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  1. I think The Fiend is the most appropriate final opponent Taker could have. All of his legendary rivals are either gone or shouldn't be having matches anymore, and a win over Taker is exactly what The Fiend needs to get over. His character is the only one that has rivaled Takers in years in terms of creepiness. I hope Taker doesn't retire by putting The Fiend down to truly cement himself as the creepiest/most ominous character in all of wrestling.
  2. Really late on the review, but I thought Smackdown was fantastic. Starting off hot with the Kofi/Orton segment was great, and it really set the mood for the show. The 24/7 segment was quite hilarious, Maverick is just pure gold. The KOTR stuff was all good, I'm glad to see Andrade advancing but I'm really questioning sending Elias on over Owens, but it is what it is. Gable/Benjamin's segment was really stupid but I still thought it was hilarious and it made me laugh. I'm hyped to see the Revival capitalizing on the Orton momentum with a dub over Heavy Machinery (they fell off quick, huh?) and speaking of tag teams, Nakamura and Zayn teaming up is...strange. I guess it makes sense but last time Nakamura was in a team it was with Rusev and we all know how that turned out. Hopefully this is a way for Zayn to get some wins, and I hope they have a dope ass tag finisher. As for Murphy and Bryan, that match was fantastic. Murphy getting the shock win was 100% deserved and it really makes him look like a big deal (finally living up to his nickname). I think he'll go on for a few rounds in KOTR instead of getting squashed round one for once. And the big reveal...okay. I have no idea who the fuck that is and I hope this goes somewhere, but for now I can't say much cause I'm insanely confused.
  3. Well now that Moxley is out and PAC has replaced him I don't know if I'm more or less excited. Sure, it's really sad that Mox had to dip out with just over a week left before the event, but Omega vs PAC...good lord that'll be great. Sure, there's not as much story behind it but I think holding off Mox and Omega is probably a good thing, it'll be really big once the time comes. It could also play into Mox's character as a heel cause he skipped the match (maybe they say he's scared?). As for the match as it is now, it should be absolutely fantastic. I'm predicting it'll be match of the night, even if it's predictable that Omega will beat PAC since he's lost DG's main title. Nevertheless, this should be a high paced masterpiece and I don't have a doubt in my mind it could rival one of Omega and Okada's matches.
  4. Prince Puma vs Gran Metalik "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Minoru Tanaka Pentagon Jr. vs Oney Lorcan Roderick Strong vs Bea Pristley
  5. Uh oh spaghettios. I feel a little bad for the two about the public announcement, there's literally a 0% chance it's not going to be used against them. I'm happy for them and all, but being in a business where everything is scripted/fake doesn't bode well when something like this is presented. A romance angle between these two would be absolutely terrible and I hope they can just live their lives in peace without being bothered.
  6. SSW Punishment (Episode 11) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to SSW Punishment, the 11th installment! With Unholy drawing ever so closer, we have a few big shows planned out, so stayed tuned! Sit back, relax, and don't move cause we have a match to start the show off with a bang! We hope you enjoy! Match 1: Birdman vs Joey Marvelous To start off the show, we have a match that is sure to be a pure wrestling beauty. Birdman is the first man to enter. He sprints down to the ring, dives inside and immediately scales the ropes. He flips off the top in a backflip, landing perfectly with a bow to the crowd with cheer in approval. Joey Marvelous enters shortly after. He takes his time getting down to the ring, offering high fives and handshakes to his supporters in the crowd. He hops up onto the apron and climbs to the top rope. He does a flip off and lands in a pose for the crowd, eyeing Birdman while doing so. Birdman is clapping out of respect rather than being shaken, and with that Marvelous goes to his corner and awaits the sound of the bell. The bell dings and the match is underway. The match begins with Marvelous making an offer for a handshake to Birdman. Birdman quickly takes it and pulls away, avoiding Marvelous' attempt to sucker him in. Both men offer a smile before circling the ring to begin the match properly. Marvelous gets the upperhand with a headlock, grounding Birdman quickly. Birdman is quickly able to reverse the hold and pin Marvelous' head between his legs. Marvelous is able to force his way out after a couple of seconds and he catches Birdman with a dropkick as he is rising to his feet. Birdman stumbles back against the ropes and Marvelous follows up with a clothesline, sending him over, and he's not done yet. He crowd hypes up Marvelous as he sprints across the ring, leaping over the top rope in a tope con hilo, driving Birdman backfirst against the announcers table! Marvelous quickly gets back to his feet before laying into Birdman with some punches. He finally pushes him onto the table and hops up onto the apron and then the top rope. He looks weary about what he's about to do, and he takes a long look around the crowd, causing them to increase the volume of their