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  1. Me personally I was always more of a Cartoon Network kid growing up but out of these two specifically it’s easily Nickelodeon for me as I just watched Nickelodeon way more than Disney Channel with shows like Danny Phantom and such and I don’t really remember watching Disney Channel much as a kid.
  2. That moment when Necce admitted he was into milfs.
  3. The camera fades out then back outside the apartment that GRV's family is staying in as we see his wife through the window where we then see an all black chevy camero pull up outside as we see Austin Mirage and Alexander Blaze step out as Austin is wearing a smirk on his face as easily as one would wear a pair glasses as he slowly walks over to the apartment while Alexander Blaze grabs the camera and follows him as Austin begins to speak after taking out a note from his pocket. Austin Mirage: Hey now you're an all star, go play. Well quite honestly GRV i'm done playing. Austin mirage then crumbles up the note and tosses it aside as his smirk is now completely gone and his face is one of anger and seriousness as he begins to speak once again. Austin Mirage: I have given you chance after chance to truly atone for your sins but yet you still refuse so now I must truly show you what happens to those who do not atone for their sins, because see it doesn't effect only you GRV it effects those closest to you. Oh and as for your little stipulation, I refuse as for as much as I would love to use anything to make you suffer, I know you'll only use it as an excuse for your defeat so to ensure that doesn't happen the match shall remain the same. Austin Mirage then turns his back to the camera as he proceeds to walk further up the stairs and when he is halfway up he turns back around to face the camera as he prepares to speak again. Austin Mirage: Oh and regarding your pathetic little jab at Alabama's run in the mid 2000s I find it funny how you claim their current run is the only place i find success when unlike you I've actually won a match here in BPZ when I did battle with Jack Bishop. Now in your one and only match in your career here in BPZ you challenged for the NXT Championship in a match you lost because in all honesty that you were only in to fill up the numbers. So GRV you're nothing more than a winless loser which is all you"ll ever going to be. Which is why at Revelation I am going to put you into the ground like the old dog that you are. Austin Mirage then turns back towards the steps and continues up them as he continues to speak while Alexander Blaze holds the camera and follows him. Austin Mirage: Now see GRV due to your ignorance and refusal to accept the help I have so graciously offered you multiple times I really don't care if any of my moves kill you as in all honesty you're only just a stepping stone to future success for me. However I do truly hope that after Revelation provided that you aren't dead by some divine intervention that you learn this one simple truth, your time in the ring has long expired and that for your own health and well being you must never step foot in a ring again. Austin Mirage then reaches the top of the stairs as he turns to face the camera one last time but this time he has quite the sinister smile on his face as Mirage goes to speak one last time. Austin Mirage: GRV listen and listen close because I am not going to repeat myself. Those that do not know true pain can never know true peace. Austin Mirage then bashes open the door and enters as he walks over to GRV's family as we can hear them all scream however we don't see what is happening as the camera is turned around to Alexander Blaze who then leaves a parting message for GRV. Alexander Blaze: See you in Hell GRV. Alexander Blaze then sets the camera down and steps in as well as the camera fades to black.
  4. As of now I have no plan to retire Kayfabe is something I greatly enjoy doing and my work in Kayfabe is something I put a lot of pride and care into so I’d definitely like to get a least a good few years in before I even think of retiring but if I had to guess my best guess is at least 3-6 years from now it also really just depends on what I’m able to do from here and into the future of my career here but as of now I’m happy to just be along on the ride and keep improving at it.
