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  1. A slow clap resonates throughout the arena, and out of the curtains walks Dikey Beautiful Alex. Pure emotion, that's what I like to see. As for the change I'm glad to see it. You've already proven management wrong. You've shown you're more than able to carry yourself in that ring and on that microphone without the handicap they gave you. Well done. The crowd cheers as Dikey slowly walks down to the ring This new character, this new you, it has something...special. You're not like the others. You're like how Maasa was, but better. And look at him now. Ooo, he's got a new manager to talk for him, claiming he's amazing and the next big thing in BPZ and that's he's so bad. Childish. Gill, do as much as you want, but Maasa will never, and I mean absolutely never, live up to your expectations. You could've chosen me. Or... Dikey stops when he gets to the end of the ramp You, Alex. You have everything a wrestler needs to succeed. In ring talent, charisma, and you can talk. Hell, you probably could've made that gimmick that was given to you work. But you didn't. You broke free, became different, and showed your true potential. Those above would be proud of you. Dikey takes out a small notebook and scribbles a quick note before continuing But alas, what you have, I simply have better. I know it, management knows it, everyone knows it. Deep down, you know you'll never beat me clean. After all, I didn't need a handicap to get to where I am now. I am here where I am now because of me and only me. I am the one here on a mission to salvage this ruined division and make it into something great. And you are simply part of the garbage. The audience boos, and Dikey waits for them to calm down before continuing, remaining completely emotionless You want a match for that NXT title? You got one. You, me, one on one. A battle for the ages. The two hottest stars in the NXT division. Two men who will one day be the hottest stars in BPZ, the greatest talent it has ever witnessed. Both putting it on the line for one title. I'm getting tingly just thinking about it. Granted, I can't make a one on one happen with a snap of my fingers, but I think we got a chance. That's all I have to say for now. Goodbye Alex, I bid you farewell. I have a feeling we'll meet again in the very near future. The lights briefly turn off and when they turn back on, Dikey is gone with a challenge issued to Alex Costa. Will he accept?
  2. 1. Rey Mysterio 2. Daniel Bryan 3. Becky Lynch 4. Drew McIntyre 5. Samoa Joe
  3. Actually very happy for him, he was pretty excellent in Japan and for sure is still popular. He can still work too, and I think he'll have a pretty good push since his years are starting to run out. Or maybe AEW will try to pick him up, which would be interesting to say the least.
  4. This match has made me continually impressed with Lesnar as of late. First Survivor Series and now this. I now see why WWE are so hesitant to take the belt off of him. Even though he didn't lose, this for sure will help Balor get over and rediscover his character. It's a shame Lesnar is a part timer, if he wasn't he could be literally of the best wrestlers on the roster if he wanted to. Anyway, the match itself was superb in my opinion. Brock sold his ass off in the match and really put in a great performance to make Balor look legit. Like Alex was saying, the fact that Lesnar had to take Balor by surprise and use the Kimura lock to win speaks volumes. And it made Lesnar look excellent too since he just no sold a Coup de Grace, but luckily it was for a good cause this time. For the first time since his first universal title win, I actually see Balor as a main eventer who could potentially win the title in the near future. Great job from both men, I'm quite impressed.
  5. I'm actually really hoping it is a work, this is the perfect opportunity for him to go off-screen for a while, change his gimmick, and reemerged as a the heel we all thought and knew he would be. If they work Rollins into this storyline too, it'll be a feud that can actually rival Smackdown's main event picture.
  6. Week 1 show: Week 2 show: Foreign PPV: Week 3 show: Week 4 show: USA PPV: Finance: Global Popularity: USA Popularity progress: Medical Notes: Bret Hart is currently 100 pop in all of USA Completed owner goal of not using #1 franchise player (Bret Hart) in the main event of the PPV Piper will probably have to go to rehab in October to fix his problems Mysterio is A* across the board for USA, Piper is around 94 Martel is approaching 90's, Venis is into the 80's in most regions, in the 90's in Great Lakes Hart probably is gonna lose the title next month Finally National size
  7. Water I can't see the bottom of no matter how shallow, small hallways (may or may not be claustrophobic), and losing to Elite in the TEW war
  8. Can't blame the man, he was so good as a crazy face and everyone loved him and everyone was excited for his heel turn, but it fell flat so quickly. He is (or was at least) debatably one of WWE's top stars and he was constantly working. They just gave him the Neville treatment and just stuck him with a gimmick they didn't care about and just let him go off without a care of how it would affect him. The man deserves so much better, and he'll do fantastically outside of WWE, I would actually really like to see him NJPW, I feel like he could do some really good work there as a heel.
