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  1. Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, clearly furious about the events of the last Carnage. ” Okay, I get being upset about NOL Odyssey, but attacking us was a step too far. We only did that out of business, and I left that arena with respect for you. But then last week happened. You made the worst damn mistake of your life attacking us. And Kieron, who said you had to get involved? And you not only got involved, you broke a sound board over my head. The medic had to pick a piece of it out of my head. And whoever played that video, I don’t know who you are, but we will find you, and end your career before it can even begin.
  2. Jack hears a noise and turns around to see Wall and Hans our on the ground. ”SHIT!” He sees Odyssey Sellers walking away from the scene ”Son of a Bitch.” He runs after Odyssey and Odyssey attacks him first, trying to hit the Journey’s End but he punches out of it and the two start brawling with each other, until Jack hits him with a Sleeping Pill. He catches his breath for a second before saying “I’m not done with you yet, Sellers.” He pulls him next to the production truck, then hits a Black Ice Powerbomb against the production truck. He then runs to check on his partners.
  3. Jack, visibly shaken, gets back on the mic. ” Who the hell jus- Wha- Look whoever you are, you say you’re watching us? Why not face us like a damn man huh? I swear if some monkey in the back played that just to mess with us I’ll-“ Jack throws the mic down mid-sentence and motions for Wall and Hans to follow him, before storming backstage. A camera follows them to the back. Wall: “ He might still be in the truck.” Jack and Hans nod and walk to the production truck.” Jack kicks the door open. Hans grabs one of the men by his collar and starts yelling at and shaking him. ” Who’s been here! Who played that video!” Hans slaps the man and then grabs the USB drive. “Son of a-“ Jack: “What is it?” Hans: “ Look.” The USB had a piece of tape on it that said “Nice Try.” Jack then chucked a chair out of the truck before storming off.
  4. The New Bloods stand in the middle of the ring. “Hello, my name is Jack. You all probably know this but for those who don’t, I am one third of The New Bloods. Yes, I said third. If you watched Night of Legends, you are aware of the fact that we gave a journalist the New Bloods experience, gave Odyssey Sellers a warning, and more importantly, introduced Hans to the group. And that was just a start.” Hans then takes the microphone from Jack. “Yeah ,we showed Odyssey not to get in our way, he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Like Jack said, we are only just beginning, because you see Sameer and Brenden think they are going retain those titles easily, but when you are in the ring with 2 vicious, dangerous, and insane individuals like Jack and Wallace, well, you’re going to ass kicked it’s just that simple, and when you have an extraordinary man like myself at ringside supporting my boys, you ain't standing a chance. Like we said before this is just a start!” Jack takes the mic back from Hans. ” I want to make this very clear for you two. Me and Wall are going to stop at nothing to get those titles. We don’t care if we have to wrench those titles from your broken, beaten, bloody bodies, those titles are ours. You two have held them for long enough, and Brenden, I might see if I can hook you up at that nursing home we talked about last month, I think you’d like it there.” Wall takes the mic from Jack. “And after we take those titles, one of us is going to win the Rumble, and face whoever is holding the title at that point, I can promise you that.” Hans takes the mic from Wall. ” Now, for those who are asking “Why Hans, why?”. You wanna know why I did what I did? Because as long as I’ve been in BPZ, I’ve done nothing. No matter how hard you people cheered for me I got nothing for it. Then one night I heard Jack and Wall talking in the ring. And everything they said was true. You people don’t give us anything. We need to take our opportunities, not wait till someone takes pity on us and gives us one. We are taking our opportunities, whether you like it or not.
  5. Pete Dunne(c) vs Joe Coffey (WWE United Kingdom Championship Rhea Ripley(c) (via Deonna Purazzo heel turn) vs Toni Storm (WWE United Kingdom Women’s Championship) Moustache Mountain vs Grizzled Young Veterans (WWE United Kingdom Tag Team Championships) Dave Mastiff vs Eddie Dennis (No Disqualification) Travis Banks vs Jordan Devlin I’m kind of a NXT UK mark so this is gonna be awesome!
  6. Dang dude. Could I get a New Bloods shirt? On the back say Jack Bishop, Wall Ace, and Hans?
  7. “Ladies & Gentleman we are off to a great start here in Vegas at Night of Legends, and-“https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MayGbEzd9YU&feature=youtu.be Greatness plays as Jack Bishop and Wall Ace walk out to the ring. As they get nearer to the ring, They notice that Jack is dragging someone with him out to the ring. It’s the journalist who was following Jack around the past few weeks! Jack launches him in the ring. He tried to get away but Jack caught him and put him in Lion-Plex position, and Wall hit him with an uppercut sending him into it. Jack then got on the mic. “You know what? Guys, I was gonna wait to announce this, but I think this is more fitting. This little guy has been following me around for the past few weeks, and I decided to give him a taste of what the New Bloods were like. Well, shall we? Jack looks at Wall, who nods. Jack slips outside the ring and looks under it. While Jack looks around, Wall decides to have a little fun and picks up the journalist, and after smacking him around the head a few times, hits the Wall Destroyer on the journalist, who is clearly out of it at this point. Jack finally slides back in, with a chair in hand. Wall starts to climb the top rope, and Jack positions the reporter above the chair, and hooks both arms. He lifts him up, and delivers an aided Silent Symphony on the chair. The journalist was on the mat, twitching, and the crowd was chanting “you sick f***s”, when all of a sudden The Crippler, Odyssey Sellers’ music hit. He ran down and got in between The New Bloods and the journalist. Then he looked at the New Bloods and picked up the journalist. Got him in position to lift him up for the Journey’s End. He started to lift him up when the arena goes black. The lights go back on and everything is the same, except… Hans stands behind the Wall and Jack. They realize and back off immediately, and Sellers tries to run at Hans, but gets caught with a superkick. But… Neither Jack nor Wall are doing a thing. Jack picks up Oddysey and Gutwrenches him up for the Black Ice Powerbomb, and Wall holds him there. Then Hans climbs the top rope, and while he’s up there, he tears off the jacket he’s wearing, and underneath is wearing a New Bloods shirt. He then hits the Shooting Hans Press on Crippler with Jack and Wall doing an aided Black Ice Powerbomb to him as well. Then Jack tells them to pick him up, and he looks The Crippler in the eyes and says “I don’t break promises.” And then hits the Sleeping Pill knee strike, spilling blood from Odyssey’s nose. Hans picks up the mic and says “ You got what you wanted. Now we get what we wanted. Those tag team titles.” The men leave the arena.
  8. owendalton

