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  1. Petition to kill off Sheridan --> http://chng.it/kNnpLNVfDT
  2. "m.A.A.d city" by Kendrick Lamar blasts through the arena's speakers, and none other than Sheridan's first round opponent Mikey steps out from the back. Sheridan watches from the corner of the ring, the smirk and gleam in her eyes telling the entire story. Mikey is wearing his classic blue suit and khakis, and the BPZ Premium Championship is held firmly against his shoulder. Mikey puts on a smirk of his own as the fans boo him before speaking while walking down to the ring. You know what Sheridan, I respect what you said. Any lesser man or woman would have berated me, pinning my chances in this tournament for having lost against you in the past. But you are not blind like the rest of them. You recognize the threat that I present to you, and I recognize your threat to my tournament run as well. And you made another valid point, I'm sure we would both love to turn this tournament upside down and honestly I hope that does happen no matter who wins. We've been through the rough together, Sheridan. Being overlooked in our time in NXT. In the To The Top ladder match last summer. But now look at us. We're in the center of the stage, and everyone is watching us. We have the momentum and power to push through the competition and make an impact. Just ask your friend Bob Sparks, I think he has a pretty good idea of what I'm saying. Mikey finally reaches the ring and gingerly steps inside, making sure not to ruin his attire in any way possible. He straightens out his suit and brushes off his khakis before speaking once again. But what happens when one of us inevitably wins? How will we fare against two potential opponents who we are aligned with? I can speak for myself confidently and say that Addy and I end up facing in that ring, I will run through him with ease. I have respect for our BPZ NXT Champion, but business is business which is something that he understands. He'll put up a great fight sure, but he'll eventually fall. But what if you ended up facing Hans Clayton? Two members of a brand new stable who still need to work toward trusting each other. But one of you has to win. Will you lay down for him in the middle of the ring? I don't think so, you're not the type of competitor to do that. But you are also a compassionate wrestler, and I think your growing fondness for your stablemate will end up being the death of you. We both know that this match is anyone's game. It was at Mayhem and it will be tonight. We've both followed through since then, and now we're both champions. Now the playing field is even and the only question that remains is who will be the better competitor tonight? You said it perfectly Sheridan, we're both extremely talented competitors who are overlooked in the grand scheme because we don't fit the product. But look at us now. Gold around our waists and squaring off not for a title but to make a splash in the King of the Ring tournament. I'd argue I'm going to be the better man tonight and be the man to defy everyone's expectations by winning the tournament and obviously you'd say the opposite. Whatever happens tonight is no matter, but I'd like this to be a show of respect. You're one of the few people I hold that respect for, and I think it'd benefit the match to include it, wouldn't you say? Mikey extends his hand out to Sheridan, staring her directly in the eye. Sheridan emerges from the corner and now stands in front of Mikey, accepting his hand shake. The two champions stand face to face, mirroring each other's smirks as the scene fades out to a commercial break.
  3. Mikey

    NJPW 2020

    Makabe VS Cobb Ishii VS Henare Yano VS Owens Cabana VS Fale Okada VS White (why must this be first round) Nagata VS Suzuki Robinson VS Coughlin Finlay VS Taguchi Tanahashi VS Taichi Ibushi VS ZSJ (ditto) Nicholls VS SANADA Ospreay VS Takagi Tenzan VS HASHI Fredericks VS KENTA Kojima VS EVIL Goto VS Takahashi Makabe vs Ishii Owens vs Cabana Okada vs Suzuki Robinson vs Taguchi Tanahashi vs ZSJ SANADA vs Ospreay Tenzan vs KENTA EVIL vs Takahashi Ishii vs Owens Suzuki vs Taguchi Tanahashi vs SANADA KENTA vs Takahashi Ishii vs Suzuki SANADA vs KENTA Suzuki vs KENTA
  4. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. BPZ just keeps on rolling, doesn't it? We're almost out the craziness that is the late spring and early summer, and the last stop is King of the Ring. One of if not the most prestigious tournaments in BPZ history is right around the corner and I'm basically just sneaking this segment in. Believe me people, shit like this takes lots of time to draw up but I'm pretty confident with how I did. The participants are already hard at work and preparing as I speak, but that's not gonna stop me from ranking them. You heard that right, just like I did with the PowerTrip Cup, I will be ranking all 16 participants from worst to best chance to win the tournament, except this time I actually know who's gonna be in it. Let's get right into it, shall we? Who Has the Best Chance to Win King of the Ring? 16. Austin Mirage Straight up, I feel horrible putting Austin Mirage at the bottom of this list but I really have no choice. Mirage has perhaps the most difficult and uphill path in the tournament, having to first vanquish Gunner and then either Bob Sparks or Bart. So yeah, there's not a lot of guys who would succeed in the same position, and I really can't blame Mirage for that. He's been doing the best work of his career as of late and I think after this tournament he could start making larger strides toward more accomplishable aspirations such as capturing the BPZ United States or Premium championship (let's make it happen BPZ, this man deserves something). 15. Epic Epic finds himself in a very sticky situation. He has to face off against the top seed of the Carnage side in former BPZ Premium Champion Echo Wilson, and if he ends up defeating Echo he has to face some more tough competition in either Ropati or Broken Nate, two favorites to win the Carnage side of the tournament. And especially after coming off a BPZ NXT Championship loss, he doesn't have a whole lot of momentum heading into the tournament and amongst many other bigger stars, I don't see a big run for the victory happening. 14. Addy Just like Mirage, it hurts me to put Addy this low but do I really have a choice? The brand new NXT Champion finds himself in an awful predicament, having to face one of the favorites in Hans Clayton first round. Personally, I don't understand how BPZ decided these matchups but it seems to be by seeds and having Addy as the bottom one feels a bit out of place. He's been pretty good as of late and certainly deserves to be bumped up a spot or two, but alas he is fighting an uphill battle. I will admit if he somehow beats Hans, his second round matchup against either Sheridan or fellow stablemate Mikey is much more favorable than what it would be against either Bart or Bob Sparks. 13. Prince This is the point of the list where I feel like the people start to have a chance at winning. Case and point, Prince. It is completely plausible, in my opinion, for him to defeat Raven and then either Buddy Ace or Alex Costa. This new character is one I'm really liking and hopefully he can keep putting on great performances on the mic and back them up in the ring. Prince has been overlooked for far too long and this tournament may be his breakout performance. I think while it is possible for him to beat whoever ends up on the other side of the Carnage finals, it is still somewhat unlikely which is why he is so low, but the point is my man has and deserves a chance. 12. Broken Nate Please please please hear me out. I know this ranking seems insane and I somewhat agree. But I think that the top 12 of the tournament are all so close together in having a shot at winning (apart from a select few) that Nate could realistically be in the top 5. But I decided to put him so low because he's coming off a PowerTrip Cup loss in the Carnage finals and would BPZ really be willing to send him far in the tournament again? I personally would, but the issue is he's matched against Ropati first round. And like I said, that's a really big matchup, one that I would save for the quarter or semi finals, but alas it's the first round. I feel like this just might be Ropati's time, and if not Echo Wilson is in desperate need of a booster from this tournament so I think he would defeat Nate if he made it to the second round. 