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  1. owendalton

    NXT Championship address

    Greatest plays as Jack Bishop walks to the ring. He looks at Bulldozer, disapprovingly, and looks at Alex with respect, but also hunger for that belt. ” I’m sorry, but if you weren’t paying attention last week, you have no right to be champion. You just got here. It took me three months to get a shot at that title, and you think you can just walk on in here and grab one? No, no, no that’s not how it works buddy. You have to earn a shot. I could kick your ass right now if I wanted to, but I’m feeling generous. Now, Alex, it’s Hans’ decision whether or not he joins the match, and he seems to want to. I’m not going to stop him. And do you really think the NXT title is going to break a bond like ours? I care about this title, but I care more about my brothers. And Mave, Mave, Deltzer. Like Alex said you aren’t worthy enough to have this title shot. If you do, though, trust me, you will not come out of that match on your own two feet. Watch. And Arrow, I’m sorry but I don’t think you really deserve this. I mean, I’ve never seen you wrestle. But, you know what I have seen? Jack Bishop Top Con Hilos onto Maasa, who’s slipped out of the ring and is at ringside! He then walks over to Alex....
  2. owendalton

    Maybe not

    Jack Bishop is backstage with Hans Clayton and Wall Ace, both men’s first appearance since the PPV. ” So, Alex, it looks like we may not be getting that one-on-one match after all. Seeing as Dave Meltzer want in and-“ Hans whispers something in Jack’s ear- “Mave Deltzer? What kinda name is- whatever, Mave want in, and I’m sure there’ll be more people whining that they didn’t get a fair shot or something, so that’s pretty much out of the picture now. A shame, really, but what can you do. Well, at least there’s more people I can rip to shreds during that match. Look, Mave, Maasa, this Bulldozer, or whatever he calls himself. Honestly when I heard “Bulldozer” was coming to BPZ, I expected someone bigger. I mean, this guy can’t be above the cruiserweight class, how does he expect to “bulldoze” through a 255 pound man? Look, just know this before you officially insert yourself into this match. I am going to make your life a living hell for that entire match. I will break limb, after limb, after limb, I will toss broken body, after broken body, after broken body, to get to that title. Alex, you’ve started the new age for this division. I’m here to cement it.” The camera focuses on Hans. “Everybody, bow down to the kings. You see we are the thing right now in BPZ. Alex managed to get away with that title but he, like every other men to have held it, isn’t worthy to hold that 10 pounds of gold around his waist. Alex my friend, you’re just keeping that title warm for the New Bloods. Not only do you have a dangerous man like Jack Bishop, but also you got the high flying, death defying, Hans Clayton who is now also coming for that title. So at BPZ Mania, Alex, you have a slim chance of winning, because The New Bloods’ chances just increased. The New Blood exit the scene.
  3. Good match in terms of wrestling. I’m glad Buddy retained because Akira is literally WWE’s replacement for Hideo. It would’ve made me mad if he had won, and I don’t get why he held the title in the first place. 3 1/4 star match.
  4. owendalton


    Jack Bishop walks down to the ring. ” Last night, I came up short. I was so close to winning that title, but I didn’t. Alex Costa, I respect you. No matter what happened before, or last night, I respect the hell out of you. I’ve seen some of the other competitors who were in that match saying that it wasn’t fair, and that’s a lie. We all gave our all, and Alex was the one who came out on top. If you can’t accept that, then you didn’t deserve a shot in the first place. Now, what I came out here for. Alex, we have history in and outside of this business. We’ve competed all over the world, both against and with each other. So. Why not compete the one place we haven’t. The grandest stage of them all. Jack Bishop vs Alex Costa for the NXT Championship at BPZ Mania.”
  5. owendalton

    The Future.

    “Sorry, who are you? Last time I checked, you just got here. Sorry, but you have to work to get a title shot here. And I don’t think you’ve done anything to deserve a shot. Come back next month. Maybe I’ll let you have a shot at the title. For now, just go deal with whatever that situation is with Akki. I mean, letting your tag partner chokeslam you off a stage? Come on dude. Be a bit more self-respecting than that. And, seeing as you seem to have hearing issues, I’m going to say it one more time. Stay out of our way.”
  6. owendalton

    The Future.

