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  1. Tuesday, October 28th SSW Live Main Event Mirage vs Vinci First out comes Mirage as the crowd erupts into cheers as Mirage comes out into the stage and walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring and poses on the top rope while he waits for Vinci to arrive Now here comes Vinci as he walks down to the ring clearly annoyed he is in this match on such short notice as the crowd shower him with boos as he gets into the ring and stares down Mirage as the ref signals for the bell to start this match. Both men then lock up as Vinci quickly takes control of this match as he puts Mirage in a side headlock wrestling him down to the mat however Mirage is able to counter with a roll through putting both men on their knees staring each other down clearly waiting for the other to make a move as they both rise to their feet. However it’s Mirage who jumps first as he goes for a hurricrana however it’s countered into a massive power bomb as Vinci rolls him back over on his knees and locks him in a north south choke and as Mirage is struggling to escape however due to Vinci’s technical prowess the more Mirage struggles the more locked in the hold becomes as Vinci is proving why he’s the SSW World champion. Now Vinci bringing Mirage back up to his feet while still having hold of his head and neck as he goes to transition into a swinging neck breaker however Mirage is able to use the momentum of the swing to transition into a full spin and grab Vinci’s head and plant him with a massive DDT as he lays on the ground catching his breath as Vinci is rocked from the sudden DDT planting him right onto his face. Now as both men once again rise to their feet Mirage nails Vinci with a knee strike to the gut making him stumble back towards the rope as Mirage clotheslines him over the top as the crowd start cheering for him as they can feel this match is starting to swing in his favor and this fires Mirage up as he runs off the ropes and jumps over the top with a picture perfect moonsault and he lands it perfectly onto Vinci! Now the crowd is going absolutely crazy and they start chanting “ SSW “ as Mirage with the adrenaline pumping through him kicks up to his feet and is fired up as this entire sold out crowd is cheering him on towards victory as he can be heard screaming “ Let’s Go “ as he quickly picks Vinci back up and tosses him back into the ring as Mirage rolls back in and quickly locks in the Beauty Lock on Vinci has this looks like it could be it for Vinci as the crowd is absolutely electric with cheers as they’re still chanting “ SSW “. Now this is much like earlier in the match when Vinci has Mirage by the throat as he was choking him out now the roles are reversed with Mirage choking out Vinci and if Vinci can’t find a way out soon Mirage will claim victory and a successful return to SSW however Vinci does manage to get back up to his feet with Mirage on his back still with the Beauty Lock locked in as he clearly refuses to let go but Vinci manages to grab hold of Mirage and sling him off of him with a brutal snapmare. Now Vinci takes several steps back towards the ropes as he catches his breath but sees Mirage getting back up to one knee leading Vinci to charge at Mirage and nail a perfectly executed Swinging neck breaker while Mirage is on one knee! Now Vinci screams “ it’s over “ before picking Mirage up and slapping him in the face before setting him up for the forced progression however Mirage manages to counter it into a flash roll up pin attempt 1….2….3 Mirage has done it he has overcame Vinci. However Vinci is none to pleased and attacks Mirage from behind after the match dropping Mirage to the mat but Vinci quickly picks him back up and nails him perfectly and brutally with a Forced Progression before getting out of the ring to grab the SSW World Championship before getting back in the ring and standing over Mirage holding the title high up into the air.
  2. Tuesday, October 28th Commentary team: Hello everyone and welcome to SSW Live where we promise to bring you a plenty of memorable moments you won’t ever forget. Oh and just as we told you here is the reigning SSW World champion Vinci. Vinci: Listen up you maggots I’m not here to entertain you so if you’ve come here expecting that from me then you might as well go back to your run down home and your run down lives because I’m here for one person only and that’s myself! As a matter of fact there’s not a single person backstage who can lace my boots. [ Vinci would then be interrupted by none other than Archangel coming out on stage ] Archangel: Well someone sure is very confident in themselves but here’s the thing Vinci you don’t call the shots around here, I do, so with that in mind in tonight’s main event you’re gonna face someone of my choosing and as to who that will be…. Well I’ll let them talk to you themselves. [ Archangel would then step off to this side with a smile on his face as the crowd then erupts into cheers as the Titantron changes to the superstar’s entrance video and their theme song blast throughout the arena as Mirage steps out onto stage ] Mirage: Hello ladies and gentlemen first off I must say it’s wonderful to be back home in SSW! [ The crowd erupt into cheers and chant “ Bulldozer “ before those chants slowly fade out and chants of “ SSW “ take their place ] Mirage: Ah man that feels great but there’s been some changes in my life since I last stepped foot here one of which is my ring name I now go by Mirage, however there is one thing that hasn’t changed in that time and that’s my love for this company. Now with that all being said it’s time I talk about that uggo in the ring, Vinci listen up because I’m not gonna repeat myself, I am your opponent tonight in the main event but don’t worry it’s only a non title so you won’t lose the title tonight but once I beat you I will become the number one contender to that title and I’ll beat you for it at SSW Takeover : Boston, So Vinci enjoy the belt while you have it because just like I did last time I won that championship I’m gonna beat you for it only this time I’ll have the support of all of these wonderful people when I do it. [ Mirage then shakes Archangel’s hand as he is clearly welcomed back with open arms as he smiles and bows to the crowd before walking backstage ]
  3. Name - Austin nickname - Toxik age - 22 appearance - small/athletic do they conceal their identity? - yes with a helmet powers - can inject venomous toxins into people via breathing poisonous gas, shooting poisonous liquids from his hands, and can send the poison through the ground to reach his target via stealth. background - grew up as any normal child did but one day while at work was infected with radiation from a nearby nuclear power plant that has effected his mind and granted him super powers turning him insane as he killed all of his co workers before pursuing a life of crime and now only lives to strike fear into the heart of humanity with the side goal of get rich while doing it however fear is his primary goal and will do anything to achieve it. Alliance - villain, typically by himself but does work with other criminals on occasion typically his own henchmen but is open to doing jobs for criminal organizations.
