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  1. I saw this coming eventually, it's been clear that Vince is not a fan of how Bischoff has been booking SmackDown if the most recent episodes are anything to go by. Most segments feel like a McMahon run show, but I think that the good parts come from the influence that Bischoff had in the spot (even if it was just a little). Prichard is a a fantastic replacement for Bischoff, and I think he'll still be able to construct a good show with decent storylines. His style also favors McMahon's preferences more, and I expect to see some changes once again. As for Bischoff completely leaving the company, I would to if I got stripped of such a big position after not having any power in it.
  2. Mikey

    The BPZ Purge

    Most Kills (1 Point): Bob First Killer (1 Point): Arrow First Dead (1 Point): Also Arrow Who Will Survive (1 Point Each Correct, -1 Point If Wrong): Bob, Smith, Sameer, Bart
  3. Mikey

    Out of Line

    Minutes after the North American Championship match where the champion Yelich defended his title against Mikey with special guest referee BiC ended, we have the loser of the match, Mikey, backstage for an interview. Mikey enters the room, pursued by the referee in the match, BiC, and his tag team partner Hans. Despite the extra support, Mikey is clearly not in a good mood. He kicks down the chair set for him and folds the table with a big kick through it. He then grabs the interviewer standing in the camera space and shoves him out of view followed by him chucking his United States Championship on the ground. Well, isn't this just fantastic? A loss to one of the worst in the entire business. This...this is just another fluke. I, as a part of Bulletproof, am by definition one of the best in this goddamn company. And you Yelich, as a part of the job squad, are by definition the definition of shit in this company. When I saw your match against Arius, I won't lie, I had my doubts, that maybe you'd actually be able to put up a decent fight. But no. The only reason you won is because of one single lucky move. Hell, I don't blame BiC for that at all. You were lucky to have such a sophisticated referee moderating this match, he gave you much, much more than you deserved. The man saved your career multiple times for God's sake. Mikey stops speaking for a minute, clearly needing a moment to rearrange his thoughts. As he does so, BiC steps forward, handing him a bottle of water and whispering a few words into his ear. He then walks away with a few sympathetic pats on the back. My apologies, I'm a bit out of line right now. This is hardly about Yelich. Yelich is now a piece of the past, and no matter how hard we may try, the past cannot be changed. But the future can. And even I realize, that if the future is to be as perfect as me and my stablemates envision, I need to get into line. Our faction is of honesty and righteousness. We don't need the underhanded tactics I brought to the table to prove we are the best. We simply just...are. But when someone steps out of line like Yelich did by hitting the BPZ official referee BiC with a kick. And therefore, he had to retaliate. We had to retaliate. But like BiC proved, we are fair men with a tight bond. We forgive, we forget, but only as long as we move forward. That is exactly why these two gentlemen are standing behind me right now. The match was a learning experience, and because of it we've grown even stronger, formed a bond that will not be shaken by anyone in BPZ. Despite what happened during the match, being the great men that we are, we were able to overcome our differences and make amends. BiC nods in acceptance as Mikey squats down and picks up his championship, grabbing his neck in the process, a slight tweak having been caused from the rushed Concussion Syndrome. But this loss is nothing more than a mere setback. I still hold this championship, and that's what I'm concerned with now. I've heard the talk among the challengers, Buddy Ace and Aidanator especially. Everyone's trying to cause an uproar in the division, trying to get their name out there. And to that, I simply do not allow it. There is only one name that matters, and it is the name of the man who makes the division what it is, and that man is me. Because as far as I can see, I don't know what these two have done to consider themselves as competition. Not only lose to me, but get pinned by me at Bad Blood? Getting a victory over an injured Arrow? Something doesn't sound quite right. I am in motherf*cking Bulletproof, and I expect to be treated as such. No more shit competition, no more jokes of champions, I want real matches, real contests. It's becoming a running joke at this point. Nobody has been able to stop me recently without luck. And I already know that my loyal stablemates will support me to no end, no matter how easy the competition may be. And I can confidently say that I will do the exact same for them. I think we're done here. Mikey hoists his championship onto his shoulder and turns around to the First Class Express. He exchanges a brief hug with the two of them before they exit the room, not separately, but as one.
  4. Mikey

    Mansoor vs. Cesaro

    Hype it up boys, Mansoor and Cesaro on a pay per view card. I'd think that this match gets reduced to the preshow in light of bigger matches, but I have high hopes that it'll be given some spotlight. Both guys can put on a fantastic performance and certainly will have a Match of the Night contender without a doubt (as long as it's not a squash). I hope Cesaro gets fair treatment and gets a bit of offense in, because it's painfully obvious this match is happening to set up Mansoor for victory and therefore please the crowd. Both guys are really talented, and I hope if Mansoor can keep getting these wins at annual events, maybe one day WWE will bless us and let him onto the main roster for some more regular viewing.
