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  1. [ A video begins to play of Dikey back before he joined BPZ on the indies laying down on his back in the middle of the ring in a high school parking lot ] Even from the beginning you did nothing but fail Dikey. [ Another video plays of Dikey again on the indies as he yet again comes up short in yet another high school parking lot but this time it shows his friends in the front row look down in shame ] You even failed to follow through on the promises to your friends how can you hope to keep the ones to your new found supports. [ A third video plays but this time it’s Dikey’s first shot at a championship belt on the indies and the full match is shown which last for around 12 minutes but again Dikey falls short and loses yet again ] Ah yes the ever so popular phrase “ so close yet so far “ fits this scene perfectly as you were so close to getting a fluke win for a championship yet you were and still are so far away from deserving to hold any kind of championship. [ One last video then plays of Dikey after his BPZ debut as he is sitting backstage completely exhausted and drained and looks very mortal and weak ] Look at you Dikey now your true colors have be shown for the whole world to see yet again just like they will at PTC Finals when I destroy you. [ A camera then turns around revealing the face of Bulldozer who is revealed to be the mysterious voice and who’s been playing all of these videos ] See you there, Dikey that’s if you’re foolish enough to show up to be exposed as the absolute weak, pathetic, and most importantly worthless fraud pretending to be a pro wrestler and more importantly a “hero” to these people because to put it simply Dikey, at the PTC Finals I will end you. [ the camera then faded to black ending this segment ]
  2. Realtoxik431


    See ya Storm Ik we haven’t really known each other for super long or all that well for that matter but i’ll still miss talking to you over in the discord but if you truly think this is the right call then all I can say is best of luck in whatever you choose to do in the future and I hope this is only a temporary goodbye
  3. All I’m gonna say right now is that I don’t want to hate AEW I want to like it and you all constantly say you aren’t forcing me to watch it yet i’m Constantly feeling forced to watch it and that’s shoving me away I get that it’s an alternative and I get that people like the idea of competition and I fully understand that people loved the show but I do feel the company overall is overhyped due to it not even being around a whole year yet still has a lot to prove to me before I consider it true competition to WWE now is it true competition to other companies like TNA absolutely does it have all the potential in the world absolutely but so did TNA however the key difference for me is again the fan base where as to me the TNA fan base feels welcoming and a good place to be and i’v even gone to check it out before but never found time to keep up with it for long and maybe i’ll try watching AEW at some point but with the current fan base as they are it’s hard for me to want to watch it on top of the card not being interesting for me on paper now have I overreacted at some points yes I fully admit that however I do feel others have also done the same thing to my opinions.
  4. I legit just said it’s not interesting enough to watch so no I won’t and not will I be forced too
  5. Legit one of the boring looking cards I’ve ever seen imo only matches that are even remotely interesting are Cody vs Goldust and Jericho vs Omega even tho Omega and Jericho already had a match in Japan but neither are anywhere close to being interesting enough to watch the show
  6. So today I want to ask what you all what video game have you not competes for any reason really for me it’s the Last of us just because of the beginning when the Joel’s daughter dies due to a direct order to shoot give to the army soldier despite them not wanting to and that scene was just far too emotional for me to finish the game and I haven’t gone back to it since.
