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  1. Dammit Hollow I swear you screwed me over! I do get the main event tho
  2. owendalton


    Jack Bishop stands in the middle of the ring as we come back from commercial break. ” You know what? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of guys coming in who can barely cut a promo and thinking they deserve a shot at the title. Hell, even the people who do have talent still have an ego the size of the Empire State Building. The people who have been here, who have worked themselves down to the bone here, who’ve felt excruciating pain, those people have my respect, deserve to be here. Cody, Hans, Aaron, they have my respect. At BPZ Mania IV, I am walking out of that building NXT champion, no matter who I have to go through, I will raise that title above my head. KENJI, you are not going to take this away from me. You think you can just walk in, hold a press conference, and then all of a sudden you deserve an NXT title opportunity? Sorry, but around here you have to earn your opportunities. That title is rightfully mine and I’m going to prove it. This Sunday KENJI, I’m going to make you regret changing your mind. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise.”
  3. Personally, Survivor Series and Summerslam don’t have that much hype around them for me. While I love the survivor series match, in recent years it’s gone down in quality a lot, and the rest of the card hasn’t been amazing either. Summerslam, I don’t see how people call it the second biggest ppv. I’ve always considered the Rumble second biggest, and that always performs amazingly. So I say it’s split down the middle
  4. Dang why why does no one want to be in a tag team I mean I don’t rn but I’m not opposed to it
  5. Name- Drew Irvin Weight- 238 lb  Fighting Style- MMA Heel/Face/Tweener- Tweener Frequent moves- most anything joint manipulating, hammerlock ddt, Triple floatover gutwrench suplexes, torture rack backbreaker, rolling cutter, Air Raid crash Neckbreaker Toni Storm style, military drop uppercut, dominator style shoulder breaker, Rolling kneebar, anaconda vise, Rings of Saturn, Inverted figure four, spinning heel kick, running knee strikes, tiger feint kick, corkscrew axe kick, rebound German suplex, big spot- 450 splash Signature- Canadian Cross (running Scottish Sickle or front clothesline ducked, but he swings his arm back into a northern lariat.), Hidden Nature (Deadlift sunny side up ddt)  Finisher- Fatalism (Crossface), Fataliknee (Fireman’s Carry knee strike, kinda like Benadryller) Tag Team-(Yes or No) After spending two years in the mma scene and getting very talented, but not very popular, Drew decided to switch to wrestling, and became very good very fast. From Quebec City, Canada. He loved tag team wrestling and is very well versed in it, but he is just as good at kicking ass in singles competition.
  6. owendalton


    The screen fades into a blood like font saying New Bloods, and Jack Bishop walks out to a mix of boos and cheers. “The Sendai Supernova. “BPZ’s next big star”. I have to admit I don’t disagree, you have a future. But you are nothing compared to the wrestling machine that I am. I can beat you on the technical game, the strength game, the mic game, I’m taller than you, I’m sorry, but in every aspect of the word I am better. Than. You.” The crowd boos, with about five people cheering. ” Again you have skill, and heart, and respect, but you lack what it takes to get it done in this ring. You are not willing to go as far as it takes. That’s the major difference between you and me. This title means so much to me, I don’t care who I have to go through I’m doing it. Whether it’s Aaron North, the man I respect most out of everyone in this division besides Hans, or that piece of trash Bulldozer, who I can’t wait to throw out of the ring like the nobody he is.” The crowd cheers at that. “KENJI, I respect you, and you are definitely a star, but the thing about stars is...” Jack smiles wickedly before saying: ”They all die.” Jack walks to the back.
  7. Recently hit 100 rep! Already have hit 120! Much love
  8. Hi, I’m interested in seeing what Wrestling tees you guys have. Me personally: Original Elias world tour shirt, couldn’t find it. I know I’m a mark this except the t shirt
  9. Jack thinks for a minute. ” Dave, Mave whatever, I appreciate the offer, but I have a championship to win. I respect you, and I’m sure down the line we could have a great match. But right now I need to win the NXT title. I am the only person who knows what this place needs to be sustained. And that is me standing tall at BPZ Mania 4 as your new NXT champion. Jack drops the mic and leaves the ring.
  10. Jack Bishop stands in the ring when we come back from the break, and has no readable expression. ” Bulldozer, you are a waste of oxygen, and a waste of TV time. You want to talk about the future of NXT, when you’re moving towards the death of it. You continue to come out and talk every five minutes and it’s so, so boring. I nearly fell asleep last time. You are driving this division into the ground. Now, something else I want to talk about. I haven’t discussed him before, and I think it’s a good time. KENJI, The new signee from Japan. Everyone seems so excited for KENJI. And honestly I was too. Until he decided to join the NXT battle royal match. We’re 19 days from competition, and he already announced that he wasn’t going to join the match. Then he completely flips the table and joins the match. Where’s the respect in that?” Jack gets closer to the camera. ”KENJI, if you mess this up for me, I swear to god I will make your life a living hell. Don’t make me do something I’ll regret.”
  11. The camera fades into Jack Bishop who's backstage by a monitor and just finished watching Bulldozer. Jack can barely keep from laughing. I'm sorry, sorry. Bulldozer, you really think you're something, don't you? The day you amount to something is the day that you learn how to talk. At BPZ Mania, I'm making it my personal mission to beat your ass. Ooh, your eyes are red, I'm so scared. Even Alex would be a better champion than you. I see what you're doing though. Trying to act insane or scary to hide that you're truthfully scared. Scared of being exposed as the scared little boy you are. You still insist that you're the "god" of pro wrestling. You're not even worthy of tying anyone on the rosters boots. I told you you should've backed out of the match. Now you're going to leave the arena in a stretcher. The NXT championship needs a good champion, and you are nowhere near being that man. I will make the title what it was when Arius held it. Respectable, prestigious. And you know what else, I'll make this damn division an actual division instead of the cluster of trash that it is right now. Bulldozer, you think I don't matter. Let's see how you feel after I toss you out of the ring first. The rest of you, get ready. I'm walking out champion. That's not a threat..." The crowd says it first, then he says- "It's a promise." Jack walks off.
  12. Jack Bishop walks out before they can get to the exit, and just claps while laughing. He says something to Aaron and Brad while pointing at Aaron, then pointing at Bulldozer. Brad and Aaron have no reaction, and Jack walks to the back.
  13. Jack Bishop comes out to the ring wearing a New Bloods shirt, looking disappointed. ”Well, the first thing I’m going to say is I’m sorry. Not to you people, or for anything I’ve done. But to Alex. Sorry, for it having to end this way, but more importantly, sorry in advance for kicking your ass at BPZ Mania and taking that title from you. We’ve been through hell together, but I’m done with you disrespecting this title, and disrespecting this business.” the crowd cheers at that. ” Now on to the more important stuff I have to say. Let’s start with the um, “God” in the business, Bulldozer.” Jack nearly breaks out laughing while saying this, and the crowd boos at the mention of his name. “ You say you worked yourself into the grave to get a tryout? Honestly I’m pretty sure Brenden, or whoever was supposed to be running tryouts that day had a little bit too much to drink beforehand if they gave you a contract. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t worked a day in your life to get here. But don’t worry, you’ll have your mania moment, I’m sure you’ll be remembered for being eliminated first.” the crowd cheers at this. ” Let’s talk about Resin. I’m not really sure about him, but he seems a bit off. I mean, he can’t even focus on the NXT title match, he’s too busy focusing on Bulldozer. Which honestly, I don’t even understand. Why would you want to have your big debut against Bulldozer? And I’m not sure how you “deserve” the NXT title. You haven’t done anything of note. There’s a mix of cheers and boos, mostly boos at that. ” And while I’m here, I might as well discuss Aaron North. Look, the attack was nothing personal, I think you have a chance at actually making it in this business. You can talk, and from what I’ve seen you can sure as hell wrestle. Let’s see how you hold up in real life, hm?” Jack drops the mic, and leaves as the screen cuts to black.
  14. owendalton

