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  1. The by-now familiar theme hits and Jack walks to the ring. “I’m going to be honest, even though you people don’t deserve the truth. I’m so sick of sitting here and watching other people get things that I deserve. I’ve been in this company for nine damn months and I’ve never gotten anything I’ve deserved. The people in the back refuse to acknowledge my skill, and they repeatedly screw me. Now Bob is being treated as the favorite, and he’s been here for how long? A month, less? This is a perfect example of other people being set up to take my shot. At Mayhem, I am going to make all of you pay, and shove your idiotic tweets and chants down your throats. I’m going to tear apart your heroes. I’ll make them wish they were never born, and I’ll be doing them a favor. I’ll help them realize, just like I did. They’ll realize that believing you people and letting you control them gets you nowhere. I learned that. It’s time everyone else does. I’ll open all of your eyes. You’ll see.”
  2. Name: "Death's Messenger" Lance Way Age: 26 Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia Past criminal records: 13 counts of murder, aggravated assault. (was named such because he only kills people he says Death told him to) Hobbies: knife cleaning, knife throwing, he drinks but not heavy at all, normally one only, marijuana, Reading Strengths: Agile, can do parkour, skilled in fighting, can endure insane amounts of pain, and tries to make friends/allies a lot and likes peace. Weaknesses: He gets extremely angry when someone tries to start a fight with him, and often gives into what they want.
  3. Can’t wait till I’m featured! Great work, Gwyn.
  4. Can someone make me a shirt? Text ideas are “That’s Not a Threat, it’s a promise”, “A New Side”, “The Silent Symphony”, or “The Eye Opener
  5. Hello everybody, since there was a post earlier showing the card for Something's Gotta Give, I thought I'd explain the titles. P.S. the card for SGG might change. XCPW World Heavyweight Championship Self explanatory. XCPW Intercontinental Championship Technical Masterclass mostly. XCPW Tag Team Championships The spotlight division in the company. XCPW Apollo Championship 225 lbs or 102 kgs or below. High octane division, non-stop action. XCPW Ares Championship XCPW's toughest challenge for this title. It can only be defended under a hardcore stipulation. People don't leave the matches without being bleeding profusely.
  6. Something’s Gotta Give PPV Card (So far) Main to Opener: Charles Lupin vs. Kenneth O’Connelly - XCPW World Heavyweight Championship match Arius vs. Shirada - XCPW Intercontinental Championship Wrestling-Tang Clan vs Adrenaline Rush vs Ronnie Alias & Bulldozer vs. Buddy Ace & James Ropati - XCPW Tag Team Championships Maddrix Delgado vs. Marker Andrews vs. Frank Cage vs. Maasa vs. Dikey - Apollo Championship (literally just a cruiserweight title under 225 lbs or 102 kgs)
  7. Catalyst Ep. 2 Arius vs. Natedog vs. Bulldozer For the first time ever we have a triple threat on Catalyst because of a tie in poll 2. Arius comes out to a huge pop, still the biggest person in the company despite losing every match he's been in. Natedog comes out to a wave of cheers, drinking a beer on the way down to the ring. Bulldozer gets buried by the crowd once more, not getting cheers or boos, just complete silence. Natedog walks to the center of the ring, splashes the rest of his beer at Bulldozer, and sets the bottle in the center of the ring. The bell rings and Bulldozer runs at Nate and starts punching him in the abdomen in the corner, but Arius comes from behind and breaks the bottle over Bulldozer's head. Arius turns his attention to Natedog and throws him into the opposite corner and hits a knee. Arius pulls him out of the corner before DDTing him. Arius picks up Nate but he starts to fight back, kicking him back before hitting a jumping DDT, shifting the momentum of the match. Nate starts stomping on the fingers of Arius, just trying to wear him down. He picks him up and sends him into the corner. He hits a running forearm into a beautiful springboard moonsault. Nate leaps over the rope and onto the apron before hopping right back onto the herope for a leg drop. Nate turns Arius over and locks in the crossface, but Bulldozer, who's bleeding from the top of his head profusely, is back and stomps on Nate to break up the submission. He throws Nate off the ropes and hits God's Punishment. Nate rolls out of the ring and before Bulldozer can do anything Arius grabs him and hits the Faust. Arius grabs him and hits him with the Sentence. Arius covers Bulldozer. 1, 2, 3. Arius finally gets a win in XCPW. He celebrates with his fans as the show goes off air.
  8. Chris Brookes should be world champion! Also I was thinking it would be cool if someone could claim each roster member.
  9. Yo I better catch this fool in the next episode. Good work Mikey.
  10. https://strawpoll.com/r4py2pcr https://strawpoll.com/yhk3bb65
  11. Buddy I was joking I’m sorry I would never doubt you *bows*
  12. owendalton


