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  1. MITB Ladder Match: Arius vs Bashka vs Brad vs BrendenPlayz vs FDS vs George Kent Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves - World Championship Yelich Anderson (c) vs Jeremiah Flynn - Undisputed Championship Blade vs Kieron Black - Number One Contender to Universal Championship Hans Clayton vs Julius Jones vs William Smith - Intercontinental Championship (Unification of US, IC and NA) Bob Sparks vs KENJI - European Championship (Unification of NXT and Premium) Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Championship: Bart Hoogveld vs Joshua Scott
  2. Mikey

    Madden MyTeam

    Name: Michael Jeffries Age: 23 Position: Kicker College you went to: UConn City,State your from: Connecticut
  3. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. Recently, BPZ has made a very big acquisition by bringing back another one of their oldest stars. Yes, if you've watched Carnage this past week you know that none other than Alyx Wilde is back in BPZ. As excited as everyone is, there is still a question that is looming. How will BPZ book their newest signing? I for one have a few ideas that I think BPZ should highly consider so I'd like to share them with you all. And I'm an optimistic guy so I'm going to be looking at the long term here and think about what BPZ could do with him first, this year, and of course in the future. Let's get to it. How BPZ Should Book the Return of Alyx Wilde Presently First and foremost for Mr. Wilde, I'd like to see him compete in the midcard of Carnage in these next few months. I will admit, his return promo was a very good one and if he can keep that level of entertainment going in the ring, the midcard might be a bit low for him. But as of right now, I think it'd be really interesting for him to compete with some of the stars on the verge of a breakout, namely the two men I see potentially becoming BPZ North American Champion, Alex Costa or Raven. While I don't think Wilde should exactly win the title, a solid feud with one of these young guys would be a good way to get him back into the flow of things while also making them look good after beating such a prestigious veteran. I also think that a little feud here could lead up to something in the future as both Alex and Raven are part of Ichiban, and as we all know FDS is the leader of said faction. We also all know he recently beat Jeremiah Flynn for the BPZ Universal Championship, so the door's wide open for any new challengers, so why not Alyx Wilde? This midcard feud would be just to get Wilde acquainted with FDS, but I have a better option for the two of them to face off in the future. Next Few Months After he wraps up his feud with either Alex or Raven, I think it'd be a good idea for the returning legend to take his talents to the Survival Games tournament. While I hate to be pessimistic, I have to consider real possibilities and one is that Wilde only sticks around for a couple of months at best. But during that time, I really want to see him go against as many people as possible, and what better way to do it than Survival Games? As a member of the Carnage side of the bracket, Wilde would have the opportunity to potentially face stars like Isaiah Carter, KENJI, and Jeremiah Flynn. All of those matchups sound like money ones in my head and I hope BPZ feels the same way. Obviously there's other options for Wilde, but I think this would be the option that best suits him and pleases the fans. But really what I would like to see the most during this time is Alyx facing off against Nebakos (if he ends up competing in the tournament). I'm no BPZ geek and am a bit clueless about the past, but what I do know is I love seeing legends with history going up against each other. Having these two potentially face off in the finals of the Carnage side to decide the victor or in a contest of that capacity would be fantastic in my opinion and I can only hope BPZ agrees with me. The Future But of course, everyone has their favorites and this is undoubtedly mine. Straight up, I want to see Alyx Wilde as a one man wrecking crew against Mafia. He seems to be brought back as a plague that's going to spread over BPZ, and I really like that concept. It's kind of the like the opposite of what the Cure was supposed to be (or something like that), so I have high hopes that BPZ won't mess this one up. The way I see it is that Wilde is going to try and go against Mafia or at least the Death Riders, the last group in his way of domination. And then BPZ could do something crazy by having Bailey Justin as BPZ Universal Champion and then Wilde overtakes the Death Riders as he becomes champion as Carnage which would set him up very nicely as the future of Carnage. If this is something BPZ wouldn't want to do for whatever reason, I see another plan that could also work. I'd be a fan of seeing Alyx Wilde as BPZ Intercontinental Champion. The way BPZ seems to be going now is having Sameer drop to Echo Wilson at Summerslam, but I really can't be sure. Nevertheless, those are both matchups that I would like to see and having Wilde as an upper midcard champ and being able to face off against some of Valor's best talent as well. But regardless to say, I think Wilde's going to have the skill set to make anything work no matter what BPZ gives him. And that's all for today folks. The legend himself Alyx Wilde is back. Kind of crazy to think about but this is the reality we live in now. Everyone's coming back and I'm here for it. Hopefully they stay around for a bit to spice up the landscape, because so far I like what I've seen. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  4. Ahhhh a fellow man of culture. Best reporter on this shit show let's go Wojpati. -Gekyume Sins
  5. Name: Michael Jeffries Age: 17 Nationality: Canadian Club: Arsenal YESSIR Skin Tone: White Height in cm: 180 cm Weight: 185 lbs Position: GK Role: Normal Keeper
  6. Mikey

    For The Throne

    What does Sheridan want?: Sameer's head (interpret that however you want to) Who will make their first appearance next episode? (Feel free to put as many as you like): Epic and Echo We will see a monarch reach out to another for a potential alliance. Who will reach out to whom?: Epic to Arius
