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  1. 10 Man Battle Royal For The Hardcore Championship Bobby Lashley vs Bronson Reed vs Dave Mastiff vs Primate vs Wild Boar vs Big Show vs Otis vs Killian Dain vs Hanson vs Abyss Triple Threat Match Raymond Rowe vs Dominik Dijak vs Keith Lee Singles Match Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe Tag Team Match Gallus vs Authors Of Pain Main Event Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar: Winner Advances To WWE Championship Match
  2. Mikey

    Movie Time

    The day of Survivor Series is upon us, and tensions are running high. Despite this, there is Mikey, leaning back in a chair. He is in a pitch black movie theater, the only light shining upon the room from the screen. The space is vacant except for Mikey himself, staring intently at the screen, enjoying the large bucket of popcorn in his lap and the full cup of soda at his side. A loud slam plays through the speakers, and Mikey raises his eyebrows, taken aback. The slam is followed by three light taps, a ring of a bell, and the cheer of many people. Mikey begins to clap too, admiring the scene just played before him. A classic that never gets old. You know, it’s beautiful what two men who hate each other so dearly can do. The camera pans to the screen, showing exactly what he means. It is Flynn vs Julius, their second encounter. Granted, the match would have been better if the winner were a shock one. But alas, it was predictable, far from surprising. After all, the same result happened months earlier. They never learn, do they? And now Julius, the man who has never been able to beat Flynn, is coming back for, trying to prove that he really is the monster he claims to be. But we’ve seen these past few weeks that he is far from what he wants us to think he is. The losses are starting to bottle up, and they’re taking their toll. Julius is no longer the man that beat Isaiah Carter for the PowerTrip Cup or the beast that vanquished Hans Clayton to win King of the Ring. He is a pawn, struggling to reach his endpoint and become something valuable. In all honesty, I hope you beat Slim, Julius. Whatever can help take away the pain that will be inflicted upon you in your match against the greatest faction BPZ has ever seen. Mikey picks up a remote at his side and presses a button. The camera looks at the screen along with Mikey, and this time it is a match between Smith and Bart and the First Class Express for the BPZ Tag Team Championships. Mikey scowls at the scene, which shows Smith and Bart at the top of the ladder, embracing over their victory. Disgraceful. It’s a shame that such a beautiful championship reign was squashed by such an undeserving duo. A stroke of luck, that’s what I think. Any man can get lucky once, maybe twice. Yelich proved that against Arius, and against me as well. That’s exactly what I think happened here, nothing more. Let’s move on. Mikey presses a button on the remote, and the scene fasts forward. He pauses, and it is on Hans Clayton, soaring through the air, about to put Smith through a table with the Shooting Hans Press. Now this…this is beautiful. Nothing disgraceful about this at all. See Smith, Bart, Hans and Isaiah put you two through the ringer in that match. Hell, I’m convinced that had it been a normal singles match, the result would be entirely different. See, Smith and Bart were able to put their differences aside for one night. I know that the tension is there. Grudges are a powerful thing, and no matter what illusion Creed creates, their differences are painfully obvious. Smith, Julius, and Bart. Three men who are entirely different on every level imaginable. Will they be able to work together come tonight, against four men who have a bond unlike anything else seen in BPZ before? Sounds unlikely, doesn’t it? Mikey shakes his head a tad and clicks another button on the remote, changing the scene once again. But this time, there is no video. Instead, it is a singular picture of the member of Creed he’s yet to mention, Sameer, one from his most recent promo. And then there was one, Sameer. The biggest outlier in Creed, yet the man who holds the team together. The other three men, they are people of recent success. Tag titles, Survival Games final, you name it. But what about Sameer? A man who lost the biggest title in BPZ, a man who couldn’t get the job done in the Survival Games tournament, and a man who got replaced by his “best friend” Smith for Bart in the tag title match. Sameer is the man who Creed make fun of, the joke of the group. Simply part of the team who’s there to fill a spot. I relate to you, Sameer. Many think that’s what I am in Bulletproof. Just in the group to be there, not get anything done. But yet I hold the United States Championship, unwavering, and I am teaming up with the Undisputed Champion in the tag tournament. Whereas Sameer, he’s just participating in the match, nothing else. Go back after the premium title, Sameer. Maybe you can find some jobbers who you can actually take in a fight. Mikey rises from his feet and reaches out to his side, grabbing his championship that was laying on a pedestal. He holds the title over his shoulder with one arm, and puts his hand in his pocket with the other. Bring your ‘A’ game, Creed. God knows you’re going to need it if you want even the slightest chance against a legendary group like ourselves. Bulletproof, for, life. Mikey nods to the camera and turns away out of frame, the door opening and closing being heard in the background. The camera meanwhile zooms in on the screen, boasting a picture of all of Creed.
  3. Another day on the BPZ forums. But now it is Thanksgiving (for us Americans). And I'm in a very good mood right now, and I just want to give a little toast, if you will.

    I'll admit, this'll be similar to my 1 year update, but I just want to be brief and thank you all. Thank you to everyone on the forums for just being great people and making this a fun journey. Every single person who I've seen have been decent and nice, making this a great place to come to every single day.

