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  1. Alright In no particular order here I go Storm, Mecko, Bob, Steph, Alex
  2. This would be absolutely devastating for RAW however would be massive gets for NXT and I have no doubt even just one of the aforementioned names would create a massive ratings spike for NXT however the question does quickly become is it worth it and with either KO or Asuka I say no however there is one name I think wouldn’t damage the Main Roster that much and would be huge for NXT and that is Samoa Joe as he is already a two time NXT champion and therefore is established as a big name for NXT as well as a former dusty classic winner alongside Finn Balor so turning Joe heel where he honestly performs best and forming a more long term team with Finn would also be a massive help for NXT and could line both men up for a NXT tag team championship run.
  3. Steve Austin Taker Owen Rock Steve Blackman Brian Christopher Cactus Jack New Age Outlaws bonus Light Heavyweight Championship match HBK 1
  4. The lights in the Staples Center go out as the titantron pans around the home of Mirage deemed Mirage’s Playhouse by Mirage himself as we hear the sound of a Piano being played as the camera eventually locates the source of the piano music as we see Alice playing the piano as Mirage walks into view mumbling to himself before he notices the camera crew. Ah welcome come on in, I have much to tell you and my friends within the BPZ Universe, through my Third Eye i have seen the past and the future I have even seen Jack Bishop in a past life where he was great and proud warrior prince where he lead his troops into battle however he was far from noble and treated his men poorly thus resulting in him being all alone on the battle field with another warrior me from a past life, oh was the battle long and great but never the less he eventually fell in battle thus ending the first of our many battles across our past lives.Mirage then walks into another room as the cameras follow him to reveal a cut out of Jack Bishop as Mirage stares at it wide eyed before beginning to speak once more while still staring at the cut out. Oh Jack, my long time rival worry not for this shall not be the last of our legendary battles, no far from this is only the next chapter in our feud of the ages however this shall be like all the others with us both leaving our all on the field of battle with only the one with the superior willpower being victorious. Mirage then grabs a knife and slams it into cutout of Jack Bishop as he repeatedly stabs the cut out before kicking it down to the floor and dropping the knife to the floor before glaring into the camera. Jack Bishop my old rival prepare yourself for you once more face deletion. The video then ends and the lights return to normal once more as the ominous message from Mirage is still felt throughout the arena as it becomes clear BPZ will soon have a battle to remember forever.
  5. Congrats Bart definitely have earned it and I can safely say out of everyone in the mod team you were always at the top of all of them that should get Admin and I’m glad you did and I truly see this only being a positive thing for the forums and this community.
  6. Name - Alice picture - Asuka birth date - January 2nd 1992 gender - female race - Asian natioanlty - Japanese Languages - Japanese ( fluent ) English ( passable ) works in - Japan, USA, UK body type - toned size - middleweight minimum size - middleweight maximum size - light heavyweight Moveset - Asuka face/heel - face default gimmicks - Legit competitor ( face ), crazy ( heel ) finisher - dragon sleeper, Super kick style - technician Mask/hair - no mask, blonde Relationship - dating Mirage dojo - Zero - 1 other roles - none personality - regular backstory - Alice grew up as a fan of wrestling but never really considered being a wrestler herself until one day she went to a wrestling show and was amazed at the performance of Mirage who she met after the show and the too then became fast friends with Mirage eventually paying for her training at the Zero - 1 dojo shortly after the pair began dating with Mirage helping her learn the English language, now the pair look to become a power couple in the world of wrestling.
  7. Simba takes this for me easy partly because Lion King is my favorite movie ever but also because I just find his story to be really good and it’s always been a story I’ve enjoyed throughout my life.
  8. Ted Andre British Bulldogs Bruno Wendi Hart Foundation Randy Savage bonus Savage Snuka
  9. Match - Arius vs Kenji Event - whenever they faced for the NA match song - your choosing
  10. Just reached 650 rep thank to everyone who has repped my posts I truly do appreciate it and I hope to keep bringing quality posts to you all
  11. Hello everyone I am back and am here to bring you the results January in the sim. SSW TPW ACW Twitch BPZ And there you have it everyone all of the champions for the month of January in the sim, I hope to see what you all think either here or over on Discord.
  12. Really good idea Maasa this will be especially helpful for newer members I feel like, so with that out of the way if you haven’t already would you mind reviewing my new promo with Owen’s reply which you can find here which if you have then I guess just ignore this part.