  7. Episode 65 JCW Evolution Match 1 (JCW National Championship): Wade Barrett (c) vs Ryusuke Taguchi To kick off the show, Ryusuke Taguchi had his chance of redemption against JCW National Champion Wade Barrett. With no one from Nexus Reborn at his side, Barrett had a pretty tough match against Taguchi. His veteran instinct that he spoke about was able to get him far against the champion by expertly evading Barrett's heavy strikes and countering appropriately. But even when Barrett missed, he could take the punishment as well. After over 15 minutes into the match, Taguchi seemed to have the contest won, but after leaping off the second rope in a crossbody, Barrett was able to swing around and clock him square in the jaw with a Bullhammer, pinning him for the victory. After the match, Barrett is joined in the ring by Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura, and the beatdown commences. After a few minutes, Barrett grabs a microphone and speaks. He says this is a warning to anyone in the back who thinks they have what it takes to beat him. He has the kindness and generosity to grant those who deserve it title matches, and yet they spit it back in his face. The next time it happens, he won't so forgiving as to end the match in one swift move. Wade Barrett defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 15:17, retaining the JCW National Championship. Match 2 (Exhibition Match): Kenny Omega vs Xavier Woods In the second match of the night, Kenny Omega took on Xavier Woods in an attempt to regain some momentum after having lost to Adam Cole last week. This match was a pretty good showing for both men, and while Woods was on defense for the majority of the match, he was still able to get in a few moves and prove to the JCW audience what he's all about. But in the end, he would fall to Omega after he hit Croyt's Wrath, picking up yet another victory. Kenny Omega defeated Xavier Woods in 8:45 Match 3 (JCW Breakout Championship): Drew Gulak (c) vs Rich Swann w/ ACH To follow up Omega's victory, Rich Swann challenged Drew Gulak for his coveted JCW Breakout Championship. These two have history, and that was a large part in this match. Swann was able to evade Gulak's technical and striking prowess for the majority of the match, using his speed to his advantage. This swing in momentum allowed ACH to watch from ringside proudly, not having to get involved at all. However, a landing moonsault that resulting in the tweaking of Swann's leg was enough for Gulak to capitalize on. After targeting Swann's left leg relentlessly, he was eventually able to lock in a leg bar to submit Swann for the victory, laughing at ACH in the process. Drew Gulak defeated Rich Swann in 12:41, retaining the JCW Breakout Championship Match 4 (Exhibition Match): Rowan vs Minoru Tanaka Following the highly contested match between Gulak and Swann, Rowan stepped up onto the stage for his debut match against Minoru Tanaka. This match was a dominating one for Rowan. For the match's four minute span, Rowan was able to massacre Tanaka and frankly do whatever he wanted to hit. Heavy blow after heavy blow led to a referee stoppage after Tanaka was seemingly knocked unconscious on the mat. Rowan would celebrate his victory by picking up the unconscious Tanaka and nailing him with a chokeslam to cement the deed. Rowan defeated Minoru Tanaka by referee stoppage in 4:05 Match 5 (JCW Tag Team Championships): Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) (c) vs The Street Profits Next up on the card is the JCW Tag Team Championship match between Nexus Reborn's Austin Theory and Kenoh and the Street Profits. To say the least, this match was a great one. All four men showed excellent chemistry in the ring together and meshed really well. It was clear that the Profits had more experience as a team than the champions, but they were lacking singles experience, something the champions capitalized on. They made sure only one member was present and that the other was completely isolated, a tactic that would prove to be detrimental to the Profits' chances of winning. In the end, Ford was taken out by a double superkick from the champions followed by a Ragou to Dawkins that secured the champions their victory. Nexus Reborn defeated The Street Profits in 19:29, holding onto their JCW Tag Team Champonships Match 6 (Exhibition Match): WARHORSE vs Cody Hall Following the tag contest, WARHORSE took on Cody Hall in his debut match. Much like Rowan a few matches earlier, WARHORSE was able to have his way with Hall. His speed over Hall came in big time for him as he was quickly able to set up Hall for a massive lifting knee strike followed by a Double Foot Stomp off the top rope, flattening Hall on the mat and securing himself a victory in his debut match. WARHORSE defeated Cody Hall in 3:28 Match 7 (JCW King of the Lightweights Finals): Adam Cole vs Tetsuya Endo w/ Konosuke Takeshita In the semi main event of the show, the King of the Lightweights tournament concluded with a brilliant match between Adam Cole and Tetsuya Endo. Endo's rise to this spot was nothing short of impressive after initially not having been signed to any company, and this was his big test against one of the best in the world in Adam Cole. Cole was clearly favoring a slower pace throughout the match because of his grueling contest with Kenny Omega the week prior, and Endo's speed was able to get Cole on defense for much of the match. Halfway through, the momentum switched back over to Cole after he just connected with a superkick. From this point on, it was a match of smarts over athleticism. Cole's slowed pace made Endo have to adjust his style, something he was able to do. He hung in the match with Cole until the very last moment where Cole nailed Endo with a second Last Shot to secure himself the victory and championship. Adam Cole defeated Tetsuya Endo in 23:15, winning both the JCW King of the Lightweights tournament and the JCW Lightweight Championship Main Event (JCW World Heavyweight Championship): Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs HARPER In the main event of the show, Hiroshi Tanahashi defended his championship against HARPER. HARPER has held onto his title since last month's JCW Revolution: Tokyo, and this was Tanahashi's big chance to get the title back into his hands. That proved to be something easier said than done as HARPER was able to take it to Tanahashi straight away, not letting him get any breathing room. The much larger HARPER was able to muscle Tanahashi around the ring for nearly five minutes, landing strike after strike and setting himself up for success. But eventually, Tanahashi was able to break through HARPER's power with some well placed strikes to his legs, slowing the big man down. Despite his old age, Tanahashi was still able to ramp up the pace and blow by HARPER, flipping the momentum of the match. HARPER was still able to keep Tanahashi at bay, dragging the match on longer and longer which favored the challenger. But despite all odds, Tanahashi was able to land a massive slingblade and quickly follow it up with not one, not two, but three High Fly Flows for the pinfall victory. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated HARPER in 21:47 After Tanahashi's brutal victory and when he finally gets his hands back on his championship, the lights go out. They remain off for a few seconds, but when they come back on, HARPER is joined in the ring by Rowan and WARHORSE. The champion looks at the three of them with a confused but frightful expression on his face, and at that moment all three of them rush at him. They begin laying into him with punches and forearms. He eventually falls to the ground, allowing HARPER and Rowan to grab him as WARHORSE ascends to the top rope, diving off in a Double Foot Stomp. Tanahashi gasps in pain as Rowan gets him back to his feet before nailing him with a Big Boot. Tanahashi stumbles backward into a Discus Clothesline from HARPER. The trio stand over Tanahashi with grins on their faces. WARHORSE hands HARPER and a microphone and the big man utters his first words in JCW. "Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you the Dark Order. HAPRER, Rowan, and WARHORSE. Do yourselves a favor and stay out of our way." With these words, HARPER drops the microphone on Tanahashi's fallen body and the three men pose to close the show.
