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    As the broadcast of Valor returns from commercial break, the camera fades into a familiar site, the office of Mikey. The sun is shining through his window and he is in the center of the beams, perched over his desk, his fingers flying across his keyboard. The camera pans around a little bit and the office is looking a bit more messy than usual. There are papers all over the desktop, empty water bottles, and most notably an empty championship holder next to Mikey's nameplate. Mikey leans back in his chair and runs his hands through his hair with a loud sigh before noticing the camera. He puts on a smile and organizes some of his papers, getting them into a neat pile before setting them aside. He leans forward in his chair and puts him arms on the desk, clasping his hands together. Apologies for the mess, there's just been a lot going on as of late. The date draws nearer and nearer, and the media is always firing. "Will Mikey win the PowerTrip Cup?" "Mikey vs Slim set for the BPZ Undisputed Championship?" "Does he have what it takes???" It never gets old. And I sit behind this desk reading all these comments with a smile on my face. Why? Because no matter what these people say, no matter what they think of me, in the end it is all meaningless. I'm a man with a will of steel. I am someone who never bends under the pressure, who will always succeed on the big stage. Forget the expectations, the doubts, the critics. As cliche as it is, it's all true. These things can alter a match significantly, I've seen it first hand. Let me take you back to just a couple weeks ago... Mikey leans back slightly in his chair and looks toward the ceiling, the scene slowly fading away from him to the triple threat match that earned both Sameer and Mikey their spots in this match. The closing moments show Sameer hitting Bob Sparks with a Curb Stomp and him going for the pin. Getting ahead of himself, Sameer makes a desperate attempt to pin Bob, paying no attention to his injured leg. He is unable to crawl into a pin in time, and Mikey is able to slide in and get an arm on Sparks' chest to secure himself a tie. The scene fades back to Mikey's office where The Star Attraction is smirking at the camera. Do you all see now? What I've been saying these past few weeks about Sameer have not been hoaxes, but rather cold, hard fact. That man you saw pin Bob Sparks was not a man who knows himself. That was a man driven by desperation and nothing more. The pressure got to him, and he tried to capitalize when it mattered worse and prove everyone wrong. And the best part? He could've. But Sameer is simply a foolish man who can't find his own feet without Creed. That match right there was his big chance to prove himself as the top dog on Valor without the assistance of his brothers. And, well, we all saw what happened. But why did this all happen? But Sameer is not like me. Hell, he's not even like FDS. He hears just like the rest of us but his issue is he listens. Everyone has been waking up, accusing of him being the fraud that I've always know he is. Questions have arisen of whether or not he could actually beat me, the man that exposed him for who he truly was. So in that moment, all of those thoughts came flooding in and he fumbled his opportunity. You were THAT close, Sameer. That close to proving yourself to everyone. But you failed, just like you will fail in a few days. Mikey now holds his empty championship pedestal in his hand, observing it while saying his next words. At BPZ Judgment Day, I will be taking what is rightfully mine. The title as winner of the BPZ PowerTrip Cup. The BPZ Premium Championship. And most importantly, the legacies of Sameer and FDS. They've had their past successes, sure, but when I defeat them, they'll never be known as former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion or former BPZ Intercontinental Championship. But rather the men that missed out on one of the biggest opportunities of their careers. And all that because they lost to a...kid. Sameer will crumble under the pressure. FDS will fail his entire brand. The past is in the past, boys. It's like I've been saying all along. The media? Meaningless. Your accomplishments? Meaningless. Every single goddamn word you've said about me? Absolutely meaningless. And at the end of our match, there will be only one thing that isn't meaningless, and that's my name. Mikey nods his head and the camera begins to move backward slowly. Mikey returns to his computer while the scene fades away back into the Valor arena.
  2. Y'all are too mean 😞
  3. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. I'M POPPING OFF! I'm refuse to mess up with the PowerTrip Cup again and miss out on offering my thoughts, so here I am, two days later from my last segment. No one else seems to have anything planned, so I'm gonna continue to carry this company on my back and take us to the promised land. Anyway, we all know that the BPZ PowerTrip Cup finals this year are going to make history and (HOPEFULLY) be a once and a lifetime thing. Of course I'm talking about a triple threat match between FDS, Sameer, and Mikey. Three formidable names all with the credibility to win the tournament, all with the story to do so, but only one can be the victor (HOPEFULLY). Who will that man be? I have no idea at this point, BPZ has thrown me curveball after curveball. Who should that man be? Well, allow me to explain below what I think would be the best solution. Predicting The BPZ PowerTrip Cup Finals FDS Out of the three men in this match, I believe that FDS has had the best and most impressive journey here by a mile. No one thought he was going to get to this point, and it's a real treat for us fans that he did. His performances have exceeded all expectations so far, and he's had some very interesting matches with dynamics that haven't been seen anywhere else in the tournament (i.e. his feud with Alex Costa). He's made a very good case as to why he should win the whole thing and is, in my opinion, in peak form right now. He has more momentum than ever before and I speak for everyone when I say he's more over than ever before. It's hard not to root for FDS as a fan of the company, and I think if he won and ended up dethroning Flynn, he'd be a very unique and refreshing champion, one that's a nice break from the usual champion-fit star. Additionally, I think that a win for FDS would do wonders for him. FDS has been a stable part of the main event scene for years now but has never really been considered one of the best in the business. He's always been seen as an upper midcard guy who will give you a great performance every night and is more than deserving to win the BPZ Intercontinental Championship, but he's never really been considered among the likes of Flynn and Slim. A win like this, even if he ends up losing to Flynn, would tremendously boost his status in the main event scene. After this victory, I could definitely see FDS either capturing the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship or also winning the BPZ Survival Games tournament later in the year. Sameer Now for the second of the three men, Sameer. While Sameer hasn't had the underdog story that FDS had due to him being a favorite on the Valor side, his journey has still been impressive nonetheless. Defeating names like Gunner Flynn and Yelich are very impressive feats and should not be overlooked. He's currently featuring in a story revolving around him being offered an easy route by Creed with him trying to overcome the doubts and cement himself without the help