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  1. 1) Who wins? Natalya 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes, she attacks Maryse causing a disqualification 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Natalya
  2. Oney Lorcan Says He Signed New WWE Contract After Requesting Release
  3. Between spiked hair Sheamus and this announcement we're officially back in 2010 again! I can just see him now, confronting Johnny Gargano and saying something like "so, you call yourself 'Johnny Wrestling' huh?" but i feel he is hired for the main roster completely. It was either going to be WWE, AEW or NJPW. Johnny was only going to move up after finishing up his time with Impact in what was a great company run. I'm happy to see he is going to be on TV again and have my fingers crossed he keeps his old theme song.
  4. Predictions for WWF No Way Out 1998 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match Iron Man match Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels (c) Kane vs Cactus Jack - Last Man Standing match Steve Austin vs Triple H - WWF European Championship match Steve Blackman (c) vs Jeff Jarrett The Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Kama Mustafa, and The Rock) vs Ken Shamrock, & The Legion of Doom - WWF Tag Team Championships match Headbangers vs New Age Outlaws (c) Vader vs Dan Severn - WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Brian Christopher (c) vs Flash Funk Bonus Questions One of these matches will get a rating of 87, Kane vs Cactus Jack Which 2 superstars will get the highest in-ring performances: Steve Austin and Shawn Micheals What will the score be for the Iron Man match? 3-2
  5. Arius


    The scene opens upon a darkened room illuminated by burning candles. The faces of resting dolls sit in a disorganised manner around the room , their eyes facing in the direction of the camera as it pans around - seemingly following the line of eyesight with the audience at home as it changes angles. Surrounding the reveal a slowed down rendition of 'What A Wonderful World' can be heard playing about halfway through setting an uncomfortable confusing tone. Suddenly a sudden grunt interrupts the mood, followed by a crashing of items as a man can be heard tripping over fallen toys scattered across the floor "Son of a..." as the sounds of a soft squeak can be heard of a soft toy being punted across the room and impacting against the wall can be heard. The record comes to a scratching halt as the man attempts to fix the issue of the music - tampering with the record player before it begins to play the more recognisable version of "What A Wonderful World" for the live audience. Suddenly the light is turned on as Arius is seen fanning out the candles as he passes them by. Looking upon the mess created he yells out of the doorway for some assistance as the stage crew rush in with the equipment boxes to move out the props. Turning towards the already rolling camera Arius walks towards it with outstretched arms as he greets the Carnage audience, nearly tripping on a final doll as he kicks it behind him towards the pile. Do you know how difficult it is to find and bulk purchase a large volume of children's dolls? My friends were put quite to the test in their search but were able to secure one going quite cheap surprisingly. The label says "Toy Drive", i imagine that must've been the business name. The Ghouls behind Arius use their overly large brooms as they begin to sweep the mass of dolls to the side of the room as Arius draw a curtain to mask the clean up. Dusting off his coat he turns back to the camera You see I wanted to play along, to try and match the aesthetic..hm, but it soon became apparent that it was a lot more effort than it was worth. Though..i suppose that sentiment feels right at home with the The Cure. Jason Ryan. A man who knows that limits are only imaginary, created by weaker men in an effort to excuse their lack of ambition. It seems right on the final moments before our first encounter that we already find ourselves at odds. You see little in The Revenant while i have come to respect your work in the little time I've witnessed you in this company. Unfortunately i missed what might've considered your "Golden Age" but sitting behind the curtain as the ruthlessness of what was Jason squirted mustard, dumped salt and threw sown lemon slices on the thumbtacks before knocking Echo Wilson right into his freshly made agony. Arius closes his eyes as he reminiscences on BPZ Halloween Havoc 2019 It isn't hard to bring a smile and chuckle out of me while i'm involved in the ring but watching from afar..that is a special case. Arius re-opens his eyes as he looks away from the camera, pacing side to side. But alas, don't be fooled by the false promises of this man. His cure isn't one to be shared amongst his clergy, one to help the masses. It is ensure each man, woman and child he affects sit obediently and patiently underneath him. What the latter half of 2019 has proven for a man once feared is that if an entity can't fight with skill and brutality to be the best at his craft once more then he'll manipulate the game to his will. Aaron North, Gunner Flynn...men who were lost now fallen under the symphony of sweet empty words Jason Ryan passes on. You've acted like this motivational speaker whose thoughts and beliefs he