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  1. JCW Resilience Matt Sydal defeated CIMA, and Humberto Carillo in 9:01 via Pinfall; Sydal retains his JCW Lightweight Championship Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin, and QT) defeated Nexus Reborn (Barrett, Theory, and Kenoh) in 11:52 via Pinfall. Dolph Ziggler defeated Carlito in 10:23 via Pinfall. Dolph Ziggler retains his JCW National Championship New Day defeated Nexus Reborn (Narita and Nomura) in a Tables Match in 14:01. It was an elimination style Tables Match with Kofi being eliminated first, then Nomura, and then finally Narita. Big E wins it for his New Day brothers, as they retain their JCW Tag Team Championships. Finn Balor defeated Sheamus in 16:23 via Pinfall. Finn Balor still remains as the holder of the Case of Glory briefcase Tetsyuo Endo defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in 24:12 via Pinfall. Endo would hit his finisher not once but twice to put away the veteran Tanahashi here tonight. The two would embrace post-match as Tanahashi puts over Endo big here as JCW Resilience fades to black
  2. Episode 155 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Endo cuts a promo, Tanahashi interrupts. He respects Endo but wants that championship from him. Balor interrupts, teasing with the briefcase, Sheamus then interrupts, telling Balor he’s a coward for tricking him to win Case of Glory. Match made later tonight Carlito defeated El Lindaman in 8:34 via Pinfall. Carlito challenges for National Championship post-match Cody Rhodes is attacked by Nexus Reborn, a vicious assault on him backstage. New Day (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) defeated Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo) in 7:33 via Pinfall. Narita and Nomura attack New Day with kendo sticks. Sydal promo, wants all challengers. CIMA answers, saying he wants another crack at Sydal. Humberto steps up, as he wants Sydal as well. Tetsuya Endo & Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Balor & Sheamus in 14:03 via Pinfall. Balor and Sheamus argued during the match, thus costing them the match. Tanahashi and Endo face off, and an intense stare closes the show. Episode 156 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Cody Rhodes promo on Nexus Reborn in the ring, gets attacked once again but Dustin Rhodes and Q.T Marshall come to make the save! Match made for Resilience CIMA and Humberot Carllio match ended at 11:34 via Double Countout. JCW Lightweight Championship is now a Triple Threat at Resilience Dolph Ziggler responds to Carlito’s challenge, says he’ll accept it and will make sure he is defeated at Resilience Big E defeated Ren Narita in 7:55 via Pinfall. Post-match would see Nomura attack New Day with a steel chair, as he and Narita place Xaiver Woods through a table Sheamus issues a challenge towards Finn Balor, and wants that Case of Glory from him. Finn Balor calls Sheamus a complete joke but accepts it, telling him he’ll kick his head in. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Robert Roode in 12:55 via pinfall. Endo confronts Tanahashi post-match, as he cuts a promo on him and why he’s still walking out as JCW Heavyweight Champion Episode 157 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Sheamus defeated Drake Maverick in 7:14 via Pinfall. Balor attacks Sheamus post-match, planting him with a 1916. Balor tells Sheamus that this Case of Glory will still be his. Sydal promo on CIMA and Humberto. Promises he’ll still continue to reign as Lightweight Champion Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode defeated T Hawk & El Lindaman in 8:23 via Pinfall. Post-match saw Carlito cut a promo on Dolph Ziggler on the titantron Tetsuya Endo cuts a passionate promo on Tanahashi Nexus Reborn ( Barrett, Theory, Kenoh, Narita, and Nomura) defeated Nightmare Family (Cody, Dustin, QT) and New Day (Big E, and Kofi Kingston) in 13:55 via Pinfall. Theory would pin QT to get the win for Nexus Reborn Tanahashi cuts a promo on Endo as we end this week’s edition of Punishment Episode 158 JCW Thursday Night Punishment Narita and Nomura defeated Team WhiteWolf (A-Kid & Carlos Romo) in 8:01via Pinfall. New Day gets payback, as they set both Narita and Nomura through tables Nexus Reborn promo on Nightmare Family, says they’ll tear this family apart bit by bit Mendoza & Carliio defeated Matt Syal/Tre Lamar and CIMA & T-Hawk in 9:45 via Pinfall. Carllio gets the momentum going into Resilience Sheamus and Balor brawl in the backstage area, JCW officials break them apart! Cody Rhodes defeats Austin Theory in 12:34 via Pinfall; Nightmare Family have the momentum going into Resilience Endo and Tanahashi press conference before their big title match. They make last minute comments before going to face to face as Punishment comes to a close
  3. Mikey


    In a bpz.com exclusive, the camera is set in a very strange yet eerily familiar setting. There is a large property sitting on top of a hill, and there is looming silence surrounding the area as the sun begins to creep below the tree line. The camera slowly moves forward, making its way up the crumbled stone path that leads up to the large manor that can now be seen peeking over the hill. Eventually, the camera reaches the top of the hill to reveal the full glory of the manor. As the camera pans around, it becomes more clear that the manor is none other than the Bulletproof Manor that has long been abandoned since the group disbanded a year and a half ago. Despite this fact, the camera pushes onward, passing through idle fountains and gardens with willowing plants. But other than those few plants, wildlife seems to be excelling in its new home with nobody around to control it. A nearby guest house is riddled with vines creeping up the walls and peeking through cracks. But the manor itself seems to be in near pristine condition despite the overgrown bushes surrounding it. The camera moves through the cracked open large front doors to reveal a dimly lit hallway, the only light it receives coming from the sun that is already setting quickly. The camera proceeds hastily, making its way to the only source of light that is not from the sun. From just around the corner, there seems to be one room that is lit. Eventually, the camera reaches the room and takes the full view of the room in its lens to reveal none other than Mikey sitting down in a leather chair, gazing out of the window to watch the sunset. Between his fingers he is twirling around a very familiar object, a Bulletproof ring. What a pitiful sight this is. This manor used to be a representation of the strength of Bulletproof. This place used to be just as beautiful as we were strong. And of course, when the group died, the house went with us. But if I'm being honest, Bulletproof is far, far in my past and I haven't thought about the faction in a very long time. But there's just some kind of gut feeling that told me I need to come here before my match. I can't put my finger on it, all I can say is it's because I'm facing Sameer, one of the men who "killed" our group, if you will. Any man with a brain knows that I should just move on for good and call it a day. Sure, I will always have some fond memories of this group, it's members and what we represented, but it's just a figment of my past at this point. Since then, I've done things that hardly anyone would have imagined had you asked them while I was still part of the group, and I just keep on going up and up. The only thing holding me back from looking at the future and just the future is the man I'm facing at Summerslam. See Sameer, I never looked at you like the other three guys. Bart and Smith, they were their own little thing and I've already gotten my closure when I beat Smith during Survival Games. As for Julius, every good stable needs a powerhouse, right? He played his own little role and he did so very well. Our little team match at Survival Games, that gave me everything I needed to cut my ties with him. But for some goddamned reason, I could never get that kind of conclusion with you. Maybe it's because I couldn't accept that fact that the odd one out in one of the most elite groups in the company kept on beating me and there was damn near nothing I could do. We were similar in that way, Sameer. You claim Creed was a brotherhood but for some reason you just kept feeling like you didn't belong with the rest of them. Mikey sighs loudly and chuckles softly before placing his palms in his eyes, rubbing them forcefully. Apologies, what am I saying? Creed was an unstoppable force, a group of guys that would stick together through thick and thin and would always have each others backs, right? But they ended up turning their backs on you Sameer, and to a certain degree I feel that kind of pain. Maybe that's why I came back here, to just try and understand just a fragment of what makes you the way you are. All that self proclaimed good guy bullshit has to have come from somewhere. Are you still trying to make it up to them and convince them that you're just a good boy like you all once were? What exactly is your goal here?? You've kept the same shtick for years, and somehow it always ends up working out for you. Somebody, ANYBODY, has to knock some sense into you. I've seen what Sameer once was as part of the Big Baller Brand, and now he's just a fragment of that person. I need to be the one to knock the good out of you and reveal your true colors. I need to do it for my fallen brethren of Bulletproof, for everyone else that's been feeling your wrath, but most importantly I need to do it for myself to finally get that closure that I haven't been able to experience yet. The door of our rivalry has always felt pried wide open, and the only thing that could close it was a match of this magnitude. Not once have we been in the main spotlight with the focus on just the two of us until now. This is the moment that can make or break a career. You've already had and done it all. Meanwhile, this could be the first time that people take me seriously, including yourself. But then what would they think of you if you end up losing to the guy that you've been denouncing ever since the Creed and Bulletproof days, the guy that you have never seen as a real threat. Sure, you can say you always give it your all in all your championship matches, but is that Sameer talking or is that the person people want Sameer to be talking? This match has many, many levels to it Sameer, and just becoming your true self could eliminate so many of them. If it's just the two of us going in their with the goal of killing each other to win that title and not caring about what the people watching think, we'll put on the show of a lifetime. Isn't that what you want? To entertain everyone? You don't have to be an irritable good guy to do it, you can do it by being the exact opposite. Mikey finally stands up for the leather chair, grunting as he does so. He finally tosses the Bulletproof ring into the air before catching it lightly and pocketing it. He slowly begins to make his way toward the door, only turning back once to deliver his closing remark. I can already see the lights starting to brighten. The match is drawing very, very near and the anticipation just continues to grow. Even if you may not understand the magnitude of this match, Sameer, everybody sure as hell does. More importantly, I do. I know what this means for me and my career, and I know that if I fail it will be absolutely detrimental. But if I win, I will enter a land that not many people have been able to, a land of Triple Crown Champions, a land of top champions in BPZ. I've finally gotten my chance to solidify myself after having been stuck in the pitiful midcard for the last 6 months, and I'm not going to waste it. It's game time, and I'm bringing everything I have to play. Good luck, Sameer. Let's go ahead and shock the world. Mikey now finally turns on his right heel and opens up the door once more, letting it swing close behind him as his footsteps fade further and further away from the camera. The screen slowly fades to black, Mikey's footsteps echoing as the screen blacks out.
