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  1. Cinemas are packed full these days with sequels and franchises, so you can't really blame movies for trying to set up future adventures. Of course, not every movie can get the sequel it desires since of course some of them tank, some get a critical mauling. That's fine if the movie works as a standalone, but it is a bit awkward when it seems to blatantly set up a sequel that never comes. As sequels started to seem more like a given than a gift, some movies began setting them up right there in the first film, promising even greater adventures with the characters we'd just come to know. But sometimes, for a variety of reasons, this didn't always work out and audiences were left hanging, awaiting a next chapter that was never to be. For me, recently with the end of the Skywalker saga and recent trilogy the “Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money,” as Mel Brooks' character in the first movie titled, never came to be even after the prequels. Over the decades there's only been rumors of Brooks continuing his spoof of the Star Wars franchisse but it has never materialised. He would have a lot of material to work with at this point but the likelihood of a sequel is up in the air. Brooks has said he's always been up for the idea but with many of the cast members now dead, if it were to happen it wouldn't have the feel of a sequel but more of a reboot/sequel. Though that might be fitting given how Force Awakens started.
  2. We're under one week now until the Royal Rumble, the wrestling equivalent of Christmas and i'm sure like a lot of fans i'm looking back on the past Royal Rumble events and matches. The Royal Rumble has a long history within the company from something that started as a gimmick used for a house show that did terribly up until today where it is arguably the second biggest PPV of the companies year and garners the excitement of lapsed fans, casual fans and hardcore fans alike. The match type is simply explained and exciting to see who survives and comes in next. It's funny to think that the first match had less than 2,000 people showing up for it and they actually gave away the winner during intermission. They said that the winner would get a title shot against Hogan the next time they were in town and when hyping up the next card, they announced Hogan vs. One Man Gang for the championship...and guess who won? One of my favourite aspects of the Royal Rumble is that in the space of the time in the ring you can continue a storyline, create some simple storytelling within the match or spark something new. One great example of this for myself is Bob Backlund lasting over an hour in the 1993 Royal Rumble Match. He was from an age of Bruno Sammartino, the last long reigning champion before Hulk Hogan and could be consider one of the best as far as accolade holding the championship if you made a list. But all of that took place in the late 70’s and early 80’s, definitely not 1993. So here we are in a new decade and a new generation era. He had completely missed the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection Era and because of the companies national expansion the fans mostly didn't remember who he was or what he meant for the company. You have the time lost Bob Backlund who was attempting a comeback for the WWF entered the Royal Rumble second, with Ric Flair in first. The biggest surprise takes place here, if i was watching this match live my money is on Ric Flair but he fizzled out after about 15 minutes. Bob Backlund though proved resistant and took the abuse from all sides, managing to last over one hour in the match which at the time was unheard of. This was the record before Chris Beniot beat it (and of course was beaten again) but it was a decade long record. He defied all the odds by never being eliminated despite the competition often being bigger, stronger, and much younger. Backlund was a part of the final three before finally being eliminated by the eventual winner, Yokozuna. Watching back the Bob Backlund story is one of my favourite returns and in this Royal Rumble match it was about showing he was going to fit into this era and pro himself again. So thinking back on the years of Royal Rumble matches, what are some of your favourite examples of storytelling inside of the match itself?
