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  1. Wednesday, October 16th Showtime: 7:30PM ET Location: Philadelphia, PA | The Liacouras Center
  2. December, 2016 - Outside World Update Size: Regional Figurehead: None NXT Championship Current: Samoa Joe Won: Week 3, April 2016 Current: Mia Yim Won: Week 3, December 2016 Defences: 0 Vacant - Lost Week 3, December 2016 - Won: Week 4, November, 2016 Asuka - Lost Week 4, November, 2016 - Won: Week 1, April, 2016 Defences: 4 NXT Tag Team Current: The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) Won: Week 2, June 2016 Defences: 2 American Alpha (Chad Gable & Jason Jordan) - Lost Week 2, June 2016 - Won: Week 1, April, 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic - Won: October, 2016 (defeating Bobby Roode & No Way Jose) Tag Teams Authors Of Pain (Akam & Rezar) Basso Brothers (Chris & Matt Basso) Blake & Murphy Payback (Angelo Dawkins & Shawn Spears) The Revival TM-61 Contract Changes Written Signings Tommy End Mia Yim Chris Basso Matt Basso Releases N/A Major Injuries Suffered: November, 2016 Injury: Subarachnoid Intracranial Hematoma Return: 1 year, 3 weeks Size: National Figurehead: Hiroshi Tanahashi All Japan Pro Wrestling Size: Cult Figurehead: Suwama Size: Cult Figurehead: None Size: Regional Figurehead: None Other Major News In The World
  3. BPZ Survival Games (2019) Promotional poster featuring various BPZ Wrestlers Theme Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop The Union Underground - Turn Me On "Mr. Deadman" Promotion BPZ Brand(s) Carnage Date October 12th, 2019 City Charlotte, North Carolina Venue Spectrum Center Attendance 19,189 BPZ Survival Games(2019) was a professional wrestling show and BPZ Neccework produced by BPZ for the Carnage brand. It took place October, 12th 2019 at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is the first event under the Survival Games chronology. Eleven matches were scheduled on the event's card. In the main event we saw Flynn defeat Necce and Echo Wilson to retain the BPZ Undisputed Championship. Other prominent matches include Yelich defeating Mikey to retain the BPZ North American Championship and several Survival Games tournament matches determining the final for Survivor Series. Production Other on-screen personnel Commentator Sandman Heel Ring announcer Danielle Referee Cole Phillips Interviewers Josh Trenton Tournament rules BPZ announced that the return of the Survival Games tournament and its dates on August 14th, 2019. at Wrestle Kingdom 11 ; it was announced that the first night of the tournament will be held on Carnage at Pechanga Arena in San Diego, California. The tournament features twelve wrestlers, divided in two blocks of six ("A" and "B"). Each participant faces all five other wrestlers within the same block in singles competition, with the winner of each block being determined via a point system, gaining two points for a win, one point for a tie, and no point for a defeat. The respective winners of both blocks face each other to determine the winner of the Survival Games tournament and will receive a future BPZ Undisputed Championship opportunity. The matches of the tournament have a 20 minute time limit (with the time limit being reached resulting in a tie); the matches taking place at the Survival Games event have a 30 minute time limit. The final match between the two block winners will have no time limit. Results[edit] No. Results[2][3] Stipulations Times 1 Raven defeated Alex Costa Street Fight match 14:46 2 Sheridan defeated Nathan Sawyer Singes match 12:47 3 FDS defeated Prince Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 10:02 4 KENJI defeated Jonathan Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 07:43 5 Bashka defeated Hollow Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 13:48 6 Hans defeated Sameer Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 15:35 7 Yelich (c) defeated Mikey Singles match for the BPZ North American Championship 17:26 8 Julius defeated Bart Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 22:26 9 Slim defeated Smith Singles match for the Survival Games tournament 25:30 10 Aidanator defeated Arrow Thunderman Singles match 07:19 11 Flynn (c) defeated Echo Wilson and Necce Singles match for the BPZ Undisputed Championship 31:01 (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match Tournament overview[edit] Colors Emerald Winner of the block Black Did not win the block Block A Block B Julius 10 Slim 10 Bart 7 Smith 8 KENJI 7 Hans 5 FDS 4 Sameer 4 Jonathan 1 Bashka 3 Prince 1 Blade 1 Block A Jonathan Prince Bart KENJI Julius FDS Jonathan — Draw (20:00) Bart (8:51) KENJI (7:43) Julius (6:08) FDS (14:41) Prince Draw (20:00) - Bart (7:36) KENJI (8:18) Julius (12:11) FDS (10:02) Bart Bart (8:51) Bart (7:36) — Draw (20:00) Julius (22:26) Bart (13:47) KENJI KENJI (7:43) KENJI (8:18) Draw (20:00) — Julius (12:01) KENJI (17:20) Julius Julius (6:08) Julius (11:11) Julius (22:26) Julius (12:01) — Julius (11:33) FDS FDS (14:41 FDS (10:02) Bart (13:47) KENJI (17:20) Julius (11:33) - Block B Smith Hollow Hans Bashka Slim Sameer Smith - Smith (7:36) Smith (11:58) Smith (13:00) Slim (25:30) Smith (14:20) Hollow Smith (7:36) — Hans (12:47) Bashka (13:48) Slim (7:45) Sameer (9:27) Hans Smith (11:58) Hans (12:47) — Draw (20:00) Slim (14:15) Sameer (15:35) Bashka Smith (13:00) Bashka (13:48) Draw (20:00) — Slim (6:20) Sameer (8:54) Slim Slim (25:30) Slim (7:45) Slim (14:15) Slim (6:20) — Slim (18:33) Sameer Smith (14:20) Sameer (9:27) Sameer (15:35) Sameer (8:54) Slim (18:33) -
  4. Unused From Survival Games video
  5. Taz is going to be guest commentator on next week's AEW Dark
  6. Sting vs Jake Roberts - Coal Miner's Glove match - WCW Halloween Havoc: 1992 As the story goes, Jake had threatened to no-show is match at Wrestlemania against The Undertaker if he was not released from his contract right after the match. This had all stemmed from his anger at not being given a position on the WWF writing staff that was promised to him by Vince McMahon after the departure of Pat Patterson. But this wasn't an aimless plan by Jake Roberts because his father was working for WCW at the time and a lucrative contract was waiting for him across the waters once he decided to leave WWF. McMahon agreed to his demand, burning his bridge with the WWF for some time before he returned in 1996. I have no doubts that if all this wasn't happening behind the scenes that his match with The Undertaker would've been a lot different. Jake could not wrestle in WCW for 90 days so did not made his debut until August 2, 1992 on WCW’s Main Event, where 90 days passed before a leather jacket wearing Roberts pushed his way through the crowd during a United States Championship match where Sting was currently making the save in a brawl with Rick Rude. Over the barricade, taking the steel chair from the mat and attacking Sting repeatedly to send a message. Even hitting Sting with a vicious DDT on top of the weapon. Ah, the days where a DDT was lethal. "Well ladies and gentleman to say I'm uncomfortable would be an understatement, looking at a Cobra Snake" - Jim Ross When asked by Jim Ross on a televised interview a few days later why he had attacked Sting, Jake responds “Why not?” "If I want to get someones attention do I got out and slap the ring boy who takes the jackets back, do I slap the referee? No. I step right up to the big gun, the one who WCW had idolised" - Jake Roberts Jim Ross emphasises that he is not a WCW wrestler and warns that the company, even Sting could press charges for his actions. Jake says that would be the smart thing to do and he wouldn’t be surprised at that since Sting definitely isn’t man enough to wrestle him. In what might be the most ambitious job application i've seen in quite sometime Roberts says to Ross that if the company "...put the right number down for me to sign and I’ll sign”. Taking a few steps back for a moment to what lead to his short run in WCW. As Roberts talks about the "right price". His hot deal that had him jumping ship from one company to the other? Well before he even got started his father had left the company and Kip Frey who had organised his contract stepped down as head of WCW just a few days before Jake Roberts was set to reach the end of his no compete. In his place stood Cowboy Bill Watts who personally hated Roberts from previous working days, so he quickly tore up Jake’s contract and put him on a 1 year, 200,000 dollar performance based deal which Roberts was forced to accept after burning his bridge with WWF. "Watts ran a fear based company, he had everyone job scared" - Jake Roberts, Interview 2016 Link This WCW run was soured from the beginning when he got a pay cut before he ever wrested in a WCW ring and after his pay reduction it does seem Jake’s WCW run was set to become less than ideal compared to the asset he could've been for the company. It is during this run that is substance abuses became more of an issue as well, from what had been an underlying issue to something that would spiral is life into an oblivion for quite some time. This is followed up upon with an interview with Jesse Ventura in the arena sometime later "As cold as a razor blade. As tight as a tourniquet. Like the skin of a dying man, Jesse. That's what it's al about. You see people wonder why does he do the things