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  1. Sunday, Week 3, 2020 Location: PA PPL Center (Tri State) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a decent match, Teddy Hart defeated Brody King in 14:02 by pinfall with a Corkscrew Senton. Teddy Hart makes defence number 11 of his ROH World Television title. RATING: 72 B- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After retaining his Television title, Teddy Hart is blindsided by a man in a hoodie. The man removes his hood and it's revealed to be a debuting Brodie Lee! He picks up the TV title, admires it, and walks off with Hart's title. RATING: 70 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a video from earlier in the day with Daniel Cormier arriving to the arena. He will be addressing the crowd later tonight. RATING: 89 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Japanese Rain Clouds defeated BFF's in 15:45 when Mayu Iwatani defeated Jessie McKay by pinfall with a Diving Double Foot Stomp. RATING: 53 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Mayu & Maya picked up the victory, a graphic is shown displaying at ROH Anniversary show, we will get Mayu vs Maya vs Tenille for the ROH Women's of Honor championship. RATING: 60 C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "About a month ago, I made what was probably the biggest signing in ROH History. I brought the great Jon Moxley on board. But, as soon as the ink was put to paper, that bastard stabbed me in the back. Moxley, I am suspending you INDEFINITELY! Here in One month, you will be summoned to ROH Head Quarters where you can appeal your suspension. If you are caught on ROH premises before that hearing... YOU'RE FIRED!!!" RATING: 91 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jay Lethal comes out to the ring, and issues an open challenge. He is tired of Devitt ducking his challenge and needs to let off some steam. RATING: 70 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a decent match, Jay Lethal defeated Matt Taven in 10:46 by pinfall with a Lethal Combination. RATING: 55 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Lethal picked up the victory, we see him get that crazed look in his eyes he got on Last weeks episode of ROH TV. He then begins laying into Matt Taven. ROH Officials quickly hit the ring, and pull him off Taven. It is clear that Devitt has gotten into Lethal's mind, and he will stop at nothing to get that match. RATING: 50 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had good wrestling but didn't have much heat, Motor City Machine Guns defeated RINGKAMPF and The Briscoes in 22:09; the order of elimination was RINGKAMPF first, and then The Briscoes. During the match we also saw Dawson distract Jay Briscoe, and Wilder also distract Mark Briscoe. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley win the ROH Tag Wars Tournament titles. RATING: 71 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After costing The Briscoes the Tag Wars title, we see The Revival beating them down two PPV's in a row. After nailing Jay with a Shatter Machine, they say they will see The Briscoes at ROH Anniversary Show next month. RATING: 45 D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a video package recapping their classic match at Final Battle. It then comes to the title celebration where Moxley hit Death Rider on Aries. With Moxley being banned from the arena, will Titus be able to regain his championship, or will Aries reign continue? RATING: 89 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Austin Aries defeated Rhett Titus in 22:42 by submission with a Last Chancery. Austin Aries makes defence number 1 of his ROH World title. RATING: 82 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Aries won the match, the lights faded to black. When they came back on, he was face to face with Fergal Devitt. Devitt looks down at the ROH World Championship, and the show fades to black with the two in a staredown. RATING: 88 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW RATING: 82 B --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Week 3, January 2020 Location: Stony Brook Sports Complex (Tri State) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a video highlighting Bandido and his skills. It is also reiterated from the Article released earlier that Bandido has signed an Exclusive Contract with ROH. There is also a graphic shown on screen that we will see Bandido vs Teddy Hart tonight in the main event for the TV Title RATING: 86 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Tenille Dashwood defeated Maya Yukihi in 8:57 by pinfall with a Roaring Elbow. RATING: 46 D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a promo from The BFF's. They issue the challenge to Mayu and Maya at Honor Reigns Supreme. If the Japanese Women win, they get a title shot against Tenille RATING: 57 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a update on Daniel Cormier. He was released from Hospital care this last weekend, and will make his return to ROH TV in person for the first time since Jon Moxley brutally attacked him at Final Battle. RATING: 93 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Jay