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  1. Starter: Turtwig Nickname: Gooba Rival name: Tekashi
  2. Who said the pre-show was for the bad matches?
  3. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. IT'S OVER! The tournament months have passed and now we are in the clear for Valor Chapter 2 and Summerslam. Hallelujah! But as much as I hate the tournaments and how I have to cover everything, this show was actually really, really good. Lots of title changes, build ups for the future, and of course, we have our next contender for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. BPZ did a good job with this one, and I feel like the whole show really blended together and every match felt like one of significance. But yeah, I know that dude Jimmy the Jabroni (I wonder why he's called that lol) already did a review, but it's about the quality not how fast you get it out. So fuck you Jimmy, let's dive right on in. BPZ King of the Ring 2020 Review Match 1 (BPZ Intercontinental Championship): Sameer (c) vs Alex Costa vs Prince To kick off the show, BPZ went with Sameer retaining the Intercontinental Championship. Honestly, not a bad move. BPZ recognizes that Sameer is a top card talent just like we do and having him hold one of the top belts in the company heading into Summerslam is a good look for the event. He seems to be facing off against Echo Wilson, Tamer, and Angelo Caito so there's a lot of potential for a title change there. The match is sure to be a big one nonetheless, and having Sameer in the match as champion makes the match look even better. I was kind of hoping BPZ would pull the trigger with Alex Costa after his brilliant King of the Ring run, but I still think that his time is coming soon (perhaps alongside his partner Raven if they can be the ones to topple Creed). But yeah, great match and a good decision, nothing wrong here. Match 2 (BPZ United States Championship): Sheridan (c) vs Yelich vs Austin Mirage Like I said in my predictions for the show, this was an easy match to predict. Yelich and Mirage both did not seem like they were in place to topple Sheridan, and this title really needed a champion that could rack up multiple defenses in an impressive reign. Sheridan seems to be the one to do that, and as much as I would love to see the other two as champion, having a stable champion is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. But as I've recently heard, Sheridan might be taking an extended break from the company which is really interesting given her position right now. She's a great champion and a centerpiece on Valor, but all I can do is wish Sheridan a speedy recovery for whatever she's dealing with. Match 3 (BPZ Premium Championship): Mikey (c) vs Bob Sparks vs Akki Mahal He's back ladies and gentlemen. Bob has never been one to stray away from gold for too long, and he's finally got some around his shoulder again. His King of the Ring run was extremely impressive and although I think it's a bit criminal he didn't make it to the finals, this was a fantastic rebound for the Bracket Buster. As we all know, the BPZ Premium Championship is a shitshow, the worst belt in the company in my opinion. Notable names have held the belt like Echo Wilson, Sameer, and Gunner, but no ones really made the title worthwhile. I pray that BPZ has Bob be the person to make it somewhat prestigious because right now it's just a game of hot potato between what seems like the same people every single month. Let's go Bob, I'm rooting for you champ. Match 4 (BPZ NXT Championship): Addy (c) vs Austin Omega It wouldn't be a BPZ event without at least one slip up, right? BPZ what were you thinking? I get it, Austin Omega is a great performer and I acknowledge that too but come on. This makes absolutely no sense. I swear it's been months since this guy has been on my screen and all of the sudden he's champion. You see, Addy was primed to be one of the greatest NXT champions in my opinion. How often do you see a champion go against only one opponent? I surely thought it was an opportunity for Addy to cement himself with no interference, but now it turned into a situation where Addy ended up taking the pin. Again, no disrespect to Austin, he's a great wrestler and talent, but this just didn't feel right given Addy's recent history. Match 5 (BPZ Universal Championship): Jeremiah Flynn (c) vs FDS Ah yes, victory for Ichiban! Although I think BPZ did poorly with the last match, they delivered with this one. Although FDS was not the winner of the PowerTrip Cup, he made a great case as to why he should be champion. And just like he did a month ago, he did at King of the Ring. FDS and Flynn put on what might be my match of the night and I couldn't have asked for much more from either guy. I will admit, it's strange having Flynn not being Universal Champion, but at least a worthwhile competitor replaced him in FDS. Flynn was running out of options for title defenses, and his reign was better ending sooner rather than later as he is now the General Manager of Carnage. FDS has so many names to go against now, and the amount of great matches he could have are nearly limitless. Match 6 (BPZ World Heavyweight Championship): Slim (c) vs Angelo Caito vs Arius Honestly, I had a suspicion this was going to main event given the story between Slim and Arius and how perfect it would be to have Arius capturing the title as the final moment of the show, but I'm glad it didn't. The namesake has to main event, and this was a worthy semi-main. Now Arius has a chance to have a decent, lengthy title reign, and this match made him look really convincing as a champion. Admittedly, I think this helped Arius a lot more than it hurt either Slim or Caito. Slim still has the BPZ Undisputed Championship to his name, and I think Caito benefited just from being in this match. I was a bit confused at first when BPZ put Caito into this match, but I ultimately think it was the right decision for him to be an extra piece in the match to take the fall. Arius winning is an interesting dynamic, and luckily it lined up with what happened next. Main Event (BPZ King of the Ring Finals): Hans Clayton vs Ropati He's actually done it. Ladies and gentlemen, Ropati will be competing for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship to main event Summerslam. If you told me at the beginning of the year or hell even two months ago that he would be main eventing against Arius, I would've called the insane asylum. But no, BPZ really took their time with his build and made him look extremely legit. I love the idea of having Ropati be the man to avenge his Mafia brethren Slim and also be the sole representative on Carnage to bring gold to the brand. It could either lead to him having a massive victory or lead to Arius having a true crowning moment and really cement himself as championship material. Either way, I think BPZ did the right thing given that Hans Clayton will also be taking an extended break from the company, and honestly Ropati vs Arius just has so much more story behind it. Congratulations Ropati, the Kiwi Kick has paid off. And that does it for now. Two months of agony are over, and what a cap off we had. BPZ made a lot of great decisions and I'm very happy they did so. Summerslam is leading up to be an even better event than King of the Ring (as it should be), and I'm just generally excited for what BPZ has to offer next. But I'll see you all later, Chapter 2 is right around the corner. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  4. Name: Mikey Age: 26 Male/Female: Male You must choose which one you want to be D Class/New Trainees/Site Director/Head Scientist: D Class Race: White Hair Color: Blonde Backstory if you choose either D Class or New Trainees: Mikey got sentenced to prison for jaywalking, but the trial never happened so he got sent here
  5. As BPZ King of the Ring 2020 rolls on, Mikey is backstage after having just lost the BPZ Premium Championship. The now former champion strolls into the interview area, still in his in ring gear and with a water bottle in hand. The sound of Arius' theme song can be heard faintly in the background, the show almost coming to a close. Mikey steps into the center of the room and sits down lightly on the chair placed for him, reaching for the microphone on the table. With a pensive look on his face, he looks at the interviewer, ready for the questions. Hello Mikey, Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries here to get your thoughts on what happened here tonight. Is there anything that you think could've gone differently for you, or was it just a case of not being the better man? Mikey puckers his lips at this question, clearly not pleased by the question but remaining calm nonetheless. For someone who's such a big fan, you really know how to get on my nerves Mr. Sins. But to answer your question, I would say it's a combination of the two. It all happened so quickly, but I can't deny Bob Sparks' talent. It showed tonight and he proved that even with all of that talent you need to plan a little bit as well. His gameplan worked from when he eliminated Akki before the match to when he pinned him and got the victory. As for myself, there's always room to improve but it just didn't swing my way tonight. Bob was the better man this time, but let's not forget when I was the better man during the PowerTrip Cup. Mikey lowers the microphone for a moment and takes a swig of water, groaning in pain as he leans back. He reaches for his lower bank and grimaces as Sins asks the next question. As we all know, you're a multiple time BPZ United States Champion and now a one time BPZ Premium Champion. Will you be pursuing one of those championships again or do you think it's time to move on? Ah, a question I asked myself while walking here. What is next for me? I've done it all at this stage of my career. Three significant championship reigns, main eventing two events, and even making it to the finals of the PowerTrip Cup, beating out some of the best in the entire company. But the question still remains: how much longer can I be forced to stay here in the lower divisions, starving myself against the same competition over and over again? Holding the BPZ Premium Championship was really an eye opening experience. With that title, it doesn't matter who you are or what you've done. Everyone can compete for it and that can create some really interesting matchups. Hell, I never thought I was going to get the opportunity to face Echo Wilson, let alone for a championship. And the same with the PowerTrip Cup. I entered that tournament, not necessarily a favorite but as an underdog. People already had the vision set in their minds: Bob Sparks vs Sameer and then a grand finals between two of the biggest stars in the company. But just like with the BPZ Premium Championship, everyone had a chance. I fought tooth and nail through that tournament, and now look where I've ended up. No longer can anyone deny my greatness or my talent, but the only thing I need to back it up is more championships. For now, perhaps it's best I focus on myself and stay away from the title hunt. But I assure you, I'll be back in no time at all. Valor Chapter 2: Exodus, I'll see you all there. And with those words and a nod to Gekyume Sins, Mikey stands up with a grunt of pain and walks out of the room as the camera fades to black.
