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  1. NXT Wrestler Joaquin Wilde To Undergo Surgery For Broken Eye Socket
  2. The Punisher television series is such a treat to watch and the character through out it's history has played a strong aiding character in many stories of major villains and heroes. But it's hard to look over Spider-Man. He has endured iteration after iteration and i can't think of many I've out right hated. I'm currently reading on and off his 1999 issues as well.
  3. Arius

    WWE: Brand Warfare

    World Heavyweight Championship: Dean Ambrose(c) vs The Undertaker Triple H & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Cesaro United States Championship: Rusev(c) vs Kurt Angle (I Quit) Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor RAW Tag Team Championships: Gallows & Anderson(c) vs The Hardyz RAW Women's Championship: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch(c) Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Mustafa Ali No Holds Barred: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn Preshow: Braun Strowman & Heath Slater vs Vaudevillains BONUSES: What match will open the show? (1pt) Austin Aries(c) vs Mustafa Ali Who takes the pin in the tag team match (HHH/Joe vs Rollins/Cesaro), and by who? (2pt) Seth Rollins pins Samoa Joe How many championships will change hands? (2pt) 1
  4. NXT losing to Basketball Wives, is the sentence i live to be able to say. That's impressive, especially in comparison to the last time that NXT aired on USA. It is also impressive that the show is in the top 5 in their key demographic. USA has to be happy and NXT as a whole knocked it out of he park with their debut show. If they reach equal that next week it's going to be interesting to see the debut of AEW following it. Their number doesn't have to be that high of course, especially for a new and fresh company, I doubt they're expecting it to be that high off the bat but you know the reaction is going to be mixed by some fans if it does less just because of the "war" side of it.
  5. Match Cards Made For: Bad Blood 2019
  6. Tyranitar Greninja Sharpedo-Mega Weavile Umbreon Incineroar Sableye Muk-Alola
  7. This has been a great week in wrestling for utilising subtitles. I really enjoyed that promo from Riho and that it was in Japanese instead of English. I'm sure along the way she'll be able to speak some English while on TV but i like having this delierving as well. Another great moment was that Tony didn't want to talk to MJF for his improtu interview. The delivery from MJF was great and i think it might be one of his best promos to date. LAX not being in the tournament was a big surprise but i feel they're probably going to be an issue for one of the teams early on. I could see them costing one of the teams to set up a feud with them and given what happened at All Out i think The Young Bucks are the obvious answer. Especially to avoid another round of Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros.
  8. Tim Storm is far from the most impressive wrestler but there is something about him that is super compelling. It is easy to rally behind him even now against Aldis. The 10 Pounds of Gold shorts they did about him when he was the champion were really good and i know they hooked a lot of people into learning about NWA through them and getting excited for the revival. Nick Aldis has done the championship justice, taking it to different promotions over the world. All In, ROH ect. But Tim Storm was the heart. Maybe since they'll have the studio show now they won't make the champion tour so much and Tim Storm can hold it for a bit again, I think one of the reasons they put it on Aldis quickly is that he can tour. It will be interesting to see how this goes but i'm looking forward to it. ...Also the proch scene from Aldis was unintentionally hilarious.