  8. NORTH AMERICAN GROUP A: Bubba, Bizzy, Odyssey Sellers, Jeremiah Flynn, Raven GROUP B: Slim, Hans Clayton, Austin Omega, Corey, Monda GROUP C : Jo Nathan, Bob Sparks, Legends Origin, Red Arrow, Arrow Thunderman GROUP D : Necce, Mikey, Yelich, Steph Thunderman, Austin Mirage GROUP E: Alyx Wilde, Isaiah Carter, Gunner Flynn, Hollow, Nathan Sawyer GROUP F: Sameer, Buddy Ace, Razor, Gilliam Regal, The Roman Predator GROUP G: Echo Wilson, Jonathan, Aidan, Wwe234, Owen Dalton GROUP H: Bailey, Jason Ryan, Ark Universe, Maasa, Kierso EUROPE GROUP A: Bart Hoogveld, Sheridan Mueller, Lunatic Ginge, Alex Costa, Joh GROUP B: Ross Haslam, Nebakos, Maestro, Marker, Joshua Scott GROUP C : William Smith, George Kent, Amai, Prince, Kieron Black GROUP D : Natedog, Mecko Legend, Poidust, Angelo Catio, Kai GROUP E: Addy, Tamer, Aaron North, Cody Cage, Mave Deltzer ASIA GROUP A: KENJI, Arius, Brenden Playz, Yuvraj, Akki Mahal GROUP B: Julius Jones, James Ropati, FDS, Bashka, Shiba Early Predictions Who Will Win The Tournament: Julius Jones WHO WILL WIN THE AUGUST 1ST MATCHES Slim vs Monda Jo Nathan vs Arrow Thunderman Bubba vs Bizzy Bob Sparks vs Red Arrow Austin Omega vs Corey Flynn vs Sellers
  9. Episode 61 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem The show kicks off with the JCW General Manager Jushin Thunder Liger occupying the ring. Liger begins by talking about his legacy in NJPW, how he went down as one of the greatest small competitors of all time. He then proceeds to say he's been inspired by a few members of this roster, and after some talk with his fellow GM Milano Collection AT, they have decided to begin a Lightweight Division. Liger announces that the inaugural title holder will be crowned at the end of the month via the King of the Lightweights tournament which is displayed on the titantron. Liger wishes all the competitors the best of luck, but before he can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by none other than Adam Cole. Cole storms down to the ring and enters it. He says that Liger may be one of the best lightweights of all time, but this tournament is his time to start his journey to toppling Liger and cementing himself as the greatest. Cole claims that the tournament has practically been laid out for him to win, and he plans to take home the victory to cement himself at the top of the JCW Lightweight division. Liger doesn't respond to these words, rather he simply nods, impressed by Cole's confidence. He exits the ring as Matt Sydal enters, and the first match of the tournament begins. Match 1 (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Adam Cole vs Matt Sydal In the first match of the show, Adam Cole matched up with Matt Sydal. These two shared similar styles, but it was clear from the get go that Cole had to switch it up as he couldn't keep up with Sydal's pace. With a slight switch, Cole was able to adapt and keep Sydal grounded enough to pick up a victory with a Superkick in convincing fashion. As he picks up the victory, the camera switches backstage to show both Tetsuya Endo and Ryusuke Taguchi watching the match, getting ready for their contest later tonight. Adam Cole defeated Matt Sydal in 14:39, advancing to the second round of the tournament After the match, the camera now shifts over to a press conference room where JCW Tag Team Champions Austin Theory and Kenoh are seen sitting down for an interview following their match at JCW Revolution: Tokyo. The interviewers ask a few questions, but the response remains similar: they are the best tag team in JCW and that's a fact. No one has been able to beat them. Not the Young Bucks, not the Usos, and not anyone who will face them in the future. They've already faced the best the company has to offer. As they are about to leave, the Street Profits enter the room with red solo cups. The champions look disgusted, but Montez Ford speaks, saying that if they're really so good then they'll have no problem beating them. The champions are silent at the challenge, leaving the Profits singing "They don't want the smoke" and walking out of the room. An interviewer asks if they plan to accept the challenge, but Theory and Kenoh exit the room without a response. Match 2 (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Ryusuke Taguchi vs Tetsuya Endo In the second match of the night and the tournament, Ryusuke Taguchi took on the young Tetsuya Endo. These two clashed interestingly, with Taguchi's veteran instinct going against Endo's young fire. The match was a close one down to the final minutes, but eventually Endo was able to capitalize and nail Taguchi with a beautiful Sky Twisted Press, picking up the victory and advancing to the second round to face either Rey Mysterio or CIMA. After the match, he would be joined by his tag team partner, Konosuke Takeshita and the two would celebrate together. Tetsuya Endo defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 12:44, advancing to the second round of the King of the Lightweights tournament Following Taguchi's loss to Endo, JCW National Champion Wade Barrett enters the arena with Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura at his side. He marches down to the ring while Endo and Takeshita clear it, speaking to Taguchi. Barrett says that just like Rey Mysterio, he is offering Taguchi a chance at redemption. Barrett goes on to say how Taguchi hasn't been able to find his place in JCW and that he's suffered loss after loss. And now losing to a man who's never competed in JCW before? Barrett says he's simply speaking the truth, and that is Taguchi's history is embarrassing but not ruined. He extends a match to Taguchi for JCW Evolution, and begrudgingly, Taguchi accepts. Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Dalton Castle w/ The Boys To main event the show, Dalton Castle got the opportunity of a lifetime against JCW World Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. These two would have a great matchup with Castle's speed and allies in The Boys going against Tanahashi's veteran experience. Eventually, Tanahashi was able to connect with a High Fly Flow to secure the victory. After the match, HARPER entered the arena, the JCW World Championship still in hand. Without saying he word, he marched down to the ring and held the title up in front of Tanahashi, the champion making no effort to take the champonship. