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  1. Episode 130 JCW Strike _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 1 (JCW National Championship): MIRO (2-1) (c) vs Angel Garza (0-1) To kick off JCW Strike, MIRO defended the JCW National Championship against FFW's Angel Garza. These two teamed up a couple weeks ago and ended up losing to Miz and Morrison after MIRO left Garza to finish the match by himself. The split was caused then, with Garza believing MIRO did it to have a one on one match and because he's a coward. MIRO has claimed t
  2. Episode 126 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ At Long Last To kick off the show following JCW Evolution, the new JCW World Champion Jay White has some words for the JCW audience. He says he knows they are all pleased that the landscape has finally been ridded of their least favorite man Brock Lesnar and a sorry excuse for a champion in King Barrett. But, he really doesn't care. This win was one for himself because the expectations had been set so high for
  3. A camera is wandering through the backstage area when it comes upon Mikey and Austin sitting by, watching a phone in Austin's hand. The two men are chuckling to each other before a noise emanates from the phone, causing the two stars to burst out into laughter. As the cameraman gets closer, it can be seen that the two men are watching Gunner's most recent promo. Oh brother he hasn't changed at all since last year, has he? Just the same hopelessly hopeful man in the business. Honestly, he should just be happy to have this opportunity in the first place and focus on the ultimate go
  4. Episode 125 JCW Evolution _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 1 (JCW National Championship): MIRO (c) (1-0) vs Sheamus (1-0) In the first contest of the night, MIRO defended the JCW National Championship against Sheamus. Sheamus has been testing MIRO throughout the month, telling him to remain patient and control his anger and save it up for this match. It was clear that MIRO did that, coming out of the gates with a full head of steam. However, this was all part of Sheamus' plan, a
  5. Episode 121 JCW Thursday Night Punishment To kick off the show, Nexus Reborn occupies the ring. Barrett flaunts his newly won JCW World Championship and makes a claim to the top of the JCW roster, calling himself king. His point is accentuated when his stablemates crown him and hand him a robe and scepter. The coronation is shortly interrupted by the man who challenged Barrett after JCW Revolution: Tokyo, Jay White. White says the theatrics are impressive, but he is still gunning for Barrett's title this month and expects him to keep his promise. Perhaps still high on the fumes of
  6. Night 2 of BPZ Mania VI is now well underway, and having just seen Bob Sparks retain the BPZ United States Championship against Tony Tastic, the camera now fades in to show Bailey still sitting at the bar, contract laid out in front of him. He sighs in division, clearly still not sure whether to leave behind the brand that he gave everything for. While he is looking, he hears a door close behind him. He turns around in his seat to see the BPZ Atlas Champion Mikey walking up to the bar. The camera shoots from Bailey's point of view as Mikey hops onto a seat just a c
  7. It is Night 1 of BPZ Mania VI, and we have already seen two thrillers of a match where Natedog captured the BPZ Money in the Bank contract and The Tiger retained the BPZ NXT Championship, continuing his historic run in the NXT division. Currently, the battle between Kiera Black and BPZ Atlas Champion Mikey is underway, nearly 28 minutes into the contest. These two stars have been going back and forth for weeks after Kiera Black defeated Alex Costa and Prince to secure herself this title match. It has been a constant war of words with Kiera accusing Mikey of being a fraudulent champion while Mi
  8. GCW Nobility - July Match 1 (GCW Ascension Championship): Will Ospreay (c) vs ??? In the first contest of the night, Will Ospreay defended the GCW Ascension Championship in an open challenge as he was given no challenger. The call would be answered by none other than Darby Allin, a mysterious man to answer a challenge riddled with mystery. Allin also happened to be on Ospreay's wishlist of wrestlers he wanted to face, and it was clear to see why. These two men, despite having never encountered each other before, displayed a tremendous amount of chemis
  9. Mikey


    We have just returned from a commercial break on Valor, and the arena is void, filled only with fans waiting in anticipation for the next segment. There is no music, no theatrics, no lights, but rather a small figure in the distance appears on the corner of the screen, just barely visible. The camera switches angles to show that the BPZ Atlas Champion Mikey is at the corner of the stage. He slowly walks to the center of it, the crowd finally realizing his presence and erupting into boos. He slowly walks down to the ring, up the metal stairs and enters the ring over the middle rop
  10. Glory Championship Wrestling July 2020 Week 1 The show kicks off with the new GCW Golden Crown Champion Randy Orton occupying the ring. Orton says that it feels damn good to be a champion once again, and he's ready for whatever is going to come at him. New GCW Executive PAC now joins Orton in the arena, saying he's glad he's ready because he has some news for him. Effective immediately, PAC is forming a new stable, one of men that have glory and will help him reign as king...the Regime of GCW. PAC is joined on the stage by Jake Hager, Austin Arie
  11. Mikey


    In a bpz.com exclusive interview, Mikey is seen backstage, seated in a room covered in velvet walls. He is perched on a cushioned chair with his leg rested atop his other leg, his BPZ Atlas Championship just off to the side on a stand. The production assistants step out of the frame, and the interview begins. Good afternoon, Mikey, Gekyume Sins from BPZ WrestleTalk here. I'm just here to ask you a couple of questions regarding your upcoming BPZ Mania match with Kiera Black for the BPZ Atlas Championship. So as we've all seen, Kiera called you a man who was debuted with a silver s
  12. Episode 120 JCW Revolution: Tokyo _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 1 (JCW National Championship): MIRO (c) (0-0) vs Robert Roode (2-0) w/ Dolph Ziggler To kick off the show, JCW National Champion MIRO defended his championship against Robert Roode. Both men have been on absolute tears in their young JCW careers, with neither man having suffered their first loss. However, one of those streaks was bound to end tonight, and that's exactly what happened. Both stars began the match a
  13. WarGames: The Order (Slim, Tamer, William Smith and Jack Bashka) vs Wilde Club (Alyx Wilde, Summer, Ross Haslam and Gill) BPZ Global Championship: Nate (c) vs Sameer To The Top Ladder Match: Nebakos vs Bart vs Ark Universe vs Ropati vs Gary Kirby NXT Championship: Karico (c) vs Heel Akki Pre Show: Finish vs xCozza Just got caught up with this diary and I'm absolutely loving it Josh, keep up the great work
  14. Following the triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for the BPZ Atlas Championship, the camera transitions backstage to show Mikey and Austin observing the livestream of Valor. They watch as Kiera celebrates her victory, looking into the camera and saying some words directed at Mikey who is fact listening at the moment. Mikey then shuts off the camera and sighs, rubbing his forehead before speaking. Well that didn't go as expected, huh? What I thought was going to be the revival of a brilliant rivalry between myself and Alex Costa has now turned into a match for the B

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