    Again, thank you all so much and I love you all (no homo) ❤️

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      Aaron North

      I love you too Mikey (very homo)

  4. Part 3 Nuzlocke Rules 1. Any fainted Pokemon is considered dead (cannot be used again) 2. Can only catch the first Pokemon the appears on a route (with species and shiny clause) 3. Must nickname all caught Pokemon 4. No legendaries/traded Pokemon (can only catch) 5. If all Pokemon in the party faint, they are considered dead, but others in the PC can still be used to continue the playthrough 6. These rules are not enforced until the first Pokeball is obtained And, we're back! So I last left off just outside of Dawn's cutscene on Route 202, and now I've engaged. She does some basic stuff, catching a Bidoof with her Turtwig, so nothing special at all. She gives me a solid 5 Pokeballs, and with those, we are ready for this route's encounter. I have one Pokemon in mind and one only, and thankfully I get it after about 5-10 dupes. And the Pokemon is none other than Shinx! Shinx isn't anything special by itself, not learning an electric move until it's teens, but it's evolutions are insane. Luxio and Luxray are both speedy sweeper, having a pretty good distribution of physical and special attack. All in all, definitely a Pokemon I'm gonna want on my team until the late game. After successfully capturing the Shinx, I decided to name it: Current, yayyy! Get it, because electrical current? Yeah, I really had no idea what to name this guy, but I plan on Wukong, Star Squared, and Current to become the OG's of the team, the ones that are the glue that holds our soon to be wild party together. I end up training up my team a little bit more, boasting around levels 6-9 for the whole team. Not bad, but still needs a bit of work. Nevertheless, I sweep through the route, landing myself in Jubilife City. This place is one I hate dearly. First off, it's not bad at all. Dawn comes up to us and we walk forward, and we meet the GOAT of all Pokemon characters: Looker. The cheeky bastard, hiding behind the light pole like a true master of disguise. He lets Dawn and I know his name, says he's apart of the International Police Force or something like that, hands us a VS Recorder (complete shit), and sprints away. Dawn says Mama is in the trainer school, so that's my next stop. I pop inside, and talk to Mama, handing him the parcel. It has two town maps, and he blesses me with one of them as if this game is difficult to navigate (spoiler - it's not). He then dips off to the next route, and I take on the two trainers in the school. First I take on the girl, arguably the weaker one. She has a level 6 Bidoof, but this thing's nothing to fuck around with. I led with Star Squared, who was level 7. Obviously, I was cooking, but she whipped out a potion. I kid you not, I have the biggest balls in the world for leaving Star Squared in the whole fight. A critical tackle could've finisher him, but I had faith there would be no crit. And sure enough, there wasn't. Tackle was hitting for 4, and crits do double the damage so you can imagine how I was feeling with 8 health left the turn before. Next up, there's the boy, but I knew what was coming. He has a level 6 Starly, but the catch is he gives this thing an X Attack. Wukong is able to KO it in two hits, but not before he got a quick attack in for 6 damage. It may not seem like a lot, but if say Current were in the battle, it wouldn't have been pretty. He gives us a potion for beating him, and we get to proceed. Next part...the dumbest thing about the game. We have to find 3 clowns to get this Pokegear thing. It's a dumb task, but I fuck with the Pokegear (called the Poketch) so hard. Like just look at this. There are more options, but I like the walk counter one. I then go left to the town and talk to a fisherman in the little box thing in between, and he blesses me with an old rod. I then proceed north, visiting Route 204 where I can get a new encounter. Unfortunately, I was playing at night, so I found a Zubat. I was really hoping for a Budew, but a Zubat's still not terrible. I really had no motivation to give this thing a great name, but I can always rename later. Golbat and Crobat can be lethal especially if you get the latter at an early level. Very good for early game, and even decent for late game too. The only issue is getting there, and I'm not a very patient man. But my hopes were still high. I went even farther north and entered the Ravaged Path. Here is where I was planning on getting a Zubat, but luckily for me Psyduck appear too. After a few Zubat encounters, I find a Psyduck. I lead with Wukong cause he's a fire type, and try to ember to get a burn. Now Psyduck itself is pretty weak, but a water type this early is clutch for the rock gym. And honestly, Golduck is a decen- Oh no...Psyduck fell to a critical ember, which is understandable given Wukong's level and special attack, but I'm not too torn. I then heal up and head straight east of Jubilife, heading onto Route 203 where Mama is waiting for me. He challenges me to a battle, and he has a level 7 Starly and a level 9 Piplup. This battle screwed me the first time I played the game as I was completely underprepared. It's an easy fight in theory, but if you don't have the right levels, it can be tough. Thankfully, we're overleveled for this one. My level 11 Wukong started against the Starly, and to my surprise, we got a 2 shot with Starly only using growl. Next up was Piplup, so I switched to my equal leveled Star Squared. I was expecting a bit of a fight, maybe having to swap, but Mama shocked me, having Piplup use growl like 3 times in a row. 4 wing attacks later, and Mama was toast. A whole battle where the only move used by the opposition was growl. They never learn, do they? Oh well, that's where I ended my gameplay for this episode. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed! I decided to scrap the videos as they just don't wanna upload to YouTube and they're too big to upload to the forums. Next episode coming soon!
  5. Really good match here, possibly my MOTN. Like everyone's been saying, Dunne and Cole did a fantastic job selling their injuries from the previous night, and that benefited the match a lot as there wasn't a whole lot of story going on otherwise. Other than the selling, the action was fast paced, fluid, and really fun. Both guys put in a fantastic performance by themselves, and their counterpart in the match made it look even better. The two guys obviously have a lot of chemistry together, and it showed. Considering this was a match I honestly didn't care about at all, this was absolutely fantastic.
