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    Greener Pastures

    To Whom it may concern, Darius Shiba, AKA Shiba on the discord, is officially announcing his retirement from the online Internet based "E"-Federation known as Brenden Playz Forums. It has been an honour serving with you all for the many years I have been here, but unfortunately I must say a big Bienvenue and walk off into the sunset. I know the forums wont be the same without me, myself being such an integral force in keeping everyone together. I have even heard rumblings more than once of a petition being made to change the name to ShibaPlayz Forums. So I understand how saddening this must be for you all. Of course I do not expect anything after announcing my retirement but I assume I will be getting first ballot hall of fame and an administrator spot on the BrendenPlayz Discord. I know a lot of you will be crying by now reading my letter, and to those of you sobbing, I beg of you, don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened *This retirement does not mean that Shiba will be stepping away from discord or any other activities that may be held within the confines of the BrendenPlayz Discord. This is also not a legally binding document since Shiba can barely read let alone be a qualified lawyer.
  2. Name: Darius Maeda Pic: Young Akira Maeda Birth Date: January 16th 1983 Gender: Male Race: Asian Nationality: English What Languages do you speak?: English and Japanese What Counties you wanna wrestle in: Japan, USA, UK, Europe Body Type: Muscular Size (Weight Class): Middleweight Minimum Size (Weight Class): Middleweight Maximum Size (Weight Class): Light Heavyweight Moveset: Toshiaki Kawada Face or Heel: Face Default Gimmick Face/Heel: Wrestling Machine Finishers: Dragon Suplex, Kawada Driver Style of Wrestling: Puroresu Mask/Hair: Hair no mask Relationships: blood relative of Akira Maeda, strong friendship with Nobuhiko Takada, Tetsuya Naito and Yuji Nagata Protoge of Yuji Nagata Dojo/School: NJPW Dojo Other Roles: Worker Lifestyle: a little bit of law problems Worker Bio (Optional): Born in 1983 to an English mother and Japanese father, Darius was always interested in finding out the identity of his father, when he found old JWP tapes in his attic his mother told him that one of the wrestlers there, "Kwik Kik Lee" was his father. Hearing this news, and already being an avid Pro Wrestling Fan, Darius began training to wrestle at the age of 15. He tought himself Japanese so he could speak to one of his fathers friends, Nobuhiko Takada, when Takada heard the story, he made sure that Darius would be trained in the best dojo in the world that he knew of, the NJPW Dojo. He also knew this would piss off Darius' father who hated the promotion. in the Dojo system he became good friends with Tetsuya Naito and one of the trainers, Yuji Nagata.
  3. - WWF Heavyweight Championship Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper - No Way Piper is beating Hogan the face of the company in the first Wrestlemania as much as I would like to see him be World Champion André The Giant vs. Big John Studd - WWF Tag Team Championships Bruno Sammartino and David Sammartino vs. Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik Mr. T vs. Paul Orndorff - WWF Women's Championship The Fabulous Moolah vs. Wendi Richter - If Richter loses I riot The U.S. Express [ Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo ] vs. ??? and ??? - WWF Intercontinental Championship Greg Valentine vs. Junkyard Dog vs. Ricky Steamboat 𝐵𝑜𝑛𝑢𝑠 𝑄𝑢𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑠 What score will Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper get out of 100? 99 Which two New Japan Pro-Wrestling icons will appear at WrestleMania? Gonna go with Akira Maeda and Nobuhiko Takada