  13. Hello everyone today I am starting a new TEW diary that is a sim diary however it will be of the BPZ vs Twitch mod as you could most likely tell from the title and I plan to update this diary fairly frequently I'll probably update it by every in game month anyway i hope you all come to enjoy and I'm hoping to have the first set of results out either today or tomorrow,
  14. I’m not only in but I am in it to win it baby
  15. No just plain and simple as great as him winning the title was it’ll only happen once as a few others have pointed out Kofi winning the WWE championship at Mania was simply for the moment however that isn’t to say his short run with the belt was bad quite the opposite in fact it was very good and he consistently had good matches during his reign but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and his run with the belt is not an exception. Now with that said will he still be successful? Absolutely he’s in one of the best and most over tag teams in the company and is a very credible threat to both IC and US and could do great work with either belt.
  16. Men’s - Finn Balor, Roman Reigns, Owens, Seth Rollins Women’s - Shayna, Sasha, Ronda, Charlotte
  17. titantron cuts on as the lights in the arena quickly cut out leaving only Mirage. Hello everyone, I have a very special message for you all one in regards to one mister Jack Bishop, You see he wants you all to believe he works to expose the lies within BPZ so what does he do to? NOTHING that's right he does nothing to fight these lies but what he actually does is spread his own and for this he must be punished with….. Deletion. Mirage then holds up a picture of Jack Bishop while he stares at it with a look of complete anger before he rips it to pieces So Jack Bishop you want to lie to my friends?! Want to lie attempt to lead them away from opening their third eye?! Well then Jack not only will I render you Obsolete, not only will I delete you but I will also open your third eye…. Then you’ll finally actually see the lies within BPZ however until then Jack you’re blinded by not only yourself but also by the management you follow like a dog follows their master. Mirage then looks at the floor laughing before coming to a sudden stop as there is an eerie silence for a few seconds before his eyes dart back towards the camera as he appears to be even more deranged than usual. So jack Bishop i hereby formally invite you to a war with me, a war you shall not win because rest assured we will not enter this war as equals. Why? You may ask yourself well the answer is simple Jack, I'm smarter than you, faster than you, and most importantly I fight for my friends where as you fight for only yourself which is why should you accept my invitation you shall be deleted. Mirage then starts swinging his arm sideways while screaming delete before the video ends and the lights in the arena return to normal.
  18. Texans 10 - Chiefs 35 titans 7 - ravens 21 Seahwaks 14 - Packers 35 49ers 21 - Vikings 3
  19. Name - Austin Mirage age - 22 nationality - American height - 6’1 weight - 200 wingspan - 75.6 looks - White, blue eyes, full beard strong suit - shooting secondary suit - playmaking third suit - finishing postion- PG/SG
  20. I actually find this very weird I would have thought that the two companies would be very friendly if anything given quite a few of the top/key guys in AEW have ties to NJPW and Omega especially being good friends with Kota Ibushi, however I still see a deal emerging between the two with NJPW wanting to expand into the US.
  21. This is fairly interesting although the main question I have from this is what exactly did he do or rather is being accused of doing however judging from the line “ safety for our fans “ it makes me believe it’s something that endangered the fans or made them uncomfortable perhaps unwanted advances towards them? Either way I doubt that anyone will hire him for a while with law enforcement being involved but if anyone does it could be tough for him to comeback from this depending on what it is although one thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is him going to NXT and teaming with Drew.
  22. I love JR but I heavily disagree because of what JR said actually pro wrestling is a performance art not an actual athletic competition so it would offer no advantage like it would in the NFL or UFC I also believe you don’t need to be ripped to be a star at least not anymore and imo the days of big ripped men being the focus is long over so in summary the way I see it is steroids would only bring negative effects to the wrestler’s long term health.
  23. The original Teen Titans on Cartoon Network I absolutely loved this show as a kid and have since gone back and watched some of the episodes a few years ago and they were just as good if not better than I remembered them being and I while I do enjoy the GO reboot I do still much prefer the original series and would love to have it back some day.
  24. A ton of great options and with these kind of discussion I really don’t see any wrong answer especially not out of the ones listed here so far but I personally have to agree with Bart on this that The Shield had the best debut of the decade just died to the impact of it and how unpredictable it was although a very close second for me was Styles’ as I had heard the rumors he signed with WWE but never believed them just because of who it was so when he showed up at Rumble I freaked out and is one of my fondest memories as a wrestling fan.
  25. As stated by many here a likely option is Roman which is kind of believable and would be a nice story but imo the best option is down in NXT rn and that being Finn Balor as the Demon with him winning the Royal Rumble and opting to face Fiend at Mania for the Universal tittle and winning to not only avenge his loss to Fiend at SS but also finally win back the title he never lost in the first place.

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