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  1. Name - Daniel Sanders position - WR Jersey number - 81 college - UGF/ UCF will also work in case of limitations of the game birthday date - May 5th, 1998 Hometown/state - Fairburn, Georgia Height - 6’1 weight - 190 skin tone - black photo -
  2. Haven’t been around the forums as long as some people and same goes for the kayfabe so I’ll go off what I’ve seen and for me it’s a bit of a tough call but I would have to say so far it’s Kenji vs Arius for the NA title with Yelich vs Arius being a fairly close second imo
  3. Recently got up to 575 rep so thanks to everyone who’s repped my posts I truly do appreciate it all thanks so much.
  4. I am absolutely excited for this and while I do love my PS4 I have been looking forward to the PS5 for quite a while and the controllers adapting to the feel of the environment of the game to give the player that same feeling as for an example used in the article “ shooting a bow and arrow will feel like the real thing “ sounds interesting and something I very much look forward to testing however I do feel they should have that be an option you can turn off in settings if you wish, Also another thing that I find very interesting is the ability to download and install certain parts of a game example being installing only the multiplayer of Call Of Duty or only the single player or even the whole thing and removing one of the modes later on. All in all this sounds amazing and is definitely a product I can’t wait to get a hold of not only for playing games on but also to hopefully make games for in the near future myself.
  5. You can update my relationship with Meko/Birdman/Raven whichever he is in there to a best friends
  6. Name - Austin Mirage nickname - unbreakable spirit birthday - August 13th 1997 gender - male Nationality- American ethnicity - white hometown - Birmingham, Alabama personality - respectful picture - Ricochet fighting style - BJJ height - 5’4 weight class - featherweight
  7. New signing for BPZ this morning it was revealed that current SSW wrestler Mirage has just signed another deal with BPZ however the mos interesting thing about this is that the contract offer is Pay Per Appearance just like the SSW one meaning he is eligible to show up and compete in both companies however Mirage has stated that he feels this new deal with BPZ is temporary but he plans to “ take care of unfinished business “ more on this new story as we get more information on it.
  8. SSW Takeover: Boston - Friday, November 8th 2019 - Mirage vs Vinci ( c ) SSW World Championship [ the theme song and entrance video of Mirage starts up however Mirage isn’t the one who steps out onto stage but rather it’s Alice who has recently joined SSW and is clearly still allied with Mirage who then steps out after her as they then walk down the ramp towards the ring together ] [ Next up is the reigning SSW World champion Vinci as he walks out holding the SSW World Championship high into the air as he makes his way to the ring and enters the ring before handing the belt over to the referee as this match gets ready to start ] As the match starts both men lock up however Vinci starts to take control of the match just like last time these two faced off as he starts to put power Mirage however this Mirage counters with a back flip landing on his feet which catches Vinci off guard for a moment then Vinci goes to grab Mirage who dodges by rolling past Vinci and nailing him with a poisonrana! Mirage then starts to pick up Vinci who quickly counters into and cross arm breaker who is smiling and laughing at the pain Mirage is clearly in as he is heard screaming in agony and knows Vinci has quickly taken control of the match out of nowhere. However Mirage is able to fight through the pain and manages to roll backwards in order to escape the submission however can’t recover in time to avoid decking him right in the face which staggers him and Vinci nails him with another straight right to the face which drops Mirage to one knee but quickly back up to his feet which leads Vinci to Irish whip him towards the corner and charges at him for possibly a clothesline in the corner but Mirage counters by using the corner to jump over Vinci and runs towards the ropes with Vinci chasing after him and goes for a back body drop however Mirage counters by rolling across the back of Vinci and runs back off the rope and catches Vinci out with a hurricranna beautifully done as well. However this won’t keep Vinci down for long as he quickly gets back up decks Mriage with a spinning punch to the face dropping Mirage to the mat as Vinci just stomps and kicks away at Mirage out of frustration before picking him up landing a brutal neckbreaker and rolls to the outside in order to catch his breath and try to calm himself down as he is still clearly frustrated at the evasiveness of Mirage here tonight who has somehow gotten back up to his feet and jumps clearing the corner turnbuckle and lands right into Vinci! And this place is absolutely electric as the sold out crowd here are chanting “ SSW “ as Mirage quickly gets back up to his feet and