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  1. Man if Morant's such a monster, I really want to see a simulated season (pretty please)
  2. Mikey


    Name: Mikey Age: 29 Weight Class: Lightweight Height: 6'0 Reach: 73 Fighting Style: Judo?
  3. Adam Masters VS KENJI Overheel & Dikey VS Hans Clayton & Ropati David Haskins VS Connor Bramson Julius Jones & Kin Takeshi VS Angelo Catio & Prince Jack III
  4. Ooo, this is going to be interesting. There are a lot of good teams in there, and I think there's gonna be a lot of teams above 500 and a lot below with not a whole lot in between. I think that the 15-16 Warriors, 00-01 Lakers, or 13-14 Spurs are gonna end up taking the west, and as for the east, who knows? The 12-13 Heat, all the Celtics team, and the Nets team are gonna be pretty good and give the other teams a run for their money. I think at the end of the day, the 00-01 Lakers are gonna win the whole thing, but I'm excited to see how this is gonna turn out.
  5. Mikey

    Held Down

    The Carnage fans are greeted by the infamous word that has become synonymous with devastation in BPZ: "Bulletproof". The Firing Squad's Mikey, Alex, and Bob make their way out onto the stage. Mikey and Alex are sporting a classic face paint consisting of black, white, and red streaks while Bob is sporting his usual sunglasses and coat. The trio stand at the top of the stage for a moment, taking in the heat from the crowd with open arms. The trio stroll down to the ring cockily, pointing finger guns at those booing in the front rows. They all enter the ring and Mikey takes a microphone out of his pocket, ready to speak. "Alright people, shut the hell up. This pressing is much more important than you bitching about us being out here. Our purpose for being here is very clear and simple, so let me say this one time and one time only. On behalf of the Firing Squad and the entirety of Bulletproof, Alex Costa and I demand a title shot, and we want it damn soon. We have been a unit, ransacking the entire BPZ tag division for months now, and what have we been rewarded with. A match, but not any match, A MATCH AGAINST A WASHED UP VETERAN AND AN NXT JOBBER! THIS IS HOW WE'RE BEING TREATED, AND WE ARE NOT STANDING IDLY BY ANY LONGER!" "Time after time after time we are treated like shit. How much convincing do you people need to take us on. I suppose the prospect of facing a team as brutal and destructive as us can be a bit daunting, but who wouldn't want to try their hand against us in the biggest match of their career? After all, we are the judge, jury, and executioners of the BPZ tag division, everything starts and ends with us, including this reformation of the tag division." "If you take an intricate look into the BPZ tag team division, you'll find a shocking sight. A sight of few teams. And out of all those teams, we have faced and decimated nearly all of them. Granted, there are some teams that frankly aren't worth our time, but there is one team that is and they happen to be in this group of teams that have evaded us for so long: Smith and Bart, Creed. Gentlemen, I know you've seen what we done. After all, how could you not? Myself and Alex Costa reformed this division into something that people talk about again. The conversation is buzzing all around, people asking "When will the Firing Squad finally get a championship match?" Well the answer to that question is RIGHT NOW! If you two are truly the best that BPZ has to offer, then you'll have no issue taking on a pair of "midcarders", right? Are you really the same two men that took myself and the rest of Bulletproof to war at Survivor Series? Or are you just a pair of pussies that fear us? Your decision determines your fate." Mikey pinches his temple and takes a deep breath to shake the boos off and regather his thoughts before continuing. "So I don't care if it's the BPZ Tag Team Champions themselves or Sheridan who comes out, hell I don't care if anyone comes out at all, but we need to know that we will get our opportunity soon. If not there will be hell to pay. This is the type of bullshit that causes men to be driven over the edge and do things they normally are not capable of. Being held down like this is simply unacceptable. The fate of BPZ is in the hands of those who have the power to give us what we want. It's up to you whether we build this place into a respectable kingdom or we burn it down to the ring, starting with whoever we can get our hands on." Mikey takes a step back as Alex Costa and Bob applaud behind him, shouting praise amidst the boos that rock the arena from the crowd. Mikey gestures forward and allows Alex to step into the spotlight. OOC: Reply Planned
  6. Name: Mikey Age: 17 Strong Traits: Reaction time, decision making, social Weak Traits: Pretty physically weak, indecisive, arrogant Personality: Likes to talk with others and make friends, but definitely has a confident/arrogant side. And despite his social ability, Mikey enjoys to work on his own to figure things out Height: 6'0 Weight: 160 Built (Skinny, Jacked, Fat, Average): Skinny Short backstory: Mikey was an average high school kid, just trying to get through the experience. He was relatively popular and successful in school but was really nothing special. That all changed with the zombies, who eliminated everyone around him and left him on the run and alone.
