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  1. Definitely gonna need an episode on The Kingdom.
  2. Ok so I know this is by default but my favorite stable I’ve been in has definitely been SSW Club while we didn’t have much success in Kayfabe it was still really fun to do and helped not just me but a few others get better at Kayfabe and remains as one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in Kayfabe and is fun to look back on. Even if the promos back then make me think “ what was I thinking? “ so yeah that’s my peace on the subject.
  3. Hey so I made this the other day as a poster for Summersalm, overall I think it turned out pretty nice. And then here is what it was before I updated the figurehead.
  4. Toxik431


    We are live here on Friday night Valor as Glorious Domination after Austin mirage makes an unplanned appearance and is marching down to the ring clearly very upset. Austin Mirage then quickly rolls into the ring as he clearly is not interested in taking his time getting to the ring as he normally is as he raises the mic up to his lips as he goes to speak. Austin Mirage: OK cut the music because everyone else in this building I have something important to talk about, and that is that is what that waste of space Eric Shun did. Now see here at first I was upset at losing out on my endorsement with Mattel but I soon realized that is easily replaceable however what he did at King Of The Ring is unforgivable, know this Eric Shun you messed with my life so in the interest of fairness I am going to ruin yours and I am starting tonight so why don't you get yo. Austin Mirage would then be interrupted by Alice who then quickly comes out from the backstage area as she quickly gets into the ring with a mic in her hand and begins to speak. Alice: Austin, please just stop I know what your thinking I get that your hurt but please just stop this isn't needed, please just let it go forgive and forget. Austin Mirage: Forgive and forget? are you fucking serious Alice? You want me to just forgive Eric for the hell my life has been since King Of The Ring because of him and pretend like it never happened and that everything is just sunshine and rainbows? Alice, newsflash but this isn't some petty argument at recess, this is a deeply personal issue and you're damn right I'm hurt by what you did. Alice then begins to tear up as she weakly says " I'm sorry Austin, I'm so sorry " before going to give Mirage a hug but he then shoves her back and says " get off me " before he goes to speak again. Austin Mirage: You remember the last time I was cheated on and forgave them and carried on like nothing happened don't you Alice? Alice: She cheated on you again.... Austin Mirage: That's right she did it again, I was weak then, but not now and I'll be damned if I'm going to let that happen again Alice. Alice then breaks eye contact as she looks down now deeply regretting what she did as she begins to cry a bit now as she realizes just how much she hurt her boyfriend. Austin Mirage: Alice.... you want the truth? it's not just the being cheated on, it's because how loyal I've been to you for you to just so easily cheat on me like that after everything we've been through together, after all these months together. Your best friends were always trying to get me to cheat on you with them but every time I refused because I loved you and only you Alice. So that's why I have to do this Alice, that's why I have to beat Eric Shun within an inch of his life, because he has tried to ruin our relationship. Austin Mirage then turns towards the stage with a look of pure rage and anger on his face as he raises the mic to his lips one last time. Austin Mirage: So get your ass out here and fight me like a man because tonight I am going to kick your ass all over this arena! [ reply planned ]
  5. Hello everyone and today I will be bringing another belt review this time I'll be taking a look at the WWf World Championship from 1973-1983 so let's just hop right into this. Ok so let's begin with the main plate and honestly I kinda like this and for it's era I think it's super well done especially with the giant eagle across the main plate and the all gold design with the what I believe are sapphires on it as well overall, this belt is truly something special and I'd have to think that during it's time a lot of fans really liked this design. Next up is the side plates and to be honest they are very generic however I'm not gonna be as bothered by that on this belt given it's time and era as this was fairly uncommon for most belts I see from this time period. Now let's dissect the strap and I am actually kind of surprised it has a red strap and not the typical black strap here however I do think the black strap would work and look a better here however I will give credit where it's due as a red strap back then and even today is fairly uncommon. Overall I do like this design however it's really not one of my favorites but definitely looks a lot better than most titles I see from this era anyway let's go to the rating shall we, so I hereby give this belt my rating of...... 7.4/10 I hope you've all enjoyed and I want to thank you all for tuning in and as for my next belt review I'll be tackling the AEW World Championship so until then see you all next time.
