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  1. WrestleMania 36 Predictions Liv Morgan vs. Natalya (Kickoff) Cesaro vs. Drew Gulak (Kickoff) Women's Tag Team Championships: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley Elias vs. King Corbin Raw Tag Team Championships: Street Profits(c) vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza Jr. SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Miz & Morrison vs. The Usos vs.The New Day (Ladder Match) Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn (c) vs Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Tamina NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) John Cena vs. The Fiend (Firefly Fun House Match) The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Drew McIntyre Universal Championship: Goldberg (c) vs. Braun Strowman Bonuses: Will Ronda Rousey show up? No Will Gronk interfere in any matches? No (Unless there is a 24/7 Championship change) How many title changes will we get? 4
  2. Arius


    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?" Epicurus Last Time Everything had felt distorted. At least, it did in the eyes of Arius. Over the past few days , everything felt like it was changing around him. It felt like he was in the eye of the storm as the winds of change began to devastate everything he built around him. It was no longer feeling like the BPZ he shed his blood, sweat, and tears for. It felt new. It felt unforgiving to the sin of pride he broke under. It was changing colour, changing shape, warping and twisting behind his retinas that stung like a splinter in the centre of his mind, slowly breaking into hairline fractures with the sharp and piercing sound of a Tinnitus like ringing. This candid opened with this imagery, white flashes before our eyes in disorienting white strobes, his career and the past few months specifically being played for us through the outside perspective of Arius himself. It looked like a haze beyond the flashes, unfocused as the eyes couldn't adjust correctly. The faces of the men that The Revenant had faced on his chosen path were interchangeable inky black shadows -- like they were without a reason of matter as all that was in focus was the expressions of pain and failure on the face of Arius himself. It was an unfavourable way for one to look at their career -- but shows the power of one moment changing a perspective -- as with one final flash -- Arius watching the main event slip from his fingers. The ringing in our ears persisting as beginging scene comes into view. "Hell is a state of mind. And every state of mind, left to itself - is, in the end, Hell." The figure of Arius faded into the image. Bandages around his body thanks to the vicious fall at the hands of Slim. Attire, a black suit, a black shirt, a black tie. Dishevelled still as recent months have progressed, his eyes are drawn upwards as he continues. A lack of sleep or maybe too many late nights. "We’re no strangers to self flattery. We’ve talked about what makes us different than the “others”, which in a lot of ways might just be selfishness speaking for us—hoping that there’s something that sets us apart when it’s so easy to fall into the crowd. Whenever you’re part of the crowd, Flynn—and I’m sure you realised this when you had your stretch amongst Bulletproof — you long for the opposite experience. Those in crowds wish to stand out. Those who stand alone wish to melt away within a group. It’s that insatiable, unquenchable human desire that’s a common thread within all of us. (The clink of a bottle being kicked across the floor can be heard as Arius moves forward with the camera tracking) "And it’s desires like those that always made me question if I’m really like everyone else or if I’m nothing like them at all. I still couldn’t tell you. But unlike the rest of them, you’ve decided to give me some backstory on the kind of person you were...a journey of no heaven. No nirvana. Often to find these virtues, these apropos final destinations, we have to push through the many circles that make up hell." "I think this week has shown you that while we may have come from two different backgrounds and have essentially put together two totally different career trajectories, we can relate to one another through this one common thread that there’s something off kilter." "I have to admit I can respect your blind committedness to your little indecisive motive, Flynn. A tough guy who eats nails, shits screws, and threatens everybody. It is fun, thrilling. Sends a shiver up my spine and makes this path we've both been set on all the more exciting." "Looking back on Carnage It seems you've found your safety net. I'm glad to see you were able to find a solution so quickly. I’ve wanted to escape before, but I feel this way whether I’m buried in the sounds of a city or abandoned in the middle of a forest. And when it comes to looking for a place warm enough to call home, I’m unsuccessful on that front too. Maybe you feel that when you go to your family. Maybe you feel it being submerged in the wilderness. But between the hundreds of cities I’ve performed in, between the thousands of beds I’ve slept in, between every little space in between, I can’t find anywhere that comfort exists. For so many people, they dedicate their entire lives to either finding a home—whether it be a goal or an actual place—or escaping from their experiences. I can’t. So I changed my focus. I began thinking that if I couldn’t find a place where I was comfortable, maybe the next best thing was to find the place where I fit in best—where I was meant to be." "Count your coins and Throw them over my shoulder” (Arius fiddles with a golden rectangular plate between his fingers as he speaks - unidentified to the audience of its meaning) "I knew from the beginning that you would be going for these kind of cheap shots, because what was I to expect from a man who treats people like his puppets? However, I'm not going to be manipulated, Flynn, so you can treat my mistakes as bargain card...you can even create your own weird world vision. I could've got before him, said anything and he would've had the same response, and actually it feels as though he didn't really listen to anything I had to say in the past. For someone who is so vigilantly taking notice of his competition, as you seem to want to know who Arius is, you sure tend to make a lot of easily avoided errors in your delivery. He didn't respond to the man i am he just said words to hear himself speak." "You were all steam but no substance. You can be better. You want to be better. Yet you trail the words of lesser men and fate yourself to their company. My presentation isn't an indication of me hiding behind anything. It's a representation of something far greater, a representation of the aura I wish to create. The same "aura" you wish to trail as the new "fear" of Brendenplayz Wrestling. A new haircut. A new attitude. A patch up job or the first look at who true Flynn wants to be to himself? " "Something you've hampered quite enough about. So much so that I must conclude that it's effective, no? It isn't a method of me feeling important for such juvenile thoughts are irrelevant and play no significant role in my plans. Where actions speak much louder. We must all just find within who we truly are. I will not let people's perception of me dictate my perception of myself, because I know what I have inside, I know who I am, and what I'm capable of. What we are both capable of." "We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be. You might see defeat this last weekend as proof that you weren’t actually able to accomplish something great by abandoning the mask we describe. You could even turn the mirror in my direction with how the curtain closed on my night. But I think your story is something that a lot of people could gain from hearing—a tale of a man who got a taste of what he thought he wanted only to discover that he was more powerful persisting in what he is at heart. I recognise why you’re so driven to work toward cementing yourself again and cementing your cause in front of so many people who have spat on it and ignored what you’ve had to say as if you’re some sort of reject to the rest of the world that belongs in an asylum not to be conditioned and assimilated to the rest of society, but to rot and be kept away from the rest of them. They doubt your creations. Your motivations." "Your battle has always been against them because they’ve done everything they could to act as if you’re not really here. No matter how much you’ve screamed and clawed and ascended, asserted your place, they still don’t acknowledge you as the line to cross. That you hold the keys. That world championship you had once slung over your shoulder is the closest thing to a golden ticket to being acknowledged, and the thought of me now appearing and slowing down the process, taking the momentum away from you is like knocking you back to square one. (Arius smirks) Hell. If we’re both not already left there already. Unwanted behemoths. Left to the side to destroy each other out of a fear of what we can do" "But I want to remind you of the bigger picture, Flynn: you aren’t losing to what you’re actually fighting against. I’m not one of those “normal” people that have ignored your cause and shrugged you off as some sort of schizophrenic zealot of a warped cause. I’ve let you have the floor to say whatever you wanted. For weeks throughout 2019, members of your war battalion invited me out to the ring to tell