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    Mikey reacted to شما نیگ ها همجنسگرا هستید in Welcome   
    “Yeah lads, it’s me, Cody Cage, I am here because, I saw Arius come out and say that he can’t find himself a challenger for the Intercontinental Championship. Well sort of, that's the message you're trying to deliver, do not worry, do not worry, I can see the truth, so I though to myself, why don’t I come out, I’m one of the best workers in BPZ, and you guys can agree, right? Well, I’ve spoken enough about myself, let’s talk about that beautiful title you are carrying there, I like the shine of it, and I think it’s pretty pricey, so I think I might just accept the challenge that you offer, and yes, we will address the fucking elephant in the room, I am a NXT Star, not a BPZ Star, so why am I trying to take the title that shouldn’t belong even close to me? Because I fucking want to. Now Arius, I like you, you’re a hard work, but I might just overwork you and accidentally end up taking that title of yours, how does that sound? I think it’s a good idea personally, so tell me the place, and the time and I will fit in my very busy schedule.”
    Cody takes a look at the cheering crowd and at the champion Arius who stands in the ring, listening carefully to what Cody had to say.
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    Mikey reacted to Arius in Welcome   
    The crowd look on at the elaborate set being set on the stage as a long flowing curtain hangs down from the titantron. Ghouls at hand tend to the set up as they make sure the creases are set out to the best of their abilities and hold each end of it ready for the next man to enter the arena.

    "My nature just changes"
    Welcome to the Royal Rumble event! The commentary talk on commentary about how exciting the night is looking to be as The Revenant opens the show surprising the fans in the audience. The BPZ Intercontinental Champion has been coy about his opponent tonight but has said through interviews on the tour to tonight's event that it will be an exciting opportunity for those involved. 
    ♪♫ If thine is the glory then, Mine must be the shame ♪♫
    Elated screams from the crowd begin to co-exist with the music as they see the name Arius transition over a black background on the titantron. Silhouettes of ghouls move across the screen as  suddenly a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp.  No one else but Rin Akane stands under the spotlight wearing the red demon mask we saw earlier in the week during her BPZ.com vignette. She takes in the triumph as she holds over her shoulder the BPZ Intercontinental Championship as she raises her free hand to aid the eyes and focus to The Revenant. who ascends to the sight of the audience.
    ♪♫ You want it darker, We kill the flame ♪♫

    Dressed in his familiar suited attire Arius moves down the ramp as he looks around the area, taking in the atmosphere. Standing next to his director and business partner Rin Akane, she hands Arius his BPZ Intercontinental Championship as he holds it proudly over his shoulder, gazing into the shine. As Arius moves down the ramp. He slowly moves to 'You Want It Darker' by Leonard Cohen as the fans who've made it to the edge of the barricade reach out to the champion.  

    Arius stops in his tracks as he hands, taking a moment to reach out to their extended hands and embraces their calls,
    bringing them the championship, he holds it forward for them to touch sharing his moment with them as they move their hands across the front plate of the Intercontinental Championship. Respectfully kissing their hands before returning his focus to the ring. The champion tonight has a monumental task ahead of him as he battles 29 other superstars for the chance at facing the reigning World Heavyweight Champion at BPZMania.
    Taking hold of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship, Arius holding it firmly in the air for the audience who give him a warm reception.
    ♪♫ I'm ready, my lord.. ♪♫
    The movie cuts off as Arius stands in the ring amongst the simmering crowd now who are curious to what will be said tonight. The commentary talk about who might be facing the champion for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship as Arius lifts the microphone to begin his address. 
    If anyone truly know The Revenant then you know is all about compromising positions. Here tonight at BPZ Royal Rumble I endeavour on one of my most monumental tasks in winning the BPZ Royal Rumble and etch my name next to some of the greats of this company such as Nebakos, Bailey. Right now i’m just another seeker fighting tooth and nail to try and break out into this final arc. But what brings me out here to open the show?
    Thank you for the question. I know from experience that Carnage is a difficult brand to break out on though, but working hard in order to achieve that is something i know the young stars in the back will definitely getting used too. Nothing worth having is ever easy, and that’s why i’m here tonight to formally hold an open challenge for this BPZ Intercontinental Championship.  
    I know...i know, some are going to question this decision. Call it ego driven, call it selfish, call it self sacrificing. But these words shall fall to the wayside for i know what i stand for and those close to me should as well. I’ve never been shy of trying to put the best i could behind each championship I've held in this company and even though my eyes stray over the horizon i still have complete intentions of holding this prestigious championship to the standard of which i know it is worth. 
    I see potential in a lot of the stars in the back. Just like myself early in my career, a lot of them are fighting for respect, recognition, and a bigger opportunity. They want more than that has been offered to them and there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re hungry and the second you settle for anything less than what you deserve, is the second you should pack your bags and go on home.  
    There is a quote that could be quite relative to this scenario tonight. "Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door" A reason is given to awaken each day, promising in that knowing the possibility of some brightness glowing onto a darkened heart. I'm going to be your light. I’m not someone that was given many open door chances to succeed  or fail like this one tonight. Maybe that should change in the future but for now I invite you on to my stage.  
    So, my friend whoever you may be, I’m going to do something special for you. I’m going to be using my ability, to put you in the showcase and have no doubts i'm here tonight to be a defending champion Arius holds the championship to the camera as he leans over the ropes, stepping back again as he continues But keep that chin up! For you will still be heralded as a someone who can waltz in the night with the best of them. People will  shake your hand, still look up to you like someone to possible mimic to garner the same opportunity. You took your heart and extended your hand, whatever the outcome. And as long as you breathe, as long as you have the fight inside of yourself, there’s no way in this can be viewed in any terms other than taking advantage of an opportunity. 
    Arius smirks to himself as he reflects on his accidental delay. It's a busy night tonight and the fine people in the audience want to see some action
    My apologies. I tend to talk a lot, a little intimidation if you will,  a little flare Airus drops his coat to Rin Akane as he turns prepared to the stage and so that puts me in a corner where my actions must speak louder than my words. I’m on this quest and tonight i must first put this championship on the line to whoever wishes to come out from the back and take it from me. Be ferocious. Be determined. Once the curtain goes up...Welcome my stage.
    The elaborate set that was constructed for this segment parts as the giant red curtain hanging from the titantron is parted by the Ghouls, tugging on the golden rope as the audience peer to the stage to see who might enter
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    Mikey reacted to Toxik431 in Jack Bishop vs Mirage - Carnage January 22nd   
    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the main event of of the go home show of Carnage before the Royal Rumble as we have Jack Bishop vs Mirage.

    First off out comes Jack Bishop as his theme song begins to play.
    Next up is Mirage as his theme song also starts as the lights in the arena go out and his entrance video comes on as he comes out with his cheek stitched up from last week.
    As now both men have entered the ring as the bell rings as both men start just throwing punches as fast as they can making it perfectly clear both men intend to destroy the other and finally claim their first win here in BPZ.

    Finally both men break apart thanks in part to the ref finally stopping the wild brawl that looked like ti would go on all night as Mirage then charges Jack Bishop however Jack would leapfrog him as Mirage then comes at him again from behind but again Jack Bishop finds a counter and launches Mirage into the air as Jack has the advantage early on.

    As Mirage then gets up he is met with a big boot to the face spinning him around however he uses that to connect with a big right hand stunning Jack Bishop as it seems Mirage is quickly taking the momentum of this match as he just beats down onto Jack Bishop with clubbing shots.
    Mirage would continue this assault until Jack counters with a big elbow to the gut knocking the air out of Mirage for a moment allowing Jack to gather his thoughts and plan his next move which would happen  to be a knee straight to the nose of Mirage, as Jack would use that to his advantage as he would use Mirage being blinded by the water in his eyes to land a big forearm to the back of the head sending Mirage down and under the bottom onto the apron as Jack begins to mock Mirage's delete taunt getting a large amount of boos from the crowd as he climbs to the top rope and nails Mirage in the back of the head with a massive double foot stomp as he was recovering.

    Even the crowd who was booing Jack just a few moments ago are left with only cheers from the clear display of athletic talent and drive to win as even the ref is momentarily stunned and not immediately going to start the ten second count out time as jack is starting to get to his feet on the outside as he just kicks away at Mirage making sure he never forgets this battle as the ref finally begins counting and makes it up to the count of seven as Jack rolls back into and out of the ring in order to reset the count while he counters to beat down on Mirage as it looks like it's gonna be another loss for Mirage.
    Jack then lifts Mirage up by his chin yelling at him " I told you that this whole deletion thing wasn't gonna happen " before lifting Mirage up onto the barricade and spiking him with a brutal DDT.

    Jack then picks Mirage back up and tosses him back in the ring however chooses not to go for the pin but rather elects to kick Mirage around some more as he goes to lift Mirage back up and slaps him in the face knocking the already bruised and battered Mirage back down as Jack walks around Mirage's body pointing at him as if to say " he's supposed to be a challenge? " 
    Jack then lifts Mirage back up and goes for punch landing it right on the money however he holds Mirage up still and goes for an European uppercut however Mirage dodges it and nails an quick but effective backslide driver.
    Now with Jack Bishop groggy Mirage grabs his wrist and looks to about to hit one his favorite moves the Siren's Song however Jack barely dodges it but Mirage doesn't give up and spins around and hits a big forearm to the back of the neck as both men fall to the mat.
    Now as the crowd is fired up and on their feet Mirage and Jack both start to recover however Mirage seems to be trying to channel the passion of the live crowd as he manages to crawl towards the corner and up to the top rope as he is clearly thinking of something big and he goes for a dropkick nailing Jack Bishop in the back of the head just as he had made it back to his feet.

    An absolute thing of beauty as we get a great replay in slow motion while both men are recovering and looking for that one move that will ensure victory.
    Mirage then starts to wail on Jack Bishop some more however that is quickly stopped as Jack Bishop grabs the stitches on Mirage's cheek from the cut Jack gave him last week and rips them out causing Mirage to scream out in agony as a smile come the face of Jack Bishop who then holds Mirage by his hair, however Mirage manages to get enough separation and lands a beautiful superkick.
    However Mirage isn't done as he reaches up to his now bleeding cheek and looks at his own blood before oddly smiling about it.
    Mirage then licks the blood off his finger and goes to the apron and waits for Jack Bishop to get back up which Jack slowly but eventually does as Mirage goes for a springboard Hurricrana however Jack catches him and much like last week lands a brutal powerbomb to Mirage.

    Jack then stacks Mirage down for a pinfall attempt and gets to the count of 2 before breaking it up himself as he goes for the sleeping pill but isn't able to connect with it before Mirage falls backwards.
    Jack then smirks as he believes he has Mirage beaten and that victory is now only a matter of time as he allows Mirage to roll back towards the apron as he is desperately trying to recover after taking such a brutal powerbomb however he unknowingly did exactly what Jack wanted as Jack grabs him and hits a massive Lion-Plex from the apron using the top rope as support.
    However instead of going for the pin fall Jack slowly gets up still feeling the pain himself from this match as he grins in pain as he rolls down down his knee pad letting the crowd know he plan to end this with the sleeping pill.
    Jack then slowly picks Mirage up mocking his delete taunt once again as he does drawing more boos from the crowd as it looks like Jack will come out of this match the winner but wait Mirage springs to life and quickly grabs the wrist of Jack Bishop and nails him with the Siren's Song but he isn't done as rolls across the body of Jack and drags him back up with him and lands a brand new move known as Broken Faith.

