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  1. owendalton


    Name: Ryan “Bulletproof” Bailey Age: 27 Weight Class: Welterweight Height: 5’11 Reach: 74 inch Fighting Style: Submission based.
  2. Jack laughs. “Oh, yeah, hate to break it to you, but the deletion thing, that’s not happening.” He grabs the pen and signs the contract before handing the contract to Sheridan, who walks out of the ring. “Right, now that that’s finished, there only one other thing this table’s good for.” Jack reaches across the table and smacks Mirage down, sending him and his chair backwards into the floor. Mirage attempts to get up, but Jack kicks him down. He picks Mirage back up, and drives him through the table. He then reaches inside the unconscious Mirage’s coat pocket, and pulls out what he was carrying. Bishop turns the pocket knife in his hands and chuckles. He then sits Mirage up, and drags it across Mirage’s cheek slowly, creating a cut across the side of his face. He puts the knife back in Mirage’s pocket. He lifts a mic from the Carnage, and simply says: “See you next week.”
  3. Jack Bishop arrives at the arena, nodding at Sheridan before taking the side of the table facing backstage. “Thank you, Sheridan. Now we all know why we’re here, to make the ass-kicking I’m going to give to Mirage next week official. Formalities and all that. But, I’m honestly interested. You haven’t shown your damn face in a month here in person. I think you’re scared of me. Of what I’ll do to you when you step in this ring. Of how I’m going to destroy you, mentally and physically. I think you’re a goddamn coward. I don’t think you’re going to have the balls to show up, or if you do, you’ll attack from behind, or pull some goddamn shenanigans. I don’t want any games. I want you, and me, in this ring, right now. Now, Mirage, if you would please get your delusional, acid-tripping ass out here so we can do this.”
  4. Jack Bishop sits in a chair, facing a fireplace. He sips from a glass of scotch as he chuckles. "Oh, man. You really are just as delusional as you sound. You actually believe the words that come out of your mouth, don't you? This is just going to make it that much sweeter when I beat you on Carnage. You represent everything that is wrong with this company. The delusion that you're better than others, the preaching, the idiocy. I'm allowed to talk about to say I'm better because I simply am. Make sure to get all of your preaching out of your system before Carnage, because I'm going to shut you up for good."
  5. Sign up: Age - 26 Power (2 at max) - Teleportation, Weapons skills. What does your character look like - Winter Soldier Nationality - Welsh Team (Sheridan's Slaves, Brenden's boys, Akki's Ally's, loner) - Loner
  6. Name: Owen Dalton Age: 24 Nationality: American Height: 6'8 Weight: 224 lbs Wingspan: 6'10 3/4 inches Looks (be as descriptive as you want): Dirty Blonde, beard, Sleeve tattoo on left arm Strong Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending) Defending Secondary Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending): FInishing Third Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending): Shooting Weak Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending): Playmaking Position: SF/SG
  7. The titantron cuts back to the ring after Mirage's promo. Jack Bishop comes out, seeming amused. "Alright Mirage. You have your match. I'll gladly beat your ass in front of these people. But let's get a few things straight. I'm not the one hiding behind lies. Everything I say is the truth. You're the one who had to copy me to get over. You act like you're some divine preacher, but you're just full of shit. I have never followed the management like a "dog", the management is one of the biggest issues in this company. I know your type. You try to make me insecure, and then strike while I'm weak. Spoiler alert: That's not going to happen. You should feel insecure. You should be scared. I see through your lies and your sermons. I am the only person who tells the truth in this company, I am the real Eye Opener, and I will open your eyes after I beat you on Carnage. I've bled for this business, broken bones, suffered through immense pain. I can't wait to introduce you to the same pain. See you then."
  8. owendalton


    Jack Bishop comes out sporting a new theme. "Later tonight, Mecko and James Knight will face each other for the NXT Championship. Quite frankly, it should've been me facing Mecko for that title. But that doesn't matter now. It doesn't even matter who wins tonight. Whether it's James, or Mecko, I'll still beat them at Night of Legends. You see, Night of Legends will be the one-year anniversary of my first pay-per-view here in BPZ. I've been here for a year. And yet I get no damn recognition for my work. No titles, for week after week putting my body on the line, sacrificing time and energy, and yet I get no gratitude from you idiots. Unbelievable. At Night of Legends I'm going to prove you all wrong. I'm going to open your eyes, and make you recognize that I am the best wrestler in this division. Mecko got lucky at Winter Warfare. Not this time. I'm going to make you suffer. Looking at your broken, destroyed body is going to be a beautiful sight."
  9. owendalton


