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  1. For what is the first time since their debut, the Firing Squad enters the arena, not to have a match, but to speak. The menacing duo slowly stalk down to the ring, slowly rolling their shoulders with each step and observing the audience. Both Mikey and Alex Costa are donning new face paint tonight, a different design to their usual. They eventually get down to the ring, with Mikey hopping over the ropes to get inside and Alex taking an easy roll in approach. Both men collect microphones from the ringside personnel, and it is Mikey who raises his microphone first. "It feels like just yesterday that I joined Bulletproof. I knew that when I joined, I was going to have to prove something. Not just to the members of the faction, but to rest of the people watching on. Hell, I had to prove something to myself. I needed confidence that I wasn't an add in for a match against Creed, and that I was on the same level as the rest of my faction mates. The days ticked on, and that feeling never faded. Until Survivor Series." "That was the day that I realized the truth. And the cold, hard truth is that Bulletproof needs me as much as I need them. Our match against Creed showed that the man we all rally behind, Isaiah Carter, is not an invincible creature. He is, like you and I, a human being. One man that achieved some much recently, yet had it pried away from his fingers. I respect the fact that Carter has had this success, don't get me wrong. In fact, I'm a bit envious. A BPZ Tag Team Championship reign that lasted months on end? Just the thought of it is delightful. Carter, you've had your time to shine. You had your chance in the spotlight, against Creed and against Julius. But you simply couldn't handle the pressure. Sure, I lost just as many matches as you on that night. But the difference is, I persevered. I fought through until the very end, nearly abandoned. And I nearly got the job done. That perseverance has only gotten stronger since. Now I know what I need to do, and I'm fully capable of doing it." Mikey lowers the microphone for a moment and looks around at the crowd, who are giving him a pretty negative reception. He leans over to Costa, who whispers something in his ear. Mikey nods and raises the microphone once more, staring out into the vast crowd. "But I got to hand it to you, Carter. You certainly have a talent for creating a fantastic group. And your first recruit, Hans Clayton, what a story to be told. I'm not gonna sit here and waste my time or your time, so let's cut right to the chase. Hans, you're a fantastic talent. Flying across the ring, fighting your way to a NXT, US, and Tag Team title run all in your first year. And let's not forget the King of the Ring finals match, truly something spectacular. You nearly outlasted the entirety of Creed alongside me, and I think we have a bond that not many other people will understand. Like Carter, I respect you, Hans. I respect your work, what you've accomplished, and what you stand for. Hell, even as one of my teammates, I have enough respect to call you one of my hardest rivals to date." "And this bond...this bond is something that will ultimately be your undoing. We both have that competitive, fierce nature to win. And we stop at nothing to keep climbing, one upping each other all the time. You win the BPZ US title, I win it from you. We're the last two in the main event of Survivor Series for our team, you outlast me. A never ending cycle. Frankly, that's what drives me to win this match the most. To prove that I am better than one of my biggest rivals. And to prove that we are the best tag team in BPZ.'' "First Class Express, you may have been the ones to start Bulletproof, and I mean this in no hurtful way at all, but the group you created may very well end to your downfall. You know what they say: what goes around comes around." Mikey drops the microphone once again, looking around the heated crowd. They all boo him on, and he simply ignores it, stepping back in the ring slightly and gesturing for Alex Costa to take his turn.