    Jack Bishop is backstage and is sitting in a chair. He looks straight into the camera before speaking. ” I’ve been gone for a week or two, I know, but I don’t really owe you people an explanation do I? This division is in a worse enough state that I probably shouldn’t have left. I almost feel bad. I’m ashamed of how this division is. Filled with wannabe superstars and straight up jobbers that think they can be a leader.” The crowd cheers at the subliminal message. ” I’ve waited too damn long and worked too damn hard to win the NXT title and I’m not going let some punkass walk in and take what I deserve. You all need to watch your backs. There is hell to pay for how much I’ve been wronged. At Mayhem, I’m getting Vengeance. One way, or another.”
  13. owendalton

    BPZ 2K19

    *Cries because isn’t in the Rising Stars* It’s- it’s okay, you guys deserve it.
  14. Limitless Ep. 3 Ladies & Gentleman welcome back to Tuesday Night Limitless! Derek King here again! In our main event we have the man facing Charles Lupin at our first ever PPV for the XCPW World Championship, Kenneth O'Connelly, since he won the match, even if it was by disqualification. We start off tonight with James Knight facing Bulldozer and the debuting Ronny Alias. James Knight vs. Bulldozer & Ronny Alias James Knight walks out on to the stage, looking incredibly pissed off at the situation. Bulldozer and Ronny Alias come out together, both men looking excited at the opportunity. The crowd still boo them profusely, however. James Knight and Bulldozer start off the match, and James jumps Bulldozer immediately. He takes him down and repeatedly punches Bulldozer. James backs up because of the four count, and he runs at Bulldozer but he moves and James bounces off of the rope. Bulldozer also bounces off the ropes and goes for the Bulldriver, but James catches him and hits a reverse piledriver. James starts punching him again and the referee forcibly pulls him off of Bulldozer this time. While James is arguing with the referee, Bulldozer is able to make the tag to Ronny. He gets in the ring, kicks James questionably low, and hits the divider! 1, 2, kick out! James kicks out right after two. Ronny is confused. He tags in Bulldozer, and throws Knight off the ropes. Bulldozer catches him, spins him around right into a lifted flatliner from Alias! Bulldozer hits a standing moonsault for good measure. 1, tw-kickout! Knight kicks out before two! Bulldozer is shocked. Ronny tries to get back into the ring, and while the ref is trying to get him out James gouges Bulldozer's eyes. Then he hits a canadian destroyer of his own. James drops Ronny off the apron and then he makes a cutting motion across his throat. 1, 2, 3. James Knight has just layed out two men at once. He raises his hand before grabbing a microphone. "You like that buddy? I invented a special kind of hell just for you. Management, I think this is a statement enough for you." Big Gus vs. Julius Adrenaline Rush walks out to boos. Big Gus and Natedog's attitude's haven't changed whatsoever. The Bell rings and the two men lock up. Big Gus surprisingly overpowers Julius, tossing him across the ring. Julius starts punching Big Gus, and it takes multiple shots to drop Gus however. Julius hits the Rolling Elbow, and Gus is already rocked. Julius thinks he can put it away early , and he goes for the Claymore kick. At the last minute Big Gus moves and as Julius lands on his back Gus hits a springboard moonsault. Big Gus picks Julius right back up and hits the Bloody Sunday. one, two, thr- No! Eli Smith breaks up the pin! The referee calls the match off and Eli and Julius start beating down Big Gus, but Natedog comes in with a pipe and clears the place! He gets a shot in on each man, but they get out before they can receive anymore punishment. Big Gus wins the match by disqualification. Aaron North vs. Frank Cage Aaron North walks out, and once again the crowd don't know how to feel about him. Frank Cage however, the crowd are sure about how they feel about him. The boos fill the arena. Aaron starts off by dropkicking Frank to the ground. He drops repeated elbows to Frank's chest. The crowd seem to warm on Aaron. He goes to pick up Frank, but he gets punched right in the side and he clutches it immediately, allowing Frank to take advantage with a vicious elbow. Frank bodyslams Aaron, and then runs off the ropes, but Aaron takes out Frank's knee. Frank goes throat first into the rope, and he's thrown back as he struggles to breathe. Aaron takes advantage with a superkick. Aaron locks in the Liontamer, and Frank has no choice but to tap out. Kenneth O'Connelly vs. Benjamin Wolf KOC comes out to a gigantic ovation. He wasn't here last week because of how severely he was bleeding two weeks ago. Benjamin Wolf and Charles Lupin walk out and are booed the worst out of the rest of the show. Kenneth runs right at Benjamin with a clothesline. He starts dropping repeated knees, and he rolls out next to Charles and he holds him up. Perhaps the most athletic thing we've ever seen from KOC. He tosses Benjamin back into the ring, but before Kenneth can get in the ring he gets caught with a superkick, then picked up into a picture-perfect michinoku driver. 1, 2, kick out. O'Connelly kicks out fairly easily. Benjamin climbs the top rope, looking for what seems to be the new version of the Full Moon, the Diving Mushroom Stomp. He leaps, but K.O.C. catches him! He flips him into the Package Piledriver! 1, 2, 3! KOC beats Benjamin Wolf. Charles Lupin gets in the ring, not even regarding Wolf. He and Kenneth stare down, Lupin laughing as the show goes off the air.