  7. Crippler Bob Firing Squad Mecko Meko (even more than he already has)
  8. Episode 1 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Framework To kick off the show, Co-General Manager's Jushin Thunder Liger and Milano Collection AT come out to address the crowd. They welcome them all to the show and thank them for being there before getting into some business. Liger goes ahead and announces the future of the lower card titles. He says that while the JCW National and Tag Team Championships will be claimed at JCW Revolution: Tokyo, there will be a match for the JCW Breakout Championship up next. Collection AT takes over and goes on to address the JCW World Championship. He says that it is only fair that the first overall pick for the company, Kenny Omega, gets inserted into the match. And in tonight's main event, his challenger will be decided in a triple threat match. The duo once again thank the crowd and the show rolls on. Match 1 (JCW Breakout Championship): Brian Pillman Jr vs Daichi Hashimoto In the first ever JCW match, Brian Pillman Jr took on Daichi Hashimoto in order to crown the inaugural JCW Breakout Champion. Both men have had hot starts to their careers and show an endless amount of potential, and a championship win could set either of them on the right road. The encounter was thoroughly paced throughout and was really a showcase with both men showing off some of their more flashy and trademark moves to wow the Japanese fans. In the end, Hashimoto would miss a crucial superkick, allowing Pillman Jr to set him up and nail his finisher, the Pindrop, a falcon arrow. He becomes the first ever JCW Breakout Champion. Brian Pillman Jr defeated Daichi Hashimoto in 13:23 by pinfall with a Pindrop Banded Together Just as the match wraps up, the screen fades to black and the sound of metal scraping together can be heard. The scene fades in to show Jay White standing alone in a vacant room, twirling a switchblade around in his hand and staring the camera down. He begins by saying that he has come to JCW for one reason and one reason only: domination. White exclaims how he has ruled over everywhere he's been, capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship at one point in NJPW and staying as a huge threat afterward. He says that he plans to do the same in JCW, but not alone. He waves his hands forward and two figures step out from the darkness: The Boys. White says that they may look like small, unaccomplished men, but given time, he will create something great with them, and the three will conquer JCW. The Young Bucks: Coming Soon With Jay White and The Boys staring at the screen, the camera switches scenes to the Young Bucks, who are intently watching the promo with wide eyes and gaping jaws. The screen fades to black and the Bucks exclaim to each other about what they just saw, sarcastically gushing over White's performance. They then notice the cameras and serious once again. The duo introduce themselves and lay an immediate claim to the Tag Title match at Revolution: Tokyo. They claim they are the best tag team in the world, and that nobody can deny that. And if they do, they'll have no choice but to prove them wrong. Main Event (Winner faces Kenny Omega at JCW Revolution: Tokyo for the JCW World Championship): John Morrison vs Kento Miyahara vs KUSHIDA In a stellar main event, three stars took each other on for the opportunity to face Kenny Omega at Revolution: Tokyo to be the first ever JCW World Champion. There was John Morrison, an experienced veteran who could still go and needed a world title to prove himself once and for all, the seasoned ace and champion in Kento Miyahara, and breakout KUSHIDA, still looking for the moment to project himself firmly into the main event. The trio put on a classic, using anything and everything in order to take home a victory. Highlights included a moonsault from KUSHIDA which drove Morrison through a table on the outside and a missile dropkick from Kento Miyahara that drove the steel chair KUSHIDA was holding into his own face. This moment would lead to Miyahara nailing a Break Heart on the chair, pinning KUSHIDA to win the match. Kento Miyahara defeated John Morrison and KUSHIDA in 19:49 when he pinned KUSHIDA off a Break Heart Not So Fast After the match concluded and while Miyahara was celebrating, the crowd quickly shifted from cheers of appreciation to shouts of shock. Miyahara realized too late that trouble was brewing, and Kenny Omega was able to sneak up behind him and scoop him onto his shoulders. One swift move later, and Omega drove Miyahara down with a One Winged Angel, compressing his head against the same steel chair he used to win the match. Omega then put his foot on Miyahara's head and pointing one finger gun down at his head and one at the camera, a maniacal look on his face. Episode 2 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Open Challenge Last week, the Young Bucks made a bold statement claiming they were the best team not only in JCW, but in the entire world. Since then, they have received criticism from many, doubting their greatness. And now, they are here to open up the show and set the record straight. The Bucks say that they are here now and they are offering an open challenge to absolutely any team that wants to step up because after all, they are the best and no one else can compare to them. The music of Fandango and Tyler Breeze, Fabreeze, plays and the Bucks now have their challenge for the night. Match 1: The Young Bucks vs Fabreeze Both teams clearly had something to prove to themselves and those watching. Fabreeze needed a big statement to solidify themselves in the tag division of JCW while the Bucks had their entire reputation to back up in this match. The match itself was pretty good. Tyler Breeze especially showed up for himself and Fandango, matching both members of the Bucks in terms of athleticism and skill. Eventually, a poorly timed tag out to Fandango would allow Matt Jackson to nail Dango with a high kick, allowing Matt to tag in Nick and from there, the duo delivered the Meltzer Driver. The Young Bucks defeated Fabreeze in 12:10 with a Meltzer Driver Something To Prove Next up, we have a new face in the form of Akira Tozawa. He comes out and addresses the JCW crowd, saying that he has not yet had the chance to prove himself