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  1. RAW Smackdown before Wrestlemania


    In the opening match of RAW, Booker T and RVD take on Evolution, and get a roll-up over Ric Flair for the victory.

    Shawn Michaels comes out to the ring, and short after Chris Benoit comes out as well. The two men take friendly digs at each other, but there's a bit of tension as the two are said on a collision course for Wrestlemania XX.

    Next up, Shelton Benjamin faces Mick Foley. Shelton gets the victory with a Superkick after Charlie Haas hits Mick Foley with a cheap shot when the ref's back is turned. 

    Kurt Angle comes down to the ring after being beaten last night by Chris Benoit because of The Rock's distraction. Kurt demands the Rock comes down to the ring and explain himself. The Rock comes down, and says that The Rock doesn't appreciate Kurt taking his spot in the company. Kurt and Rock take shots at each other repeatedly, and it looks like they're going to fight, but Charlie Haas comes down to the ring and calms Kurt down.

    Next, Johnny Nitro beats Muhammad Hassan in a very quick match.

    As the show comes to a close, John Cena, the newly crowned United States Champ comes out to the ring to a gigantic ovation. He thanks the fans for everything, and then all of a sudden, Eddie Guerrero's music hits. Eddie congratulates John, and extends his hand for a handshake. John takes it, and Eddie smiles, before kicking John right below the belt. He pulls him in, and hits a brainbuster, before lifting the United States Championship above his head.


    In the opening match, Kane takes on Edge, as later on tonight he has the contract signing for his match at Wrestlemania. Kane puts away Edge with a chokeslam in the end.

    In the next match, Johnny Nitro takes on Goldust. Johnny hits the Moonlight Drive on Goldust and covers him for the victory.

    Next, Tommy Dreamer and Hardcore Holly take on Team Angle. Charlie Haas taps out Tommy Dreamer with the Haas of Pain after Shelton takes out Holly.

    Randy Orton beats Mick Foley in a pretty even match, but Orton catches Foley with an RKO and covers him.

    Eddie Guerrero is walking backstage, when suddenly he's jumped by John Cena. John has chains wrapped around his knuckles, and is punching Eddie repeatedly, bloodying his face. Security eventually comes and pulls him off. John screams "See you at Wrestlemania!" before they take him away.

    Paul Heyman is forcing Angle and The Rock to team up against the APA. As you could figure, this doesn't go well. The Rock drops down from the apron when Kurt crawls towards him for a tag, and Bradshaw hits him with the Clothesline From Hell for the victory.

    Finally, Brock and Kane sign the match contract. Brock taunts Kane, and after both men sign it, Kane attacks Brock, going for a chokeslam through the table, but Brock counters, and F5s Kane through the table. Brock stands tall before Wrestlemania.

  2. No Way Out


    In the opening match, Chris Jericho and Mick Foley go at it, with Jericho pinning Mick Foley after Christian distracts the referee long enough for a dick kick followed by a Lionsault.

    After the ring is cleared out, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin come out, and issue an open challenge to the tag team division. The APA's music hits, and Haas and Benjamin look rocked. The APA dominates most of the match, but Charlie Haas is able to get a quick roll-up on Farooq and slip away with the victory. In the next match, the Basham Brothers retain the WWE tag titles in a quick match.

    In the next match, The Undertaker shows up for the first time in three years as the Deadman, and is about to speak, when Shane McMahon's theme hits, and he tells the Undertaker that he shouldn't have come back. Shane calls for a referee to run out to the ring, and tells him that this match is No DQ. The bell rings, and Shane starts trying to beat the Undertaker down, but Taker just grabs him by the throat, and Chokeslams him. The Undertaker picks Shane up, and hits the Tombstone Piledriver to put McMahon away. The Undertaker is back, and in full force.

    Coming up next, we have Randy Orton facing Matt Hardy, with Orton's Intercontinental Championship on the line. Matt Hardy comes close to winning multiple times, with Randy just barely kicking out of a Side Effect/Moonsault combination. The two men put everything into this match, before Orton counters a Twist of Fate into an RKO. 