  4. Put me against Kenji coward.
  5. Carnage returns from commercial in the middle of Darius Shiba's theme music, and a chorus of boo's from the crowd accompanying it. Shiba seems to be rejoicing in the boo's however, almost treating the crowd like a collection of adoring fans. As he approaches the ropes, he seems to be brandishing a cigarette in one hand, and a microphone in the other. Obviously not trusting any members of the ring crew to assist him this time. Shiba lights up his cigarette and begins to speak. "James, I feel like we've gotten off on the wrong foot. See, i'm not a bad guy, I promise i'm not. I just wanted to introduce myself, and I thought that there was no better way of introducing myself than saying hello to someone as insane as you! Yes I may have gone a bit overboard but I've already apologised for that! In fact, I was ready to put all this behind us and start again " Shiba takes another long, drawn out puff of his cigarette before returning to the mic. "However, you threatened me. 'Be careful who you go after Darius, because sometimes those who you attack will hit back even harder.' Who in the HELL are you to threaten me. Now... now listen, listen VERY carefully because I am not going to repeat this. You don't want to fu*k with me. I'll kill you. I will do this world a favour and rid it of the cancer that is James Knight." After going off in a tangent for a while Shiba eventually comes back down to earth with another violent coughing fit. After steadying himself Darius ends with: "With that taken care of, I will be kind, sometimes people just don't know what they're doing. Especially people with your disposition... Tell you what if you leave me be, I'll leave you be. Sounds like a fair trade. I wouldn't want to pressure a coward like you into attacking someone like me... hahaha"
  6. Name: Darius Shiba Nationality: Greek Skin Tone: Whiter than White Height: 5'11 Weight: 90kg or 176lbs Position and Play Style: Lb, Attacking Full Back
  7. Lights out. Out of the shadows, through the Crowd, appears a man. Clad head to toe in black, a shit-eating grin on his face, and a cigarette in his mouth; Darius Shiba is here. As Shiba enters the ring he takes no notice of James Knight, instead deciding to brush right past him and blow a lot of smoke directly into the crowd. Finally, it appears as if Knight has had enough of this complete stranger stealing his spotlight. So, as Shiba's "Entrance"? Music fades and the crowd is dead silent apart from a few murmurs of "who is this guy" Knight approaches Shiba, and begins to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. As he does this, Shiba immediately spins in a 180 degree fashion and nails Knight with a spinning backfist! Knight had no idea it was coming so couldn't prepare in the slightest, he might be out! But Shiba isn't done, he grabs Knight, and delivers a BRUTAL reverse Tombstone Piledriver that seems to have busted James open. The smirk on the face of this newcomer is sickening, he seems to be absolutely exstatic that he has made James Knight bleed. Shiba grabs a chair, and just as it looks like he will deliver a devastating chairshot to the prone Knight, he opens it up, and sits on it. Feet, propped up on the lifeless husk of James Knight. Shiba then proceeds to light another cigarette, and demand a Microphone be delivered to him. Which a member of the sound team hesitantly hands him. Sorry, sorry.. James? At least I think that was your name, i'm not quite familiar with you, so I decided to introduce myself only it seems I went a little bit overboard. Oh well you'll live... probably. My name is Darius Shiba and believe me when I say it was a PLEASURE to meet you haha. Surprisingly not many people seem to be joining in with Darius Shiba's apparent laughing fit. Acknowledging this, Shiba stops laughing and begins to cough ferociously, followed by a deep sigh. Shiba continues. Anyway enough of the introductions, I unveiled myself today for one sole reason. That reason.. is to say hi! i'm the newest signing to BPZ! I hope you like me and cheer for me in the future! If you don't.... Oh Well! ahahahahah.. aahhahah... ha... haa.... With that, Shiba stands up from his chair, before snuffing out the cigarette bud with the skin of James Knight, before grinning like a madman, while waving goodbye to the crowd, and just like that. He was gone. Leaving a mangled mess of what used to be James Knight in the middle of the ring.