cheers. With one last glance at the fans and a nod to himself, Marvelous takes the leap of faith in the form of an elbow drop. But to no avail! Birdman was able to move out of the way just in time, and Marvelous crashed through the table hard. Both men are down and not moving. The referee quickly checks on both men and signals that the match can continue, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Birdman is the first to his feet, and he walks over to the rising Marvelous. He grabs onto his back and throws him backfirst against the apron. He drives his knee into his gut before rolling Marvelous into the ring. Birdman awaits on the apron as Marvelous slowly gets up to his feet. Birdman leaps off, looking for what seems to be a springboard DDT, but Marvelous rolls underneath. Birdman lands on his feet and turns around right into an enzuigiri from Marvelous. Birdman is dazed but not knocked down, and this time Marvelous winds up his enzuigiri with a sprint, connecting. Birdman finally falls onto his back, and Marvelous delivers a lionsault, but Birdman got his knees up. Marvelous stumbles back on his feet and accidentally knocks the referee out of the ring. Marvelous makes sure the referee is okay before turning around and WHAT THE HELL? Birdman low blows Marvelous, and he falls to his knees. Birdman grabs onto the hair of Marvelous and stares down at him for a moment. But instead of offering mercy, Birdman delivers a sickening headbutt and Marvelous collapses in a heap. Birdman scales the ropes and leaps off, hitting the Bird Bomb. Birdman waves the referee over from outside of the ring, and he makes the count, unaware of what just occurred. 1..., 2..., 3! This match is over, and Birdman is the victor. The referee raises Birdman's arm into the air, but he tears it down and delivers yet another headbutt, sending the referee out of the ring once again. With the spotlight only on him, Birdman begins to untie his mask. When he finally pulls it off, it reveals a face full of paint, much to the surprise of the fans who are still in shock. Birdman tosses the mask onto the fallen body of Marvelous and walks to the back, a statement being made to kick off the show. Oh god, we're running short of good guys. This is bound to turn out to be an issue soon...should probably start the new signings soon. While Meltzer rambles off, the audio switches over and the camera does to. It is in a backstage area and it is showing a beaten down Angelo Caito. He is motionless on the ground and a note is left next to him. The camera zooms in on the note and it reads: I know, you probably are all shocked an old man got beaten up and couldn't defend himself. You'll know who did it at the end of the night. If you're reading this, watch your back, you might be next. Some shouting is heard as medical personnel rush to the scene, attending to Caito who is regaining consciousness. Oh wow, I hope I'm not next. This is quite a safe area, although I might have to box myself in. But full steam ahead, there's no stopping the train that is my show. Up next we have none other than Yelich, who wishes to address all of the SSW roster. The camera once again shifts scenes to the backstage area, where Yelich is walking around and seemingly talking to random objects. Yelich: I challenge you to a match at Unholy! What do you say? No response? Ah, just like the rest of them. Yelich turns away from the apple he was talking to and almost runs facefirst into the camera. Yelich: Ahh! Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to creep up on me like that. Oh, that right there? I was just a little bored and was having some fun, no biggie. Alright now...SSW locker room, superstars, whatever you want to call yourselves. I am here to issue and open challenge! Anyone, really, I'll tear through you all! Alright, that's all I had to say. Back to business. Do you want to face me at Unholy? Yelich goes back to talking to inanimate objects, and his first target is the very camera he was talking into. Ummm no comment on that. I promise he'll turn out to be great, I'm not that mindless. Now we have a matchup that is sure to raise some eyebrows, so watch this. Match 2: Arius vs George AK Arius is the first man to enter, and as always, his entrance never disappoints. At first, two of his ghouls rise out from under the floor, holding the National championship between them. Arius then rises up on a platform in between the two of them. Smoke goes off that covers the three from sight for a second, but when it clears, Arius has the National championship around his waist and he is wearing a glorious robe. He and the ghouls make their way down to the ring, seemingly floating underneath their long cloaks. They enter the ring and when Arius strikes a pose, pyros go off from the ring posts, showering him in gold confetti. With that spectacle over, George AK enters. He doesn't even try to compete with Arius entrance, so he instead riles up the crowd a bit and gingerly makes his way down to the ring, wary of his opponent. He slowly enters the ring, poses for the fans, and quickly gets into his corner, keeping an eye on Arius at all times. The ding is heard and the match begins. These two are very technically sound and it shows right off the bat, the two trading holds in the blink of an eye. AK gets the upperhand, and he looks surprised with himself. He maintains the hold and even manages to ground Arius. Arius is quickly able to break out and get up to his