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  1. Name - Ryan Bailey Nickname - Bulletproof Gender - Male Birthdate (Year) - 1994 Debut (Year) - 2015 Nationality - Canadian Ethnicity - Canadian Based In - North America Hometown - Toronto Personality (Antagonistic, Loner, Loose Cannon, Moody, Normal, Professional, Serious, Short Tempered or Sociable) - Sociable Fighting Style - Submission/Kicks/Knees/Elbows based Stance (Southpaw or Traditional) - Southpaw Height - 6’3 Minimum Weight -154 lb (69.658 kg)  Maximum Weight - 170 lb (77 kg) Your Three best stats:  1 - Submissions 2 - Standing Strikes 3 -  Muay Thai Clinch  (Submissions, Ground Offense, Ground Defense, Standing Strikes, Standing Grapples, Standing Transmissions, Submissions Defense, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, Muay Thai Clinch, Wrestling Clinch)
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  3. Race: Klingons Name: Dal’Ton Gender: Male
  4. Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, but decides not to enter the ring. The crowd erupts when they hear Greatest play. He looks at the two of them with disgust, before raising the mic to speak. ” Well, I can’t say I expected anything less from you, Maasa. But Alex? I’m honestly disappointed. Look at you two, sprawled out on the canvas, and this isn’t even the match! Maasa, let’s be real, you don’t deserve to be in this match. I don’t know how much you must’ve sucked up to Bailey. Oh well, we can’t do anything about it now. I just want to make this clear, after World at War, I’m coming for that world title Hans. You’re my brother, but that doesn’t change a thing. I’m still going to win that title.” Jack steps in the ring, and looks down at Maasa and Alex’s limp body. ” Look, at this. This is the exact same thing you’re gonna see at World at War. -“ Jack goes to continue talking, but Maasa starts to move, and gets on his hands and knees and starts throwing wild punches, missing every one of them. Jack decides to respond with a Sleeping Pill. Jack leans down next to Maasa’s limp body. ” Try that again and you’ll be leaving with a broken neck.” Jack walks out of the arena to cheers, and he looks back to see Alex stirring, and he seems to be able to tell that Maasa’s limp body was not his doing. Jack just grins at him, as the camera fades.
  5. Jack Bishop sits in a chair, across from a fireplace, staring into the flames. ” Well, Maasa, you’ve decided to attempt to get under my skin I see. I’m afraid to tell you that I’m more amused and slightly irritated than mad. You’re really nothing more than a mosquito, or a fly. Annoying, but easily crushed. You call yourself the demon. Ooh, fire, scary!” Jack laughs, then stands up and looks at the camera for the first time. “Well, you know, for every demon, there is an angel. For every flame, there is ice. If you’re too stupid to understand what I mean is Maasa, you’re not a threat. Stop with the stupid knife and the lights. Just focus on actually wrestling, the actual match. You never follow through with the things you say, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you never did.” Jack grabs a bucket of water and throws it in the fireplace, extinguishing the fire. ” It’s that easy. You’re done.” Jack grabs a knife similar to the one Maasa had last week, and bends the blade into a twisted shape, before dropping it. The camera focuses on the knife and you see Jack walk out of the room in the background.