in JCW and that he wants that chance tonight. Liger comes out to confront Tozawa and says that he'll get exactly what he wants tonight against "The Ace", Hiroshi Tanahashi, and that the match is up next in the main event! Main Event: Akira Tozawa vs Hiroshi Tanahashi In the main event of the night, Akira Tozawa took on Hiroshi Tanahashi in a friendly but still competitive match. The two put on a great showing, covering up Tanahashi's deterioration with Tozawa's speed and crazy style of wrestling. But nonetheless, Tanahashi held his own with his much younger foe, matching every move Tozawa produced. After 15 minutes of high paced, grueling action, Tanahashi was able to nail Tozawa with a sling blade and finish the move combination with his signature High Fly Flow, putting the intense match to rest. Hiroshi Tanahashi deafeted Akira Tozawa in 15:54 with a High Fly Flow Snapped After the match, Tanahashi helps the beaten Tozawa to his feet and pats him on the shoulder, comforting him after a hard-fought battle. Tozawa looks down, a somber expression on his face, nodding to himself. Tanahashi then goes to offer him a handshake, and Tozawa finally meets Tanahashi's eye level. Instead of accepting the shake, Tozawa slaps Tanahashi across the face! With Tanahashi stunned, Tozawa is able to take the veteran to the floor and pummel him with punch after punch after punch. The bell rings several times, but nothing is stopping the rage of Tozawa. He finishes off the assault with a vicious Snap German Suplex, leaving Tanahashi in a heap, grasping the back of his neck. Sub-Par To close out the show, Kenny Omega made an appearance after his devious actions last week. He was alone tonight, the Bucks still nursing themselves after a difficult match earlier tonight. He says that he saw the whole main event encounter last week, and that he is honestly underwhelmed. How could someone as weak and untalented as Kento Miyahara match up against him and win? It just makes no sense. Omega says that he is no longer "The Cleaner", the one who cleans up the trash, but he is now "The Eliminator", the one who will get rid of any star in his way and reduce them to rubble, allowing others to take his pitiful previous role. Episode 3 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Test Run To open up the show, Jay White and The Boys came out to the JCW arena for the very first time, much to the displeasure of the Japanese crowd. White tells them to hush while they're in the presence of greatness, and eventually the boos die down. White says that he is out here not to compete, but merely to spectate. He will be witnessing The Boys in action for the first time, and he will see what they've got. He waves his arm down to the ring, and out steps the duo of Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura. White addresses The Boys, telling them exactly what they have to do. They nod in unison and the match begins. Match 1: The Boys vs Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura In a tryout match for both teams, the newly formed young duo of Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura took on The Boys. The duo showed up well despite the inexperience, taking it to The Boys. And despite a lack of communication from The Boys, they seemed to work in perfectly sync and function as a great unit. All of this had White very impressed until The Boys collided with each other in the center of the ring, sending one of them to the outside. Narita took advantage and hit a Missile Dropkick on the remaining and legal Boy, pinning him for the victory. Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura defeated The Boys in 8:36 when Narita pinned a Boy off a Missile Dropkick The Timebomb Arrives After the two teams make their way to the back, the JCW fans are greeted by the song of Hiromu Takahashi. He comes down to the ring for the first time in his JCW career, and support is shown from all corners of the arena. He thanks the fans for the positive response but says it's now time to get down to business. Hiromu says that he has been craving competition, starving these last few weeks to get his hands on an opportunity, and tonight is his big night to do so. He claims that the General Managers already have competition lined up, and he's antsy so let's get on with the match! Main Event: Hiromu Takahashi vs CIMA In tonight's main event, Hiromu Takahashi took on his mystery competition, the Japanese veteran CIMA. The two clashed excellently, matching up very well together. Takahashi's unhinged but high flying style was a great matchup for CIMA's technical approach to maximize his abilities. This match revolved around CIMA trying to ground Takahashi by targeting the right leg. Despite this, Takahashi was able to get some momentum building up midway through the match and deliver some fight to CIMA. His run included a fantastic blockbluster from the top rope, and after that, Takahashi was able to seal the deal with the Time Bomb. Hiromu Takahashi defeated CIMA in 20:20 with a Time Bomb More Competition While Takahashi was celebrating post match, some familiar music blasted through the arena, the music of John Morrison. Sensing a sneak attack, Takahashi was well alert, but Morrison appeared on stage and cautiously made his way down to the ring, clearly not seeking a fight. He says that Takahashi can relax because he's just here to talk. And after what he saw against CIMA, he doesn't want to be caught offguard. He says that because of his excellent performance in the main event of the first episode of Mayhem, he has been awarded a JCW National Championship match against an opponent of his choosing. He says that just like Takahashi, he loves some good competition, and he thinks the two of them would match up perfectly. Morrison extends his hand out, and Takahashi eyes it weirdly. He raises his eye level and gives Morrison a bizarre look. Nevertheless, he quickly accepts the shake, not holding on for longer than a second before exiting the ring with a huge grin on his face, leaving Morrison completely befuddled. Episode 4 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Ace No More To kick off the show, the scene is a shaky one, that of a camerman sprinting toward the sound of yelling. He eventually reaches the scene and there is a lot of carnage. A broken table, boxes