tries to dig into his listeners' skulls, but only a few will realise that he's just finding ways to complicate the most simple of thoughts. I look upon you now, a still image hoping the picture becomes more clearer but instead only faded ancient history clouds my vision. Of men like Yelich - who grew out a beard, found a new family and returned with a message, similar to yourself approaching the world with an idea - an idea that everyone dreams of a proper afterlife. He said Arius everyone aspires to be worthy of something more, we all serve a better, more worthy cause. But that in truth we’re scared of that better life. And he promised the help the world...and abandoned them. A tale as old of time. These men wielding hope with strong promises for men looking for meaning and purpose. Men like you prey on them. I'll admit, even someone like myself found my senses enchanted by the words you spoke. You have a way..to allure the intrigue. Maybe if your so-called wisdom didn't consist of all kinds of repetitive keywords that seem to trigger my Déjà vu - if The Cure didn't walk the same promises every forgettable half-manic with a voice in their head and a good intention had walked before you, then maybe I would have heed your advice and took them to heart. Embraced The Cure for myself. Become a better version of The Revenant. Evolved with the times. The sounds of a disgruntled woman can be heard behind the curtain as a doll is suddenly thrown over the curtain behind Arius who ignores it out right as he continues to speak. "What is this mess?! Move it all out please!" Arius continues over the commotion. Maybe if you've shown some appeal in your words and given me unique ideas that are truly unheard of, then we would have gotten along! There's a big difference between being unable to, and not wanting to. I hear you. I understand you. But for me to just take your words as they are without blinking an eye is asking too much from even the free direction of The Revenant. You can't speak of struggle when the only thing you worked hard for is convincing these men to lay down their bodies for a vague cause and after only a few matches under your belt since your return to this company calling the process broken, yourself broken. Some stories have been told a million times, but depending on the mouth that speaks it, only a few can see things as they are. Rin Akane steps from behind the curtain as she joins Arius who holds tighter his BPZ Intercontinental Championship. She stands in front of Arius as she brushes her hand on the gold before addressing the opponents of Invictus this week. Jason Jason, I must truly warn you, similar to my client The Revenant on how aggressive and fierce I can be, But what he matches with in-ring spectacle i utilise in just words and direction. I know at times being behind the champion can lead to underestimation of my abilities but let me reassure everyone here in Brendeplayz Wrestling that no matter what the odds are, my ethic remains strong. Now, a new frontier, representing the joining forces of two of this years great rivals and so you may convince yourself that maybe, just maybe, she's all bark and no bite... she is only the mouth piece who picks her battles. Rin Akane smiles as she moves forward I do hope you sleep better at night with a satisfied smirk on your face believing that you have somehow provoked fear in these men. Because really, it's easier to think that way than to lose sleep over the thought of possibly putting your career to an early stall. It puts much less pressure on Invictus when you look in the mirror whilst forcing a smile on your face, than to feel rattled by the idea that the only person that was made into a fool was yourself because you finally see that you can never keep up with the pace of the upcoming generation. You surround yourself with young men with success and one has already abandoned you for another path. Let us look at this past week, the young star Alex Costa saw a brighter path for himself under the banner of Bulletproof (Firing Squad) for the most convenient example: May i ask, are you happy about the outcome of that match?... proud of it even? The Cure you so happily shared leads to twice the losses at Survivor Series and yet the ONE man who found a more alluring light was draped in victory. Pairing himself with the force who looks to stand above all. That isn't the story Jason wants to spread though, The Cure wants the story to be told where Gunner Fynn was the warrior that has up until this point overcame the odds so that he can tell the world of his bravery. The bravery of being a Flynn in the shadows. The bravery Jason possess from accepting that something was wrong from within himself. The Cure - it is time to open your eyes to reality, You see me ahead of our match this week you're walking into Carnage with an old mindset, thinking that if you approached this match the same way you did one of the past, then you'd get an easy way out because of your newfound path, when in truth, you will come to realise that the chaos that you look to create, the chaos you spok so confidently about, would fall short when you see how the professionals settle scores. Rin Akane speaks as she turns away from the camera, Arius joining her. Lets be honest with ourselves boys. As soon as the words "Two prospects BPZ has a hardon for" were uttered we knew who had the mental high ground going into Carnage. We've already won on one frontier and now on to the next. Master of our fate, Captain of our soul. Invictus
