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  1. Tatanka Vs Shawn Michaels
  2. Pride Kicks off with a Fatal Four way elimination match El Ligero is the first entrant and gets a bunch of cheers. The crowd boo Martin as he screams at them to stop Kenny enters the ring to a lot of cheers, Martin leaves the ring a grabs a chair and sits on it. Rampage rushes the ring and hits a brutal shoulder tackle to Ligero, Kenny jumps on his back but Rampage tosses him off and out of the ring, Rampage grabs Ligero and takes him into the corner and lays in a bunch of boots, Rampage sets up for the powerbomb but Kenny jumps to him and hits a diving crossbody He goes for the pin but Rampage kicks out at one, Kenny climbs the rope and hits a Moonsault Kenny goes for the pin but Ligero breaks it up, Martin Kirby tries to take advantage and throws Ligero out of the ring and sets Kenny up for the Sable Bomb, Kenny reverses and hits a jumping DDT, and hits the ropes and hits a Tope Con Hilo onto Rampage who was getting back to his feet Kenny enters the ring but Kirby grabs him and puts on a crossface, Kenny ends up crawling to the ropes, Kirby lets go and turns around to get hit with Ligero's Mexican Wave Rampage is on the outside and is getting up so Ligero climbs to the tope rope to hit a crossbody but Rampage catches him and throws him into the crowd, Rampage enters the ring and grabs Kenny and hits the Piledriver onto Kenny and pins him. KENNY WILLIAMS IS ELIMINATED Rampage picks up the unconscious body of Kirby and hits the piledriver onto him 1,2,3 MARTIN KIRBY IS ELIMINATED El Ligero comes from behind and rolls up Rampage but Rampage kicks out at two, Ligero hits the ropes and gets hit with a spine buster, Rampage picks up Ligero and hits the piledriver. Rampage wins in 8:19 Joe Hendry appears on the titantron "Hello Local Hero Joe Hendry here and I just want to say that next week I am going one on one against Zack Gibson, Liverpool's so called number one well Gibson you are going up against the Global Hero, Joe Hendry! So after I graciously defeat Zack, Noam and Jimmy keep your diary's ready because I am challenging you at Against All Odds. So anyway the was Joe Hendry speaking!" Match 2 Omari vs Damo Omari comes out to avenge his and Liam Slaters beating last week Damo comes out with only one thing on his mind destroying Omari Omari runs at Damo but Damo reverses with a crossbody Omari crawls to the corner but Damo throws him across the ring, Omari barely standing turns around but Damo picks him up and hits Ulster Plantation 1,2,3 Big Damo wins in 1:37 Damo is celebrating when Liam Slater comes out and says "Damo me vs you next week how about it" Damo just nods Backstage Noam is walking down the corridor when Havoc attacks they start brawling and security have to get involved, Jimmy grabs a staplegun and shoots it at Noam but it only hits a few guards that distracted the guards long enough that Noam breaks free and takes down Havoc before unloading punches, the guards drag Noam away. Match 3 Little Miss Roxxy vs Nixon Newell Nixon makes her in ring debut here on Pride Pro she seems focused on winning that Womans championship Roxxy enters and taunts the crowd The match starts with a standard lockup, Roxxy uses her size to her advantage and takes control and pushes Nixon into the corner, Roxxy slaps Nixon and turns around to taunt, but when she looks back at Nixon she gets a kick to the face and a German suplex which Nixon keeps in 1,2 kickout Later in the match Jinny comes out and joins commentary, this distracts Nixon who gets struck from behind by Roxxy, Roxxy locks in a headlock, but Nixon gets out and hits a kick to Roxxy's chest and then hit the Shining Wizard 1,2,3 Nixon Newell wins in 5:30 Nixon stares down Jinny but Roxxy attacks her from behind Main Event CCK vs Kings of Catch Kings of Catch make their debut here in what will be a great match. CCK make their entrance