feet, landing a stomp right in the chest of AK. He rubs it in a little before breaking off, letting George get back to his feet. Despite the opportunity to recover, Arius still gets the upperhand with a knee strike to the gut. Arius follows up with a DDT and a single leg boston crab. AK is able to get onto his stomach and flip Arius into an ankle lock, his whole leg trapped between AK's two legs. Arius uses his upper body strength to drag the weight of himself and George to the bottom rope where he is able to break the hold. He slides out to the apron and when AK goes to drag him back in, he kicks AK's head, sending him reeling back in the ring. Arius quickly reenters the ring and hits a running forearm on George which sends him back. He bounces off the ropes and retaliates with a huge clothesline that is dodged by Arius. Arius delivers a dropkick to the back of AK, and he is now draped over the middle rope. Arius keeps up the offense with a kick to the back of George's head, smoothly exiting the ring under the top rope in the process. Arius goes to grab George's leg and drag him out of the ring with him, but AK kicks him away and creates a little bit of separation. He uses the ropes to get back to his feet and he uses the ropes to leap over the top and hit a crossbody on Arius. AK continues his assault by driving Arius back first into the barricade and delivering an uppercut shortly after. AK does the same thing once again, but this time driving Arius into the apron. He shoves Arius into the ring and rolls in after him. He goes for the pin, 1..., 2..., not 3. AK traps Arius' head between his thighs and begins elbowing him, the desperation for a win beginning to show. Arius is able to force AK onto his stomach and slide his head out. He scoops up AK from the ground and lugs him over his head in a bridging german suplex. 1..., 2..., nearly 3! Arius is visibly frustrated from the kickout and his frustration is not helped when he sees Bulldozer making his way down to the ring. Arius spends a crucial second observing his opponent at Unholy which leads to AK rolling him up in a school boy! 1..., 2..., Arius gets the shoulder up at 2.9! Both men quickly get back to their feet and it is George getting the advantage with a huge Codebreaker! AK quickly continues the assault with a Lights Out! AK falls into the pin as the whole crowd counts along with the referee, 1..., 2..., oh come on! Bulldozer slid into the ring and attacked AK, breaking up the pinfall. Bulldozer tosses both AK and the referee out of the ring and just leaves him and Arius. He gets a microphone from ringside. Bulldozer: Sorry to interrupt all the fun, but I assure you, I will be the one to hand Arius his first ever pinfall lose in SSW, not some jobber. Bulldozer lets the mic fall before sizing up Arius, begging him to get up. Arius get up to a knee before being shut out by a devastating Kinshasa from Bulldozer. The camera cuts away from the ring and once again to the backstage area, a scene similar to the one we saw earlier tonight. But this time, it is Superkick Sanchez who has been assaulted. Medical personnel are already attending to him. The cameraman reaches the scene and zooms in on yet another note in the same handwriting which reads: Time is ticking. The reveal is drawing nearer. Everyone is now a target. Watch out, or you will suffer the same fate as those who have already been attacked. Good luck. The camera then zooms out to survey scene. Sanchez is on the verge of consciousness, and he has something to say. Sanchez (weakly): Superkick... And with that, Sanchez dramatically passes out in the arms of the doctors who look around at each other, very confused. GO ON SANCHEZ, YES! Sorry, I get a little bit emotional when I see my boy on the TV. Ahem, well, that just leaves the main event. And it is a big one. You all remember RAINE? Well, he's back and returning to action tonight! Main Event: Maddrix vs RAINE The first man to enter is Maddrix, and although it's been a while since he's been seen, he's still as intimidating as ever. He storms down to the ring, shaking the camera with every step. He steps onto the apron and enters the ring over the top rope. He awaits in the ring for his opponent. The music of RAINE plays and although they hate him, a cheer arises from the fans. And sure enough, RAINE enters the arena, in his ring gear with his championship, ready for a fight. He gets down on an army crawl and crawls underneath the reaching out hands of the fans, avoiding them all. He brushes off his championship before rolling into the ring. He poses for the fans before retiring his championship to a ringside personnel and preparing himself. He bell rings and this match is up and running. Maddrix quickly rushes at RAINE, but he ducks and starts laying into the big man with punches in the corner. The referee pushes RAINE away, but before he breaks, he lets Maddrix go with a nice little forehead flick. This enrages Maddrix and he once again tries to attack RAINE, who tries to dodge but gets clipped and knocked down. Maddrix pounces on the opportunity, attacking RAINE with a volley of punches, forearms, and elbows. He then starts to pick up RAINE's head and bash it against the mat. He finally grabs a hold of RAINE's throat, picks him up and delivers a chokeslam, planting RAINE firmly on the mat. Maddrix pins RAINE right there, 1..., 2..., kickout from the world champion. Maddrix then runs off the ropes and leaps into the air, looking