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  1. Just gonna post a bunch of math questions, and you answer them.  Each post will have three questions, one "easy", one "medium", one "hard".  Here are your first three questions:

    1. 5x2+7

    2. 10+2/6(8-7)

    3. 6+3(5+7)2

    Feel free to answer them.

    1. Joh



      10 1/3


    2. Kieron Black

      Kieron Black

      Easy way to get people to do your homework

  2. First Ball Nickname: Mini Mike Second Ball Nickname: Deadly Dikey Color of Balls: Red
  3. Name - Dikey Nickname - "The Switchblade" Gender - Male Birthdate (Year) - 1995 Debut (Year) - 2016 Nationality - American Ethnicity - White Based In - America Hometown - Los Angeles Personality (Antagonistic, Loner, Loose Cannon, Moody, Normal, Professional, Serious, Short Tempered or Sociable) - Loner Fighting Style - Judo/Kickboxing Stance (Southpaw or Traditional) - Southpaw Height - 6'3" Minimum Weight - Middleweight Maximum Weight - Light Heavyweight Your Three best stats: 1 - Standing Strikes 2 - Grapples 3 - Submissions
  4. Also believe this, there's no way Brock would do something like this, even with as much authority as he has. Like it or not, he's been associated with WWE for 17 years, and he wouldn't jeopardize it. Also there's no way Vince takes no action, even though it's Brock. He is Big Bad Vince after all.
  5. Not sure what about half of this means, but it sounds and looks fantastic, good job Aaron, can't wait to see more!
  6. Name: Da Dikey Age: 23 Nationality: American Height: 6'9 Wingspan: 7'1 Weight: 225 Looks: Dirk Nowitzki Similar game style (Steph Curry, James Harden etc): Dirk Nowitzki Position: PF
  7. SSW Punishment (Episode 3) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the third installment of SSW Punishment, brought to you live in Brooklyn! Tonight we continue our theme from last week, and that of course means brand new faces! So sit back, grab some popcorn, pop a cold one and enjoy the show! Let's get this party started off with a bang, shall we? A familiar voice rings throughout the arena, and Arius steps out into view, followed by Rin Akane. He walks down to the ring, maneuvering the title away from the fans while doing so. He steps into the ring and he obviously has an idea in mind. Since Angelo simply doesn't seem to have the courage to do this, I will. I'm issuing an open challenge for this beauty around my shoulder right here. So if you want it, come and get it. Arius taunts with his hand, daring anyone to come and face him. A new theme song plays, and a masked luchadore walks out onto the stage, already in his ring gear and ready for a fight. ???: Hola, Arius. It is I, Gran Santa, and I accept your open challenge. Santa bows for the crowd, who are a little bit surprised but applaud anyway. Arius has an amused look on his face. Arius: Well I have absolutely no clue who you are, but if you think you got what it takes, let's see it. Santa: Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow it down a little, hombre. If we're gonna do this, I want that abomination next to you in the back. Rin Akane looks at Santa with pure disgusts and looks back at Arius, not wanting to go. Arius looks back and nods at her. Despite looking upset, she leaves the ring and walks to the back, glaring at Santa as she passes by. Her opinion does not matter however, this match is on! Match 1 (SSW National Championship): Arius (c) vs Gran Santa Santa rolls into the ring to join Arius. Both men go to their corners, and the match begins. Arius approaches the center of the ring, but Santa circles him, hovering near the ropes. Arius attempts to grab him, but he side steps, grabs onto Arius' arm and leaps over the top rope. He puts all of his weight down, he might've ripped Arius' shoulder out of it's socket! Despite this potential hazard, Arius is caught in a triangle armbar on the rope! He is screaming in agony, but Santa does not let up until the referee's 5 count forces him to. He releases Arius, who backs away, clutching his shoulder. Santa positions himself on the apron, ready to attack. He leaps off the top rope and delivers a springboard dropkick, right to the jaw of Arius. Cover, 1..., kickout from Arius. "El Mago" locks in a grounded headlock on Arius, who immediately breaks out and gets right up to his feet. He stomps on the back on Santa's head, stopping him from getting to his feet. Arius drops a knee right to the back of the neck of Santa. Arius lifts him up, holding his face in his hand. He slaps him right in the mouth, which fires up Santa. He pushes Arius back and over the top, leaving him on the apron. He gets Arius to his feet and spins him around, before tying him up with a gory special, with his body outside of the rope! Inflicting even more pain onto the arm of Arius, he is once again yelling in agony, but Santa goes until the 5 count stops him. Despite the count being counted, Santa goes right back over to Arius, but this time he slides underneath the rope, and rolls him up! Wait, he's grabbing the tights! 1... 2... 3! This match is over! Arius exits the ring and grabs the title with his good arm before anyone can touch it. He raises it into the air and gets out of the arena as fast as he can. Santa is still down in the ring, but he is clutching his groin area. A replay is shown and it is seen the Arius ran he arm up underneath the belt on Santa, lowblowing him and then rolling him up, all in one smooth motion. Can't blame the referee for missing that one. The backstage area is shown, where Arius has already reunited with Rin Akane and some of his "henchmen" and his arm is already wrapped in ice. ???: Hey. Joey Marvelous is shown approaching from the left of the screen, and he is clearly talking to Arius. Marvelous: I saw what you did out there. That's risky business, man. Don't try anything like that against me. Arius: *breathing heavily* Why would I wrestle against you? Marvelous: Just spoke to Meltzer, and I got a title match against you at Genesis. He thinks since I wasn't the one who was pinned, I don't deserve to be cast out of the picture. That title's finally coming to a place