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  1. Name (First And Last): Epic Obama Height: 6"1 Weight: 80kg I am putting everyone into Light Heavyweight/Heavyweight Divisions just for more fun. If we get enough sign ups later on I'll do that. Fighting Style (Boxer, Kickboxer, Grappler, Brawler, Etc.): Brawler Because of how UFC 3s Mechanics work, most of the time, I turn submissions way down so please do not choose submission specialist Personality (Cocky, Humble, Flamboyant, Focused, Etc.): Sexy and focussed Nationality: Hawaiian Race: Black Hair Style/Color(Just do your best to describe it): Obama's Facial Hair: Like Obama's Any Tattoos(Describe or just say yeah): No Anything else I should know: Former US President (If you have a picture based on what you want your fighter to be, put it in with your post and that would help 100%)
  2. Beat my meat to this Julius! Good job!
  3. Reply saying yes! 10 yes means Taliban is dead.
  4. Jinder is better than the NOOJ forks like Okada, Evil and Naito.
  5. Sameer should be banned instead of GRV
  6. Hell yeah, Thunder Rosa is great. Loved her matches with Britt and her match with Deonna over in Impact as well as her stuff on Dark and Dynamite. She will be great now she can go full time.
  8. Vessels - Starset IGHT LIVE REACTIONS TIME! The Order - An intro. It’s just an intro the fuck you want me to say. Satellite - This song sounds like it would fit as a NXT Takeover theme imo. Best song on this album. Frequency - Is a song, it mid. DIE FOR YOU - The name of the song is Emo. The song itself sounds like something a goth would listen to. Not a song I like. Ricochet - Named after a very overrated wrestler. Man sings about failing to get a girl while EDM plays. Emo shit. Starlight - Not good. Into The Unknown - The intro is like when you play No Man's Sky and go into space and leave the planet for the first time. Would be in an Action Movie trailer. Decent except for the emo screams. Gravity Of You - I think the guy's voice cracked near the beginning of the song lol. Probably an Indie Wrestlers theme. I Like the last 30 seconds. Back To The Earth - A nothing song. Last To Fall - Very Emo first half, SECOND HALF THO. ORCHESTRA SHIT BRUH BUT GOOD BETTER THAN THE REST OF THE ALBUM AND BETTER THAN YOUNGBOY. Bringing It Down - I do not like. Unbecoming - Sounds the same as every other song here. Monster - I SWEAR THIS WAS A TAKEOVER THEME. DIFFERENT FROM EVERY OTHER SONG SECOND BEST ON THE ALBUM. Telepathic - Very pop for a Rock album. Defo made for Radio. Everglow - 7 FUCKING MINS THIS BETTER BE GOOD. FFS. The last min was decent with the fuckin movie trailer instrumental. WHY IS THE INTRO THE ONLY SONG UNDER 3 MINS. I will prolly not listen to this again. I understand why some people do listen to it, and that is because they are emo. 4.5/10 imo Best Songs: Monster and Satellite. Worst Songs: Bringing It Down and Starlight.

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