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    No Israel so I'm left with no other choice than Estonia
  7. I can’t get the best of this ninja bob, this the second time it’s happened now. Great work Ropati and Sameer, I’m really happy you guys are staying consistent with this diary and I like the KOTR matches you’ve built. Hopefully the final will be a great one and I can’t wait for more.
  8. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. I'm hyped as all hell everybody. Finally, after two months of suffering, the tournaments come to an end. Peace and quiet in the workplace shall finally be restored and I get to take a bit of a break. But for now, there's still things to cover! BPZ King of the Ring, broadcasting live tonight. There are lots of key matches on this card, and while BPZ admittedly hasn't done a great job in promoting it, this card still looks like one of the best ones in recent memory. The intercontinental match is looking to be a great one, you got Arius vs Slim for world again, and of course, the BPZ King of the Ring finals between Hans Clayton and Ropati. The card may be a stacked one, but will BPZ make the right decisions? Let's find out. BPZ King of the Ring 2020 Predictions BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Sameer (c) vs Alex Costa vs Prince For this match, I don't really see a wrong option. For the first choice, BPZ could go with Sameer retaining, and having him come away with the title would be a pretty good choice in my opinion. He is just coming off of a BPZ PowerTrip Cup finals appearance and has held onto the title since April while making it look good in the process. It's been a while since this title has gotten a proper reign, and Sameer has ended that streak and I think he could realistically keep his great title reign going. On the other side of things, there's Prince. While he did get eliminated in the first round of both the PowerTrip Cup and King of the Ring, I think a little title win here could resurrect him. He recently picked up a win over Buddy Ace which was a great decision in my opinion and gives him a spark of momentum heading into this match. He could easily turn that spark into a flame with a victory here and BPZ would finally start booking this man like he should be booked. But the last option is the one I would most like to see win and that is Alex Costa. Alex shocked the world by making it to the King of the Ring Carnage finals, simple as that. He's looked like a legitimate star ever since then, and with his recent alliance with Ichiban, a BPZ Intercontinental Championship reign is definitely something in the picture of what he could do. Dethroning Sameer would do wonders for him, and I think he'd look pretty good with that title around his waist. BPZ NXT Championship: Addy (c) vs Austin Omega I know I wrote an entire essay about the last match, but I'm gonna switch it up for this one. Addy should retain, and there's no question about that. This championship has been plagued worse than any other with champions losing without a defense or vacating. There desperately needs to be some change, and it seems to me like Addy will be the one to bring that change. Austin has continued to be impressive over this last month and I think he's destined for greatness, but right now NXT needs a stable champion and the only person in position to be that is the man who is currently champion. So I think Addy should retain, and any other option would be a poor one. BPZ United States Championship: Sheridan (c) vs Austin Mirage vs Yelich This may just be the most blatantly obvious match on the card, and I think it's justified in being so. As good as Yelich is and as impressive as Mirage has been, this is Sheridan's match to win. BPZ seems to be taking a new step forward by having champions actually retaining their belts for a bit, and I'm all for it. The US title finds itself in a place similar to many others in BPZ, and that is with a lot of title reigns that ended with 0 defenses. Remember the last time the title was defended before Sheridan? Yeah, back in October. There's good reason to have this reign carry out for a while, and after getting out of the first round of King of the Ring, Sheridan's looking primed for a long, long title reign. BPZ Premium Championship: Mikey (c) vs Bob Sparks vs Akki Mahal Alright, another essay coming right up. Just like the intercontinental match, I don't see a wrong option here. Starting off with the champion Mikey, he's in a bit of an interesting spot. He made it to the finals of the BPZ PowerTrip Cup but fell in the first round in King of the Ring, so there's a case to be made as to why he should retain or lose. Also in his favor is the fact that the BPZ Premium Championship is usually regarded as one of the least prestigious in BPZ, and long title reigns seem to be the way to go with this title. But then you have Akki Mahal who has been shocking the wrestling world as of late. He's a veteran for sure, having been in the company for years at this point, but his work rate and skill is at an all time high currently. He's been impressing everyone who's laid eyes on him recently, and a title reign is the only true reward for the work he's been putting in. But finally and my pick to win is Bob Sparks. Nobody saw Bob Sparks defeating Bart in the BPZ playbook, and now that he's a certified King of the Ring semi-finalist who only lost to Hans, he has debatably the most momentum in the company and would do nicely with a title around his waist. BPZ Universal Championship: Jeremiah Flynn (c) vs FDS And next up we got what may just be match of the night in Jeremiah Flynn vs FDS for the BPZ Universal Championship. There's a lot going into this match and it all adds up to either man taking the victory. The first option would be Jeremiah Flynn retaining, and this would be very viable because we all know how good he is. He's held this belt ever since he defeated KENJI right after the brand split the brand split and for good reason too. He's put on classic after classic after classic with every man he's matched up against and has led the brand nobly. But that plays into FDS winning the strap. Flynn has continually defeated everyone in his path, and the question still remains: who can actually beat him? BPZ is running out of options on Carnage, and unless they make a trade, there's only a few names I see viable to take down Flynn. Those are FDS, Bailey, and Nebakos, but I think with the story that FDS has been given and his incredible amount of success (not to mention Ichiban), he is in the best place to get a victory out of the three. Then again, having one of the other two win and having Flynn carry his reign out a little bit longer wouldn't be terrible either. BPZ World Heavyweight Championship: Slim (c) vs Arius vs Angelo Caito This might just be the hardest match to call of the night. There's three great options to go with, but given Caito's history I'd imagine BPZ is gonna go with either Arius or Slim. First off is the double champ Slim. Slim is in a great spot right now, holding two of the top belts in BPZ and doing so with an iron fist. The only threats he's had so far have been Smith and Bailey, and he was able to deal with them easily. His reign has lasted for a while now, stemming back all the way to March. And with both titles around his shoulders, who knows how much longer it's gonna last. He's proven to be one of the best champions in recent memory, and BPZ really couldn't go wrong with having him retain. But then there's Arius. I mean come on, it's basically perfect. His redemption story after Slim cashed in on him in the biggest match of the BPZ calendar year could end tonight with a victory. Arius has continually been one of the most consistent and talented members of the BPZ roster, and just like Slim, BPZ should have no doubt that he could carry the division as the champion. But just like FDS vs Flynn, I don't know who's going to win and I really don't know who should. That's up to BPZ to decide. BPZ King of the Ring Finals: Hans Clayton vs Ropati And now, for the match that captures the show's name, the BPZ King of the Ring finals. Yes! It's finally coming to a close. The months of torture of tournaments is about to come to an end, but the only question is who will win. BPZ has done a great job with both men, and a victory for either of them would have them looking spectacular while not hurting the other man all that much. The first option BPZ could go with is Hans, and just like Arius, Hans has some history with the current champion. The way I see it, if Slim retains, Hans is gonna win. He was stripped of his BPZ Undisputed Championship after an extraordinary reign just last month at the hands of Slim, and some sweet vengeance may be served. His road to the crown has been nothing short of amazing, and he's sacrificed a lot to get to where he is so a victory would be fitting. But of course, you all saw this coming, I think the second option, Ropati, should take home the victory. As impressive as Hans' road to the finals has been, Ropati's road is arguably even a bigger feat. Broken Nate, Echo Wilson, and Alex Costa. Those are some of the best names in the company, and Ropati put them all away convincingly. The Kiwi Kick has done wonders for this man and I can only hope it'll take him to the promised land of victory. But with that being said, if he ends up winning I think it's only fair for Arius to walk out as champion. While Slim vs Ropati could be a nice little Death Riders vs Inner Circle matchup, I think that should be reserved for Slim vs Bailey where both stables have an even record against each other. So yeah, that's what I think about tonight's event. There's lots of great matches on the card and I think all of them are going to deliver, so here's hoping for yet another great night of wrestling. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
