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  1. "The Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth. It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses." In this island off the coast of North Carolina, nothing seems to matter. It's just you and your friends against the world with the only thing stopping you being your own imagination. For years upon decades, the people of the Outer Banks have been living in peace, harmony even. But recently, an economic divide has spread in the island due to a failure in banks all around the island in 1998, separating it into two areas. The north side of the island is where the Kooks reside in, the area commonly referred to as The Link. The Kooks were those fortunate enough to find themselves in a position where their investments were able to support them through the rough patches, allowing them to retain their luxury and keep their businesses afloat. Since then, they've developed a Darwinistic view that they were the chosen ones and they therefore were able to survive the poor economic period. Every Kook has two things in common: money and power that spawns from it. They control 96% of the total income on the island, leaving hardly any for their counterparts on the south side. Speaking of that side, the south area of the island is where the Pogues reside, the lower class citizens. On their part of the island known as South Saview, all you'll find is people in high spirits but in poor conditions. While The Link is full of massive plots of land, mansions, and businesses, South Saview is a place that resembles a fishing town more than a business plentiful city. Many Pogues find themselves working for their rich counterparts, doing whatever it takes to survive while also having a good time. Every Pogue is on the lookout for that one opportunity to change their life and turn the tables on the Kooks. And those Pogues may just be in luck. Nearly 150 years ago, a ship crashed just off the coast of the Outer Banks, the S.S. Zartan. This ship is claimed to be one that was shipped from Portugal to the United States in a highly confidential mission to transport nearly half a billion dollars in gold to pay off a debt. The ship was operated by one of the best sailors in the world in Ross Schuman, but inexplicably, the ship went down just off the coast of the Outer Banks, and neither it or Schuman were ever found. After a century and a half, no one knows where the gold could possibly be, but one thing is for certain: it's still out there and it is everyone's dream on the Outer Banks to find it, both Kooks and Pogues alike. Heel Akki Heel Akki. Island renowned gangster and a true enemy to the Kooks. If there's one thing Akki is good at, it's being on the low. He and his gang are always up to something but no one ever really knows what. He is the guy to come to if you need some contraband or drugs. Because of this, his gang has made the fortunate acquisition of one of the richest men on the island, Heff Jardy. Akki is also a small rapper, looking to use that career and his business on the streets to move into the Kook lifestyle one day. Age: 24 Height: 5'8 Weight: 165 lbs Friends: Heff Jardy, Brad, Chase Wilson Enemies: Fletcher Heinz, Jonathan Scott, Tonio Zeppeli Fletcher Heinz Fletcher Heinz. Simply put, a ladies dream. Young, ambitious, loyal, trustworthy, you name it. He is simply looking to survive on the Outer Banks, finding his place in the community and settling down there. But for now, he is just trying to get through life and take whatever is thrown at him. He is pretty standard in terms of economics for a Pogue, and his parents work full time for Jonathan Scott at his library, a fact Fletch is not too fond of. He wants to find a job that he likes and will keep him and his future family comfortable, and he will do whatever he needs to in order to get it. Age: 17 Height: 6'1 Weight: 177 lbs Friends: James Ropati, Tonio Zeppeli, Daniel Steele Enemies: Heel Akki, Bobby Banks, Jonathan Scott Brad Brad. If you were to take a young adult male Pogue and envision him, Brad would fit the description pretty well. A rugged man who you can tell has been through the ringer in his life but yet still somehow perseveres. But there is one unique quality about Brad. He is moving up the ranks as a body builder, looking to pursue the career before his age starts catching up to him. He is currently in the top of the Pogue class, among some of the most well off on the side of the island. He is very close to achieving his dream of making it big, but there's still work to be done. Age: 25 Height: 6'3 Weight: 220 lbs Friends: Heel Akki, Tonio Zeppeli, Heff Jardy Enemies: James Ropati, Chase Wilson, Emma Harrison Chase Wilson Chase Wilson. While not the most hyped up kid on the island, Wilson has still found a way to make a splash. He is a prodigy in both baseball and basketball, two things that are unsurprisingly due to his build. At the young age of 17, Wilson still has a lot of room to improve but needs to prove something quickly. Despite not having a lot of issues in his life, his parents business is starting to fail and it's up to him to land a big job and continue the Wilson name as a Kook one. Age: 17 Height: 6'3 Weight: 195 lbs Friends: Daniel Steele, Danielle Catherine, Jonathan Scott, Heel Akki, Bobby Banks Enemies: James Ropati, Brad Emma Harrison Emma Harrison. Well, there's not too much to say, right? It's no surprise that every guy in town wants her given her stunning looks, popularity, and riches. All of that is clear just from one glance. Her parents are among the richest on the island and have a massive influence over everything that happens on it, even holding some authority in governmental decisions. Emma is not about that life though, wanting to try and break away from the family name and achieve something for herself, start her own legacy away from the Outer Banks. Age: 17 Height: 5'8 Weight: 150 lbs Friends: Danielle Catherine, James Ropati, Daniel Steele Enemies: Brad, Heff Jardy Jonathan Scott Jonathan Scott. A man who transformed his life when his parents passed away, elevating himself from a Pogue all the way up to a Kook. Although he is 27, he is still on the verge of falling back into Pogue status, but his future looks very bright with his position as a public lawyer for the town. He is known to have gotten some people out of predicaments such as Bobby Banks and Chase Wilson while also having it out for some of his former Pogue's like Fletcher Heinz and Heel Akki. Age: 27 Height: 6'1 Weight: 189 lbs Friends: Chase Wilson, Bobby Banks, Heff Jardy Enemies: Fletcher Heinz, Heel Akki, Tonio Zeppeli Heff Jardy Heff Jardy. Perhaps the most interesting character of currently on the island. A fiery man who is full of fight despite his small stature who also loves to get his fix, Heff's motive in life is really vague. Everyone knows one thing though: if you mess with him there will be hell to pay. Heff runs with Heel Akki's gang and is not afraid to use what he owns, part of his "live life to the max" lifestyle. He also seems to idolize a wrestler named Jeff Hardy, whatever that means. Age: 30 Height: 5’0 Weight: 100 lbs Friends: Jonathan Scott, Brad, Heel Akki Enemies: Emma Harrison, Tonio Zeppeli, James Ropati, Daniel Steele James Ropati James Ropati. This man is everything that a Pogue wants to be and a Kook doesn't want a Pogue to be. Ropati is one of the top scouted basketball prospects in the country and he's only 17. He has consistently proven himself as better than some of the Kook's standout basketball players, and if he makes it to the NBA, he'll be able to transform his family from one of the poorest on the entire island to one of the richest. The sky is the limit for this young man, and his progression is sure to keep going forward. Age: 17 Height: 6'0 Weight: 170 lbs Friends: Fletcher Heinz, Emma Harrison, Daniel Steele, Tonio Zeppeli Enemies: Heff Jardy, Chase Wilson, Bobby Banks, Brad, Danielle Catherine Tonio Zeppeli Tonio Zeppeli. If you're ever in need of food as a Pogue, Zeppeli is your guy. Zeppeli grew up in a very average household, however his parents were ones that taught him highly and always encouraged him to give back to his community, something he does on the regular now. While he charges full prices for many, he offers discounts for those in need and is more than willing to offer expired food for free. He wants to become the best chef on the island, and both he and his parents who run "Trattoria Zeppeli" believe he is being kept down because he is a Pogue. Age: 20 Height: 5'11 Weight: 161 Ibs Friends: Fletcher Heinz, Brad, James Ropati, Danielle Catherine Enemies: Heff Jardy, Jonathan Scott, Heel Akki Daniel Steele Daniel Steele. One of the most ambitious people of his class on the island. Steele has some corrupt parents, and while he is grateful for everything they've given him as a child, he wants to move on and make a name for himself, succeeding without following in his parents footsteps. He has a great repertoire of skills to work with, and all he has to do is choose something that he loves and he will surely succeed in it. He's already trying to separate himself from his parents, offering his help and friendship to Kooks and Pogues alike. Age: 17 Height: 6’0 Weight: 167 lbs Friends: Fletcher Heinz, Chase Wilson, Emma Harrison, James Ropati Enemies: Bobby Banks, Danielle Catherine, Heff Jardy Bobby Banks Bobby Banks. The golden boy of the island, the most prized possession, if you will. Well, depending on who you ask. Bobby is a notorious harasser of the Pogues, genuinely thinking that they aren't the same breed of humans as the Kooks and that they can never change. And given his status, it's not a surprise. His father is the richest man on the island and is not afraid to use the power he possesses to get what he or his son wants. But credit to Bobby where it's due, he's a tremendous basketball player, playing well with Chase Wilson and being a true rival to James Ropati, perhaps his biggest enemy. Age: 19 Height: 6'2 Weight: 190 lbs Friends: Jonathan Scott, Danielle Catherine, Chase Wilson Enemies: Daniel Steele, James Ropati, Fletcher Heinz Danielle Catherine Danielle Catherine. The daughter of the most respected man on the island, the police chief. However, she does not maintain the same level of respect that her family gets. Her reputation is extremely questionable, and many see her for what she truly is. She is a very nice person on the surface and would like everyone to think so, but deep inside she is conflicted, fighting with herself over her career, loyalties, and much, much more. She is a very successful swimmer, something her father disapproves of her seeking a career in, but her reputation as one of the best has earned her a lot of respect among most of her Kook peers. Age: 18 Height: 5'2 Weight: 117 lbs Friends: Bobby Banks, Tonio Zeppeli, Emma Harrison, Chase Wilson Enemies: Daniel Steele, James Ropati, Brad Clarissa Jung Clarissa Jung. The Outer Banks' newest mainland import. Jung has spent her live just off the coast of the Outer Banks, a place many do not acknowledge. She has recently moved to the mainland, away from her parents and looking to help them out as much as possible despite her lack of ambition. In the month she has been in the mainland, she has not made many alliances, but the general consensus is that she is good person, having made no enemies yet. As for now, she is just focused on helping her family and doing whatever she likes. Age: 21 Height: 5'3' Weight: 125 lbs Friends: ??? Enemies: ???