  9. Date: December, 1st, 2019 Venue: Energy Center in Duluth, Ga Announced Matches:
  10. WWE Adds An Additional Year To Jeff Hardy’s Contract Due To Injury
  11. Arius


    Playing: Mozart "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" II. Romance Andante It was a cloudy day in Osaka as Rin Akane and Arius boarded their flight to Melbourne, Australia. After the tough physical and mental conditioning Arius endured the past few days the champion was often distracted, not being able to gain much rest on the flight over and the days leading to this evenings broadcast. Arius couldn’t stop replaying the words from the trainer Oda over and over in his head. There were a lot of feelings there, and none of them were healthy. After landing in Melbourne the champion had spent the last two days happily being ushered around the city with his orchastrator as they fulfilled commitments on behalf of the company and promoting further live show tours in the new year. Wednesday, 18th of September, 2019. The cityscape of Melbourne was noticeable in the distant background of the frame. The sun had just set and the night was setting in nicely. The various illuminating colours of the nightlife made their presence known as men and women looked to de-stress and relax before the day repeats again. To keep a a healthy balance. The camera moved from an shot of the city, transitioning to a shot of Arius walking at his pace down the shoreline. Under the night sky Arius could keep himself hidden from the rest of the world for just a moment. Rin Akane returned to the hotel to organise their schedule for the following day. It had been a long afternoon of radio interviews and sit-down conversations with local reporters. Most of them seeking similar headlines and answers as to push the bare minimum. "How does it feel returning to Australia for the first time as champion?" "What are your thoughts at the heightened stakes of the match type this Sunday?" "Do you handle your paint routine on your own?", actually that last question was a surprise to Arius and he now wonders if he accidentally agreed to do a tutorial for some online blogging website in the process. After spending the last hour or more lost inside his head, Arius finally landed on the sand of the beach, letting his oxford shoes sink into the sand. It wasn't ideal but he enjoyed the simplicity of watching himself disappear into the earth for just that moment. He wanted to smile, and embrace the accomplishment of making it this far, that the fact his hard work and sacrifices had finally paid off but there was a wall. Arius turns to the ocean as he takes solace in the cold night. The champion walks across Brighton Beach. Young men and woman can be heard in the distance walking done the boardwalk as they recover or just look to their start the night in the city. This destination is a lot more lively during the day time but as Arius is unfamiliar with this location he wanted to take the time to soak it in as he reflects, the final days leading into Bad Blood this Sunday. The bright street side light poles reflect onto the beach, crashing with the natural lighting of the full moon hanging above as Arius looks down to the sand below noticing the shadow overlapping his own. With a mild breathy laugh he begins to speak Well, it seems as though I’ve been interrupted even here tonight. I can see a large shadow on the ground where I stand, waiting for Bad Blood. I can feel the presence of the turning perception, the expectations looming over me. Arius briefly looks at the camera but tries to avoid direct eye contact for now ... How are you enjoying your excursion down memory lane so far? Is it all you thought it would be and more. Even taking some extensive time out of your regularly scheduled programming to reflect on my very own career. I appreciate the admiration it must take in mustering the time and effort in putting your spin on my championship defences this far but just because you say something the loudest it doesn't make the words ring true. You must've missed that lesson during grade school. There is an technique lost along the way here Yelich but I'm not doubting your expertise in the art of wrestling "bathroom breaks". Lord knows you've had the time to be much acquainted with them. But.. Arius raises his hand behind his head as he pushes his hand through his hair ...But i take offence to the idea you're pushing about the talents and effort my last opponent brought to the table. Was it my toughest match? No. But he was very much present. He was very much present as the man revealed himself as Lord Yautja in a whirlwind; while he toured the vast land of America to promote himself, evening stopping at the White House declaring America as his own; and very much present when....i sent him crashing down to the ring side floor. Arius clears his throat as his eyes dart Regrettably. This is one of my biggest nitpicks with you Yelich. You cherry pick information that only serves you. It undercuts your credibility tenfold because it paints the picture that you're insecure. "Lucky to even get a match for the title" why is that? I quite find it funny given that the stark difference between the two of you is that Aaron North was actually able to win his championship opportunity to begin with. The same man who took you out of the Ladder Match back at World at War. Obviously that sits wrong with you enough that you want to take your time discrediting two men who haven't been on Carnage in months? Is that your biggest strength? You feel like your best chances are against men who haven't got the chance to reply. It's about as much as i expected sadly. Save us if Yelich decides to come out next week and cut a promo on George AK next. Aim high, shooter. Arius presses forward along the beach as in the distance flashing lights of the local lifeguard patrol packing in for the night can be seen. In such a short time you've gone from a man who couldn't muster the will to