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  1. The Hidden Gene Chapter 2 Pt. 2 Gunner appears right outside of his apartment, and sighs. He hoped that Matilda believed his story. He really had been watching her from above, he thought she was beautiful, but was also intrigued by the two men's sudden change in emotion. Then he saw Dark Mist come out of the grate, and he knew he had to step in. He saw her glance at his scar. He really hoped she didn't ask about it if they met again. "What the fuck is wrong with you kid?" Gunner is slapped and thrown into the wall. "A Fucking B? Do better. Or next time it'll be a broken jaw for you." Gunner's father punch him square in the nose, causing blood to spurt out. Gunner shudders, and continues walking towards the entrance, but before he gets there, he hears a child's voice. "Hey mister!" Gunner turns and sees a child, who looks about the age of 8. The kid waves at him, but then gets an odd look on his face. Then blood begins to seep in between his teeth and out his mouth, and then he collapses. Gunner yells, deeply disturbed by what he's just seen. The kid has a knife stuck in the back of his head. A man comes around the corner, with his finger up to his mouth, shh-ing Daniels. ???: "Now, now. We wouldn't want to wake up the boy, now would we?" The man comes over, crouches down, stroking the boy's hair, before pulling the knife out of the boy's head. He cleans it off with his coat, and slips it into an inside coat pocket. "So, what are we gonna do about you. ICON?" "How do you know who I am?" "That doesn't matter, now does it?" "Who the fuck are you, and where are you from?" "You, can call me Ace. And I'm from Ruby City. I've always been here. I was here before you were born, before your parents were born, before all of your ancestors even came to this land. I am something greater than you understand." Gunner was getting more and more infuriated and went to swing at Ace, but he moved with lightning quick speed, and stuck the knife into Gunner's abdomen. "Have a nice evening." Gunner teleports himself to his apartment as he gasps for air, and pulls out his medical supplies. He doesn't have what he needs. He tries to cling to life as he thinks out a plan.
  2. Jack Bishop appears on the screen, back in the locker room. He yawns, seemingly miffed. "Jesus Christ, really? I didn't think Kieron would resort to working with you again. I mean honestly, he could've done way better. But that's fine. You have your priorities all wrong. If Kieron has to carry you through the whole tournament, then you won't stand a chance against Creed. You really should be focusing on winning the NXT championship. It'll make it so much easier to get rid of you if you're more focused on the tag tournament. But I can agree with you, Flynn has abused his power. Only his faction got opportunities, which is unfair. Which is why I'm taking full advantage of mine. And not you and your washed up tag partner, not Wallace, who I'm not even sure is sane anymore, is going to stop me. I am going to tear you apart at Survivor Series. I am going to make your life a living hell, I'm going to break your body, and put you in the hospital for weeks on end, but more importantly, I'm going to break your spirit. Hell, you might as well retire after Survivor Series. No one'll look at you the same. And you'll have me to thank." The camera fades to black as Jack looks smugly at the camera.
  3. Name: Drew Welch Nickname: The Scottish Sadist Age: 32 Height: 6’7 Weight: 250 lbs. Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland Backstory: Drew was always an off child, but he never really did anything. One day when he was 19 or so, he came home to find out that his mother had been hit by a drunk driver. Drew went out drinking, and then he slaughtered everyone in the bar brutally, and whoever was still alive was killed in the fire after he burned the bar down. He was put in jail afterwards, and eventually had to be put in solitary confinement after he nearly killed another inmate. Crime Committed: 25 counts of first degree murder, arson
  4. Jack is furious, but then, he laughs. " I'm sorry but what? You think you're clever, don't you? You know what? I bust my ass just as much as anyone else in this company. You're just an entitled brat who can't think up a creative nickname. I've spilled your blood before, and I'm not afraid to do it again. And quite frankly, I'm damn tired of everyone comparing me to Hans. And we're not even gonna talk about Black, huh? Yeah. I thought as much. He's as much of a part of my career as I am a part of his, but just because he got a lucky break and I didn't changes nothing. These people are too stupid to realize my skill, then that's on them, but You think you can come out here act like you run the place? You wanna fight, pretty boy? I'll give you a damn war." Jack goes to punch CJ, but pulls back at the last second. Sellers flinches, and Jack pats him on the chest a few times, before backing up against the ropes. "Why so on edge? Are you scared of me? That's hilarious. You think you're some big tough guy, huh? You won't be so big and tough when I pin you at Survivor Series. I legitimately have nothing to lose in this match. That makes me dangerous. Very dangerous. Watch your back, Sellers." Jack exits the ring, and blows CJ Sellers a kiss as the camera fades to black.