Lethal defeated Marty Scurll in 8:43 by pinfall with a Flying Elbow Drop. RATING: 76 B- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the match, we see Jay Lethal get a crazed look in his eyes, and he begins attacking Marty Scurll over and over again. ROH officials have to pull Jay off Marty. This was a clear statement attack towards one Fergal Devitt that he will not take no for an answer. RATING: 65 C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a backstage promo where The New Era Hart Dynasty begin trashing all 3 teams in Tag Wars this Sunday. Say that it does not matter who wins. They will continue their Championship reign, and prove they're the best tag team in the world. RATING: 70 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, RINGKAMPF defeated Rising Force in 10:13 when WALTER defeated Will Ferrara by pinfall with a Golden Bomb. RATING: 52 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get two graphics shown on the screen. One highlight the Tag wars Triple Threat Tag team match and it has been announced we will see the rematch... Aries vs Titus for the World Heavyweight Championship. RATING: 85 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had great wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Teddy Hart defeated Bandido in 16:45 by pinfall with a Corkscrew Senton. Teddy Hart makes defence number 10 of his ROH World Television title. RATING: 81 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW RATING: 83 B
  3. Breaking News!!! We can exclusively report here on rohwrestling.com that Bandido has signed an exclusive contract. He was seen leaving ROH HQ when our reporters caught up with him or these quotes. "I am excited to sign an exclusive deal here with ROH. This is a fantastic company on the rise, and I expect big things not only out of myself, but the entire company." We have also received word from ROH CEO, Daniel Cormier, that this coming week we will see Bandido vs Teddy Hart in the Main Event for his Television Championship.
  4. Welcome! Feel free to join us over on the discord as well if you haven't already
  5. Week 2, 2020 Location: Talmadge L. Hill Feildhouse (Mid Atlantic) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Jay Lethal thinks he can just step up and challenge ME!? That's not how things work around here. Look at the score board kid. Devitt - 1 Lethal - 0 Until you have something of interest to me, me and you? We're done fighting in that ring." RATING: 86 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Motor City Machine Guns defeated L.A.X in 12:50 when Chris Sabin defeated Santana by pinfall with a Made in Detroit. RATING: 54 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a video up on the titantron of a hobbled Daniel Cormier still in the hospital nursing the wounds from the attack from Jon Moxley. "I may be hurt, but I still have a job to do. Next Sunday, at Honor Reigns Supreme we will see 3 World Class Tag Teams go head to head to head for the title of being called the Tag Wars winner. So, we will see The Motor City Machine Guns vs the Briscoes vs Englad's Finest, RINGKAMPF!! Good Luck gentlemen." RATING: 93 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We see Jessie McKay and Tenille Dashwood laughing and walking as Jessie McKay is in action up next RATING: 67 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Jessie McKay defeated Mandy Leon in 12:30 by pinfall with a Boyfriend Stealer. RATING: 48 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We see Tenille and Jessie standing over Mandy Leon ready to attack when Maya and Mayu hit the ring and chase them off preventing the attack that happened to Mayu. There is clearly a strong disdain between the 4 women. RATING: 30 E+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Alright! I have sat back there all night and watched this shit show just start derailing, so I'm here to correct it. I am issuing an open challenge for this here TV Title. Who DARES accept and lose to the best Professional wrestler on the planet?!" RATING: 87 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a decent match, Brody King defeated Teddy Hart in 11:18 when Teddy Hart intentionally got counted out. RATING: 69 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After getting himself intentionally counted out after Brody King began to takeover. He takes his TV title and says we do this on my time under my rules before he heads back behind the curtain. RATING: 95 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We come back from commercial break and see new World Champion, Austin Aries standing in the ring with his title. He soaks in the "You deserve it" and "A-Double" chants. Just as he goes to speak, the familiar music of Rhett Titus hits. "Aries... That title is MINE! Give. It. Back. NOW!!!" Titus goes to slide in the ring, but before he makes his way in the ring, Aries is blindsided... The camera pans up and finds Moxley standing over the body of a fallen Aries. He stares at the World title on the ground. The show ends with the site of Moxley holding the title in his right hand as Titus looks on worried. RATING: 82 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW RATING: 80 B