he does, you know, why does he do that. A lot of people want to know where s he going. To know where I'm going you must know where I've been and believe me you do not have a clue where I've been. But let me tell you something, it's as simple as this Jesse. You know and I know it's much better to be the hunter than to be the hunted. Now what I am in the WCW is very simple. I don't want a piece of the world I want the whole world. People like Dustin Rhodes, people like Ron Simmons, people like Sting. You're all just a bunch of squirrels playing in my world trying to get a nut and you can not get it from me." Now to Halloween Havoc I’ve never been a fan of “object on a pole” matches, especially the ones you don't need the object to win the match. Mostly the ones i can tolerate are the ones where it doesn't take away from the match too much but when ladder matches started to exist they especially looked weak in comparison. On commentary Jim Ross assures those watching that WCW researchers have developed a cobra anti-venom in case Jake has his snake with him and decides to use it on anyone that night. I'm glad the Powerplant had life before it was training wrestlers. Watching this match, though he can still move enough to do a match you can tell something is wrong with Roberts. Comparing tonight with the other few matches he has had in WCW, especially Clash of Champions, he moves slower. Basically he wrestles like a man who just took an 80 percent pay cut compared to what he was expecting. His career took a giant cut in a short time so i imagine in his shoes nothing was looking very bright. WCW weren’t going to push him with who was behind the scenes on top of that. I know "What If" questions aren't exactly helpful but imagine if Roberts entered WCW with his original contract. Would he have been able to lift himself from the inevitable darkness? Being motivated with good pay, as a main guy. Instead of taking your career to Mexico and the rest being history. As he waits for Sting to enter the ring Jake Roberts checks the stability of the pole as the referee makes sure he isn't trying to run for it early. Honestly not a bad idea given how many matches, especially in WCW we would see items just fall to the ground after being knocked once or on their own. "Absolutely. If he hits you with the DDT it will give you enough time Ross to go out, get a ladder and YOU could get the glove" - Jesse Ventura Roberts plays it smart though as the match begins, trying to distract Sting as he runs right up the pole. Sting stops that right away, of course, and Roberts is forced to start the match properly. Sting misses a dropkick off and so Jake Roberts begins working the back, something we'll see often throughout. Commentary make sure to remind us that this match is “unsanctioned”. We're in a lights out portion now as the two of them are fighting on the outside of the ring, everything is legal. Jake Roberts gets sent shoulder first into the ring-post three times leaving him kneeling. Sting takes the chance and goes after the glove. He gets half-way up the pole but Roberts recovers and pulls him down for a back suplex. Jake sells the arm injury though and doesn’t follow up, so Sting goes after the arm. Roberts would sell the arm during the whole match which i know shouldn't be a surprise but it's refreshing in an age where "injuries" are sometimes forgotten about half way through a match. Even in this middle of the road contest. Jake hip tosses Sting over the top-rope to escape the armbar, but Sting lands on the apron and stops Roberts from climbing up the pole by bringing him down crotch first very VERY slowly. It was like a leisurely ride. "Jake is a soprano now" - Jesse Ventura A little bit later Jake dumps Sting out to the floor and nails him with a nice red steel chair (violence with style). Sending him back into the ring he uses his wrist tape to choke out Sting which is something you don't see happen very often at all these days. The momentum is on his side but he misses a running lifted knee (a very sloppy one), Sting attempts to hit a Stinger Splash but Roberts is able to move out of the way and capitalise with a short-arm clothesline which was really crisp (Using the hurt arm and sells it afterwards). I had the ringing cheers of Cactus Jack in my mind from Roberts on Saturday Night when he hit it. "I can't help but smile" - Cactus Jack He hits the DDT and the crowd erupts. Jake starts to climb which as i'm watching with how tall the pole is and how you need to use your body to climb and reach the glove....Roberts was never winning this match. Maybe he could've proved me wrong but i can't envision Roberts wrapping his legs around