  5. The Hidden Gene Chapter Two Matilda Heathcote steps out of a bar, and starts walking towards her apartment. Suddenly two men step in front of her. "Hey pretty lady. How'd you like us to show you a good time." She smiles at the man, then look his friend directly in the eyes. All of a sudden, he looks at his friend with extreme anger. "Dude, don't talk to women like that!" "What do you mean bro, this was your id-" The man punches his friend in the skull, and the two begin brawling. Matilda exhales, and walks by, smiling thinly. She walks for a while, then pauses. She hears a noise, and looks at the grates next to her. A purple-black fog starts to seep out. She gasps and begins to scream when it begins to form a humanoid shape. All of a sudden, she feels a man's arms on her shoulders, and then a tugging sensation. When she opens her eyes, she's on a nearby rooftop. She pushes off and turns around, seeing a man with longer hair and a leather jacket on. Matilda: "Who the hell are you?" ICON: "Calm down. Call me ICON." "Why did you save me?" "It's what I do." ICON turns to leave, but Matilda stops him. "I-I'm like you." "You can teleport?" "Well, no, but I have powers. I can control people's emotions, and if I try hard enough I can create objects with my mind." "Ah... I'm Gunner." "Matilda. If you don't mind me asking, how did you know I was in trouble? "I've seen that thing before, and I was flying above the city when I saw you. I think... it used to human. It has a conscious at least. and it also seems to have allegiance to something, or someone. I've been calling it Dark Mist." "Well, thank you, Gunner, for saving me. Could you at least help me down from here?" "Sure." Gunner takes her down to the ground floor, and then teleports away. Matilda, heads back to her apartment, and thinks about the fact that there are others like her. She also thinks about the Dark Mist, and wonders if it has a feeling. She also for some reason doesn't believe Gunner's story. She noticed a scar across the front of his neck. Oh well...
  6. owendalton

    The Return

    Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, smiling at the boos, and yet some people cheer. "Well, I'm back. Again. I've had a lot of on and off appearances this year. I've gone through things. Lots of different sets of minds, events, injuries, and other things have affected my life, and my career this year. But this time, I'm back for good. The crowd pops, and chants "Welcome back, welcome back." "Will you all shut up? This isn't about you. This is about me, and the NXT championship. I've tried for so DAMN long to get this title, and I've always gotten so close, but never been able to grab that brass ring. You have no idea how it felt to be out of this ring for so long. It felt like dying a little, each time I watched Carnage, or a pay-per-view. but now, I'm going to take that title, and anyone who tries to stop me won't make it out of that ring on two feet. I don't care if you all hate me, or love me, all that matters is that I am the most talented wrestler on the roster. I am better on the mic, better in the ring, taller, faster, stronger, smarter than anyone in this arena tonight. Everyone else in NXT at the end of the match will be lying face down on the ground and I'll raise my title high and the air and tell you all, I told you so. That's the truth and you all need to accept it. Stay out of my way."
  7. Kenny Omega vs Kurt Angle (Semi Final matchup) PAC vs Jon Moxley (Semi Final Matchup) G.O.D vs Lucha Brothers (Ladder Match) Bully Ray vs Sami Callihan vs Brian Cage vs Low-Ki vs Adam Page vs Christopher Daniels Mance Warner vs Brody King Kenny Omega vs PAC (ECW World Title Finals)
  8. Jack Bishop arrives in the arena to a massive pop from the crowd after not being seen for the past three months. "I'm sorry, I just couldn't stand anymore of that cancer cell they call Arrow talking. I mean Jesus Christ, his voice is annoying. Is that stupid music he uses even licensed to us? That's not important. I'm out here for one reason. The NXT Championship. I have been trying to gain it for almost a year now, and I've come so close so many times. I don't need any of you people's support to get the title, so you all can shut up now. You all will see the truth. That your heroes fail, and the smart people succeed, it's always been that way, and it will be like that until the end of time. Hopefully some of you have enough brain cells to see that's the truth. I'm going to win the NXT title, and finally begin the era of the Eye Opener. That's not a threat..." Jack drops the mic and walks out of the arena as the crowd screams "IT"S A PROMISE." before Die A King plays.