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    As Valor returns from a commercial break, the camera fades in to a sight that has long been seen. The camera enters the door and is briefly flashed by blinding light from the grand windows that look down over the city of San Diego, and right in front of them is Mikey. He is sitting in his office chair with his desk right in front of him, laptop cracked open and BPZ Premium Championship set to the side on a now occupied title pedestal. Mikey looks up from his computer and sees the camera, a smile appearing on his face. He types out a few more words before closing the laptop and rising from his chair, scooping up his championship while doing so. He secures his title around his shoulder and walks around the desk slowly, finally positioning himself comfortably in front of it with one hand in his pocket and the other around his championship. 19 days and counting. It's been quite a long time since I've stepped foot in a BPZ ring. Hell, it's been a while since my face has appeared on any of your screens. My absence is surely troubling to many of you. A BPZ PowerTrip Cup finalist disappearing in the blink of an eye? With the BPZ Premium Championship around his shoulder? Well, yes. It's crucial to understand how taxing the business can be. The same people that boo you out of the arena one night will ask for your autograph the next. People like that is why I had to take a leave. This break was one to get my mind in the right place. To think about whether all those people are right, and that maybe I should switch the act up. That maybe Sameer and Bob's words about the old classic promo style doesn't work anymore. And I'll admit, I was a fool for ever listening to any of that. It's just how it goes. The good guys like them will always play to the crowd, tell them what they want to hear. Meanwhile, guys like me know the reality and say it how we see it. People still question my decision to join the Inner Circle, but that's really it. They all have the same vision that I do. They can see through the bullshit just like I can. I get booed because I don't fit the criteria of what a good wrestler should be. The people don't want to see me on their TV screens and will do their best to get me off it. But that's the thing. As much as the people try, they will always fail. Why? Because I have the talent, star power, charisma, whatever you want to call it. I have what it takes to be in that ring going against the company's biggest stars, and not a single one of those irrelevant fans can do anything about it. The boos from the fans in the arena can be heard offscreen, but oblivious to the reaction, Mikey continues speaking. Which is exactly why there are thousands pining for me to lose this championship come BPZ King of the Ring. I have continually proven myself as one of the best in the company, and yet people like Bob Sparks and Akki Mahal keep stepping up to the plate. They have the support of the fans to help them think they have a chance, but the reality is just like I overcame Bob Sparks in the PowerTrip Cup, just like I pinned Akki Mahal to capture this championship last month, I will defeat them both again. Plain and simple. No matter how much you may idolize these fools, just know that there will always be someone better than them even if you're too ignorant to admit it. You can all sit behind this facade of people you love, but when I return to defend my championship, I'll remind you all what it takes to be a champion. This is my time, and you all are simply witnesses. And with that, Mikey turns around and walks back around his desk as the camera slowly moves backward, out of the door. The scene fades back to the Valor arena where the two contestants are already in the ring.
  10. What's the teenager's name: A. Chris B. James C. Danielle D. Arthur
  11. Seeing Julius again hurts deep but those covers are actually dumb fire so I can’t complain. I’d legit cop the collector’s edition and even the original one just cause it looks so fire. 2K could take some notes, I love the originality behind these covers. Keep up the great work Hans!
  12. Episode 60 JCW Revolution: Tokyo Match 1 (JCW National Championship): Wade Barrett (c) vs Rey Mysterio Wade Barrett defeated Rey Mysterio in 18:46, holding onto the JCW National Championship Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Drew Gulak (c) vs T-Hawk Drew Gulak defeated T-Hawk in 14:30, retaining the JCW Breakout Championship Match 3 (JCW Tag Team Championship): Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) (c) vs The Usos Nexus Reborn defeated The Usos in 20:04 to retain the JCW Tag Team Championships After the match, Theory and Kenoh are joined by the rest of Nexus Reborn as they continue to beat down the Usos. Barrett grabs a microphone and says once again, if you're against one of us, you're against all of us. The warning has been sent to the JCW roster for yet another month, and who would dare step up next? Match 4: Kento Miyahara vs HARPER HARPER defeated Kento Miyahara in 16:35 Main Event (JCW World Championship) - TLC Match: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Jay White Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Jay White in 25:50, retaining the JCW World Championship As Tanahashi is celebrating his victory after a sensational match, he notices HARPER walking down to the ring. The man who just beat Kento Miyahara rolls into the ring and marches right up to Tanahashi. He rips the championship away from the Ace and walks out of the ring and to the back, leaving Tanahashi confused. Only one thing is certain, HARPER wants the JCW World Championship for himself.
  13. Episode 56 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, Jay White comes out to address his actions last night. He is joined by the rest of Operation Takeover, and he starts by thanking them for their continued support and that they will soon reach the promised land. He then goes on to say that he confronted Tanahashi last night because he is the most deserving man in JCW to challenge him for that title. He's been racking up victories over names like Kenny Omega and Rey Mysterio, two of the best in the world. And now, he would like to try his chances against the Ace, and what better to challenge him for than the JCW World Championship? Tanahashi's music plays and the world champion comes out, responding to White's call. He joins him in the ring and says that there have not been worthy challengers for his title over these last several months, but White has broken that chain. Tanahashi also believes he deserves an opportunity, and he is willing to give it to him at JCW Revolution: Tokyo. With the match set in stone, Tanahashi stands off with Operation Takeover. The Usos defeated Narita & Nomura in 13:22 After their victory over the two members of Nexus Reborn, the Usos proceed to call out the JCW Tag Team Champions Austin Theory and Kenoh. The Usos say that they just whipped the asses of those two and that they can easily do the same to the rest of Nexus Reborn. There is no response from the champions but rather from Wade Barrett. The JCW National Champion says that if the Usos dare challenge the champions, it is there funeral. Barrett draws on about how Nexus Reborn is the greatest stable in JCW and how the takeover of the company is imminent, but while he is talking Narita and Nomura attack the Usos from behind! The two young stars begin beating them down as Barrett rushes down to the ring, assisting them in their attack. The tag champions never come out, but the message is clear: if you mess with someone in Nexus Reborn, you mess with the whole faction. T-Hawk defeated Laredo Kid in 11:53 Kento Miyahara defeated Rey Mysterio in 19:31 After the match, Kento Miyahara exits the ring, celebrating with the fans over his hard fought victory. That leaves Rey Mysterio down in the ring by himself, still recovering from the loss. But while he is down, he is confronted by JCW National Champion Wade Barrett. Barrett struts down to the ring while speaking, saying that Mysterio has had trouble finding his footing in JCW. Loss after loss, just barely missing out on the victory, never really finding a spot for him. So Barrett offers him a challenge. He offers Rey Mysterio a JCW National Championship match at JCW Revolution: Tokyo in order to redeem himself. Barrett warns him the price of facing him may just end his career, but the spoils from victory are a tempting offer. Without hesitation, Mysterio grabs Barrett's hand to accept the challenge, surprising the champion. But before Rey can let go, Barrett reels him in and floors him with a Bullhammer, posing over him with his championship to end the show. Episode 57 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem T-Hawk defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 13:44 As T-Hawk is celebrating, he is viciously attacked from behind by JCW Breakout Champion Drew Gulak. Gulak pounces on T-Hawk while he is down and continually rains down punches on the victor until he is motionless on the ground. He then retrieves a microphone from ringside and explains himself. Gulak says he could feel it, that he's heard the rumors backstage and the rumblings of T-Hawk challenging him for his championship. So, he beat him to the chase. Now he is locked into a battle to the death with no escape, and the only man who will leave with a championship is Gulak. Wade Barrett defeated Shun Skywalker in 14:07. After the match, he unmasked Skywalker, leaving him covering his face with his hands before Barrett ripped his mask in half, sending a message to Mysterio. Kento Miyahara is now backstage after his victory over Rey Mysterio last week preparing for an interview. He is just about ready when the lights around him all flicker out. Almost immediately, they turn back on, but there is a hooded figure standing behind Miyahara. The figure grabs Miyahara's head and throws him face first against the concrete wall, beating him down to the ground. He then scoops him back up and nails him with a Discus Clothesline. The man reveals himself to be none other than JCW's newest signing, HARPER. HARPER then stares menacingly into the camera, not uttering a single word. Jay White defeated Sami Callihan in 19:29 After the main event concludes, Hiroshi Tanahashi appears on the titantron. He looks down at the ring and Jay White and says that he is extremely impressed with his performance here tonight. He then continues to say as a man who has a lot of respect and talent, White deserves a little bit more come JCW Revolution: Tokyo. Tanahashi announces that if within reason, Jay White will be able to select the stipulation for their world title match. Tanahashi claims that he knows he's the Ace and the best in the company, and he just wants to make it an even playing field. White smiles at this remark and announces that come their contract signing, he will decide on the stipulation. Episode 58 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, the entirety of Nexus Reborn fills the ring. Barrett is the first to speak, aiming his words on his actions last week. Barrett says that last week, he completely destroyed and humiliated Shun Skywalker. Not only that, but he disgraced him in the worst way possible, by ripping his mask in two. Barrett says that he will not hesitate to do the same to Mysterio, and that the hate he will receive is only a small price to pay for victory. He then steps back as the JCW Tag Team Champions step forward. The JCW Tag Team Champions take turns speaking, with Theory speaking first. He says that what everyone is looking at is the most united front in wrestling today. Nobody has the power to overcome the bond and strength of Nexus Reborn, and if you're an enemy to one, you're an enemy to all. Kenoh then takes the microphone and says that at JCW Revolution: Tokyo, the Usos will understand the pain that has been inflicted on those before them. No matter who steps into the ring with the champions, they will leave in ruin. Kento Miyahara defeated Xavier Woods in 12:56 Still fired up after the match, Miyahara grabs a microphone from ringside. He yells into the mic, demanding that HARPER show himself in this ring so he can get what he deserves from last week. He throws the microphone aside and looks at the entrance, ready for HARPER to appear. But HARPER slides in behind Miyahara, running up behind him. But Miyahara counters! He grabs HARPER's arm and nails him with a knee to the face, but when he runs at him again, he is stopped in his tracks by a big boot. Miyahara falls to the ground hard, leaving HARPER standing over him, posing with his arms outstretched. T-Hawk now appears on screen backstage, looking to say some words to Gulak. T-Hawk says that there is no doubt Gulak is one of the best competitors in JCW and that his mentality is unmatched, but he's getting ahead of himself. He's focusing too hard into the future, trying to prepare for what comes next rather than face what's right in front of him. He claims that he is prepared to face off in the ring against him and that he even looks forward to the encounter so he can truly prove himself as one of the best young stars. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Matt Sydal in 16:40 As soon as the match concludes, Jay White appears on the titantron with Operation Takeover behind him. White speaks to the JCW World Champion, saying that he signed his own death wish last week. White still says he has tons of respect for Tanahashi, but come JCW Revolution: Tokyo, that is all thrown away. At that point, only one thing drives him: victory. So White issues a warning to Tanahashi, saying that if he's not in tip-top shape in two weeks, he'll have to go through hell and back to retain his championship. Episode 59 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show this week, the Usos come down to the ring. They address the champions Theory and Kenoh, saying that they may have the numbers gave, but the Usos have the experience and dedication that they need to win those titles. They were bred from championship DNA, from wrestling royalty, and they'll be damned if two nobodies took that away from them. Before they can continue speaking, they are attacked from behind by Barret and the champions. The three men of Nexus Reborn beat down the Usos, but the cavalry comes in as Rey Mysterio sprints down the ramp! Mysterio is able to drive the champions out of the ring with a hurricanrana and a dropkick, leaving only Barrett who is surrounded. Mysterio picks up a fallen microphone and says that if Barrett wants to disrespect his culture like he did and not receive a beating for it, he's got another thing coming. Mysterio and the Usos issue a challenge, a 6 man tag match right here right now. And if they don't accept, the beatdown will continue until the entire locker room separates them, leaving Barrett no choice but to accept. Rey Mysterio and the Usos defeated Nexus Reborn in 16:33 when Mysterio pinned Theory HARPER defeated YOSHI-HASHI in 3:08 After the match, the lights darken in the arena. Confusion arises as the lights stay off, but eventually they come back on to show Kento Miyahara standing behind HARPER with a steel chair! The victor whips around, but he is met with a chair to the top of the head. HARPER stumbles back as Miyahara drops the chair and continues to beat down HARPER, eventually hitting the Break Heart on him, planting him right down on the chair. Miyahara hoists the chair up and marches around the ring, having finally neutralized the new star. Jay White defeated Adam Cole in 20:32 After a sensational main event, it is time for the contract signing between Jay White and Hiroshi Tanahashi. The champion and Jushin Thunder Liger make their way down to the ring where White waits impatiently. Everything is set up and the signing begins. Tanahashi speaks first, saying how much of a pleasure it is to face White for such a prestigious title and on such a grand stage. He says White has come a far way since they last met and he's nothing but proud of him. He signs the contract and pushes it toward White. White grabs a microphone of his own and says that he's going to get straight to the point because he's been here for far too long. White announces the match at JCW Revolution: Tokyo will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. With that, White signs on the dotted line and gives the contract to Liger. The two then stand up and stand face to face. White extends a hand to show peace and Tanahashi accepts. But White pulls Tanahashi in and nails him with a Bladerunner! The crowd is shocked and the show ends with White standing over Tanahashi, championship in hand and smirk on his face.
  14. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. It hurts I tell you. Viewership numbers at an all time low, Ichiban expanding, and I haven't seen my dad in months. Like come on man, I get there's a whole pandemic and everything but my other dad is dead, this shit is not fair. And of course now BPZ is building up another stable on Carnage, I can't take it anymore man. But anyway, there's still one thing that remains consistent in BPZ and it's King of the Ring. The finals are now set by two very good brand final matchups and I think BPZ made the right decision in these matches, but let me explain in further detail. BPZ King of the Ring Brand Final Review Alex Costa (3) vs Ropati (4) To end off the Carnage side of the bracket, fourth seed Ropati knocked off the third seed in Alex Costa. In my opinion, this was a viable decision by BPZ and really I would've been cool seeing this go either way. On one side, you have Alex Costa who has had a very impressive trip through the tournament defeating both Buddy Ace and Raven. These two are names that shouldn't be taken lightly in the BPZ landscape and they both did Alex wonders. He looked like a legitimate threat coming into the match and still does coming out of it, so this Ropati win doesn't feel like a loss for Alex as much as it does a victory for the finalist. Speaking of which, this obviously does wonders for Ropati as he is now a King of the Ring finalist. Crazy to think about how he did so in such a dominating way, running through some really tough competition to get to where he is. But now he is looking to be in a position where he could either win the tournament or still look strong in defeat (protect the Kiwi Kick!!!). Hans Clayton (1) vs Bob Sparks (6) We all saw it coming, didn't we? It was either going to be Bart or Hans Clayton, and it ended up being the latter. Honestly, I'm not complaining at all. BPZ may have overdone the inner stable conflict a little bit too much in this tournament, but you'd forget that watching this match. It was a fantastic bout where either of the guys really could've won, and it was hard to remember they're in a stable together given how much chemistry they have standing in a ring with each other. Obviously Hans came out on top, but it makes him look even stronger defeating Bob rather than Bart in my opinion. Bob has had a tremendous run in this tournament, and by shockingly defeating Bart in the first round the speculation of a winner was passed on from Bart to him. And since he beat Bart, why couldn't he be a favorite to win the tournament? The questions were in place as Hans faced his biggest threat so far, and he answered those questions with a resounding victory, one that sets him up to face Ropati in the finals of the tournament. And who should win that match? Well, I would go ahead and say either man because frankly they both look fantastic right now and have amazing tournament resumes to back it up. But that conversation is for another day, a day for when the victor of the Kiwi Kick and Clayton Clash matchup is decided. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  15. "The Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth. It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses." In this island off the coast of North Carolina, nothing seems to matter. It's just you and your friends against the world with the only thing stopping you being your own imagination. For years upon decades, the people of the Outer Banks have been living in peace, harmony even. But recently, an economic divide has spread in the island due to a failure in banks all around the island in 1998, separating it into two areas. The north side of the island is where the Kooks reside in, the area commonly referred to as The Link. The Kooks were those fortunate enough to find themselves in a position where their investments were able to support them through the rough patches, allowing them to retain their luxury and keep their businesses afloat. Since then, they've developed a Darwinistic view that they were the chosen ones and they therefore were able to survive the poor economic period. Every Kook has two things in common: money and power that spawns from it. They control 96% of the total income on the island, leaving hardly any for their counterparts on the south side. Speaking of that side, the south area of the island is where the Pogues reside, the lower class citizens. On their part of the island known as South Saview, all you'll find is people in high spirits but in poor conditions. While The Link is full of massive plots of land, mansions, and businesses, South Saview is a place that resembles a fishing town more than a business plentiful city. Many Pogues find themselves working for their rich counterparts, doing whatever it takes to survive while also having a good time. Every Pogue is on the lookout for that one opportunity to change their life and turn the tables on the Kooks. And those Pogues may just be in luck. Nearly 150 years ago, a ship crashed just off the coast of the Outer Banks, the S.S. Zartan. This ship is claimed to be one that was shipped from Portugal to the United States in a highly confidential mission to transport nearly half a billion dollars in gold to pay off a debt. The ship was operated by one of the best sailors in the world in Ross Schuman, but inexplicably, the ship went down just off the coast of the Outer Banks, and neither it or Schuman were ever found. After a century and a half, no one knows where the gold could possibly be, but one thing is for certain: it's still out there and it is everyone's dream on the Outer Banks to find it, both Kooks and Pogues alike. To kick off chapter 4, we see the group of Fletcher Heinz, James Ropati and Daniel Steele all sitting down together near the dock. James is putting up shots on his makeshift basketball court