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  1. This has actually already happened and I quite enjoyed it. Now as for a suggestion of my own...... Well I have a few, one is a SSW Club battle royal featuring Josh, Meko, Mave, Maasa, Epic, and myself as I think that would just be a fun lil side match on a card. As for the other one I would like to see a Creed fatal four way consisting of Bart, Julius, Smith, and Sameer.
  2. Ok so as some of you may know by now I am a huge fan of learning about various different mythologies with my personal favorite to learn about being Greek but I also enjoy learning about Roman, Japanese, Norse, and recently Hawaiian so it got me to thinking what kind of mythologies do you guys like learning about so here I am making this post and I hope we can share our love of all these different kinds of mythological tales even if it's only just one story from one of them and I also hope this thread can help us learn about others we might not have learned about otherwise.
  3. For me personally this one takes the cake for me as it in some ways has perfected what a Spider-Man game should be and even beyond that what a super hero game should be now I do have a runner up that actually was easily my favorite before this by a landslide and that is this game right here. That's right Spider-Man 2 for the PS2 for many reasons as this is the foundation that has made games such as Spider-Man PS4 so great and on top of that in a way is also the foundation of what the Batman Arkham games so good and for me personally was my first ever video game and is what got me into the huge wonderful world of games and without it my life in general would be very different as I would be chasing a different career and etc. so for all those reasons this game is a very close second for me and really is pretty interchangeable as I have flip flopped between several times and probably will for a long time to come.
  4. Toxik431

    A Return

    Glad to see you back bro, and I’m sorry for the loss of your granddad I know first hand how painful losing a family member due to cancer is and if you ever need anything myself and plenty others are here for you and I hope we can help bring some joy to your life
  5. Hello everyone Today I will be reviving this diary and rebooking the Nexus storyline, why? because it started off very well but due to a certain someone they lost a very important match at Summerslam whic h ruined their entire storyline and stopped at least one person from becoming a main event star for the company so let's get to it. So first off everything stays the same except for Bryan being fired as he pitches the choking spot backstage which is shot down and is told to just use his finisher and non one is " banished " within the kayfabe due to injures but rather the injuries make the group stronger as it only fuels their anger and makes them more aggressive and before each match they all make an oath to the Nexus and given they are all " rookies " they can't beat the vets on their own just yet and they are also heels so they use their strength in numbers resulting in Bryan winning IC, Gaberial wins US and Barrett faces Orton at Night Of Champions for the WWE title however he doesn't win it here but comes close due to the rest of Nexus but they get carried away on beating down Orton causing the ref to throw the match out via DQ but at Summerslam they have a rematch in a Last Man Standing match which due to the Nexus Barrett wins and picks up the WWE title while Bryan and Justin retain their titles and Otunga and Sheffield ( Ryback ) win the tag titles making Summerslam a veery big and more importantly a successful night for the group. now you fast forward a few months which sees not only Wade getting a bigger ego with each successful defense but also Bryan and Justin are starting to need Nexus to keep their belts less and less which finally causes some dissection within the group and Bryan turns face first beating Slater in a match for the IC belt and as the rest of Nexus come out to beat Bryan down Justin turns face and helps Bryan fight off Nexus eventually leading to them becoming a regular tag team after Nexus costs them both of their titles and as for Wade he faces Cena at Survivor Series in a match where if Wade wins Cena is fired from the company and thanks to Nexus Wade just barely beats Cena and then Cena is gone no one sees or hears from Cena in WWE he evens avoids hanging out with his friendafter losing s within the company such as Orton to sell this and instead he goes and does work for Hollywood causing people to think Cena may have actually hanged the boots up and followed Rock off into Hollywood who is exactly who Barrett beats to retain the belt a few months later at the rumble where Cena also makes his return and wins it setting up Cena/Barrett 2 at Mania but that's not all as Bryan and Justin win