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  1. The Hidden Gene The world was completely as usual on the morning of October 24th, 2019. Little did they know, all of that was about to change. NASA was sending a rocket towards Mars, when it collided with an asteroid. The asteroid shattered into millions of pieces, and all of them fell down to earth. The particles had a strange reaction with humanity, and in some people triggered a hidden gene, one that gave these humans supernatural abilities. It almost seems too coincidental.... Sign-up Sheet: Name - Nickname - Age - Appearance/Build - Do they conceal their identity (their face) and if so with what? - Power(s) - Background/Origin Story - Alliance (F.A.L.L. [evil organization], A.T.L.A.S. [good organization], mafia, Anti-hero, hero, villain) - Any Additional info - P.S. Your alliance may change if I need it to.
  2. Name: Dominic Bishop Age: 29 Appearance: Personality: Sadistic, Manipulative, God Complex but very charming and good at fooling people into thinking he's a nice guy, which he really isn't. But the thing is, if he likes someone, which is rare, but it makes him deathly loyal. When he's threatened he turns violent very fast Likes (Up to 3 things): Other's pain, cigarettes/weed, intelligent people Hates (Up to 3 things): people smarter than him, being threatened, people who are extremely stupid.
  3. excited for how this is going to progress, and how you handle my character. Great second episode.
  4. WrestleMania Card Rey Mysterio VS Marcus Cor Von After winning the Cruiserweight title, Rey Mysterio would lose it in a bout against Elijah Burke thanks to interference from Marcus Cor Von. Since then, Rey would fail to reclaim the gold, with his tag team partner Chavo Guerrero finally stepping into the spotlight over him, but Rey has unfinished business with Cor Von, who has made it his mission statement in recent months to destroy the Cruiserweights of SmackDown. Will Cor Von claim his biggest scalp yet, or does Rey get a measure of revenge on theAlpha Male? . SmackDown's MVP's VS Time Fault After winning the tag team titles at No Mercy, the duo of Snitsky and Gregory Helms, Time Fault, would fight off all challengers in an impressive reign, ended at the hands of the Submission Masters at Royal Rumble. However, before they claimed the titles, they failed to win them against MVP and Mr. Kennedy, SmackDown's MVP's, at The Great American Bash, and in every subsequent match the two teams have had, it's been MVP and Kennedy who have come out on top. Now, Snitsky and Helms have one more chance to overcome these demons of their past and finally score their first ever victory over SmackDown's MVP's. Will they capitalize, or do MVP and Kennedy simply have their number? . Johnny Nitro VS King Booker (United States championship) King Booker won the United States championship (and King of the Ring) in a tournament between eight of SmackDown's finest at Judgment Day, before dropping the gold to CM Punk in an Elimination Chamber at No Mercy. Since then, Booker's desperately tried everything to reclaim his lost prize. On the other hand, Johnny Nitro has been on the cusp of glory, earning many title opportunities that he just couldn't capitalize on, including two pinfall victories over the formerly undefeated World Heavyweight champion, Bobby Lashley. Now, Nitro and Booker battle it out in the finals of a best of five series for the United States championship. Will King Booker finally reclaim his lost prize, or does Johnny Nitro score his first taste of championship glory? . Chavo Guerrero VS Elijah Burke (Cruiserweight championship) After starting the year by patching things up with his former rival, Rey Mysterio, Chavo would once again find himself as the bridesmaid to Rey Mysterio winning the Cruiserweight title. However, Chavo would finally start to get it together, stringing together surprising victories and impressive performances. On the other hand, Elijah Burke floundered badly after an incredible first four months, nearly winning the World Heavyweight championship. Burke's career would plummet, but he scored a chance to compete for the Cruiserweight title against Rey Mysterio, an opportunity he made the most of after using brass knuckles and a Marcus Cor Von distraction. Burke would fight off a rematch from Rey, but as this happened, Rey's friend, Chavo, would end up beating Marcus Cor Von at No Way Out. Chavo then officially issued a challenge for Elijah Burke's Cruiserweight title at WrestleMania, which he earned in a fatal four way on SmackDown. He then defended this title opportunity against Rey Mysterio, finally proving to himself that he is no longer in his friend's shadow. Can Chavo pull off the biggest win of his career, a WrestleMania Cruiserweight title victory, or will he be derailed by the Elijah Express? . The Broken Hardy's VS Submission Masters (Tag Team championships) The Hardy's kicked off the year in surprisingly unsuccessful fashion, as the odds on favorites to win the tag team title tournament, falling to SmackDown's MVP's in the process. Since then, the duo have always been on the cusp of success, but could never pull it together to get the big victory. As this happened, the duo of Chris Masters and Ric Flair would fully embrace their slimier side, using every dirty trick in the book to score victories before winning the tag titles from Time Fault at Royal Rumble. They earned that title opportunity by beating The Hardy's in a TLC match, but after the match, they would attack the brothers with repeated con-chair-to's. The Hardy's came back in the Royal Rumble match, clearly more unstable than before, with Matt demanding to be called "Broken." The Broken Hardy's earned the right to face the Submission Masters at WrestleMania for the Tag Team titles after winning a number one contender's tournament. Will The Broken Hardy's finally claim the prize that has eluded them this entire year, or do Masters and Flair keep their hold on the gold? . CM Punk VS Bobby Lashley (World Heavyweight championship) The main event of WrestleMania sees CM Punk look to end the dominant reign of terror that Lashley has created for nearly a year. Lashley won the World Heavyweight title in a tournament comprising the entire SmackDown roster, and he's fought off every single challenger to his throne in decisive fashion, his only losses coming to two shock roll-ups from Johnny Nitro. On the other hand, CM Punk gradually worked his way up the pecking order on SmackDown, first winning the Cruiserweight title, then vacating it, winning the tag titles, dropping them and winning the United States title on the same night, vacating that, and then winning the Royal Rumble to earn a chance against Lashley. Punk's track record speaks for itself, and if anyone can beat Lashley, one has to believe he would be the guy, but will Punk be able to overcome the Destroyer, or is Lashley just too good to be stopped?
  5. Name: Sam Reynolds Nickname: The Ebony Knight Height: 6’3 Weight: 195 lbs or 88 kgs Build: Muscular Slim Appearance: Long-ish Blonde Hair, Pale skin, he wears a cloak type thing when fighting Power: He has two daggers, both with ebony blades that he has a genetic link to, allowing him to control them with his mind, and is also skilled in multiple forms of martial arts, can do flippy shit, is pretty intelligent and tortures people sometimes General Backstory: Sam grew up lower upper class, and his dad was loving, but always busy, and his mom had died during his birth. There was one room in his house where he could never go, and he never knew why. When his father came down with cancer, he told his son that he could go into the room. He went in, and found two ebony blades in a box. His father left a recorded message saying that Sam needed to do what he failed to, and save people. Sam is now trying his hardest to do that, by any means necessary. He kills pretty regularly, but not without good reason. Is not a huge fan of the cops, is neutral towards the mafia, hates the Cartel, hates criminals. Wouldn’t be against working as an assassin for someone. Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc): Anti-Hero, Vigilante, (Possibly Mafia) Preferred Last Words:”Son of a Bi-“ or “Make sure to aim for the head.”
  6. owendalton


