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  2. My first suggestion is Royal Rumble 2008. Probably my favorite rumble of all time. Has good undercard matches, good World Title matches (Edge vs Meko's favorite, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton vs IC Champ Jeff Hardy). All capped off by John Cena's shock return a mere 4 months after tearing his Pectoral.
  3. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    The show opens with a video package highlighting the last 3 weeks over the song Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace. It then highlights the card for the evening. Putting emphasis on the two Semi Final Matches. We then cut to the ring announcers, Taz & Joey Styles Both men welcome us to Massacre on 34th street, and tell us we're in for one hell of a card tonight. We will start the night off with one of the World Title Semi Final matches. Kenny Omega vs Kurt Angle. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During the climax of the match, we see Kurt Angle accidentally knock the ref down. After he rolls out of the ring, a masked man slide into the ring. As Kurt turns to face the man, he runs and hits a Flying boot to the face. A kick like that can only be one man... He pulls the hood off and it's revealed to be Drew Galloway. He drags Omega over Angle and leaves the ring to a roaring amount of boo's as Omega picks up the win. While officials check on Angle, we get the updated tournament bracket graphic. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With the match over, G.O.D celebrate a top the ladder with the contract granting them a future Tag Team Championship match. The question the ECW world is wondering... Who will be the inaugural ECW World Tag Team Champions? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The next match up is Moxley vs PAC. Winner will move on to face Kenny Omega in the Main event tonight for the ECW World Championship. First to the ring is Jon Moxley. For his entrance tonight, he is kicking it back to his pre ECW days by making his entrance through the crowd. However, as soon as he jumps the guard rail, he is jumped by a fan wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. The fan pulls off the mask and it is revealed to be PAC. PAC continues the pounding on Moxley before multiple officials pull PAC off Moxley. The doctors check on Mox verifying he is good to go before the referee rings the bell. Despite the pre match attack, Moxley has pulled off the win. We cut to Guerrilla position where Omega is seen noding his head in approval before heading back to his locker room. The announcers begin hyping the Moxley vs Omega Main Event as we get a updated Bracket for the ECW Title. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After a dominating performance, Brian Cage has secured the ECW Television Title. Cage takes the belt from the official and looks at it in disgust. He clearly feels he is above this title, and he believes he proved it here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A bloody battle filled with Beer Bottles, Light Tubes, thumbtacks, and tables. Brody King secured the win after delivering a Gonzo Bomb to Mance Warner on the previously mentioned thumbtacks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We cut back to the ring where we find the famous UFC announcer, Bruce Buffer in the ring to introduce our combatants for the Main Event of the evening. First, standing 6 feet, two inches. Weighing in at 224 pounds. Fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada... Jon Moxley!!! Next, this man is a world wide Superstar. He is widely regarded as the Five Star bout machine. He stands 6 feet on the dot. Weighing in at 229 Pounds. Fighting out of Manitoba, Canada... He is "The Cleaner" Kenny Omega!!! The story of the match consists of a very large athlete making his ECW re-debut. The Big Show made his was down to the ring, and distracted the referee while Jon Moxley landed a low blow on Kenny Omega. Mox then flipped Omega around and nailed him with a Dirty Deeds to secure the win and the ECW World Championship. We see Moxley & Big Show celebrating the win to end the show as Omega writhes in pain in the corner as the show goes off the air.