me what they thought about me, courted me, and I obliged even though I had no intention of getting out of bed." "But now you stand alone and i’m willing to give you what you wanted—what you’ve always wanted from all of the people that have disrespected you. Your opponent in the grand scheme of things are those cookie cutter sheep that you longed to be side by side with. But you’re not facing them this April. You’re facing me—someone who you know stands out as something different than what you’ve come against before. To speak to you honestly, Flynn—and excuse me if this comes across too uncharacteristically callous—I don’t care if you take your loss and take it to heart or bounce right back up to your feet, dust yourself off, and believe that everything is the same as it was before. But the latter option is there for you to take. You still have your battle to fight, just like I do. Regardless of what happens next weekend, we will always have our same old battles to fight. Whether you honestly believe with your entire heart that you’ll walk out with the victory for your new found arthritic friend or have accepted that you’ll fall to me and lose it more than you have already, you will still have people with their heads turned away and you’ll still do everything you can to try to get them to face you and accept your word as scripture." "When Bart approached me, in between the doctors prodding my forehead (Arius pokes at the stitches), my concern was never to beat you. (Arius laughs) Maybe that is what Bart hoped for? The crafty bastard. I’ve acknowledged my skill as an art rather than a curse so many times before because I never pictured that this would be my calling. I never wanted to be a professional wrestler. I didn’t have these dreams as a child growing up with a trampoline in my backyard, emulating the moves I saw on television. And even when I thought I had found a passion for this industry because I was good at it, I always believed that there was something beyond it—that this was just a chapter in my story, not the overall theme. This industry was never meant to be the core of my story. My industry is a field of natural exploration, an art i tend to continue to sink into. But thanks to my inherent skill, that’s what it’s become. My addiction. This is something I’ve had to accept. This is the closest thing to fulfilment I’ve ever had. And that’s why I’m still here, Flynn." "My concern is what happens after all this is said and done—if my battle against that emptiness stops or if it doesn’t even leave a chink in that vacancy’s armour. What else can I do to fill that void if this doesn’t do it, Flynn? If overcoming the adversity that’s been set before me, if defying the odds like I have isn’t enough to fill that empty space in my chest, then what the hell can, Flynn? What else is there for me? I can’t run to a family waiting for me with open arms. I can’t go back to my home. I can’t escape to a forest and find an ounce of beauty in nature. Not anymore. None of those are options. But I’ll tell you what is left. What’s left is the reality of the situation that I’ve feared ever." "It's time to pull apart from the pack and see who comes out the other end of the woods with something's neck firmly locked within their teeth. This dance will not be structured, it will not be smooth..it will be erratic. It will be passion on the stage and we'll leave a piece of ourselves. Why?, Because we have no choice. We're now vehicles of war for men with power over us. We're the ones connected to the strings. I want to inflict unnatural motives. I was and am still designed to hurt. If this doesn’t do it, Flynn, then I know that that’s all that’s left for me. And though I may be a victor come next weekend, I can’t guarantee you that I’ll be fulfilled." "There is no end to service. We're expendable. Ensured destruction. And at World at War we'll perish, wither together." Your deeds of... Carnage - Valor
  3. The camera pans as it catches the people as they were shaking in place. In the distance you can see smoke, like fog, like a magic show take over the stage as an intermission musical act comes to an end. Millions of colours shot out from a mysterious ball, that was shining like a piece of crystal, glowing but drenched by the natural Florida sun. Again, it felt hot, but you couldn't escape this many people. No choice but to sit there and listen to the noisy rocking, heavy music. (The crowd on the hot Venice Beach are on their feet in anticipation for the next match on the slate as tonight's special host Stardog is standing out front just inches from the commentary table holding his microphone up ready to speak.) Song: Love on the Rocks with No Ice by The Darkness Stardog: The following contest is an elimination ten-pack challenge! Oh yeah, i said ten. You see I have some surprises in mind for tonight. Surprises courtesy of yours truly. Now all ten competitors will be legal in the ring at all times, and will be eliminated upon a pinfall or submission. This will continue until one woman is left standing, who will be declared the winner! But first.. (Stardog raises his arm to the entrance as ‘Sorry Not Sorry x Bad Decisions’ plays in place of the previously heavier music. Danielle happily makes her way towards the ring, decked out this time instead in a striped referee’s shirt having changed from her beach ring side attire.) Stardog: Ladies and gentlemen, your special guest referee for this contest, Danielle! Sandman: Some fast-paced, ten-women action coming up now as we get a good look at the unpredictable Danielle, who’s been tasked with maintaining order tonight! Do you think she can call it down the middle, Heel? Heel: Danielle’s a crazy son of a bitch but it would be in his best interests to stay on the good side of all ten of these women. Some of the brightest future stars and past favourites are competing for a shot at glory tonight and I can’t wait! Wallace: You heard Stardog. It's been hotter'n ay goat's butt in a pepper patch ayn' a-seein Danielle in that outfit. Hell brother, it is only rising in my books. (Danielle pulls on the ropes to stretch as the music changes from the brief silence to ‘grandson: Blood//Water [King Kavalier Remix]. The familiar theme plays as Alexa Merci gracefully makes her way down to the ring) Announcer: Introducing first, weighing it at 115 lbs, she is Alexa Merci! Sandman: Alexa Merci has been making life for Alice hell on Carnage and standing toe to toe with all that stand to her words, you’ve gotta think she’s a hot favourite to win tonight, right? Heel: Alexa is as vindictive as they come. A real battleaxe who likes to hurt people and I love it! I wouldn’t be shocked if he ran roughshod over the entire field! (Alexa poses on the ropes for the audience as she looks back at the awaiting Danielle. Passing along a half effort smile as she motions for her to move out of her way so she can drop down her coat) (‘Moonlight Densetsu’ by being sung live by Sailor Meko kicks in as Sailor Meko appears with sheer energy and enthusiasm, looking like she’s ready for anything as she moves across the stage. The audience try their best to sing along with her out here in the Florida heat as Meko is all smiles) Announcer: Next, from Yamanashi, Japan, she weighs in at 101 lbs, Sailor Meko! Sandman: A star on the rise, many would say. Sailor Meko scored a big win on her recent album release and took home her record labels yearly Rising Star Award as a result. Does she have a decent chance at victory? Heel: While I don’t like this kid’s hippy dippy nonsense attitude, she can get it done between the ropes. I just think she’s too new to stand up against some of the real superstars that we’ve got here tonight. Wallace: Saying she's not going to win looking like that, because her hair looks like cotton candy is denying the power of cotton candy! Sailor Meko is an excellent wrestler, a little rocket! A regular happy jack! She puts everything into her matches, but she just needs to dig deeper and pull out the one thing that will assure huurr the victory! (Sailor Meko runs around the ring in a loop as she sings the chorus of her song along with the audience before finally bumping into Alexa who looks down on her with a disapproving expression) (‘NightmareOwl x Kenshiro+ - Hell Is Other People' is piped in as Rin Akane makes her way to the ring with a rejuvenated focus on her face.) Announcer: From Osaka, Japan, weighing 130 lbs, she is 'The Orchestrator' Rin Akane! Sandman: Now here is a woman that many would rank near the top of favourites to win here tonight. Rin Akane has been a thorn in the side of everyone who she’s come across so far in the BPZ alongside Arius, and it seems a long time coming that we see what she has in store as the spotlight falls on her. Heel: She’s an intimidating presence whose focus seems borderline unbreakable. (The three women stick to their corners of the ring as Rin Akane stands at ringside removing her entrance attire. The commentary talk amongst themselves wondering who would be making their entrance next when suddenly a smokey haze began to leak from the entrance ramp. ‘The Darkness That Lurks In Our Mind' plays next, as two large unknown orderlies drag to the entrance stage a black body bag) Announcer: And from Brittlehurst Institution weighing in at 130 lbs, she is NurseX! Sandman: Yikes. This woman scares me! Heel: I don’t know if Rin or Alexa have been intimidated by this young lady, but I, for sure, have some fear of what this crazy lady might do! Where the hell do they