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  1. *after a commercial break of the newest PlayStation we resume the action on Carnage where the camera shows a medium sized house out in the country side which is then revealed to be the home of Bulldozer and after the camera man knocks on the door and is let inside by Bulldozer and is escorted to Bulldozer’s gym/workout room where Bulldozer resumes working out while discussing the battle royal match for bpz mania* As you know I will make my grand debut at the biggest show of the year bpz mania a show that will be full of big moments and great matches however the best match on the card is not the main event but instead the battle royal match. *Bulldozer then sets the weights down and sits up and opens a bottle of water and takes a sip before continuing his speech* Now I understand the confusion at that statement you must be thinking oh it’s the main event it has to be the best match now while yes the main event should be the best match of the show a smart person like myself however knows that’s not the case. And that is because of one simple truth and that is at bpz mania I will walk into that arena walk out onto that stage with millions of people there in the crowd and even more watching live at home get into that ring and I will steal the show and more importantly I will end the pathetic career of Alex Costa and I will have my mania moment not Aaron North or Resin or Hans Clayton Or Jack Bishop Or even Kenji now will all of them fight with everything they have? Yes absolutely they will because they know that if they don’t they have no business performing at bpz mania or even in the wrestling business as a whole however none of them will be able to contain or defeat me! And that’s why at bpz mania I will walk out as the NEW NXT CHAMPION! *Bulldozer then takes a moment to calm down and once he does go back to speaking* Now as for my plans after bpz mania well let’s just say they will very entertaining and will be full of Super stardom. *as Bulldozer gets up the camera man then accidentally bumps into the wall revealing a secret door to a trophy room in Bulldozer’s house however Bulldozer then welcomes the camera man into the room* Well as you can see this is my secret trophy room of all my past successes such as this. *Bulldozer then points to a picture of him holding up a championship belt at a local wrestling company from when he was just starting out* That’s from two months into my career and back when I was foolish enough to care for the fans however this over is my crowning achievement thus far and after I realized the fans don’t matter. *Bulldozer then points to a big picture of him winning a championship belt at ssw with a replica of the belt sitting below it* However at bpz mania I will recreate that moment only this time in front of a bigger crowd and with the nxt championship. *Bulldozer then leads the cameraman out of the room and out of the house and the screen fades to black and then shows the date for bpz mania*
  2. *Right here right now fills the arena after a short commercial break hyping up bpz mania 4 is played and Bulldozer comes out onto the stage* That’s right everyone i’m here now so you can all worship me however much you want. *the crowd then boo very loudly with the exception of a few hardcore fans that enjoy heels cheering as Bulldozer walks down the ramp and gets into the ring* Now that all of you morons are done I have some business to attend to and that business is related to ssw club and that being that ssw club now has a manager however I will not reveal them as they shall reveal themselves when they deem it necessary. *the crowd then oooh and awe wondering who could be the manager for this new faction* Speaking of ssw club no one on the active nxt roster has yet been smart enough to join so for anyone in the back that’s suddenly grown a brain and wants in and wants to be successful and has the drive and ability to make those dreams a reality and to make nxt the go to place for pro wrestling content then come out here. After I finish my speech that is. *Bulldozer then smirks and waits for the crowd to be done booing* Anyway as I was saying at bpz mania you will all get a very stacked card and that cards is sure to have a ton of great matches as it always does however the best match on that card as we all know is the battle royal for the NXT championship yet it has been demoted to the pre show of all things!!! *Bulldozer then gets visibly angry and his tone starts to has a bit more of anger to it as well* Now why is that you may ask well let me tell you exactly why that it because that coward Alex Costa sits at home watching this on his tv clutching that NXT championship while his family showers him with gifts for not being here well Alex you can tell your family that after bpz mania they can shower you with as many gifts as they want because I have made it my personal mission to destroy you and end your career and win that NXT championship and that’s exactly what I plan on doing in Atlanta at bpz mania 4 and myself along with the future members of ssw club will take nxt to the very top of this industry and it will all start with your destruction Alex!!!! *Bulldozer then stands in the ring waiting for anyone that wishes to join ssw club*
