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  1. Name - Toxik 431 age - 21 nationality - American height - 5’4 weight - 225 Lbs wingspan - 6’2 looks - white ( very pale ) , Mostly black with slight tint of brown, sky blue eyes , favored shoe Retro 1 Jordan’s archetype - shot creating passer position - PG
  2. Toxik431

    A BPZ Story

    Name - Toxik age - 21 job - Blood splatter analysts race - white backstory - Toxik was born and raised in Alabama where he learned the values of justice and what is right and wrong and has devoted his life to stopping as many murders as possible and has since became one of the best blood splatter analysts on earth with his methods being taught in classes around the world after he was only 3 years into his career however one day he came face to face with one of the killers he was tracking down and in self defense killed him and reported it to the police however that incident seems to have awoken something deep inside him as now he uses his skills to track down Murders and serial killers that not even the rest of the police force are aware of and kills them slowly becoming something he has vowed to end now the only question is can anyone save him from himself or is he doomed to become the very monster he swore to protect the innocent from?
  3. This is easy and also something i’m In the process of working towards and that’s becoming a game designer because I love video games and I feel like I have some ideas for new games that are interesting and can make for some great games as well as I feel I can help make already great and established game franchises just a tad better with each new installment.
  4. Not entirely sure if you would count this as marking out but for me personally it’s when Roman Reigns came back and announced he’s in remission that moment just made me so happy and I screamed yes so loud that I had to cough and my throat was sore for the rest of the day and half of the next one but it was and still is all worth it
  5. Name - Toxik 431 height - 5’4 weight - 175 personality - humble walk out music - headstrong by trapt fighting style - mixture of Jiu Jitsu and Kick boxing appearance - pale white, sky blue eyes, hair color mostly black but slightly brown, no tattoos
  6. Well this is a hard question for me as yes while I would like to get win in kayfabe that’ll come in time as I earn that right so my one wish is to have a BPZ Forums app.
  7. The gummy bear song easily
  8. For me it’s definitely Link just such a great character to play as at least for me but another character i’m Fairly decent witha nd enjoy playing as is Fox
  9. [ The camera comes down a car that is parked in the parking lot however this time we can see the driver who is none other than Bulldozer who is accompanied by Alice who is sitting in the passenger seat doing her make up and it’s then we notice that Bulldozer has shaved off his beard since the last time we’ve seen him as he then turns to Alice ] Bulldozer : Are you ready, Alice? Alice : Of course I am we did come here to get answers of who your attacker is didn’t we? Bulldozer : Hopefully Alice, hopefully and if we don’t then well I don’t know what i’ll do but what I do know is unlike me it won’t be pretty. [ Bulldozer then opens the car door and gets out as Alice does the same however Bulldozer patently waits and makes sure all other cars are empty before he proceeds to walk towards the locker room area as Alice follows him as they walk up to a locker room that reads Joshua Scott and then in a move that is very surprising Bulldozer kicks the door open to a very surprised Josh ] Bulldozer : Alright who on earth is it Josh! Oh and don’t play dumb with me because you know exactly who I am talking about who is my attacker because honestly i’m starting to get real sick of waiting to shaping them like a twig and honestly I don’t care who it is at this point. Also Josh i want to know why we are in a 4 way tag match to determine the number one contenders for the tag team championships when we should already be the number one contenders! [ As Bulldozer says this he smacks a water bottle off a nearby table which send it flying across the room landing next to a mirror that Bulldozer then takes the opportunity to admire himself in the reflection of as Alice walks up to Josh and slaps him in the face which leaves a bright red hand print on Josh’s cheek ] Alice : Now that was for not telling us before this point so go ahead and tell us Josh just who on earth is dumb enough to run Bulldozer over with a car and expect him not to retaliate. [ At this moment Gary Green walks into the locker room unaware of what has gone down in it when he also receives a slap to the face from Alice ] Alice : As for you Gary that’s for kidnapping Josh which you’re lucky I talked Bulldozer out of beating you senseless for now if you’ll excuse us Josh here has some explaining to either who ran over Bulldozer or why he hasn’t found them yet. [ Alice and Bulldozer then stand there waiting on Josh’s answer as Gary Green rubs his cheek which also now has a bright red hand print on it ]
  10. Taker vs HBK Wrestlemania 26
  11. I’ll never forget when Arrow legitimately thought that JFK ended slavery in America and was talking about it in the chat in Discord it was a great time.
  12. Well originally I planned to be a heroic babyface at the start however I quickly got bored of the idea when thinking of how I would make a promo for that kind of character however knowing me it might come around some day in the future
  13. Meant to put this at 275 but 276 is technically a higher number lol and again thanks to everyone for the rep I truly do appreciate it and hope I can make you all proud
  14. Hello and welcome to the forums glad to have you here and I would recommend taking a look at what Josh has said and if none of those interest you you can always chat about upcoming games, wrestling shows, sports games or basically anything and once again glad to have you on here and I hope you enjoy your time here

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