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  1. Absolutely brilliant Amai! Hans coming into the ring out of no where and randomly attacking Bailey and Arrow was great, and him switching places with Julius for the mic drop was inexplicably genius. I think you depict most of the wrestlers quite well honestly, Sheridan's DDT that eliminated Toxik easily is exactly what I would imagine. Julius got the big win this night, I'm excited to see what happens next time. Keep up the good (fun) work.
  2. Currently: 1. Flynn 2. Smith 3. Arius 4. Julius 5. Sameer
  3. Pokemon Heartgold, probably my 10th or so time trying to defeat Red. I had it all, around 100 hyper potions, some juiced up Pokemon, I was set. I was doing so, SO well, and I was on his Blastoise, his last Pokemon. It was my level 50 something Ho-Oh versus that 70ish overleveled beast, and I had a strategy going that was getting my HP back. Eventually Blastoise ran out of water type moves, and I was all in the clear as long as I kept up my strategy. But, being the wise middle schooler I was, I missed a turn of healing and my last Pokemon, Ho-Oh, fainted. I was devastated, and I knew I'd never be able to do that again unless I wanted to grind for hours and hours more. And to this day, I still haven't beat Red or Heartgold.
  4. If anyone's willing to team up, I'm in
  5. Well, this was lowkey banger. Both teams did a great job in the match, and the New Day continue to establish themselves as one of the best tag teams in WWE history, and they've only been together for 4 years. It'd be a shame to see them break up, but I digress. The Revival winning was unexpected, and when they did, I knew Orton had a high chance of losing later in the night, but I'm satisfied with the Revival winning. They once again proved themselves and showed why they were one of the best tag teams in NXT history. I'm praying for a long, healthy title reign, but honestly I don't know with WWE's booking lately.
  6. The Cruiserweights have done it again. A very solid match from the 3 guys, and although the result of Gulak retaining was predictable, the 3 did their best in making the match seem like it could take different turns at any point. Carillo looked fantastic which I think was the whole point of the match, and I'd love to see him and Gulak square off one on one at HIAC. I'm not sure who'd I want to win, but I'm being safe and going with Carillo for now.
  7. Yeah, DQ finish, not fun. I guess it makes sense to play into the animosity the two have for each other, but it was a little disappointing to see. However, it did protect Sasha a bit which is good for their inevitable Hell in a Cell rematch. Other than that, the match was good, no complaints here other than the finish.
  8. Hell yeah baby, Luke Harper is back. His return was pretty well done, the crowd didn't realize what they were seeing at first, and hearing the cheers rise as the realization set in was perfect. I hope these two continue to team up and they get to hold the tag titles again (hopefully not as the Bludgeon Brothers this time). I thought both guys in the match looked pretty damn good, especially Rowan. Reigns has proved he can go in the ring, and I'd consider it an average performance from him, which is still good, but he paled in comparison to Rowan. I'm not saying Rowan out performed Reigns, but for his standards, he exceeded them by a long shot. He looked great and it made me wonder why he was being used as a bodyguard for Bryan instead of stepping in the ring more. Hoping he can keep the momentum going, it's looking good for now.
  9. Great match once again from these two, MOTN for me without a doubt. The two did great together and their chemistry really shows through despite their issues. Hearing some boos for Kofi was reassuring at first, I thought for sure he'd be going down in a loss (I was assuming WWE had edited them in, I don't know). I was surprised to hear them keep going throughout the match, and I guess people are off the Kofi hype train now. But nevertheless, Kingston retained, putting a dent in my predictions and in my heart. I was really rooting for Orton throughout the whole encounter. His run recently has been great, and he proved his talent is still world title level. Despite his loss, I will say it was good to see a clean pinfall instead of some countout/DQ again, it made Kingston's victory feel more real. I actually want this storyline to keep playing out and end with the strap eventually on Orton.
  10. You know what, I thought this match was going to be a squash for Shinsuke, but it was alright pretty decent. Both guys got a bit in there and it had a good amount of time for the match. It was a pretty crucial defense for the pairing of Nakamura and Zayn, and I think the match did well to improve it. Alright stuff all around, not much to say.
  11. Yeah, I had this as my MOTN... Seeing this on the preshow was a shocker by itself, but it was given such a short amount of time which is inexcusable for a match of this caliber. These two are some of the best in ring workers WWE has to offer right now, there's an established mid card title on the line, and it's on the preshow rather than the women's tag match. I really don't understand WWE and I can't justify them at all. On top of the short amount of time and really limited wrestling, Cedric got absolutely crushed and did not look like the guy who's been taking it to the OC for the last few weeks. And on top of that, he got beat down after which never looks good on the up and comer, especially on the fucking preshow. I'm no Cedric fan, but this is a very, very poor use of his and Styles' talent.
  12. The match was kind of ruined by the predictable result, but I actually enjoyed the match a bit. The wrestling wasn't bad at all for two teams that have been put together, especially for Rollins and Strowman having to be protected for later in the night. Personally, I think that Roode and Ziggler have potential as a future tag team if they can stay together and build up some experience, but it is a shame to see them as a thrown together team winning rather than an established one.
  13. I actually think this match served its purpose well. It built Bayley's heel turn with the turnbuckle move and it wasn't too damaging to Charlotte (although getting pinned after one move is a little bit weak). Bayley did a good job concealing the turnbuckle removal and I only knew it was happening after it happened. Bayley running out of there was quite the scene and I really have no idea why she did it, but hey, a decent match up in the end.
  14. Agreeing with Brad, the match was alright, but nothing more and nothing less. I thought the four women did a pretty good job with what they were given, which wasn't much. I also agree that Fire & Desire should have won, but WWE continues to surprise me. I'm hoping that this leads to a rematch and a better storyline between the two teams.
  15. Rock vs Hogan, that match was truly something special to watch. The whole feel for the match was beyond anything seen in wrestling (in my opinion) and remains so to this day. The crowd was electric for both men, and that alone made it a fun watch. But on top of that, the storytelling on display was next level. Both men were able to sense that the crowd was a little bit more in favor of Hogan and with that, Rock took the heel side, and he still got cheered on. Hell, for a match with Rock and Hogan, the in ring action was also pretty good, but it really came down to the crowd's reaction when both guys hit their big moves/spots on each other. An absolutely amazing match to watch.

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