11. Alex Costa Like I said earlier, I could 100% agree with switching both Alex and Nate around and that's something I will be saying for the majority of this list. Alex Costa is coming off some of the best matches in his career and his work has been at an all time high. But he's never really been given the chance to get that big win. Sure he made it to the second round of the PowerTrip Cup, but that was just about it. He now faces Buddy Ace again, and logically I think Ace should win just because he has more momentum and lost the first encounter. But again, this is a man I think could make a run and win the whole tournament if BPZ was feeling bold and I wouldn't be overly surprised if that happened. 10. Gunner Let's get this straight, Gunner is this low on the list for one reason and one reason only, his potential second round matchup. Either Bart or Bob Sparks would be a really rough match for Gunner, and as two of the men who have a good chance at winning this tournament, I just can't see BPZ putting Gunner over either one of those guys. If he was on the other side of the tournament, his journey would be a lot less stacked and he'd have a great chance at making it to the Valor finals and having the momentum to topple whoever is on the other side. But alas, the finals for Valor seems all be set at this point and Gunner is just an unfortunate victim of that. 9. Buddy Ace Like I said earlier, Buddy Ace is ahead of Alex Costa because of his recent momentum. I think there's a very high chance he'll get to the second round, but will he end up defeating Raven? The way I see it, Raven has the momentum from the newly formed stable and that is going to send him far in this tournament. I'd imagine BPZ would stray away from having two new friends Alex Costa and Raven facing each other, but having Buddy Ace take Costa's spot is a perfect solution. With his current momentum, Ace could realistically beat Raven and make a push for the Carnage finals and even overall finals which I think justifies him being in the top 10. 8. Mikey Ah I wish I could put my bias higher in this tournament but this place just feels right for him. Although he made the finals of the PowerTrip Cup, Mikey has an insanely tough road ahead of him. He first has to overcome Sheridan, something he wasn't able to do before and then go on to face (most likely) Hans, and if there is any way in hell he wins, a match against either Bart or Bob Sparks would most likely dig his grave. Again, there is a lot of starpower in this tournament and some of these stars have to be ranked lower simply because of the sheer amount of talent around them. As much as I like Mikey, I can't see him getting past the second round. 7. Sheridan Speaking of Mikey, his first round opponent Sheridan secures the spot above him. I think Sheridan still has the slight advantage over Mikey given her recent BPZ United States Championship victory and being the first champion to defend the belt since October of last year. An argument can be made she'd end up facing Hans Clayton and that'd look somewhat bad for business, but there's also the threat of Mikey going up against Addy. And while that is much less likely, it's a good scapegoat for having Sheridan win without giving away the winner. But just like Mikey, I think Sheridan will fall to Hans Clayton as he seems to be the current star of the Cut-Throat Crew that will be getting the attention for now. 6. Echo Wilson I really wanted to squeeze one of my bias' into the top 5 but alas here he is at number 6. I think Echo Wilson could make a legitimate run for king. Not only is he the number one seed, but he surely will have a redemption story after losing his championship and it could be seen as strategical so he could prepare for this match. Either way, Echo still is looking for that main event nudge and I sense it coming sooner rather than later. My only worry is that he's facing Ropati in the second round which is a tough matchup, but I think he has what it takes to beat him even if he's higher in the list. What I'm saying is we're in the territory where there's an actual chance any of these guys could win the tournament. 5. Bob Sparks It legitimately pains me to put Bob Sparks in the top 5 rather than the top 3. But the reality is BPZ shat on him with his seed placement so he's got a really rough tournament ahead of him. In the biggest first round match of the tournament, he will be taking on Bart. And while Bart is the favorite, I think Bob Sparks could definitely pull off the upset. After all, he is the "Bracket Buster" and it's been a while since brackets have been busted. If Sparks beats Bart, I think he'd handle Gunner with ease and then could even make a play for the finals if BPZ is willing to have him defeat Hans Clayton. Again, it's not likely but I could 100% see it happening and would love to see it happen as well. 4. Raven Now for Raven. I think his path is one that benefits him and that he will be able to defeat both Prince and what I can only assume to be Buddy Ace convincingly. But the question is what we he do the Carnage finals? As you can probably guess, I see him facing off against Ropati. And judging by Raven being 4 and Ropati being higher, I do think that Raven will lose BUT I could definitely see him winning. He's got the hype of the new faction, he'll look great after defeating his other opponents and basically I think Raven is ready for that big main event push, and what better way to initiate it than winning King of the Ring against some of the best in the company? 3. Ropati Now for the top 3, and I'm gonna kick it off with Ropati. Like I just said, I thinking Ropati will end up winning the Carnage side of the tournament and will be looking sensational heading into the finals. Defeating Broken Nate, Echo Wilson and finally Raven sounds just about as difficult as it can get and it also sounds like the resume of a winner. His patented Kiwi Kick has been hyped up recently and I think that it'll be put to good use and protected well during the tournament. Now will he end up defeating the winner of the Valor bracket? Yeah, I could for sure see that happening. King Ropati sounds pretty damn good to me and I'd like to see him win. It'd be a nice change of pace in my opinion from the usual big, favorite star winning. 2. Bart And now, the top 2. For 2 I've gotta go with one half of the BPZ Tag Team Champions in Bart. Ever since last year King of the Ring, Bart has been hyped up to make the finals and potentially win the tournament, and it's not too far fetched to say the least. He hasn't lost a match in a while so his momentum is through the roof and he still needs to prove he can hang without Smith after so many months of teaming with him. Bart is also a sensational talent who has the star quality and name value to win the entire tournament, and I can practically envision him as king right now. But not quite, because there's still one man who I think has a slightly better chance. 1. Hans Clayton Let's be honest, if Bart's been pictured in the finals of the tournament since last year, the one man who should be standing across from him is Hans Clayton. After shockingly making the finals last year to lose to Julius, Hans has been primed to win the tournament for this year. And guess what? He has a perfect redemption story to work with now after losing his BPZ Undisputed Championship to Slim who is also the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Challenging him once again would practically be a perfect story and BPZ is more than likely to go through with it. And hey, I can't complain at all. The two were sensational in their recent feud and I would love to see it carry on. But yes, King Hans Clayton may not have a huge ring to it but it is something we all may have to get used to very soon. And that will do it for me. As I've been saying, this tournament is loaded with talent and future champions and ranking them is no easy task so please take it easy on me. The last thing I need is some jobbers like Flynn and Yelich ranting about something they're not even apart of again. But BPZ, you have a few good options, DON'T YOU FUCK IT UP! As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  5. Men's Superstar of the Year: Drew McIntyre Women's Superstar of the Year: Charlotte Flair Men's Match of the Year: Orton vs Edge - GOAT match Women's Match of the Year: Becky vs Asuka - RR Men's Rising Star: Angel Garza Women's Rising Star: Sonya Deville Best Pay-Per-View: WrestleMania 36 Most Memorable Moment: Edge's return Best Feud: Orton vs Edge Best Heel/Face Turn: Orton's heel turn Most Extreme Moment: Owens' Mania dive Best Promo: Orton after he beat Edge Biggest Surprise: Edge's return AND my boy Apollo Crews winning US