all over the floor, but most prominently Akira Tozawa fighting off five security guards, staring a hole into his target, Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tozawa eventually breaks free of the guards restraints, and he nails two of them with forearms, drives another one into the wall, and crushed the remaining two with Snap German Suplexes. He then turns his attention to the camera, grabbing Tanahashi by the hair. He seethes into the camera, expressing all his hatred that's been brewing over the last few weeks. He says that Tanahashi disrespected him two weeks ago, and he only acted like a gentlemen for his image, a true faker. Tozawa claims that at JCW Revolution: Tokyo, he will snatch the title of "The Ace" right from Tanahashi. He tosses Tana's head down and storms off the screen. Match 1: Toru Yano vs Brian Pillman Jr In the first match of the night, Brian Pillman Jr took on the notorious Toru Yano in an exhibition match. With no title on the line, Pillman Jr was clearly much more relaxed and easy going than he was a few weeks ago, allowing him to display a variety of new offensive moves. Yano's veteran instinct was able to keep him alive for the duration of the match, but eventually Pillman would block a eye poke attempt by Yano and nail a Pindrop for the victory, sending a message to whoever he has to face at JCW Revolution: Tokyo. Brian Pillman Jr defeated Toru Yano in 6:21 with a Pindrop Match 2: John Morrison vs YAMATO After Pillman and Yano return to the locker room, John Morrison and YAMATO take their spots for a matchup. With Morrison taking on a more western-influenced style, YAMATO's offense was not working as effectively. Meanwhile, Morrison was generally able to have his way, nailing many sequences of stunning moves that had the crowd supporting him for the whole match. He eventually put the match to rest with a Starship Pain, further solidifying his place in the JCW National Championship match at Revolution: Tokyo. John Morrison defeated YAMATO in 11:49 with a Starship Pain Lights Out As Morrison is celebrating his hard fought victory, a timer appears up on the titantron. Morrison looks up in confusion, waiting for it to tick down from 15. Once it hits 0, the lights immediately go out, the sound of a ticking clock echoes throughout the arena. A scuffle can be heard in the ring as the fans shout in confusion. The lights turn back on after a minute and in the ring sits Hiromu Takahashi, legs crossed with the head of John Morrison in his lap. Takahashi gently strokes his head and stares into the distance, completely ignoring the chaos going on around him. Main Event: Kento Miyahara vs Matt Jackson In tonight's main event, Kento Miyahara, a participant in the JCW World Championship match at Revolution: Tokyo, took on his opponents best friend, Matt Jackson. With Nick Jackson at ringside and Omega nowhere in sight, this seemed to be a match Miyahara could come out of with a victory. Miyahara once again put on a spectacular performance for the fans, wowing everyone in the arena with his technical ability. Meanwhile, Jackson struggled to keep up with Miyahara all on his own. And despite his brothers inferences at ringside, Miyahara would be able to connect with a Break Heart for the victory. Kento Miyahara defeated Matt Jackson in 19:06 with a Break Heart One Last Look Shortly after the matches conclusion, Nick Jackson entered the ring to help out his brother after a difficult match. Miyahara walks over to the duo and offers his hand to them. He pulls both of them to his feet and once again extends his hand, wanting a handshake of respect much like Tanahashi. Matt takes the shake with a smile, but the smile quickly morphs into a false one, and Miyahara is drilled from behind by a V-Trigger from the one and only Kenny Omega. The Bucks get Miyahara to his feet once again and Omega connects with another V-Trigger, the Bucks not allowing Miyahara to fall. Omega grabs Miyahara by the face and takes a long look, saying that this is the last time he even looks at someone so worthless. He then shoves the Bucks off and takes matter into his own hands, nailing a One Winged Angel to finish the night off. Episode 5 JCW Revolution: Tokyo Match 1 (JCW National Championship): John Morrison vs Hiromu Takahashi To open up the show, the thousands of fans in attendance were blessed with the sound of John Morrison and Hiromu Takahashi's music, signifying their match. The two put on a match that will go down in JCW history, both men putting their bodies on the line in this one. Notable parts of the match included Morrison taking a Time Bomb through the announce table on the outside, just beating the count to get back into the ring and Morrison landing a nasty german suplex on Takahashi, pausing the match for a few minutes while medical personnel checked on his neck. He was able to continue, and after a few more minutes, he hit another Time Bomb for the 1, 2, and 3. Hiromu Takahashi defeated John Morrison in 20:41 with a Time Bomb Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Brian Pillman Jr (c) vs Katsuhiko Nakajima Next up, Brian Pillman Jr became the first champion to defend his belt, and he did so against Katsuhiko Nakajima, a talented man still looking for a big breakthrough. The two put their heart and soul into the match, pulling out all the stops to get a victory. It would eventually be Brian Pillman Jr who would end up taking a more calculated root which allowed him to counter a top rope splash by joining Nakajima up top and hitting a top rope Pindrop for the victory. Brian Pillman Jr defeated Katushiko Nakajima in 13:59 with a Pindrop Back Down After the conclusion of the Breakout Championship match, Kenny Omega has a few words regarding his opponent, Kento Miyahara, and their title match in the main event tonight. Omega says that he maintains his statement from earlier this month, and that is that Miyahara is simply below him. He'll prove it tonight, but he admits that he truly likes Miyahara, so he'll give him an option. Omega offers for Miyahara to back down from the match to save his career, and that is the only chance he will get. The camera switches back to the arena. Match 3 (JCW Tag Team Championship): The Young Bucks vs Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura Following the promo by their friend