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  1. Hart outsiders Eddie Luger Goldberg and the Giant Booker Benoit bonus - Bret vs Sting, Booker vs Regal
  2. Meko will win IC Arius will win World at least once Slim will retire Hans will win IC and World at least once I will win US
  3. This is probably very obvious coming from me but i gotta go with my personal favorite game of all time that being Skyrim for many reasons such as the size of it's world, the characters, but also my memories of the game and while it defiantly has it's fair share of bugs most of them aren't that major or game breaking and therefore in my opinion make the game even better
  4. Obviously a lot of great PPVs to choose from and i"m gonna go with Wrestlemania 35 because it had a lot of great matches but also one of my favorite moments ever in wrestling when Kofi won the WWE Champuonship
  5. While Charlotte is a really good choice for this i am actually go with Alexa Bliss as my pick because she's done really well in her time in WWE and I feel deserves a vote in this convoersation
  6. Triple H will take over full creative control from Vince Taker will retire Cena will retire Gargano will move to Raw or Smackdown and win a singles title
  7. I gotta go with Brock Lesnar personally afterall he's done a lot over the decade and say what you will about his schedule that doesn't change that he's been one of the biggest draws in WWE and he has had plenty of great matches this decade such as his matches with AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan
  8. Toxik431


    The camera cuts to backstage here at Carnage as we are live from Birmingham, Alabama as we see Alice step out of a room as she waves goodbye to whoever is in there then walks over to her client Mirage and hands him a Piece of paper. Alice: I talked with Sheridan and managed to negotiate a new contract with BPZ for you all that is left is for you to sign it. Mirage: Thank you. Mirage then signs the contract after Alice hands him a pen before looking up at her, Mirage: Now it's time for my mission to officially start. Later that night a local competitor is standing in the ring getting ready to speak when they are blindsided by Mirage Mirage: It is time my friends, Time to expose the lies within this company which I shall do at the Royal Rumble when I DELETE everyone for the United states Championship as well as DELETE all other twenty-nine other men in the Royal Rumble match. Why? Because my friends for too long have you been lead astray, for too long have you been lied to by false leaders and fake friends, lied to by men who are too afraid to tell you who they truly are who make up these personas that they wish they were but rest assured I will save you all from these con artist such as this fool at my feet who was ready to lie to you all once again and must now pay the price. Mirage then picks up the body of the local competitor and carries him off backstage as Carnage heads to commercial break.
  9. Welcome to SSW Live and tonight the World champion Mirage will be giving an open challenge and here he comes out now. And here comes the champion now as he walks out and holds up his championship. Now here comes his challenger for the title. Oh my god it's none other than Maasa he's back and he is Mirage's challenger tonight this should be one heck of a contest. As now this match is officially under way as both men lock up and after a few minutes Mirage manages to trip up Maasa however Maasa quickly gets back up and trips up Mirage who starts to get up but gets rocked with a big kick to the head from Maasa as he goes to pick Mirage back up and Mirage tries to push Maasa away but is still to dazed to get enough force behind it as Maasa knees Mirage in the gut followed with a massive forearm right on the chin dropping Mirage to the mat as Maasa goes for the pin but Mirage kicks out at 2 as Maasa gets up and encourages Mirage to do the same which he slowly does and as Maasa walks towards Mirage he gets nailed with a picture perfect Superkick. Now Mirage goes for the pin but only gets a count of 2 then as Mirage is getting back up he gets dragged back down into a small package by Maasa. And Maasa gets the 3 count he's done it Maasa is the new SSW World champion! However Mirage gets a mic after the match and raises it up to speak. Mirage: I QUIT! Mirage then slams the mic down and walks off.
  10. Name - Austin Starkiller age - 22 Force sensitive- yes Appearance - Human White male Mandalorian Class - bounty hunter Backstory - Austin originally was born on Naboo but that all quickly changed at the age of 3 his home was caught in the middle a battle between a group of slavers and the town guards causing him to be the only survivor of his family however it wasn’t long after that a Mandalorian found him and took him in as one of their own and raised him on Mandalore but now roams the Galaxy as a very talented bounty hunter due to his almost supernatural ability to sense danger and the famous Mandalorian Bescar armor however Austin is currently unaware of his true gift and his greater destiny. pre existing relationships - loyal to his clan
  11. Toxik431