  6. My current day ROH diary I have going now. Which, you guys should check out
  7. Week 1, January 2020 Location: Hofstra Center (Tri State) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstage, Jon Moxley is pacing back and forth seen by a camera he has taken from the camera crew before he picks up the camera. "All week I have gotten text after text saying, "Why Jon, why?" You people want to know why I did what I did to that scumbag Daniel Cormier?" Before Moxley answers the question, he sets the camera down, and begins pacing again completely ignoring the camera as we fade to the show opening intro. RATING: 91 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Brody King defeated Tracy Williams in 13:15 by pinfall with a Gonzo Bomb. RATING: 48 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Brody King's match, we see Teddy Hart and Mr Velvet appear on the titantron. "Hey pal. Up here. So, Mr Velvet and I were just sitting here watching your match live from my home in Calgary. And pal. I just wanted to tell you how much you suck at wrestling. You see, I am a Hart. Wrestling is in my blood. I am the best wrestler in this damn company. And, I love reminding people of that." RATING: 93 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get an update on ROH Owner, Daniel Cormier. It is being reported after the attack from Jon Moxley, Cormier is said to have sustained a concussion, and 3 broken ribs. It is noted that as soon as Cormier is cleared, he will address the Moxley situation. RATING: 91 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, The Briscoes defeated Rising Force in 16:37 when Jay Briscoe defeated John Skyler by pinfall with a Double Underhook Piledriver. RATING: 60 C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark: Jay, calm down man. Just chill out for a f***ing minute Jay: Don't tell me to calm down Mark. I have a f***ing problem with them FTR boys. Wilder. Dawson. There is no difference between you and the shit that comes out of my dogs ass. You're both useless. You wanna stick your nose in OUR business?!? Mark: Nah boys. I know that's how things worked with the machine, but not down here. Here we do our fighting like MEN! Jay: You boys have 3 weeks to prepare. Here in 3 weeks at Honor Reigns Supreme, we want you boys in the ring. You boys best show up or we WILL come find you. RATING: 58 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After returning from commercial break, we get sent to Rhett Titus in his Locker Room "He took everything from me... At Final Battle... Aries took the ONE thing in life that I had ever worked for... And it is just gone..." *He looks up from the ground* "Aries, I am not finished with you. You have MY property in your possession, and I plan to take it... Whether you like it or not" RATING: 89 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Jessie McKay defeated Mayu Iwatani in 8:54 by pinfall with a Boyfriend Stealer after a distraction from Tenille Dashwood. RATING: 59 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After McKay picked up the win off a distraction from McKay's new BFF, Tenille Dashwood, they begin laying into Mayu Iwatani. Just as thing's begin to look ugly, Maya Yukihi runs in to make the save. She sends Tenille and Jessie retreating up the ramp as she checks on Mayu. RATING: 36 D- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Jay Lethal defeated Robbie Eagles in 9:47 by pinfall with a Lethal Combination RATING: 73 B- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After Lethal picks up the win, a spotlight shines on Devitt up in the skybox well above the arena. Lethal grabs a mic and says he is not finished with Devitt and wants another shot. Devitt laughs and says no. He needs to have incentive to step in the ring with a inferior opponent. the show fades to black with Devitt smugishly grinning at an irate Lethal. RATING: 75 B- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW RATING: 78 B
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen... welcome to the 2020 End of year awards. I am your host, Bubba. And boy do we have some exciting awards to announce tonight. First, let's kick it off with the Referee, Colour, Announcer, and manager of the years. Referee - Mike Chioda (First time) Colour - Milano Collection A.T (First Time) Announcer - Mauro Ranallo (Third Time) Manager - Gedo (First Time) And lets give it up to our award winners. They all did a fantastic job throughout the year, and have been properly recognized. Now let's Kick it over to Rick Harrison to announce the nominees for Card of the Year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is great to be here tonight. When Bubba and the Wrestling Association approached me to be a speaker tonight. And, what all of you fans have learned over the years is that when you walk through the doors of the arena, you NEVER know what is going to come through that curtain. With that said, here are the nominee's for Card of the Year. NJPW Destruction in Kobe 2019 ROH Final Battle XVIII WWE Extreme Rules 2019 NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXVI And with that said. The winner of the award is... NJPW Destruction in Kobe 2019!! Congratulations to New Japan Pro Wrestling. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Congratualtions to New Japan. They take home one of what will probably be multiple awards tonight. Speaking of Multiples, next we will be presenting the award for The best tag team in the world. But, first lets release the winners of the Independent Wrestler, Veteran Wrestler, and Young Wrestlers of the year. Independent - Koji Kanemoto (First Time) Veteran - Hiroshi Tanahashi (First Time) Young - Bandido (First Time) Now, with those awards out of the way, lets kick it over to one of the greatest Tag Teams of all time... Edge & Christian!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edge: Wow, what an honor is is to be out here to announce this illustrious award... The award that we won Once Christian: The award we should've won multiple times... But, that's not why we are here. We are here to celebrate the wonderful thing called Tag Team wrestling. Here are the nominees. The Revival The Young Bucks Hiroshi Tanahashi & Togi Makabe Guerrillas of Destiny Edge: And the winners of the award are... Tanahasi & Makabe!! Congratulations guys. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow. That one is shocking. I thought The Young Bucks had that award locked up. But, Tanahashi & Makabe ran rough shop over NJPW's tag team division this last year. While we are here, I just got word that Match of the Year was Seth Rollins defeating John Cena on Raw, Live back in October. Next up, we have the greatest female performer of all time, Trish Stratus, here to present the Women's Wrestler of the year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wow, what a long way women's wrestling has come. When I started my wrestling career back in WWE, it was nothing more then glorified Bra & Panties matches, but now we have matches that have legit claims for 5 Star matches. Which, makes me so proud. With that out of the way, here are you nominees for Women's wrestler of the year. Charlotte Flair Becky Lynch Meiko Satomura Mayu Iwatani And the winner of the award is... Charlotte Flair!! Congratulations Miss Flair ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ There's WWE securing some more hardware. With that said, we have 2 more awards to hand out tonight... Company of the Year and Wrestler of the Year... I would like to introduce the man who had WCW on top of the Monday Night Wars for 84 consecutive weeks... Eric Bischoff!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm back!!!! I am honored to have the opportunity to present this award to one of the many deserving companies... Except WWE of course. With that said, here are the nominees for company of the year. New Japan Pro Wrestling WWE Impact Wrestling Dragon Gate And the winner of the award... New Japan Pro Wrestling!! Vince, time to accept yet your L. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Japan just finished up one of the greatest years by a company I've ever seen. I don't see anyone knocking them off their pedastool next year. With that said, it is time for the last award of the evening, and man do we have an announcer for you guys... Let me introduce you to the The stylin', profilin', limousine riding, Jet Flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' and dealin' son of a gun, The 16 Time World Champion, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wooooooo!!!! Las Vegas!! The Nature Boy is here! When I got the phone call to come present this award... Then they promised me there would be an open bar, and I hoped on the quickest plane I could get out here. Now, lets get to the nominees... Woooo! Tetsuya Naito Seth Rollins Kazuchika Okada Hiroshi Tanahashi And the winner of the award is... Tetsuya Naito... Naito, tonight me and you are going to party ALLLL over Vegas man... WOOOOOOOOO!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Bolded workers are my preditions Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn The Sandman vs Steve Corino (c) for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Rhino (c) vs Juventud Guerra for the ECW Television Championship The Unholy Alliance vs Crazy Kash vs Roadkill and Danny Doring for the ECW World Tag Team Championship John Cena vs ??? Justin Credible and ??? vs Young Blood AJ Styles vs Jushin Thunder Liger
  10. There comes a time in every mans life where they must go to war... Sometimes in life you go to war with Friends... Enemies... Sometimes, someone you view as family. Tonight, Ring of Honor presents... The camera pans over to our announce desk where we see Mike Tenay, Eric Bischoff, and Ian Riccaboni sitting ringside Tenay: Ladies and Gentleman, we are proud to bring you the biggest show in Ring of Honor history... Final Battle XVIII. Bischoff: We have a stacked card for you guys here tonight. Many of the matches include Teddy Hart vs Hirmou Takahashi, The New Hart Dynasty vs The Briscoes, and "The Demon" Fergal Devitt vs "Mr ROH" Jay Lethal. Riccaboni: Eric, you forgot the biggest match of the evening... Mentor vs Pretege... Austin Aries vs Rhett Titus for the ROH World title. But, let's send it to Ringside where we are kicking it off with our Women's of Honor matchup. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a poor match, Tenille Dashwood defeated Zeda Zhang, Jessie McKay and AJ Lee in 14:05 when Tenille Dashwood defeated Zeda Zhang by pinfall. Tenille Dashwood makes defence number 6 of her ROH Women of Honor title. Rating: 51 D+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We see Jessie McKay and Tenille Dashwood celebrating in the middle of the ring after Jessie nailed Zeda Zheng with a Boyfriend Stealer, and allowed Tenille Dashwood to pin her, and retain her title. Both women head up the ramp arms linked after making their new friendship official. Rating: 56 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a timelapse video of Fergal Devitt putting on his Demon Paint. He further reiterates that tonight, Jay Lethal has awoken The Demon. He also says after tonight, Lethal will never be the same wrestler ever again. Rating: 89 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, RINGKAMPF defeated Contra Unit in 11:39 when WALTER defeated Josef Samael by pinfall with a Golden Bomb. Rating: 60 C -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a video package highlighting how this match came to be. This includes Daniel Cormier making the match official 4 weeks ago on ROH TV. It also shows the numerous sneak attacks Teddy Hart committed on Hiromu Takahashi. Will Hiromu get his revenge tonight on Hart? Or, will Teddy continue his stranglehold on the ROH TV Title he has held for going on 5 months now? Rating: 83 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had superb wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Teddy Hart defeated Hiromu Takahashi in 21:39 by submission with a Sharpshooter. Teddy Hart makes defence number 8 of his ROH World Television title. Rating: 81 B Teddy Hart is seen celebrating post match with his cat, Mr Velvet, after retaining his ROH TV Title Rating: 89 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The arena goes dark, and begins to fill with smoke. We hear the familiar Heartbeat that lets us know The Demon is on his way. After 30 seconds, we see Fergal Devitt descending from the rafters in his full demon attire. He has made a splash in his first ever ROH Match Rating: 76 B- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a good match, Fergal Devitt defeated Jay Lethal in 25:37 by submission with a Fujiwara Armbar. Rating: 68 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a decent match, The Hart Dynasty I defeated The Briscoes in 21:04 when Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Mark Briscoe by submission with a Sharpshooter. The Hart Dynasty I make defence number 3 of their ROH World Tag Team titles. Rating: 66 C+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After The New Hart Dynasty retained, we hear unfamiliar music hit the PA system. The Hart Dynasty is seen looking at the ramp waiting for this person to show their face when they are jumped by two hooded men. They pull down their hoods and reveal... Dawson & Wilder! What are they doing here? They wail on The New Hart Dynasty before turning their attention to The Briscoes. They single off Mark Briscoe in the corner stomping on him before Jay jumps them both from behind. But, quickly Jay loses to the numbers game, and FTR lays Jay Briscoe out with a Shatter Machine. Both men stand tall as they have shook the tag team division to it's core. Rating: 59 C- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstage we find Owner Daniel Cormier laid out in his office. We see someone standing over-top of him... The camera pans up, and we find.... Jon Moxley! Jon Moxley is here. And, he has laid out our owner here at ROH. We see in his hand a signed contract. Jon Moxley is the latest signing to ROH, and he has made an explosive debut. Rating: 99 A* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We get a recap video of how this match came to be. We get the recap of how Austin Aries ran through the Survival of the Fittest Tournament en route to the finals where he defeated Matt Taven. Over the next month, both men had to be physically held apart so they didn't tear each other limb from limb. But, tonight that ends. Both men will have a chance to do their worst to the other... Mentor vs Protege... LAST MAN STANDING!!! Rating: 86 B+ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Austin Aries defeated Rhett Titus in a Last Man Standing match in 26:52 when Rhett Titus could not beat a ten count after a Brainbuster. Austin Aries wins the ROH World title. Rating: 82 B -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Austin Aries has done it! He has reached the pinnacle in ROH. He is once again the ROH World Champion. Confetti is falling from the arena as Aries celebrates, and Final Battle fades to black Rating: 91 A -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SHOW RATING: 88 B+
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    Endgame by a large margin I'd love to see the best sequels tournament since everyone always says the Sequels are typically much worse then the original
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