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  1. Slims BPZ Push he just got that David Starr kinda vibe.
  2. Thinking about how FDS, Meko, Alex and Gwyn are too scared to do their matches in the Pokemon Cup
  3. Ok now the Avengers movie was massive but as I didn’t make the movie it was absolutely terrible. Some small fixes I will do are adding War Machine to the New York battle as it makes no sense to why Tony Stark the genius doesn’t bring the best anti-aircraft gun in the world to an alien invasion. You don’t even need him in the slowmo team up shot if you don’t want to and knowing Joss Whedon's opinions he probably does not want a person of colour in the best shot in the movie. Another change I would add is having Loki get access to a super powered human and mind control them. Since L
  4. Taking place in 2015. Earth - 62409 we are just one of an infinite amount of realities Super Soldier Serum - Back in WW2 there was a American War Hero known as Captain America. After losing his good friend Bucky Barnes in a battle Steve Rodgers fought the villainous Red Skull on a plane that was headed to New York and would kill millions. Captain America knocked out Red Skull and put the Auto Pilot to the cold Antarctic. He was about to jump out but was shot in the shoulder by Skull. Steve kicked Skull out of the plane but was too late to save himself and went down with the plane. Re
  5. This diary will be amazing as I will fix every movie. That i want to fix. The first movie that will be fixed is the original Avengers movie and that will be fixed tomorrow. Second movie fixed will be Simpsons movie. It shall be fixed next Wednesday. Now the final movie is ALMOST a masterpiece but I will try to fix it. That movie is Cars 2. In two weeks it shall be a masterpiece. Iron Man 2 is the next movie after then Spiderman 3.
  6. Steve Austin will be holding the WWF Heavyweight Championship for a while, who would you like to see him face at WrestleMania 2000? - HHH Which wrestlers would you like to see win the Intercontinental Championship or European Championship between now and WrestleMania 2000? - Regal idk if you got him but Regal. Owen IC. Assman Billy Gunn. Chris Jericho and The Big Show will be debuting in the WWF soon, who would you like to see them face and feud with in the next six months? Jericho vs Angle, Perfect or Owen. Big Show to fued with all big men culminating with facing Taker at WM 2000
  7. Hello this is Harry Hill. AND YOU'VE BEEN FRAMED!
  8. Right before the two teams are about to come to blows Epic gets in between them and stops them from coming to blows. “Woah woah woah, this does not need to come down into meaningless violence. We can solve this like proper men. Look at you guys, Joshua Scott and Jack Bishop, The Grizzled Young Veterans, one of BPZs best current tag teams, James Ropati, one of the premier talents on the Carnage roster and of course my client Jerimiah Flynn. Surely there is a peaceful solution out of this conflict.” Epic paces back and forth while both teams are still facing off.
  9. Not going to watch Raw. Going to enjoy sleeping instead.
  10. Biggie was fat

    Tupac was a murderer

    XXXTENTACION beat women


    We like their music cause of the music.



      I'm all 3 so yeah fax

  11. Back when among us was a thing. George starts moaning in VC. Roughly. It was scary at first. I think he was being fucked or something. It was scary.
  12. Obama has arrived in the Carnage Zone! Obama walks down to the ring followed by two armed forces members. Obama tells the two Armed Forces to go backstage as he doesn’t need any backup. Obama grabs a mic and stands in the middle of the ring. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Obama and as Obama I have a lot of responsibilities such as making sure crime and poverty is at a minimum. So one part of my plan to reboot this decrepit wasteland of a country and make it better. I would say great again, but that would mean it was good in the first place. S

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