    Jack Bishop arrives on Carnage, and he looks pissed. The crowd is cheering, but they can tell he’s angry. “Alright, well let’s talk about the bullshit that was last night. I was ahead, I was about to get rid of Amai, and that bastard Knight attacked me from behind, and got me eliminated. You know what, James, I think you’re tough. I think you’re a tough son of a bitch. But you’re a damn coward for hitting me from behind. I’ve worked so hard, for so long, for this title. And every time I get so goddamn close. So close. And every time, I’m just short. This time, I’m not playing games. I’m sick of losing to these people who call themselves champion. They don’t deserve the belt. They just get lucky. That title is mine!” The crowd cheers. “Mecko. The Tiger. Ooh, so scary. I respect you. But you’re just an obstacle at this point. You need to be put down. I am going to take the title off of your lifeless body, and believe me, I will have the largest smile on my face.”
  10. Gender: Male Name: Samuel Reynolds Weapon of choice: Long blade hidden in Cane 4 things you carry with you: Pistol under his coat, picture of his daughter, rope, lighter Special Skill: torture, and persuading people to follow him. Vehicle: ATV Former Occupation: Banker
  11. Amai arrives in the arena, cocky as ever, shouting that the title belongs to him. The crowd seems to disagree, as they incessantly boo him. Steph Carwin comes out, and the crowd boos him, they don't seem to take him too seriously. James Knight arrives in the building to applause, but he keeps a cool head. "The Eye Opener" Jack Bishop finally arrives, and the Minnesota crowd erupts for the man, clearly the fan favorite here, despite his disdain for the crowd. The Tiger arrives in the building to boos. The champ just laughs as he walks to the ring. He drops his coat and glasses, and holds up the title, looking at it with pride. He tosses it to the ref on the outside, and then slides in the ring. The bell rings, and the fight for the title begins. Mecko immediately goes after Amai, and the two brawl to the outside, and Bishop and Knight fight in the ring. Steph slips to the side, hiding. Jack and James keep hitting each other with strikes, until Jack eventually clotheslines both men over the rope onto the apron. Both men slowly rise to their feet, and before James can react, he eats a pump kick to the jaw. Then Jack picks him up, and it looks like he’s going to hit a tombstone, but James shifts his weight, and hits one of his own! Steph takes the opportunity to gloat in the empty ring, but James Knight stands behind him, smiling sadistically. The light in Steph's eyes dies, and he turns around right into a V-Trigger! James picks him up, and hits him with the Curb Stomp. Steph lays motionless as Knight covers him for the pin. But as he gets up, Amai comes in after supposedly taking out Mecko.and blasts him with a Busaiku knee. Amai gets up, and stomps on James’ hand, screaming obscenities at him, calling him "subpar bastard". Amai kicks him in the face, and then picks him back up, drops him with a Russian Leg Sweep, but rolls through with the wrist of Knight, picking him up, and hits a ripcord elbow. He picks James up, and runs off the rope, handspringing, but before he can bounce off, Jack Bishop stops him in his tracks with a brutal dropkick. Seemingly recovered from that tombstone, Jack takes control of Amai, hitting him with suplexes and strikes. Bishop calls for the Sleeping Pill, but James comes from behind and hits a backstabber! Jack bounces right back into a Painkiller! Amai covers Bishop, and he can't kick out this time. The camera cuts to Mecko, who we now see has been on the floor for sometime now, and there's a chair next to his head, suggesting he was probably hit over the head with it. The champ might be concussed. James now gets to his feet, and starts to trade blows with Amai, before both men connect with kicks. James gets up first, and backs up. He goes for the Curb stomp on Amai, but he misses, and he gets picked up by Amai for the Painkiller, but he slips behind, and hits a brutal Pumphandle Piledriver. He then waits for him to get up, and hits the Curb Stomp for the pinfall. James sighs in relief, but before he could do anything, Mecko rushes in. He was playing possum the whole time! He forearms James in the jaw, and pushes him off the ropes into a huge Death Valley Driver. Mecko loads up the Discus Clothesline, but before he hits it, James forearms him right in the face, and goes for a powerbomb, but before he can hook the arms, Mecko gets pulled away, and- Amai low blows Knight! Mecko punches Knight into the air, and hits the discus clothesline! He pins Knight, and the ref gives him his title. He stares at his title the same way he did before the match, and then he gets a sadistic look in his eyes. Mecko chases James down and hits him over the head with the title! He drags Knight into the ring, and grabs a chair from under the ring. He cracks it over his back a few times, before setting it up. He picks up James, and screams in his face before driving him into the chair. The Tiger holds up the title as we cut to the next match.
  12. Name: Ren Dornelles Age: 16 Force Sensitive?: Indeed Appearance:(Note you can be other species within the Star Wars Universe- Check Wookiepedia for reference.) Human, Dark Hair, pale, ripped, Class:Padawan,Jedi Knight,Jedi Master,Scoundrel,Bounty Hunter,Politician,Dark Acolyte,Slaver: Padawan Backstory: Ren was born in a tiny village. His family were good people, hard working. But when he was 6 or 7, his village was attacked by Bounty Hunters, who were hired by slavers who were forcing the town to give them someone as a slave in exchange for not slaughtering them. Ren’s father hid him under the floorboards under their bed. Nonetheless he still saw his father, mother, and sister slaughtered. After the attack a Jedi named Udo Pritchett came to the area and picked him up. He feels a bond with Pritchett, very strongly. Ren still carries a lot of anger from those days, towards Bounty Hunters, but especially towards Slavers. Any pre-existing relationships to other characters?(Note this is prior to Star Wars Episode I: A Phantom Menace.): if you want Ezra Miller

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