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  1. Could me and Mikey get Fallen Stars shirts?
  2. Catalyst Ep. 3 Hello, ladies & gentlemen. Like said on the previous edition of Limitless, this will be a special double feature, with the main event of Shirada vs. Buddy Ace. https://www.strawpoll.me/18375155 https://www.strawpoll.me/18375182
  3. 1. Hans Me and Hans have always been close on the server and he gets along with a lot of people, plus he is super creative. He can also make good graphics for the server and such. 2. Arius Great guy, is a good leader 3. Mikey One of my closest friends on the server, and he gets along with pretty much everybody. 4. Gwynfro Awesome guy all around 5. Alex Costa great dude all around
  4. In ring, I would have to say Darby Allin. The way he wrestles is just so smooth and it’s attracted me to him and his character the whole time I’ve been aware of him. Jimmy Havoc and Cesar’s also do it for me
  5. Jack Bishop walks down to the ring and grabs a mic. "Yes, I know, my career here in BPZ hasn't gone great. I haven't won a single damn match. That's not the reason I'm here right now. I have a grudge to settle. At Judgement Day, I was humiliated. I got eliminated by Arrow-whatever-his-last-name-is-now. He can't seem to make up his mind, can he? Either way, get your ass out here right now!" Arrow walks out and down to the ring with a mic. "Who the hell do you think you are, calling me out like this, huh? You can't get over something that happened months ago? talk about petty." "Shut up kid, do you know how damn long I've waited to even be acknowledged by the backstage authority, I couldn't even make it into the king of the ring! I was a star when I first came here. The New Bloods were great. But even then The Big Ballers' political power stopped me from getting close to titles. I'm not going to let that happen again. We haven't gotten anything. We were so big and bright at first, but now we're nothing. We're Fallen Stars." "What do you mean we-"
  6. Team Name - The Fallen Stars Members - Myself (Jack Bishop) and @mikey0619 (Dikey) Tag Team Finisher - Supernova
  7. Jack Bishop Style: Technical Powerhouse Moves: Air Raid Driver, dominator, stalling German suplex, half Nelson Uranage, suplex Piledriver, pop up flatliner, Signatures: Lion-Plex (tiger suplex) Black Ice Powerbomb(gutwrench sit out powerbomb) Broken Chord (slingshot Cutter *best move*) Finishers: Sleeping Pill (Running Knee Strike) (this except standing) Silent Symphony (Butterfly Piledriver) Eye Opener (Cobra Clutch Crossface) New Finisher: The Last Breath (Suplex Cutter) Huge spots: Silent Symphony off the apron, Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the apron
  8. Something’s Gotta Give PPV Card Main to Opener: Charles Lupin vs. Kenneth O’Connelly - XCPW World Heavyweight Championship match Arius vs. Shirada - XCPW Intercontinental Championship Wrestling-Tang Clan vs Adrenaline Rush vs Ronnie Alias & Bulldozer vs. Buddy Ace & James Ropati - XCPW Tag Team Championships Maddrix Delgado vs. Marker Andrews vs. Frank Cage vs. Maasa vs. Dikey - XCPW Apollo Championship James Knight vs. Angelo Caito vs. Benjamin Wolf - XCPW Ares Championship
  9. bullshit but moving on Meko MARKER Yelich Mikey Crippler Odd no order
  10. XCPW Limitless #4 Derek King here, welcome back to Limitless! Tonight we have four out of the five contenders for the XCPW Apollo Championship facing off in our opening contest. The fifth member will be joining me on commentary. Please give your warm welcome to Marker Andrews! Marker nods at Derek before taking his seat, not acknowledging him any more than he feels is necessary. Dikey and Maddrix come out together, seemingly a united front. The two have become quite close since putting on perhaps the best match in XCPW so far. Frank and Maasa come out separately, neither man wanting to be associated with the other. Dikey and Maasa start off the match, locking up. Dikey comes out on top, and Maasa gets pissed off, slapping Dikey. Dikey fires back with a knee though, and it drops Maasa cold. Dikey throws Maasa into the corner and tags Maddrix, and then the two lay into Maasa with a brutal barrage of strikes. Maddrix hype the crowd up, feeding off of their energy. He goes for a standing moonsault, but Maasa gets his knees up. He drives his elbow into the