of his stablemates. Realistically, Sameer winning would make the most sense in terms of how BPZ works as he is already an established star and will have a very interesting feud with champion Hans Clayton or Slim (a little bit of that faction warfare). So based on this, I'm going to assume that BPZ's safe option is Sameer as him winning couldn't really go wrong. But what will this victory do for Sameer? Truth be told, it depends on how BPZ book him. I could 100% see going down the route of having Sameer turn into a slimeball or corrupt heel again (his best work in my opinion) or staying as a face and running the brand with Creed. If Sameer ends up winning this tournament, loses to Hans or Slim and stays face, this would all be a waste of time. Obviously Hans would look stronger, but he's already looking sensational with the formation of the Cut Throat Crew and a win over Sameer feels much less significant than it should. And as for Slim, it'll just make Sameer feel like fodder for a first title reign. I shouldn't even have to explain why that's a bad idea. But if Sameer stays aligned with Creed and captures the BPZ Undisputed Championship, the story of all three of them running the shows with all the titles is definitely one that is worthwhile. Mikey And now, the wildcard and my favorite, Mikey. Mikey's journey has been very interesting so far. A first round victory over Brad, and from there on it's been tie after tie. In all honesty, as much as I love the guy, it feels a little odd seeing him in the final, but I understand why BPZ did it. Mikey is obviously the youngest of the three and the underdog in this whole thing, and no one really expects him to win. But what if he does? That question is looming and it's not unlike BPZ to push a brand new star on the verge of their breakout moment. A victory in this tournament would be the most interesting of the three in my opinion, as he would either have to face off against his former Bulletproof brother Hans Clayton or his current leader, Slim. Two very interesting stories could be written and it makes you question whether he could truly win. That kind of unpredictability is what I like in tournaments, and Mikey winning would offer plenty of it. I think it goes without saying that this victory would do the most for Mikey by a mile. Both guys have already been near the top of the card their whole careers, and a win like this wouldn't feel like a crowning moment as much as another piece of their legacy. Although he has had two BPZ United States Championship reigns, Mikey has yet to have that breakthrough victory to get him to the next level, the main event scene. This win would shoot him right up there with guys like Hans and Slim, but there's an issue. It would be a massive risk, and Mikey would be forced to keep up with all the top guys for the rest of his career. Questions of whether he is ready or not have to be asked. Imagine if he were to win this tournament, capture the BPZ Undisputed Championship and then fall back down to the midcard after losing it or devalue the title itself. It just doesn't feel right. Who I Think Should Win In my opinion, this has been FDS' tournament to win ever since he beat KENJI. The sheer amount of shock and momentum he's built up this past month is enough to really give him a main event push even without a tournament victory, but a win would just make it all the more memorable. You know what I said about Mikey winning being the most beneficial? FDS is making a strong case for that title. Having a guy that's been starving with no real big title wins for the past 5-6 years finally win something this big and monumental (let's not forget it's the first triple threat finals ever) would be something different. Although he is no longer in the running for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship (even though I think he could have realistically won), having him focus on this put in a great performance to make his victory look substantial is a brilliant move in my opinion. So yeah, I think there's no way that BPZ should let the opportunity of having one of their most dedicated and loyal stars not take this victory. And that is that. Yes, I believe FDS should be the one to win the BPZ PowerTrip Cup, but will he? Honestly, it's way too close to tell and all three men make cases as to why they should win, and no matter what way it goes, none of us should be complaining. These are three of the best in the company and all of them deserve to win (or at least get a title shot if they don't). As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  4. I was really surprised when I heard about this. Ziggler is a guy who hasn't really been doing much recently, I'm not sure if I've really even seen him after the whole Otis feud. However looking back at it, I think it'll make for a fun feud given the story these two have had in the past as tag champions. I also feel like Ziggler is the perfect kind of heel to go against McIntyre, and hopefully they'll have a legit feud that's built up well and has a good match that's not just a blowoff or burial. I fully expect McIntyre to retain, his reign has been excellent so far and I think it's a bit too late in Ziggler's career to salvage a world title run (although it'd be very interesting).
  5. In the grand scheme of all the accusations, this seems like something that is out of place. Obviously the comment he made was immature and should be criticized, but getting suspended from AEW? A company that you have made a name for yourself in? And all of that, halting your momentum because of a comment you made 4 years ago. People have been coming out with stories about things that are legitimately illegal and heinous, and this just doesn't fit in with all of that. I hope he recovers from this soon because it seems like an honest mistake that other people have definitely made in their lives, he's just being punished for it. As for his apology video, I 100% believe what he said, he seems very honest and down to earth about what happened. There's sincerity in it and you can tell he actually feels bad and that he's changed since he made the statement. Also, him discussing it with Sasha makes the whole situation more believable and legit.
  6. Mikey

    A Return

    Long time no see Josh, I'm very glad to see you back. I'm deeply sorry to hear about your grandfather and I hope you and your family get through it easily. I think I speak for everyone when I say we're looking forward to seeing you around again, and we all hope to help you out as much as we can.
  7. There's a lot of reasons to say yes to this question and a lot to say no. There's the aspect of being able to see what happens in the future and either being able to change it into something that's more beneficial or know what you have to do in order to achieve what you saw. But on the other hand, like Echo said, where's the fun? You already know what's going to happen and it eliminates the aspect of possibility completely (assuming you see what happens in the future and there's nothing you can do to change it). But if you can change what happens, I'd definitely want to see. I'd love to spend my life trying to avoid the future, trying to change it and that's what I think offers the fun in life that'd normally be missing. However, if the future were set and nothing could be done to change it, I'd 100% let it be a mystery. There's nothing you can do to change it so why even bother knowing what it is? Just live life to the fullest knowing that all you can do is work your hardest and make yourself the best person possible to ensure the best future imaginable.