it belongs. Arius: Cool, cool. Well good luck, but it's time for you to leave. Tut tut, on your way you go. Marvelous gives one last look at the title and exits the frame. Yeah, you heard it right then. The second match confirmed for Genesis, Arius vs Joey Marvelous for the SSW National Championship. Next up we have our second and... questionable new signing. Please welcome Superkick Sanchez, who is backstage with Dikey! Dikey: Hello Superkick Sanchez! Welcome to the beautiful land of SSW. Now Sanchez, I've heard tha- Dikey is cut off short by a superkick being placed right on his chin by Sanchez. Sanchez: SUPERKICK!!! Sanchez is going to walk off the scene, but he walks right into the much, much larger Giant Kayle. And of course, he superkicks him right in the chin, but he has to jump to hit his mark. Kayle is unaffected. Sanchez: Superkick? Kayle grabs Sanchez and throws him off the scene, and a crash is heard. He chuckles and walks out of frame. Told you he was interesting. At least he'll always be a good laugh. Alright, main event time! Let's go! Time for new signing numero tres! Main Event: Golem Benkei vs Charles Lupin Benkei is the first to enter, and he's a peculiar looking man. A very short stature for sure, but very bulky. Or is it muscular? It's hard to tell, but he is a UNIT. He marches down to the ring in pure seriousness. He rolls inside and goes right to his corner, looking determined and ready for his match right away. Charles Lupin's music hits and he walks out from the back. He is wearing a full body black robe that has some red streaks stemming from the bottom of it, and they seem longer than last time we saw him. He slowly makes his way down to the ring, steps onto the apron and steps over the middle rope into the ring. He derobes and walks into his corner, awaiting the bell. The bell is rung and the match has begun! The two men walk up to each other in the middle of the ring and face off, studying each other. Benkei is the first to make a move, which is the extension of his hand. Lupin looks at his hand then back at Benkei. He takes the handshake, but tries to pull Benkei toward him. His efforts are in vain, and Benkei pulls back with the same amount of force, not moving. He finally pulls with significant power and reels Lupin right toward him, hitting him with a rock hard clothesline. Lupin backflips and lands right on his stomach. Benkei goes right back on the attack and lifts Lupin up. He hits him with a forearm and then lifts him up and holds him in the air for well over a minute before finally tossing him aside, which causing him to bounce off the ropes. It's not looking good for Lupin, which is further accentuated when Benkei scales to the top rope. He leaps off the top rope and hits an elbow drop, right in the middle of Lupin's chest. He's not done though, and he pops back up to his feet and runs off the ropes, leaping in the air and hitting a senton right across the midsection of Lupin. He now goes for the cover, 1... 2..., kickout! Lupin's still in this, which he shows by trying to break free of Benkei's grasp once he is on his feet. Benkei maintains his hold though and reels him back in for a back suplex. He picks up Lupin once more and throws him off the ropes, waiting for his return. Lupin stops himself by grabbing onto the ropes, and when Benkei tries to charge at him, he lifts his foot and kicks him across the face to block him. Benkei is hit, and it seems something in him has clicked. He marches right on over to Lupin, easily picks him up and places him in the corner, and begins unloaded jabs to the midsection and forearms to the face on the defenseless man. The referee pulls him off, but he returns to the corner, lifts Lupin up high and plants him on his back with the Sky High Bomb. Cover again, 1... 2..., kickout and Lupin rolls him up in a crucifix pinfall, 1... 2..., kickout. A desperate attempt that sadly failed, and Lupin's future in this match isn't looking too bright, especially when Benkei climbs up to the top rope again. He patiently waits as Lupin makes his way back to his feet. He leaps off the rope and tries to connect with a double axe handle, but Lupin hits him with a jumping knee on the chin. The two men are sent to opposite corners, and they both run at each other at the same time. Lupin reacts faster though and connects with Into The Light. Luck seems to be on Lupin's side for tonight as he frantically makes the pinfall. 1... 2... 3! Lupin barely pulls off a victory today, and that's certainly not going to work all the time. Lupin celebrates in the ring while Benkei quickly shakes off the knee and rises to his feet. He once again extends his hand to Lupin, who this time shakes it without a problem. However, when he goes to walk away, Benkei once again holds the grip. He gives Lupin a smile before pulling him face first into a knee of his own. He then scales to the top rope and hits the Golem Splash, flattening Lupin underneath him. The crowd cheers him on, and he looks around with a smile, bowing in all directions before walking to the back. Great way to end the show in my opinion, the fans sure are happy and so am I! Consider tonight a success! Ladies and gentlemen, I am Dave Meltzer and thank you for tuning into SSW Punishment. Have a great night everyone!
  8. Name: Bardi C Age: 28 Flow style: Medium speed Lyrical Blessing(yes/no): Yuh Punchline level: 5 Word bending: 95 Perfect rhymes or assonance: Assonance Skincolor: White Nationality: Canadian Reason for rapping: Hook ups Rap Culture: Hip hop Fashion style: Stripper
  9. Name: Da Dikey Age: 15 Flow style: Offbeat but fast (Eminem/Blueface mix) Lyrical Blessing(yes/no): Nope Punchline level: 5 Word bending: 50 Perfect rhymes or assonance: Both Skincolor: White Nationality: American Reason for rapping: Clout Rap Culture: Hip hop Fashion style: Gold chains, face tats, always got at least 2 women following me
  10. Name: Mikey Trainer Class: Hiker Basic: Druddigon and Hawlucha 1st Evolution: Arcanine and Gyarados 2nd Evolution: Greninja and Blaziken
  11. False, science prevents me from believing
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