  6. For a huge women's match like this, I was honestly impressed. People like Carmella and Dana Brooke were even able to show off a bit of talent in this one as surprising as it is, and I think it gave many women a good chance to shine. To open up a huge PPV like this is no easy task, and like Alex said, it did a pretty good job at doing so. There were some spots that shined above the others, and it brought a bit of spotlight to an otherwise decent match overall. I 100% agree with Ripley winning, especially the day after WarGames. She had a tremendous performance then, and she had a great performance at Survivor Series as well.
  7. Really interesting take, and honestly I agree for the most part. As annoying as the red light can be, I think it separates the Fiend from the rest of the roster. It gives his matches a different feel and is cool if you can ignore it obscuring the match a bit. Also I like the idea of no commentary, it's appropriate for the fans to just take it all in with their own thoughts rather than having Michael Cole inserting them for us. Overall, this match was pretty disappointing. Like I said earlier, I'm not really deterred by the lights, but the action itself wasn't very appealing. I kept finding myself waiting for Bryan's huge comeback moment like against Lesnar last year, but it just never happened. Seeing the Fiend be OD strong against Rollins the first time was cool, but it's starting to get a bit lame. As good of a seller that Bryan is, he can't make perfection out of this. Both guys are really talented in the ring, and if they were given a bit of freedom where they both get equal offence in, this match could've been great. It wasn't terrible by any means, just not the MOTN that I thought it could've been.
  8. Name: Michael James Nationality: Israeli Skin Tone: White Height: 6'2 Weight: 185 lbs Position and Play Style (Example, CM, Regista): RW (I'm not sure of a style, but if there's one that favors dribbling, that's for me)
  9. Episode 16 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Fallout Gaijin No More The show begins with none other than the JCW National Champion, Johnny Gaijin. He strolls down to the ring, wind blowing behind him, sunglasses on and championship wrapped around his waist. He hops into the ring and demands a mic from the ring crew. He goes on to say that he's proven himself to all of Japan, and that he refuses to be labeled with such a shameful name. He announces that he will be taking back his name, the name of John Morrison, and there's no one who can stop him. He unstraps his championship and poses in the ring. At the same time, a pyro goes off and the American flag falls down from the rafters, but it is branded with the name of none other than John Morrison. Match 1: Ryusuke Taguichi vs Rocky Romero In the first matchup of the night, Ryusuke Taguichi took on Roppongi 3K's Rocky Romero. Romero was accompanied by SHO and YOH for the duration of the match, and the extra help proved to be essential in the final moments of the match. Taguichi was looking for Dodon The End, but the duo would take his legs out from underneath him, allowing Romero to capitalize and lock in the Diablo Armbar. Taguichi held out for a bit, but after some taunting from SHO and YOH, the tapout was inevitable. Rocky Romero defeated Ryusuke Taguichi in 12:45 with a Diablo Armbar Path to Success The camera pans backstage to Jay White and Punishment Martinez, the duo sitting together in the locker room. They both look up at the camera, but surprisingly it is Martinez who speaks. He talks about his frustrations, not only for him, but for his partner as well. He claims that as the elite talent that they are, they should both be in the title picture. White pats Martinez on the back and rises to his feet, taking over the speech. He says that Martinez is right, and that they really do deserve more. He says it's no secret that AT is against their virtues and their tactics, but that he won't have a choice when they prove how good they really are. With that, the two walk off camera, their future having a bit of light. Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Konosuke Takeshita In a match that many would consider a dream, two aces on separate sides of Japan squared off against each other in the main event of JCW Punishment. The match was a hard hitting one, displaying a side of Tanahashi that is rarely unveiled. Takeshita had the clear advantage in the strike category, and he utilized his advantage well, keeping Tanahashi on defense for the majority of the match. But after a missed big boot, the ever resilient Ace took advantage with a big dragon suplex. He quickly followed with a backbreaker and then a slingblade, leaving Takeshita in perfect position to end the match. And so he did, delivering the High Fly Flow, a move that has won him so many matches in the past, this one being no different. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Konosuke Takeshita in 18:31 with the High Fly Flow Reversal of Fortune As Tanahashi is celebrating his hard fought victory, the crowd begins to cheer, louder than before. Tanahashi turns toward the entrance way, and none other than Tetsuya Naito is making his way down to the ring, taking his sweet time. He is dressed in his classic attire, suited out with a black hat and the championship around his waist. As he struts down to the ring, he claps for Tanahashi, complimenting him on his impressive victory. He enters the ring and the two stand off face to face. Tanahashi's gaze lowers down to the Naito's championship, and in response, Naito raises the belt in the air. The two men stare down at each other, a new threat spawning for Naito's beloved championship. Episode 17 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Back to the Top Respect This episode of JCW Punishment begins with none other than Daniel Bryan. He is already in the ring when the show goes on air, pacing around in anger. Once he sees the show is on, he begins a tirade, expressing all of his concerns. He knows that he is the greatest in this company, the world even, and that he needs some respect. He says that everyone else knows that he is the best, but they refuse to admit it because they are stuck up, selfish human beings. But once they are enlightened with the fact that he is the greatest, the world will be a better place for all. He therefore lays down an open challenge to anyone in the locker room, and he'll be waiting in