  5. Right now - 1. Arius 2. Flynn 3. Julius 4. Hans 5. Kenji
  6. Grimer, since he can become a very good wall for you while also slowly weakening your opponent’s Pokémon with poison which is also a very underrated type in Pokémon
  7. The camera opens on a hallway as we see Austin Mirage walking down the hallway flanked by Alexander Blaze and Alice on either side of him as he is wearing his blue robe as they are heading to the press conference room where Austin is set to answer a few question for the media however he is stopped by a child fan who is wearing a VIP pass and walks up to him as they ask for an autograph with Austin getting down on one knee with a smile on his face as he casually and gently pokes the child's head as he gets ready to speak to the child. Austin Mirage: You'll never achieve anything. Austin Mirage then gets back up to his feet and proceeds to walk past the child without a care in the world as he turns and walks into the press conference room followed by Alice as Alexander Blaze stays behind to guard the entrance as Austin takes a seat and prepares to answer a few questions for the media. Alice: My client Austin Mirage is now ready to answer your questions, however please remember he is a very important and busy man and therefore will not be able to answer every question within the allotted time slot. Austin then smirks as he motions to a reporter as they stand up to give their question. Reporter: What are your thoughts on GRV? Austin Mirage: He is the biggest fool of them all, but I shall save him just like all the others.... even if it's by force. Austin then points to the next reporter as the previous one sits down as Austin takes a sip of Gatorade. Reporter: Why did you join the MAN Consortium? Austin Mirage: Oh that? why that's simple it's because we're not only smarter then everyone else but we're also just flat out better than everyone else...... especially GRV. Austin then gets up and heads toward the door as he clearly views the press conference as a waste of his time as he begins to sing the song Amazing Grace to himself as he leaves.
  8. Austin Mirage then begins to laugh as it seems he finds GRV's rage funny but suddenly stops laughing and becomes extremely serious. Austin Mirage: You don't get it do you? I couldn't care less about your little wildfires or your stance on my actions. The crowd then explode into boos and chant " You suck " however he shows little care as he motions for the crowd to quiet down which they slowly do. Austin Mirage: Now since you're so insistent on bringing up Akki's wife I thought even someone as stupid as you would have known she never meant anything to me and was only a means to an end, that end of course being to make Akki angry which was a complete success. Now as for you GRV, well you see you were born into this world pure but your sin wrath has consumed you but that is okay for I can help you, I can save you and make you pure once again just like I will for all of these people here tonight. The crowd again boo Austin Mirage which only causes him to smirk as he raises the mic back up to his lips. Austin Mirage: Understand something GRV, understand that much like Noah and his ark that saved the animals when God flooded the world I too will save the BPZ Universe and this business as a whole with BPZ itself as my ark. Now should you not wished to be saved then i'm afraid i'll just have to burn you away completely much like the wildfires did to many places in your homeland. But should you wish to avoid such a fate which I truly hope you do all you have to do is trust in me. Austin Mirage then smiles as the crowd again boo him as its clear the tension between these two men is unlike any we've seen before and possibly will ever see again.
  9. I can try to help in anyway I can Brenden which unfortunately I don’t think I can help much in the Graphics part but I can give you information about my information on Kayfabe so here we go. name - Austin Mirage figurehead - Damien Sandow gimmick - Savior Past figure heads and gimmicks - Broken/Third Eye ( Broken Matt Hardy/ Third Eye Matt Sydal), Pretty Boy ( Tyler Breeze ), God Of Pro Wrestling ( Seth Rollins) Championship history - 2x SSW World Champion Heel/Face alignment - Heel Employment history - SSW, BPZ Push - Midcard Information/backstory - Austin Mirage is currently working for BPZ while thus far not having much success in the company he still enjoys his job and loves to put on a show to the best of his ability