show an ounce of self confidence in his predicament, painting the picture of pity me because "i don't believe in myself and so why should anyone else?" To now a man who encompasses the ego to dictate a career and presence of a man who far overshadows your own. You've said continually that this isn't about "Why me" but what does all this reflect? Because it either is or you've got a problem you can't shake. A tick to fall back on the same song. This is an issue that comes up quite frequently in this company. Everyone thinks they know everything. Everyone tries to act untouchable or they feel like they can cruise by on empathy. But that's just not how the world works – that's not how people work. But if you listened to what Yelich has been murmuring these past few days it would be easy to think that he is someone who knows it all. There are people out there who would say that I'm an example of this as well, considering how in the past I've talked on and off about my vision for BrendenPlayz Wrestling, the ideals i wish to uphold...The truth is I can't tell you for certain what people are thinking, nor can I predict the future, though what I can do is read people, and as I look at Yelich, I see a man who is afraid. Can you blame him? He is running out of easy applause lines so now this week he has resorted to bush league tactics. This Sunday, he will be up against one, to quote the articles "of the most promising newcomers in this company". Something my challenger painstakingly wanted to remind the audience this week, the narratives, the smooth headlines praising my efforts. Arius shrugs to the camera as he spins around to the view of the audience, the distant city lights captured in the background. I know how this looks. i can sense those curiously wondering, if I opened up the check book and slipped a little intensive to Yelich under the table to drop that into his tirade but sadly no. As they say the best press comes free. The truth is this is just the side effect success grants you when you're at the top of your game. Success shouldn't be discouraged but instead applauded before we suddenly turn into an industry of participation awards and championships. I imagine once upon a time , if we open up the BPZ archives we'll be inundated with moments in time where Yelich was on the tip of the tongues of those same journalists. Taking a keen interest in this new star three, even two years ago. Once it's gone it is hard to not want to replicate once again. Whatever it takes. I assume you have these keepsakes hidden away someplace safe as well. Recently we've been graciously allowed a peak into the life of Yelich as we've battled back and forth these last few weeks. The newspaper clippings, the photographs of lost moments plastered up and down your hallway. I can sense a man, a man who wakes up every day now and marks off on their calendar how long it’s been since they let it all slip away. How long now would that be? A year? Still clinging to that hope? Still mining for that gold? We pace forward together Yelich, you and I. But your legs are brittle. Your mind is clearly scrambled. Your eyes are whitening and your spark is fading, because if all of this were not true, you wouldn’t be here. You would have taken the hint by now. Arius takes off his suit jacket as he hangs it over his shoulders, wanting to feel the breeze closely on the Spring night I've not been one to shy away from the fact that the biggest lure for my in this industry is the ability to adapt, it invokes in a performer to learn on the stage, to flow with the rhythm of another heart...One note that that has become undoubtedly clear is that there is a burden in expectations. There have been moments in my life, a long time a go where i would've been comfortable with what you have, Yelich. Where those expectations became overwhelming. Living in the moment, your lack of success notable, most importantly echoed by yourself, but here you are still receiving chance after chance. Isn't there a blanket of security in knowing that? That there is always going to be another shot. Does that sound like a vengeful administration? It's easy to slip during the build to a Pay-Per View. If you accidentally allow the immense noise consume you then you shall find yourself lost and unable to focus on the ones that truly matter. But..not all noise is negative. Can you hear them Yelich? You just need to open your ears and eyes to the reality of your environment. The people they're cheering in the stands, the men are sharing their support, the the guys in the back. What we've created together is a divided company! The same people speaking up because they want a change. They are behind you, hear them Yelich, they support your fight. They are your biggest ally but you persistently shun them away. Ignoring them to fit your idea that you're a lone warrior in this fight is absurd but...it also fits right in home into the comfort you've created for yourself. Now that Flynn has rescinded the support he gave you before Summerslam now...now that will only aid that comfort as we've seen. Arius drops back on the sand as he takes a sit, allowing himself to sit still and take in the view of the crashing waves in front of him. His hands sunk into the sand below he arches himself and continues talking to the audience watching at home A pessimist would suggest that the support in the locker room is from men who eagerly search for an easier opponent to topple. If my reign were to come to an end...where the idea becomes that the hill to climb will become a leisurely stroll. But that undersells you Yelich which..we've spent a lot of time doing already. That notion is exactly what keeps my ambition burning though. My motivation strong to not allow this championship to falter. My journey ISN'T over! Josh, Mikey, Hollow. I want to face them all, Pay-Per View after Pay-Per View. I can't control the direction, who i'm placed against, but I put all my focus in this championship