  4. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    Massacre on 34th Street Press Conference We kick the press conference off with Paul Heyman standing up on the stage. But, he starts off by announcing the other 5 members of the 6 Pack Challenge for the ECW Television Championship: Christopher Daniels Adam Page Low-Ki Brian Cage Sami Callahan Paul says he is very excited for this matchup, and could see any of the 6 men walking out with the Television Championship. We also get the announcement of G.O.D vs Lucha Brothers in a Tag Team Ladder match. The winner of the match, will get a future Tag Team Title match, but will be excluded from the impending Tag Team Championship Tournament. Before the Press Conference ends, he announces 1 last match. Mance Warner vs Brody King is the final match announced for the card. PREDICTIONS Kenny Omega vs Kurt Angle (Semi Final matchup) PAC vs Jon Moxley (Semi Final Matchup) G.O.D vs Lucha Brothers (Ladder Match) Bully Ray vs Sami Callihan vs Brian Cage vs Low-Ki vs Adam Page vs Christopher Daniels Mance Warner vs Brody King ??? vs ??? (ECW World Title Finals)
  5. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    ECW TV "Goodbye, Goodnight, Bang" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Familiar Belt returns Paul Heyman kicks off the show in the ring with the ECW World Television title around his shoulder. He says what would ECW be without a TV Champion? He informs everyone that at Massacre on 34th Street, we will see a 6 Pack challenge to determine the FIRST TV champion under the reboot of the ECW brand. And, a little later tonight we will learn the first participant in the 6 Pack Challenge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ G.O.D vs Lucha Brothers We kick off the show with two debuting tag teams. G.O.D and The Lucha Brothers. The match starts off fast paced with the Lucha Brothers using their quickness to their advantage. Penta gets Tanga Roa into position for for the Package Piledriver, when Tama Tanga saves Roa, and they slide out of the ring to regroup. As they are discussing their next moves, both Lucha Brothers perform simultaneous Suicide Dives to the G.O.D. The teams begin brawling on the Outside, and are more focused on beating the hell out of each other then winning the match. The ref reaches a 10 count while the teams are brawling, and the match is thrown out. The turning point of the brawl is when Tama Tonga pulls out a kendo stick and lays into both Lucha Brothers. As Tama is laying into the brothers, Tanga Roa pulls out a ladder from underneath the ring. Tanga lays the Ladder across the apron of the ring and the guard rail. Both members of G.O.D lay Rey Fenix onto the Ladder, and Tama takes to the sky and flattens Fenix through the Ladder. Both members of G.O.D retreat up the ramp as officials and Penta check onto Fenix. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kenny Omega is on a mission Joey Styles is interviewing Kenny Omega backstage from his broadcasting position. He and Omega discuss his previous 5 Star Bout with Kazuchika Okada, and what the American fans should expect to see from the "5 Star Bout Machine". Styles also gets into the respect both Omega and Zack Sabre Jr have for one and other. Omega lets everyone know that the result of tonight will not change that. Omega informs everyone that after he wins tonight, he will go onto beat Kurt Angle in the next round, and he WILL be the first ECW World Champion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bully Ray vs Mance Warner We see this match begin fast & furious. Both men run at each other, and begin laying fists into each other. The match takes a turn for the worst when Mance runs at Bully Ray who is proped into a corner, and goes chest first into an exposed turn buckle. Shortly after, Bully nails a Bully Bomb on Mance to pick up the 1-2-3. Bully calls for a Microphone, and he says it's damn good to be back in the revived ECW. He announces he is the FIRST man entered into the ECW Television Title 6 Pack, and he will be walking out of Massacre on 34th Street as TV Champion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kenny Omega vs Zack Sabre Jr The match begins with some shock and awe from the fans with chants of "E-C-Dub" and "This is Awesome" chants before either man even locks up with the other. Sabre Jr locks Omega into a headlock, and as Omega begins to escape, Sabre pushes Omega away and does his signature finger gun sign, and pulls the trigger with an emphatic "BANG!" from the crowd. Both men trade plenty of back and forth exchanges, with no one seeming to get the advantage. Each man matching strike for strike. Suplex for Suplex. Headlock for Headlock. The stalemate ends when Omega gets the upper-hand as Sabre Jr gets a little to cocky, and misses a move in the corner. Omega executes a beautiful V Trigger, and lands a One-winged Angel to get the victory. As soon as the announcer announces Omega as the victor, an updated bracket is displayed on the screen. Omega gets to his feet, and as soon as the camera cuts back to him he does his signature, "Goodbye, Goodnight, BANG!" pose as ECW goes off the air.