find these freaky women?! (Wallace can be seen hiding further back on the commentary booth as he peaks behind his straw hat) Wallace: Is she gone? (NurseX moves slowly around the ring as the other superstars keep their distance. The fans make sure to keep their distance as well as NurseX lunges at them irrationally. The tone changes as‘Real Deal' plays next, eyes moving to the stage as the confident Mira, sister of current BPZ Superstar Maasa, enters the stage again after a long absence from Brendenplayz Wrestling) Announcer: And from the Netherlands, weighing in at 132 lbs, she is “The Miracle of BPZ”…Mira! Sandman: If any of you are wondering why Mira looks almost frustrated at tonight, I hope you all remember what happened at the go home show on Carnage. Mira was being left out of the conversation, looked over and it hasn't sat well with the former United States challenger. Heel: I’m sure Mira wants to get some payback, and of course make sure no one tonight wins that easily. Wallace: The women in the ring tonight have got a very tough challenge in front of them, but I think she’s going to put up a great fight. I’m not taking any bets on who’s winning, but this will be an uphill battle for Mira. That’s for sure. (‘Hold Me Down' by Halsey plays next as Natalya soaks in the reception of the Brendenplayz crowd) Announcer: And from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at 135 lbs, Natalya! Sandman: The first surprise from Stardog! Someone who made their debut in Brendenplayz Wrestling all the way back in 2015 it is good to see a familiar face back again. Heel: Someone who campaigned for the creation of a Divas Champion but continued to put in the fight to stand out amongst the competition. Title-worthy without the gold. With the looks and the skills to have it done. (‘Stars In the Night' plays next, a determined Alice makes a B-line for the ring) Announcer: And from Hartford, Connecticut, weighing in at 199 lbs, he is “The Uncrowned Hero”…Alice! Sandman: Alice has definitely been turning some heads ever since she made her debut here in BPZ a couple months ago. Possibly for the wrong reasons. With the help of Mirage, she has developed and grown into a polarising figure but a very young talent on the BPZ roster. Heel: She has come a long way from working as a backstage interviewer but then again..some might of preferred if she had stayed backstage. Sandman: Pull it in, Heel ( 'Brutality' kicks in as a focused Christina makes her way down the ramp. Ignoring the pomp and circumstance of a wrestling entrance) Announcer: And from Liverpool, England, weighing in at 125 lbs, “The Dark Rose” Christina! Sandman: Christina is coming with motivation seemingly at the same calibre as Rin Akane, Alexa and Sailor Meko. Christina could’ve been one of the few people who have ever had the chance to change the perception of these brand of competitor. Heel: Christina has had her fair share of mind games against the other competitors and Rin Akane in particular, I’m sure they were for a reason. She plans to make them payoff as she hopes to be the one walking out with the victory, because that’s what this match is all about. And she is going to do practically everything to make sure that comes true, we’re in for a show tonight. ('Contemptress' by Motionless In White. kicks in, Violet walks to the ring with a purpose. Showing very little tell to where her thoughts are she stays near the front of the ring away from the other competitors as she awaits the final entry) Announcer: And finally, weighing in at 128 lbs, Violet Carson! Wallace: The second last woman to enter the ring and possibly the biggest threat in this match. She's tough as a pine knot. Sandman: A dangerous individual, this Violet Carson. Se’s made quite the impression since debuting on Carnage, you know a win here would really give her career a major boost. Heel: I like her, Sandman! Rough around the edges, takes no shit from anyone! Expect some good things from this kid tonight! (‘U Wanted a Fight' by Marty Falle (BPZ Edit) plays next as the ringside camera looks around to find where Cindy is making her entrance from. Finally they see as she climbs the structure holding up the BPZ Commentary table amongst the crowd as she celebrates with the audience and reluctant team) Announcer: And from wherever parking fines are non-applicable, weighing in at 130 lbs, Cindy! Sandman: Well it seems Cindy came prepared. It was obvious that if anyone was going to come out with weapons of her own it was her so it only seemed fitting for her to fight fire with fire in order to secure the win, but isn’t this just a regular match? Heel: Honestly what all of these competitors have in mind is beyond me. Yet this is what Cindy wants to do at the end of the day, secure the win. It’s as simple as this, if we know Cindy enough this far into her career, we know she has no problem with doing that. Wallace: She looks crazier than a fly in a bass drum but that's my style Sandman: And as you can hear from ringside Arthur is here with their family at ringside. (The camera pans to see Stone Cold Arthur with a beer helmet with the family at ringside taking up a row of seating amongst them as Cindy drags down trash bin lid to ringside) (DING! DING! DING!) This match is underway! As we watch all the competitors eye each other in the ring as Cindy finally rolls under the ropes from the outside having had her fill of the drunken celebration of the crowd at ringside. Rising to her feet with her trash can lid in one hand and beer can in the other, luckily not spilling a single drop in the process she raises it into the air. Taking a sip as she takes a glance, summing up the other women in the contest as the opening comes to a stand still. The other competitors look at each other in a little confusion. Before any of the women could react Cindy turns around and smashes the trash can lid over the head of Alice before she has a chance to react as she falls through the ring ropes. Finishing the beer, pulling at her belt she yells at the other women with a forceful command for someone to strike first. Tossing the can in their direction Heel: Turning your back isn’t wise Cindy! Suddenly the unhinged NurseX screams towards Cindy as she reaches for her heart in a fright. Her arms flailing as she swears away from the microphone at what she is witnessing “What in the f***” - Cindy is stunned as NurseX picks her up for the GUTWRENCH PILEDRIVER! IT HITS! NurseX straddles Cindy for the pinfall Danielle: One-Two-Three! Announcer: Cindy has been ELIMINATED NurseX slowly crawls from the body of Cindy as she is rolled out under the ropes and the rest of the contests are left taking in what they witnessed. Sandman: What a shocking start to the match! Barely a few minutes into the match. But here we go! Wallace: Are ys guys nahwt worried? She's so frightening she'd scare a buzzard off a gut pile. Ayn' once she is done down there she is gunna come up here! (Heel fights the grip of Wallace from his jacket) Heel: Get yourself together, Wallace! As the match continues we see the pairing of Alice and Natalya go after Alexa Merci! NurseX picks herself up and throws herself after Mira! Violet Carson goes after Sailor Meko and Rin Akane goes after Christina! Heel: This is going to be a good one, Sandman! The camera focuses as NurseX battering rams Mira to the corner, but Mira manages to retaliate by sending some big punches onto NurseX’s back! This takes NurseX down to her knees! NurseX tries to distance herself from Mira, but Mira goes right after her with a boot that takes the unhinged nurse down! As you look at the other corner, you see Christina and Rin Akane going up against each other! These two have a history within Brendenplayz Wrestling and now, they find themselves as opponents as they fight for bragging rights here at Carnage: Shiz-Freeze! Rin Akane goes to rebound Christina to the ropes, but Christina counters that whip as Rin rebounds off the ropes and she connects with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown! Christina is wobbly for the time being, but Rin makes sure to take advantage of that before connecting with a low dropkick! Rin races for the cover! Danielle: One- Christina manages to get her shoulder up at the one count! Meanwhile, let’s shift our attention towards Violet Carson and Sailor Meko who find themselves on the apron! This is a dangerous situation to find themselves in but all of these women should be ready to risk it all tonight! Violet Carson goes to throw a punch, but Sailor Meko manages to catch Violet’s punch before it hit! Sailor Meko kicks Violet in the stomach before getting her in position for the brainbuster! But, Violet with a back body drop on Sailor Meko! Sailor Meko just landed in a hard part of the apron! Sailor Meko is clutching on her lower back as she makes her way up her feet! Violet is gesturing for Sailor Meko to come at her! Sailor Meko does that — — Violet gets Sailor Meko and gets her in position for a front flip piledriver on the apron! Both women go crashing as they roll off the apron! That had to be painful! We shift our attention once again (it seems like we’re going to be doing that a lot for this match) and Natalya and Alexa Merci are in the ring! Natalya tries to swing at Alexa with a punch, but Alexa manages to duck that punch and connects into a Forward Russian Legsweep! Alexa taking down Natalya swiftly as she feels a sense of confidence in herself! She is hyping herself up, but she turns herself around — Alexa Merci manages to find