  6. Men's Superstar of the Year: Chris Jericho Women's Superstar of the Year: Hikaru Shida Men's Match of the Year: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs Young Bucks - Revolution Women's Match of the Year: Shida vs Rose - Double or Nothing Men's Rising Star: MJF Women's Rising Star: Britt Baker Best Pay-Per-View: Double or Nothing Most Memorable Moment: Stadium Stampede Bar Fight Best Feud: Cody vs MJF Best Heel/Face Turn: N/A Most Extreme Moment: One Winged Angel on Guevara off the stand Best Promo: Roberts on Cody Biggest Surprise: Brian Cage debut Best Heel: Chris Jericho Best Face: Cody
  7. I’m proud of my Lob City boys for showing up and I hope that their success continues. I’m actually very surprised by them, the Knicks and the Mavericks. Even though those teams were great in real life, it’s interesting how they are still succeeding against the greatest teams of all time. I have a feeling that Hakeem will end up winning MVP, but I think it’s anyone’s game right now. Keep up the great work Ropati.
  8. Episode 55 JCW End of the Line Match 1 (JCW National Championship) - Last Man Standing: Wade Barrett (c) vs Adam Cole Wade Barrett defeated Adam Cole in 19:47 with a Bull Hammer into a steel chair placed in front of Cole's face that led to Barrett putting Cole through a table at ringside with the Wasteland, retaining his JCW National Championship. Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Drew Gulak (c) vs ??? Ahead of his open challenge, Drew Gulak is pacing the ring, preparing himself for whoever steps through the curtain. Much to his surprise, that man is the debuting Lio Rush, something Gulak does not seem pleased about. But nonetheless, he kneels down and waves Rush into the ring, ready for the fight. Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Drew Gulak (c) vs LIo Rush Lio Rush defeated Drew Gulak in 7:41 by DQ, allowing Gulak to retain the JCW Breakout Championship Match 3: Rey Mysterio vs Jay White Jay White defeated Rey Mysterio in 20:13 Match 4 (JCW Best in the World Finals): The Young Bucks vs Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) defeated The Young Bucks in 23:55, winning the JCW Best in the World tournament and JCW Tag Team Championships Main Event (JCW World Championship): Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Sami Callihan Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Sami Callihan in 20:28, retaining the JCW World Championship After his championship defense, the crowd comes alive as Jay White enters the ring silently behind Tanahashi. The champion realizes and spins around, now standing face to face with White. White slowly raises a microphone to his mouth, saying that he is more deserving than anyone in the company for a title shot. He says he has long been deprived of a title shot and would love to face Tanahashi come the new year. Tanahashi debates it for a moment before extending a hand to White. White accepts the handshake, staring Tanahashi in the eye to end the show.
  9. Episode 51 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, both Milano Collection AT and Jushin Thunder Liger come out to address the crowd. They announce that because of the impromptu release of Dave Crist, the JCW Tag Team Championships have been vacated. And that over the course of the next four weeks, teams will be having matches to prove themselves in the JCW Best in the World tournament to crown the new JCW Tag Team Champions. Adam Cole defeated Rich Swann in 14:03 After the match, Cole is once again joined in the ring by the Young Bucks like he was against Hiromu Takahashi last month. Cole announces that there is a new stable in JCW, the Cole Train. And there is one stable that stands in their way of establishing dominance: Nexus Reborn. Cole acknowledges the threat of them and says that he wants to show them that they truly have competition. With that, Cole leaves a challenge: a match for the JCW National Championship against Wade Barrett in a Last Man Standing match. Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) defeated Breezango in 9:43 Sami Callihan defeated CIMA in 18:32 After his victory, Callihan announces that with the recent, unfortunate departure of Dave Crist, he's had much more time to focus on improving himself as an individual wrestler. And because of that, Callihan announces that he will is challenging JCW World Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi at JCW End of the Line. Just as the words leave his mouth, Tanahashi's theme song plays and the world champion comes out. He speaks as he makes his way down to the ring, saying Callihan's making a bold statement for having not won much in his time. But he's always willing to fight, and given that no one else wants to step up to the plate, he's more than willing to take on Callihan. The two men then stand off the center of the ring to end the show. Episode 52 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem The Usos come out to open the show, saying that they demand an opponent to prove themselves worthy of a JCW Tag Team Championship match. In response, both of The Boys rush to the ring, diving inside. The bell rings as soon as they enter, and both Usos superkick them, ending the match in less than 5 seconds. The Usos then celebrate their victory, their path to a JCW Tag Team Championship opportunity looking pretty good so far. Drew Gulak defeated Shun Skywalker in 8:53, retaining his BPZ Breakout Championship in an open challenge. He then announces afterward that he will be defending his title whenever possible in an open challenge format, including at JCW End of the Line. The Young Bucks defeated Nexus Reborn (Ren Narita & Naoya Nomura) in 15:27 After the Young Bucks' victory over Nexus Reborn, Adam Cole slides into the ring, once again calling out JCW National Champion Wade Barrett. This time, he is granted a response, but not a direct one. Barrett says that he's not a willing man, and that if Cole wants the championship match he desires so badly, he'll have to prove himself. In his eyes, a couple of wins over "enhancement talent" isn't enough to justify him getting a title shot. Cole counters that Barrett will never be able to beat a man like Hiromu Takahashi, and that if he accepts his terms then Barrett must accept his, and that's for the match to be Last Man Standing. Barrett considers it, and with a few whispers from Theory and Kenoh, the champion accepts. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Jake Crist in 16:02 Callihan comes out after witnessing his oVe stablemate lose his match and applauds Tanahashi. He says that not many men are able to defeat members of oVe with such ease, but Jake is just the beginning. Callihan claims that Jake has been deeply hurt by the unjust release of his brother, and that he is not in the right mindset to wrestle. But having said that, he was able to keep Tanahashi going for 16 minutes. Callihan says he will be much more prepared than Jake come JCW End of the Line, so he better watch his back. After saying those words, Jake Crist clobbers Tanahashi with a steel chair to the back of the head, causing the champion to fall to the ground in pain. The show ends with Crist standing over the champion and Callihan laughing and clapping from the stage. Episode 53 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, none other than Operation Takeover enter. The group of four walk down to the ring and roll inside. Jay White is the only one holding a microphone, and he says that the rest of his friends are out here for protection purposes. White claims that he has a feeling that he is on the verge of something big, and that he needs a big victory to justify it. He challenges anyone in the back who thinks they have what it takes to take him down, alone and with no help, and if they think they can do it, he invites them to share the ring with him. To the surprise of everyone in the arena, Rey Mysterio, JCW's newest signee, sprints down to the ring. He dives inside, causing the stable to exit it before saying a simple message: he's here and ready for a fight. Rey Mysterio defeated Dalton Castle in 12:39 The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Street Profits in 16:32 Sami Callihan appears on screen now. He is backstage with Jake Crist, patting his back at Crist holds his head down in sorrow. Callihan says that both he and Crist are battling through hard