for a splash. RAINE rolls out of the way and delivers a double foot stomp to the back of the downed Maddrix. He then gets him back up to his feet and starts delivering a barrage of attacks including punches, forerams, leg kicks, and even a leaping knee to finish the job off. Maddrix stumbles back from the knee and when RAINE goes to clothesline him over the rope, Maddrix lifts him up and sends him flying to the outside, well over 10 feet in the air. RAINE gingerly gets back to his feet as Maddrix runs across the ring, the big man taking flight at the last second, flattening RAINE. Maddrix quickly gets RAINE up and throws him carelessly back into the ring, ready to follow up on the big move. He steps up onto the apron and instead goes over the middle rope to enter, and that move costs him! RAINE rolls him up in a small package, 1..., 2..., 3! RAINE has just scored a very cheeky win, and Maddrix is not pleased about it. Despite RAINE's effort to leave the ring quickly, Maddrix is able to prevent him from doing so. He grabs onto RAINE and hoists him high into the air and spins him around, delivering the Madd Bomb. He's not done yet though, which is evident as he scales to the top rope. He leaps off, delivering the Mad Splash. He exits the ring in a fury, marching to the back. At that moment, Julius Jones slowly enters and walks down to the ring. He gets inside and surveys the beaten down RAINE. He simply gets him to his feet and pats him on the shoulder, comforting him. But it is all a ploy, and Jones ends RAINE off with a brutal End of Days. And with that, the camera once again shifts backstage. This time it shows all three members of the Sinister Sons Nation tied to chairs. The sound of a door closing is heard, and three men with masks over their faces walk into the room. They unmask and reveal themselves as The Wolves. Wolf crouches down to get level with their three captives while Wise and Kayle watch over it all with the Sinister Sons championships around their waists. Wolf: Well well well. What did you all expect? Did you expect the good guy Joey Marvelous to do it? Or the psycho Yelich? Well, no, it's us. We have been the ones behind the destruction tonight. These 5 souls, they didn't have the brain to join the Wolves. They vowed for a journey by themselves, or a journey with the ones they know best. No. There's only one way, and it's the way of the Wolves. Join us, or forever hold your peace. Show them what happens boys. But at that moment, all three members of the Sinister Sons spring to their feet, still tied to the chair. They all spin around in wild circles, trying to connect with whatever possible. At the end of it all, Aaron North and Mason Mercer stand tall, while the other four are laid out on the ground. The two free each other and help King to his feet before freeing him. They take their championships, look at the wreckage one last time, and exit the room without a word. I knew it all along! Those schemers are always the center of attention. Well, that's all for tonight! Next week we have the go home show of Punishment, and after that it's Unholy time! As always, my name is Dave Meltzer and thank you for tuning into SSW Punishment! We'll see you next week!
  7. Mikey


    Hans Vs BiC Smith vs ???? Marker Andrews vs Jack Bashka Yelich vs Brad Julius(C) vs Ropati: Television Title Sameer(C) vs Arius: IUM World title Bonus Question: Who’s Smith's opponent: Triple Fox
  8. Definitely would've crushed Arius in that match if Mel never interfered. If only... Great show Marker, I know the diary is still new but I already like how you're building up people and I'm excited to see what feuds you've got in store. Keep up the good work.
  9. Pretty good day, woke up at like 2 PM so didn't get much done. Enjoying my last 5 days of summer vacation.
  10. I definitely agree that his last opponent should be Randy Orton. These two have had a legendary feud that's gone on for over a decade at this point, and there's only a few other feuds that come into mind when thinking about ones this big. With Orton retiring Cena, that would truly cement him as the legend killer, as he has killed the only other legend that has been able to keep him down as much as Cena has. Some honorable mentions are Kurt Angle (his first ever opponent) and Velveteen Dream (perfect man to pass the torch to). But knowing WWE, they'd probably go with Reigns in a Mania main event.
  11. Win World Become the longest reigning North American champion/person with the most reigns Keep my status as greatest NXT champion of all time Become good friends with everyone on the forums/Discord Become a mod of some sort
  12. NWGP World Heavyweight Title: Sameer © vs Slim NWGP United States Title: Hans © vs Mikey NWGP Intercontinental: Julius © vs Arius vs Bashka NWGP Tag Team Championship: Royal Flush (Sheridan & Johnny Kills) vs Godsent (Jay Sellers & Brett Storm) vs Brad/North vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) 8 Man Tag Team Match: Natedog, Ross, Kenji, and Kyle Pain vs Ropati, Lunatic Ginge, Bob Sparks, and Sandman 8 Man Tag Team Match: Bart, Cody Cage, Prince, and Echo Wilson vs Raven, Hollow, Marker, and Buddy Ace Tag Team Match: George & Kieron Black vs Maasa & Evolution
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    No idea how late I am, but happy birthday Cody!
  14. Smith vs Corey George vs Buddy Ace Arius vs Mikey Julius vs Jack Bashka

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