is leaning right against the barricade soaking in the love and support of the fans however he may have been taking it in too long as Vinci grabs him and tosses him into the turnbuckle causing him to immediately fall down but Vinci isn’t done yet as he grabs Mirage again and slings him into the barricade before tossing him back into the ring and gets into the ring himself and continues to beat down Mirage for about five minutes before picking up Mirage for the Forced Progression however Mirsge is able to counter it the same way he did with a school boy roll up but this time he only gets a two count. However Mirage isn’t done yet as he nails Vinci with a swift jumping face buster before climbing up to the top rope despite still being in a lot of pain from Vinci’s assault and nails a picture perfect Heaven’s Grace! Mirage then goes into the pinfall but once again Vinci kicks out at two however this time Mirage was much closer to the three count and winning this match as Vinci is getting up Mirage manages to will himself back up to his feet and wait nails a Siren’s song laying out Vinci in what might just be the final of this fantastic match as Mirage rolls Vinci over for yet another pinfall attempt however yet again Vinci unbelievably kicks out at two! But despite all of this Mirage still isn’t done as he picks up Vinci however as he does it becomes clear both men are pushing themselves right at their limits if not past them as both are extremely tired and beaten down making it perfectly clear how much the SSW World Championship means to both men but Mirage shoves Vinci back and nails a perfectly executed Super Model Kick before falling into the cover but this time Vinci kicks out at a two point nine and the face of Mirage tells the perfect story of disbelief. Mirage however slowly gets up and Vinci rolls over to his belly trying to rise back to his feet as well but is struggling greatly due to the onslaught by Mirage as Mirage screams at Vinci “ you’re done “ and rips off the fur from his right boot showing the Bull head as it’s obvious what Mirage is going for here it’s the move he won his first SSW World Championship with the God’s Ultimate Blast however when he charges at Vinci he counters it with a low blow resulting in a DQ as the crowd is booing Vinci however there’s nothing anyone can do about it Vinci has escaped with the SSW World Championship. Now Vinci standing over Mirage just kicking away at him but wait what’s this it’s Maasa who sprints down to the ring and lays out Vinci and helps Mirage back up to his feet as Vinci is forced to grab the championship and leave however it’s clear this is far from over.
  9. Can you maybe do a sig or something of Mirage and Alice with the colors of gold and silver if possible the renders are Tyler Breeze and Carmella
  10. Announcer 1: Hello Ladies and gentlemen welcome to yet another exciting edition of SSW Live coming to you live from Hard Rock stadium in Miami Florida as we come off the heels of what was a monumental show last week with the return of a former SSW World champion in Mirage who also managed to score a win over the current SSW World champion in a non title match last week and I’m sure this week will be even bet- Announcer 1: What the?! It can’t be it’s Alice Mirage’s manager she’s here in SSW! [ Alice is then seen standing on stage as the SSW crowd start cheering for her but then settle down once she raises a microphone to her lips ] Alice: Hello everyone it’s so great to be here in SSW and I’m sure you’ve all figured out why I’m here so I’ll get right to it I’m still Mirage’s manager who in fact according to Archangel recommended me very highly which I’m very grateful for so without further ado please welcome not only my client but good friend Mirage! [ Mirage then steps out onto the stage with a big smile on his face with his selfie stick in his hand and gives Alice a hug before she hands him the mic and he raises it to his lips ] Mirage: Hello Miami! Man it’s so great to be here again and I have a few things I need to say first of being thank you. Thank you all for not only welcoming me back with open arms last week but also for welcoming Alice here into the SSW family with equally open arms it honestly makes me so glad to see you all be so welcoming to such a good friend of mine. Now secondly as you know last week I had a successful return to SSW and managed to knock off the SSW World champion Vinci in a singles match however it wasn’t easy at all and neither will my rematch with him this Friday night at SSW Takeover: Boston when I challenge him for the SSW World Championship which I promise I’ll do my best to beat him and give you all a champion you can be proud of. [ the crowd then erupt into cheers which catches both Mirage and Alive off guard at the overwhelming support before they both begin to smile and let the fans calm down on their own which they eventually do after cheering for a few minutes ] Mirage: Well thanks for that guys it really means a lot but now to get into my last point of discussion, Vinci last week after our match you blindsided me with an attack from behind and laid me out with a