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  2. Storm really do be looking like a simp today 

    1. Crippler


      The foot licking simp really be out here on our forums epic

  3. Damn Daniel Bryan really caught Corona, Damn Rey Mysterio really caught Corona, Damn Dana Brooke really caught Corona all the draws at Mania are gone all we got is Tamina left.

    1. Bart


      That's the real draw so we should be fine

    2. Aladin Boy

      Aladin Boy


  4. Amazing write up Arrow you deserve all the belts now. EPIC Meltzer rates it 5 stars.
  5. Four hours till the Purge Starts. We follow a Ford Mondeo driving down a street, when the Ford stops at a red light the window rolls down revealing the driver as Julius. He looks over at the car next to his and sees a woman in a Range Rover. The light turns green and Julius turns left but the woman in the Range Rover turn right heading to the border of where the purge is taking place. At the collage all the people have been let out, most of the kids are out the school when the head speaks over the intercom "Poi and Owen please come to my room right now!" Owen who is walking with Aaron and Mecko says "Right I will go there but you two get everything ready for when I return!" Owen walks to the heads room but before he goes in he spots the janitor eyeing him down. "sir" says Owen as soon as he enters. "Sit down and where is Poi?" says the head. "Who is Poi?" asks Owen. "Doesn't matter, I wont keep you long I just want to know why you where missing this morning?" questions the Head. "I was preparing for the thing happening today sir" says Owen "Oh yeah, I forgot about that, any plans?" "Don't think I can say sir" "I am staying in this office" The head points at the room to his left. "I have a sword and can easily defend myself. You can go now, good luck" Owen grabs his bag and runs all the way back to his dorm. At the local park three gang member have lit a bin on fire and are shouting at children and parents walking past. "Tonight we release the beast!!" - Says the leader of the gang Cody. "Everyone will know us by tonight! Cause we are the O- Blood Gang" Says Akki. "Good thing we left George in the base away from all these kids Akki." "Yeah you made a great choice there." "Alright lets go back and get prepared for war!!!!" At the secret government base in the city a Range Rover has just parked outside and a woman has came out the car. Brendenplayz has came outside to meet her. "Welcome Sheridan!" Sheridan just ignores him and goes Inside. Brenden looking to fill the void in his life by replacing Keeley with Sheridan says "Sheridan please allow me to take your jacket" Sheridan removes her coat and gives it to Brenden who hangs it up. "Are my cats safe?" asks Sheridan. "Oh we got them bodyguards, don't worry" "You released the prisoners yet?" "I just need to send the text." "Okay so what are you waiting for? Send it." Brenden takes out his phone and messages the Police chief to release all the prisoners. At the local prison the guards unlock all the cell doors and tells the prisoners they are free to go. All the officers leave and go home. All the prisoners flee. Except Toxik who goes the prison armoury, he looks around and leaves only taking a pistol. Before leaving he spots a rotary phone and phones his sister Alice, "Babe where do you live now? Oh ok. I am coming." Julius has driven to Arius' Super Garage, he spots Arius packing up. "Yo Arius, do you have any petrol? All the Stations I went to are empty or are being fixed." "Sorry Julius, the police came and took it all, apparently they have to check it all for drugs." "Shit do you know where I can go to get some?" "I don't know bro sorry" Julius leaves and spots the O- Gang outside the garage with a lighter and a can of petrol. "Tonight we the O- Gang watch it all burn" says Cody George carries the can over to Julius' car, Julius shouts "Oi Cunt what do you think you are doing!" George pushes Julius, Julius headbutts George knocking George out, Akki runs at Julius but Julius picks up the lighter and chucks it at Akki's head knocking him out, Cody sees this and pulls out a knife, Julius runs at him and hits him with a Claymore. Julius picks up the can of gasoline and fills his car up and leaves.
  6. Pre-Show: Titanic Battle Royal - Alex Costa Match 1, SFW Lightweight Championship Ladder Match: Prince Cutler (c) VS Hans Clayton VS Ropati VS Liam Starr VS Overheel VS Dikey Match 2, If Strikeforce lose Adam Masters is fired from SFW: Strike Force (Adam Masters, Nathan Clarke & Brett Storm) VS Crescent Fall (Bart Johnson & KENJI) & Jacob Yamada Match 3 SFW Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (c) VS Tamer & David Haskins VS The Young Bucks Match 4 SFW Television Championship: Angelo Catio (c)VS Kin Takeshi Match 5, SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones (c) VS Prince Jack III Match 6, No Disqualifications, there must be a winner: Mil Almas VS BIC Match 7: Kazuchika Okada VS Ryan Reeves Main Event, SFW World Championship: King Slim (c)VS Yelich Anderson
  7. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): David Hall Weight: 211 Height: 6'1 Finisher(s): The Elite Finish (Ace Austin's finisher The Fold) and roll up after a low blow Signatures: The 1% (Rear Naked Choke), Dream Killer (Top Rope Elbow Drop) Gimmick: Cocky Heel, makes excuses not to wrestle unless his opponent is already weakened and uses dirty tactics to make sure he gets the win. Also he comes from a rich family so he can pay for protection. Attire:NJPW Cody attire Alignment (heel/face/tweener):Heel
  8. Wash your hands. Also wash your feet in case Storm licks them.