times, but it only makes them stronger. He says that come JCW End of the Line, both he and Crist will have overcome their loss and be completely prepared for whatever Tanahashi throws at them. Callihan says that Tanahashi is no doubt a great competitor, but that he is a man of wisdom. He says he will manipulate the champion as much as possible in pursuit of a victory, and at the end of the day, that's what will make him the new JCW World Champion. Adam Cole defeated Kento Miyahara in 21:40 The exhausted Cole now picks up a microphone, standing in the ring alone. Breathing heavily, he tells Barrett to get his ass out here to finalize the deal. The JCW National Champion obliges, surrounded by his stablemates. All five of them enter the ring, and Barrett says that he accepts Cole's deal. But now, he will have to be the last man standing in order to win his championship. With those words, Barrett exits the ring and heads to the back, his four stablemates still all in front of Cole. Cole begins to slowly back away, but before he can get far, the Young Bucks dive into the ring from the crowd with kendo sticks in hand, causing a retreat from the faction. The Cole Train all stand on the ropes, telling Nexus Reborn to come back at them and see what happens. Episode 54 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem The Young Bucks defeated The Motor City Machine Guns in 19:42 Rey Mysterio appears on screen after his electric debut victory last week. Mysterio says that he is more than excited to take his talents to Japan and that he feels as if he has a lot to offer to the new scene. Many clips play of him zooming around the ring, catching opponents with crafty moves and hitting the 619. Rey says that Jay White is one of the best JCW has to offer, and that to face him in his debut match is an honor, no matter what type of person White may be. Mysterio wishes White the best of the luck, finally saying that he is looking forward to see what the best in Japan has to offer. Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) defeated The Usos in 20:23 The Cole Train come down to the ring after Nexus Reborn's victory, applauding their opponents. The Young Bucks speak first, saying that Theory and Kenoh's efforts in this tournament have been cute, but they already had their chance last month and sold it so they should find themselves lucky to be in this position let alone facing the best tag team in JCW. The tag team snatches the microphones away from the Bucks, and they say that it is the Young Bucks who should feel lucky because they are still able to walk into the match. They state that Nexus Reborn isn't about the accomplishments or the titles, it's about the damage done and power. They eviscerated the Crist Brothers last month so bad that Dave Crist left the company, and now they plan to do the same to the Bucks but capture the titles along the way. Cole them pulls out a microphone and says he's just happy to have a title match, something the stable shares a laugh about. The laughing soon ends as Wade Barrett blasts Cole from behind with a Bull Hammer and the rest of Nexus Reborn piles onto the Young Bucks. After the beatdown, Barrett picks up a microphone and issues a warning to the rest of the roster: if you mess with Nexus Reborn, the result won't be pretty. Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kento Miyahara defeated oVe in 18:37 And to end off the show, both teams stand across from each other in the ring. Callihan retrieves a microphone from ringside, saying that Tanahashi got lucky because he's not at his full strength just yet. Callihan states he doesn't want to fight anymore, and that he wants the match at JCW End of the Line to be as fair as possible. Then and only then will he be able to prove that he is better than Tanahashi and that he is able to avenge Jake Crist's brother. With those words said, Callihan throws the microphone down and both he and Crist walk past Tanahashi and Miyahara, returning to the back without a single look back.
  10. I 100% see where Corbin is coming from but this is just silly. I understand how he thinks a brand new up and coming NXT guy who's hardly had any TV time on the main roster shouldn't feud with him because he's still a name with some value, but he's not in the right place to talk. Like Bart said, Corbin could be enjoying a main event run with some big names right now but he messed up with his poor behavior. It's that behavior that got him here in the first place so he has no right to complain about who he does or doesn't face. I like Corbin as a wrestler but he's definitely a questionable guy outside of kayfabe.
  11. Undisputed Era vs Mustache Mountain Broserweights vs Grizzled Young Veterans Imperium vs Brit-Am Brawlers South Wales Subculture vs Breezango Street Profits vs Lucha House Party Viking Raiders vs Heavy Machinery Rollins & Murphy vs New Day Zayn & Shinsuke vs Ziggler & Roode Undisputed Era vs GYV Imperium vs Breezango Street Profits vs Viking Raiders Rollins & Murphy vs Zayn & Shinsuke Undisputed Era vs Imperium Street Profits vs Rollins & Murphy Undisputed Era vs Rollins & Murphy
  12. Mikey

    Ups and Downs

    As BPZ Judgment Day rolls onward, we have the brand new BPZ Premium Champion Mikey backstage just moments after his victory. He is drenched in sweat and has bandages wrapped around both his midsection and right shoulder, but on that same shoulder he carries his newly won gold. Despite the pain he is clearly in, Mikey puts on a smile as he enters the room. He gets into the center of the frame and cracks open a bottle of water, taking a long swig before speaking. What a night, right? First I get to perform in one of the best matches of my career against FDS and Sameer, and while I lost I think it's safe to say I held my own against two of the best BPZ have to offer. Being the first man eliminated is never fun, but life has its low points, right? And you know what, those low points usually lead to high points shortly after. And well, I think it's pretty clear that the saying was proven true. Mikey looks down at a championship, grinning at what he just said before continuing with his speech. Ladies and gentlemen, your new BPZ Premium Champion speaking. Personally, I hate this championship and what it stands for. It has long been made a title that some lower card guy or fallen off main eventer like Sameer wins to boost up their momentum again, but I'm not about to let that happen. This title has found champion after champion, each one falling to the next. But I don't give a damn about those who need momentum boosters or petty title wins to save themselves and get back into the main picture. I'm going to make this title mean something. People have tried before and failed, but I have never had the pleasure of holding this championship. So really, just a warning for all of those who have plans to challenge me. You'll simply be put into the category of ups in my career. Mikey now sets his championship down on the table beside of him, signifying that he's done speaking about it. He once again takes a long draw from his water, grimacing in pain and clutching at his side. Ahhh, the battle scars. It just makes the fight all the more worth it though. But let's move on to more pressing matters. I lost and won tonight, two things that I will always readily accept. But like I always say, that's in the past now. It's time to look toward the present and the future, by which I mean King of the Ring. I'm sure you all have heard just as I have, I will be facing Sheridan in the first round of the tournament. Sheridan, you were the cause of one of the many low points in my career. When I won the BPZ United States Championship for the second time, people believed in me. They finally thought someone was going to hold onto the title for a long time and be the first man since myself to rack up a reign longer than a month. But you were the one to steal my moment and be the person to do that. And all of that because of your friend Bob Sparks. But I surpassed Bob Sparks, pushed through him in the PowerTrip Cup and made sure that he wouldn't be an issue. I plan to do the exact same to you, Sheridan. The two of you caused two of the lowest moments of my career, but I've bounced back and have been able to surpass expectations. I'll turn the low you gave me into a high. I look forward to facing you again, Sheridan. We'll see if you've stepped it up as much as I have. Mikey picks up his championship off the table and walks off screen without another word as the screen fades to black.