  8. Mikey


    Fresh off of a commercial break, "m.A.A.d city" by Kendrick Lamar blasts throughout the arena to welcome back the Valor fans. The atmosphere in the arena immediately changes, the anticipation of waiting for the end of the commercial vaporizing into a feeling of tension so thick it can nearly be cut. The irate fans currently in attendance all stand up in there seats and cusp their hands around their mouths, the hatred spilling from their vocal chords as Mikey steps out from the curtains The former BPZ United States Champion emerges with a smile on his face, raising his arms up for the BPZ audience, welcoming in their reaction. He continually does this while walking down to the ring, making sure that those with outstretched arms can't reach him. He pulls himself up onto the apron and slowly enters the ring, spinning around after stepping over the middle rope. He stops himself in the middle of the ring and holds a hand up to his ear, listening intently to the fans, egging them on. He lowers his hand and chuckles before reaching into his pocket and taking out a microphone, raising it to his mouth. Oh the power of having this tool in my hand to drown you all out. I swear there's nothing else like it. Every night I come out to speak my mind, wrestle a match, hell I could come out here as a water boy for the announcers and you'd all still boo me. The same reaction every night, doesn't it get boring? What exactly do you think a reaction like this will do to me? Scare me away? Maybe that's what you all want, for me to run away with my tail tucked between my legs. That way there's no possibility of me ruining a glorious moment. A moment where one of your favorites like Sameer or FDS, ones that you have shirts and hats for, end up winning the BPZ PowerTrip Cup. But reality is harsh, and I'm still here, good as ever. All of you probably think that I stole Sameer's victory over Bob Sparks and that I don't deserve to be here. And to that I say you're damn right I stole that victory from Sameer. Why wouldn't I? The fact is that everyone else in this company would've done the exact same thing. But obviously all you care about is to hate me for it because of who I am. I speak the truth when many others won't, something that you all are very afraid of. And truth be told, your "Golden Boy" Sameer would've done the same thing I did if the roles were switched, plain and simple. The fans start to raise their volume once again, the boos starting to fill up the brief bit of silence Mikey allowed. But Mikey instantly speaks, waving the fans off. No no, don't even bother. You all know I'm right even if you won't admit it. Let's not get it twisted though, I can't blame Sameer. In the end we're all looking for one thing in this company: victory. I can sit here all I want and criticize Sameer for sitting behind his corrupt Creed parents, if you will, but perhaps I am guilty of the same thing. No, I'm not talking about Mafia, but rather Bulletproof. FDS, I'm hurt, truly. Saying that I killed Bulletproof? How preposterous! I didn't kill Bulletproof. But it was you and your vision, your idea that ended up killing us. Bulletproof used to be a solid brotherhood back when I joined the ranks. We had the vision of greatness and glory, winning at whatever means necessary. That's a mentality I still have to this day and have to credit Bulletproof for. But then there were the outcasts of the groups, the ones who pictured something different for us. First it was Bashka, then Isaiah Carter. When they were removed from our ranks, everything was solved again. But time after time, new additions kept being made, additions like yourself. People who were too noble to see the bigger picture. Bulletproof was about the domination of BPZ, something we nearly achieved. But in the height of our power, new allies forced us back down to the reality. And that reality was with weak links, Bulletproof could never succeed. You were one of those weak links, FD. I didn't destroy Bulletproof, but I destroyed what Bulletproof had become. When you joined us, you killed Bulletproof. From that point on we weren't the same. We were weak, not worthy of the Bulletproof title. And for that I can only blame you. I have not yet smashed my fellow bullets because many of them don't deserve to be smashed. Bob Sparks and Alex Costa are two prime examples who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But you, FDS, you are one of the bullets I must end once and for all. Your vision doesn't match mine or Bulletproof's vision, and if it did, we wouldn't be facing off against each other right now, would we? Mikey takes a moment to catch his breath and listen to the crowd, but the boos have now quieted down, the fans waiting eagerly for what Mikey has to say next. Satisfied, he continues. This isn't BPZ in 2016. There is no serenity, no peace. This company is now a battlefield, and all that matters is survival. All three of us, myself, Sameer, and FDS, have survived our fair few battles and have now ended up here. So like FD so wisely said, I am like a child who's made mistakes and had his fair few failures. But yet here I am. Just a kid in the business who's managed to stir up more controversy than many people have in years. A kid who's managed to battle against all the odds, keep my enemies in the palm of my hand, and be on the verge of a victory only a handful of stars have ever both worthy of. A true coronation, if you ask me. One worthy only for a man of my talents. By the way, FD, I'm glad you listened to me. It doesn't matter what we say, all that matters is what happens in this ring in just over a week. I urge both of my opponents to keep that in mind in these last few days. Enjoy the peace while you can. Mikey once again lowers his microphone and the crowd are silent, not sure what to say or do. Mikey then smirks and raises his hands in the air, waving the crowd on and engaging the boos that begin to echo through the arena. This causes Mikey to laugh and shake his head as he exits the ring and heads to the back.
  9. #WOTN: Who had the most impressive showing tonight? Arius #NOC: Has Smith proven herself the next challenger for Bart Hoogveld? Nah Arius whooped her ass #INVITE: Who is your early favorite for the Pacific Invitational? Sameer, this Xavier King guy seems like a jobber
  10. Match 1: Kin Takeshi VS Benjamin Wolfe Match 2: Tamer VS KENJI Match 3: Julius Jones VS Skips Mcgee Main Event: Ryan Reeves & Liam Starr VS BIC & Ark Universe
  11. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. Ladies and gentlemen, the BPZ PowerTrip Cup is almost over. And boy has it been a hell of a ride. Ties, upsets, this tournament had everything that a die hard wrestling fan could ever want. But now we're at the finals of the tournament where Carnage's FDS will take on Valor's Sameer and Mikey. A very interesting match, but what will BPZ actually make of it? There's a lot of options, but my opinion on that is for another day. For now, I am going to focus on what we've seen so far and my opinions on it, highlighting what I think BPZ did well and could do better. So yeah, let's get into it. My Opinion on the BPZ PowerTrip Cup Round 1 Okay so first off, let's talk about Alex Costa vs Buddy Ace. I think BPZ made a pretty solid decision here in taking Costa over Ace, and let me explain why. By having Alex win, BPZ allowed him to face off against FDS which I thought was a great combination but not one that I was expecting. But either way, Alex would've faced someone who matched up well with him, and given his recent losses it felt more appropriate for him to win. As for Buddy Ace, well, we all saw what happened at Last Resort. Ace got his victory back after beating KENJI (more on him later), and it made his loss to Costa seem like an afterthought. So overall, both guys gained from having Alex win in my opinion. Good job BPZ. Now FDS vs KENJI, right, this was the start of it all, wasn't it? The start of FDS' path of destruction through the Carnage side of this tournament. I saw KENJI taking the win here, and although FDS now has a fantastic chance to win the entire tournament, I stand by KENJI winning this match. His recent failures have been detrimental, and I really can't see BPZ justifying them in any way. KENJI is a fantastic talent and deserves to be treated as such. Suffering loss after loss is certainly not the right way to approach that. Yes, I may be talking about his booking recently rather than in the first round, but still. Either way, FDS' win here set him on a great path and I respect BPZ for making the decision to have him win. Echo Wilson vs Nebakos. A match that really could've gone either way and I wouldn't have complained. Obviously I originally had Nebakos to go all the way in this tournament, but obviously that didn't pan out. But him winning the first round was something I thought was good. Both guys looked really good in their match and made a case for getting to the second round so Nebakos winning was hardly detrimental. Wilson then proceeded to win the BPZ Premium Championship, a shitty bounce rebound cause the title is useless but a rebound nonetheless. I wish he got the IC title instead, but he still regained some momentum and it's as if this match never happened in terms of his momentum. Finally for Carnage, Broken Nate vs Prince. I thought this was the most predictable match of the entire round. I will criticize BPZ for making so obvious although I thought Nate winning was the best decision. Prince only showing up once on television to cut one promo made it way too evident he was taking the loss and I realistically thought BPZ could've made this match seem a lot closer. But Nate obviously took home the victory, and I still maintain that he is a bigger attraction and is better from experience, but this could've been a stepping stone for Prince. Not to take away from Nate though, he ended up having a fantastic run. Now for Valor, and first off Gunner vs Sameer. Like I said before this all started, I didn't feel good about this match happening when they had a match for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship coming up. But in hindsight, that claim might've been a bit...ambitious. While Sameer essentially buried Gunner and halted all his momentum, he looked absolutely fantastic heading into the rest of the tournament and he still