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  1. Update on CFO$ & WWE Relationship
  2. Underneath this gimmick is a pretty damn good worker. (For those that don't know, if you've ever watched Chikara, he was Fire Ant). A guy who is so good he can chain wrestle and do Lucha high flying with his hands in his pockets and therefore doesn't try I can work with because from what i've seen of Orange is that he knows how to pace his matches well. Especially if his lack of care comes back to bite him, which from what I see it normally does. What will be most interesting is seeing how he works on a weekly product because it feels suited for sporadic indy matches mostly. We'll be seeing it evolve.
  3. Hopefully WWE can restrain themselves and not push to explout this on television. Hearing from Becky post-Extreme Rules about how she didn't like the way WWE handled it at all hopefully they can just continue being who they are on screen and having a personal life as well. Anyway, I'm ecstatic for them. They seem like they really love each other from how they always talk about the other. Good for them for finding someone who knows what that life is like and has the same travel schedule and all that. I wish them nothing but happiness,
  4. Ronda Rousey Suffers Nasty Finger Injury While Filming Fox 9-1-1 Series
  5. This is interesting since even though he would be under Fox contract he would be activlery talking about WWE, be involved in WWE programming ect which is more than i ever expected to see especially in the next year. With the constant AEW rumours if this were to happen it would kill that opening fast and instead i'd start to wonder if this position would warm CM Punk into getting involved in a on off with WWE again. A lot of thoughts based on a "His agent reached out" I understand but it's great to see the possibility. He is natural behind a microphone and a desk.
  6. I think a deal will be reached. Spider-Man is an integral part of the MCU and so Disney want to keep him. Sony want to keep making money from high-grossing Spidey films and so would prefer he was a part of the MCU. It is in both of their interests to make a deal. Sure, it will be hard to sort out the money, but when both companies want to make a deal I am reasonably certain that they will. I found it really odd how Spider-Man was made so integral to the MCU by Marvel Studios in Far From Home by basically saying he's our new main man. Because of the nature of the deal with Sony. I actually thought about that after watching the movie. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was cool how the torch was handed to Peter... but I found it odd because Sony could take Spidey away at any moment, and it actually kinda happened now.
  7. Obviously his health is the priority and from what I understand, MRSA isn't to be taken lightly. I wish him all the best in getting better. This sucks. Was hoping it to be nothing serious and to be rested for next week but what can you do, I hope he heals well after surgery. I'm just afraid now of the possible repercussion of this, like AEW not letting their talent work outside the company anymore which honestly as the company grew i expected to happen anyway but after his NJPW contract ends we might see the door shit for the talents.
  8. Prince Puma vs Gran Metalik "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Minoru Tanaka Pentagon Jr. vs Oney Lorcan Roderick Strong vs Bea Pristley
  9. They took the original formula of the first game and were able to build upon it wonderfully with some quality of life changes. At the end of the game, you find out just how important the things you say can be and the impact it can have, even in a fictional world. Looking forward to their third instalment now.
  10. WGP World Heavyweight Title: Sameer © vs Slim NWGP United States Title: Hans © vs Mikey NWGP Intercontinental: Julius © vs Arius vs Bashka NWGP Tag Team Championship: Royal Flush (Sheridan & Johnny Kills) vs Godsent (Jay Sellers & Brett Storm) vs Brad/North vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) 8 Man Tag Team Match: Natedog, Ross, Kenji, and Kyle Pain vs Ropati, Lunatic Ginge, Bob Sparks, 8 Man Tag Team Match: Bart, Cody Cage, Prince, and Echo Wilson vs Raven, Hollow, Marker, and Buddy Ace Tag Team Match: George & Kieron Black vs Maasa & Evolution
  11. For a free game it brought enough tension and sometimes terror in concept to satisfy the horror craving. I'd be interested to see what the people behind this game could create with a bigger budget.
  12. Arius

    WWE Reborn

    Superstar Name: Rin Akane Nicknames: "Osaka's Only Superstar", "The Orchestrator" Height: 5 ft 5 Weight: 59 kg - 130lbs Face/Heel: Heel Figurehead (Someone Outside Of WWE): Hana Kimura Character Backstory: Flashy, confident, Rin Akane was ready-made for the ruthless world of business and entertainment from the jump. Possessing a long fascination for the artistry of combat she considers herself a part of the new wave leaving her distinct style on the canvas of professional wrestling. With an unapologetic attitude, athletic strong build, and sharp tongue, she will utilise all to take her places in the company. Using her extensive martial arts training provided by her upbringing she uses her cunning to bring down giants if they can first see past her extravagant showmanship. Rin wants to continue to further the legacy she's in the process of building, all while representing the client she has linked her career with fellow professional wrestler Arius. In the ring she is distanced and doesn't like cooperating but Rin is a clever person, who sees much more than the others. A very calm but yet dangerous presence Rin fears no one Signature: The Luciola Splash (Corkscrew Moonsault) , Faust (Vertical Suplex Cutter) Finisher: equiem (Indian deathlock) Moonlight Sonata (Victory Star Drop)

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