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    Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, and sits on the top turnbuckle again with a mic. “Well, look what’s happened since I’ve been gone. Our champion has had a mental breakdown, screaming at his dead wife and kids, busting his own head open, and the other people in the division have been silent. You see, everyone falls at some point. Often the “heroes” are the first ones to do so. You see this with Bob. His demons took over, he didn’t have the resolve to fight them off. He’s too weak. And it makes yo you wonder, if he can’t fight off his own thoughts, how can he fight off 3+ other men? Bob, I hope you recover from this mental episode by the title the pay per view rolls around, because honestly it would be boring beating the hell out of you so easily.” Jack walks to the center of the ring. ” At the pay per view, everyone falls. I will be the NXT champion, whether you like it or not.”
  2. Jack Bishop walks to the ring more pissed off than ever. ” I’m done. This is the last time I let this corporate bullshit hold me down. I’m not going to let anyone tell me what to do, who to take eliminations from,” the crowd goes silent, realizing that this is serious. ” You’re kidding me. This nobody hick goes over the people who actually deserve a f*cking title? And I got eliminated by a fucking kid who can’t make up his mind on what his last name is. I should be the NXT champion. Not this cousin-loving idiot who calls himself “the bomb”. Sorry, he’s not literate enough to spell or say “the” right, so he calls himself “da” bomb.” ” It’s time you people, and the entire roster open your eyes. You’ve been blind from the beginning, thinking the people who you adore, who you cheer for every week, are doing this for you. Make no mistake, they’re doing it because they need to feed their massive egos, and also for the massive paycheck they get as champion. You people can save yourselves. But you choose not to. You choose to believe that I’m painting a false portrait, that I’m trying to coerce you into going against your heroes. You don’t understand that I’m the good guy. I’m the one trying to save you from this nightmare that you’ve been fooled into believing is a fantasy. But, for Bob... it’s too late. You’ve awoken a new side of me. You’re going to be destroyed by something you created. I hope you’re happy.”
  3. Jack Bishop and Hans Clayton went to a foster shelter this week and hung out with the kids in the shelter. They were all given free front row seats to the next Twitch event.
  4. Jack Bishop walks on to the stage and sits down cross-legged on the stage. He looks at the carnage happening in disgust before lifting the mic to his mouth. ” Are you kidding me? After all this division has gone through, after all the changes and the resurgences, we’re still stuck in this horrible, stupid unchecked era of attacking each other without warrant. I’m the best in this damn division, but I’ve been held back by backstage politics and corporate bullshit my entire time here. But, honestly? Maybe I should be thankful. Because now, now that I’ve been pushed down, buried, never given any opportunities it’s made me hungry. It’s made me starving. I have a stronger drive than anyone in the NXT Championship match. And you know what? I have nothing to lose. And that makes me dangerous. Very dangerous. Now, you two better figure out whatever the hell this brawling shit is, and Mave, you better figure out how to cut a damn promo before Mayhem, because if not, you both are going to get what you have coming.” Jack walks to the back before Mave or Bob can get a word in, and the camera fades to black.
  5. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): “The Architect Of Anarchy” Azrael Weight: 242 lbs or 109 kgs Height: 6’4 Finisher(s): Pure Anarchy (Northern Lights Bomb) 450 Splash Signature(s) Sip Of Poison (PTO) Pierce The Veil (Cross Legged Michinoku Driver) Gimmick: He is generally a badass, doesn’t speak much if at all. Very mysterious. Has a heavy metal edge. Note: is from Switzerland but he still speaks fluent English. Attire: black and white face paint, wears black and white tights with some type of writing on them. Wears a black leather trench coat to the ring. Slicked back black hair. Alignment (heel/face/tweener): wrestles like a heel but the crowd loves him.  Tag Team: He’s down, but wants a singles run too.
  6. The by-now familiar theme hits and Jack walks to the ring. “I’m going to be honest, even though you people don’t deserve the truth. I’m so sick of sitting here and watching other people get things that I deserve. I’ve been in this company for nine damn months and I’ve never gotten anything I’ve deserved. The people in the back refuse to acknowledge my skill, and they repeatedly screw me. Now Bob is being treated as the favorite, and he’s been here for how long? A month, less? This is a perfect example of other people being set up to take my shot. At Mayhem, I am going to make all of you pay, and shove your idiotic tweets and chants down your throats. I’m going to tear apart your heroes. I’ll make them wish they were never born, and I’ll be doing them a favor. I’ll help them realize, just like I did. They’ll realize that believing you people and letting you control them gets you nowhere. I learned that. It’s time everyone else does. I’ll open all of your eyes. You’ll see.”
  7. Name: "Death's Messenger" Lance Way Age: 26 Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia Past criminal records: 13 counts of murder, aggravated assault. (was named such because he only kills people he says Death told him to) Hobbies: knife cleaning, knife throwing, he drinks but not heavy at all, normally one only, marijuana, Reading Strengths: Agile, can do parkour, skilled in fighting, can endure insane amounts of pain, and tries to make friends/allies a lot and likes peace. Weaknesses: He gets extremely angry when someone tries to start a fight with him, and often gives into what they want.
  8. Can’t wait till I’m featured! Great work, Gwyn.
  9. Can someone make me a shirt? Text ideas are “That’s Not a Threat, it’s a promise”, “A New Side”, “The Silent Symphony”, or “The Eye Opener
  10. Hello everybody, since there was a post earlier showing the card for Something's Gotta Give, I thought I'd explain the titles. P.S. the card for SGG might change. XCPW World Heavyweight Championship Self explanatory. XCPW Intercontinental Championship Technical Masterclass mostly. XCPW Tag Team Championships The spotlight division in the company. XCPW Apollo Championship 225 lbs or 102 kgs or below. High octane division, non-stop action. XCPW Ares Championship XCPW's toughest challenge for this title. It can only be defended under a hardcore stipulation. People don't leave the matches without being bleeding profusely.
  11. Something’s Gotta Give PPV Card (So far) Main to Opener: Charles Lupin vs. Kenneth O’Connelly - XCPW World Heavyweight Championship match Arius vs. Shirada - XCPW Intercontinental Championship Wrestling-Tang Clan vs Adrenaline Rush vs Ronnie Alias & Bulldozer vs. Buddy Ace & James Ropati - XCPW Tag Team Championships Maddrix Delgado vs. Marker Andrews vs. Frank Cage vs. Maasa vs. Dikey - Apollo Championship (literally just a cruiserweight title under 225 lbs or 102 kgs)

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