  9. I agree that PAC will probably be the first world champion. So far he and Page are the only ones who seem to have a feud going or in place to begin, and I just think PAC is overall a better worker and better on the mic. That match should be awesome though and it should put Page in a place to receive a world title run sometime in the near future.
  10. On the Carnage after the rumble, Puritania plays as Dikey emerges from the backstage area, appearing completely normal aside from a few bruises. He slowly makes his way down to the ring and rolls inside, fetches a mic from the ringside personality and takes his time as he gazes over the Carnage crowd here tonight before talking Ladies and gentlemen, I was surprised at the Royal Rumble. I was surprised by my opponents that night. They each truly put on an excellent performance and I have a new level of respect for each of them. Now that being said, that level of respect prior was non existent, and now it's slightly there. Well played to one man though, and that's Arius, I'll give him that. If the rumors that he's leaving the division are true, I'm going to be disappointed. He was the only one who could really give it to me in the ring. Sure, the others helped a little, but I only truly felt alive when I locked up with you, and I could tell you felt the same. A glint in Dikey's eye disappears as soon as it emerged I cannot get sidetracked. I'm still here with one mission and one mission only. To make this division relevant. Thank you for everything you've done Arius, but it's just not enough. It needs a little more spice. I'm the hottest thing in NXT right now and the most interesting one by far. Everyone else is so...generic, if you will. Dikey stares into the camera as he very confidently says Personally, I believe this whole "developmental" division is below me, but that's up to management not me. For now all I can do is prove I am who I say I am. It's not a matter of me being able to though. It's a matter of me feeling as though you, the fans, and the other wrestlers I face deserve to see. We'll find out at SVM if you all are worthy. So, my fellow NXT competitors, prove to me you actually have what it takes, and you're not getting the upperhand on me because of pure luck. I'll be waiting. The lights briefly turn off, and when they reappear Dikey is nowhere to be seen
  11. I agree, and I truly believed Rusev could have taken the belt and revived it, even as a face. That match helped neither of them, and it's gonna take a lot now for both the title and both wrestlers' momentum to recover.
  12. What a show. As soon as I saw the card, I knew it was gonna tear it up, and it lived up to that expectation in every way possible. The tag match was an amazing way to start of the show. I'm really impressed with Hanson and Rowe, both of those men are extremely athletic and talented and I'm excited to see what they'll do as tag champions, especially in the title rematch. Not taking away anything from Strong and O'Reilly though, both guys showcased an incredible amount of skill, especially for being a brand new tag team. Not much to say about Riddle vs Ohno, but it was good nonetheless. Riddle is kind of insane though, his strength and athleticism in one is a deadly combo and one that is sure to get him far in NXT and hopefully the main roster. Gargano and Ricochet pulled off match of the night in my opinion. Gargano's ability to slowly build up his gimmick and heel turn by embracing it throughout the match was stellar and his performance was amazing and he fully deserved to win. Ricochet was the one who really shown in my eyes. That man was doing high flying shit throughout the whole match, which was 23 god damn minutes long. A little bit sad he lost the title, but hopefully he'll move on to bigger and better things. Baszler and Belair put on a pretty good match, but after Gargano and Ricochet, it was a pretty nice cooldown before the main event, but it was still great. I'm glad that Baszler won though, she's been doing an excellent job as champion and is continuing to do so. I predicted from the start that the main event wasn't going to be as good as the North American title match, but I'll be damned if someone calls it a bad match. Honestly amazing, Ciampa and Black are both so good, and they had a pretty good amount of chemistry, which surprised but pleased me. Right result to the match as well, and overall just a fantastic way to end the show. The confrontation after was very interesting too and I can't wait to see the 3vs3 match, even if it means missing the half-time show.