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Dalton Caslte in 16:31 Episode 62 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Match 1 (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Rey Mysterio vs CIMA To kick off the show, two veterans squared off in the ring together as Rey Mysterio took on CIMA. Both men have had an unsuccessful year so far and looked to turn it around with a victory here. These two defied the laws of aging, flying around the ring as if they were both 20 years younger. But eventually, the masked luchadore was able to trip up CIMA and set him up nicely for a 619 following by a Frog Splash for the victory. After the match, Tetsuya Endo walked down to the ring and shook Mysterio's hand, claiming he's excited to face off against one of the best next week. Rey Mysterio defeated CIMA in 18:12, advancing in the tournament The show rolls on now with JCW Breakout Champion Drew Gulak in the ring. Gulak exclaims his displeasure after not being included in the lightweight tournament, claiming that he is one of the best light competitors in this company and that regardless of the gold he already holds, he should be in the tournament. But nevertheless, he still must seek out an opponent to face at JCW Evolution. He makes a challenge to anyone in the locker room who thinks they have what it takes to defeat the greatest Breakout champion of all time. Out steps an interesting combination, both Rich Swann and ACH. The duo announce that Rich Swann will be competing for the championship if Gulak will allow him to. Swann says that just like Gulak, he was robbed of an opportunity to be in the lightweight tournament, but he'll prove that it was a fluke for him not to be included when he ends Gulak's impressive reign as champion. Gulak wipes off this remark with a smirk, but the challenge is set nonetheless. Match 2: Austin Theory w/ Kenoh vs Montez Ford w/ Angelo Dawkins In the second matchup of the show, one half of the JCW Tag Team Champions in Austin Theory took on Montez Ford, one half of the Street Profits. The Profits issued a challenge after JCW Revolution: Tokyo, one that the champions did not respond to. It has been confirmed that if Ford can defeat Theory tonight, the Profits will face off against the champions at JCW Evolution. These two had a fantastic match highly driven by their natural athletic ability. Both men were flying around the ring, the only thing stopping them being an occasional interference by Kenoh. Eventually, Ford had Theory pinned off a Frog Splash, but Kenoh attempted to break it up. Luckily for Ford, Dawkins was right there to stunt the attempt and secure themselves a championship opportunity at JCW Evolution. Montez Ford defeated Austin Theory in 15:50 After Ford picks up his victory, the camera transitions backstage to where Tanahashi is sat down for an interview. The JCW World Champion is asked about his opponent, HARPER, and what he thinks about him. Tanahashi begins by saying that he never accepted HARPER's unofficial challenge, but he will play his game nonetheless. The Ace exclaims that this little game of keep-away will only end in one way: with the title safely back in his hands. If HARPER wants a match, then he's got one. The only way Tanahashi is getting his championship back is by defeating HARPER. Because in his eyes, even without the championship around his waist, he still knows he's the best in the business and he has an entire career to back him up. He doesn't need a single inanimate object to prove that he's the greatest, but if that's the only way he'll face HARPER, then so be it. Main Event (JCW King of the Lightweights First Round): Kenny Omega vs T-Hawk To main event the show, former JCW World Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega took on rising star T-Hawk. After coming up short to Drew Gulak last month, T-Hawk looked to build off his victories and learn from the loss while Omega looked to get his year started right. This match was hard hitting to say the least, but it also had some underlying aspects of both men's games. Technical and high flying work were both mixed in, making for a very entertaining match. After one of the better matches in JCW Punishment history, Omega was able to catch T-Hawk attempts at a hurricanrana and counter into a One Winged Angel, picking up the pinfall victory and advancing. Kenny Omega defeated T-Hawk in 19:09, advancing to the second round of the tournament After his sensational victory over T-Hawk, Kenny Omega is approached by none other than former friend Adam Cole. He enters the ring and the two face off for a moment, the staredown growing quite tense. Eventually, Omega would be the one to extend a hand, but Cole would walk past the shake and grab a microphone from ringside. Cole says that he knows Omega's game better than most and he won't walk into a trap again. This is his time, and Omega's not going to take that away from him. No matter what he calls himself, Cole will be the one walking out of JCW Punishment with a victory. With these words, Omega lowers his hand and begins to clap for his word. But suddenly, Omega kicks Cole in the gut and raises him high in the air, nailing him with a One Winged Angel, a wild look in his eyes. He laughs as the camera fades to black to end the show. Episode 63 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, Ryusuke Taguchi occupies the ring. Taguchi says that he is sick and tired of being overlooked. All he is seen as is a comedy act that is only good for a laugh. But the reality is that he is a multi time champion who has fought and survived in this business longer than almost everyone else. This opportunity for gold has been kept from him for far too long, but there's no worry because he's going to make the best with what he's got and bring home the championship for himself. Taguchi's cries are met by the theme song of Nexus Reborn. The entire five man stable steps out, with Wade Barrett leading the charge. Barrett says that he hears Taguchi and that's why he gifted him this opportunity. Barrett exclaims how he relates to his pain, the feeling of not getting what you deserve. But Barrett sees past the barrier and has given Taguchi what he rightfully deserves. Before he can continue speaking, Taguchi interrupts him, saying that the only reason Barrett gave him a shot is because he's a coward. Taguchi knows that Barrett only chose him to get an easy victory, but if he thinks he's going to get that he has another thing coming. Barrett scoffs at these words, now entering the ring with his stablemates. Barrett apologizes that Taguchi feels that way, but now he's left with no choice. The four members surround Taguchi as Barrett stares him down, but Taguchi suddenly sprints forward and floors Barrett with a right hand! He dives out of the ring and rushes up the ramp, showing off the brass knuckles he just knocked Barrett's lights out with. The JCW National Champion is left down in the middle of the ring, grabbing at his jaw, Match 1: Drew Gulak vs ACH w/ Rich Swann In the first contest of the night, JCW Breakout Champion Drew Gulak took on Rich Swann's parnter, ACH. Ahead of their match at JCW Revolution, Gulak said earlier than he wanted to get a feel for what he was going to go against, and what better way than this. Gulak seemed to bite off a little more than he was looking to chew as ACH was able to nearly take him to his limit. The technical game and speed of ACH caught the champion off guard, and it nearly look like he had the match won but a poor move from ACH allowed Gulak to lock in a submission and tap out ACH, staring directly at Swann while doing so. After the bell dinged, Gulak stood up and said to Swann that he'll be in that exact same situation come JCW Evolution. Drew Gulak defeated ACH in 10:37 Match 2 (JCW King of the Lightweights Secound Round): Rey Mysterio vs Tetsuya Endo w/ Konosuke Takeshita In the second round of the King of the Lightweights tournament, Rey Mysterio took on Tetsuya Endo. This was a great match that radiated of excellent sportsmanship throughout it. Many were surprised by this one as the young Tetsuya Endo was able to match the veteran Rey Mysterio in all his moves and even outperform him in some aspects. And with that along with some encouragement from Konosuke Takeshita at ringside, Endo was able to shockingly put Mysterio away with a Sky Twisted Press. After the match, Mysterio shook Endo's hand, wishing him the best in the rest of the tournament and saying he has high hopes for him in the future, words that are very welcome from such a successful veteran. Tetsuya Endo defeated Rey Mysterio in 17:26 As all three men make their way to the back, the camera switches over to the backstage area where the Street Profits are standing by. Montez Ford speaks first, saying that last week he showed Nexus Reborn that there is someone in this company who can handle them. All the silly talk and theatrics are fun, but business got done, sadly at the fate of Austin Theory. Angelo Dawkins speaks next, saying that it doesn't matter if it's Austin Theory or Kenoh in that ring, the championships will come home to the rightful owners. Ford smiles at this and begins singing "We Are The Champions" as the duo walks off the screen laughing. Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Kenoh w/ Austin Theory And to main event the show, Hiroshi Tanahashi took on Nexus Reborn's Kenoh. Having just been mentioned by the Street Profits, Kenoh clearly had a lot on his mind during this match, but so did Tanahashi. The champion kept glancing at the stage as if something or someone were to enter at any second, perhaps HARPER. At one point when the match seemed to be all but over with Tanahashi about to perform the High Fly Flow, the lights went out for a moment. They came back on eventually, but Tanahashi had to fight an uphill battle against both Kenoh and Theory after losing that momentum. He eventually brought the match back to his favor and picked up the victory, but at what cost? Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Kenoh in 19:57 After Tanahashi's victory, Theory would join Kenoh in the ring and begin beating down the champion, trying to send a message to their opponents at JCW Evolution. But the lights go out once more, and when they come back on, HARPER is standing in front of them with the JCW World Championship around his shoulder. The JCW Tag Team Champions exit the ring quickly and head to the back, leaving HARPER alone with the fallen champion. Tanahashi slowly gets back to his feet, but once he's up HARPER nails him with a championship shot to the head followed with a Discus Clothesline. The challenger closes the show out by sitting beside Tanahashi, championship around his shoulder and laughing to himself. Episode 64 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, Milano Collection AT joins both Hiroshi Tanahashi and HARPER in the ring for the contract signing of their main event match at JCW Evolution. Before they sign, Tanahashi grabs the microphone on the middle of the table and says a few words to HARPER. Tanahashi says that this game he is playing is admirable and unlike anything he's ever seen, but at JCW Evolution, the facade drops. He may be tolerating this nonsense now, but when it comes to proving himself, Tanahashi never strays away from the challenge. He says HARPER has another thing coming if he thinks mind games will get him a victory at JCW Evolution, but he looks forward to the match nonetheless. He signs his name on the dotted line with HARPER following quickly in pursuit. With the championship still around his shoulder, HARPER turns around and walks to the back, not acknowledging Tanahashi's words in the slightest. Match 1: oVe (Sami Callihan & Jake Crist) vs Street Profits In the first match of the night, the Street Profits took on what's left of oVe. In this match, it seemed pretty one sided as oVe is clearly still struggling from the loss of Dave Crist, but the Profits were still able to impress. Ford cemented himself as one of the most athletic in the business while Dawkins was able to play to his weaknesses and showcase his incredible strength. After a massive Frog Splash to Crist, the match came to an end abruptly, much to the displeasure of the watching champions Theory and Kenoh. They appear on the titantron after the match, and the Profits wave at them to come down and get the smoke. They begin singing "We Want The Smoke" as the champions shake their heads and walk off, clearly not taking them seriously. Street Profits defeated oVe in 11:21 Match 2: Wade Barrett vs CIMA w/ Ryusuke Taguchi Shortly after the Street Profits victory, JCW National Champion Wade Barrett took on CIMA. These two were polar opposites in terms of personality and in the ring which created what felt like legitimate animosity during their match. Barrett was in control for the majority of the match, but halfway through Ryusuke Taguchi would come to CIMA's corner in order to aid him. While the help was appreciated, Barrett was still able to taunt Taguchi while decimating CIMA, putting the veteran away with a convincing Wasteland followed by a lethal Bull Hammer, pinning him while staring Taguchi down. Wade Barrett defeated CIMA in 14:36 Following Barrett's victory, the camera shifts backstage to show both Rich Swann and ACH. Swann says that in under a week he will face none other than Drew Gulak. Swann says that the two of them have a lot of history, history that he's sure Gulak hasn't forgotten either. To Swann, this is more than winning a championship or even cementing himself in JCW. This is an opportunity to prove himself against Drew Gulak, a man who seems to have had his number again and again. ACH steps in and says Swann is in the best shape of his life, and that if he was able to take Gulak to his limit, he has another thing coming when he faces Swann. Swann issues one final warning to Gulak, saying that he doesn't forget the past but he will do anything to make sure that he can erase that chapter for good from his memory. Main Event (JCW King of the Lightweights Secound Round): Kenny Omega vs Adam Cole To main event the show in perhaps one of the biggest matches in JCW history, Kenny Omega took on Adam Cole to decide who faces Tetsuya Endo in the finals of the JCW King of the Lightweights tournament. This was truly something of beauty, a match that a TV show was blessed to see. Both guys put it all on the line, with Cole pulling out some never before seen moves out of his repertoire. Eventually, it would be Kenny Omega getting his One Winged Angel reversed into a pinfall which he kicked out of, but coming up from the move allowed Cole to connect with the Last Shot to pick up a huge victory. Adam Cole defeated Kenny Omega in 22:15 Following Cole's sensational victory, he is joined in the ring by none other than his opponent as JCW Evolution, Tetsuya Endo. Endo picks up a microphone and says that he was impressed by Cole's performance tonight and that he hopes he will bring the same intensity and fire in their match. Before he can continue speaking, Cole grabs the microphone from his hand and begins to speak. Cole says that he just defeated one of the best in the business and now Endo has the audacity to speak to him as if they are the same. Cole claims that the match will be nothing more than a walk in the park for him, and if Endo thinks otherwise he'll have to show him because so far he's not impressed. Endo snatches the microphone back and says he was simply trying to be respectful, but if it's a fight that Cole wants, it's certainly a fight that he's going to get. Endo now tosses the microphone aside and the two stand off in the ring, the tension thick enough to be cut with a knife.
  10. Stop the cap, I was the best character in this whole diary and that's facts. Bring me back to life I got unfinished business with 173.