the tag belts from Nexus as Otunga and Sheffield are now seriously questioning if they should continue following Barrett as over time Wade has cared more about himself than the group and at No Wat Out, yes I will be changing the name back to the No Way Out name and you can even replace the N with the Nexus logo for this year you have a chamber consisting of Barrett, Orton, Bryan, Morrison, Miz, and Sheffield which Barrett wins however the final 3 are Orton, Bryan, and Barrett with Sheffield just being eliminated and gets up and says he has had enough and takes off his Nexus armband and throws it down and goes to hit Barrett but accidentally Orton and is then KOed by Wade who then pins Orton and despite a great effort from Bryan similar to Kofi against Bryan in the chamber Wade wins however at Mania during his match with Cena he has the rest of Nexus at ringside and when he orders them to attack Cena but instead they refuse and leave which leads to a Cena win where after losing the tag belts in the build up to Mania Justin wins IC and Bryan wins the World Heavyweight title. and that's where I will leave it off as this gives the company two for sure main event guys in Barrett and Bryan and a strong upper mid possible future main event guy in Justin and some solid mid carders with the rest of group and gives Cena his big Mania win for the belt and finally ends this stroyline and very successful team who would really be wearing very thin by this point and now would be the perfect time to end them off as they will have done everything thay can as a group by this point and they always can pair Bryan with Justin as a team again. should they so wish so please let me know what you think.
  6. Mania 24 Mania 30 Mania 12 Mania 18 Mania 31 Mania 36 Mania 25 Mania 26 Mania 23 Mania 35 Mania 22 Mania 7 Mania 19 Mania 33 Mania 20 Mania 28
  7. Hello everyone and today I will be reviewing Spider-Man PS4 a game that means quite a lot to me as my first ever game was the Spider - Man 2 movie tie in game for the PS2 and game reminds me of that game a lot but without further ado how will it fair in this review? Well let's find out. So first let's talk about the visuals which are perfectly done imo as the art style is just top tier and looks like the perfect blend of a cartoon and comic panel come to life and leaves for some beautiful visuals and screenshots from the game several of which could go right on your wall of a Spider - Man themed room and would fit in perfect. Now let's discuss the story, so first thing I have to say this is NOT an origin story thank god now don't get me wrong I love his origin story as much as the next guy but thanks to Sony practically everyone and their grandmother knows it and we didn't need it told to us for the billionth time this century, now that rant aside as for the story itself it takes place 8 years after he gets his powers and as such he is a very experienced hero and has already become a celebrity within New York and as for Peter he isn't a high school/college student making ends meet at the Daily Bugle but rather is becoming a scientist working for Doc Oc which due to that you end up help create the game's final boss all because Peter wants to do the right thing. Lastly let's talk about the mechanics, starting off with the swinging and thank the lord almighty for good swinging controls which imo is one of the most important parts of a Spider - Man game which is something Insomniac got 100% right here not only that but the combat is exactly how it should be as Spidey is fast and agile and can't clear a room of thugs like Batman can so instead of counters he dodges incoming attacks then counters often times with his webs, and the last part I'll touch on here today is I love how this game touches on his tech savvy side now no it's not Iron Man levels of tech but it also doesn't have to be as you make a hnadful of very fun and helpful gadgets all of which have their own purpose and usefulness. That is goining to be it for me here today I hope you all enjoyed this review as this game means a lot to me and in a way took me back to my childhood and was well worth the 2 year long wait from it's E3 reveal and was personal game of the year in 2018.
  8. I like Meko’s suggestion for this topic and Bryan is definitely one that can be considered a “ perfect “ wrestler another I think fits this criteria is none other than Eddie Guerrero, now yes he may not have had the best look especially for his era but he became a major star despite that and to an extent is one of the reasons wrestling is how it is now as he could talk with the best of them, had unparalleled charisma for his time that not many have matched or matched at all since also was one of the best in ring workers ever and lastly could also play both face and heel to near perfection and was just so excellent in everything he did in the business.
  9. Toxik431

