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  1. Hello everyone and today I have another game review with today's addition being my all time favorite game the Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim so lets make like scrooge McDuck and jump right into it shall we?

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim POSTER Dragon Blood 61x91.5cm | eBay

    Ok so let's kick this off with the story now as for the main story you're the last dragonborn tasked with killing Alduin the first dragon and who is said to end the world however as most Elder Scrolls games go you start off as a prisoner of some kind which is really just a way for the devs to have the player character introduced and typically plays a very minor role if even a role at all in the story and that is especially true here and this does offer a bit of a blank slate for your character's backstory if you're into role playing a character that you make and there is a ton of optional side quest available to the player from the very start and with an open world game such as Skyrim should you so wish you can ignore every other quest in the game yes even the main story and be a simple farm hand or a deadly assassin or a sneaky thief or a wise and powerful master wizard or just about anything else you can possibly think of and that's the beauty of this game and this genre of games in general but imo Skyrim is one of the best games in this genre because you play as what is basically a unstoppable god like being or just your average Joe.

    Next let's talk about the gameplay and this game is the first of Elder Scrolls series to have duel wielding for starters which opens many different playstyles that were not possible in previous installments as well as introducing the shouts system which is technically a type of spell both in the games code and in execution and there is a wide range of different shouts and effects from them for example the most popular one Fus Ro Dah at full power sends the target flying backwards and down to the floor leaving completely defenseless to your attack and if used in the right scenario can kill the target and plus who hasn't shouted a goat..... or Lydia off a mountain it's just down right fun now for my personal second favorite fire breath it's fairly self explanatory it allows you to literally breathe fire and at max power it's down right deadly to even the strongest of foes and now let's talk about the leveling system and my god I love how they handled it so basically how it works is the more you do something the better at it you become and thus the stronger you become an example would be say you play as a warrior that uses a sword and shield well the more you use that sword the better at one handed you become and you can even use perks that let you specialize in swords and the more you use the shield the better at blocking you become which has a perk that lets you charge at your foe and send them to the ground out of your way.

    Now as for the graphics man this game is just stunning now sure games since its release look better but i want everyone to remember this game came out in 2011 yeah, this game is nearly a decade old I'd say it's held up pretty dang well graphically and just in general I also dare say it competes graphically still although it also is not cutting edge graphics anymore it still shouldn't hamper your playing experience and even if it does there are tons of graphic mods available so if you just can't stand to look at vanilla Skyrim's graphics anymore go give those a look and test them out for yourself I'm sure you'll find something you like.

                   Now that will do it for now and trust me I could sit here and talk about my love for Skyrim all day but I don't want to ramble so I will mention this game has 3 DLCs one of which adds a whole new map that I didn't cover here as i feel two of the 3 are big enough for a review of their own and the third is Hearthfire which is fairly small and is mostly designed around you getting to build your own custom player home so I hope I've done a good job expressing my love for this game and in my honest opinion is one of the all time best games ever made.   

  2. Del Rio in 2011 is easy for me as while yes he’s good in the ring he also was far from the best choice they could’ve had that year like yes the likes of Morrison were gone around this time if I remember right who would’ve been the perfect opponent for Miz imo but some other names like Barrett would have been much better choices imo. 

  3. Have to agree with Bart here, Rock vs Mankind was just brutal to watch especially the unprotected headshot when Mankind has his hands cuffed don’t get me wrong match was great and all but that was just painful to watch couldn’t imagine what it actually felt like. 

  4. Can’t rightfully say I know of him but it’s always sad to see someone go and while it may not seem like it 72 is pretty young to pass on at but sometimes that’s life and this is just another example of how unforgiving Cancer can be my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones, may he Rest In Peace and are least he’ll no longer suffer from cancer in the great big wrestling ring in the sky. 

  5. So recently I have learned that MDickie is making an update to his very popular Wrestling Revolution game for Mobile, PC, and now the Nintendo Switch which to my knowledge is the first time he will be having a game on a console with many new features such as being able to track title history for all belts in all promotions and much more I’ll leave a link to his Twitter where you can get more information if you do wish and even follow his progress for yourself if you’re so inclined. 