    Jack Bishop comes out to the ring as Greatest plays. ” I’m not going to waste time with introductions, you know me. Some of you hate me, some of you hate me. I really couldn’t care less. The matter of the fact is, I am the future. Me, Wall, and Hans, are the future. And at Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, we cement that as fact. At the end of the night, me, standing tall with the NXT Championship, Wall, with the Premier Championship, and Hans, after decimating whoever he chooses to face. This is a warning to the rest of you. Stay out of our way. We all saw what happened to the last guy we targeted. Let that be an example. Don’t do something you’ll regret.” Jack hops out of the ring quickly, and walks over to the NXT title. He grabs it and hold it in his hands before lifting the mic again. ”This, this is what matters. Not Julius and whatever titles he’s forced upon himself, but this. This title has actual value. And when I hold it, I’m going to extend the prestige above any other title. Watch out, Alex, Odyssey, Gill, whoever wants in this match. You may not come out of that ring on your own two feet.
  7. owendalton

    The Title means a lot

    Jack Bishop comes out, which confuses the crowd, but he just kind of gets and the ring and kneels down checking on Alex. He looks conflicted half scowling half concerned. He then helps him up, and kind of stares at him for a little bit, before pushing him back against the rope and then storming off. He gets to the ramp before grabbing a mic and turning to Alex, who starts to walk on his own accord. ” Now don’t you get the wrong damn idea Alex, we’re not friends, you people neither. I respect you. Those two went out of line, and I had to make sure you were okay for the NXT title match. Those two idiots don’t deserve a title shot, neither one of them have earned a damned thing in their lives. And Dikey and Cody, you two are cowards. Dikey, last time I checked you were the one who got pinned, and Cody, you just got here. At least the rest of us have been here. Sorry, but I don’t see either of those as reasons to throw away a classic between me and Alex. Alex, Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, I don’t know if it’ll be just us, those other four idiots, or more. The only thing that’s clear, is me walking out NXT champion.” Jack walks out, looking back at Alex one last time, before pointing at the NXT title in the ring and saying “ This division will be reborn.”
  8. owendalton

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    Ik I already have a faction shirt but could I get a Jack Bishop shirt? Other text can be “ It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”
  9. owendalton

    Addressing the competition

    Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, calmer than last week this time, but still rips the mic out of the crew guy’s hands. ” Interesting Alex. Well, seeing as both me and you want title opportunities, why not face each other? We both deserve to hold the title, and It’d be a fantastic match either way. And you know what Alex? Just because I respect you, not only as a competitor, but as a former tag partner and friend, I will make sure there is no interference, no dirty tactics, no anything from my side. But, all the same, I’m going to shatter your face, not as a personal attack, but a statement. Blood will be spilled. That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.
  10. owendalton

    A changed man?

    Greatest Plays as Jack Bishop walks to the ring, not accompanied by Hans or Wall. Odyssey just looks at him smugly. He looks slightly pissed off, but more confused. “ Yeah, yeah, Sellers give me a minute. First off Alex, we haven’t attacked anyone behind their backs without it being warranted. That’s not how we run things. I do things to your face, not from behind. But, I’m not going to dwell on that. Now, I hear that the NXT title has been vacated. Mister Odyssey Sellers, and Alex Costa, seem to have secured a spot in that Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre Match. So, I figure I’m just as worthy as either of these two. I can make this division what it should be. And, Odyssey, I want to make this clear. Jack Steps closer to Sellers. “ I’m willing to forgive you for what happened earlier this month. I have some respect for you, I’ll admit. But the moment you do something, whether it’s attacking me behind my back, or insult me, I will make your life a living hell. I have no ill will intended, I just want to make sure you understand how it will be. Jack offers Odyssey a hand as a show of respect. The crowd chants “NO NO NO” at Jack. Odyssey...
  11. owendalton

    NXT TakeOver: Phoenix

    NXT Championship: Aleister Black vs Tommaso Ciampa (c) (thanks to Gargano) NXT Women's Championship: Shayna Baszler (c) vs Bianca Belair NXT North American Championship: Ricochet (c) vs Gargano NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (c) vs War Raiders (I swear if Ohno doesn’t debut at Rumble)Kassius Ohno vs Matt Riddle
  12. owendalton

    Tick, Tock.