  13. The epitome of an undeserving rumble winner is Batista in 2014. While it seemed like it could have actually led to something at the time, in hindsight it seems absolutely ludicrous. Imagine Randy Orton vs Batista main eventing a Wrestlemania in 2014. It sounds like something that should've happened 6 years earlier, and if it had I wouldn't be complaining. And the fact that Daniel Bryan had to be added to the match to save it made it feel even worse. Watching back that main event match, I found it hard to remember that Batista was the winner of the Rumble. He legitimately felt out of place and as if he had no chance at winning which only makes the reasoning stronger.
  14. WWE Championship: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Finn Balor WWE Tag Team Championships: El Dorado (Alberto Del Rio & The Miz) (c) w/ Andrade vs The New Day (Kofi Kingston & Big E) w/ Xavier Woods RAW Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Emma WWE Intercontinental Championship: Submission Match: Neville (c) vs. Austin Aries Nia Jax vs. Naomi Rey Mysterio vs. Fandango John Cena vs. Chris Jericho Bonus Questions A superstar will have the back of Rey Mysterio during the PPV, who is it? Sin Cara baby Chris Jericho offers to mentor a tag team on Smackdown, which team? El Dorado Highest rated superstar performance of the night? John Cena Highest rated match of the night? Cena vs Jericho
  15. We are already waist deep into BPZ Judgment Day with Sameer defeating both FDS and Mikey to win the BPZ PowerTrip Cup and Addy capturing the BPZ NXT Championship just before this match for the BPZ Premium Championship. All of the challengers have already entered and are now perched outside the ring on different sides, waiting for the arrival of the BPZ Premium Champion. "Headlines" by Drake erupts through the speakers in the arena and the crowd raises to their feet, coming alive in response. Echo Wilson pops out from the backstage, a huge smile on his face and BPZ Premium Championship secured around his waist ahead of his title defense. The camera now switches over to Nanovirus, his eyes narrowed underneath his mask as he looks at the champion making his entrance. Wilson poses for a moment on the stage for the fans before strutting down to the ring, ready to handle business. Wilson walks up the stairs and enters the ring slowly. He walks over to the certain of it and waves at his competitors, encouraging them to enter the ring with him. While they do so, the referee checks Wilson for any weapons and takes his championship away, raising it high in the air before handing it off to ringside. All four wrestlers are now on the respective sides of their ring, and the referee waves his hand, beginning the match. DING DING DING! And we're off! All four of the men seem hesitant to make a move, but it is Akki Mahal who makes the first gesture, rushing at the champion Echo Wilson. At the same time, both Mikey and Nanovirus charge at each other, meeting in the middle of the ring. The two begin exchanging punches while Wilson counters Akki, sending him into the corner and beginning to beat him down with punches to the head. Wilson becomes the first man to make a major move in the match, grasping onto the ropes around Akki and boosting himself up to hit an enzuigiri in the corner. Akki falls to the ground and at the same time, Nanovirus hoists Mikey high into the air, planting him down firmly on his back with a two handed chokeslam. The two standing men now face off against each other from across the ring, observing the competition. Wilson charges at Nanovirus like the fighting champion that he is and the tactic works. Wilson catches Nanovirus off guard with a forearm to the face, something he follows up with knee to the gut and a kick to the back of the head. Nanovirus falls to a knee and Wilson charges off the ropes, nailing him with a kick to the side of the head. Wilson wastes no time in scooping Nanovirus back to his feet and throwing him off the ropes. Nanovirus hangs on and Wilson runs at him only for the veteran to pull the top rope down and send Wilson to the outside. Nanovirus turns back toward the center of the ring to be met by a kick to the shin courtesy of Mikey. Nanovirus simply looks annoyed by the move, grabbing Mikey by his head and flipping him to a seated position. Nanovirus locks in a headlock, wrenching it deeper every time Mikey tries to make a move out of it. Eventually, Mikey swings blindly above him, managing to connect with a punch to Nanovirus' head, breaking the hold. Mikey scampers back to his feet and catches the oncoming Nanovirus by hooking his leg with both of his legs, sending the veteran face down to the mat. Mikey follows up with a knee drop to Nanovirus' back, now seemingly in control of this match. Echo Wilson now reenters the ring after having taken some time to recover on the outside, going right at Mikey. The BPZ Premium Champion nails Mikey with a clothesline that sends him flying backward off the ropes. Wilson runs at him again and catches him with a slingblade. Mikey falls to the ground and Wilson is turned around by Akki Mahal. Wilson wastes no time in kicking Akki across the stomach and clutching his head to his side. Wilson then hoists Akki high into the air, nailing him with a suplex. Wilson is now the only one standing, and he walks up to Nanovirus, getting him back to his feet and starting to deliver chop after chop to his chest until he is pressed up against the turnbuckle. Wilson backs up to the middle of the ring before running at Nanovirus once again, leaping into the air to hit the Crown Jewel. Nanovirus stumbles out of the corner and Wilson is there once again, hoisting him onto his shoulders. But before he can deliver a move, Mikey grabs onto his leg from the ground, causing Wilson to drop Nanovirus. Wilson kicks Mikey away and swings at him with a high kick to which Mikey dodges, ducking underneath. With Wilson now having his back turned, Mikey springs up to his feet, getting him in position for the Nightmare. Wilson breaks free by flipping backward over Mikey, reversing the hold and now being in position for the Bloody Sunday! Before he can hit the move, Akki comes in and breaks it up with a headbutt to Wilson, causing him to stumble away. Akki now focuses on Mikey, getting him in position for the Soldier Drop. But before he can deliver the move, the BPZ Premium Champion gets back into the fray, breaking up the move and hitting a lethal snap german suplex on Akki! Akki wisely rolls out of the ring to the outside, giving himself some precious moments to recover after the onslaught. Wilson's next contender is Nanovirus who was biding his time. The veteran gets the advantage on Wilson, locking in a waistlock and transitioning it into a headlock. From there, Nanovirus spins Wilson around and throws him in the air, catching him for a powerbomb. But no! Wilson reverses the powerbomb, turning it into a hurricanrana that sends Nanovirus out of the ring like Akki. It is now down to Wilson and Mikey in the ring, and