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    Smith got a reaction from Necce in 5 years ago today, I decided to waste my life and make it objectively worse. In other   
    Congrats and welcome to the club mi amigo
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    Smith got a reaction from Sameer in Lacking   
    Could never be me
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    Smith reacted to Bashka in I just wanted to say that when I created my storyline the intention was to create an   
    Right, so you copied Toxik, which is sad anyway. Also ignoring the fact that Toxik did his story like 2 days after mine started.
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    Smith reacted to Joh in I'm coming home   
    he's coming home
    he's coming
    Smithy's coming home
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    Smith reacted to Monda in Not sure if this breaks any rules (take it down mods!) but if you wanna support me ch   
    @Smith that band I started with my friend about a month ago, we have a new EP soon. I've been making music and playing for about a year, though.
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