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  1. mikey0619

    Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin

    If this is just a squash for Strowman to gain momentum again, it's completely pointless. Braun has lost all of his steam in the last few months, and a win over Baron goddamn Corbin is not gonna help him at all. Can't wait to see the crowd reaction though.
  2. ACW December Week 1 show Week 2 show Real PPV (technically) Week 3 show Week 4 show Foreign PPV (technically) Finance Global Popularity USA Popularity Progress Medical Notes: Gained 28 company pop in a year Top 5 on the Power 500 (Bret, Rey, Taka, Roberts, Piper) Hart/Rey met owner goal of 100 pop, evidence: Eli Drake won a title match at ACW Hell in May
  3. ACW November Week 1 show Week 2 show Foreign PPV Week 3 show Week 4 show PPV Finance Global Popularity USA Popularity Change Medical Notes: Franchise players posted in Discord A month before Hart comes back Mysterio is meeting the owner goal of 100 pop just like Hart LIJ being created but they're just LI Battle Royal match for the next PPV Finally pushing Eli Drake - he's #1 on hot prospects and next big things
  4. Probably gonna be the best match on the card unless Brock decides to really pull up, and even then this match has so much potential. I hope that Ronda will put on a good match even if she is leaving. My main concern for the match is Ronda dealing with the crowd. That Mania crowd is going to be booing the absolute hell out of her and she has not proven herself in dealing with a crowd well yet. I think Becky will win the title and hold it until at least Summerslam. All in all this should be a phenomenal match, a match of the year contender (for the main roster) for sure.
  5. mikey0619

    Every Action Has a Result

    The final commercial on Carnage cuts off with a familiar black slash through the screen ...Yes, right away. The black screen slowly fades as an imagine of Dikey standing with his back to the camera in a pure white room is shown How rude of you to interrupt. I was just attending to...professional business if you will. All respectable people watching should understand that it is none of your concern. But while you're here, I might as well make the best of it. Dikey slowly turns around and faces the camera. He is wearing a standard white t-shirt with three red slashes across it and torn red jeans Less than a month. That's when I finally claim what is rightfully mine. What was stolen from me at the Royal Rumble. Snatched from right under my nose. If it wasn't for those idiots in the match who were too scared to fight at the beginning and cherry picked their opportunity and STILL lost, I would've had that title. One count away from pinning Arius of all people for that title. But all of the sudden I get bombarded by attack after attack after attack. The camera does 180 degree spin and Dikey is standing there with the NXT title on a podium next to him It's a multi man match, I expected as much. Please excuse my complaining. I needed to air my grievances somehow. But there will be no need for me to grief at SVM. That NXT title is going to land in the hands of a man who deserves it. Multi man match or not, that title is coming home with me. Dikey tries to grab at the NXT title, but it and the podium vanish into thin air I cannot get ahead of myself. Patience is key. The wait doesn't matter, but the result does. But there is only one result. That result is me, the cleanser of the NXT division, standing over the fallen bodies of my competitors, with the NXT title held high above my head. I expect to go through hell to get that title. So fellow competitors, lace up your boots, wear some brand new merch, bring a lucky charm with you to the ring, do whatever you must to bring your A game. I'm looking for a fight and I expect to get one. If I don't it'll only be so much worse for all of you once I am the king of the NXT division. That's all the time I have for today. Good bye and good night everyone. The room's white walls slowly dim to a black until the whole screen is pitch black. The broadcast for Carnage resumes
  6. I got Rollins going over in this match, man's been putting in so much work lately. It's been a long long time since he's been off an episode of RAW (discounting injuries) and he is the kind of person we need to make the title relevant again. I guess it's probable for Brock to retain and for someone else to go over in the future, but come on Seth is literally a perfect candidate. An excellent babyface/heel, over with the crowd, charismatic, good on the mic, good in the ring, anything. He has all the tools necessary to be a champion and the next face of WWE. Also with Ambrose's seemingly new character, it could set up for a nice feud afterward if he decides to stay.
  7. mikey0619

    3 hour Smackdown?

    Bad side is right, even questioning the fact that Smackdown is 2 hours long is pathetic. The show is absolutely on fire right now (in my opinion), so why would they change anything? It's already destroyed RAW, they're having god damn Jeff Jarrett wrestle Elias and they're having 4 way tag matches soooo.
  8. mikey0619

    What are you listening to right now?