    Mirage then goes for the pin and manages to get the 3 count as he has done it he has finally beaten Jack Bishop or as Mirage would say has deleted Jack Bishop.
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    Mikey reacted to Eric Shun in BPZ Worldwide   
    Welcome back to the newest news show all about BPZ! We are back from our winter break and we are ready to newsify you! Is that a word? It is now. I am your host Jimmy the Jabroni and this is the BPZ news show!

    1. Flynn & Slim Suspended!

    We begin today with some huge news. As you may know, BPZ juggernauts Slim and Flynn were planned to square off for the Undisputed Championship at Night of Legends. However, the match was called off after Flynn attacked Slim. Slim was deemed unfit to wrestle, and because of the attack, Flynn was stripped of his Undisputed Championship. However, reports this week tell us this was all a big cover-up from BPZ. As Flynn and Slim both reportedly failed drug tests before the huge show. BPZ decided to suspend them both for violating the wellness policy. Whilst they still are appearing on BPZ TV, they are not allowed to be involved in any in-ring action until after the Royal Rumble PPV. Not a good start to the year for those two!

    2. Rumble Winner Leaked?

    We currently stand only days away from the BPZ Royal Rumble event, one of the biggest events of the wrestling calendar. 30 men will all battle it out in the main event to see who will go on to main event BPZMania. However, we have had leaks roll through to us of who the winner is likely to be. A picture was put on the instagram story of one of BPZ's head bookers. The image showed the booking team in a meeting, but if you zoomed in you could see 6 names written on a piece of paper. We believe these 6 names to be the names of the last 6 in the BPZ Royal Rumble match this Sunday! The 6 names where: Bart, Arius, Hans Clayton, Eli Smith, Bailey and Buddy Ace.

    3. Marker Gone For Good?

    BPZ Wrestler Marker, is one of many who are constantly in and out of the company. However, after his most recent spell, there are reports that the irish star may in fact be gone for good. We have had reports in the past of him being unhappy with his current position in BPZ, for example at Summerslam 2019, where he believed he deserved to be crowned Premium Champion. But, these reports seem more serious than those in the past. And there is strong doubt that we will ever see Marker in a BPZ ring again. 

    That is all we have time for right now. Be sure to check back here at BPZ WorldWide for daily splurges of BPZ content. I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni, and this has been BPZ WorldWide!
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    Mikey reacted to Smith in Then And Now   
    On this episode of Carnage leading to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the arrival of the BPZ Tag Team Champions is marked as 'On God' by Mustard blasts through the speakers here in the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, California. As the song would suggest, Bart and Eli Smith walk onto the stage with their gold over their shoulders but worryingly, Smith's leg is still heavily bandaged up following their match at Night Of Legends. Despite this, the champions make their way to the ring confidently as they are both set to compete in the Royal Rumble match this weekend. As Bart enters the ring, Eli collects two microphones from the ringside crew before chucking one into the ring, which Bart catches, and then sliding under the ropes with one for himself. Standing together as the undisputed number one tag-team in BPZ right now, the two Creed brothers share a fist bump before Eli takes to the mic.
    A year ago, we saw one of the greatest tag-teams of all-time in the Big Ballers carry these championships into the new year of 2019 with a reign that tied the record for all-time longest-reigning tag-team champions. Later in that year, we saw another great tag-team in First Class Express capture the tag-team championships. Now, as we get set for the road to WrestleMania, both of those two teams have imploded and are at the necks of their former partners, trying to get revenge for betrayal, pain, and suffering. For years, we've seen this story told where one partner finally gives in to the feelings of jealousy and that trustful bond finally snaps as best friends turn into bitter rivals.
    However, this year, as we step into the new year with the monumental Royal Rumble event only days away, I and Bart will be walking into the celebrated Royal Rumble match with these championships proudly carried on our shoulders. After a phenomenal bout against Invictus in which I and Bart finally got to showcase all the tag-team training that we have been putting in, we walk into singles competition at the Royal Rumble but either way, we remain a tag-team, we remain a united front and most importantly, we remain brothers, not by blood but by the battle scars of war, by the sleepless nights of training alongside each other.
    Nevertheless, there's a moment on that night where I will be stood alone. As I walk out onto the stage of the Angel Stadium for the first time that night, it won't be for the Royal Rumble, it will be for an absolute all-out war against a man that has bedeviled me for years. Just as I thought our bloodshed was behind us, he strikes me in the back once again but not as a friend betraying me, as a foe too cowardly to confront me face-to-face. FDS, I saw your video and I listened to what you had to say. Whether you have changed or not, whether your motives differ from what they were back in 2017, the matter of the fact is that you still took it upon yourself to wait until I was tired-out and then struck me from behind because, for some reason, you still don't truly believe in yourself. For some reason, you still need to reach for even the smallest advantages like catching me by surprise and aligning yourself with a faction of six other men that you don't even like.
    Now, you want to claim that I'm not the same guy I was back in 2017, that I'm 'just a tag-team guy', that I'm just a 'wounded animal'. Yes, you're damn right I'm not the same guy I was back in 2017. Back in 2017, I laid my trust in Slim, I dubbed myself as 'perfection' but now, I know my imperfections and I embrace them. Back in 2017, I held the BPZ Tag Team Championships alongside the Intercontinental and Premium Championships but now, I and Bart hold these championships solely and proudly as we are on the path to making the tag team division the most exciting in all of BPZ. As for my injury, yes I know I'm wounded, I know it's a disadvantage but my body has been riddled with trauma for the past few months but the one thing that remains intact, the one thing that is utterly relentless is my will, my heart, my unwillingness to give up on my aspirations and the ambitions of my brothers.
    Withall, my favorite part of your video was the ending where you invited me to come out on Carnage so we can finally stand face-to-face so here we are. Of course, I'm alongside my brother, Bart, because as I said, we remain a united front but also, he has a few words of his own to say so FDS, if you would be as polite as to wait until he has spoken before coming out, I would be ever so thankful.
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    Mikey reacted to Bart in Then And Now   
    For a second, Bart and Smith stand in the ring, waiting if an answer from FD will follow. However, it seems that FD grants them their wish, as Bart is allowed to have his say on this manner. 
    FD, the two of us have had many battles over the past. Multiple titles have been at stake during those battles, including the one that I currently hold here in my hand. Never has this title meant more to me than it does now, than it does for us. For me in the past, the Tag Team Titles were means to an end. It was a way to be seen in the Brand, a way to showcase the dominance of the Kingdom. But now, it’s the other way around. For me and Smith, it’s about showing the beauty of these titles to the world. We are showcasing the heart and soul of tag team wrestling with our matches and with our style. We have dedicated our craft to making these titles the greatest that they have ever been, to make the more meaningful than ever before. 
    Yet, rumours have been swirling around about our commitment to this team. This is because of the Royal Rumble match, which both Smith and myself will be entering. Yes, it is true that both of us aspire to win the Royal Rumble match and main event BPZMania, but that doesn’t take anything away from our commitment to tag team wrestling. If during the match, we are presented the opportunity to showcase our art of Tag Team wrestling, you can be assured that we will do this. We are aware that we might need to defeat one another in order to win the match, but we are both fine with this. It is the same competitive drive that has given us the success that all of you have witnessed during the past few months. It is the same competitive spirit that will enable us to achieve more success in the new year. It is also the same spirit with which Smith is about to defeat FDS at the Royal Rumble. 
    FD, when I saw you target Smith, at first I was surprised. Why would do some so stupid, so foolish? Then, I saw you align yourself with BulletProof, and quickly, everything became clear. Anyone willing to join a collection of scum like BulletProof show just how weak they are. The fact that you FD, someone who has accomplished so much throughout his career, and even as a Hall Of Fame ring, feels the need to join a group of liars, of cheaters shows just how insecure you really are. You don’t believe in yourself anymore, you don’t possibly think that you can be successful in the BPZ without a group to help you out. In the Creed, we have seen this strategy before. We saw it with Ropati, who thought BulletProof was his chance to get revenge on Julius. Ask him how that worked out. And you FD, you await the same faith. You will fail in your conquest to defeat Smith, and after this, you will find out the reality of BulletProof. No one will show up to help you. Hans has his own goals to pursue, Flynn has his own problems to deal with, and so on. You will find yourself feeling all alone, despite being a part of a group.  
    Your goals, your dreams. All of these things that BulletProof must have promised you. Was the small piece of hope that they gave you worth the disappointment that inevitably shall follow? Was it, FD? 
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    Mikey reacted to FDS in Then And Now   
    “Leviathan” By Really Slow Motion Hits the fans immediately begin to boo as “The Silencer” of Bulletproof makes his way out to the ring, he is dressed in his ring gear with a BulletProof shirt over the top of it. The fans boo him continuously but he simply points to his ear as they continue to boo him. FDS steps into the ring, he immediately pushes Bart to the side and stares down with Smith, FDS steps past Smith and grabs a microphone from a ringside attendant. Bart tries to get in FDS’ face but FDS Simply looks at him. 
    “You Stay out of this, you aren’t apart of this. You and I have nothing to do with each other, so maybe you should just go to the back and let Me and your Boyfriend here deal with our business, OK Bart?” 
    Bart shakes his head in defiance of FDS, refusing to leave, FDS just looks seething. 
    “Fine, stay then see what happens. You know Smith I really thought as much as you had changed for the worse, I thought you at least still had the guts to come out here and face me by yourself, Man to Man, Opponent to Opponent… but you don’t even have the guts to face me alone. You call me a coward and yet you fail to see your own Hypocrisy, you say I take even the smallest advantages and you know what maybe you’re right but don’t you dare act like you don’t do the same thing. 2017 when I faced you month after month, you had two other guys constantly watching your back and you had the gall to say that we were friends before I smashed your head into a chair, yet you were the one who teamed up with the guy who RUINED MY LIFE just a year prior. You are the guy who stole the Intercontinental Championship from me a Month after the biggest win in my career at the time… but because you did it it’s fine right? It’s fine and we were still friends despite the fact that you blatantly took the Intercontinental Championship away from me. You wanna act like I’m doing all these awful things when you have done the exact things to several people, you have played the numbers advantage, hell you still do with your friend over there and the two guys in the back who I bet are just chomping at the bit to come and jump me.” 
    FDS takes a breath, Smith shakes his head at FDS as if he wants to deny these allegations, FDS Continues. 
    “See that’s just who you are Smith, you are exactly what I am now the only difference is that you don’t wanna deny it. You don’t want to own up to your flaws and you whether you like or not still think you are perfect. You are a liar, you are a hypocrite and you are a Coward. You wanna act like I threw away our friendship, I didn’t throw it away, You did. You did when you valued your professional livelihood over everyone in the BPZ locker room. You threw away everyone in that locker rooms respect when you went in and consistently aligned yourself with the top people in this company. You complain that I shouldn’t work these guys not because you don’t want me to get mixed up in the wrong crowd but because you don’t want us to be on equal footing because Everytime I faced you, you had back up and I was alone. I had nobody… but now I do and now I know that you don’t stand a chance. Now Smith, I said I wouldn’t lay a hand on you and I’m a man of my word… but I never said anything about your friends… or mine.” 
    FDS suddenly smashes Bart in the face with a massive running Knee. 

