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  1. Not sure if you would count this but mine is from AJ Styles’ heel run in TNA in 2013
  2. Drew Goldberg Charlotte ( unfortunately it’s the right call ) Styles Bray Owens Bayley Kofi Becky Seth
  3. Toxik431


    Name - Bulldozer weight - 250 lbs height - 6’1 nickname - God Of Pro Wrestling signatures - trouble in paradise, Tornado Enzuigiri finishers - Super kick ( 7 ) , GTS/Penality Kick combo hometown - Alabama attire - 2015 Seth Rollins shirt with Tyson Kidd tights
  4. [ Carnage continues to roll on a mere 3 days before Emergence as the titantron begins to play the entrance video of Mirage ] [ slowly though the video and music that accompanies it begins to fade out as no one comes out as the fans who were cheering then begin to go to silence as they are very confused as to why no one has walked out yet when suddenly a new video begins to play as the sound of the ocean’s waves can be heard and the video is of the beautiful Siesta Keys beach in Florida ] [ then suddenly the video is flipped around revealing the recorder of this now obviously live video and that it’s being recorded with a phone as Mirage’s face then appears on the video as he begins to speak ] Ah beautiful Florida, you know as I lay here at Siesta Keys watching the waves move so majestically and I rest my feet on the sand that truly does feel as if you’re walking on a cloud made of baby powder I just can’t help but get my mind off one thing no matter how much I relax, and that’s you Josh. [ Mirage then sits up showcasing what he’s currently wearing as he is dressed in lavish gold and silver swim trunks with a swimming shirt to match and we see his stunningly beautiful silver fur coat hanging on the back of his beach chair then the sunlight begins to shine brightly on his face making his sky blue eyes sparkle like the most perfect of diamonds as well as show off the emotions so purely those of which being a mix of sadness, anger, but mostly passion ] See now Josh you have been quite the busy bee haven’t you, first you betray me by getting another of your former protégés George to run me down with a car, then you foolishly pick a fight with FD a man that utterly despises you with every fiber of his being and who will also do everything he can to bring as much harm and suffering to you in your FD Rules match at Emergence, but then the cherry on top of you will you face me at Summerslam in a last man standing match. To be honest Josh I doubt you will make it past Emergence, but should you still be cleared to compete at Summerslam know this I won’t hold anything back even though I once saw you as a brother. [ Alice then walks into frame wearing a gold and silver robe as she brings Mirage a drink that at first glance appears to be whiskey however as Mirage takes off the lid the words apple juice can be plainly seen as Alice then takes a seat in a beach chair next to Mirage and puts on a pair of pink sunglasses that have been bejeweled with diamonds and other precious gemstones as Mirage then takes a sip of his drink and sets it down on a small table next to his seat ] Ah why thank you Alice that was very refreshing, now back to what I was saying you see Josh back when I ran with you in the stable of SSW Club I saw you as a brother as someone that I could trust because no matter how many times I lost my matches you were always there to comfort me and tell me that soon we would hold all the gold in BPZ but yet those were all just lies. For that is all you are good at is lying Joshua Scott, so I hope and pray that you are cleared to compete at Summerslam because I can promise you this Josh in our match should you compete I will make you feel of this pain you have caused me and unlike myself and this beach it will not be beautiful. [ then shortly before Mirage can end the live video a young boy runs up to him and Alice and holds out a picture of Mirage and ask for it to be autographed which Mirage happily does then proceeds to end the live video as the cameras resume on the crowd in the arena who are chanting “ Mirage is gorgeous “ as the cameras then fade to black ending this segment ]
  5. [ Mirage then shushes Joshua Scott with his selfie stick which causes the crowd to erupt with cheers then Mirage lifts the mic up to his lips yet again ] Are you done yet? Yes, good because you’re right, well only half right yes i’ve been here for 5 months and i’ve lost every single match i’ve been in and yes Julius made all of those accomplishments in the same amount of time but here’s the thing i’m not like Julius and nor do I have any desire to be like him. For you see Josh I wanted to be like you because the one thing you neglected to mention is that you came to me to be my mentor not the other way around, now with that being said I accepted because I foolishly thought you could help elevate me but I was only half right as well. Because well I made the mistake of fighting with you rather than against you a mistake I will right at Summerslam when I walk out as the winner and last man standing. [ Mirage then takes a moment to walk