the challenger is now once again on his feet. The two both step up to each other and begin slugging it out, neither man backing down. Mikey eventually lands a well placed punch that dazes Wilson, and The Star Attraction follows up with a ripcord elbow to drop Wilson to his knees. Mikey sprints off the ropes and leaps forward, looking to connect with Adrenaline. The BPZ Premium Champion wisely rolls to the side to dodge the move and pops right back up to his feet. Both men now run at each other, leaping into the air and connecting with a double crossbody! Both men are now down in the center of the ring, and while they crawl over to the ropes to help them get up, Akki rises on the outside. He notices Nanovirus and gets him back up to his feet. He lands a slap to the face of the veteran, and Nanovirus is unfazed, staring Akki down through his mask. The Indian Hero attempts to swing with a punch and recover, but Nanovirus reaches his hand forward, grabbing Akki by the throat. He puts Akki's arm over his shoulder and hoists him into the air, marching over to the announcer's table. The crowd comes alive in realization as Nanovirus lifts Akki high into the air, throwing him downward in a CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The table collapses from the weight of Akki and sheer force of Nanovirus' slam while the crowd cheers on. Nanovirus laughs underneath his mask while picking up Akki and shoving him into the ring. With both Wilson and Mikey still recovering, Nanovirus goes for the pin. ONE, TWO, THR- And the fall is broken up by Wilson. After breaking the pinfall up, Wilson grasps at his midsection, but he has done his job. Nanovirus rises to his feet in anger, towering over the much smaller Wilson. He now grabs Wilson by the throat, hoisting him to his feet with one hand. He then positions Wilson on his shoulders, throwing him off in a samoan drop. Nanovirus looks down at Wilson with disgust as he gets back to his feet, and when he turns around he runs right into Adrenaline from Mikey! Nanovirus stumbles back to the ropes, and Mikey charges at him once more, this time clotheslining him over the top and to the outside. Satisfied, Mikey turns his attention back to the ring, but Echo Wilson is standing right in front of him. Mikey smirks at the sudden appearance and swings a punch, but Wilson blocks it with his forearm and fires back with a forearm to the face. Mikey recoils back, and Wilson capitalizes with a knee to the gut followed by a DDT. Wilson now ascends to the top rope, looking to finally close this match out. Wilson leaps off the top rope for a Stardust Stomp and... Mikey rolls out of the way! Wilson lands hard, having not rotated far enough. He clutches at his midsection while getting back to his feet and Mikey takes advantage with a kick to his gut. Wilson reels over in pain, and Mikey moves quickly, hitting Wilson with a crucial falcon arrow. Wilson once again lands hard, this time clutching at his back in agony as he rolls out to the apron, taking a moment to recover. Mikey now notices Akki still down in the middle of the ring, a large smile on his face. The crowd boos as Mikey gets Akki to his feet before hoisting him onto his shoulders. Surrounded by hatred from the fans, Mikey tosses Akki off his shoulders, landing the Shattered Illusion! Mikey falls to his knees, looking up at the crowd with a grin on his face as he pins Akki. ONE, TWO, THREE! HERE IS YOUR WINNER AND NEWWWW BPZ PREMIUM CHAMPION, MIKEYYYYY! The referee presents Mikey with his title, and the crowned champion takes the title, immediately raising it high into the air. He hops onto the second rope and holds the title high into the air, smiling and laughing while the crowd boos him on. The screen fades to black as Mikey hops off the ropes, still holding his title high in the air.
  16. I was actually just about to post this video. The last one they did was very lackluster, I'll admit that but they brought it back nicely with this. Although they couldn't alter the last question, I found it appropriate that it was a wrestling question hence why I was gonna post it here. Harry knows his shit about Benoit and I respect that.
  17. I voted for Network Era first, I think that both Bob and Slim have been very consistent this month and have been putting out great stuff in every single post. While Sheridan has been doing the same, I think the loss of Julius is more detrimental and being able to bounce back from that was very impressive. I then voted Echo and the Echoed Voice BPZ diary because I think it's being criminally underrated right now. Echo's been consistently dropping posts for it since it's beginning and I think it's a very interesting concept that hasn't been used before, something that's not really seen these days. I just think that him keeping up with the posts that both Ropati and Sameer are doing just gives him the edge. I voted for Sheridan's UFC diary because I really like how it's presented and although I'm not a huge fan of the UFC I still find it a very interesting diary nonetheless. And lastly I voted for myself because I gotta give my diary some credibility yktv, but I will admit the Pizza Place was much better this month and had a lot of great stuff going on that justifies it winning.
  18. I am very glad to see this coming back, Alex. I think that the team is still looking fresh and although you are a little bit behind on the levels I think it balances out given how good some of your Pokemon are. Shingo and Iizuka are beastly right now and I can see them lasting till the final team. Either way you're in a great spot right now and the rest of this run is setting up to be very nice (post more of this please!).
  19. AEW World Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c) vs. Best Friends AEW TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Jake Hager AEW Women's World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) (with Marko Stunt) vs. MJF and Wardlow Private Party vs. Santana and Ortiz Bonus Question: Second To Last Match Of The Night? Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford Will Chris Jericho get involved in any matches and if so which one? Cody (c) vs. Jake Hager
  20. Mikey

    NWA: Lone Star

    Name: "Deputy" Gerald Williams Billed from: San Antonio, Texas Weight: 283 lbs Theme: "Ram Ranch" by Grant McDonald Figurehead: JBL Finishers: "Pinpoint" (Brainbuster), "Eight Wheeler" (Pounce) Signatures: Chokeslam, "Heartbreaker" (GTR) Moveset: Powerslam, lariat, big boot, chest chop Alignment: Heel Date of birth: April 23rd, 1984 (36 years old) Gimmick: Corrupt law enforcement Wrestling style: Big, burly, slow powerhouse Bio (Optional): Gerald Williams was a wrestling prodigy ever since he was young. He was tremendously large for his age, and many recommended the business to him based on his love for wrestling and how physically imposing he is. He has traveled all over the indies trying to perfect his gimmick, and he has finally done so, allowing him to take his talents right over to Lone Star.