    The World Tag Team Champions, Batista and Ric Flair of Evolution defend their belts against Booker T & Rob Van Dam. The match stays pretty fast paced, with Flair being outpaced most of the match by RVD. Ric and Rob both tag in their partners, and Batista and Booker fight it out, but Batista eventually counters the Scissors Kick into a Batista Bomb for the victory.

    Chris Benoit comes out to the ring, and says that he doesn't want the night off, so anyone, please come out to face him. Kurt Angle's music hits, and he walks down to the ring smugly. The two men put on a technical clinic. trading hold for hold. Benoit gets Angle in the corner, and goes for a lariat, but Angle pulls the pad off of the turnbuckle, and Benoit goes right into it. Kurt pulls Chris' ankle in and grapevines the leg, cinching in the Ankle Lock. Chris is able to fight to the ropes, and Kurt relinquishes the hold. Angle's waiting for Benoit to get up, presumably for the Angle Slam, but before he can do anything, The Rock's music hits, and Kurt is distracted long enough for Chris to lock in the Crossface for the tap-out victory.

    Next, John Cena takes on Big Show for his United States Championship. Big Show dominates the early stages of the match, but Cena fights back, and eventually shows incredible strength by lifting Big Show into the air for an FU He pins the Big Show, and wins his first title belt in the WWE.

    In the main event of the evening, Triple H takes on Shawn Michaels for the World Heavyweight Championship in Hell in A Cell. Triple H sends Evolution to the back before he walks to the ring. The two men stare off, before brawling to the floor. the two men fight for 45 minutes straight, tearing each other apart, slamming each other into the cage, until Triple H strikes Shawn in the back with the sledgehammer, reminiscent of Summerslam 2002, the first match these two had that begun this bloody rivalry, and the most recent Raw. Triple H is screaming at Shawn to get up, and he tries to deliver a sledgehammer shot to the skull, but Shawn dodges, and hits the Sweet Chin Music, before collapsing on top of Triple H for the three count. Shawn Michaels has come out on top, after almost 2 years of fighting Triple H. Shawn walks out with the championship and a solemn look on his face. Evolution run past Shawn, not touching him as they go to help Triple H.

    We see Chris Benoit watching Shawn walk to the back on a monitor, and nods approvingly as the show cuts to black. 



  3. The screen flashes in the middle of Carnage, and we open to a room. Jack Bishop sits in a chair facing a burning fireplace. He takes a sip of scotch before speaking.

    "There's something drawing about fire. Maybe it's the power it holds. Or, maybe it's the unpredictability. It could lash out at any moment, and just the smallest ember can do the most damage. I've been here a while, and I've learned that you don't get by in BPZ by being nice. You have to be ruthless." 

    Jack takes another drink, and thinks for a second before speaking.

    "Austin Omega. You've clearly impressed some people around here. I'm afraid I can't say I've seen anything of note. All I see is an arrogant prick who got a fluke victory. You have done nothing to prove yourself anything. Screw embarrassment, I'm going to decimate you, and anyone else who steps foot in that ring. The NXT championship belongs around my waist. Steph, if you even consider stepping in the ring with me, I will tear you limb from limb. I have fought for over a year now to win this title, and I'm done being known as the guy Hans left behind."

    Jack squeezes so hard the scotch glass shatters. He brushes the glass off the table, and stares right into the camera, the flames reflecting in his eyes.

     "At Mayhem, I'm going to burn the whole damn house down."

  4. Raw Smackdown Before No Way Out

    (Note: I'm not running any sort of brand separation. Also, just to be clear, I am running the weekly shows, I just figured it would be easier to run the shows like this.)


    In the opening match, the debuting team of Hardcore Holly & Tommy Dreamer beat Muhammed Hassan and Khosrow Daivari in a quick match.

    The United States Champion Big Show cuts a (horrible) promo, taunting the roster.

    In the next match we see Kane and Rob Van Dam face off, with Kane finishing off Rob with a falling powerbomb. 