  9. I think the best idea is to go with Balor-Rollins II, Fiend vs. Styles or Fiend vs Bryan. This isn't realistic but how about Balor-Reigns-Rollins-Murphy for the WWE Title?
  10. The Hidden Gene Chapter One Our story starts in Ruby City, on the West Coast of the United States. You see two men backing a woman against a wall, and one of them flashes a knife in his pocket. "Calm down, just give us your money and jewelry and you'll be fine." He reaches out to take her things, when all of a sudden he starts choking, and stumbling back. He tries to reach out to his friend, but his neck snaps and he collapses, dead on the floor. "What the hell?" His partner pulls out his knife, and he starts looking around. All of a sudden he starts to raise his knife to his own throat. He begins dragging it along his throat, drawing a light amount of blood. ???: "Stop cutting yourself." Then he suddenly slits his own throat. He falls to the floor, choking on his own blood. ???: "Have a nice night." A block down, Aleister Price turns visible again and takes off his ghost mask, wearing his every day clothes, walks back to his apartment. "Hey, Linda." He says to the landlord as he walks in to the lobby. "Hey, Aleister, your brother stopped by." "What?" "A man who said he was your brother asked me to let him into your apartment about half an hour ago." "I-Okay. Thanks, Linda." "No problem." Aleister walked up to his apartment slowly, and phased himself through his wall. There was a man in a suit and tie, standing against his dining table, completely unfazed by what just occured. "Hello, Ghost." Aleister pushes him up against the wall with his forearm pressing against the man's throat. "How do you know who I am!?" He barely chokes out the words "I'm with ATLAS." "Son of a Bitch. How many times do I have to tell you people I'm not interested!?" "I'm not here for recruitment." Price finally relinquishes his hold on the man. "I'm here to warn you." Aleister scoffs at this. "Yeah, okay. About what?" "About a few things actually. There is a man here in Ruby City named Joshua Scott, goes by The Prophet. He thinks he's a literal prophet for a god he calls Mesnatë. The point is, is that he was affected by the same things you were, and that he has the ability to mind control others with weaker willpower. He also gains the powers or intelligence of anyone he kills. More importantly, however, is FALL. They're an organization who will be coming for you. We don't know their intentions, but we know they've been taking people like you." "Uh-huh. Well, thanks for the warning, but I think I'm safe. I have more than enough protection. Now please leave, or I'll make you." The man hurriedly leaves Aleister Price's apartment. Price sits down, grabbing a beer from the fridge before turning on that night's Ospreys game. "Asshole..." The ATLAS agent mutters as he walks to his car. He sees a man in an Alabama Tide shirt coughing horribly. He goes over to check on him. "Hey man, are you okay?" ???: "I'm fine. You on the other hand..." "What?" The man coughs on the ATLAS agent's chest and it starts to sear. The man screams out and terror, and Austin begins to laugh. "Sorry, I'm feeling a bit Toxik today." The man is still screaming, but can get a few words out before he dies. "Go...Tigers.."
  11. Name - Jack Bishop Friends - Hans, Meko, Mikey, Alex Enemies - Arrow, Toxik, Sameer
  12. Name: Lance Way Age: 22 Occupation: CEO Gender: Male Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada Bio/Personality: caring, some times oblivious to how he makes people feel, but feels really bad afterwards. Why did your character come to Love Island: He was getting desperate to get away from his late father’s company and how much work he had to do, and he’s never had a serious relationship before, so he thought he could do the show. Appearance: ____________________________ Name: Kaitlyn Bishop Age: 19 Occupation: upcoming university student/Intern Gender: Female Hometown: Boston, MA, USA Bio/Personality: Funny, kind, relaxed, but also anxious about her future Why did your character come to Love Island: Kaitlyn just graduated school barely a year ago, and she is about to go to MIT for a Computer Science degree. She is also coming out of a bad breakup with her ex, who took advantage of her multiple times, so she’s going to find it difficult to trust people here. She also smokes weed. Appearance:
  13. The Hidden Gene Breaking News Ladies & Gentleman, we have some terrible news. Teen Max Thunderman was found hanging off the capital building front, gutted brutally. It seems that he was beaten to death before he was ehm, disemboweled. The only clue police have to the murderer is an ace of hearts card shape branded into the kid's back. This seems to be a copycat move, as a similar thing was branded into a corpse back in the 40's. His friends and family say that he was bragging about his newly found "powers" to people. What a stupid kid, obviously powers don't exist, right? Condolences to the kid's family.