  5. I really, really dislike the fact that this match is happening. I'm usually all for 5 on 5 matches, especially elimination ones that usually turn into car crashes midway through, but I can't see that happening here. There's literally no story behind it, just a little feud between Flair and Hogan that originated out of thin air. The wrestlers unleashing hell on each other makes no sense because they don't have much a reason to. But despite these flaws, judging by the stars in the match already, this should be an entertaining encounter if nothing else.
  6. Very interesting choice by WWE. After such a disappointing finish at Hell in a Cell, I really thought WWE would stay off the storyline for a bit while the whole situation cooled off a bit. And now, things can't really get that much better. I do think that Rollins has a way more legitimate claim to defeating Wyatt than at Hell in a Cell, but it still doesn't feel totally right. It mostly just feels like a failed attempt by WWE to carry on what's left of the Fiend's momentum to feed to Rollins to make him more legit, and it's really not working. This is ought to just piss off fans even more, but I think it might actually work out as Rollins can still be champion with a bit more legitimacy and Wyatt can go to SmackDown and basically start anew.
  7. James Knight vs The Marker United Nations vs High Society ICON vs Yelich FDS vs Mikey Brenden Playz vs Sameer Benjamin Wolf vs Bob Sparks vs Joshua Scott vs KENJI Echo Wilson vs Hollow Arius (c) vs Natedog The Godsent vs Young & Free Julius Jones (c) vs James Ropati Bashka vs Slim Royal Flush (c) vs Buddy & Bishop vs First Class Express vs SSW Club Flynn vs Necce The Bailey (c) vs Bart Hoogveld
  8. Just like the rest of the matches on the card, this is clearly just tossed together for the fun of it. I'm not sure if this is the type of match that'll appeal to international audiences, but apparently WWE thinks so. I can't imagine this going well at all, despite some of the teams involved. This match should realistically take up more than an hour of show time, but I think one team's gonna sweep house and eliminate four others in the span of a minute. I think that whoever is representing the OC will win (or at least I hope so) and this should be a decent match at best.
  9. I'm in (hopefully no repeat of last time)
  10. Name: The Mikester Gender: Male Superpower: Extremely persuasive talking (can kind of turn into mind control) and athleticism (backflips, parkour, etc.) Backstory: The Mikester (real name Michael Seymour) was born into a wealthy family. As a baby, he still had his persuasive talking power but it was completely undiscovered. After years and years of it being used unintentionally, his parents decided he was a freak and abandoned him at the young age of 7. Ever since, he's been living on the streets, staying out of danger using his way of speech and getting essentials to surviving through bribery/persuasion. Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Undecided
  11. October 7th, 2019 Survival Games Announced To kick off the show, the newly instated General Manager of BPZ and Undisputed Champion, Flynn, has an announcement. He announces that the card for next week's Survival Games has been announced, and it has some riveting matches on it, most notably including Slim defending the BPZ World Championship against Sameer in a rematch, and himself sparring off against his old time rival Necce for the BPZ Undisputed Championship. He concludes his statement with some reassurance to the fans, claiming Necce will be kept at bay come Survival Games and that everyone will have a champion that they deserve. Flynn lowers his mic and proceeds to exit the ring, but before he can get far, the lights in the arena go out, signifying one thing and one thing only. A scuffle can be heard in the ring, and soon a spotlight is shining down on the ring, where Necce is standing, holding Flynn in position for the Antichrist Revolution. He delivers the blow and poses over Flynn's fallen body and championship, the scene coming to a close with a picture of his face. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Match 1 (Tag Team Championship #1 Contender): United Nations (FDS and Brad) vs JRE (ICON and Jason Ryan) In a good match to start off the show, we had FDS and Brad representing the United Nations take on the newly formed duo of ICON and Jason Ryan. The two veterans obviously had a clear advantage, and it showed throughout the match. They were able to create a sense of chemistry despite being a relatively new team with their ability to decipher what's effective, which in this case was targeting the legs of both members of JRE. The match would come to a close when ICON missed a big double axe handle off the top rope on FDS, clutching at his injured legs. FDS capitalized on the opportunity and nearly took his head off with a vicious WRSTLMaker, pinning ICON for the three count while Brad dealt with Ryan on the outside. The two would celebrate their victory, earning the number one contenderships and sent a simple message to the champions Hans nad BiC: a double middle finger to the camera. FDS and Brad defeated Jason Ryan and ICON when FDS pinned ICON off of a WRSTLMaker -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- America The Beautiful Up next, we have the man who will face the BPZ United States Champion Mikey at Survival Games for his title, Buddy Ace. Ace comes down to the ring, clearly a lot on his mind if the rope hung around his neck is anything to go by. Ace says that he has had enough of being overlooked, and that now it is his time to shine. He claims he doesn't care about all of the doubt that he'll be successful, and that he even welcomes it, saying it fuels him even more to pick up the victory. He claims that the victory is for the United States, so they don't have to have Mikey as their champion any longer, but he also wants to go on a tear through the entire BPZ roster, and his mission unfortunately starts with Mikey. He tells Mikey to bring whoever, bring Bulletproof, bring anyone, because they'll just be added to his lists of names he has destroyed. The segment ends with Ace tying the ropes tighter on his neck and posing threateningly at the camera. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Match 2: MARKER vs KENJI With a title match on the mind of both in the match, MARKER took on the up and coming KENJI. The two had a decent encounter, MARKER's more physical and slow style mixing with KENJI's fast paced puroresu and technical style. MARKER succeeded in keeping KENJI at a slow pace for the entirety of the match, and it seemed like he had his victory on lock as he set up for the Reaper, but KENJI was able to counter the move into a wheelbarrow bulldog, flattening him on the ground. KENJI then deadlifted him off the ground, hoisting him over his head in a Horizon Suplex Hold, pinning him in a picture picture bridge for the three. KENJI made a claim tonight, possibly solidifying himself for a future United States, North American, or maybe even Intercontinental title match. KENJI defeated MARKER with a Horizon Suplex Hold -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Tight Grip After that fantastic matchup, the titantron lights up to the image of the NXT Champion, Amai. He is currently outside of an amusement park in seems, a bit unorthodox but interesting. He says that he has a good reason for being here, but he'll get to that in a bit. He says it's been a great time as NXT Champion thus far, and he couldn't imagine anything better. He's had people coming up left and right, praising him for his greatness and admiring his work. And he knows that they're all right. He thinks that no one in the NXT division is on his level, and that he has an iron grip on the title and that nothing will be able to break it as long as he wants to have it. And that's exactly why he's here: to have some fun and let go. If he is so great, than he should celebrate that he is that way and the thing is, it doesn't matter as he doesn't need to put in the work to be a great champion like many others might have to. He ends the promo by whooping as he enters the park, championship around his waist. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Who Will It Be? And now, we have the man we saw interrupting the owner of BPZ's interview, Heel. He appears on the screen, somewhere backstage in an isolated area. He stares straight at the camera as he speaks, notifying the BPZ roster and management that he will be getting the match he wants whether they give it to him or not. He says over and over that bad things will happen, bad, bad things. He ends of the speech with one last phrase, saying it's an honor to be a destructive force in BPZ once more before punching the camera, cracking the screen. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Main Event: Sameer vs Lunatic Ginge In tonight's main event, we saw "The Beast" Sameer take on the returning Lunatic Ginge. Despite the rust you'd expect from a man away from the ring for years, Ginge showed none of the sort, flying around the ring like a mad man, Sameer struggling to keep up. As a matter of fact, Ginge would even manage to put Sameer through the announce table with a huge german suplex and hit him with a powerbomb on the edge of the apron shortly after. Despite these obvious hardships, Sameer fought like a true man, showing why he's getting his rematch with Slim at Survival Games. After nearly 20 minutes of glorious action, Sameer would drop Ginge with a huge Superkick before scaling to the top rope and raining down upon him with a huge Frog Splash. Ginge would not be able to survive for the three count, and Sameer picked up the first victory over one of the alumni. Sameer defeated Lunatic Ginge with a Frog Splash -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Alliance As Sameer celebrates his hard fought win over Ginge, he is spun around in the ring and knocked out with a huge knee from Ginge! But why?! All of a sudden, the theme music of Slim plays as Sameer looks at the entranceway in agony, clutching at his nose. Slim skips down to the ring and rolls inside, truly a strange character. He quickly gets Sameer back to his feet and lays him out again, this time with the Essential Eliminator. He stands back up, laughing hysterically, but he soon spots as Ginge stares at him menacingly. Slim smiles at him and offers his hand out, causing Ginge to break out in a smile and accept the shake! The two men raise their hands in the air, an alliance having been formed here tonight at the expense of Sameer. BPZ Survival Games Card BPZ World Championship: Slim (c) vs Sameer BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Smith (c) vs Hans BPZ North American Championship: Yelich (c) vs Raven BPZ NXT Championship: Amai (c) vs Epic Heel's Open Challenge: Heel vs ??? BPZ Tag Team Championships: First Class Express (c) vs The United Nations BPZ United States Championship: Mikey (c) vs Buddy Ace BPZ Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Necce Leave your predictions below!