  6. Welcome as we continue on with BPZ Survivor Series 2019! We had just witness Bob Sparks defeat Gunner Flynn to take his BPZ Premium Championship just before the vignettes played for the audience as we move on to another championship contest. One that looks to introduce a new formidable challenger for the company, one shrouded in questions into the identity of as the theme music of Dr. X leads us into the beginging of this next contest. The words "This is the new reality. Going dark..is no longer an option" print themselves across the titantron for the BPZ live crowd here at Survivor Series as the newly emerging Dr. X arrives firstly for this championship match. The announcer makes the introductions "This following match is set for one fall! And it is for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 220 pounds... Dr. X!" Over the last month the determined Dr. X has set out the challenge not just for Arius but also current BPZ North American Champion KENJI which has gained him an opportunity to fight for the a place in the Number One Contendership match at the upcoming Winter Warfare. Tonight we'll see how smooth that path shall be as he steps in the ring with this man... As Dr. X waits in the ring after posing on the turnbuckle the arena suddenly drops into an expected darkness as the elated screams from the crowd begin to co-exist with the music 'You Want It Darker'. The strums and chants begin as suddenly a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp. Half a dozen masked Ghouls stand idle as Rin Akane moves in front of them with a smile across her face. Wearing a red and black attire she holds over her shoulder the BPZ Intercontinental Championship as a showcase before raising her free hand to aid the eyes and focus to the reigning champion who makes his way through the line of Ghouls and ascends to the sight of the audience. "And introducing second, he is the reigning and defending BPZ Intercontinental Champion… residing from Teatro di San Carlo, Naples, Italy. Weighing in at 225 pounds…“The Revenant” Arius!" Dressing this evening in elaborate cloak Arius moves down the ramp as he looks around the area, taking in the atmosphere. As Arius moves down the ramp, the fans who've made it to the edge of the barricade struggle against the arena security, reaching their hands over the side reaching for The Revenant. Arius stops in his tracks as he hands, taking a moment to reach out to their extended hands and embraces their calls, respectfully kissing their hands before returning his focus to the ring. Dr. X shows only the expression printed on his mask but his body demeanour expresses confidence as he doesn't loose sight of Arius nor the championship as the champion steps through the ropes. Stepping inside, taking hold of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship Arius poses on the turnbuckle by holding it firmly in the air for the audience before stepping down. As the lights come down he carefully hands it to the referee. The newly debuted design of the championship highlighted by the commentary before the match begins. And here we go as this contest is now underway! Both competitors begin to circle around the ring as neither one has taken an eye off of each other... this is our first look at the in-ring talents of the masked newcomer, as the unknown presence of Dr. X seems to be going for a test of strength to begin this championship contest! Lifting up his right hand toward Arius, but Arius responds with a soft tap upon the cheek of Dr. X confusing the masked man but he is soon well informed as Arius follows it up with some left and right's thrown at Dr. X's head rocking the challenger! As Dr. X attempts to keep his balance from the hits, the masked grappler refuses to become the early prey to the champion in this contests he nails Arius with a quick kick to the gut and pulls him in…riding the sudden momentum as he plants the champion into the canvas with a picture perfect DDT! Dr. X isn't finished there though! He quickly hops back to his feet with Arius following not long behind. Dr. X with a dropkick to the champions chest! No..wait no Arius sidesteps just in time, Dr. X hits the mat but follows up to his feet only to meet a spinning heel kick from the champion! One shot after another, these competitors are fired up tonight! Dr. X is not taking much time to get back up to his feet. With Arius trailing right behind him... Arius charges at Dr. X for a clothesline to the back of the skull but Dr. X ducks using his speed to his advantage, as the champion turns around he connects with a European Uppercut, and another! Arius staggers dropping to a knee as Dr. X bounces off the ropes. Arius is a sitting duck as the challenger gains paces rushing towards the champion for a Shining Wizard! It con--NO! Arius catches the leg as it nears his had and holds in. Twisting the leg of Dr. X the champion connects with a spinning leg dop on to the leg he caught, dropping all his weight on to his opponent. He could’ve snapped Dr. X’s leg in two as Dr. X reaches for his leg. The champion wastes no time going for a quick cover! One! Twoooo! - Kick Out. One second too late, as Dr. X prevails in getting his shoulder