Kenny Omega, the Young Bucks took on Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura to determine the inaugural JCW Tag Team Champions. Throughout the whole match, it was clear the Bucks didn't take the young duo seriously in the slightest. This almost cost them the match at one point when Nick allowed Narita to create a combo of moves and get him pinned in their corner, leading to a huge uranagi onto Nomura's knee. Matt was there to break the pinfall up, and from there, the Bucks were able to regather themselves and put the match away with a Meltzer Driver. The Young Bucks defeated Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura in 14:41 with a Meltzer Driver A REAL Tag Team After the conclusion of the match, the Bucks are celebrating alone, but all of the sudden, unfamiliar music blares from the speakers. The crowd cheers in sudden realization, because it is Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, the Motor City Machine Guns. The Bucks looked stunned as the new duo rushes down to the ring, causing the champions to scamper away. The crowd cheers them on as Shelley grabs a microphone from ringside and delivers a brief message. He says that he and Chris Sabin are a real tag team, and the Young Bucks won't be able to get through them. Match 4: Jay White and The Boys vs Ryusuke Taguichi and Fun Times In another test match for Jay White and his new partners, The Boys, they took on the combo of Ryusuke Taguichi, Toru Yano, and Michael Nakazawa. The match itself was pretty uneventful, but it did allow The Boys and Jay White to debut a new, devastating finisher, a double missile dropkick from the duo on Toru Yano in the powerbomb position, allowing Jay White to drive him down with more force, a move they simply call Destiny. Jay White and The Boys defeated Ryusuke Taguichi and Fun Times in 5:01 with Destiny Match 5: Akira Tozawa vs Hiroshi Tanahashi After the trios return to the locker room, a personal match is set to take place: Akira Tozawa versus Hiroshi Tanahashi. The two showed great hatred for each other, and even the usually calm and calculated Tanahashi showed a lethal side in this match, returning every one of Tozawa's strikes with his own, more powerful version. Both men were extremely driven, with Tozawa hitting a total of three Snap German Suplexes on Tanahashi, but either was met with resilience or a kick out. This was enough to drive Tozawa over the edge, getting him disqualified when he wouldn't break his assault in the corner after a five count. His assault continued minutes after the match and was only stopped by a total of seven security guards. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Akira Tozawa by DQ in 17:58 Deserving After the conclusion of the battle between Tanahashi and Tozawa, the camera shifts scenes to the backstage area with Kento Miyahara. Miyahara speaks to the people, saying that Omega's claims this past month have been completely false. He has been working his ass off ever since before debuting in JCW for this match, and he plans to make JCW history by becoming the first ever world champion. He wishes Kenny Omega good luck, because he truly is a star competitor and he'll get much, much more than he bargained for. Miyahara leaves the camera with a nod as his music plays in the arena. Main Event (JCW World Championship): Kenny Omega vs Kento Miyahara In undoubtedly the biggest match of the night, Kenny Omega took on the man standing in the way of the JCW World Championship, Kento Miyahara. In the last month, Omega has made it clear that he thinks Miyahara is below him and doesn't deserve to be in the match like he does. But once the match got underway, he was proven wrong. Miyahara stuck with Omega the whole time, having a response for even his most deadly moves. As a matter of fact, Miyahara was able to counter three One Winged Angel attempts with either rollups or frankensteiners. But despite this, Omega truly showed his extreme talent by dominating the majority of the match, the pace only swapping off a counter from Miyahara. In the end, Miyahara's Straight Jacket German Suplex wasn't locked deeply enough, allowing Omega to flip out and connect with a V-Trigger followed by a One Winged Angel for a hard fought victory in the best JCW match to date, becoming the new JCW World Champion. Kenny Omega defeated Kento Miyahara in 25:41 with a One Winged Angel
  9. - WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels (c) - Hell in a Cell match Kane vs The Undertaker Owen Hart vs Triple H - WWF Intercontinental Championship match Ken Shamrock vs The Rock (c) - WWF European Championship match Dan Severn vs Steve Blackman (c) WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Marty Jannetty vs Brian Christopher (c) Cactus Jack vs Jeff Jarrett - WWF Tag Team Championships match New Age Outlaws (c) vs Goldust/Mero vs Headbangers vs Los Boricuas Bonus Questions One of these matches will end in a No Contest, which match will that be? Dan Severn vs Steve Blackman (c) Which Superstar will get the highest in-ring performance? Shawn Michaels How many title changes will occur during the show? 2
  10. Really good start Slim, I think it's great to see guys move around like this. Rose is a great addition to the team and it'll be interesting to see how he plays alongside LBJ and AD. It's also cool to see Jimmy Butler as a part of the Clippers and D'Lo with the 76ers. Can't wait for more, keep up the good work,
  11. This is a more recent event, and that just adds to the emotional strength behind it. Jushin Thunder Liger wrestled for NJPW for over 30 years in 5 different decades. This is a feat that few people have or even can accomplish, and he did so all while maintaining great talent and the same charisma. Everything about the two WK matches and the New Years Dash ceremony just felt extra special. Liger's retirement was one of the few NJPW moments I was able to watch, especially live. Even though I have little experience with Liger's career, this moment really hit hard nonetheless, and you could feel the energy from his fellow wrestlers and the crowd themselves. Truly a magical and emotional moment.
  12. I really enjoyed these two promos and I'd like to see what you think of them. Also, great idea Maasa, I've seen this before but it was never really consistent, so let's see what you got!
