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  1. 1. Julius 2. Bic 3. Smith 4. Flynn 5. Slim
  2. Name - Mirage age - 22 Figurehead - Tyler Breeze Finisher - Super Model kick PS4 or Xbox - PS4 weight - 215 enemy in kayfabe - Raven ( Meko ) , Mikey
  3. This doesn’t surprise me at all and to be completely honest I don’t really even have any interest in this match and I also believe it would be best if neither man ever competed in another match again but knowing Hogan and Vince it probably will and if it does it’ll definitely be the match I use as a break.
  4. I slightly care about this match but not overly I predict a Brock win with Cain giving him a challenge at the beginning then Brock comes in and destroys him after all this is WWE and not UFC which means Brock is a far bigger star than Cain is in a wrestling ring plus out of these two WWE is Brock’s territory.
  5. I honestly don’t have a clue who Tyson Fury is so not really interested in this match I just hope for a quick Braun win.
  6. [ Mirage walks up backstage overhearing all the ruckus and sees Arrow laid out on the floor ] What in the world happened here? Um hey you alive Arrow? [ Mirage then pokes Arrow’s body with his selfie stick ] Welp he’s dead guess this won’t hurt as much. [ Mirage then kicks Arrow in the face so hard his face so hard his left eye pops out and rolls away on the floor ]
  7. OOC : this is pretty funny actually also it was short but was very well executed for the length and Is one of the best short promos once seen so congrats to Slim as well as Bob and Aidan.
  8. Holy god this is absolutely incredible fantastic work as always it honestly blows my mind how each new graphic you make is leagues above the previous one which are all still fantastic.
  9. As someone who typically enjoys so many things it’s often very hard for me to keep doing something for a long time without taking a break either by just getting sucked into other things and taking a break from others without even meaning to or just choosing too I’m a bit amazed I’ve been able to stick with kayfabe and this community as a whole for such a long amount of time and that has a lot to do with most of the people here. So thank you to everyone who has been welcoming to me here and I’ve really enjoyed my time here and I plan and hope to continue too.
  10. Just got to 500 rep thanks to everyone who has repped my posts I truly appreciate it and again I hope to continue to make the best posts I can
  11. Not the most stacked show ever but I also didn’t expect that as Alex said it seems like a good bit of the show will be dedicated to the women but obviously the main thing they need to work on is the Fiend vs Seth feud with what surely has to be setting up a rematch for the next ppv tonight and possibly ending the show with either another Fiend attack which isn’t the best choice imo or having the lights go out and the sound playing as a fake out to cost Seth the win in a match against whoever he happens to be facing with potentially a funhouse segment afterwards to end the show or at least that’s how I would book it anyway with the situation they’re in but I also would have had Fiend be Universal champ now but oh well.
  12. [ Suddenly as soon as Aidanator finishes his speech the lights in the arena go out before the Titantron and audio system starts up with a familiar video and song as the fans burst into cheers as the entrance video and theme song of Mirage begins to play ] [ As Mirage would step out onto the stage once again dawning his silver fur jacket and silver tights with a big smile on his face as he is clearly loving the reaction the fans are giving him as he proceeds to unhook his selfie stick from the inside of his jacket while it has a microphone attached to it and he takes a moment to place his hand on his ribs still feeling the pain form Alex’s spear he would then begin to speak ] Mirage: what a great and vocal live crowd we have here tonight huh Aidan? Nonetheless you wanted to talk face to face and I would also like to speak with you about the United States Championship match. [ Mirage then struts down to the ring smiling and giving out high fives to the fans as he goes by before he rolls into the ring and goes to the corner and proceeds to pose on the top rope for the fans before beginning to speak yet again ] Mirage: So Aidan you wish to speak about the United States Championship? Very well let’s speak about the current champion then shall we? He’s a man i’ve already shared this ring with now that was in a losing effort on my part however that loss was really a blessing in disguise as it truly was the catalyst to what lead me to realize all of my faults and mistakes in the past as shortly afterwards my once mentor and friend betrayed me and had me ran over however now that’s in the past and I look forward to sharing the ring with him alongside the rest of the man in the match such as yourself only this time I am supremely confident I will walk out the winner. [ Mirage would then take a break in his speech and pull out a shirt with his name on it and toss it into the crowd as a gift to the fans then lock eyes with Aidanator ] Mirage: Now for someone I haven’t already faced in this match which is only one person and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who that is, for it is yourself Aidanator. Now I have no doubt you’ll walk out of Survival Games with a pretty easy win rest assured that I will be watching that match very closely to scout you out so no matter what you do or how perfectly you execute it you’ll have nothing I won’t be prepared for. Now that is out of the way however allow me to introduce myself, I am Mirage or as branding has nicknamed me The King of Desire, but you see while I do enjoy Championship glory as much as the next guy or anyone else on the roster I also do this for one other reason, the beauty in what we do in this ring after all there’s nothing else like two athletes who are so good at what they do clashing in the heat of combat and that is simply just so beautiful. So Aidan I trust and hope you shall add to the beauty that will ultimately be the United States Championship match at Halloween Havoc so please don’t disappoint myself or rather these don’t disappoint these people who spend their hard earned money just to come and watch us do what we do best. [ With that Mirage then unhooks the mic from his selfie stick and places it back in a pocket on the inside of his fur jacket while still locking eyes with Aidan ]
  13. Title is self explanatory if you could go back in time and give yourself advice for kayfabe what would it be and why? for me it would be for when I just started and I would say to make my first promos kinda like how I do now with them being much longer and having different fonts such as Italic and bold.
  14. Maybe change it where 10 rep equals a bronze heart then 20 equals a silver then 30 gets you a gold heart and if you wanna go crazy 50 rep can get you a platinum heart and a trophy on your forums account
  15. The Dan Marino Jersey that my late Grandfather has at one point and while it’s several sizes too big for me personally i’ll Always cherish it.

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