    Smith tries to intervene but gets caught by Surprise by Firing Squad’s Mikey and Alex who begin to beat the hell out of Smith, they get him up and then smash him with a magic killer 
    FDS then directs Firing Squad to do something to Smith, Mikey then brings out a pair of Handcuffs and cuffs Smith to the bottom Rope, Alex meanwhile heads out of the ring and slides a Chair to FDS. Mikey then pulls out the Injured knee of Smith as If FDS is going to smash it and hurt Smith even more but Suddenly FDS turns around and Smashes the chair onto the knee of Bart. FDS smiles and laughs at Smith staring at him, Smith looks extremely frustrated and tries to go at FDS but FDS taunts him by stepping back and as he does his foot kicks Bart. He turns around and looks at the wounded Tag Partner of his Royal Rumble opponent, FDS looks at him with disgust, he grabs Bart by the wrist and smashes him with a Go 2 Sleep while Firing Squad force Smith to watch.
    FDS picks up the microphone staring at Smith. 
    I told you to come out and face me man to man but you wanted to bring your friends into this and look what happened. I didn’t want to hurt your stupid little friend but then again I don’t really care about him. You do though, you’re so worried now aren’t you? Bet you’re thinking “Is My Tag Partner OK?” “Will we have to vacate the Tag Belts?” because that’s your focus isn’t it? You’re looking past me and just worrying about these belts… you’re such an idiot. If you were actually smart you’d be thinking about yourself, you’d be the same Smith you were with that Killer Instinct you had but now… now you’re just worried about those titles and you’re just gonna get the hell beaten out of you. Anyway firing Squad if you don’t mind… go for his knee. 
    Mikey then grabs the leg of Smith as Alex picks up the chair, they flatten it out as Alex swings the chair violently onto the knee of Smith, Smith crying out in agony as FDS simply watches on Smirking. FDS then pulls the body of Bart in front of Smith, Smith staring at FDS with rage on his face towards the Silencer, FDS smiling he sits down and poses over the body of Bart the same way he did with Smith at Night Of Legends as Carnage goes to commercial with the Firing Squad posing next to him. Will Smith Recover heading into the Royal Rumble? Or Will the Silencer defeat Smith Silencing his critics? 

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    Mikey reacted to Smith in Barriers.   
    A new day has dawned for the whole world but the horrors of yesterday are still very real for a certain BPZ Superstar. After a vicious and even psychotic attack by FDS and his BulletProof comrades, we join one of the two victims in a medical office as a BPZ-contracted doctor tends to Eli Smith. With that nagging knee injury Eli has been suffering from for the past few months being the focus of BulletProof's attack, BPZ officials have been extremely worried about the Hall-Of-Famer's condition, especially with the Royal Rumble event only days away.
    FDS, congratulations. As you can see, you have seriously harmed me, furthered my already existing injury and potentially put me on the shelf. Heck, I could barely walk after your ambush but that isn't what pained me most. The fact that you may cost me months of my career isn't what's caused me the most grief. Forcing me to watch as you mercilessly drove that cold steel chair into my brother, my best friend, my tag partner, that's what has haunted me, that's what has plagued my mind for the past twenty hours.
    Right now, this ever-so kind doctor is examining the damage you have caused and he will determine whether I'm allowed to compete this weekend at the Royal Rumble in our match as well as the Royal Rumble match itself. Blatantly though, no matter what he says, no matter what management says, you don't have to worry because nothing is stop-
    Ironically, as the word 'stop' flies out of Eli's mouth, it's almost as if it materialises as he himself then stops as his attention is drawn to the room's entrance. By the expression on Smith's face, it appears as though someone has unexpectedly entered the room but the lack of worry conveyed by Eli suggests that his person isn't hostile. Nevertheless, there presence has still warranted his attention.
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    Mikey reacted to Sheridan in Barriers.   
    Sheridan is seen leaning against the door frame, an expressive and understanding smile illustrating gloss, plump lips. The General Manager of Carnage has folded arms and one long leg placed behind the other. She dons red flare trousers and a black, pleat sleeve top. The first victim to suffer an attack at the hands of the Firing Squad, it'd be fair to assume Sheridan relates with Smith when aligning their views on Bulletproof as a whole.

    Meandering in, she acknowledges one half of the BrendenPlayz Tag Team champions before discussing something with the contracted medical official. The two keep voices discreet and barter back-and-forth before the doctor gives a last look to Smith, and then to the General Manager before walking out of the office, door coming to an abrupt close. Sheridan proceeds in pacing back and forth, pouting, and turning her attentions to Smith.

    "Before you interrupt me, let me just say that I get it, I do. You might not believe it considering the stark differences in our in-ring careers, but I have also been a victim of Bulletproof and their numbers game and the vicious tactics and, lack of class, they demonstrate whenever they bully and prey on the lesser numbered, the weaker man. They get their hands on you and you feel powerless and it's just awful. Whenever you manage to hobble out or they leave you laying in the ring you don't feel the pain, it doesn't sink in, you feel this urge to get back up and grab a microphone and demand another fight, demand they bring themselves back to the ring. It isn't about masochism, it's about the desire for revenge, I get it."

    "Our situations are a little different, yes. I had just assumed the General Manager role where as you're still an in-ring talent, a champion infact and a member of Creed. It isn't like you don't have the muscle or the power to back up this plot for revenge. You and Bart have established yourselves as one of the best teams to grace this promotion. Creed have proven to be the dominant alliance in BrendenPlayz Wrestling, but it through holding the Tag Team Championships or having the World Championship in your palms, in the cabinet but you have also proved it in battle, against Bulletproof, against Invictus. If you were able to get back inside of that ring right now, I have no doubt Creed would better Bulletproof, validated by the fact you did it at Survivor Series just a few, short months ago."

    The svelte blonde pauses, clasping hands behind her back and biting down on her bottom lip in contempt. She turns out from Smith and the present conversation, beginning to pace back and forth the medical facility in striking, red-bottomed heels. Sheridan rolls eyes while thinking back to the brief exchange she had with the BrendenPlayz medical official. She then turns back to face Smith and gives him a brief look, a reluctant sigh falling from crimson lips.

    "But we can't clear you, Smith. I know what you're going to say. While you're not feeling the best you could adrenaline will pull you through. You need to go out there and show to the world that one little beatdown isn't going to put a knock in your confidence. I want you to understand that it isn't a personal thing, it is protocol. As General Manager I have to look out for not only what is best for you, but what is best for business and for the championship you represent. Let's speak hypothetically for a moment, alright? Let us say that you do compete at the Royal Rumble event and let's say you go into combat against FDS. What if Firing Squad involve themselves again and put another beat down on you. What if you get injured. Let's take it a little further, you manage to overcome the odds, you win the Royal Rumble match but in the process, you hurt yourself. In both these scenarios you've done well for yourself, but you've put key matches at BrendenPlayz Mania in jeopardy. The Tag Team Championships would have to be vacated. We'd have to appoint someone else to challenge for them, at the biggest event of the year when in reality it could all be avoided. You could sit out for a few weeks and come back."

    "Fuck, you said it yourself, Smith. You have existing injuries, nagging ones. I appreciate that this isn't news you'd like to hear, but it's the truth, you cannot compete, the medical officials cannot clear you and I am not going to disregard the professional opinions of a doctor because you feel like you can do it. It's not ethically right for me and it isn't right for BrendenPlayz Wrestling for me to potentially send you into a slaughter, where you leave on on stretcher or in an ambulance either with a broken kneecap, or something worse. There has to come a time where that determination and furious need for revenge has to be evaluated and put aside. You have to ask yourself, in this moment. Is it worth throwing your solidified, prominent career out of the window for the sake of a risk, a less than confirmed twenty-or-so minutes of revenge? Because from my perspective and point of view, Bulletproof and FDS aren't worth losing your Tag Team Championships over and missing out on BrendenPlayz Mania."

    Sheridan laces a hand upon the counter surface, brushing fingertips against the expensive marble of the counter. She pulls herself up and perches, crossing the lower half of her legs one behind the other. She could have left, forcing her opinion into the conversation but decides to stay and attempt to persuade Smith from these illusions, this driving thought of putting aside his own health for the sake of revenge. She brushes platinum hair behind her ear and cocks her head just a touch to the left in anticipation of Smith's response.
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    Mikey reacted to Prince in .dIGNITY   
    Prince takes a moment to process what Kieron as said, seemingly deep in thought with the crowd invested in the verbal battle between the two men. Prince stares at the canvas and smirks, before lifting his head up again to look dead into Kieron’s eyes.
    “The Prince looks at you Kieron, and he sees that your mouth says one thing, but your eyes continue to say another. You want to come up here and continue just sprouting lies after lies after lies? The Young & Free? The Prince doesn’t aplogise for that one bit, the Prince doesn’t apologise for the fact that he didn’t try force a team with two men who clearly lacked the desire that he did. The Prince realised that his career with already moving in slow motion and he didn’t need someone like you to hinder it any further.”
    Kieron seems to have a look after anger in eyes over the comments, but Prince continues on before he can react.
    “One thing that The Prince does understand from you did say Kieron is that you aren’t convinced that he is a changed man. I mean how could you, this last year was the worst of his life. It was a rollercoaster that never ended yet now The Prince does see an endpoint, he does see a destination in the horizon. The Prince scoffs at the idea that he is out of touch with reality. The truth of the matter is that he is the most real mother f’n man in that locker room today, what The Prince says is real. There’s no filter. There’s no smokescreen. He doesn’t care if he is perceived as a chump or a champ, all he asks is that he can come out here and say his piece and that the fans either take it or leave it. You on the other hand…it took you this long to admit your flaws. When truly, you have known about them for a while but you were never man enough to embrace them and try get better.”
    There is a tension in the crowd who are hooked to what Prince is saying.
    “You wanna talk about differences? Here is the main one between The Prince and you; every loss the Prince has taken, every time something doesn’t go his way he decides to learn from it and try get better. He understands that even with my experience he is now a finished product, yet there’s so many of these guys acting like they’ve already become the world champion. Every lesson The Prince has learned, every negative he has turned into a positive…they’re all gonna come crashing down onto you. Carnage, Febuary 5th I’m gonna teach you a lesson one way or the other; The Princes only interest is in whether you’re gonna drop-out after.”
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    Mikey reacted to Kieron in .dIGNITY   
    Kieron stares into the eyes of prince for a moment before raising the microphone back up to his mouth. He stops and chuckles for a few seconds, saying “Are you serious”
    Kieron: Don’t make me laugh Prince. Please please tell me your joking because last i remembered, you were even more washed up than me. The last time I probably thought of you was what, Young and Free? How long ago was that now man. You were even the reason why that didn’t work out and now you want to come face to face with the ace and say that you are going to pin me down to the mat for the three. So don't. Make. Me. Laugh. 
    When was the last time you succeeded in anything Prince, the Ace doesn’t remember, does the Prince? You come here speaking like you are a changed man, like you are really prepared to take the next step yet all I see is the same pathetic man. The same bravado. The same actor hired to mask the fact that inside you are nothing but an irrelevant loser. Your “damn” entrance doesn't change that, your fireworks show doesn’t change. 
    You say that our issue was the same, a lack of ambition and I can admit that it was mine, yet I have slain my daemons, I have risen from the ashes and emerged a better man. You seem to have made the wrong self diagnosis for yourself in that crazy head of yours however. Your issue was never a lack of ambition. It was your complete rejection of reality. No, your bravado will not fool me again, because I know you for what you really are. I have seen the scared little boy that you are behind that mask. And I feel sorry for you. I really do. But that won’t stand in my way because I know what you really need. You need a reality check. Luckily….I am just the man to give it to you. Name the time and place, it’s your choice because I know no matter what I will walk out that night as the victor. Because a weak man always falls back on what he knows. And all you know is the emptiness and sadness of failure. All you know is how to lose, and that will never change.
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    Mikey reacted to Prince in .dIGNITY   