  12. EVOLVE: Resurgence February 12th, 2020 The Beginning of Evolution To kick off the first show of EVOLVE post draft, we have none other than the General Manager, Ric Flair! The crowd cheer the Nature Boy as he makes his way down to the ring. He steps inside, does a little bit of his iconic walk, and gets down to business. Ric Flair: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! WELCOME TO EVOLVE, WOOOOO! Tonight, we have a huge show ahead, a show where you will see some of the best matchups in EVOLVE history, and the crowning of our three championships.Thank you all for attending the event, and we hope you enjoy! BUT THE TIME FOR TALKING IS OVER, LET'S GET INTO THE ACTION, WOOOOOOO! The crowd woos along with Flair, and he waves to them all, as he makes his way to the back, the competitors for the first ever match in EVOLVE's new history make their way down to the ring. Match 1 (EVOLVE Women's Championship): Io Shirai vs Naomi ' In the first matchup for the night, we had Io Shirai and Naomi going at it to determine the first ever EVOLVE Women's Champion. As expected, the match was a great way to start off the show, getting the crowd invested. The exchange included a multitude of impressive offensive flurries, ranging from a combination of kicks from Naomi to an all out wild assault from Shirai. Both women used their high flying ability to their advantage, keeping the pace at high, much to the pleasure of the crowd. In the end, it would be Shirai who would dodge a Rear End from Naomi and knock her down with a huge roundhouse kick. She'd then ascend to the top rope and take the leap of faith, scoring a Moonsault for the pinfall victory. Io Shirai defeated Naomi with a Moonsault, winning the EVOLVE Women's Championship Match 2 (Tag Team Championship Match Qualifier): The Colons vs The Ascension Just before this match, GM Ric Flair announced that there would be a fatal four way elimination tornado tag team match later tonight to determine the first Tag Team Champions. He announced that the Usos, Gallows and Anderson, and the Revival were the three teams with a spot already in the match, and that they needed one more team, hence this collision. The match was as expected, and that is to say nothing special. Despite being hardly ever used just weeks prior, both teams showed little to no ring rust and really solidified themselves as formidable tag teams going forward. The Colons had a bit of a miscommunication, and that allowed the Ascension to sweep in with a Fall of Man to scoop up a victory, ensuring their spot in the tag match later tonight. The Ascension defeated The Colons with a Fall of Man The Freak In a brief video, we get a taste of "The Freak" Lars Sullivan. In the video, Lars is shown destroying some competitors in the ring, them standing no chance against him. The video ends with Lars pressing his face against a chain-link fence, screaming "WATCH YOUR BACK!" into the camera as the video comes to a close. Match 3: Chris Dijak vs Uhaa Nation In a first time encounter, we saw an encounter between Chris Dijak and Uhaa Nation. Both men are extremely athletic men, containing a great amount of power and agility in the ring, making this a very even contest. The matchup proved to be just that as momentum was shared equally throughout the contest. Some great spots included a stunning moonsault from Dijak, a spinout powerbomb through the announce table by Nation, and to top it all off, an all out slug fest in the middle of the ring. After this slug fest, it would be Nation who'd drop Dijak down to one knee and capitalize, lifting him high into the air and dropping him down, perfectly hitting the Standing Moonsault for the pinfall victory. Uhaa Nation defeated Chris Dijak with a Gorilla Press/Standing Moonsault Combination Match 4 (EVOLVE Tag Team Championships): Fatal Four Way Elimination Tornado Tag Match In the biggest match so far in EVOLVE's new history, there was a fatal four way tag team match, tornado and elimination style. The teams included the Usos, Gallows and Anderson, the Revival, and the newly included Ascension. The match was chaos all around, so much so that the referee was only able to focus on pinfalls, allowing a lot of illegal tactics to go unnoticed, most notably including a Shatter Machine through a table on Karl Anderson and a Magic Killer onto a fallen ladder outside of the ring on Jimmy Uso. Shockingly, it would be the experienced Luke Gallows being the first man eliminated from a Fall of Man from the Ascension with Viktor picking up the elimination. Shortly after, Karl Anderson avenged his partner with the elimination of Konnor via a Gun Stun, but right after he was caught by a Double Superkick from the Usos, eliminating him and his tag team from the match. The match preceded normally, and despite a huge deficit, Viktor was able to catch Jey Uso with a Leaping Knee, putting