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  1. *headstrong hits the arena as Bulldozer makes his way out to the ring with a mic in with a very serious look on his face then gets in the ring* Now let me just start off by saying this Hans I respect you and your ability same goes for you Owen however neither of you will beat me at bpz mania and that applies double to you Maasa. *the crowd has a mix of cheers and boos at that but then quickly settles down to hear the rest* Ok now that all of you have spoken your opinions i’m gonna get back to what’s really important and that’s Resin’s attack on me when I was simply making a challenge to Kenji. Now I understand and respect making a statement so that isn’t the issue the issue is who he chose to use to make that statement so Resin i’ll let that attack slide for now mostly because I have much bigger and better and definitely far more important issues to deal with right now and also because i’m gonna beat you senseless in the battle royal at bpz mania. Now on to one of those more important issues Alex you made the biggest mistake of your life when you disrespected the nxt championship the way you did so you can be very sure that at bpz mania i’m going to make you pay for it and you better believe i’m gonna enjoy every last second of it. * Bulldozer then starts to exit the ring but stops and gets back in* Oh and this is for both Resin and Maasa since I know you two cowards are hiding backstage or in the case of Resin hiding at home watching this if you ever dare attack me again I will make you regret it! *Bulldozer then drops the mic and exits the ring while the crowd covers him in a odd mix of cheers and boos one can only assume the cheers are for calling out Alex disrespecting the nxt championship*
  2. Ok so this is a question for all of you if you booked the shows for wwe who would you book to the strongest who would be your pet projects and stuff like that my top 3 guys would be 1. Roman reigns 2. Aj styles 3. Seth Rollins and my pet project would be someone like ricochet
  3. Just about anyone on the discord but I guess mostly maasa and Aaron
  4. Toxik431

    Its Mine!

    *the medics come out and get between Maasa and Bulldozer and help him back up and try to load him on a stretcher but then Bulldozer fights off the medics then looks at Maasa* big mistake Maasa *bulldozer the sprints at maasa and hits him with a bulldriver and then slowly and painfully gets back up then picks up a mic laying on the ground* And that ladies and gentlemen is why I will win the nxt championship at bpz mania because no matter how hard or how often you hit me I will just rise back up and beat you into the ground like the worthless trash you all are! *bulldozer then follows up with a super kick while Maasa is slowly gets back up then Bulldozer gets out of the ring and walks backstage*
  5. Toxik431

    Its Mine!

    *bulldpzer chuckles then fixes his gaze on Hans* Well Hans that’s a good question what have I done to prove that i’m the god of pro wrestling well let’s see here you know nothing much just nearly work myself into the grave to just to have a chance at a tryout match to be here and not only that but to win the nxt championship so guess what Hans i’m not just gonna sit by and let you have your friends in the new bloods hand you the nxt championship at bpz mania. So if you don’t want to acknowledge my dedication and drive that’s fine but just be warned that when it comes to performing in that ring and for the nxt championship I refuse to hold back in even the slightest and to be honest I don’t think you have the drive to match because if you did you would tell your friends or partners or whatever they are to you in the new bloods to stay backstage at bpz mania and to let you earn the belt and until you do that then you don’t have the drive and dedication it takes to be nxt champion much less the skills to do so. *the crowd then erupts into excitement as the war of words heats up*
  6. Toxik431

    Its Mine!