  13. August Week 1 show: Week 2 show: Foreign PPV: Week 3 show: Week 4 show: USA PPV: Finance (very good this month for some reason): Global popularity: Popularity change in USA: Other notes: Bret Hart is now achieving the owner goal of 100 pop Roddy Piper had a narrative so now he has A* pop almost everywhere in US Rey Mysterio is also into the A* zone for almost every region Taka Michinoku won the title from Mysterio and now is into the 90's Did a lot of angles with Rick Martel and Val Venis, into 80's and 70's respectively Tazz and Jake Roberts increased about 7 pop each and are into the mid 80's
  14. NXT Championship: Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs Aleister Black NXT Women's Championship: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Bianca Belair NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (c) vs War Raiders NXT North American Championship: Ricochet (c) vs Johnny Gargano Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno This should be an excellent show and most of the matches could go either way. All the matches should be phenomenal, I'm just praying none of the matches bomb, but of course the other matches are still there to carry. I'm predicting Black and Dream will be in the rumble.
  15. I also don't want Andrade to turn face, it'll probably completely stunt his momentum. However I would not be opposed to having them as a heel stable. It is risky though, they could end up like the League of Nations, but I feel Andrade is so well suited to his role as a heel to fail. Also Rey and Cara could probably do fine as heels, and it would be something different compared to the typical luchadors in WWE.
  16. I personally like the game, however I have only played the free version. It certainly isn't as sophisticated as TEW, but the different scenarios and some of the match highlights make it a fun alternative nonetheless and, once again, it's free. It can also be played on mobile which is amazing too, especially for a free game.
  17. Royal Rumble: 30 man Rumble: Seth Rollins 30 Women Rumble: Becky Lynch WWE Championship: AJ Styles vs Daniel Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor SD Tag Team Championship: Bar vs Miz and Shane McMahon United States Championship match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev SD Women's Championship match: Becky Lynch vs Asuka Raw Women's Championship match: Ronda Rousey vs Sasha Banks CW Championship Match: Buddy Murphy vs Kalisto vs Akira Tozwa vs Hideo Itami Bonus: Who will be the IronMen and IronWomen: Ali and Charlotte Who will have the most Eliminations in both Royal Rumble Matches: McIntyre and Jax Who will be the last Eliminated in The Royal Rumble matches: McIntyre and Charlotte How many Suplexs will Brock Lesnar hit on Finn Balor: 16
  18. ACW July: https://gyazo.com/0adc668508db49717b928e3a9e7f92ff (Week 1 show) https://gyazo.com/67456fb0ebb28484c4ba46c318693cd5 (Week 2 show) https://gyazo.com/4805f95d93bcf76cd4eb0c8ca2667186 (Foreign PPV) https://gyazo.com/cd6b36fe04965cb2f3a3b28985fd00fb (Week 3 show) https://gyazo.com/bfbffde142030fe8cede584ddb5675a2 (Week 4 show) https://gyazo.com/c75c39f30d979b54fa2a65d94f612307 (USA PPV) https://gyazo.com/b90a4d7d253e5662b35ec4fe00b1515e (Global Popularity) https://gyazo.com/5ecc2967e251572145acc1601bc61057 (Popularity Progress USA) https://gyazo.com/79e493334e16c571637f9020b874b398 (Finance)
  19. The lights go out and pop back on in seconds, and Dikey is revealed to be standing right behind Hans. He picks him up and hits him with a burning hammer into a piledriver, a move he calls the Malamar. He scoops up Hans' microphone, slowly walks back to the stage and says: So! I said I wasn't gonna come back until the rumble, but here am I. Take it in you all, this will be the last time you see me without a title around my waist. Now, honestly I wasn't even gonna give a thought about coming out here, but I realized three of the men I face are out here making fools of themselves. Crippler, Alex, and Hans, if you can even hear me, you three have no right to be here. I'm not complaining though, the more names I add to my list the better. But come on. You guys are the lowest form of life on this planet. Your minds are corrupted. They haven't been exposed to the wonders of the universe. It's a lovely place honestly, bigger than you could ever imagine. Trillions of things to fight, and fighting them pays off. You'll learn that the hard way soon. Dikey stops walking on the stage and faces the audience Sorry, I'm digressing. What am I here to do is issue a challenge. A challenge to anyone in the locker room mere meters behind me. I will admit, the odds of me winning have decreased. With all these buffoons flying around the ring and Arius being in the match, my chances are looking slimmer than ever. Slimmer, mind you, not slim. But in the case I don't win, I want to have a nice, clean singles match ahead of me. I had a tempting offer from someone, but that someone has left as of yesterday, or so I think. So anyone back there, come on out, appear on the titantron, do whatever, just accept my challenge someway or another. I want to see what BPZ is really about.