  13. Flynn vs Bailey vs Slim BPZ Mania V "Centuries" by Fall Out Boy
  14. Mikey turns the camera toward himself a slight bit, centering himself in the frame. He stares down through the lens for a few seconds before finally speaking. "Yes Alex, you are right. Although I must say, burned is a bit of an understatement. I'd lean more toward the word decimated. Tiger, as impressive as you've been, you need to learn to stay at the back of the line. You're nowhere near ready to defeat us, hell you're not even ready to step into the ring with us in the first place. You've still got a lot to learn. Potential like yours doesn't come around too often, and I'll take great pleasure in helping you achieve realization. Realization that you bit off more than you can chew, and the true realization that you are still the scum of this company." "Myself, Alex, the entirety of Bulletproof, we are the top dogs. Our dominance has not, can not, and will not be matched be anyone. Bulletproof is a force so dominant that few can withstand us. And when we team up, bad, bad things happen to those who oppose us. Just a little warning, Tiger. After all, if you don't believe me, you can ask your so-called friend D.N.A because I know damn well he's been through what I've just described." Mikey takes a step back for a moment, still maintaining eye contact with the camera. He takes a breath to recompose, and Alex leans over to whisper something into his ear. Mikey nods his head and step forward back into full focus. "I have no problem with dishing out punishment. It's how myself and Alex made a name for ourselves. But the fact that we have to take on competition so weak is an insult to what we have accomplished already. We are Tag Team Tournament finalists, dominating every team we faced. Whether it was the our own Bulletproof brethren in Hans Clayton and Isaiah Carter or the washed up pair of FDS and D.N.A, we destroyed. In such a short time, Alex and I have developed a bond matched by few. The way we wrestle, the way we act in that ring and out of it, and even the way we talk, is so similar. We are essentially one, and when both men in a team have such a large amount of talent, well. I think our results have proven what we're capable of. And yet, we are stuck here, starving for a championship opportunity. Fighting the same man we eviscerated once more. The only difference is he has a poor NXT competitor by his side. A man he has no connection with whatsoever. These two were simply lumped together to prevent us from pursuing greater things. This...is simply not just." "But no matter the matchup, no matter the circumstances, just remember. The Firing Squad always come out on top. Because we are the most destructive force in BPZ. The equalizers of the roster. And once The Tiger and D.N.A are gone and done with, balance will truly be achieved. That all begins with the Firing Squad on top once again." Mikey leaves the audience with a silent finger gun and a step back into the darkness, allowing Flynn to take his turn in the spotlight. OOC: Reply Planned
  15. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre Shayna Baszler, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey
  16. Japanese Championship Wrestling General Managers Jushin Thunder Liger Milano Collection AT Singles Stars Hiroshi Tanahashi Kenny Omega Jay White Hiromu Takahashi John Morrison KUSHIDA Kento Miyahara Ryusuke Taguichi Rocky Romero Akira Tozawa Tomahawk TT BxB Hulk Naruki Doi Brian Pillman Jr. CIMA Toru Yano Ren Narita Naoya Nomura Katsuhiko Nakajima Daichi Hashimoto Cody Hall Koji Iwamoto Daisuke Sasaki YAMATO Konosuke Takeshita Minoru Tanaka Teddy Hart Joe Doering Tag Teams The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) The Dark Order (Stu Grayson and Evil Uno) Fabreeze (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) The Boys (Boy and Boy) Titles JCW World Championship JCW National Championship JCW Breakout Championship (Young Lions Only) JCW Tag Team Championships TV Show Name/Venue JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Komazawa Gymnasium Capacity: 3,875
  17. Part 5 Nuzlocke Rules 1. Any fainted Pokemon is considered dead (cannot be used again) 2. Can only catch the first Pokemon the appears on a route (with species and shiny clause) 3. Must nickname all caught Pokemon 4. No legendaries/traded Pokemon (can only catch) 5. If all Pokemon in the party faint, they are considered dead, but others in the PC can still be used to continue the playthrough 6. These rules are not enforced until the first Pokeball is obtained YESSIR! We're back already, and we're gonna start grinding again. So last episode we captured our first gym badge and saw the evolution of Wukong, making history for our team. Okay so, after my heroic battle, I exited Oreburgh and headed back to Jubilife. Once I get there, I go north and am met by Professor Rowan and Dawn, the two who are having a confrontation with some weirdly dressed guys: team Galactic (one of my personal favorites). AYE! My guy Rowan popping off on the grunts. Anyway, I get into a double battle with Dawn, and the two of us clean house. I have to switch Current out to avoid fainting, but other than that the battle goes smoothly. The duo say a few words to me and leave me in peace, allowing me to continue upward toward the next team. I go into the cave once again and this time use rock smash to access the other exit, landing me on the upper section of Route 204. Sadly, I cannot get another encounter here and snag a Budew, but on the bright side, there's a bunch of easy trainers to kill. I get some great experience for Current and Wukong, but I had a bit of a close call against a Pachirisu double battle. All turned out well, and I made it to Floaroma Town, possibly my favorite town