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  1. Name: Malcolm War Heel Height: 6'3 Weight: 250 lbs/113 kgs Fighting Style: Brawler/Powerhouse Standard Moves: Clothesline From Hell, Snap Powerslam, Powerbombs, Exploder Suplexes, Signature Moves: Lungblower (White Flag) Finishers: Tombstone Piledriver
  2. Bury me softly, brother. Great job with the diary.
  3. Brett Storm VS Jacob Yamada: Jacob Yamada Parking Lot Brawl: “The Architect of Anarchy” Azrael VS Hollow: Azrael Opening Match, Number One Contenders Match for the SFW World Tag Team Championships, Street Fight: David Haskins & Tamer VS The Future Starrs: Haskins & Tamrr Prince Jack III VS Yelich Anderson: Prince Jack III Barbed Wire, Light Tube Deathmatch: Kin Takeshi VS Kit Fukada: Kin Takeshi SFW Lightweight Championship: Prince Cutler (c) VS Hans Clayton: Hans Clayton SFW World Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (C) VS The Street Dawgs VS Strike Force
  4. owendalton

    Wake Up

    Jack Bishop walks out for the first time in a month, along with a new theme. ” Well, it’s been a while. As some of you may know, I suffered a minor injury in my arm at a live event that put me out of action for a month. But it’s funny, because literally no one cared. I didn’t get a single card or tweet telling me to get better, nothing. But that’s fine, because it just proves what I’ve been saying all along. That all of you are selfish, worthless wastes of oxygen. You’re all so full of yourselves, and so obsessed with your heroes that you fail to see that there are much bigger things than
  5. At first it was Julius, then it became George sort of.
  6. I'd say probably like Cesaro if Cesaro never won a match ever. I started off strong, then I died down, then I started getting better, than I had to take a break because of personal stuff (similar to Cesaro's torn rotator cuff)
  7. You can’t stop the nation. The wolves are going to get put down. Agree with all of Julius’ picks.
  8. Lowkey feel like I got buried but great episode Mikey!
  9. Good show man! Can’t wait to see where RAINE vs. Julius goes.
  10. the time when i had a chance at winning, so probably december of last year
  11. I really wanted a me vs. @Alex Costa feud, but he left for a while and it just didn't work out. Woulda lost anyway so it doesn't really matter does it
  12. I wanna work with Arius personally, I think we could be a great tag team.
  13. So it would have to be when i won that... oh wait... or how about when I finally got the champio... oh, no.... I eliminated Brett Storm that one time actually now that I've thought about it beating up that reporter as pretty nice but my irl favorite was helping Mikey win the NXT title
  14. I have to say it's George, man's been crazy the past few months.
  15. XCPW Catalyst #3 Jack Bashka vs. Ronnie Alias Jack Bashka walks out to boos. Ronnie walks out to a mild reaction, the crowd still not sold on him. The bell rings, and Jack makes his feelings towards Ronnie clear. Ronnie and Jack lock up. Ronnie puts Bashka in a headlock, but he backs him into the ropes and sends him off, hitting a back elbow before taunting Alias again. Bashka lays in a few stomps before walking over Alias' body to taunt to the crowd. Bashka backs up, looking to end the match with the Knee of God, but Ronnie leaps up and catches
  16. Catalyst card Jack Bashka vs. Ronnie Alias Buddy Ace vs. Shirada
  17. owendalton


    Jack Bishop sits at a table in a room by a fireplace. There's a chess board on top of the table, and Jack sits on the black side. Some of the pieces have names scrawled on them, and the board look as if a game has been happening, but there is no second player. "Arrow, Arrow. I know you might be pissed because of what transpired last Carnage. The attack was necessary to prove a point, and you were just the easiest to take out. You see, ladies & gentleman, Arrow is like a pawn. It doesn't have much use, it's basic, and it is expendable." Jack knocks down a white pawn that has "Arr

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