  3. Match Card: Rhea Ripley (c) or Toni Storm vs. Bianca Belair NXT Women's Championship Finn Bálor vs. Johnny Gargano
  4. So here we are and what a wild ride this new stable has been on RAW with already championships around their waist. I really liked the way they recruited Buddy Murphy. The man in his despair and vulnerability after facing the devil, turned to the Messiah for guidance and wisdom. Alsos opens up the possibility of Crossfit Jesus vs The Dutch Devil in the future with Murphy being tied into this story. I'm really optimistic for what this stable will do for everyone involved. The legacy of Seth Rollins is intact but It's funny how the same company that loves to rely on nostalgia acts so much does so little to actually create future nostalgia moments. The highlight of the early reunion shows was watching stables like NWO and DX share a ring for the first time in many years. The Shield is the only one WWE has bothered to build up like that. This new group could be another good one where a multi-time Universal Champion, multi-time tag champions, and a young guy that ends up feuding with them at some point in the future before going on to bigger things. Once AOP actually win the champions and not Seth Rollins. But with all that out of the way now, we need a name to christen this stable. What has come to mind to being a good name for the stable in your mind? My first thought is to keep it simple and feed into the leader's new gimmick. So a name like 'Salvation' , ', 'The Disciples' or 'The Second Coming'. It’s the name of Seth’s current theme song and it fits in well with his new “Monday Night Messiah” gimmick. I like it way more than “The Architects of Pain” that I’ve been hearing around lately
  5. Mia Yim vs Kay Lee Ray has been announced for the Worlds Collide Pre-Show I'm glad Kay Lee Ray is on the show but this match doesn't exactly excite me. In my opinion It should've been Kay Lee Ray vs. Rhea Ripley, as the NXT UK Women's champion should not be on the pre-show when you have only one other women's match on the card. Though at the same time i imagine all the matches they have announced are going to need a good portion of time so they're probably fighting backstage over what goes where. I'm looking forward to it, but this doesn't move the needle for me either way. Kay Lee Ray did cost Mia Yim the ladder match for the Takeover War Games advantage so at that is some nice continuity.
  6. At the recent Schadengraps show Chris Brookes faced defeated Lykos Gym’s Kid Lykos Jr. (Joe Nelson) with the manjigatame. After the match Chris Brookes, who is going away to spend a year in Japan with DDT and Kid Lykos who is undoutably retired at this point joined together in the ring to give their blessing for Joe Nelson to continue his career as Kid Lykos and has been given their blessing and endorsement to carry on the CCK name. Hopefully one day down the road Chris Brookes can team with the new Lykos. He consistently helps make others look like stars and he never overshadowed his CCK partners, instead helping elevate them. Kid Lykos was the perfect example of this. Whereas at first glance they may not have looked like they belonged together, Lykos and Brookes were a well-oiled machine inside the ring, with great double team moves. It is a shame his career had to end due to his shoulder injury. Independent Wrestling really is an unforgiving beast at times. What are your thoughts of the names being inherited and living on?
  7. Outside of professional wrestling Catch Point is a pretty badass name so it has some flexibility for us in his future endeavours whenever that day comes. It is smart of Gulak to use whatever assets he can to protect himself in the future, especially in an age where companies are going through their history and catalogues to see what they can rope down under a trademark. (Example: Recent PPV name race between WWE and AEW) I don’t know if WWE would ever let him do it, but if Gulak actually put together a catch point faction with dudes like Gable and Cesaro (and god willing, Riddle) on Smackdown, that would own. With the working relationship with between WWE and Evolve though i could see them using that history to possible have a Catch Point stable go between Evolve and NXT in the future. Once the need for another stable rises.
  8. Texas Red (The Undertaker) vs Bruiser Brody After watching the Bruiser Brody episode of Dark Side Of The Ring i came across this match on Youtube. This would be one of the earliest matches featuring The Underaker and to think the careers of these two actually overlapped is amazing. Brody as time goes on felt like a product of a generation before his own but to think if he had been alive we probably would've seen him involved somewhere during the Monday Night Wars (Even if it was ECW) is a little unnerving. I remember Undertaker talking in depth about this match with Steve Austin on his podcast and if you listen to that while watching the match you can tell how vivid his memory is of that night.
  9. Bandido Re-Signs With Ring Of Honor
  10. This whole situation has been a mess but more interesting that instead of people like Meltzer or any of the larger reporting sources talking about it everyone is waiting for a legal update. For CHIKARA I guess with something as serious as this it makes more sense to cut ties immediately rather than roll the dice with it possibly being untrue. The smart play is to suspend the relationship, play it as "sit this one out until we know what's up." but this is just as safe as long as the person isn't innocent (from all the people coming forward about experiences with Rory i doubt he is). I remember seeing Rory at Joey Janela Spring Break 2 giving a homage to his brother. I feel it is safe to say his in-ring career is over until it is cleared up one way or the other. I feel sorry mostly for Drew Gulak in this situation. If he is arrested and the news has Gulak in the headlines what does that mean for Drew as far as wrestling on television? Not that he really is lately.

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