    Please leave your thoughts on this below as I personally find this to be great news as I do find Wrestling Revolution to be a fun time killer and a good wrestling game to play if you’re bored of the WWE games. 

  6. Pretty obvious win here for Bayley but should hopefully be a fun match and I just hope after this we can finally get a new SD Women’s champ as Bayley’s heel run has gotten very stale as of the past few months and she is just a natural face imo so yeah, probably a fun match but Bayley wins here and accidentally costs Sasha the RAW Women’s title and sets up them for Summerslam where hopefully Sasha wins 

  7. God how stupid is Corbin being right now? Like seriously dude really shouldn’t be complaining now I actually like Corbin more than most and definitely a lot more than Riddle but this is just ridiculous practically every call up gets a strong initial push and that’s how it’s been since I can remember and while I personally don’t enjoy Riddle that still shouldn’t change and a win over Corbin while not doing a lot for Riddle will definitely help move him in the right direction credibility wise and I do think these two can have a really good match. 

    But this is just Corbin having an overinflated ego and this shows me he needs to humbled and soon. 


    The lights in the arena fade out to black as a red velvet curtain video appears on the screen with the name Austin Mirage slowly comes across it in bright gold letters before the curtain pulls back revealing the video of Alice sitting in the living room of Austin Mirage's home as the camera comes closer as Alice is heard clearing her voice as she starts singing.
    Best Curtains Opening GIFs | Gfycat
    File:Tessmacher July 2010.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
    Alice: Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.
    Alexander Blaze then steps into frame and continues on where Alice left off.
    World Wrestling Critic — Baron Corbin's new look, this actually ...
    Alexander Blaze: That saved a wretch a like me....
    A young lady in a dress after taking off the hoodie worn by Thug @ as we see their identity then steps into frame behind Alice and Alexander and in front of a pair of legs who we can't see right now and picks up the song after introducing themselves as Faith.
    Eve Torres - Fandoms - Heartbreakers - A Cult Fandom Forum
    Faith: I once was was lost, but now am found was blind but now I see.
    The camera then gets closer as we finally see the person in the back which is Austin Mirage with a red curtain behind him as he picks up where the others left off to finish the first part of the song. 
    Best NA Wrestler 2013 Round 1 - Daniels Vs Damien Sandow
    Austin Mirage: Amazing Grace how sweet the sound.
    Austin then lets out  a wide smile as if him and his group completing the first part of song brings him so kind of satisfaction as he then stands up from lavish chair he was sitting in and gently passes by his companions before staring right at the camera and speaking.
    From Liberace to Billy Martin
    Austin Mirage: Now for the matter at hand, my opponent for the first round of the Valor side of the King Of The Ring tournament the one known as Gunner Flynn....
    Let me start by saying this, Gunner what I do to you and the pain I put you through is nothing personal and is just me simply doing business.
    As for you, well I'm sorry to say you're just at the wrong place at the wrong time and this is just the stage for me to have my greatness recognized and for me to finally get the respect as The Savior of BPZ that I so rightfully deserve.
    Now before I bid you and the rest of the world ado Gunner please understand this, King Of The Ring is simply a vessel for me to continue to spread my message and is another step into saving BPZ and the rest of the world for that matter from itself and I truly hope that you can see that someday.
    The camera then fades out with the video that played before but this time closing as the lights in the arena come back and Valor gets ready for it's next segment.
    Tedtalk GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

  9. Ik people think I’m crazy for liking this and I’ve already said it in chat before but I love a plate of fried bologna with scrambled eggs in the morning for breakfast it’s just something that I’ve ate since I was a child and I’ve always loved it and I can’t ever see a world where I don’t have it at least once a month. 