tonight's main event. Match 1: Cody Hall vs YAMATO In the first match of the night, the monster that is Cody Hall took on the veteran YAMATO. The match was a very interesting one, with Hall trying to keep YAMATO on the mat and out of the air. Despite his age, the veteran was able to best Hall on multiple occasions, landing some big aerial maneuvers. But for whatever he threw at Hall, the opposition had a response. Eventually, Hall slowed down after the long battle, allowing YAMATO to nail a brainbuster on the big man and finish him off with the Frankensteiner of the Almighty. YAMATO defeated Cody Hall in 13:32 with the Frankensteiner of the Almighty Carrying a Division Next up, we have a backstage interview with the JCW Breakout Champion, Koji Iwamoto. He is asked several questions, many revolving around his title and the division he is surrounded by. He says many different things, pointing out a few notable names and a bit more. But his main point stands: he is the centerpiece of the Breakout Division, and the reason is not a just one. He firmly believes that this title is beneath him, but as a respectable man, he'd rather hold the title for the rest of the his career and make it worth as much as the JCW World Championship than lose it to some weak opposition. Main Event: Daniel Bryan vs Punishment Martinez In tonight's main event, Punishment Martinez stepped up to the challenge of Daniel Bryan. Both Martinez and Jay White have recently had similar issues to Bryan, where they feel they aren't getting the opportunities that they deserved. In addition, with White joining Martinez at ringside, Milano Collection AT joined the commentary team for the duration of the match, scouting out the three men. The two put on a great match, both trying their hardest to impress the crowd around ringside. Despite the high stakes, both men stayed professional, hardly making an error. In the end, Martinez looked for the Curb Stomp, but Bryan dodged the attack, knocking Martinez down to his knees with some kicks to the chest. Soon enough, Bryan sprinted into the corner and back out, demolishing the kneeling Martinez with the coveted Running Knee. Daniel Bryan defeated Punishment Martinez in 19:54 with a Running Knee Episode 18 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Continuity Competition The show begins with the JCW Tag Team Champions, the Dark Order. They come down to the ring, surrounded by a multitude of creepers, truly giving them an eerie presence. The enter the ring, championships around their waists, and Grayson begins to talk. He reminisces about their journey to the tag titles, and frankly just how easy it was. But he knows well that there are plenty of teams still out there. And while their journey was easy, it's not hardly over. They crave more, and that's exactly what they're going to get. As a matter of fact, they're going to make sure of it. Match 1: Roppongi 3K vs MCMG and KUSHIDA To kick off the show, the Dark Order get to see what they want: competition. In a six man tag team match, the stable of Roppongi 3K took on the Motor City Machine Guns who were accompanied by Alex Shelley's former tag team partner, KUSHIDA. Both units worked surprisingly well together despite not having much experience as trios. There was action all over the place, bodies flying everywhere, huge spots being hit, and much, much more. In the end, Romero's ring intelligence allowed him to get a rope break off a Made in Detroit, and he was able to quickly roll up Chris Sabin, picking up the victory for Roppongi 3K. Roppongi 3K defeated MCMG and KUSHIDA in 14:41 Challenge Accepted After the conclusion of a thrilling match, the winning trio was greeted by none other than the tag team champions. The five men stood off for a moment, a great size difference apparent. Despite this, Grayson lays out a challenge: a match between them and SHO and YOH at JCW Demolition. The duo accepted, much to the pleasure of Rocky Romero, a brilliant match being set to happen in a few weeks time. Match 2: Jay White vs Jack Evans This week, it was Jay White who got an opportunity, one to prove how dominant he really is. He took on Jack Evans, one half of Los Gueros del Cielo. With his partner Angelico at ringside to neutralize the threat of Punishment Martinez, there were no excuses to be made. Evans sped up the match greatly, hitting some truly incredible moves, and his momentum was only halted by an interfering Martinez. Angelico took out the threat with a huge crossbody off the steel steps, but the damage had been done. White capitalized on the distraction, debuting a new move, the Kiwi Crusher. The maneuver is enough to gain him the pinfall victory. Jay White defeated Jack Evans in 8:20 with a Kiwi Crusher Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs John Morrison In what many might consider a dream match, Hiroshi Tanahashi took on the JCW National Champion, John Morrison. The two matched up brilliantly, putting on the show the fans wouldn't forget any time soon. The two both had a lot of experience in the wrestling business, and they put that to work in the match, maintaining a steady pace throughout the entire matchup. After nearly 20 minutes, the match seemed to be at a stalemate, both men trading huge shots, but neither falling. But to the shock of many, Tetsuya Naito made his down to the ring, seemingly just wanting to watch. But after Morrison pinned Tanahashi against the ropes and the referee broke him away, Naito hit a sneaky punch to Tanahashi, causing him to reel forward right into a superkick from Morrison. The national champion then scaled the ropes, blew a kiss to the crowd, and hit a beautiful Starship Pain for the shock victory. John Morrison defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in 20:12 with a Starship Pain off the distraction from Tetsuya Naito Disgrace After the conclusion of the match, Morrison makes a quick exit while Naito enters the ring, circling the fallen Tanahashi. The Ace slowly gets to his feet and he gets right in Naito's face, clearly irate about what just occurred. Naito simply takes a step back and poses, causing Tanahashi to lash out with a big forearm followed by the High Fly Flow. Tanahashi grabs a microphone and says that he hasn't dedicated the majority of his life to this beautiful art to be disrespected by someone like Naito. He says that he'll see him at Demolition, where he can show him why he's truly the Ace. Naito looks on with a smile as