    Jack Bishop , Hans Clayton, and Wall Ace are sitting down in a room, what looks to be the hotel room that one of them is staying in in Phoenix. ” Six days, Brenden. Six days until me and Wall rip those titles away from you. Six days, until your dream is over. Six day, until Hans teaches Crippler a lesson, and ends Alex Costa’s debut match with a resounding one, two, three. So Brenden, Sameer, I suggest you hold on to those titles tightly for these next six days, because I promise you, as long as we hold them, you’ll never see those titles again. And Alex, I want to make this clear. No matter what past we have, no matter what type of friendship was there, all I see you as it competition. Don’t make me do something I’m going to regret.”
  13. owendalton

    The Royal Rumble Final 4

    Men’s: Rollins, McIntyre, Adam Cole, Ambrose Women’s: Becky, Ruby, Shayna, Charlotte.
  14. owendalton

    Best Shot.

    We see Jack Bishop, once more in his hometown of Ledyard, Connecticut this time at a sandwich shop. A reporter approaches him, obviously nervous after seeing what Jack did to the last reporter who interviewed him. Journalist: “He-Hello, Mr. Bishop, I was wondering if I could have a word-“ Jack: “ Yes, sure. Want anything?” Journalist: “ Um no I’m o- “ Okay then, so what was it you wanted to ask me?” ” Um, well, so about The Rumble, how do you feel abou-“ “You know what, how about I take it from here. Okay?” the journalist was reluctant, but didn’t want to make Jack mad, as he could already tell thinking about it was making Jack impatient, and was starting to get annoyed. So he obliged, giving Jack the camera. Jack set the camera in front of him on the table. ” Well, the Rumble’s coming closer, Brenden. Your time is running out. Your little dream is about to end. And I was thinking over the last few days, and I was wondering, what is Brenden gonna do without a title? I mean, that’s all your livelihood is based off of. It’s quite sad honestly. Oh well. I mean, once you two lose, I don’t think Sameer will let you leech off his fame much more if you don’t have a title to show for it. ” And Big Shot Alex Costa. Big whoop you showed up last week. “Ooh, he won the RJPW Heavyweight Championship” (Real Japan Pro Wrestling)(what I’m gonna call the Japanese promotion), I’ve won that title, I bet quite a few people have held it in BPZ. The Free Agent thing is also a pretty big stretch. But something you might not know, is that back in RJPW, me and Alex held the tag titles. Yep, me and Alex Costa, along with Maasa, were the most dominant faction in RJPW. Then I got called here, and formed a real brotherhood with two people I can really trust, Wall and Hans. I am ready for whatever you throw at me Alex. Give me your best shot.”
  15. owendalton

    “Mystery Man”

    Jack Bishop stands in a dark hallway. “Brenden, Brenden.” He laughs. “How does it feel? How does it feel to know that in a few weeks, you won’t be tag team champion anymore, your legacy, tainted. You know, I find it funny, how much you care about these fans. Their opinion doesn’t matter. It’s about whether or not you can get it done in the ring, and the fact is, you can’t anymore. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get it through that thick skull of yours. Maybe caving it in will help. ” And Sameer, well this is just sad. I can’t believe you’ve stuck around this long. I mean how blind can you be? Brenden needs you. He depends on you. Notice how the word care didn’t come up there. The only reason you’re here with him is so he has an excuse to hold the tag titles. Well,and of course to take the pin. I mean, anytime Brenden is in trouble he puts you in the line of fire. You’re nothing more to him but cannon fodder. But you know what, Sameer? I’ll do you a favor. At the Rumble, we’ll bust both of you open, so you don’t feel singled out.” a clip of last week plays, showing the video that the mystery man played on the screen. Jack’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. ” So, “mystery man”. You say justice will come, huh? What do you know about justice. You’re the one who assaulted my tag partner with a baseball bat. In my opinion, justice is smashing the back of your head in with a bat. And you say you know me? I don’t know who you are but very well is definitely a stretch. The only people who know me “well” are Hans and Wall. So I don’t know what kind of dumb*ss mind games you’re trying to play, but I’m not gonna wait to find out. Come out here, no mask, no hood, and face me like a man!” Jack removes his jacket and gets ready for this mystery man.