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  1. Arius

    What’s everyone’s favorite movie

    I think this is one of those questions that could change by mood, by age and or just because a lot of movies are close to each other that it switches. But i will start by mentioning two movies that probably get re-watched a lot but also have meaning for me. - War of the Worlds (2005). I hear a lot of mixed reactions to this movie a lot but every time i see it on TV i sit down and watch along again. Growing up this was the movie me and my parents would re-watch together and i like those memories plus the movie itself i feel is underrated. Robin Hood: Men In Tights and Alice in Wonderland (1999) are two other films similar to the reasons above. - Big Fish (2003) It's rare to see wonder and nostalgia captured so well. A story that shows what storytelling is all about and why it's so important. I think it's expertly done: when they compare the 'fantastic story' to the 'factual story', you can't help but feel sorry for the guy who prefers the factual version and misses out on all the fantastical.
  2. Arius

    91st Academy Awards Prediction Contest

    My Predictions
  3. Arius

    Alex come out here and we can settle this Right Now

    Hans Clayton watches the monitor as the free-for-all unfolds in the ring when suddenly the US Champion, Arius passes him on the way to his awaiting escort. The champion stops when the unfolding chaos catches his eye, turning to the camera So this is what happens when i take my leave is it? Disorder. Anarchy. Oh my yes. Isn't this a glorious sight, it almost makes me a little homesick..but then again.. Arius shines his championship with a handkerchief from his pocket More important issues have my attention. Arius smirks to Hans as he looks to leave giving him a supportive pat on the back Good luck with this mess Hans, Alex wherever you are. You are going to need it.
  4. Oscar Sunday (Monday for some) is quickly approaching so i thought it would be fun for those wanting to give it a go to hold a prediction contest. I know for handful of these categories it might be a shot in the dark but i think that just adds to the thrill of the choice.
  5. Arius

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 18th 2018

    This might be a nitpick but hopefully next time he makes an appearance on Raw or Smackdown they know to darken the lightening or something to cover up the lifting beam (not sure what to call it). Seeing it as bright as day as he enters the stage takes away from the whole entrance. At least for me.
  6. The backstage segment with The Miz and Shane after their match was interesting to me due to the anger shown by The Miz. We have seen in the past how overly determined her can be when he focuses himself and i think seeing Shane being calm about it during that moment might be the first crack in their partnership. That The Miz is trying to make them the Best Tag Team In The World' but Shane McMahon never had himself completely invested. Also congratulations to The Usos on being the longest tenured tag team in WWE history! They have come a long way from attacking The Hart Dynasty.
  7. Arius

    Music Discussion

    Anderson Paak - Oxnard
  8. Arius

    Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin

    Incredible how they have killed a lot of Braun Strowmans momentum since his return. I agree with most sentiments that the ending was stupid and aligning these three together where they were doing fine on their own, especially McIntyre. Even worse is that they gave Strowman the victory back on Raw anyway the next night. At least it looked cool? Triple powerbomb through two-tables. I'm all for it. But i am also guilty for i wholeheartedly enjoying the three of them together for some reason and i don't know why. Those few weeks when they were terrorising Raw when Corbin was in charge got some genuine laughs from me even if it hurt the show. So a part of me popped to see them on the same page again but i hope this alliance dies quick. (And it seems that sentiment has come true)
  9. I agree that this match to begin with was slow but i think that was for the best to not go to 100 to start with. Especially with how the match ended it was built up to those moments almost perfectly. I wanted to believe! To believe that this was going to be Kofi Kingston's night to shock the world. With Xavier and Big E at his side. Every time Kofi kicked out, he got back up, he survived. My hope that it could happen grew. I love feeling like that. The crowd being behind Kingston was fantastic to see as well and i hope like many do that WWE heard that and are at least considering that match for Wrestlemania even if rumours say otherwise. I have to give Daniel Bryan a lot of credit as well for his part. Daniel Bryan was the most over wrestler in WWE at one point and when he turned on the crowd it caught me by surprise, i thought "What are they doing?" but i'm eating my words now. He's done it. He's the most hated male heel on SmackDown!. They Boo'd every strike. They "No"'d every kick. There was no dulling chants. Just everyone rallying behind Kofi Kingston.
  10. It served it's purpose. It's going to be interesting to see how Ruby Riott recovers after this defeat. I know wrestlers have come back from worst showings, just look at Daniel Bryan after his 18 second Wrestlemania loss but Ruby is going to need to have a few strong showings before she goes toe to toe with a champion again which is a pity.