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  1. Another entry into Movie Night done. Thank you to @IKNEWTHATSHITWASOVER @Austin Omega @Meckolegend @NardieIsTastic for showing up on and off along the way. If you have suggestions for the next Movie Night leave them below and hopefully we can time it better.
  2. Movie Night Starts In 20 Minutes http://taima.tv/r/Arius
  3. @TheGRVOfLightning vs. @NardieIsTastic
  4. Update After starting the server on the Java version of Minecraft we soon realised that it wasn't able to cross platform like we assumed so we had to begin again after a few days on the Windows 10 Version of the game where console and mobile players are able to join in. Now that the server as been alive for just over 24 hours we've already established some key points a short journey from the spawn area. This is the area established by FDS & Myself who were the first to enter the server. A short distance from spawn we hid under the ground for the night and decided to start digging. FDS went to work while I placed a giant dirt rectangle with torches to identify our location while travelling. From that the tower was born (under construction). The town monument! We're in the middle of a Nether Portal issue where every time someone enters it makes another in the sheep pen. But outside of that we have a steady food source as we expand and look to turn this into what is being called "Capitol" Soon after Jo, Aaron, Akki joined the server. Followed by Addy and Epic who established themselves around an undiscovered villager further out than our base. A path is being constructed between both areas for safer travel. They are advancing nicely with Jo being the machine wizard and building a chicken slaughterhouse. Not long after establishing base Aaron travelled into the desert over the mountain and began building his own home away from home. A wooden fortress that caused my death (no resentment). Probably the best looking home so far and it will interesting to see how he expands on it. If you're looking to join in with us make sure to reach out in the future! Only 10 people are allowed on at a time but that hasn't been an issue yet with different timezones.
  5. Movie Night: Boyz n the Hood Time: Friday: 8amAEST/3pmPST
  6. First Match Announced For AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament
  7. Injuries and Returns Discussion Revamped: If you're ever curious about current injured superstars across WWE and other major companies I have altered the opening post of this thread to highlight injury dates, return time frame and other associated information. As new changes are made me (or other moderators) will make the effort to edit it in due time.
  8. Hey...Hey You The BPZ Minecraft server is officially LIVE
  9. Arius


    "Innocence has no resistance Against a wicked counsellor such as I" Last Time: A Fool A few nights following King of the Ring the Valor roster are preparing themselves for their weekly broadcast as the before image, a mostly empty Arena in Wyoming. A few workers are down at the middle of the arena floor, working on wiring and other things, getting ready for the night ahead. The camera pans around to see Arius, sitting in the band area…the large video board behind him shuffling through the Chapter 2: Exodus match splash logos. Dressed in an old 'InterHerBum Championship, Eric Shun’ t-shirt and a pair of ratty jeans. A newly scabbed scrape on his left shin, shows one wound from his match at King of the RIng. The newly crowned champion looks up at the empty lights as he stretches across the floor. He can still feel the knees of former champion Slim in his back as he groans, loud enough for the echoes to reach those working below "Jesus Chrissssssttttt! What a night" Finally upright. The Vultures necklace can be seen hanging from his neck as little trinkets hang from the string. 'Julius' Championship Nameplate, a torn piece of 'Le Champions' bandanna. Arius shoves it under his shirt again as he looks around, stretching his arms left and right of himself before he his head shoots up in a panicked state murmuring "Shit. Shit. Shit" as he darts left and right looking for "Ah there you are, you bugger" Arius leans down as he notices the Gold Plate sitting on the concrete floor. Stepping down the champion fights the the equipment case for his belt, finally winning as he throws it on to his shoulder. Some stage workers were near by watching it all play out as Arius shoots a broken smile to them "Looking good right boys?", the two men cheers with their styrofoam cups in celebration of his success. Ah yes. The new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Soaking in the moment Arius drags himself on to the stage as he heads backstage through the gorilla position. His duffel bag hanging over this neck to free his arms, the champion nodded and acknowledged the few people he walked past on to his destination. Finally reaching the main entrance of the arena. Standing near by was one of the newest superstars on the Valor roster Jim Lopes. He stood their in his street clothes drinking a coffee to help protect himself from the cold night as Arius approached him. Arius: Hey man, could you hold this for a moment? Arius surprises Jim who was in his own world, taking the coffee from his hands and placing it on a table near by. Jim: Hey-what Arius pauses Jim while he is ahead, placing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder to his surprises as the champion makes sure he has it held sturdy before taking a step back. Like an artist admiring his finished work Arius: "Isn't she a beauty! Thanks for that mate. Now don't go running off or i'll need to hunt ya down!....Jim's eyes widen Calm down, just