    As Kieron looks on with intensity towards the top of the ramp, we hear the sound of stopwatch ticking and it goes down from five seconds; the audience look with curiosity as it gets to zero before a theme song gets blasted throughout the arena. Kieron has a face of confusion before a face comes out that he is all too familiar with; Prince.
    Prince comes out with a look in his eyes of absolute hunger but still with a signature smirk on his face; instead of looking at the crowd his eyes are firmly fixed on Kieron. He steps forward a little bit before extending out his arms as pyro sets off in the back. The crowd is transfixed with the new look of Prince who now stares at the crowd to witness their astonishment; only making his smile bigger. He lifts the microphone to his mouth.
    “That, ladies and gentlemen…is how you make a damn entrance. You see, The Prince thought that there was simply no other way for him to make a comeback; I managed to make you people astonished before I even said a single word for these lips. That is a representation of how The Prince wants 2020 to go, he wants to be able to come out here and make it so that people know before he does a single thing that they are in for a show, a performance, an absolute SPECTACALE. Yet the Prince looks at you Kieron and he understands the pain and frustration because The Prince feels the exact same way.”
    There is a slight nod in agreement from Kieron to which Prince acknowledges before he continues on.
    “The Prince doesn’t hate you Kieron, in fact not so long ago we promised to help each other get better. Yet the biggest opponent of both of ours careers seemed to have found a way to defeat us again, the lack of ambition. The feeling that we can’t take the next step, it’s a bridge that we can’t walk across. The Prince is telling you now Kieron, that bridge is still intact, a journey can be made but the problem that faces us is that it seems that it can only hold one of us before it collapses. Now, The Prince understands that you see yourself as the one who is gonna walk across it, to which he simply shakes his head. Because Kieron, you’re looking into the eyes of a man that has made a commitment to not only talk to talk but also, for the first time in a few years, he is gonna walk the bloody walk!”
    Many of the crowd seemed to have gotten hyped by the comment made by Prince which he embraces for a moment.
    “To do that though, The Prince has to stop the determination of a man trying to make that same journey. He has to stop a man who has come out and made a promise that things will be different, while The Prince and yourself may be similar in some ways Kieron in others you’re not. The Prince has felt what it can mean to be one of the big stars, the respect it gives you, the feeling when you walk into the arena and you know that the show can’t go on without you. When The Prince looks at you though Kieron, he doesn’t see that. All he says is a man with fuzzled memories that The Prince is going to make clear when he slams you on that canvas and sends you away once and for all.”
    There is an uproar from the crowd as Kieron looks ready to respond.
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    Mikey reacted to Kieron in .dIGNITY   
    Kieron Black walks out onto the stage with a blank stare on his face, wearing a bright white suit. He slowly struts down the ramp and rolls into the ring, posing while prone in the middle. The timekeeper walks over and hands him a mic as he stands up and his theme stops playing.
    Kieron: Potential. Potential, potential. Something that I once had. Kieron Black, touted as one of the superstars with the most potential back in 2016. Look at me now. Just 4 years later and look at me now. 4 years of mediocrity, 4 years of losses and look at me now. Wasted potential. Wasted career. See when I announced I was going to retire soon I planned to end it all at BPZMania 2020, I planned to end it all on top of the mountain. That started with coming into the Royal Rumble, eliminating 29 other men and then going on to end the retirement tour where I always was meant to be, the main event. Yet here I stand. Management not even deeming me worthy of being in the Royal Rumble match. When I first saw this I knew this was all just one big mistake, surely they just forgot to put my name in the list yet here we are. And I am robbed of my opportunity to leave with my head held high. I am denied the opportunity to leave with my dignity. I am denied my chance at reclaiming my lost potential.
    After all these years, I finally see, my eyes are opened. I finally understand that the same people who were touting me as the next big thing have been holding me down to the ground for the last 4 years of my life and today is the day that I finally take a stand. Today is the day that I finally say no. Today is the day that I finally rise to my full potential. I see everybody at the top. Julius, Flynn, Bailey, Arius and everybody else. I see you now, and you make me sick. It makes me sick to even mention your name because we all know deep down that I am better than you. We all know that I should be where you are right now yet i'm not and THAT MAKES ME SICK. Never again.
    I could say, oh, there is no point continuing, I quit now. Right now, tonight but that was the old me. That was the quitter. That was the man who let the man hold him down and that is not what I am anymore. These next few months will prove that. Not only am I going to prove that I am the best, prove my destiny as the ace of this company, I am going to do it by any means necessary. I am going to become the man I was always supposed to be, one step at a time I will change the foundations of this place, break you all down, build you up as my own, build you up in my image, the image of the true Ace of BPZ. 
    Now, if there is anybody in the back who disagrees. Anybody in the back who thinks that everything I just said is bullshit. I want you to come out here right now. Face to face. Man to man. I want to be able to teach you a lesson. Because 2020 is going to be my year, and nobody is stopping that from coming true. 2020, Year of the Ace. 
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    Mikey reacted to BobdaBomb in "Light the Spark"   
    Carnage cuts to a video segment as we see Bob Sparks sitting somewhere in a dark room. He sits there alone as no one else is around no BulletProof, no Mafia, and no Raven. He then begins to speak.

    You know the royal rumble...sure it's about revenge. But I don’t hate Raven, in fact I almost feel sorry for him. You see I was once a puppet to him as well. All of you would have watched my career fade away and Bob Sparks become nothing more than another young guy lost in the shuffle. Now though that is no longer a concern. Trust me you’ll be seeing this face for a while and you’ll be seeing it at the top. Raven though, well that is a whole different story. A man with potential wasted. A man who could be the next top guy squandered away because the one he looks to for advice cares more about his ego. A tragic story but a story that I must put to an end at the Royal Rumble.
    Bob Sparks then sighs as he looks around the room but there is nothing to be seen. Nothing but emptiness and darkness surrounding Bob. We see Bob pull something out of his pocket but he shakes his head before speaking once again.

    Another tragic BPZ story this one I can’t bear to watch any longer. I see all these guys walking around backstage and all I see is emptiness, darkness. No one has any passion anymore. No more drive to be seen anywhere around. You see although you all hate BulletProof there is no one that is going to stop us. We have that fire we have that passion where no one else comes close. Now trust me we have heard you all. You say we are running this company into the ground, we have to many members and we are going to fall apart sooner than later. Now you see this is where you are wrong. BulletProof we have passion and we have that drive that you can’t find anywhere else. And if that drive fades away your time in BulletProof fades away as well. BulletProof was made for the strong not the weak and that’s why you don’t think of the Mafia as anything more than a second class faction.
    Bob then pauses and smiles as we begin to hear two objects crashing against each other as Bob begins to speak once again with sweat running down his face.

    You see Raven you were not the guy and you never where. Always second fiddle, always the third wheel. That guy who can take the loss again and again because he is okay with it. You see Raven that’s the difference between guys like me and you. I refuse to lose where you are fine laying down and being another man’s bitch. So Raven I’ll leave you with this are going to give more your best at the Royal Rumble or am I going to have to light the spark myself?
    We then see Sparks fly in front of Bob as a fire engulfs in front of him. Bob then walks off the room as we hear sirens go off followed by laughter. Bob Sparks is clearly ready for this matchup with Raven at the rumble and it should be a great matchup.
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    Mikey reacted to Meckolegend in 𝑃𝑅𝐼𝑀𝐴𝐿   
    Where had he been?

    Where had The Tiger been after his loss at Night of Legends alongside Death Notorious Angel?

    It was a brutal contest between all those involved and whilst it ended with him on his back covered in marks of pain, it wasn't all bad. In fact getting brutalised by Firing Squad was an experience that would benefit him going forward. Perhaps it would be wise for The Tiger to form some alliances with others within the company because it was clear that DNA and himself were not going to be teaming up again anytime soon.
    A rather sinister sounding laugh could be heard as something could be heard being dragged along steel grates. It seemed that The Tiger was in a warehouse of some kind with the noise beginning to bang against some steel steps, it was clear that he had a weapon with him with the sound continuing to linger until it suddenly stopped with the only sound heard being him unlocking a door slowly switching the lights on as the tall intimidating man took a seat glancing straight into the camera placing his barbed wire bat to the side. He removed his glasses to reveal he was wearing Orange Contacts.
    “Do you really think that my absence was due to the embarrassment of being overwhelmed by those Gunmen? My disappearance was certainly due to the Gunmen but it wasn’t because of the fact I was disappointed to lose.
    In fact the reason I vanished was due to 1 key factor : Adaptation. The ability to learn from one’s downfall and use it within your future battles. We aren’t done by any means of word, our encounters with one another do not end here. Whether it is with the DNA or with another, I will find my ways to take you both down and send your carcasses to Oblivion.
    That was my reason to disappear but I’m afraid that cannot be said about you CJ Sellers your disappearance was due to far more chaotic circumstances. You made noises during the build up to Survivor Series about how your intentions were to save these people from their own delusions but that journey met a sudden end. I must admit having your presence back in the Gauntlet is rather exhilarating. 
    Perhaps I know the reason for your disappearance all those months ago but I don’t think you care anymore. I’ve heard rumours this is your last chance to claim my Golden Crown and honestly that just motivates me even more so to drop you on your neck and send you on your way to pursue other endeavours. Bulletproof are as much my foe as they are your own as you attempt to shatter the glass box at its source: Jeremiah Flynn.”

    The leather clad man revealed a pistol as the camera panned towards it,loading it’s barrel with one bullet and shooting to the side, shattering a glass window out of the conference room. It is made apparent that he only shot a solitude bullet to drive his point home that he believed it would be impossible to claim victory in both contests at the BPZ Royal Rumble event.
    “ It seems you have to choose CJ, which one of us is more important for you to decimate? 
    Is it more important to you that you claim what was stolen thanks to a mystery assailant taking you out preventing you and I from having this confrontation much sooner?
    Or would you rather focus on the man whom has finally made you his main target?
    Either way I don’t see you achieving both because I doubt you’ll have the stamina left after being mauled by multiple numbers.
    Speaking of numbers,one man’s time finally reached its climax as the Riddler defeated a man even more insane than Amai because the man really does not know who he is. That man has an identity crisis every single day of his existence that even an intelligent and calculating specimen such as myself is struggling to keep up.
    Is he Arrow Thunderman? Arrow Rhodes? Arrow Gargano? Brrow? Now he claims to be Arrow Orton but either you dealt with him in quite convincing fashion which has given me reason to pay attention to your antics.
    I guess we’ll never know who he truly is,Riddles are your thing anyways. Do you really think that because you beat someone with even less sanity than the first challenger that I broke after he failed to reach my level? However that being said you could easily surprise me. I mean look at James Knight, he most certainly surprised me being able to at least make things entertaining but they all fall the same as they realize that in order to beat me, you cannot be a normal man. Your Riddles are a part of the charm,don’t worry I won’t be bringing in Batman to deal with you. If I want your body to break into pieces, I’d do it myself because I have confidence in my own abilities unlike that deluded piece of shit Arrow Orton and it honestly showed when you buried him under his own insecurities.
    You really want to know what someone requires to have a slither of a chance of beating me for my NXT Championship at the Royal Rumble?
    You’ll find out when I forge my path of chaos with the blood of every single deluded bastard who thought that they were close to figuring it all out before the circumstances they were in changed before their very eyes.
    Never will you become the Predator because your reality is Prey”

