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  1. Once again doing this on my phone, sadly at school. Edit: I’m gonna reconfigure this because I was out of it when I first wrote this. Still on my phone sadly, also I thought I’d clarify, the cruiserweight limit is 225 lb in this company. Angelo Caito vs Benjamin Wolf Dikey vs Maddrix Delgado Natedog vs Eli Smith James Knight vs James Ropati Maasa vs Lord Wallace Bulldozer vs Charles Lupin Frank Cage vs Marker Andrews Buddy Ace vs Aaron North Main Event: Julius vs Arius vs Shirada w/ Rin Akane
  2. Inaugural Limitless Maasa vs Lord Wallace vs Marker Andrews Maasa makes his way to the ring, the self-proclaimed "Demon" has a poker face on, crouching in the corner of the ring. Next out "Lord" Wallace makes his way out, seeming confident, and when he sees Maasa in the corner he shoos him away, like some peasant. Then the Irishman, Marker Andrews arrives. Most of the crowd pops for Marker, but he doesn't seem to really care. He just gets in the ring, and starts stretching on the ropes. The bell rings and Wallace walks right up to Andrews, telling him that he has no future, no talent, and says that he should just lay down and let Wallace pin him. In response, Marker forearms Wallace so hard it knocks him flat on the ground, and he seems to be out for the time being. Andrews then turns his attention to Maasa, and they lock up. Maasa takes control of his arm, and wrestles him down to the ground before stomping his arm down, and Marker screams out in pain. Maasa puts him in an armbar, but Wallace comes back in and sentons Maasa, crushing Maasa, and Marker's arm along with it. Wallace picks up Marker for the Executioner, but Marker slips behind and somehow deadlifts the massive man into a Bridging German Suplex. Wallace powers out at two, and this just frustrates Marker. He presses his boot down on Wallace's throat, and screams at him, asking who the peasant is now. Out of nowhere Maasa runs up and hits the Last Words, dropping Marker and falls right onto him, and just before three Wallace uses all the energy he has to yank Maasa off of Marker, breaking up the pin. This enfuriates Maasa, and he starts hammering forearms into Wallace, before popping him with a Roundhouse. Wallace stays standing, so Maasa runs off the rope, looking for something, but Wallace kicks him right below the belt! He then Peasant Slaps him, knocking him to the ground. Wait, Marker from behind! Ripcord Knee! 1, 2, 3! The Crowd goes insane! Marker smiles, he has a bit of blood on his lips from the Last Words, but he doesn't seem to notice, or at least care. Marker leaves the ring, looking satisfied, even high-fiving a few lucky people. Wallace props him self up against the bottom turnbuckle, looking dissapointed. We see his eyes widen before- Maasa runs in with a hesitation dropkick! That's one half of the Demon's Legion! Maasa clearly upset with not coming out on top in his first match in XCPW. Wallace is completely knocked out, and Maasa leaves the ring. Angelo Caito vs Benjamin Wolf Benjamin Wolf walks to the ring, to a massive booing. He doesn't care clearly, even flipping off a fan. And now ladies and gentleman, perhaps the biggest signee to Xtroardinary Championship Pro Wrestling, Angelo Caito! The crowd erupts, Angelo gets them into it, and then flips them off with both hands as he walks to the ring. The crowd are clearly behind Angelo, even though he clearly despises them. Angelo starts messing around with Benjamin, letting him put him in a front facelock, before lifting him up off the ground and tossing him into the air, Benjamin hitting the ground face first, and when he tries to get up, Angelo chops him straight in the chest, dropping him back down to his knees. Brad tries to pick him up, but Benjamin throws his hands off of his shoulders, and hits a superkick, but Angelo stays standing. He goes behind, and tries for a tiger suplex, but Angelo counters into a victory roll. he gets a near fall, but Benjamin gets right back up and hits a step-up enziguiri, dropping Angelo. Angelo gets up really fast though, while Benjamin is still trying to catch his breath. he slaps him really hard around both ears, and Benjamin is basically out. Angelo picks him up, and hits the Underhook Brainbuster. Angelo is ready to go for the flip piledriver, but Benjamin powers himself into the hurricanrana