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  1. If the championship changes hands at any point between Rollins and Lesnar retaining the championship whenever that may be, i'd be surprised. It seems almost certain at the moment that is where this story is going and Rollins must conquer the beast once again. This time without a low-blow.
  2. Date: July 7, 2019 Announced Matches: Impact World Championship: Brian Cage (c) vs. Michael Elgin Impact X Division Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Johnny Impact Moose vs. Rob Van Dam Four-way Monster's Ball match for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Rosemary vs. Su Yung vs. Jessicka Havok
  3. There was a time that New Day said they would fight young children if they needed to so fighting a 73 year old Vince i wouldn't put past ol' Kofi. Keeping all potential competition on their feet. Past, present and future. If the company weren't in a rough spot creatively at the moment i think there is a chance Shane McMahon could become WWE Champion as horrifying as it is to think about but i don't even think they would risk it right now with the shaky ground they are on and Smackdown moving to FOX. That aside a Kofi Kingston vs Shane McMahon match could actually be fun with the spots they could pull off together. Give them a stipulation and it would be a nice match for a B-PPV. If anything good is going to come out of this current mission to have Shane look like a competitor it would be to put Kofi more over i suppose.
  4. Mass Effect 2 was an improvement of the first game. It made some changes to the gameplay form the first one which got some mixed reactions from some fans but to me it was just cutting the fat and allowing itself to become a smoother experience. The storytelling in this game was top notice taking us on a gripping tale where death is a real possibility for many of the people you come to meet. They made me care immensely more about the team and crew and depending on your decisions, when you come down the final mission you feel it.
  5. I was reminded of this championship opportunity this morning and went back to watch the episode through what i could find. As silly as it was the night was surprisingly a lot of fun. Everyone just embracing and accepting it helped.
  6. I got really into his Anatomy Of Murder series in 2017 and that hooked me in. Some of his more comedic videos are a miss for me but i felt his videos focusing on criminal cases are very engaging and his voice was a big reason for that you're right. It's a pity that since he was forced to change his name he has slowed down uploading. Haven't really found a substitute channel.
  7. I got really into his Anatomy Of Murder series in 2017 and that hooked me in. Some of his more comedic videos are a miss for me but i felt his videos focusing on criminal cases are very engaging and his voice was a big reason for that you're right. It's a pity that since he was forced to change his name he has slowed down uploading. Haven't really found a substitute channel.
  8. The injury bug continues to plague the company and couldn't come at a worse time for Lars who only came back not long ago from his TV absence. If there's a silver lining in this for the company it's that this keeps him off TV for a while and allows for some distance from the controversy that has followed him since last month. That being said it isn't something that is ever going to go away but if he is forced to sit out and heal it might help. Lars, from what i saw wasn't exactly clicking with the audience as a heel. People were just staring but coming in and throwing around three cruiserweights that already lose often will probably do that. I hope it isn't a serious injury but if it is well who knows it might end up being something that benefits him on television.
  9. What a monumental moment selling tickets that fast again. I've seen people say they should aim bigger and higher next time but I think so early into the companies existence they should just continue with what they’re doing. The headlines "Sold out in 15 Minutes" is doing wonders for their publicity. Also when they switch to weekly TV it will be a different field compared to monthly events. In the wrestling industry it seems to be tradition or at least the safer bet for a company to have a veteran star hold a debuting top championship to give it some legitimacy but there is a part of me that thinks Page could walk away the winner. They are all about trying to break away from the normal and going all in on someone like Page, on the idea of pushing fresh talent, wouldn't surprise me as much as i thought it would. That being said as exciting as it is to see the inaugural champion crowned i'm more excited to see Moxley vs Omega. Watching Moxley work in NJPW and the promos have just put me on a high to see even more from him.
  10. Whichever writer stood in the room with the idea that Bray Wyatt, the man they have been building up for weeks as a potential monster of a competitor should debut and go for the WWE 24/7 Championship needs water thrown in their face to wake up. I'm glad Vince possibly sees Bray as a fearsome character. That aside, hearing Wyatt will be backstage is exciting. Of course this doesn't mean he will debut but it could mean we are nearing the end of Firefly Funhouse for the time being as he will debut soon. The vignettes haven't grown close to tired yet so if they would run for another month i'd be okay with that but it's always a risk dragging something out too long and tarnishing the interest you built. I feel they are close to needing to show Wyatt in the ring. I agree with what has been said that hopefully Wyatt has created himself an altered moveset to keep this new version of himself apart from what people knew before. I'd be okay if he kept Sister Abigail as a finisher but, using the example of Finn Balor at Wretlemania as the Demon, he for that event used different moves to Finn Balor and it helped separate the two of them competitively.
  11. I was talking about the game the other day in brief with some friends and one of them mentioned it reminded them of the design of a mobile game commercial and it's hard to not see that looking at the character designs now. I'm okay with the characters not looking exactly like the MCU actors since the characters have always had various facial design changes but for a game of this scope it's hard to not think there should be more.
  12. At first glance I thought it was called Nacho Lucha Libre and it got a good laugh. But it's surprising to see Alberto el Patron & Chavo working together on a company like this. I imagine both their name power combined might of interested the backer possibly but it will be interesting to see if this actually lasts a year or is just a few mega shows before it fizzles out. I'm also happy for Ricardo Rodriguez. You could see he visibly wasn't doing okay on Twitter not long ago so it's good to see him finding a place on a big show like this. At least this is a step in the right direction for him My knowledge of Mexican wrestling is limited, as much as i've tried to dive into this corner of wrestling i've never been consistent. I know that Canek and 666 are legends but are up there in age. The rest of the announced talent looks great though with LAX, Rey Horus among others. I hope it streams or at some point goes up on Youtube.

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