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    Mikey reacted to JoshsNow in Pablo vs Joshua Scott: Carnage   
    Welcome to tonight’s Carnage, and we are one week away from the massive Royal Rumble Show, featuring the titular match. However another big story from last week was that Joshua Scott could be forced into retirement if he fails to win any of his next 3 matches.
    And his first match comes against the man who has been impersonating him for months, Pablo, who is accompanied to the ring by Gary Green. Gary has promised to remain neutral in this entire thing, wanting Pablo to win but not wanting Josh to retire
    Now both stand in the ring, awaiting the entrance of Joshua Scott
    The crowd erupt as the music of Joshua Scott, the iconic “Seven Nations Army” hits. Josh hasn’t used this song since July 2018 when he suffered heartbreaking defeat to Julius in the KOTR tournament, but it was symbolic of him in the past, to the point where The White Stripes performed for him at Mania

    Josh gets into the ring and stares down with Pablo. Pablos record is 1-1, he beat Arrow in 23 seconds but lost to Isaiah Carter in 37 seconds. Basically, he doesn’t wrestle long matches. It should be interesting to see how Josh deals with this knowledge in this interesting match 
    Pablo walks towards Josh

    Josh looks devastated, wondering what it will take to put away this man mountain. Josh now goes to the corner, looking for his finishing move, the Seven Nations Army, the Spear, whatever you want to call it. Josh charges at Pablo, who moves out of the way

    AND JOSH HITS THE REF. Josh checks on the ref and turns back to Pablo, who nails him with a massive Side Slam and then a Great Scott

    And it was that exact same Great Scott that got Pablo his win over Arrow but obviously there is no referee when Pablo covers. Pablo wastes no time in rolling out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair. As he rolls into the ring, Gary Green is in the ring, checking on the referee. Gary holds Pablo back and calls for a microphone from ringside
    Gary: As we have no referee, and I am a neutral man in this match, I SHALL REFEREE THIS MATCH
    Pablo holds the chair still, and Josh asks Gary to take the chair off Pablo, or DQ him. However Gary doesn’t respond, and his smirk turns into a sick smile as he turns to Josh 

    GARY GREEN JUST RAN AND LOW BLOWED HIS BEST FRIEND. The crowd are silenced as Josh holds his groin in pain, before turning to Pablo, who nails him with a chair shot 

    Pablo covers the broken body of Josh and Gary counts the 3 count. The crowd boo as Gary raises Pablos hand, and the two swiftly leave the ring. Pablo and Gary celebrate on the apron, as Josh looks on devastated. That is 1 loss, Josh must now win one of his next 2 matches or else his career is over. Tonight leaves us with many questions. Why did Gary betray Josh? What is next for Josh? And will he be retired?
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    Mikey reacted to Eric Shun in Eric Shuns Introduction   
    On the penultimate Carnage before the BPZ Royal Rumble, the camera pans around the outside of the arena. Showing many fans who didn’t have tickets stuck outside, and giving a good view of the Carnage arena itself. Fans inside the arena waited, expecting the riveting action of Carnage to soon continue. However, the camera on the outside of the arena picked up a small camera set on the ground. Quickly, the panning camera shot would be switched for the camera shot on the ground.

    “Look Eric. You need to make yourself look appealing to the audience, and not in that way, we don’t need another scandal.”

    “I got it. Don’t worry.”

    The pair stood talking were newly signed BPZ wrestler Eric Shun and his agent. With them were a camera crew. Although it wasn’t the usual place for a camera crew and Eric Shun to be. They would begin recording.

    “Oh hey. Didn’t see you there-”


    “Howdy. I’m-”


    “What do you want me to do then!”

    “CUT! Eric, you need to sell yourself to this new audience okay?”

    “You join me outside the Carnage arena. Home of BPZ Wrestling. For years fans have tuned in to watch this show from all over the world. Australia, France, Germany, The United Kingdom. All countries that draw millions of views of BPZ Wrestling.”

    “And the legal thing!”

    “Oh yeah. I am also banned from all four of them. Starting from today, I will join BPZ Wrestling. I will begin my journey, fighting from the bottom of this company to the top. My name is Eric Shun, world renowned celebrity. And this is my story.”

    “Anddddd CUT! Good job Eric. That should do the trick. I would say go enjoy your day off, but we both know what that would make you do.”

    As the pair spoke a third man would approach them, accompanied by two hookers.

    “You alright lads. Umm, says I got a delivery here for an Eric Shun. Are either of you him?”

    “Perfect. Come with me ladies.”

    Eric would take a camera and tripod that was laying on the ground and walk inside with the two hookers. Leaving his agent alone. His head in his hands.

    “Oh for f*ck sake.”

    Here the camera would stop recording and fade to black, Eric Shuns’ watermark would end the segment.

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    Mikey reacted to Arius in A Formal Invitation to the IC Champion   

    "What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly"
    A week away from BPZ Royal Rumble the live crowd for this episode of Carnage are taken back by familiar music echoing throughout the arena, underneath a blanket of darkness as cellphone lights and the light emitting from the titantron above lights what it can. Slim and Raven stand idle in the ring hoping to have a quick response to the Wildcard challenge and gladly to the audience The Revenant has reciprocated.
    ♪♫ If thine is the glory then, Mine must be the shame ♪♫
    Elated screams from the crowd begin to co-exist with the music as they see the name Arius transition over a black background on the titantron. Silhouettes of ghouls move across the screen as  suddenly a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp.  No one else but Rin Akane stands under the spotlight in a black long-sleeved maxi dress. She takes in the triumph as she holds over her shoulder the BPZ Intercontinental Championship as she raises her free hand to aid the eyes and focus to The Revenant. who ascends to the sight of the audience.
    ♪♫ You want it darker, We kill the flame ♪♫

    Arius steps froward microphone in hand as he glides across the stage under his clock. Everyone waiting to hear his thoughts on the challenge placed forth to him tonight. Arius lifts the microphone, an intense look through the cracking paint of his forehead but it quickly relaxes as a smirk leaves the face of the champion, beginging to speak.
    This business...it’s certainly strange. In most professions, co-workers usually all work together to try and achieve one collective goal...but here...teamwork is always very fleeting...if you're not in the tag team division you're taking a risk forming bonds..and even then.Arius stares up at the two men watching from the ring..I'm sure the wounds of your experience are very fresh as we stand here today Slim. I’ve been around for a while now even if compared to your career it might seem infant. A lot of lessons and experiences can go into a year of wrestling for a single company. No longer the journeyman. I’ve seen a lot of people come and a lot of people go. And the one constant for everyone is that they all want to be the best.
    In this business, I once thought it was important if you considered yourself a journeyman like myself, to be open to new experiences, competitive culture, you need to stay topical. So as a man of intrigue I'm always looking for projects that are challenging, that put me in a light that's different from anything I've ever done before. But the truth is some people are just better at it than others. There’s many different ways to go about achieving success in this industry and sadly some people never figure out any of them and it manifests in a deep disgust for achievements of any nature. 
    Arius takes a hold of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship from Rin Akane as he paces around the stage So here we are. Like clockwork the heretic rises from the ashes and shadows..but their time has come. They are lead astray, burning bright in cinders of ash to the pyre. Their desire is written in blood, dragged and pulled by a lifetime of venom in which it feeds. Don Dada..savaged by the guilt of previous incidental failures wishes to trial his might against The Revenant.
    The leader and idealist of Legacy stepping to me is a sweet sight, alluring almost. The godfather threatening through the brutality of his beliefs but devoiding the thought of reason. May i ask, why does my presence disturb you? Enough to want The Revenant under your thumb. The truth is I’ve listened to your offers Arius shows the armband given to him by Slim, retrieved from under his coat pocket Invited you to my home, showed a respectful ear to your ideas but the legitimisation of your senseless demands are in fact the act of war, matching nothing but rage and fury. This appointed purity you’ve found within yourself amongst the horseman is the blind leading the blind, begging for the relevance of superiority. Four men are now two and yet my decision is questioned? I saw the writing on the wall as the prophecy was revealed and steered away to greener pastures.
    Slim, you stand oblivious and far too seduced to escape your predicament - You come seeking the land in which The Revenant roams and rules? Arius chuckles to himself It is said to never awaken a sleeping giant, but The Revenant has never backed from the conquests of a challenge. So here you stand, bestowed with the burden of conquering my reign while having the morale of a pauper. Lost. But in this challenge he is found perhaps?
    Arius lets the question linger for the audience before continuing 
     You can foolishly call my decision a career ending mistake but let it be known that it is The Revenant that moulds his world's fate. The Revenant is the orchestration of the wheels in motion, releasing the floodgates and oppressing the egos of man and immortal alike. It is The Revenant that ties the noose around the neck of the unforgiving, seeding the ruins to the masses, and harbouring all the glimmers of hope to the means of himself. This is the path you're setting yourself on.
    There is no room for the wretched form of this Don Dada of wrestling to soak himself in The Revenants prosperity, nor the room to follow the ground in which The Revenant walks. I would rather watch the horizon burn with a sky of fire and paint myself as king of the ashes, than see the land of Brendeplayz Wrestling left under the umbrella of Legacy, nor this championship return to the hands of yourself...  
    The Carnage audience are audibly riled up at the thought of these two stars clashing over the Intercontinental Championship as Arius pauses, listening to the legion before asking them to quiet down with a single finger to his lip Through the actions of insulting my very character. Taking credit for my acclaim, my achievements, was it perhaps one of the unknown rules of the underworld, “thou shall not reject an offer from thy Slim or thy Don Dada shall get pissy”?
    Arius moves to the edge of the ramp as his cloak drops to the ground below him with a single brush off
    Along this path I've seem to have struck a nerve, gaining a permanent residence in your psyche. So it is decided, between now and February, while Slim mulls over these words, biting the bullet and monitoring The Revenants every move as is his nature..you shall prepare. As you continue feeding yourself to the structure, the landscape in which The Revenant maintains. Before tonight no one had decided to step to myself but here you are, a man escaping persecution to bring me the dance I so crave? Though I have survived much harsher storms, onslaughts that have crafted my own mind and nature, i do in fact respect the decision to enter forward into the unknown. This didn't need to end like this but now for you Slim there is no return.
    Arius places the championship over the shoulder of Rin Akane as she holds tight, Arius grabbing the microphone by both hands The time until BPZ Wildcard is on the horizon, this proposal seemingly months in the making. One upon a time our ideologies were fated to meet in more glorious battlefields. First the Elimination Chamber where i first one the covenant prize of the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. Second, two gladiators thrown into the pits at the Royal Rumble where i will secure my ticket to the grandest stage offered in professional wrestling. Not even I could’ve predicted how this story might’ve unfolded but make no mistake that this story tells of a man who basks in the glory of the riches that are upheld while you now falter in contempt for The Revenant. 
    Suddenly the arena lights shut down as the audience make a mild commotion in the confusion before a flood of lights hit only the stage in which Arius stands upon Time is imminent, and forever on the side of the keeper of the reign. The Revenant shall use the stage of BPZ Carnage: Wildcard to replicate the natural order of my shadow over the competition. Slim, look around, look inside even if you must, my friend...and all these attempts of contempt and peril will leave your words without merit. Arius moves backwards into a spotlight as he reaches his final words The hunger in which I view down upon, men like you who try to sprinkle in their doubts. They will learn again that I am the The Seeker revitalised, hungry with a lust and The Seeker feeds on the lion's share. Arius leans his head back into the light with a smile I eagerly await this dance. You've got your wish. 

