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  1. I'm using my reward to remove Creative Control on Mitsuharu Misawa
  2. That PPV though... Legitimately put too much time into booking that, but it payed off haha. My favourite show to date by far. Great from top to bottom. I failed the 100 Pop owner goal my fault can't do anything about it. Can't wait for minor Shows, I'm loving this save and with the success of my Year End SuperShow, I have more enthusiasm than I normally have for anything to get back into this save. So hurry up Amai and Bart lol.
  3. He's baaaaaaaaack Also Tsuruta is a franchise player and Misawa isn't. Even though Misawa is 20+pop more than him. Oh well I won't complain means I can use Misawa more. I got barely any pop gain this month, no clue why though. Yes, you are correct, I'm having Ito go over Chono.
  4. Ok so: I'm National Now Yay. I have three penalties to add on (just saw Keeleys msg to me Brenden) will do that right after I post this. If you want I can edit this later to post proof. As I was looking through making sure everything was fine I realised I broke the franchise player rule on my second tv show. So Please punish me as you see fit. New Tag Champs in Shibata and Ishii Ishii now a double champ with the mid card belt as well I hadn't used my reward for the division I got removed from anyway so thats fine. I think thats it but if i've forgotten anything just shout at me in discord.