him to rest for the three count. And despite the best efforts of his partner Jimmy, the chair he was carrying turned into a deadly weapon against him when Viktor hit yet another Running Knee, driving the object face first into his face, eliminating him and the Usos from the match. It was then Viktor versus the Revival, three eliminations for one man versus none. The crowd were heavily in favor of Viktor as he was the underdog, and he pulled through with the elimination of Scott Dawson with a sneaky rollup, just barely getting the three. But before long, the match length took it's toll on him and Wilder was able to capitalize with a Figure Four Leglock, just barely making Viktor tap out. The Revival won the EVOLVE Tag Team Championships when Viktor tapped out to Dash Wilder's Figure Four Leglock Put On Notice After the astonishing tag team match, we now have a backstage promo from the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Styles: It's a hell of an honor to be included in the rebirth of EVOLVE, nonetheless as the first draft pick. And now I have a chance to make the company...phenomenal. Unfortunately, I will not be participating in the next match for the world championship, and as much as I feel I deserve the shot, I know damn well I can take it whenever I want to. Because when you're as talented as I am, you get what you want, no matter what the "General Manager" has to say about it. See you at the match. Styles walks off toward the entranceway, hands in his pocket, whistling a little tune while doing so. Main Event (EVOLVE Championship): El Generico vs Tommaso Ciampa In a surprising main event considering some of the stars on the EVOLVE roster, we had El Generico taking on Tommaso Ciampa to crown the inaugural EVOLVE Champion. This is a match fans have been anticipating for ages, and now they finally have the chance to witness it. The match was a spectacular show, with Ciampa focusing on trying to slow down Generico's fast pace. Generico was able to keep the pace up for the majority of the match, but Ciampa was able to knock it down a few notches every now and then and also match the pace a couple times. In an especially insane spot, Generico took a dive in a Tope con Hilo off the top rope, managing to put Ciampa through the announcing table. But despite this impressive feat, Ciampa was able to regain control, setting up for the Fairy Tale Ending when AJ Styles' music played. Ciampa was distracted by the entering phenomenal one, who had promised to come out during the match to survey the situation. The momentary distraction allowed Generico to connect with a Blue Thunder Bomb and a Brainbustah!!!!!, which was enough to put Ciampa away for the count of three. El Generico defeated Tommaso Ciampa with a Brainbustah!!!!! A REAL Fairy Tale Ending After the match concluded, Styles rolled into the ring, staring down Generico and his title. The two had a tense staredown, neither one moving an inch. But as the staredown continued, the crowd's noise level rose. Soon it was at a fever pitch, but Styles was too late in noticing Shinsuke Nakamura slithering in the ring after him, hitting a vicious Kinshasa. He then turned his attention to Generico and walked over to his as the crowd chanted his theme song. Once he reaches Generico, Nakamura extends a hand. Generico accepts the shake and raises his arms in the arm, unwisely turning his attention away from Nakamura. This move proves costly as Nakamura nails him with a Kinshasa when he turns around, dropping him to the mat and out of the ring. Nakamura picks up the fallen title and poses with it for a moment before tossing it to the fallen Generico on the outside and walking to the back. The show closes as Nakamura hits his trademark pose on the stage.
  13. Also pretty interested for this match, I think a pro boxer facing Strowman is a great way to get some attention on him, especially an undefeated one. I have no idea how this match is gonna go down, but I assume Fury's gonna knock him out or something cause it would terrible for business if he took an L. On second thought, it kinda makes Strowman look weak and some guy who's never coming back look strong, so I guess there's no real upside, but I have belief.
  14. I think it's a bit absurd that Lesnar just destroyed an excellent title reign so easily, but I'd be lying if I said I'm not excited for this match. Cain can do some crazy stuff in the ring and I think he'd be more than happy to go all out for a match with Lesnar in a proving ground type of thing. As for Lesnar, anything could happen. Sure, he's shown he can do amazing things in the ring against people like Bryan and Styles, but I have a feeling the match will be reduced to a 5 minute encounter simply because Lensar can't be asked to go longer than that. Anyway, should be a nice little match, hell I can even see Cain winning if it stays non-title.
