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  1. Just say your favourite/main Mortal Kombat character. My favourite Mortal Kombat character is Noon Saibot
  2. The Ascension and Emma
  3. Name: Epic Nickname: The Elite One Moves: Like Cody Rhodes Signatures: Moonsault Finisher: Cross Rhodes Hometown: Scotland
  4. Nay have always hated them since what it can do to a wrestler such as give them a concussion
  5. Kanye West has won
  6. Finals J. Cole vs Kanye West
  7. Epic Senior 6'5 215 white guy, dark brown hair shooting guard
  8. Round Three Drake vs J. Cole Kanye West vs Denzel Curry
  9. nice how about what if Shayna Baszler never signed with WWE
  10. Epic walks out to the ring He walks over to the timekeeper area and takes a mic from them "Now you all may be wondering where I have been, well I have been at the gym getting ripped while the NXT champion is busy killing people." A video plays showing Epic at the gym "You see now not only have I been at the gym, I have also been getting sponsors and have my own brand of whisky, which has an amazing taste and is only $20 and at only the most high class whiskey shops." "Now as I do want that NXT championship, which I was screwed out of, I ask the people who are high up in management for a match against the NXT Champion, the murderer himself Bob, also I heard that the person who Arrow eliminated from the NXT battle royal Owen said some rude things about the SSW club so if I could also get my hands on him that would be great." Epic waits in the ring as the fans chant Arrows name "Also to all the reporters who have asked me about what happened to Bulldozer and how I feel, well if I find out who it was they won't be able to compete anymore once me and the rest of the SSW club are through with them." Epic leaves the ring and walks to the back.
  11. Congrats Sheridan and Julius good luck
  12. Round 2 Drake Vs A$AP Rocky J. Cole Vs Joey Bada$$ Kendrick Lamar Vs Kanye West Juice WRLD Vs Denzel Curry
  13. so basically I'm stealing Arius' idea but instead of superhero movies I'm doing rappers. Just reply saying who's better. Current rappers Drake vs Logic Offset vs A$AP Rocky J. Cole vs 21 Savage Childish Gambino vs Joey Bada$$ Kendrick Lamar vs Joyner Lucas Travis Scott vs Kanye West Post Malone vs Juice WRLD 2 Chainz vs Denzel Curry

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