pulling ya leg!" Arius laughs as a worried Jim holds the championship firm. Arius slaps Jim on the shoulder, knocking him off balance momentarily before turning his attention to his mission. Now with the championship out of his hands Arius dives right back into his sack as he scrambles through whatever has been thrown inside to retrieve a handful of crumpled up papers Arius: "Shit. Don't you just hate?..Hm. I guess I should've been more careful right? No matter. No matter. Nothing a bit of TLC won't do it. Let me work my magic" With force Arius slaps the paper against the concrete wall as he moves his elbow up and down attempting to flatten it out to the best of his ability "...Ah.. GOOD AS NEW!" Arius shows Jim a slightly less crumpled piece of paper as he nods in agreement, not looking to tip the boat of the conversations Arius: These bad boys can do more than fight you know? You need to make sure your mind is ticking, working smoothly for when the unexpected comes knocking. A well oiled machine. Arius widens his eye, still trying to recover from the night before Well..if the oil was Jack Daniels Arius laughs to himself as Jim rocks under the neck hug of the champion Ahh...Don’t tell Rin I said that. She feels making light of it isn't healthy and i know how easy these things travel..if ANYONE IS LISTENING! Arius looks down the hallway at prying road agents who quickly walk in the opposite direction back to their duties Nosy bastards. But this is what I’m talking about Jim! You need to keep busy, keep the mind preoccupied. Hell you know the saying? They say idle hands are the devil's playthings. I feel that is how we ended up in the business. Sure we have different stories to tell but we all just needed to keep busy. An outlet! Arius finally successfully hangs up a flyer on the wall, hand written and with rippable phone numbers "In Search Of: Drummer, Guitarist. Will listen to other instruments. No Xylophones!!!" You play? No? Hm. Arius begins shoving the paper back in his bag This company is primed for those hungry enough to scourge for the true opportunities. And a little advice for you Jim? If you don’t strike while the iron is hot then you’re liable to get burned yourself. You’ll soon learn how this works. Adversity is such a cursed little thing, often you’re put in such a precarious position where you’re forced to fight or flight, there is no in-between, there is no half-assing it and the choices that you make are vital. Some people live for the moment, I can see it in your eyes you're itching for it, people like us thrive in intense situations. There is no cap on what we can do or what we can achieve. We refuse to take no for an answer. Arius leans down to pick up Jim's coffee as his new acquaintance looks on Oh yeah! That hits the spot...Hm. Where was I? Oh right. You see unlike us others will crumble under the pressure when push comes to shove, they lose control of their senses, their decision making fizzles out and everything comes undone. There’s a fine line between taking the ball and dropping it. If there was an easier way, believe me, people would be riding it out until they die but there just isn’t. Maybe it’s better that way because it reveals the true colours that people are made of but nobody wants their true colours exposed to the masses for fear of scrutiny, fear of their reputation turning to shit and fear of betrayal by their loved ones. We're a fickle business man. Arius starts idly walking with Jim under his arms as they make use of the empty foyer The audience can be bored with you in a minute but if you work with them, oh they’ll eat anything you give them. It is like every other relationship in life. A little give and a little take. Leave them wanting more...What about you huh? You look like a bit of a ladies man, I can see you pushing them off in the arena Arius smiles as he knocks Jim in the shoulder What makes Jim tick? Hm? Silent type huh? I can see it. You know it’s crazy to think about the amount of contributing factors that complete a person’s make up. Everybody has something they keep under wraps and when those secrets are unveiled to the eyes of the world, all of the skeletons come dancing out of their closets in unison with a smile on their face because they’ve been covered in layers of dirt for so long, but it’s the way we handle adversity that separates the men from the boys. You can either tuck your tail and run for the hills or you can rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and stare your demons dead in the eye. It isn't all sunshine and rainbows. I’ve never shied away from conflict but it isn't always going to end pretty. Parts of 2020 were pissed down the drain and that is the cold hard truth. I was my own enemy and I won’t cower from the cold hard facts nor will I spin a tangled web of lies and excuses. You'll only hurt yourself if you start that Jim. They’ll pick you apart if they see through that. This year has been a double-edged sword where on one end, I’ve had my fair share of victories but on the other end I’ve swallowed the taste of defeat and I’ve endured the harsh lessons and subsequent aftermaths of some major fuck ups on my resume. This isn’t about feeling sorry for ourselves though. This isn’t about the trials and tribulations of what a man goes through in this industry, this is the truth that we, I am forced to face every time I look into the mirror. I don’t seek pity as a result nor do I yearn for an easy way out. What I want to do is redefine the current status quo and the only way to do that is by unceremoniously picking apart a handful of souls that stand in my way. And to do that I will have to push past the heckling from my peers, I’ll have to put it all in