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    NXT UK Discussion

    It's always a treat to watch Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel in action. For a team i was hesitant to see pair up fearing it was just another "nothing for you" team i'll admit i was wrong seeing how far they've come in a short time and of course the bigger picture i didn't see in Imperium. Also great seeing Kassius Ohno again who is not doing too well in his UK excursion (weird to think WWE having excursions but it's great to see it implemented). The babyface fire from Andrew's was great and Ohno being his usual bully self was fun. While these Download Festival shows were better than I expected, I'm more than ready for the new tapings and the road to Takeover. I have no idea what the Cardiff matchups will be other than Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray and the obvious matches that are coming and I'm excited to see what we wind up getting to fill it.
  2. It's a shame about PAC being out of the company because the fatal four way with him against Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze & Sami Zayn i feel would've deserved it's place in an NXT centred showcase. As you mentioned in the post i think making the exception by having a weekly show match is necessary with Seth Rollins vs Jinder Mahal since it was the establishment of the championship defended on these Takeovers. Though you could make the argument that is more suited for a Seth Rollins specific showcase. A solid list in the end though Odd. Seeing this list also made me think that if NXT produces stars like it has and stays consistently on air that we could possibly see an NXT exclusive game one day similar to how the company tried something different with WWE All Stars. I'm not sure if it would be the same type of gameplay but if you have a mod where it is that years current roster against the NXT alumni that would be a marketable game i feel.
  3. The Court Jester A film I've heard about and even heard the quote of "The pellet with the poison's in the vessel with the pestle" but other than that I'm not aware of many people who've seen it in my circle. I caught it accidentally on TV just as it was starting and was hooked in to watch. A perfectly silly Robin Hood-esq parody with silly wordplay, songs, gags, and lot's of colourful costumes and scenes. Danny Kaye is hilarious throughout.
  4. I can only think "Why so quickly?" When Rollins won the match on RAW. We didn't need a #1 contender that night. They could've built to for at least a week or two, and give Seth some screen time motivation to get back at Brock Lesnar for his cash-in. Build up the other contenders in the match a little more, like Rey Mysterio who was massacred a week before. I mostly feel bad for Braun Strowman. They had Braun the most over hes been in a long time and it would have been a perfect moment for him to finally move up to face Brock Lesnar and if not i don't think having him in that match helped at all. All that out of the way..hearing that Rollins vs Lesnar is going to Main Event the PPV has me very optimistic. Lesnar with his short matches as fun as they can be most of the time, especially against his calibre of opponent i still think a nice lengthy match will be good to conclude this feud for the time being if Rollins does win. I think back to his Royal Rumble match with these two and John Cena involved.
  5. During the build-up between each BPZ event we're given a show by active members building their match, their character or anything in between. During your time on the forums what would you say have been some of your favourite promos of a particular user or just a favourite promo you've read so far along the way? Particularly one in a feud you weren't involved in. I thought this would be a good way for us to share what we've enjoyed of each others work. What's stuck with you.
  6. I somehow completely overlooked that Summerslam was taking place in Canada. At least now it makes sense that Natalya is going to be in this match. I still feel she lacks the credibility to be on this PPV but i can only imagine there is going to be the some Hart Family appearances alongside this build and match. As is tradition. God help WWE when they run out of Harts.
  7. The taste of sweet, sweet victory. I've got to say Hans i never expected to see a NJPW style BPZ but i'm glad i have. This has been a lot of fun to read through even in the early days and the presentation is clean. The hall of champions was a nice touch as well. Looking forward to hopefully seeing this last.
  8. While Slade is capable in adapting to a situation he isn't going to have much of a chance against someone who shares similar powers to Superman. Supergirl would win.
  9. I can see timing with Batista being an issue but knowing how much he loves the WWE and is willing to work with them through their pains i could see it happening any year now. Big Show has been in the WWE for eighteen years plus now and considering his time in WCW prior to that, main evented Wrestlemania and won every title worth having. It's no doubt that he would be a Hall of Famer soon as he nears the end of his career. I'm actually surprised we haven't seen more of him considering this is the best shape of his career apparently though i guess wear & tear is still in affect. Hopefully he will go out with a bang whenever it happens . If this was a personal event i'd say he is a headliner but because it has turned into content i'd say probably not. Kane though i can see being a headliner one year when he finally enters the Hall of Fame. I could honestly see Kane or Paul Heyman inducting Big Show before him.
  10. Match 1: The Marker vs Arius vs George AK vs Rex Mundi: Falls Count Anywhere NateDog vs Bashka Sameer vs Smith: 60 Minute Iron Man Match Kenji vs Cody Cage vs JoshNow Brad vs Julius: Intercontinental Championship Hardcore Match
  11. Neither. It's all about Yoshi!..okay okay Overall it has to be Mario. Mario games have a consistent level of high quality games in about six different genres, where as Sonic, at least since turning to 3D, have been very hit and miss. Sonic was always a short fun game I would be able to rush through that barely changed when playing the old arcade collection. On the other side it t felt like every old Mario title improved or was very or completely different. Though games aside, i feel like Sonic has the better character/personality surprisingly. As strange as the Sonic series has gotten he is still a fun character to watch on a TV or in a comic.
  12. Kane and The Undertakee are great solo wrestlers and are two of the biggest characters in WWE history. Back when these two were going at it and brawling in all sorts of matches, no one could of predicted that they would become one of the most dominant tag teams in their era. Combing their destruction. Kane was a bizarre, dark, twisted and a good powerful performer and The Undertaker had been a fan favourite from day one, he was The Phenom from Death Valley. When they both joined forces all hell broke loose and it was pure carnage. I remember one RAW where Jerry Lawler was on commentary yelling "Have they lost their minds?!" talking about the 5-6 wrestlers opposing them because in a situation where the two are Undertaker & Kane then the numbers game means little. I don't think there is another tag team out there who could have pulled off a name like "The Brothers of Destruction" legitimately and not be laughed from the room.
  13. New Amsterdam (Season One) I finished the first season of New Amsterdam recently and what a roller coaster it was. You felt like after all the characters went through during the closing arc of the episode that we'd all need a drink and a breather but nope we forgot there was one more giant loop to take before it was over. I was actually looking at my phone thinking it was wrapping up when the scene happened and had to rewind. This show was a big surprise for me since the second episode completely flopped for me that i thought it was going to be another generic show, dime a dozen but giving it one more chance it proved to be something more. It falls on its dramatic shoelaces from time to time but the stories and characters they share through the season is what keeps you interested. It's filled the Code Black hole that was left after it was cancelled.
  14. As weird as it is to see Alicia Fox being named a legend making an appearance since by all accounts she is still active on the roster...i'm just happy to hear that she is healthy enough tor return to TV. Having issues in the wrestling business is nothing new but showing up to wrestle while drunk is worrying. I hope this time away has helped and i wouldn't mind seeing her on TV again. I still think she can be a good valet, transitioning. She's the longest tenured female wrestler on the roster plus, by all accounts a lot of the locker room, including Stephanie, love her. So i'm not surprised.

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