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  1. Julius vs Charles Lupin Aaron North vs Mikey George AK vs *Dominic Bishop Bob Sparks vs Kenji- FCW World Championship
  2. Name: Dominic Bishop Nickname: The Torturer Hometown: Las Vegas, NV Height: 6’0 ft Weight: 200 lbs Signatures: What A Twist (Stundog Millionaire) Die a Little (Step-up Superman Punch) Finishers: Web Of Suffering (Lifting Cloverleaf) Murder-Go-Round (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver) Backstory: From a young age, Dominic loved torturing things, like ants, and small animals. Then he came to wrestling, and loved to lock in submissions, and rip at people’s necks and limbs.
  3. Ep. 1 Ladies & Gentlemen, it seems we’ve found our general manager! “Ladies & Gentlemen, I am your new GM! This is going to be the best era Smackdown has ever had. Let’s waste no time, beginning with a World Heavyweight Championship qualifying match.” Cesaro vs. Big E ‘The Swiss Cyborg’ Cesaro takes on Big E in singles action. Both men trade bodyslams, neither man faltering. Cesaro then begins giving him repeated uppercuts, barely gazing E. He goes for a Springboard Uppercut, but Big E catches him and tosses him across the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. E begins to throw Cesaro around, and he begins to get angry. E drops him with another belly-to-belly and then goes for a splash, but Cesaro moves, and then launches E into the air, hitting the Very European Uppercut. E rolls to the apron, and Cesaro performs, an amazing feat of strength, suplexing him over the ropes. Cesaro then picked up Big E, and drops him with the Neutralizer. Cesaro covers Big E, and becomes the first person to enter the World Heavyweight title match. Shawn Spears comes out to the ring, looking smug. He says that he’s hosting an open challenge, and whoever wants to come out can come get him. Brian Cage emerges from the arena, and Shawn goes pale. Cage smirks as he walks down to the ring, but before he gets there, he gets jumped by two massive men. Shawn starts to laugh. They look up, and it’s Akam and Rezar, the Authors of Pain. They roll him into the ring, and hit a brutal neckbreaker powerbomb. Shawn walks over to Brian, who’s down on the floor, and gives him a nice parting gift before leaving with the Authors. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jimmy Havoc ‘Blackheart’ Tommaso Ciampa takes on ‘The One Man Purge’ Jimmy Havoc in another qualifier match. Both men start off the match brawling, throwing knees and elbows, dropping each other on their respective necks with all sorts of piledrivers and/or powerbombs. Tommaso eventually catches Jimmy with a knee to the jaw, and goes for the Fairytale Ending, but when he lifts him up, he slips over and behind Tommaso, and hits him with the Acid Rainmaker! He climbs onto Ciampa and pins him for the victory. As he celebrates, Ciampa turns him around. The two men stare off, and Tommaso walks off. Hybrid2 vs. CCK Hybrid2 and the Calamari Catch Kings have a great match, showing off their tag team prowess, and their agility. CCK gains the advantage however, hitting the SFTM, before ending the match with a Brainbuster/Butterfly Piledriver combo. Finn Bálor vs. Tetsuya Naito The Demon Prince and the Red Comet face off in the final world heavyweight championship qualifier match. Naito plays mind games the whole match, and Finn get angrier and angrier, starting to put more and more aggression into his moves. He eventually moves out of the way of a Stardust Press, and hits the Bloody Sunday. Finn pins Naito, and becomes the third man in the Heavyweight title match. Right as the bell rings however, a massive man runs in. Damian Priest! He brutalizes Finn with that Rolling Cutter. He then goes over to Naito, and helps him up. Naito spits on Finn, before posing with seemingly his new ally. Intercontinental Championship - Zack Sabre Jr. vs. PAC The Technical Wizard takes on PAC, and you can tell both men have a chip on their shoulder coming into this match. Zack starts out wrestling PAC, locking him in submissions, and slipping out of anything he tries. PAC eventually catches him with a superkick, gaining some momentum. PAC starts to get the upper hand, almost getting the pinfall off of a Liger Bomb. Eventually, Zack goes for a Wheelbarrow, and PAC counters with a double foot stomp. He climbs the top rope, and hits the Black Arrow. PAC covers, but he kicks out. PAC goes back up, and hits another, and this time it keeps Zack down. PAC raises his title in the air. All of a sudden, music hits. The newest trade to Smackdown Live, Buddy Murphy is here! He comes down to the ring, and stares off with PAC as he raises the title in the air, as Friday Night Smackdown goes off the air.