  9. happy birthday @Sheridan



  10. Epic1237_

    The Purge

    Welcome to the 1st annual BPZ Purge! The defence secretary Brendenplayz has decided to sign off on the first annual Purge, to see if it releases all the built up frustration in everyone, he has managed to lock off a poor part of a city trapping 6000 people trapped and leaves them at harms way, if this goes well it could be turned into the entirety off US taking Part, somehow a private militia have snuck into the area. To add to the chaos a bunch of criminals who have committed crimes like murder and being a nonce. Who will die first? Who will kill Storm? You will need to read to find out!!! Defence Secretary: Brenden - ??? Scientist that came up with the purge idea: Sheridan - has seven cats, stopped racism Hired Militia: Flynn - has a helicopter with a machine gun on it Bic - Weapons inventor, made drones that explode and can walk Slim - trained amazingly with knifes Jason - very good with a pump shotgun Hans - uses a sniper, best at sniping in the US Big names that are trapped and some facts about them: Julius - Tall Guy, Nice Hair Bailey - Movie star moving to Hollywood next week Arius - Car Mechanic Flynn - Vegan Storm - Nerd Steph - Retail Worker, Tried to be part of O- Blood Gang, Sameer is his Dad Gwyn - Japanese Guy who works at Crazygolf Owen - Goes to Collage studying History Alex - Owns a Day-Today Shiba - Russian Badass that used to kill foreign fighters in the Russian Army before joining America Smith - A stoner that sleeps outside Alex's Day-Today, used to be part of the O- Blood Gang was kicked out Ropati - K-Pop Stan Monda - Retired War Veteran Amai - Tiktok Star Gill - Very good swimmer and holds the world record at best score in crazy golf Keeley - Brenden's EX after she caught Brenden with 12 hookers Yuvraj - A guy that always gives to charity, gives money to homeless people and even did a marathon for cancer research (super nice) Mecko - Owens roommate studying computing at collage, hopes to work at Nintendo one day Odd - From Texas. He had a bad break up with his wife and has a slight alcoholic problem, has a nice family Mave - just moved into town, no one knows much about him Kieron - A CS-GO Streamer on Twitch Bart - Lives in a mansion got trapped in the poor area because his Aston Martins engine broke Lion - In Collage, enjoys Anime Bashka - local collage janitor Alice - Toxik's sister Bubba - Chevy salesman BWM - won the lottery once, lost it all to buying more lottery tickets Meko - Watches Hentai Crippler - Lost one leg in a car crash, is now crippled Echo - sells LSD to Collage kids Ark - Left O- Blood Gang and is trying to form his own gang Summer - just returned from a year holiday, very tanned Jonathan - His twin is JoNathan JoNathan - His Twin is Jonathan Nathan Sawyer - 65, Sexist and old fashioned Aaron - In Collage studying Computing Mikey - Computing Teacher Nebakos - Goes to the gym Nate - Stoner, lives in a flat Prince - Single Father of 4 Ross - Computing Teacher STS - Just released from prison Tamer - Works at Mini Golf Beastly - Rapper Wallace - 7 foot Basketball player Poi - studies Computing, addicted to LSD Neece - has a pet parrot, Bashkas son The Local Gang AKA The O- Blood Gang: Cody - Rapper Akki - Rapper, cousin of Sameer George - Raper Criminals that have Escaped! Toxik - From Alabama was arrested for knocking out multiple women with "special drinks" Josh - English FDS - Killed someone with razor wire once Arrow - Government is scared of his power Sameer - attempted assassination of Brenden. Father of Steph, Cousin of Akki Blade - Stabbed his EX Bob - Stalked Maryse Zombie - Tried to start a protest against Purge Yelich - Indecent Exposure WHO WILL SURVIVE?
  11. Happy Birthday FDS  :)



    1. FDS


      It's been 6 days. 

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