Forced Progression, and I get it last week you were upset that you lost believe me I’ve been there plenty of times in the past but you see you made a crucial mistake last week when you called these wonderful people that tune in and show up our shows maggots all because they won’t bow down to you and your so called “ progressive “ ideas that would see you rule SSW as an untouchable king well Vinci I let me make one thing perfectly clear if there’s anything I hate in this world it’s people who believe they can force their ideas onto others so you had better watch your back cuz at SSW Takeover: Boston you might just come face to face with a God of Pro Wrestling. [ Mirage then drops the mic as the crowd go crazy into even more cheers and begin to chant “ SSW “ as we go to commercial ]
  11. While I love Cesaro and believe he’s absolutely fantastic in the ring so is Randy and while yes he does have a history of being lazy and not caring but he’s still an all time great so he gets my vote
  12. Made this earlier for @FDS
  13. Been planning this since Summerslam so idk what else to tell ya
  14. Part of me wants to say Weezing but it’s not everyday you get to start with a fully evolved Charizard so he gets my vote
  15. Tuesday, October 28th SSW Live Main Event Mirage vs Vinci First out comes Mirage as the crowd erupts into cheers as Mirage comes out into the stage and walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring and poses on the top rope while he waits for Vinci to arrive Now here comes Vinci as he walks down to the ring clearly annoyed he is in this match on such short notice as the crowd shower him with boos as he gets into the ring and stares down Mirage as the ref signals for the bell to start this match. Both men then lock up as Vinci quickly takes control of this match as he puts Mirage in a side headlock wrestling him down to the mat however Mirage is able to counter with a roll through putting both men on their knees staring each other down clearly waiting for the other to make a move as they both rise to their feet. However it’s Mirage who jumps first as he goes for a hurricrana however it’s countered into a massive power bomb as Vinci rolls him back over on his knees and locks him in a north south choke and as Mirage is struggling to escape however due to Vinci’s technical prowess the more Mirage struggles the more locked in the hold becomes as Vinci is proving why he’s the SSW World champion. Now Vinci bringing Mirage back up to his feet while still having hold of his head and neck as he goes to transition into a swinging neck breaker however Mirage is able to use the momentum of the swing to transition into a full spin and grab Vinci’s head and plant him with a massive DDT as he lays on the ground catching his breath as Vinci is rocked from the sudden DDT planting him right onto his face. Now as both men once again rise to their feet Mirage nails Vinci with a knee strike to the gut making him stumble back towards the rope as Mirage clotheslines him over the top as the crowd start cheering for him as they can feel this match is starting to swing in his favor and this fires Mirage up as he runs off the ropes and jumps over the top with a picture perfect moonsault and he lands it perfectly onto Vinci! Now the crowd is going absolutely crazy and they start chanting “ SSW “ as Mirage with the adrenaline pumping through him kicks up to his feet and is fired up as this entire sold out crowd is cheering him on towards victory as he can be heard screaming “ Let’s Go “ as he quickly picks Vinci back up and tosses him back into the ring as Mirage rolls back in and quickly locks in the Beauty Lock on Vinci has this looks like it could be it for Vinci as the crowd is absolutely electric with cheers as they’re still chanting “ SSW “. Now this is much like earlier in the match when Vinci has Mirage by the throat as he was choking him out now the roles are reversed with Mirage choking out Vinci and if Vinci can’t find a way out soon Mirage will claim victory and a successful return to SSW however Vinci does manage to get back up to his feet with Mirage on his back still with the Beauty Lock locked in as he clearly refuses to let go but Vinci manages to grab hold of Mirage and sling him off of him with a brutal snapmare. Now Vinci takes several steps back towards the ropes as he catches his breath but sees Mirage getting back up to one knee leading Vinci to charge at Mirage and nail a perfectly executed Swinging neck breaker while Mirage is on one knee! Now Vinci screams “ it’s over “ before picking Mirage up and slapping him in the face before setting him up for the forced progression however Mirage manages to counter it into a flash roll up pin attempt 1….2….3 Mirage has done it he has overcame Vinci. However Vinci is none to pleased and attacks Mirage from behind after the match dropping Mirage to the mat but Vinci quickly picks him back up and nails him perfectly and brutally with a Forced Progression before getting out of the ring to grab the SSW World Championship before getting back in the ring and standing over Mirage holding the title high up into the air.