around the ring as the crowd cheer for him and begin to chant “ Mirage is beautiful “ as Mirage would then take this time to pose up on the apron yet again letting the fans take pictures of him ] [ Mirage then rolls back up into the ring and turns to face Josh ] See Josh the thing is I accepted your offer to be my mentor because I wanted to be what you already are, and that’s a legend in the business and I thought who better to teach me how to become a legend in this business than someone who is already a legend. Now however I realize that was a mistake, I should have focused on myself and these people not turned a blind eye to them and join an ugly piece of garbage like yourself. But you know what Josh it’s ok at Summerslam I will fix that mistake and finally notch a win here in BPZ because of one simple reason it’s not just my name i’ve changed it’s myself, you see we spent many months together learned a lot about each other like our strengths and weaknesses but the thing is by changing myself i’ve taken that from you while I still know all about you because at Summerslam it won’t be a God’s Ultimate blast that puts you down for the count it shall be something far more beautiful. [ Mirage would then roll out of the ring and walk over to some fans in the front row giving them a warm smile and even autographs some BPZ merch and wraps up with a big group selfie before raising the mic to his lips on last time as he looks in the ring at his now former friend Josh ] Oh and in regards to your comments about my ego, yes I was very egotistical back as Bulldozer... now however this is confidence because with the support of my pretties I am completely confident In the success that shall come in the near future for not just me but my pretties, so until next time see you around Mr.Ugly [ Mirage then walks off towards the backstage area as the fans chant “ Mr.Ugly “ at Josh as Mirage’s new theme music plays out over the loudspeakers ] OOC: thanks to Arius for making this ^ very helpful and very much appreciated
  6. Hello everyone I thought of this idea just a moment ago and I think this is great as idea as a good number of us play TEW and as such get interested in the saves of fellow members of the forums so I decided to make this post for people to link, suggest, and talk about some of your favorite TEW mods and ones you’ve recently started playing that you are enjoying so far. So please tell us about your favorite TEW mods.
  7. [ the music of Bulldozer starts playing as the crowds erupt into cheers however no one comes out leaving the crowd confused and concerned for him ] [ However a different song then starts up peaking the crowd’s interest ] [ as a man walks out onto the stage holding a selfie stick and it’s Bulldozer! As he then walks down to the ring but stops at the ramp to take a selfie with some fans and then does a pose on the apron ] [ and he is wearing dazzling silver and beautiful cyan blue then he pulls a microphone out of his silver jacket ] First let me start by saying thanks for the warm welcome, and second from this day forth I shall no longer use the ring name Bulldozer but instead from now on I shall be called Mirage, and last but most definitely not least Josh. [ The Man now known as Mirage starts to get a bit emotional as you can clearly hear the emotions coming from his voice with a mix of anger but mostly sadness ] Josh you... You turned your back on me! And honestly Josh that’s far worse than you getting George to run me over but with all that said I want to thank you Josh, because you see all of this ugly business has made me realize what true beauty is and that’s the support of these people so I shall from now on embrace that as well let’s face it Josh Frankenstein is far prettier than you so on a battle of beauty I have you outmatched easily however you want to say that I ruined your career? Well let me tell you how I see it and that’s yes a career was being ruined in our partnership but it wasn’t yours see Josh you’ve already accomplished great things here in BPZ while I haven’t and you were just holding me back because you saw my talent and you wanted to try and use it to further your own career just like you did with George and Julius before me well guess what Josh you messed up throwing me aside like some pile of garbage because let’s face it myself and SSW Club is the only thing that’s made you relevant since Julius was your protege and you say you want a career vs career match at Summerslam? Well I say you’re on and I say we take it one step higher let’s make it a no DQ match as well so if you’re game Josh be a man about this and let’s do this because now you aren’t just facing me but your facing me and my loyal fans or as I shall refer to them as my pretties because they are far better and worthy of my trust than you Josh so whenever you’re ready show your ugly face and spew whatever garbage you want because i’m coming for you and once I get to you, well you know what they say about karma. [ Mirage then stands in the ring as the fans cheer loudly for him and chant “ cheer if you hate Joshua Scott “ ]