  21. AEW Full Gear 2019 Predictions PreShow: Alex Reynolds + John Silver vs Best Friends vs Young Bucks vs Lucha Bros. Winners will face another team at a later date for AEW Tag Team Championships Preshow: Nyla Rose vs Hana Kimura vs Tenille Dashwood vs Big Swole Danté Garza Jr vs Jimmy Havoc Killer Kross vs Brian Pillman Jr Cody vs Ted Dibiase Jr HONOUR(Kushida,KENTA,CIMA) vs SCU- Elimination Match AEW Women’s Championship- Mercedes Boss(c) vs Mercedes Martinez Jake Hager vs Jon Moxley Jay Lethal vs PAC: 30 Minute Iron Man Match AEW World Championship- Chris Jericho(c) vs Kenny Omega Bonus Points Killer Kross is confronted by someone after the match,who is this individual? Brian Cage Who will get the 2nd highest rated match? Lethal vs PAC A New Stable is formed tonight but who are it’s members? Jericho, Lethal, Lucha Bros Will there be any debuts that have not been advertised? No
  22. "The Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth. It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses." In this island off the coast of North Carolina, nothing seems to matter. It's just you and your friends against the world with the only thing stopping you being your own imagination. For years upon decades, the people of the Outer Banks have been living in peace, harmony even. But recently, an economic divide has spread in the island due to a failure in banks all around the island in 1998, separating it into two areas. The north side of the island is where the Kooks reside in, the area commonly referred to as The Link. The Kooks were those fortunate enough to find themselves in a position where their investments were able to support them through the rough patches, allowing them to retain their luxury and keep their businesses afloat. Since then, they've developed a Darwinistic view that they were the chosen ones and they therefore were able to survive the poor economic period. Every Kook has two things in common: money and power that spawns from it. They control 96% of the total income on the island, leaving hardly any for their counterparts on the south side. Speaking of that side, the south area of the island is where the Pogues reside, the lower class citizens. On their part of the island known as South Saview, all you'll find is people in high spirits but in poor conditions. While The Link is full of massive plots of land, mansions, and businesses, South Saview is a place that resembles a fishing town more than a business plentiful city. Many Pogues find themselves working for their rich counterparts, doing whatever it takes to survive while also having a good time. Every Pogue is on the lookout for that one opportunity to change their life and turn the tables on the Kooks. And those Pogues may just be in luck. Nearly 150 years ago, a ship crashed just off the coast of the Outer Banks, the S.S. Zartan. This ship is claimed to be one that was shipped from Portugal to the United States in a highly confidential mission to transport nearly half a billion dollars in gold to pay off a debt. The ship was operated by one of the best sailors in the world in Ross Schuman, but inexplicably, the ship went down just off the coast of the Outer Banks, and neither it or Schuman were ever found. After a century and a half, no one knows where the gold could possibly be, but one thing is for certain: it's still out there and it is everyone's dream on the Outer Banks to find it, both Kooks and Pogues alike. The episode begins with none other than Clarissa Jung stepping off a Ferry onto the mainland of the Outer Banks for the very first time. The sun is shining bright and laughter can be heard all the way from the dock. She turns back one last time, her home island being just visible in the distance. She lets out a sigh before spinning around and marching toward land. As she steps off the dock, Jung spins her head around, looking at all scenery around with a huge smile on her face before the scene zooms out to show Fletcher Heinz sitting nearby, looking over at her. He is sitting down on a tree stump, leaned forward with his arms on his legs. Fletcher: Well well well, Outer Banks' newest import. Hopefully she doesn't get eaten up by the system like the rest of us. But if she does, I might just have to shoot my shot. It's been so dry recently. Fletcher turns his head to the side to look at his best friend, James Ropati, shooting hoops into a rim attached to a tree. James: Please Fletch, she just got her. Give her a bit of room and I'm sure she'll come around to you. Pretty much all them do eventually, but that's not important right now. What's important is that we have the last game of the season against OBX Prep in a week so get your ass up and let me cook you real quick. Fletcher smirks at the challenge of James and pushes himself off the log, getting ready for their little pickup game. In just 5 minutes, the score is 11-1 with James taking a convincing victory, all topped off with a dunk right over Fletcher's outstretched arms. James: You never learn, do you? I'll smack you in a 1v1 any day of the WEEK but I do need to get ready so thanks for the game, Fletch. Fletcher: What's the help in beating up a punching bag? Maybe you should play against Bobby Banks, that bastard's even better than you are. James shoves Fletcher with a chuckle at the comment. Both of them despise their Kook enemy, and any positive comment toward him is meant to be taken in the opposite way. James: Come on, let's go get some food at Zeppeli before I decide to blow you out of the water again. Both of the boys walk away from the hoop as the scene zooms out once again to show Heff Jardy staring at the two of them, a look of disgust on his face. He shakes his head and leans back to disappear into the darkness of the alley once more. Heff: I don't understand Pogue's these days. Why must they pursue such ridiculous dreams? Like really, the NBA? Only the best get into that, guys like Tom Brady. They should be more like me, just finding a great profession and getting rich off of it. I'm still in my prime baby, and... As Heff rambles on, a groan can be heard from offscreen, and the scene switches to show Heel Akki who is leaning back with his face in his palm. Akki: Heff, please let's ju- Heff whips around at Akki and grabs him by his shirt collar. Being the small man that he is, Akki quickly shoves him backward, but Heff keeps his sudden rage. Heff: WHAT DID I TELL YOU? IT'S JEFF TO YOU MOTHERFUCKER! God I swear you youngsters get more out of hand every single day. Akki: Yo shut the fuck up or we're both gonna get arrested. I'm literally 6 years younger than you, I'm no child and I'll get in major trouble too. And you had the chance to make your name Jeff stupid. All that money to change your name and you fucked it up. No wonder you keep coming back to me. These drugs are probably the only thing keeping you alive am I right. Heff: Get to the point, Akki. You're only still afloat cause I support you. How much? Akki: Well you're asking for a LOT so I'm gonna need $500 for it all. Can you make that work? Heff: Of course I can, I'm one of the richest on this whole island. Pleasure doing business with you. And with that exchange, Heff stalks off into the darkness. His shoes can be heard scraping against the brick walls and trash cans clattering is heard shortly after meaning he's clearly up to his parkour "training" once again. Akki: That bitch is only still alive because of his parents being rich I swear. Maybe I'll get some inheritance once he eventually dies. The scene fades out with Akki shaking his head before rounding the corner and walking down the street. The scene now fades into none other than OBX Prep where it is now the middle of lunch. The camera pans around the room and the groups are evident