  4. BPZ Star contract up It was reported this morning that Mirage’s contract with BPZ was up following the Halloween Havoc event and according to the report Mirage has not resigned with BPZ and has instead resigned with his old company SSW and will now be appearing there once again Mirage had this to say. “ It’s been a blast competing at BPZ and while I love all of the fans there and made plenty of new friends there I just had the desire to return to my home away from home and that’s SSW however this doesn’t mean I won’t ever return to BPZ as I’m always willing to do business with them again in the future and they know my departure is simply business and I wish them all the best of luck for them. “ Now For those that are unaware this is major news for SSW as Mirage formerly known as Bulldozer is a former SSW World Heavyweight champion and is a fairy big name in their home region of New England the question remains however if he will see another run as World Champ there as despite never winning a match at BPZ it has seen a rise to his overall popularity.
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen it’s your favorite belt reviewer of the forums Toxik here with yet another fantastic belt review today I will be taking a look at the ROH World championship. So as always let’s get started with the main plate, and it’s actually very good really love all of the detail on it and it’s a very good design especially with how much the ROH logo sticks out. Next up as is tradition it’s the side plates and while it has two sets of differing side plates they do seem fairly basic and generic and could use a redesign in my honest opinion. Now lastly is the strap which is your normal black strap not much to say here other than as with most titles it’s works very well. That ladies and gentlemen brings us to the grand finale the overall rating for this title is..... 7/10
  6. So I as I’m sure we all know by now this year’s showcase mode is based off the four horse women going over their rise all the way from NXT to today’s time so with that said I say we get to talking about it. I for one think it’s great that they have gotten this showcase and I feel they have definitely earned it.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Wrestlemania 36 and it is time for our opening match between Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk and here comes the first man now. As CM Punk marches down to the ring the crowd is going insane since this is his first match back since coming back to WWE, but now here comes his opponent. Once again the crowd goes absolutely mental as this is also this man’s first match in WWE in years now as both men are in the ring staring each other down as the bell rings to start this one as Stone Cold walks up and holds out his hand to shake CM Punk’s hand which Punk accepts however this was all a ruse as Stone Cold pulls him into a Stone Cold Stunner to start this match and quickly goes for the pin 1...2…NO Punk kicks out but what a way to start this match Now Steve picks Punk up but Punk quickly scopes Steve up onto his shoulders and nails the GTS and falls into the cover 1….2….NO now it’s Steve Austin’s turn to kick out of a surprise finishing move as we aren’t even a minute into this match and both men have already hit their best shots as both men stare at each other in disbelief as the crowd isn’t holding back any cheers. Both men then roll out of the ring and grab weapons as we seemed to have forgotten to mention this is a no Disqualification match as Punk grabs a kendo stick and Steve Austin grabs a steel chair as both men get into ring again and Punk swings first but Steve Austin blocks the kendo stick with his chair knocking the kendo stick out of CM Punk’s hand as he then swings it at Punk’s head but he dodges but only barely and then grabs the kendo stick again and nails Steve Austin in the back with it as he drops the chair and falls to the mat in pain as Punk drops his weapon before placing Steve Austin’s head inside the chair then locks in the Anaconda Vice while Steve Austin’s head is inside the chair!!! While Steve Austin refuses to tap out he does eventually pass out meaning CM Punk is your winner. [ I know this was supposed to be Styles vs Gargano but to be honest I forgot to come up with spots for it so I made this in the meantime I hope you guys don’t mind ]
  8. Young BPZ Star appearing on TV Show? As of 8:37 AM this morning it was reported that young up and comer BPZ wrestler Mirage auditioned for and got a role in the upcoming season of the hit show Power Rangers which is rumored to be a continuation of the Lost Galaxy season it is currently unclear at this time which role he got however he had this to say about it. “ It’s truly an honor to have even auditioned for this role much less getting it especially for myself personally as I grew up as a massive fan of the show and many of my fondest memories of my childhood involve the Power Rangers franchise and I am very much looking forward to getting started with this project and I can promise all of the Power Rangers fans out there that I will give it my all for every episode I am in and that for me this is nothing short of a dream come true. “ It is currently also unclear how this will impact his BPZ schedule however it is believed that this has already been discussed and that a majority of filming he will be needed for will be during the day time however fans of BPZ and Mirage don’t need to worry about him being absent quite yet as production is rumored to only start sometime in January of 2020 however we here at Going In BPZ promise to bring you all any and all updates to this story.
