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  1. I’m gonna have to go with Adam Cole personally he’s just very entertaining to watch and really has some truly great charisma alongside a lot of swagger about him and he really comes across as someone who’s very good of not one of the best at what they do and they know it but that might very well be because he is exactly just that. some honorable mentions go out to Johnny Gargano and Tyler Breeze
  2. Bryan & Roman Banks Bayley Bray
  3. Toxik431

    BPZ Battles

    Steve Pikachu Banjo Mario
  4. These are my predictions and not my votes just to clear up any confusion. Undisputed: Flynn(c) vs Echo Wilson vs Necce - Flynn North American Championship: Yelich (c) vs Mikey - Mikey Survival Games Block A: Bart vs Julius - Julius Survival Games Block B: Eli Smith vs Slim - Smith Survival Games Block B: Bashka vs Blade - Blade Survival Games Block B: Sameer vs Hans - Sameer Survival Games Block A: Jonathan vs Kenji - Kenji Survival Games Block A: FDS vs Prince - FD Arrow vs Aidanator - Aidan Street Fight: Alex Costa vs. Meko - Alex
  5. Extremely excited for tonight’s show and I expect a lot of great stuff tonight and I have no doubt it will be a major show with the likes of the Rock and Brock both being on it this show is really set up to be one of the best shows of the week if not the best show of the week in one of the biggest weeks in wrestling in years.
  6. This is very interesting to me and I trust this will be a very high quality Network special but I also feel it could mean he might move to either Raw or Smackdown sometime in the near future.
  7. Gotta go with two people here and that being Mikey and Amai both have done very well as of late and are really taking their post quality to very high levels and I could see them both winning IC if not World if they keep this up for many months to come.
  8. Been playing my Akron dynasty on NCAA Football 14 and just started a new season and beat out the team that was supposed to be the best team in the country in week 1 and i’m so happy about it.
  9. Mostly just Brenden obviously but I also enjoy watching Polecat and occasionally I watch streams from some other people based solely on the game their playing.
  10. Now before I say this I already know i’m Probably gonna get a heavy bit of backlash for this but I just do not enjoy Rick and Morty at all and I think it’s very overrated and that it tries to hard to be funny and ends up failing at it at least that’s my opinion.
  11. Headstrong by Trapt is very personal for me as it was my cousin’s favorite song before he drowned so I downloaded it on my phone in honor of his memory but it’s often very hard for me to listen to not because I don’t enjoy which which I do enjoy it btw but because it often reminds me of my cousin and makes me very sad resulting in having to skip it as it makes me miss him greatly.
  12. I would like one for Daniel Bryan personally as I think his journey in the world of wrestling would make for a very good film and plenty of fans would watch and enjoy it imo
  13. There’s a ton that I could list here but these just edge out for me so in no particular order here we go. Pokemon Yu-Gi-Oh Naruto Avatar the last air bender Ed Ed Eddy
  14. As someone that really enjoys movies a lot I tend to watch a fair few of them with the most recent being one from one of my absolute favorite genres that being horror and might very well be one of my favorite movies in that genre it’s call Hush and it’s extremely good and I highly recommend it to everyone.
  15. This is similar to the “ video games you recommend” topic however this is obviously for movies so please feel free to mention any and all movies you really enjoyed and think others should watch if at all possible. Bow I have plenty but one that comes to mind recently is called Hush and it’s currently on Netflix and without spoiling too terribly much it’s about a deaf girl in the middle of the woods with a serial killer.
  16. I see it lasting for a very long time and I see the consoles and obviously games taking leaps and bounds in terms of quality within the next 5 years because honestly technology advances at a very fast rate and it’s something I don’t see and hope doesn’t die out for a very long time to come
  17. Recently sat back and watched this episode after hearing great things about it and was very pleased with what I saw the show overall was very good and as someone that doesn’t really focus on a NXT that much it made me interested in what else they have planned
  18. This is fantastic news while I don’t have a gaming PC myself it is absolutely great that more people have easy access to this truly masterpiece of a game and that it can entertain even more people across the world
  19. This is saddening for wrestling fans however we at least still have a few more years with him and i’m grateful for not only that but also all the years we’ve already had the honor of watching him but as we all know his family comes first and I as i’m sure many others as well wish him the best of luck and the happiest life after wrestling possible as he is definitely deserving of it plus even when his in ring days are done he could always make a guest appearance in the future.
  20. Toxik431


    [ The crowd here at Carnage in MetLife Stadium in Miami, Florida is absolutely on fire and this only grows more true when the theme song and entrance video of Mirage starts up as the crowd surprised to see him as it’s been a while since they have seen him ] [ As Mirage steps out onto the stage the crowd goes absolutely mental as Mirage is wearing a jersey of the legend of the Miami Dolphins Dan Marino showcasing his love for the team and the legend as he struts down to the ring and poses on the apron for the crowd before rolling into the ring and standing up and grabs a mic from the ringside crew ] Mirage: Man I love this city! Just such a beautiful place to be and honestly guys this is my favorite part of this job is to come such great places such as this. [ The crowd then erupts into cheers yet again in for Mirage who then patiently waits for them to finish with a smile on his face ] Mirage: Thanks for that guys I appreciate I truly do and before I get down to why I’m out here I just gotta say something first, that being Dolphins stay strong because I know you have one of the strongest hearts and wills in the entirety of the NFL. [ The crowd then explode into even more cheers and start chanting “ Go Fins “ as Mirage joins in with the chant ] Mirage: now with all of that out of the way time to talk about what I’m really out here for and that’s two things. One, there is the issue of Raven don’t think I’ve forgotten how you kidnapped and held Alice hostage Raven so once you and Alex Costa are done tearing each other to shreds just now that I will be coming after you next. Now secondly Aidanator word around town is that you’re joining the United States Championship match, that’s great I can’t wait to test myself against you so be sure to bring your best at Halloween Havoc. Now for Buddy Ace while we haven’t really faced each other before I am nonetheless excited to do battle with you in this very ring so see you at Halloween Havoc Buddy. Now for Alex Costa, our history is very well known but you’ll find I’m not the same man I was at BPZMania four I have grown a lot since then so I’ll tell you this just stay out of my way unless you want to be hurt far worse than Raven ever could hurt you. Now last but most certainly not least the current United States Champion Mikey once again congratulations on all of your recent success, but rest assured I shall overcome each and everyone of you and myself and all of my loyal fans shall become the NEW BPZ United States Champion and it will be just too beautiful. [ Mirage then would stand in the ring with a smile on his face as the crowd chant a combination of “ Mirage “ and “ BPZ “ ]
  21. Not sure if this is allowed so i’ll List some others after it but I would like Mirage vs Bulldozer. Julius vs Smith Sameer vs Brenden Nathan vs Sheridan
  22. Love that he is coming back he can definitely be a very handy part of the roster and can definitely still put on some bangers imo especially with a lot of the guys on the roster now.
  23. Made this as a poster/ logo suggestion for the new December ppv.
  24. Made this earlier today when the new December ppv name for kayfabe was announced hope you all like it.

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