after tournaments got in the way early on and i plan i keeping that pace. It's amusing in a way, because I know that no matter what you do, for some reason there are people who can't help but support you. They see themselves in your struggles. They scream inside that "Yeah, where are my victories and success?". They hope to live through you. I feel recently we've become polar opposites in that fact. I catch some level of criticism for everything I do. I attempt to find retribution after being accosted my United States Championship, battered backstage and people look down on my actions. I defend my championship successfully and someone like you goes out of their way to undercut it. And you stand here, until recently...unscathed. You're taking the anger you've built up about your own insecurities and are placing it on the shoulders of those around you. Arius dusts off his hands on his dress pants before rubbing his eyes and face. The light catches the champions face briefly, showing a slight sign of exhaustion. the insomnia from his flight from American still prevalent As someone who knows the feeling of being blindsided I do hope that you're completely cleared from your injuries for our championship defence this Sunday. With all this momentum behind us i don't want any underlying reasons to stand in our way. It's hard to believe that the chair shot from Flynn this past week did such a number on you that you've fallen back into making the same tired claims your predecessors have tried to. The same dribble about masks, painted faces. Arius shouts What is with traditionalists in this company and being intimidated by change? A man dresses slightly out of character to their perceived normal and suddenly their world is in a tail spin. So much so they s-s-stutter in the pleasure of being able to lean on it as a sign of superiority heading into their match. For someone who is so vigilantly taking notice of his competition, as you seem to want to know who Arius is, you sure tend to make a lot of easily avoided errors in your delivery. This week outside of your ending remarks you were all steam but no substance. You can be better. My face paint isn't an indication of me hiding behind anything. It's a representation of something far greater, a representation of the aura i wish to create. Something you've hampered quite enough about these past few weeks. So much so that i must conclude that it's effective, no? It isn't a method of me feeling important for such juvenile thoughts are irrelevant and play no significant role in the grand plans I've lay forth for myself here in BPZ Wrestling. Where actions speak much louder. Arius sighs deeply as the sounds of the ocean take over the scene for a brief moment. He rests his head in his knees as the breathing becomes louder with frustration. The champion flings back into the sand, his hands covering his face as he just lays back taking in the silence. ...It's hard to shy away from it. This whole week has hit a nerve. I feel like I've had little time to just reflect, little time to breathe and now i'm riding the adrenaline, the anger your declamation has provoked. This speech of yours...was disheartening. That you look at my career thus far with such hatred, such disgust. Arius places his arms either side of himself as the camera switches to a overhead shot, Arius staring up the stars above that can make it through the unnatural illumination It reminds me of the King of the Ring tournament, the very same articles and magazines you speak of pinned me to be one of if not the favourite heading into the prestigious tournament. It was to be my crowning achievement thus far and as i pressed forward with confidence. But then...i failed. And where were they afterwards? That's the harsh truth of the matter Yelich. You're only a headline as long as you're worth the time of day. It's the natural order of the limelight as it should be. There is only enough room for the stars and not the stand ins. Success breeds interest. I remember vividly. It was all I could as i headed to the back after my match on Carnage. Through the curtains, past the production crew and my fellow co-workers and competitors, Not one sentence, not any other combination of words and letters in the entirety of the English language is more heartbreaking than “Good job.” I see the motive here, which is to attempt to cheer the individual up despite being down. Trying to console them after a devastating failure for them, but not because any of them actually mean it, no, but instead to save face. That was all that could run in my head that night. A whirlwind of anger, disappointment, sadness and questions surrounding my head, burning and ravaging my mind like a mindless beast that’s made me feel empty inside. Even now, when you come out on Carnage and spoke only through disparaging loathing i question what went wrong. Arius finally sits up from his laying down position on the sand as he crosses his legs, facing the camera I say all this in showing that I've tried to put forward an olive branch. To come to understand the person you are...but then i think on both of our executions on regrouping. A fight against taking ownership for your shortcomings against holding a grudge against a system. I couldn't be you nor would i want to. I know it doesn't seem like you and I are similar people Yelich, that we could even be able to relate through the animosity but i'm no God. No one is a God in this business. Our time to bow out will always come in the end. You're not the first one to speak these words either, it's somehow become a popular belittling analogy through the attention i've received. It's..Arius sighs For some reason all i bring out of my last two opponents is bitterness and anger, why? From the start. It's creeping up now on the one year anniversary of my arrival here in BPZ Wrestling. Last December i stepped into the ring on Carnage for the first time and spoke eagerly about wanting to create