the rear view mirror. And look to a brighter future Arius shows a wide smile as he slaps the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in a celebratory manner The Vulture is ALIVE. And at Exodus if I am to burn under the Egyptian sun, if my flesh is to be peeled from my skin, if death itself is in fact, on the table then I say let it come in waves, let the scorpions ravage my body, let the churning sandstorms stab my skin because if that’s what it takes to rip the richest prize away in that Temple then so be it. In a match like this under the deathly hot skies, where the very air we breathe will feel like a shot of dragon's breath. In the end it’s a matter of survival. There comes a time where you have to put will before skill. The flame never truly dies, even if it’s not as bright as it once was but I know that I can’t let this opportunity slip away. When I returned a few months ago, I was obsessed with redemption for what happened at BPZMania and truth be told I never exacted revenge in the way that I saw fit. Maybe there is more in me? It dawned on me that the best form of retribution is not through violent acts of barbarity it’s through individual success. Taking that Undisputed Championship would be my culmination. And ripping down one of those medallions this August will be the way i do it. Arius notices himself tensing up as he stands up straight again, clearing his throat, dusting off his clothes as he turns to Jim. Do you mind? Jim hands over the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship unsure about what just happened or what to say in return Thanks...Arius places it in his bag alongside the papers as he throws it over his shoulder. Just remember, predator and prey move in silent gestures. It doesn't get easier. Arius pats Jim on the back on last time as he heads off down the hall "Sycophancy, solipsistic Spider plays the fool to lure the fly"
  10. Welcome back FDS! It has been a rocky few days but it will be good to have you back on the team again. Not even mad that i'm still bright green at all.
  11. "Man, know yourself... and you shalt know the gods" BPZ.com
  12. We can add that to the next poll. Just make sure to keep an eye out.
  13. A question I want to ask. When would be the best time for everyone for this to take place? Please only comment if you want to join in since this time might become semi-permanent for future nights (days depending where you are) when decided.
  14. Honorable Mentions: Rocket League, Halo 5: Guardians, Until Dawn, Splatoon, Super Mario Maker, Nom Nom Galaxy, I Am Bread, Fran Bow, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. Star Wars Battlefront, Just Cause 3 Kerbal Space Program, Mad Max, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture 2015 1: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt The Witcher 3 is one of the few games to me that nails everything it sets out to do. As Geralt of Rivia you exist in a world that fears and despises you, as a monster slayer you are feared by non-humans. As a mutated human with super-human powers, you are hated by normal folk. Seeing the world and engaging in the story through Geralt’s reserved eyes is what makes him such an engaging protagonist. The characters and locations of The Witcher 3 are so enjoyable to explore and interact with, its easier to get lost and lose time. Though the combat feels like its showing its age even five years later there is still plenty of depth and satisfaction to be had wielding two swords along with your arsenal of spells, potions, bombs and depths of knowledge. Once you understand that this isn’t a game you can just wade into a fight and expect to win you’ll realise there is far more depth to be had. Tracking a monster, learning its weaknesses and preparing for a fight really make you feel like a Witcher. 2: Pillars of Eternity Pillars of Eternity is a fantastic offering. I was very impressed with the companion NPCs, and although I really wish they'd banter with each other more, they each have their share of interesting dialogues with the PC. I definitely can't see myself ever replacing them with a custom-made party, even after a few playthroughs. Another thing i liked is that I always felt like I had options even when I botched my initial approach and even when dominating a fight there was always the opportunity for the enemy to level the playing field. It removed all of the annoyances and still managed to keep me on my toes. I can't say that it's *all* absolutely revolutionary, but it's a well-executed fantasy setting with some extremely novel stuff that puts it above a lot of the other toothless, bland stuff in the genre. 3: Fallout 4 This game gets its hooks in you. I remember someone said once that, "the details make it." That sentiment is right. The deja vu is strong in the first 10-20 hours, and it doesn't hold your hand and that's when you realise that's what makes this game. Fallout 4 really grew on me after at first being dissapointed at the steps back it felt like it was taking. When I first started out it seemed very flat and the mechanics annoyed me. But the more I played, learned the characters, and paid more attention to the detailed elements of the game I really stared to love it. If you taken your time and really explore what the game has to offer, there is infinitely more to the game than just the main story. Is it on the level of previous instalments? Probably not. But i still think it has a charm to it and i had a lot of fun in the world. If you want a bad Fallout franchise game you just needed to wait for Fallout 76. 