is looking great. He still has one match left, but he looks like a very legit contender going into it. I could 100% see him clashing with either Hans or Slim for the BPZ Undisputed Championship in a battle of the stables, and this first match was the start of it all. Next up, Maestro vs Yelich. God was I conflicted about this match. And honestly, I still am. I loved having Yelich win, but I was really pulling for Maestro as well. Both guys were sensational during the feud and either outcome would've been sufficient. However, now seeing how things panned out, I think having Maestro win would've been more wise (I'll explain in the next round). Having Yelich win gave him the momentum he needed to look good going up against Sameer, but I feel like if he ended up losing it wouldn't hardly be as bad and he'd have more opportunities to rebuild himself. Meanwhile, Maestro could win, take a loss to Sameer and then make his exit like he's seemingly done. Bob Sparks vs Addy. While I'm a huge fan and believer in Addy, I'm going to keep this brief. Bob Sparks winning was the most obvious decision of this whole tournament. Addy is without a doubt a great up and coming talent who has the potential to be one of the best in the company, but now was just not the time. Bob was still looking for revenge after the BPZ Mania battle royal thing which Addy was in, and it just felt right for him to beat him again. So yes, Addy's time is coming very, very soon, but this was just not the right time for him to make it big especially against Sparks. And finally, Brad vs Mikey. This match was one that I thought Mikey would win but wasn't 100% sure about like Bob vs Addy. While Mikey is obviously a great young star, Brad has been on the verge of that big run for the past 5 years and it really hurts to see him lose in the first round. BPZ would've done just fine with having him advance to the second round and giving him some credibility because he really has been great as of late. But alas, they went with Mikey and I can't really penalize that (because I'm a Mikey stan). It set up Mikey well to get where he is now, and that's always something that BPZ does really well, building up their finalists/stars. Quarter-Finals First up, FDS vs Alex Costa. I was highly confident that FDS was going to win this, and it turned out I was right. Although Alex had a huge victory over Buddy Ace and could've realistically won convincingly, FDS beating KENJI was simply too big of a feat to earn a quarter-final exit. These two had a really great match and made the mini feud very entertaining and I'd love to see them work together in the future. In addition, FDS was looking sensational heading into his Carnage final matchup which was something that I thought was crucial (although Alex would've also looked great heading into that match had he won). So yes, I think FDS winning was the right decision and set him up nicely for the rest of the tournament. Nebakos vs Broken Nate. Here's where I stop agreeing with BPZ. I thought Nebakos was going to get a fairly easy win here, you know, nothing too crazy, but BPZ surprised me with a curveball of Nate winning. Nebakos beating Echo Wilson was a choice that had me a bit heartbroken at first, and I thought with such an impressive win like that going up against Nate's win over Prince, it seemed like an easy decision for the winner. Nebakos had more momentum, the hype of his return, and had the advantage over Nate if you go by him attacking him after he won the battle royal at BPZ Mania. I suppose Nate winning was a bit of revenge for that, but I was still questionable and thought that FDS vs Nebakos would've been better to cement a finals match rather than FDS vs Broken Nate. But nonetheless, another bold decision and one I can't penalize that much. Now, Sameer vs Yelich. At first, this did not sit well with me at all. I thought Yelich should've won this match due to his extremely impressive gimmick and how he executed it, not to mention how he is constantly entertaining on the mic and excellent in the ring. However I think Sameer winning is a justifiable decision. Sameer already had a ton of momentum after defeating Gunner twice and retaining his championship, and this win fell right into the train of momentum. Coming out of this, he looked primed for the finals and it fit well into Sameer getting his path paved by Creed, so really I can't make a whole lot of legitimate arguments other than I enjoyed Yelich's hilarious gimmick more. And finally, Bob Sparks vs Mikey. God when I first saw this I was confused. I thought surely there was a mistake and that one of them had one, but I was not mistaken. They really pulled a tie in a tournament. I could already picture how the graphic would look, but that wasn't my main concern. I was worried about how the hell BPZ was going to pull this off. But then it dawned on me, that this was perhaps a brilliant idea. By having Mikey and Bob draw, it set up a three way for the Valor finals, something that's never been seen before in this tournament. In addition, Bob destroyed Mikey already and was looking great heading into the triple threat, therefore he was going to whoop both his and Sameer's ass to make him look like a bonafide winner. Right? RIGHT? Semi-Finals First up, FDS vs Broken Nate. Straight up, I saw FDS winning this from the start. His path on this tournament was sensational and perfect for a finals run, and given what happened on the Valor side, it was all the more obvious. From a first round exit to a finals competitor, FDS really proved himself in this tournament and a loss to Broken Nate just seemed like something that really couldn't have possibly happened or BPZ would've been letting go of a huge opportunity. And they made the right choice, allowing FDS to have a wave of momentum heading into the finals against two of Valor's best, carrying his brand on his back. The story was written perfectly, and there's no mistakes to be made on the Carnage side of things. But on Valor's side? Yeah, mistakes were made in Sameer vs Mikey vs Bob Sparks. There was no way in hell a draw should've happened here. I would've been perfectly okay with any of these three men winning because they'd be able to have a great match and make a great story with FDS, but no, now it's a triple threat. This was the second triple threat to end in a draw in recent memory, and personally I think that should never happen. It makes one guy seem so weak and the others not as strong. It's really just not a good way to go about things. Especially having BOB SPARKS getting double pinned. He looked amazing, primed for a finals run against FDS, but he got double pinned instead, essentially burying him by having him be pinned by two people. He should've won this whole tournament and the way he was eliminated was disgraceful. Nothing can change my mind on that. But in all of this, it does set up the finals nicely to have Carnage vs Valor with Carnage having the disadvantage, but I still think a one on one would've worked soooo much better. So there you have it, my opinion on the BPZ PowerTrip Cup so far. There were lots of ups and downs along the way, but we're in the home stretch now and not much can be done. I think the finals will end up being a great match regardless of how silly it is (unless the finish is a tie, at that point I'd stop watching all of BPZ). I'll offer my opinions on that later, but for now, that's all I got. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
  12. Trios Tournament Match: MYTH vs Mile High Squad Pacific Invitational Qualifier: Sameer Jones vs Arrow McIntyre Mafia vs Suplex Style Pro Pacific Invitational Qualifier: Xavier King vs Mikey Trios Tournament Match: Heller Squad vs Catch Style KIngs Rei Smith vs Arius
  13. While there are many definitions of what a perfect wrestler is, I think they need the full package. I'm talking about in ring work, microphone skill, charisma, look, finisher, gimmick, etc. There are a good number of wrestlers over the years who have fit these criteria, but there are only few who have exceeded in each field. And my 5 candidates for this are CM Punk, Kazuchika Okada, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and The Undertaker (honorable mention to Bret Hart though). These are guys that I think encompass the whole idea of perfect. Each one of them are sensational both in the ring and on the mic, and they did it at a high level for their whole careers. In addition, I think it's important to say that these men can portray either a face or heel to absolute perfection by having the fans react the way they should to their character. It's really hard to decipher which of these men is a true perfect wrestler, but I think I'd have to go with Shawn Michaels. In my opinion, HBK is the greatest in ring performer in WWE history (and top 5 when compared to everyone), already putting him ahead of 3 of the other men (Okada is is just about equal and maybe even better) and filling out one of the fields already. As for his microphone skill, that's unquestionable. While it may not be as strong as candidates such as Jericho and Punk, he's undoubtedly been one of the best in his time and was always entertaining to watch regardless of who was around him. And the look is self explanatory. "Heartbreak Kid", his whole gimmick, hell even his entrance theme all revolved around him being a teenager's dream. Sweet Chin Music is without a doubt one of the most iconic finishers of all time and has some really good memories that come with it, and he's never flaked from it unlike someone like Taker who's switched between the Last Ride and the Tombstone. And last but not least, his entire gimmick. I kind of contradicted myself when talking about sticking with a gimmick for a whole career, but Michaels gimmick evolved with his career. He started off as a young heartthrob, and whether he was loved or hated by the fans, the gimmick always fit. And as he progressed in his career (after his back injury mostly), Michaels started to develop a kind of bitter veteran gimmick, relying on his experience rather than his look. I thought that gimmick was just as good as his previous gimmick. Switching up a gimmick and still having it be so prestigious is something not many men can do apart from Jericho and Punk. So yes, I believe that Shawn Michaels is the definition of a perfect wrestler.