  6. Always been a big fan of this video and song in general irl why I like the video so much I just do and it’s just always been one of my favorites.
  7. Really been liking Styles’ reign as IC champ ever since his match with Bryan he’s just been killing it more so than usual and it just shows that he is a very reliable champion and I see him s holding the title for a very long time and when he does drop it I have no doubt it’ll really help elevate whoever beats him as it should.
  8. Super excited for this event, I already know it’s gonna be great and everyone involved is absolutely gonna kill it and as always #WeAreValor
  9. Hello everyone and today I bring to you the newest installment of my game reviews and today I have game that I have sank countless hours into and one of my personal favorites to play that being Fallout 4 so let's jump right inro this shall we. So let's begin with the story here, so for starters you begin as a pre war vet getting ready for a speech unless you play as a female character in which case you're a lawyer who's retired I think, I actually haven't made many female characters so my knowledge isn't exact on this part however either way the great war kicks off with one of the first nukes hitting Boston where the game takes place and you're sent to the nearby vault 111 where you're frozen for 140 years until a man and a scientist come and kill your spouse and take your baby son Shaun then you're frozen for another 60 years before being set loose where you can just about anything you want however the main story will see you chasing after the people you stole your son but to avoid anymore spoilers I'll end it with this, there are 4 main factions you can join and therefore 4 main endings however you obviously can only have one ending which I think adds a lot to the replay value of the game. Now let's discuss the graphics and man does this game look great, while true games since it look a lot better that however that is partly due to the advance of technology and the game stills holds up quite well in this aspect imo and definitely fulfills the type of atmosphere they were going for. Alright now let's discuss the gameplay and there is a few different ways you can play, you can go in guns blazing with the no care for what happens, you can be stealthy and clear most enemies if not all without them ever knowing you were there, or you could ditch all guns entirely and go in with a melee fighting style where you get up close and personal even beating some of the game's most dangerous enemies with your bare hands, or even mix up these play styles however you wish, now I personally use a mix of stealth and guns blazing typically as a last resort but I also realize not everyone plays the game the same or has the same fun with other play styles and that's fine but I do encourage people to at least try out the other play styles as you might just enjoy it more than you thought you would. I think that's gonna do it for me here, Fallout 4 is a game I've sank countless hours into and was a game I was extremely excited for when it was announced and while it does have some DLCs only 3 are really woth discussing and only 2 of those really adds a lot of new stuff and maybe I'll cover those some other day but for now I'll end this off by saying Fallout 4 is one of my favorite games and is a game I go back to quite often and while there are games I like more than it that's not to say I don't have my own share of memories of it and I have no doubt I'll continue to play it for many more years to come.
  10. What's good everybody it's your boy Toxik here again with another belt review and today I'll be taking a look at the WCW US Tag Titles from 1986-1992 so without further ado let's put on our review glasses, pull out our notepads, and critique straight into this. Ok so for starters these belts where also part of the NWA and I guess later as part of WCW but regardless let's move on to the main plates. So in all honesty this isn't a bad main plate but it's not particularly great either just kind of somewhere in the middle with ig my favorite part being how the letters are in America's national colors but that's really about it for the main plate. Next up is the side plates and to be completely honest I really like these very simple but very effective as well and overall I just really like these. Time for the straps and while I do like the red straps here but I think I would've preferred the usual black straps here but to each their own I suppose I just think the black straps would've worked better here. Overall these are a decent design especially for the time they were made and used and while there are a few parts of this design I would change they certainly aren't the ugliest belts I've ever seen so now it's time for the official rating so without anymore delay I give these belts an official rating of...... 6.2/10 That is all for me here and I hope you all have enjoyed I plan to get another one of these out soon with the next title I'll be taking a look at is the WWF World title from 1978-1985 so until then thank you all for tuning in and have a great day.
  11. Playing a lot of video games and working on improving my contribution on here mostly but also taking the time to spend more time with my loved ones irl, even had a mini game tournament with some friends on NCAA.
  12. Toxik431