    Believe Me

    Jack Bishop stands in the ring with a mic in hand. Hello, Brenden and Sameer. I see you’ve accepted our challenge for the Rumble, good choice, good choice. Me and Wall will take those titles from you gladly, and restore the respect and prestige they had before you two turned their defenses into the bathroom break match. Disgusting, quite honestly. And well, seeing as the Royal Rumble groups were announced, I might as well talk about them. Hey look, guys, me and you two are in the same match! I can kick both your a**es twice in one night! And Wall basically has an easy win so that’ll be him sent to the final for sure. And I can beat Brenden, Sameer, and this Ark guy who I’ve never heard of before, so really my only challenge is FDS. Brenden, I’m going to give you a warning, okay? Whether it’s this match, the tag match, after the tag match when we take your titles, I don’t care, watch your back. Sameer is going to turn on you at some point, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sooner rather than later. If my tag partner was thst untrustworthy, I would turn on him before he turned on me.
  9. If you can hold on to the titles at NOL. Don’t get me wrong I hope you do so we can rip those titles from you two.
  10. owendalton


    The Greatest plays as Jack Bishop walks out to the ring, looking extremely pissed off. “Hello. You all know me. Jack Bishop one half, soon to be third of the New Bloods. Some of you like us, some of you hate us, but either way the amount of sh*ts I give is still the same, and that is none. But the reason I came out here is that the the people backstage, the so-called “authority”, have cut our match from Night of Legends. Me and Wall have been cutting promo after promo, hyping our match up, more than anyone else in this d*mn company, and *we* are the ones that get our match cut. This is ridiculous. I mean, I get it, the authority just probably doesn’t want The Pain Hunters blood spilled all over the mat. But be sure about this, we will be at Night Of Legends. And there will be blood spilled, we promised you guys that, and I never break promises.
  11. Oh, Brenden. If only we could face you. Me and Wall would gladly take your titles from you. But we already have a scheduled a**-kicking to take care of, but we’re perfectly free at the Rumble, or if you want to pull some strings, before then. And I’ll take this as a chance to say something about our opponents. Kyle, you’ve been too scared to say something back these past few weeks, which I thought was weird. I mean you are the “baddest mofo on the planet”, aren’t you? And James, look dude, I respect you, I mean it has to take some willpower to not punch your tag partner in the face if he was talking thst much crap about you that way. But man, how have you not said a word since this match was announced? I mean come on! I don’t know what’s going on with you, but at least say something! And I thought I’d give you guys a warning. Believe me, one of you will leave the arena with blood spilling from your face, and may not even leave on your own two feet. If you didn’t understand, Blood. Will. Be. Spilled.
  12. Okay. Pt. 2, here we go. Johnny Saint and Sid Scala open the show after Blackpool. “At Takeover: Blackpool, our UK champion Pete Dunne was brutally assaulted by a man by the name of Jimmy Havoc. During the attack Pete suffered a piledriver which nearly left him paralyzed. He is now being held in a hospital in Birmingham where he lives. Now as for Jimmy Havoc, he left the arena immediately after the-“ Jimmy hit Sid over the back of the head and then started stomping on him, before turning to Saint. Johnny got out of the ring as fast as he could and was visibly shaken. Side was trying to get up using the rope, but Jimmy kicked his hand away from the rope and Sid just rested his head there. “Bite down on the rope.” Jimmy commands Sid to do it. “DO IT OR I’LL BREAK YOUR D*** NECK!” Sid bit down on the rope as commanded. “I said your neck, not your jaw.” And stomped on his head. The crowd went completely silent as Scala screamed in pain (if you want to see what he did look up jimmy Havoc curb stomp.) Security finally arriving tackled Jimmy down and took him out of the arena. Saint got back on the mic. “As I was going to say, Mr. Dunne will be out of the action for a month or so recovering. Let’s get on with the rest of the show shall we?” Their was a match scheduled for this evening but because of the events that took place that match will be pushed forward to next week. Our main event is Toni Storm trying to get some revenge on Deonna Purazzo, who turned her back on Toni at Takeover. Toni makes her entrance and grabs a mic. “On Sunday, one of my closest friends turned on me. Left my arm nearly shattered. Deonna, at least explain to me wh-“ Deonna jumps Toni from behind and the bell rings. Deonna goes straight for the arm, repeatedly attacking it. Toni finally gets a moment to breath and goes for a clothesline but her arm get caught in the modified fujiwara armbar and Toni taps out. Deonna picks up a mic and says “You wanna know why, Toni? You wanna know why I attacked you? Because you get everything. Every title opportunity, all the credit, when I, and many others on this roster are better or just as good as you. Hell, you aren’t even champion. Rhea barely gets any credit compared to you. I did what I did to put this division on the map.
