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  1. Toxik431

    WWE Reborn

    Cesaro All the fans get the dub Styles and the club Randy bray Rhodes New Day Revival Toni Storm Lashley Ricochet
  2. Made this for @Hans since he helped me improve my graphics even tho they are admittedly still pretty bad compared to his.
  3. Made this for my boy @ICON
  4. Made this for my good friend @Mikey admittedly it’s not great however it’s my third ever graphic so I hope to improve with more experience and if you guys want one just let me know although I can’t guarantee they’ll be very good of good at all.
  5. Alice : You know Alex speaking of Raven perhaps you and Mir... [ Alice is then interrupted by Mirage who walks up holding an ice pack to the back of his neck after the NXT championship battle royal match ] Mirage : Glad you’re safe Alice but trust me this is a guy you should stay away from, as for you Alex when it comes to Raven i’m the cure for his madness not you so stay out of my way. Alex : I don’t give a damn, Mirage. [ Alex Costa then shoves Mirage who almost falls down due to being caught off guard by it and after competing mere moments ago however Mirage then shoved Alex back which leads to both men breaking out into a brawl backstage! ] [ Security then rushes over and breaks up the fight before it gets out of control as Alice then grabs Mirage’s arm and calms him down before they walk off as Alex then walks off the other direction as the camera returns to the ring ending this segment ]
  6. It’s fairly obvious the ME will try Aorld title match however the question is who will that be and I say either Julius ( c ) vs Slim perhaps
  7. Name - Toxik Super name - The Defender Hero/villain- Anti-hero Super power- Strength/durability backstory - Toxik lead a normal life in Alabama for most of his life however always was one of if not the smartest guy in the room and constantly tinkered with technology even fixing local businesses computers on occasion however one day he was selected as one of a 750 people to go onto a space colony to search for another planet for people inhabit when he discovered a sword on a newly discovered planet that was eventually deemed unlivable for humans however he kept the sword little did he know it granted him the ability to transform into a great knight that was extremely talented in all forms of combat that was known only as The Defender with the spirit of the original Knight training Toxik as his successor and even showing him the blade also turns into a that fires red beams of energy however the spirit’s influence changed one thing about Toxik and made him more of a loner when he once was very out going and enjoyed working with others to now he prefers to work alone and even has battled those that have tried to help him in the past and one day when training on a uncharted planet it was destroyed by a black hole that sucked him in and has seemingly teleported him into this entirely new universe now leaving him with only two missions. 1. Eradicate this universe of evil 2. Find a way back to his own universe. suit style - personality - Bold/headstrong, loner
  8. Hello everyone and today I shall be showcasing the IWGP United States Championship and from I understand this is it’s newest Championship so let’s see how it stacks up design wise. Now starting with the main plate I must say I am a rather big fan of this design and it is definitely a very good call for the design of the main plate. Now for the Side plates and this belt actually has two sets of side plates which I do enjoy and both work very well and definitely showcase that NJPW is expanding into the US market and eventually the world which in my opinion is what this title ultimately represents so great job there. At last we come to the Strap and this belt actually features a red strap interestingly enough and I actually like this call and while I’m sure you could have gone with the normal black strap and it would have still worked great the red strap is actually fitting for this title however I can’t quite put my finger as to why but great call nonetheless. Lastly the final overall rating for this title so without the further ado the final overall rating is.... 9.5/10
  9. Hello everyone and today i’ll be reviewing the IWGP Intercontinental Championship now from what I understand this is quite the prestigious title over in NJPW however the question is how does it look? Well let’s find out. Now let’s start off with the main plate very detailed which I love and overall a very good design the only thing I change is make the NJPW logo at the top a bit more silver to have it stand out just a slight bit more but other than that pretty great design. Now onto the side plates they are pretty good as well however I would have made them just an inch or so bigger but that’s just me still very solid side plates. Now onto the strap and this belt actually uses the white strap and it just goes so perfectly with the design of this belt and if I had to give this decision a grad it’s A+++++ or in the case of a star rating 5.6 stars. Now for the final part the overall rating for the design as a whole so ladies and gentlemen my final overall rating for this title is.... 9.8/10
  10. For me dragging a wrestler’s real life issues/problems is drawing the line with the exception of if the wrestler wants to do it but I feel most of the time they don’t want to and it is taking it to far imo for example I forget who atm I wanna say it was Charlotte who was cutting a promo and brought up her brother.
  11. gotta go with USA 92 Basketball Olympic team or the dream team as it’s commonly known as because they absolutely dominated in the Olympics and won gold there.
  12. Dan Marino is on this for me personally he was very humble which in my opinion is one of the best qualities any athlete can have and imo is the best QB to never win a super bowl.
  13. Gotta go with Kurt Angle for 2001 this was his year in my mind and he proved he is an absolute star and genius in ring worker and was treated as such.
  14. 1- Michael Jordan, this man is the GOAT of basketball and single handily took the NBA by Storm his rookie season like no one ever has before and imo has since and only got better and better every season afterwards and if his father hadn’t been murdered causing him to leave and join the MLB for a bit I say he could have reached double digits in NBA championships won, MVP awards won, and Finals MVP awards won. 2- Usain Bolt, This guy is a just a complete legend plain and simple no debating it and has all the accolades to back it up and is the fastest man ever if memory serves me correctly. 3- Barry Sanders, in my honest opinion this man is the best Running back in NFL history and has plenty of records to back it up and while he never got a championship ring I don’t think that should really effect his legacy after all this is the same guy that once knowingly turned down getting the record for most rushing yards in a rookie season I believe it was when he was only 10 yards away an amount he would have easily gotten with only 1 maybe 2 more rush attempts. 4- Kurt Angle, now I know this may seem like an odd choice but let me explain why the guy won an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck I repeat an Olympic gold medal with a broken neck that is something only the all time greats can do and is a legend in every sense of the word. 5- Babe Ruth, while admittedly i’m not a fan of baseball I do know of and have a ton of respect for this man and he is undeniably the best Baseball player ever and deserves to be on this list in my opinion.
  15. One year ago we slipped up in the biggest game of the year but not this year we are more determined and we have the team, the fire, and the will to win the National championship and we’re gonna make it happen and we’re gonna become 18 time national champions Roll Tide Roll
  16. Maybe a NBA 2K mycareer play though one year I think would be a nice addition maybe like 3 episodes or so to gage interest then if it’s good enough continue it.
  17. Toxik431