herself as the victim of a spear! NurseX manages to take down Alexa! Almost throwing her body at the Bulletproof Starlett. That move might as well have been enough to knock most of the air in her! NurseX goes for the cover! This could have been enough to get our first elimination in the match! Danielle: One-Two Sandman: What in the hell? Mira just grabbed NurseX by her hair and yanked her off of Alexa Merci ! Wallace: Why would she do that? Heel: The purpose of the elimination match is to make sure that people get eliminated? Eliminating Alexa from this match would be getting rid of a serious threat in the match! Sandman: For Mira, Alexa should be the one to defeat in this match! Alexa rolls herself out of the ring, clutching onto her stomach as she falls down! Meanwhile with Mira and NurseX, Mira doesn't waste time after breaking up the pinfall as she hoists NurseX on to one of her shoulders before connecting with a running power slam! NurseX is taken down as one of the more experienced competitors in Brendenplayz seems to be letting her hatred for NurseX take hold. Things are heating up now. Mira is stepping up and now NurseX might be in a world of trouble if she doesn’t find a way to contain her! She leans down to collect the downed Nurse as suddenly she is pulled down towards the face of NurseX as she screams a shriek. What is she? The camera zooms in as we witness NurseX biting into the cheek of Mira as she tries to escape. She flails back under the ropes as the commentary team try to come to terms with what methods NurseX is willing to use. Sandman: They say an apple a day keeps the Doctor away. What do i need to keep the Nurse away? With NurseX trying to get herself back to a vertical base, she is met with a double superkick by Rin Akane and Christina! It seems like we’re going to see an alliance between these two for the moment! But, look at this? The double superkick doesn’t knock the unnatural NurseX down completely! NurseX still finds herself in the seated position! She wasn’t phased by the superkick at all! Christina goes at NurseX with another superkick, but NurseX manages to catch Christina by her boot! Rin Akane goes right after NurseX, but NurseX grabs Rin by her throat! This is not going to be pretty at all, but NurseX is getting to her feet — titanic plunge on Rin Akane and then NurseX manages to shift her attention towards Christina before connecting with dragon screw leg whip! She just threw Christina across the ring with that move! NurseX is dominating and surprising many in this match so far! The crowd gasp outside of the view of the camera as the anticipate - Yakuza kick from Sailor Meko to NurseX! But this only staggers NurseX back! Sailor Meko follows that with a vicious knee strike to NurseX’s skull! Sailor Meko rebounds off the ropes! NurseX manages to use all of her strength and pushes Sailor Meko to a seated position as the two come to face to face in the moment! NurseX manages to get herself to her feet and proceeds to unleash a manic assault on Sailor Meko! Throwing Sailor Meko out of the ring as she exits the ring herself as well! We focus back on Natalya and Alexa Merci! Natalya manages to catch Alexa with a pele kick that staggers Alexa back! Natalya gets back to a vertical base, but Alexa goes right after Natalya, who catches her with a dropkick! Alexa is taken down! Alexa bounces onto the ropes! Natalya goes right after the woman before connecting with a spinning heel kick! Alexa loses grasp of the ropes as Natalya pulls her closer! It seems like Natalya is looking to end this match as soon as possible! She has Alexa Merci in position for a Running Blockbuster! Alexa Merci manages to get herself out of position for the blockbuster! She gets behind Natalya, who turns herself around and is met with a flying knee strike underneath her chin! Alexa follows that up with a hairpull backbreaker transitioned into an STF! Heel: The combination is called Les Misérables! Sandman: Wh-No it's not Wallace: That Wolverine movie? Heel: Sandman i don't need you discrediting everything i say. My french is on point! Give me this one! But, she has Natalya trapped in the submission move! She is trying to find some way out of this move, but Alexa Merci has this move locked in real tight! Natalya is trying her best to not submit to this move! There is no one that is going to stop this move from being inflicted more than it is at the moment! You’re trapped, Natalya? I mean, what else can i say? Heel: Natalya taps! She had no other choice, but to tap! She’s out of here! Announcer: Natalya has been ELIMINATED! Sandman: Natalya put on an amazing effort in this match. But, Alexa Merci is too focused. If my numbers are correct, eight competitors remain in this match! Alexa with the second elimination in this match! No rest of the wicked as Rin Akane re-enters the ring and goes after Alexa! Rin gets Alexa up by her hair and throws her against the corner! Alexa faces Rin on the corner, but Rin begins to stomp on Alexa’s stomach! Rin takes a couple steps back before running towards Alexa Merci and connecting with a meteora at the corner, but Rin manages to catch herself as she jumps on the top turnbuckle! It seems like Alexa is trying to shift her body in a powerbomb position, but Rin counters with a reverse frankensteiner! The crowd is on their feet for that move! Both of these women are just showing how much this opportunity means for them! Meanwhile, we shift our focus Christina who has decided to clash with Sailor Meko at ringside! Christina takes down the other woman with an inverted gory special! Sailor Meko crashes onto the steel steps! Violet Carson goes over to the timekeeper’s area and retrieves a beach chair! The wooden and floral seated weapon is dragged away as Violet slams the chair closed before going over to Alice who is crawling to recover at ringside keeping her down. Moving near Sailor Meko who is attempting to crawl up the stairs and slamming the steel chair onto her back! Christina just sensed that Violet Carson was behind her, grabbing both edges of the chair as she is able to overpower and tear away the weapon. Without hesitation she rams the edge of the steel chair against her stomach! Violet Carson bends her stomach in response as Christina slams the steel chair onto her back! Christina gets the edge of the steel chair and rams it to the back of Sailor Meko! The look on Sailor Meko’s face tells the entire story! Violet Carson from behind — This is absolute chaos between all three at ringside! Sandman: What were the rules again? (The team shrug as they continue to commentate) Christina tosses the chair to the side as she gets Violet Carson in position — Christina is cut off though as Rin Akane returns to strike a flying clothesline from the ring apron! But she is caught! Pumphandle half nelson driver to floor! Christina rolls Rin back into the ring! She rolls herself into the ring after and it seems like Christina is going to go for the cover here! Danielle: One-Two! Sandman: Rin Akane gets a shoulder up in the two count! Christina is looking at the referee with a confused look on her face? How in the world was Rin Akane able to get a shoulder up? Wallace: We know we’ve been going on about how much this special opportunity would mean to people, but could you imagine what it would do for someone like Rin Akane? Heel: This opportunity could be career changing for her! Christina is going to go for the one move, she knows is going to work! The offering is one move that no one wants to be on the receiving end of! The moment he bends your arm back, you’re out of luck! There is no nicer way to put it! Christina is teasing the the Fujiwara Armbar! This is going to be terrifying! I’m scared for Rin Akane at the time being! Rin Akane is shaking her head no! Heel: It was nice knowing you, Rin Akane! Wallace: Hang O- Spear! The spear on Christina! NurseX may have just saved Rin Akane right there! If Christina would have connected with that armbar, it would have been the end of Rin Akane’s run in the match! Christina rolls herself out of the ring for the time being as she holds her ribs! It would have been perfect for NurseX to an elimination, but her opponents have managed to roll themselves out of the ring when they need it the most! NurseX is looking at Christina ringside now, but she is oblivious to Mira standing behind her! Mira has that intimidating look on her face as NurseX turns herself around — Flatliner on NurseX! The killswitch maneuver down the chaotic NurseX! But, it seems like Mira is not done here! She has some issues with NurseX! Mira takes NurseX to the top turnbuckle! I am not going to like what is going to come of this, Mira gets NurseX in a powerbomb position from the top rope! Powerbomb from the top rope! How in the world did NurseX not go through the ring? Mira doesn’t care as she goes for the cover! One-Two-Three! Announcer: NurseX has been ELIMINATED! Sandman: NurseX had her moments in the match and could have gotten eliminations there if the opportunity struck! But, it would be Mira who would end up getting a bit of revenge from NurseX! Mira rises back to her feet as she is staring across from Rin Akane! Something tells me that Mira is not here to gain the approval of Rin Akane! The stare down between these two competitors as Rin slaps the chest of Mira, but that chest seemed like it did nothing at all as she endures the sting! Mira leans back as she returns the favour! Rin begins to rapidly slap the chest of Mira as she is being forced against the ropes! Mira