  4. Mikey

    Run It Back

    The broadcast of Valor returns from commercial break to show none other than the now former BPZ Atlas Champion Mikey standing in the center of the ring. He is grasping a microphone in his right hand while his left hand resides in his pocket, unsure of where to be without a championship to hold around his shoulder. Despite the lack of gold, Mikey still has his cool calm composure as he peers at the crowd through slanted eyes. Perhaps thinking he has been humbled from his most recent loss to Alex, the crowd seems more relaxed and less hostile tonight with a low pitch of boos and jeers present rather than a loud and bold one. Satisfied with the reaction, Mikey finally lifts the microphone to his lips and speaks. Well, this is a strange feeling. I've gotten so used to being called "the BPZ Atlas Champion" that being addressed without that title has grown foreign to me. That title was a sign of universal respect, and it felt as if everyone had some for me just by acknowledging its presence. There will always be people trying to undermine my credit by calling it a midcard championship, but those same people still refer to me as a champion, and deep down they know I am still one of the best despite what they may think of me. But now it is the time where I can no longer draw upon that title to give me respect. My championship reign has been shattered, and frankly I can't blame anyone else for it by myself. Alex, you had a hell of a showing at Chapter 6, and you deserved that victory one hundred percent. It's been over a year in the making, and you finally, finally ended up defeating me. Congratulations, you managed to defeat me at half my best. Mikey laughs as he says these last few words, drawing gasps from the crowd, not sure as to what Mikey means. Now I assure you, there was no injury or anything of the sort holding me back, but rather my own mentality. I knew that I couldn't leave the Atlas division in bad hands, hence why I had to beat people like Valentine, DANTE, and Kiera. But I know that Alex is a great competitor and will take care of the title since I have clearly surpassed it. And of course, why would I try my hardest to win a match I never wanted to win in the first place? It all makes sense. Alex still has my utmost respect for his victory, but I don't want him going around with a large head thinking that he won that match on his own. A large part of it was due to myself, and there's no other way I'd rather lose my title. The crowd now grows in volume as Mikey's cockiness begins to appear once more, their subtle hatred now a full fledged outrage of anger. I know a lot of you might have trouble accepting the fact that your little precious hero Alex didn't defeat me on his own, but it's true. Not only did I need a qualified man to hold the title after me, but I also had this present opportunity knocking at the door for months. The BPZ Triple Crown Championship. While I would've liked my opponent to be Tamer, Hans Clayton, or hell even Bart, I guess it makes sense that fate would have it like this. Mikey versus Sameer for one of the top prizes in BPZ. Sound familiar at all? Last year, it was for the PowerTrip Cup at Judgment Day and the BPZ Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam. But now, the stakes are higher than they have ever been. This match is to prove who runs the brand, something I have been trying to prove for months now. I knew it was always impossible at merely the BPZ Atlas Champion, but with the BPZ Triple Crown Championship in my possession, there is no argument against me. When I win, I will be the top dog on Valor. But you clearly don't believe I have what it takes, do you Sameer? Frankly, why would you? We've faced before, whether it had been for championship gold, tournament glory or faction bragging rights, but we've had our fair share of battles. And if you recall, I have not won a single one of those contests. I've never been one for excuses, so I'll own up to those losses with pride. After all, you are one of the greatest to ever step foot in a BPZ ring. But I do find it intriguing how when we have faced in the ring, it's never been one on one. And that's what makes this match so special for me. There are no other factors going into this, just you and I. This time around, I'll have nothing to keep my pride if I lose except for the fact that I made it to this place in the first place. And if you know anything about me, that's hardly enough to satisfy me. The only way I will even be remotely happy with the match outcome is if I walk out of the contest with the BPZ Triple Crown Championship in my iron grip. You have all the reason in the world to not be cautious about this match. I mean, you just defeated two of the best stars in BPZ a few nights ago to defend your championship when it easily could have been three. But you already know of their greatness, and that's the difference. You think that just because I have just come off a "weak" title run and that because I'm aligned with Bailey that this is a cooldown match for you to regroup before an even bigger contest. But that is where you are mistaken. I shouldn't have to remind you but I have defeated men like Necce and even your dear Eli Smith in a one on one contest before. Hell, those men were the reason I even had the BPZ Atlas Championship in the first place. Sharing a ring alone with a guy like you is nothing I'm not used to. And being the underdog in this situation is certainly something I've seen before. I've been watching you closely since we've last faced, and your progress since then has been slim to none. But I know that I was hardly on your radar and that everything I have done recently has slipped in one ear and right out the other. You have no idea what to expect. So when we run it back exactly one year from our last contest, you are in the for the surprise of a lifetime. And trust me, it won't be a pleasant one if you're not ready for it. With these finals words, Mikey lowers the microphone and begins to make his way out of the ring. The boos from the crowd has been replaced by whispers, the BPZ universe having been shocked by what they just heard from the man who will face Sameer as BPZ Summerslam.
