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  1. In November 2019 a new wrestling company opened up with a roster consisting of world class competitors. Titles: Final Shock Wrestling World Championship Tag Team Championships Intercontinental Championship The Roster: Main Eventers: "The Samoan Werewolf" Jacob Fatu (H) "The Outlandish" Rich Swann (F) "The American Psyco" Lance Archer (T) Upper Midcarders: "Flying" Brian Pillman Jr. (F) Black Taurus (H) "Speedball" Mike Bailey (F) Midcarder: "Semitic Suplex Machine" Simon Gotch (H) Josef Samael (H) Matt Cross (F) "The Caramel Collosus" Barrington Hughes (F) Lower Midcarder: Lance Anoa'i (F) Air Wolf (F) Ikuro Kwon (H) Shaheem Ali (F) Leon St. Giovanni (F) Jordan Oliver (H) Enhancement Talent Leon Scott (H) Vandal Ortagun (H) Teams Contra Unit (Jacob Fatu, Simon Gotch, Josef Samael, Ikuro Kwon) Coast to Coast (Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni)
  2. Epic comes out with his assistant Alice 2, with a bible in his hand. "Hello people, please be quiet, I am holding a bible study session backstage and you two guys complaining is distracting me." says Epic Alice 2 grabs a mic and says "We will be out as we will be doing some 'special' exercises after the bible study session is over" Epic enters the ring and goes face to face with Steph "Steph what I have in my hand, you must respect or God will kill you or something like that." Epic hand Steph the bible and Alice 2 kisses Epic and they leave the ring. Steph looks very confused and looks down at the bible. While Epic walks up the ramp and says "It's almost the gift giving time of the year." Epic stands at the top of the ramp and says "Remember BPZ fans it's almost Christmas, so go out and buy a BPZ Bible only 15 dollars at BPZShop.com" Epic and Alice go backstage.
  3. Minoru Suzuki is in NJPW so I think this is where it would go The title is pretty obvious so just reply with your favourite moment My favourite Suzuki moment is when he fought Thatcher in OTT and the crowd were chanting for Thatcher, Suzuki stared at the crowd and they all started chanting for Suzuki
  4. The titantron cuts to Epic in Detroit "Hello the BPZ Galaxy, today I am in Detroit, a place well known for crime and rappers, so I am going to convert some people, to follow god" Epic crosses the road and goes into a strip club, inside he meets former BPZ employee Alice's twin, Alice 2. "Hello there welcome to the club do you want a dance?" Epic who could smell the STDs coming from her even from outside says "No I'm not here for a private dance, I'm here for someone who will do my bidding." "If you ain't here for a Dance get the hell out!" suddenly a lightning bolt comes down and strikes Alice 2 and she transforms and removes her STDs. "Alice 2 the lord has decided that you will join my cause!" A gang member slaps Alice 2 on the ass, Epic grabs the guy and throws him through a window. When Epic and Alice 2 try to leave a whole gang is waiting for them, Epic says "Babushka Boy" and all the gang members walk up to Epic and give him all their money. Epic and Alice 2 get into a Lambo from Epic's new contract (since Brenden had a bunch of money following him releasing half the roster). Alice gets her phone out and starts reading bible verses from an app. 9 HOURS LATER Epic and Alice 2 have arrived back to the West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ in Iowa. "Well that was fun, but I have some big news my new album Jesus is King was released recently!" "Yeah, it's the best album of all time!" says Alice 2 excitedly. Epic pulls out his phone and decides to check his DMs suddenly his smile turns into a face of pure anger. "CRIPPLER! YOU TALK ABOUT ME AGAIN LIKE THAT I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! wait I mean I will let the lord decide your fate." Epic grabs a water bottle and sits down still fuming after reading what Crippler said. "Crippler I am going to be at Carnage next week and I want to have a little talk, just me and you in the middle of the ring having a little conversation, no little distractions". The screen fades to black as Epics theme plays in the background.