while Daniel tells Fletcher about what he overheard at the library. Daniel: I really don't know what they were talking about but I overheard two things: something on Sameer's knife and something about the Zartan. That can't be a coincidence, right? And with that new girl Clarissa there the sky's the limit. Before Daniel can keep speaking, Fletcher sits up all the way and interrupts him. Fletcher: Sorry, Clarissa? That new Asian chick? What the hell is she doing with Sammy's knife? Daniel: Your guess is as good as mine, but I can only assume she was in the crowd at the night of the fight. There's no other way she could've gotten it. If she's working with Scott, I can't believe she'd be making friends like Sameer, the two hate each other. But it still sparks some thought. I know some people have gone looking for the Zartan before, but it never led to anything. I always thought they were a bunch of idiots for believing in it. Daniel pauses for a moment and the sound of a loud clang can be heard as James nails a three pointer, calling out game while doing so. He collects his ball and joins the group. James: You know, Sammy and I used to be boys back in the day. His dad was always out there boating around or scavenging the island, trying to find some sign of the Zartan but he never got anywhere. After he drowned at sea, Sammy's been weird ever since and maybe it's because he's been holding onto that knife for so long. James returns to the court while Fletcher and Daniel take a moment to process. After a few seconds, Daniel's face lights up and he taps Fletcher on the arm. Daniel: You know what? I think this could just be our golden opportunity. This all actually adds up and if we can piece together the clues, we could find ourselves half a billion dollars. I know we got the big basketball game coming up and everything but it's not like you guys got school work to worry about. Daniel stands up and begins to walk away, and he is shortly joined by Fletcher who scrambles to his feet and James who jogs after the two. They all meet up and proceed to Tonio's restaurant. The scene now switches over to the OBX Prep gym where the basketball team is near the end of a rigorous practice. All the players are sweating and look very tired, but except for one man: Chase Wilson. Chase is still fully clothed with a backpack around his shoulder, having just entered the gym through the back door. He sneakily moves on the side of the gym but he is quickly scouted out by none other than Bobby Banks who is still sporting a few bruises from his fight with Sameer. Bobby: Aye there's our power forward! How have you been, Echo? Doing some homework instead of coming to practice? The rest of the team laughs as Chase spares a chuckle, but the coach immediately sends them into running more suicides. He marches straight up to Chase and looks him directly in the eye. Chase: Hey coach, I didn't mean to be late but I- Coach: Nope, I don't need the excuse. Get that shit off your back and join in with the rest of them before I decide to bench you against OBX Public. God, if your parents weren't rich the things I'd do... The coach walks off, rubbing his temples while Chase quickly puts down his backpack and jacket. He sprints over to the rest of the group and saddles up right alongside Bobby Banks. After they finish the set, Bobby leans over and whispers to Chase. Bobby: Hey did you end up getting th- Chase: Yes, I did. Now shut the fuck up before you get us both in trouble. Bobby smirks and pats Chase on the back before finishing up the set. To finish of the practice, the coach announces that they will be playing King of the Hill. One on ones, first to score stays on. First up is Bobby Banks. The 6'2 near 200 pound man makes quick work of the first competitor, backing him down before fading to hit a midrange off one foot. Banks continues his reign of terror with ease, scoring on the first shot every single time. And soon, there are only two men left: Chase Wilson and Daniel Steele. Chase steps up first, and he is able to get a quick rip off of Banks, giving him the shot. Immediately after the check, Wilson throws up a confident three that clanks off the back of the rim. With Banks now having the ball, the Golden Boy sends Wilson home by speeding by him and rising for a powerful one handed dunk. Bobby starts with the ball and immediately begins backing Steele down. After getting within 10 feet, Banks begin to dribble around, trying to make the smaller man fall. But Steele stays in it and is around to poke the ball loose, granting him a shot. The whole team ooo's around him as he checks up. And in the blink of an eye, he crosses over Banks and hits a three to cement himself as the winner. The whole team rushes onto the court and jumps around Daniel, hyped that someone dethroned the best on the team. But amidst the chaos, Bobby gets back to his feet and shoves Daniel in the middle of the pile. The winner takes a step back from the force, but before he can retaliate the coach steps in. Coach: Listen right now, both of you. This may be a game to you guys, but you can learn some valuable lessons in games. And one of those lessons is to keep the people close to you close. Bobby, as much as I love you son that was completely inappropriate. I know how bad you boys want that win over OBX Public, and an attitude like that isn't going to guarantee you that victory. Let's go people, 50 free throws and you're out of here. With one last side eye look at Daniel, Bobby walks to the other side of the court. But before Daniel can move, he's swarmed by Chase Wilson who grabs him by the shoulders. Chase: MY BOY! Where'd you learn that one from? All those basketball films and books gotta be paying off. Maybe you weren't lying about deserving a starting spot after all. Daniel: I appreciate it Echo but you better pay attention before coach tries to abuse your ass again. Chase: Right you are. But hey, party at my house later tonight. Be there or be square. You gotta show me where you learned that nasty crossover. Chase imitates the motion before leaving with a smile. Daniel looks to the ground and smiles to himself, happy from what he accomplished. The scene now cuts to yet another alleyway where Heel Akki and Brad are standing, leaned up against a wall. Akki: Alright bruh we gotta make this quick the city has been locking down on the drug shit lately so we gotta do this ASAP. Akki holds out a bag with three syringes inside of it, something that lights Brad's eyes up when he sees. Akki impatiently holds out his other hand as Brad fumbles around with his pockets, eventually pulling out two hundred dollar bills. They exchange cash and product and Brad immediately tears into the bag, taking out a syringe and stabbing himself in the bicep which causes Akki to back up in surprise. Akki: Oh hell nah bro. I know you're a bodybuilder and shit but that's too much for me. Using right after you buy? That's the most junkie thing I've ever seen and I'm not here to watch you get caught. Peace out my guy, pleasure doing business with you. Without a goodbye from Brad, Akki jogs into the darkness of the alley while Brad stands alone, injecting the last bit of steroids into his body. He sighs in relief after he's done and begins to walk out of the alley but he ducks right back in at the sight of a cop car. He stands against the wall, closing his eyes and praying he wasn't seen. But sure enough, a moment later an officer appears and sees Brad Officer: What do we have here? An OBX Public math teacher out in an alley on his own? Very doubtful indeed. Sir, I'm going to need you to turn around and put your hands in the air. With a roll of his eyes and a long sigh, Brad does what the officer asks as he pats him down. Suddenly, the officer withdraws his hands as he yelps in pain. He immediately tackles Brad to the ground, holding him there. He ruffles around in his pocket and pulls out a...pocket knife. Officer: Care to explain why you didn't warn me about this? Brad: I'm only doing as you instruct, officer. Now if you'd kindly let me go that'd be very much appreciated. The officer loosens his hold on Brad and lets him get to his feet. Officer: I'll be keeping my eye on you, Brad. Don't you forget that. With that and a tip of his cap, the officer exits the alley and returns to his car. Brad waits for the car to race by before looking in a nearby dumpster, retrieving the remaining two syringes. He stalks off into the alley way, leaving the third empty one broken on the ground. The scene changes from the alleyway and swaps over to a pretty broken down house that seems to be one good storm away from falling down. Outside of it is none other than Clarissa Jung. She approaches the front door with caution, and knocks on it with a very light tap from her fist. The door sways a little bit but it stays up long enough to be answered by Sameer. The boy looks very confused at first so Clarissa opens up with an introduction. Clarissa: Hey, I'm Clarissa, nice to meet you. I'm new to the island and I'm trying to get to know some more faces. I heard your name was Sameer, right? Sameer: Sameer, Sammy, whichever you prefer. I'd invite you in but my mom is sleeping and this place is kind of a wreck. Clarissa: That's no worry for me. Wanna go on a walk? I need someone to give me the whole spill of the island. I've only been here a few days and still have no clue what's going on. Sameer nods and closes the door behind him. The two set off down the dirt road as Sameer opens up about the island and what it's about. Clarissa nods along, not listening to what he's saying but rather looking for an opportunity to strike. Clarissa: Hey, were you at that town meeting yesterday? Sameer: Uhhh no, word doesn't get around that quickly around these parts. What was it about? Clarissa: Just some really boring stuff about the drug business in the city, but there was one part that really stuck out to me. They said they would increase security at the Boneyard. I went there a couple nights ago and I think I recognized you from there. At the mention of the night Sameer drew his knife, he looks away and scratches the back of his head. Sameer: Uh yeah, I was actually, um, the guy who was fighting Bobby, the big blonde kid. I'm sorry you had to see all of that. Clarissa: Don't be sorry at all. I need the full Outer Banks experience, right? And besides, you fought pretty well for a kid who isn't living with top of line physical training. Sameer smiles at the comment and even lets out a bit of a chuckle, letting Clarissa know she's close to what she wants. Sameer: Yeah, Bobby and I have been going back and forth our whole lives. School, basketball, fist fighting, whatever the case. And of course, he's always been tormenting me about my dad. Lost him when I was only four. Clarissa: I'm so sorry to hear about that. Do you have any memories of him, anything to keep his spirit alive? Sameer: Well, I know you already saw it. That knife I pulled, that used to belong to my father. He left some code on it, trying to tell me about the Zartan and how I had to find the half a billion dollars. Complete bullshit in my opinion but as long as he was happy I was too. The knife grows warm in Clarissa's pocket as Sameer speaks about it, and at the mention of the code, Clarissa nods heavily and looks down at the ground. They walk the last minute in silence before coming back to Sameer's home. Clarissa: Well, thank you for that Sameer. I feel like I know the place even better now. I had a good time. Sameer: Same here. We should hang again sometime. Clarissa: For sure. I feel like we'll see each other again very, very soon. The two wave goodbye to each other as Clarissa walks away from the house. A grin appears on her face, clearly having gotten the information she was seeking tonight.