  11. Mikey

    Exodus (Chapter 1)

    After the commercial ends, the screen switches over to a TV advertisement of Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. "Inside this Temple on August 15th, 2020 at Exodus, men lead by temptation will continue to be tested. As Valor superstars hand over their safety, their careers into the hands of Shai at a chance to reach that destiny. Inside the temple hangs two prizes, two medallions. In its true exchange, one cannot gain a great deal unless one is willing to dare losing all." Following this statement, the screen displays a graphic of the announced contestants so far: Yelich, Mikey, Gunner and Arius. The same words follow each of their names: "Enters The Temple". The screen slowly zooms into the first person in the top left of the graphic, Gunner. As his figure in the poster fills the screen, the camera slowly zooms out to reveal none other than Mikey looking at the screen. Mikey kicks his feet up on the desk while the cameraman moves to the front of the desk to capture his whole figure. Mikey takes a sip from a water bottle before speaking. Gunner. I'm sure you recognize this place better than most, don't you? Because out of all the people in this match, you are the singular man to hold the pleasure of having been defeated by me. I've faced both Arius and Yelich and have fallen to both of them. While I don't plan to do that again, I know that you will fall to me once more, Gunner. It's been nearly three months since our matchup at this point. Three months have come and gone, and but what has happened to the two of us since? Let's start with you. Gunner, no one is denying that you should be in this match. After all, you keep finding yourself in a favorable position, whether it be as the favorite or as a high seed in a tournament. Yet despite all this, you continue to fail. A disappointing PowerTrip Cup performance, a less than noteworthy King of the Ring run and yet another loss to Sameer have all happened in the span of these three months. I'm suffered my fair share of losses as well, but none as harrowing and I've backed them up with wins. Making it to the finals of the PowerTrip was something you couldn't do. Winning a championship was something you could not accomplish. These feats are things that set me apart from you, from the general BPZ population. Guys like you are here to fill a spot. Sameer needs someone to beat? BPZ tosses you in. Bob Sparks needs an easy path to the Valor finals? Sure, get Gunner in there. You are nothing more than a roleplayer, Gunner. There is no room for you to be a star in this business. This place is run by the elites. There is a reason guys like Flynn, Slim, and Bailey have all stayed on top for so long. They continue to assert their dominance every time they step in the ring. And there's a reason why you're not included in that next batch of stars to fill their roles like I am. Myself and that group have what it takes to prove ourselves every single night. It may not always end in a victory, but we prove we're good enough to come back and get that victory the next time. That's why you'll never see me stray far from a title. Everyone knows I'm good enough to hold any championship like a real champion. Mikey finally kicks his legs down and walks over to the front of his desk, leaning up against it as he speaks his next words. But as I've said, I'm not one to judge on the past. After all, if I were to, I wouldn't be able to consider myself viable for this match. But the thing is I've improved myself tremendously since last facing all three of you. But Gunner, what have you done since our match? Honestly, I don't even think you could make up an excuse for that. Match after match, you prove that you are still the same delusional man you were going against me. You never had a chance at winning this match, you're just a guy to fill the spot. If it weren't for guys like you, this would be a singles contest between myself and Arius. Two top guys who have proven that fact time and time again. When we step into that temple, no one can save you Gunner. No matter how merciful Shai may be on your destiny, you'll never be good enough to overcome me. You will succumb to your fate, because let's face it, this is the big leagues now. No more have exhibition matches, this is when it counts. And when it counts, you are notorious for letting that opportunity slip through your fingers. You step into the ring with myself and a few of the other best competitors in the business. Consider that fact before you potentially lose your career because of it. With these words, Mikey turns his back to the camera and walks back around his desk, sitting down in his chair. The camera slowly fades to black as a message appears on the screen. "Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. Two will meet their fate. Two will achieve their destiny." After this message, the graphic for the temple match appears once more. But now, Gunner's face is crossed with an inky black X, leaving only Yelich, Arius, and Mikey.
  12. Well well well he's back. Congratulations FD, you definitely deserve the big promotion given how great you've been as admin of the Pokemon league and just managing Discord while you're online, so there's no room for an argument saying this isn't deserved. Make us proud Ichiban leader.
  13. Congratulations to all the guys awarded with a trial. All of you guys have been extremely active and helpful as of late and deserve the opportunity to be named a junior mod, and I know only one of you can get through but all three of you deserve to be mod given what you've done recently. I wish the best for all of you and make us all proud boys.
  14. Although I haven't really been keeping up with NJPW as of late, I think that the big four is a pretty controversial topic right now. Gone are the days where Okada, Naito, Omega and Tanahashi ruled the company and in are the days of new stars like Jay White and Kota Ibushi. At this point, I think there's only a few names viable for the top eight. Those are Okada (of course), Naito, Tanahashi, Ibushi, White, EVIL, SANADA and either Suzuki or ZSJ. I think guys like Ospreay and Robinson are really on the verge of making it onto that list but they just need a little push to get there. But who occupies 1-4 and who's 5-8? As of right now, I think that Okada, Naito, Ibushi, and EVIL are the top 4. Okada is bound to be included in that conversation no matter what happens to him just because of how iconic and amazing he is in the ring. As for Naito, I think him coming off a huge title reign and losing to EVIL is bound to make him high on this list. He surely has a lot left in the tank before he falls out of the top 4, and this feud definitely keeps him there. As for Ibushi, I see him as one of the next IWGP Heavyweight Champions. I thought he would be the one to win it off of Naito, but I could see him beating EVIL for the strap. Ibushi's IC reign and G1 victory are enough to cement him as a top guy in NJPW, and it seems he's going to be in their plans for a long time coming. As for the 5-8, let's start with Jay White. I love White as you all know and bias aside, he's kind of fallen off the NJPW radar as of late. Like people have been mentioning, EVIL might be taking his spot in Bullet Club, so right now I see this as a down period for him before he gets back into the mix. Tanahashi is Tanahashi so he's always got to be top 8 at least. SANADA, in my eyes, could be the next guy to face EVIL and really give him a run for his money. He could avenge Naito and I think it's a good look for LIJ to still have two big stars with the departure of EVIL. And finally I'd go with ZSJ over Suzuki. I think Sabre's style is a bit more modern in terms of NJPW and that it would sit better with the fans if he feuded with a bigger star. Suzuki makes a great case to occupy this spot and I could definitely see him taking it but I'd personally go with ZSJ. I'm no NJPW nerd so I'm kind of just talking out of my ass, but I think most of these picks are reasonable.
  15. Name: Michael Jeffries Nationality: Israeli Club (Pick Any): Tottenham Skin Tone: White Height: 6'0 Weight: 185 Position: CM Play Style: Limited Defender Why is this topic in kayfabe
  16. All this for jaywalking. Great job so far Arrow, this may just be your best diary yet. I think you could make it a bit more interesting by telling us exactly what the SCP's do. I personally know how a few of these work, but there's a couple of them that I'm still not sure about and I'd love to see what they do. Again, great work my guy and keep it up.