  6. Sign Up Template First Name: Irv Last Name: Sulley Jr Position: Right Defenseman Nick Name: Pain n' Gain Height: 73 inches (6'1) Weight:215 Date of Birth: May/26 Nationality: American City of Birth: Kansas City Preferred Jersey Number: 15 Right or Light: Right Physical, Non Physical, or Neutral: Physical Player Type: Two Way Defensemen Starting Junior League: Division 1 Hockey (Preferably The University of Michigan) Hidden Attributes: Strengths: Big Games, Coachability, Intelligence Weaknesses: Greed, Sportsmanship Mental Attributes: Strengths: Leadership, Teamplayer Weaknesses: Professionalism Physical Attributes: Strengths: Fighting, Speed Weaknesses: Acceleration, Balance
  7. - WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Mankind vs Shawn Michaels (c) Steve Austin vs Triple H Kane vs The Undertaker - WWF World Tag Team Championships match The New Age Outlaws (c) vs Legion of Doom Ken Shamrock vs Jeff Jarrett Vader vs Goldust vs Steve Blackman - WWF Light Heavyweight Championships match Brain Christopher vs TAKA Michinoku - WWF Intercontinental Championships match The Rock (c) vs Ahmed Johnson Bonus Questions: Which Match will score the highest rating on the card? Mankind vs Shawn Michaels One of these matches will end in a no contest, which match will that be? Kane vs Undertaker
  8. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    ECW TV "Frustrations on display" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SC-U-Later We get a video of SCU driving around sunny Southern California in their Bentley Mulsanne car and wearing their Ermenegildo suits. They're discussing how great it is to be in Southern California. However, they dread heading to ECW Massacre on 34th street. They do look on the brightside, as at the PPV, they will get the chance to become the first ECW Tag Team Champions as they will take on a mystery team at the PPV. The segment ends with all 3 men putting on Oakley Sunglasses as they start blasting Paradise City by Guns n' Roses as the camera pans out and SCU fades off into the distance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jon Moxley vs Will Ospreay - First round Matchup A very interesting mix of styles. We have Jon Moxley, widely regarded as a more brawl based wrestler vs the best Aerial Artist in wrestling, Will Ospreay. The match starts off rather quickly with Ospreay using his speed to deliver some vicious chops. The action eventually spills to the floor where Moxley takes advantage of this, and eventually spears Ospreay through the barricade. Both men make it back to the ring at the count of 9 to ensure the match does not end in a double count out. Both men stumble to their feet and trade vicious blows. Eventually, Moxley goes for a knee clip on Ospreay, and he crumbles to the ground howling in pain while holding the knee. Mox clearly has the underhand here and beats down on Ospreay. Eventually, Ospreay gets a little breathing room as Mox goes for a spear in the corner and bounces his shoulder off the ring post. Mox is on the ground rolling in pain. Ospreay begins setting him up for the OsCutter. But, when he goes to jump off the rope, he crumbles to the grouns in pain due to the knee damage. Mox then picks up Ospreay, and delivers the Death Rider to advance to the Semi Finals of the ECW World Title Tournament. And, after securing the victory Mox lays in a few more blows to Ospreays injured knee before officials fore him out of the ring. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Galloway's temper flares A pre taped video of Drew Galloway is shown where he is walking into the arena, when he is stopped by ECW owner, Paul Heyman. Heyman pulls Drew out of audio shot. the camera catches Galloway getting very animated as he storms away. The camera crew runs and catches up to Galloway as he is heard muttering under his breathe "Same shit different company" before he gets into his car and speeds away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cody Rhodes vs Kurt Angle - First Round Matchup The story of the match here is Cody's arrogance. Cody thinks from the very beginning Kurt Angle has no shot at beating him. He gets the early advantage, and begins taunting the 50 year old Angle. Eventually, Kurt's experience wins out and he counters Cody's Cross-Rhodes finishing maneuver into an Olympic Slam, and then locks in the Ankle Lock to get Cody to tap out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Angle celebrates & Next week's main event announced Angle is celebrating in the ring when Joey Styles & Taz officially confirm next weeks main event - Kenny Omega vs Zack Sabre Jr. the winner will face Kurt Angle in the Semi Finals of the ECW World Title Tournament at Massacre on 34th Street as ECW officially goes off the air.