pushes Rin Akane away by her head! Rin doesn’t like that, but she responds with a punch, but Mira manages to stop the punch and goes right after The Orchestrator with a clothesline! Rin felt that for sure as she is taken down instantly! Meanwhile, we shift our focus to Sailor Meko and Alexa Merci ringside! Sailor Meko connects with a kick to Alexa’s midsection before following that up with a knee trust to the head — the idol execution is executed with such perfection as Alexa is taken back to a seated position! Sailor Meko goes right after her and connects with a running knee that takes Alexa to her back! Sailor Meko gets Alexa to her two feet! It seems like after that knee, Alexa is having a tough time with keeping herself together! Sailor Meko is going after Alexa with a punch of kicks to Alexa’s side! Alexa is having a bit of a struggle with blocking these shots, but pulls Alexa in to connect with a ripcord knee strike! Alexa is on her knees as Sailor Meko goes right after her and connects with a yakuza kick as that takes Alexa down once again! Sailor Meko gets Alexa in position for a rolling german suplex on Alexa Merci , but she lands neck first against the apron! Wait hang on - from the apron! Mira from the apron! She jumps towards Sailor Meko! Moon Tiara Action! The vicious headbutt connects on Mira! Sailor Meko just dropped Mira! I’m not sure how Sailor Meko was able to get in position but that was a beautiful spot right there! It may have not felt too good for Mira, but this could have meant the beginning of the end of Mira! Sailor Meko rolls Mira inside the ring! Sailor Meko rolls herself inside the ring after, as she goes for the cover! We could have another elimination here! Danielle: One-Two-THREE Announcer: Mira has been ELIMINATED! Sandman: And then there were six! We are seeing the dwindling numbers here now but there is no time for rest as Violet emerges with thunderous rage! She sends every woman flying around her as Sailor Meko runs at her in response, Violet sides steps and hurls her out of the ring with ferocity! Now Christina…and she gets a wicked belly-to-belly over the top rope and onto Sailor Meko for her troubles! Here comes Rin Akane now and damn he gets beheaded with a lariat that sends her inside out and rolls her out of the ring! Violet is unhinged! Just Alice and Alexa Merci are left standing now, Two enemies but desperate times - they look at each other and run at Violet - NO - Alexa stops at the last minute and lets Alice run straight into a spinebuster! Alexa Merci is laughing! Heel: Don’t think that Alexa is just a pretty face! She has got the brains to back it up! Sandman: And now the two women are staring each other down as the crowd are on their feet! Wallace: Go on guys! Let’s get it on right here! Time to beat the crap outta each other-hey! And the three women on the outside charge the ring to take them out and break the moment! Christina and Sailor Meko are working over Violet with forearms in the corner while Rin Akane works over Alexa with harsh elbows! Alice is back up and helps Rin Akane out with a killer knee strike to Alexa’s head! And Alexa tumbles out of the ring! Alice climbs to the top rope now and oh! What a wicked missile dropkick to Alexa Merci on the outside! Alexa rams full force into the barricade as Alice shoots up and lets out a battle cry! Wallace: This kid isn’t here to play! Sandman: No she isn’t! Alice darts back into the ring and the wicked Big Boot! Alice ran into that without even a second to prepare for the impact. Capitalising on the fallen Alice she now marches over to lift up the downed opponent. Up she gooooes! Rin Akane JUST TOOK OUT Alice with ‘Faust’! The Vertical Suplex Cutter! The pinfall! Danielle: One-Two-THREE Announcer: Alice has been ELIMINATED! Sandman: And just like that, we’re down to five! You need to have eyes in the back of your head to survive in this match! Rin Akane just snuffed out Alice instantaneously! Heel: Alice took her eye off the prize and it cost her! (Alice rolls out of the ring and stumbles up the ramp, clutching her head. She looks back at Rin Akane with an enraged look on her face, which Rin Akane simply returns with his typical smile.) Sandman: Looks like Violet is back in this! She just threw Sailor Meko and Christina right into Rin Akane and took all three women out! They’re now up and looking at Carson, who’s goading them to bring it! Christina appears to be whispering some strategy to Rin Akane and Sailor Meko, a peculiar alliance indeed! Heel: Gotta make compromises when you’re up against a woman with the power of Violet! Rin Akane and Sailor Meko both run at her and go low with stereo dropkicks to Violet’s legs! Violet’s on her knees! AND CHRISTINA FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH..THE CURB STOMP RIGHT TO Violet’s FACE! Christina GOES FOR THE - Sandman: SAILOR MEKO GRABS VIOLET’S HEAD FROM BEHIND and hits Moon Tiara Action! The vicious headbutt connects on Violet! Danielle: ONE-TWO-THREE! Announcer: Violet has been ELIMINATED! Wallace: Sailor Meko outta freaking nowhere just eliminated Violet! Heel: Damn, what a moment for the young idol! Hell of an accomplishment but uh, she may wanna calm down. (Sailor Meko is giddily jumping up and down in the ring with a smile on her face at scoring her second elimination, not realising that Alexa Merci has re-entered the ring as is standing right behind her.) Sandman: AND Alexa Merci HOISTS UP Sailor Meko! Bracket Buster! The wicked spine-buster from the arsenal of Bob Sparks! Danielle: One-Two-Three! Announcer: Sailor Meko has been ELIMINATED! Heel: Damn it, kid! You let the success get to your head! Sandman: That is how quickly the complexion of this match can change, folks! And now it’s down to three women as Rin Akane and Christina are up, the three exchanging looks, desperate to prove that they belong! And here we go! Alexa heads straight for Christina and pins her into the corner! Laying in with stiff elbow shots! But Rin Akane runs up behind Alexa and connects with a nasty backstabber! Christina now grabs Alexa by the waist from the floor and…no way. Christina DEADLIFTS THE 115 LB Alexa Merci FROM THE FLOOR! Yelling at Rin Akane, she follows her instructions as she SPRINBOARDS OFF OF THE MIDDLE ROPE AND CONNECTS WITH A MID-AIR FOREARM ONTO Alexa AS Christina FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! JESUS CHRIST WHAT A SEQUENCE! Alexa Merci is out of it! But she wisely rolls out of the ring to avoid a pinning predicament as we’re left with Rin Akane and Christina! Sandman: Alex was smart to buy herself some time and it seems the two left in the ring are more than happy to pick up where they left off Collar and elbow tie up now, both women close to the same height and weight, there’s no real clear power advantage here…Rin Akane drops down and scoops Christina onto her shoulders! Flapjack! Ouch! Christina is up quickly but is met with a forearm! She rebounds off the ropes and connects with a European uppercut! Now Rin Akane off the ropes and she turns that momentum into a headbutt! Christina goes off and hits a rolling forearm of his own! Rin Akane back and- Alexa Merci pulls down the top rope and Rin Akane is sent falling to the outside! Alexa is in the ring and wraps her arm with force for the Snap DDT! Alexa is proud as she rises with a flip in hair. The cover now! Danielle: ONE-TWO-THRE- Sandman: NO! Christina GETS THE SHOULDER UP! WHAT A TOUGH DISPLAY FROM Christina! AND Alexa CAN’T BELIEVE IT! NOW SHE’S ARGUING WITH Danielle! Alexa Merci (w/o mic): WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO COUNT?! Danielle (w/o mic): Want me to shut your mouth for you? Turning her frustrations back to her opponent Alexa grabs her by the hair, hoists up Christina and shoves her into the corner! She’s just pushing her foot into the throat of Christina now with no remorse! The referee tries to put an end to it, Danielle tells her to back up but legally she can hold it for however long she would like! Sandman: And Danielle forcibly pulls Alexa Merci away! But that’s only made Alexa mad! (The two are seen arguing as Alexa tells her to do her job and stay back. Danielle pushes back on Alexa as Alexa Merci cocks back her fist to punch Danielle) Wallace: LOOK OUT! Heel: Alexa TURNED her BACK ON Christina AND TAKES Thorn's Eye! THAT’S GOTTA BE IT! COVER! Danielle: One-Two-Three! Announcer: Alexa Merci has been ELIMINATED! Sandman: She’s out! Alexa Merci is eliminated by Christina! The woman many had pegged to win this thing has been removed from proceedings! Wallace: You’ve gotta talk about the officiating there from Danielle though, she got a little bit too excited there and was fixing to throw hands with Alexa! Merci already had one opponent to focus on! Heel: Oh come on! Danielle was doing her job and protecting Christina from that maniac Alexa Merci! Sandman: Either way, we’re now down to just two women, as Rin Akane gets back into the ring and stares daggers through Christina! Two of BPZ’s hottest new prospects are the last women standing! Let’s do this! Rin Akane wastes no time! She grabs the still pained Christina and plants her with a vicious DDT head first into the mat! Christina is spiked on her head and Rin Akane picks her up again and flings her into the corner to follow up with a step-up enzuigiri! Christina is looking groggy now…Rin Akane goes for the Moonlight Sonata (Victory Star Drop). If she is able to hit this the night could be over...wait, Christina ROLLS THROUGH TO THE GROUND TO APPLY A SUDDEN