  17. Ladies and gentlemen, the BPZ Pokemon Showdown League has wrapped up yet another season, this one being the sixth installment. Everyone put up a great fight this season, and through everything, we have arrived with our top four for the season! Let's start off with our fourth place competitor in... Fourth Place: Alex (Grass Type) To kick off our list we have Alex. The grass type is a type that has always been looked down up, and hardly any success has come from it. But for the first time in its existence, it has made it to the top four. Alex fought tremendously this season, besting his entire block but only succumbing to Gwyn's bug team. But whether it was against Ropati's fire team or Addy's steel team, Alex was still able to come out on top in convincing fashion. No one was able to match his dominance except for the champion himself, and it's more than safe to say he deserves this fourth place ranking if not more. The next season looks bright for the veteran, and with one lucky type, it could be his season. Alex's Fourth Place Team Venusaur Ferrothorn Celebi Rotom-Mow Ludicolo Appletun Whimsicott Shiftry Third Place: Bob (Fairy Type) And now for our third place contestant, Bob. Now Bob's season has been riddled with many ups and hardly any downs. It all came down to Bob and Echo having the same record, but a victory over the third place contestant for Block B was enough to place Bob into contention for the top four. Bob asserted his dominance in the match, beating Alex in a hard fought battle. Both men gave it their all, but Bob was able to come out on top to place third for a third season in a row. Bob has been one of the most impressive newcomers in the last few seasons, and he continues to impress heading into Season VII where he will most likely break his streak of third places. Bob's Third Place Team Mimikyu Clefable Grimmsnarl Togekiss Gardevoir Galarian Weezing Hatterene Primarina Runner-Up: Mikey (Psychic Type) As for the runner-up of this season, we have Mikey. Mikey had a great run this time around, essentially mirroring his performance last season. His undefeated record in his block was enough to give him a championship opportunity once again after he was able to just beat out Bob for the spot. Unfortunately, he came up just short in a great battle against the champion, but his second place ranking cannot be denied. Whether it was the dark type Meko or the ghost type Aaron, Mikey was able to overcome them and make it all the way to the finals once again. Now he has next season to look forward to where he will be able to pick his type and perhaps pull off a shock victory. Mikey's Second Place Team Malamar Hatterene Jirachi Bronzong Alolan Raichu Gardevoir Sigilyph Reuniclus Season VI Champion: Gwyn (Bug Type)! And to finish off the list, who better than the champion himself, Gwyn! Gwyn's season was nothing short of excellent, essentially dominating Block A en route to a championship. While he suffered a loss to what many would consider the Toru Yano of this season FDS, his victory over Alex was enough to push his 6-1 record to the finals where he met Mikey. Type advantage aside, Gwyn played an excellent game, calling out a variety of plays by Mikey and countering them superbly. This all led to him taking out Sigilyph with Galvantula to secure himself his first championship. It's been a long time coming for the six season veteran, and it's fair to say he's earned his spot in the Hall of Champions among the other greats of the tournament. Durant Galvantula Orbeetle Golisopod Centiskorch Escavalier Araquanid Frosmoth Replays Season VI Third Place Playoff: Bob vs Alex Season VI Finals: Gwyn vs Mikey And that will do it for this season! On behalf of the entire mod team, I'd like to thank everyone for participating this season. We really appreciate being able to put all of this together and just have a good time doing it so we hope you stick around for next time. For those who succeeded this season, congratulations on your efforts and make sure to keep pushing for next season. And for those who struggled, don't let it get to you. Our champion Gwyn went through the same struggles for many seasons and look where he came out. Again, thank you all for joining us for this season, and here's to making Season VII even better.
  18. Mikey

    For The Throne

    Who will be killed off? - Czechia Who will make a surprise appearance? - Akki? Who will take part in the first battle? (two) - France and Germany
  19. Starter: Turtwig Nickname: Gooba Rival name: Tekashi
  20. Who said the pre-show was for the bad matches?
  21. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. IT'S OVER! The tournament months have passed and now we are in the clear for Valor Chapter 2 and Summerslam. Hallelujah! But as much as I hate the tournaments and how I have to cover everything, this show was actually really, really good. Lots of title changes, build ups for the future, and of course, we have our next contender for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. BPZ did a good job with this one, and I feel like the whole show really blended together and every match felt like one of significance. But yeah, I know that dude Jimmy the Jabroni (I wonder why he's called that lol) already did a review, but it's about the quality not how fast you get it out. So fuck you Jimmy, let's dive right on in. BPZ King of the Ring 2020 Review Match 1 (BPZ Intercontinental Championship): Sameer (c) vs Alex Costa vs Prince To kick off the show, BPZ went with Sameer retaining the Intercontinental Championship. Honestly, not a bad move. BPZ recognizes that Sameer is a top card talent just like we do and having him hold one of the top belts in the company heading into Summerslam is a good look for the event. He seems to be facing off against Echo Wilson, Tamer, and Angelo Caito so there's a lot of potential for a title change there. The match is sure to be a big one nonetheless, and having Sameer in the match as champion makes the match look even better. I was kind of hoping BPZ would pull the trigger with Alex Costa after his brilliant King of the Ring run, but I still think that his time is coming soon (perhaps alongside his partner Raven if they can be the ones to topple Creed). But yeah, great match and a good decision, nothing wrong here. Match 2 (BPZ United States Championship): Sheridan (c) vs Yelich vs Austin Mirage Like I said in my predictions for the show, this was an easy match to predict. Yelich and Mirage both did not seem like they were in place to topple Sheridan, and this title really needed a champion that could rack up multiple defenses in an impressive reign. Sheridan seems to be the one to do that, and as much as I would love to see the other two as champion, having a stable champion is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. But as I've recently heard, Sheridan might be taking an extended break from the company which is really interesting given her position right now. She's a great champion and a centerpiece on Valor, but all I can do is wish Sheridan a speedy recovery for whatever she's dealing with. Match 3 (BPZ Premium Championship): Mikey (c) vs Bob Sparks vs Akki Mahal He's back ladies and gentlemen. Bob has never been one to stray away from gold for too long, and he's finally got some around his shoulder again. His King of the Ring run was extremely impressive and although I think it's a bit criminal he didn't make it to the finals, this was a fantastic rebound for the Bracket Buster. As we all know, the BPZ Premium Championship is a shitshow, the worst belt in the company in my opinion. Notable names have held the belt like Echo Wilson, Sameer, and Gunner, but no ones really made the title worthwhile. I pray that BPZ has Bob be the person to make it somewhat prestigious because right now it's just a game of hot potato between what seems like the same people every single month. Let's go Bob, I'm rooting for you champ. Match 4 (BPZ NXT Championship): Addy (c) vs Austin Omega It wouldn't be a BPZ event without at least one slip up, right? BPZ what were you thinking? I get it, Austin Omega is a great