  5. Mikey


    The broadcast of Valor is interrupted following a match to show a dark room with one spotlight shining down in the center of it. The light is illuminating a red leather chair with its back facing the camera. The chair slowly turns around to reveal none other than the BPZ Atlas Champion Mikey. After having not been seen in weeks, the Valor audience would quickly silence their boos, waiting for what the champion has to say. I know every single one of you have been wondering where I've been, and I find it amusing. Most of you claim to be disgusted simply by the thought of me, but yet here you are tonight, sitting in those seats whether in the arena or in your houses, watching me talk on this show. You could have used it as a bathroom break, but you just had to hear what I had to say, didn't you? Every single one of you love to hate me, and honestly if I were one of you, I'd do the same. My position right now is completely envious, and any person would be foolish not to desire it. And I'm not only talking about those of you watching in the crowd, but also those who are watching from backstage. You could be training to get to where I am right now, but for whatever reason you decide to view this broadcast and buy into what I have to say. That's what sets me apart from the other competitors in BPZ. They are so concerned about their image and saying the right thing that the endlessly study their opponents words, trying to formulate the perfect response. Well me, I hardly care about any of that. Words will always just be words, but it's the action in the ring that really keeps people invested in you. I carry myself the same way on this microphone and in a BPZ ring, and that's why you all are obsessed. There is no other man in this company that you could possibly hate as much as me, and frankly I am proud of that fact. I make it my mission to make you all dislike me to a point of obsession, and clearly I've done a damn good job. Finally the crowd would boo although Mikey would be unable to hear, simply snickering to himself about his own words. I can practically hear the reaction from here. But then again, an outburst of hatred isn't everyone's cup of tea, right? I know somewhere Alex Costa is watching this silently, completely void of emotion and capturing every one of my words. And maybe now that I've mentioned him, he's leaning forward in his chair, just begging to hear what I have to say next. Alex, you're no different than the rest of them. You hate me simply because I made you hate me. I gave you all the reasons in the world to have this distaste for me, and you bit onto the bait just like all the people watching right now. Now I've got you on this emotional hook that you just can't seem to get off, and finally you're starting to show that. For once in your career, you're showing a different side, a more aggressive one and I love it. You can say it's because you retired FDS, but deep down I think we all know it's because I've been occupying too much head space and you're finally ready to do whatever it takes to get me out of there. Honestly, I wish I could say I listened to your promo and heard your anguish and anger through my own ears, but I've simply heard from the grapevine. To an extent you're right, I don't care about what you have to say to or about me. Guys like us have never been much for talking because we do our best work in the ring. Surely you've seen that in my past title defenses, right? Oh, I forgot I've only faced unworthy competition. Finally, someone who sees eye to eye with me. Those people before you were all fools who tried to make themselves seem larger than they are. But true to my finishers name, I shattered those illusions quickly and revealed who they truly are: fodder. I've been requesting the big matches time and time again, but I'm afraid who I face is out of my control. It is only now that I have someone worth facing in front of me, and that is you. But I just can't get this thought out of my head of you being in my little groupie club. Here you are with the most prestigious title in BPZ firmly in your grasp, and yet you are competing against me for what I'm sure you and many others would consider a midcard title. Be honest Alex, it's never actually been about the championship. It has always been and always will be about you trying to get your much needed revenge on me. And you know that until you get it, I will keep haunting your thoughts and you will crave that next encounter, just like how all these other groupies in the crowd crave my next promo or my next match. You are no different than them, and frankly I don't see you becoming different either. This match may very well be your last hope, so don't waste it. Allow me to see how far you've come since last year. I'm hoping to be impressed by at least one of my groupies. As Mikey says these last words, he spins around in his chair and faces the other way once more as the camera slowly backs away from him before fading away and onto the live broadcast of Valor in the stadium.
  6. Episode 155 JCW Glory _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dolph Ziggler (c) w/ Robert Roode defeated T-Hawk in 17:05, making the 1st defense of his JCW National Championship. Nexus Reborn (Ren Narita & Naoya Nomura) defeated Team WhiteWolf in 12:24. Following the match, Narita and Nomura would call out the New Day, saying that although they can't compete again tonight, they are more than ready to step up to the plate next month, that is if they can retain their titles tonight. Daisuke Sasaki (c) defeated Drake Maverick in 8:57, making the 2nd defense of the JCW Breakout Championship. Following the match, Sasaki would kick Maverick out of the ring before taking a microphone and declaring his dominance over the division, saying there is no man in the company who can dethrone him. Matt Sydal (c) defeated El Lindaman in 16:39, making the 4th defense of the JCW Lightweight Championship. Following the match, Sydal would help Lindaman to his feet and shake his hand, congratulating him on a great match. Lindaman simply drops his head in defeat and exits the ring, ashamed he couldn't get the job done tonight despite an incredible performance. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) w/ Xavier Woods (c) defeated Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza in 14:07. Following the match, the trio of champions would all grab microphones and address the men who made their state to the titles earlier tonight, Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura. The trio says that they don't know much about them, but that's a good thing because their standards are incredibly low right now, especially after such a disappointing match. They are open to trying any new thing, and facing the "worse" Nexus Reborn duo sounds like a plan to them seeing they already beat Theory and Kenoh. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Drew McIntyre in 21:30. Following the match, Hiroshi Tanahashi would take a microphone and say that McIntyre's involvement this month distracted him greatly from his one objective: winning the JCW World Championship. He scolds the general managers for forcing him into the match and not allowing him to compete in the Case of Glory match, saying it was a clear business move. But now, they have no choice but to acknowledge him. Next month, he wants his JCW World Championship because for the first time in a long time, he truly feels like the Ace of JCW. Finn Balor captures the Case of Glory in 24:11 after tricking Sheamus into thinking he would help him before sweeping the ladder out from under his feet only to climb it himself and claim the briefcase. Tetsuya Endo (c) defeated Jay White in 22:26, making the 1st defense of the JCW World Championship. Following the match, Hiroshi Tanahashi would enter the arena and march down to the ring to confront Endo, standing off with him. However, he would be interrupted by the Case of Glory holder, Finn Balor. Balor would push Tanahashi aside, saying that this isn't about him but rather about Balor. Balor would then stand off with Endo instead, drawing a laugh out of the champion. Endo says that he appreciates the flattery, but they'll have to do a lot more than just that to take the title from his iron grip.
  7. Episode 151 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To kick off the show, new JCW World Champion Tetsuya Endo enters the arena with DAMNATION by his side. The champion strolls down to the ring with his faction and they plant their yard sign down in the center of the ring before Endo speaks. Endo says that last month, he shocked the world after defeating Jay White for the JCW World Championship. It was no easy task, but it was one that he is extremely happy to have accomplished. And, it is one he is going to do once more this month at JCW Glory. He says he knows the Case of Glory match is happening and he's very excited to see who will win, but as of right now his main threat is the former JCW World Champion because he knows better than anyone that White will never settle for defeat. Nexus Reborn (Kenoh & Austin Theory) w/ Ren Narita & Naoya Nomura defeated Team WhiteWolf in 16:08. Following the match, the leader of Nexus Reborn King Barrett is shown backstage where he is holding JCW General Manager Jushin Thunder Liger in a headlock. He holds a microphone up to his mouth, and Liger utters that Barrett will be added to the Case of Glory match, effective immediately. Barrett releases the hold, sending the general manager to the ground. JCW National Champion Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are shown backstage. They are conversing about their successes last month when T-Hawk enters the room. T-Hawk says he granted Ziggler a title shot last month and wants him to remember his act of kindness. T-Hawk begins to walk off but is stopped quickly by Ziggler who says he'd be more than happy to face T-Hawk again on one condition, his little friends can't get involved. Kofi