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  1. 1st winner was Cesaro who only partnered with Paul Heyman which lead to absolutely nothing 2nd winner was Big Show who did absolutely nothing with it 3rd winner was Baron Corbin who won a few matches before being lowered down the card until he started to rise again at the next years mania 4th winner was Mojo Rawley who was the first person to beat Jinder Mahal on SD but them turned his gimmick into showing 10 year olds the trophy till Zack came back 5th winner was Matt Hardy who formed a team with Bray Wyatt then they dropped the titles to The B-Team So ultimately who really cares who wins give it to a guy that isn't on the card like a member of SANITY or something I mean Vince will forget about it in two weeks anyway.
  2. Keeley says that Captain Canada doesn't deserve a world title run +5 heel work
  3. On YouTube a channel uploaded for its first time, The video being called 'Being Epic ep 1' "hello and welcome to my YouTube channel Being Epic, I'm Epic and I'm a wrestler" * the video cuts to the gym* "This is where the magic happens" *A speed up video of Epic at the gym doing Weight Training and running on a treadmill plays for 4 minutes with copyright free music playing.* *The video cuts to the ring to Epic at the ring at a small local wrestling promotion* *The match plays out with Epic winning with a cross face* * The video ends with Epic on his couch* "Thank you for watching Being Epic and I will see you next time"
  4. Don't forget the dog that peed at the start of the match or when the dogs where chasing Big Boss Man and one of the handlers fell over
  5. Tew is obviously the better one and Tew 2020 will be very good when it drops but JoW is a good alternative if you cant afford tew since its constantly updated.
  6. Yoshi Tatsu figure leg on a pole between Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd
  7. Puma king and David Star would be nice to see in AEW
  8. Eddie and moose resigned with impact and the revivals contract doesn't end till 2020
  9. I think Shane will hit the miz's dad and miz will be looking after his dad and the usos will pin Shane. After the match Shane will get pissed at miz for not helping him and will attack miz. Leading to miz winning at mania and celebrating with his dad.
  10. Style: high flyer Known moves: corner dropkick, Rolling kneebar, tope con Hilo, standing moonsault, multiple kicks to the opponents chest, tornado DDT and Rolling Thunder Signature: Spanish fly Finisher: 630 splash Rare Finisher: crossface Figurehead: bandido Name: epic Nickname: the death defying Height: 5'11 Weight: 195 Theme: Lucifer ( filthy generations ICW theme)
  11. Name: Epic Personality: a High Flyer who doesn't mind jumping off high things like ladders to takeout his opponents Signature: Spanish fly Finisher: 630 senton (also uses a crossface)
  12. Dudley Boys Vs curry man and shark boy It had everything a comedy hardcore match could want such as bubba getting caught by shark boys fishing rod and people getting hit by fish
  13. Christian cage Vs abyss Lockdown 2006 Basically a hardcore steel cage with a Giant splash from Christian to abyss were abyss sh*t himself
  14. Lewis Mccintyre marks out for captain Canada. During a shoot interview Lewis Mccintyre praises captain Canada multiple times and questions Keeleys sanity seeing the massive upside of him.
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