  4. Smackdown Preview Intercontinental Champion to be crowned in the main event of Friday Night Smackdown, as Zack Sabre Jr. takes on ‘The Bastard’ PAC. The World Heavyweight Championship match at Summerslam to be decided with three qualifying matches. CCK takes on Hybrid2 in tag team action.
  5. Friday Night Smackdown Roster (In Order of Draft Picks From Top to Bottom) Tetsuya Naito Finn Bálor Cesaro Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly PAC Sami Zayn Damian Priest Will Ospreay Mark Andrews Pete Dunne Chris Brookes & Travis Banks Jimmy Havoc Tommaso Ciampa Kota Ibushi Zack Sabre Jr. Mikey Nicholls & Hirooki Goto El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori Kazuchika Okada Darby Allin Angelico & Jack Evans (Hybrid2) Shawn Spears Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix Bea Priestley Toni Storm Xia Brookside Millie McKenzie Big E Kane Jake Hager Dakota Kai Killer Kross AOP Mark Haskins Bandido Brian Cage Kid Lykos Championships WWE World Heavyweight Championship WWE Intercontinental Championship WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships (shhhh) WWE Smackdown Women's Championship WWE Jr. Heavyweight Championship (BE QUIET)
  6. - WWE Royal Rumble match AJ Styles, Alberto Del Rio, Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, Cesaro, Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Goldberg, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Sheamus, The Miz, The Undertaker, Triple H. Winner - Cesaro (A man can dream) Dolph Ziggler vs. Triple H - Ziggler - WWE Championship match AJ Styles (c) vs. Dean Ambrose - Ambrose - RAW Women's Championship match Nikki Bella (c) vs. Sasha Banks - Banks Apollo Crews vs. Austin Aries - Aries - SmackDown Women's Championship match Becky Lynch (c) vs. Paige - Paige - RAW Tag Team Championships match The Usos (c) vs. Gallows and Anderson - G&A -WWE Intercontinental Championship match Adrian Neville (c) vs. Rhyno - Neville - World Heavyweight Championship match Seth Rollins (c) vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn - Zayn Which of the following will be the final elimination in the Royal Rumble match? A ) Brock Lesnar B ) John Cena C ) Randy Orton D ) The Miz Which of the following will gain the most eliminations in the Royal Rumble match? A ) Braun Strowman B ) Cesaro C ) Goldberg D ) The Undertaker Which of the following will be the 'Iron Man' in the Royal Rumble match? A ) Bray Wyatt B ) Chris Jericho C ) Rey Mysterio D ) Sheamus
  7. Jack Bishop comes out later in the show sitting in the top corner, and begins to laugh. "I'm sorry, what? You think I'm avoiding you? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard. No, honestly I forgot you still worked here." The crowd laughs. "I mean honestly, what have you even done in the past year? You sat on a couch with a tiger rug and talked about how much money you have? You're so obsessed with material objects, it's somewhat sad. Are you a furry? Irrelevant. And I'm certainly not afraid of a man so intensely insecure that he has to call himself a king. You can't even spell royalty, you are absolutely not a king. That's definitely not the right word. More like... Ah, yes. A little bitch." The crowd cheers, chanting "Little Bitch, Little Bitch," "You need to get this through your dense, thick skull, Amai. I only speak the truth. You're the one who has to hide behind lies, and money, to make you seem like you actually have balls. Notice how you rushed out of here before I could actually come say something to your face. Because you're scared. You're scared of what I'll do to you when we get in the ring at survivor series. You know that I am the most dangerous person in this division. But okay, Amai. If you really want me to, I will. I'll prove to you that everything I've said is true. I'll open your eyes. See you at Survivor Series."