  15. Mikey

    A.O.C {Sign Up}

    Name: Mikey figure head: Jay White weight: 200 lbs gimmick: Cool, calculated heel but is quite arrogant Aspirations: Win titles/matches, no matter what the cost may be finisher: Cosmic Ascension (Cross Rhodes) face or heel: Heel a realistic contract price: Maybe like $15k per month
  16. 1. Bailey 2. Slim 3. Flynn 4. Smith 5. Nebakos Really hard to make a list, I think the top 3 could really go any way
  17. Mikey


    We are merely hours away from BPZ Survival Games, but first we have the challenger to the BPZ North American Championship, Mikey, ahead of his match with Yelich. He is sitting on a hill, gazing out at the sunset as the event draws nearer and nearer. He takes a breath of fresh air and lays him United States Championship on the grass, reclining back, tuning into the sounds of the birds chirping on this beautiful evening. Eventually, the cameraman sits down next to him, ready for what he has to say. But Mikey doesn't sit up. He instead closes his eyes and opens his arms up. Look at it all. Absolutely stunning. It reminds me of back when I was a child. When I was a young boy, I sat atop a hill just like this one and gazed out at the city of San Diego, convincing myself I'd have a big, bright future in the city I love. Granted, this terrible city of Charlotte can't compare to San Diego, but it'll do for now. It was beyond my wildest dreams that I'd become a wrestler for the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, let alone having a prominent feature as champion in it. I always thought I'd be stuck working at some office job, maybe one that I like if I got lucky, but never anything at this magnitude. It's surreal even now to think about sometimes. I'm not one for sob stories or backstories, but I've been dreaming ever since I was a kid, and now I've made it. It's been around twenty years since then... Mikey sits up and looks around, gazing at the beautiful scenery. But when he turns to the camera, there is a glint of disappointment in his eyes. But if that version of myself saw me now...good god what I would've thought. Imagine, knowing you're going to become a successful professional wrestler, but knowing that at one of the biggest opportunities of your career so far, you have to beat YELICH. It'd be quite the shocker to be honest, and I would not be pleased in the slightest. But that's why I'm here. Some wrestlers prefer to get their pre-match nerves out some other way, whether it be working out, hyping themselves up, or doing shitty "Survival Games Interviews". Myself, I enjoy a nice little relaxation method. It's really soothing, you know. Helps me get over my worries from the past and from the future. I have to replay that moment of Yelich winning the North American Championship over and over and over again in my head, and sometimes it's just too much. I find this is the best way to clear my head and focus in on what truly matters. Everything else leaves my mind, and I then I can see it. Me, standing in the center of the ring, arms raised high in the high. But not with only one championship, but two. Come the end of the night, I will be the true champion of America. Mikey turns his attention away from the camera, taking a long look at the city below him before grabbing his title and getting to his feet. But instead of leaving, he stands, arms crossed, staring out at the bright lights. Yelich, I'd like you to know something before we head into the that ring. People like me, we come from humble roots. Some of us just sit on a hill, thinking about how one day we will get everything we deserve. But then there are people like you, who don't have to do all of that. You don't have to ponder and think about what you can do better to get what you deserve. You try to get what you don't deserve, like a championship match. And you go about this by begging and whining. I put in hard work everyday of my life to get where I am right now. What have you done, Yelich? What makes you think that you deserve to hold that championship more than I do? What makes you think that you have what it takes to defeat me? I'd love to know what you have to say because frankly, I can't think of anything. I'll see you in the ring tonight, "champ". Mikey then turns away from the camera, walking offscreen, his footsteps crunching in the gravel as he walks away. As Mikey walks away, a faint whistle from him can be heard, the national anthem of the United States of America.
  18. In an exclusive interview on BPZ.com, the owner himself, BrendenPlayz, discusses the re-addition of the former alumni, the thought process behind it, and how they are going to be used going forward. Brenden: It was an easy choice, really. BPZ Wrestling has been continually growing and growing recently, and it really made myself and the staff think about the alumni we could no longer provide for a few years back, and that was just about it. Fans love the guys like Nebakos, Heel, and Zombie, and they were all focus points of the company years ago. These guys can all still go, they're in their mid 30's at most, and it's been one of the most popular suggestions from fan recommendations to bring them back in. It's the least we could do to repay the people who helped us get here. As for the future...who knows? They'll most likely return to where they were when they left, so be prepared for some never before seen matchups between some of the newer stars and legends from the past. It's going to be a hell of a ride, and you all are getting front row seats. Thank you. Brenden is about to step down from the podium, but he is interrupted by one of the interviewers. Interviewer: Brenden, sorry, but could you answer one last question? Will you be stepping back into the ring at all? Brenden stops in his tracks, whipping his head around to look at the interviewer. He slowly steps back up to the podium, pondering his answer. Brenden: If we have the opportunity to bring back some of the all time greats, the door is open for anything to happen. Thank you. ???: Not so fast. The whole room turns it's attention to the voice, and it's none other than Heel, the first BPZ World Champion. Heel struts over to the podium where Brenden is standing. Once he arrives, Brenden turns to face him, and the two standoff in a tense moment. Eventually, Brenden nods at him and walks past, letting him have his moment. Heel: Well, I'm sorry to crash this lovely interview, but I have something I need to get off my chest. I've seen what BPZ has become recently. Swarms of young guys, who think they own the business, that they're better than myself or any of the other legends were. And let me be the first one to say there's not a damn word that's true about that. You can bet your ass I can take on any one of these upstarts and beat their ass in the process. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I intend to do. So, newbies, if you think you got what it takes to defeat the first ever BPZ World Champion, I'll be there on Carnage, and we can come to an agreement. See you all on Carnage. Heel leaves the audience with a wink and struts out of the room as the chatter between the interviewers and cameraman rises in volume.