  9. 1. Football 2. Baseball 3. Basketball
  10. U.S Championship 6 Man Elimination Match: Punk vs Joe vs Miz vs Cena vs Balor vs Ziggler Smackdown Womens Championship: Becky Lynch vs Ember Moon Intercontinental Championship: Ali vs Andrade Raw Womens Championship: Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James Smackdown Tag Team Championship: 3MB vs The New Day Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton Raw Tag Team Championships: Bryan and Rowan vs The Fiend and Braun WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre vs Kofi Kingston Womens Tag Team Championships: Flair and Evans vs Kabuki Warriors QOTR Finals : Bayley vs Sasha Banks KOTR Finals : Robert Roode vs Seth Rollins
  11. Name (First And Last) : Bubba Mahomes Height (Maximum 7,0) : 6'1 Weight (Maximum 400) : 190 Skin Color: caucasian Is Your Best Speed, Strength, Agility, Or A Mix Of The Three: It's a mix of Speed and Agility but Speed stands out What Is Your Personality - Humble What Do You Bring To The Team: Ain't no stopping me Position - RB
  12. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    ECW TV "The Revival" _________________________________________________________ The Voice of ECW is back The camera pans around Hammerstein Ballroom looking at the crowd who are chanting "E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub! E-C-Dub" before it lands on Joey Styles, the long time voice of ECW who begins to talk to the crowd. "Hello everyone. And, welcome to the RETURN of ECW TV!!" The crowd continues to go wild continuing to chant E-C-Dub as we cut to the entrance stage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Adam Page vs Local Jobber As soon as the bell rings, Zaquary Springate III quickly springs at Adam Page, and backs him into the corner. He's wailing on Page before he slips out of the ring to regroup as the fans cheer loudly for Springate. Page slowly gets back in the ring as Hebner begins to count. Page climbs back in the ring, and begins slowing the ring down to get the match more so in his favor. He begins working over Springate, and is dominating the match at this point. Page ends it off with a devastating Buckshot Lariat where he pins him for the 1-2-3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Machine is on his way to ECW We get a video package that shows a very large figure training at his local gym. He is benching 500 Punds, squatting 800, and leg pressing north of 1,000 pounds. The man slowly comes in to the light, and we can make out "The Machine" Brian Cage. He smirks before palming the camera and crushing the lens. A image appears saying Brian Cage is coming soon. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So Cal Uncensored vs Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz SCU make their way to the ring, and does their oh so familiar "this is the worst town we've ever been in" catch phrase which causes a lot of heat from the Manhattan crowd. Wentz & Xavier make their way to the ring as the match gets under way. Scorpio Sky and Dez start out the match, and this was the beginning of the end. Sky and Kazarian isolate Dez to where he can never make the tag to Wentz who was begging to get into the match. SCU hits Dez with a Celebrity Rehab as they score the pinfall here tonight. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PAC vs Rhyno In the main event, we have the first match of the ECW World Title tournament. PAC vs Rhyno. the match starts out rather quickly with PAC taking the offense to Rhyno early to try and wear the older man out, until the referee separates the two. Rhyno quickly goes for a Gore, but PAC side steps the move and slips out of the ring. He slides back into the ring, and the men trade blows back and forth for a bit before Rhyno slips up again. He goes to spears PAC into the corner, however PAC side steps the move. PAC quickly scales the the turnbuckle, and delivers a Black Arrow to defeat Rhyno and secure his advancement to the Semi Finals of the ECW World Title Tournament. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Updated Bracket Right after PAC secured the win, we get an updated Bracket for the World Title Tournament, and Joey Styles and Taz announce next week on ECW TV we will have TWO more first round match ups. Cody Rhodes vs Kurt Angle & Jon Moxley vs Will Ospreay. The announcers thank us for joining them, and wish the audience a good night.