and is no stranger to reinventing himself and testing what he can and can’t be able to do as he has used multiple characters in his short time within BPZ such as when he dubbed himself the God Of Pro Wrestling and went by the ring name of Bulldozer where he later became a pretty boy under the ring name Mirage a ring name he kept for quite a while even during his run as the crazy “ Broken “ Mirage. The future for Austin Mirage is uncertain as while he does love being in BPZ the doors of SSW are still quite open to him something he knows very well. Relationships - Best friends with Raven, Joshua Scott, Gunner Flynn, Alice. Strong friendships with Julius ( formerly a protege of ), Mikey, Isaiah Carter, Arius, Eli Smith. Friends with Slim, Jack Bishop, Amai, Jason Ryan, Brenden. ( For everyone else if wish to alter this please DM me on Discord ) Supporting cast - Alice ( Manager ) - current figurehead Paige , Alexander Blaze ( enforcer/bodyguard ) - current figurehead 2016 Baron Corbin. Style - technical high flyer I really hope this helps you Brenden and I’m excited to see this mod make a return and I can’t wait for the streams Pictures -
  10. Flight Of The Valkyries begins playing as Austin Mirage steps out onto the stage holding a mic in his hand as he is laughing at GRV who he clearly does not view as a threat to him as his laughter finally comes to stop as he raises the mic to his lips to address GRV. Austin Mirage: Wanna know what's so funny? I'll tell ya, it's you GRV you're a great clown after all not many people can make me laugh like you have. After all it's hilarious that you get oh so angry about what I did to Akki's Limo and with his wife, speaking of that unintelligent bimbo I left her on the side the road where she belongs after teaching her what happens when a woman doesn't know or steps out of their place in this world. Austin then begins to laugh again as crowd shower him with boos which only intensify after he walks over and playfully kicks GRV's limo with a big smirk across his face which fades away when he once again turns his attention to GRV. Austin Mirage: As for the limo, that was simply a matter of business as a message had to be sent to that waste of space Akki and well you know how the old saying goes, all is fair in love and war. Austin Mirage then begins to walk down the ramp as his facial expression shows he is about to get very serious and disdain for GRV really begins to show. Austin Mirage: Now as for you GRV, you claim to have atoned for your sins but you haven't and while you spent years away from the business in order to " find yourself " I instead remained in this business honing my craft at SSW working tirelessly day in and day out to not only be in the best shape possible but to be the the absolute very best this business has to offer. But worry not for I know the perfect way for all of your many sins to be atoned for. That being much like the Australian wildfires I'll personally see to it that you burn and burn until there is nothing left. The crowd then begin to heavily boo Austin Mirage as it's obvious they nor GRV enjoyed that comment as it's clear that Austin isn't going to hold anything back on the mic and almost certainly in the ring when the time for their match comes as Austin gets ready to speak again. Austin Mirage: However I do have an apology for the BPZ Universe, so everyone here tonight and watching at home please listen closely. I am sorry....... sorry that you have to put up with seeing GRV again and listen to all of the garbage that comes out of his mouth. But worry not everyone for as I am the Savior of BPZ I shall save you all from it as it is my duty and my honor to do so. Trust In me. Austin Mirage then stand at the end of the ramp with a wide smirk on his face as he stares down GRV as it has become quite clear that neither man has any love or respect for the other.
  11. Styles Nakamura HBK Fiend
  12. Honestly not sure where I stand on this matter on one hand yes they absolutely should take their employees health into consideration but on the other hand a distraction from all the stuff going on in the real world is also great to have and WWE provides just that now yes there’s also YouTube for that but most YouTube channels are completely done by one person and there’s obviously limits to what one person can produce, so I’m really conflicted on the matter both sides of the argument have pros and cons but hopefully once this all passes everything the shows will be better.