in the game apart from Orebourgh. This bad boy offers a bunch of flowers, some great music, and a pretty cool building layout in my opinion. But sadly, there's not much to do there except pick up a few berries, so I venture east. I quickly find this girl who stops me in my tracks and exclaims her distress. So this girl's dad is a scientist and team Galactic stole him for their plans at the Valley Windworks, the place I go to right after talking to her. I scoop up a potion on the outside, but instead of battling the grunt blocking the entrance, I get an encounter in the tall grass. Okay so, there's a few different guys I can get here. I would love a Buizel just in case WobbleBABY dies, and I certainly don't want the Pachirisu's or Shellos' that spawn here. But alas, my wish is not granted. I couldn't be asked to spend brainpower on this Pokemon I'm never going to use, so Puff it is. Away to the box with you! I then fight the grunt outside the windworks and Current crushes Glameow in one hit with a critical spark. He then tells me where his companions are cause he's dumb and this is a Pokemon game, and I head back to Floaroma Town. The place he is referring to is through some trees in the northeastern corner of the town, and I find the grunts in no time. They're harassing this honey guy, so I beat them up with Current and they retreat back to the windworks. And in return, the honey guy gives me their work keys they left behind, allowing me to gain entry into the windworks. Again, another really beautiful and peaceful place in Platinum. I then go back once again to the windworks, and this time I can enter. I crush the grunts standing in my way, but there's one final obstacle: Mars. Yes, a planet, but also one of the Admin's of Galactic. Get it, space? All jokes aside, this fight is extremely terrifying. She has a level 15 Zubat which is easy, but a level 17 Purugly, a Pokemon that is extremely strong in the early game and could sweep my team if I mess up. I give Current, Star Squared, and Wukong oran berries, and the battle is on! I lead with Current for the Zubat, and I'm hoping for a no flinch bite and a two hit spar- Well then, never mind. Current comes in clutch with a huge critical hit spark, one shotting Zubat. But that bite really hurt, and I switch out to Wukong for the Purugly. Battle of the titans, if you will. Even with this beast opposing me, I feel pretty good given I have mach punch that both outspeeds and is super effective. But of course, I forgot Purugly has fake out, a move that can be used on the first turn of battle, guarantees goes first, and guarantees a flinch. This move is supposed to be used for some small chip damage. Emphasis on the word small. Yet this thing deals nearly a third of my health with this one weak move. And of course, I flinch so I can't attack. This is already looking dire, but I banked on Wukong being able to take at least one scratch. And sure enough, mach punch lands first, dealing exactly half, getting Purugly into the yellow but not activating it's oran berry. Absolutely perfect. Meanwhile, I'm hit with scratch, which somehow does less than fake out, leaving me at 21 and activating my oran berry, boosting me to 31. I knew this was the end, so one mach punch later, wait... Okay, time to talk about game mechanics! So there's a small range of damage a move can do, and the chance is random. So presumably, I got what is called a "high roll" on my first mach punch, making the move do more damage than normal. And now, I seem to land with a "low roll", taking away some damage from the move, therefore allowing Purugly to survive the blow. Luckily, I'm able to tank a scratch with no critical hit, and I finish the battle with one last mach punch. I end up gaining 666 experience for Wukong, spooky! And better yet, Current evolves! Dude I actually love Luxio. The difference between it and Shinx is pretty insane. The damage stat is increased by a significant amount, and now it's attack is able to rival that of Wukong's. It's speed also increases a bit, making it even more useful. After the battle, team Galactic disappears and the daughter/father are reunited. Looker then pops up as I leave, making sure I actually did everything. And sure enough, I did, and he leaves me be. Now he comes the fun part: a whole route of trainers. But first, an encounter! Same thing goes for the Valley Windworks grass patch, except we're down to Buizel and Shellos. And because I'm GOATed, I get me my Buizel at last. In honor of my other Buizel/Floatzel in a Platinum Nuzlocke. She'll remain on the sidelines for now, I'll let WobbleBABY shine for a bit (who knows, maybe even the whole run). But after that, nothing eventful really happens. Just a bunch of grinding, and a bit of experience was gained. Well, one eventful thing happened. Star Squared was able to evolve after knocking out a Roselia, and now we got another powerhouse alongside Current and Wukong. This thing is a fucking beast. High attack, high speed, decent defense and HP, and I'm all in. Once this thing evolves again, the team is going to be looking really nice. But we get to the entrance of Eternia Forest, and I'll leave that journey for the next episode. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Next episode coming soon!
  18. BPZ Undisputed Championship: Jeremiah Flynn(c) vs. Slim (Survival Games Winner) BPZ Tag Team Championships: Creed(c)(Eli Smith and Bart) vs. Invictus(KENJI and Arius) BPZ North American Championship: KENJI(c) vs. Raven Hans Clayton vs. Jack Bashka Carnage Scramble: Beastly vs. Crippler vs. Amai vs. Aaron North vs. Buddy Ace (Winner is granted a Number One Contendership for the North American Championship at BPZ Mania) Bob vs. Bailey Firing Squad(Mikey and Alex Costa) vs. Tiger and D.N.A.