    The lights in the arena go out on Carnage as the titantron starts to display static until the words fatal error pop up and the screen quickly cuts out leaving the crowd very shocked and confused. However a voice is soon heard over the loudspeaker with it quickly becoming clear who it is as they angle a camera up to their face revealing it to be Mirage. Tell me BPZ Universe what can you see? That’s right nothing but pitch black darkness, just like your Third Eye but worry not for that can all change if you just open your Third Eye. All it takes is to accept the truth, to embrace the truth that BPZ is full of liars and con artist who spend countless hours trying to deceive you but not I, no no no my friends i bring you the truth the truth that not everyone in BPZ is who they seem to be. For while many want you to believe they are wise they are simply making up a facade, a lie that I shall DELETE! So BPZ Universe I implore you all to open your Third Eye and see the light and the truth just like I have. The lights then suddenly come back on and return to normal. Remember my friends I shall never lie to you or lead you astray and I shall DELETE these liars and render them OBSOLETE! Mirage then proceeds smile with his eyes wide open with a completely crazed look in his eyes as the video on the Titantron finally ends.
  12. Fortnite was vastly overrated especially in it’s prime and aside from a few matches spent with people I’m close with I never really had much fun with it but I also enjoy just about any game I play with loved ones
  13. FCE Firing Squad Invictus Bailey and Slim
  14. This for irl or forums? Eh I’ll do both forums- Win US, hold US for a year, constantly improve at everything on the forums. irl- Start college and work on getting my degree.
  15. Toxik431

    The Return?

