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  1. Charles Lupin Arius Wrestling-Tang Clan Maddrix Delgado Angelo Caito
  2. Kevin Owens The Club Ricochet Roman Reigns Oney Lorcan
  3. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch Undertaker and Roman Reigns Samoa Joe Bayley Drew Gulak The New Day Aleister Black Aj Styles Braun Strowman The Revival SD Women's Championship Winner Takes All Match No No No
  4. Seth Rollins Becky Lynch Kofi Kingston Bayley Ricochet Drew Gulak Daniel Bryan and Rowan Drew McIntyre Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn U.S. Title match SD Women's title match Lacey Evans Yes No No No
  5. Katsuyori Shibata appeared at today's NJPW Dominion to introduce Kenta (fka WWE's Hideo Itami). Kenta showed up and said he wants to show fans "Kenta's professional wrestling" and then entered the G1 Climax tournament. Kenta was released by WWE in February. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/06/kenta-shows-up-at-njpw-dominion-655019/
  6. Randy Orton Ricochet Bobby Lashley Andrade Roman Reigns Kofi Kingston Seth Rollins Lucha House Party The Revival Triple H vs. Randy Orton 50-Man Battle Royal Yes No Drew McIntyre
  7. Would love to see Sasha to go back to NXT and build her brand again or to Raw who desperately need a top heel for the women's division.
  8. 1.Undisputed Era 2.Kofi Kingston 3.R-Truth 4.Bayley 5.Daniel Bryan
  9. It's interesting to see that alot of people think Cole and UE are moving up to the main roster hopefully that doesn't happen cause I think they can still tell the story of how them winning all the gold in NXT,being the strongest faction in NXT's history,better than The Shield and Wyatt Family or them kicking Strong out of the group and have Cole feud with Strong .
  10. I think this is going to be the best match from this PPV if they are given time.Kofi and Dolph always had a great chemistry even from back then.I only hope that Kofi retains his WWE title and continue his reign.
  11. I'm kinda hoping that this doesn't turn out to be a squash match.I kinda want LHP to get some near falls or even win the match.
  12. What if Brock Lesnar cash in his Mitb contract in the middle of the match similar to what Seth Rollins did back in Wrestlemania 31 as a way of getting revenge from back then?
  13. SDlive is good as always with some unnecessary parts Shane-Roman feud,The Firefly fun house,and Randy-HHH video package.

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