    [ Carnage is back from commercial but the titantron has a flash of gold and silver suddenly appear then fades away Mirage is then seen relaxing in Cozumel Mexico as a waiter brings him his drink and speaks in Spanish and is about to give the translation when Mirage surprisingly replies in Spanish as the subtitles show up on screen so the audience knows what is being said and hands him a sizeable portion of money ] Waiter : Aquí está su bebida, señor. Subtitles - here is your drink, Sir Mirage : Por qué? Gracias, aquí hay un consejo y por favor conserve el cambio. Subtitles - why thank you here is a tip and please keep the change [ Mirage then turns towards the camera and when he does we get a flash of his silver fur jacket ] Mirage : So Mikey long time no see, you may not know this but I’ve been watching you ever since our match, ever since you beat me but see that was then this is now and while you have gotten so much better since then so have I. I’m not the same man you once shared a ring with and true I may not be as aggressive anymore I’m still more dangerous as I have learned a lot since then. But with that all aside I would like to congratulate you on a job well done at Bad Blood you not only beat my former Mentor Josh but also won the United States Championship truly impressive but see here’s the thing Mikey I’ve been dying to share that ring with you again and looks like the stars have finally aligned because I woke up this morning with some great news. That being I am now a part of the US division so Mikey be seeing you at Halloween Havoc. [ Mirage would then arise from his seat with a smile stretched across his face and go to walk off but stop and turn around and face the camera ] Mirage : Oh and one last thing, Alex Costa I will be the one to stop Raven’s madness so don’t get my way. [ Mirage would then turn back around and walk off towards the sunset as Carnage returns to normal ]
  18. I am now officially at 500 posts and you all know what that means 🇱🇷
  19. Great job keeping all of this in tact the entire time this series was around and maybe you can make post for final champions of the series
  20. I’ll be honest never heard of him but always sad when a wrestler gets injured wish him the best of luck and a speedy recovery.
  21. Toxik431

    Big Dog

    Great work on both of these Steph they both look really good some very nice work.
  22. BPZ shaking up divisions? There have been recent rumors that following the events of Bad Blood BPZ management has been deciding to move multiple people from the NXT division to the US division some names include, Mirage, Jason Ryan, and Arrow Thunderman however this isn’t all as it has been rumored that Icon is also set to change divisions in the following month as well could be on his way to the IC division however if these rumors are true it will leave the NXT division a bit dry of it’s more established names and the division could be on a dry period unless management either signs new talent or pushes some of the lesser known stars in the NXT division now all that is left is to wait and see if the rumors turn out to be true and as always we here at Going In BPZ will bring you all the news and rumors of the wrestling world.
  23. I actually have a similar idea to the idea above however I think if Euro was to be brought back I would make it kinda like Premium is with no post limit and is available to all members within NXT-US as another title they can pursue instead of just the NXT title and Premium if they have premium.
  24. Just recently got up to 450 rep thanks to everyone who has been gracious enough to rep my posts I truly do appreciate it

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