SUBMISSION! SHE’S GOT THAT CROSS ARM BREAKER LOCKED IN TIGHT! Sandman: Rin Akane is reaching out for the ropes but the more she stretches, the worse the hyper extension becomes! No way can she last! Heel: I'm not sure about that, Sandman! But Christina seems to be doing a fantastic job with applying pressure onto Rin's arm! Breaking the hold she drags Rin away into the centre of the ring and circles around, evaluating the moment before connecting with a giant stomp to Rin's head! In the process Rin snaps back onto the canvas. Christina delivers another stomp to Rin's head as The Orchestrator is holding her head! She is trying to cover her head as Christina gets Rin to her side as she extends her arm! Christina has her foot on side of Rin! Christina with a rib stomp! Rin is crying out in pain as Christina goes for a cover! Danielle: One-Teo- Christina sits up with a slight crack of frustration as she kneels with her hands on her hips. Almost looking for answers before turning back to Rin Akane - and receives a quick kick to the face from Rin Akane as she lays flat on her back! The reach and it connected perfectly! Christina is dazed which gives Rin enough time to drag herself to her feet. Rin pulls Christina up by her hair and starts throwing forearm shots towards Christina’s FACE!!! Rin is really underrated as a striker and Christina finds herself being taken to task right now. Rin jumps behind Christina, grabs her in a full-nelson, and looks to start wearing her down. Christina leans forward, bringing Rin up and off her feet, but The Orchestrator maintains the hold! Christina straightens back up and tries to run forward, but Rin lets go and Christina’ momentum sends her right back towards Rin. Rin catches her, scoops her up, and plants her into the mat with a nice looking side slam backbreaker! Rin picks Christina back up, lifts her up, and slams her back down with a powerbomb! Rin drops down, wraps her arms around Christina neck, and begins choking her! Rin TRANSITIONS THE CHOKE INTO A GRAPEVINE STYLE PIN!!!! Danielle: One-Two-TH Christina kicks out just on the tip of Three! Rin does not look phased at all as she gets Christina closer to her and connects with a chinlock! Christina's head goes back! Rin is looking to do her part in wearing her down! There’s also a lot of fight left in Christina. She’s using her free arm to latch onto Rin’s hand, and she’s attempting to pull apart Rin’s fingers! Rin is not about to let go of that chinlock and she wrenches Christina’s neck back even further! Christina tries a different approach and goes for Rin’s leg! She wraps her arm around Rin’s ankle and pulls Rin’s ankle towards her! This knocks her off balance, and Christina is able to force her way out of the hold! She’s still favouring her arm and back, and she’s got no other choice but to continue in this match. Both women return to their feet at the same time and it’s Rin who makes the first move! She swings wildly at Christina, looking to connect with an impactful punch, but Christina throws her arm up to block the shot! Christina fires back with a kick to Rin’s gut, which sends her doubled over! SCISSORS KICK! Rin eats a face full of mat! Christina forces herself back to her feet and she nails Rin with a snap suplex! Christina floats over into a pin. Danielle: One-Two- Sandman: Rin kicks out!! Christina seems to have her second wind now and she’s mounted Rin, and is unloading on her! Rin is eating those stiff rights and lefts and Christina brings them both back to a vertical base! She sends Rin into the corner and runs forward… HANDSPRING BACK ELBOW! Christina FOLLOWS THAT UP WITH A SPINNING BACKFIST THAT CONNECTS WITH RIN’S FACE! CHRISTINA GRABS RIN AND FLIES FORWARD…. RUNNING BULLDOG!!! RIN IS DOWN!! CHRISTINA WITH A STANDING MOONSAULT ONTO RIN! WOW! THAT WHOLE SEQUENCE!!! COVER BY CHRISTINA! Danielle: One-Two-Kickout! CHRISTINA ISN’T LETTING UP THOUGH! SHE GRABS RIN AND RAMS HER SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RING POST! SHE PULLS RIN BACK TOWARDS HER AND LOCKS HER IN AN OCTOPUS STRETCH!!! RIN IS CRYING OUT NOW AND CHRISTINA IS HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE! RIN DROPS TO HER KNEES AND Christina ROLLS HER BACKWARDS INTO A PIN!!! Danielle: One-Two- Sandman: Rin ROLLS THROUGH AND GRABS THE TIGHTS!!! Danielle: One-Two-Thre- Heel: LAST MINUTE KICKOUT BY Christina! The crowd are on their feet! This back and forth is building up anticipation to see who will come out on top! Both women are up now and both lunge at one another!! Rin manages to out muscle Christina and she pushes her back against the ropes! She immediately pushes off and fires off a vicious chop to Christina's chest! Christina fires back with a chop! Now Rin! Now Christina! Both women are chopping the hell out of one another and it’s Rin who unloads a huge open-handed strike to Christina’s face! Christina hits the mat and Rin goes to kick the arm! Christina rolls out of the way and pulls herself onto the apron! Rin ducks between the ropes but Christina catches her with a right hand! Rin lands across the middle rope and Christina slips off the apron, grabs Rin’s head, and she hits a high knee on the jaw of Rin! Christina back inside the ring now! She pulls Rin out of the ropes and goes for the cover! Danielle: One-Two-T Wallace: RIN GETS HER SHOULDER UP!! Sandman: Frustration has crossed Christina’s face now! She knows she had this match won if only she had hooked both legs! She grabs Rin up and places her against the ropes! Christina grabs Rin and starts to run! RIN PUSHES HER OFF! Christina was about to hit a corkscrew neckbreaker to finish the match but Rin was able to shove her off!! Rin quickly grabs Christina by the waist and looks to hit a German but Christina nails her with an elbow! Rin staggers back and Christina whips around! She nails Rin with a Clothesline that sends the challenger to the floor! Christina quickly runs and leaps up to the top turnbuckles! She waits for Rin to sit up… diving meteora! Christina takes Rin out! Both of our competitors are down on the outside! The referee slides out of the ring to check on both of them but Christina is getting back up to her feet right now. The referee encourages the action back into the ring but Christina ignores her and she grabs Rin! Christina takes Rin and tosses her into the steel ring steps! Rin hits shoulder first and it seems like Christina is going to take her time picking apart Rin’s shoulder! Smart! Rin took the arm, so Christina is going to go for the shoulder! She pulls Rin into a sitting position and holds her in place by the hair! Christina is now striking Rin in the shoulder with her knee! Those knee strikes are devastating and Rin is using her good arm to punch Christina in the gut! The punch only temporarily derails her and she grabs Rin up, rolling her back inside the ring. Christina is back inside now and she’s dropping knees to the shoulder! Rin is in a lot of trouble right now and the tables have turned in this match. Christina pulls Rin up and gets her hooked. She’s stalling, letting all the blood rush to Rin’s head! Christina drops down to one knee and drops Rin shoulder first across her opposite knee! That was a clever shoulder breaker right there! Christina WITH A CROSS ARMBREAKER NOW! Christina LOOKING FOR THE SUBMISSION VICTORY! RIN'S GOT TO TAP! Christina has that cross armbreaker locked in and Rin is crying out! She has nowhere to go and i’m sure Christina won’t hesitate to rip Rin"s arm right out of the socket! Rin is twisting and turning her body at all angles, trying to find someway to get free! She’s slamming her fist into Christina and connecting with that arm she worked over earlier! Christina is trying to fight through the pain long enough to get the submission but Rin is just hammering away, trying to save herself! CHRISTINA LETS GO OF THE CROSS ARMBREAKER AND SHE ROLLS TO THE SIDE! SHE’S GRABBING HER OWN ARM, WHILE RIN ROLLS TO THE OPPOSITE CORNER GRABBING HER SHOULDER! Both women are in opposite corners and they are both breathing heavily. They have punished one another tonight, and rightfully so. The fact of the matter is, only one of these women is going to walk out of here with the victory. Sandman: Both of them are climbing back to their feet. I think we’re about to find out who’s leaving Carnage: Shiz-Freeze the victor. Heel: Rin and Christina meet in the centre of the ring and this entire crowd is on their feet. Wallace: They are cheering for both women at this point and my god. I have goosebumps. They are both beaten, injured, and ready for more. IT IS RIN WHO THROWS THE FIRST PUNCH! Christina ANSWERS BACK WITH A RIGHT HAND! Rin WITH ANOTHER PUNCH! Christina ANSWERS! Rin! Christina! Rin! Christina! THEY ARE SIMULTANEOUSLY STRIKING ONE ANOTHER RIGHT NOW! NEITHER WOMAN IS WILLING TO STOP! NEITHER IS WILLING TO BACK DOWN! It’s Rin who drives her knee into Christina's gut! She rains blow after blow down on Christina's head and neck! Christina is dropped to her knees and rin is going for broke! She continues to pound on Christina but Christina is fighting through the pain! She hooks her arms around Rin’s legs and she starts forcing herself back up to her feet! Christina is lifting Rin onto her shoulders! She has Rin up in the air! Christina staggers back, while Rin continues to punch Christina. Christina gets her positioned…. And oh my god! Christina falls back and the back of Rin’s head slams into the turnbuckle! Heel: I didn't get a good look! Sandman: I think Rin may be out and if that’s the case, then that’s a sad ending to this match. Christina isn’t able to cover, though! She is still feeling the effects of Rin’s beatdown just moments ago! Christina is trying to find her way back into the match, and this crowd is stomping their feet and rallying behind her! Rin has not moved, and the referee is checking on her, and it doesn’t look good for Rin. It really doesn’t. Christina is on her feet now and she hangs back for a moment. She begins to make her way over to Rin, and I think Christina is about to finish this match off! She leans down and gra- RIN WITH THE LEFT-HANDED KNOCKOUT PUNCH! SHE WAS PLAYING POSSUM THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME! CHRISTINA IS KNOCKED SLAP OUT! RIN SPRINGS TO HER FEET AND SHE PULLS CHRISTINA UP! 