    Name: Dominic Bishop Nicknames: The Torturer Figurehead: Sammy Guevara Signatures: Die A Little (Step-Up Superman Punch) What A Twist (Stundog Millionaire) Finishers: Web of Suffering (Lifted Cloverleaf) Murder-Go-Round (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver) Backstory: Dominic grew up in a prestigious wrestling family, but unlike his father and grandfather, he had a taste for the torturous type, attacking limbs and making people scream. He enjoys it. Age: 22
  7. I guess I was removed from the Purge?
  8. Name: Logan Bishop AKA Blindspot Gender: Male Superpower: He can control the Darhk, which is the very essence of evil and all things bad in the universe, and in it’s purest form in can level multiple cities at once. He can train it into an object or fire it, or even turn parts or the entirety of his body, and since there is dark energy in shadows, he can jump into shadows and come out anywhere in the world out of a shadow, he calls the space in between the world(s) (you guessed it) Blindspots. In these blindspots, he’s also able To see the good and bad in people. Backstory: Logan was a fairly average guy for the first 20 years of his life. He was working on a biochemical degree and studying Dark Matter when he came across the existence of what he labeled the Darhk, a mysterious substance. He managed to contain a small portion of it and started to experiment on it. First he grabbed two rats off of the streets and trapped them in a containment center before releasing a minimal amount of Darhk into it. The rats begin to fight before one crushed the others skull, and then proceeded to claw it’s own eyes out. Astonished by what he saw, he began to experiment more. He brought in his girlfriend to show her, but whenever he went to grab the box, it slipped out of his hand and hit the floor, opening. He shouted at her to get away from it, and it seemed to suck more Darhk out of the room, before entering Logan. He collapsed, and his girlfriend ran to him, shaking him. She asks him if he’s okay, and he begins to stir, and tries to push her off of him, but when he goes to, his hand goes through her chest, which has turned into Darhk. She collapses, dead, as his hand passed through her heart. He looks at his hands, and begins to realize what has happened. The Darhk has fused with his cells. He holds his hand out, and The Darhk shoots out of his hands and into a wall, causing it to shatter. Guards come in saying they thought they heard a scream. Logan realizes he’s cornered and that there’s only one thing he can do, and slaughters them. He gets control of his body and reverts it back to normal, and leaves immediately. He is having issues coming to terms with what he did, but he feels the Darhk saying things to him, speaking to him. He’s only retained about half of his sanity after this, and his morality is compromised. Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): undecided I guess, kills. Can play either. Other Information: He can have anyone as a love interest and if you want he can have a brother or sister or something. He’s 23-7
  9. Thanks for the opportunity, RIP Hollow’s career though. Looks like I might have to set my sights on Angelo or Slim.
  10. owendalton