  10. Name - Hunter Montgomery 

    from - Gatlinburg, Alabama 

    weight - 275 lbs 

    theme - Enter Sandman 

    figurehead - Smokey Mountains Park Ranger 

    signatures - tranquilizer ( Headlock driver ), Bear Toss ( two handed choke bomb ) 

    Finishers - Killshot ( Spinning powerbomb), wildfire ( Burning Hammer ) 

    alignment - tweener 

    DOB - May/ 12/ 1995

    gimmick - crazed park ranger that carries his rifle with him to the ring and isn’t afraid to use it as a weapon 

    style - Powerhouse/brawler

    bio - A former park ranger from the Smokey Mountains in Gatlinburg, Alabama he started as a normal person but eventually got stuck up in the mountains after a cave in in which he slowly went insane from and started wrestling the bears until he got so good at it he became bored and now struggles to adapt to modern day life and has been sent to this wrestling company in hopes it’ll knock him back into being sane with one of his best known accomplishments being effortlessly lifting a 350 pound bear above his head and tossing it down a hill 

  11. Have to agree with Hans on the match as his Mania 26 match with HBK is my all time favorite match period but my favorite moment is actually different as my favorite moment is them all standing together on the stage after his Mania 28 match with HHH as it truly felt like the end of an era and I honestly don’t think anyone could have blamed either HHH or Taker or even both of they hanged the boots up following that match as it would be a damn near perfect if not a perfect way for both men to end their long and legendary careers. 


  12. Incredibly sad if he can never wrestle again as he is one of one of the best they have and just knows how to make a crowd care about him and has managed to stay as a credible threat despite all the losses and injuries and imo has the best Rear Naked Choke in the business but at least he has a role on the announce team which low and behold he is also great at so he does seem to have that at least to fall back on should he have to hang up the boots and if he does then thank you for all the great matches you’ve given us Joe. 

  13. Hello everyone and today I am bringing another addition of my belt reviews and today I will be reviewing Jeff Hardy's custom TNA world title so let's get into it shall we.


    So for starters we will begin with the main plate as per usual and let's get the elephant out of the room and that's his face being smack bang in the center of the main plate and therefore the belt itself with.... whatever is coming out of the sides honestly as someone that typically unphased  by most creepy or scary stuff this just gives me a bit of an uncomfortable feeling and I can't really explain why but it's creative at least but still off putting to me.

     Next up is the side plates and we have two pairs of them and honestly I kinda like the side plates well at least the first pair could do without the second pair but hey it is what it is however I must say these are rather large for side plates which is bit of a nice change in my opinion so I guess props to them on that.

    Now it's time for the strap and not much to talk about here as it's the typical black strap however it does noticeably get a lot thinner towards the end which seemingly is for no reason or at least not for any I can think of as the only thing that comes to mind is to make it easier for Jeff to wear the belt but he had already worn belts in WWE with the normal sized straps and event still by that logic the whole strap should be the smaller size so I really have no clue why it is, if someone does know please feel free to let me know below.

    Lastly it's the time for the rating so lets finish this up shall we with an official rating of......


    So with that I have said everything I want to say regarding this title and I hope you all have enjoyed reading and I hope you all will join me and read the next installment.


  14. Ok so I have two suggestions for the forums firstly the bigger of the two.

    I would like to see a system like what YouTube has for videos where you can write up everything for a post and then have an option to have the forums post it at a certain date and time, like an example would be say I make a promo but I want it to come out when I’m at work so I could like set it to be posted at like say 8 am on a Tuesday while I’m busy at work, now I say this as it would help a lot I feel as people wouldn’t need to worry about work or school interfering with posting as much and while yes work and school should be a priority it would also help remove some stress that comes with it I feel. 

    Now the second of the two I think having the ability to check and see all of your roles on the forums would be a nice little addition and as to why I think it would be useful is say an older member returns to the chat but no one remembers all the roles they had so then they or the mods could go to their profile and look at all of the roles and assign it to them in the chat. 

    personally I would prefer the first one out of these two but I think both would be good additions to the forums and would help it. 

  15. Hello everyone today I have one of my all time favorite games in GTA 5 however as a side note I will not be including GTA Online in this review as I feel that is different enough and big enough for it's own review and is also deserving of one so that shall be another review for another time.

    So without further ado let's get into it shall we.

     Grand Theft Auto V Official Cover Art - Rockstar Games

    So let's start with the story and man oh man what a story this game has as it tackles 3 playable characters all at once and does a very good job at it as all 3 characters have clear flaws but also all have a very deep care for one another even Micheal and Trevor maintain a  a strong friendship despite Micheal keeping the fact that he was alive for 10 years a secret from Trevor and that one of their best friends died in his place for that same amount of time their friendship overcame it which is a lot to do and as for Franklin I feel most player can relate with him a lot and he takes on a kind of protege role to the other two while still being himself and often times being the most sane of the 3 and for all of these reasons and many more I believe this game is a must play for anyone who wants a good story while also having free reign to do basically anything they want.