    American Savior

    We are live here on Friday Night Valor following the events of Carnage's Last Resort event as the show kicks off kicks off with some pyro as the live crowd is excited for tonight's show and fired up tonight here at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas as the lights fade out to black and the crowd get out their phones and turn on the flashlight feature on signaling the start of tonight's first segment. Austin Mirage then appears on the titantron in his office at his home as he waits for the signal that he is live as he clears his throat and begins to sing. Austin Mirage: If tomorrow all the things were gone that I've worked for all my life and I had to start again, I'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today because the flag still stands for freedom and you can't take that away. Austin Mirage then stops singing and gets out of his seat and slowly walks around his office desk that he was just sitting at as he gently touches the mask of the Luchador he bested in a sparring match last week as he begins to speak normally. Austin Mirage: Understand this Sheridan you're nothing but a disgrace to the United States Championship and this great nation that it represents. Austin Mirage then gets more angry and aggressive in his tone as he begins to glare right into the camera before continuing to speak. Austin Mirage: As a matter of fact you being the United States Championship is a disgrace to all of the American soldiers who lost their lives fighting for America's freedom and all the fearless mean and women who carry on that same fight to this day. Austin Mirage then calms himself down as he takes a sip of a glass of water on his desk then gently sets it down and begins to speak again. Austin Mirage: Now as for some of my other competition, Arrow...... Know this kid I actually like you, why? Because when you beat me at BPZMania you helped me, you saved me from myself when I clearly wasn't in my right mind at the time, so in return I give you this opportunity to walk away and get yourself out of this match because I really don't want to have to hurt you but if you remain in this match then I will no other choice because I will be going all out and it is my destiny to save this championship. Austin then walks over to the counter in his office picking up a trifolded American flag and looks back at the camera and goes to speak yet again. Austin Mirage: Now back to you Sheridan, we all know the only reason you're the United States Champion is because you slept your way with management into winning it just like how you slept your way in order to temporarily become the GM of Carnage. Now as for the last time we met in that ring..... well that was back when we were both in the NXT division, a division I escaped in months where as it took you over two years to do the same. Now lastly to all of my fellow Americans, god bless the USA. The screen then fades away and returns to normal as the lights come back in the arena and Friday Night Valor continues onward.
  10. This seems like a very likely outcome to me which I’m not sure how I feel about it as while it would be great for WWE to have a dedicated developmental place again now that NXT has really established itself as the third brand of the company ( and in some ways is what WWE’s ECW should’ve been ) although it does suck that Evolve got hurt this badly by the covid outbreak but if it does I definitely see some more cooperations between it and NXT in the future with possibly some current NXT talent being sent to Evolve to develop.
  11. Hello everyone today I have a poll that I would like for you all to vote on that last for more or less 24 hours as it ends at 9:30 AM tomorrow so without further ado here it is please vote for which game you want to see reviewed next. https://strawpoll.com/78paceya
  12. Hey hope this is ok as I didn’t see a discussion thread posted for this game on here yet but anyway I’ve been playing it recently having already beat the story granted the story is very short and I have been having a blast with the game and I would like to see some other people’s thoughts on the game.
  13. So I had this thought the other day as Ik his channel is currently dominated by wrestling content and likely will stay that way for the foreseeable future but I personally think branching out to other games would be fresh and would hopefully help him feel happier now obviously due to the channel being dominated by wrestling specifically Universe Mode the other series such as say a Fallout play through for example may not get as much attention but I still think it would be a good way to add in other series and could possibly even draw in new fans/viewers.
  14. I agree with Arius’ two suggestions but I’d like to add in a a modern day Impact save or even going like a few years ago to like maybe 2015 or so and trying to build that company back up to what it was and kind of should have been before Hogan and them came along
  15. Always fun to see Taker’s mindset regarding the business as he has one of the best minds for the business and just gets so much about it and has tons of experience within it to know how things should work and how to approach different storylines and while I am sad that the mystique of Taker has declined over these past few years I do think this is the right response to that.
  16. Like the others are saying here I see this as just a temporary solution due to Coronavirus which is unfortunate however he should hopefully be back soon and it does seem like he’ll be making a return once the outbreak settles down enough which is good.
  17. Clearly this is a smart and is the right move for the company given what happened with Mania 36 however WWE really had very little time to have a plan B for that so it’s good for them to plan ahead like this and heck a Plan C night even need to be in order but hopefully WWE won’t need to use a plan B and by the time Mania 37 rolls around Coronavirus will be nothing but a distant memory.
  18. Should be very good to have someone like JTG who worked with Shad as closely as he did for so many years pay respects to him and I do expect it to be very emotional for him but I’m also glad that he is stepping up and doing this for Shad’s memory. Rest In Peace Shad, you’ve earned an eternity in paradise and on the off chance he isn’t dead then I pray he finds a safe way back to his home and family.
  19. Gonna be honest, don’t know much about him but should be interesting to see how he does on RAW and if nothing else this should shake up things up and give us some fresh new storylines and matches which is always a plus imo.
  20. Ok I’m gonna keep it real here, it’s hard for me to see this as anything other than damage control due to the extreme backlash they got for the mass releases which granted was pretty justified looking back on it however I do not expect everyone to sign back as some will likely go elsewhere with companies such as Impact, AEW, ROH, and even NJPW out there however same is true for the opposite as some will also likely sign back as WWE even with the low ball offer might still be the best option for them to provide for themselves and their loved ones which I think is what they all will value most when making their decisions.
  21. This is pretty obvious that WWE wants to keep working with Ronda because why wouldn’t they, like she’s a massive cross over star, has legitimate MMA experience which already sky rocketed her credibility, Had a great initial run with the company and as HHH said picked it up very quickly, and lastly has a fantastic angle to return with that they can easily use to make a ton of money and get multiple big money feud out of.
  22. Much like what everyone else here as said I highly doubt this rumor is true as I very much doubt that anyone would have heat with Roman for skipping out on Mania given his history with Leukemia with all of the covid crap going around right now and Konnan was either mislead, lied to, or made this up as click bait, whatever the truth is we may never know but what we do know Roman simply did what was best for his long term health and his family and the way I see it you can’t really blame or hate on him for it.
  23. Well it’s about damn time they saw him as a main eventer which was very obvious given they had him go over Brock Lesnar of all people to win the WWE championship at WrestleMania but yes I completely agree that he is a main eventer for years to come and see him picking up many more world titles in the future and also see this current reign being a nice long healthy one as well.
  24. I’m kinda in the same boat as Arius on this as I am a huge fan of the WCW US title design and I do agree the US title very much could use a redesign I also find it’s current design to be fairly iconic in it’s own right and is also a great design on it’s own as for other redesigns I’m not sure where I stand given we aren’t sure which titles could be getting redesigned and while yes a redesign is always a good way to freshen things up I’m also very happy with a lot of the designs we have now and think that redesigns aren’t really needed at this point in time.

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