  14. Mikey

    Network Era (2017)

    Pre-Show Mandy Rose vs Angelina Love Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse Velez Dr. Britt Baker vs Allie Main Card Womens Casino Battle Royal: Mercedes Martinez Aja Kong vs Awesome Kong RIHO vs Maki Itoh Brandi Rhodes vs Maria Kanellis Zoe Lucas vs Kaitlyn IIconics vs Blossom Twins Beth Phoenix vs Trish Stratus Bonus Who will unveil the AEW Womens Championship? Lita Who will be the joker in the Casino Battle Royal? Heidi Lovelace One male AEW star will appear on the show, who will it be? Kenny Omega
  15. I'm really late to this but I thought it was an episode of NXT that I couldn't ignore. So obviously, first and foremost, Phantasma's unmasking. I could sense a heel turn coming from a mile away especially when he was paired up with such an over babyface like Maverick (would've loved to see the reaction with actual fans), but the unmasking came as a complete shock to me. I personally think it was the right move as the mask represented the good side of Phantasma in my opinion, or that could be completely wrong. He now has a chance to start fresh as a heel and really build himself up as a great Cruiserweight champion. As always, I thought Cameron Grimes was excellent. He's a very entertaining character and wrestler to watch and although I think he could be booked MUCH better, he's still putting on some of the best stuff of the night, i.e. his match with Balor which was nothing short of excellent. It was pretty obvious he was going to lose, and even though it's a big name like Balor, I'm still questioning why they don't build Grimes up and have him beat some other stars to really get him over rather than just facing lower card guys. Either way, Grimes continues to be fantastic and Balor got a pretty big victory which is always good. And finally, the NXT title scene. First of all, Cole vs Lumis was a very good match in my opinion, and in this case it kind of felt right for Lumis to take the loss. Cole's reign has been impressive and still is at over a year in, and the shenanigans with UE are what's keeping his reign alive. I thought Lumis still looked very strong coming out of this which is good because I can see him being a title contender (or at least NA contender) in the very near future, his gimmick is one of my favorites right now. But as for my favorite character, Karrion Kross, I'd like to see him face off against Cole. I'm a little bit confused as to who's going to face Cole, if it's going to be Lee or Kross, and a small part of me hopes that Lee faces him next. I'm conflicted, but I think that there's no way that Lee should win the title now. There's nothing wrong with him and he's a great talent, but I think that Kross is the perfect person to dethrone Cole, and let's be honest, he needs to be dethroned sooner rather than later. He'd be a great dominant champion, and I do think that Lee should be the one to beat him for the belt when he wins (but hopefully after a pretty good reign). So yeah, pretty good NXT this week and I may just have to keep watching to see what happens tomorrow.
  16. "m.A.A.d city" by Kendrick Lamar rings throughout the arena as Mikey steps out from backstage. He is dressed in his classic blue suit and khakis along with a bandage peaking out from his collar from his match last night. The fans erupt in a wave of boos, but Mikey simply waves at them with a smile while standing on the stage. He peers down to the ring and looks at the bleeding FDS, a smile on his face. Before I start, I must give credit where credit is due. That was something else to watch, FD. An impressive victory for sure, and I commend you for your perseverance. A lesser man would have lost that match, and if not this match then your matches earlier in the tournament. You've rightfully earned your spot here, and now you have to face off against me and Sameer, of course. We both had that rough journey to the top, FD. Coming into the tournament, nobody would've thought we would be facing off in the finals of this tournament. Forget about Sameer and his paved path, this is about us. KENJI, Alex Costa, and now Nate. That is resume only worthy of the Carnage finalist of the PowerTrip Cup. As for myself, I have defeated Brad, outlasted Bob Sparks twice and survived Sameer. But that's what the game is about, right? Just surviving until you get to where you need to be. That's the difference between the two of us, isn't it? Even in all our time in Bulletproof, I had a feeling that we never really had chemistry. Two outliers of the group, two extremes of what the group represented. You were all about the individual achievement, building yourself up as a single force that doesn't need help. A force that is always able to pick up the victory, and if there's no victory, then there's no point. That's where I disagree. To me, it's all about survival. You may think that drawing is some form of disgrace, but how accurate is that statement in the full picture of things? I may have tied with both Bob Sparks and Sameer, but the fact is that I overcame the obstacle eventually, and now I'm here. Both of my opponents last night drew on and on about how I never beat Bob Sparks and that he whooped my ass. But look at me now. I'm here in the PowerTrip Cup finals, and that match with Bob was a small sacrifice to make to get here. And now the only men left to get out of my way are Sameer and you. There's always the chance that we tie again, but I'll make sure of one thing if nothing else. Mikey now starts slowly walking around the stage aimlessly, just allowing his mind to think freely. I'll end up surviving, persevering through the match. I am willing to sacrifice everything for a victory. You can question my tactics, blame all my success on the Inner Circle, call me an unaccomplished wrestler. But the fact is that we're both here now and at this very moment, I pose a threat to you no matter what happened in the past. So really, FD, I look forward to our matchup in the future. Be careful about what you say until then. Mikey pockets the microphone and waves at the fans one last time to an encore of jeers from the Carnage audience. He turns his back and starts walking backstage, but before he can exit the arena, he is interrupted. (Reply Planned)
  17. Episode 50 JCW Revolution: Japan Match 1 (JCW National Championship): Wade Barrett (c) vs Sami Callihan Wade Barrett defeated Sami Callihan in 18:33, retaining his JCW National Championship Dalton Castle enters and walks gingerly down to the ring, his ribs and shoulders in a bandage after the attacks he's suffered these last few weeks. Nevertheless, the enters the ring and crouches down, ready to meet his mystery assailant face to face. And to his surprise, it's one of JCW's newest signings Drew Gulak! However, he looks significantly different, having grown out his hair all over his body and looking more muscular in general, posing a serious threat to Castle. Match 2 (JCW Breakout Championship): Dalton Castle (c) vs Drew Gulak Drew Gulak defeated Dalton Castle in 13:48, capturing the JCW Breakout Championship in his debut match Match 3 (JCW Tag Team Championships): The Crist Brothers (c) vs Nexus Reborn (Austin Theory & Kenoh) The Crist Brothers defeated Nexus Reborn via DQ in 1:32 when Wade Barrett, Ren Narita, and Naoya Nomura attacked the champions just a minute into the match, allowing the champions to retain their championships But despite this, the beatdown continues, with no stop in sight. The message has been sent tonight, that Nexus Reborn is not to be messed with and will tear everyone