Tanahashi heads to the back, clearly achieving what he wanted to. Episode 19 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Impending Doom Creating the Trend To kick off the show, we have the JCW Breakout Champion, Koji Iwamoto once again. The champion comes out and admits that he wasn't supposed to be here tonight, and that he's been given the night off. But like the true champion he is, he shows up every night, trying to prove what he's already proved to himself. And tonight, he wants to break the trend of open challenges for the Breakout Championship. He wants to choose who he fights, someone who can actually compete with him in the ring. And therefore, he calls out none other than Ren Narita, a man who's failed to capture the title before. Accompanied by Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Narita comes out and accepts the challenge, looking for some redemption. Match 1: Rocky Romero vs Daichi Hashimoto vs Tomahawk TT Earlier tonight, Milano Collection AT announced that their would be a triple threat match. The winner of the match gets to face John Morrison at JCW Demolition for the National Championship. The three contestants were revealed with their entrances, and the three put on a hell of a show. Hashimoto and Tomahawk fought an uphill battle, having to deal with SHO and YOH on the outside along with Romero, who utilized the no DQ rule to his full advantage. He used a steel chair, kendo stick, and even had SHO and YOH plant Hashimoto through a table with the 3K. After that move, Romero would quickly follow with a Nomisugi Knee, pinning Hashimoto while his stablemates held Tomahawk at bay, Rocky Romero defeated Daichi Hashimoto and Tomahawk TT in 15:29 with a Nomisugi Knee Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tetsuya Naito vs The Dark Order In the main event of the night, the Dark Order teamed up to face two stars who were set to face each other at JCW Demolition, Tetsuya Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi. The duo put their differences aside and set their sights on survival and victory. Both members of the Order looked thrilled, perhaps too happy, to have elite competition, and this killer instinct helped them out tremendously throughout the match. But eventually, Naito and Tanahashi were able to fight their way back into the match, and the creepers interfered from the outside, causing a DQ finish. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Tetsuya Naito defeated The Dark Order in 13:46 via DQ Cavalry The attack quickly got out of hand, turning into an all out massacre. The two main event stars were outnumbered 3 to 1, and their prospects were looking dim. But surprisingly enough, the music of Roppongi 3K hit, and the trio rushed down to the ring. They quickly made an impact, taking out a various number of creepers and leaving only Uno and Grayson in the ring. The champions quickly backed out, walking backward off the ramp, seething at the save. And that left Roppongi 3K, Tetsuya Naito, and Hiroshi Tanahashi standing tall. But suddenly, the trio attacks the two megastars, beating them down relentlessly. SHO and YOH hit the 3K on Tanahashi while Romero hits a Nomisugi Knee on Naito, leaving both men sprawled on the floor. Roppongi 3K is here to stay, and at anyone's expense. Episode 20 JCW Demolition: Brilliance Match 1 (JCW Breakout Championship): Koji Iwamoto (c) vs Ren Narita To kick off the show, we had two Breakouts facing each other for the championship of their division. The champion, Iwamoto, clearly had nothing to prove to himself, and he gave Narita a fighting chance. Narita on the other hand, clearly had a lot to get off his chest, and he let it all out on the champion. With Kanemaru by his side, Narita nearly pulled off the upset multiple times, but in the end it would be Iwamoto who would finish the challenger off with a Deadlift German Suplex, safely retaining his championship. Koji Iwamoto defeated Ren Narita in 8:07 with a Deadlift German Suplex Match 2 (JCW National Championship): John Morrison (c) vs Rocky Romero In one of the more interesting matches of the night, Roppongi 3K's Rocky Romero took on the JCW National Champion, John Morrison. The two were very evenly matched, both being quite technically sound but also having an athletic side about them. Move after move was countered, making a few truly spectacular sequences. Soon enough, SHO and YOH got involved, distracting Morrison in an effort to help their stablemate. Their attempts were successful, but after SHO got a little too close to the action, the referee threw both of the men out of the match. Now exposed, Romero still held Morrison down, using his in ring knowledge to know where to strike. But after a surprise enzuigiri from Morrison that was followed by a surprisingly fast Starship Pain, the match was all over. John Morrison defeated Rocky Romero in 18:35 with a Starship Pain Match 3: Jay White and Punishment Martinez vs TenCozy In a surprise matchup, Jay White and Punishment Martinez teamed up for the first time to take on the veterans Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima. The match was extremely one sided, showing that White and Martinez could work extremely well together. Not even 5 minutes into the match, a curbstomp by Martinez was enough to finish off the old Hiroyoshi Tenzan. Jay White and Punishment Martinez defeated TenCozy in 4:23 Who? Next up, much to the pleasure of those watching, Kazuchika Okada appears on the screen. He apologizes for not being able to wrestle tonight, but he assures the fans that he is here and well. He commends the wrestlers for putting on a great show without him, and that he's happy to be a small part of it by appearing like this. But all of the sudden, he's blasted from behind by a hooded figure! Okada crumples to the ground while the person sprints away from the scene, leaving Okada knocked out on the concrete floor. Who would do such a thing? Match 4 (JCW Tag Team Championships): The Dark Order (c) vs SHO and YOH In this matchup, the recently dominant JCW Tag Team Champions, the Dark Order, took on the challenging SHO and YOH. The Order established the challenge, making them the favorites going into the match. But while watching, it wasn't so apparent. SHO and YOH exploited the two bigger men well, keeping them in their corner for the most part, targeting their limbs. This proved especially effective on Uno, who could hardly stand upright after a few minutes of leg