  9. Don’t really watch/listen to too many podcasts so I don’t have that much love for this but I might watch/listen to it occasionally and for the fans that do on a regular basis this is great news.
  10. I gotta go with Arius while other guys such as Bic are very creative as well Arius is just always taking it to another level with seemingly each and every post with the most recent example being the Carnage recap for Kayfabe which showcases not only his creative genius but also how much work and effort he puts into all of his work.
  11. Title says it all very clearly with all the news and rumors over the years since he left the company and especially recent news of both Triple H and CM Punk saying they’re both open to CM Punk returning to WWE it does obviously raise the question of how will he be booked if he were to return right now so that’s what I ask you all how would you book a newly signed back to WWE CM Punk?
  12. Going In BPZ predicts Halloween Havoc NXT championship Amai ( c ) vs “ The Tiger “ Mecko vs Epic vs Steph Carwin { Vs Raven if included } - This is actually very interesting as until recently it was very much up in the air as to who would walk away with the win with half the fan base saying the current champ retains and the other half saying Mecko would get a big push from the gate however that has all changed with rumors of Raven joining the match and if true it has to be beloved that he’ll break the record for most NXT championship reigns. United State championship Mikey ( c ) vs Mirage vs Alex Costa vs Aidanator vs Buddy Ace - Have to say Mikey walks out still the champion he has been on fire as of late and it seems management has really gotten behind him with quickly being deemed too good for the NXT division after his NXT championship win then went on to win the US title shortly afterwards ending the reign of Hans Clayton who is one of the best young stars on the roster. Premium championship Gunner Flynn ( c ) vs No Way Arrow vs Hollow vs Kieron Black - Have to go with the newly dubbed Gunner Flynn the current Premium champion purely because he has really been great as of late and I don’t see why he would drop the title here especially not with his upcoming match against the current Undisputed champion Jeremiah Flynn as it was recently revealed they’re brothers. Julius vs Gillman - This match has to be one of the easiest matches to predict on the card with Julius walking away the winner as let’s be honest he’s currently one the biggest names on the active roster and it would be a bad choice using him to put over Gillman as Julius has more to lose from this than Gillman has to gain. Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson - now this match is fairly close and up in the air as to who can win it since both man could do a lot with this win but also a loss here can hurt both men a lot so this match ultimately boils down to who management trusts more and while you can make an argument for both men in that regard I think Jason Ryan walks out the winner of this match. BPZ World Heavyweight Championship B.I.C vs Joshua Scott - Now this is a very interesting match and has a very good build to it and while a win here could catapult Joshua Scott into super stardom and could possibly run very far with this win I think B.I.C wins here and becomes a two time World champion in an effort to establish him as one of the top names in the entire company which in his own way already is but a win here only help him solidify that and helps whoever takes the title from him more so than beating Joshua Scott would. Intercontinental Championship Eli Smith ( c ) vs Hans Clayton vs Arius vs FDS vs Prince vs Sameer - Now this is a main event match all men in this match are truly great at wrestling and all could do very well with the championship win here however I think this match boils down to race between three men those being the champion Eli Smith who’s been white hot since his return, Arius who’s been on fire his entire BPZ career and is always seen as a very safe bet, and Hans Clayton who’s one of the best young stars in the entire company, now with that being said I personally feel like any of three previously mentioned men have great odds of winning and all of them can do great work with a title win however I feel like it’s still too soon to have Eli Smith drop the title especially after his first loss since his return being as recent as it was that a loss here while wouldn’t completely stop his momentum it would slow it down very significantly and would hurt his image more than anyone else’s in the match however either Arius or Hans Clayton are great replacements to become the new Intercontinental champion and both have oh so much to gain from this win however I do believe they both will become intercontinental champions but just not from this match but who knows one of them could win the title in one month’s time.