'Faust'! That vicious Vertical Suplex Cutter! Christina crumbles on the ring mat as RIn Akane rises to the moment. The energy is indescribable as she grabs the hand of the downed Christina. She signals to the crowd as she rips back the arm and applies Requiem! There isn't anywhere for Christina to go as her screams are heard over the audience! ... SHE TAPS! IT'S OVER! (DING! DING! DING!) ( 'Hell Is Other People' plays up as the crowd explodes into cheers as Rin Akane rolls over to her back lifeless. Her eyes slowly wake up as she hears her music playing around the outside arena, she can’t help but muster out a smirk in response. Danielle slowly begins to help her up to her feet, her determination forcing her to fight on as she miraculously gets up to her feet. She stands on her own as she holds up her arm before falling down to a knee in exhaustion.) Stardog: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner, Rin Akane! Sandman: Both of these competitors have went through hell and back for one goal and at the end of the day it was about who would stretch to the absolute limit in order to gain the victory. As a result of that Rin Akane surpassed the odds, did what many people couldn’t and that was out last nine other competitors tonight. Heel: 13 months, that’s how long 'The Orchestrator' sat at ringisde but tonight we saw just a taste of what she is capable of inside. Pure endurance. Taking away nothing from either of these competitors and i feel this is just the beginning. Wallace: Congratulations to Rin Akane of course and to think this is only the second last match of the night! F’yeah Carnage! (Meanwhile Alex Costa has pulled Christina out of harm’s way as both of them are in pain from their night on Carnage. Christina has her hands buried in her face so it’s hard to tell what the emotions surging through her are but it must be filled with disappointment. The last shot is of Rin Akane who slowly made her way up to the top rope. She has an enthusiastic smile on her face despite everything and raises her arm with pride. Several members of the ring crew rush down to the ring to fix it before the next match, but that doesn’t stop 'The Orchestrator' from celebrating her victory.)
  4. Hit 4000 , the road to continues.
  5. @Meko750 (Raven)❤️ But i also would like members such as Siege return. Just because i feel we missed something with him not being involved as he could've. Also i'd like to see Echo return more regularly and Razor return just because i never got to interact with him.
  6. Arius


    “Never sing for my supper I never help my neighbour Never do what is proper For my fair share of labour. I'm a poor boy And I'm a rover Count your coins and Throw them over my shoulder” Date: Sat. 3/25 Camera opens to show BPZ’s Axxess at FedExField in Landover, Maryland event before BPZMania V. Rin Akane is there watching as fans clamour around the event. She wears an old “Invictus” t-shirt with jeans and some heeled boots. She keeps her distance until some event officials come up behind her. “You have to go set up somewhere, Ms. Akane,” one of the officials say. “The fans are looking forward to the autographs.” Rin rolls her eyes. She hated these types of events as of late. Some unsavoury encounters had left her so she had long since lost her taste for them. The time in Japan on the train with those young girls a flower amongst a field of weeds. The world of professional wrestling had its humbling moments but gather a large gathering of excitement and you’ll always invite the..unfavourable. She gathers her things and begins to look for a table to set up awaiting for the arrival of the number one contender. In an alternate part of the stadium other activities can be seen going on that fans are partaking in as well. The camera catches the relaxed Eric Shun waving goodbye to a fan collecting their coat from the ground as he greets the next one waiting in line with a welcoming nod. The camera then pans around to the entrance to all the festivities, and then finally where the gated barricade is we see the appearance of other wrestlers that would be participating at BPZMania, most notable is the current Number One Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship Arius. He’s behind a set of dark sunglasses, a black leather jacket, with a To Die As Kings t-shirt underneath. He also wears a pair of sky blue loose fitting jeans and black dress shoes while carrying a duffle bag, presumably concealing his usual fitted attire. He raises the sunglasses over his head as he makes it inside to the greeting fanfare and moves in closer to the gate and tags hands with fans just beyond the gate. Arius soon moves on past the large crowd and onto the autograph booths area. He removes his leather jacket and sunglasses and begins to set himself up. A few moments later he notices Rin halfheartedly listening to the daily itinerary from a backstage official, and a grin comes over his face. The two had parted ways earlier that morning with different duties to attend to as he moved to sneak up behind her. “The fans are absolutely starved for a little star power, aren’t they?” Arius says from just behind Rin who turns, startled. Rin lets out a laugh as she settles, showing an annoyed face at the idea of someone nearby seeing her break composure like that. “Why would you do that to me?” “Just a little fun before the day really heats up” Arius asks casually as they share a brief embrace. “Well it’s about time you showed your face around here. I was running down the stalling plans through my mind. They might’ve not taken kindly to the classic shrug and confused expression as a reasonable excuse though..” Rin turns back to Arius who is just shrugging in response leaving Rin shaking her ahead and continuing the conversation “Well you’re here which is what matters. After your escapades with Bashk…” Arius signals for her to cut short as he looks towards the camera with a worried expression ..I guess it’s a good turnout. Not really my kind of event. But if you don’t mind me pushing you towards your booth I suppose that’d make it at least a little less annoying and we can get your day officially started. You’re a star attraction and you need to act like it” “Annoying?” Arius responded with an over exaggerated look of hurt “You heard me” Rin replied with a smirk as she moves past Arius but is quickly spun around by Arius by her hand “Well how about you join me? We’ll give them twice for what their money is worth” Rin grabs on to stop herself “I don’t know about that. I’m just… I’m not exactly what you’d call a fan favourite so these days tend to be kinda long and tedious for me.” “Yeah, sure.” Arius says as he starts leading the way toward his booth that was already set up before he had arrived. “Come, I’m sure it’s not a mandatory deal that we be in some group or tag affiliation to double up. You’re my right side, my partner in crime, you’re ‘The Orchestrator’ with a fresh victory to your name mind you. Besides, what’s the worse they’re going to say, right?” Rin smirks a bit at the boldness of someone like Arius to break a rule or two, even if minor, as she gives follow. “You know we have the argument either way,” Rin says as they move towards Arius’s table. “I feel like whenever my name is mentioned yours is the one that closely follows” Arius rolls his eyes as he cracks a smile at the thought, but inside he’d thought about how much she had grown since they had joined the company together. “Yeah, you know, and I had just passed by Alex Costa and Christina a short time ago too. Costa is still bandaged from that Bedroom Brawl and the splinter of word carving against parts of his skin. Arius grimaces Made me think of that weekend in Kyoto all over again, and well, you know seeing you the other day, in action.. and now….it just seems like….well, about what in my mind used to be us. Violent and hungry side by side." “They’re a great pair for each other” Rin starts before jabbing a playful elbow at Arius and giving him a smile. “But you and I were on an entirely different level. Maybe we’ll get that shot one day still to prove that against them two on two.” “Like old times” Arius and Rin finally arrive at his booth and Arius slides his seat over and offers it to Rin. While she settles he reaches behind himself to the next booth to sneakily take another chair for himself. “Yeah, certainly there is always that possibility, us working together again more..intimately. Rin Akane moves her hand over the bruise from her Carnage match I mean, that last night we ended up on the same page..didn’t work in our favour, and yet we came away being the most talked about losers that night. That’s gotta mean something.” “The most popular losers,” Rin responded jokingly. “Forgive me if you don’t see that