shots. But nevertheless, Grayson fought on, showing true passion for inflicting pain. It was essentially a two on one fight for the majority of the match, but after around ten minutes, Grayson knocked YOH off the apron with a ruthless knee and hit the legal SHO with a michinoku driver. Uno, having a long time to recover, was able to tag in and the duo hit the Tandem Piledriver, subduing the threat of Roppongi 3K without the assistance of their creepers. The Dark Order defeated Roppongi 3K in 15:57 with a Tandem Piledriver Main Event (JCW World Championship): Tetsuya Naito (c) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi In tonight's main event, with the biggest title in the company on the line, the veteran Hiroshi Tanahashi took on the ever-so-cocky champion Tetsuya Naito. While this was just another title match for Naito, this was much more for Tanahashi. This was a battle for his own pride and the pride of wrestling itself. The match was arguably the best seen in JCW so far. While Tanahashi was putting it all on the line from the get go, Naito was calm and relaxed. As the match progressed, a state of desperation began to develop for Naito as he realized just how good Tanahashi could be with such a prize on the line. Soon, the two were in an all out war, holding absolutely nothing back. Big spots included a Destino whichi drove the back of Tanahashi's neck into the metal barricade and a tremendous High Fly Flow from the top turnbuckle through the announcing table on the outside. And despite throwing caution to the win and sacrificing his body, Tanahashi was in a position to win, having Naito set up for one last High Fly Flow. He attempted the maneuver but crashed as Naito moved out of the way. Naito then locked in the Texas Cloverleaf, Tanahashi's own submission. Through sheer will power and cheers alone, Tanahashi was able to reach out and grasp the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Dragging himself to his feet, he reversed a knee from Naito and rolled him up, only getting a 2 count. He quickly followed with an atomic drop and a dropkick, knocking Naito down once more. This time he scaled to the top and leaped off, connecting with the High Fly Flow. The crowd counted 3 alongside the referee, and Hiroshi Tanahashi pulled off what many thought was impossible. An emotional celebration would take place after, a true crowning for the Ace. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Tetsuya Naito in 31:40 with a High Fly Flow
  10. You know, not exactly what I was imagining, but I have little to no complaints. Obviously Rey was doomed from the start, but there were some moments where I got some hope, and I liked that. This could've been a great main event, certainly better than the women's match. Maybe the "extreme" nature was a bit too much to main event, but it was a great match nonetheless. Dominik getting involved was interesting, I think he showed a good deal of in ring talent even though his time was limited. And might I say, that double 619 was clean af, and Dominik's splash was kinda fire too. Even though I love Rey, no complaints with Brock winning, his title reign this time around isn't as bad as I thought it'd be, not in the slightest.
  11. Well, everything good I said about this match heading into it, I take back. The fact that this main evented really hurt it, otherwise I think it could've been a decent little battle on the lower card. I think WWE got the winner right in Baszler, but her making NXT look overly strong in the main event of a big four PPV while being a developmental company just months earlier felt a bit odd. It made NXT look good, but seeing them slaughter RAW and SD was a bit disheartening. Also, Bayley just felt so out of place in this match. Lynch and Baszler could've had a great battle, and I think they still could, but this definitely hurt the feud a bit.
  12. Pretty good match. Like Bart said, it was sad to see it on the pre-show and it kinda brought the match down a bit, but otherwise, I really enjoyed the encounter. It mainly felt like a battle between Fish/O'Reilly and the Raiders, but I think the New Day were a nice touch on the side. All three teams continue to impress me with their talent, and there wasn't a wrong choice for a winner in this one. Realistically, the Raiders winning was most realistic when taking into consideration the other matches RAW could've won. This is definitely the match they had the best chance in, and it seemed like a legit win. Good stuff all around, just a little sad to see this on the pre-show.
  13. TLC Card Singles Match Paige vs. ??? United States Championship Match Samoa Joe (c) vs. Drew McIntyre RAW Women's Championship Match Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon Women's Tag Team Championship Match Absolution vs. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair vs. Alexa Bliss and Carmella vs. Mickie James and Natalya Tables Match Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens Chairs Match Chris Jericho vs. Braun Strowman RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match Finn Balor (c) vs. Dean Ambrose Bonus Questions Who will answer Paige's open challenge? Baszler Will Roman Reigns cash in his Money in the Bank Contract tonight? No
  14. Ah yes, WarGames delivers once again! Both of the War Games matches were a delight to watch, and I think every single person in the matches looked pretty good. It was a blast to see the women's match especially, you don't really see women being given that freedom to go all out with the brutality. Like Brenden and Julius, my woman of the match was Rhea Ripley. The women's division in NXT has been a bit weak lately, and no one's come close to dethroning Shayna (although I think Io would be a good shout, especially after that dope ass moonsault). Ripley's is 100% the women to be the next champion, and I wouldn't be opposed at all. And then the men's match. First of all, it was great to see Owen's join team NXT, I think he and Balor will have an interesting dynamic after Survivor Series if he stays down there. My man of the match was probably Dijakovic. He's honestly been so underrated for such a long time, and it's really sad to be honest. He's supposed to be this big bad heel, but instead he's exceeding in the role of a monstrous babyface, something stars like Strowman couldn't pull off. But honestly, everyone had a great showing in the match, and the future is looking bright for these stars.