  8. The Hidden Gene Chapter 2 Pt. 2 Gunner appears right outside of his apartment, and sighs. He hoped that Matilda believed his story. He really had been watching her from above, he thought she was beautiful, but was also intrigued by the two men's sudden change in emotion. Then he saw Dark Mist come out of the grate, and he knew he had to step in. He saw her glance at his scar. He really hoped she didn't ask about it if they met again. "What the fuck is wrong with you kid?" Gunner is slapped and thrown into the wall. "A Fucking B? Do better. Or next time it'll be a broken jaw for you." Gunner's father punch him square in the nose, causing blood to spurt out. Gunner shudders, and continues walking towards the entrance, but before he gets there, he hears a child's voice. "Hey mister!" Gunner turns and sees a child, who looks about the age of 8. The kid waves at him, but then gets an odd look on his face. Then blood begins to seep in between his teeth and out his mouth, and then he collapses. Gunner yells, deeply disturbed by what he's just seen. The kid has a knife stuck in the back of his head. A man comes around the corner, with his finger up to his mouth, shh-ing Daniels. ???: "Now, now. We wouldn't want to wake up the boy, now would we?" The man comes over, crouches down, stroking the boy's hair, before pulling the knife out of the boy's head. He cleans it off with his coat, and slips it into an inside coat pocket. "So, what are we gonna do about you. ICON?" "How do you know who I am?" "That doesn't matter, now does it?" "Who the fuck are you, and where are you from?" "You, can call me Ace. And I'm from Ruby City. I've always been here. I was here before you were born, before your parents were born, before all of your ancestors even came to this land. I am something greater than you understand." Gunner was getting more and more infuriated and went to swing at Ace, but he moved with lightning quick speed, and stuck the knife into Gunner's abdomen. "Have a nice evening." Gunner teleports himself to his apartment as he gasps for air, and pulls out his medical supplies. He doesn't have what he needs. He tries to cling to life as he thinks out a plan.
  9. Jack Bishop appears on the screen, back in the locker room. He yawns, seemingly miffed. "Jesus Christ, really? I didn't think Kieron would resort to working with you again. I mean honestly, he could've done way better. But that's fine. You have your priorities all wrong. If Kieron has to carry you through the whole tournament, then you won't stand a chance against Creed. You really should be focusing on winning the NXT championship. It'll make it so much easier to get rid of you if you're more focused on the tag tournament. But I can agree with you, Flynn has abused his power. Only his faction got opportunities, which is unfair. Which is why I'm taking full advantage of mine. And not you and your washed up tag partner, not Wallace, who I'm not even sure is sane anymore, is going to stop me. I am going to tear you apart at Survivor Series. I am going to make your life a living hell, I'm going to break your body, and put you in the hospital for weeks on end, but more importantly, I'm going to break your spirit. Hell, you might as well retire after Survivor Series. No one'll look at you the same. And you'll have me to thank." The camera fades to black as Jack looks smugly at the camera.
  10. Name: Drew Welch Nickname: The Scottish Sadist Age: 32 Height: 6’7 Weight: 250 lbs. Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland Backstory: Drew was always an off child, but he never really did anything. One day when he was 19 or so, he came home to find out that his mother had been hit by a drunk driver. Drew went out drinking, and then he slaughtered everyone in the bar brutally, and whoever was still alive was killed in the fire after he burned the bar down. He was put in jail afterwards, and eventually had to be put in solitary confinement after he nearly killed another inmate. Crime Committed: 25 counts of first degree murder, arson
  11. Jack is furious, but then, he laughs. " I'm sorry but what? You think you're clever, don't you? You know what? I bust my ass just as much as anyone else in this company. You're just an entitled brat who can't think up a creative nickname. I've spilled your blood before, and I'm not afraid to do it again. And quite frankly, I'm damn tired of everyone comparing me to Hans. And we're not even gonna talk about Black, huh? Yeah. I thought as much. He's as much of a part of my career as I am a part of his, but just because he got a lucky break and I didn't changes nothing. These people are too stupid to realize my skill, then that's on them, but You think you can come out here act like you run the place? You wanna fight, pretty boy? I'll give you a damn war." Jack goes to punch CJ, but pulls back at the last second. Sellers flinches, and Jack pats him on the chest a few times, before backing up against the ropes. "Why so on edge? Are you scared of me? That's hilarious. You think you're some big tough guy, huh? You won't be so big and tough when I pin you at Survivor Series. I legitimately have nothing to lose in this match. That makes me dangerous. Very dangerous. Watch your back, Sellers." Jack exits the ring, and blows CJ Sellers a kiss as the camera fades to black.