  2. The Roundtable of Excellence vs Ice Cold Angelo Caito vs CJ Sellers Prince Jack lll vs Jacob Yamada Ryan Reeves, BiC, and Ropati vs Strikeforce Arius vs Hollow
  3. Card Edge vs. Randy Orton Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Bobby Lashley - WWE Championship Braun Strowman (c) vs. The Miz and John Morrison - 2-on-1 Handicap match for the WWE Universal Championship Asuka (c) vs. Nia Jax - WWE Raw Women's Championship Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus Bayley and Sasha Banks (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) - WWE Women's Tag Team Championshi Apollo Crews (c) vs. Andrade (with Zelina Vega) - WWE United States Championship Bonus Questions: First match of the night? Hardy vs Sheamus Second to last match of the night? Asuka vs Nia Will Otis cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase? No Will Angel Garza cost Andrade his championship opportunity? Yes Will Nia Jax somehow injure Kairi Sane? Absolutely not
  4. Welcome to the forums Shay! As you can see, we have a variety of people on the forums but if you stick around, you'll get used to all of us eventually. We're all good people who like wrestling in the end, so you'll fit right in. I hope to see you around!
  5. For me it'd definitely have to be Arius. We've both been here, joining on the same day and joining through the whole process together. I've been playing catch up (and still am) ever since the beginning and I'd like to think that one day I'll be able to stand a chance, hopefully by the time I retire that is. I'd love a highly contested match for a sendoff and I think given some time it could have the potential for that.
  6. Just a day ahead of his PowerTrip Cup semi-final triple threat match against Sameer and Bob Sparks, Mikey is present at a press conference on a BPZ.com exclusive. The cameras flash all around him, trying to get a last glimpse of the man they see now before he goes to war against two of the best in the business. Mikey rises up to the podium, towering over it, wearing his classic attire and having his bandages noticeably removed. He adjusts the microphone and clears his throat before speaking as the reporters all raise their hands. Please, no questions tonight. I'm just here to clear up a few things and put everyone, including myself, at ease. The reporters slowly lower their hands, a bit disappointed by Mikey's words but obliging. They all take out their notepads, ready to capture all of his words. Mikey looks out among the sea of people before speaking once more. This is one of the best sights in wrestling. Dozens of people sitting at attention, intently listening to your every word. There's no worry of someone interrupting and those in attendance simply listen to every word I have to say. So I thank you all for being here, and I'll answer a few questions I'm sure you all have. The first, obviously: how do you feel going into this triple threat match? Well, simply put, I feel better than I ever have in my life. Now I know that Sameer is hyping himself up with his Creed brethren as we speak, possibly polishing their necklaces to look perfect when they enter and Bob Sparks is unlocking his true self, the beast of the company. But myself, I don't need to make any more preparations. All this time, throughout the weeks, I've been adapting to each men based off of what they say. Studying their craft, learning their weaknesses, and of course bettering myself all in the process. There's no need to get all riled up before a match like this. Adrenaline, as ironic as it is to hear it from me, is detrimental. You get too caught up in the moment, too excited and that is the instinct that takes over. Don't believe me? If adrenaline didn't exist, I would not be standing here right now. Bob Sparks' adrenaline drove him over the edge when we faced off, and it led to him not picking up the victory. I'll admit, I bit off more than I could chew in the quarter final. But now, now I know what I need to do to win, especially against my former opponent. Bob, you can say everything you want about giving me a clean slate and getting destroyed last time, but I have a mind of steel. I am a competitor at heart, and no matter what you spew at me I will remain calm. I know what I need to do to win and I will do exactly that. I don't care if Hans and Sheridan come out, hell the entire management of Creed could make an appearance but the result won't change. I am locked in right now, and nothing can steer me away from victory. So in short, I'm feeling...calm. Not nervous, excited, none of that. That feeling is what will help me survive the storm that is this match. And when the emotions take control of both Sameer and Bob, their chances of victory are next to none. Mikey leans back away from the microphone and lets out a deep breath. He grabs a water bottle and takes a healthy swig from it. He clears his throat after the long speech and places the water bottle down, continuing to speak. Another question I could guarantee would be asked: who's the biggest threat to you in this match. What if I were to throw you a curveball and say Sameer. Yes, really, Sameer is a bigger threat to me than Bob Sparks. Write that down on your notepad. But in all seriousness, Sameer has something that I never gave Bob: a drive that is created from something more than the thought of victory. These last few days, I have applauded Bob Sparks on his efforts in our last encounter. Sure, I've gotten a few remarks in but for the most part I respect Bob Sparks and what he's done and will do in the future. But Sameer? I have no respect for him. This past week I have been attacking Sameer at a level I didn't know I was capable of. I didn't even recognize myself, but it just felt right to do it. Sameer is the opposite of what I am, exactly what I despise. And I've abused him for what he is, simple as that. Insult after insult after insult has been said, and all he's done is take it. Sure, he's come out and whined about them all, saying my breath smells, but I can only imagine that's just the beginning. After all, a man who is as great as Sameer claims he is certainly has a fire that helps them get the victory at the end of the day. Because when we stood off in that ring, he just stared while I exposed everything wrong about him. That's why he's a bigger worry. He has the most to prove. Crazy, right? Former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion and current BPZ Intercontinental Champion has the most to prove against two new bloods. It's fascinating how one man can lower a man's self esteem as much as I did to Sameer. And now he has to redeem himself because that's exactly who he is. The cracks are showing and the real him is beginning to peak out of the shell that he wants people to see. The only way to keep that shell from breaking is to win. And if that shell breaks Sameer is left a newborn again, with no credibility and a man who is not what he claims to be. A man who thinks he should be the biggest star and he doesn't need help from his partners is who Sameer wants people to think he is. A man who is insecure and can't get it done in the ring without someone by his side is who Sameer truly is. The only question is will he finally drop the facade after this match or will he continue with his ways. Mikey leans back once again and wipes his forehead of the sweat that's built up, taking another sip from his water but this time a larger one. Despite looking a bit worked up after what he's said, he places the bottle down and pastes a smile on his face. So like I said, I am calm heading into this match. I know I have everything I need to claim a victory, and I doubt Sameer and Bob feel the same. But as soon as that bell rings, all bets are off. The result is only determined from pure skill, and being calm can only do so much when in middle of the storm. Best of luck to you two gentlemen, you'll certainly need it.
  7. 1. M.A.N 2. Jason Ryan 3. Toxik 4. Yelich 5. Alex Costa
  8. Hello everyone, and welcome to BPZ Commentaries. My name is Gekyume Sins, the long lost son of XXXTentacion and Johnny Sins. Well people, we're deep into this shit now. The brand split has set in for over a month now, and honestly I'm really enjoying the experience. The first Valor event Revelation was a massive success in my eyes, and now the Carnage event Last Resort seems to be shaping up real, real nice. But there is always the question: when will there be cross brand singles matchups? We've seen matches for titles between the brands, but other than that, it seems that singles matches between the two. I know there are a lot of things I'd like to see, a battle between the champions, between the two Mafia groups, and so much more. So what I'm going to suggest are a few trades I think that would spice things up in the long run. Keep in mind, I think the brand split is going swimmingly right now, and these trades should come later. But without further ado, let's go! 5 Trades BPZ Could Make Valor: Tamer Carnage: KENJI Now this right here is perhaps the only straight up trade I think would actually work. No extra pieces, just these two swapping places. And in reality, people would argue that Tamer is worth more than KENJI or KENJI is worth more than Tamer, but if there are people both saying that then I think it justifies this trade being equal. KENJI's success on Carnage has been extremely limited so far, having already picked up losses to Flynn and FDS. In my opinion, I think they butchered this opportunity already, so a move to Valor would be fresh for everyone. In addition, he'd be able to team up with Arius, and let's be honest, we'd all love to see Invictus as tag champs. A fresh start for him on Valor would be perfect, but as for Tamer, there's a bit of a dilemma. He's only faced Slim so far and I see many more matchups for him that could possibly happen. But on Carnage there are guys like Nebakos, Bailey, Flynn, the list keeps going. So what I propose is this trade goes through in a few months. Have KENJI on the down low to provide a true fresh start and let Tamer go against the likes of Necce and Hans Clayton before moving on. Valor: Austin Omega and James Hunter Carnage: Jason Ryan Alright, we gotta take a step back from the main event scene and focus on filling out the two rosters a bit more. In the draft, Carnage took a lot of big names, ones that have already been established in BPZ while Valor went the younger way. So obviously, there's a balance to be made. And in this trade I think it makes a good balance. Austin Omega and James Hunter are two pieces with a pretty good amount of value that I think would suit Carnage's midcard well. They're not major stars by any means of the word, but they have what it takes to become solid pieces in BPZ in a few months or so. As for Jason Ryan, well, we all know how good he can be. Valor needs a few more names in the upper