  13. Flight Of the Valkyries starts up as Austin Mirage makes his first appearance on Valor after being the second to last pick of the draft as he is carried out onto the stage in his chair carried by what can only be assumed as servants of some kind dressed in fancy silver suits. Austin Mirage is then handed a mic from one of his servants as he slowly raises it to his lips to speak despite all the boos from the live crowd. Austin Mirage: So GRV you wanted me, here I am however let me make something perfectly clear. I am not the second of anyone else past or present I am only one of my caliber and I am the best of the best, the God of the Gods, and I am not only BPZ's Best Kept Secret but I am also The Savior of BPZ. Austin Mirage then lowers the mic as he smirks as more boos rain down upon him from the live crowd which seems to only bring a smile to his face as he finally stands up from his chair as he slowly walks down the ramp as he continues to talk. Austin Mirage: See GRV unlike you I have atoned for any and all of my previous sins, and also unlike you I am not some petty criminal. After all you are Australian. The crowd then explode into boos and begin to chant " Asshole " at Austin Mirage as he continues to walk down the ramp towards the ring with the smile on his face growing ever bigger as he steps up onto the apron before continuing his speech. Austin Mirage: But GRV your biggest mistake, your greatest sin ever happened a few short days ago at World At War when you cost me my rightfully earned match with that no good snake in the grass Slim, a man need I remind you that has been nothing but a ignoramus since he walked into this company, just like you. See also much Slim you're a liar and a cheat, a liar that lies not only to yourself but to these people. For and understand this I still care for these people despite their overwhelming willingness to turn their backs on me, for it is my mission to cleanse them from the lies that people like you surround them with and from themselves by educating them on the truth. The crowd then once again boo Austin Mirage as he fakes out GRV by acting like he is gonna step into the ring and possibly even throw down with him however he instead hops off the apron as he then raises the mic to his lips one last time. Austin Mirage: Oh don't worry I know you would just love to get another cheap shot on me but you'll have to wait until the match to have a chance of that, so yes I accept your stupid offer. So with that out business here is done, Alexander if you would please take out the trash. Alexander then comes out from underneath the ring and hits GRV from behind and beats down on him before lifting him up and delivering a devastating Chokeslam Backbreaker as the segment fades out to black.
  14. Both rosters have plenty of really good guys but here’s the key difference for me I feel Bart went with potential over name value at least mostly and also got two of the fastest rising stars in Kayfabe in the likes and Hans and Arius where as yes Julius got the likes of Bailey and many other BPZ legends all of which could win just about any title they want and another promising new comer in Kenji who’s already made a name for himself as a very good kayfaber even managing to tie with Bart in a Kayfabe based match I do agree that Valor just edged out in the draft due to this as to me some guys on the Carnage roster have done just about everything they can do within Kayfabe where as the guys on Valor still have a lot they can do and room to grow into becoming forums legends themselves but none the less I fully expect this to be a fantastic and great time in Kayfabe for everyone involved.
  15. Hello everyone and welcome to a new diary I thought up of earlier today where I will be reviewing gimmicks from wrestling. Now in all honesty this was very inspired by George's BPZ Wrestler's Review however this will strictly be their character and what I think of it as well I will be researching the character as much as I can to try and give you all an idea of hat the character was/is. So with that out of the way not much else to say other than I hope you all like this and I am very excited for it and I am open to suggestion both here on the thread and in the Discord. First review will be " The Fiend " Bray Wyatt.
  16. For me it very much does as the recent events have shown while WWE doesn’t necessarily need a live crowd to produce a good show with Mania 36 being a good example even there a few notable matches would have been much better enjoyment wise with a live crowd matches such as Edge vs Orton and Drew vs Brock come to mind and I’ve always been a believer of the crowd being the most important aspect of wrestling for many reasons.