up! But the damage has been done as the challenger holds on to his leg, trying to bring it back to life. The champion Arius doesn’t show a sign of frustration but contemplation as he looks around to Rin Akane who sits at ringside with a nod to her partner. Arius stands up, wiping his hair to the side as he knows he must not get too over confident in his path to finishing Dr. X off tonight. Arius looks down as he starts to lift Dr. X slowly back up to a vertical base, what could he be setting him up for here? Arius turns the challenger around as Arius lifts him up, connecting with the ‘Seeing Red’ bridging full nelson suplex! Connecting with such force but the champion doesn’t stay in the bridge forgoing the pinfall. Arius isn’t finished as he shows off his quick transitions, moving around the mat to apply a quick Modified Indian Deathlock! Dr. X is now in a struggling position here, he craves to win! Arius applying much more pressure onto the hold, but the masked Dr. X isn't giving in! Dr. X is shouting in utter pain... Can he hold on much longer? Arius isn't letting up! No mercy from The Revenant tonight who has been rejuvenated since Bad Blood! Through the pain Dr. X is still showing signs of life! The hold breaks as Arius moves around the challenger to apply just a basic crossface but as Arius pulls back Dr. X is slowly, but steadily making his way back to his feet! Arius keeps the hold tightly locked in as he rises to his feet with Dr. X! Dr. X now trying to overpower Arius... can he do it?! YES! Dr. X starts driving his shoulder into the stomach of the champion, one after another! Thinking quickly Arius reluctantly grabs Dr. X by the back of his mask and tosses him to the arena floor as the champion collects himself. Rin Akane quickly moves out of the way as the challenger crashes to the floor near her. The camera can catch Rin Akane speaking down to the challenger in her native language, pointing down to Dr. X who checks and feels the back of his mask as he recovers. While this is happening we can see the intentions of Rin Akane as the champion is slowly heading up tot the top rope. Being up this high has given mixed results for the champion in the past so tonight we’ll see if he has executed his choice wisley. Arius is on the top rope as the crowd are on their feet waiting to see what happens next! Dr. X is getting back up...Arius dives for a Crossbody Splash as the masked savoir leaps up and connects with a half connected facebreaker! WHAT The champion rolls towards the barricade as Dr. X lays back on floor holding his knee, the same leg Arius was targeting just earlier. As the challenger slowly moves to capitalise, Dr. X is on one knee staring towards Arius. His expression a mystery behind the printed skull. Dr. X is the first to his feet as he lifts up the champion and rolls him into the ring. He stares at Rin Akane as the two have a small stand off before following the champion. The challenger wastes no time trying to capitalise on his new found moment, stomping on the shoulder of Arius, return the favour for the treatment of his leg earlier. Dr. X follows up by picking up the champion as he lifts and connects with a Double Underhook Back Breaker as The Revenant rolls feeling the impact. Dr. X poses for the ground momentarily as the newcomer in Brendenplayz Wrestling is making the most of this opportunity, a championship match on his debut but a championship win is in his sights. Dr. X walks over as he meets Arius who is rising to his feet, just as he reaches down to apply another move Arius throws a sudden punch into the abdomen of Dr. X which knocks him back, Dr. X moves forward again but is only met with another as Arius rises to his feet throwing punches at the head of Dr. X before quickly rising up for a sudden headlock. Dr. X pushes at the champion but Arius wrenches at the head of his challenger, before applying a Tiger Spin Drop Toe Hold Takedown, kneeling with his opponents legs locked up he pushes the head of Dr. X into the mat, Dr. X reaches for the ropes as the referee counts for the hold to break, 1-2-, Arius rises from his feet, unlocking his legs as he holds his hands up for the referee. As Dr. X takes a moment to recover The Revenant slowly paces around the ring as he stares down at his opponent, wiping a little blood from a cut lip in consequence from the facebreaker earlier on the outside. Arius is feeling the rhythm of the match here as he goes back to afflicting damage, twisting Dr.X legs and turns him over for a Grapevine STF! The commentary team speculate if Dr.X could handle this. Arius is putting the pain in with this move as Dr.X is reaching out for the ropes! Dr.X is struggling but is crawling and Arius adds more pressure to the lock as Dr.X stops! Dr.X might tap out here!!! Could this be it? Dr. X lifts his hand...and he grabs the ropes! Arius lets go of Dr.X as the referee reaches the count of two, the champion seems to have a look of surprise! The damage has been inflicted but Dr. X won’t give in. Arius gets back to his feet as he looks down at Dr.X, the masked grappler using the ropes as leverage as he rises to his feet. Arius assists as he drags him to his feet when suddenly Dr.X reacts with a huge elevated high kick to the chest of Arius! Regaining stamina Dr.X follows up with another kick to the chest of Arius! The brawl is on as Arius attempts to