  13. a figure emerges from the shadows with a hood over his head and a mic in hand. The New Bloods aren't just here to make an impact, we are here to takeover BPZ. You see, the veterans can't face the reality showing right in front of them. They need to realize that they need to step back because they can't hang with the new. I see people, think they are the best but in fact there not. When you see The New Bloods, you see desire, you see that we are different. We are the future, and no one can hang with us. Hell, even if you take 3 of the best in BPZ today, and stick them in the ring with The New Bloods, we will take them to their limit. You know why? because we are just that damn good. So be ready, because you know what they say, out with the old.... *hooded figure pauses and then says* and in with the new. *he then drops the mic*
  14. Thanks for the feedback dude! Yeah, it was a tough decision on the tag titles, but I have a storyline that is gonna play out which requires them as champs.
  15. (Hey guys, I’m gonna start doing a fantasy booking for NXT UK! I want to hear you guys’ ideas as well, so feel free to post in this thread as well. Well, here we go.) “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is NXT Takeover: Blackpool! We have a stacked card, and let’s not waste anytime getting in to it.” We start off with Rhea Ripley vs Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. The match is pretty even for the first few minutes, until Ripley starts targeting Toni’s arm, and it becomes pretty one-sided against Toni. Toni finally catches a break and hits a desperation Storm Zero (which in WWE is a tiger bomb not a Piledriver) but Rhea’s feet knock the ref down. Rhea gets up and grabs a chair, and goes to hit Toni, but Deonna Purazzo grabs it from her. There’s a moment of silence in the building, before Deonna hits Toni in the arm with the chair. She then locks her in her modified Fujiwara Armbar, and you hear a snap. The ref starts to get up, and Deonna leaves the arena before Rhea hits the Riptide and pins Toni to retain the Women’s Championship. Next we have Dave Mastiff vs Eddie Dennis in a No Disqualification Match. Eddie jumps Dave before the match and it dissolves into chaos very early. The match ends with Eddie hitting a Next Stop Driver on a chair and pinning Mastiff. Next we have the crowning of the first ever NXT UK tag team champions. The match is Moustache Mountain vs Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews (it could be The Grizzled Young Veterans but let’s ignore that shall we). The match is very high paced, and in the end Webster & Andrews come out on top after an Eaton Rifle and Shooting Star combination. The teams shake hands after the match, and Flash and Mark celebrate with the titles for the first time. Next is the main event, Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey for the NXT UK Championship. The match is mostly a brawl and Pete takes the upper hand after an X-Plex onto the apron. Then Joe hits All The Best For The Bells out of nowhere and both men go down. They barely get up before the ten count and Pete hits the Bitter End and pins Joe to retain. Pete barely raises the title when: The crowd goes insane. He removes his mask and it’s Jimmy Havoc. He raises the UK title and goes to walk out of the ring when he looks back. He picks him back up and hits Pete with a Piledriver. The arena is completely silent. Pete’s body is completely limp on the floor. Havoc leaves as we go off the air.
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    Thanks dude, that means a lot.
  17. owendalton


    Here are some examples
  18. owendalton


    Okay, I’ll see what I can do, but if you want an example of my work, look at @Maasas logo or go on my account.
  19. owendalton


    Hello, I thought I’d just put out there that I can make logos for you guys for your KayFabe wrestlers, I’ll do that for free. Just tell me the style, the words (I can do main text and subtext) and the color(s).

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