  8. I know it’s pretty cheesy but I would love to see the younger members of my family grow up and succeed in life and get a job or career that they truly love and that makes them happy
  9. [ Bulldozer pulls up outside Wembley Stadium in a jet black limo as he can be seen brushing his hair back with a comb and turns opens the door and steps out but holds the door open for Alice as she steps out after him ] Bulldozer : So this is the great Wembley Stadium, I must say it’s rather impressive and London has been great city to visit but after July 28th I must make my leave of this city as I take my revenge. Alice : Yes you’ll have your revenge but you must remember the goal of the match and what awaits as the prize of victory Bulldozer. Bulldozer : Yes I know that very well Alice, however I must have my revenge as well I need to make Alex pay after all he was in my way ever since my very start in BPZ and it’s time I settle this old score once and for all especially now that he made the mistake of running me over but not finishing the job. [ Bulldozer proceeds to look at the ground with nothing but pure anger in his eyes as Alice places her hand on his back ] Alice : I fully understand why you want revenge so badly but you’re starting to be blinded by your quest for revenge. [ Bulldozer then abruptly interrupts Alice in pure anger and yells at her ] Bulldozer : No! Alice I don’t just want revenge I need revenge for too long i’ve been seen as a joke here in BPZ and that all ends on July 28th when I dismantle Alex and leave him and his Career nothing more than a stain in the history of BPZ as I pave my own path to greatness here just like I did back in SSW only difference is this time it’s personal you see Alice back in SSW I respected everyone I faced and I was one of the best wrestlers there and I had the respect of the roster and even the owner who I was also great friends with! Alice : Then why leave? [ Bulldozer is then thrown off by Alice’s question before collecting himself and calming back down once he realizes what she meant ] Bulldozer : Actually sometimes I ask myself that very question I guess I just wanted to test myself against what is said to be where the best of the best compete. However Alex isn’t one of the best and I don’t know what indie promotion he came from and I also don’t care because i’ve worked far too hard far too long to be disrespected any longer and i’m gonna shut up all of my haters and critics at the King Of The Ring event and show these London fans exactly what The God of Pro Wrestling can do and why you don’t make me angry when I end the career of Alex Costa and of it comes to it the career of Sir Raven and if Deadman’s hand or the United Nations get in my way then I won’t hesitate to put them down either. Alice : Then let’s get inside so you can focus more on your training. [ And with that Bulldozer and Alice head inside Wembley Stadium as Bulldozer is seen opening the door for Alice and letting her go inside first before walking in himself slamming the door behind him as the camera cuts back to Carnage ]
  10. Suddenly a small team of security enters the press conference room however they aren’t guarding who they are escorting to the press conference room but rather Blade but the question is who from. That question is then quickly answered as Bulldozer steps into the conference room and takes a deep breath before sitting down as he is not surprisingly accompanied by Alice who is dressed in rather lavish golden dress while Bulldozer on the other hand is dressed in a jet black tuxedo with a crimson red tie and his hair brushed back as Bulldozer then pulls out a small mirror from his pocket as he brushes a few strands of his hair back before putting the mirror back in his pocket before speaking. Bulldozer: Ah perfect now then I suppose it’s only right to address the elephant in the room and that’s why isn’t Josh here alongside me well to be completely honest i’m not quite sure however I trust that he will arrive shortly. Now with that out of the way, guards you may step away from Blade as I harbor no I’ll will towards him in fact I actually harbor a bit of respect for him as he is a hard worker. Also as for the point of this press conference feel free to ask away. The guards then step away from Blade as the first reporter raises their hand as Bulldozer then takes a sip of water and points to them to speak up with their question. Reporter: Bulldozer as i’m sure you are already aware there have been rumors that you and Alice are actually dating one another is that true or is your relationship with each other professional? Bulldozer: Ah yes that rumor frankly now while I understand why some fans would make that assumption let me just nip that rumor in the bud as we would say back home in the wonderful state of Alabama so to answer your question no Alice and myself aren’t in a romantic relationship and while here at BPZ we are strictly professional. However Alice and I are friends outside of work as we both agree that being friends and knowing each other on a personal level is important for a business relationship next question