    Immediately after the United States Championship match we see Austin Mirage come into the backstage area after the match clearly angered by his loss tonight as he storms off past the interviewers and heads towards his locker room as we see a concerned Alice follow him into the locker room with the camera crew close behind stopping at the doorway as Mirage is seen throwing various objects around in a fit of rage while Alice tries to calm him down. Austin Mirage: This was my time to win that title damnit! but that bitch went out there and ruined it yet again. and if that loser Yelich hadn't got in my way I would've beat her! Alice: Hey, it's ok Austin, it was just one match You'll still the next United States Champion and plus you still have a lot of other stuff to look forward to. Austin Mirage: Maybe you're right, it's just tonight was supposed to be MY moment, the night where I finally became United States Champion, and maybe I just care too much. I could do with a break I guess, so how did the endorsement meeting go? Alice then breaks eye contact with Austin and turns away avoiding eye contact with him as he looks at her confused. [ reply planned ]
  13. I think having an emote first each of the brands ( yes even Evolve ) would be good to add as well as the rep and neg icons from the forums itself as emotes would also be a neat addition.
  14. What's going on everyone it's me your host with the most Toxik back again today with another Belt review and today I'll be taking a look at the X-Division Championship from the years of 2013-2015 so without further ado let's begins shall we. Alrighty so to begin with we'll start with the main plate as we normally do and while this title does admittedly share a similar design to what the WWE's IC title used to look like it's still different enough to not be " copy " of it imo however one criticism of this design that I do have is that the TNA logo is pretty small and can be fairly hard to see especially from a distance and while that's not the worst thing ever for a design it does kind of hinder it's design a bit all that aside however I do like this design and in all honesty when I first saw the original NXT Championship I instantly thought of this one as I did briefly watch TNA in 2013 and overall some good work here by TNA. Next let's discuss the side plates and in all honesty these are pretty basic and in all honesty I'm not that much of fan of these side plates and overall I feel they could've done a lot better here. Now let's discuss the strap and honestly that hit a home run here with this strap and while sure it would be interesting to see this belt with some different colored straps I can't really think of any that would be better or even as good as the black strap here. Lastly, overall I am a big fan of this title overall and the X-Division has always been one of my favorite aspects of TNA/Impact but without any further delay I give this title my official rating of...... 8.2/10 That will be all for me here and I hope you all have enjoyed and I hope you all tune in for the next installment of this series where I review the WCW US Tag titles.
  15. Toxik431


    So I unfortunately don’t have a picture of this but I was rewatching a super old series on YouTube earlier and at the outdo the guy I was watching mentioned the 5 star rating that the videos had before the like and dislike buttons and also referred to the subscribe button as yellow which just reminded me of the early days of YouTube and the as a whole and made me realize just how far everything has come since then and how much everything has changed just over the course of one decade and while I know 10 years is a very long time it just kinda took me by surprise how much everything has changed and in a way made me miss how everything used to be, another example is I miss going to the local Block Buster or movie store and renting a movie instead of heading to one of several Red Boxes so that’s some nostalgia things from me for now.
  16. Toxik431