  7. Raw July 1st, 2019 Raw opens with Vince McMahon in the ring holding a mic. Vince: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw!!! Now as i’m sure you’ve all heard by now there has been a complete and total redraft of the WWE roster and my son in law Triple H is now in charge of SmackDown while I remain in charge of Raw. So with that out of the way let’s introduce you all to the brad new Raw roster. A graphic is then shown on the titantron of the new Raw roster. Vince: So now that you all are familiar with the roster let’s get to busin. Vince is then interrupted by a superstar’s theme song. Tyler Breeze then makes his way out to the ring. Tyler: Now please excuse my interruption Mr.McMahon however as you know before all this happened I was performing in NXT and I think my performances down there prove that i’m worthy of a title opportunity. Vince: Is that so well let me tell you something you got guts coming out here and interrupting me of all people who need I remind you is your boss. However since you feel you deserve a title opportunity let’s discuss that because quite frankly Tyler I disagree so no you won’t be getting a title opportunity tonight but what you will be getting tonight is a beating from this man as punishment for interrupting your boss. Elias makes his way out to the ring and the match begins. The match starts off Elias beating down Tyler Breeze and out powering him for a few minutes in with Tyler getting barely any offense in until Elias goes for his finishing move drift away but Tyler pushes him away and hits the super model kick! Tyler then goes for the pin and gets a count of 2 before Elias kicks out. Elias then shoves Tyler back into the ref knocking the ref down causing Elias to hit a low blow followed by a drift away however Elias is unable to pin Tyler due to the ref being out cold which Elias realizes after a few seconds and goes to revive the ref followed by him picking Tyler back up for a second drift away however Tyler reverses it into the beauty shot! Tyler then pins Elias 1 2 3. It is then we are properly introduced to the raw announce team Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton. Cole: that was great match and a fantastic way to kick Raw off. Corey: I completely agree Michael however I can’t believe i’m stuck with Byron again or that Tyler Breeze had the audacity to interrupt our boss. Byron: Trust me Corey i’d rather do commentary with anyone but you however I think Tyler is completely justified in his belief of deserving a title opportunity especially after that performance. Next up is a fatal 4 way match to determine the new United States champion and out comes Dolph Ziggler, Cedric Alexander, Tommaso Ciampa, and last but certainly not least Johnny Gargano. The match starts with with Gargano and Ciampa going right after each other no surprise there given their history with each other meanwhile Cedric and Dolph have an extremely impressive battle of grapple holds and counters however Dolph eventually takes control due to his amateur wrestling background and begins wearing Cedric down with a sleeper hold before Gargano comes and kicks Dolph right in the back making Dolph crawl to the corner however it seems Gargano forgot about Ciampa who comes at him from behind with a steel chair but Gargano ducks and the chair hits Cedric instead who immediately collapses to the mat and Gargano then kicks out Ciampa’s knees which Ciampa then falls to his side and rolls away to avoid anymore harm and Gargano sees his moment and locks in the Gargano escape on Cedric! However mere seconds before Cedric taps out Ciampa hits Gargano with the chair from earlier and throws out of the ring however before Ciampa can capitalize on the situation he gets knocked to outside as well as Dolph super kicks him in the back of the head then immediately picks Cedric back up and hits the zig zag! Dolph then puns Cedric 1 2 3 and Dolph is your new United States champion. Cole: another fantastic match here on Raw and congratulations to Dolph Ziggler on becoming the new United States champion. Corey: Absolutely Michael however you gotta imagine Gargano was mere seconds away from one of the best Raw debuts ever but I guess him being a terrible friend to Ciampa down in NXT came back to bite him tonight. Byron: Corey what are you talking about Ciampa is the one that betrayed Gargano! And if anyone deserves the United States Championship it’s Gargano. Cole: well regardless next up is the Raw women’s championship match between Asuka and Shayna Bazler. Mans after both women make their entrances the match begins and Asuka starts off going for a roundhouse kick but Shayna ducks then grabs Asuka in a sleeper hold and pulls Asuka down to the mat and locks in the Kirifuda Clutch! And despite her best effort Asuka is unable to escape and passes out and Shayna is your new Raw women’s champion Cole: Oh my god!!! Did we just see that what an incredible Raw debut by Shayna Bazler not only did she win the Raw women’s championship but she did it in dominating fashion against Asuka of all people. Corey: Absolutely amazing by Shayna Bazler here tonight she was completely laser focused on her goal as she accomplished it in the best way possible. Byron: Very true guys i’m very impressed with Shayna Bazler here tonight and I think i’m not the only one anticipating a rematch in the future. Suddenly the titantron cuts to backstage as there is a massive brawl that has broken out however it’s unclear who is brawling due to a swarm of security attempting to break it up and before it’s resolved the next match starts between Kyle O’Riley and Bobby Fish of the Undisputed Era vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson The Club for the Raw tag team championships and after around 15 minutes of back and forth and plenty of tags Karl and Luke have Bobby Fish up for the Magic Killer however before they can execute it Kyle slides into the ring and Karl into Luke and catches Bobby bringing him down safely then Kyle tosses Karl out of the ring while Bobby locks in a knee bar on Luke but Luke manages to fight out through sheer will power then kicks Bobby back down before grabbing Kyle and picking up and does a double handed choke bomb to the outside however he should’ve paid more attention to Bobby who then rolls him up for a 3 count. Cole: Yet another astounding match. And before the commentary team can Continue Adam Cole comes out to the ring and attacks Luke Gallows this causes his opponent for tonight and good friend of Luke Gallows AJ Styles to come running out to attempt to save Luke however it appears to have been a trap as the new Raw tag champs ambush AJ along with Cole and with an order from Vince himself the match begins as AJ is slowly rising to his knees only to be hit with the Last Shot!!! 1 2 3 and Adam Cole is your new Universal champion. Then as Raw goes off air all 3 members of the Undisputed Era are holding up their newly won championships.