please. The next reporter the raises their hand as Bulldozer then nods in approval while he fixes his tie. Reporter: You mentioned you respect Blade’s work ethic do you feel that way about other competitors in this upcoming tag match? Bulldozer: I must say that is a rather good question so it shall get a great answer and that answer is yes actually, as you no doubt know my former tag team partner Raven is teamed up with that moron Alex Costa in this match now how on earth Alex managed to trick his intellectual superior into teaming with him I’ll never know but regardless Raven is still a great man and the current NXT champion and deserves all the credit in the world for that accomplishment and I still see him as a friend however with that said should he get in the way of my revenge on Alex I won’t hesitate to put him down. Now as for The United Nations I respect Joh and Monda as they know what it takes to get the job done however their other partner is too busy reenacting the movie Split with all of his different personalities to really be a threat to anyone so for Brad or Angelo or even Nanovirus or even some other name you’ve come up with you once told me I wouldn’t last a month here and guess what old timer I proved you wrong on that and i’ll prove that you’re wrong about me and what i’m capable of in the ring at King Of the Ring and it doesn’t matter what personality you bring because you can’t get the job done with any of them and that’s why you hide behind Joh and Monda. Next question please. Another reporter then raises their hand as Bulldozer takes another sip of water then motions for them to speak up with his hand. Reporter: Now it was recently unveiled that Alex was the one who ran you over and has you eluded to earlier you aren’t exactly happy with him and you plan on getting revenge on him could you elaborate on that further or your thoughts about what he did? Bulldozer: Yes actually I would love to do that so thanks for asking for you see Alex is like a pesky fly that just buzzes around your ear constantly and never knows when he messes with the wrong person and just when I started to forgive him for his disrespect towards the NXT championship he goes and rubs me over which I’m not sure as to why he did but I also just don’t care because at King Of The Ring I get my chance at revenge and I shall completely dismantle Alex Costa and everything he stands for to the point where the referee will be forced to pause the match and bring medical personnel out to the ringside area and load what’s left of him which won’t be much by the way onto a stretcher and carry him to the nearest hospital then Josh and I shall do what SSW Club does best and that’s outperform everyone else on earth because we are more than just wrestlers we are SSW Club and you can believe in us because we are just too sweet. Bulldozer then turns towards Blade before speaking directly to him. Bulldozer: As for you calling me a rookie let me make this perfectly clear while I may be a rookie here in BPZ I am a former SSW World champion and that’s a title no average run of the mill rookie is ever gonna accomplish and to make that point even clearer I did it only after a few months into my career at SSW and while I may not yet have a win here in BPZ that will all change very soon so I give you this as a warning because of my respect for your work ethic don’t pass me up as just another new guy, don’t just underestimate me as someone who doesn’t give it one hundred and ten percent in the ring because if you do you’ll be found out and exposed and fall victim to the God’s Ultimate Blast and wake up looking up at the lights the next morning realizing you just got beat by the Future of BPZ. Bulldozer then sits back down as he smirks and Alice joins him in a seat next him as he awaits for whichever team or representative of the next team to walk in.
  11. Name - Toxik 431 age - 21 nationality - American height - 5’4 weight - 225 Lbs wingspan - 6’2 looks - white ( very pale ) , Mostly black with slight tint of brown, sky blue eyes , favored shoe Retro 1 Jordan’s archetype - shot creating passer position - PG
  12. Toxik431

    A BPZ Story

    Name - Toxik age - 21 job - Blood splatter analysts race - white backstory - Toxik was born and raised in Alabama where he learned the values of justice and what is right and wrong and has devoted his life to stopping as many murders as possible and has since became one of the best blood splatter analysts on earth with his methods being taught in classes around the world after he was only 3 years into his career however one day he came face to face with one of the killers he was tracking down and in self defense killed him and reported it to the police however that incident seems to have awoken something deep inside him as now he uses his skills to track down Murders and serial killers that not even the rest of the police force are aware of and kills them slowly becoming something he has vowed to end now the only question is can anyone save him from himself or is he doomed to become the very monster he swore to protect the innocent from?