  17. I highly recommend the movie Hush as it’s one of my favorite horror movies of the recent ones.
  18. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Summerslam and it is time for our main event between The Heart Break Kid Shawn Micheals and the WWE Champion AJ Styles In A Falls Count Anywhere Match as now we Have HBK making his way to the ring it what could very well be his final match ever here in WWE. As he comes down to the ring with a big smile on his face knowing full the task ahead of him as he faces the man who claims to the best wrestler of all eras something HBK looks to disprove here tonight as well prove he still can be the top man in the company. Now here comes his opponent the current WWE Champion The Phenomenal AJ Styles. As now Styles makes his way to the ring as he prepares for an all out war with HBK as he gets in the face of his challenger and raises the title above both of their hands as if to say it's staying with him no matter what HBK does tonight. Now the match has officially began and both men locking up as Styles shoves HBK into the corner as he laughs in his face before slapping in as he backs away mocking the legend who then charges at Styles and takes him down much to the crowd's enjoyment. However Styles quickly gets up clearly enraged by this as he throws a wild haymaker at HBK who dodges it with ease lands a swift kick to the leg which only infuriates Styles even more as he goes for another punch that is dodged again as HBK goes for a clothesline however Styles ducks it and runs past and hits a Stylin DDT! Now Styles goes for the pin but only gets a count of 1 now Styles is just beating down on HBK however HBK rolls out of the way and kips up and stares down AJ as it's clear this match is really about to become one to remember. Both men then charge each other and land blow after blow onto each other as HBK trips up Styles and goes for a Sharpshooter however Styles kicks him away and gets back to his feet and goes for the Calf Killer however now HBK is the one to evade the submission attempt as it would seem both men's tries to one up the other have meet at a stalemate. Styles now goes for a pele kick however HBK dodges and lands a kick to the ribs as Styles is trying to get up and then climbs up the the top rope and nails a picture perfect Elbow Drop which gets the crowd fired up as HBK may be looking for his greatest hit the Sweet Chin Music. But no Styles dodges and clotheslines HBK over the top rope and to the the outside and oh wait what on Earth Styles just hit a Fosberry Flop. As now the fans who haven't liked Styles recent attitude are left with no choice but to erupt into cheers out of sheer surprise to see such a rare move used in this match which just goes to show just how much not only this title but his legacy means to Styles. Both men now begin to get back up to their feet as that last move has taken a ton out of them but their both still taking the fight to one another. Styles now charges at HBK and goes for a running crossbody splash but it's dodged and he lands onto the announcer's table as HBK gets onto the top rope makes a quick prayer before nailing a Springboard Moonsault onto Styles and through the table! HBK now crawls over to Styles and drapes his arm across his chest for the pin..... 1....2..NO Styles kicks out. Now both men are slowly fighting through the pain and getting back up while neither man break a shared glare between these two however you can just feel a sense of respect being built in this match between both men as well. AJ now starts to land the Phenomenal Blitz combo of strikes but when he goes for the clothesline he is met with a Pedigree from HBK!!! HBK then does the " Suck It " taunt before going for the pin......1......2....NO AJ kicks out again now the question is just how far are these two men willing to go in order to win this match. Shawn now takes a moment to catch his breath and recover as him and AJ are both getting back up in order to continue this match. Now HBK charges AJ but is met with a clothesline taking him down as Styles yells " You're done Shawn " at him before climbing to the top rope and OH MY GOD Styles just hit the Spiral Tap onto HBK on the Outside! Yet another rare move brought out by AJ as he had reach very far into his vault of moves to bring that one out. Now he goes for the pinfall attempt..... 1....... 2....NO HBK kicks out at 2.9 how on Earth did he manage to do that. But Styles is absolutely livid that didn't put HBK away as he picks him back up and tosses him back into the ring as he climb's onto the apron as he yells " Just stay down " before going for the move that may very well end this match and put HBK down for good the Phenomenal Forearm but no HBK catches him out of mid air with a Sweet Chin Music. My God that has got to be it I just don't see how AJ can stay alive in this match as HBK just will not die and is showing why he is known as one of the all time greats and has earned nicknames such as Mr.Wrestlemania. Now HBK finally manages to get into the cover and goes for the pin...... 1.....2....WHAT AJ kicked out at 2.9 as he is even starting stir and get back up. But HBK quickly capitalizes and gets ready to hit Sweet Chin Music again which will surely put him away but no AJ ducks and snatches HBK up onto his shoulders and hits a Fireman Carry Neckbreaker and immediately picks him back up and nails the Styles Clash. He then rolls HBK over for the pin and.......1......2......3. It's over Styles finally has put away HBK and won this match but take nothing away from HBK who put up the fight of his life. As now Styles pulls HBK back up to his feet and holds out his hand for a handshake and a show of respect which HBK accepts and shakes his hand making it clear both men have nothing but respect for one another.