  3. Name : Toxik Age : 22 backstory : Toxik is a popular paranormal investor particularly with ghost and typically only investigates with his crew however this time he felt compelled to journey into the woods without his crew or even telling them and is armed only with a metal bat to keep any wild animals such as a bear from causing him harm and his camera to record his findings
  4. *right here right now fills the arena as the titatntron lights up* *Bulldozer then appears on the titantron in a darkly lit room with a camera placed on a tripod* Hello there nxt universe as you all know by now i’m Bulldozer and I am the future of this company and the entire wrestling industry. However I have perfected my craft outside of this company as most people here have however unlike them I truly am the best and I truly am a god of pro wrestling and at bpz mania 4 I will walk out as the new nxt champion. *the crowd then erupts into boos so loud they can be heard on the other side of the city* Anyway as I was saying before all of you marks so rudely interrupted me *Bulldozer says with an angry tone* I have a very big and even more important announcement to make a certain revelation if you will. *Bulldozer then takes a few steps back from the camera revealing he is wearing a jacket with a zipper that he slowly unzips until it’s completely unzipped where he then proceeds to take of the jacket to show a ssw shirt and the crowd gasp at this as they are stunned that another company’s logo is being broadcast on bpz television* That’s right ladies and gentlemen I am here on behalf of ssw and will prove that ssw is superior to bpz and I am hereby starting a very elite and exclusive club where members who want to truly be great or even have a perfect legacy are welcome to join as long as they prove they are worthy. *Bulldozer then smirks as the camera slowly zooms in on the ssw shirt then slowly fades to black*
  5. Sub Goal : Have Kurt win the wwf championship by summer slam 99 and hold it for at least 5 months and if you fail you must put Kurt on a 3 month vacation
  6. Title : heat with ssw club and the exiles? Date : Saturday week 4 December 2019 A stable at ssw known as ssw club went to a twitch wrestling show and stood outside the arena trying to draw fans away from twitch wrestling when the exiles showed up and confronted them about it leading to a brawl breaking out between the two factions which ended once Bulldozer stood on top of a Twitch wrestling semi truck and shouted ssw for life then proceeded to jump off landing on the exiles and Twitch wrestling security knocking himself out on impact in the process thus causing the rest of ssw club having to drive Bulldozer back home after the brawl. effect : simmering tensions between all members of the exiles and ssw club , strong dislike between keeley and all members of ssw club
  7. My personal favorite was when I did a feud between Kurt vs Cena in a 05 play through for the wwe title and I had Kurt win it
  8. Hey so I was wondering what everyone’s favorite NFL team is and why mine is The Miami Dolphins and it’s because of my late grandfather who passed away due to leukemia he was a die hard Dolphins fan and especially Dan Marino and in honor of his memory i’ve made the Dolphins my undisputed favorite NFL team and Dan Marino as my all time favorite player
  9. Realtoxik431

    Uhhh What?

    *Bulldozer stands backstage waiting for Kyle Pain* Hello there Kyle just a heads up I don’t plan on losing at bpz mania and as for your comment that i’m not creative I can assure you that i’m Very creative especially when it comes to how I torture people in that ring. But you go ahead and enjoy your dance or party or whatever you call it and i’ll see you at bpz mania. *Bulldozer then walks off screen presumably to go train for bpz mania*
  10. Name : Toxik age : 21 crime serial killer country : USA family relations : none known back story : worked as a blood splatter analyst for years and did the blood reports on some the most brutal murders in the nation’s history eventually driving him insane and causing him to lose all morals and eventually track down other murders and kill them. wealon of choice : butchers knife
  11. Title : Backstage heat heat at SSW? date : Monday week 1 December 2019 After a fight between ssw owner Archangel and Boliveira broke out and that have had a hatred of each other since good friend of Archangel and local star of ssw Bulldozer has since been talking critically of Boliveira and it appears that there is some heat between these two workers due to the fight the question remains however if this is only the start of for more backstage problems for the two effect : simmering tensions with Boliveira
  12. The card is already pretty stacked as is however i’m sure wwe can find someway to get her a short but important segment on the card as the host.
