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  1. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the main event of of the go home show of Carnage before the Royal Rumble as we have Jack Bishop vs Mirage. First off out comes Jack Bishop as his theme song begins to play. Next up is Mirage as his theme song also starts as the lights in the arena go out and his entrance video comes on as he comes out with his cheek stitched up from last week. As now both men have entered the ring as the bell rings as both men start just throwing punches as fast as they can making it perfectly clear both men intend to destroy the other and finally claim their first win here in BPZ. Finally both men break apart thanks in part to the ref finally stopping the wild brawl that looked like ti would go on all night as Mirage then charges Jack Bishop however Jack would leapfrog him as Mirage then comes at him again from behind but again Jack Bishop finds a counter and launches Mirage into the air as Jack has the advantage early on. As Mirage then gets up he is met with a big boot to the face spinning him around however he uses that to connect with a big right hand stunning Jack Bishop as it seems Mirage is quickly taking the momentum of this match as he just beats down onto Jack Bishop with clubbing shots. Mirage would continue this assault until Jack counters with a big elbow to the gut knocking the air out of Mirage for a moment allowing Jack to gather his thoughts and plan his next move which would happen to be a knee straight to the nose of Mirage, as Jack would use that to his advantage as he would use Mirage being blinded by the water in his eyes to land a big forearm to the back of the head sending Mirage down and under the bottom onto the apron as Jack begins to mock Mirage's delete taunt getting a large amount of boos from the crowd as he climbs to the top rope and nails Mirage in the back of the head with a massive double foot stomp as he was recovering. Even the crowd who was booing Jack just a few moments ago are left with only cheers from the clear display of athletic talent and drive to win as even the ref is momentarily stunned and not immediately going to start the ten second count out time as jack is starting to get to his feet on the outside as he just kicks away at Mirage making sure he never forgets this battle as the ref finally begins counting and makes it up to the count of seven as Jack rolls back into and out of the ring in order to reset the count while he counters to beat down on Mirage as it looks like it's gonna be another loss for Mirage. Jack then lifts Mirage up by his chin yelling at him " I told you that this whole deletion thing wasn't gonna happen " before lifting Mirage up onto the barricade and spiking him with a brutal DDT. Jack then picks Mirage back up and tosses him back in the ring however chooses not to go for the pin but rather elects to kick Mirage around some more as he goes to lift Mirage back up and slaps him in the face knocking the already bruised and battered Mirage back down as Jack walks around Mirage's body pointing at him as if to say " he's supposed to be a challenge? " Jack then lifts Mirage back up and goes for punch landing it right on the money however he holds Mirage up still and goes for an European uppercut however Mirage dodges it and nails an quick but effective backslide driver. Now with Jack Bishop groggy Mirage grabs his wrist and looks to about to hit one his favorite moves the Siren's Song however Jack barely dodges it but Mirage doesn't give up and spins around and hits a big forearm to the back of the neck as both men fall to the mat. Now as the crowd is fired up and on their feet Mirage and Jack both start to recover however Mirage seems to be trying to channel the passion of the live crowd as he manages to crawl towards the corner and up to the top rope as he is clearly thinking of something big and he goes for a dropkick nailing Jack Bishop in the back of the head just as he had made it back to his feet. An absolute thing of beauty as we get a great replay in slow motion while both men are recovering and looking for that one move that will ensure victory. Mirage then starts to wail on Jack Bishop some more however that is quickly stopped as Jack Bishop grabs the stitches on Mirage's cheek from the cut Jack gave him last week and rips them out causing Mirage to scream out in agony as a smile come the face of Jack Bishop who then holds Mirage by his hair, however Mirage manages to get enough separation and lands a beautiful superkick. However Mirage isn't done as he reaches up to his now bleeding cheek and looks at his own blood before oddly smiling about it. Mirage then licks the blood off his finger and goes to the apron and waits for Jack Bishop to get back up which Jack slowly but eventually does as Mirage goes for a springboard Hurricrana however Jack catches him and much like last week lands a brutal powerbomb to Mirage. Jack then stacks Mirage down for a pinfall attempt and gets to the count of 2 before breaking it up himself as he goes for the sleeping pill but isn't able to connect with it before Mirage falls backwards. Jack then smirks as he believes he has Mirage beaten and that victory is now only a matter of time as he allows Mirage to roll back towards the apron as he is desperately trying to recover after taking such a brutal powerbomb however he unknowingly did exactly what Jack wanted as Jack grabs him and hits a massive Lion-Plex from the apron using the top rope as support. However instead of going for the pin fall Jack slowly gets up still feeling the pain himself from this match as he grins in pain as he rolls down down his knee pad letting the crowd know he plan to end this with the sleeping pill. Jack then slowly picks Mirage up mocking his delete taunt once again as he does drawing more boos from the crowd as it looks like Jack will come out of this match the winner but wait Mirage springs to life and quickly grabs the wrist of Jack Bishop and nails him with the Siren's Song but he isn't done as rolls across the body of Jack and drags him back up with him and lands a brand new move known as Broken Faith. Mirage then goes for the pin and manages to get the 3 count as he has done it he has finally beaten Jack Bishop or as Mirage would say has deleted Jack Bishop.