position, but pops himself over his head and shoulders, and springs off of the middle rope into a moonsault, and grabs Angelo's tights all the way down, mooning the audience, and stealing the victory! Benjamin rolls all the way out of the ring, laughing as the crowd boos his head off. Angelo is incredibly mad. He starts yelling at the referee. The referee says he can't do anything about it, and Angelo clocks the referee! He then stomps backstage, as people run down to help the ref. That was a disgusting act by Angelo Caito, and we will be sure to punish him. Charles Lupin vs Aaron North Charles Lupin walks to the ring, the Son of The Moon getting a huge ovation. Aaron North follows, getting a similar sized one. Both men shake hands before the beginning of the match, and then tie-up. Aaron gets a headlock in, and Charles pushes him against the ropes, but Aaron drops down to a knee, attempting to tighten the headlock, but Lupin uses the momentum to drop him down into one of his own. Aaron counters into a head scissors, and Charles kips-up out of it, and they stand at an impasse. They lock up in a test of strength, and Charles being the slightly bigger man, wins and slips behind, locking North's arm in a hammerlock, hooking the other arm over his head, and swinging his own arm into a massive lariat! Charles hooks the leg, but only gets barely gets a two count. Charles picks him back up, and hits a basic vertical suplex, before locking him in a nerve hold (The Baron Corbin rest hold gimmick), wrenching it in tight, before Aaron rolls him through and pulls him right into a sleeper hold! Charles stays in the hold for a while and seems to be losing consciousness, but he is able to crawl onto his knees roll him through over his head into a seated position, and getting his second wind, he runs off the ropes and hits a penalty kick, laying out Aaron North. He goes for the cover, 1, 2, 2.9! Aaron kicks out! Lupin thought he had it. Charles goes up to the top rope, looking for that moonsault, but Aaron rolls towards the corner! He hits a superkick before he can get up! He backs himself up to the corner, and runs at Charles, but he leaps up, and catches him in the Wolf's Claw! Aaron is screaming in audible and physical pain. He lasts about 45 seconds before he is forced to tap out. Charles lets the referee raise his hand, then walks straight to the back, high-fiving fans. K.O.C. vs Frank Cage Ladies & Gentleman, in our main event, we have a test of who is the better MMA crossover, Kenneth O'Connelly, or Frank Cage. The crowd pops for K.O.C's entrance, he is obviously happy to be here, shadow-kickboxes once he gets in the ring, and waits for Cage. Frank makes his entrance through the crowd with a towel over his head, the crowd booing him and cheering him, it's pretty split. The bell rings, and the two size each other up. All of a sudden Cage goes for the spinning backfist, but Kenneth dodges it, and stares right at Cage. Cage runs for him, and Kenneth catches him with an exploder suplex. Kenneth grabs the leg and locks in an MMA style Knee Bar. Cage is only in it for about 20 seconds before he's able to grab O'Connelly by the hair and slam the back of his head into the mat. Kenneth turns on to his stomach, and Frank takes advantage of it, full back mounting him and pounding shot into the back of his head. Frank fully utilizes the 5 count, earning some boos from the audience. Frank waits for Kenneth to get up before running off the rope, looking for the Clothesline From Hell, but KOC drop toe holds him and locks in the STF! Frank crawls around in the hold for two minutes straight! He finally reaches the ropes, and Kenneth lets go. Kenneth slits his throat with his finger, signaling for the Rear Naked Choke, he's walking to pick him up-OH MY GOD!!!!!!! IN TO THE LIGHT!!!!!! CHARLES LUPIN JUST KNEED KENNETH O'CONNELLY SQUARE IN THE FACE! The referee calls for the bell immediately, and Charles Lupin has clearly lost it. He full mounts Kenneth, driving elbows into the skull of KOC, causing blood to start to spill from O'Connelly's forehead. He climbs off of him, laughing maniacally, then picks up Frank Cage, and hits the Hammerlock DDT, spiking him right on top of his head. He continues to laugh, and rolls out of the ring and walks up to the stage, and spreads his arms, as the first episode of Limitless comes to a close.