  6. Name: Rekkan Bladebraid Age: 20 Race: Genasi (Fire) Class: Rogue Subclass: Assassin Background: Outlander Based in (Nirinos, Fustora or Drakon): Fustora Physical Description: Thin Muscular, long dark blue hair, full arm tattoo, slightly taller than average, dark red skin. Fighting Style (Archer, Dexterous Fighter, Strength Fighter, Spellcaster, Stealthy, etc): Stealthy/Spellcaster/Dexterous Fighter Favoured Weapons/Gear (Armour, Personal items, etc.): Twin Daggers/ Swords, Fire, fire incorporated with weapons. Always has poisons and healing potions on him, wears a hood most of the time. Carries a turquoise pendant/amulet with the rune for fire carved into it. Backstory/Bio: Rekkan was born into a lower upper-class family (Like a poor wealthy person), but when he was five his family was killed in an attack. He was thrown into a riverbank and knocked unconscious. A man found him, and he happened to be a leader of an assassin's guild, named Dorian Westfall. He trained Rekkan to be a killing machine, and he was nothing less. He followed everything Dorian told him, until one day he found out from one of the guild members that two men from the guild were ordered by the man to kill his parents and older sister because the leader saw potential in Rekkan and didn't want his family in the way of him fulfilling his “true potential”. Rekkan murdered Dorian in a fit of rage, burning him alive. He became an outcast after that, an anti-hero of sorts, killing those who he deemed deserving. Until now...........
  7. Name: Mason Mercer Age: 18 Weight (Please use pounds/lbs) 205 Wrestling Style (Cruiserweight, Brawler, Technician, or a combo of styles): He hits a lot Gimmick (Please be as elaborate as possible, I will book people with well thought out and interesting gimmicks): Kind Of apocalyptic in a way, he is repeatedly cheered even though he shows no leaning towards being a face or a heel. He is a badass competitor, not afraid to play dirty, but is more abusing the counts, attacking the eyes, not like cheesy low blows and stuff. He can high fly, but chooses not to most of the time. Heel/Face/Tweener: Face Usual/Basic Moves (List as many as you can/would like to): Michinoku Driver, Sunset Flip Powerbomb, Forearm Smash, Moonsault, Submissions, Neckbreakers, mostly neck impact stuff, suplexes, Signature Moves (Up to 3): Single Knee Facebreaker (Glasgow Smile), Blue Thunder Bomb (Black Sun), Spike Hurricanrana (Broken Mirror) Finishing Moves (Up to 3): Kudo Driver (Fall of A Nation), Ace Crusher (The Eighth Star) Rare Finisher: Inverted Figure 4 (Endgame) Tag Team (List name and who it is with. It is not required to post a tag team, however everyone will be eligible to be in a tag team at some point, and tag team wrestlers will also be booked as single stars sometimes): Sinister Sons Nation - Ryan King (we’re extremely open to a third member or more) Stable (Again, list name and who it is with, also not required to be in stable. Everyone will also be eligible to join a stable at some point, but it is not a guarantee): Additional Information: From Chicago, IL, has a red streak in black hair.
  8. Jack Bishop walks out to the ring to a surprising amount of cheers, he seems surprised as well as the commentators. "Well, thank you for the warm welcome. I don't deserve it, but thank you. Well as you all saw last week Alex Costa came back." The crowd begins chanting; "ASSHOLE, ASSHOLE," "I couldn't agree more!" Alex, my jaw is still sore from that sucker punch last week. But it's okay. I'll make sure to knee you ten times as hard next time I see you. And speaking of that, Mr. Bailey called me after Carnage and alerted me about our little triple threat situation. I don't really understand how Maasa is relevant to me and Alex but I will gladly kick both of their asses nonetheless. Alex, the games are over. I'm finally getting you one-on-one, well, at least as close as I'm gonna get to it. I'm looking forward to this. At World At War, I am going to end both of you. That's not a threat..." Jack doesn't bother finishing as the crowd screams "IT'S A PROMISE.".
  9. Jack Bishop walks out, the crowd is a bit tense after seeing what he did last week, throwing around the cameraman and whatnot. He gets straight in the ring and grabs a mic. ” Well, look who decided to show up. Alex Costa, everybody. Well, I’m glad you’re back. Wanna know why? Well Alex, I don’t have a match at World at War. So here’s what I’m suggesting. You and me. One on one. No Holds Barred.” Jack hops out of the ring and goes up to Alex. ” What do you say?”
  10. @Aaron North @Shiba @CodyCage @Hans @Wallace227
  11. I'd say it was Julius at first, then Brad.
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