back of Maddrix's head multiple times, before locking in the Killer Instinct. Maddrix is having trouble surviving the hold, but he rolls over onto his back and turns it into a cover! Maasa kicks out at two, and when he gets up he gets caught with a brutal Vortex into a german suplex! Maasa is able to crawl into the corner, and Frank tags in. He grabs Maddrix, and yanks him into a back suplex, but Delgado flips out of it. He grabs Maddrix once again and pulls him into a suplex, but Maddrix shifts his weight and falls onto his feet behind Frank, but Frank was prepared and runs off the rope with surprising speed and hits a discus clothesline! Maddrix lays motionless on the canvas, and Cage goes for the pin. 1, 2, kickout at two! Maddrix keeps fighting! Frank calls for the end, and goes for the gutwrench powerbomb. He hoists Maddrix up, but Maddrix counters into a hurricanrana! He tags Dikey, and Dikey begins to climb the top rope. Oh my god! Frank's head's been crushed! Blood starts to pour from Frank's head after the curb stomp/Maddcutter combination. Maddrix throws himself at Maasa, delivering a massive hurricanrana off the apron. Maddrix Delgado, an absolute spotfest tonight! Dikey decides to put his own end to the match, and locks in the Heaven's Vice for the tap out victory. The two men embrace after the match, but Marker Andrews comes into the ring, and stares right into Maddrix's eyes, getting quite literally face to face with the Filipino Warrior. Marker backs off, puts his back against the rope, holds up both hands towards Dikey and Maddrix, points his fingers as guns, and pulls the triggers before leaving the ring. James Knight vs. Bulldozer Bulldozer enters the arena, and everyone in the arena has once again seemed to have, shall we say...dozed off. James Knight's music plays, but no one comes out. The referee and Bulldozer both seem confused, before James comes from behind, and jumps Bulldozer. The bell rings, and James jumps on top of Bulldozer, starts driving his forearm into the back of Bulldozer's head. The lovely XCPW crowd cheers through this, and after a while James just decides to end it, and hits Bulldozer with the SKOH. The referee counts to three, and James yanks Bulldozer's body off the ground and tosses it through the middle rope, before grabbing a microphone to speak. "I've won every damn match I've had in this company, and I still somehow don't have a match at Something's Gotta Give. So, what's your excuse, corporate? I'm waiting." Music hits, and out walks Owen Dalton, the owner of Xtraordinary Championship Professional Wrestling. "Well, James, I've noticed the work you've put in, and trust me, I don't plan to let it go unnoticed. We just needed time. And now we have the perfect solution. Benjamin? Benjamin Wolf comes out, with a crazed look on his face. "You my friend, will take part in the first ever XCPW Ares championship match. Now, for those of you who are wondering, the Ares title can only be defended under a hardcore stipulation. So, this inaugural match, will be a deathmatch." Wolf, starts laughing sadistically, and Knight smirks before raising his mic again. "Is that all, sir? I expected more of a challenge than this kid who got dropped on his head a few too many times." It's Dalton's turn to smirk. 'Well, James, I was afraid you might say that. So, I've come prepared. Luckily, a member of the roster has just recovered from his injury. Someone who I'm sure you've heard of, James." James thinks for a second, before looking up at Owen, shaking his head, before getting jumped from behind by the returning Angelo Caito! He looks up at the crowd, and there are new stitches across his the forehead from what Benjamin Wolf did to him a few weeks ago. He picks up James, and hits him with the Flipping Piledriver. Angelo gets up and stares straight at Benjamin Wolf, and you can see fear in his eyes. James Ropati vs. Natedog Ropati and Natedog both are cheered, and shake hands before facing off. James and Nate lock up, and both men come out fairly even. Nate tries to throw a punch, but Ropati block and then clocks him with a roundhouse, followed by a discus back elbow. James runs for the ropes, hits the handspring, but when he flies back, Nate headbutts him in the back of the head. Both men collapse from the force of the collision. Two men surround the ring, the