  3. Xtroardinary Championship Pro Wrestling Limitless Ep.1 Match Card Maasa vs Lord Wallace vs Marker Andrews Angelo Caito vs Benjamin Wolf To advance to the world title match Charles Lupin vs Aaron North Also to advance to a world title match Kenneth O'Connell vs Frank Cage
  4. Hi, I’m doing this on my phone quickly so please excuse this being non-formatted, but welcome to Xtraordinary Championship Pro Wrestling! Definitely expect at least one episode every week, I’m aiming to hopefully get three out a week. I’ll probably post the match cards the day before I post the episodes. Banter between two opponents/rivals is welcomed. I’ll post the first card (or maybe even episode) once we have at least 8 sign ups. Give this thread some love while you’re here! Name - Weight (lb and kg for conveniency please, if not than just lb) - Fighting Style - Heel/Face/Tweener - Frequent moves - (What moves does you character do often)  Signature(s) (up to two) - Finisher(s) (up to two) - Tag Team - yes or no. If you have a specific one you and someone else want to be in together, list it.  Bio/Other:
  5. owendalton

    For Now.

    Jack Bishop and Hans come out together for the first time in a while, both men have smiles on their faces, but you can tell something is off. Jack: “Well, as you all know, in just a few days, me and Hans will be in a Battle Royal for the NXT Championship together. Obviously only one of us can walk out with that title, and we both have very different ideas of who that is going to be. Being a part of the New Bloods has been some of the best 5 months of my life. I can’t begin to explain how much these two mean to me. They’re my brothers.” Hans: “ I couldn’t have said it better. I love this group. But, *the crowd begins to become unsettled* with Wall becoming more of a part-timer, and us not going forward with the tag team championships...*Hans starts to get emotional, the fans aren’t sure of whether or not this is Kayfabe. Jack puts a hand on his shoulder, and shows similar emotion before raising the mic.* “We’ve decided to end The New Bloods.” The crowd boos, and some chant NO NO NO. Hans: “Now don’t get this confused, this is not the complete end. We could easily come back together. “ Jack: “Whether you love us or hate us, thank you. You drove us to become what we are, and I would never want to be anything less. We became staples in this company, and we will remain a part of history. We love you all. So long, and goodnight.” Jack and Hans embrace, before turning to the audience and wave. They walk out to an ovation by the audience, and the camera faded to black on the New Bloods for the last time. Well, for now.
  6. *doesnt know what to say* Dang. Hollow putting me over. I’m not a huge fan of the personal trainer gimmick but that’s okay. And me beating Brad means I somewhat earned a title opportunity right?
  7. owendalton


    Name: Michael Wagner Age: 28 Crime: 13 murders, 1 bank theft, 1 Grand Theft Auto, Arson, Resisting Arrest Country: Canada Family Relatives: Sister, Mother, Brother who he’s very close to. Backstories: Michael grew up in Toronto very rich, and he got everything he ever wanted. One night he was drinking with his girlfriend at a bar and a crazy and drunk guy came up and started hitting on her. When she blew him off he became enraged and shot her in the abdomen. Michael hopped over the bar counter, grabbed a gun under the counter, and shot the man in each limb before the chest and the head. He rushed his girlfriend to the hospital, but she died of her injuries. The bartender claimed to be the man who shot the offender, so it was ruled as self defense. Michael decided what he did felt good, so he began kidnapping registered sex offenders and torturing them in a multitude of ways, before brutally murdering them and burning the bodies. One time he took one of the men's car, and that was the beginning of his downfall. He then drove to the bank with the man's bank info, because he was feeling confident, and he withdrew all of the money possible. Then he got even more cocky and decided to rob the place. He got about 20,000 dollars, before torching the place with Molotovs. Only 1 person died in the fire. He was caught in his penthouse, and he was sentenced to 70 years in prison. Weapon of Choice: Chain, Crowbar, Hatchet, poison/chloroform.