block the follow up but Dr. X with his own, ending the sequence with his kick shot to the chest! The effects of the earlier submissions make it hard for Dr. X to stand but he digs deep, taking hold of Arius as Dr. X hits the Doctors Note! Dr. X goes for a cover! One-Two-T- KICKOUT Only a count of two but Dr. X is feeling the moment. Even through the mask Dr.X might be smelling blood in the water. Dr.X is looking like he wants to end this here! Arius is reeling as he uses the turnbuckles to get to his feet. Dr. X runs full force as he connects with an elevated knee knocking the champion back, following up by climbing up to the turnbuckle behind the champion. Suddenly Dr. X applies a sleeper hold on the champion using the height of the turnbuckle for elevation as he leaps on to the back of The Revenant. The champion attempts to fight back from the sudden submission as he grabs on to the arms of Dr. X. Arius… his eyes light up as he sees the opposite corner! Using the strength he has left he runs sending Dr. X back first into the turnbuckle!! But Dr. X won’t release!! Arius backs up.. He’s picking up speed as he runs again driving the back of Dr. X into the turnbuckle again! Dr. X still won’t release the hold as he moves from the sleeper hold to an elevated arm breaker!! He’s relentless and very well could be trying to break the arm of Arius! As Dr. X leans back against the turnbuckle, the referee starts making a count. As the referee warns Dr, X, the champion feels his surroundings as he slowly puts himself through the middle rope forcing Dr. X to follow him down back into the ring as he keeps hold. Suddenly Arius jumps down to the floor below as Dr.X is caught getting clotheslined by the ropes on the rebound. Dr. X rolls back as he holds on to his neck as Arius sits where he landed on the outside for a moment to collect himself, holding his arm. Both men are down as Rin Akane moves around ringside towards the champion as she motions to the ring, the champion quickly realises the opportunity, Slowly but surely rising to his feet before sliding back into the ring, he takes hold of the exposed neck of Dr. X as he lifts up the challenger, taking advantage of his vulnerable position as he lifts him up and hits a Lifted Osaka Street Cutter! Continuing to apply further damage to what the ropes had started. Arius leans down as he goes for a cover. One. Two. Thr--Kickout! Dr. X is barely able to kickout!! He barely raises his hand! Arius is down with his hands on his head! He thought he had it but Dr. X showing he has heart in this match! The commentary paint the moment as one of disbelief but slowly what appeared as surprise is soon revealed with a smile from Arius as he rises from his hands, a single exasperated laugh leaves The Revenant as he turns himself around to Dr. X - stalking around the exhausted body of his challenger. Arius he grabs Dr. X up...The Revenant holds the barely standing Dr. X up as he comes face to face with his challenger. Raising his hand The Revenant softly pats the shoulder of his opponent as a show of admiration of his reliance, Dr. X can barely take in the sentiment as Arius spins around for a ‘Danse Macbre’ spinning a kick and then bringing him to the ground with a sweep. Not leaving anything to chance The Revenant moves around Dr. X as he grabs hold tightly the neck of his challenger, applying the ‘Final Testimony’ Dragon Sleeper! The crowd are making themselves heard as they know what is to come. The referee goes over to check on Dr. X as he asks the masked competitor if he gives up. Arius wraps his legs around the abdomen of Dr. X as he leans back, applying more pressure as slowly but eventually a tap can be seen on the arm of Arius as the referee rings for the bell. This match is over! Arius lets go of the hold as the bell is rung as pushing off Dr. X, pushing him to the side as the champion sits in the ring, knees under his arms while 'Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker' begins to play throughout the arena for his celebration. Rin Akane takes the BPZ Intercontinental Championship from the hands of the BPZ referee Cole Phillips as she personally straps it around the waist of the victorious Arius as he rises to his feet. Tonight Dr. X showed what he was capable of in a BPZ ring and as he moves forward in the company many could expect some surprises from the masked saviour. As Dr. X recovers on the edge of the ring near the ropes, curiosity catches Rin Akane who walks over to the challenger, leaning down as she reaches her hand on the edge of the mans mask but Arius steps over as he stops her from proceeding any further, shaking his head in disagreement. As Rin and Arius are distracted suddenly the lights go out, followed by flickers of distortion appearing on all the screens with coinciding static sound before the lights return and Dr. X has vanished into the arena amongst the people. The audience themselves looking around for the challenger to no avail. The referee at ring-side who was checking on the fallen Dr. X looks around puzzled as Arius looks on over the crowd with a smile. Basking in his moment the champion raises the championship for the audience one final time, not knowing how many of these moments are to come, as he leaves in a dark light as the flashing of bright whites continue.

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