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  1. Made this last night as a form of merch for my kayfabe character it’s a bit basic I’ll admit but I still like it overall.
  2. Name - Austin Mirage appearance - White, sky blue eyes, mostly black with a hint of brown hair, full grown beard backstory - Grew up idolizing the armed forces and was amongst the first to sign up into the army. personality - Comedic but serious when needs to be quote - “ The difference between us and the enemy is we don’t lose “ War I’m fighting in - World War 2/ American
  3. Smith The kingdom The Kingdom ( again ) Arius Bart
  4. This is probably be a good match with Mansoor clearly winning however I believe that Cesaro being the one to take the loss is the wrong choice but oh well not much we can do I just hope Cesaro eventually gets past being the guy who takes the losses and eventually reaches that Main Event level that we all know he deserves to be at.
  5. Honestly as much as this pains me to say I don’t see Bray winning the belt here especially with the recent report of supposedly what’s supposed to happen although I’m not entirely sure how much I believe said report.
  6. Judging based off who’s in it so far I would say this match will be fun to watch if nothing else however as said many times here with basically no story behind it this match probably won’t be all that great and also because of that I really have very little interest or care about this match and to me it’s only there to fill the numbers and a spot on the card.
  7. World - Bic , Julius , Smith , Bart IC - Arius, Hans, Gunner Flynn/Storm/Icon, Marker US - me, Bob, Meko, Mikey NXT - Meko, Mecko, Amai, Steph
  8. I definitely gotta go with my recent “ Help “ promo as I feel it’s the best one I’ve done since joining kayfabe and I’m very proud of it
  9. Gotta go with the rumble match itself since imo it’s main attraction of the rumble ppv every year and it’s always very fun to watch due to being one of the most difficult to predict matches of the year and not only on who will win but who all will be in it with many legends of the business making surprise appearances over the years for it.
  10. Not completely sure why this has happened so soon but I just have a gut feeling FOX had something to do with this however nonetheless I’m quite interested to see how SD goes from here.
  11. I definitely gotta go with Taker vs HHH because it’s the most memorable for me on both mania 27 and 28 especially since I actually was at 27.
  12. While I don’t think this is too big of a decision it’ll definitely take a lot of getting used to not having the Bellas on the roster anymore however I also don’t believe this is the end of the Bella’s relationship with WWE and I can definitely see them making guest appearances from time to time.
  13. I do agree it’s very disappointing and even a bit disrespectful towards Cesaro not being drafted on live TV however I do feel like the bump is a necessary evil as there is only so much time on the weekly shows but with all that being said I personally would have liked Cesaro on Raw more but SD is also fine however I am still wondering if after the draft if some of the people that weren’t drafted go to NXT
  14. James Knight UN Icon Mikey Sameer Kenji Echo Arius God sent Julius Slim SSW Club Flynn Bart
  15. Wow this is amazing will definitely have to give this mod a play through at some point hope you have the best of luck making it and I hope everything ends up working as planned.
  16. Toxik431


    [ The theme song and entrance video of Mirage starts up getting the crowd fired up and on their feet after a brief recap of what all went down at Survival Games however instead of Mirage coming out it is instead his manager Alice. ] Alice: Hello everyone I’m so glad to see you all again, now as for my client Mirage well he’s been reflecting recently so that is why he has been absent from live events and fan meet ups that he does truly cherish, now with that said I’ve suggested he take time off so I apologize if he doesn’t show up for a bit. [ The crowd then start to boo Alice a bit after she says this but then quickly stop realizing she is merely the messenger however as Alice turns around to leave she takes a step back stunned as Mirage walks out on stage as the crowd then erupt into cheers once more and start to chant “ Mirage “ which brings a smile to his face as he nods at Alice as she then hands him the mic. ] Mirage: Well as Alice just informed you all I’ve been doing some reflecting on my time here in BPZ because I’ll be honest seeing how Alex reacted after his loss to Raven it made me step back and question if a fight with Raven is really want I want. The answer? No it isn’t what I want. [ Mirage then looks down at the ground clearly saddened as the live crowd are clearly effected by this news seeing someone who they have supported every since his mentor betrayed him possibly finally quitting and admitting defeat as he slowly walks down to the ring with Alice walking beside him while he still looks down at the ground the whole time even as he rolls into the ring before finally raising his head.] Mirage: It’s what I need. Because for too long I wanted revenge on Raven for kidnapping Alice who is someone I have entrusted part of my career with. When I should have been trying to help Raven. Help save him from himself because the man I once knew the man I once called my brother in arms back in SSW Club he has disappeared and in place a madman has taken over so Raven there it is I no longer wish to fight you I merely want to help you help save you from this madman and more importantly I want to save my friend- no my brother so I promise you this Raven I will save you from yourself and I don’t care what happens to me or how much pain I go through to get there. Oh and as for United States championship match at Halloween Havoc I will still be there and I will still fight with everything I can and I hope you all cheer me on because I still plan on walking out with that very championship and finally notching a win here in BPZ and being someone you can all be proud of. Now with that said stay beautiful everyone. [ Mirage then rolls out of the ring as him and Alice take some selfies with some fans before walking backstage as Carnage continues to roll on. ]
  17. 1. Julius 2. Bic 3. Smith 4. Flynn 5. Slim
  18. Name - Mirage age - 22 Figurehead - Tyler Breeze Finisher - Super Model kick PS4 or Xbox - PS4 weight - 215 enemy in kayfabe - Raven ( Meko ) , Mikey
  19. This doesn’t surprise me at all and to be completely honest I don’t really even have any interest in this match and I also believe it would be best if neither man ever competed in another match again but knowing Hogan and Vince it probably will and if it does it’ll definitely be the match I use as a break.
  20. I slightly care about this match but not overly I predict a Brock win with Cain giving him a challenge at the beginning then Brock comes in and destroys him after all this is WWE and not UFC which means Brock is a far bigger star than Cain is in a wrestling ring plus out of these two WWE is Brock’s territory.
  21. I honestly don’t have a clue who Tyson Fury is so not really interested in this match I just hope for a quick Braun win.
  22. [ Mirage walks up backstage overhearing all the ruckus and sees Arrow laid out on the floor ] What in the world happened here? Um hey you alive Arrow? [ Mirage then pokes Arrow’s body with his selfie stick ] Welp he’s dead guess this won’t hurt as much. [ Mirage then kicks Arrow in the face so hard his face so hard his left eye pops out and rolls away on the floor ]
  23. OOC : this is pretty funny actually also it was short but was very well executed for the length and Is one of the best short promos once seen so congrats to Slim as well as Bob and Aidan.
  24. Holy god this is absolutely incredible fantastic work as always it honestly blows my mind how each new graphic you make is leagues above the previous one which are all still fantastic.
  25. Toxik431

    Thank You

    As someone who typically enjoys so many things it’s often very hard for me to keep doing something for a long time without taking a break either by just getting sucked into other things and taking a break from others without even meaning to or just choosing too I’m a bit amazed I’ve been able to stick with kayfabe and this community as a whole for such a long amount of time and that has a lot to do with most of the people here. So thank you to everyone who has been welcoming to me here and I’ve really enjoyed my time here and I plan and hope to continue too.

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