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  1. Backstage epic is in a darkly lit room "A normal battle royal is kind of like a dice, there are different ways it could go, but this one is different as there is only one way it can go with me throwing every last person out of the ring and becoming your new NXT champion, oh what an elite champion I will be, now lets have a look at my opponents, The Job Squad oh wait I mean SSW Club, Mave you may have unleashed your demon but there is nothing your demon can do to stop me throwing you out of the ring." Epic takes a shot of whiskey "Bulldozer who the hell do you think you are, I wasn't prepared for the assault but now I am ready to end your god damn career, you will be the last person I eliminate just so I can torture you without any interruptions." "Sir Raven I congratulate you for leaving the SSW Club but I call dibs on kicking Bulldozers ass, but you don't have that great of a win loss record so I will not even need to try to eliminate you." Epic takes another shot "Arrow my god they really need to increase the number of people in this battle royal don't they." "Dikey now I am not 100% sure if you are cleared for the battle royal but if you are I will make sure you get eliminated softly so you don't get injured again." Epic takes another shot "Bob now I ain't to sure if you actually want to win or if you want Alice, just do me a favour and stay out of my way, now if anyone else enters you better do the right thing and stay the hell out of my way if you want at least 5 seconds of action."
  2. Promo of the year actually best promo on the forums, wait no best promo anywhere
  3. Epic is being checked up on after the assault from Bulldozer. "Now Bulldozer, I congratulate you for stepping up and being a man, but I also have to say what a terrible mistake you made attacking me, now I am going to announce my entry to the NXT battle royal, so Bulldozer I am coming for you and there is nothing you or the rest of the SSW club can do about it." Epic tells the medic to leave and then stares directly at the camera. "Unlike you I have trained to be in this company, I have wrestled my way to the top of the indies before signing here but you tried to ruin my career so I am going to ruin yours."
  4. In the ring there are two chairs, a table, Two mics and a bottle of expensive Whiskey. Epics music hits. Epic walks out with his pipe and gets booed by the crowd, Epic refuses to shake any of the fans hands, instead ignoring them and getting in the ring. He sits down and says "Wow, the company is finally giving me some respect, but it isn't enough, I will send my demands straight to the owner, but right now I have a job to do, so welcome to the first interview of my elite career and welcome my guest representing the SSW Club Bulldozer!" Bulldozer does his pose at the top of the ramp. Bulldozer walks down to the ring to a chorus of boos. while he is walking to the ring a child shouts at him and Bulldozer walks over to him and shouts at the kid making him cry. He shakes Epics hand and sits down. "So Bulldozer welcome to the show, now you seem to be in a bit of a feud with Bob (Fans cheer because of Bobs name being mentioned) he said he would end your career, what is your response to that?" Bulldozer laughs and says "Bob can make all the claims he wants and can pander to everyone all he wants but know this it'll make it all so much sweeter and enjoyable when I rip it all away from him and these do called fans." "Now In a more serious note, in the Powertrip cup, the only member of SSW club lost in the first round, and at Backlash the SSW club lost to the Royal Flush, what can SSW club change to get to their winning ways?" "Well honestly we underestimated Royal Flush and paid the price for that and Julius is one of the best wrestlers here in BPZ, however both of these losses are being treated like firewood the fire will only increase, all we have to do is dominate and conquer this company so expect us to completely dismantle and destroy everyone who gets in our way." "with all these losses don't you feel that SSW club are kind of weak?" Bulldozer laughs and stands up, he picks up Epics pipe and throws it onto the floor, Epic picks it up, Bulldozer hits a cheap shot, Epic pushes Bulldozer but Bulldozer hits a low blow, Bulldozer puts Epic on the table and hits a double foot stomp. Bulldozer hits his pose then goes backstage
  5. So Minecraft is popular again so I am going to make a server in the next few weeks
  6. Epic1237_

    BPZ Battles

    Black panther Avengers age of Ultron Guardians of the Galaxy Thor Ragnarok Ant man Doctor Strange Spiderman Homecoming Infinity War Captain America Civil War Thor Dark World Winter Soldier
  7. Epic appears on the titantron. "Don't fear for the elite one is here, now I know that you are all scared of me and I don't blame you, none of you are elite and no one can keep up with me in ring, now at Mayhem I will be in the front row scouting of course seeing who is worth my time." Epic gets his pipe and smokes it. "I will expect to see you at Mayhem for only 9.99, also follow my twitter and buy my merch."
  8. Jack Jester vs Jimmy Havoc vs Crazy Mary Dobson (Sarah Logan in the WWE) - Hardcore match Its crazy to see her here doing extreme stuff and I hope WWE incorporate extreme moments into her gimmick. Also Sarah gets a staple gun to her mouth.
  9. Epic1237_

    BPZ Battles

    Daredevil Iron Fist Defenders Agents of Shield
  10. Epic walks out smoking a pipe, he grabs a steel chair and sits in the middle of the ring, he stares right into the hardcam, and gets a mic. "Now this is special company, you celebrate Australians like Brenden and Julius, SSW Club are running around like they run the place, Jonathan and Sheridan are in a tag team called the Royal Flush, Arius is a ghoul like how does he even get payed, everyone is saying push Hans but it will never happen, Jack Bishop believes he can take out the entire SSW club, Arrow believes he is amazing but in actuality we all know he isn't" A fan boos and Epic walks over to security and makes them take him away. "No one backstage is Elite and none of them is better than me" Epic walks out of the ring and grabs his pipe and smokes it while going backstage.
  11. On the titantron Epic is sitting on a Chair, in a dark room, "Forget your hero's, forget who you think are the villains, I am the elite one and I am the one who will cure this company." Epic grabs a Pipe and smokes it before blowing it in the camera
  12. Sounds good Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Wrestlemania, Survivor Series, Fastlane, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank and of course Stomping grounds
  13. Epics music plays Epic stays on the ramp and grabs a mic "Well well well look at this, the spotlight is on me, as it should be *The crowd boos* oh shut up, I can stay here for the entire show, and no one will stop me, so lets get back to why I am here, I don't have an opponent for the next PPV but I will have a front row ticket, to scout that is" Epic drops the mic and shouts "Fear the elite one!"
  14. I count stables as 4 or more people, 3 is a trio, but they are defiantly in the top 5 for trios
  15. A new theme plays on the titantron Epic comes out with a mic and wearing a leather jacket, while walking to the ring he puts his hand out to a man, the man goes to high five him but Epic spits on him. "Now you are all wondering why I am out here, And to be quite honest it is because I want to be paid, now I am only going to be here for a few minutes, so buy my merch, follow me on twitter and" *a kid in the crowd shouts "you suck!"* "Listen kid I don't suck but your mum does *Epic pulls out a cigar and lights it* "Screw your hero's I'm the one they all fear" Epic goes to the back and taunts the man he spat on, Then he shouts "Fear the elite one!"

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