  19. Episode 6 JCW Thursday Night Punishment: Aftermath And New... To kick off the show, we have the brand new JCW Tag Team Champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. They come out to the ring and thank the fans for being so supportive in their victory last night. They also claim that their victory was well deserved and that no other tag team in JCW can match them in the ring, showing a bit of their arrogant side. They end off the speech with promising the fans a great title reign and a lengthy one. But as they are about to leave the ring, the GM Milano Collection AT comes out! Much to the Machine Guns shock, AT declares that there will be a #1 contender match for their tag titles tonight, and that they should have no problem defeating the winner in one months time. And that match is right now! Match 1 (Tag Team Championship #1 Contender Match): Angelico and Jack Evans vs Tencozy In a match between two teams who have suffered a loss in JCW so far, Jack Evans and Angelico took on the team of Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima. The matchup played well to both teams with the high flying team of Angelico and Evans matching up against the slow paced brawlers Tenzan and Kojima. Both teams looked pretty good, especially Angelico and Evans who were flying all over the place with ease. Despite the best efforts of the veterans to keep the movement slow, the pace was ultimately ramped up too high and they fell to the high flyers when Angelico hit a Superman Senton on Tenzan, pinning him for 3 in the center of the ring. Angelico and Jack Evans defeated Tencozy in 10:34 when Angelico pinned Hiroyoshi Tenzan off a Superman Senton. Who Dares? Up next, we have the JCW National Champion, Katsuhiko Nakajima, who would like to address a few things. He grabs a microphone from ringside and announces that all of his hard work has paid off, and he's finally getting what he deserves. But he still has a question: who is worthy of fighting him now? He issues an open challenge to the locker room and the first man to answer will have a championship match against him at JCW Revolution. He waits for about 30 seconds, but his prayers are finally answered by the music of Johnny Gaijin. He comes out and says that despite his loss to Miyahara a few weeks back, he can still go with the best and certainly defeat Nakajima with ease. Nakajima looks amused by this, but he accepts the challenge, saying Gaijin is going to get more than he bargained for. And it is set: Katushiko Nakajima vs Johnny Gaijin for the JCW National Championship at Revolution. Answers The ever familiar sound of a coin hitting the ground plays, and none other than the Rainmaker enters, hot off a victory at Dawn alongside Kento Miyahara. He speaks while he walks down to the ring, saying that he had an enjoyable match at Dawn, and it was an honor to wrestle in the same corner as Miyahara. But with that being said, he also acknowledges the DQ finish. He questions the Dark Order, wondering why they couldn't defeat them by pinfall or submission if they are so strong. But Okada doesn't like wondering, so he calls out the Dark Order, telling them to give him the explanation he deserves or suffer the consequences. The lights suddenly go out and a scuffle can be heard in the ring, but when they turn back on, Evil Uno is on the ground and Stu Grayson is in Okada's grasp! Okada spins him around and hits a vicious Rainmaker, dropping him instantly. He grabs the fallen mic once more and says that if he doesn't get what he wants next week, the beatdown will only get worse. He tosses the mic onto the fallen body of Grayson before his music hits once again. Main Event: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Killer Kross In the main event of the evening, the veteran Hiroshi Tanahashi took on the up and coming Killer Kross. These two had an interesting encounter, their styles clashing oddly. But despite this difference, they were still able to make something great out of it. The two had various moments of high spots, exchanges of strikes, or stunning displays of reversals. It was clear to see that Kross desperately wanted the win to cement himself as a star in JCW, while Tanahashi was more calm and relaxed, just looking to solidify himself as the Ace like always. Kross' ambition got to him eventually, and when he locked in the Kross Jacket, he did so too quickly and didn't get the proper hold in, so Tanahashi was able to fight out and deliver a slingblade before scaling to the top rope and finishing off the match with a High Fly Flow. After the match, Kross locked in the Kross Jacket once again, leaving it in for an extended period of time, sending a statement to the rest of the locker room. Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Killer Kross in 16:20 with a High Fly Flow. Celebration Surpise To end off the show, there is only one man to do it, and that is the JCW World Champion, Tetsuya Naito. He comes out to a huge ovation from the crowd, soaking it all in. He walks down to the ring and takes a microphone out of his jacket pocket. He says that a few nights ago, he had the time of his life competing against Daniel Bryan. He says that it was a treat to battle him, and even more of treat to defeat him and put him in his place. But he assures the crowd that this is not about Bryan, but about him, as he is the champion now. He thanks everyone for the support and declares that he will be a fighting champion, taking on anyone, anywhere. But as soon as he says this, the lights go off and the titantron lights up. It is Punishment Martinez, the same man who attacked him after his victory at Dawn. Martinez says he's not interested in his "fighting champion" gimmick and that he doesn't even want the title. He just wants to make a name for himself, and he'll do anything to do so. The titantron shuts off and the lights turn back on, but Martinez is right behind Naito! Naito shrugs the message off and turns around to continue his speech, but Martinez levels him with a clothesline. He then gets him to his knees and delivers a Running Curb Stomp, driving his skull into the mat. This time, he simply poses over his fallen body and exits the ring, showing no interest in the championship. The show ends with Naito sitting in the ring, championship clutched close to his chest.