Kingston w/ New Day defeated Cody Hall in 7:48. The New Day say they feel as if there's no one left to beat after having toppled the Authors of Pain last month, and that at JCW Glory, they'll be hosting an open challenge to whoever wants to take it, including Cody Hall, who they proceed to laugh at. JCW General Manager Milano Collection AT is shown backstage where he is sat at a desk with a man who has his back to the camera. He bends down and signs a piece of paper, sliding it back toward the general manager before rising from his seat and turning to face the camera, shockingly revealing none other than PWE's own Drew McIntyre. In a JCW Case of Glory qualifying match, Sheamus defeated Konosuke Takeshita in 18:34. Following the match, Sheamus would be approached by his fellow Irishman Finn Balor who wishes him the best of luck in the match with a handshake. But rather than shaking his hand, Balor pulls Sheamus in and nails a 1916, cementing that in the Case of Glory match, there will be no friends, only enemies. Episode 152 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To kick off the show, JCW Breakout Champion Daisuke Sasaki comes down to the ring. He announces that the state of the lower card of JCW is pathetic. He is a man who was once a main event level talent in Japan, and now he has been reduced to a lower level champion simply because no one else is good enough to beat him. He finds it sickening, but he's always open to letting the next generation get their chance. Therefore, he'll be hosting an open challenge tonight just to see if there is anyone who is good enough for him. Almost immediately, Drake Maverick enters the arena to accept the challenge. Maverick says he doesn't want a match tonight, but rather the honor of facing Sasaki for the title at JCW Glory. He enters the ring to shake Sasaki's hand but is immediately laid out, with Sasaki saying he'll get his match if he can prove himself right now. Drake Maverick defeated Daisuke Sasaki in 11:32. The champion looks shocked following the match, and he says Maverick will get his match at JCW Glory just so Sasaki can get his revenge. The subunit of DAMNATION StrongHearts is shown backstage discussing their plans for the month. T-Hawk speaks about his match with Ziggler while CIMA discusses his upcoming match against Ace Austin for the final spot in the Case of Glory match. El Lindaman is nodding his head in agreement before the group is interrupted by Matt Sydal. Sydal smirks at CIMA, hinting back to their rivalry a few months previous before speaking to Lindaman. Sydal says CIMA wasn't able to get the job done, and Sydal's starting to doubt the groups credibility, so why doesn't Lindaman face him this month to prove his group is legit seeing as T-Hawk is already busy. Lindaman gets in Sydal's face and says that if he sees him as a second option, he has another thing coming in their match, accepting his offer. In a JCW Case of Glory qualifying match, CIMA w/ StrongHearts defeated Ace Austin w/ Matt Sydal in 16:07. Following the match, Sydal and Lindaman would both enter the ring and stare each other down, but eventually Sydal would back down after T-Hawk and CIMA would back up their stablemate. Following the match, Jay White would be shown backstage, his head in his hands. He would proceed to have a sort of mental breakdown about having lost his title last month to Tetsuya Endo. He says he talked all the talk but wasn't able to walk any of the walk. Frankly, he's humiliated. He knows his world championship reign will be cast into the shadows because of how pathetic it was unless he can turn it all around this month. He needs this win more than any other win in his career, and he's ready to get it. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Austin Theory w/ Kenoh in 19:20. Following the match, Tanahashi would be celebrating his win before being assaulted by a Claymore out of nowhere! Drew McIntyre is here! He would grab a microphone and say that it doesn't matter what he is in PWE because here in JCW, he feels like he has a target on his back. Everyone wants a piece of him, but he only wants one man, and that's the Ace himself, Hiroshi Tanahashi. He takes out the contract he signed in AT's office, and it shows that at JCW Glory, McIntyre will be facing Hiroshi Tanahashi. Episode 153 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Nexus Reborn occupies the ring to open the show. But rather than any of the primary 3 members speaking, it is Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura. The duo calls out a team they've been studying recently: Team WhiteWolf. They say that they know they hardly have any reason to be calling them out, but they know with their preparation and platform that they are given with this stable, the team will hear their challenge and they should know that Narita and Nomura are looking for a fight. Sheamus & Finn Balor defeated Cody Rhodes & Robert Roode in 17:27. Following the match, Sheamus would once more try to shake Balor's hand, but this time Balor would simply turn the other way, still not buying into the friends aspect of the match. Following the match, an interview would be held for Hiroshi Tanahashi following McIntyre's antics last week. The world is waiting for his response, and Tanahashi says that it'll be the same old response they always get: he's never afraid to back down from a challenge especially in his home territory. He knows he's the man that everyone wants to beat, and he's always up to defend his spot as the Ace. McIntyre is nothing he hasn't seen before, and he's more than ready for the challenge at hand. McIntyre is then shown to be watching the interview, chuckling at Tanahashi's words. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) w/ Big E defeated DAMNATION (Puma King & Mad Paulie) in 6:06. Following the match, the New Day would continue to talk their talk as champions, saying it's frankly laughable how easy all this competition is. Whoever challenges them at JCW Glory will really need to step it up a notch if they want any chance at victory. T-Hawk is now backstage where he speaks about his JCW National Championship rematch with Dolph Ziggler. He says that although Ziggler is doing him a favor, he's doing no favors for himself. Ziggler simply signed a death sentence for his title reign because although T-Hawk is not a very emotional guy, there is a huge difference from when he is holding the title to when he is not. The feeling is indescribable, and he wants nothing more than that feeling again, no matter what opponent and no matter what title. And unfortunately, Ziggler was the first to answer his call. Tetsuya Endo defeated Kenoh w/ Austin Theory & Jay White in 19:10. Following the match, White would quickly enter the ring and begin a vicious beatdown on Endo, using all parts of the ring and outside of it to injure him. But before White was able to connect with a steel chair to Endo's head against the steel post, security would drag him away as Liger would step out on stage, scolding White for his efforts. Episode 154 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ JCW Lightweight Champion Matt Sydal would begin the show with a promo in the ring, calling out El Lindaman. When his opponent enters the ring with him, Sydal tells him to listen and listen close. At JCW Glory, he's going to show that Lindaman does not belong amongst these other giants in the business such as himself. He should stick to competing against the bums of the company until he's ready for a real match. Lindaman says that Sydal's ego has grown tremendously since he faced CIMA, and he likes it. A big ego against a big ego, and one of them are for sure going to get put in their place. Nexus Reborn (Ren Narita & Naoya Nomura) defeated MASKED (Kalisto & Sin Cara) in 7:02. Following the match, Narita and Nomura would once again call out Team WhiteWolf, saying they can't ignore the call anymore and that the match is going to happen whether they like it or not. Drake Maverick would be prepping for an interview backstage when he would be confronted by his opponent at JCW Glory, Daisuke Sasaki. Sasaki congratulates Maverick on his victory over him the other week, saying he never really had the chance to do so. Sasaki says he can't wait to get his revenge and send Maverick to the back of the line where he belongs. Sasaki begins to walk away, but Maverick says that when he beats him, he'll prove that he doesn't belong in DAMNATION. At these words, Sasaki lashes out at his opponent, trashing the interview set until he is pulled away by a producer, shouting at Maverick that he's going to kill him at JCW Glory. Cody Rhodes defeated Sheamus in 16:40 Hiroshi Tanahashi would be shown walking backstage where he is suddenly attacked by Drew McIntyre! McIntyre slams Tanahashi into the brick wall before picking him up once more and tossing him into a pile of metal crates. McIntyre would hop on top of the pile, looking around for Tanahashi in the pile. But somehow, Tanahashi was able to sneak out and batter McIntyre in the back with a steel pipe, knocking him to his knees. Tanahashi would then attempt to push McIntyre into the pile, but McIntyre's pure strength would be enough to fend Tanahashi off with a shove. McIntyre would then leap off the crate into a Claymore, flooring both himself and Tanahashi. McIntyre leans over the fallen body of Tanahashi and says that he has his eye locked on the target, and now all Tanahashi can hope to do is survive while in the ring with him. DAMNATION (Tetsuya Endo, CIMA, and & T-Hawk) defeated Jay White & Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler in 21:09. Following the match, the two parties would erupt into a massive brawl which would be added onto by King Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Finn Balor, and Sheamus. The fighting would only end once only one team was left standing, and that group would be the losing team of White, Roode, and Ziggler, perhaps a preview of what's to come at JCW Glory.