Aspen and Brookes start the match in the ring They lock up and Brookes takes advantage, Brookes pushes Aspen off the ropes, drop down, pass by, and Brookes goes for a clothesline but aspen reverses it into a armdrag, Aspen stomps on the arm, and tags in Lewis, Lewis climbs to the top rope and hits a crossbody, and locks in a cloverleaf but Chris gets out of it and tags in Lykos, who hits 3 clotheslines and pushes Aspen off the apron, Aspen tries to attack Lykos but the ref stops it and CCK double team Lewis, Lykos tags in Chris, Brookes grabs Lewis' leg and stomps it Brookes turns it around into a leg submission and tags Lykos back in who double team Lewis again while the ref gets distracted with Aspen once again, Lewis kicks Lykos in the face and gets the hot tag on Aspen who takes down Lykos and Brookes but the ref falls with Brookes, Aspen picks up Lykos and tags in Lewis and Lewis climbs the rope and they hit the Apter Burner Lewis tries to pin but the ref is down, Brookes knocks Aspen of the apron and throws him into the post, Lewis turns around and Lykos hits a low blow, the ref starts to recover and Lykos tags in Brookes and he locks in the Octopus Stretch and Lewis taps out in 12:30 CCK beat down Lewis some more but Aspen chases them off with a steel chair. Next Week Big Damo Vs Liam Slater Noam Dar and Jimmy Havoc in a pick your poison match (Pick opponents for each other) Jinny in action Joe Hendry vs Zack Gibson Matches Confirmed for New Years Revolution Noam Dar vs Jimmy Havoc - Pride World Championship Jinny vs Nixon Newall Cruiserweight Ladder Match
  3. Omega White Becky PAC Osprey Gargano
  4. The Show opens up with Pride owner Epic standing in the ring with a bag "welcome to Pride Pro Wrestling, tonight there will be two matches where the winners will fight each other at New Years Resolution for this!" Epic reveals the championship and the crowd cheers. "The first match will be Jimmy Havoc vs Travis Banks and the second match will be Stevie Boy vs Noam Dar!" Jimmy Havoc comes out to a huge pop "Why in the hell am I not already in the title match at New Years Resolution because I will never lose to Travis Banks and those other guys, Noam and Stevie, aren't shit compared to me." Travis Banks walks calmly to the ring "Jimmy shut the hell up, tonight when I pick up the victory and go on to New Years Resolution to defeat one of the other two, I will prove I have always been the better wrestler" Epic leaves the ring "Travis you cunt you have never beaten me!" Noam Dar comes out with a mic "Jimmy is a fanny pass it on" The crowd start chanting Jimmy's a fanny But all of a sudden Stevie Boy attacks Noam from behind hitting him with a steel chair and poses with Kay Lee Ray Travis Banks is distracted by this and Jimmy takes advantage and hits the acid rainmaker to end the segment. Match 1 Omari vs Liam Slater Omari makes his way to the ring high fiving the fans Liam Slater makes way to the ring quite seriously but still shakes a fans hand They lock up and Omari takes control pushing Slater off the ropes, and hits Slater with a shoulder tackle, Slater gets up in the corner and Omari tries to hit him with a splash but Liam gets out the way and locks Omari in a rolling knee bar. Later in the match Omari has Slater in a powerbomb position but Slater rolls through and gets a surprise rollup 1,2,3 Liam Slater celebrates but Big Damo rushes the ring and hits him with the Ulster Plantation, Omari tries to help but gets thrown over the top rope. Nixon Newell is cutting a promo "I will be the first Pride woman's champion and at New Years Revolution I will defeat anyone who stands in my way." Jinny comes into shot "Nixon you will never win that title because I am around, oh and Roxxy!" Roxxy attacks Nixon from behind and throws her into a crate. Jinny and Roxxy walk off together. Match 2 Noam Dar vs Stevie Boy Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray enter to a bunch