  2. Mikey rises up from his chair, and he begins to pace the room a bit while Alex and Christina take a step back. He then pauses right behind the interview table and slams his hands down on it, causing everyone in the room to jump. "Interviewer, whatever your name is. Don't try to skew this story just so you can get what you want. I can promise you these fists hurt a lot more than any loss you make off of not getting the real story. See, Alex is new to Bulletproof. I wouldn't expect him to say so much about our fellow stablemates, but I'm glad he did. He hit it right on the money, really. These men may be the very people I've worked with in the past and the ones we will work with in the future, but that means nothing. This has nothing to do with Bulletproof. For now, as far as we see it, as far as the First Class Express sees it, and as far as you see it, we are two separate teams, hungry for a chance at the BPZ Tag Team Championships." "I assure you, people will be hurt in the process, and then you filthy interviewers can get a get story on that. But the one thing that matters right now is that we are the most stable brotherhood BPZ has ever seen. A little friendly competition is nothing to get upset about, both teams realize that." Mikey takes a seat in the chair next to Alex, and he takes a sip of water while wiping some sweat off his face after an intense match with Notorious Killers. "That right there, is why we are going to defeat Hans and Carter. The sweat that we poured into this match is that of a fraction of what we will put into our match against our next round opponents. You all saw the footage and witnessed the glorious place where Alex and I will be training. And we've already put it to the test once, and it worked wonders. Meanwhile, Hans and Carter are probably out partying, getting drunk over a delusional victory over the worst team BPZ may have ever seen." "But like Alex said, we respect what the duo has achieved. A fantastic Tag Team Championship run, only stunted by two of the best performers BPZ has ever seen, and a handful of solo victories to their names as well. But let me make this clear: I've competed with both of these men. I know their tricks, their tactics, their strategies. And after having such fantastic success, and it's more than difficult to change. I speak for Alex and I speak for myself when I say that Hans Clayton and Isaiah Carter have never competed against a force like ourselves. We are the outlier of BPZ, the ones who truly drive change. And as Alex so beautifully put it, we are the hunters, and First Class Express, you are the pray." Mikey stands up from his chair with Alex and Christina doing the same. The trio walk out to the front of the table, and Mikey gets right into the lens of the camera, so close that his every breath can be heard. "Firing Squad defeats First Class Express...less of a prediction, and more of a spoiler. Alright boys, I think this interview is just about done." Mikey pulls back a step and raises his arm over his head, bringing it down dramatically until he is making a finger gun right into the center of the camera. "Don't take the competition seriously, Hans and Carter. This competition is out of love after all. BANG!" Mikey draws the finger gun back and steps away from the camera, he, Alex, and Christina all exiting the room in a line. The camera fades out, and it is replaced with the Firing Squad's logo.
  3. Episode 21 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Secret Revealed And New To kick off the show, we have the brand new JCW World Champion, The Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi. He comes out to a ruckus crowd, all chanting phrases of congratulations to the veteran. Tanahashi thanks everyone for the wishes, and dives into his speech. He says that at Demolition, he proved every doubter wrong. Every person in the locker room who thinks that he is washed up and too old to compete at a high level, they are incorrect, and now he has the evidence to prove it. He then thanks the fans for their support throughout the match and promises them a strong lengthy title reign. He then speaks to the General Manager, Milano Collection AT. He states to throw everyone at him, for he is The Ace and no one can match him. Match 1: John Morrison vs Punishment Martinez In the first matchup of the night, the retaining JCW National Champion took on the victorious Punishment Martinez at Demolition. With both men having momentum coming into the match, this was a very even contest until the final moments. With Morrison on top after a series of high flying maneuvers, the injured Martinez was able to regroup on the outside with his tag team partner, Jay White. The two discussed a strategy for a moment, and Morrison was able to land a suicide dive. White reacted quickly and pushed Martinez out of the way, taking the entire blow by himself. Morrison landed hard on both legs, and Martinez quickly got him back in the ring, delivering a swinging neckbreaker and finishing the match with his beloved Curbstomp. Punishment Martinez defeated John Morrison in 14:12 with a Curbstomp Rebuild After the spectacular match, the camera cuts backstage to Roppongi 3K. For seemingly the first time since they've arrived in JCW, they are not partying around the city, but rather sitting in the locker room. Romero speaks and addresses the pair of losses the trio suffered at Demolition, citing how they performed spectacularly, but just were missing one small part to complete their game. He says that the mindset has changed, and