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  1. The camera cuts to the stage where Epic is going to perform his newest song. Tell 'em if they want it, they can come get that I swear I love my city, I just want a little See me, they salute me, they ain't ready for that Epic vs. Owen I took a bite out the rotten apple by the poison tree All these females need to email to make noise And I think it's changin' a lot, he fuck with my authority Then he sells see shells, but not by the seashore If he gang bangin' or not It's simple as the alphabet He F with me, that G shall surely see
  2. Why is everyone tryna split up Ebic what the hell
  3. Epic1237_


    Fam they changed the date after i told you.
  4. Quite self explanatory this. Loads of songs get remixes but some songs really don't need it. For example Doja Cats "say so" got a remix with Nicki and it was terrible despite the actual song being really good. What are some of your least favourite?
  5. Honestly this community has some really friendly people. @Mikey, @Gunner, @Sameer are really good. I have never had any issues with any of them. They are very nice.
  6. Splitting Ebic... only pedos would split tag teams.
  7. SOMEONE KILLED FDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Detective Epic has found 10 suspects. 1 - Tamer Tamer is a suspect cause FDS puts him in horny jail (bad FDS). Facts about Tamer: Man writes 4044388 words on average per promo. He has stopped being sus. He was removed from FBI watchlist after he stopped liking weird shit on Twitter.com 2 - Sameer Sameer is a suspect cause he is a suspect. Facts about Sameer: Weirdo. Dumb. Bailey rip off. 3 - Addy Addy is a suspect cause he spams chat with staning w
  8. Slim killed the forums.

  9. BPZ.Cm Exclusive Jack Bishop and Epic Boy West Coast have a fight backstage at Winter Warfare. Epic is coming backstage following his elimination in the battle royal. Gary Green walks up to him with a Mic. “Epic, this is Gary Green from BPZ.Com I would like a little interview.” “Yeah, I know who you are, just make it quick.” “Now you have lost another big match, what does this mean for your career?” “To be honest, I don’t know, I need to get back to my winning ways but I need that spark to get back to my peak.” Jack Bishop walks past
  10. Mike Awsome, Carlito, Mr Kennedy, Sean O'Hare, William Regal, Raven, Rob Van Dam, Macho Man, Ricky Steamboat, Ricky Steamboat Jr., Perry Saturn, John Kronus, Paul London and Brian Kendrick.
  11. These pussies tryna hold Foxcat down. Boycott the rumble till Foxcat gets his shot.

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