    After the match, the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels comes out, and starts to cut a promo, thanking all the fans. All of a sudden, Triple H comes from behind and hits Shawn in the back with a Sledgehammer. Then he gets on the mic, and challenges Shawn to one last match at No Way Out, Hell In A Cell.


    Afterwards we have Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin in a fast paced match, with Jeff picking up the victory with a Swanton Bomb.


    The Undisputed Champion Brock Lesnar appears on the stage, as he's scheduled to speak, but all of a sudden, he gets jumped by Kane! Kane picks him back up, and chokeslams him on the ramp. Kane picks up the Undisputed Championship and holds it in the air as RAW goes off the air.



    In the opening match of Smackdown we have the Royal Rumble winner, Chris Benoit, facing Mr. Kennedy in a great match. Chris picks up the victory after countering the Mic Check into the Crippler Crossface.


    After the match, Chris makes his way backstage, and is stopped by Maria Kanellis, who asks him if he's decided who he's going to face at Wrestlemania. He looks straight into the camera, and announces that he's going to face Shawn Michaels in the Main Event of Wrestlemania.

    Shawn Michaels comes out, fired up after the attack from Triple H on Monday. He accepts the No Way Out challenge, and Evolution's music hits. Triple H walks out on the stage, and Shawn gets ready for a fight, but Triple H tells him to relax, that he promises he won't lay a finger on him. But as he says that, Randy Orton sneaks up behind Shawn and turns him around, hitting him with an RKO. The other members of Evolution slide in and hit their finishers, with Ric locking in the figure 4, and then Batista hitting him with a Batista Bomb, all while Triple H watching approvingly from the stage. He walks down to the ring, and picks up the World Heavyweight Championship and lifts it up.

    After Evolution clears out, Kane comes to the ring, and demands an undisputed championship match at Wrestlemania. Brock comes out and says nothing just holds up the Championship until the show goes off the air.

  5. First Name: Asger
    Last Name: Kvalheim
    Build: Strong
    Intelligence: Cunning
    Married: Has a wife with the same goals as him, currently carrying his firstborn.
    Personal Goal (Not necessary): To enforce his reign as lord of Vikings over all, with bloodshed if necessary
    Style: Ambitious
    Father's Name: Holger

  6. Hi guys! Decided I'm going to try something different and play through 2004 in WWE. I've already played through about two months, so I'l try to recap as much as I can.



    The Royal Rumble PPV starts off with the Dudley Boys vs. Ric Flair and Batista, representing Evolution. Evolution win after Randy Orton distracts D-Von long enough so Batista can take advantage with a Batista Bomb. In the next match, Rey Mysterio defends his cruiserweight title against Team Angle member Charlie Haas. During the match, Rey Mysterio retains after Shelton Benjamin botches an interference.

    Lesnar destroys Hardcore Holly in a very short match, completely dominating to retain his belt. 

    Shawn Michaels beats Triple H after three consecutive Sweet Chin Musics to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time.

    During the Royal Rumble, Rob Van Dam really showed out, arriving at number fifteen, and eliminating multiple people, including Goldberg. He made it to the final two, but was eliminated by Chris Benoit, after Benoit came in at number 29. Benoit punched his ticket to the main event of Wrestlemania.

  7. Jack Bishop is backstage on Carnage, when he’s stopped by an interviewer. He asks Jack about being drafted by Carnage.

    “I think Carnage will be a good home for me. Is that what you wanted to hear? Okay.”

    Jack grabs the mic out of his hand, and glares at him until he leaves.

    “I’m going to get straight to the point. I have not had a very successful career here. I’ve been overshadowed by Hans, and repeatedly looked over. I’m done. No more games. I’m back. For good this time. I’m here to win the NXT title. Austin Omega. You barely beat Amai and The Riddler at Backlash, and then you don’t show up since. You don’t deserve to call yourself NXT Champion. You represent everything that’s wrong with this company. I’ll gladly take that belt off your broken body. The Eye Opener is going to tear apart this division. I’ve been ignored for too damn long. Amai, you don’t want to get in my way. And as for The Riddler… why are you even here?”