midcard, guys who can face their top dogs like Slim, Hans and Sameer, and I think Jason Ryan is more than capable of facing all three. He's already shown how good he is against big names in Jeremiah Flynn, and I think Valor would be a great place for him to face off against some big names that he could potentially beat. Valor: Gunner Carnage: Alex Costa and Epic In all honesty, this might be the most lopsided trade I've drawn up. Gunner is certainly a valuable piece, but I think that Alex and Epic combine to be worth more. But in terms of roster type, it would make sense for Valor. Like KENJI on Carnage, Gunner has been struggling to find his stride on Valor and could benefit from either a fresh start or repackage. A move to Carnage would provide both for him, and I think he'd excel among some of the other talent on the roster. But the main piece I'd focus on in this trade is Alex Costa. Sure, Epic is BPZ NXT Champion and obviously would have some great matches with the likes of Addy and CJ Sellers, but Alex has a lot of opportunity on Valor in my opinion. There's one option where he could try to run through the entirety of the Inner Circle because Mikey joined them, a story that would last a good few months. But in my opinion the best fit for him is the Cut Throat Crew. Don't get me wrong, the three stars in the group are great as they are and could certainly make it legit by themselves, but I think Alex would be a good fit. Alex is highly regarded as one of the best tag team wrestlers in the business, and alongside his former Bulletproof boys Hans Clayton and Bob Sparks, or hell even Sheridan, they could make some magic work and pry the titles away from Creed. Valor: Poidust Carnage: Arrow McIntyre and The Riddler Look, I need to ease you all in for my final trade, so here's this for now. I see Poidust as a inactive piece on Valor that has some value and would almost certainly fit better on Carnage. So why not trade him for this former tag team? I get that Arrow McIntyre and The Riddler are far from the best on the roster, but I've heard some rumblings from an undisclosed source that GRV would the chance to team up with Arrow on Valor. Now these two wouldn't be a force, but another team would never hurt anyone. As for The Riddler, well, he'd follow Epic to Valor which I think would be good for both of them and the brand, but other than that there's not much. And if Poidust comes back full time, he'll find himself among some great stars on Carnage he'd certainly have amazing matches with. And if my selected Hall of Famer somehow sees this, please don't kill me. Valor: Cut-Throat Crew (Hans Clayton, Bob Sparks, Sheridan) Carnage: Nebakos, Isaiah Carter, Buddy Ace, Kieron Black Alright, I told you being eased in was necessary. I doubt this will sit well with a lot of people, including everyone involved in this trade, but allow me to explain myself. First off, this trade should absolutely not happen in the near future. The newest stable on Valor in the Cut-Throat Crew should not be even be TOUCHED in the next few months unless a valuable piece is added (as I said earlier, Alex Costa please). This is a great opportunity for BPZ to make some magic happen, and this could be the future of the company right here. They have all the talent to make it happen and will make it happen in my opinion. Second off, I wouldn't be opposed to seeing the trio of Nebakos, Isaiah Carter, and Buddy Ace reuniting. They performed really well together at BPZ World at War and I think they can still do the same, especially if they're built up before this trade happens. As for Kieron Black, he's just a piece to throw in because the way I see it, the Cut-Throat Crew, while not necessary more talented per se, have a fresh idea that is bound to grow for the foreseeable future. Bringing back the Carnage trio would already get them off to a kind of late start, and Kieron could make up for that. And last but most certainly not least, this needs to be executed perfectly. I'm saying both groups swap brands and pose as invaders or dominate the whole brand, that kind of perfect. These two trios are nothing to be taken lightly and have potential to be great, so they should be treated just like that. I think I might be worthwhile considering calling off the Alex Costa trade if this happens and having both him and FDS (possibly) join the stable to make it even more formidable, meanwhile Gunner could perhaps align himself with Nebakos and his companions as the stable to finally take down Creed or something like that. Again, this won't make a lot of people happy, but I think it'd be interesting and possibly worthwhile. Alrightly, there are five trades I think would spice up BPZ. Well, that would 100% spice up BPZ. These trades would shift the landscape greatly (or at least 4/5 of them) and I think some really great things could be produced by having some of these people switching brands. And before you ask, I promise I was not treating this like an NBA 2K trade and assigning everyone star values. No, certainly not. As always, this has been Gekyume Sins from BPZ Commentaries, and I hope you enjoyed my little bit. Until next time, Gekyume out.
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    This what it's all about, right Sameer? As the crowd is cheering on Sameer after his words and he is taking in the ovation, Mikey steps back out from the backstage area. He emerges to the crowd and the cheers quickly shift into boos which Mikey completely ignores, his focus trained on Sameer. The reaction from the fans, the love, the energy. That's what drives you to be who you are, no? And it's all because every single person in this arena can relate to you. I may talk about your past just like all of your other opponents, but it's too relevant to ignore. You try to push it away as if you're scared of the topic. If I were you, I would be as well. Sameer, you used to be the biggest star in this company, bigger than Flynn, Slim, Bailey. Those were your prime days, ones you will never be able to live up to again. That's why everyone in this arena cheers you on like they do. They know they are in the exact same situation, longing for their better days. Before Mikey can even finish, the arena erupts into a level of boos so loud that his last final words nearly get lost in the commotion. Mikey lowers his microphone for a minute and waits for the crowd to calm down, something they take a long time to do. It's true, isn't it? See, I could have said that and you could look the other way, pretend as if I never said it. Because how much does it really matter? A few words from someone who doesn't have shit, right? But no, just like the crowd did, you decided to respond, Sameer. In just a sentence or two, I dug underneath your skin so deeply that you had to come out here, unannounced and in a fit of rage because I was right. Your created illusion of greatness is one I'd like to shatter right before your very eyes. I may not be a great man or a main event level talent, but I know my role. My role is to beat men like you, men who can see who they truly are and try to cover it up by appealing to the fans, something Gunner did as well. Mikey paces quickly down to the ring, slowly standing up on the apron and stepping over the middle rope to enter. He stays in place, keeping a great deal of distance from Sameer. You actually made a valid point just minutes ago, at BPZ Mayhem I needed a member of Mafia by my side to win. I understand why you would think so, but coming from you those words mean nothing. Bob Sparks annihilated me but yet still couldn't pick up the victory. Why? Because Sheridan needed his help to defeat me. Because in the end a title is more important than a false hope of winning a tournament. More important than having to lay down for a man in the main event and looking like a bitch in the process. So really, I find it ironic that out of the three of us, I was the only one who received no help. Bart and Smith were right there, guiding you in your path to victory, guardian angels if you will. They never interacted with you directly, but they always watched over you, making sure you never faltered in your quest. I know you'll tell me to talk about something else, but what if I don't? Will you finally accept the truth? Take a swing at me? Or keep hiding behind the good guy illusion and just talk, talk, talk? Mikey now swings his legs slowly one at a time, slowly approaching Sameer in the center of the ring before standing off right in front of him. I'll tell you what you'll do: you won't do shit. I may be weary of Bob Sparks, and I have reason to be. But you? Nothing you've done has ever intimidated me. You've beaten Bailey, Brenden, and insulted me about aligning with Mafia and losing at Mayhem. All impressive feats for sure, but I'm certain I heard you say you've accepted your past and moved on. Let me make myself clear once and for all: none of that matters. What matters is right here and right now. I am standing in front of you, talking shit right to your face, and what are you doing about it? Nothing at all. This right now, this is about us, Sameer. Forget about the people you've beat in the past. None of them matter. The fact that you need to think about is that you've never beaten me one on one, never faced off against me in this ring. Granted, I'm guilty of having never done that either. But there's a difference. What you see standing in front of you is a man who knows he has something to prove. A man who knows he is good enough to beat anyone by himself. A man who isn't scared of not having backup and a man who is by himself, right in front of you, dissecting you and yet you do nothing. But what do I see? I see the pure opposite of myself. Someone who thinks he has it all and act like it, but in reality has never achieved the same heights that he did. I see a man who is at the lowest of his career, a man who I know damn well that I can beat because he is a fragile bitch who will never own up to failure. A man who has never learned from his mistakes because he's always had someone to cover them up for him. Are you happy now, Sameer? Those are my true feelings, and if you think that I just repeated the same things I've been saying, it's because I have. I'm saying what I think is true. But of course, none of that matters in the ring, to me at least. All that matters is staying level headed and doing your best, something I think you will heavily struggle with. So best of luck to you, Sameer. I look forward to you proving my point. With that, Mikey drops his microphone in front of Sameer and winks at him, not phased by his earlier comment about it being what little girls do at all. He rolls out of the ring, leaving Sameer standing there and a wake of boos and jeers following him as he walks up the ramp. This time, the commercial does end up playing, showing an advertisement for Carnage PowerTrip: Last Resort.