  14. The Hidden Gene Advanced. Technological. Legion. Against. Super-villains. Briefing Ladies & Gentlemen, my name is Dallon Hathaway, and I am the director of ATLAS, the newest branch of government of which you all now work for. Think of us as a kind of international police. I'm here to brief you on our current situation after the events of October 24th. Tons of humans across the globe had a gene in their bodies activated by something that was a part of an asteroid before it burned up in the atmosphere, releasing it all over the world. Some of these people are very bad people, and we need to stop them. Luckily, we have a team of people who're going to help us track down and stop them. Captain Ketchup appears on the PowerPoint screen. The crowd collectively face-palms. Now, now. This kid has great initiative, and we trust him completely. Next, we have Julius, who we've code-named the Death Machine. He is the leader of the Prism Initiative. He has deadly speed, hence the name. Next we have JD, who can manipulate what people see, their reality. And then of course, Aidan. And his powers are classified. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your time.
  15. Name: Sean Thorne Age (18-21): 19 Gender: Male Special Talent (wrestler, photographer, guitarist, etc. Be creative): Guitar, singing, weed Backstory: Sean is the lead singer of a punk band, who really doesn't care about anything. he smokes weed. about it really. Appearance:
  16. This might be the best diary I’ve seen in a while guys. Great job. Can’t wait to see the development of my character and the rest of these people. RIP Meko btw
  17. Name: Sean Thorne Attire: Blue Black and Grey tights alignment(face or heel): Face tag team partner(if wanted): would want a singles run, but down the line sure
  18. Name (First And Last): Davis Kingston Age: 15 Nickname: The King Height: 6’1 Body Type: Muscular Hair Color: Blonde Personality (Good Or Bad): Good Biggest Fear: Being disliked Strengths: Athleticism, Running, Intelligence, Charm Weakness: His loyalty to his friends, he has a tough relationship with his father, Richard, and he cares about his sister, Katie more than anyone else. Brief Background: The Kingston family is one of the richest families in town, and Davis is their eldest child. He is very caring, unlike his dad, and refuses to screw over good people, which puts a strain on his and his father’s relationship. He’s popular at the school, but he doesn’t like to just hang out with the popular kids, and’ll hang out with anyone. He’s also the guy every girl wants to date.
  19. Name: William Stone Appearance: Black hair, pale Backstory(Remember to make it accurate to the times): William was 16 when he was sent to war. He wanted to help those who needed it, and that was impertinent in the Korean War. Personality: Wants to help people almost too much, very trusting. Quotes(Only one or two is necessary): “Not all of them/you deserve to die.”, “How do you tell if you’re fighting the good fight?” What War They Are Fighting In and Which Nationality(If it's a multi-front war, please provide the theater as well): Korean War, Britain.
  20. The Hidden Gene The world was completely as usual on the morning of October 24th, 2019. Little did they know, all of that was about to change. NASA was sending a rocket towards Mars, when it collided with an asteroid. The asteroid shattered into millions of pieces, and all of them fell down to earth. The particles had a strange reaction with humanity, and in some people triggered a hidden gene, one that gave these humans supernatural abilities. It almost seems too coincidental.... Sign-up Sheet: Name - Nickname - Age - Appearance/Build - Do they conceal their identity (their face) and if so with what? - Power(s) - Background/Origin Story - Alliance (F.A.L.L. [evil organization], A.T.L.A.S. [good organization], mafia, Anti-hero, hero, villain) - Any Additional info - P.S. Your alliance may change if I need it to.
  21. Name: Dominic Bishop Age: 29 Appearance: Personality: Sadistic, Manipulative, God Complex but very charming and good at fooling people into thinking he's a nice guy, which he really isn't. But the thing is, if he likes someone, which is rare, but it makes him deathly loyal. When he's threatened he turns violent very fast Likes (Up to 3 things): Other's pain, cigarettes/weed, intelligent people Hates (Up to 3 things): people smarter than him, being threatened, people who are extremely stupid.
  22. excited for how this is going to progress, and how you handle my character. Great second episode.
