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  1. With Sheamus and his latest concussions scares the question came to mind about his career after he finally hangs up the boots. If he stays associated with WWE what role could he take on? At first being a trainer at PC (US or UK) feels like a no brainier with his experience and training regiment. But then i also thought about commentary. He can be hilarious on screen and with some experience maybe he could lean into the role on one of WWEs smaller shows. Though he wouldn't be my first pick. Someone like The Miz as a colour commentator after he hangs up his boots feels like a much better possibility as long as those Marine movies don't get a prequel series. And then someone like Big Show which i know isn't the first thought that would come to mind but who could sit at the commentary bringing up stats, facts but still be engaging. Just imagine that man in a giant suit on the show each SD/Raw/PPV.
  2. When they mentioned on Smackdown that he was injured i assumed it was mentioned as a reason to explain why Cesaro was in the main event without him but i guess not. Post-Wrestlemania season has been painful for the company with all these prominent injuries and i hope they come to a stop soon. Times like this i guess they are lucky with all their talent backlog. Sheamus has had a hell of a career in WWE. I know his career is winding down, but I want him to keep going as long as it is safe for him to do it. I guess now we could be seeing a possible singles run for Cesaro on Smackdown as a heel? As long as they don't reform the League of Nations with Nakamura and Rusev.
  3. A dark horse pick but in theory if Undisputed Era were to focus on another potential member becoming NXT Champion i think Kyle O'Reilly has shown the tools during his time in the company to become champion in NXT. Another name who has been mostly working house shows since he signed with the company is Brennan Williams. The gimmick and size of the man together i feel has potential i just need to see how he works TV when they finally debut him full.
  4. Arius

    Maasa Graphics

    The lightning bolt in the O is a nice touch considering what Marvsta uses as his picture in the mod. Feels ripped from a comic book convention. Really like it Maasa and the rest of them fit their groups quite well. It's a pity To Die As Kings is coming to an end before it could be represented well. Keep it up!
  5. Sleeping Dogs The original was a great game with a rich story which might possibly be turned into a film. it's in production. Would have adored to have played a sequel following Wei Shen as he goes undercover in another country or just based on police work or a spin-off staying in Hong Kong centred on Broken-Nose Jiang in the aftermath of the first game. Plus with the sequel they can improve. Prey The release of Moonbase as DLC has given me some hope that they might release a sequel down the road but at the same time the lack of story DLC has me worried all the same. This game was such a fun experience that i'd love to see a sequel following the aftermath of the decisions you made in the game similar to the Mass Effect series where your decisions carry over save to save.
  6. Replaying the game for a bit the other night i'm sure a film based on GTA San Andreas but focused completely on Grove Street, CJ and his family would work well. And then if they really wanted to they could use some of the major side missions for sequels. Straight Outta Compton meets Crime. Keep it in the 90s instead of modernising it because the era fits the narrative.
  7. Chris Jericho being the inaugural champion feels like the safe bet right now considering all the eyes that turned to AEW when he signed to the company. All the headlines of "Former WWE star signs with rival promotion" was hot for 24 hours on non-wrestling websites so if he was able to become their champion you might be able to get similar buzz. Kenny Omega winning it isn't far fetched but i see him as the chaser. Also would it feel a little corny if a member of the Elite won the championship first? They have a lot of young talent in AEW that have potential to be future stars so it will be interesting what this lineage might look like in a few years.
  8. MY FAVE 5 April 15th 2018 - April 22nd 2018 1. Roman Reigns 2. Finn Balor 3. AJ Styles 4. Kevin Owens 5. Buddy Murphy
  9. It really gets stuck in your head after one listen but i need to click when i see it pop up. When i first heard his NXT theme i was indifferent to it, bordering dislike and i'm not sure if it was because i feel the song just isn't on par with other NXT themes or because Trouble is just too perfect for EC3 that anything pales in comparison. Even with similarities in flow.
  10. TNA have last as a company 18 years and going which in the world of professional wrestling is impressive despite the roller coaster it has become. Along the way they have been able to create dozens of memorable theme songs over the years and so i ask what are the most memorable ones for you? Your favourites? First off my head is no doubt one on many lists and that's AJ Styles 'Ready to Fly'. I still have thoughts of my reaction if he just suddenly stepped out to this theme again on the WWE stage but in a way it was a different era of Styles. Another favourite is LAX which i sometimes feel could be the top of my list. Easily one of the best themes for a stable/tag team. Matt Morgan. Is entrance with the cloak, the nicknames like 'The Blueprint' 'The DNA of TNA', it was all seamless and i wanted to mimic it so much though honestly with a woollen blanket and a lounge room i wouldn't look as nearly as cool.
  11. Free Agents Soon To Debut Independent Wrestling Results Dojos Heel's Wrestling Academy - Arrow Gargano (2018) - Arthur (2016) - Jackie Sabin (2019) - Mave Deltzer (2018) - Suby (2015) The Milkman (2018) Twitch Affiliates - Alex Costa (2018) - Jacob Williams (2018) - Lazar Nikoilci (2018) - Markov Drago (2018) - Scott Angle (2018) - Sebastian Santiago (2018) - Silky Slimer (2018) - Zayn Mann (2018)
  12. Arius

    Hans Graphics

    Absolutely killing it with these graphics mate. The signatures, posters and the ongoing BPZ2K19 releases. Always looking forward to what you come up with next.
  13. I really like the sound of the ECW suggestions because you could pick either 2000 as you try to save them, their peak or the birth of ECW when they changed from Eastern to Extreme Championship Wrestling. The idea of building an Australian company to battle the world sounds fun in my mind but i'm not sure how fun that local to global would be for Brenden. You could say Bert Newton decided to fund it 😂
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