he, SHO, and YOH will work nonstop to achieve the one thing that will make them unstoppable. Open Challenge Once More Next up, the Dark Order comes out, sporting their tag team gold. They are pursued by a horde of creepers, no less than 10 of them. The two roll into the ring and Grayson addresses the crowd. He says that last night was good, certainly a good start to their championship reign, but he and Uno desire and require more. SHO and YOH were a challenge, but they need more challenges, bigger pray to feast on. He therefore invites any team backstage to come out and try their luck against the beasts of the division. Unfamiliar music plays, and none other than Alexander Wolfe and Axel Dieter Jr. appear, the tag team that is called Britain's Finest. The duo come out to the ring while speaking, saying they are the hottest exports from Britain, and they couldn't resist accepting this challenge. They enter the ring, and Grayson accepts the challenge, but the match will happen at JCW Rebellion. The duo leave the ring and head to the back. Meanwhile, the creepers surround the ring, looking to welcome the new tag team. The duo stand back to back, and they fight off all the creepers entering the ring, showing off their skill and making a huge statement to the champions. Main Event: Kazuchika Okada vs Alex Shelley In tonight's main event, Kazuchika Okada took on Alex Shelley. Okada was mysteriously attacked at Demolition, and he is still looking for answers. But now, he has to focus on a hungry Alex Shelley and his partner Chris Sabin at ringside. The two put on a brilliant display, with Shelley truly showing that he is one of the best wrestlers in the company. The match started to pick up in pace and intensity about 15 minutes in, with both men looking for their finishing moves but ending up being countered. Eventually, a misfire from Sabin that hit Shelley allowed Okada to hit an easy Rainmaker, putting one half of the Machine Guns down. Kazuchika Okada defeated Alex Shelley in 18:41 with a Rainmaker Statement As Okada was celebrating a hard fought victory in the main event, he grabbed a microphone from ringside. He speaks, saying that he's been looking for answers since Demolition and he wants them now. He holds his arms out, openly challenging whoever it was that attacked him to try it again. And surprisingly, the same masked man appears at the entrance way, the two men making eye contact from far away. He sprints down the ramp and dives inside, and the battle is on. Okada tried his best, but with the fatigue setting in from his match, he wasn't able to get the upperhand on the seemingly technical masked man. The man goes in the corner, arms hanging around the ropes, and this a set up that looks all too familiar. Okada gets to his feet and the man sprints at him, leaping in the air to connect with a Running Knee. The mask is ripped off, and it is revealed to be none other then Daniel Bryan. Episode 22 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Heights New Level Tonight's episode of JCW Punishment kicks off with the JCW Breakout champion, Koji Iwamoto. Iwamoto addresses the crowd, talking about how at Demolition he made a fool out of Ren Narita. He made him look so foolish that his mentor, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, couldn't stand to look him in the eyes and therefore left the company. He says that he will continue what he started and choose his next opponent, but right then the music of Konosuke Takeshita plays. He comes out to the ring, and says that despite being one of the best wrestlers in Japan, he's decided to come down to these "lower ranks" and put Iwamoto in his place. Iwamoto begins to retort, but Takeshita claims that AT already scheduled the match for Rebellion, so there's no use in fighting. Match 1: Daisuke Sasaki vs YAMATO In the first match of the night, two men who have yet to catch steam in JCW faced off, Daisuke Sasaki and YAMATO. The two wrestled for a decent length of time, both carrying a veteran presence that made the match feel old school and well structured. In the end, YAMATO would miss with a crucial big boot, allowing Sasaki to get into a position behind him and nail the Now or Never, picking up some momentum tonight. Daisuke Sasaki defeatd YAMATO in 9:56 with a Now or Never An Opportunity Well Deserved As the competitors clear the ring, Punishment Martinez' music plays. He makes his entrance, pursued by his partner Jay White. The duo enter the ring and Martinez speaks, saying he has something important to say. He states that he picked up a victory over the JCW National Champion last week, and that he deserves a shot at the title at Rebellion. As if it were planned, Morrison's music plays right after he says these words. Morrison says that last week, he won because of cheap tactics alone. He says that he'll be happy to give him a title shot at Rebellion, but he has to prove he can get it done without White at ringside, tonight, in the next match. Main Event (Winner faces Morrison at Rebellion): Punishment Martinez vs KUSHIDA In tonight's main event, Punishment Martinez took on John Morrison's man to beat, KUSHIDA. Morrison revealed to have offered both a title opportunity if they win the match clean, and the match was just that. White retreated to the back after the promo, and now these two athletes are left to do what they do best. The match was a highly contested one, both men really striving for a huge title opportunity. But when it was all said and done, KUSHIDA's Hoverboard Lock was reversed by Martinez and quickly