  23. WrestleMania Card Rey Mysterio VS Marcus Cor Von After winning the Cruiserweight title, Rey Mysterio would lose it in a bout against Elijah Burke thanks to interference from Marcus Cor Von. Since then, Rey would fail to reclaim the gold, with his tag team partner Chavo Guerrero finally stepping into the spotlight over him, but Rey has unfinished business with Cor Von, who has made it his mission statement in recent months to destroy the Cruiserweights of SmackDown. Will Cor Von claim his biggest scalp yet, or does Rey get a measure of revenge on theAlpha Male? . SmackDown's MVP's VS Time Fault After winning the tag team titles at No Mercy, the duo of Snitsky and Gregory Helms, Time Fault, would fight off all challengers in an impressive reign, ended at the hands of the Submission Masters at Royal Rumble. However, before they claimed the titles, they failed to win them against MVP and Mr. Kennedy, SmackDown's MVP's, at The Great American Bash, and in every subsequent match the two teams have had, it's been MVP and Kennedy who have come out on top. Now, Snitsky and Helms have one more chance to overcome these demons of their past and finally score their first ever victory over SmackDown's MVP's. Will they capitalize, or do MVP and Kennedy simply have their number? . Johnny Nitro VS King Booker (United States championship) King Booker won the United States championship (and King of the Ring) in a tournament between eight of SmackDown's finest at Judgment Day, before dropping the gold to CM Punk in an Elimination Chamber at No Mercy. Since then, Booker's desperately tried everything to reclaim his lost prize. On the other hand, Johnny Nitro has been on the cusp of glory, earning many title opportunities that he just couldn't capitalize on, including two pinfall victories over the formerly undefeated World Heavyweight champion, Bobby Lashley. Now, Nitro and Booker battle it out in the finals of a best of five series for the United States championship. Will King Booker finally reclaim his lost prize, or does Johnny Nitro score his first taste of championship glory? . Chavo Guerrero VS Elijah Burke (Cruiserweight championship) After starting the year by patching things up with his former rival, Rey Mysterio, Chavo would once again find himself as the bridesmaid to Rey Mysterio winning the Cruiserweight title. However, Chavo would finally start to get it together, stringing together surprising victories and impressive performances. On the other hand, Elijah Burke floundered badly after an incredible first four months, nearly winning the World Heavyweight championship. Burke's career would plummet, but he scored a chance to compete for the Cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio, an opportunity he made the most of after using brass knuckles and a Marcus Cor Von distraction. Burke would fight off a rematch from Rey, but as this happened, Rey's friend, Chavo, would end up beating Marcus Cor Von at No Way Out. Chavo then officially issued a challenge for Elijah Burke's Cruiserweight title at WrestleMania, which he earned in a fatal four way on SmackDown. He then defended this title opportunity against Rey Mysterio, finally proving to himself that he is no longer in his friend's shadow. Can Chavo pull off the biggest win of his career, a WrestleMania Cruiserweight title victory, or will he be derailed by the Elijah Express? . The Broken Hardy's VS Submission Masters (Tag Team championships) The Hardy's kicked off the year in surprisingly unsuccessful fashion, as the odds on favorites to win the tag team title tournament, falling to SmackDown's MVP's in the process. Since then, the duo have always been on the cusp of success, but could never pull it together to get the big victory. As this happened, the duo of Chris Masters and Ric Flair would fully embrace their slimier side, using every dirty trick in the book to score victories before winning the tag titles from Time Fault at Royal Rumble. They earned that title opportunity by beating The Hardy's in a TLC match, but after the match, they would attack the brothers with repeated con-chair-to's. The Hardy's came back in the Royal Rumble match, clearly more unstable than before, with Matt demanding to be called "Broken." The Broken Hardy's earned the right to face the Submission Masters at WrestleMania for the Tag Team titles after winning a number one contender's tournament. Will The Broken Hardy's finally claim the prize that has eluded them this entire year, or do Masters and Flair keep their hold on the gold? . CM Punk VS Bobby Lashley (World Heavyweight championship) The main event of WrestleMania sees CM Punk look to end the dominant reign of terror that Lashley has created for nearly a year. Lashley won the World Heavyweight title in a tournament comprising the entire SmackDown roster, and he's fought off every single challenger to his throne in decisive fashion, his only losses coming to two shock roll-ups from Johnny Nitro. On the other hand, CM Punk gradually worked his way up the pecking order on SmackDown, first winning the Cruiserweight title, then vacating it, winning the tag titles, dropping them and winning the United States title on the same night, vacating that, and then winning the Royal Rumble to earn a chance against Lashley. Punk's track record speaks for itself, and if anyone can beat Lashley, one has to believe he would be the guy, but will Punk be able to overcome the Destroyer, or is Lashley just too good to be stopped?

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