on my resumé anytime soon.” Arius smirks at the thought. “And, you know, fans? Just look at them. Their faces painted, their horned legions wanting to pay their gratitude..because of what we create. It’s a beautiful dynamic. They’re not so bad. I think more than anything some buy too much into the way they react to what we do when the cameras are rolling, you know? But they bite into it, they feel a will to fight through those words and actions. A revolt. And, with you? I think you probably take it too much to heart.” Arius says not knowing how to put it so it wouldn’t come off the wrong way. Rin looks up at him with a dry smile, knowing what Arius meant, but still feeling unchanged. “Maybe. Given I’ve had a fan once tell me he would cut my head off and feed me to his dog. One of the more..interesting interactions. I get they aren’t all like that. But it doesn’t make these days any simpler for me.” Arius shakes his head in a bit of embarrassment. “It was a colourful letter. Even went out of their way to use red ink instead of a plain boring black or blue. Talk about creative integrity! All it needed was..” Arius notices Rin isn’t impressed as he continues with a slight chuckle “You know I didn’t mean anything by it. I just mean they’re not all that personally volatile. You should try and give them a chance. When they reach out from the barriers, the stands, they are reaching out for us.” Arius says as he looks straight ahead at the movement going on among the many live bodies walking about in the stadium at fans, BPZ staff members, and recognisable peers alike. “Looks like we’re about up.” Arius says as he looks over to Rin. The gate leading to the booths was about to be opened. “Joy of joys…” Rin groans out her sarcasm, putting on her best smile. She pauses before looking at Arius who was sincerely enjoying the idea of the fans. “These days can be hard on me but I don’t wanna bring you down with me. So if…” Arius places a hand on her shoulder. “Rin. Breathe. The spotlight is on you now” Arius said sincerely with a polite and reassuring grin upon his face. Something about his words settled over Rin. She looked out towards the gate of fans, hoping he hadn’t seen. “Yeah. I’ll stay. Maybe it’ll be fun.” Arius smiles at the response. Just then the gate is opened by security and slowly filing in are a long line of fans. Both Rin and Arius rise from their seats to stand up. They spend the rest of the afternoon having casual chit chat between signing various autographs and greeting a number of fans. Arius did most of the talking while Rin tried to enjoy herself. Several groups of fans asked for pictures with the pair Date: Unknown - Several Years Ago Camera opens to see a patient room inside the Osaka Central Hospital where Arius lays in the hospital bed unconscious. He’s covered in bandages after his Barbed Wire match against Runihura, an old rival during his journeys of the Middle East and Japan. He had barely cleared concussion protocol after several shots to the head and the doctors had given him a mild sedative to help him get through some of the pain. On the couch, Rin Akane laid there in her black sweatpants and a grey tank top with flip flops, using her hoodie as a pillow. She also had an ice pack taped to the back of her neck after taking a bad fall earlier that same night. She was wide awake, watching Arius in the bed but ultimately unsure why she was there, lost inside her own head. . “Miss,” a nurse called from the doorway. “You’re going to have to leave. Visiting hours are over.” “Could I stay a little longer?” She asked hopefully. “Only family can stay later. Are you related to him in any way?” The nurse questioned. Rin looked down, trying to find an answer to change her mind. “I—“ “She can stay. I want her to.” Arius’s groggy voice surprised both women. He leaned his head forward and smiled at Rin as the nurse left. “What brings you here?” He asked inquisitively. “Honestly? I don’t know. I saw what happened in your match and I was already here getting stitched up and... I don’t know. I just wanted to be here. To make sure you were ok.” She looked at him as he tried to understand her words, words she herself didn’t fully understand. Arius laid back again, wincing ever so slightly at even the smallest movements. He exhales. “Everything…” He begins, and even finds the strength to let out a sarcastic struggle. He couldn’t find the words. He hadn’t ever felt this vulnerable. He was happy to have company at his side, even if Rin being there was somewhat of a surprise. He dismissed his previous thoughts, which were only selfish thoughts about his foolish pride to keep going in his match with Runihura when smart money was that he should’ve stayed down long before he was put down. He sat up again and looked to Rin. “You did great tonight. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. I know you, you’ll bounce back.” Arius had thought about their small work together. It was just the image that seemed to come to his mind when seeing Rin. It’s how he associated her with him, and how they came to be in the first place. His gut was talking to him again in that regard. “You realise you’re the one in a hospital bed, right?” She states the obvious. But she can’t help but smile as he laid there actually concerned about her mind and feelings while he was in such pain. She takes a seat on the side of the bed. “You’re sweet though. Thank you. Yeah… I’ll be ok. We both had a bad night. But all we can do is move forward.” “Thanks for being here, really. I’m actually glad you’re here, because I’ve been thinking….almost obsessing, a whole lot about…” He trails off and time seems to freeze for Rin in that moment. Her head suddenly races through what he may say. “...about what?” She nervously asks. Arius exhales, he was in pain, but for a moment he was thinking about something beyond their working arrangement, he was thinking of why he enjoyed it so much. “You. Us” Arius finally responded as Rin’s eyes looked up. His nerves get the better of him and he looks for a way to back track. “I’ve been thinking about you, Rin, and….you know, how things went down. I feel we really have something special. I’m not one to intrude on others' business. You got your career. I have mine, but…” Arius shrugs. He doesn’t know what else to say as he looks away slightly nervous of how his response came off, and more importantly how Rin would react to it. "Finally! It took you long enough." Arius eyes widen "I’d love to. I know I have my career, you have yours. But..you dragged me into this life. Now i can't kick it. We can take this by storm. That is, if..is what you want too…” she looked at him uncertain as to where everything was headed. Arius grinned through his pain, a small one, but enough to convince Rin he was on board, while also maybe trying to look a little strong for her. “Just as soon as I can get out of this bed.” He said sarcastically, chuckling just enough to make him wince in more pain. “Ouch….ugh….” Arius was feeling exhausted at the moment. He knew he needed rest, but as he looked into Rin’s eyes. He wanted to continue their partnership, that much was true, but it was settling in his mind that he mostly just wanted to spend more time with Rin. She looked at him struggling through the pain and pulled the ice pack off of her neck, placing it on where Arius was more heavily bandaged near his neck, just feeling she had to do something to take care of him. “Here,” She says. “Don't torture yourself..that's my job” As she held the ice in place, Arius still couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He reached up and placed his hand on top of hers. They both just stared at one another for a brief moment that felt like ages. Arius finally broke the silence. “There is no looking back,” he said as he brushed her hair back behind her ear with his other hand before resting it on her bandaged cheek. The two finally caved in to their emotions as Rin slowly leaned in and the two share an impassioned kiss as the scene fades to black. The scene fades from back to current day, to BPZMania V at a ringside perspective. The crowd are losing their minds as a mix of cheers and boos almost drown out the screams from Rin Akane who is seen from the back pounding at the mat repeatedly. Leaning her head under the rope her yells suddenly become comprehensible as the words "Arius! Arius! Get up!" can be heard through the overwhelming sounds of mass eruption. The camera pans past her head as we see Arius laying on his back in the ring. Not showing any details of the event. Who is around him. What the result may be. Just still and silent as the sounds of the crowd begin to disappear and the only sounds that are heard are Rin Akane. The final word that escapes her "Please". The camera zooms in for a close up as the eyes of Arius suddenly break open in a pained realisation before it fades to black again. “Oh poor boy So sorry for himself Oh poor boy So worried for his health. You may say every day Where will he stay tonight.” Your deeds of... Carnage - Valor
  7. Don't blame you for this decision. I've realised certain actions and decisions have put a fatigue on a lot of people behind the scenes that I've talked to but i do hope down the road you'll be able to come back. That we can clear up some of that toxicity. Even if it seems futile at times. You've been a great person to talk to in the chat and collabroate with on creative ideas. Nothing but love. Will miss seeing you around.

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