taller one wearing a Gran Metalik mask, the other wearing a Lince Dorado mask. and slide into the ring. They both punch Nate and James at the same time, causing a double disqualification. They remove their masks, and it's Adrenaline Rush! Julius orders Eli to go set the stair up by the announce table, and hops on top of Ropati, starting to ground and pound him, whilst screaming at him, telling him he'll never be good enough to be a champion. He drags him out of the ring, drags him up the stairs, and chokeslams him through the table. Julius and Smith slide into the ring, and Nate starts to get up, he throws a wild punch at Julius, but Smith hits him with the Eighth Sin. He picks Nate's limp body back up, before tossing him into Julius' arms, who's set up another table, in the ring this time. He throws Nate through the table with all the force he has. Buddy Ace vs. Shirada ...Has been moved to the next episode of Catalyst, which will now be a double feature. Shirada has no showed tonight, and we couldn't reach him. Have a good week folks.
  11. XCPW Limitless Ep. 4 Card Maddrix Delgado & Dikey vs. Frank Cage & Maasa W/ Special Guest commentator Marker Andrews James Knight vs. Bulldozer James Ropati vs. Natedog Buddy Ace vs. Shirada
  12. Jack Bishop is in the ring after the video finishes airing. ” Are you kidding me?!? This man just murdered a woman, and then burned a building down? This man is insane! He’s a murderer! How can this company stand for this? Are you really going to allow a murderer to be one of your champions? This is just another example of how I should be champion. Not Bob, not that piece of shit Arrow, not a member of the Super Shitty Wrestling Club, and DEFINITELY not Mave Deltzer. I am superior to all of you and you know it. I’m superior in ring, on this mic, I’m stronger, I’m faster, I’m taller, I’m damn sure more good-looking, I’m smarter. I. AM. BETTER. THAN. ALL. OF. YOU. I’m going to open your eyes to that very soon. Just wait.”
  13. owendalton


    Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, and sits on the top turnbuckle again with a mic. “Well, look what’s happened since I’ve been gone. Our champion has had a mental breakdown, screaming at his dead wife and kids, busting his own head open, and the other people in the division have been silent. You see, everyone falls at some point. Often the “heroes” are the first ones to do so. You see this with Bob. His demons took over, he didn’t have the resolve to fight them off. He’s too weak. And it makes yo you wonder, if he can’t fight off his own thoughts, how can he fight off 3+ other men? Bob, I hope you recover from this mental episode by the title the pay per view rolls around, because honestly it would be boring beating the hell out of you so easily.” Jack walks to the center of the ring. ” At the pay per view, everyone falls. I will be the NXT champion, whether you like it or not.”
  14. Jack Bishop walks to the ring more pissed off than ever. ” I’m done. This is the last time I let this corporate bullshit hold me down. I’m not going to let anyone tell me what to do, who to take eliminations from,” the crowd goes silent, realizing that this is serious. ” You’re kidding me. This nobody hick goes over the people who actually deserve a f*cking title? And I got eliminated by a fucking kid who can’t make up his mind on what his last name is. I should be the NXT champion. Not this cousin-loving idiot who calls himself “the bomb”. Sorry, he’s not literate enough to spell or say “the” right, so he calls himself “da” bomb.” ” It’s time you people, and the entire roster open your eyes. You’ve been blind from the beginning, thinking the people who you adore, who you cheer for every week, are doing this for you. Make no mistake, they’re doing it because they need to feed their massive egos, and also for the massive paycheck they get as champion. You people can save yourselves. But you choose not to. You choose to believe that I’m painting a false portrait, that I’m trying to coerce you into going against your heroes. You don’t understand that I’m the good guy. I’m the one trying to save you from this nightmare that you’ve been fooled into believing is a fantasy. But, for Bob... it’s too late. You’ve awoken a new side of me. You’re going to be destroyed by something you created. I hope you’re happy.”
