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  1. What is this cheese? Me, losing to Julius? Is that realistic at all? Oh wait... All jokes aside, this diary has been fantastic so far and I get excited every time I see a new post from you in it. I think the way your booking is pretty accurate even if it is a diary and I trust that you have great plans for everyone on the roster soon enough. Once again, well done so far and please, please keep up the pace for my sake.
  2. This is very sad from Dolph. He seems to have just given up on ever having another true main event push again and that’s really heartbreaking. Him talking about being jealous of Kingston is especially depressing because it’s clear to see that Ziggler loves wrestling and the business as a whole and he’ll do anything for it. I hope that he’ll soon get a final main event push that he deserves or at least a chance to depart ways with the WWE to find better usage in the indies or AEW.
  3. Nakamura beating Balor makes sense since his break is coming up, and I think WWE will stick with him for a while. He’s sure to retain at Smackville and his title reign is already starting off pretty solid. He’s just beat Crews on Smackdown and I’m excited to see more. I’ll write a longer review once the reign progresses more.
  4. Now that Kingston’s opponent has been announced as Orton for Summerslam, I’d like to discuss his reign and where the belt could be going next. I think Kingston’s reign so far has been pretty good, certainly above average compared to other reigns we’ve seen recently. He’s had constant title matches which he’s always won cleanly and has been booked properly away from the New Day (which i myself enjoy). He’s faced some pretty title threatening opponents and has beat them in convincing fashion (Joe and Bryan, sorry Dolph). And despite recently taking a pin against Orton on Smackdown, his win/loss ratio is quite high since his reign has begun which is fantastic. With that being said, the hype of him winning since Wrestlemania has died down and people are starting to move on. So here are the two men I see most suit to become champion next. The first is quite obvious, Daniel Bryan. Bryan has excelled as a heel recently and now that the tag titles are off his shoulders, I think he’s still fit for another title reign. And with his announcement looming, it may very well be a title shot (or something else idk). The second man is probably someone you don’t want to hear but it’s true, and that man is Shane McMahon. Shane is by no means a talented in ring worker, but it’s hard to deny his ability to play the bad guy. He is red hot in his angles with Owens recently and giving himself a title shot against Kofi and stacking the odds against him seems like the exact type of thing he would do. Not to mention, it’ll get him even more and he’ll become one of if not the most hated men in WWE today. I’m sorry Joe and Orton couldn’t make the list, but I don’t think Joe will be getting a rematch before the title changes hands and I think they’re setting Orton up for failure at Summerslam (kind of hoping I’m wrong tbh).
  5. I thought this episode was Smackdown was good. I think the Owens/Shane stuff took up a little too much time and that they had like half the show to themselves with a pretty ridiculous main event, but it was still a good buildup to Summerslam. I hope that it doesn’t turn into a tag match with Drew and Roman involved, I don’t think my heart could take another Drew loss. Orton and Kofi did a spectacular job and i think that this match could potentially be very, very good. I enjoyed Orton being less of a boring regular heel and him being more of a veteran in the scenario. Ziggler and Miz was okay, having Michaels involved was pretty random and pointless but if the match happens it should be alright. I was not at all expecting Balor to wrestle at Summerslam but I’m glad he’s going against Wyatt. Wyatt’s funhouse response was fantastic and I think this feud could really be leaving Balor on a high note heading into his break. I’m still wondering if they’ll bring the Demon in or not, but that remains to be seen. Having Moon vs Bayley one on one (so far) is exciting, I think Moon will have an impressive showing. Only part of the show I was disappointed with is no Bryan, but I guess we’ll just have to wait for next week. Once again, solid Smackdown
  6. It’ll be tough for Smackdown to follow up on the RAW last night but I think they’ll do a decent job. Orton vs Kofi will almost surely happy and I am more than down for that. I’m expecting a great KO/Shane segment as always and think that’ll be the main highlight for the show. Bryan’s announcement might take the cake though and I’m very interested to see what it might be.
  7. I was more than satisfied with this RAW. Cena opening the show up was fantastic and the match between the usos and revival was what I was expecting. All of the 24/7 stuff throughout the show was great as per usual and I’m happy to see Truth ending with the title in the end. McIntyre getting his revenge on Cedric was good for him and I thought the legends being showed throughout the show was great. The show in terms of matches was pretty average, but the segments made up for it. I especially enjoyed the Foley/Wyatt segment and I thought it made Bray look great, hopefully the WWE will continue to do stuff just like that for him. The sendoff was fantastic and while it was sad not to see The Rock there, I thought Austin did an amazing job calling the show off. Only complaints are Christian’s TV time and the Moment of Bliss segment. Other than that, fantastic show
  8. Agreeing with Joh, the sheer amount of time it must’ve took to write that and the showcase of everyone in it was fantastic. It was easy to get invested into the match and it had you captured until the very last sentences even though you knew who was going to be in it and who was going to progress to the final 6.
  9. I think having Taker not compete at Summerslam is a poor decision to say the least. He had a pretty impressive showing at Extreme Rules and having him lose to a present day star at a big 4 PPV would do wonders. As for Balor, I’m not too surprised due to his break approaching/already starting and I’m happy that he finally gets some time off. With that being said, it does leave Wyatt in a bit of an odd situation, hopefully they just have him attack someone after their match instead of giving him a random opponent for his big in ring debut.