  13. Yeah I would definitely have to say Bic deserves a lot more title wins than what he currently has with how much work he puts in I mean he as of the moment I write this is only a 1 time world champ and while that is very good in itself when you look at some of the other guys in world it soon becomes not as impressive and I think he definitely deserves the right to have more success than he does on the forums
  14. Toxik431

    BPZ Recap

    Holy god this is just incredible just wow the amount of work that had to go into this is absolutely insane and to do it as well as it was done is even more shocking just absolutely fantastic work yet again truly one of the best members of the entire forums
  15. Cor von MVP’s Nitro Chavo Broken Hardy’s Punk
  16. Made this one for @Meko750 (Raven)
  17. Title explains it all very all if you want me to make you a sig please say so here and tell me which render you want and even which colors you would like and I’ll do my best. Here is an example of one that was intended as a Discord pfp but ended up being too big for that
  18. This is heartbreaking it truly is as he’s one of the most entertaining guys in all of wrestling imo and is obviously a very popular guy for him I wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery
  19. Name - Austin nickname - Holy Knight Height - 5’4 ( wears a blessed armor that can change his height ) weight - 200 lbs build - athletic appearance - Blackish hair, sky blue eyes, full grown beard power - master of any weapon how does prefer his claymore sword that is mysteriously able to cut through nearly anything however is surprisingly ineffective against anything considered a holy artifact or draws power from a holy artifact although if damaged the sword can be magically repaired by either being dipped in holy water or a prayer from one with true faith, also has a suit of armor ( posted picture above ) that appeares around him in a instant with a bright light that blinds all around him for a few seconds that also allows him to make up for his rather small height and change his height to any height he desires however as someone who prefers a fair fight he normally uses this to make up for a size disadvantage and put himself at an even height of his foe. general backstory - Austin grew up not having much however the few things he did have he cherished greatly the most important being a bible he found years ago that no matter who tried to steal it from him he always somehow got it back until one day he learned why this was as this bible had been blessed by god, now Austin has always been faithful to the Christian church however this only strengthened his faith further eventually granting him access to holy blade and set of armor known only as the blade of God and the armor of God respectively and ever since then he has gone by the nickname the Holy Knight and fought against criminals in an attempt to bring hope to the hopeless. allegiance - vigilante preferred last words - “ Even though I walk through the valley of the shadows of death I fear no evil “
  20. Name - Mirage gender - male super power - super speed and intelligence with speeds so fast they appear as teleportation and is able to know what someone is thinking by watching their body language to near perfection with this talent only being fooled by those so insane not even they know what they’re thinking also is able to copy any form close range combat just by seeing it once. Backstory - Mirage grew up in Alabama living a humble life where he was always very protective and willing to die in order to protect his loved ones even getting engaged with his high school sweetheart who was killed by the leader of a gang the day before their wedding leading Mirage to fall into a state of grief and anger as he then decided to get revenge on the gang that killed his lover as he traveled to Japan to train where he discovered his gift for learning close range combat breaking several mixed martial arts records for time mastering them however this was not enough for him as he then sought training from a hidden village of ninjas who trained him further to be a ruthless killing machine in exchange for executing a rival ninja village which he would go on to do however the tricky part would be that in order to get to the rival village he would have to travel through Hiroshima which he hesitantly did however instead of this leading to a type of cancer it only enhanced his ability as someone who already had been fast on his feet it now made his speed too fast to even see as he would use the rest of his journey to the rival village mastering this new speed before arriving at his destination and slaughtering the entire village before bringing the news to the village that trained him and finally went home to finally seek revenge which he quickly did as upon finding the gang that killed his lover he killed them all in a 2 and a half minutes as well as tortured the leader however once the news of this came out he knew he must leave his childhood home for the safety of his loved ones so he did and has now arrived in this new city trying to start over however has no problem taking the law into his own hands yet again. alingment - mostly anti-hero if possible however does try to stay morally correct but will also clash with other heroes if he feels what they’re doing is wrong and is able to snap and go evil while still viewing himself as the hero if need be. other info - tends to work alone but will team up others if a threat warrants it, obtains any and all information available about anyone he views as a threat including all super powered people no matter the alignment, and is prepared to kill at all times, always has at least 5 Kunai knives on him within an arms reach, typically has a katana with him, also carries shutikens and most other ninja weapons on him, will always try to help “ the little man “ aka helping those less fortunate, and especially hates gangs and goes out his way to kill them.
  21. Made this last night as a form of merch for my kayfabe character it’s a bit basic I’ll admit but I still like it overall.
  22. Name - Austin Mirage appearance - White, sky blue eyes, mostly black with a hint of brown hair, full grown beard backstory - Grew up idolizing the armed forces and was amongst the first to sign up into the army. personality - Comedic but serious when needs to be quote - “ The difference between us and the enemy is we don’t lose “ War I’m fighting in - World War 2/ American
  23. Smith The kingdom The Kingdom ( again ) Arius Bart

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