  9. October 2010 Week 1 show: Week 2 show: Foreign PPV: Week 3 show: Week 4 show: PPV: Franchise Players at the end of the month: Global Popularity: Popularity Increase in USA: Finance: Medical: Notes: Hart officially out for 3 months Mysterio new world champion
  10. Bryan is the obvious choice to retain here, and that's what I'm going with. The final two will most likely be Bryan and AJ again, and Rowan will screw AJ out of the title. Personally, I would love to see Rey vs Bryan at Mania, but other than that I can't really think of other competition he might have. All I do know is that Bryan is going to retain.
  11. mikey0619

    The Title means a lot

    A slow clap resonates throughout the arena, and out of the curtains walks Dikey Beautiful Alex. Pure emotion, that's what I like to see. As for the change I'm glad to see it. You've already proven management wrong. You've shown you're more than able to carry yourself in that ring and on that microphone without the handicap they gave you. Well done. The crowd cheers as Dikey slowly walks down to the ring This new character, this new you, it has something...special. You're not like the others. You're like how Maasa was, but better. And look at him now. Ooo, he's got a new manager to talk for him, claiming he's amazing and the next big thing in BPZ and that's he's so bad. Childish. Gill, do as much as you want, but Maasa will never, and I mean absolutely never, live up to your expectations. You could've chosen me. Or... Dikey stops when he gets to the end of the ramp You, Alex. You have everything a wrestler needs to succeed. In ring talent, charisma, and you can talk. Hell, you probably could've made that gimmick that was given to you work. But you didn't. You broke free, became different, and showed your true potential. Those above would be proud of you. Dikey takes out a small notebook and scribbles a quick note before continuing But alas, what you have, I simply have better. I know it, management knows it, everyone knows it. Deep down, you know you'll never beat me clean. After all, I didn't need a handicap to get to where I am now. I am here where I am now because of me and only me. I am the one here on a mission to salvage this ruined division and make it into something great. And you are simply part of the garbage. The audience boos, and Dikey waits for them to calm down before continuing, remaining completely emotionless You want a match for that NXT title? You got one. You, me, one on one. A battle for the ages. The two hottest stars in the NXT division. Two men who will one day be the hottest stars in BPZ, the greatest talent it has ever witnessed. Both putting it on the line for one title. I'm getting tingly just thinking about it. Granted, I can't make a one on one happen with a snap of my fingers, but I think we got a chance. That's all I have to say for now. Goodbye Alex, I bid you farewell. I have a feeling we'll meet again in the very near future. The lights briefly turn off and when they turn back on, Dikey is gone with a challenge issued to Alex Costa. Will he accept?
  12. mikey0619

    Ahhhhh Shucky Ducky. Your Fave 5 for WWE Topic

    1. Rey Mysterio 2. Daniel Bryan 3. Becky Lynch 4. Drew McIntyre 5. Samoa Joe
  13. This match has made me continually impressed with Lesnar as of late. First Survivor Series and now this. I now see why WWE are so hesitant to take the belt off of him. Even though he didn't lose, this for sure will help Balor get over and rediscover his character. It's a shame Lesnar is a part timer, if he wasn't he could be literally of the best wrestlers on the roster if he wanted to. Anyway, the match itself was superb in my opinion. Brock sold his ass off in the match and really put in a great performance to make Balor look legit. Like Alex was saying, the fact that Lesnar had to take Balor by surprise and use the Kimura lock to win speaks volumes. And it made Lesnar look excellent too since he just no sold a Coup de Grace, but luckily it was for a good cause this time. For the first time since his first universal title win, I actually see Balor as a main eventer who could potentially win the title in the near future. Great job from both men, I'm quite impressed.
  14. mikey0619

    RAW Top Star Reportedly Leaving WWE Soon

    I'm actually really hoping it is a work, this is the perfect opportunity for him to go off-screen for a while, change his gimmick, and reemerged as a the heel we all thought and knew he would be. If they work Rollins into this storyline too, it'll be a feud that can actually rival Smackdown's main event picture.
  15. Week 1 show: Week 2 show: Foreign PPV: Week 3 show: Week 4 show: USA PPV: Finance: Global Popularity: USA Popularity progress: Medical Notes: Bret Hart is currently 100 pop in all of USA Completed owner goal of not using #1 franchise player (Bret Hart) in the main event of the PPV Piper will probably have to go to rehab in October to fix his problems Mysterio is A* across the board for USA, Piper is around 94 Martel is approaching 90's, Venis is into the 80's in most regions, in the 90's in Great Lakes Hart probably is gonna lose the title next month Finally National size