  15. Bayley (SmackDown) vs. Becky Lynch (Raw) vs. Shayna Baszler (NXT) Viking Raiders (Raw) vs. The New Day (Smackdown) vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT) AJ Styles (Raw) vs. Roderick Strong (NXT) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Smackdown) NXT (Unannounced) vs. Raw (Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton & Ricochet) vs. SmackDown (Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, Braun Strowman, Baron Corbin, Chad Gable) NXT (Rhea Ripley, Candice LeRae, Io Shirai, Bianca Belair and Toni Storm) vs. Raw (Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Asuka, Kairi Sane, Sarah Logan) vs. SmackDown (Sasha Banks, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross) WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Rey Mysterio NXT Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs Pete Dunne Universal Championship: 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Daniel Bryan Bonus Questions: First match on the card? Tag Team Triple Threat Second to last match on the card? Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio Predict the 5 members of Team NXT? (One point 3/5 correct, Two points for 5/5): Ciampa, Balor, Dain, Lee, Dijakovic Women's Survivor Series 1st elimination? Dana Brooke Men's Survivor Series 1st elimination? Chad Gable Will the 24/7 Championship change hands during the PPV? Sure
  16. For obvious reasons, I'd go with The Miz as well. But for the sake of originality, I'd say Bad News Barrett. Barrett had a total of 5 title reigns with the belt, and 4 of them came with the new design. With that being said, most IC title matches I remember have Barrett involved as a champion or at least a challenger. He's worn that championship for a very long time, and he's had some memorable moments while holding it. And like Bashka said, it's a belt of workhorses, and Barrett went through a hell of a long journey to get to his spot.
  17. Typical WWE thing to do, although not a bad thing. AEW has already proven to be a threat that is only growing, and a lawsuit like this is a good but simple way to cause a setback if it goes through. Although it's bad publicity for WWE, sometimes things just have to be done if you're WWE, and this is one of them.
  18. When I first started watching WWE, I legitimately thought that matches like Undertaker vs Mankind in Hell in a Cell weren't scripted and that they only ended when someone was too injured to actually continue. I also made this assumption about other companies other than WWE like NJPW.
  19. WWF World Heavyweight Championship match Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels (c) 30 Man Royal Rumble Match The Undertaker WWF World Tag Team Championships Falls Count Anywhere match New Age Outlaws (c) vs Legion of Doom WWF Intercontinental Championship match The Rock (c) vs Vader WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Brain Christopher (c) vs Taka Michinoku No Disqualification Match Steve Blackman vs Goldust Bonus Questions: Which match will score the highest rating on the card? Hart vs Michaels Which wrestler will get the highest in-ring performance? Shawn Michaels Who will be the final four in the Royal Rumble match? Austin, Taker, HHH, Kane Which wrestler will have the most eliminations over the course of the Royal Rumble match? Austin
  20. Mikey's Veggie Squad Oddish Ferroseed Skiddo Lileep Snover Pumpkaboo-Super Turtwig Deerling
  21. Team Lebron: Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Joel Embied Team Kawhi: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Kemba Walker Team Durant: Kevin Durant, Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingus Team Giannis: Giannis, Devin Booker, Rudy Gobert Team AD: Anthony Davis, Damien Lillard, Victor Oladipo Team Curry: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Drummond Team Harden: James Harden, Karl Anthony Towns, Bradley Beal Team Jokic: Jokic, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler Really cool idea Bailey, I don't think I've seen anything like this before. I'm no basketball expert, but looking at team Harden, I see potential. Harden is a great player on both sides of the court and is a great source for threes and fouls. On the other hand, there's Towns who is a fantastic rebounder but can still get the job done on offense. And to top it off, there is Bradley Beal, who I believe will be a great playmaker and get some shots in when he's open. Teams Lebron, Giannis, and Kawhi look tough to beat, but I think my boys can get it done. Again, cool idea, can't wait to see how this goes.
  22. Name: Mikey James Pic: Jay White Birth Date: 1989, March Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Canadian What Languages do you speak?: English and Spanish What Counties you wanna wrestle in: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan Body Type: Toned Size (Weight Class): Lightweight Minimum Size (Weight Class): Small Maximum Size (Weight Class): Light Heavyweight Moveset: PAC Face or Heel: Heel Default Gimmick Face/Heel: Mysterious (Both) Finishers: Cosmic Ascension (Cross Rhodes) and Raining Hell (Burning Hammer) Style of Wrestling: Japanese Junior Mask/Hair: Mask Relationships: N/A Dojo/School: Pro Wrestling NOAH Dojo Other Roles: Manager Worker Lifestyle: Regular Worker Bio (Optional): Mikey James was primed for wrestling success. His father was a very successful indy wrestler who never made a name for himself due to wrestling in Australia for the majority of his career, but he was very good at his craft nonetheless. James has been training since the young age of seven, returning to the school his father once attended in Canada. He's been trained to be a technical master, but his tendencies never allowed that to work for him. Instead, he's adopted a Japanese style from a recent excursion in Japan and attending the Pro Wrestling NOAH dojo. He has since returned to the Americas and is now looking to make a name for himself in whatever company that chooses to give him a shot.