performer and I acknowledge that too but come on. This makes absolutely no sense. I swear it's been months since this guy has been on my screen and all of the sudden he's champion. You see, Addy was primed to be one of the greatest NXT champions in my opinion. How often do you see a champion go against only one opponent? I surely thought it was an opportunity for Addy to cement himself with no interference, but now it turned into a situation where Addy ended up taking the pin. Again, no disrespect to Austin, he's a great wrestler and talent, but this just didn't feel right given Addy's recent history. Match 5 (BPZ Universal Championship): Jeremiah Flynn (c) vs FDS Ah yes, victory for Ichiban! Although I think BPZ did poorly with the last match, they delivered with this one. Although FDS was not the winner of the PowerTrip Cup, he made a great case as to why he should be champion. And just like he did a month ago, he did at King of the Ring. FDS and Flynn put on what might be my match of the night and I couldn't have asked for much more from either guy. I will admit, it's strange having Flynn not being Universal Champion, but at least a worthwhile competitor replaced him in FDS. Flynn was running out of options for title defenses, and his reign was better ending sooner rather than later as he is now the General Manager of Carnage. FDS has so many names to go against now, and the amount of great matches he could have are nearly limitless. Match 6 (BPZ World Heavyweight Championship): Slim (c) vs Angelo Caito vs Arius Honestly, I had a suspicion this was going to main event given the story between Slim and Arius and how perfect it would be to have Arius capturing the title as the final moment of the show, but I'm glad it didn't. The namesake has to main event, and this was a worthy semi-main. Now Arius has a chance to have a decent, lengthy title reign, and this match made him look really convincing as a champion. Admittedly, I think this helped Arius a lot more than it hurt either Slim or Caito. Slim still has the BPZ Undisputed Championship to his name, and I think Caito benefited just from being in this match. I was a bit confused at first when BPZ put Caito into this match, but I ultimately think it was the right decision for him to be an extra piece in the match to take the fall. Arius winning is an interesting dynamic, and luckily it lined up with what happened next. Main Event (BPZ King of the Ring Finals): Hans Clayton vs Ropati He's actually done it. Ladies and gentlemen, Ropati will be competing for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship to main event Summerslam. If you told me at the beginning of the year or hell even two months ago that he would be main eventing against Arius, I would've called the insane asylum. But no, BPZ really took their time with his build and made him look extremely legit. I love the idea of having Ropati be the man to avenge his Mafia brethren Slim and also be the sole representative on Carnage to bring gold to the brand. It could either lead to him having a massive victory or lead to Arius having a true crowning moment and really cement himself as championship material. Either way, I think BPZ did the right thing given that Hans Clayton will also be taking an extended break from the company, and honestly Ropati vs Arius just has so much more story behind it. Congratulations Ropati, the Kiwi Kick has paid off. And that does it for now. Two months of agony are over, and what a cap off we had. BPZ made a lot of great decisions and I'm very happy they did so. Summerslam is leading up to be an even better event than King of the Ring (as it should be), and I'm just generally excited for what BPZ has to offer next. But I'll see you all later, Chapter 2 is right around the corner. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  22. Name: Mikey Age: 26 Male/Female: Male You must choose which one you want to be D Class/New Trainees/Site Director/Head Scientist: D Class Race: White Hair Color: Blonde Backstory if you choose either D Class or New Trainees: Mikey got sentenced to prison for jaywalking, but the trial never happened so he got sent here
  23. As BPZ King of the Ring 2020 rolls on, Mikey is backstage after having just lost the BPZ Premium Championship. The now former champion strolls into the interview area, still in his in ring gear and with a water bottle in hand. The sound of Arius' theme song can be heard faintly in the background, the show almost coming to a close. Mikey steps into the center of the room and sits down lightly on the chair placed for him, reaching for the microphone on the table. With a pensive look on his face, he looks at the interviewer, ready for the questions. Hello Mikey, Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries here to get your thoughts on what happened here tonight. Is there anything that you think could've gone differently for you, or was it just a case of not being the better man? Mikey puckers his lips at this question, clearly not pleased by the question but remaining calm nonetheless. For someone who's such a big fan, you really know how to get on my nerves Mr. Sins. But to answer your question, I would say it's a combination of the two. It all happened so quickly, but I can't deny Bob Sparks' talent. It showed tonight and he proved that even with all of that talent you need to plan a little bit as well. His gameplan worked from when he eliminated Akki before the match to when he pinned him and got the victory. As for myself, there's always room to improve but it just didn't swing my way tonight. Bob was the better man this time, but let's not forget when I was the better man during the PowerTrip Cup. Mikey lowers the microphone for a moment and takes a swig of water, groaning in pain as he leans back. He reaches for his lower bank and grimaces as Sins asks the next question. As we all know, you're a multiple time BPZ United States Champion and now a one time BPZ Premium Champion. Will you be pursuing one of those championships again or do you think it's time to move on? Ah, a question I asked myself while walking here. What is next for me? I've done it all at this stage of my career. Three significant championship reigns, main eventing two events, and even making it to the finals of the PowerTrip Cup, beating out some of the best in the entire company. But the question still remains: how much longer can I be forced to stay here in the lower divisions, starving myself against the same competition over and over again? Holding the BPZ Premium Championship was really an eye opening experience. With that title, it doesn't matter who you are or what you've done. Everyone can compete for it and that can create some really interesting matchups. Hell, I never thought I was going to get the opportunity to face Echo Wilson, let alone for a championship. And the same with the PowerTrip Cup. I entered that tournament, not necessarily a favorite but as an underdog. People already had the vision set in their minds: Bob Sparks vs Sameer and then a grand finals between two of the biggest stars in the company. But just like with the BPZ Premium Championship, everyone had a chance. I fought tooth and nail through that tournament, and now look where I've ended up. No longer can anyone deny my greatness or my talent, but the only thing I need to back it up is more championships. For now, perhaps it's best I focus on myself and stay away from the title hunt. But I assure you, I'll be back in no time at all. Valor Chapter 2: Exodus, I'll see you all there. And with those words and a nod to Gekyume Sins, Mikey stands up with a grunt of pain and walks out of the room as the camera fades to black.
  24. Mikey

    For The Throne

    No Israel so I'm left with no other choice than Estonia
  25. I can’t get the best of this ninja bob, this the second time it’s happened now. Great work Ropati and Sameer, I’m really happy you guys are staying consistent with this diary and I like the KOTR matches you’ve built. Hopefully the final will be a great one and I can’t wait for more.

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