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  1. 1. THOMAS THE MF TRAIN ENGINE 2. Tom and Jerry 3. Phineas and Ferb 4. Adventure Time 5. Spongebob (Parents wouldn't let me watch it much so it's low)
  2. Team RAW VS Team SmackDown (Men's Survivor Series match) Team RAW VS Team SmackDown (Women's Survivor Series match) Team RAW VS Team SmackDown (Tag Team Survivor Series match) Samoa Joe VS John Cena (US champion VS Intercontinental champion) Finn Balor VS Pete Dunne (World Heavyweight champion VS WWE champion) Bayley VS Charlotte (RAW Women's champion VS SmackDown women's champion) The Revival VS The Hardy Boys (RAW Tag team champions VS SmackDown tag team champions) Nia Jax/Tamina VS The IIconics (RAW Women's tag team champions VS SmackDown women's tag team champions match) Cross brand battle royal (All remaining superstars compete) Crews Bonus question: Will there be a Money in the Bank cash-in tonight? No Who are the survivors for each Survivor Series team? Orton and Styles, Banks, The Bar
  3. This aged pretty well. I'd just like to say a little tidbit about what I think about this world series. Man what a fucking travesty. You have the Astros, a team that is one of if not the most stacked teams in the MLB, a team that dominated the AL for the entire year, up against the Nationals, a team that just managed a wildcard spot, and like Yelich said, was pretty on and off throughout the whole year. Now on paper, this literally should be a 4-0 sweep in favor of the Astros, and that's what I thought going into the series. But sure enough, the Astros take the L in the first game, and then get absolutely shat on in the second. Now don't get me wrong, if I made a list ranking all 30 teams (which I've done), the Nationals are top 5 and the Astros are barely making it past 20. But it's not about my favoritism, it's about what should have happened. A one run loss in the first game is acceptable, Scherzer is lights out, and Cole didn't do too bad either. But game 2 was just abysmal. Sure, Strasburg is a great pitcher and all, but the Astros' have an elite offense that should produce 5+ runs a game no matter what. And in this case, the 3 runs that were produced were from home runs. HOME RUNS. They couldn't even score the runs by themselves, they needed strokes of luck to do it for them. And as for Verlander. Get the fuck out of here, what an embarrassing game. This guy is pictured as the most elite pitcher in the AL, and yet he's getting roasted by a wild card team. It's really just so sad. And then the Astros got their shit together, going on a three game winning streak like they should've done from the beginning and making the series 3-2. But here comes the worst part. They blew the lead. All they needed was one win in two games. And with an assload of momentum for 3 STRAIGHT WINS, that should've been easy. But no, the once so dominant Astros got raped, violated, by the Nationals. 7-2 and then 6-2. They shouldn't be allowed to show their faces next year it's that bad. Verlander got clowned again, and the offense couldn't do shit if they wanted to. But congrats to the Nationals, they really shocked the world despite how the Astros were playing. As Yelich said, rant over, and best of luck next year to whatever team you guys like. Go Red Sox/Padres
  4. I haven't played many of them, but from my experience I've always enjoyed Mario Party 9 the most. Not exactly sure why, just felt like the game with the most to offer (I really don't know, I just like it better than the other ones).
  5. As a fan, I would answer no. But looking in WWE's perspective, the answer is a resounding yes. They clearly have a vision in mind, and these people are experts at knowing what the crowd wants. They only lack in the enforcement of giving the crowd what they want. And by broadcasting that a person is over when they want them to be but isn't is a really valuable tool. Obviously the live crowd knows the difference, but odds are they aren't gonna go back and watch the tape again. Crowd reaction editing is a really valuable tool for WWE, and I think that if they want to succeed, they should for sure keep doing it. But like I said, as I fan I disagree with the action, but some things are just beyond our control.