    Secret Meeting

    A hidden camera backstage sees Austin Mirage and Alice walk into a room together as Alice appears to be getting her client ready for his title match Alice: Ok Austin tonight is the night, you got this, all you have to do is go out there and win the United States Championship and show everyone that you're a winner and the best wrestler in the world, be what you have always been, The Savior of BPZ. Austin Mirage: I know that Alice but don't worry Tonight I prove that I am not only a winner but also why I am the Savior's champion and why tonight I will become the new United States Champion, and I must say it is going to feel great to knock Sheridan off her high horse tonight after I tried my best to be respectful to her but she returned the favor with complete disrespect. Alice: I know you didn't like that nor did I but she isn't your only opponent tonight, you'll also have Yelich there. Austin Mirage: Ah yes Yelich, the Evolve General Manager, the Global Champion, one half of MAN Global, and a former North American champion, there is no doubt he'll come packing some tricks up his sleeve, who knows he might even try and use the Global Championship as a weapon but I'm not concerned with him tonight, Sheridan is the one with the momentum and is the one to watch out for of the two. Alice: And don't forget after tonight's King Of The Ring show, you have the endorsement meeting with Mattel to get started on how much your action figure deal. Austin Mirage: Ah right that's today as well, so you've gotten all the details worked out then? Alice: Not yet but it's close to being done I should have everything finalized by the time you get back from your match, then afterwards we can throw a celebration party for your big win, maybe get some high quality champagne. Austin Mirage: Alright, sounds like a plan but Alice you know I don't drink but I do know of some other ways we can celebrate the win. Alice: Oh do you now? Well in that case I look forward to finding out what you have in mind. Austin Mirage: Oh believe me I know that you'll love it, but that's for later for now I need to go out there and win the United States Championship. Alice: Yeah, you go out there and them what a real champion is like. Austin Mirage then kisses Alice goodbye before putting the Savior's Championship around his waist and walking off as Eric Shun is seen walking around in the background as the theme song of Austin Mirage begins to play for his match.
  17. Hello everyone so I've had thsi post in mind for bout a month now and I wanted to talk about my all time favorite wrestler The Undertaker by and make a love letter of sorts to his legacy and a way to thank him for everything he's done for the business and for all the memories he has given me so I guess I'll start with when I first became a wrestling fan which was the ruthless aggression era where imo both Undertaker and WWE as whole where in their primes and while don't remember every single thing he did during that time I do vaguely remember the first time I saw and I instantly knew that " Ok this guy is special " just from the aura he has and always really has had and to me he always felt like he was the top guy in the company no matter who the champs were and when he was world champ I felt like no one could beat him. Next I wanna talk some of the feuds of his that I remember, so let's start with the Kane feud and while there was many of these they all always felt like one of the most personal feuds going on and showcased just how well both guys work together, next up I wanna talk about his feuds with HBK and yes that match Undertaker vs HBK at Mania and this match was truly something special and I was a major DX fan at the time and I was so conflicted because I didn't want the streak to end but I also didn't want HBK to be retired and they went out and put on what imo is the best match of all time and at the end I instantly jumped out of my seat excited Taker's streak was intact but then it hit me like a semi truck and I dropped to my knees and for one of the very few times in my life and the first of two times watching wrestling I cried as one of my favorites in the company was gone, my favorite tag team was gone, and say what you will about the HHH matxhes that followed but I also greatly enjoyed those but nothing since that match has compared to this one for me and I honestly doubt anything ever will however there was something that became a close second and that was the night the streak died at Wrestlemania 30 when Brock Lesnar beat Taker at Mania just everything from Heyman's reaction to the reaction the crowd but for me it felt like time itself had stopped as even it was shocked by what had just happened and both of which are moments that I will never forget. And now to prevent this post from being too long even though I could probably go on for at least another hour I'll end it off here and I would very much like to see everyone's replies and thoughts on this post as I hope this can be this community's thank you to Undertaker who is truly one of the all time best imo, so thank you Taker and enjoy a long and happy retirement because you absolutely deserve one.
  18. Hello everyone it's Toxik here with a new episode of my belt review and today I will be reviewing the GFW Women's Championship so let's get right into it shall we. So let's start with the main plate as per usual and honestly I really like this design and I really like the bird's head near the top and overall this design is really nice in my honest opinion so really good job here to GFW only issue I have is the lack of a nameplate. Next up let's take a look at the side plates now and again I really like these they're really simple but great and while I would usually prefer something more original but there's just something I just love about these side plates. Now let's move on to the strap and the black strap works here as it typically does however and maybe I'm just used to WWE having their women's titles having a white strap but I would've preferred this title to have a white strap or at least a variant of it with a white strap but oh well the belt still looks really good without one. Lastly the conclusion and overall I really like this design and while it's far from my favorite title designs ever it is still really nice to me and certainly could've been a lot worse but also could've been better in some areas but not every design is going to be perfect so without anymore delay let's get to the official rating, I give this belt a rating of....... 7.4/10 That will do it for me I hope you all have enjoyed and I hope to get out the review of the next title which will be the 2012-2015 X-Division Championship.
  19. Toxik431

    Breaking Point?

