the QUEST Women's Championship in her possession, Paige promises that she won't let the women's division suffer. In fact, she immediately backs up that promise as she announces that following this month's pay-per-view, an eight-woman tournament, named Trials Of The Amazons, will take place to crown a new champion. With the tournament announced, Paige is about to continue but is interrupted by a debuting Dakota Kai. Now in the ring, Dakota demands a spot in TOTA. However, Dakota herself is interrupted, now by Natalya who tells the new star to get to the back of the line. As a result, Paige makes a match between the two at Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat with the winner getting a guaranteed spot in TOTA. Heart Of Elysium Medallion Match 10-Man Battle Royal In the final match before Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat, a 10-man battle royal takes place with the final Heart Of Elysium Medallion on the line. Beginning with Alex Zayne, Jordan Oliver, King Cuerno, Moose, Myron Reed, Paul London, Rhett Titus, Son of Havoc, Teddy Hart, Tyson Dux. In the end, it is Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka that is the final man standing tall before the pay-per-view. Winner: Quinn "Moose" Ojinnaka
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    NWA: Lone Star

    Name: Eliezer The 1st Billed from: Surrey, England Weight: 191 lbs Theme: Love Is Blindness - Jack White Figurehead: Tyler Bate Signatures: Kick From Nirvana (Kung Fu Jump Front Kick), Why Not (Spiral Tap) Finishers: Ring Of Fire (Tornado Kick), GargantaGate (Gogoplata) Alignment: Whatever you need Date of birth: 29/03/1998 Gimmick: Outlaw (Heel) / Vigilante (Face) Wrestling style: MMA cross-over Bio: As the son of a Baron of England, Eliezer uses his inherited wealth to get his way but has also used it to train in martial arts at a high level from a young age, beginning with a British homeland classic of boxing. Then, taking a few years out of his ordinary life, Eliezer travelled to Brazil to learn Jui-Jitsu and then to the Shaolin Temple, where he spent the later years of his adolescence there as a disciple, practising Kung Fu. Now, a born heir to wealth, a spiritual man and lethal fighter, Eliezer looks to share his talents and blessings within the industry of professional wrestling but of course, that results in reintroducing himself to the Western culture, combining his controlled Buddhism with his wild youth. Working as a face, Eliezer can be a very respectful performer focused on competing to his best. Working as a heel, Eliezer can abuse his inherited wealth. Somewhat comedic with the eccentrically goofy Kung Fu techniques, somewhat cocky with his inherited wealth, when it comes to the fight, Eliezer is extremely versed in martial arts and usually respectful with a hint of banter, bowing before every match but also joking around a bit more than he should.

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