  6. It's actually crazy that this match is happening now. I thought for sure that WWE would save it up because there's still a lot of stuff to cover in it, but now that I'm thinking about it, why not now? The story is built from their past and it's a big four PPV where they'll shine with a card like this. It's almost too perfect, and with a match involving Bryan and Wyatt, only great things can come (hopefully). I think the match being a normal one (for now) benefits it, as I think it'll be harder for any of that bullshit to happen like it did a Hell in a Cell. I'm almost sure that this is only the beginning of this feud, and that it'll stretch until Mania at least. There'll surely be some down time in between to keep it fresh, but it's too good not to use twice. Both guys are more than worthy of holding that title, and having two guys like that competing against each other for the biggest title in WWE with the storyline that has been built and is yet to be built, I can only imagine. Honestly, this is a sleeper for me to be Match of the Night, and I think it's plausible as long as it's a real match like I said earlier. I think it's clear that Wyatt will retain simply because it's too early into his reign, but once Bryan can build up some face momentum, I wouldn't put it past him to win the rumble and capture the belt at Mania.
  7. Unlike the men's match, I'm utterly terrified for this one. All three brands have some pretty limited rosters, and they're hurt by having Becky, Bayley, and Shayna in the championship match and not this one. But, I still have a bit of a silver lining. This could have the potential to be really fun if everyone does their part right. If the match starts standard where some of the lower-card women get eliminated, this match could honestly piece together nicely if there are some names like Charlotte and Banks involved. I honestly have no idea who will win, but for now I'm leaning toward SmackDown for the pure fact that their division is the most stable at the moment (in my opinion).
  8. Honestly, I haven't been keeping up with WWE much lately and I had no idea this match was happening until I saw the thread. This is going to be a fun ass match to watch, mark my words. 15 men in a match that's not a battle royal seems like utter chaos, and I'm going to love every second of it. Bodies will be flying, botches will happen, and although it may not be a good match, it'll be entertaining. I imagine that based on what RAW and SmackDown's come up with, NXT will also have a blend of main eventers, so this shouldn't disappoint at all.
  9. Oh yessir. After the Styles vs Nakamura disappointment at Mania a few years ago, this is a great way to come back. I'm also pretty surprised that Nakamura's going into this as champion rather than someone else, but no complaints here. I also think that Roderick Strong is a great addition to the match. I think the first match between Nakamura and Styles was really hurt by the main roster creative team and what they were limited to, but with Strong in the match, I'm predicting it to be more of an NXT match rather than a main roster one. I'm expecting a lot of big spots, mostly crazy reversals, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not looking for some weapons to be used in the match. But even if it turns out to be clean, this could still easily be match of the night. The technical proficiency of all three of these guys combined with some other aspects of their game is gonna be nice. I obviously have Styles picking up the win with a pin on Nakamura, but I wouldn't put it past Strong to pick up a surprise win.
  10. This is already looking like a very interesting matchup. On one hand, you have Becky and Shayna, two centerpieces of their division that are both indispensable by any means, but what I find most interesting is the addition of Bayley. Bayley still really needs a big match/win to prove herself, and this is a perfect opportunity to do so. She's been portrayed as a heel who's desperate for the spotlight she thinks she deserves, and I think it's a really good character for her. But with that being said, I don't think that Bayley will come away with the victory. Like many others, I'm predicting Shayna. Not only does this establish her as a women who's worthy to be on the main roster, but she's already running a bit late on the years and this is a big chance for her to capitalize on the momentum she's been building for her title reign. So yeah, I got Shayna winning by a submission on Bayley.
  11. Daniel Bryan 100%, no contest. If I wouldn't choose Styles over Bryan, then there's no chance in hell I'm choosing him over Strickland, and I doubt anyone else would either. Strickland's still a good worker and all, and he's got some good work in his career to back him up, but he's still pretty young and has a lot left in his career. Bryan's been established since day one and has found success everywhere, and that has all been warranted by his tremendous in ring ability and mic skills/charisma. Strickland pales in comparison to Bryan, but I guess there's a chance he'll be better in the future. But for now, Bryan is the right choice for me.