  8. Dammit Hollow I swear you screwed me over! I do get the main event tho
  9. owendalton


    Jack Bishop stands in the middle of the ring as we come back from commercial break. ” You know what? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of guys coming in who can barely cut a promo and thinking they deserve a shot at the title. Hell, even the people who do have talent still have an ego the size of the Empire State Building. The people who have been here, who have worked themselves down to the bone here, who’ve felt excruciating pain, those people have my respect, deserve to be here. Cody, Hans, Aaron, they have my respect. At BPZ Mania IV, I am walking out of that building NXT champion, no matter who I have to go through, I will raise that title above my head. KENJI, you are not going to take this away from me. You think you can just walk in, hold a press conference, and then all of a sudden you deserve an NXT title opportunity? Sorry, but around here you have to earn your opportunities. That title is rightfully mine and I’m going to prove it. This Sunday KENJI, I’m going to make you regret changing your mind. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”
  10. Personally, Survivor Series and Summerslam don’t have that much hype around them for me. While I love the survivor series match, in recent years it’s gone down in quality a lot, and the rest of the card hasn’t been amazing either. Summerslam, I don’t see how people call it the second biggest ppv. I’ve always considered the Rumble second biggest, and that always performs amazingly. So I say it’s split down the middle
  11. Dang why why does no one want to be in a tag team I mean I don’t rn but I’m not opposed to it
  12. Name- Drew Irvin Weight- 238 lb  Fighting Style- MMA Heel/Face/Tweener- Tweener Frequent moves- most anything joint manipulating, hammerlock ddt, Triple floatover gutwrench suplexes, torture rack backbreaker, rolling cutter, Air Raid crash Neckbreaker Toni Storm style, military drop uppercut, dominator style shoulder breaker, Rolling kneebar, anaconda vise, Rings of Saturn, Inverted figure four, spinning heel kick, running knee strikes, tiger feint kick, corkscrew axe kick, rebound German suplex, big spot- 450 splash Signature- Canadian Cross (running Scottish Sickle or front clothesline ducked, but he swings his arm back into a northern lariat.), Hidden Nature (Deadlift sunny side up ddt)  Finisher- Fatalism (Crossface), Fataliknee (Fireman’s Carry knee strike, kinda like Benadryller) Tag Team-(Yes or No) After spending two years in the mma scene and getting very talented, but not very popular, Drew decided to switch to wrestling, and became very good very fast. From Quebec City, Canada. He loved tag team wrestling and is very well versed in it, but he is just as good at kicking ass in singles competition.
  13. owendalton


    The screen fades into a blood like font saying New Bloods, and Jack Bishop walks out to a mix of boos and cheers. “The Sendai Supernova. “BPZ’s next big star”. I have to admit I don’t disagree, you have a future. But you are nothing compared to the wrestling machine that I am. I can beat you on the technical game, the strength game, the mic game, I’m taller than you, I’m sorry, but in every aspect of the word I am better. Than. You.” The crowd boos, with about five people cheering. ” Again you have skill, and heart, and respect, but you lack what it takes to get it done in this ring. You are not willing to go as far as it takes. That’s the major difference between you and me. This title means so much to me, I don’t care who I have to go through I’m doing it. Whether it’s Aaron North, the man I respect most out of everyone in this division besides Hans, or that piece of trash Bulldozer, who I can’t wait to throw out of the ring like the nobody he is.” The crowd cheers at that. “KENJI, I respect you, and you are definitely a star, but the thing about stars is...” Jack smiles wickedly before saying: ”They all die.” Jack walks to the back.
  14. Recently hit 100 rep! Already have hit 120! Much love
  15. Hi, I’m interested in seeing what Wrestling tees you guys have. Me personally: Original Elias world tour shirt, couldn’t find it. I know I’m a mark this except the t shirt
  16. Jack thinks for a minute. ” Dave, Mave whatever, I appreciate the offer, but I have a championship to win. I respect you, and I’m sure down the line we could have a great match. But right now I need to win the NXT title. I am the only person who knows what this place needs to be sustained. And that is me standing tall at BPZ Mania 4 as your new NXT champion. Jack drops the mic and leaves the ring.
  17. Jack Bishop stands in the ring when we come back from the break, and has no readable expression. ” Bulldozer, you are a waste of oxygen, and a waste of TV time. You want to talk about the future of NXT, when you’re moving towards the death of it. You continue to come out and talk every five minutes and it’s so, so boring. I nearly fell asleep last time. You are driving this division into the ground. Now, something else I want to talk about. I haven’t discussed him before, and I think it’s a good time. KENJI, The new signee from Japan. Everyone seems so excited for KENJI. And honestly I was too. Until he decided to join the NXT battle royal match. We’re 19 days from competition, and he already announced that he wasn’t going to join the match. Then he completely flips the table and joins the match. Where’s the respect in that?” Jack gets closer to the camera. ”KENJI, if you mess this up for me, I swear to god I will make your life a living hell. Don’t make me do something I’ll regret.”