  16. Matches Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - Eye for an Eye match Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight The New Day (c) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura - Tables match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP - United States Championship match Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the PPV? Asuka vs Sasha What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? Wyatt vs Strowman Will Otis cash-in during the PPV? Hell no Will the 24/7 Championship change hands during the PPV? Probably Will someone make a cameo in the Wyatt Swamp Fight and if so who? (Point for each answer) Otis Will WWE be stupid enough to use a prop eyeball? Lord I hope so What will be the stipulation for the McIntyre vs. Ziggler match? (Question is void if announced before the PPV) Ladder
  17. Name: Michael Jeffries League (NBL, G-League, NCAA, HS): HS Height: 6'6 Weight: 210 Hometown: San Diego Looks: Short blonde hair, blue eyes, one arm sleeve Personality: Chill around teammates, very sarcastic around the media Archetype (or Player Model) :  Position: SG
  18. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. Damn BPZ is just cruising with this tournament and honestly I can't complain. There's so much shit to go over and these last couple of months have been hell trying to keep up. But we're in the home stretch now with only two more rounds left to go. But for now, round 2! Lots of shit happened here, and I'm really liking and disliking some of these booking decisions. Not a whole lot of surprises, but we had a couple cases of crossfire between stables which is always something that's interesting. And BPZ thought it was a good idea, but do I? Well let me tell you. BPZ King of the Ring Round 2 Review Echo Wilson (1) vs Ropati (4) BPZ, I like it. I like it a lot. Please oh please keep it going. I really think that this is Ropati's tournament to win or at least go really far in, and so far he's looking fantastic. A win over both Broken Nate and now Echo Wilson, both men who are arguably the biggest stars on the Carnage side of things, makes Ropati look like a legitimate threat. In my opinion, Ropati has always deserved to be treated as such, but it's only recently that BPZ has decided to actually follow through with that. While he's still not exactly in charge of Mafia, he'd work as a great enforcer for the group and as the next in line or third in command so to say. Either way, this man and his Kiwi Kick challenge are going deep into this tournament (no homo), and I'm here for it. Alex Costa (3) vs Raven (7) Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Costa and his chin are going into the Carnage finals to face off against Ropati. My opinion? Well, I think that having Alex beat Raven was a VERY interesting decision, but having these two face off in the first place was pretty unique by itself. This is a brand new stable and having these two face off was in a way establishing a pecking order for them (assuming FDS is the leader because FD-Gun is self explanatory). If this was not the thought behind this match then good lord BPZ what were you thinking? Having brand new stablemates duke it out is just a little bit odd to me, but the decision of having Alex win is one I can get behind. Both guys would've done well with a win, but Alex has been looking for that breakout moment for so so long and this may just be it which I wouldn't be opposed to. Hans Clayton (1) vs Sheridan (5) Alright I may have praised BPZ for their efforts with Ichiban on Carnage given they had the right intentions, but I'm not so sure about this one. By itself, having Hans Clayton square off against Sheridan really isn't that big of a deal as I think most people expected Hans to win as the face of the group so far. But given what happened on the other side of the Valor side, I'm not so sure about this. Having two Cut-Throat Crew matchups in one tournament given that there's only 3 people in the stable is a decision that I'm questioning a bit but I still have faith that BPZ can pull through. But yeah, this was a fantastic match that I think served both competitors really well. It played into Hans being a top dog on Valor and going onto his redemption story while also making Sheridan seem like a threat which is always great. Gunner (2) vs Bob Sparks (6) Alright time for more complaining on the Cut-Throat Crew matchup! But first, this match itself. After such a shocking first round upset against Bart, I feel like it was kind of obvious Bob was going to end up winning this one. He had an absolute tsunami of momentum heading into it after beating the favorite to win the tournament especially in comparison to Gunner who simply beat Austin Mirage. But the match was still a very even contest that could realistically make you believe Gunner had a shot at winning which protected him a pretty good amount. But now, Bob Sparks finds himself in situation similar to Ropati. A middle of the road seed who's in the finals and he's going against one of the higher seeds, in this case the highest in Hans Clayton, his fellow Cut-Throat Crew member. Straight up, I don't wanna see either of these guys lose to each other. Both guys have a wave of momentum and a legit reason to win the tournament, and I think having two titans in one faction like Slim and Bailey in Mafia would be a really interesting move, especially with having both on the same brand. But obviously, only one guy can win now and I really don't know who it should be. But hey, maybe BPZ has something interesting in store for us to salvage this match (please not a tie though, anything but that). And that will do it for now. Overall, a pretty decent round. Lots of stable warfare happened and is yet to happen, but we're going to see where that takes us. There's a lot of options for BPZ to play with, some better than others, and I really don't know which are which at this point in time. I still need to process what happened, but needless to say, I envision some big stuff for the finals of this tournament. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  19. Name: Cobhead Jake II Gender (Male/Female): Male Role (Contestant/Trainer/Co Host/ Tough Talk Host): Contestant Age: 20 Years of Experience : 1 Why Did You Join? (Contestants, But Co Hosts, And Tough Talk Hosts can also do this): To keep the family name in the business Wrestling Style: Technical/Striker Best Skills: Grappling, submissions, striking Worst Weakness: Power and agility Favorite Wrestler: Cobhead Jake, Epic
  20. -What does Flynn confess? He's been fucking Keeley -What doesn't Prince want to do with Nate? Not have sex -What happens to Bob? That ninja dies -2 members joins the group, which members join the group? Gunner & Mikey
  21. "The Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth. It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses." In this island off the coast of North Carolina, nothing seems to matter. It's just you and your friends against the world with the only thing stopping you being your own imagination. For years upon decades, the people of the Outer Banks have been living in peace, harmony even. But recently, an economic divide has spread in the island due to a failure in banks all around the island in 1998, separating it into two areas. The north side of the island is where the Kooks reside in, the area commonly referred to as The Link. The Kooks were those fortunate enough to find themselves in a position where their investments were able to support them through the rough patches, allowing them to retain their luxury and keep their businesses afloat. Since then, they've developed a Darwinistic view that they were the chosen ones and they therefore were able to survive the poor economic period. Every Kook has two things in common: money and power that spawns from it. They control 96% of the total income on the island, leaving hardly any for their counterparts on the south side. Speaking of that side, the south area of the island is where the Pogues reside, the lower class citizens. On their part of the island known as South Saview, all you'll find is people in high spirits but in poor conditions. While The Link is full of massive plots of land, mansions, and businesses, South Saview is a place that resembles a fishing town more than a business plentiful city. Many Pogues find themselves working for their rich counterparts, doing whatever it takes to survive while also having a good time. Every Pogue is on the lookout for that one opportunity to change their life and turn the tables on the Kooks. And those Pogues may just be in luck. Nearly 150 years ago, a ship crashed just off the coast of the Outer Banks, the S.S. Zartan. This ship is claimed to be one that was shipped from Portugal to the United States in a highly confidential mission to transport nearly half a billion dollars in gold to pay off a debt. The ship was operated by one of the best sailors in the world in Ross Schuman, but inexplicably, the ship went down just off the coast of the Outer Banks, and neither it or Schuman were ever found. After a century and a half, no one knows where the gold could possibly be, but one thing is for certain: it's still out there and it is everyone's dream on the Outer Banks to find it, both Kooks and Pogues alike. Thank you @Hans for the sexy graphic The show opens up to none other than Fletcher Heinz who is sitting in his living room, doing his math homework while the TV plays the news in the background. He leans back on his couch and groans in frustration, but he is provided some relief from his phone buzzing. He picks it up and a smile appears on his face before he answers. Fletcher: What's up Rop? James: Alright look, I don't have a lot of time to explain, but come down to the Boneyard, ASAP not talking Rocky. Shits about to go down and I