  8. Mikey

    My Worst Enemy

    NIGHTMARE TO DANTE! Mikey, into the pin! 1... 2... 3! Yet another fall for the BPZ Atlas Champion, putting him up with a score of 3-1 with just 3 minutes remaining! The video quickly cuts to the final seconds of the match where DANTE is still laid out on the ground and Mikey is standing over him, middle fingers both in the air pointed in DANTE's direction as the clock hits 0 and the match is over. The camera finally pans out to show that the replay was being played on the titantron of Valor, and we are midway through the show with the audience booing at the sight of the DANTE's loss to Mikey. Speaking of which... "m.A.A.d. city" by Kendrick Lamar blasts through the arenas speakers as the boos from the crowd grow even louder. The BPZ Atlas Champion steps out from backstage, wearing his classic suit attire with a cool, calm and collected face. His mouth eventually spreads into a slight grin as he looks down at the stage, trying to mask his emotion. Mikey slowly strolls down to the ring, the grin on his face growing even wider as the crowd jeer louder and louder, trying to get him to acknowledge them. Eventually, Mikey climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring over the middle rope. He takes a microphone out of his pocket as he unstraps the BPZ Atlas Championship from his waist, hoisting it over his shoulder. He lifts the microphone up to his mouth, but before he can even speak he is drowned out from the volume of the crowd. He lowers the microphone and raises it once more to the exact same reaction. Finally, the raises the microphone one last time and speaks over the audience. So you missed me, huh? The champion once again lowers his microphone and audibly laughs as the boos crescendo to their climax. What's the matter everyone? I've only been gone for a week or so, there's no need for all this nonsense. Is it because that there's now one less member on the Valor roster? For that, all I can do is apologize from the bottom of my heart. Sometimes people compete against me and realize that this business is right for them. But when you're on such a steep decline such as DANTE's and you get pulverized by me, well, that's enough to make any man quit. I don't know if I hurt DANTE physically or mentally to make him quit, but frankly I hope it was both. That man is precisely what is wrong with the business today. Any decent wrestler can appear on BPZ after having felt on top of the world in some other indy promotion and claim that they are up and coming and will take the roster by storm. But then they run into true BPZ talent like myself and quickly realize that this isn't meant for everyone. There is a reason that I'm standing here and the rest of you people aren't. There's a reason that I'm here and DANTE is not. And luckily for me, I get yet another chance to assert my dominance coming very soon. The Valor fans' noise finally begins to die down at the mention of another match. Alex Costa. It's all coming full circle, right? As if I needed more validation that my championship is the most important in the company. I have the BPZ World Champion competing against me at Valor Chapter 6 for my championship. Granted, I would love the opportunity to do the same for his but I understand the want for this title. I've worked my ass off day and night to make this championship what it is today, and I'm glad people are finally starting to realize. That's what I always liked about you, Alex. Although you're just like DANTE and came here like all the other "indy stars", you actually have a level head. You realized that the real competition lies here with me and not with Bart. Nobody cares about you if you're faced up against the wrong opponent. When you face a man like myself or FDS, the story practically writes itself. It doesn't take an elephant memory to remember our past, and hell I hardly want to bring it up. This is about the now and how far we've come since then. Look at us, two of the top champions in the company and now we have the chance to face off against each other. We always thought that we would be champions together, as tag champions. But if this is the alternative, I hardly care at all. Alex, when I face you in that ring, I feel like you bring out the best in me and I bring out the best in you. While you are hardly a match for me, there's just a primal urge to defeat you. Something in my blood forgets that we were ever friends and sees my worst enemy, my rival. The comparisons have never stopped coming from our time together in Bulletproof, and I think it's pushed both of us to be better. And while I have clearly left you behind, this is your chance to prove me wrong. I never once believed that we were on the same level, but I suppose you learn something new every day, right? So when Chapter 6 comes around, Alex, why don't you teach m- Before Mikey can finish speaking, a very familiar theme song plays throughout the arena that sends the crowd to their feet in a frenzy. (Reply Planned)
  9. Episode 150 JCW Showdown III _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 1 (JCW National Championship): T-Hawk (5-5) (c) w/ CIMA vs Dolph Ziggler (11-6) w/ Robert Roode Dolph Ziggler defeated T-Hawk in 17:09, capturing the JCW National Championship for the 1st time _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Daisuke Sasaki (1-3) (c) w/ Puma King & Mad Paulie vs Konosuke Takeshita (5-7) Daisuke Sasaki defeated Konosuke Takeshita in 12:33 after a distraction from DAMNATION, making the 1st defense of the JCW Breakout Championship Following the match, the 3 present members of DAMNATION would enter the ring and stand over Takeshita. Sasaki would take a microphone and berate Takeshita for his loss, saying that if he can't beat Sasaki, how will he ever face the future JCW World Champion? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 3 (Case of Glory Qualifier - Last Man Standing): Cody Rhodes (6-3) vs Robert Roode (10-6) w/ Dolph Ziggler In a brutal last man standing match, Cody Rhodes took on Robert Roode to determine the first entrant into the Case of Glory match. Both men would hold nothing back in this match, and having Ziggler on the outside gave Roode a massive advantage. The duo was quickly able to bust Rhodes' head open with a steel chair to the head before continuing their assault on him with whatever they could get their hands on. But as Ziggler was going for a Zig Zag off the top rope through a table, Rhodes was able to shove him off and send him crashing through all alone, making it an even fight the rest of the way through. After a tremendous comeback from Cody, he was able to punctuate it with a moonsault off the tope rope onto Roode through a ladder on the outside, cracking the steel in half and leaving both men laid on the ground for the full 10 count. Cody Rhodes & Robert Roode drew in 24:19 after neither man could stand up before the 10 count Following the match, JCW General Manager Jushin Thunder Liger would come out on stage. He said he set this match up with high expectations, the two competitors in the ring exceeded them. He knows they might not even be hearing what he's saying right now, but they both will compete in the Case of Glory match after their tremendous performances here tonight. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 4 (JCW Lightweight Championship): Matt Sydal (9-1) (c) vs Rey Mysterio (5-10) Matt Sydal defeated Rey Mysterio in 17:35, making the 3rd defense of the JCW Lightweight Championship Following the match, Mysterio would embrace Sydal after his impressive victory and whisper words of encouragement into his ear before Sydal would leave the ring. Mysterio would take in a moment to soak in the crowd's reaction as it may be the last time he is ever in a JCW ring. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 5 (No Holds Barred): King Barrett (9-7) vs "The Demon" Finn Balor (11-4) Next up, King Barrett would take on Finn Balor in a no holds barred match. Barrett would make his entrance first, and he had a front row seat as The Demon Finn Balor would make his highly anticipated JCW debut. After a spectacular, jaw dropping entrance, the match would begin. Despite Balor's new form, Barrett quickly proved he wasn't invincible with his power. But still, the seemingly newfound quickness and agility of The Demon would quickly gain him the advantage in the match. While Barrett would do his best to fight his way back into the contest, it just seemed to be the Finn Balor show. The Demon would end the contest with a 1916, sending Barrett's head right onto the steel chair beneath him. Finn Balor defeated King Barrett in 18:26 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 6 (JCW Tag Team Championships): New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) (4-6 6-0) (c) vs AOP (0-0) New Day defeated AOP in 15:43 after Kofi Kingston made a surprise appearance at the end of the match, distracting Akam. New Day makes their 2nd defense of the JCW Tag Team Championships Following the contest, the losers would jump straight into the ring and beat down the celebrating trio. They say they will be back before long, and they have another thing coming if they think they're gonna win like this again. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 7: Brock Lesnar (0-1) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (8-6) In the semi main event of the night, Brock Lesnar would face Hiroshi Tanahashi in a rematch from last years JCW Showdown. These two men have clearly built up a great deal of animosity over this last calendar year, and tonight they had their chance to unleash it all. It was clear that both men did this because what we saw was not a proper wrestling match but rather a bout of pure aggression. Both men clearly wanted to hurt each other, and that led to an interesting dynamic. Lesnar would dominate the opening portion of his match, throwing his weight around and showing off his power, not allowing Tanahashi any room for improvisation. However, a powerbomb turned into hurricanrana would give Tanahashi his opening, and The Ace would jump on it quickly, trying to neutralize Lesnar with what he says is superior skill. And much to the shock of the JCW audience, Tanahashi was able to continue his dominance, connecting with move after move after move. Eventually, he would be able to nail a High Fly Flow, but knowing that's not enough would climb back to the top for a second. Lesnar would catch him mid air, but Tanahashi would wisely roll the Beast Incarnate up and shockingly score a 3 count, slipping away with a victory. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Brock Lesnar in 15:20 Following the match, Lesnar would rampage around the ring, saying that Tanahashi is finished if he ever gets his hands on him again, whether it be in a ring or out of it. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Main Event (JCW World Championship): Jay White (10-2-1) (c) vs Tetsuya Endo (12-5) In the main event of the night, JCW Justice Cup winner Tetsuya Endo would take on JCW World Champion Jay White in the biggest match of the night on the biggest stage of the year. With the crowd buzzing all around them, the two men would both make eye popping entrances, but notably Endo would do his without any members of DAMNATION at his side. It's clear he wants to do this on his own terms and leave White no excuses if he loses. The bell would ring and the match would commence. The two men would take a great deal of time feeling each other out, clearly not wanting to rush into things. Endo would make the first move, taking White off his feet quickly with a rollup that only grants him a 2 count. The back and forth would then start as neither man was willing to give their opponent the advantage. But eventually, White would take the advantage with a saito suplex, flipping the match into a different gear. White would keep his advantage wisely by keeping the pace at his liking and not allowing Endo to get any flashes of offense in. His slow technique seemed to be working when all of a sudden Endo would kip up to his feet and floor White with a high kick. This would spark a back and forth between the two competitors which with stun the fans as the two men would deliver impressive sequence after impressive sequence. But in the end, Endo would counter White's Bladerunner into a standing Spanish Fly before scaling to the top rope and delivering the Sky Twisted Press which was able to keep White down for the 3 count. Tetsuya Endo defeated Jay White in 28:56, capturing the JCW World Championship for the 1st time Following the match, the entirety of DAMNATION would come down to the ring and embrace their leader, congratulating him on his victory. They would plant the yard sign beside Endo and celebrate with each other after such a tremendous victory. The night ends with the camera focused on one man: the new JCW World Champion, Tetsuya Endo.