  10. Mikey

    All About Me

    As we return from a commercial break, the fans are immediately met with the sound of "m.A.A.d city" by Kendrick Lamar. The people in the arena rise to their feet and cup their hands around their mouths, booing the man about to make his entrance. And sure enough, Mikey steps out from the backstage area. The booing intensifies at the sight of the former BPZ United States Champion, but Mikey seems to have much more on his mind than the reaction of the fans. Rather than standing on the stage and egging on the booing like he usually does, Mikey cracks a slight grin at the reaction, shaking his head before pacing down to the ring. Mikey eases away from the crowd's outstretched arms, making sure that no contact is made. He rolls into the ring and slowly gets to his feet. The damage done by Bob Sparks is still present as a bandage can be seen peeking out of his collar. He raises his hands up to the crowd, producing an even louder negative reaction to which he lowers his hands down slowly, trying to ease the crowd. He pulls a microphone out of his pocket before speaking. I'm sure you all have heard. Both Sameer and Bob Sparks had some...choice words for me, ones that I cannot ignore. Both of you had some interesting things to say, but my question is why me? Considering you both had something to say, why don't you both take a seat backstage, brew up a batch of tea, and talk about this sudden hatred for me? It's truly odd that both of my opponents will hardly bring each other's names up. The only thing constant that they talk about is Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. People say that when your nervous, you begin to talk. Spewing random facts, whatever comes to mind. Anything that makes you seem legit and proves your point. Now Bob, I understand your caution, really I do. What you did to me at BPZ Mayhem was inexcusable. You cost me my precious championship, one that has nearly become synonymous with my name. And as if that wasn't enough, you decided it was a fine idea to beat me down after that match as if a statement hadn't already been made. At that point, Bob Sparks, I was beyond the threshold of pain. I had already suffered to the point of breaking, and the only emotion left was anger. I did not fear for my future in that moment nor was I sad about not pulling out two victories. I was focused on revenge, and luckily for me I only have to wait a few more days to get it. You have started a fire inside of me, Bob Sparks, and in just a few days, that fire will be your undoing. So maybe I will take your advice and stop hiding in this suit. Maybe it's time to stop acting like you don't have a chance as coming out as victor in this match. Just maybe. Or maybe this suit, this personality, this mentality is what has gotten me so far in my career recently. I have elevated myself beyond all expectations. If you were to say a year ago that Mikey would one day be on the verge of winning the PowerTrip Cup, people would laugh and shake their heads. But now, those same people would laugh uncertainly and aimlessly shake their heads. Because as much as people love to hate me, I put in the work and have what it takes to come out as victor. And I can credit that all to this reinvention of myself, the reinvention that made me a better wrestler and man. So no, Bob, I will not stop hiding behind this "generic mask" because it will be the very thing that will take me to limits no one thought would have been possible. And you, Bob Sparks, are an obstacle in my way. I apologize, for I have toyed with you for far too long. It's been fun, but men like you who are fighting for my spot need to move out of the way for greatness to be achieved. Mikey lowers his microphone for a moment to wipe his mouth and cough into shoulder, and the arena immediately erupts in jeers and shouts. You people want to boo me? Well I hate to spoil the fun, but let's lighten the mood and talk about someone who you would never hesitate to give the exact opposite reaction to, Sameer. The "Golden Boy", current BPZ Intercontinental Champion and of course, let's never forget former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. And yet, this great figure of...figure of success, if you will, cannot stop talking about a man like me. Who am I to you, Sameer? Some kid who's never deserved anything he's ever gotten would be my guy. If that's truly how you feel, I beg you to continue having that mentality. I don't think you exactly understand MY mentality, Sameer. I am a man who is not made by his past achievements and failures. Sure, I lost my championship and got beaten up by Bob Sparks just a couple of weeks ago. But do you see me complaining and insisting that it was luck? No, I moved on from it and learned from the experience. I think you could use a bit of learning yourself, Sameer. Outlining your victories and not recognizing the defeats simply isn't healthy. You must realize that in your career, you've never been perfect and never will be. And hiding behind Bailey, Brenden, Bart, and Smith certainly isn't helping. But I digress. What I mean by learning is how to not be so goddamn arrogant and egotistical. I can practically envision your response to this: "I don't sit in Bart or Smith's shadow, I'm a former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, current Intercontinental Champion and who are you?" It's almost as if you've already said that. Just let the past go Sameer and come to a realization. Your victories have led you no where. I don't give a single damn if you've beaten Yelich. Gunner Flynn. Alex Costa. None of that means anything to me. What matters to me is that you are evading the truth. That talking about those victories makes you feel like the man you once were as BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Face it Sameer, you've fallen to where you are now because of the lack of realization. You need to open your eyes and understand that you've been reduced to doing whatever Smith and Bart need you to. No more of the brotherhood bullshit. If that's true, they are your big brothers, always watching over you and making sure everything goes according to plan. Even when you were world champion, Brenden was always there to make sure you would go on to have a long lasting reign. You're just here to fill a spot, Sameer and make your friends look good because of it. But sadly, I cannot simply allow you to fill that spot as victor when you are as delusional as you are. Take some time, reflect, and get back to me when you do. And that's that. Bob, Sameer, please take up my offer. Have a little chat and start to realize that you two exist. Because when you both step into the ring and target me, you'll be left confused at what to do next. You'll battle it out, and when I sneak in to pick up the victory, well, that wouldn't make the either of you happy, would it? Just remember boys, this match isn't all about me, it's about you two needing your spotlight by sharing the ring with me. With that, Mikey drops his microphone on the mat and exits the ring, winking to the crowd on his way out but never looking back at the ring. As he walks into the backstage area with the boos trailing him, Valor cuts to a commercial.
  11. PreShow: Kip Sabian vs Sonny Kiss. Awesome Kong vs Britt Baker vs Allie Casino Battle Royale- Winner will face Kenny Omega/Chris Jericho for AEW World Championship at All Out. Participants (Jungle Boy,LuchaSaurus,Brian Pillman Jr,Darby Allin,Jimmy Havoc,LionHeart,Kenny Dykstra,MJF,Orange Cassidy,Sammy Guevara,QT Marshall,Marq Quen,Isiah Kassidy,Michael Nakazawa,Glacier,Hangman Page,Pepper Parks,Tommy Dreamer,Shawn Spears,???) SCU vs Best Friends Christopher Daniels vs CIMA Lucha Brothers vs The Young Bucks Cody vs Dustin Rhodes Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega Bonus Points Who will achieve the most eliminations in the Battle Royale? Hangman Page Who will be the Joker? Mox One of these matches will not happen which one is it? SCU vs Best Friends
  12. Match 1: Prince Cutler VS Jarrod Gardyner Match 2: Ropati & Sailor Meko VS Strikeforce (Overheel & Brett Storm) Match 3: Kin Takeshi VS CJ Sellers Main Event: Ryan Reeves & Julius Jones VS BIC & Alex Costa
  13. This sounds very interesting, get me in there
  14. Bart(C) vs Addy- BPZ Intercontinental Championship Creed(C) vs Royal Flush- Valor Tag Team Championships Hans Clayton vs Isaiah Carter- Final Battle FDS vs KENJI CJ Sellers vs Buddy Ace Raven vs ???- Open Challenge Slim(C) vs Nate- BPZ Undisputed Championship Bonus Questions What will be the opening matchup? Hans Clayton vs Isaiah Carter How many title changes will there be? 1 Who will answer Raven's Open Challenge? Yelich
  15. Thank you for this amazing piece @Kirk April 23th, 2020 Revenge To kick off the show, the loser of last week's main event, Bashka, comes out to an ovation from the crowd. He is by himself, the rest of Bulletproof no where in sight, but he clearly has a lot more on his mind rather than if he has backup or not. He quickly enters the ring and wastes no time in speaking. Bashka: When will the bullshit end? First at Backlash, I took a major loss to Bailey. And in my moment of redemption, where I had Echo Wilson at his weakest, Bailey had to come in and ruin everything. Haven't you already gotten what you want, Bailey? The BPZ World Heavyweight Championship? Or do you want to take it to a more extreme level and kick me off the brand? I hate to break it to you, but that will never happen. I have men by my side, and a man like you has no power over me no matter what you think. So Bailey, I formally challenge you once again so I can get my much deserved revenge on you. Bashka finishes talking and holds his arms out wide, shouting for Bailey to come down to the ring to meet him. And sure enough, the theme music for the Authority plays. All members of the faction apart from Zombie step out from the backstage area, standing in a formidable line with Bailey at its center. The four other men walk down to the ring, fanning out to surround it all sides, leaving Bashka trapped and force to listen to Bailey on the stage. Bailey: Well Bashka, it turns out you aren't as dumb as you look. You said it perfectly yourself, I don't want the likes of you or Bulletproof plaguing this brand. Your group is a bunch of parasites, leeching off of more successful people like myself. I'd love to entertain the fact of you challenging me again to have another easy victory, but I am a fighting champion and need to look like one with more difficult competition. So Bashka, I sadly have to decline your offer and move on, maybe you should to. If you don't want to, perhaps my stablemates will be a good influence. Have at him boys. Bailey walks to the locker room without a single glance back, leaving Bashka at the mercy of his stablemates. Bashka looks around him, his teeth clenched by the odds but waves his hands forward nonetheless, ready to go down fighting. All four men enter the ring at once, but before they can even reach Bashka, the remainder of Bulletproof invades the ring, entering from the crowd! All four members of the Authority run out of the ring and up the stage, leaving the ring to be occupied by Bulletproof once more. Match 1: Nebakos vs Dr X In the first contest of the show, Carnage's first overall pick Nebakos took on Dr X who was surprisingly accompanied by Alyx Wilde, two men who are extremely different. The match was a pretty good one, with both men clearly having a lot of experience under their belts and using it to their advantage. Wilde seemed to aid Dr X well, saving him a number of times and nearly being the cause of his victory at one point. But eventually, Wilde would get tossed out by the referee, leaving Dr X all on his own for Nebakos to hit his finisher and pin him for the victory. Nebakos defeated Dr X Match 2: James Hunter & Lunatic Ginge vs Clapspiracy In the second match of the night, the BPZ Carnage Tag Team Champions Clapspiracy took on the team of James Hunter and BPZ North American Champion Lunatic Ginge. This contest was a very good one, being high paced through the whole thing, all four men clearly being extremely athletic and using that fact to their advantages. Clapspiracy clearly had the experience factor to help them out, and it seemed that they were in for an easy win when two men in gas masks came down to the ring, observing it from the ramp. Thinking it was a prank from their challengers, Clapspiracy kept wrestling, but they could never shake the feeling that something was going to happen. That paranoia was the factor that ended up costing them the match as Lunatic Ginge pinned CPE for the victory. James Hunter & Lunatic Ginge defeated Clapspiracy The Cure Spreads After they win the match, Hunter and Ginge immediately start beating down Clapspiracy, not halting their assault as the masked men slowly stepped up onto the apron and enter the ring. They stand together, and when the two victors notice, they pick up Maestro and throw him right to the two men who hit a very, very familiar move. The two unmask and reveal that they are the challengers to the BPZ Tag Team Championships, Ross and Poidust. Hunter and Ginge then walk over to the two men, smiling as they hand their masks over. When the two don them, it is clear that they were the two in the promo last week. Ross: What you are seeing here is only the beginning of the Cure. We have recruited two helpless souls, and look at them now. They are two saved souls, one being a champion for God's sake. We transformed these two into pieces of the roster worth mentioning, and they've repaid