  12. The Hidden Gene Chapter Two Matilda Heathcote steps out of a bar, and starts walking towards her apartment. Suddenly two men step in front of her. "Hey pretty lady. How'd you like us to show you a good time." She smiles at the man, then look his friend directly in the eyes. All of a sudden, he looks at his friend with extreme anger. "Dude, don't talk to women like that!" "What do you mean bro, this was your id-" The man punches his friend in the skull, and the two begin brawling. Matilda exhales, and walks by, smiling thinly. She walks for a while, then pauses. She hears a noise, and looks at the grates next to her. A purple-black fog starts to seep out. She gasps and begins to scream when it begins to form a humanoid shape. All of a sudden, she feels a man's arms on her shoulders, and then a tugging sensation. When she opens her eyes, she's on a nearby rooftop. She pushes off and turns around, seeing a man with longer hair and a leather jacket on. Matilda: "Who the hell are you?" ICON: "Calm down. Call me ICON." "Why did you save me?" "It's what I do." ICON turns to leave, but Matilda stops him. "I-I'm like you." "You can teleport?" "Well, no, but I have powers. I can control people's emotions, and if I try hard enough I can create objects with my mind." "Ah... I'm Gunner." "Matilda. If you don't mind me asking, how did you know I was in trouble? "I've seen that thing before, and I was flying above the city when I saw you. I think... it used to human. It has a conscious at least. and it also seems to have allegiance to something, or someone. I've been calling it Dark Mist." "Well, thank you, Gunner, for saving me. Could you at least help me down from here?" "Sure." Gunner takes her down to the ground floor, and then teleports away. Matilda, heads back to her apartment, and thinks about the fact that there are others like her. She also thinks about the Dark Mist, and wonders if it has a feeling. She also for some reason doesn't believe Gunner's story. She noticed a scar across the front of his neck. Oh well...
  13. owendalton

    The Return

    Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, smiling at the boos, and yet some people cheer. "Well, I'm back. Again. I've had a lot of on and off appearances this year. I've gone through things. Lots of different sets of minds, events, injuries, and other things have affected my life, and my career this year. But this time, I'm back for good. The crowd pops, and chants "Welcome back, welcome back." "Will you all shut up? This isn't about you. This is about me, and the NXT championship. I've tried for so DAMN long to get this title, and I've always gotten so close, but never been able to grab that brass ring. You have no idea how it felt to be out of this ring for so long. It felt like dying a little, each time I watched Carnage, or a pay-per-view. but now, I'm going to take that title, and anyone who tries to stop me won't make it out of that ring on two feet. I don't care if you all hate me, or love me, all that matters is that I am the most talented wrestler on the roster. I am better on the mic, better in the ring, taller, faster, stronger, smarter than anyone in this arena tonight. Everyone else in NXT at the end of the match will be lying face down on the ground and I'll raise my title high and the air and tell you all, I told you so. That's the truth and you all need to accept it. Stay out of my way."
  14. Kenny Omega vs Kurt Angle (Semi Final matchup) PAC vs Jon Moxley (Semi Final Matchup) G.O.D vs Lucha Brothers (Ladder Match) Bully Ray vs Sami Callihan vs Brian Cage vs Low-Ki vs Adam Page vs Christopher Daniels Mance Warner vs Brody King Kenny Omega vs PAC (ECW World Title Finals)
  15. Jack Bishop arrives in the arena to a massive pop from the crowd after not being seen for the past three months. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't stand anymore of that cancer cell they call Arrow talking. I mean Jesus Christ, his voice is annoying. Is that stupid music he uses even licensed to us? That's not important. I'm out here for one reason. The NXT Championship. I have been trying to gain it for almost a year now, and I've come so close so many times. I don't need any of you people's support to get the title, so you all can shut up now. You all will see the truth. That your heroes fail, and the smart people succeed, it's always been that way, and it will be like that until the end of time. Hopefully some of you have enough brain cells to see that's the truth. I'm going to win the NXT title, and finally begin the era of the Eye Opener. That's not a threat..." Jack drops the mic and walks out of the arena as the crowd screams "IT"S A PROMISE." before Die A King plays.

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