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  1. Made for First Class Express
  2. Attempt at a Clapspiracy Tag Team Invitational Logo (Feedback Welcome)
  3. In this scenario WWE grants the release of Sin Cara (Hunico) and now wants for the third time put the mask on a different wrestler under contract to continue the Sin Cara legacy. Sin Cara is a brand, a character above the athlete in their eyes and they look at their roster to see who would fit to continue that. Obviously a big concern would be you can't put a wrestler such as Mustafa Ali under the mask because they are well known and popular. Humico at the time was doing nothing outside of the odd Superstars episode and returning from injury. So perhaps the man under the mask will either be someone out of the current eye of the audience, someone from NXT or the performance centre. You're tasked with choosing the wrestler to be the new Sin Cara, who will it be?
  4. Feeling undervalued as a performer seems to be a running theme with these release requests but with Sin Cara i'm not sure how undervalued he is. It is good to be confident in your abilities but for example his recent match with McIntyre. It was the right call for it to go the way it did. Reading he feels he should be rewarded for the time he stayed with them. I know if he is granted his release he will probably move to Mexico to wrestle mostly and in that environment he can be really good and personally i hope he can show that in other promotions. He is already semi-popular since he is doing press on a constant basis for WWE down there. I'm curious to see how he re-brands himself when the time comes.
  5. Name: H.R Pufnstuf Nickname: The Dragon Age: 31 Height: 7ft1 Weight: 470lb Hometown: The Living Island Backstory: Pufnstuf was working his afternoon job hosting a children's bar mitzvah out of the local bowling alley as he left to go home for the evening. Suddenly he was surrounded by police not long after entering his car as he had been pinpointed as the culprit in a local jewel heist that left two people dead (Victim 1: 40 yrs, male, Lawyer) (Victim 2: 14 yrs, male, Student) The law enforcement were in a period of low morale at the time with public relations and were looking for a clean case and victory to showcase for themselves to be put in a new light for the time being. Over the case evidence was mishandled and eye witness accounts overlooked as they based their case on Pufnstuf being the culprit given the area he was located and his costumed profession. Through a miscarriage of corrupt justice in his small town he has now found himself behind bars. Crime Committed: Falsely accused and charged for Burglary, Murder and Abduction
  6. Wednesday, November 13th | Showtime: 6:30PM CT Nashville, TN | Nashville Municipal Auditorium
  7. January, 2017 - Outside World Update Wrestler Of The Year Current: Kazuchika Okada Tag Team Of The Year Current: Ricochet & Matt Sydal Young Wrestler Of The Year Current: Dragon Lee Veteran Wrestler Of The Year Current: Togi Makabe Female Wrestler Of The Year Current: Charlotte Flair Independent Wrestler Of The Year Current: None Company Of The Year Current: NJPW Most Improved Company Of The Year Current: None Match Of The Year Current: Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Tetsuya Naito at NJPW Revenge Tour (Rating 99*) Card Of The Year Current: NJPW Destruction (Rating: 92*) Manager Of The Year Current: Paul Heyman Announcer Of The Year Current: Mauro Ranallo Colour Commentator Of The Year Current: Milano Collection A.T. Referee Of The Year Current: Mike Chioda Power 500 WWE Standings (Top 100) 18 - Dolph Ziggler 21 - Dean Ambrose 22 - The Miz 23 - Seth Rollins 24 - Alberto Del Rio 25 - Roman Reigns 27 - Kevin Owens 28 - John Cena 29 - Chris Jericho 31 - Sheamus 34 - Kane 35 - Sami Zayn 37 - AJ Styles 38 - Cesaro 39 -Randy Orton 49 - Zack Ryder 52 - Finn Balor 60 - Rusev 67 - Bray Wyatt 70 - Big Show 85 - Baron Corbin 92 - D-Von Dudley 101 - Bubba Ray Dudley Power 500 (Top 176)
  8. Name: H.R Pufnstuf Which wrestler do you want to look like?:: Vader Birth Date: 25/12/87 Gender: Male Race: Other Nationality: Hawaiian What Languages do you speak?: English, Japanese, French, Spanish Based in/What Promotion are you in: Based in Mexico Can wrestle everywhere Body Type: Bulky Size (Weight Class): Super Heavyweight Maximum Size (Weight Class): Super Heavyweight Moveset: Vader Face or Heel: Face Finishers: Tower of Fire (Jackknife powerbomb), Call to the Dragon (Standing Tazzmission) Style of Wrestling: Brawler Any other things we should know?: Mask - High, Hair - Yes, Can also do Commentary

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