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  1. Changed bio: The global wrestler has wrestled many places and entertaining many crowds. Once he heard about the new companies of Brendenplayz he was very jubilant that he could be apart of it, watching since 2k14 Universe mode. With this new opportunity, Zayn wants to show that he isn't just the best cruiserweight in the world, but the best wrestler in his generation. Preference: Anywhere but Twitch
  2. TW: TWTV Champion; Twitch's link is Twitch.tv or u could call it TW Television Champion
  3. TPW PPV: Horsemen Apocalypse This is a Christian reference but it could be like A Fatal 4way kind of PPV
  4. Should there be a brand vs brand or a One Night only type of thing between any of the brands?
  5. Or it could be like Money in the bank where they get to choose when they face a champion that they choose
  6. I like the idea like the viewers pick from polls of matches that could happen for that PPV it would probably be highly regarded as a ppv
  7. SSW: Having a trophy named the Shooting Star trophy that can have it's own PPV surrounding it
  8. Zayn Mann Born: August 1991 Set to debut: December 2014 Gender: Male Race: Black Nationality: American Based In: USA Role: Active Wrestler Style: High Flyer and Striker Size: Cruiserweight Max Size: Light Heavyweight Moves: 630 Senton, Spinning Michinoku driver II-B, Double Rotation Moonsault (All possible finishers) Face Gimmick: Charismatic and cool Hell Gimmick: Prince Puma Body type: Muscular Mask: Yes but only as heel; Prince puma Hair: Short black Favored role: Wrestler Bio: Zayn was in many scenes including: NJPW, PWG, and even Lucha Underground proving himself as 1 of the best cruiserweights in the plant. But once he goes into the WWE, he just got 1 match and was forgotten in 2017. He has an high arsenal of moves with lots of star quality ahead; he wants to be known as the best cruiserweight ever! Picture:

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