apart. It's not longer about winning championships or making friends, it's about making a statement to the entire JCW locker room. Eventually Callihan runs into the ring for the save, but it is too late, the damage has been done. In yet another match with a mystery opponent, Hiromu Takahashi comes down to the ring, this time much more calm than he was last week. He enters the ring in complete silence and with no emotion, only focused on who his opponent could be. Another surprise walks through the curtains of JCW: Adam Cole. And to add to the shock factor, he is flanked by none other than the Young Bucks, something Takahashi doesn't seem to be in favor of. Match 4: Hiromu Takahashi vs Adam Cole Adam Cole defeated Hiromu Takahashi in 19:27 with an assist from the Young Bucks Match 5: Jay White vs Kenny Omega Jay White defeated Kenny Omega in 24:36 Main Event (JCW World Championship): Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs Kento Miyahara Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Kento Miyahara in 26:30, retaining the JCW World Championship After the match, Tanahashi helps Miyahara up to his feet and the two men exchange a hug. The match was indeed a great one, and both men put everything they had on the line in it. They hold the hug for a few moments, speaking into each others ears. They part and Tanahashi raises Miyahara's arm in the air, pointing at him while the young Ace looks around the crowd waving with his other hand. Clearly Miyahara has earned Tanahashi's respect tonight, and he might be finding himself in another title match in the future.
  18. Episode 46 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, Nexus Reborn come out to a mix of cheers and boos. Newly crowned JCW National Champion Wade Barrett speaks for the group. He addresses the fans, telling them to cheer, boo, it doesn't make a difference. At the end of the day, this group of newcomers will run through the entire JCW roster, all led by the the JCW National Champion. Barrett declares this as a warning to the roster, and that nobody is safe. Sami Callihan defeated CIMA in 14:03 After his victory over CIMA, Callihan calls out the man who was just out here, JCW National Champion Wade Barrett. Callihan says that he wants to have a word with him and negotiate. Unsurprisingly, Barrett comes out and walks down to the ring to confront oVe, allowing Callihan to speak. Callihan challenges Barrett for his title, but in return any two members of his faction can face the Crist Brothers for the JCW Tag Team Championships. With hardly a second thought, Barrett accepts, the idea of taking over too great. Hiromu Takahashi now appears on screen, backstage for an interview. He is answering some questions when he is asked one that surprises him: his plans for JCW Revolution: Japan. Takahashi freezes for a moment, thinking in silence before delivering his answer that he will take whatever comes at him, no matter who it may be, the challenge having been laid out. Jay White defeated Tomahawk TT in 18:54 After his victory over Miyahara, White grabs a microphone and calls out Kenny Omega, saying that he has a few words for him. The former JCW World Champion Kenny Omega enters the arena to an ovation of boos, standing at the top of the stage while White speaks. White says that now that now that Omega is not holding his title, he finally wants to get his hands on him at JCW Revolution: Japan, something he's been craving for months. Omega looks at White with narrowed eyes, shaking his head and returning to the back, not providing an answer. Episode 47 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Nexus Reborn (Kenoh & Austin Theory) defeated Breezango in 10:30 After their victory over Breezango, the two members of Nexus Reborn both grab microphones, taking turns speaking. They tell oVe that they are in grave danger come JCW Revolution: Japan, because not only will Wade Barrett bury Callihan into the ground, but the two men in the ring, Kenoh & Austin Theory, will be challenging the Crist Brothers for the JCW Tag Team Championships. After the members of Nexus Reborn fade off the screen, JCW Breakout Champion Dalton Castle is shown backstage, completely motionless with steps quickly approaching. The Boys rush to his side and attempt to aid their leader while medical personnel arrive, taking him off the scene in a stretcher. But a question still remains, who attacked Dalton Castle? Kenny Omega defeated Koji Iwamoto in 7:56 Kento Miyahara defeated Matt Sydal in 17:28 After an impressive main event victory over Sydal, Miyahara is surprised by the arrival of JCW World Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi. Tanahashi greets the victor in the ring with a handshake before speaking. Tanahashi says that he's been watching Miyahara for years now, watching him grow and improve as a wrestler, becoming the Ace in his own right. Therefore, he wants to settle the dispute. Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Kento Miyahara at JCW Revolution: Japan for the JCW World Championship. Tanahashi extends a hand to the young star, and Miyahara firmly accepts it, setting the match in stone. Episode 48 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem Hiromu Takahashi defeated Ryusuke Taguchi in 16:59, cutting a promo about how is so great and will defeat whoever challenges him at JCW Revolution: Japan whilst Taguchi is down. Kento Miyahara now appears on screen, having accepted an opportunity at the JCW World Championship just last week. Miyahara explains how it is a huge honor to face off against a generational talent like Hiroshi Tanahashi and that he certainly won't miss out on giving the best in the company a run for his money. Miyahara claims the match is all out of respect, but because of that he has no choice but to give it everything he's got and impress the veteran. Sami Callihan defeated Kenoh in 14:24 off a distraction from the Crist Brothers After his cheeky victory over Kenoh, Callihan grabs a microphone and lays out another challenge to Barrett. Callihan says that he thoroughly enjoyed beating down Kenoh and would love to do the same to both Barrett and Theory ahead of JCW Revolution: Japan. So what he proposes is a six man tag match next week, saying that he'll be waiting for a response. But to his surprise, Kenoh grabs a microphone, saying that he's got his match. Operation Takeover (Jay White & Dalton Castle) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns in 19:43 As the duo are celebrating their victory, the lights suddenly go out. Confusion arises throughout the entire arena, and when they come back on, Castle is laid out on the ground outside of the ring, once again completely motionless like last week. But even more alarming is Kenny Omega who is now right behind Jay White. Omega scoops White up and quickly nails him with a One Winged Angel with no one to stop him. The Boys eventually sprint down to the ring, but Omega cleans them both out with a V-Trigger each. The show ends with Omega posing over White's fallen body, the finger gun aimed down at his head. Episode 49 JCW Thursday Night Mayhem To kick off the show, Jushin Thunder Liger hosted a contract signing between the three men in both Nexus Reborn and oVe. Both sides had their chance to speak, with Nexus Reborn stating that they are the future of JCW and that evolution is necessary in a company like this, so it's only business that they take care of oVe. Their opponents then say that they couldn't care less about what Nexus Reborn has to say and that they are only out for blood and to cause