  23. Name (First And Last): Mikey James Height: 6'1 Weight: 190 lbs Positions (QB, HB, WR, TE, DE, MLB, LOLB, ROLB, CB, SS, FS, K): WR, Possession
  24. Part 2 Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we are back with some more Pokemon Platinum! Last time I left off, about to choose my starter. And after some input from you guys (thank you to all who voted and apologies FDS), I decided to go with the fire type Pokemon, Chimchar. All three guys made this run about 20x easier now, because we have a fire type! Awww, isn't he cute? Mama doesn't agree, so he chooses Piplup, a counter to Chimchar, at least for now. Dawn and Rowan take their leave to Sandgem Town and Mama challenges me to a battle. Alright so, time to begin the sweeps of his time. Alright we'll just- wait a second. I CAN EXPLAIN! I really didn't think him growling me to my lowest point would work, but it did. Perhaps I was a bit unlucky to get no crits, but sometimes it happens like that. But luckily for me, the official rules of a Nuzlocke are it doesn't begin until you receive your first Pokeball to catch wild Pokemon in. Therefore, I'm still good to go. So yeah, I teleport home in defeat, my mom heals me, and then BLESSES ME WITH RUNNING SHOES! YES! Now that the game is thrice as fast, I go back to the place where I lost my first battle. Mama is chilling there like a fucking goon, not moving an inch since I lost. He says we should go to the lake and capture the legendary spirits to repay Rowan, but when we arrive, we find the team Galatic boss, Cyrus, looking out at the lake and talking to himself. He does this literally every time you see him in the game, and it's really quite annoying. But yeah, Mama realizes we have no Pokeballs, so he then says "fuck it" and runs to Sandgem Town, racing me again. With his teleportation powers, I once again lose, but I gain some valuables things along the way. First off, we get some good experience while scratching/burning some innocent birds and beavers, along with some annoying bugs. Second, we get a potion from the nice lady in the grass near the town, bless her. And last but not least, I remembered the emulator thing I'm running the game on has a speedup option! So now everything's going four times as fast, and it's sooo good. But alas, we make it to Sandgem Town, and Dawn's waiting for us. She takes us into the lab, and after Rowan reads off a fucking essay about Pokemon, I get to choose the nickname of the Chimchar. And it is, drumroll please... Wukong! I've gone with Alex's name as I really like the character Wukong and Infernape is gonna be a pretty cool representation of it. I liked Fuego and Mojojojo, but I think Wukong is a name that is worthy of the leader of the party. So after that's done, Rowan and Dawn pelt me with a few more facts and we're finally free! Just kidding, Rowan yells at me while standing right in my eye like the weird old man he is. But his intentions are good, and he rewards me with TM 27 (my favorite number), Return. I won't be using it on Wukong (or at least just yet) because TM's in Platinum are single use. I'm hoping to get a Pokemon like Buneary or Cleffa who are normal types and evolve from happiness so the move will be effective on them. Rowan finally leaves Dawn and I alone for some, haha, quality guiding! She shows me the center and the mart like I've never heard of Pokemon before, and then she fucks off to the route above to wait for me. Meanwhile, I bypass the system and enter the mart and purchase some Pokeballs. And with that, the Nuzlocke has officially begun. Here are the rules (I'll post at the beginning of every episode): Nuzlocke Rules 1. Any fainted Pokemon is considered dead (cannot be used again) 2. Can only catch the first Pokemon the appears on a route (with species and shiny clause) 3. Must nickname all caught Pokemon 4. No legendaries/traded Pokemon (can only catch) 5. If all Pokemon in the party faint, they are considered dead, but others in the PC can still be used to continue the playthrough 6. These rules are not enforced until the first Pokeball is obtained And there it is. I'll maybe add a few more to this such as limiting the amount of items I can use in battle or setting the battle mode to set, but I think this is fair for now. I'm not the best player of Pokemon, and these little conveniences help me out a lot. But yeah, I got my Pokeballs! So I go back to the previous route and get my first encounter, and I'm pleased to say it's a level 3 male Starly! Starly is a great Pokemon to start with as it learns the move Wing Attack at level 9, a 60 power physical move that is essentially 90 power because of STAB (Same Type Attack Boost/Bonus). In evolves at the low level of 14 into Staravia and does a good job at taking out the second gym. I ultimately decided to name it... Star Squared! I know that's not what it really says, but I'm gonna call him that. Afterward, I go back to the lake and rustle around in the grass near the lakeside a bit, and I find the other Pokemon I was looking for: Bidoof. I caught the level 4 female easily, and debated over it's name for a long, long time. I wanted a Bidoof because it learns the HM's Rock Smash and Cut, which is very, very good for the early game. These two moves are really bad, and I don't want them on anyone who's going to be a mainstay. HM's are moves that you need to remove obstacles in game, like bushes you cut with the move Cut. You cannot replace them, and they are usually poor moves (at least the first couple). So of course, I named my Bidoof... Uh yeah. I don't even know if this is allowed, but that's exactly what Bidoof will be: my HM slave and nothing more. Perhaps it would've been more tasteful to add HM before, but nahhh. And that's really all I did. I grinded my team a little and got Wukong up to level 8 and Star Squared up to 6. That's all for now, thank you all for reading! I'll have the next episode up as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who submitted a reply to the first episode with a starter, I hope you all are looking forward to more!
  25. Mikey


    Good stuff as always, Gunner. It's pleasant to see that the actual results of the show differed from my predictions (mostly me winning lol) and I'm interested to see what storylines you have lined up. I'm looking forward to a Yelich/Bob feud, or even better a possible Arius and Bob alliance. Also, just to let you know, the last match looks unfinished, unless we were supposed to be left on a cliff hanger. If so, you are a dirty man, but I respect the play. Keep up the good work!

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