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  1. Hello everyone and today I will be bringing you all the first episode of Naruto Explained and I figured what better way than to start it out than explaining all the different forms of combat within Naruto so without further ado let's crack into it. So first off let's discuss the most simple of them all Taijutsu, which is very simple as it is really just the hand to hand or more so physical form of fighting in Naruto where basically you can see or do/ be done in a fight in real life you can most likely see here now with that said there are differing forms of Taijutsu within Naruto
  2. Toxik431


    Flynn is seen celebrating raising the BMF title after his successful defense of it in an all out war with Hans Clayton as his mind and body are completely rattled from said war and Flynn has a smile on his face as he is glad to still be champion. BOOM Flynn is hit from behind as a masked cameraman hit him with a steel chair and now the man takes his mask off to reveal that it was none other than Austin Mirage! As now Mirage continues to rain down steel chair shots upon a downed a hurt Flynn without any remorse.
  3. Arius vs Slim - Arius Jason vs Raven - Raven Amai & Ryan vs Ark & Siege - Amai & Ryan Kenji vs Neb - Kenji Echo vs Alyx vs CJ - Echo Nate vs Yelich - Yelich bonus - 1 - Kenji vs Neb, 2- 26
  4. Undertaker, now I don’t mean the old man Taker that we have now I mean Taker in his prime now yes the biggest argument is that the character wouldn’t work nowadays but I disagree, take a look at The Fiend, people love a good mystery and Undertaker when he first arrived in the WWF was exactly that a mystery and would either be a great and believable opponent for Fiend or even making a dangerous and very creditable team with Fiend, and it’s not just Fiend he would be able to make magic with as we know his presence alone can heavily raise the value of a match.
  5. The following video was posted to the YouTube channel Saviors Of Wrestling Club and linked to BPZ.com. The video starts with Alice being heard that they're rolling as Austin Mirage and Alexander Blaze are in Mirage's personal practice ring having a sparring match where it seems Mirage is training Blaze while also keeping himself in shape and avoiding any ring rust. Mirage and Blaze lock up in an collar and elbow tie up as Blaze pushes Mirage into the corner due to his strength advantage however Mirage uses his speed and agility to move around
  6. Toxik431

    The Offer

    We're here on Valor Live as we are fastly approaching the Survivor Series Pay Per View which is shaping up to be one of the best events of the year as Glorious Domination begins to play over the loud speaker signalling the return Austin Mirage who has been absent for over a month leading to rumors of him being released but also quietly training for a match for either the United States or Premium Championships as I am sure we will get an answer to both as he walks out. Austin Mirage: Hello everyone as you can plainly see I have
  7. Honestly? I was just in YouTube one day watching old promos to try and work on promos by seeing what actual wrestler were doing and stumbled across Sandow and really loving the way he did promos as well as Adam rebooking his MITB run and thinking to myself “ that would be really fun to do “ and that it’s something I feel I can do well and despite my W/L on it I think the promos themselves have been pretty good.
  8. First, glad to see you post and I hope you’re doing well. Now onto the elephant in the room i heavily agree with Bart, Ik my W/L is very far from perfect so sure I might stand a better chance at facing people below me but my thing since I started is facing the best people I can whenever I can, because that’s what I find enjoyable and I think the way the divisions are now is very good and the best possible system we can have rn, now let me just clarify I am not against altering/updating the posts and rep requirements as I doubt many are because as we’re all aware by now rep is fairly easy to ge
  9. Drrrrr Dwayne Johnson would make a fun wrestler imo hurrrr drrrrrrr. Ok but in all seriousness I think Tom Holland would make a fun guy to watch given his legitimately impressive agility and probably wouldn’t be the best but has proven he’s a great actor and I think he would make a fun brief wrestler.
  10. Ok so this is a pretty simple question and all but I’m curious and obviously what kind of game also factors into what is needed in it the most bit overall what is the number one or even multiple things that you value the most in a game for you to consider it good?
  11. Same as Owen am very much looking forward to the new Spider-Man game when I get a PS5 and also NBA 2K21
  12. Fallout 3 is definitely one of them I feel like it’ll happen someday but I’m hoping it happens this gen.
  13. Jay White’s Blade runner is a shitter version of Bray’s Sister Abigail.
  14. God there’s so many to choose from but I’ll have to go with his post Mania WWE championship celebration segment it was just so pure and earned, and it really showed that he really did earn it through everything and that no matter what he was gonna make his goal a reality which he did and overall was a very well done heartfelt moment.
  15. Thanks to Tamer for making this first off, anyway to the point of this post as many of you probably know I’m a big fan of Naruto and recently I’ve started watching Death Note which so far seems really fun to watch and am looking forward to getting into it more as I just find the whole thing to be very intriguing overall, anyway that’s all from me for now.

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