turned into a Curbstomp, leading to the 3 count and securing Martinez' title match at Rebellion. Punishment Martinez defeated KUSHIDA in 18:34 with a Curbstomp Roots of Hatred After the main event concludes, the camera pans backstage to a disheveled looking Daniel Bryan. His hair is frizzy and splayed everywhere, and his clothes are slightly ripped and tattered. He looks up at the camera and addresses those watching, saying that this is what he has become. Months of opposition, discrimination, and for what? Just because he is the best? Just because the Japanese men can't accept that a foreigner is better than them? Well he's had enough. He therefore challenges the "best", Kazuchika Okada. He states that by taking down the biggest dog in the yard, then there will be no one left to doubt him. And if he can't beat him, well...he may as well take his talents to a place they can be appreciated. Episode 23 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Challenge Accepted Warmup To kick off the show, Hiroshi Tanahashi comes out to a ruckus crowd, waiting for what the JCW World Champion has to say. Tanahashi comes out to the ring and thanks the fans for their amazing support as always. He then says that he's been feeling a bit excited, a bit too excited, even anxious. Not knowing who is going to face him at Rebellion is hurting him at his core, and he needs something to prepare and get his mind off what's going to occur. So he challenges anyone in the back, for a chance to face off against the World Champion. Match 1: Naruki Doi vs Hiroshi Tanahashi In the first match of the show, Naruki Doi appeared to accept The Ace's challenge, much to his surprise. The two were both veterans of the business, and it clearly showed in the match, every move being extremely calculated. Doi proved to be a big threat to Tanahashi, someone who could nearly match him for his every move, showing that he is a very underrated member of the JCW roster. As a matter of fact, Doi was able to hit the Bakatare Sliding Kick, nearly putting Tanahashi away for a huge victory. But as always, Tanahashi fought back into the match, using a slingblade followed by a High Fly Flow to put away his surprisingly competitive opposition. A True Matchup In a backstage interview following the first match of the show, the Dark Order are shown, followed by their creepers. Grayson is the one who speaks as always, and he says that he is truly impressed by Britain's Finest. He says he's seen their work, and even admired it. He and Uno crave their match coming up at Rebellion, and he can't wait to finally have some true competition. Perhaps for once, it'll be a fair fight for the opposition. That is, if the new duo on the block can answer one question. Are you ready for the darkness? Main Event: John Morrison vs Tomahawk TT In tonight's main event, the JCW National Champion John Morrison took on the young Tomahawk TT. Both men looked to prove something, with TT trying to reestablish himself as threat and possibly get himself entered into the National title match at Rebellion, while Morrison was looking to send a message to Punishment Martinez, the man sitting at the commentary table with Jay White. The two had a pretty decent encounter, with both men clearly having a lot to prove to themselves and the world. In the end, TT would try to hit a Night Ride, but Morrison countered the move and rolled his opponent for the quick victory. After the match, Martinez and White rushed the ring, but Morrison was able to fend them off with his championship, driving them up the ramp. With them out of the ring, Morrison posed with his championship, and an American flag unraveled from the rafters, with his name written across it. Face to Face After the ring is cleared, the show begins to come to a close, but it is interrupted by a man yelling stop. The man is Daniel Bryan, and the cameras light up to full volume again. He marches down to the ring, rolls inside, and immediately demands that Kazuchika Okada come out to face him right here, right now. A few seconds pass, and Bryan grows more agitated with every passing one, but eventually, the Rainmaker's famous music sounds. Bryan gets a wild look in his eyes as Okada appears, staring him down from the stage. He makes his way down to the ring and rolls inside, standing across from the man who attacked him weeks ago for the first time. Bryan raises his microphone and says that Okada is the epitome of what's wrong with this company. He struts around like he owns the place, but in reality, he's done nothing significant in his tenure here. Bryan says he's going to put it simply for Okada and proceeds to say that he is not as good as him. Bryan says he wants a match against him at Rebellion, winner takes the title of best in JCW, while the other is exiled. Okada considers these words for a moment, and with the crowd's support behind him, he answers in Bryan's native tongue, saying he accepts. The crowd cheers and a smirk emerges on Bryan's face, but Okada says there's only one condition. Because Okada thinks he has more to lose if he leaves the company, he wants to put his own little stipulation on the match. And if Bryan is so good, this one shouldn't be a problem at all. Okada proposes a 30 minute iron man match, normal one on one rules, with the winner keeping their spot on the roster. Bryan stares down Okada like he's a madman, but despite this, he reaches his hand out right away. Okada accepts the shake graciously and the two stare each other down to close the show, not faltering from their handshake.