  10. Episode 146 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Revenge To kick off the show, former JCW World Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi enters the arena. After having been attacked by Brock Lesnar at JCW Sentiment which led to his defeat at the hands of Robert Roode and their match having already been confirmed, the crowd waits with anticipation for Tanahashi's words. Tanahashi says he's waited a long, long year for this opportunity. He says Lesnar has been in the back of his mind no matter where he has gone, and he feels like the only way to get him out is to beat him fair and square in the center of the ring. Tanahashi has his sights set and his vision in mind, and not a single person in JCW can distract him from his goal. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 1: Rey Mysterio (3-10) vs Carlito (3-4) w/ Primo & Epico Rey Mysterio defeated Carlito in 11:30 Following the match, JCW Lightweight Champion Matt Sydal would enter the arena. Having come off a huge victory against CIMA last month, Sydal clearly had a lot of confidence, calling out the legend Rey Mysterio in front of all the fans. Sydal says that now he's the champion, he calls the shots. And he would love nothing more than to face one of the greatest of all time at JCW Showdown for his title. Sydal says it would be the grandest of honors, and that it will almost act as a passing of the torch moment. Mysterio chuckles and says that he's getting a bit too far ahead of himself because he's not a man to be taken lightly. He's beaten some of the best there has ever been, and he's not scared of a man like Sydal, accepting his challenge. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DAMNATION On Top? Next up, DAMNATION occupies the ring. As Puma King plants the yard sign down in the center of the ring, leader Tetsuya Endo grabs a microphone. Endo says that the takeover of JCW is slowly being completed, and it's already quite obvious from how successful his unit has been. He says White better watch his back because he'll never be able to predict what is going to happen to him in the main event. Whatever Endo needs to win, he'll do. Before he can carry on however, Konosuke Takeshita interrupts him. Hatred flashes in the eyes of Endo as his former partner speaks, chastising him for his words. But despite that, he's not out here for him, but rather one of his stablemates. T-Hawk. Takeshita says he wants the JCW National Championship, and he's going to do whatever it takes to get it just like Endo will. Before T-Hawk can grab the microphone and speak, Endo says Takeshita's not worthy and he'll have to start from the bottom again just like he always should have. He can face Daisuke Sasaki for the JCW Breakout Championship, but that's the best he's going to get from them. Takeshita ponders the idea for a moment before accepting, saying it's Sasaki's funeral. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 2: Nexus Reborn (King Barrett, Kenoh, Austin Theory) (7-7 3-5 2-6) vs MASKED (Shun Skywalker, Sin Cara, Kalisto) (0-1 0-1 0-1) Nexus Reborn defeated MASKED in 13:24 Following the match, Nexus Reborn would be celebrating before being interrupted by Finn Balor. Balor says that he's gotten permission from Jushin Thunder Liger to host a No Holds Barred match at JCW Showdown against any man willing to go against him. Balor says everyone he's asked so far has been too afraid, but he knows Barrett is just as dumb as he is brave and would love the opportunity. Barrett accepts without even a second thought, already spewing talk at Balor about how he's just made the biggest mistake of his career by letting Barrett accept the challenge. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bruisers Following the match, the Authors of Pain are shown backstage marching around. Whenever they see a can, they knock it over. Whenever they see a cart, they flip it. And whenever they see a person, they are knocked straight to the ground. They are clearly looking for something or someone, and are growing increasingly frustrated by not finding them. Eventually, the duo grabs a backstage employee and holds him up against the wall, telling him to deliver a message. They want him to tell the New Day that it is over for them and that they are getting a JCW Tag Team Championship match at JCW Showdown by all means necessary. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Main Event: Dolph Ziggler (10-5) w/ Robert Roode vs Cody Rhodes (4-3) Cody Rhodes defeated Dolph Ziggler in 21:46 Following the match, Rhodes appears to taunt Ziggler for his loss, a fact that sets off his partner in Robert Roode. Roode leaps onto Cody and begins pounding away at his skull, forcing the American Nightmare to cover his face with his arms. Before things can escalate too badly, JCW GM Milano Collection AT enters the arena. He demands that Roode get off Rhodes and has a proposal for him. At JCW Glory next month, they are hosting the first ever Case of Glory match in which 6 men will compete in a ladder match to claim a contract that allows them to start a match with any champion at any time. And if wants to face Rhodes so badly, he'll get his match at JCW Showdown this month with the winner going to compete in the Case of Glory match. Episode 147 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brightest Lights To kick off the show, JCW World Champion Jay White enters the ring. He says that in just 3 weeks, he will be in the brightest lights of his entire career, the main event of JCW Showdown. Not only that, but the same can be said for Tetsuya Endo. Neither of these two men have ever been on such a grand stage, but the difference is White has something that already makes him a star. The title that he carries around his waist makes him what he is today, and it is the reason that he has the advantage heading into this match. He's used to the main event feel and has already faced some of the biggest stars the entire industry has to offer. Endo simply just cannot compare no matter how hard he tries. But before White can continue, DAMNATION's theme music plays. The entire stable walks out on stage, and White rolls his eyes at the sight of them. White says that they can try as hard as they want to weaken him before the match, but their efforts will be in vain. It's not going to be a physical battle, but rather a mental one. Can Endo handle the pressure of the biggest match of his career? White doesn't think so. These words keep the stable at bay, but eventually Endo nods his head forward, sending all the members down to the ring while he returns backstage. They enter one by one, but White uses his championship to defend himself, swiftly knocking them all down with a blow to the head. After they all retreat, White poses with the title, a massive grin on his face. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 1: Nexus Reborn (King Barrett, Kenoh, Austin Theory) (8-7 4-5 3-6) vs Finn Balor & Team WhiteWolf (11-3 0-2 0-2) Nexus Reborn defeated Finn Balor & Team WhiteWolf in 14:57 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eyes Set Dolph Ziggler is now shown backstage where an interviewer is sat next to him. Robert Roode is nowhere to be seen, and Ziggler is asked what he feels is next for him in his career. Ziggler says that whatever's next is going to be big for him. He knows he lost to Rhodes last week, but that's only a minor setback. He is a former world champion after all, and he'll make his impact known before long. He will be competing at JCW Showdown, and that's a promise he won't break. And just as according to plan, the JCW National Champion T-Hawk walks into the locker room that is revealed to be his. Ziggler talks to T-Hawk, apologizing for him being attacked earlier and hoping he feels better. He attempts to persuade him into giving him a title match at JCW Showdown, but T-Hawk silences him quickly, saying Ziggler's been on the top of his list for a while and that he was going to ask the GMs for the match considering Ziggler beat Woods at JCW Sentiment. But since they're on the same page, there's no need and the match is set. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Match 2: Ace Austin (9-3) vs Kofi Kingston (6-6) w/ Big E & Xavier Woods Kofi Kingston defeated Ace Austin in 13:02 Following the match, AOP would emerge from the crowd and attack Big E and Xavier Woods at ringside. But rather than going into the ring to attack Kingston, they grab microphones and give him a message. They have gotten their title match by means that they won't disclose, and whichever two members end up competing for them will end up getting demolished because they are simply obstacles in their path. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Foolish Next up, a prerecorded video of Brock Lesnar plays on the broadcast. Lesnar speaks over the video of him destroying opponents from around the world. He says that Tanahashi is an idiot for wanting this match, and that Lesnar should be the only man willing to partake. The last two times they faced, it did not end up well for the Japanese legend, and a third won't change the result. Lesnar is simply better, stronger, faster, smarter, whatever you want to call him. Tanahashi simply cannot compare, and there's nothing he can do to change the result. The video ends with Lesnar pinning Tanahashi at JCW Showdown last year, laughing as he does so. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Main Event: Robert Roode (9-5) w/ Dolph Ziggler vs Tetsuya Endo (11-4) w/ Mad Paulie & Puma King Tetsuya Endo defeated Robert Roode in 22:16 Following the match, Cody is revealed to have been watching the contest from backstage, smirking as he watches Roode have the 3 counted against him. But on the other hand, JCW World Champion Jay White takes a more active approach, entering the arena. He congratulates Endo on winning this match, saying it would've been a horrible look on him had he lost. But this is just a step in the road for him, and that there's much, much more difficult tasks to come. He can enjoy his appetizers all he wants, but when it's time for the main course, he better be ready. Episode 148 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To kick off the show, Nexus Reborn occupies the ring. Barrett gloats about his victory over Balor last week and says it was a lesson in humility that he will soon follow up on in their match. No man in Nexus Reborn is scared of either Balor or The Demon, and no matter what shows up at JCW Showdown, he's in for a rude awakening. As he says this, the lights go out. Visuals play on the screen of Finn Balor, and flashes of him as the demon are shown. When the lights turn back on, all members of Nexus Reborn are gone from the ring except for King Barrett who is left speechless. Konosuke Takeshita (3-7) defeated Cody Hall (0-0) in 6:37. Following the match, Takeshita would cut a promo on Sasaki and the entirety of DAMNATION, saying he will do whatever it takes to bring the faction down and that he's going to do it all by himself. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler are shown backstage where they are discussing their upcoming matches. They comment on their greatness to both be partaking in such high key matches on the biggest stage in JCW and how they are going to dominate the scene. With both men wielding gold very, very soon, the duo will be unstoppable. But suddenly, they are interrupted by Jushin Thunder Liger. Liger says that he's always looking to change the game up, and he has some good news for Robert Roode. He can unleash all his hatred out on Cody Rhodes at JCW Showdown, but now he can do it in a Last Man Standing match. Roode shakes Liger's hand, thanking him for the gracious opportunity. Rey Mysterio (4-10) defeated Drake Maverick (1-3) in 12:06. Sydal comes out after the match and sarcastically congratulates Mysterio on his win, saying it's a step in the right direction in order to dethrone him. Tetsuya Endo now appears backstage where he is being interviewed about his main event match with Jay White for the JCW World Championship. Endo says he's heard all the criticisms and doubts from the fans and even from some of his fellow competitors, but he's not letting it get to him. He's already got enough on his plate considering this is the biggest match of his career, and he's not going to let it get thrown away by mental games. Endo knows he's a superior competitor to White, he just needs to prove it when the time is right. He will withstand the pressure, and White simply won't be able to keep up with him. Cody Rhodes (5-3) defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi (8-5) in 19:49 after a distraction from Brock Lesnar. Following the match, Cody would leave the ring quickly, not wanting to get in Lesnar's way. The Beast Incarnate would stalk over Tanahashi laughing at him as he uses the ropes to get to his feet. The two would eventually come face to face, and Tanahashi would waste no time in slapping Lesnar. Lesnar would laugh the blow off, saying Tanahashi has to hit a lot harder than that if he wants to win before turning his back and walking away. Tanahashi would whip Lesnar around and this time nail him with a punch straight to the jaw which causes Lesnar to react quickly by scooping him up and dropping him with an F5, leaving his body in the middle of the ring to end the show. Episode 149 JCW Thursday Night Punishment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The show would begin with JCW General Manager Milano Collection AT in the ring, sat at a large table. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Brock Lesnar both make their entrance and take a seat at opposite sides of the table to sign a contract to set their match in stone. Tanahashi would deliver a great speech before signing, speaking about how he will continue to honor the land of Japan and protect the name of JCW in this match. He will not let the evil that is Brock Lesnar to consume the land like he did last year, and that he will give everything he has to this cause. Lesnar would take a more straight forward approach, signing the contract without a word and leaving the ring quickly. Big E (5-0) w/ Xavier Woods defeated Tre LaMar (3-2) in 10:27. Following the match, AOP would be shown on the titantron where they are backstage with the fallen body of Kofi Kingston. They say that Kingston is out of commission at their hands for JCW Showdown so Big E and Xavier Woods will have to defend the titles themselves with no outside help. Upon hearing this, the duo would rush backstage, looking for their friend. King Barrett would once again appear backstage where he is fuming about Balor's antics last week. Barrett talks into the camera, saying that he is no coward and that it doesn't matter if his stablemates aren't around him. Balor has no chance at defeating him in the ring, and he's not afraid of him. He is alone backstage, so if Balor or The Demon have anything to say, this is their chance. The camera would slowly pan left to shown Finn Balor sitting behind Barrett, enjoying his speech. Barrett would turn around and charge at Balor, but the Irishmen would simply use Barrett's momentum to send him into a locker before walking away. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode (10-6 9-6) defeated DAMNATION (T-Hawk & CIMA) w/ Cody Rhodes (5-4 3-5) in 16:08. Following the match, Rhodes would enter the ring and offer to shake hands with Roode only to be slapped away by Ziggler. With the tension rising high, DAMNATION would choose that moment to attack the victors, flooring T-Hawk's challenger and Rhodes' opponent to the floor. Just like last week, Rhodes would exit the ring, not wanting anything to do with the attack. Rey Mysterio now comes down to the ring where he invites Matt Sydal to join him. Mysterio says that this match against Sydal may very well be his last in JCW depending on the outcome. He says he's more than happy to pass the torch to a man as deserving as Sydal, but he still won't go down without a fight. He must defend his legacy, and he will do everything in his power to do so. Sydal laughs at Mysterio, saying he will have no choice but to pass the torch after their contest. Jay White & Konosuke Takeshita (9-2-1 4-7) defeated DAMNATION (Tetsuya Endo & Daisuke Sasaki) (12-4 1-2) in 21:46. Following the match, White would grab a microphone and tell Endo that the time for games is over and the true test is up now. White will defend his territory with all his heart, and all Endo can hope to do is survive against him in the ring and not make a fool of himself.
  11. 4.1k 2 months later, i'm like that
  12. As the broadcast of Valor returns from commercial break, the camera is rolling backstage where Bad Influence's Mikey and Austin are sat backstage. They both have their respective championships around their shoulders, and Mikey is leaning over toward Austin, watching a video on his phone with a huge smile on his face. And then right there, BANG! He's out ref he's out! 1, 2, 3! Oh does that put a smile on my face. Mikey backs away from the phone, chuckling along with Austin as the cameraman zooms in on the phone. The video playing is none other than Austin's first round King of the Ring match with DANTE. Damn, you really put that sucker to sleep in no time. Honestly though, I'm just glad one of us were able to do it. Based on how he's been talking recently, I don't think I have any chance of beating him! The audacity of that man to not call me a top star just because of the championship I hold. This is what makes me a top star. The fact that I have been able to resurrect this title and make it meaningful again, and as the most dominant champion in it's history, mind you, is something nobody else could or will ever achieve. It takes a certain kind of star to make an entire title relevant, but who's surprised that it was me? I did it to the NXT Championship and the United States Championship, so this is right in line. Hell, I could have the World Heavyweight Champion facing me for this title next if he's able to do his job and beat Epic. And for it to be Alex Costa of all people too, that's a money match in the making. Correct me if I'm wrong, but big stars draw in the big matches, and everyone wants to see that match. Mikey takes a swig of his water bottle and lays the BPZ Atlas Championship besides him on the bench before looking back at the camera. I know what all of you and DANTE might think. I'm just some stuck up guy who will never get enough of himself. And honestly, you're right! What's there not to love about me? But besides that, I'm really a great guy. That's why I wanted the camera on myself and Austin today, and that's to show what Bad Influence is like behind the scenes! Please excuse my excitement, but what we have arranged is something that I'm extremely proud of. Austin, show them what we got. As if planned beforehand, Austin pulls a large piece of cardboard from offscreen in between himself and Mikey. The poster reads "Bad Influence's Charity Event", and on it is both members that are present right now. For Mikey's charity, he is giving a match to DANTE, one of the more pitiful members of the roster who doesn't get much love. But that dwells in comparison to Austin who is issuing an open challenge for the BPZ Premium Championship where anyone can come and compete. So yeah, we're not complete jerks like you all may think. We like to give back to the community that helped us get here today, and this is our way of doing it. We're kind people, really, and we like to have our fun. And this is only a fraction of what we do off camera and behind the scenes. However, you'll have to wait for our other developments. Have to build up the anticipation, right? But before I hand this over to Austin and let him explain his part of the charity, I'd like to give a speech of gratitude to the man who made this all possible, DANTE. Mikey now rises from his seat and looks around dramatically, holding his hands up as Austin applauds him from his seated position. Please please, I don't deserve all of this, you're all too kind. So DANTE, it's just about that time, right? Are you excited? If I'm being honest, I'm not. You've given me so much in this last month, and whether it was defeat or a reason for me to laugh, you truly helped open my eyes. You showed me what the average member of the Valor roster is like. Misled with no guidance and with no purpose either. It's really sad honestly, and I'm glad I could help you out by giving you this match. You already had your contest with me on the smaller stage and you won, but who really cared about that? Especially considering you lost to Sheridan shortly after, but we don't have to talk about that! This is about now and our contest coming in the near future. And without you, none of this would have been possible. I hope you see this as a moment of learning. You repeatedly come out here with no decency and rant about me, make fun of me, mock me. There has been no gesture of respect at all in this last month, and it truly pains me. I'm the reason people care about you right now, and the least you could do to pay me back is say thank you. But no, you insist on running your mouth over and over again about random stuff that frankly doesn't matter and doesn't make any sense. But myself on the other hand made a classy move to gift you this match as part of my charity. I didn't have to do this, but I felt as if a guy like you needed some purpose. And your purpose is to show all these fans how kind I am when I'm behind the scenes. Without me, you wouldn't have any of this. But without you, I couldn't have had this either, hence my speech of gratitude. Thank you, DANTE, thank you. You made this last month memorable, and I'm sorry it'll all have to end with me beating you. Mikey wipes a fake tear from his eyes before sitting down once more as Austin gives him a dramatic slow clap. Mikey clears his throat and readjusts his suit before motioning to Austin, giving him the go ahead to speak.