    [ We are live here at Survivor Series as we have seen plenty of great action tonight already tonight off the heels of a fantastic match for the BPZ NXT championship which saw “ The Tiger “ Mecko win the title as the crowd is still electric off his big win however the sound of a piano is heard catching not only the crowd but the announcers by surprise as well. ] Heel: What on Earth this isn’t part of the show. Sandman: You’re right partner this isn’t part of our scheduled show next up is supposed to be the United States Championship match. Not whatever this is…. wait what the a fan just jumped the barricade. [ the camera then quickly runs over to the seemingly rouge fan who has just jumped the barricade and is now getting in the ring and has a microphone in his hand before taking off his hoodie revealing himself to be none other that SSW Wrestler Mirage! ] Heel: What is he doing here?! He doesn’t work here anymore can someone get security out here. Sandman: Come on partner we all know Mirage still has some unfinished business here in BPZ and maybe he just wants to clear the air. Mirage: Hello there. [ Mirage then places his hand on his head as if he’s having some sort of mental trauma but quickly stops and goes back to speaking. ] Mirage: Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I have something to tell you all. That being to WAKE UP! Wake up and open your third eye and find enlightenment for then and only then can you truly see what’s happening here. Then and only then will you save yourselves from all these lies here in BPZ lies that I shall DELETE! [ Security then finally gets into the ring and is trying to escort Mirage out of the building which is only confusing him and making him angry. ] Heel: It’s about time we got this loser out of here and I say good riddance. Sandman: Oh come on clearly he’s not the same man he was the last time we saw him and it’s obvious he is in need of help if anything I feel bad for the guy. [ we then see Mirage push off some security guards and even super kicks one of them before exiting the arena the same way he entered through the crowd. ]
  16. Lot of great work here glad to see it and I wish you the best of luck with making this mod I’ll definitely be playing through and will let you know if I find any bugs
  17. SSW Superstar revealed as owner of the NFL At the recent Miami Dolphins game the owner of the actual owner of the NFL was revealed to be non other than SSW wrestler Mirage who has actually owned the professional sport league for 3 years now came out onto the field after the game and unveiled this closely guarded secret saying “ I truly love the game of American Football and I wish I could have told you all this sooner but I was busy climbing through the ranks of SSW at the time and I had I chose to focus on that and hired a team of people to run the NFL for me but I look forward to getting more involved in the near future with this year’s Super Bowl tickets being half off effective immediately “
  18. Just got into the 600 mark today thanks to everyone who’s been generous enough to rep my posts I truly do appreciate it
  19. Mirage vs Vinci SSW World Championship- SSW Takeover: New York, New York City - Madison Square Garden First out is the challenger Mirage who has sworn to make Vinci find enlightenment and also claim the SSW Championship for himself. Next up is the champion Vinci who walks out with the championship belt held high above his head as he looks to successfully defend his championship be done with Mirage for good. Vinci goes for a lock up however Mirage dodges whole staring at Vinci with a wide smile on his face however Vinci quickly grabs Mirage and tosses him with a series of arm drags however Mirage quickly pops back to his feet but instead of attacking he shouts “ wonderful “ at Vinci and starts to clap. Vinci then would charge at Mirage however Mirage counters with leg sweep immediately followed up a picture perfect standing moonsault. Vinci then starts to slowly get back up while grabbing at his gut which is still a bit sore from the moonsault however unlike normal Mirage just stands there watching Vinci while smiling which throws Vinci off his game and eventually angers him as he shouts “what’s f*ck is wrong with you!” Vinci then slaps Mirage however this will turn out to be a big mistake as it only angers Mirage causing him to unleash a flurry of strikes onto Vinci knocking into the corner but Mirage isn’t done as he continues by just kicking away at the chest of Vinci. Mirage is then forced to back off due to orders from the ref who goes over to check on Vinci who is laying down on the mat in pain despite this though Vinci uses the ropes to get back to his feet and this match will continue as Mirage is now seen and heard laughing in the center of the ring however it’s unclear what the laughter is about but it won’t matter as Vinci charges and lays into Mirage with a massive clothesline before picking him back up and slams him back down over and over with a combination of Judo throws before picking Mirage back up yet again and nailing a picture perfect Forced Progression spiking Mirage on his head! Vinci then goes for the pin but only gets a count 2 this causes Vinci to pop back up and argue with the ref as he accuses the ref of counting slowly however Mirage is stirred back to his feet and lands a brutal poisonrana followed by an onslaught of punches finished off with a kick right to the face. Despite all of this however Vinci then gets back up again however much slower than he has been as it’s clear all the pain and damage he has suffered this match is really starting to affect him and he could be getting close to his pain threshold but he does manage to catch Mirage with a knee to the gut which drops Mirage to a knee and seemingly has knocked the breath out of Mirage for the time being which does give Vinci a moment to catch his own breath and rest up. However this won’t last long as Mirage is starting to get his breath back but Vinci quickly realizes and grabs Mirage’s head and neck and yanks him up to his feet and is looking for another Forced Progression and if he hits it this match will be all over but no Mirage shoves Vinci away and nails a beautiful Super Kick right on the chin and falls into the pin attempt. But no Vinci kicks out at 2 which seems to anger Mirage who responds by picking Vinci up and holds hand up by his chin licking eyes with him as Vinci can barely even stand on his own as Mirage yells “Delete” at Vinci who is shoved back again and dropped with yet another Super Kick however this time Mirage doesn’t fall into or even go for the pin attempt but rather scales to the top rope and nails a picture perfect Heaven’s Grace but Mirage still isn’t done as he rolls Vinci over onto his stomach before mercilessly hitting Vinci with a absolutely brutal God’s Ultimate Blast! Mirage then finally goes for the pin and gets the 3 count ending this match as he holds up his newly won SSW World Championship.
  20. Name - Austin Mirage postion - QB, mobile home state - Alabama height - 5’6 weight - 215lbs Name - Ezekiel Johnson postion - DE, speed rusher home state - Texas height - 7’2 weight - 475 lbs
  21. Toxik431