  13. This is easy and also something i’m In the process of working towards and that’s becoming a game designer because I love video games and I feel like I have some ideas for new games that are interesting and can make for some great games as well as I feel I can help make already great and established game franchises just a tad better with each new installment.
  14. Not entirely sure if you would count this as marking out but for me personally it’s when Roman Reigns came back and announced he’s in remission that moment just made me so happy and I screamed yes so loud that I had to cough and my throat was sore for the rest of the day and half of the next one but it was and still is all worth it
  15. Name - Toxik 431 height - 5’4 weight - 175 personality - humble walk out music - headstrong by trapt fighting style - mixture of Jiu Jitsu and Kick boxing appearance - pale white, sky blue eyes, hair color mostly black but slightly brown, no tattoos
  16. Well this is a hard question for me as yes while I would like to get win in kayfabe that’ll come in time as I earn that right so my one wish is to have a BPZ Forums app.
  17. The gummy bear song easily
  18. For me it’s definitely Link just such a great character to play as at least for me but another character i’m Fairly decent witha nd enjoy playing as is Fox
  19. [ The camera comes down a car that is parked in the parking lot however this time we can see the driver who is none other than Bulldozer who is accompanied by Alice who is sitting in the passenger seat doing her make up and it’s then we notice that Bulldozer has shaved off his beard since the last time we’ve seen him as he then turns to Alice ] Bulldozer : Are you ready, Alice? Alice : Of course I am we did come here to get answers of who your attacker is didn’t we? Bulldozer : Hopefully Alice, hopefully and if we don’t then well I don’t know what i’ll do but what I do know is unlike me it won’t be pretty. [ Bulldozer then opens the car door and gets out as Alice does the same however Bulldozer patently waits and makes sure all other cars are empty before he proceeds to walk towards the locker room area as Alice follows him as they walk up to a locker room that reads Joshua Scott and then in a move that is very surprising Bulldozer kicks the door open to a very surprised Josh ] Bulldozer : Alright who on earth is it Josh! Oh and don’t play dumb with me because you know exactly who I am talking about who is my attacker because honestly i’m starting to get real sick of waiting to shaping them like a twig and honestly I don’t care who it is at this point. Also Josh i want to know why we are in a 4 way tag match to determine the number one contenders for the tag team championships when we should already be the number one contenders! [ As Bulldozer says this he smacks a water bottle off a nearby table which send it flying across the room landing next to a mirror that Bulldozer then takes the opportunity to admire himself in the reflection of as Alice walks up to Josh and slaps him in the face which leaves a bright red hand print on Josh’s cheek ] Alice : Now that was for not telling us before this point so go ahead and tell us Josh just who on earth is dumb enough to run Bulldozer over with a car and expect him not to retaliate. [ At this moment Gary Green walks into the locker room unaware of what has gone down in it when he also receives a slap to the face from Alice ] Alice : As for you Gary that’s for kidnapping Josh which you’re lucky I talked Bulldozer out of beating you senseless for now if you’ll excuse us Josh here has some explaining to either who ran over Bulldozer or why he hasn’t found them yet. [ Alice and Bulldozer then stand there waiting on Josh’s answer as Gary Green rubs his cheek which also now has a bright red hand print on it ]
  20. Taker vs HBK Wrestlemania 26
  21. I’ll never forget when Arrow legitimately thought that JFK ended slavery in America and was talking about it in the chat in Discord it was a great time.
  22. Well originally I planned to be a heroic babyface at the start however I quickly got bored of the idea when thinking of how I would make a promo for that kind of character however knowing me it might come around some day in the future
  23. Meant to put this at 275 but 276 is technically a higher number lol and again thanks to everyone for the rep I truly do appreciate it and hope I can make you all proud
  24. Hello and welcome to the forums glad to have you here and I would recommend taking a look at what Josh has said and if none of those interest you you can always chat about upcoming games, wrestling shows, sports games or basically anything and once again glad to have you on here and I hope you enjoy your time here

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