us handsomely already with their skill. Clapspiracy, what these two skilled men just did to you in that ring was only a sample of the Cure's wrath. I can assure that what myself and Poidust will do to you at BPZ Mayhem will be nothing short of destruction. To cure the roster, you need to start at the roots. And this is the perfect way to do it. Ross lowers his microphone as he and the rest of his faction stand over the fallen bodies of Clapspiracy, their statement having been made tonight. Match 3: Ryan Reeves vs Austin Omega Carrying on with the night, BPZ Hall of Famer Ryan Reeves took on the young Austin Omega with Tamer residing at the commentary desk. These two had a very interesting match, with Reeves clearly being the older yet more technically sound man while Omega was full of energy, practically bouncing around the ring. It was a battle for Reeves to hold Omega down, and at one point he looked completely out of the match, something Tamer seemed very about. But Reeves was able to tough it out and pull the match back into his favor, picking up a hard fought victory, leaving Tamer looking very disappointed, sad even. Tamer defeated Austin Omega A Worthy Challenger As the scene of Reeves celebrating his win fades out, the camera switches to the backstage area where Zombie is residing, sat behind his desk with his sleeves rolled up, clearly having been hard at work today. Zombie: I saw the little commotion going on earlier tonight, and I'd like to address it. Bashka, your current record in BPZ is hardly an impressive one. As a matter of fact, you have a bit of a cold streak right now. Losing to both Bailey and Echo? Mmm, not the greatest of looks for a BPZ World Heavyweight Championship challenger, something I think you'd agree on if anyone else was in that situation. But, I am a forgiving man, one who gives second chances. In the main event of tonight's show, Bashka will face Bob Sparks, and if he wins, he'll go on to face Bailey once again for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Best of luck to you, my friend. Zombie nods his head for the segment to end, but the phone rings right before it does. Zombie picks it up, nodding his head while listening. A smile crosses his face as he places the phone down, now having one last thing to say. Zombie: Before I go, I'd just like to inform you all that Brenden sincerely apologizes for Valor not having an episode this week. He says that he was...ill, and that the show could not be run without him. Oh well, just another victory for the A brand, wouldn't you say? Zombie chuckles before picking up a paper and looking at it as the camera transitions back to the arena. Vengeance Now back in the arena, the fans are blessed to hear a sound that they haven't heard in a very long time. They erupt in an ovation as none other than The Revenant Arius steps out from the backstage area, making his grand return. He bows on the stage to the fans and waves to them as he walks down to the ring, rolling into it and taking in the support for a minute before speaking. Arius: Well, it's certainly been a while since I've seen you all. Thank you for the warm welcome, but there are some pressing issues I have at hand. BPZ Mayhem is drawing nearer and nearer, and myself and Necce have had unfinished business for the last month and a half. Necce, you trapped me against my will, torturing me into questioning my own sanity. I will never understand your techniques nor why you did it, but I know one thing is for certain: I crave vengeance. At BPZ Mayhem, I will be facing Necce in a structure that he should know all to well: Hell in a Cell. As a master of torture himself, I'm sure Necce would love to have the chance to get his hands on me with no escape. You will get your wish, Necce, and I will get mine. This will be no easy victory for you, because when I have something on my mind, my prey never gets away easily. Bring all the tricks and theatrics that you want, because I will have something in store for it. With that, Arius lowers his microphone, raising his hands one last time for the audience. But before he can exit the ring, the lights in the arena go out, something that he is all too familiar with. The screech on the speaker makes its return as the BPZ audience is left in darkness. The seconds build to minutes, and when the light finally returns, Necce is in the center, pacing around furiously. Arius is nowhere in sight, seemingly have made his escape much to the dismay of Necce. Main Event: Bashka vs Bob Sparks In the main event of the night, Bashka took on Bob Sparks, looking to become the number one contender for Bailey's BPZ World Heavyweight Championship once more. The two had a great encounter, the nature of having no one at ringside only benefiting their performances. They both went to their limits in this match with their being many close falls throughout the entire duration of the match. As the match was coming to a close, Sparks had his finisher reversed by Bashka, who capitalized with a combination of both his signature and finisher, picking up yet another victory over Bob Sparks and becoming the number one contender to face Bailey once again. Bashka defeated Bob Sparks
  16. Year 3: 2022 It's been a minute, and I'm finally back. There was a LOT that happened this year, and I needed some extra time to collect it all together. But here it is, the final product of my hard work. There were obviously lots of surprises, including the awards, title reigns, and of course, who left BPZ and who didn't. I thank you all for reading and enjoying the sim, but that's I've got for sappy words so let's get into itttt. Right of the bat, shockwaves being sent through BPZ. The two other years have had some big names leave, but they were often overshadowed by the sheer mass of small names leaving the company. But this time around, there wasn't a whole lot in terms of subtlety when BPZ released their guys. Four Hall of Famers in Joh, Poidust, Cobhead Jake (someone fact check me, is he in the Hall of Fame?), and Necce all decided to part ways with the company. And unsurprisingly, Twitch poached the most two valuable of the group in Cobhead Jake and Necce, only expanding their empire of excellent wrestlers. And maybe the move was a good one, because if you look at the top 40... Jake finds himself sitting comfortably at 13 amongst a whole lot of other Twitch guys. BPZ bounced back from last year, owning the entire top 4 and majority of the top 20, a major step up from only having 3 guys in the top 15 last year. And there's some good news as you can see. Sameer is on the list, returning from his whole year hiatus and making an impact. Lots of talent was on this list, but obviously the two that stand out are Invictus at the top. Arius took home Wrestler of the Year, but both guys are near or at 100 pop in America, and these two are gonna dominate for some time to come. But as for the other rewards: Company of the Year - BPZ (x2) Team of the Year - Invictus (2) Match of the Year - Invictus defeated Flynn & Slim (100) Show of the Year - TW Online (96), main evented by fatal fourway for Twitch World Title (100) Young Wrestler of the Year - Lewis McIntyre Veteran Wrestler of the Year - Cobhead Jake Female Wrestler of the Year - Alice (gg Toxik) Most Improved Company of the Year - Twitch Independent Wrestler of the Year - George King Manager of the Year - Memestar (x3) Announcer of the Year - Brenden Playz (x3) Color Commentator of the Year - Heel (x3) Referee of the Year - Big Grant (x3) A lot of the same in the bottom half of the list, but the first half is fresh and never seen before, something that makes me keep wanting to do these sims. It's always interesting to see who will succeed and who won't, and it's been a while since I've seen two members of a tag team hit 1 and 2 on the Power 500 (although Creed got close). Now for the title histories. To clear it up before I do it, nobody held a Twitch title (other than myself and Creed yessir) so I won't be reviewing that. But onward with the BPZ title history. Ah, it's like the first year all over again. Julius kicks off the new year as champion, although he had some pretty formidable foes before him. Sameer unfortunately lost the title in his first match in over a year, which was expected due to ring rust, and Lucifer was able to scoop it up, the ultimate success story from leaving Twitch to joining BPZ. Lucifer was able to cram in Sameer's 7 defenses into just half a year, making an impact on the title. But of course nothing last forever, and Julius popped up to claim the title for his own, going on a tear in the second half of the year to pick up 9 title defenses and elevate the title even more, looking good heading into 2023. This is what I like to see right here. Vacant got their ass WHOOPED by the old man Cobhead Jake, someone who served as a great part time champion. He was able to record a few defenses in his time as champion despite his age, and his reign did its part. He eventually dropped the title to the young Hans Clayton, a man who had not gotten his Undisputed reign in this save, and he's had a great run already, keeping the title the most prestigious in the company and looking to make it even more decisively so in 2023, heading into the new year with a ton of momentum. In the first instance yet, Flynn was able to keep his title past the first month of the year, holding it all the way until BPZ Mania where he lost to Raven, the man he stole his look from, but not after an amazing fourth reign with the title, setting him apart as the only man to accomplish that feat. Meanwhile, Raven picked up his second reign in his young, promising career, holding it for over half a year and having some great matches along the way, boosting the title's prestige even more than Flynn could. But in the end, he ended up taking a loss to Johnny Kills who has hold the title for a couple of months now and has made a fair few defenses, good signs for his reign in 2023. Now this is a title history that I like. Simple and easy to go over yet effective. Gunner and Yelich started off the year well, very well as a matter of fact. They held the titles well into the year, only losing them at the halfway point of the year. And they ended up losing to Lunatic Ginge and Gill, two guys with very long hair which might just be why they're teaming. I personally would never make a team like that, but it seems to be working out so far as they've had 7 defenses in the latter half of the year, definitely nothing to sleep on especially heading into 2023. Calm Mikey, calm. Now as you can see, Aaron North has had the most successful title reign heading into the year out of all the champions so far, load managing his way into a 9 month reign with 4 defenses. 4 DEFENSES. Fuck the calm, this is outrageous. I can't believe he keeps doing it, but somehow he gets it done. Thankfully, Prince came to rescue me and dethrone the bastard, starting his own reign of epic proportions and amassing 6 defenses in just 4 months, already beating Aaron in less than half the time. All I can hope for is that Prince holds onto the strap so Aaron doesn't get his hands on it again. Oh, the twists and turns of this title had me wondering. Raven started the month as champion, doing a good job to hold onto the title for a few months before dropping it to Natedog who has proven to be an absolute workhouse in this save. 17 defenses in 5 months!!! This is the type of shit I was doing in my NJPW 2020 save where Okada had like 50+ defenses. But sadly, he lost the title to Yelich, who had to vacate it a few months later much to my demise. But luckily enough, Vacant got their comeuppance and Raven snuck in to recapture the title that he held coming into the year, now exiting the same year with the same title. Obviously, there's a glaring problem here, but I'll get to that in a second. To kick off the year, Hans came into it with a decent continuation of his reign, holding onto the title until May which is a success in my eyes. While doing so, he elevated the title and made Gunner look good in winning the chip. Gunner would proceed to have another great reign, finally getting his second premium title reign and having a pretty decent one, holding the title through the summer and all the way until Thanksgiving. But then, somehow, someway, he lost the title to AARON! The man can't stay away from gold, and he's heading into yet another year with a title around his waist, despicable. I usually frown upon this title, but there's a couple things I want to talk about. First, ROPATI TITLE REIGN ALERT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Ropati has been awful in this sim so far, and he's finally made it big with a title reign, even if he's backtracked into the NXT division. The second thing I want to address is Rory Orton going into the new year as champion. This is something I'd love to see happen in real kayfabe, but I'll take what I can get. #YuvrajForNXT And now, it's time for the two tournaments. In the Royal Rumble, it was pretty standard, with Julius taking home yet another victory. I did find it interesting that Gunner Flynn was able to make it all the way to the finals. But sadly he couldn't end up winning the big victory, but maybe next time. Ahhh, flashbacks to the match with Hollow. While Hollow didn't participate in this version of Money in the Bank, Sameer still came out with the victory against Lucifer, getting his revenge for Lucifer taking the world title from him earlier in the year. Again, the title never led to anything because it's TEW, but it ended up making the entire event really good