    Hineni, hineni
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    Mikey got a reaction from Arius in Top 5 Athletes (All Sports)   
    1. Michael Jordan - The greatest basketball player of all time, and while that's an opinion it's almost universally been accepted as fact. There have been some amazing athletes in the NBA throughout the years (Wilt, Lebron, Kareem), but Jordan is usually the one who will come up as the best. His influence on the game and the world as a whole is unmatched by nearly anyone other athlete.
    2. Tom Brady - Brady's a necessity to have on a list like this. His run as Quarterback for the Patriots is the best in football history and he's still going despite hitting 40's a couple years ago. He's carried his team single handedly (almost) to 6 Superbowl wins which is insane for any football player, let alone a guy at his age.
    3. Michael Phelps - As a swimmer, I'm a little biased, but Phelps deserves to be on this list. He's the Olympian with the most gold medals, most medals total, and no other Olympian comes anywhere close to these numbers. He's a legend of the sport, the best of all time, and like Brady, he was swimming into his 30's which is insane for any Olympic athlete, let alone a swimmer.
    4. Usain Bolt - Easy money, Bolt holds the world record in the 100m sprint, and that is enough to get him on the list alone. He is bumped up by his accomplishments in the Olympics, but the fact he holds a world record for an event which is debatabely the most popular one in sport history is insane. Also, I think it's a proven fact he runs like .1 MPH less than the fastest speed a human could possibly run, and that's crazy to think about. He's literally a superhuman.
    5. Pele - Really hard to choose between him and Messi, but Pele takes the cake as he was unmatched when he played. Messi had to compete against Ronaldo in his career, and while surpassing him (in my opinion) is crazy by itself, I think Pele still is better overall. Every football/soccer fan knows about Pele and his influence. And if you put Pele and Messi head to head on the pitch, I think Pele would be the one to score more goals.
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    Mikey reacted to Death Notorious Angel in BPZ: Ring Psychology   
    James: "Hello everyone and welcome to Ring Psychology. Your host here the Voice Of The Universe James SweedinFerg and today is that special interview I promised and it's none other than the current reigning and defending North American Champion, KENJI. Welcome to the show Champ as my first guest".
    KENJI: "Thank you, James. Pleasure to be your first guest here on Ring Psychology".
    James: "Pleasure is mine. You came into BPZ in 2019 with a group such as Hans Clayton, Arius, and so many more terrific talent. You knew you had to do something to stand out. What was your plan on standing out and branching away from the group and more specifically the two men I just mentioned?"
    KENJI: "It's something that I am still managing to this day. And that is no matter how much success you see others achieve, never tray from your vision. Never try to be the next Hans, or Arius. I signed with the company when names such as Arius, Julius and Bart were really riding high in their momentum. But, trying to emulate their paths wouldn't do anything. Thankfully, I'm here as myself, the North American Champion. If I tried to be them, then my success wouldn't really be mine".
    James: "Everyone has their set off points in their careers that puts them in that fourth gear that you're in. Julius betraying ROA, Hans leaving New Blood and Arius..... Well I think he was born like that, should get checked out for it. Anyway what set you off for your fourth gear performances that we've gotten from you?"
    KENJI: "......Emergence. It was after that initial high of competing for the championship that now sits on my shoulder. That wasn't my brightest hour. I tried to rebound at Judgment Day, but to no avail. Emergence was when I really entered the ring with nothing. And.....in order to step out again, I had to pay with what I have, something far more costly. I still think about it, you know? If I'm walking past some gated off compound in a city, my eyes flinch and recoil whenever I see the barbed wire sitting on the fences. Yes, I won that night. But Brad got his pound of flesh".
    James: "You say this, also knowing that the same man is after your Championship. What's your response to that?"
    KENJI: "Brad can say it. And as much as I dispise him to my very core, some morbid respect was garnered back at Emergence. That being said, and to anyone that wishes to contend for my championship, they need to earn the same momentum that I did. Brad...or the 'Death Notorious Angel' as he wants to be addressed now, hasn't won in quite a while, and part of me thinks that facing Julius at the Rumble isn't the best place to start if he wants the North American Title.......That and, I don't want to lose part of me again, not for him......He isn't worth it. I wasn't the same man when I left Emergence, I to be truthful, I'm not sure that I can go through that again".
    James: "We'll move past that and look at the present. At BPZMania V you step into the event as Champion right now standings where you face Buddy Ace. He won the Carnage Scramble that gives him this match, as he defeated four top North American contenders. Does that at all concern you?'
    KENJI: "One step at a time, James, one step at a time. Buddy Ace has his ticket to BPZ Mania V, and while I am a champion, so as of right now, as do I. But, I can't imagine going from Night of Legends all the way to BPZ Mania without a hurdle in the way. My main concern is overcoming that hurdle in whatever form that takes. Then, and only then, can I worry about the Hangman".
    James: "Hey it's cool man. No stepping on your toes. Now you talk about the hurdle, let me ask you who you'd like to face off against for your Championship before Mania? Anyone from your division has your eye?"
    KENJI: "Someone new and fresh. After his performance at Night of Legends, even though it was in defeat, Bob Sparks would be a name that comes to mind. Although, don't misinterpret this is me wanting to contest our in-ring quality. I don't like Bob Spark's lack of loyalty to the alliegiences he makes. He took a shortcut in order to raise his profile when he turned on Bailey. His little stunts got him into the main event of Night of Legends, above a championship match".
    "In light of the Undisputed Title being off the card, naturally, the responsibility should have fallen to either the Tag Team Titles, or the North American Championship. I am not proud of my match at Emergence, even though it kickstarted my recent success. The very idea that the prestige of BPZ's championships should be squandered by playing second fiddle to an 'Unsanctioned' Lights Out match irks me quite a lot. So I would like to set that straight. hwo, Legacy, Bulletproof. It doesn't make a difference, that seed of dissent is there. I want to prove that the titles we sacrifice everything for should have main evented that night, not some bloodbath".
    James: "So you're blaming Management for making the Lights Out Match between Bob and Bailey as the main event? And what was your reaction to the incident between Flynn and Slim with Flynn assaulting Slim requiring both men unable to be at the ppv?"
    KENJI: "My answer is this; We're professional wrestlers. If you want to make someone bleed so much, do it in the ring, in your match where your win can't be disputed. As appauled as I was about the Barbed Wire Massacre Match, I got my retribution all the same. Now, because of their scuffle, the Undisputed Title is in limbo. And yes, I do have a bone to pick with management in this regard. Yes, they gave me opportunities to prove myself, which I did. But, it does a diservice to both champions and challengers when they are not highlighted as the swansong. The BPZ champions represent the very best of us. Or, they're supposed to. When something else is placed above them, or when a champion torpedoes their own prestige, it tarnishes that for all of us. Even with Flynn being stripped of the title, Bulletproof effectively still had the main event, given where Bob is now. The scales aren't in balance, James. They need to be righted.....and with the Undisputed Championship relinquished, that duty might fall to me".
    James: "So you're planning on fixing the balance until we get a new Undisputed Champion? And at the time, you must understand why they put Bob and Bailey on. Bailey is a six time World champion in BPZ and him and Bob had their Rivalry for a while at that point."
    KENJI: "I understand why they were given that spot, whether I agree with that decision is a different matter. What did Bailey and Bob do in terms of matches leading up to Night of Legends? A snakes and ladders of winning and losing the Premium Championship for Bob, and Bailey appearing in the Clapspiracy Tag Tournament with Slim for some reason, only to lose to Arius and myself. Arius had one of the most impressive records of 2019, as did Smith and Bart, both runners up in their Survival Games blocks. And me, I matched Bart toe-to-toe, and not one loss to my name since my block match with Julius. I mean no disrespect to past career accolades, but they don't mean everything".
    "And the Undisputed Championship? I don't just mean until a new one is crowned. I mean for as long as I am North American Champion. I have gone far and beyond to elevate this championship to the best of my abilities, to make it mean more than when I first won the honour. Now, there is a fleeting, but noticable space without the Undisputed Title for me to do that".
    James: "Now I hate bringing this up, but you keep mentioning that one match multiple times in the last three questions. Babred Wire Massacre. It done a lot to you mental that hasn't recovered has it? I tried not asking but I can't help but see and sense it from you."
    KENJI: "I believe that looking forward is what's best, but only if you heed the past also. That match looms large over my time here in BPZ. How could it not? I was dragged down to a place I would never go to. By a man who rubs shoulders with those shadows. I remember it because I don't want to go back. It says with me because without it, I might not be sitting here as North American Champion. It's a painful give and take, hating it, but now I can't see myself without it".
    James: "You speak lowly of the man, who name I don't want to mention in case of anything. But you see the year he had last year. Don't you think that could be dangerous to poke an already angry bear again?'
    KENJI: "It is dangerous. But, if he wants to face The Dragon, then he meets me on my terms, not his. The locker room is full of angry bears, and even if I would want to, I am a champion now. If a rematch is in the cards, then so be it. The result will be the same".
    James: "Great... I look forward to this death promise I'm going to get from him. Thank you KENJI. Thank you a lot you motherf-
    Error message
    And we're back! Alright. As North American Champion you must have your set of dream matches in BPZ. Who's at the top of that list?"
    KENJI: "There is one. We were initially going to collide in the Survival Games tournament, but sadly, scheduling caused him to be pulled out of the brackets, and that is Isaiah Carter. he tried to recuit me to Bulletproof when he was still within their borders. While I declined his offer, the prospect of a match against him has been on my mind. Perhaps 2020 will be the time, we shall see".
    James: "From dream matches to another past match of yours. The Tag Team Championship match. You and Arius worked extremely well as a team. Will there be anymore pairings in the future? And what was the aftermath of the tag title match between you two like?"
    KENJI: "Our team will emerge again in the future. But, in the event of BPZ Mania fast approaching, we do have other commitments. It will take a whole lot more than one loss to rattle Invictus. After the match we were understanding, a loss was probably what was needed for us. To really focus where we wanted to go, and make us all the more motivated to climb the mountain again".
    James: "Must say as a tag team you two were incredible. So good, I think Mirage jizzed his pants before the first match. 
    As a "young lion" of BPZ if I can say that and not get sued thank you, there are always going to be your critics and then your acclaim. Does any of that matter to you? Or are you just in it for the wrestling?"
    KENJI: "Always for the wrestling. But, I' be lying if I said that recognition of one's efforts isn't appreciated. Even the very best have their critics, that's just part of any business. As long as the success doesn't go to your head, or the critiques thrown around get you down, no reason why I or anyone else in this business shouldn't be doing what they do".
    James: "Alright I think it's about time to wrap this up so I'm going to ask one last question. We talked about good things, but I'm going to ask one bad thing. What's the biggest regret you ever made in your wrestling career in the entirety of you wrestling?"
    KENJI pauses for a moment, contemplating the vastness of that question
    KENJI: "......I can't say something from my past really, but something that might lay ahead for me......That's straying from being myself. Trying to be something that I'm not. Every day is a battle to stay on the path. If I leave that path, then that would be my biggest regret".
    James: "Alright Mr. KENJI you're a busy man so we're going to let you go. Thank you for being on my show."
    KENJI: "Thank you for having me, James".
    James: "I'm James SweedinFerg, and this been… nah FUCK YOU MIKE HUNT!"
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    Mikey reacted to Ropati4 in League of Legends: A NBA2K20 Diary   
    League of Legends Week 1 Recap: 
    How this will work is i'll give a general recap of the league showing the standings and players of the week and i'll take an in-depth look at the top 3 teams around the league in the past week. 
    2019-20 Milwaukee Bucks (4-0)

