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    My Everything

    A video is uploaded to BPZ.Com showcasing Temoni sparring with another member of his tribe in Apia, Samoa before he speaks to his sparring partner after he notices the cameraman. Okay we will resume practice afterwards first I must speak on Prince once more, also keep up the good work you will reach the UFC soon. Temoni then turns his full attention to the cameraman and motions for them to walk around the village as the camera picks up on members of the village working around the village while Temoni begins to speak.
  2. Name - Mirage Age - 23 figurehead - Matt Sydal Heel/face - Heel company - WWE gimmick - Legit athlete/Savior Moveset - Headshot ( Superkick ), Angel’s Landing ( Shooting Star ) Primary skill - Flashiness Secondary skill - Microphone Gender - Male ———————— Name - Alice Age - 22 Figurehead - Alexa Bliss Heel/Face - Heel company - WWE gimmick - Babe/Manager Moveset - Siren’s Song ( Kamigoye ), Angel’s Kiss ( Sister Abigail ) Primary skill - Charisma Secondary skill - Sex Appeal G
  3. Name - Calvin Jones Position - FS Age/year - 23, Junior Height&weight - 6’4, 225 Skin tone - black Younger brother of Falcons star WR and Alabama legend Julio Jones, never possessed the same catching ability as his older brother but is a very dangerous defender with the speed to catch up even with the likes of Jaylen Waddle and John Ross, was however out of his Sophomore season with a fractured ankle marking his first football related injury ever, now time will tell what his future holds.
  4. Name - Deion Sanders Jr. Position - CB Age/college year - 22, Sophomore ( RS ) Height & Weight - 6’2, 205lbs Skin tone - Brown Backstory - Son of famed NFL CB Deion Sanders he has already demonstrated a natural talent for the defensive side of the ball in High School however does lack some of the finer points of football and often goes 4/10 when catching the ball thus far making him better at deflecting the ball and being a deterrence to the QB however is willing to work with WRs to improve his catching, has stated he wants to surpass his father’s legacy.
  5. Name - Dwayne Huntsman Position - RB Age/year in collage - 19, Freshman Height and Weight - 6’6, 285lbs Skin Tone - Mixed
  6. Ah yes another dumbass in government claiming video games cause violence or crime despite numerous studies proving the exact opposite not mentioning that crime rate has actually decreased overtime since video games became a thing, TLDR dumbass trying to connect dots that don’t connect and out right ignoring the evidence as to why.
  7. Toxik431

    Stepping Up

    We are back on Friday Night Valor as the pyro goes off and we have a big show planned here tonight and the crowd is fired up. Sandman: Welcome everyone to Friday Night Valor! We have a big show here tonight and next week as well as next week we will host three matches to determine who will then move into a Number One Contenders Triple Threat match to find out who will face Mikey for the Atlas Championship at BPZMania. Heel: Not only that partner but tonight we expect an update on one of those matches following the events of Saint Valentine's D
  8. Toxik431


    Name - Temoni Figurehead - Meng/Haku Height - 6'2 Weight - 280 lbs Nickname - The Reaper Style - powerhouse and brawler Regular moves - punches, forearm strikes, tosses, thrust kick, clothesline, bicycle kick, choke slam, most other power and brawl moves. Signature moves - Reaper's Scythe ( spear ) http://pa1.narvii.com/5709/1e095ae0f38b73ad9fb6b155ec28a92a5fca4aef_00.gif Judgement ( Piledriver ) Finisher moves - Death Bomb ( falling powerbomb ) http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/joke-battles/images/2/26/Kane_Falling
  9. Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another belt review today and possibly the final one today as in this episode we will be taking a look at the NWA World Tag Team Championships. So first we will begin with the main plates as per usual and these are pretty basic but they do have some charm as well and I overall do enjoy the main plate but would like some more silver or gems. Next we have the side plates and honestly these are a bit too simple for my liking but they are also better than having no side plates I suppose. And now we come to the straps and honestly the
  10. Welcome everyone and that's right it's time for another belt review today and this time the NWA United States Championship is up for review so let's get into it. First up as always is the main plate while it's not the most exciting design I also don't overly expect it to be from designs from this era of wrestling but with that said, I do still like this design as it's still very nice to look at and lets the audience know which title this is from just a glance. Now for the side plates and again I really like these even more so with it having a bit of a variation of the US flag
  11. Hello one and all and welcome back yet again as I have another belt review today and plan to release some more today as well, but without further delay let's get onto the belts set for review with the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Per tradition we will begin with the main plate and I love this main plate, I know it's pretty simple but that's part of why I love it as it gets the message across very well while maintaining a nice look. Again as is tradition we will be looking at the side plates now and I really enjoy these as well for pretty much the same reasons as the main
  12. Hello one and all and welcome back to my Championship belt reviews as in this installment I have the IMPACT World Championship. As per normal we shall begin with the main plate and while it's not the best main plate ever to me I still really enjoy it especially with the red logo at the center, only change I would put is having a Name Plate somewhere. Now up next is the side plates I really like these as well sure they are pretty simple and basic however sometimes that's a strength instead of a weakness and that is most definitely the case here, I also really like how e
  13. Toxik431


    Updated signatures - Thrill Seeker ( Angel's Wings ) Victory's Calling ( Surfboard Dragonsleeper )/ occasional finisher Chaos Theory ( DDT ) http://cdn3.vox-cdn.com/imported_assets/2229611/iXG2M9HZGaxdM.gif Updated Finishers - Mirage Cutter ( Suplex Cutter ) Ultimate Sacrifice ( Double Under Gourdbuster )/ Primary finisher Headshot ( Superkick ) Rare Finisher - God's Ultimate Blast ( Curb Stomp ) http://www.stillrealtous.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/curb3.gif
  14. Ok so I was wrong regarding the previous review, so today I will attempt to make up for it by reviewing the actual current AEW TNT Championship. Let's begin with the main plate as per usual and I really like this design as it's the perfect mix of gold and silver to me and overall looks much better than just all silver. Next the side plates and I think these are a pretty big improvement however I would prefer some silver mixed in instead of the all gold design but other than that these look good. Now we come to the strap and THANK GOD for the black strap, I know it's the

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