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  1. I’ve never played Shadow of the colossus personally but I have seen a Let’s Play on it and I have had a want to play it for several years since then but never really had the chance to but now I do as for Sonic I really have no interest in it but I am interested that they chose for a Sonic game of all things and I suspect it’s not for a small reason I would even guess it’s there to try and stir up interest in the Sonic franchise again for possibly a new game.

  2. I gotta go Marvel here for me as all my life I’ve loved everything from Marvel I’ve seen and it wasn’t until my teen years that I started to enjoy stuff from DC such as Batman but I have memories from when I was a child watching Spider-Man and Iron Man and especially the original Spider-Man trilogy as a kid I even at one point had my entire room decorated in Spider-Man as he was my favorite hero at the time and to go even further my very first video game was Spider-Man.

  3. Name - Austin Mirage 

    position - PG ( if secondary positions are possible SG as a secondary ) 

    Preferred jersey number - 43 

    age - 7

    year declared for the draft - 2002

    Collage  - Alabama 

    City - Birmingham 

    State - Alabama 

    height - 6’2 

    weight - 220 Lbs 

    skills - 3pt shooting, handling, passing 

    athleticism - Stamina, quickness 



  4. This goes to Ledger easy imo however that’s not to discredit Phoenix in the slightest as he did an absolutely fantastic job in his performance and does very well deserve an Oscar for said performance Hedger’s performance is simple perfection when it comes to the Joker character for me as Ledger really sold the point of his Joker’s only goal in life was to cause as much chaos as he possibly could and also succeeded at.

    However I also feel it’s not completely fair to compare the two because while yes they are both the Joker they are both also entirely different versions of Joker with Ledger’s being more so cold and calculated and not truly crazy while Phoenix’s Joker is a victim of a mental illness that heavily negatively effects his life eventually driving him crazy and into becoming Joker and I give credit where it’s due I went in not liking the idea of Joker having an origin story and while I still prefer him not having a definite origin story Phoenix’s Joker’s story would be a very good one but again both characters are entirely different with the only similarities being the name obviously and the face paint.

  5. I get where Corbin is coming from and I wouldn’t say I completely agree with him on Meltzer being a cancer but I do partly to an extent agree that not just Meltzer but everyone in his line of work inspire others to over hate other companies that him/they don’t work and same goes for other areas such as music that Corbin mentioned and even TV shows but I also recognize that in a way comes with the profession they are in and very well may not be intentional in any means.

  6. Hello everyone and I brought this up in chat but soon realized it would be better as a thread here on the forums so the question I’m asking here in case it’s not apparent is who is the best player ever for their respective team for example imo the best player ever for Lakers is Kobe so I leave this to all of you.

  7. Big match here and I have no doubt it’ll be great and it very much is a dream match however as stated previously it is a bit late for it happen now but I personally will be looking at this match with a better late than never mentality as Styles and Taker are two of the all time best and will tear the house down imo 

  8. I believe Fiend wins here as it’s clearly the right call and I can definitely see Goldberg  wanting to put Fiend over and I can also believe Goldberg having enough say to make it happen and I personally don’t see Goldberg being able to really do much of anything with the title if he were to win it where as Fiend still has some very interesting feuds to do and the title would help elevate them even higher.

  9. So I was wondering what you all think is the best promo ever and yes while this topic is in general WWE promos from other companies are eligible obviously cuz this spans across all of wrestling so without further delay here is my choice. 


    Now I’ve chosen Punk’s Pipe bomb promo due to the impact it had on not only WWE but the entire wrestling world and imo it was with this promo he truly became a megastar now I know that may be debatable and for good reason but I say so as more than anything this promo got everyone talking about one person in particular that person being CM Punk.

  10. Ok I’ve been sitting back collecting my thoughts on this and watching it all unfold and now I feel it’s time I speak my peace on this matter.

    Firstly I was part of the Mafia server as an associate in order to help me improve and I am grateful for said opportunity as I am fully aware I’m far from the best member of the forums and no I will not expose any other members due to respecting the groups decision and willingness to help other members improve.

    Secondly I have since left the server as it’s no secret Storm and I are good friends and I have just felt as if Storm was being bullied off the forums when it’s clear he enjoys this place greatly and I myself have felt the same way a few times here in the past so I have chosen to stand by him and try to help him fell more welcome because in my mind Kayfabe should not under any circumstance dictate how we view and treat other members.

    and thirdly it’s time I address the elephant in the room or in this case the post, the begging, as I’m sure you’re all aware by now I am very against begging at all in order to win and have success as I feel all wins should be earned by actually performing better than the competition and while people may have different reasons for why they begged at the end of the day it’s still begging and that is just not something I agree with.

    Now lastly I’ve spoken with Storm a bit about this and I got the feeling he didn’t feel safe or welcome here and as his friend that pains me and upsets me to see so I am again standing by him and I am fully aware this post may cost me any chance at the US title this month if not ever but to be completely honest I don’t give damn as there is bigger and more important stuff than Kayfabe and winning fictional titles and in my mind this is one of them.

  11. Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of my Game Reviews and Today I will be doing a review of my personal choice for game of the past decade Minecraft.

    Image result for Minecraft cover

    Now as I'm sure you're all aware Minecraft is one of the biggest most important games quite possibly ever as it really made an entire genre of games and has been a huge cultural impact and is one of many games that out video games into the main stream quite possibly the game that spearheaded such a movement as this game dominated the late 2000s and Early 2010s and still has millions of active players and as of right now may very well be more popular that it has ever been before which is saying a whole lot.

    Now as for gameplay and oh boy this is a whopper when it comes to gameplay so first off Minecraft is a sandbox game as you all know and therefore you can do really anything you want in the game be it turning an ordinary village into a great and massive kingdom or mining valuable resources or even slaying a dragon or even living a peaceful life in a small hand built home the possibilities in Minecraft are near if not truly endless.

    finally as for the story well...… there really isn't much of a story in all honesty due to game's focus on player freedom and choice which is a plus for the game as whole however for a story isn't that great however there is a silver lining due to the freedom and choice of the player the player is able to come up with their own story and even have different worlds with different stories which is truly something wonderful and unique.  

  12. So I got onto my Switch to play Smash Bros and I saw that there is a new Pokémon Mystery dungeon game coming to Switch and I believe it's a remaster of the original two games based off the pictures and for me personally this is absolutely huge as I grew up playing and loving these games and I would love to know your thoughts on it.  

  13. really glad more people are able to experience the Bioshock series this month as all 3 of them are fantastic games and are worth playing and I have a lot of love for the series.

    Although I'm not to crazy about the sims 4 as Sims has never really been the kind of game I enjoy but I know many other people enjoy them and I am happy for them and it is a big game to be able to play for free this month.

  14. Recently sat down and watched Joker and while I still greatly prefer Joker without a definite backstory but I still did greatly enjoy the movie very much and thought it was very good as well as thought provoking and they also made the character very interesting and not just crazy for the sake of being crazy. 

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