which is always a positive. But even though their main event match was so good, it still wasn't enough for it to crack the top matches of the year for BPZ. So you can obviously see who the best in the company are at this point with almost all of the matches containing either Invictus, Flynn or Slim. But we have a whole other company to go over now, so enjoy the top Twitch matches of the year (I think you'll recognize some faces). So yeah, Creed has been tearing it up in Twitch with no other BPZ guys really showing up on this list. But before I proceed to the individual stats, I'd like to take a look at some interesting things that happened in BPZ. And by things I mean the current stable situation which I find very interesting. These are three very, VERY interesting stables. I didn't post Mafia because it has basically remained the same (Slim, Julius and Raven, no Bailey though). But as for the other three, they are all unique. Bulletproof has completely ditched the men in the group and replaced them with Varvaria who seems to be the undisputed leader as both Alexa and Christina are lackeys which is strange because they both hit 100 pop in a different sim I did. In addition, the stable Dysfunction lives up to its name, having some really strange people in it that I think you be fun in real kayfabe and I'd like to see it (props to Ropati for doing something). And last but certainly not least, the Collaboration. This is a stable I would actually like to see in BPZ, one that I think would legitimately work (if you three are reading, you have my opinion). But now, what really matters, the individual stats. But before I start, the apologies. This time I extend my condolences to Bailey and Nebakos (again), two men who did not have a single match this year. I can assure that Bailey is getting the bag regardless, as for Nebakos, well, I'm not sure what's happening there. Let's not waste any time and get right into it. As always, starting off with Mecko (hopefully he reads it this time). Just like last year, improvement. Mecko continues to scale the Power 500, now almost reaching the top 50, something he may just achieve next year. A record of 16-25 isn't too outstanding, but his average rating of 70 and highest of 94 make up for the poor record. But just like last year, Mecko's skills and popularity seem to have peaked and are no longer increasing, meaning that the competition around him is getting better and he is benefiting from it, and there is nothing wrong with that. If Mecko can keep the same ratings improve his W/L ratio even more, he'll be looking good for next year. Again, yet another impressive performance this year. While it is nowhere near his near undefeated year last year, Gunner had many better matches than 2021. Boasting an average rating of 83 is solid indeed and a highest of 95 is nothing to laugh at. Considering he lost the Royal Rumble to Julius, a 23-14 record is still favorable even with his Premium title reign. As for skills and popularity, he seems to have reached his peak in many categories which already leaves him as a great competitor, but there are still a few areas increasing, meaning he's only getting better. His popularity has evened out at around 70, but in this world that's a pretty good thing. This is a complete turn around from last year. Julius only wrestled 11 matches last year, winning all of them, but this time around he sacrificed wins for amount of matches, participating in a total of 45 and winning 34 of them. His average rating of 88 and highest of 100 makes it clear that he deserves to be number 4 on the Power 500, and the names he beat only prove that. Along with a Royal Rumble and World title victory, Julius has also put on some of the best matches of the year in BPZ. The crazy thing? He still has a few areas that are improving, and he may be looking even better next year if all goes right. Hans Clayton. While not putting on a tremendous amount of matches, all of the ones he had counted which is clear by his lowest rating of 77 against Johnny Kills. He was mostly involved in the title scene this year, and with an average rating of 90 it's clear to see why. He is fit to be a champion, and it helped boost him to a record of 14-6 while also claiming 17th in the Power 500. This was obviously a great year for Hans, a big jump from last year and one that put him in contention for one of the best of the year. Just like last year, Hans' skills have all peaked, but they are looking very good nonetheless. As for his popularity, well, that's a different story. With an increase of nearly 10 popularity this year, Hans is looking to climb higher than ever before and take a step to the next level in 2023. Just like last year, Yelich had a great performance, his W/L ratio speaking volumes. Achieving 30 wins in 40 total matches is no small feat, and neither is an average rating of 81. It's not 90 like Hans, but it justifies him to be 37 in the Power 500, a big jump from his 49 place ranking last year. It seems an injury cut his year short in November (more specifically a FAKE RETIREMENT, good lord), but he should hopefully be back next year for more excellence. Despite having his year cut short, Yelich is still slightly improving his skills in a few categories, however it seems that his popularity has evened out at 70 just like his partner Gunner Flynn. Do I even have to explain what's on the screen? This is what every TEW character hopes to achieve in these sims. A W/L ratio of 31-2 while competing in 33 total matches and averaging a 92 is something that seems like dreamwork. Not to mention alongside Smith, Bart pulled off a 100 rated match and never had a match worse than an 80. As you can see, they had a great Twitch Tag title run halfway through the year and it's no surprise given their chemistry and talent. But luckily for the rest of the wrestlers, Bart's skills have evened out but are looking REALLY good, meanwhile his popularity seems to be stuck at 85 for the time being, but what a year nonetheless. Alright Ropati, I see you. That average match rating of 70, down from 73 is really eye catching, but I'm willing to overlook it due to your record. 27-33, close to even! You love to see it, especially after the past two years of being well below a .500 win percentage. Either way, Ropati still was able to have some good matches throughout the year against the likes of Lucifer, and he was able to capture the BPZ NXT Championship (it's the small victories). And despite slightly moving up to 52 on the Power 500, Ropati seems to have hit his limit in both skill and popularity, residing as a decent wrestler who may still have untapped potential (we'll see). Yet again, another big year for Johnny Kills. He started the year off a bit rocky, losing a lot of title matches and not really getting a whole lot of wins, but he hit his stride toward the end of the year, racking up a record of 19-29. Not the best by any means, but when looking at his average rating of 87 and best of 100, you forget about that fact. Even in his losses, Johnny has been able to put on great matches consistently, and he should continue to do so in 2023 as the Intercontinental champion. But the losses eventually caught up to Johnny, causing his popularity to drop to around 75 from 80, but hopefully this title reign can turn that around. While this was no Wrestler of the Year resume for Slim like in 2021, he still put on a hell of a performance this year. There is blue nearly filling his whole match page, and the only ones that aren't blue are against jobbers. A record of 23-28 is not ideal, but the match quality makes up for it, averaging a rating of 93, nearly the same as last year. A drop to 3rd from 1st is hardly anything (especially considering Invictus has like 100 popularity), and he'll be able to catch his stride again without a doubt. Obviously, Slim's skills are still amazing and he is one of the best in the world, but his popularity has dropped a few points from around 90 due to the 28 losses on his record. 2023 should be a big year for him though, maybe he'll even get a title run. Not too shabby for Sheridan. Although Alice stole Female Wrestler of the Year (Toxik's dream), she did pretty well for herself. Going down to 90 from 82 is never ideal, but it's understandable. While she was 55-0 last year and 9-29 this year, her better performances were the only thing saving her from a massive drop. There aren't a whole lot of women to face, but she made due with what she had and put a pretty nice resume together for herself. And oddly enough, all of her skills are still steadily improving, meaning she'll be even better next year. However, her popularity tanked down to a 61 from 70 last year, but a few wins should fix that. Well, Twitch is treating Isaiah Carter RIGHT. He was able to form a great looking match history this year, having a good mix of high blue performances as well as some green mixed in for the culture. He cut his ranking in the Power 500 in half from last year, and now he is looking like one of the best in all of Twitch. The average rating of 84 as well as a record of 25-10 is very appealing and impressive, and it's clear to see why he finds himself 12th out of the near 200 ranked wrestlers. A few of Carter's skills a still improving surprisingly enough, and his popularity is also increasing which means next year is only going to be better for him. Ah, my former tag partner. Much to my dismay, Alex Costa decided to stay in BPZ instead of joining me in Twitch, but it's all good because he looked pretty good this year. 29-25 means a busy year, practically a match every week, and his hard work paid off. An average rating of 81 with a lowest of 74 is excellent and is the definition of consistency, and it's good to see him in 32 in the Power 500. I think he'd do better with me by his side, but I'm pleased by this result nonetheless. Alex seems to be honing his last few skills to perfection while also maintaining a popularity of 70 to reflect his pretty even year of wins and losses. He's back, ladies and gentlemen! After not having a match last year, Sameer came back in a big year. A total of 52 matches and winning 33 of them is big for the former World champion, and the rest of his year was great as well. An average rating of 86, highest of 100 and lowest of 73 shows that he belongs in the top 10 of the Power 500, and that's not mentioning his great record. He had some great matches against everyone he faced much like he did two years ago. Sameer's been here for a while, so it's no surprise that his skills are not improving any longer and that his popularity has remained the same due to the lack of a title reign. And last but not last, FJA. I sincerely apologizing for ignoring you on the last sim, but I got you this time. By the looks of it, HFE got you on their roster, and they've been doing alright with you. A record of 8-7 isn't terrible, and an average rating of 37 in a company as small of HFE is pretty decent. Along with a 63 highest rating, that was enough to get FJA into a place in the Power 500, sneaking his way on. But as for his future? Well, he's young and all of his stats are still improving, not to mention his popularity increasing from 18 to 22, a pretty solid year overall if you ask me. Maybe a bigger promotion is on the horizon for FJA. And that's all I have for the third year of the TEW sim, 2022. Thank you all for reading up to this point, and if there's anything else you'd like to see or if you'd like to see me go over your character next year, please leave a reply!
  17. Main Hero/Villain: Real Name: Jonathan Blackheart Hero/Villain Name: Nightmare Superpower: Has the ability to vanish into the shadows and can speak to the dead Backstory (can be very short): As a young child, Jonathan Blackheart was often isolated from his fellow peers for his oddly shapen body and uncomfortable demeanor. He was often picked out and was constantly bullied, forcing him to move schools a total of 5 times. But going into this freshman year of high school, he father passed away in a traumatic car accident. Jonathan's father was his closest companion in his life, the only one keeping him going after his mother left them back when he was 5. After about a week, Jonathan couldn't take the loneliness and thought of foster care any longer and began to research connections to the dead. After weeks on practicing, he finally succeeded his first communication, immediately contacting his father. It made him feel whole again, but his father warned him it was the opposite, that every time they spoke he'd lose a piece of him. After years and years of contacting his father despite his warnings, Jonathan has slowly begun to fade from humanity, now being able to become one with the shadows. Age: 35 Weakness: His powers are useless in the day Figurehead (doesn't have to be an actual hero/villain): Broken Matt Hardy Minor Villain: Real Name: Megan Jacobs Hero/Villain Name: Blaze Superpower: Human pyromaniac Age: 16 Weakness: Inexperienced, extremely trustworthy of all people Figurehead (doesn't have to be an actual hero/villain): Ariana Grande
  18. You know what Arrow I usually couldn't care less about your diaries but I am pleasantly surprised by this one. I think you've got something decent going on and that if you keep up with it I think you'll have some good stories running and make it even more enjoyable. My suggestion for now is to maybe add another match onto the card for the shows and try to build up a few storylines to keep you going for the next month or so. But again, not bad stuff so far Arrow and I'm looking forward for more.