the pole and climbing it. Regardless he reaches up towards the glove but Sting manages to pull off something very impressive as he swings around the pole and elbows Jake away. Just like his match at the first Halloween Havoc Sting proves he is an athletic marvel at times. "Kareem Abdul-Jabbar would have trouble getting to that pole" - Jesse Ventura Suddenly we see from backstage Cactus Jack running down with the snake sack, tossing it to Jake as Sting moves towards the glove. "Sting has got the glove and Jake has got the Snake!" - Jim Ross The commentary team can't believe what they're seeing as Roberts pulls the cobra out of the bag and holds it in his hand! Sting now has the glove as the two of them stand in the ring, Roberts goes to turn around with the cobra but Sting nails Jake pushing the cobra into the face of Roberts as he pins him for the victory. Watching Roberts attempt to hold the snake to his face was a hilarious visual to end the match. It was probably more horrifying live in the 90s but especially when he lifts up the snake,, looks at it and then puts it back towards his face it's hard to not feel like i'm watching 'WCW Snakes In A Ring'. (Coming soon) It was worked like a wrestling match when it should have been a brawl with both guys desperately going for the glove alongside breaking the rules as they did. Though remembering that in 1992 breaking the rules was a lot more tamer compared to today where you need to potentially kill a man to get a reaction. The crowd themselves seemed to be into it though and seeing Roberts vs Sting. It's a shame that this was it for Roberts in WCW because as i said earlier in this post there is always a "What If" around him switching from WWF to WCW. He could've done something special in an era before Hogan moved over. I recommend watching his promos leading up to this match and even some of his work before Halloween Havoc but this is a miss really. Bonus: Greatest expression to being on camera and a nice wrestling sign for Roberts
  7. Ember Moon injured; potentially facing up to a year out of action
  8. My main prediction for tonight is that Seth beats Roman Reigns to follow what happened at Hell in a Cell but the fact that they're putting this match on the draft episode is big. I also feel that USA will choose Becky Lynch first. For a while it felt like Becky Lynch was going to Smackdown since she's been all over the Fox advertising, but then she retained at Hell In A Cell, as did Seth, and WWE doesn't split up married/engaged couples as much as they used to. So Sasha Banks being moved to Smackdown in reaction to Becky wouldn't surprise me and would honestly be a good fresh start for her similar to how it was for Bayley at the time of the last "shake-up"
  9. BPZ Survival Games 2019 Match Cards (If anyone wants a GIF version of their match card just ask) Link:
  10. A man is seen waist down as he reaches into his pocket to retrieve his phone "Operation: Hidden Zebra is a go people. This is not a drill, this is what you've all been training for. Go! Go! Go! Go!". Suddenly through out the arena we see members of the audience rip of their casual clothing to reveal stripped BPZ official referee shirts. Men, women and even a small child with a limp all suddenly become highly trained security as they back into formation to collect the chaos that has interrupted the Carnage taping. Steph, Bob. D.N.A, ICON, Bulldozer, Amai, Hans, Raven, Jason Ryan are all collected and sent packing home with their luggage for the night with a complementary frozen dinner in compensation of their missed catering that week. The team look around to make sure they haven't missed anyone as suddenly they notice Arrow who is still a hospital gown rushing through the crowd partially exposing himself in the chaos. Followed closely from further up in the stands an exhausted Aidanator who rushed through traffic, abandoning his car about five blocks away just to catch up with Arrow. "Beat me up you morons!" Arrow yells, pushing against anyone near him .Security grab the erratic Thunderman and Aidantor just as he nearly reaches Arrow to begin another brawl. Both wrestlers are taken by the arms as they are removed from the arena as well. A commercial for BPZ Survival Games is played on the titantron as everyone is dragged through to the backstage as the live audience is sent to commercial.
  11. Results: AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament First Round Match: Young Bucks vs Private Party Standings If you want to make your picks still for this tournament you can. You won''t be able to receive any points for the first match.

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