    *headstrong by trapt hits the arena and the lights go to darker than normal shade of crimson red and Bulldozer walks out on stage* Hans you and I we haven’t been properly introduced so allow me to introduce myself I am the god of pro wrestling the Bulldozer and I have worked for too hard and for far too long to not even be mentioned when people bring up new comers so either that’s a mistake you correct right now or I give you all the reason you’ll ever need to know who I am at bpz mania. And as for resin the next time I see him he can kiss his short time here in nxt goodbye as I end his career and leave him lying in a hospital bed in the ER for the rest of his life. Now as for Aaron he can be in denial of winning the nxt championship all he wants because nxt you are right about one thing nxt is in a desperate need of revival however you and the new bloods aren’t the way to go for that nxt needs someone that cares for this business and rightfully deserves the nxt championship and doesn’t have there friends help them win when they don’t deserve it so at bpz mania you can either play it smart and be on my good side and only get thrown over by me or be on my bad side and get beaten to a pulp and Hans that doesn’t just apply to you that applies to everyone else in the match except resin and Alex as I have a very special brand of torture I plan on dishing out on them. *the fans start to go crazy with excitement as Bulldozer stares down Hans Clayton*
  7. *headstrong by trapt hits the arena as the likes go to a dark crimson red and Bulldozer walks out and to the ring with a sense of purpose* Hello ladies and gentlemen so in all the hype leading into the bpz mania and my issues with a few members of nxt since my arrival here I haven’t had time to go over how I got here and since i’m the future nxt champion and the future of this company in general I thought it would be best if you all knew how I got here so let’s get started shall we. *the crowd reacts with a mix of cheers and boos but all with interest on Bulldozer’s backstory* Thanks for that guys but anyway so at the start I did what really most people do when they start there wrestling career I worked at some little small and cheap local wrestling companies you know the ones they barely fit 50 people in and only draw about a quarter of that so I was working 5 of those at the same time just to barely make rent and let’s be honest I was clearly the best at all of them. *bulldozer is then met with a massive wave of boos* Alright calm down because this is where it gets interesting because then a scout noticed me and how good I was and I was given the biggest opportunity and offer of my life at the time I was given a 8 month contract offer from ssw. *the crowd then peak with interest and start whispering to each other why another company was just mentioned on live tv* Alright guys yes I said it it’s not that big of a deal. Anyway back to what I was saying and that’s where I really developed into the performer I am now and after the 8 months was up I came to the try outs here and then was given the contract offer I obviously accepted and now you can all bask in my glory and watch in awe as I win the nxt championship at bpz mania
  8. I know this may be odd as i’ve only ever played one of the games in the series and that being the newest one but my favorite fight game series is easily super smash bros
  9. I highly recommend a game called Okami it’s available on the wii , ps2 , ps3 , and has an had remaster on the PS4 and switch and it cost either 20 or 40 US dollars can’t remember which one off the top of my head
  10. I just got done playing some spider man ps4 on my second play through and I’ve been loving it and am already at about 95% competition on the main story
  11. *bulldozer picks up the belt off the mat* Ladies and gentlemen I sincerely apologize for how Alex just treated this championship and you all deserve better however i’m Fair man so I will not take this title now I will earn it. Now ladies and gentlemen if you’ll excuse me I’ll carry the belt backstage to management *bulldozer then carries the belt backstage while the cameras follow him and show him walk into the gm’s Office and place the belt on the desk*
  12. *bulldozer looks around at the crowd and then looks back at maasa* Well Maasa looks like we have a few common enemies at bpz mania however I still very much plan on becoming the new nxt champion but i’m nothing if not generous so i’ll let you eliminate Owen and i’ll eliminate resin and then I’ll eliminate you and whoever else stands in my way of winning the nxt championship. Now with that being said if you want to stay out here or go backstage and brawl with Owen you can do either as I don’t really care either way.
  13. I was like 12 I think and me and my best friend was making YouTube channels and talking about how we were gonna become big time YouTubers and do collabs all the time and we wanted what we thought were cool usernames at the time so I chose toxik because at the time I thought it was cool and unique to use a k instead of a c at the end and that was used up so then I added a 43 to the end in honor of my cousin who had passed away recently at the time and that was also taken so then I said screw it and threw a 1 at the end of the 43 and I used the same username on twitch then forgot the password to it on twitch so I made a second account and just added real to the front of the username
  14. For me it’s the entire dark souls series and that’s because I feel like a game doesn’t have to be insanely difficult to be good
  15. *bulldozer looks around at the crowd and smiles* Maasa trust me i’m no demon I just like the color crimson in fact i’m a god. But that’s not why I called you out here it’s no secret we’ve been at each other’s throats since I came here however there’s a reason for that Maasa and that reason is you interest me your not like most of people here in nxt your different your mysterious and to be honest I don’t quite get what your goal is so what is it Maasa what’s your purpose what’s your reason for being here in nxt? *the crowd starts chanting for both Maasa and Bulldozer*
  16. *bulldozer looks around at the crowd confused for a moment before regaining his composure* Well that was certainly interesting and the reason was in deed as I suspected however there’s another person I would like to speak to out here and this is a person i’ve had quite a bit of issues with since joining nxt and that’s Maasa so would you be interested in him coming out here? *the crowd burst with cheers and starts chanting yes* Well then that settles it Maasa would you please come out here and join us?
  17. *the lights go out and then slowly turn into a dark crimson red as headstrong by trapt starts playing revealing Bulldozer sitting in one of two chairs in the ring with a small monitor set up in the middle* As you may know I recently challenged kenji to a match at the following ppv after bpz mania as I believe he offers something that no one else here in nxt does and I want to see just how good he truly is. *the crowd cheer at the mention of kenji and his possible in ring debut* Well I can tell he’s already quite the fan favorite however before he was able to respond to my challenge I was jumped from behind by none other than a another new comer here to nxt in Resin and I believe I know and understand why he jumped me but I want to hear him say why and I also believe this is a matter that can be settled like civil people so Resin why don’t you come out here and join me in the ring there’s already and chair and mic set up for you. *the crowd mumbles and looks towards the stage waiting to see if resin will show up or if he was too afraid to show up*
  18. *headstrong by trapt starts playing as the lights suddenly go to a shade of crimson red and then Bulldozer walks out on stage with a mic in hand* well I had heard you were coming soon and to be completely honest i’m Glad your here kenji and I agree with you nxt has been lacking a flare of excitement as of late a problem I hope to fix at bpz mania and and regardless of the outcome I have an offer for you me vs you at the ppv following bpz mania *the crowd burst with cheers at the challenge* thanks for that guys however it’s all up to you kenji and no matter your response I will view you as the one of a kind talent that you are so all that’s left is what do you say?
  19. This is all super great and I love it
  20. So what’s everyone’s favorite wrestling match you’ve ever seen mine would have to be taker vs hbk at wrestlemania 26 due to how big it was and shawn’s Retirement due to it
  21. Braun is gonna be Kevin at fast lane imo it’s all fairly obvious this is a b ppv just to get tuned up for fast lane so I wouldn’t expect anything major
  22. I say this has an asuka win all over it because well it’s asuka one of the best women wrestlers ever imo
  23. *bulldozer sees resin being escorted backstage by the medics and watched the tv as he did his promo then jumps him and beats him down and places his head on a pile of bricks and curb stomps his head into the bricks* let this be a warning stay away from the nxt championship

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