    Name: Jimmy Lightning Gimmick: "Fast as Lightning" Height: 5'10 Weight: 165 lbs/74 kgs Nose Size: Average Hair Color: Blonde Hair Length: Slicked back, medium length How Many Individual Hairs Do They Have?: 150,000 Name A Single Move Of Theirs: Handspring Stunner Signature: Lightning Rod (Half Nelson Suplex) Finisher: Lightning Strikes Twice (LST) (Northern Lights into Twisting Brainbuster) Do They Wear Pants?: Yes What's Their Opinion About Aidanator?: He's a good guy Anything Else That You'd Like To Include: Is very face, does good lucha things
  11. Name: Malcolm War Heel Height: 6'3 Weight: 250 lbs/113 kgs Fighting Style: Brawler/Powerhouse Standard Moves: Clothesline From Hell, Snap Powerslam, Powerbombs, Exploder Suplexes, Signature Moves: Lungblower (White Flag) Finishers: Tombstone Piledriver
  12. Bury me softly, brother. Great job with the diary.
  13. Brett Storm VS Jacob Yamada: Jacob Yamada Parking Lot Brawl: “The Architect of Anarchy” Azrael VS Hollow: Azrael Opening Match, Number One Contenders Match for the SFW World Tag Team Championships, Street Fight: David Haskins & Tamer VS The Future Starrs: Haskins & Tamrr Prince Jack III VS Yelich Anderson: Prince Jack III Barbed Wire, Light Tube Deathmatch: Kin Takeshi VS Kit Fukada: Kin Takeshi SFW Lightweight Championship: Prince Cutler (c) VS Hans Clayton: Hans Clayton SFW World Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (C) VS The Street Dawgs VS Strike Force VS Bart Johnson & KENJI: Ice Cold SFW Continental Championship, No Disqualifications: Julius Jones (c) VS Adam Masters: Adam Masters SFW World Television Championship: Mil Almas (c) VS Angelo Catio VS Arius VS BIC: Arius SFW World Championship, Last Shot Match: King Slim (c) VS Ryan Reeves: Ryan Reeves
  14. owendalton

    Wake Up

    Jack Bishop walks out for the first time in a month, along with a new theme. ” Well, it’s been a while. As some of you may know, I suffered a minor injury in my arm at a live event that put me out of action for a month. But it’s funny, because literally no one cared. I didn’t get a single card or tweet telling me to get better, nothing. But that’s fine, because it just proves what I’ve been saying all along. That all of you are selfish, worthless wastes of oxygen. You’re all so full of yourselves, and so obsessed with your heroes that you fail to see that there are much bigger things than yourselves.” ” You all look at people like me like we’re monsters, like we’re a different species. But the truth is, we all have this darkness inside of us. Some try to fight it, some don’t even realize it’s there, and some, people like me, learn to embrace it. Either way it will consume you at some point. There’s a “monster” in every single one of us. You all need to wake up and see that none of you are better than me. In fact I’m better than all of you. I’m smarter, I’m in way better shape, I’m taller, I’m stronger, I can go on and on and on about the ways I’m better than you, but I know none of you want to hear that, and I don’t like to brag anyways. So let’s talk about the First Class Express. They won the tag titles while I was away. Me and Hans split the New Bloods mutually, and I respect that. He took advantage of the split better than I did. I’m not wasting my chance now. Bad Blood, I want you and BiC in the ring for your titles. I know I don’t exactly have the most flattering record, but that means I have nothing to lose. Watch your backs.”
  15. At first it was Julius, then it became George sort of.
  16. I'd say probably like Cesaro if Cesaro never won a match ever. I started off strong, then I died down, then I started getting better, than I had to take a break because of personal stuff (similar to Cesaro's torn rotator cuff)
  17. You can’t stop the nation. The wolves are going to get put down. Agree with all of Julius’ picks.
  18. Lowkey feel like I got buried but great episode Mikey!
  19. Good show man! Can’t wait to see where RAINE vs. Julius goes.
  20. the time when i had a chance at winning, so probably december of last year
  21. I really wanted a me vs. @Alex Costa feud, but he left for a while and it just didn't work out. Woulda lost anyway so it doesn't really matter does it

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