  13. Is that Odell or AB? Can't tell the difference with how much of a 🤡 Odell is being
  14. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    We are the night before the return of ECW TV, ECW Founder, Paul Heyman, sat down with the Notsam Wrestling podcast host, Sam Roberts, to go over some of the much anticipated details of the return of the Land of Extreme. Sam: Paul, I appreciate you taking the time to sit down with me. I know you're a busy man. So, let's cut to the chase. Back in 2001, ECW went under you were deep in talks with USA Network to keep the company afloat, but that fell through. I bring this up, because in an interview with WWE.com, you mentioned that you guys were looking to move towards a more MMA like vibe with ECW. Do you guys plan to implement a similar style with the resurrection of ECW? Paul: Over the last 3 weeks since I announced to the world ECW was returning, that has been the burning question. What will the product on ECW look like? Well, just take a look at the talent we have on our roster. We have two of the best technical wrestlers in wrestling today in Kurt Angle and Zack Sabre Jr. We have THE, not one of, but THE best Aerial Artist in Wrestling today, Will Ospreay. We have a flash from the past in Rhyno. And, we have a man who broke out of the asylum and is out for blood in Jon Moxley. We have probably the greatest collection and blends of talent in the world today with some of our unannounced signings so far. But, to answer your question regarding the product, well you're going to have to watch the show on Wednesday to figure that one out. Sam: It's funny you mention unannounced signings, because that was my next question. Is there any one who you can reveal has officially out pen to paper with ECW? Paul: There are a few I can actually announce to you. First off, we have signed Todd Sinclair and Brian Hebner to be our referee's. Next, we brought in Al Snow and Dean Malenko as our lead producers for the show. And, I can officially announce that Brandi Rhodes has signed on to be Cody's manager as well as a backstage talent. Sam: Very solid signings, but it leaves much to be desired Paul. Come on, give good old Sam an exclusive. Are there any In-Ring talents you guys have signed? Paul: You are very, and I mean very lucky I like you Sam. I have one Tag Team I can announce now. So Cal Uncensored is bringing their talents from Southern California, and will be bringing them to upstate New York to tell all the fans how much they hate their town. And, on the first episode of ECW TV, Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian will be in Tag Team action. Sam: SCU is a fantastic get. Easily one of the best 3 man groups in Wrestling today. Last question for you Paul. Massacre on 34th Street is coming up in a few weeks, and the question everyone wants to know. Where will the first PPV be held? What venue has the honor of hosting the first event since the revival of ECW? Paul: After reviewing some data over with the team internally, we decided on the Manley Field House in Syracuse, New York. We toyed around with the idea of hosting it at the Hammerstein Ballroom, but ultimately decided against it due to projected Audience size. Now, I must run Sam. It was a pleasure talking with you . And, remember ECW is coming to take over the wrestling scene. And, that isn't a prediction... It's a Spoiler.
  15. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    As stated by ECW Owner, Paul Heyman, we will gradually reveal who all has filled out the ECW roster. So, tonight we will reveal the first 10 Wrestlers AND the ECW World Championship tournament bracket. The Tournament will conclude at the first ECW branded special, Massacre on 34th Street. Without further ado, the 10 superstars on the ECW Roster. Cody Rhodes The ECW branding isn't the only thing Paul Heyman bought from WWE. On his way out, he purchased the Cody Rhodes trademark from them, and turned it back over to Cody, so he can once again go by Cody Rhodes on the Independent scene. The moment Paul Heyman purchased, his very first call was to Cody. Cody looks to be a feature point of the ECW brand, and it's resurgence. Kurt Angle Oh it's true, it's damn true! Wrestling's only Olympic Gold Medalist is on his way to ECW, and he's here to prove he has more left in the tank. In a ECW.com exclusive, he said he had multiple offer from other bigger promotions, but chose to sign with ECW. Why? They were the only one who would allow him to have One last run. Drew Galloway The first major name to defect from WWE to ECW, the former Drew McIntyre. Drew requested his release last October after numerous broken promises from WWE management came to a head. Drew said a major factor with signing with the resurrected ECW, was his respect for Paul Heyman. Not as just a wrestling