    Not true, I know I'm not the first to make a unofficial title however that's not what this was about, this promo was about showcasing my character's obsession with being a winner and a champion therefore this is to help add to that and progress that story and this title will serve it's purpose, now with that said this title will be a factor of that story arc and once the story arc is done then so will this title, also I will mention I already have the end goal of this story arc planned out, so with that all squared away thanks for reading the promo.
  20. Ok so firstly I love New Day and everything they stand for but please Vince just put the belts on Cesaro and Nakamura both of them need it more than New day imo as they've recently just been lackeys to a coward heel and both are so much better than that and I think them dominating Smack down's tag division right now is the right call for them.
  21. Should he be in the title picture? yes absolutely It's Randy Orton for crying out loud ofc he should be in the title picture now with that said should he be the champ? no probably not however if he was to win the title then that's not really all that bad as he can still go and is still a full time worker and is one of the biggest names WWE has and i dare say is one of the biggest and best names they ever have had an ever will which is saying quite a lot when you think about the people that have competed in WWE so losing the title to him wouldn't be anything to be ashamed of kayfabe wise as he is one of the most accomplished guys to ever lace up a pair of boots that said I personally wouldn't put the belt on him unless it was to really put some young star over as a new top star and right now there is only one person I would do that with which is Aleister Blackwho you can also just as easily have beat Drew.
  22. messed around the other day and made these, I know they aren't great but I like to think i've gotten better at making graphics
  23. Toxik431

    Breaking Point?

    We are live here on Valor as the titantron shows a picture of Austin Mirage standing in front of a red curtain with his name in gold next to him. As the titantron cuts to a camera crew pulling up to the home of Austin Mirage as one is overheard saying " Man i hate coming here, the guy creeps me out " with another replying with " Yeah i get what you mean, but I also feel bad for him he clearly needs a break " but the crew heads on in anyway knocking on the door as Austin is heard on the other side telling them to come in as the door slowly opens and the crew walks into the expansive living room of Austin Mirage who is sitting on his couch just like he was the last time we saw him but this time there is something in a thick black cloth on the table as Austin looks up at the camera crew and speaks. Austin Mirage: It's time, it's finally time to unveil my most prized possession. Austin stands up with a huge smile coming across his face as he grabs at the black cloth as there is clearly something underneath it that he cares a lot about as we see Alice looking on from the background as Austin pulls off the cloth as he shouts " Behold! " as we see a championship belt as he goes to speak again. Austin Mirage: Behold my masterpiece, my magnum opus, my Mona Lisa, The Savior's Championship! This shall prove that I am a winner, that I am a champion, that I am the best. Alice then walks over and apologizes to the camera crew as she tells them she nneds to speak to her client about a business matter as she pulls him off to the hallway as half the camera crew focus on this championship belt as the other half record Austin and Alice from a distance where Alice begins to talk to Austin. Alice: Austin, look I think it's best if you just take a break from BPZ, because I can see just how much your recent streak is effecting you and honestly it's not good for your mental health. Austin Mirage: I thank you for your concern Alice, but I know this is exactly what I need to do. Alice: Look I am not saying this as your manager, I'm saying this as your friend, you don't need the United States Championship or this Savior's Championship right now, what you need right now is a break and to clear your head, afterall we both know what happened the last time you let your losses get to you..... Austin mirage: I know that Alice I went on and on about having my third eye opened but I also know that you went to great lengths to support me when you could've easily left and forgot about me and for that I sincerely thank you, but that also lead to us saving Alexander. Alice then is visibly getting quite annoyed with Austin as she quickly fires back in a slightly tone. Alice: Yeah that's true and he has been a good friend to you but just what in the Hell are doing with this Savior's Championship? Alice then calms down and collects herself as Austin goes to answer but gets cut off by Alice who clearly isn't done arguing with Austin. Alice: This better not just be some way for you to feel good about yourself Austin because if it is I will cancel all of your meetings and getting you a shrink. Austin is then taken back for a moment by what Alice has just said but instead of getting angry with her he simply nods his head in agreement before he goes to speak one last time. Austin Mirage: Don't worry Alice, I'll showcase that I am a winner. Austin then walks off down the hallway towards his office as Alice comes and tells the camera crew that she is sorry but her client will no longer be part of this segment as they understand and leave the home as the titantron returns to nromal and Valor continues rolling on ahead.

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