  12. I think it's certainly plausible for Punk to make an in ring return. I say "an" as singular, because I doubt Punk would be willing to wrestle more than once. He's already been brought back on WWE backstage, and although it's because it's a FOX controlled show, I think Punk would stay with the personality type role if he ever signed with WWE. He's proven to be great as a color commentator or just as someone with good mic skills and charisma (interviewer/GM). He's definitely a bit rusty after taking some time off from wrestling, and it's no secret that Punk's years in top shape are running out. He's in his 40's, and it's no easy task for someone who is that old to get back into shape for wrestling when they haven't done it for years. Then again, Taker manages to do it time and time again although being a decade older, so I think Punk'll be used sparatically like Taker: once every couple of months or so just as a card filler or maybe to get a new guy over.
  13. Arrow lowers his microphone, and that prompts the music of none other than Bulletproof. The member and United States Champion Mikey makes his entrance, dressed in a suit, tie, and dress shoes, a bit different for him. But nonetheless, his championship is still worn proudly around his waist. He pauses at the top of the entranceway, putting his hands on his waist and staring at Arrow in the ring, shaking his head in either disbelief or confusion. He pulls a microphone of his own out of a pocket concealed in his suit and speaks while making his way down to the ring. You continue to shock the world, Arrow. If it weren't for your pathetic track record and in ring ability, I'd admire the confidence that you possess. Calling out one of the biggest up and coming stars in BPZ, and doing so because you want a handshake. You and I know damn well that there's talent in this match that you could only dream of possessing. I'm not here to make you a star, so let's make this quick, I have much bigger matters to attend to. Mikey slowly makes his way up the steel steps in silence, taking off his championship and hoisting it over his shoulder in the process. He steps over the middle rope gingerly, clearly caring about his appearance. He stands up straight in the ring, just a few feet in front of Gargano. "All it takes is one bad day". I've heard that from many, Arrow. You, every other man gunning for this title, hell I've even said those words a few times. And I learned the hard way that bad day's simply don't happen if you're truly the best. I train, I shed blood, hell I live for this company and the championship I'm holding. That's why I'm in Bulletproof. But for once you're actually right Arrow, I did enjoy joining Bulletproof. Surrounding myself with individuals with such...quality, like myself, is one of the best decisions I've made in my life. I'd love to show you what I mean, but I'm afraid I'm the sole man here tonight. Out here, in front of the Carnage audience, wasting my time speaking to a jobber who thinks a song from Spongebob is an acceptable theme for someone who could be US champion. Mikey lowers his microphone for a moment and taps his foot, wondering what he should do or say next. Eventually, he takes a few steps forward until his and Arrow's foreheads are nearly touching. He raises the United States Championship in the air, moving his gaze upwards to look at it, and the whole arena, including Arrow, seems to do the same. This is exactly where this championship belongs. Above you. Hell, you could argue it's above me, but then why is it in my hands? I'll tell you why, Arrow. It's because I get fed the same exact, worthless competition every single night. Raven? Aidanator? Mirage? You? I've been through those wringers far too many times, and I'd appreciate it if I didn't have to go through it again. But, I'm always up for some competition, maybe a bit of a warmup before the match starts so I can prepare a bit to face some new blood for once. So Mr. Gargano, Thunderman, I don't really care, best of luck to you at Survivor Series. Mikey leans forward extends one of his hands out to Arrow, placing the other one behind his back. Gargano takes a moment before accepting the handshake, and their gazes meet during the shake. Mikey raises his microphone for a final time to deliver one final bombshell. Again, you should be grateful that I blessed a piece of shit like you with my presence. And with that, Mikey grins at Arrow who frankly just looks shocked, and turns around to exit the ring. The fans boo him on his way up the ramp, but the boos are met with waves from Mikey, the heat simply fueling him as a commercial plays.
  14. Agreeing with Meko, I think Taker around 2009 and 2010 was absolutely phenom-enal (banger jokes only). It'd be hard to consider them his best years because of what he's accomplished as a performer before that time, but there's no denying that at his age 10 years ago, some of the matches he put on shouldn't have been possible. If you look at both of the Wrestlemania matches with Shawn Michaels, the elimination chamber match that he performed through with a serious burn, and many others, it's incredible that he did those things in his mid 40's. He also had a fair bit of time with the World Heavyweight title in those years, which is always something nice to add on to a few years of successful matches.

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