  15. Jack Bishop and Hans Clayton went to a foster shelter this week and hung out with the kids in the shelter. They were all given free front row seats to the next Twitch event.
  16. Jack Bishop walks on to the stage and sits down cross-legged on the stage. He looks at the carnage happening in disgust before lifting the mic to his mouth. ” Are you kidding me? After all this division has gone through, after all the changes and the resurgences, we’re still stuck in this horrible, stupid unchecked era of attacking each other without warrant. I’m the best in this damn division, but I’ve been held back by backstage politics and corporate bullshit my entire time here. But, honestly? Maybe I should be thankful. Because now, now that I’ve been pushed down, buried, never given any opportunities it’s made me hungry. It’s made me starving. I have a stronger drive than anyone in the NXT Championship match. And you know what? I have nothing to lose. And that makes me dangerous. Very dangerous. Now, you two better figure out whatever the hell this brawling shit is, and Mave, you better figure out how to cut a damn promo before Mayhem, because if not, you both are going to get what you have coming.” Jack walks to the back before Mave or Bob can get a word in, and the camera fades to black.
  17. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): “The Architect Of Anarchy” Azrael Weight: 242 lbs or 109 kgs Height: 6’4 Finisher(s): Pure Anarchy (Northern Lights Bomb) 450 Splash Signature(s) Sip Of Poison (PTO) Pierce The Veil (Cross Legged Michinoku Driver) Gimmick: He is generally a badass, doesn’t speak much if at all. Very mysterious. Has a heavy metal edge. Note: is from Switzerland but he still speaks fluent English. Attire: black and white face paint, wears black and white tights with some type of writing on them. Wears a black leather trench coat to the ring. Slicked back black hair. Alignment (heel/face/tweener): wrestles like a heel but the crowd loves him.  Tag Team: He’s down, but wants a singles run too.
  18. The by-now familiar theme hits and Jack walks to the ring. “I’m going to be honest, even though you people don’t deserve the truth. I’m so sick of sitting here and watching other people get things that I deserve. I’ve been in this company for nine damn months and I’ve never gotten anything I’ve deserved. The people in the back refuse to acknowledge my skill, and they repeatedly screw me. Now Bob is being treated as the favorite, and he’s been here for how long? A month, less? This is a perfect example of other people being set up to take my shot. At Mayhem, I am going to make all of you pay, and shove your idiotic tweets and chants down your throats. I’m going to tear apart your heroes. I’ll make them wish they were never born, and I’ll be doing them a favor. I’ll help them realize, just like I did. They’ll realize that believing you people and letting you control them gets you nowhere. I learned that. It’s time everyone else does. I’ll open all of your eyes. You’ll see.”
  19. Name: "Death's Messenger" Lance Way Age: 26 Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia Past criminal records: 13 counts of murder, aggravated assault. (was named such because he only kills people he says Death told him to) Hobbies: knife cleaning, knife throwing, he drinks but not heavy at all, normally one only, marijuana, Reading Strengths: Agile, can do parkour, skilled in fighting, can endure insane amounts of pain, and tries to make friends/allies a lot and likes peace. Weaknesses: He gets extremely angry when someone tries to start a fight with him, and often gives into what they want.
  20. Can’t wait till I’m featured! Great work, Gwyn.
  21. Can someone make me a shirt? Text ideas are “That’s Not a Threat, it’s a promise”, “A New Side”, “The Silent Symphony”, or “The Eye Opener

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