damage. The signing breaks up in peace as both sides get ready for their match. Nexus Reborn (Wade Barrett, Austin Theory, and Kenoh) defeated oVe in 20:31. After the match Barrett praised Kenoh for making the decision last week, calling it a bold yet good one. The camera then slowly fades into the backstage area, and hard panting can be heard along with a shaky frame. Dalton Castle is once again on the ground, completely laid out and the cameraman is chasing after a masked figure. Eventually the equipment is too heavy and the assailant gets away and everyone goes to tend to Castle. Hiromu Takahashi once again appears backstage, this time in a dark corner where he is rocking back and forth, murmuring to himself. The murmurs grow louder and are eventually audible. Takahashi is referring to himself in the third person, saying that he must win the match at JCW Revolution: Japan, that he has to or else it's the end of the road for him. He says he knows he can do it, but he's filled with excitement that makes him nervous. Takahashi jerks his head, looking at the camera and saying he will win one last time before the scene goes black. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Austin Theory in 19:03 After his victory, Tanahashi was immediately surrounded by Nexus Reborn, the odds heavily stacked against him. Nevertheless, he puts his fists up like the fighting champion he is and welcomes the fight in. All four other men enter the ring, accompanying Theory before Kento Miyahara sprints down the ramp. He dives into the ring to try and save Tanahashi, and while he able to incapacitate Theory and Kenoh, the young lions of the group Ren Narita and Naoya Nomura beat him down while Barrett focuses on Tanahashi. Obviously these two competitors have respect for each other and want a fair match in just under a week, and Nexus Reborn has followed up on their promise: no one is safe.
  19. "The Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth. It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses." In this island off the coast of North Carolina, nothing seems to matter. It's just you and your friends against the world with the only thing stopping you being your own imagination. For years upon decades, the people of the Outer Banks have been living in peace, harmony even. But recently, an economic divide has spread in the island due to a failure in banks all around the island in 1998, separating it into two areas. The north side of the island is where the Kooks reside in, the area commonly referred to as The Link. The Kooks were those fortunate enough to find themselves in a position where their investments were able to support them through the rough patches, allowing them to retain their luxury and keep their businesses afloat. Since then, they've developed a Darwinistic view that they were the chosen ones and they therefore were able to survive the poor economic period. Every Kook has two things in common: money and power that spawns from it. They control 96% of the total income on the island, leaving hardly any for their counterparts on the south side. Speaking of that side, the south area of the island is where the Pogues reside, the lower class citizens. On their part of the island known as South Saview, all you'll find is people in high spirits but in poor conditions. While The Link is full of massive plots of land, mansions, and businesses, South Saview is a place that resembles a fishing town more than a business plentiful city. Many Pogues find themselves working for their rich counterparts, doing whatever it takes to survive while also having a good time. Every Pogue is on the lookout for that one opportunity to change their life and turn the tables on the Kooks. And those Pogues may just be in luck. Nearly 150 years ago, a ship crashed just off the coast of the Outer Banks, the S.S. Zartan. This ship is claimed to be one that was shipped from Portugal to the United States in a highly confidential mission to transport nearly half a billion dollars in gold to pay off a debt. The ship was operated by one of the best sailors in the world in Ross Schuman, but inexplicably, the ship went down just off the coast of the Outer Banks, and neither it or Schuman were ever found. After a century and a half, no one knows where the gold could possibly be, but one thing is for certain: it's still out there and it is everyone's dream on the Outer Banks to find it, both Kooks and Pogues alike. Heel Akki Heel Akki. Island renowned gangster and a true enemy to the Kooks. If there's one thing Akki is good at, it's being on the low. He and his gang are always up to something but no one ever really knows what. He is the guy to come to if you need some contraband or drugs. Because of this, his gang has made the fortunate acquisition of one of the richest men on the island, Heff Jardy. Akki is also a small rapper, looking to use that career and his business on the streets to move into the Kook lifestyle one day. Age: 24 Height: 5'8 Weight: 165 lbs Friends: Heff Jardy, Brad, Chase Wilson Enemies: Fletcher Heinz, Jonathan Scott, Tonio Zeppeli Fletcher Heinz Fletcher Heinz. Simply put, a ladies dream. Young, ambitious, loyal, trustworthy, you name it. He is simply looking to survive on the Outer Banks, finding his place in the community and settling down there. But for now, he is just trying to get through life and take whatever is thrown at him. He is pretty standard in terms of economics for a Pogue, and his parents work full time for Jonathan Scott at his library, a fact Fletch is not too fond of. He wants to find a job that he likes and will keep him and his future family comfortable, and he will do whatever he needs to in order to get it. Age: 17 Height: 6'1 Weight: 177 lbs Friends: James Ropati, Tonio Zeppeli, Daniel Steele Enemies: Heel Akki, Bobby Banks, Jonathan Scott Brad Brad. If you were to take a young adult male Pogue and envision him, Brad would fit the description pretty well. A rugged man who you can tell has been through the ringer in his life but yet still somehow perseveres. But there is one unique quality about Brad. He is moving up the ranks as a body builder, looking to pursue the career before his age starts catching up to him. He is currently in the top of the Pogue class, among some of the most well off on the side of the island. He is very close to achieving his dream of making it big, but there's still work to be done. Age: 25 Height: 6'3 Weight: 220 lbs Friends: Heel Akki, Tonio Zeppeli, Heff Jardy Enemies: James Ropati, Chase Wilson, Emma Harrison Chase Wilson Chase Wilson. While not the most hyped up kid on the island, Wilson has still found a way to make a splash. He is a prodigy in both baseball and basketball, two things that are unsurprisingly due to his build. At the young age of 17, Wilson still has a lot of room to improve but needs to prove something quickly. Despite not having a lot of issues in his life, his parents business is starting to fail and it's up to him to land a big job and continue the Wilson name as a Kook one. Age: 17 Height: 6'3 Weight: 195 lbs Friends: Daniel Steele, Danielle Catherine, Jonathan Scott, Heel Akki, Bobby Banks Enemies: James Ropati, Brad Emma Harrison Emma Harrison. Well, there's not too much to say, right? It's no surprise that every guy in town wants her given her stunning looks, popularity, and riches. All of that is clear just from one glance. Her parents are among the richest on the island and have a massive influence over everything that happens on it, even holding some authority in governmental