    (Ersan Ilyasova blocking Wilt Chamberlain) 
    The Bucks started off the season against the 1970-71 Lakers featuring Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West, this game went down to the wire and despite Ersan Ilyasova blocking Wilt and then West just moments later the Bucks found themselves down 1 with 10 seconds to go. They decided to put the ball in Middletons hands and he delivered draining a long 2 for the win. Next up they had 2010-11 Chicago Bulls featuring Derrick Rose and yet again Middleton's name was in the lights this time not for a game winner however as he dropped 43pts 6 rebounds and 6 assists on 15-20 from the field and 8-10 from 3. Next they faced the Brooklyn Nets through all the Middleton hype people seemed to have forgotten about Giannis, he quickly made people remember as he dropped 36pts 17 rebounds & 7 assists on 15-25 from the field and 4-8 from 3. Lastly they had the 1976-77 76ers with Julius Erving, while no one on the team excelled Brook Lopez came up big as he blocked a big Erving dunk which would tie the game however the Bucks ended up winning 115-112. 
    1997-98 Utah Jazz (3-1)

    Utah was most certainly not looked at one of the top teams in the league going into the season and many experts thought they would be more of a lower playoff team than one of the top dogs. Utah started there season off vs the 1994-95 Magic featuring Shaq and Penny Hardaway and in this game Karl Malone shined in a murdering as he dropped a triple double with 28pts 18 rebounds and 10 assists to the lead the Jazz to a 110-77 win. Next up was the 1993-94 Houston Rockets featuring Hakeem and while Hakeem did dominate in this game it wasn't enough as aside from Hakeem the Rockets were lacking as Malone dropped 32pts and 12 rebounds as Utah won 105-100. Next they had the 2015-15 Warriors who broke the wins record with 73 wins so you can't blame people for thinking Utah would fall short here, however they didn't as they beat them 116-106 thanks to Malone who dropped 41pts and 24 rebounds in an incredible game. To end Utah's week they faced the 2001-02 Sacramento Kings who have Chris Webber, Peja and others and despite Malone dropping 39pts and 15 rebounds the Jazz fell short losing 114-104 to end the week on quite the sour note. 
    2019-20 LA Clippers (5-0)

    Many were interested to see how new duo Kawhi and PG13 who fair in a league full of super teams. They started there season off vs the 2011-12 OKC Thunder with KD, Westbrook & Harden and PG's return to Oklahoma he thrived putting down 36pts and 7 rebounds of 15-21 from the field and 4-8 from 3 in a 120-109 win. Following that game they faced the 2013-14 Spurs with Duncan, Parker & Kawhi along side others, Now in Kawhi's return to San Antonio he thrived with 26pts 9 rebounds 5 assists 5 steals and a block to give the Clippers another win this time the score being 115-105. Following the 2 returns for the Clippers duo they went to Cleveland to face the 2015-16 Cavs with Lebron, Kyrie and K Love and the Clippers had a great offensive night and a poor defensive night with 4 members of the Clippers scoring 25pts or more and PG at the top of the 4 with 40pts on 16-28 from the field, however they also let up 135pts but there let off the hook since they won 145-135. Next up was the 2010-11 Mavericks with Dirk and yet again the Clippers had a great night offensively but this time they were solid on the defensive side of the ball as well. They won 135-111 with PG getting 32pts and 10 assists. Lastly they faced the GOAT MJ and the 1995-96 Bulls and they dominated them winning 128-102 as Kawhi had 33pts 10 rebounds 7 assists 2 steals and 2 blocks. 'The Clippers are currently the best team in the league beating the 2 best players of all time as well as 3 teams who all won the west. 
    League Standings


    Players of the Week:
    East: Lebron James (2015-16 Cavs) 32.5 pts, 9.7 rebounds, 12 assists, 1.3 steals, 0.7 blocks 62%FG, 40%3PT, 93%FT
    West: Hakeem Olajuwon 41.6 pts 17.8 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 1.8 steals, 4.6 blocks, 53%FG, 0%3PT, 70%FT 
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    Mikey reacted to Slim in Los Angeles Lakers: New Dynasty   
    Los Angeles Lakers: New Dynasty
    | Year I - Volume I |
    October 22nd, 2019
    The energy in the Staples Center is the level of a Game 7, as the first Battle of Los Angeles is nearing, the 2nd game of the NBA season. The first game, the New Orleans Pelicans taking on the defending NBA Champion Toronto Raptors, would be a blowout, as the young Pelicans were overmatched by the confident veterans. Marc Gasol led Toronto with 28 points and 9 rebounds, while they had 6 double figure scorers. Meanwhile, for New Orleans, Brandon Ingram started his season strong with 25 points, while Collins added 16 & 12. Otherwise, it was a terrible night as the Pelicans look to build chemistry, while the Raptors had it already, being a championship team.\
    Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, it's tipoff time, as the starters for the Lakers are as followed, as the starting lineup reveals an offseason long question. Would LeBron James play PG?
    G: #0 Rodney McGruder
    28 y/o, 4 years pro
    G: #14 Danny Green
    32 y/o, 11 years pro
    F: #23 LeBron James
    34 y/o, 17 years pro
    F: #3 Anthony Davis
    26 y/o, 8 years pro
    C| #7 Javale McGee
    31 y/o, 12 years pro
    The answer would be yes, putting to rest all the rumors and it was a show from the opening tip. as LeBron James dished out a career high 23 assists (sim-stats was on, bare with me it's fixed), while recording a triple double. 34/11/23, all while his co-star, Anthony Davis recorded 42 points and 19 rebounds. With any other team, it may have been a blowout but this was a dawg fight between the LA teams.
    Neither giving an itch, the Clippers led by 8 at half, but the Lakers would rally and eventually send the game to overtime. In overtime, the Lakers would take over, outscoring the Clippers by 19 as momentum carried them through, giving them a 139-130 win in their first meeting with their rival. Coming after this win, confidence was prominent for the Lakers as they answered the offseason long questions of if they could actually play with the Clippers, but reality brought them back down to earth just nights later, as they lost to Utah by 2, with Anthony Davis missing the potential game-winning 3 pointer.
    Standing at 1-1, the Lakers would formulate a defensive gameplan, thanks to Coach Frank Vogel, which would force rookie Ja Morant into a 7-26 shooting night, along with five turnovers in an easy 126-102 win for the Lakers, putting them at 2-1. A 50 point game by LeBron would secure the blowout against Memphis, improving LA to 3-1 as they travelled to Dallas. An uncharacteristic game for LeBron, who committed 10 turnovers, wouldn't be enough to cost LA the game as they eventually won by 7.
    Going 2-2 over their next four games, questions would arise about the Lakers supporting cast beyond LeBron James & Anthony Davis, which 6th man Derrick Rose took the blame for, stating he has to come in and be able to score, after a 108-110 loss to the Miami Heat, where LeBron & AD combined for 68 of LA's 108 points. After this, the Lakers would go on a 9 game winning streak, before it was broken in AD's return to New Orleans. In the game against New Orleans, Anthony Davis would struggle, as he committed 5 turnovers, and was limited to just 19 points on 6-18 shooting, in a disappointing loss. Following a win over Washington, the Lakers would once again lose at the buzzer, as Luka Doncic would sink a buzzer-beating three to knock off the Lakers, putting them at 15-5, still good enough for first in the West. But meanwhile, just down the hall, the Clippers were making moves.
    Officially announced by Woj on November 25th, the Clippers were sending Mo Harkless, a protected first rounder, Taj Gibson, and Jerome Robinson to Cleveland for Tristan Thompson and Shaun Livingston, giving the Clippers what they needed most: A starting rim protector, and a backup faciliator. In Lakerland, they prepared for what could be the toughest road stretch of the season: Denver, Utah, Portland, in four nights.
    West Standings:
    Los Angeles Lakers: 15-5 Utah Jazz: 14-6 Los Angeles Clippers: 13-8 Dallas Mavericks: 12-7 Houston Rockets: 12-7 Golden State Warriors: 12-9 Denver Nuggets: 10-7 Portland Trail Blazers: 11-9 Sacramento Kings: 9-9 Minnesota Timberwolves: 9-10 Oklahoma City Thunder: 8-11 San Antonio Spurs: 8-13 New Orleans Pelicans: 7-13 Memphis Grizzlies: 6-1 Phoenix Suns: 5-13
      East Standings:
    Philadelphia 76ers: 14-6 Miami Heat: 13-6 Detroit Pistons: 13-7 Milwaukee Bucks: 13-7 Charlotte Hornets: 13-8 Boston Celtics: 11-8 Orlando Magic: 11-8 Brooklyn Nets: 9-11 New York Knicks: 8-12 Chicago Bulls: 8-12 Toronto Raptors: 7-12 Atlanta Hawks: 7-13 Cleveland Cavaliers: 6-13 Washington Wizards: 5-13 Indiana Pacers: 3-16 Lakers Players Stats:
    LeBron James: 27.7 PPG, 8.5 RPG, 8.8 APG, 2.3 SPG, 3.9 TOPG, 55% FG, 44% 3P%
    Anthony Davis: 28.3 PPG, 11.8 RPG, 1.3 SPG, 2.0 BPG, 48% FG, 34% 3P%
    Derrick Rose: 12.9 PPG, 4.2 APG, 36% FG, 23% 3P%
    Javale McGee: 10.4 PPG, 9.4 RPG, 1.7 BPG, 54% FG
    DeAndre Hunter: 9.8 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 2.7 APG, 41% FG, 29% 3P%
    Danny Green: 8.7 PPG, 2.9 RPG, 46% FG, 46% 3P%
    Aron Baynes: 7.1 PPG, 7.1 RPG, 1.4 BPG, 41% FG, 41% 3P%
    Markieff Morris: 6.8 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 38% FG, 17% 3P%
    Rodney McGruder: 4.2 PPG, 3.3 RPG, 33% FG, 28% 3P%
    NBA Stats Leaders:
    Stephen Curry (44.0 PPG) Kawhi Leonard (29.3 PPG) Anthony Davis (28.3 PPG) LeBron James (27.7 PPG) Kyrie Irving (27.5 PPG) RPG:
    Andre Drummond (17.8 RPG) Nikola Jokic (15.1 RPG) Karl Anthony-Towns (14.5 RPG) Tristan Thomspon (13.1 RPG) Clint Capela (12.8 RPG) APG:
    James Harden (9.6 APG) Luka Doncic (9.1 APG) LeBron James (8.8 APG) D'Angelo Russell (8.4 APG) Chris Paul (8.3 APG) SPG:
    Chris Paul (2.9 SPG) Paul George (2.6 SPG) James Harden (2.4 SPG) Jimmy Butler (2.4 SPG) LeBron James (2.3 SPG) BPG:
    Kristaps Porzingis (3.0 BPG) Jusuf Nurkic (3.0 BPG) Joel Embiid (3.0 BPG) Andre Drummond (2.8 BPG) Hassan Whiteside (2.8 BPG) Next Episode: Wild Wild West (Road trip against Utah, Portland, Denver)
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    Mikey reacted to Julius in Smarks Daily   
    It's the start of a New Year, the start of a New Decade and of course us journalists around the world are looking for that next big star to rise through ranks in the year 2020. 2018 had the rise of Kingdom, 2019 was Hans and Arius but who knows what will happen in 2020. That's where I come in, as always I am Mike Hunt and today we will be kicking off a new segment here at Smarks Daily, "Mike Hunt's Wild Predictions" and today we are looking at the Top 5 possible Breakout Stars for BPZ in 2020. Here we go