  8. I am excited to see what they come up for these games and they should be loads of fun as the Pokémon games always are and i’ll definitely have my eyes on them
  9. I have enjoyed my time here on the forums very well thus far but if I could go back in time to any period I would go back to when I first joined the forums and join the kayfabe immediately as it has quickly become my favorite part of the forums but also I do feel I have gotten off on the wrong foot with a few people and I would like a chance to hit the refresh button on for lack of a better term but at the end of the day we’re all human and makes mistakes but overall I wouldn’t change much about my short time here and I look to make many memories in the future to come
  10. The Dark Knight ( easy ) also this is great please keep it up
  11. [ the camera pans down at the foot of Mt.Olympus as we see Bulldozer walking down the mountain path and up to camera with a big smile on his face as Alice walks down the path with him ] Bulldozer : Well that’s one thing off the old to do list. [ Bulldozer and Alice then notice the cameraman standing patiently ] Bulldozer : Ah I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, however it was for a very good reason I assure you for you see there’s a reason I am the one and only true god of pro wrestling and that is because I am on God’s level, actually no I am above it for you see I didn’t come here for enlightenment no quite the opposite in fact I came to enlighten the gods and goddess of Greece, for you see I am wiser than Athena the goddess of wisdom, stronger than Aries the god of war, faster than Zeus the god the lighting and thunder, more calm than Poseidon the god of the ocean, and more sadistic than Hades the god of death and the underworld. [ Bulldozer takes a moment to savor the sights of Greece because it’s not everyday you get to visit such a beautiful place as Alice begins to speak ] Alice : Yes indeed that is all very true Bulldozer but you forgot to mention that you’re a better shot with bow and arrow than Apollo and Artemis combined. Bulldozer : Ah yes of course thanks for reminding me Alice. [ Bulldozer then picks up a bow and a quiver of arrows off a nearby table him and Alice must have set up earlier and takes aim at a target that’s easily two hundred feet away and fires ten arrows and hits bullseye every time and spilts each arrow that came before it leaving the tenth and final arrow the only one unsplit ] Alice : Simply divine marksmenship Bulldozer but I would expect nothing less from a man more beautiful than Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty. [ Bulldozer then sets the bow down and walks back over ] Bulldozer : Sorry Alice I couldn’t hear you from the distance and the noise from the nearby market place what did you say? [ Alice then blushes slightly before responding ] Alice : Nothing just telling the how world how much better you are than everyone else in BPZ. Bulldozer : Well thank you for that Alice it’s much appreciated, however there’s just one last thing I need to mention before I defeat the strongest warriors Greece has to offer in combat, and that brings me to you Dikey you see because after our match at the PTC Finals you’ll end up worshiping Dionysus the god of wine in a Futile attempt to drink away the depression I ultimately put you in after you lose our match and you realize you just aren’t good enough to hang with the best much less a god of pro wrestling. [ Bulldozer and Alice then walk away towards the city laughing off the threat of Dikey as the camera fades to black ]
  12. I do think overall this is good for her however is losing her as big of an impact as losing some other members of the roster? Absolutely not however I do believe she still has more work left to do in wwe and plenty of more matches that can be good namely the 4 horsewomen of wwe vs the 4 horsewomen of mma match.
  13. Nah I’m far from the only fan of the games plus the community is one of the nicest and purest in the entire video game industry plus they are just down right fun to play and as is the case with many shooters there’s even a competitive scene for people that care about that
  14. I highly doubt you’ve tried either of them and for the second one not trying a game just because someone you don’t like recommended them is extremely petty and immature
  15. Nah they are great and i’m willing to bet you haven’t even tried them and it doesn’t matter what games I said you still would have hated on them because I recommended them.

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