    Name - Mirage nickname - The Broken Star figurehead - Matt Sydal signatures - Heaven’s grace ( 630 ), Beauty Lock ( Dragon Sleeper ) finishers - Super kick, God’s Ultimate blast ( curb stomp ) backstory - Mirage grew up as a wrestling fan and dedicated his entire time as a teen to training and mastering his craft and in the past years has wowed many fans across the globe on the indies with his stunning high flying moves even going so far as to win his first of 12 different world championships on the indies at the age of 16 in a run that earned him the nickname “ The Star of Alabama “ however his popularity has recently skyrocketed with the debut of his new gimmick which has given him the new nickname of “ The Broken Star “ and with much of life and career ahead of him he plans to continue building his legacy here and plans go down in history as the greatest high flyer of all time. age - 22
  22. Name - Mirage picture - Matt Sydal birthdate - August 13th, 1989 Gender - male race - white American nationality- American Languages- English countries - America, Japan, UK body type - athletic size - small move set - Matt Sydal Alignment- Face finishers - Super Kick, God’s Ultimate Blast ( Curb Stomp ) style - high flyer mask/hair - short hair occasional luchador mask relationships- protege of AJ Styles dojo - Harly Race Wresting Academy. other roles - actor lifestyle- straight edge bio - Mirage is rookie wrestler who has grew up watching WWE and has spent the past several years of his life training from sun rise to sun set to become one himself and has had a few matches on the local Alabama indie scene where he has been said to be one of the most entertaining to watch wrestlers in the state with past Booker’s always talking about how he puts the company over himself nicknamed “ The God Of Pro Wrestling “ his main goals being become a WWE Superstar and enter the WWE HOF.
  23. Hello welcome to the forums glad you decided to join this community and I hope you enjoy your time here if you need any help plenty of people are very good and willing to help you and if you’re unclear about the rules I’m sure one of the mods will be happy to help you
  24. Toxik431

    WWE Reborn

    Drew Cody Becky Revival Bray Cedric Roman Joe
  25. Toxik431


    [The camera pans down to gorgeous home secluded away from civilization in the Forrest hills of Alabama.] [Shortly after the camera crew walks up to the door and knocks before the door is open by none other than Alice.] Alice: Ah yes come in Mirage is waiting, although I would be careful ever since his match with Vinci he’s been…. different. [ the camera crew continues to walk through the house before stopping at the living room where they find Mirage scribbling away on a whiteboard and is heard mumbling to himself however the exact words are inaudible leading the crew to slowly walk closer.] Mirage: No no no no that won’t either… NOTHING WORKS!!! [ Mirage then grabs the whiteboard and and headbutts it a few times before letting out a big yell and pulling it off the wall and throwing it off to the side as it is heard crashing to the cobblestone floor off camera!] Mirage:AH HA! That’s it that’s the only way to enlighten Vinci…. to enlighten the fans….. to save him I must do it… I must break him. [ Mirage then bust out laughing before quickly stopping.] Mirage: And if he doesn’t accept enlightenment then I will DELETE him and rinder him obsolete. [ Mirage then turns towards the camera crew finally realizing they were there and stares at them with a crazed look in his eyes.] Mirage: Oh there you are…. I knew you would arrive here this is your destination after all, come come I don’t want to be a bad host. [Mirage then runs off to the kitchen with a wide smile on his face as the camera crew struggle to keep up with him but eventually make their way to the kitchen where Mirage is already pouring drinks for them as they walk inas one of them zooms in on the flatscreen TV on the wall.] Mirage:You know it’s such a joyous day whenever you have guests over I’m absolutely just buzzing with joy. [ Mirage is then interrupted by the TV which happens to be showcasing Alex Costa who Mirage quickly turns his attention towards and just watches with a menacing glare before grabbing a knife and throwing it just barely missing as the knife jams into the wooden wall.] Mirage:You will be exposed as obsolete. [ Alice then walks in and walks over to Mirage eventually calming him down.] Alice:You guys should probably head out now. [ The crew then happily takes Alice’s advice and quickly leaves the house.]

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