    Its Mine!

    Jack Bishop walks out with a mic in hand. ”Well, Bulldozer, you wanted your name mentioned? You want to be famous? Well let me help you with that.” Jack kicks the knee out from under Bulldozer and SLEEPING PILL! Jack picks him back up, and holds him in a powerbomb position. Jack and Hans exit.
  15. Alex is walking out of the building, when Jack Bishop walks up to him. ” Where the hell have you been, huh? You think you can just leave like that? And just throw that title around? You piece of-“ Alex: “Don’t you dare tell me-“ Both men start pushing and screaming at each other before Hans and Wall Ace run up and pull Jack back as Alex is held back by referees. Jack breaks through and punches at Alex, and it’s unclear if he hits him before Wall and Hans pull him off. Jack sits down in a chair and runs his hands through his hair, while Hans and Wall try and calm him down.
  16. I saw Keeley killing Sameer lol
  17. Well that’s unfortunate. Sad I died.
  18. Definitely The One-Winged Angel. I also love basically any cutter, as well as knee strike. The Rainmaker is good, but sometimes it lacks the effort. I also love The Blade Runner.
  19. The New Bloods’ music hits, and Aaron is expecting Hans, but outwalks Jack Bishop, who we saw earlier in the show cutting into Bulldozer and Maasa. ” Hello, I’m sorry, were you expecting someone else? Sorry, but I just was listening, trying not to doze off, and I noticed you said something about needing new blood? Um, you do know that’s our faction’s right man? Look man, I don’t know much about you, but I have to say, what I’ve seen I’ve been impressed. But I mean, you’re a pretty bad liar. How does one accidentally low blow someone? Come on man. Oh, and about that thing you said about Hans watching his back? Hans jumps Aaron from behind! Hans stomps him down before hitting him with the Shooting Hans Press. Both men walk out together.
  20. Can I still join? I was off my phone!
  21. Jack Bishop walks out into the arena. ” Okay cut the hocus-pocus bullsh*t. I don’t care whatever you people think you are. Bulldozer, you’re not even close to being a man, how do you see yourself as a god? And Maasa, you’re hardly a demon, you’re just a washed up failure who’s own manager saw that and left him. Seriously, get yourselves together. And I’m not really sure what Resin was trying to say about coincidences, but I’m pretty sure there are a few screws loose in his head. I’ve been in this division a hell of a lot longer than you three, and I’m a hell of a lot better than you three. On the mic, in the ring, period. At the battle royal, you three don’t even stand a chance, so you might as well just resign from the match. I mean, you’ll be eliminated, period, so it doesn’t really matter either way. At BPZ Mania, after all of your broken bodies are on the floor, I will hold up the NXT title, and reform this division into what it was. That’s not a threat...*crowd screams it with him* it’s a promise.” Jack drops the mic and leaves.

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