  13. Guzzlord And His Children Guzzlord Dragapult Hydreigon Kyurem Dracozolt Kommo-o Haxorus Dragalge
  14. Mikey

    Round Two

    We are live on Valor, and a local competitor is currently occupying the ring, anxiously awaiting the challenge he has coming to him. "m.A.A.d. city" by Kendrick Lamar plays for what seems like the first time in forever as the Star Attraction Mikey makes his entrance. The BPZ Atlas Champion stands on the stage for a moment, taking in the atmosphere that he hasn't witnessed in weeks since his loss in the PowerTrip Cup to DANTE. And in just one week, he will face the very same man for his championship, the title he holds so dearly. But first, he has a challenge in front of him in the ring. Mikey slowly walks down to the ring before quickly diving in and laying out the competitor with a championship shot to his forehead. Mikey hands the championship to the referee and demands that the math start. Although the referee is perplexed and takes his time, he eventually begins the match. With the local wrestler slowly getting to his feet, Mikey is able to deliver a Nightmare to him, quickly pinning him for the victory. The referee quickly hands him his title before exiting the ring. Mikey then lays his title down on the mat and picks up the man he just beat, throwing him over the top rope and out of the ring. He then demands a microphone from ringside and holds it up close to his mouth, speaking to drown out the boos in the arena. All of you shut the hell up. I know you've all heard the rumblings and have probably spread it yourselves. "Where's Mikey?" "Is he a fake champion?" "Is Bad Influence crumbling already???" Well as much as I hate to rain on your parades, all of these rumors are false. I have never left, and I am the same champion that I always have been. I know it's been a while since you have all seen me, but it is for good reason I assure you. I took this break to make you appreciate the greatness that you witness damn near every night. I come out here every single week and put on a show. Whether you like it or not, I am the Star Attraction of Valor and wherever I go, the ratings follow. I have been a huge staple in not only this brand but this entire company for months now, and yet I still don't get the respect I deserve. I'm waiting people, I'm waiting. How much dominance do I need to show before you all will understand? I am the greatest this brand has seen, and certainly the greatest this championship has ever seen. But yet every single defense, I'm written off as a second option as if I'm going to lose. But time and time again I pull through with a victory and steal the show in process. I don't care about Bart and the Triple Crown Championship because as far as I'm concerned, this is the only title that matters right now. The fans boo as Mikey mentions one of his oldest rivals in the form of Bart back from their time in Bulletproof and Creed, the two men clearly having not come any closer since their rivalry over a year ago. I know you all love to watch the top guys compete for the top prize, but you could easily get two for the price of one by watching every single one of my matches. Well, only one top guy would be competing the title. Yes, in case you haven't heard, DANTE has his chance to prove that his victory over me wasn't a victory. Congrats DANTE, you've made it to the big stage with me. Not some measly tournament, but a real title instead. Round two is shaping up to be a good one, but will you be able to adapt like I will? People seem to think that I've been on top for so long because of one thing and one thing only: the management. I've had nearly the entire midcard of Valor put before me and everyone has fallen. Sheridan, Amai, Valentine, the list could keep going on and on. It seems the only men I don't have on my list are DANTE and Austin. However we all know you would all whine and moan if I were to face a fellow Bad Influence member. So for now, DANTE will have to suffice. A man like me never makes the same mistakes twice. I am a champion and have been for nearly half a year now, and I've done so by reading what's in front of me. A fearmongering man like DANTE is nothing I'm unfamiliar with, and it's easy to see right through the illusion. DANTE, you try to make yourself seem larger than life just because of your one win. But if you are so good, what's the point in doing all of that? You see DANTE, this is a physical business, one where those who are talented in the ring get benefitted. You can run your mouth about me and create all the rumors you want, but it won't affect the outcome whatsoever. At the end of the day, it comes down to who the better man in the ring is. And if I'm being honest, you weren't even the better man when you beat me. I was weak and unprepared, something I can only blame myself for. However, when it truly matters and my championship is on the line, the championship I've spent so long making my own, they might as well call the match before it even starts. Round two will belong to me whether you like it or not, so my only advice to you would be to survive all 30 minutes with me. Mikey then drops the microphone on the ground and scoops up his championship, hoisting it around his shoulder as he poses contrary to the booing fans.
  15. Episode 145 JCW Sentiment _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ T-Hawk (4-4) (c) defeated Tre LaMar (3-1) in 14:08, making the 1st defense of the JCW National Championship. Dolph Ziggler (9-5) w/ Robert Roode defeated Xavier Woods (4-5) in 10:49. Following the match, Ziggler would thank Woods for being his stepping stone to bigger things. He proceeds to challenge the man who just competed in T-Hawk, wanting a JCW National Championship match at JCW Showdown. Daisuke Sasaki (1-2) w/ Tetsuya Endo defeated Ace Austin (9-2) (c) in 12:33, capturing the JCW Breakout Championship for the 1st time. Endo would embrace Sasaki after the match, saying how proud he is of him for carrying the stable's flag in high honor. Sasaki would then pose with the DAMNATION yard sign in celebration. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) (5-6 4-0) defeated Nexus Reborn (Kenoh & Austin Theory) (3-4 2-5) in 15:17, making the 1st defense of the JCW Tag team Championships. Woods would join the New Day to celebrate after the match, but their celebration would quickly be ruined by two masked men attacking them from behind. The two would rip off their masks to reveal none other than AOP, Akam and Rezar. The two would batter The New Day while sporting a brand new look with paint below their eyes in a war mark. They would finish the attack by nailing Big E with The Last Chapter, making a statement in their first day in JCW. Matt Sydal (8-1) (c) defeated CIMA (3-4) in 18:20, making the 2nd defense of the JCW Lightweight Championship Cody Rhodes (3-3) defeated King Barrett (7-6) in 19:45. Following the match, Nexus Reborn's Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura would surround the ring and attempt to enter, but Rhodes was able to nail Barrett with one last Cross Rhodes, surprising the duo long enough to make his escape on a very successful night. Robert Roode (8-5) w/ Dolph Ziggler defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi (8-4) in 17:55 after a costly attack from Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate would make his long awaited return after a 4 month hiatus, and he made it in a big way after nailing Tanahashi with an F5 mid match as the referee was distracted by Dolph Ziggler in the corner. Lesnar threw Roode on Tanahashi for the cover, causing his Japanese rival to lose a very important match to him. Jay White (8-2-1) (c) defeated Sheamus (6-2) in 19:33, making the 3rd defense of the JCW World Champion. Following the match, White would be joined in the ring by Tetsuya Endo, their main event match at JCW Showdown III all but set in stone. With the tension so thick it could be cut with a knife, the two would stand off for a moment before White would raise his championship high in the air. In response Endo would slam down a DAMNATION yard sign, claiming his territory right alongside the champion.

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