4: Rise Of The Tomb Raider Like “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves”, it’s an improvement over its predecessor in not only story and character, but in action as well. And just like in “Thieves”, I love the set pieces and the stunning landscapes as Lara traverse the world. The new additions to moving along like the hook and the new tombs stand out when you play the game.. In “Rise”, Lara Croft is no longer green, but a few steps closer to being the character we know. If I wanted to, I could nitpick the little things about Rise of the Tomb Raider but I won’t. At the time i kept thinking that if they wanted to make this franchise unique, they needed to go all-in on the survival and realism aspects. Ditch the generic enemies and just have wild animals. Ditch the guns, stick the to the bow. But meanwhile i feel Tomb Raider succeeds in being a fun game but it is just waiting for its breakthrough moment. 5: Dying Light This is what i wanted Dead Island to be in a way. Zombies are difficult to fight at first, but they quickly become easier as you improve and learn to combat them. Night missions make the game interesting, and taking out volatile hives during the day in the DLC quickly became one of my favorite things. The exploration is rewarding as well. You're happy to find any junk you come across because one way or another it will help you to craft a weapon, to make a tool, to sell it for good and needed money. You can also find weapons and blueprint. The game doesn't do this boring ass "?" all over the map, it makes you explore the map by yourself, without trying to make you feel like your rushing the game if you don't clear all of those. 6: Life is Strange What can you ever say about this game without detracting the experience? The gameplay wasn't going to win any awards - its straight forward point and click. But where the game shines is in it's ability to give the player choices that relate to real life issues, and it sucks you in. The story takes many unexpected twists and each episode ends with a cliffhanger to keep you coming back for more. And last but not least, the indie soundtrack of the game is amazing and does such a fun job at setting the tone and location and mood. You either loved or hated the ending from experience. It either messed with the flfow of the game or it was a nice switch up. I preferred Before the Storm but it doesn't take away from this experience. 7: Bloodborne Hundreds of other games do the 'creepy graveyard' and 'gothic architecture' thing, Bloodborne makes them all feel second best at times. Its world of cold stone and blood on dark fabric is the stuff of nightmares. For the deeper you peer into the depths of its lore, the more you unearth. Everything has meaning. Everything has a reason. There are entire areas you may never discover without a guide. Ways to summon a boss to fight alongside you before he 'transforms'... and a way to distract him with a child's music box when he does. The more you play, the more it gives. That being said i'm using this moment to say Frenzy is the worst mechanic in the game and the Winter Lanterns are the worst enemy in the game. I can deal with these enemies now, but that doesn't mean that I like them. They have a grab attack, which can be somewhat tricky to dodge, but that's about it. So screw 'em. 8: SOMA This "horror" game is more akin to a Stephen King feel than Hellraiser or Saw. It was engaging, interesting with pretty simple puzzles that pulled you forward but weren't high-maintenance at all. The ambience was well presented, the voice acting was nicely realistic. I just bought the game on a whim after a brief review I saw online and so knew very little about it going in which is my favourite way to approach games. I like the learning curve and surprises. I had a great time and was impressed. The story starts with a cartoonist who goes in for an experimental brain treatment, and unexpectedly finds himself in a dark sci-fi labyrinth full of robots. I'll stop there. But you'll find the philosophical themes on mortality, what being human really means, and what is sacrificed in the pursuit of technological advancement are all engaging and handled very well. It is a fascinating game with story being its strongest feature. Filled with interesting characters fleshed out through in game audio and text logs. So if you don't like reading and listening it might not be for you. 9: Ori and the Blind Forest I think one of the first things anyone will tell you is that this game looks amazing. I'm a sucker for a decent platformer and this is one of the best in recent memory. It looks like you steeped into a fairy tale and the story is being told adds to its fantastical world. Nobody talks and that is exactly what i love about it. It plays with your emotions without saying a word, using sounds with subtitles, environment and music instead to invoke a response. Some of the gameplay can get frustrating but you get better with practice. 10: Her Story Video games don’t often do crime thrillers very well. There are lots of games that turn you into a criminal, but few that let you experience what it’s like to chase one down. There are odd ones out like L.A Noire but counting down on a hand isn't easy. Her Story is the closest game I have seen come to a virtual Law & Order. It’s a game that’s almost entirely about watching videos. In order to investigate a cold case, one where a woman’s husband died under mysterious circumstances. You’ll watch through her police interviews, pulling out key places, names, and other terms that you can then search in the database to open up more clues and leads. I had to actually get a pen and paper out for this game. Comment below if you agree or disagree, maybe what changes you'd make and i'll be back with 2016 sometime soon
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