  19. MYTH vs Suplex Style Pro Arius vs Epic McDonald Xavier King vs The Marker The Heller Squad vs Mile High Squad Julius Jones vs Rei Smith James Ropati vs Bailey Justin
  20. "The Outer Banks, Paradise on Earth. It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses." In this island off the coast of North Carolina, nothing seems to matter. It's just you and your friends against the world with the only thing stopping you being your own imagination. For years upon decades, the people of the Outer Banks have been living in peace, harmony even. But recently, an economic divide has spread in the island due to a failure in banks all around the island in 1998, separating it into two areas. The north side of the island is where the Kooks reside in, the area commonly referred to as The Link. The Kooks were those fortunate enough to find themselves in a position where their investments were able to support them through the rough patches, allowing them to retain their luxury and keep their businesses afloat. Since then, they've developed a Darwinistic view that they were the chosen ones and they therefore were able to survive the poor economic period. Every Kook has two things in common: money and power that spawns from it. They control 96% of the total income on the island, leaving hardly any for their counterparts on the south side. Speaking of that side, the south area of the island is where the Pogues reside, the lower class citizens. On their part of the island known as South Saview, all you'll find is people in high spirits but in poor conditions. While The Link is full of massive plots of land, mansions, and businesses, South Saview is a place that resembles a fishing town more than a business plentiful city. Many Pogues find themselves working for their rich counterparts, doing whatever it takes to survive while also having a good time. Every Pogue is on the lookout for that one opportunity to change their life and turn the tables on the Kooks. And those Pogues may just be in luck. Nearly 150 years ago, a ship crashed just off the coast of the Outer Banks, the S.S. Zartan. This ship is claimed to be one that was shipped from Portugal to the United States in a highly confidential mission to transport nearly half a billion dollars in gold to pay off a debt. The ship was operated by one of the best sailors in the world in Ross Schuman, but inexplicably, the ship went down just off the coast of the Outer Banks, and neither it or Schuman were ever found. After a century and a half, no one knows where the gold could possibly be, but one thing is for certain: it's still out there and it is everyone's dream on the Outer Banks to find it, both Kooks and Pogues alike. So if you would like to insert yourself into the adventure and see how I do with a person you create, feel free to make a character (or two if you'd like): Full Name: Nickname (Optional): Age: Height: Weight: Economic Situation (Kook or Pogue): Looks: Strengths (athletic, persuasive, good looking, etc.): Weaknesses (see above): Ultimate Motive in Life: Backstory: I don't really have a great idea of where to go with this and I can't believe I'm actually making it. I just thought it would be a fun idea and I'll just go with the flow and see where I end up. Feel free to DM me if you have any ideas regarding your character or others, I'm all ears. Thank you all for reading and signing up!
  21. A very surprising show in my opinion. There were few performances that I was expecting such as Devitt's 47 and Lynn's 60, but other than everyone exceeded my expectations. The American Wolves put up some crazy numbers that I didn't think would be possible until a few months in, they definitely can hold down the tag division for a little while longer. The only real shock to me this time around was PAC only hitting a 66, I thought for sure that he would outperform both 2010 Tyler Black and Young Bucks, but he might've just had an off night. Very solid first event Hans, keep up the good work.
  22. Mikey


    As the broadcast of Valor returns from commercial, the screen fades to black. Eventually, a figure slowly fades in on the center of the screen. It is Mikey, sitting in his classic blue suit, but the BPZ United States Championship is notably missing. He has a few bruises on his face and neck, but otherwise he isn't looking too worse for wear after the beating he suffered at the hands of Bob Sparks, Hans Clayton, and Sheridan. Mikey just sits for a few seconds, staring at the camera with a blank expression. There is no background noise, no other people, just Mikey. The silence is uncomfortable, palpable even. But eventually, Mikey speaks, but in a quiet voice. It all makes sense now, doesn't it? Everything has fallen into place at long last, and I can't say I'm surprised. I had my suspicions when Bob kept mentioning how Sheridan was going to beat me just like he was. The first few times it was understandable, filler content for a lacking promo, if you will. But soon it grew out of control, as if he cared about the result of our match. But why oh why would that affect him? Because he decided to take the easy way out and align himself with some of the best in all of BPZ. I won't lie, I won't front, I'll simply be completely and brutally honest. Bob Sparks, you are a talented man. You have the potential to be the future of this company, the next Bailey, the next Flynn. I saw that clearly in our match, when you took me to my limit and almost made me unable to defend my beloved championship later that night. But yet here you are, falling behind two of your friends. This criticism of me being overshadowed in Bulletproof and Mafia...how ironic. In both Mafia and Bulletproof, I was deemed as the next breakout star, the one who would be the future of both groups, and I'm living up to that promise. But what are you in your little trio, Bob? Let that sink in. Mikey once again stops talking for a moment, bringing back the strange silence while crossing his arms. In my moment of defeat at Mayhem, I still had one thing to hold onto, and that was the fact that in a land full of stars like Bailey and Slim, I still impressed and had the potential to succeed with no one limiting me. Bob, you are, as you so kindly put it, the afterthought of your stable. You stand behind the BPZ Undisputed Champion, Hans Clayton, the champion of our brand and behind the brand new BPZ United States Champion Sheridan. And guess what? The only reason they have and will continue having those achievements to their name is you. You are a pawn in their little operation, and in the few days you've been together that's already crystal clear. You were the sacrificial lamb, the one to weaken me so Sheridan could beat me. Had I been at peak physical form, well, I'd have a nice bit of gold around my shoulder right now. What did you gain by weakening me rather than beating me? Even if by some miracle you end up winning this triple threat match and the entirety of the PowerTrip Cup, what happens next? Will you just lay down for Hans Clayton, a man who is in a situation like yours, a rising star who can't afford to lose a match like that? I'll answer that for you, yes. You've fallen into a trap, one that forces you to starve and not achieve your full potential. And you will realize that truth very, very soon. And as for my other opponent, Sameer... Mikey lets out an audible sigh, closing his eyes as if in pain and pinching the bridge of his nose, shaking his head. He takes a deep breath to recompose himself before speaking Sameer, I heard what you said, and you know what, that REALLY hurt me, "buddy". Being told Creed, two of the best in company, aren't scared of me. Your point is? Maybe Creed isn't scared of me, maybe it was a coincidence that I wasn't allowed to challenge them alongside Slim. I could at least understand that. But what I don't understand is why you speak so highly of yourself only to mention your two superior stablemates. Oh wait, you did make a pretty decent point, I'll give you that. I did as a matter of fact lose my beloved championship after only one month and only drew with Bob Sparks. Meanwhile, you pulled double duty successfully, beating out Yelich and retaining your BPZ Intercontinental Championship. And it's true that Yelich defeated me to retain the BPZ North American Championship. 8 months ago. You've done your research, but unfortunately it only harms you. Perhaps you like to recall on the past so much because that was the last time that you mattered. You've come a long way since your days as BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. You've fallen to being the BPZ Intercontinental Champion, facing competition like Gunner Flynn and Alex Costa, people I have already beaten. And maybe I received help to beat Alex. Did I need it? Well, I'd say no. But I know someone else who'd say the same. Mikey places his hand on his chin and starts stroking it, angling his head to the side to make him look deep in thought. His eyebrow is raised but he seems to be struggling, eventually resorting to snapping his fingers before looking back at the camera in realization. It's you Sameer. You'll claim everyday of the week that you earned everything you've ever gotten. But in saying that, you're ignoring a large, looming factor that will never leave you: Creed. The most dominant tag team in BPZ for the last half year, something that you were never apart of. You see, Julius made the wise decision in parting from your group. When he did so, he was able to prove that he didn't need help to win. But you have yet to prove that. I'm not saying that Creed is interfering in your matches, telling the referees and other wrestlers to let you win, but there's no denying that they paved your path. They made sure that you would get to the semifinals of the PowerTrip Cup, but that's all that they could do. Now, you are without the protection of your more successful peers. You now have to face someone like me, who did pave their own path. I outgrew the expectations of being a role player in Bulletproof, in Mafia. I made myself great, something I pride myself heavily on. I have outshone some of the best the company has to offer, including some of my former and current stablemates. But what about you, Sameer? You still live in Bart and Smith's shadow. Bart was the one to pin me in our Survivor Series match back in November. Those two eliminated me from the Royal Rumble match. The two of them combined defeated Alex Costa and myself. I have no shame in admitting that some of the best in the company have bested me in the past. But the fact is that I'll be DAMNED if someone like you, a man who's name was never in any of those pictures, tries to tell me he's better than me. I believe I've made my point: you talk pretty big for someone who's only received what they've recently had because of their more successful, frankly better stablemates. Mafia never guaranteed me that BPZ United States Championship. That victory over Brad. My survival against Bob Sparks. But Creed did ensure that you, as the untalented man you are, had the easiest path to go through so that you'd look strong. Well that path ends now. Both you and Bob Sparks are...afterthoughts of your factions. Let's see if you can back up all of that talk without them guiding you. With that, Mikey winks at the camera and rises from his chair, walking off the screen as the broadcast returns to the Valor arena.