  18. The camera fades into Jack Bishop who's backstage by a monitor and just finished watching Bulldozer. Jack can barely keep from laughing. I'm sorry, sorry. Bulldozer, you really think you're something, don't you? The day you amount to something is the day that you learn how to talk. At BPZ Mania, I'm making it my personal mission to beat your ass. Ooh, your eyes are red, I'm so scared. Even Alex would be a better champion than you. I see what you're doing though. Trying to act insane or scary to hide that you're truthfully scared. Scared of being exposed as the scared little boy you are. You still insist that you're the "god" of pro wrestling. You're not even worthy of tying anyone on the rosters boots. I told you you should've backed out of the match. Now you're going to leave the arena in a stretcher. The NXT championship needs a good champion, and you are nowhere near being that man. I will make the title what it was when Arius held it. Respectable, prestigious. And you know what else, I'll make this damn division an actual division instead of the cluster of trash that it is right now. Bulldozer, you think I don't matter. Let's see how you feel after I toss you out of the ring first. The rest of you, get ready. I'm walking out champion. That's not a threat..." The crowd says it first, then he says- "It's a promise." Jack walks off.
  19. Jack Bishop walks out before they can get to the exit, and just claps while laughing. He says something to Aaron and Brad while pointing at Aaron, then pointing at Bulldozer. Brad and Aaron have no reaction, and Jack walks to the back.
  20. Jack Bishop comes out to the ring wearing a New Bloods shirt, looking disappointed. ”Well, the first thing I’m going to say is I’m sorry. Not to you people, or for anything I’ve done. But to Alex. Sorry, for it having to end this way, but more importantly, sorry in advance for kicking your ass at BPZ Mania and taking that title from you. We’ve been through hell together, but I’m done with you disrespecting this title, and disrespecting this business.” the crowd cheers at that. ” Now on to the more important stuff I have to say. Let’s start with the um, “God” in the business, Bulldozer.” Jack nearly breaks out laughing while saying this, and the crowd boos at the mention of his name. “ You say you worked yourself into the grave to get a tryout? Honestly I’m pretty sure Brenden, or whoever was supposed to be running tryouts that day had a little bit too much to drink beforehand if they gave you a contract. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t worked a day in your life to get here. But don’t worry, you’ll have your mania moment, I’m sure you’ll be remembered for being eliminated first.” the crowd cheers at this. ” Let’s talk about Resin. I’m not really sure about him, but he seems a bit off. I mean, he can’t even focus on the NXT title match, he’s too busy focusing on Bulldozer. Which honestly, I don’t even understand. Why would you want to have your big debut against Bulldozer? And I’m not sure how you “deserve” the NXT title. You haven’t done anything of note. There’s a mix of cheers and boos, mostly boos at that. ” And while I’m here, I might as well discuss Aaron North. Look, the attack was nothing personal, I think you have a chance at actually making it in this business. You can talk, and from what I’ve seen you can sure as hell wrestle. Let’s see how you hold up in real life, hm?” Jack drops the mic, and leaves as the screen cuts to black.
  21. owendalton

    Its Mine!

    Jack Bishop walks out with a mic in hand. ”Well, Bulldozer, you wanted your name mentioned? You want to be famous? Well let me help you with that.” Jack kicks the knee out from under Bulldozer and SLEEPING PILL! Jack picks him back up, and holds him in a powerbomb position. Jack and Hans exit.
  22. Alex is walking out of the building, when Jack Bishop walks up to him. ” Where the hell have you been, huh? You think you can just leave like that? And just throw that title around? You piece of-“ Alex: “Don’t you dare tell me-“ Both men start pushing and screaming at each other before Hans and Wall Ace run up and pull Jack back as Alex is held back by referees. Jack breaks through and punches at Alex, and it’s unclear if he hits him before Wall and Hans pull him off. Jack sits down in a chair and runs his hands through his hair, while Hans and Wall try and calm him down.
  23. I saw Keeley killing Sameer lol

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