  16. Tuesday, October 28th Commentary team: Hello everyone and welcome to SSW Live where we promise to bring you a plenty of memorable moments you won’t ever forget. Oh and just as we told you here is the reigning SSW World champion Vinci. Vinci: Listen up you maggots I’m not here to entertain you so if you’ve come here expecting that from me then you might as well go back to your run down home and your run down lives because I’m here for one person only and that’s myself! As a matter of fact there’s not a single person backstage who can lace my boots. [ Vinci would then be interrupted by none other than Archangel coming out on stage ] Archangel: Well someone sure is very confident in themselves but here’s the thing Vinci you don’t call the shots around here, I do, so with that in mind in tonight’s main event you’re gonna face someone of my choosing and as to who that will be…. Well I’ll let them talk to you themselves. [ Archangel would then step off to this side with a smile on his face as the crowd then erupts into cheers as the Titantron changes to the superstar’s entrance video and their theme song blast throughout the arena as Mirage steps out onto stage ] Mirage: Hello ladies and gentlemen first off I must say it’s wonderful to be back home in SSW! [ The crowd erupt into cheers and chant “ Bulldozer “ before those chants slowly fade out and chants of “ SSW “ take their place ] Mirage: Ah man that feels great but there’s been some changes in my life since I last stepped foot here one of which is my ring name I now go by Mirage, however there is one thing that hasn’t changed in that time and that’s my love for this company. Now with that all being said it’s time I talk about that uggo in the ring, Vinci listen up because I’m not gonna repeat myself, I am your opponent tonight in the main event but don’t worry it’s only a non title so you won’t lose the title tonight but once I beat you I will become the number one contender to that title and I’ll beat you for it at SSW Takeover : Boston, So Vinci enjoy the belt while you have it because just like I did last time I won that championship I’m gonna beat you for it only this time I’ll have the support of all of these wonderful people when I do it. [ Mirage then shakes Archangel’s hand as he is clearly welcomed back with open arms as he smiles and bows to the crowd before walking backstage ]
  17. Name - Austin nickname - Toxik age - 22 appearance - small/athletic do they conceal their identity? - yes with a helmet powers - can inject venomous toxins into people via breathing poisonous gas, shooting poisonous liquids from his hands, and can send the poison through the ground to reach his target via stealth. background - grew up as any normal child did but one day while at work was infected with radiation from a nearby nuclear power plant that has effected his mind and granted him super powers turning him insane as he killed all of his co workers before pursuing a life of crime and now only lives to strike fear into the heart of humanity with the side goal of get rich while doing it however fear is his primary goal and will do anything to achieve it. Alliance - villain, typically by himself but does work with other criminals on occasion typically his own henchmen but is open to doing jobs for criminal organizations.
  18. BPZ Star contract up It was reported this morning that Mirage’s contract with BPZ was up following the Halloween Havoc event and according to the report Mirage has not resigned with BPZ and has instead resigned with his old company SSW and will now be appearing there once again Mirage had this to say. “ It’s been a blast competing at BPZ and while I love all of the fans there and made plenty of new friends there I just had the desire to return to my home away from home and that’s SSW however this doesn’t mean I won’t ever return to BPZ as I’m always willing to do business with them again in the future and they know my departure is simply business and I wish them all the best of luck for them. “ Now For those that are unaware this is major news for SSW as Mirage formerly known as Bulldozer is a former SSW World Heavyweight champion and is a fairy big name in their home region of New England the question remains however if he will see another run as World Champ there as despite never winning a match at BPZ it has seen a rise to his overall popularity.