  23. BPZ Mayhem is already in full swing, having lived up to its name in the first bout of the night where Jeremiah Flynn defeated Jason Ryan in a gruesome Texas Trailer Park Tussle. But now we are back in the arena for some in ring action, the first of the night between two men who were once allies and now are facing off against each other in the second round of the PowerTrip Cup, looking to face either Sameer or Yelich, whoever wins later in the night. "Blood // Water" begins to play and none other than Bob Sparks himself steps out from the backstage area. Although he is notably missing his pregnant wife, the crowd still shows him support with a shower of cheers ahead of his match. He is already in his ring gear, wearing a pair of black trunks and black wrestling boots. It is clear that he has dropped the easy, light attitude and is locked in on his match now, with nothing else mattering to him but a victory. Rather than standing on the stage to take in the applause from the crowd, he marches right down to the ring, only sparing a few glances to his supporters in the crowd. Sparks rolls right into the ring and pops up on his feet, immediately pacing around and waiting for his music to cut off and for his opponent to enter. "m.A.A.d city" by Kendrick Lamar blasts through the speakers in the arena, and the sound is followed by a chorus of boos from the audience. Mikey steps out from the backstage area with a grin on his face, looking forward to the contest about to take place. Much like Bob, Mikey is wearing his in ring gear already, dropping the demeanor he's created this week and getting ready for the fight of his life. The BPZ United States Championship that he will defend later in the night is strapped around his waist and he walks down to the ring with a swagger, making intelligible remarks at Bob while doing so. He rolls into the ring and pops up right in front of Bob, promptly taking off his championship and raising it in the air as he stands in front of him. Mikey walks away while looking at his shoulder and hops up onto the second turnbuckle, briefly posing before hopping down and getting ready for the match to begin. The referee checks both men and takes Mikey's championship away from him as the two competitors stare at each other across the ring, just waiting for the bell to ring. And eventually, they get their wish as the referee points his fingers toward the ring and the matches commences. DING DING DING! Traditionally, the two men begin by slowly circling the ring, looking for an opening. Sparks is clearly ready to get this going, but every time he tries to make a move, Mikey quickens his pace to avoid the maneuver. But soon enough, Sparks fakes Mikey out and gets a hold of his arm, wrenching it clockwise. Mikey does a somersault to neutralize the pressure and bats Sparks' grip away with a slap to the forearm. Now the real fun begins. Sparks retaliates from the break with a massive chop across Mikey's chest, a blow that rings through the arena and causes Mikey to stumble back into the corner, grasping at the point of impact. Sparks makes his way over to Mikey and begins to lay into his head with some heavy punches, putting a great deal of force behind each and every one. Eventually, Bob grabs Mikey by the hair and drags him out of the corner, now looking to utilize a bit more of his moveset. Sparks now throws Mikey off the ropes and raises his leg high, looking for the Dose of Reality. However, Mikey ducks underneath the move, stunting his momentum and taking a leap of faith, connecting with Bob's skull with a Pele Kick. Sparks stumbles back from the impact, and Mikey quickly scurries to his feet, sprinting at Bob after the move and connecting with a forearm which drives Sparks back even more, now leaving him leaned against the ropes. Mikey backs up and sprints at Bob once, this time flinging himself at him for a dropki- no Sparks catches him by the legs! Sparks now deadlifts Mikey up above his head, looking for his patented Bob Bomb. But before he can bring Mikey down, the Star Attraction rains down punches on his head, dazing him enough to stop the maneuver momentarily. Mikey now uses the momentum of the dazed Bob to flip himself into a frankensteiner, saving himself from being hit by Bob's deadly finisher. Bob is hardly affected by the move though, having absorbed most of the impact by rolling through it, allowing him to get back to his feet before Mikey. He runs up to the kneeling Mikey and begins to beat him down with punches to the back. Eventually, Mikey falls to both knees, and Bob grabs both of his arms and draws Mikey toward himself to hit a sickening knee. Mikey falls flat onto his back as Bob remains on his feet, looking to dish out even more punishment. Sparks now runs off the ropes on the far side of the ring and rebounds toward Mikey's body, leaving his feet for the first time in the match for a leg drop right across Mikey's throat. Bob swings his legs around and pins Mikey, looking for an early victory. 1... 2... Not quite 3! Sparks gets back up to his feet, clearly expecting that result knowing he can do a lot more. He picks up Mikey once more and this time silences the crowd with a finger on his mouth before laying into Mikey with a massive chop, the blow ringing through the arena while the crowd applauds. Sparks' eyes widen a little bit, slightly impressed with the impact that his chop had. But he wastes no time in continuing the punishment, scooping Mikey up by the armpits and throwing him into the corner. Sparks sprints at him, raising his forearm at the last moment. With a stroke of luck, Mikey is able to duck underneath the blow and send Bob into the corner, now having him trapped. Rather than beating him down with punches and elbows like he did to him earlier, Mikey lays into Bob's legs and midsection with a variety of kicks and knees, trying to weaken the base of the giant. The referee's 5 count forces Mikey to back off, but only for a split second. Mikey walks back over to Bob, but he pops out of the corner and scoops Mikey up, hitting him with a sudden yet effective Bracket Buster. The crowd once again roars in approval as Sparks goes for yet another pin, his chances looking a lot better this time around. 1... 2... Once again a kickout from Mikey. Sparks gets Mikey back to his feet once again, yelling at him to just stay down. Mikey responds with a punch to Sparks' jaw, one that he takes with pleasure and enjoys returning with even more force. Mikey staggers back heavily, having to use the ropes to stay on his feet. Despite this, he marches right back at Bob, this time faking a punch and instead delivering a knee to his gut, catching the big man off guard. Sparks fall to one knee and Mikey sprints off the ropes, launching himself at Bob with a corkscrew uppercut which knocks him onto his back. Mikey gets up to his feet, tapping his head with a smile on his face as the crowd boo at his actions. Mikey now drags Bob's body over to the corner before scaling the turnbuckles and ascending to the top rope. Despite the slow speed at which he climbed, Mikey is in a good position as Bob is still on his back, groaning but motionless. Mikey leaps off the rope, folding his body in the air to hit a major frog splash. Mikey immediately grabs his midsection on impact, but he still crawls over to Bob's body and pins him, hooking the outside leg. 1... 2... No 3! Mikey scoots back on the mat, shaking his head with a look of wonder in his eyes. He drags himself back to his feet and walks over to Bob once more, who is still laying flat on the ground. Mikey now lifts his leg high in the air, bringing his boot down on Bob's chest. But before it can connect, Bob catches the move attempt with both of his hands, clasping his iron grip on Mikey's shoe. Bob slowly gets back to his feet while Mikey hops on one leg, trying to stay up. Eventually the two men are looking at each other, both on their feet and one with a steely look and the other with one of fear. Sparks yanks Mikey's leg toward himself and levels him with a massive clothesline, turning Mikey inside out. It is now Mikey who is motionless on the ground. Sparks grabs Mikey and practically throws him back to his feet, holding onto his arm that he uses to push him into a corner. However, Mikey hops up onto the second turnbuckle and leaps off, looking for a crossbody rather than accepting his fate. But unluckily for him, Sparks catches him in midair, shaking his head while doing so. Before Mikey can even process what just happened, Sparks lifts Mikey high into the air, extending both of his arms fully. He marches around the ring for a few seconds before dropping Mikey down and catching him with a powerslam, the mat bouncing when Mikey's body hits it. But Sparks isn't done just yet. He waits for Mikey to slowly get back to his feet, heavily relying on the ropes before walking over to him and whipping him across the ring by his arm, sending him off the ropes. Sparks runs at him as well, lifting up his leg and once again looking for the Dose of Reality, but Mikey once again dodges. Both men now bounce off the ropes, and Mikey is able to gets the jump with dropkick that sends Bob backward. Sparks uses the momentum to fly off the ropes, decking the just arisen Mikey with a shoulder check. Mikey now holds onto his shoulder, groaning in pain as he rolls out of the ring, collapsing to a knee on the outside. Sparks exits the ring beside him, and his intentions are clear from the get go with the gleam in his eye. Sparks grabs onto the back of Mikey's head and throws him forward, sending him into the steel barricade. Sparks now stands in position, ready to strike. He sprints at Mikey and throws himself into him with a clothesline that nearly sends Mikey over the top of the barricade. Sparks now guides Mikey over toward the announcer's table, having to enter the ring briefly to break the 10 count. He pushes Mikey over in front of the table, causing him to fall to one knee while Sparks slowly stalks over. Sparks eventually reaches Mikey, standing in front of the kneeling man, looking down on him. But he is looking for a second too long, and Mikey takes advantage by driving him backfirst into the apron. Mikey then grabs Sparks by the back with both of his hands and hurls him at the ring post with all of his force, causing him to hit off it headfirst. Mikey is now in control, and he enters the ring briefly to break the 10 count before exiting and going over to Bob. Now slumped again the post, Mikey takes advantage and begins to lay into Sparks with punches to the head. Sparks eventually falls to a seated position, and Mikey finishes his assault with a big kick to his chest. He then gets Sparks back to his feet and positions him in front of the announcer's table. Mikey hobbles over to the ring, using the ropes to pull himself up to the apron. He stands on the apron for a moment, taking a deep breath before leaping off and looking to put Sparks through the table with a seated senton, but Bob catches him in position for the Bob Bomb! The look of fear is evident on Mikey's face, but Sparks follows through and drives Mikey through the table, sending him crashing into the barricade behind it. Sparks looks at the fallen body of Mikey with a small smile on his face, kicking at the carcass to make sure the deed is done. But a look of realization crosses his face and he turns around, sprinting back into the ring, but it is too late. The referee counted both men out, and this match has ended in a draw. Because of a double count out, this match has been declared a draw! Sparks immediately gets in the face of the referee, demanding that he beat the 10 count and that the decision has to be reversed. While the two argue, medics rush to ringside to check up on the still fallen Mikey who hasn't moved since the impact. But back in the ring, tensions are escalating, with Sparks and the referee both yelling now. Eventually, Sparks raises a fist in the air and the referee falls to the ground, scampering to the corner and covering his face and head with his arms, not wanting to get hit. (Reply Planned)

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