  13. *unfaimiler music fills the arena and the crowd expects a new superstar on nxt but then Bulldozer appears on the titantron with a devilish smirk* Hello nxt universe as you all well know I am the future of not just nxt but this entire company and I hope you enjoy my new entrance music as it fits me rather well as I am the path of destruction!!! But that’s not the point I plan on making no no no the point I will make tonight is the fates of all the other competitors in the battle royal. *the crowd boo Bulldozer heavily and tell him to shut up and go away* How cute you all think I care for your opinions now shut up and listen! Because first will be Resin he is far too inexperienced to pose a threat to a toddler much less me. *Bulldozer then laughs and proceeds with his rant* Now for Maasa, well as you may know me and him have a bit of a truce for the time being however he did mention he could betray me at any moment however I don’t believe he’s really that foolish after all he was smart enough to know to form the truce. Now ladies and gentlemen you get a two for one special because i’ll be discussing both Hans and Owen while they are a team they will not be able to trust each other at bpz mania for one simple reason and that’s the nxt championship is a singles title meaning only one person can hold it and they will end up taking each other out. *Bulldozer then confidently smirks as the crowd start to question Hans and Owen’s loyalty to each other* Now we arrive to Aaron North and true he did leave me laying in a pool of my own blood all he really accomplished with that was make me angry and he knows damn well he can’t beat me in a fair fight! Now as for Kenji should he join this battle royal well he’s a very talented wrestler no doubt about that but as I have said before he’s no match for me and not is anyone else! And lastly we arrive to the current “ champion “ *Bulldozer says this in a sarcastic tone before getting serious* he is nothing but a liar and a coward he said he would be a fighting champion however as soon as anyone challenged him for that championship he ran and hid and when he finally showed back up he disrespected the championship!!! Now i’ve made no secret of my hatred for that action and it seems that’s something I share with the rest of the challengers as we should however that doesn’t change the fact that Alex is my priority target and I will stop at nothing and I mean nothing to wipe him off the face of this company and at bpz mania I will DESTROY HIM!!! *Bulldozer then takes a moment to calm himself and closes his eyes and when he opens them back up his eyes are a blood red due to video editing* Alex since I know your sitting at home watching this like coward you are rest assured you won’t have to worry about defending the championship ever again because not only am I going to end your pathetic excuse for a career i’m going to walk out of bpz mania the NEW NXT CHAMPION BECAUSE I AM THE PATH OF DESTRUCTION AND I AM THE FUTURE AND I AM RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!! *Bulldozer then stares right into the camera with nothing but anger and hate in his eyes as the screen fades to black*
  14. Realtoxik431

    WOW (Maasa)

    *Headstrong by trapt fills the arena as Bulldozer walks out onto the stage* Oh Maasa surely you didn’t forget about me did you? *Bulldozer then chuckles to himself* Of course you didn’t because you know I would destroy you for such an insult now it seems to me that since this battle royal match has been announced that we have been called out by multiple other people and haven’t had the chance to finish what we started with each other however that will happen at bpz mania. But I propose an offer I propose a type of truce if you wish to call it that you stay out of my way until bpz mania and i’ll stay out of yours so what do you say do we have deal? *Bulldozer stands on stage with a smirk while awaiting Maasa’s response*
  15. I have a few mostly bugs such as spiders and bees and wasp and stuff but I also hate super tall heights I mean for the most they don’t bother but once it’s like 8 or so stories high then I start to get queasy but my biggest fear is not being a good example to the younger members of my family on what a good person is like
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