    Now as for the gameplay.... I'm gonna be honest a lot of it doesn't even make sense like cars don't crash realistically, the cops are way more aggressive than an actual cops's response would be with them going lethal on anything you do and sometimes even the player gets a wanted level when the cops drive into them which is really stupid and does hurt the game ever so slightly now yes i get most of this is because it's a game but I don't think something like realistic car damage would take away from that but maybe that's just me.

    Next up is the graphics and I gotta say this game holds up insanely in this department a lot more than it probably should as if you remember this game came out towards the end of the PS3 and Xbox 360's lifespans granted there was always going to be a graphical increase on the newer consoles and graphic mods for the PC version however even back on those older systems it still holds up very well and I dare say it still competes in this department with games that come out today which says a lot and in my mind is one of the reasons it's life cycle has been as long as it has been.

    Lastly the game overall, and man what a game it is truly a blast to play start to finish and as you can tell Rockstar really put a lot of time and love into this game which is always great and there isn't a doubt in my mind it's truly one of the best games ever, now yes it has it's flaws but the pros it has are just so vast in number and quality it eliminates or at the very least makes those flaws more than bearable and is one of my all time favorite games.         

  16. From a kayfabe standpoint this doesn't make a lot of sense to me as they're giving up one of the best in the world for Dolph and Ali which don't get me wrong both those guys are great and can put on memorable matches anytime they want and Raw is giving up a major star in Styles for omething that just isn't worth it in a kayfabe sense to me, however outside of kayfabe this is a decent trade as it give both Dolph and Ali something to do and will probably be on tv at least for a bit which is great for them and it also helps AJ move on from RAW where he honestly didn't have much to do and ever since he's joined WWE he has always been more of a Smackdown guy and I think WWE sees that now so Styles is back where he belongs and Dolph and Ali have something to do at least for the time being.

  17. 6 minutes ago, NardieIsTastic said:

    Im pretty sure this already happened, but Akki Vs Toxik, the most Toxic feud of The year.

    This has actually already happened and I quite enjoyed it. 

    Now as for a suggestion of my own...... Well I have a few, one is a SSW Club battle  royal featuring Josh, Meko, Mave, Maasa, Epic, and myself as I think that would just be a fun lil side match on a card. 

    As for the other one I would like to see a Creed fatal four way consisting of Bart, Julius, Smith, and Sameer. 

  18. Ok so as some of you may know by now I am a huge fan of learning about various different mythologies with my personal favorite to learn about being Greek but I also enjoy learning about Roman, Japanese, Norse, and recently Hawaiian so it got me to thinking what kind of mythologies do you guys like learning about so here I am making this post and I hope we can share our love of all these different kinds of mythological tales even if it's only just one story from one of them and I also hope this thread can help us learn about others we might not have learned about otherwise.


  19. Marvel's Spider-Man | PlayStation 4 | GameStop

    For me personally this one takes the cake for me as it in some ways has perfected what a Spider-Man game should be and even beyond that what a super hero game should be now I do have a runner up that actually was easily my favorite before this by a landslide and that is this game right here.

    Spider-Man 2: The Movie (PS2) by ACTIVISION: Unknown ...

    That's right Spider-Man 2 for the PS2 for many reasons as this is the foundation that has made games such as Spider-Man PS4 so great and on top of that in a way is also the foundation of what the Batman Arkham games so good and for me personally was my first ever video game and is what got me into the huge wonderful world of games and without it my life in general would be very different as I would be chasing a different career and etc. so for all those reasons this game is a very close second for me and really is pretty interchangeable as I have flip flopped between several times and probably will for a long time to come.


  20. Glad to see you back bro, and I’m sorry for the loss of your granddad I know first hand how painful losing a family member due to cancer is and if you ever need anything myself and plenty others are here for you and I hope we can help bring some joy to your life 

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