think you might want to see it. Fletcher looks down at his unfinished homework before glancing up at the clock. It's already 9:30, and darkness has set on the land. That only means one thing: shit is really about to go down at the Boneyard. He peeks behind him to see his mother talking on the phone with a friend and his father passed out on the couch, a perfect situation. Fletcher: I'll be there in 10, just make sure I don't miss anything. Fletcher immediately hangs up and stalks to his front door. He cracks open the door, but he is stopped promptly by his mother. She lowers her phone and speaks. Fletcher's Mom: Well, where might you be going? I was just on the phone with your math teacher Brad, and he says that you've got a quite a bit to make up and you're not leaving the house until you do it. Fletcher places his hand on the door knob behind his back, slowly pushing it open. Without a single word, Fletcher yanks the door open and bolts out of the door with his mother yelling behind him. He hops onto his bike and pushes off in one fluid motion, biking off into the darkness. Fletcher arrives at the parking lot outside of the Boneyard, dropping off his bike and running onto the beach. As he scales the hill, the beach comes into sight, and it's clear why it's called the Boneyard. There are multiple large bones sticking out from the sand, remnants of whales that have washed up over the years. In between all the bones, Fletcher can make out a group of around 10 people all around a fire in the middle of the beach. Fletcher jogs down the hill and pulls up into the circle, finding himself right next to James. He and the rest of the group are staring at the shoreline, and when he looks at Fletcher, his eyes are full of both excitement and nervousness. Fletcher looks over with the other people and sees what's going on in the water. Fletcher: Damn I thought I said to make sure I don't miss anything... The camera zooms in closer to the water, and two figures can be seen throwing punches at each other. The two fall onto the land, and finally the light illuminating from the fire lights up their faces. The two boys are Bobby Banks and Sameer Jones, both men going all out on each other. At the sight of Sameer, Fletcher attempts to run out and break up the fight but James gets in his way. James: Just let it happen, man. A little fist fight never hurt anybody. If it starts to get really serious, that's where we come in. But for now, we just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Although the determination is still on his face, Fletcher sits down next to James on one of the bones. He glances around at the other people in the crowd and sees a few familiar faces such as Chase Wilson, Daniel Steele, Emma Harrison, and even Clarissa Jung who seems to have found her way there. Fletcher's eyes linger a little too long on her and he misses a blow that causes the crowd to gasp. He whips his head back to see Bobby Banks now standing over Sameer, who's lip is cut badly. Bobby: Come on you little bitch! I know your dad's rolling in his grave seeing your ass get beat right now. Is that what he raised? A pussy? The crowd goes dead silent at the mention of Sameer's late father, and the kid pushes himself back up to feet, a fire now lit in him. But rather than going back to fist fighting, Sameer pulls out a knife from his pocket. Everybody watching takes a step back and Bobby falls backward with Sameer now standing over him. Sameer: Not so tough now, huh? I don't know who you think you are, Bobby, or what you think your dad can do, but it won't stop me. Next time you should choose your words a little more carefully before it ends up biting you in the ass. Nearly the entire crowd has fled the scene, leaving only Fletcher, James, and Clarissa. The two boys left approach Sameer. Fletcher lightly touches Sameer's arm which causes him to spin around and cut Fletcher's bicep. Fletcher cries out in pain while Sameer drops his knife, eyes wide open. Sameer sprints off the scene without a glance back as James tends to Fletcher. James: Damn he got you pretty good huh? I don't know a lot about that kid but he sure does have a temper. Speaking of which, hey asshat, what the fuck was that? James' words are directed at Bobby Banks who is still sat on the ground. With a chuckle, Banks gets up to his feet and says a few cold words before walking off. Bobby: Save it, Rop. You'll need to think of all shit talking you can if you want to beat our team next week. As Bobby walks away with his hands in his pockets, James gets Fletcher up to his feet and assists him in walking in the opposite direction. Now there is only one person left, Clarissa Jung. Clarissa bends down and picks up the knife left by Sameer, blood still shining on the blade. She handles it gently, inspecting every edge of it. Police sirens can be heard wailing in the distance, but one part of the knife catches Clarissa's eye. Without a second thought, she pockets the knife and bolts off the beach, the shouts of the officers now being heard. The scene now transitions to Daniel Steele who is sitting in the official Outer Banks Library, reading a book about basketball and it's past of strategies. As he is flipping through page after page at a quick pace, he is watched by Jonathan Scott, the owner of the library, from behind a bookshelf. Scott is rearranging the books and putting them back in order before he is tapped on the shoulder from behind. Scott looks over his shoulder to see none other than Clarissa Jung. Without a word, Outer Banks' newest import shows him the knife which he takes cautiously. He notices the blood on it but casually dismisses it. He flips the knife over a few times before his eyes widen, looking at Clarissa. Jonathan: Is this... Clarissa: It definitely looks like. Jonathan: SJ...Sameer Jones. Very interesting. I know his old man used to be one of the few to pursue the treasure but this is something that was not quite like him. And knowing his son, I don't think he's intelligent enough to know what any of this means. Thank you, Ms. Jung, you will be rewarded handsomely. Clarissa leaves Jonathan with a smile, having clearly accepted his offer. Scott is left sitting down on a stool in the aisle, studying the knife intensely. The camera zooms in and a few letters can be made out on the bottom of the knife along with some symbols on the handle. While he is doing so, he fails to notice Daniel staring at him, having been distracted from his reading. Silently, Steele exits his chair and paces out of the library, full of thought. It is now the next day, and to close out the episode, Mayor Brenden Playz has announced there will be a public meeting held at the town hall for everyone to attend. The masses have all gathered, standing next to each other. There are many groups, including Fletcher, James, Daniel, and Tonio. There are the Kooks in Bobby, Chase, Emma, and Danielle, and finally the loners in Heff, Akki, and Brad. Clarissa and Jonathan stand aside from the group, basking in the few shadows. After minutes of waiting, the mayor emerges and makes his way onto the podium to a polite applause. Brenden: Thank you everyone, and welcome to the first public meeting we've had in what seems like ages. If you do not know, I am Brenden Playz, and I'd officially like to introduce you to the Outer Banks. Brenden glances quickly around the crowd, singling new citizens like Clarissa out. Brenden: But politeness aside, we have very pressing matters to deal with today. First of all, our administration has found it appropriate to address what many of you like to call the "Boneyard". Last night, there was a...confrontation, and while no suspects were captured, I think it's appropriate that it never happens again, don't you all agree? Murmuring breaks out among the crowd, mostly including praise from the adults and displeasure from the kids. While this is happening, Fletcher and his crew look around the crowd, trying to pick up Sameer but to no avail. They look at Bobby Banks who has his head down with a smirk, clearly having gotten off without a hitch. Fletcher looks down at his bandaged hand and clutches it tightly, not forgetting what happened to him. Brenden: Like it or not, we will be installing 24 hour around the clock security at the beach. Positions are open, so if you think you have what it takes, please, enlighten me. Next up, it's been brought to my attention that there's been a bit of a drug run lately on the island. As we all know, marijuana is legalized here, only for adults might I add, but everything else is really a no go. So if you are involved in any of this, I'll have you know that we want to keep a clean town here, so punishments have been upgraded to jail time depending on the severity of possession. This statement is met with an overwhelmingly positive response, although many people are just trying to cover up what they've been doing. At these words, Akki, Heff, and Brad all slink out of the crowd, disappearing down one of the alleys without Brenden taking a second glance at them. Brenden: And last but not least, how about we have a bit of fun? Our economy has been booming recently, and there's only so much you can do on a small island without simply giving out donations. This phrase is met with a burst of laughter from James, but he is quickly elbowed to be quiet by Tonio. Brenden: So what I've decided to do is create a little treasure hunt. $100,000 could be yours if you simply find the prize and dig it up. It is somewhere on this island, buried 15 feet in the ground so you'll need some crazy metal detectors if you wanna find it. But with that, our little meeting is concluded. And let the games begin! Brenden says this while stepping down from the podium and crowd cheers as it quickly disperses, most likely going to look for the treasure. While everyone goes their respective ways, Brenden's secretary pulls him aside. Secretary: $100,000, Brenden. What are you thinking? We've been through this and it's not a good idea at all. Our economy is certainly not booming, and we can't afford that if someone wins. What's even buried anyway? Brenden looks around before grabbing the secretary by the shirt and pinning him up against a wall. Brenden: You may want to think twice before you speak against my actions, I could ruin your whole life if I wanted to. And to counter you, my decision was 100% correct. There is indeed a buried treasure, but it is nothing more than a sack of pennies. So next time you doubt me, please think twice. We need to throw people off the trail, some are getting too close to the Zartan for my liking. That $500 million will be mine whether you like it or not. Brenden sets the secretary down, fear now instilled in his eyes. Satisfied, Brenden slowly walks off, brushing his suit with his intentions made fully clear.