promoter, but a friend. Drew is the early favorite in Vegas to win the ECW World Title Tournament. PAC The Bastard, PAC is also on his way to ECW. After losing his Open the Dream Gate championship match to Masato Yoshino, the Wrestling Observer announced that PAC would be leaving Dragon Gate to "Pursue wrestling adventures elsewhere". The immediate speculation went to WWE of course, but it turns out it was actually ECW. Zack Sabre Jr Sabre Jr is arguably the greatest Technical Wrestler in wrestling today. Many wonder how he will fit the ECW style, but honestly when you're as talented as Zack Sabre Jr, does it matter? Fans are already salivating at the mat work in a potential Kurt Angle vs Zack Sabre Jr. Maybe we will get this dream match at some point in the ECW World Title Tournament. Will Ospreay Will Ospreay is a man many thought would never leave New Japan, but here he is. For those that don't know who Ospreay is, let me enlighten you. Ospreay is EASILY the best Aerial technician in today's wrestling scene. He isn't called the Aerial Assassin for no reason. "Hangman" Adam Page Adam Page is one of the brightest stars of not just ECW, but all of wrestling. He has the look, the wrestling ability. He's almost the entire package, however he seems to lack in One aspect. Elite Mic ability. Over time, he will develop, but look for Page to be a major player within ECW, and lead the next wave of wrestlers to come through the business. Rhyno What's some new school ECW without some old school mixed in? Heyman noted this was an easy signing due to the familiarity with the Man Beast. Heyman is hoping the re-birth of ECW will inject some new life into Rhyno, and he can return back to his prime. Jon Moxley "This is what you call a Paradigm Shift". Those were the words spoken by Jon Moxley as he was leaving the building after officially signing his ECW contract. Moxley asked, and was granted early release from his WWE contract back in December, and due to him not having a Non Compete clause, he is eligible to compete for ECW immediately. Mox is the one man giving Drew Galloway a run for his money in Vegas on bets for the 1st ECW World Champion. Kenny Omega The biggest international get for ECW is easily Kenny Omega. Omega decided not to renew his NJPW contract, and came over to ECW with his good friend, Cody Rhodes. The one question everyone has is if his Elite brethren will follow him over. Only time will tell, but watch for Omega to put on instant classics with the members on the ECW roster. Now, the time everyone has been waiting for. The ECW World Title Tournament Bracket. Feel free to make predictions on who advances and who's winning. Now, the moment of truth:
  16. bubbajr_

    ECW: Reborn

    "A wise man once said, a smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But, a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him on how to avoid the mistake altogether. Me? I am neither. I am a mad genius who will NEVER give up on his dream." The camera pans out and we see Paul Heyman standing before us "Shocked to see me on your screen, huh? Well, I got tired of sitting on my ass doing nothing in the machine, so guess what? I. Bought. It. Back. the Land of Extreme is coming back, and I brought some friends with me. Over the next few days, I will be revealing our roster, and it will be capped off with a great friend of mine. ECW is back, and here to take over. That's not a prediction. It's a spoiler." That's right, I'm bringing ECW back. January 1st, 2019. No AEW, ROH in a tailspin, Impact having no direction. What better time to bring ECW back. I currently have the initial roster put together, but I am looking to add some unique characters to the series. So, please leave your character Ideas down below for me. I will take many of them into account, and maybe add them into the series. Here is what I need to get the characters created: Wrestler's Name Gender: Male or Female Nationality: Based In: USA Mexico Japan UK Based on: (Pick one real life wrestling) Picture: (One real person who they look like. Preferably not any big name Indy guys or guys that would fit into the ECW label) Alignment: Heel or Face Gimmick: (Pick 2) Cool Cocky Crazy Legit Comedy Weasel Brute Weird Wholesome Backstory:
  17. - World Heavyweight Championship match Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton - RAW Women's Championship match Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks Jeri-KO vs. Enzo & Big Cass - I Quit match Cesaro vs. Sheamus - RAW Tag Team Championships match The Dudley Boyz (c) vs. The Usos Bonus Questions Will the United States Championship be vacated at WWE Bad Blood due to Sami Zayn's injury? -No Sir Which match will get the highest rating at WWE Bad Blood? Jeri-KO vs Enzo & Cass

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