  10. This is really big show for WWE and they need to nail it down perfectly. Opportunities like this don’t come around very often and when they do they need to be maximized. No weak ass angles, matches between legends, or stupid gatherings of legends in one room as an appearance. This needs to be something like the world championship unification back in 2014 (or 2013, can’t remember). But with that being said, I have faith that WWE will treat us right and give us a great show with a combination of past stars and stars from today. Hopefully this is more of a RAW 1000 show than the 25th anniversary RAW, but we can only pray.
  11. I’m surprised by this to say the least, it looks like a hell of a lot of work but I believe in you Yelich. Can’t wait to see where this goes. Good luck my friend, you may need it.
  12. I give you till the end of the year this time around.
  13. 1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch 2. Fruit Loops 3. Cheerios
  14. Mario easily. The games are some of the most iconic of all time, many people still play/speedrun the original to this day. I always played Mario since I was a little kid and every time I saw his name or his character on a game, I knew it was worth a pickup. The amount of change the Mario franchise has caused is amazing and the games that have spawned from the main franchise (Kart, Galaxy, etc.) are some of the most enjoyable nonmain series games I’ve played.
  15. Fantastic show guys. I’m glad to see that a lot of my choices won the matches (especially my boy Neville) and I’m excited to see how you book these winners. Keep up the great work you two, I can’t wait to see some more.
  16. Yee haw, WWE back at it again with matches no one wants to see. Sure Natalya will get a pop, but at what cost? This match is so predictable and it’s almost 100% going to be an average match, so the best I can really hope for is some kind of big return after the match (Jax or Rousey if they’re healthy is my best guess).
  17. It’s great to see that this match is going to main event if it means Lesnar isn’t going to be slacking. We already know how good Lesnar CAN be (him vs Bryan/Styles) and I’m expecting nothing less from him in this match against Rollins. Despite his age, Lesnar is still fully capable of going and when he’s being put against one of the best in the WWE right now, it’s not hard to make magic happen. This is the perfect by money match to main event a huge PPV, and I can’t wait to see the result. I think Lesnar will retain here, but I could definitely see it going the other way as well.
  18. This is a fantastic match for Summerslam and WWE really needed it after announcing the shit show of a women’s title match on RAW. I’d love to see these two go one on one and for Moon to get the victory, but realistically I think Charlotte is going to join the match to make it a triple threat and honestly probably win the belt, but only time will tell. Still great to Moon getting a chance though.
  19. This break is exactly what Balor needed and I’m glad WWE is giving it to him. The man needs a major revamp and this break is a great way to do it. It’s sad to see how far WWE has let him drop since his Universal title win. As for the whole Summerslam thing against Wyatt, I wouldn’t doubt that he won’t be his opponent, but I don’t see it as a good excuse for Balor not to show up for a couple of months. Maybe Balor can come back as full demon and then the two can a great feud then, but for now I think the best move is to hold it off.
  20. This is fantastic for Drake Maverick. With the work he’s been doing recently, he deserves nothing short of the boss’ approval. Hopefully this is a sign that Drake will continue to do well in the company and that his role will still somewhat the same (possibly even in ring?).
  21. I’ve been looking forward to a diary like this for a long, long time and I’m glad it’s you two that are finally doing it. The setup looks great so far and I’m already excited for the first show. Good job lads, keep it up.
  22. Face: Tough choice between Kingston and Owens, but I think recently Owens takes the cake. People are starting to fall off the hype of Kofi's title reign while Owens is currently red hot in popularity. His realism makes him all the more believable and lovable as a face and it's easy to relate to him. Heel: Once again not an easy pick, but I think Shane McMahon beats out Lesnar and Bryan just slightly. Bryan is still settling into whatever his new gimmick is and still needs some time before he can become the great heel he was as a savior of the world. Lesnar would be the best, but it's not hard to cheer him whenever he goes on a rampage of destroying everyone in his path. And that leaves Shane. It's literally impossible to cheer the man, he plays his character of a corrupt authority figure so well and when he's paired with Owens on screen it just makes him all the more hateable.
  23. HHH Scott Hall Sheamus Punk Jericho Nash Michaels McMahon Batista Orton Hart Bryan (tough choice) Bischoff Savage Hogan
  24. I would have to go for TLC on this one. I love the stipulation itself and to name a PPV after it was a pretty good move. I also think this is one of the few events excluding the Big Four will always produce at least 1 match that's worth watching, whether it be for quality or entertainment. While the Chairs stipulation is pretty lame, I think ladder, table, and TLC matches fit together seamlessly on a card, and this PPV allows it all to happen.
  25. Well what can I say? This is a typical WWE move. Put together a rushed show with a multi man main event with a terrible name and bingo. I fully agree with Nate, this already looks like a house show with a name. I also saw on WhatCulture that this is a counter to AEW's supposed appearance of CM Punk (not sure how reliable this is) and it just makes you wonder if they've just given up at this point. Also, it's not like Joe needs another lose to Kofi. Overall, this is just a terrible move from WWE and I can't wait to watch AEW while this is happening.

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