decisions. Emma is not about that life though, wanting to try and break away from the family name and achieve something for herself, start her own legacy away from the Outer Banks. Age: 17 Height: 5'8 Weight: 150 lbs Friends: Danielle Catherine, James Ropati, Daniel Steele Enemies: Brad, Heff Jardy Jonathan Scott Jonathan Scott. A man who transformed his life when his parents passed away, elevating himself from a Pogue all the way up to a Kook. Although he is 27, he is still on the verge of falling back into Pogue status, but his future looks very bright with his position as a public lawyer for the town. He is known to have gotten some people out of predicaments such as Bobby Banks and Chase Wilson while also having it out for some of his former Pogue's like Fletcher Heinz and Heel Akki. Age: 27 Height: 6'1 Weight: 189 lbs Friends: Chase Wilson, Bobby Banks, Heff Jardy Enemies: Fletcher Heinz, Heel Akki, Tonio Zeppeli Heff Jardy Heff Jardy. Perhaps the most interesting character of currently on the island. A fiery man who is full of fight despite his small stature who also loves to get his fix, Heff's motive in life is really vague. Everyone knows one thing though: if you mess with him there will be hell to pay. Heff runs with Heel Akki's gang and is not afraid to use what he owns, part of his "live life to the max" lifestyle. He also seems to idolize a wrestler named Jeff Hardy, whatever that means. Age: 30 Height: 5’0 Weight: 100 lbs Friends: Jonathan Scott, Brad, Heel Akki Enemies: Emma Harrison, Tonio Zeppeli, James Ropati, Daniel Steele James Ropati James Ropati. This man is everything that a Pogue wants to be and a Kook doesn't want a Pogue to be. Ropati is one of the top scouted basketball prospects in the country and he's only 17. He has consistently proven himself as better than some of the Kook's standout basketball players, and if he makes it to the NBA, he'll be able to transform his family from one of the poorest on the entire island to one of the richest. The sky is the limit for this young man, and his progression is sure to keep going forward. Age: 17 Height: 6'0 Weight: 170 lbs Friends: Fletcher Heinz, Emma Harrison, Daniel Steele, Tonio Zeppeli Enemies: Heff Jardy, Chase Wilson, Bobby Banks, Brad, Danielle Catherine Tonio Zeppeli Tonio Zeppeli. If you're ever in need of food as a Pogue, Zeppeli is your guy. Zeppeli grew up in a very average household, however his parents were ones that taught him highly and always encouraged him to give back to his community, something he does on the regular now. While he charges full prices for many, he offers discounts for those in need and is more than willing to offer expired food for free. He wants to become the best chef on the island, and both he and his parents who run "Trattoria Zeppeli" believe he is being kept down because he is a Pogue. Age: 20 Height: 5'11 Weight: 161 Ibs Friends: Fletcher Heinz, Brad, James Ropati, Danielle Catherine Enemies: Heff Jardy, Jonathan Scott, Heel Akki Daniel Steele Daniel Steele. One of the most ambitious people of his class on the island. Steele has some corrupt parents, and while he is grateful for everything they've given him as a child, he wants to move on and make a name for himself, succeeding without following in his parents footsteps. He has a great repertoire of skills to work with, and all he has to do is choose something that he loves and he will surely succeed in it. He's already trying to separate himself from his parents, offering his help and friendship to Kooks and Pogues alike. Age: 17 Height: 6’0 Weight: 167 lbs Friends: Fletcher Heinz, Chase Wilson, Emma Harrison, James Ropati Enemies: Bobby Banks, Danielle Catherine, Heff Jardy Bobby Banks Bobby Banks. The golden boy of the island, the most prized possession, if you will. Well, depending on who you ask. Bobby is a notorious harasser of the Pogues, genuinely thinking that they aren't the same breed of humans as the Kooks and that they can never change. And given his status, it's not a surprise. His father is the richest man on the island and is not afraid to use the power he possesses to get what he or his son wants. But credit to Bobby where it's due, he's a tremendous basketball player, playing well with Chase Wilson and being a true rival to James Ropati, perhaps his biggest enemy. Age: 19 Height: 6'2 Weight: 190 lbs Friends: Jonathan Scott, Danielle Catherine, Chase Wilson Enemies: Daniel Steele, James Ropati, Fletcher Heinz Danielle Catherine Danielle Catherine. The daughter of the most respected man on the island, the police chief. However, she does not maintain the same level of respect that her family gets. Her reputation is extremely questionable, and many see her for what she truly is. She is a very nice person on the surface and would like everyone to think so, but deep inside she is conflicted, fighting with herself over her career, loyalties, and much, much more. She is a very successful swimmer, something her father disapproves of her seeking a career in, but her reputation as one of the best has earned her a lot of respect among most of her Kook peers. Age: 18 Height: 5'2 Weight: 117 lbs Friends: Bobby Banks, Tonio Zeppeli, Emma Harrison, Chase Wilson Enemies: Daniel Steele, James Ropati, Brad Clarissa Jung Clarissa Jung. The Outer Banks' newest mainland import. Jung has spent her live just off the coast of the Outer Banks, a place many do not acknowledge. She has recently moved to the mainland, away from her parents and looking to help them out as much as possible despite her lack of ambition. In the month she has been in the mainland, she has not made many alliances, but the general consensus is that she is good person, having made no enemies yet. As for now, she is just focused on helping her family and doing whatever she likes. Age: 21 Height: 5'3' Weight: 125 lbs Friends: ??? Enemies: ???
  20. The Roundtable of Excellence vs Ice Cold Angelo Caito vs CJ Sellers Prince Jack lll vs Jacob Yamada Ryan Reeves, BiC, and Ropati vs Strikeforce Arius vs Hollow
  21. Card Edge vs. Randy Orton Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Bobby Lashley - WWE Championship Braun Strowman (c) vs. The Miz and John Morrison - 2-on-1 Handicap match for the WWE Universal Championship Asuka (c) vs. Nia Jax - WWE Raw Women's Championship Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus Bayley and Sasha Banks (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) - WWE Women's Tag Team Championshi Apollo Crews (c) vs. Andrade (with Zelina Vega) - WWE United States Championship Bonus Questions: First match of the night? Hardy vs Sheamus Second to last match of the night? Asuka vs Nia Will Otis cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase? No Will Angel Garza cost Andrade his championship opportunity? Yes Will Nia Jax somehow injure Kairi Sane? Absolutely not
  22. Welcome to the forums Shay! As you can see, we have a variety of people on the forums but if you stick around, you'll get used to all of us eventually. We're all good people who like wrestling in the end, so you'll fit right in. I hope to see you around!
  23. For me it'd definitely have to be Arius. We've both been here, joining on the same day and joining through the whole process together. I've been playing catch up (and still am) ever since the beginning and I'd like to think that one day I'll be able to stand a chance, hopefully by the time I retire that is. I'd love a highly contested match for a sendoff and I think given some time it could have the potential for that.

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