something special. To battle with the best the company has to offer....but ever since i gained a few successes now no one wants to stand man to man with me. They're much more occupied with tearing down, aiming for the low shots to make themselves feel superior in the short term over feeling stronger in the long term. All i wish to invoke is willingness to grow and inspire, a future, but you're fighting it. The loud noises of men and women laughing loudly can be heard on the boardwalk in the distance as Arius watches the seagulls moving through the night air above heading to wherever they shall rest for the night The more I have the time to reflect on the speech my opponent has gifted us this week..the more that I am convinced that he is trying to persuade the audience...No, no. After Yelich's speech, I am more convinced that he is trying to persuade himself to dislike me. His tone comes off as someone that tries to be composed but is spitting at the seams of pressure trying to formulate some reason to bring me down. I am asking myself why? The main prize is obvious but there are many paths to be taken. You were so successful at your act that i fell to your level. In a loop these past few weeks of being caught up in your pessimistic attitude that all i could think to say was disparaging words at you in response. Once your environment is engulfed in negativity is there truly any other choice? You feel a need to fight fire with fire but then everyone is burned. All i could see was black and red clouding my judgement. Men have disliked what I've stood for in the past, they've disliked my presence in this company, the very idea of my existence but not until now have i felt that there won't be an impasse.You're too stuck in your ways and you want to have the last word to get a last jab in each time. A sudden vibrating sounds come from within the jacket pocket of Arius as he reaches in to retrieve Rin Akane's phone he was holding for her. A reminder of how late it has gotten and that a new day is just on the horizon he slips the phone back into his pocket as he musters a reassuring smile What an interesting evening we've had together. I'd love for this game to go on further but I’m afraid.. Arius sits up from the sand as he retrieves his shoes from within the sand, dusting himself off in the process ....all good things must come to an end; and I’m not just speaking on the subject of recollection and reflection. Despite all that's been said tonight i still have only one goal in mind this Sunday. The hourglass has but dropped its final grain. Arius opens his hand as he drops sand back on to the beach below As the hours count down your body will succumb to pressure, the likes of which you’d never experienced. Talent hasn't left your side, Yelich but the spotlight abandoned you and left you for dead long, long ago. The pain of your failed battles is encroaching on your body slowly while the pain of your failed battles is encroaching on your mind even more quickly. What’s left when it all comes down to it? What will be left of Yelich? However, I’m here to tell you that all isn’t lost. Not yet. You still serve a purpose here, Yelich. Just as Aaron North did, you too will prove to be a perfect example to be made out of in front of the eyes of the world and audience And that is what I will continue to do. It doesn't matter to me that some choose to listen to the words of others over my own, not right now at least. Why? Because I'm aware that there's a group of people who do listen to me. Even if they give me a few minutes of their time like you do, they're still listening. I'm not a revolutionary – I'm not here to rebel against the system and get silenced. I'm playing with the system, digging deep into it and using it against itself to help it. I'm only here to enhance what we both love. At least at one point we did. The day is slowly creeping upon us. The reception the stars of BPZ Wrestling have received as they slowly make their way to Australia has been nothing but rewarding. They're excited for an astounding event and i hope, no i'm sure we can live up to that expectation. As they bear witness, watching while Arius moves his foot across the sand in a slow but deliberate motion, mimicking a slow dance motion on the sand we sway across the canvas, living up to the headlines as I tear into and break yet another formidable challenger that stood toe to toe with me. Living for the dance. You will be reborn. Bad Blood. The Last Stand
  12. Singles Match Hangman Page vs. Shota Umino 6-Man Tag Team Match Satoshi Kojima, Ryusuke Taguchi and Togi Makabe vs. Yujiro Takahashi, Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale 6-Man Tag Team Match SHO, YOH and Toru Yano vs. Jay White and The Young Bucks 6-Man Tag Team Match Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr. and TAKA Michinoku vs. David Finlay, Juice Robinson and Yuji Nagata Tag Team Match SANADA and BUSHI vs. YOSHI-HASHI and Kazuchika Okada NEVER Openweight Championship Match Hirooki Goto (c) vs. EVIL Semi-Main Event: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Will Ospreay (c) vs. Hiromu Takahashi Main Event: IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match Tetsuya Naito (c) vs. Tomohiro Ishii
  13. Current Champion: To Be Determined at Untitled All Elite Wrestling show Former Champion: N/A Won At: N/A
  14. Current Champion: To Be Determined at Untitled All Elite Wrestling show Former Champion: N/A Won At: N/A
  15. Wednesday, October 2nd Showtime: 7:30PM ET Location: Washington, DC | Capital One Arena Announced Matches and Appearances: The Road to AEW on TNT - Youtube Episode 01 Episode 02
  16. Stone Cold vs The Rock is one of the most famous Wrestlemania matches of all time, hell one of the most famous matches of all time in the world of professional wrestling. It is hard to over look it and watching back even today for myself it invokes the same excitement.

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