  15. Jack Bishop walks to the ring, to resounding boos. ”Alright, shut up. I’m not here to be berated by you people, frankly I don’t give a damn about what you feel about me. What I am here to do, is to talk about is the NXT Championship match. Hans gave up the title, in my opinion that wasn’t a great idea, but it makes my job much easier. As for who else is in the match, well let’s see. There’s Bulldozer, which...well, I think that’s all I have to say. And of course all of his idiotic followers. Mave, who can’t cut a promo longer than 35 words. The thing is, Birdman could actually make something out of himself, but by debuting with the SSW Club he ruined any chance he had and lost any respect he had from me and most people in the back. And there’s Arrow, who shows up once a month. I am the only person here who actually deserves to win the title. I put more work in than anyone else. I swear, I am going to win the NXT title. I have nothing to lose at this point. At Mayhem, watch me finally claim what should’ve been mine a long time ago. Don’t get in my way.”
  16. Tom Nesbitt vs ???, julius (I mean who else could it be) Guerilla Santos vs Dikey and Christian Crude (I BETTER WIN I SWEAR) Frank Cage vs Alex Costa  Bart vs Jax Saturn
  17. Necce vs Bob Yelich vs Kieron Blade vs BiC FDS vs Aaron North Prince vs Josh Johnny vs Alex Marker vs Hans Julius vs Birdman
  18. Trainer Name: Wrath Starting Pokemon (Please choose a nonevolved Pokemon that can evolve twice): Cyndaquil Game Preference (Please list in order from most preferred to least preferred): P, B, Z Personality (Kind, compassionate, quiet, loud, ruthless, etc. Feel free to elaborate as much as you want): Ruthless. When Mark Warner was a young boy he had a sister and a mother. (This part is only if P) When the asteroid struck, he made it out alive. His mother and sister did not. (If not then he lost them by a sickness or his mother had to give him up) This drove him to what he is today. He is not insane, but he is very dangerous. He doesn’t need a reason to battle people, but he gets incredibly angry at the sight of someone picking on younger girls or women because it reminds them of his sister. (Would not mind him joining the Revenants if he gets P)
  19. XCPW Limitless Ep. 3 James Knight vs. Bulldozer & Ronny Alias Big Gus vs. Julius Aaron North vs. Frank Cage K.O.C. vs. Benjamin Wolf
  20. Arius vs. James Ropati Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the first ever Wednesday Night Catalyst! What a match we have for you tonight! (Commentator text from now on) Arius walks on out to the ring, looking upset after Rin Akane's actions. James Ropati walks out looking extremely fired up after being close to beating James Knight. James runs right at Arius and he leaps into the air for a mushroom stomp. Arius is able to prop himself in the corner, and Ropati runs into the corner looking for a knee, but Arius moves! Ropati's knee slams right into the turnbuckle and he immediately clutches it. Arius takes advantage with a shin breaker and then drops Ropati back on his neck. Arius locks in a high angle kneebar and Ropati screams in pain. Ropati slips out of it, and when Arius comes back he punches him in the abdomen, before roundhouse kicking him in the chest. He climbs the top rope facing backwards looking for the Phoenix Splash. He goes for it but Arius moves out of the way! Arius runs right back up to him and dealifts him into a suplex cutter! Arius grabs him before he can get up and locks in the Final Testimony! Ropati is in it for about 15 seconds, and it seems he's starting to fade. All of a sudden he jerks awake, and rolls back over Arius' head! Ropati Kiwi Kicks Arius in the back of the head before leaping over into a brilliant cover! 1, 2, 3! Ropati pins Arius in a shock victory. Ropati celebrates, as the camera fades to black on the first ever Catalyst.
  21. "Hello everybody, I am your resident backstage personality here in XCPW, Kaitlyn Bishop. I'm here to announce the first ever Catalyst. Catalyst is going to be a show with one match, where YOU get to pick the competitors! The match types will vary as we go, but this week we're starting off with a singles match! Here are the polls. https://www.strawpoll.me/17914409 https://www.strawpoll.me/17914432
  22. owendalton


    Boulevard of Broken Dreams breaks out before Dikey can make it to the back and Jack Bishop walks out. ”I’m sorry, you seem to have forgotten about me. The best damn wrestler in this division. And you think you were overlooked? Management gives me nothing. I deserve way better, and I deserve it way quicker than you. I’ve been saying this. It’s all a popularity contest. Whoever kisses ass the most gets the most title opportunities. I’m sick of it. Dikey, I want to make this clear. You and me don’t have a problem. Make sure it stays that way. You don’t want to see what’s going to happen if you don’t.” Jack walks back to the back leaving Dikey stunned.

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