  19. This one is so obvious for me and while some other guys like Drew have definitely transformed for the better to great effect only one person jumps to my mind first and that’s Bray Wyatt he went from jobber that had one of the most fun to watch characters promo wise to a main eventer that just beat John Cena at Wrestlemania and still has one of if not flat out the best character in WWE and I think it’s very hard to say that his run since his return has been nothing short of a success.
  20. Just got to 850 rep thank you to everyone who’s made this possible I truly do appreciate it a ton and I hope I can continue to keep earning your rep and help this place become better for everyone.
  21. We see Austin Mirage walk down the ramp while holding the hand of Akki Mahal's wife as he smirks about the shock the BPZ Universe has to this reveal as he climbs in the ring and holds the ropes open for his guest this evening as she steps into the ring before he turns his attention to Slim. Austin Mirage: So Slim you say I have no chance? That my back is against the wall? Good I don't want it any other way, now as for my guest I have here with me tonight I didn't plan on her accompanying me to the ring tonight but after she paid me a visit last night and told me all about that fake war hero Akki while her and I got to know each other very well. Austin Mirage then laughs to himself as boos begin to rain down upon this previously beloved competitor before raising the mic back to his lips to speak yet again. Austin Mirage: now see unlike that joke to India Akki I am actually a man of class, a man of dignity and honor and am an actual hero, a hero that none of you deserve. Austin Mirage: now see unlike that joke to India Akki I am actually a man of class, a man of dignity and honor and am an actual hero, a hero that none of you deserve. Because well unlike all of you uneducated morons I know that Akki's dead children are rolling in their graves out of disgust of their father's lies and false claims of action. The corwd then explodes into boos over these comments and quickly begin to chant " Shut the fuck up " at Austin Mirage meanwhile he just stands there smirking without a care in the world as he waits several minutes for the crowd to finally come to a stop as he raises the mic back up to his lips to continue his speech. Austin Mirage: Now see here Slim unlike you and Akki my losses actually have purpose as they only motivate me to train harder in the gym to achieve my destiny of being better than everyone else. While you and Akki and these uncultured swine in the audience when you lose all you do is bitch and moan and never do anything about it. Austin Mirage then takes a moment to smile as his comments have caused even more boos to sprinkle down upon himself as he snaps his fingers as Akki's wife pulls out a Gatorade GX bottle from her purse with Austin Mirage's name on the lid as she hands it to him before he takes a sip of it before continuing on. Austin Mirage: Refreshing, now where was I, Oh that's right see I'm not worried about Akki Mahal as well just take look at him and then take a look at me and it will quickly become obvious someone like him could never beat someone like me. The crowd then boo him yet again as they are clearly disgusted by what Austin Mirage has been saying this whole time yet he still shows no signs of care however instead he places his free hand on the table and locks eyes with Slim. Austin Mirage: Oh and make no mkstake Slim once I'm done killing your little slave Akki, I am going to break your neck. Austin Mirage then places the mic down on the table as he signs the contract and proceeds to be weighed in at one-hundred and fifty pounds.
  22. Arius Austin Mirage Mikey Eric Shun Gunner Flynn Brad Isiah Carter, Buddy Ace, Neb Austin Omega Jo PREDICTIONS NOT VOTES
  23. This was undoubtedly a great match in terms of the wrestling and deserves major props to both women for that however imo the wrong person won as I feel Rhea should have won however I understand why Charlotte won and she is a major snag for NXT but the question of if her going back to NXT is worth it we’ll only be able to know in a few months.
  24. I loved this and while it may not have been much of a match or at the very least your traditional match it still absolutely stole the show for me and I am gonna have to disagree with Brenden here as I think doing this has helped not only the Fiend character but Bray overall and lastly with this I think Bray has proved that wacky stuff like this still has a place in wrestling and can also still be a major part of the business and not just a relic of the past.

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