  5. The titantron cuts to Epic and Mary Sue talking at church. "Mary I told you to leave that cunt or I'm dropping your ass" says Epic Mary spots the camera and whispers into Epics ear. Epic turns around and says "Oh I didn't see you there, so I didn't do good in Halloween Havoc but that is a terrible holiday and goes against the bible. Right here at Jesus 3:16 it says Halloween is the devils holiday and promotes being fat." Mary is on her phone smiling "Mary what are you looking at?" Epic grabs the phone and his face drops. "MARY WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS, YOU CHEATING WHORE!" Mary starts crying as Epic opens a secret door beneath the altar and comes out with a strange book. "Al shabaab, Al Shabeeb, Alakazam, Doulingo, Stupid Flanders, Curry Man, Shark Boy, Sweet Papi Sanchez." Mary starts trying to leave the church but a circle of fire surrounds her and a hole opens up dropping her into hell. "If you live in sin you burn in hell." Mutters Epic Epic walks over a bench and sits down "I am going for NXT and I will win or I am going to do something very bad, perhaps a sin, so Tiger, Amai, Crip, Riddler I am going to win whatever match we will be in, but just being honest it will be in a battle royal because BPZ management don't like the NXT division." Suddenly a light shines over Epic and Epic gets rejuvenated and picks up a bible "Time to preach!" The logo of the church shows up and Carnage goes back to normal
  6. NXT opens up with GM Dusty in the ring "Last night, we got called that Alex Riley has been attacked in his home, now I am a lot of things but stupid isn't one of them so Kassius get out here right now!" Kassius comes out to a lot of boos "Listen Mr Rhodes I know I may seem like a suspect but I swear it wasn't me that attacked Alex. Maybe ask that no good guy Shawn Spears that attacked me unprovoked" Shawn Spears comes out "Wow Kassius you really are brain dead, did you not get checked after the superkick I gave you last night?" "Spears what is it you want" says Dusty "No Dusty he said my name I want a match against him right now!" says Shawn "Well what are we waiting for get a ref out here right now!" says Dusty who runs down the ramp to the backstage area. Match 1 Kassius Ohno vs Shawn Spears Kassius runs at Dillinger but Shawn hits a superkick and goes for the pin only to get a two count. Shawn sets up for his finisher but Ohno reverses it. After 7 minutes Ohno gets the big victory after a rolling elbow. Backstage Paige sits down with Tom to talk about her future in NXT. "So Paige we are yet to see you on NXT, what can the NXT universe expect from you?" says Tom "Tom I cant wait to show everyone the British style." all of a sudden Summer Rae walks in. "Paige, quiet down I am the only one who matters." Paige gets up and pushes Summer when Tamina comes in and superkicks Paige. Summer and Tamina. Match 2 Brodus Clay vs Leo Kruger In 6 minutes Brodus Clay won via count out Dean Ambrose cuts a promo on the roster and can't wait for NXT Takeover Main Even NXT Championship Tournament Xavier Woods vs Jinder Mahal Jinder Mahal starts the match with a cheap shot and is in control the majority of the match with Xavier only getting in a little offence, Jinder wins in 10:30 Richie comes out on a crutch and stares down Jinder to close NXT Next Week Drew McIntyre vs Bo Dallas Tamina vs Audrie Marie Jinder and a mystery partner vs Rollins and Steamboat British Ambition vs Judas Devlin and Sawyer Fulton
  7. Aleister Black vs Ali Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kevin Owens New Day vs The Usos Kofi Kingston vs Andrade
  8. Name: Captain Ketchup 2099 Nickname: The almighty one Height: 6 3 Weight:205 Build: muscular Appearance: Spiderman 2099 Power: shoots ketchup from blasters General Backstory: inspired by Captain Ketchup the first, he killed an entire gang by filling their insides with ketchup and bursting their stomaches Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Antihero Preferred Last Words: Shit I died
  9. Sasha, Ricochet, Drew, OC, Bray, Booby Lashley, Alexa, Rollins are winning
  10. Name - Captain Ketchup the second Age - 10 Appearance/Build - Ripped and wears a red outfit Do they conceal their identity (their face) and if so with what? - A red mask Power(s) - shoots ketchup out of a blaster Background/Origin Story - inspired by the legendary first captain Ketchup, stole tech to protect civilians Alliance (F.A.L.L. [evil but no questions], A.T.L.A.S. [good], mafia, Anti-hero, hero, villain) - A.T.L.A.S Any Additional info - ketchup blasters burn flesh