  8. Figurehead: Atsushi Onita Name: Darius Shiba Nickname: Wild Thing Gimmick: Fucking mental innit Alignment: Bat Shit insane Backstory: Really respects 70's Funk style Death matches and wants to bring them into the mainstream Moveset: Fighting Style: Hardcore Puro Regular Moves: Forearm, Headbutt, Jumping Knee Signatures: Shush the crowd Forearm, Rolling Elbow, Sliding Lariat, (in that order, comeback). Top Rope Dropkick (only high flying move), Spinning Backfist Finisher: Even Flow DDT, 2 Corner Lariats and one running Lariat SUPER ULTRA FINISH (No One kicks out only use it once or twice ever: Kawada Driver Taunt: Double Middle FInger, Light a cigarette, Theme: Kawada Driver:
  9. WWF Championship Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin World Heavyweight Championship Match: The Rock Hell In a Cell Match: The Undertaker WWF Intercontinental Championship: Kurt Angle  Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit Sting WWF European Championship Match: Eddie Guerrero  WWF United States Championship Match: Booker T WWF Tag Team Championship Tables Match: Dudley Boys WWF LHWC/ WCW CW Championship Match: Rey Mysterio Texas Bull Rope Match: Scott Steiner
  10. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the premier Event for Wii Blood Sports! To kick off the show Shigeru Miyamoto is standing in the middle of the ring with the Original WBS roster that is taking part in the very first show. Workers in the ring include New Jack, Sabu, Hayabusa and Tomoaki Honma. Shigeru Miyamoto thanks all the fans for coming and wishes them a very bloody show! FIRST MATCH: [Monster's Ball Match] "The GLADIATOR" Mike Awesome vs "The Monster" Abyss VS First to approach the ring is the GLADIATOR, Mike Awesome. The man is walking with purpose as he wants to be in the history books as the first person to ever get a win on a Wii Blood Sports event. Next to enter is a man completely unknown to the wrestling world, appearing seemingly out of nowhere with missing teeth and a tattered mask covering his face "Abyss" looks like he has risen up from Hades itself to seek revenge on any and all who stand in his way, and his first target is a gladiator. ======================================================================================= Shigeyo motions for the bell to be rung and we are underway! The first ever scheduled match in the history of WBS and its a doozy. A MONSTERS BALL match.. Whatever that means.. as we have never seen nor have ever been told what actually happens in a monsters ball match, all we know is that Abyss asked for it and the powers that be gave him it. As soon as the bell is rung both Abyss and Awesome leave the ring and start looking under the ring, Abyss finds 4 chairs a Table, and a bag of unknown contents. Awesome finds a Barb wire board, a box full of light tubes, and a chair of his own, they throw them all into the ring and start going at it! It doesn't take long until the chairs start getting used, and its Abyss with the first shot as he clatters Awesome on the dome piece. Then he gets a receipt from Awesome! and before long they're having a striking exchange with steel chairs! After about 3 minutes of none stop chairs Awesome is beginning to lose the exchange when he rakes the eyes of Abyss! The goes to the top rope for an insane TOP ROPE CHAIRSHOT After that Chairshot Awesome is in control, and just begins manhandling the near 300 pound monster. A few moments later Awesome see's the table Abyss introduced... smirks to himself and begins to construct the table a few feet away from the edge of the ring at ringside, he then enters the ring and picks up a lifeless Abyss, and after steadying himself... YEETS Abyss right over the top rope and through the table on the outside! As Awesome is moving to the outside to pick up a lifeless Abyss, the arena that had been silent wondering whether Abyss is still alive heard a little click, and as soon as that click echoed Awesome's eyes expanded and he keeled over holding his groin, Abyss struggles to his feet only to show a STAPLER! Abyss had just stapled Awesome's balls! The crowd is going wild for the underdog even if it is his own match type. Abyss has a solid 5 minutes in control throwing Awesome and hitting him with Chairshots. Once he has Awesome down enough, he starts rummaging through the trash, looking for something to use.. its there he finds the box of light tubes that Awesome had found earlier, he grabs these, and places around 10 of them on top of the barbed wire board that he found in the beginning of the match. he then makes an X symbol with his arms and goes to put Awesome away, HOWEVER Awesome had been given too much time to recover and hits a LARIATTOOOOOOO that would make Hansen proud. Awesome see's Abyss's monstrosity and raises him one bag of mysterious contents, those mysterious contents turns out to be TACKS. Awesome lathers the barb wire and light tubes with the tax and goes to pick Abyss up, he waits a second, composing himself... and BANG.. a plume of white smoke appears and mixed with the agonising screams of Abyss makes for one horrific sight, Mike Awesome just Awesome bombed Abyss through light tubes and tacks onto a barb wire board!!! (the associated gif isn't the best but its the only one I could see that looked anything like what I was going for, just imagine the board on the ground and the glass is light tubes lol) Mike Awesome collapses onto Abyss, still feeling his lower body.. and with the first cover in this unholy mess of a match... Mike Awesome defeats Abyss by Pinfall at 14:43 (TEW rating 56) (I've posted this now as a little introduction, the other matches will be on the next post I just wanted to see people's responses to this haha, also if anyone knows how I can improve or just thinks i'm doing a really bad job of this hmu on discord cause I know i'm bad lol)