of boos They wait for Noam but Dar comes from behind and hits Stevie boy with a clothesline. Near the end of the match Noam hits a shotgun dropkick and goes for the pins but Kay Lee Ray distracts the ref, Noam argues but Stevie went for the superkick and hits Kay Lee Ray instead by accident, Noam locks in the Kneebar and Stevie taps out. in 13:27 Noam wins and advances to New Years Resolution Kings of Catch get a hype video showing highlights of their matches in Scotland Match 3 Jimmy Havoc vs Travis Banks Jimmy makes his entrance while getting booed by the crowd Travis rushes to the ring and both men start brawling, it quickly spills to the outside where Travis puts Havoc on the barricade and hit him with a axe kick, Travis puts Havoc in the ring and keeps kicking him, Havoc eventually takes advantage via a low blow. Later in the match Travis is setting up for the fisherman driver but havoc rakes the eyes and when Travis is blinded Jimmy hits the acid rainmaker and gets the win in 16:35
  5. Epic1237_

    Album Review

    To Pimp a Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
  6. Welcome to Pride Pro Wrestling a wrestling company based in England featuring some of the best indie names an some unknowns (based around January 2016) TV Show is called Pride Pro The Male Roster: Rampage Brown (H) Jimmy Havoc (H) El Ligero (F) Martin Kirby (H) Joe Hendry (F) Drew Galloway (H) Travis Banks (F) Mikey Whiplash (H) Zack Gibson (H) Sha Samuels (F) Big Damo (H) Stevie Boy Xavier (H) Mark Haskins (F) Bad Bones (H) Kenny Williams (F) Noam Dar (F) Chris Brookes (H) Kid Lykos (H) Damien Corvin (H) Bonesaw (H) Aspen Faith (F) Lewis Girvan (F) Wild Boar (F) Mike Bird (F) Hot Prospects (Young wrestlers who job to major stars until ready) Omari (F) Josh Terry (F) Liam Slater (F) Woman's Roster: Nixon Newell (F) Viper (F) Kay Lee Ray (H) Little Miss Roxxy (H) Jinny (H) Tag Teams CCK (H) Kings of the North (H) Kings of Catch (F) The Marauders (F) PPVS January - New Years Resolution February - Against All Odds March - Best in the UK (Tournament) April - All-Star Extravaganza May - Wrestlewar June - Genesis July - Vengeance August - Heatwave September - Unforgiven October - Halloween Havoc November - The Super Rumble December - December to Dismember Championships Pride World Heavyweight Championship Pride Woman's Championship Pride World Tag Team Championship Pride Cruiserweight Championship DM me anyone you want to see arrive into the company
  7. A graphic plays showing that Epic will be doing a interview with Josh Trenton The Screen cuts to Trenton waiting for Epic, down the corridor is some scaffolding and a security guard, Epic bursts enters into shot, with some whisky in his hand. Epic finishes his whiskey and throws it away, when the Whiskey bottle smashes the scaffolding starts to topple, Epic quickly runs past but the guard doesn't realise quickly enough and gets squashed. Epic and Josh stand shocked. "I think he is dead." says Epic. "Should we call the medics?" says Josh Epic nods and walks away Josh calls for a medic while the security guard moans in pain. The medics arrive and Epic leaves, he runs out of the building and runs to the parking lot only to see his limo on fire, he checks to see if his suitcase full of merch money is ok but it must have been stolen as it has disappeared. Epic is walking backwards slowly and phones the police and fire brigade.
  8. Bpz World Cup ppv in Kayfabe Countries would be: England, Ireland, Europe, US East, US West, Australia East, Australia West and rest of world 4 people from each group
  9. Name: Epic Heel or Face: Heel Height: 6'5 Weight: 210lbs Fighting Style: Entertainer/showman Standard Moves: Disaster Kick, Fameaser, Dropkick, Fallaway Slam Signature Moves: Double Foot Stomp, moonsault Finishers: Ace Crusher, Rolling Elbow
  10. Bro Zenshi had such a good showing in his match

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