    Cody Cage 
    Cody has been on the BPZ roster for about a year now but has never really gotten a chance to standout in a packed division full of new aspiring talents. While names like Arius, Hans Clayton, Aaron North and others broke through in 2019, it just wasn't Cody's time to shine. We enter 2020 and in an NXT Division that is up for the taking this might be the time to shine for Cody. He will be challenging for the NXT Championship at the Royal Rumble and is definitely in the race to win the championship. Cody has a lot of potential and many of the higher ups have seen that potential and are putting it to use right now. It's a bit of an outside shot but we here at Smarks Daily believe that Cody Cage will have a solid 2020 campaign 

    Firing Squad (Mikey and Alex Costa)
    While these two saw some success in the year 2019, I think 2020 is the year these two collectively make a statement and ascend to the top of the Tag-Team Division. Mikey and Alex are more than capable singles stars with both men holding singles gold at one stage on their young careers but ever since aligning within BulletProof and forming the Firing Squad alongside Flynn and Bob they have had some pretty good success. They have victories over DNA and The Tiger as well as a finals appearance in the Clapspiracy Invitational defeating FCE in the process. I see the Tag-Team championships in their immediate future, maybe BPZ Mania is where it happens 

    The Tiger 
    One of the more unknown commodities in BPZ is the current NXT Champion, The Tiger. The Tiger burst onto the scene in late 2019 and even managed to pick up the NXT Championship before successfully defending it on more than one occasion. The Tiger has looked dominant in the ring and definitely benefited from teaming with the Hall of Famer DNA, but no one knows what comes next for The Tiger after he finishes up in the NXT Division. We are all about bold predictions here at Smarks Daily and I think this man will definitely have a solid 2020 campaign. Whether thats conquering the NA and US Divisions or joining a big time faction and taking off from there, I think The Tiger will have a good year 

    Buddy Ace 
    Now we've definitely said a lot about Buddy Ace here at Smarks Daily over the last couple of weeks but I think it's all been done in good cause because this may well be the year he takes off into stardom. Buddy is currently on a bit of a win streak, defeating Marker about a month ago on Carnage which allowed him to qualify for the Carnage Scramble which he actually won. There have also been reports that Buddy is among 6 names considered to win the Royal Rumble while also throwing his hat in the ring for the US Title. A strong showing at the Rumble while also capturing the US Championship would further boost his already amazing 2020 campaign, add a North-American Championship win and you already have a star rising the ranks. The KOTR tournament along with the Power-Trip Cup are amazing proving grounds for young talent and this could be where Buddy Ace really makes a statement. Expect this to be the year of Ace

    CJ Sellers
    And finally, topping off our list is none other than the mysterious young star CJ Sellers. The sample size with this guy hasn't been enough to be definitive about his future but CJ could very well be one for the future here in BPZ. He was victorious in the Carnage Scramble way back at Night of Legends in 2019 but since then has either gone awol or missed out on various opportunities. He was so close to winning the Carnage Scramble at Night of Legends but very well could walk out of Royal Rumble the new NXT Champion, combine this with a huge match against the returning Flynn a couple of weeks down the line and a lot of eyes will be drawn to this young kid. This is definitely a long shot, but the talent is definitely there for CJ, it just depends if he's focused and given the opportunity to shine 

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    Mikey reacted to Julius in Smarks Daily   
    Yes hello, It's me Mike Hunt once again and we are back with the Top 5 segments of the week, part 3 of 52 in 2020. Along with the top 5 segments we also hand out the illustrious Superstar of the Week which Bailey and KENJI took the honors in the first two weeks of the year. BPZ moved away from Night of Legends this week and towards the Royal Rumble and there were a lot of cool moments, let's take a look
    5. Return of Scott 
    Normally when we say the name Joshua Scott it follows with chat about how useless he is or how he keeps on losing but today is a different day because miraculously Scott has gotten himself into the Top 5, I know right what the fuck is going on. Normally I sit back and watch the hokey shit from Josh and I turn off the television but this time I sat through it and as time went on I really really enjoyed it. So the big man wasn't actually Josh it was some dude named Pablo who was hired by Josh and now Pablo is facing Josh and if Josh loses he is one step closer to retirement. Makes total sense doesn't it? I don't know if I enjoyed this because it was funny and interesting or if the fact that Josh retiring becomes a very real possibility out of this. Well if this is the end of the road for Josh at least he got on the Top 5
    4. Ace in The Hole 
    We got the comedy out of the way with Josh so now let's move into a more serious segment, and no surprises it involved BulletProof. Raven who was upset by his loss to KENJI at Night of Legends was attacked from behind by the Firing Squad, Alex Costa and Mikey. They brawled down to the ring and it was a nice little brawl but what came next was extremely shocking. If you don't remember last week we looked at how Slim turned his back on Bob after he received news that Bob was joining BulletProof, and I guess he was right after all as the "Bracket Buster" himself made his way down to the ring and emerged as the new member of BulletProof. This rogue faction continues to get stronger, who will stop it? Maybe a certain Mafia Family...
    3. Mafia
    BANG. Amazing job there Mike with this extremely well executed segue. Yeah the BPZ universe is pretty pissed off at Slim for ruining the Night of Legends Main Event but damn this man knows how to keep himself at the center of attention. We open to Slim and Raven meeting with an unknown guest talking about the formation of a family, a Mafia Family with Slim offering this unknown man the position of the Underboss. Now I don't know what the hell that means but it must be important. Anyway I am a sucker for an amazing mystery and this certainly is one of them. This followed with the meeting with a Consigliere really sets up an interesting narrative going forward. I love it all, feed me more 
    2. A Replacement
    Remember how last week I made the Joke that the theme of this month would be betrayal, well I did not expect BulletProof to take that so seriously and just boot the shit out of one of their founding members. Yes First Class Express were an amazing Tag-Team but we aren't getting them ever again because Hans just beat the shit out of his former partner and replaced him with FDS. Interesting decision nonetheless but FD is a brutal son of a bitch and really compliments the rogue mentality they got going there. This was emotional, I shed a tear for my friend BiC and it makes me despise Hans Clayton even more. BiC is phenomenal when he is a babyface, chasing the big bad and in this scenario it's Hans and FD. BPZ Mania is just around the corner, maybe these two former friends will put it all on the line there 
    1. Rumble Heats Up
    Well I guess this had to be number one by proxy because nearly half the goddamn roster was involved in it. We started with Bailey, fresh off his victory against Bob coming to the ring calling out anyone who plans on entering the Royal Rumble and he was answered by Bart. These two went back and forth and as Dr X put it correctly, they had a "Measuring" contest before they were interrupted by Arrow or Arrow Orton I don't know who the fuck that was but anyway he was beaten down. Then we had Dr X, Aaron North, Smith, Cody Cage, CJ Sellers and then finally some of those Goddamn Ghouls. This all turned into a major clusterfuck but man was it entertaining. Everyone fighting everyone but then of course BulletProof would come out of nowhere and stand on top. Jeez these dudes had a good week
    Week 3 Superstar of the Week 
    Now if this was Stable of the week then yeah sure BulletProof walk away with this easily, but unfortunately for them it is not so they don't walk away with a plaque. Instead the man who walks away with a plaque this week is none other than the Don Dada himself Mr Slim. The whole Mafia storyline is very very impressive and engaging and sets up some interesting TV for the future. Slim stood out amongst the rest individually and that is why he is the Week 3 Superstar of the Week, joining Bailey and KENJI. Your Plaque will be arriving shortly

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    Mikey reacted to Bart in BPZ Commentaries   
    Hey, Danny Daniels here. Every year, Josh Trenton reveals the top 6 favourites to win the Royal Rumble match. Over here at BPZ Commentaries, we love to use another's information to our own benefit, and that's what we will be doing at Potential Plans for each of the Elite 6. We will list the top 3 matches that these favourites could find themselves in at BPZMania if they were to win the Rumble, listing the favourites alpahetically

    Arius has been on a tear in the BPZ ever since making his debut. Arius has cracked up a great amount of titles and accomplishments in only his first year within the company, and many except this to carry on into year 2. If Arius were to win, the likely direction according to sources is for him to face off against the "King Of The Forums" of the past 2 years, current World Champion. Other plan speculate potentail affairs against fellow elite six members Bailey and Smith. 
    Top 3: 
    vs Julius
    vs Bailey 
    vs Smith 

    Last year's Royal Rumble winner will once again be entering the match, and according to sources, he is considerd for another Rumble victory. If he were to win, many think it could be a showcase between him and Slim, the only variation of the Bailey/Flynn/Slim matches that hasn't taken place yet at BPZMania. A 1 vs 1 between two of the greatest performers in the history of the company could surely assure a big interest in the event. A first time match vs Julius and a return to his feud with Smith are also being rumoured. 
    Top 3: 
    vs Slim 
    vs Julius 
    vs Smith 

    Last year's Royal Rumble match runner-up will once again take part in the match, and some believe that this time around, he will be victorius. Many directions can be taken here if Bart were to win the match, but the options that are being managed all resolve around former or current stables, with a singles match vs Julius, a showdown between the Creed and a match with his former ally Slim being the likely option. 
    Top 3: 
    vs Julius
    vs Julius vs Sameer vs Smith 
    vs Slim 

    Buddy Ace
    The most suprising names between the favourites has been that of Buddy Ace. Buddy Ace seemed set for Stardom in 2018, but at a dissapointing 2019. At Night Of Legends, his luck seemed to change as he won the Carnage Scramble. The informants however believe that there may be even more of a push on the way for Ace, as he is being considerd for a Rumble victory. Potential matches would see him take on both of Invictus on the same night, as well as him re-igniting his feud with Flynn. 
    Top 3: 
    vs Arius
    vs Flynn
    vs Julius 

     Being the current Premium Champion, Hans as seen an amazing first year in the BPZ. Some believe that his 2nd year may be even better, with the BPZ management reportedly considering him for a Royal Rumble victory. Potential opponents for BPZMania would see Hans face of vs BulletProof ally Flynn, as well as Julius and Slim. 
    Top 3: 
    vs Flynn
    vs Julius 
    vs Slim 

    Ever since returning, Smith has been one of the hottest performers in the BPZ. From his amazing feud with Bailey to start his return, until his current tag team title run with Bart, Smith has been producing brilliance constantly. Some believe that it's only a question of time until he wins the big one again, and this time may be shorter than one would think. BPZ Management has reportedly been very, very high on Smith ever since his return and he is one of the favourites that is considerd for the Rumble victory. His matches would see him take on the other members of the Creed, take on Slim in a BPZMania III rematch, or take on Bailey in a Summerslam 2019 rematch. 
    Top 3: 
    vs Bart vs Sameer vs Julius
    vs Slim 
    vs Bailey 
    This was Danny Daniels form BPZ Commentaries, and I thank you for wasting your time with us. 

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