  20. Balor vs Strowman was good in terms of storyline, and it was great to see Brock at ringside. He actually sold the match well which is hopefully a good sign. I'm praying that since he's showing this much interest he'll give us a good match at the rumble but it's Brock so idk. Drew vs Seth was good, but the feud just needs to go away, it's run it's course and now Ziggler's gone which makes it worse. Rest of the show was standard, but I am looking forward to Heavy Machinery and Ryder/Hawkins again. Highlight: "Damn Bobby"
  21. Predictions: 1. Tomasso Ciampa 2. Johnny Gargano 3. Shayna Baszler 4. Undisputed Era 5. Matt Riddle
  22. Name: Dikey Age: 25 Hometown: San Diego Past criminal records: 10 cases of raping then murdering Hobbies: Baseball (good with a bat) and impersonating wrestlers Strengths: Physically strong and funny. Very street smart Weaknesses: Literally dumb as a brick otherwise
  23. https://gyazo.com/7784f56e6d79c9b8fd4877f32b7ace97 (Week 1 show) https://gyazo.com/8f4851f549256e1352056ccfe4a9bd1f (Week 2 show) https://gyazo.com/ad9e06bb1b24cd362916b8164de4ed65 (PPV, accidentally switched with foreign one) https://gyazo.com/279d6731b336dbd77d3cd4bf60bc5760 (Week 3 show) https://gyazo.com/4f1e5f6e371fc13bda423fa7c2bbb48b (Week 4 show) https://gyazo.com/a922c994380a52b3c7c27be8fe62be18 (Foreign PPV) https://gyazo.com/40d1d79bd55946f930cd88f4be42e222 (Finance) https://gyazo.com/b41c0ab6446ecc8ee8465825b9f080d3 (Overall pop) https://gyazo.com/9a91f5e203b25b1a101b7f4a15288f63 (Pop change in USA)
  24. Name: Dikey Age: 22 Gimmick: Kind of like Bray Wyatt (extraterrestrial/weird but also does whatever it takes to win) Pic Base: Jay White Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel Backstory: Debuting at the young of 18 in a squash match in Ring of Honor, Dikey has improved a great deal in the four years since. Wrestling as a midcarder for both Ring of Honor and Impact, Dikey has still yet to win any titles and looks to change that in KWF. He is still ripe for improvement in terms of in ring ability and on the mic, and his gimmick performance is already increasing exponentially. Wrestling Style: Cruiserweight/Puroresu Common Moves (Minimum 5): Leaping clothesline, dropkick, enzuigiri, uppercut, second rope crossbody, springboard hurricanrana, reverse frankensteiner, meteora, moonsault, standing moonsault, german suplex, brainbuster, uranagi onto knee, tilt a whirl backbreaker, neckbreaker, cutter, leg lariat, axe kick, that move TJP does like the GTS but a kick, sole kick, shining wizard, and an arm drag Signature Moves (Minimum 2): Shooting Star Press and the Exhilarator (V-Trigger) Finishing Moves (Minimum 2): The Cosmic Ascension (Queens Crossbow/Cross Rhodes) and Space and Time (burning hammer into a codebreaker or piledriver) Theme: Puritania by Dimmu Borgir

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