  19. Hello ladies and gentlemen it’s your favorite belt reviewer of the forums Toxik here with yet another fantastic belt review today I will be taking a look at the ROH World championship. So as always let’s get started with the main plate, and it’s actually very good really love all of the detail on it and it’s a very good design especially with how much the ROH logo sticks out. Next up as is tradition it’s the side plates and while it has two sets of differing side plates they do seem fairly basic and generic and could use a redesign in my honest opinion. Now lastly is the strap which is your normal black strap not much to say here other than as with most titles it’s works very well. That ladies and gentlemen brings us to the grand finale the overall rating for this title is..... 7/10
  20. So I as I’m sure we all know by now this year’s showcase mode is based off the four horse women going over their rise all the way from NXT to today’s time so with that said I say we get to talking about it. I for one think it’s great that they have gotten this showcase and I feel they have definitely earned it.
  21. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Wrestlemania 36 and it is time for our opening match between Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk and here comes the first man now. As CM Punk marches down to the ring the crowd is going insane since this is his first match back since coming back to WWE, but now here comes his opponent. Once again the crowd goes absolutely mental as this is also this man’s first match in WWE in years now as both men are in the ring staring each other down as the bell rings to start this one as Stone Cold walks up and holds out his hand to shake CM Punk’s hand which Punk accepts however this was all a ruse as Stone Cold pulls him into a Stone Cold Stunner to start this match and quickly goes for the pin 1...2…NO Punk kicks out but what a way to start this match Now Steve picks Punk up but Punk quickly scopes Steve up onto his shoulders and nails the GTS and falls into the cover 1….2….NO now it’s Steve Austin’s turn to kick out of a surprise finishing move as we aren’t even a minute into this match and both men have already hit their best shots as both men stare at each other in disbelief as the crowd isn’t holding back any cheers. Both men then roll out of the ring and grab weapons as we seemed to have forgotten to mention this is a no Disqualification match as Punk grabs a kendo stick and Steve Austin grabs a steel chair as both men get into ring again and Punk swings first but Steve Austin blocks the kendo stick with his chair knocking the kendo stick out of CM Punk’s hand as he then swings it at Punk’s head but he dodges but only barely and then grabs the kendo stick again and nails Steve Austin in the back with it as he drops the chair and falls to the mat in pain as Punk drops his weapon before placing Steve Austin’s head inside the chair then locks in the Anaconda Vice while Steve Austin’s head is inside the chair!!! While Steve Austin refuses to tap out he does eventually pass out meaning CM Punk is your winner. [ I know this was supposed to be Styles vs Gargano but to be honest I forgot to come up with spots for it so I made this in the meantime I hope you guys don’t mind ]
  22. Young BPZ Star appearing on TV Show? As of 8:37 AM this morning it was reported that young up and comer BPZ wrestler Mirage auditioned for and got a role in the upcoming season of the hit show Power Rangers which is rumored to be a continuation of the Lost Galaxy season it is currently unclear at this time which role he got however he had this to say about it. “ It’s truly an honor to have even auditioned for this role much less getting it especially for myself personally as I grew up as a massive fan of the show and many of my fondest memories of my childhood involve the Power Rangers franchise and I am very much looking forward to getting started with this project and I can promise all of the Power Rangers fans out there that I will give it my all for every episode I am in and that for me this is nothing short of a dream come true. “ It is currently also unclear how this will impact his BPZ schedule however it is believed that this has already been discussed and that a majority of filming he will be needed for will be during the day time however fans of BPZ and Mirage don’t need to worry about him being absent quite yet as production is rumored to only start sometime in January of 2020 however we here at Going In BPZ promise to bring you all any and all updates to this story.
  23. Don’t really watch/listen to too many podcasts so I don’t have that much love for this but I might watch/listen to it occasionally and for the fans that do on a regular basis this is great news.
  24. I gotta go with Arius while other guys such as Bic are very creative as well Arius is just always taking it to another level with seemingly each and every post with the most recent example being the Carnage recap for Kayfabe which showcases not only his creative genius but also how much work and effort he puts into all of his work.
  25. Title says it all very clearly with all the news and rumors over the years since he left the company and especially recent news of both Triple H and CM Punk saying they’re both open to CM Punk returning to WWE it does obviously raise the question of how will he be booked if he were to return right now so that’s what I ask you all how would you book a newly signed back to WWE CM Punk?

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