  4. Summerslam Predictions: 1. Universal Championship Fatal 5 Way Match: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron vs Monda 2. Premium Championship FD Rules Match: KENJI (c) vs FDS 3. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Hans Clayton 4. Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati) 5. Career vs GM: Ryan vs Brenden 6. Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs Arius 7. NXT Championship: Bob (c) vs Meko 8. World Championship: Sameer (c) vs King Bashka
  5. Pre-Show Epic McDonald vs Joshua Scott vs Maasa vs Mirage Buddy & Bishop vs Alex Costa & Sir Raven Main Show Julius Jones (c) vs Echo Wilson First Class Express (c) vs Young & Free ICON vs The Marker vs Mikey Dikey Angelo Caito vs FDS Arius (c) vs Bob Sparks Natedog vs Slim The Godsent vs James Ropati & ??? Bashka vs Flynn Sameer (c) vs The Bailey vs Bart Hoogveld Additional Questions Who will be Ropati's partner? Prince
  6. Mikey

    Key to Success

    "Please, come in." The camera fades in to show a large, beautiful building. In fact, it is none other than the Bulletproof Manor. Sporting a large pool in front with many outlooks and a grand entrance, Alex Costa and his wife, Christina Aguiar are stood outside the door. A man dressed in a fine suit and sporting a Bulletproof ring lets the couple in, displaying the beautiful entrance hallway. Light shines from above, and the lobby is filled with tapestries and silk carpet. Waiting for them is Mikey, Alex Costa's new tag team partner. "Good evening, Christina and Alex. I've been delegated to show you around the manor. I sincerely hope you enjoy the tour, and there's a little surprise waiting for you at the end. Now please, ladies first." Mikey takes a step back and sweeps his arm forward, beckoning Christina in. He and Alex fall behind, shaking hands and embracing. The two are dressed rather finely, wearing tuxedos and sunglasses rather than their face paint, straight black gloves and wrestling pants. While Christina marvels at the displays they are walking by, Mikey speaks to Alex. "I've been thinking, Costa. Hearing Brad's recent words on Carnage, one thing has made itself clear. We're dealing with something that we've never seen the likes of. We both know where we've been, climbing the ranks of the NXT division, capturing the title, and then progressing into the US division, and now we're here. And in all this time, it never occurred to me how it would be different up here. These divisions, they are filled with the best talent in BPZ, the men who will be the future of the company, much like you and myself." "But now that we are here, what lies ahead? Brad's words answered that clearly. Honestly, he even said it himself. Deterioration. We may be going up against some of the best BPZ has ever seen, two Hall of Famers, but that's exactly what they are. The best BPZ HAS seen. They can't accept that this is the future, the time that is beyond their own. But yet they keep coming back and coming back some more. Well, with the exception of FDS, he hasn't come back to BPZ in weeks." Mikey briefly chuckles and thrusts his hands into his pockets. The trio walk in silence, gazing at the sights around them, including an indoor-outdoor swimming pool, a miniature golf course, and a tennis court. "But that's why we're here. We are the force that drives change in BPZ. The enforcers that will demolish the old and usher in the new. Our conquest not only starts with Brad and FDS, but with the rest of the tag team division. Whether it be Invictus, Bailey and Slim, hell even the First Class Express, we're going to make an example of them. And this example puts us in prime position to win the Tag Team Championships and rule the division. This isn't a vision, frankly, it's a mindset. We have the keys to success, but now we just to learn how to use them. Brad and FDS are good proving grounds by all means, but it only gets worse from there." Mikey stops abruptly, calling out for Christina to join him and Alex at a door, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. "This is where the mindset is born. From now until the tournament, Alex, this will be our life. Come now, there's so much to see." Alex and Christina step inside the dark room, with Mikey and the cameraman following shortly behind.
  7. OOC: Like I said in the voting, this has been an extremely fun feud to build up, and it's been a great time for the past month or so. Smith, this is a fantastic write up to top it all off, couldn't wish for much more than a brilliant match like this. To top it off, congrats to Creed, it was a hard fought win indeed. Perhaps we'll meet again in the future.
  8. Nickname: "Slice and Dice" John Schmaks Hometown: Chicago, Illinois Height: 6'5 Weight: 250 lbs Signatures: The Throwdown (Michinoku Driver) and God's Right (Right Hand Punch) Finishers: The DICER (Uranagi into a backbreaker) and Head SLICER (Lariat) Backstory: John Schmacks grew up in a poor family in Chicago, but when he turned 16, he met his dream girl. Due to his stunning looks, he married this girl at the age of 24, and due to her wealth, he went OFF. Nonstop eating and working out, he's managed to get into great shape and gain a lot of weight. His genes did the rest, growing him to 6'5, and he joined the wrestling world shortly after at the age of 25. He's been training for about a year, and his unique but fun gimmick has won him many fans.