  20. BPZ Wrestling: Generations Collide Stars have come and gone, championships have been won, stories have been told, and live long memories have been created. This is the story of BPZ Wrestling. But not any normal story. The owner of BPZ Wrestling, BrendenPlayz, made a game changing decision. After months of analyzing the data, he finally came to the decision to offer some select BPZ alumni contracts. The world of BPZ has been changed forever as of October 2019 as some of the most influential names of all time have been reintroduced, and it's sure to be a hell of a ride. The Alumni Zombie - Nebakos - Tamer Ryan Reeves - Heel - Bizzy Apex - Ross - Alyx Wilde Maestro - Lunatic Ginge - Karico The Championships/Power Rankings BPZ World Heavyweight Championship Champion: Slim 1. Sameer 2. BiC 3. Nebakos 4. Julius 5. Heel BPZ Undisputed Championship Champion: Flynn 1. Necce 2. Arius 3. Echo Wilson 4. Bart 5. Zombie BPZ Intercontinental Championship Champion: Smith 1. Hans 2. Arius 3. FDS 4. MARKER 5. Bashka BPZ United States Championship Champion: Mikey 1. Buddy Ace 2. Aidanator 3. Alex Costa 4. KENJI 5. Mirage BPZ North American Championship Champion: Yelich 1. Mikey 2. Joh 3. KENJI 4. Raven 5. Hans BPZ NXT Championship Champion: Amai 1. Raven 2. James Knight 3. Cody Cage 4. Nathan Sayer 5. Jason Ryan BPZ Tag Team Championships Champions: First Class Express TBD Now that I'm out of character so to speak, I'd just like to say that my knowledge of some of the alumni is limited, and help along the way would be very appreciated. As for my criteria in deciding, it's basically off of who I've seen on the forums/Discord in the last year. If they haven't been on, they're most likely alumni. If you want to get more involved in the diary/give me a bit of a detailed background of your character (or any of the alumni), feel free to fill out this form below. Otherwise, I'll be using my best judgement/imagination or the Kayfabe Information Thread. Name/Nickname: Preferred Figurehead: Wrestling Style: Signatures (up to 2): Finishers (up to 2): Background: Heel/Face/Tweener: Thank you all for reading, hopefully I can keep this active and get the first episode out soon.
  21. *Cracks knuckles* alright, here we go Jesus fucking christ what the hell happened here? I understand that WWE really just messed up by having the Fiend in a Universal title match and that there wasn't a win win in this situation, but this was by far the worst way to get out of it. A DQ in a Hell in a Cell match is honestly just unthinkable. If I was living in the past and someone told me that happened, I would have been in absolute denial. Never would I have thought that WWE would have gone down that hole and ruin a stipulation like that. And it's a shame really because the match wasn't all that bad. Rollins' uphill battle against the Fiend felt perfectly realistic for the way he's been booked, and the no sells gave the match a kind of scary vibe, like this shit was gonna go far to put Wyatt down for the count. And yeah, I guess it did but there ended up being no count. Instead, we got to watch Rollins sledgehammer stuff on top of Wyatt's face for a DQ. I would've understood like a no contest in a double pin or something like both men get knocked out, but this was just unacceptable. Yeah, Bray might've looked strong taking all those curb stomps and shots and kicking out easily, but all that was thrown under the bus all because he got one move to the face and looked like too much of a bitch to keep going. And now Rollins is going to have so much heat on him that will not be going away as long as he holds that title. WWE's only real option now is to have Bray go back to his usual shtick and build him up even more, but then there's the issue of Rollins. And honestly, I find this a good time for them to take a break from the Rollins/Fiend feud and have someone take the belt of Rollins. But now, I'm not even sure what to think except what the hell, this is just not very good.
  22. Overall, not a bad match and not too many complaints. Both teams did a great job in the ring and played their roles well. I think despite the loss, Harper and Rowan looked pretty decent and had a good chance to display what they can do. And to lose to a team with a name value of Bryan and Reigns, it's not really that devastating. As for team that won, I think it was the right choice all things considered. Bryan needed this match to really solidify himself as a face once again, and Reigns of course was just there to win, and I guess it worked out. The hug at the end was a bit odd, and I hope these two can just go on their separate paths and not have to team up.

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