straight from the get go. The camera first focuses on a table where both Chase Wilson and Bobby Banks are sitting, accompanied by many other Kook children who look just like them. They all are wearing expensive jewelry, have picture perfect clothes and of course have some very nice shoes. The group are all shouting, making jokes, laughing, and shoving each other around, simply having a great time. It's safe to say that life is good for them if no one else. Next up is the table where the popular girls sit. Case and point, Emma Harrison and Danielle Catherine. The whole table of girls are all leaned in, talking to each other while stealing looks at other tables in the room, whispering whenever they take a look at something. Every once in a while the whole table erupts in a fit of giggles, but other than that everything seems normal. And finally, a table that contains what can only be described as the nerds. Daniel Steele sits among them, although he seems a little out of place amongst his unpopular friends. The majority of the table is sitting around a Nintendo Switch where they are all playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate, yelling at each other with every move. Meanwhile, Steele is sitting on the other end of the table, quietly reading a book about basketball, morphing his two best qualities together. Out of nowhere, his book is slammed shut and Chase Wilson grabs his shoulder sitting down next to him. Chase: Danny you already know what I'm gonna say. Please, just once, come sit with us. We'll make some room for you and I promise you'll have a great time. Steele takes a look past Wilson and peers at the table with all the popular kids. They are currently cheering on Bobby Banks as he drinks a carton of chocolate milk, shouting "CHUG CHUG CHUG!" for the whole room to hear. Daniel: I would, Echo, but you know better than anyone that's just not my scene. And you know I can't stand Bobby. He's the reason I have to come off the bench this year and I just legitimately don't like him otherwise. But hey, I'm always down to hang out after school. Chase sighs and looks away briefly from Daniel, looking at his friends who he was sitting with. They are now holding the winner of the game in the air, marching around the table with him raised high. Chase: Yeah bro, I understand. I'm gonna get going before that African prince train reaches me. But I'll pick you up after school alright? Chase says these last words while walking back toward the popular table. Daniel's eyes follow him, and he eventually locks eyes with Bobby Banks who has successfully completed his chug. Banks smirks at Daniel and breaks their eye contact with a wink before looking back at his table. Daniel rolls his eyes and looks down at his book. Rather than opening it, Daniel stuffs it into his backpack and heads out of the room, needing to clear his mind. The scene now transitions to where the first scene left off at, Trattoria Zeppeli. Both Fletcher Heinz and James Ropati are sat at a table, eating ham sandwiches. They are talking about school and girls in between bites, but eventually their attention is ripped away to the man who just entered, Brad. Having just come off a workout from the looks of it, Brad is wearing a sweat stained gray tank top, breathing heavily. He sits down at the counters and gets the attention of one of the workers, ordering a steak right off the bat. James: When's he going to give it up? He's already 25 and not getting anywhere, I swear he's just as big as he was a whole month ago. Maybe Akki has been slacking off with the roids, who knows. Fletcher: Damn Rop what did he ever do to you? The dude's just trying to pursue a career as a bodybuilder. If I was as bad of a math teacher as he is I would be doing the same thing. Wait, don't tell me you're still upset over bombing that test. At these words, Ropati looks away as Fletcher begins to laugh as his reaction. Fletcher: Just let it go my guy, the NBA doesn't care if you pass calculus. All you need to be is good at basketball and right now you're doing a great job in succeeding with that. James: But like a 34? I'm stupid but not THAT stupid. He for sure rigged my test or something cause I didn't even know what half the questions were talking about. And I pay attention to at LEAST 75 percent of his class. It just doesn't add up, but what do I know about math? If my parents cared enough about my school work I would be locked away for months. Fletcher: Well luckily for you your folks are all for you going to the NBA. You've got a talent my man, and you've got to use it right. James: Sometimes I wonder if god chooses favorites cause I can't see how anyone could ever hate you. It's okay to care about yourself, you know. I appreciate the help but you need attention as much as I do. At this comment, Fletcher looks down smiling, a bit taken aback by the comment but happy nonetheless. He shakes his head as he looks back up at James. Fletcher: I appreciate it, Rop, and as much as I would love for you to keep stroking my ego I gotta go. It's actually getting so late and you know how my parents are. James nods as Fletcher stands up from the table. The two wave goodbye to each other as the scene fades to black, the day almost over. But not quite over. The scene fades in to show Clarissa Jung once again, now walking down the street while looking at the sunset in the distance. ???: Hey you. Clarissa stops in her tracks and looks to her left to see a man standing in his driveway having just gotten out of his car. ???: Are you new around here? I don't recall ever seeing you in these parts. Clarissa: Yes actually, I just moved here from the outer coast. My name is Clarissa and you are...? ???: Jonathan Scott. So you say you're new around here. Found any work yet? As he says these words, Jonathan steps closer to Clarissa, coming out of the shadow of his driveway and now being illuminated by the streetlights. Clarissa: No, I've just been getting acclimated to this new place and just been looking around, trying to get a feel for everything. It all feels like a new adventure that I'm excited to conquer. Jonathan: Well I have some good news for you. You like a good adventure? I have a very interesting one for you, one that may be of interest to you. Clarissa: Go on, I'm listening. Jonathan: I'm not sure if those of you in the outer coast know about the mystery of the S.S. Zartan, but essentially it was a ship that sunk around here with half a billion dollars in gold. And here's the kicker, no one's ever found it. Now obviously I'm a rich man myself, but imagine what half a billion could do to me. Hell, even half of that. So here's my proposal, you be my eye. Take notice of other people trying to find the treasure or even recruit the help of some other Pogue's. The point is, we find this, we're both set for life. Our kids are set for life. Even our grandchildren. I know it's out there and I swear I'm close to finding it, but I need some help to do so. As Jonathan says these words, Clarissa's eyes widen. Half a billion dollars? It sounds too good to be true. But she listens intently, picking up every word he says. When he finishes speaking, there is a moment of silence where neither of them say a word. Clarissa: I'll have to think about it. What you're proposing is really...something else. But I know where to find you and you'll get your answer soon enough. With that, Jonathan nods and wishes Clarissa goodbye before heading back to his house. Clarissa spins around and starts walking too, her mind racing about the possibility of the S.S. Zartan being real.
  23. It legit sounds like Flynn wrote his own lines and honestly Bailey is pretty close as well. Great stuff Bob, keep it up

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