  19. Name: Mikey Age: 24 Gender: Male Hometown: San Diego Short introductory bio including what you think give you an edge: 150+ IQ
  20. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion (rest in peace) and Johnny Sins. I'm probably risking some harsh comments given what just happened, but fuck it. Recently, Arius shocked the world by winning an elimination chamber match to win the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. And in a fantastic encounter, he defeated Father Georgemas to retain the title. It's fair to say that his title reign is just heating up and there's plenty more to come. But, there's always a time for change, and I'd like to look at some possible change around this title! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show Next 5 In Line To Win The BPZ Intercontinental Championship (Chronological Order) Gunner Flynn Alright, I'm going to come clean. I don't see this change happening anytime before BPZ Mania, and hell not even a few months after. But I think it's realistic to say that Gunner Flynn's looking like a formidable opponent for Arius at some point. Whether it's his first, second, or even third try, I think Gunner will obtain the belt eventually. He had a pretty good 2019, being called by many the most improved worker in BPZ. And management has noticed, offering title match after title match. With some momentum gained throughout the year, I can see Gunner capturing the treasured title at Mayhem. Hans Clayton Oh yessir. My guy, Hans Clayton, is the man I project to win the BPZ Intercontinental Championship from Gunner Flynn. Hans is currently the BPZ Premium Champion, and I think his reign will be quite lengthy indeed. That's honestly why he's not put in Gunner's spot to be honest, because he won't be losing that title anytime soon. But like I said, losses happen eventually and I think Clayton will drop the belt at Mania or Backlash. To who I do not know, but I think he'll take a month or two off because let's be honest, this guy hasn't caught a break yet. But once he's back up and ready to go, I think he'll snag the title at BPZ Judgment Day, giving Gunner a short reign. Bart Ooo, a bit of a new entrant on this series. I've dodged putting Bart on either the world or undisputed list, and honestly maybe I shouldn't have. Bart has been on and off these last few months in BPZ, but now that he's earned two massive victories over Bulletproof alongside his Creed brethren, he's looking pretty good for an intercontinental title shot and run down the line. I think Clayton will hold the title for a few months at least, and I predict this change to happen at Bad Blood, once again toppling a member of Bulletproof. I think Bart will have a successful 2020 up until that point, and this title reign should top it off nicely. Isaiah Carter Ah, sweet, sweet revenge. It's no secret that Bart has gotten the better of Carter more than once. First in the Creed versus Bulletproof main event of Survivor Series, and then by him and Smith capturing the tag titles for them. It's fair to say that Bart has gotten his fair share of victories of Bulletproof. But I think Carter will be the one to come out with a kill first. He's been very good recently, going to great lengths to master his character and sharpen his in ring work, and I think that's setting him up well for a title run. In this case, I think he'll win the intercontinental title, and I expect this change to happen at Survivor Series, getting his revenge from a year earlier. Raven I'd be lying if I said I thought Raven would stay away from this title for a long time. Raven's made a reputation on winning as many championships as possible, no matter how weak the reign may end up being. And at this rate, after he captures the US title 2 or 3, hell maybe even 4 times, He'll be set up nicely to do the same with the intercontinental championship. And who better to beat Isaiah Carter? The two did battle last year with Carter coming out on top, and I think this would be a great way for Raven to get his win back and elevate him to the main event scene. With that being said, I think Carter will have a decent reign, lasting a few months, allowing Raven to capture the belt at the Royal Rumble. Alright, I'm done. I'm just a little nervous that I'm going to get some unwanted hate if I go any farther. Well, that and I can't see into the future. This has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  21. “The following message is sponsored by the Firing Squad.” The camera slowly fades in, and when the frame settles, Mikey and Alex Costa are on screen, staring into the lens of the camera. They are stationed in a dark area, the only light being produced from a flickering candle behind them. Both men stand firmly, ready to deliver their address. The duo was recently declared to compete at Night of Legends against the team of DNA and Mecko. "DNA and "The Tiger". Two men, two very different men, who were brought together by one simple plan on their agenda. It's interesting, really. What foolish team would be delusional enough to take on two finalists in one of the greatest tag team tournaments in BPZ history? A tournament where we only lost after more than 20 minutes of hellacious warfare. And yet, a man we demolished in the first round and the NXT champion come out and instigate a match. I'll be the first to say: DNA, if you couldn't get the job done with an actually decent Hall of Famer, then you have no chance with that piece of shit you pulled out of the trash." "Alex Costa and I are simply so dominant that it is impossible for us to lose twice. Arius and KENJI may have gotten lucky once, but I can guarantee that you boys aren't going to get lucky a second time. This team was founded on brutality and destruction. We brutalized nearly half of the tag division en route to a spectacular finals match. And as for destruction, well, it's pretty clear to see. The tag team division hasn't seen a formidable, fresh team in a long time. I think it's safe to say that The Firing Squad fits that description perfectly. We decimated the entire division, and when we rebuilt it, we built it with as a cornerstone. Without us, this entire division fails. Without us, you have forces that could never be contained otherwise such as Invictus and Creed. We are the equalizers, the ones that bring balance to the division." "But unfortunately, examples must be made. DNA, you've heard these words alongside FDS before, and Tiger, feel free to listen in. Really, this is no personal matter. The two of us couldn't be bothered to take you two on if we had the choice. But sadly enough, you two must now face the most dominant force in all of BPZ. At the end of the night, the end of the match, the end of your careers, you will be staring up at the bright lights. The same bright lights that help display destruction at it's finest with The Firing Squad coming out as victors." "I know I speak so eloquently, but this is just the beginning. DNA, you have already felt our wrath once. Don't make the mistake of thinking we'll take it easy on you this time around. Every single ounce of determination and strength we have will be poured into this match. And no, it's not that we care about winning. It's that we care about exterminating such a lowly team in our conquest to redefine the division. And Tiger, no matter what hype surrounds you, just remember. Myself and Alex Costa were once in your shoes, and we had bigger fish to fight against for food. Your hardships pale in comparison to what we had to go through just months ago. Enjoy the privilege while it lasts, because at Night of Legends, it will fade completely. Just keep this in mind gentlemen, I truly don't mean to scare you." Mikey nods his head and sweeps his arm forward while stepping aside, allowing Alex Costa to take up the foreground of the picture.
  22. Great stuff as always Sheri, this diary never fails to impress me. I can't even imagine the amount of time you spend writing all this stuff out, but it pays off in a well executed, fun to read diary. I think my boy has got 2025 on LOCK, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. Keep up the fantastic work, can't wait to read more.
  23. Punk without a doubt. Bate still has a lot to prove if he wants to be considered level with Punk, which I would argue mostly includes filling out his out of ring game. Bate's not fantastic on the mic and his character work is decent at best. Meanwhile, Punk is always captivating on the mic and got any character he worked with over. That combined with a fantastic skill set in ring is more than enough to solidify him over Bate.

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