  22. Match 1 SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones (c) VS Alex Costa Match 2 SFW Lightweight Championship: Ropati (c) VS Overheel Match 3: Brass Knuckles Club VS Crescent Fall Match 4 SFW Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (c) VS The Roundtable of Excellence Match 5 SFW Television Championship: Kin Takeshi (c) VS Angelo Catio VS CJ Sellers VS Benjamin Wolfe Match 6, Street Fight: Ryan Reeves VS BIC Main Event, SFW World Championship: Yelich Anderson (c) VS Arius Bonus Questions Will there be any debuts? Yes How many Title Changes will there be if any? 2 Do any of these matches not end in a pinfall or submission? If so which one(s)? Ryan Reeves vs BiC
  23. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. You can all probably guess what this segment is about, but if you can't let me break it down for you. BPZ King of the Ring has just concluded its first round and there were some shockers and I mean SHOCKERS that took place. And honestly, I can't complain about a whole lot of them. Bold decisions for sure but ones that I think will be able to work in the long run. But I'm here to review the entire first round, and I still need to go through some of the other events that happened, so without further ado let's get right into it. BPZ King of the Ring Round 1 Review Echo Wilson (1) vs Epic (8) I knew I had good faith in putting Echo Wilson so high in my list for winners. When I talk about matches with surprise endings or winners, this certainly does not fit the qualifications. I had a lot of confidence that Wilson was going to pull through with a W, and that confidence was well placed. This was hardly a competitive match either, and hopefully BPZ continues to book Wilson strongly and perhaps he'll go far in the tournament. He does face my Carnage favorite in Ropati next round, and I think that'll be a very good match that frankly should be in the Carnage finals but what can you do? Prince (2) vs Raven (7) Alright, this match was again not surprising but this time around I thought it did justice to both men. While Raven looked strong in his victory over the 2 seeded Prince, Prince also didn't look too bad coming out of this match. I thought Prince was going to be fed to Raven in order to cement him as a threat to making the finals, but I'm pleased to see Prince getting the spotlight that he did. However, with the formation of FD-Gun Ichiban or whatever the fuck it's called, it only felt right for Raven to take home this victory. But now he takes on Alex Costa in the second round, a clash between two stablemates in something BPZ seems very fond on. Alex Costa (3) vs Buddy Ace (6) Well well well, another member of Ichiban advancing. Honestly, I find Costa vs Ace happening in the first round being a very poor choice from BPZ after their match in the PowerTrip Cup, but just like in that tournament, this was once again a sensational match. But of course, someone had to win and that was once again Alex Costa. I'm not sure what BPZ is thinking with the booking of Buddy Ace, but it surely is not looking toward his near future which is a shame. I think Ace has the tools to be a main eventer, and being booked to have consecutive losses to Alex is...questionable to say the least. But congrats to Costa, the win felt very well deserved. Ropati (4) vs Broken Nate (5) Bravo, BPZ. This may have been my favorite match of the first round, and it's not hard to see why. Both Ropati and Nate showed up for their match and delivered on the big stage. I think Ropati winning was the right idea because I think he'll win the Carnage side of the tournament, and he looked very well in doing so. The Kiwi Kick is quickly growing on me and while I thought the challenge was a bit silly at first, it's becoming one of my favorite finishers in BPZ. The suddenness and quickness of it is perfect for a shock ending that doesn't harm the opponent too much but makes Ropati seem like a badass for doing it so effortlessly. Great job BPZ, more of this please but not in the first round. Hans Clayton (1) vs Addy (8) Unfortunately, this was yet another very predictable match. There was hardly a chance that the 1 seed Hans Clayton was going to lose to the BPZ NXT Champion Addy, and that chance evaporated quickly. Clayton is primed to go all the way in this tournament and perhaps win it all, and Addy was just an unfortunate victim of that fact. I've said many times before and I will continue to do so, Addy has an extremely bright future in BPZ and being faced up against some of the best in the company and losing is just part of the process. He's looking good going against some of the biggest names in the company, and what more can you ask from a young guy? Gunner (2) vs Austin Mirage (7) Again, the result of this match was hardly a surprise. But what was really a surprise is what happened during that match. I may give Austin Mirage the most shit in the world on this show and off of it, but I was legitimately impressed. That man looked pretty decent in this match, and it's clear he's been putting in the work to get better and work his way up the card with this match being a good start. With that being said, Gunner also looked great in this match, getting a convincing victory over Mirage and heading into his second round matchup with a pretty great opportunity despite the doubts. Bart (3) vs Bob Sparks (6) BPZ you sons of bitches. You actually did it. Good god this was the last thing I was expecting from this tournament but I'm here for it. This was my match of the night on the Valor side of things, and can you blame me? Both Bob Sparks and Bart killed it in this match and it was all topped off with what may have been the biggest surprise of the year: Bob Sparks defeating Bart in the first round of the tournament and dethroning what many considered the favorite. Questionable booking? Absolutely. Fun booking? Hell to the fucking yes. If Sparks doesn't go on to win this whole thing I'm going to be furious because Bart racking up a first round elimination doesn't look great for his record especially in a tournament he was destined to win or at least to make it the finals. Mikey (4) vs Sheridan (5) Alright, time to take a step back and catch our breath. This match was a very, very good one with yet another pretty unexpected ending. So basically, it was Bob vs Bart but a bit lesser and there's nothing wrong with that. Sheridan winning this match was something I really didn't see coming given Hans Clayton having already advanced to the second round earlier in the night. But here we are with yet another match between stablemates in the second round, and this one should be very interesting. As I said before, it's going to be a testament to whether or not the Cut-Throat Crew is really a cohesive unit or if there are some cracks. We'll find out soon enough, and by that I mean tonight. And that does it for now. BPZ King of the Ring is already off to a thrilling start with some of the best matches of the year having happened, and the lineup for the second round is looking just as good if not better. The tournament is really anyone's game right now, especially if Bob Sparks can beat Bart, and I'm very excited to see how the whole thing plays out. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.

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