  2. Honestly no, last year was a bit of a gamble not having him and imo it ultimately paid off and showed they don’t need Taker on the card to sell tickets especially not with Fiend almost definitely being there and as much as I love Undertaker he is well past his prime and really should finally hang up his boots, gloves, and hat and go off to the peaceful retirement he has more than earned and go down as imo the best ever.
  3. Firstly I love Edge but I honestly don’t want him to comeback he had a great match as his final one and at the biggest show of the year in Wrestling where he retained the World Heavyweight Championship and his retirement imo is so close to if not our right perfection and I don’t see much for him to do however if I had to choose anyone I would want him to comeback and face John Cena. As imo they’ve been career long rivals and I think one last match between them would be great.
  4. Honestly didn’t know much about her but it seems like both sides didn’t much reason in her staying and this is probably the best move for her career and what may be the most notable thing about this is that it seems there is no bad blood between the two which always could leave a door open for a possible return at some point but as is the case with many things sometimes a change of scenery is what you need in order to improve and get closer to your goals so I hope she manages to do both.
  5. based off the show ratings it seems like this mod is meant to be challenging no matter the company so you’re doing pretty well considering that especially since this is your first time and the idea for this diary is very interesting there was really only one slight issue is that you were at first copying real life WWE which isn’t really all that bad in all honesty but the beauty of TEW is player creativity and doing thing never have and never could have happened in real life but you’re starting to go more towards what you’re wanting to do which is definitely better for your enjoyment but also makes it more interesting as well. overall this is really good and I hope you keep it up.
  6. This is pretty interesting to me as this isn’t something I would really have even thought of and I’m honestly not all that familiar with either of these two but NXT and really WWE as a whole really could use more teams so I’m all for this after all this could be be a goldmine so to speak waiting to be discovered or it could be complete trash but the only way we’ll know for sure is if we go ahead with it and I can see their true testing ground being the Dusty Classic where WWE will likely decide if they’ll keep them as a team or split them and go from there depending on the performance.
  7. I actually really like this however I probably wouldn’t have Andrade drop the US title in only his second feud for it as imo that’s too soon especially with who it’s rumored to be as I feel Andrade is a much better worker and what I would have him hold the belt for 4-6 months to really establish him as a singles star then have him drop it to someone like Ricochet.
  8. Really interesting idea here not something I would have thought of.... probably ever especially given I don’t believe Connor is a fan of pro wrestling whatsoever but still a neat idea nonetheless interested to see where you go with this.
  9. Very interesting idea I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this as it’s a very intriguing idea and not something myself and likely many others would even think of, another possible idea you can maybe do later on that would be kinda similar is what if WWE became kinda like Disney in the sense if they buy up a bunch of other properties in this case companies similar to how the NWA used to be.
  10. Honestly this is for the best although to be honest I thought he had retired years ago but apparently not and I definitely respect his very long term commitment to the business and while he wasn’t always known as the best worker and had a debatably bigger ego than he should’ve he was still great especially in the Attitude Era and definitely deserves a good peaceful retirement or potentially a role as an exclusively backstage role such as a road agent one thing is for sure he’s definitely a Hall Of Fame worthy man in every way possible.
  11. Fairly interesting for me as I recently came across him in a TEW save I’m doing and while I don’t really remember him it is always nice to me to see these old wrestlers get these backstage roles as imo they are often the most qualified for them as they understand the business better than just some executive due to their experience with the business and I feel it helps with all companies understand and work with their talent better.
  12. As many of you may know I’m a very big fan of Matt ( and Jeff ) Hardy and his Broken/Woken character quickly became one of my favorite things ever in wrestling which when you factor in my love for the likes of Undertaker, and AJ Styles in general mostly his 2013 No One gimmick says a lot and I truly hope he doesn’t leave WWE completely but rather his undeniable genius mind for wrestling as a form of WWE Creative as I believe he is more than trusted enough within the company to have such a role and I truly believe they would be foolish not to offer him such a role.
  13. I’ve been fortunate enough to have meet a few such as mostly at Wrestlemania Access for Wrestlemania 27 where I met the likes of Hornswoggle, Chavo, and Mark Henry with Henry being one of my favorites to have met.
  14. Honestly as a fan of the Revival I really hope this doesn’t happen however I do have another idea as to what could be happening as we now know DX will be showing up at an event as well it could be possible WWE is planning for some kind of big special event celebrating stars of the past as they have a few times in the past and this is what I hope they’re doing instead but if not and the Revival rumor does happen I’ll be extremely upset with WWE as the Revival are one of my favorite teams.
  15. I don’t think the idea of Rey retiring is entirely surprising but nor do I feel now is the time either he’s still fairly decent and I honestly believe he has one more if not two or three more good years in him also factoring in he wants to face his son before he retires and I don’t believe his son is quite ready to go at the moment I say hold off for bit however he could go into a special attraction role I feel until then.

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