  11. The First ever show for W(B)S is coming at you from the Kawasaki City Gymnasium, there is an expected attendance of 3.877k and will not be broadcasted on any networks. The card is as follows: Mike Awesome vs Abyss (Monsters Ball) Tomoaki Honma vs Wifebeater vs Necro Butcher (Three Way Dance) Hayabusa vs Toshie Uematsu *MAIN EVENT* Sabu vs New Jack for the WBS World Heavyweight Championship (Deathmatch) (I realise there are barely any matches lol I kinda didn't sign enough people for a big card I will definitely rectify this for future shows lmfao) You Guys can predict if you want, idk how many people are reading this so idk if i'll get any back lol./
  12. It has been announced that with the formation of W(B)S Miyamoto has also gotten in contact with some of the best Hardcore and Deathmatch wrestlers in the world to join him on this Journey. The ones announced so far are as follows: Chris Parks: A very big Brawler who is definitely suited to hardcore matches. Parks has been waiting for the right opportunity to debut his latest and craziest masked gimmick, some say that the name he has eventually settled on is "Abyss" Akira Fukuzawa: The only "true" Announcer in the company, Fukuzawa has been the lead play by play man for All Japan Pro Wrestling for the better part of a decade, now open to other shows, he has taken on a new role, as the head commentator to W(B)S. Hayabusa: One of the best high Flyers of all time, Hayabusa is a masked Worker who is credited with creating one of the most impressive moves of all time, the Phoenix Splash. A FMW Alumni, Hayabusa was sure to be one of the first to get the call from Miyamoto Mike Awesome: Mike Awesome can be described with one word, Awesome, known for some of the worst(best) hardcore matches ever, Awesome has never managed to get his big break despite his size, however it looks like W(B)S may just be that break he needed. Necro Butcher: The name kinda says it all, a rookie, virtually unknown to the rest of the world, word has it that Miyamoto was walking through the streets of Shbuya on a Friday night when he saw Necro beat the shit out of 4 drunks with a light tube and a hammer, Miyamoto went up to him and gave him a contract on the spot. New Jack: New Jack. Sabu: One of ECW's self made stars, very unpredictable, he could be the best in the world one night and botch half of his spots the next, although when it comes to Hardcore there are few more willing to do crazy shit than Sabu. Shigeru Miyamoto: The mastermind behind the organisation, Miyamoto is a multi millionaire and one of the smartest men in the world. He has decided the best place for his talents as of now is at the commentary booth, as the Colour partner to Fukuzawa. Shigeyo Kawazaki: One of the 2 women to be a part of the Day 1 roster. Shigeyo is not a wrestler and will never be one, however, she is a Referee, and a damn good one, with over 5 years of experience there is no one that Miyamoto trusts more to count to 3 than her. And lets face it, thats pretty much all she's going to do. Stevie Richards: STEVIE STEVIE STEVIE, he's the best god damn wrestler to ever live, a hardcore icon, a god on the Mic, better technical's than Bret Hart, and he's HOMELESS. Stevie Richards is the real life Rags to Rags with money story. Tomoaki Honma: 21 years young barely starting his Deathmatch career, and he's still been in some of the most disgusting matches ever, and he's not gonna stop, as he wants to play an integral part of W(B)S. toshie Uematsu: The 2nd and final woman on the roster is probably also the best pure Wrestler of the lot. However, just because she can be a technical marvel, does not mean that she does not have hardcore ability, a great hardcore wrestler in the beginning of her career, things can only get better from here. WifeBeater: What a man, what a name. He's already had a lot of deathmatches with BJW, and now he is looking to improve his craft in W(B)S
  13. Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the best minds in gaming, stumbles upon a FMW anniversary show, he witnesses Hayabusa and Atsushi Onita put their bodies on the line and blow up in the middle of the ring. It was at this moment that Miyamoto became infatuated with the idea of Deathmatch Wrestling, and with his endless resources, created a promotion out of thin air. However, Miyamoto's foray into Deathmatch wrestling will not be easy, as to the majority of the public, Deathmatch wrestling is nothing more than Trash Bag "Wrestlers" making each other bleed for a hot dog and a handshake. Miyamoto's goal of bringing Deathmatch Wrestling to the mainstream, while still keeping its orignal appeal, is going to be an incredibly difficult feat, but if anyone can do it, Miyamoto can. (Hey I got this idea a few days ago and said screw it i'll do it. Its kinda a Regional to Global series. Its really random so I don't blame you if you just skip over this, but its gonna be stupid and insane, and full of ultraviolenty goodness.I don't have a set schedule but it should be put out pretty regularly, as long as I have time.)

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