  11. A video plays on the titantron showing West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ in Iowa. "Hello and welcome to church!" says Epic in a enthusiastic tone. the camera cuts to in the church where Epic is with his lovely friend Mary Sue "This is my lovely friend Mary Sue and we are going to be recording some sick beats after I win NXT." says Epic "Hello I am Mary Sue and I am the feature on Epics song Rappin' for Jesus, which already tops the leaderboards in 7 countries." "Now if I may interrupt I heard the current NXT champion Amai said some not nice words about me. So Amai you want to diss one of Gods messengers, I will pray that God forgives me for what I do to you, as I will make you bleed and will save the NXT championship from hell!" Mary Sue brings up a old man wearing a white top and Epic asks him a few questions "So what is your name?" "My name is Danny" "Okay Danny I have a few questions, number one is do you watch Carnage?" "Yes I watch it before the news" "Okay good, do you know who is fighting for NXT?" "You are in the match and are fighting, Amai, Sir Raven, Steph and The Tiger Mecko" "that would be correct Danny, now who are you rooting for?" "I am rooting for Sir Raven as he is a fascinating character." Epic looks annoyed and tells Danny to go away, when Danny is walking away Epic pulls out a gun and the lights go out. When the lights come back on Mary Sue is moping the floor for a red stain. "Ah Danny has disappeared, he is probably waiting to see what the Lord has for him and I think someone spilt ketchup on the floor." "A whole lot of ketchup." says Mary Sue sarcastically "Anyway Amai I see you with your title and I will ask God for any advice to win that title. Steph I see you got your bum beaten when trying to save Arrow during the operation:hidden zebra day well I'm going to have to turn you into a sacrifice for the great Jesus. Mecko 'the tiger' I know how you are a favourite but I have to take you out as well and that leaves Sir Raven I have a bone to pick with you as you have been having sex before marriage and that goes against the churches rules. In conclusion I will win NXT at Halloween Havoc because God wills it and if you don't agree you can kiss my behind." The camera cuts back to a picture of West Dubuque 2nd Church of Christ in Iowa
  12. Name: Captain Ketchup Gender: Male Superpower: wears a suit of armour (like war machines but red) instead of shooting bullets out of the shoulder cannon he shoots ketchup Backstory: Captain Ketchup was kidnapped at a young age by the mustard gang, he was forced to test mustard flavours on their helecarrier until he broke out and destroyed their energy core (made out of mustard) in the explosion he landed in water and hid from the mustard gang until he met mayor ketchup who made epic a suit of armour, Epic flew around and killed all of the mustard gang Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Hero Other information: weak to Mustard but if his ketchup gets onto enemies skin it pops them out of existence
  13. Epic struts his way down to the ring when in the ring Epic grabs a mic and the arena lights cut off leaving only a spotlight in the middle of the ring and Epic steps into the light as a beat begins to play, Epic starts rapping "This is what you call a hymn Twelve disciples from a quarter brick Bruises from the roman's whip G.O.D., we praise his shit This is what you call a hymn Twelve disciples from a quarter brick Bruises from the roman's whip G.O.D., we praise his shit This is what you call a hymn Twelve disciples from a quarter brick Bruises from the roman's whip G.O.D., we praise his shit Wow, people been skipping church, Amai's been getting high, The number one question is, "How?" How does it feel now that you on? How much you worth? How big is your home? How come you won't get a few features? I think you should? How 'bout I don't? How 'bout you stop sinning How 'bout Mecko stop calling himself a king and starts praising God." The crowd start chanting Epics name "Thank you all but remember we need to praise God not me" Epic starts praying and a bunch of the crowd start praying as well. "That was a preview for my song G.O.D which is on my album Rapping for Jesus deluxe edition, out 28th of November. Just remember Amai, Mecko and Steph if you keep living in sin you will burn in hell. Goodnight!" Epic drops the mic and leaves the ring.
  14. Most kills - Arrow First Killer - Arrow First Dead - Steph Alive - Bailey, Keeley (won't show up), Brenden and Flynn

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