  9. It's crazy to think that I've been around long enough to make a second one of these for the second year in a row, but here we go 1. Recapture US and hold it until the summer - my loss at Survivor Series was deserved to say the least, November definitely wasn't a great month for me in terms of contributing. I think it's plausible for me to win US again before I hit 1,500 posts (still got a lot of wiggle room), and this time I'd like to put up big numbers and establish myself as the most dominant force in the division with no one close to me (sorry about your dream Toxik). 2. Win the Tag Titles with Alex - I feel like this may not happen any time soon, just because BP is such a dominant force and FCE is great, but sometime in the future I think it's a good goal. A good performance in the Tag Tournament along with some smaller feuds could put us in a great position, and perhaps lead us to gold. 3. Get into the world division - man, this is a rough one, but goals are things that you need to work for, and this certainly qualifies. Getting into IC is pretty much a given since I've posted 1,000 times in a year, and this should be no less (if it is we have a problem). My first few months on the forums were really lacking, and putting up consistent posts should get me close to 3,000, hopefully passing it. I think winning world is out of bounds for now, but hey, there's always 2021. 4. Become more active on the Discord - I've always been more of a forums guy than a Discord guy, it's just how the cards played out. Discord is a wild place, and I feel like my inactivity on it causes me to miss a lot of action. Not really a measurable goal, but a goal nonetheless.
  10. Flynn takes a step back, allowing the new and improved Mikey to step forward. Rather than donning his classic heelish face and long, wet, dark hair, his face is covered in a layer of face paint, similar to how it was in his attack against Sheridan. The patterns are slightly different, but the idea is the same. His hair is thrown behind his back, looking much more full and rich. "Last week was just the beginning of it all. Sheridan stepped out of line, and we did exactly as we are going to do. We sent her right back to where she belongs, taking orders from the big dogs. As much power as she thinks she has, we proved that she has none if we don't want her to have any. Do not fear, Sheridan. Your small, small sacrifice does not go down in vain, and I think with the sense beat into you, there should be no more fear of an attack like that again. The baddest, most dominant and destructive force in BPZ has been introduced, and what we did to your General Manager was only the beginning." "Consider this a merciful warning to all those concerned. Whoever thinks they are better than us, perhaps you may want to think twice. Whoever believes they are entitled to a personal vendetta against us or the entirety of Bulletproof, drop the act or suffer the consequences." Mikey grins at his words, taking a moment to gather his thoughts and recompose for what’s about to come. "Now, for our first round opponents. The unfortunate first of many, FDS and Br-, no Ang-, no DNA, that’s the one. I’ll be honest, I like you guys. You of all people know your role better than anyone, and that is simply veteran enhancement talent. No matter what the records may show, this is more of a lopsided battle than you think. Two Hall of Famers, extremely accomplished in their careers. Titles upon titles to their names, but there is one minor detail missing. A critical one, too. A victory over the man that stands behind me, Jeremiah Flynn. We know exactly what we need to do for a victory, and you know the saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks." "Myself and Alex Costa, we are the enforcers of BPZ. The two most menacing men in the company, the two men who can stand up to anyone and destroy them. And sadly for FDS and DNA, they are the first victims, the examples. If you think what we did to Sheridan was bad, well...you boys got another thing coming. But please, my legends. Don't take this personally at all. Business is business, and you were the ones that got in our way. Don't blame us, blame the ones that put you in this position. Or blame us if you want, but I promise you, that'll be the last thing that you ever do." Mikey leaves the camera with a few shots of a finger gun and a wink, and he returns to the back as he hands Alex Costa the camcorder, allowing him to say his part.
  11. Name: Mikey Figurehead: Jay White Gimmick: Masterful, calculated technician Favourite Weapon: Table Employment History: AJPW, DDT, NOAH, ROH Backstory: Mikey was born in a wrestling family. His father wrestled for the majority of his lifetime, but he only ever made it as far as some indy promotions such as CZW. Mikey began wrestling wrestling at the young age of 13, and since then he has trained hard to be able to broadcast his talents to the world and make his father proud. He now looks to continue working hard at his craft while finally being able to broadcast his ability on a widespread platform. Tag-Team (Yes/No): No, but if you got someone in mind go for it

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