    Jack drops the mic on the floor and walks off.

  8. Pre-Show: Titantic Battle Royal- Azrael

    Match 1: SFW Lightweight Championship Ladder Match: Prince Cutler(C) vs Hans Clayton vs Ropati vs Liam Starr vs Overheel vs Dikey

    Match 2: If Strikeforce lose Adam Masters is fired from SFW: Strike Force (Adam Masters, Nathan Clarke, And Brett Storm) vs Crescent Fall (Bart Johnson And Kenji) And Jacob Yamada

    Match 3: SFW Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold(C) vs Tamer And David Haskins vs The Young Bucks

    Match 4: SFW Television Championship: Angelo Caito(C) vs Kin Takeshi

    Match 5: SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones(C) vs Prince Jack III

    Match 6: No Disqualifications, there must be a winner: Mil Almas vs BIC

    Match 7: Kazuchika Okada vs Ryan Reeves

    Main Event: SFW World Championship: King Slim(C) vs Yelich Anderson

  9. Kayfabe Name: Jack Bishop

    Age: 24

    Music Theme: Why You Gotta Kick Me When I’m Down - Bring Me The Horizon

    What do you so behind the scenes(like backstage.) Hang out with the boys, train

    What role would you like to be? The “win-the-NXT-championship-at-BPZ-Mania” role

  10. Name: Ryan “Bulletproof” Bailey

    Age: 27

    Weight Class: Welterweight

    Height: 5’11

    Reach: 74 inch

    Fighting Style: Submission based.


    Jack laughs.

    “Oh, yeah, hate to break it to you, but the deletion thing, that’s not happening.”

    He grabs the pen and signs the contract before handing the contract to Sheridan, who walks out of the ring.

    “Right, now that that’s finished, there only one other thing this table’s good for.”

    Jack reaches across the table and smacks Mirage down, sending him and his chair backwards into the floor.

    Mirage attempts to get up, but Jack kicks him down. He picks Mirage back up, and drives him through the table.


    He then reaches inside the unconscious Mirage’s coat pocket, and pulls out what he was carrying. Bishop turns the pocket knife in his hands and chuckles. He then sits Mirage up, and drags it across Mirage’s cheek slowly, creating a cut across the side of his face. He puts the knife back in Mirage’s pocket. He lifts a mic from the Carnage, and simply says:

    “See you next week.”

  12. ihLydRFU27b98oJ2-d5AIw2HzhZYVElOd0eWC-HuEIBRaKDG4ZwM9tvbXztvLWs-c5XeX2v3Z7bU8px5JxOGgE22wVeWkNyTb8aSJHFTJNAof_DAwQI-f9X1mIJzu3d3D3gBWTNx

    Jack Bishop arrives at the arena, nodding at Sheridan before taking the side of the table facing backstage.

    “Thank you, Sheridan. Now we all know why we’re here, to make the ass-kicking I’m going to give to Mirage next week official. Formalities and all that. But, I’m honestly interested. You haven’t shown your damn face in a month here in person. I think you’re scared of me. Of what I’ll do to you when you step in this ring. Of how I’m going to destroy you, mentally and physically. I think you’re a goddamn coward. I don’t think you’re going to have the balls to show up, or if you do, you’ll attack from behind, or pull some goddamn shenanigans. I don’t want any games. I want you, and me, in this ring, right now. Now, Mirage, if you would please get your delusional, acid-tripping ass out here so we can do this.”

  13. Jack Bishop sits in a chair, facing a fireplace. He sips from a glass of scotch as he chuckles.

    "Oh, man. You really are just as delusional as you sound. You actually believe the words that come out of your mouth, don't you? This is just going to make it that much sweeter when I beat you on Carnage. You represent everything that is wrong with this company. The delusion that you're better than others, the preaching, the idiocy. I'm allowed to talk about to say I'm better because I simply am. Make sure to get all of your preaching out of your system before Carnage, because I'm going to shut you up for good."


  14. Sign up:

    Age - 26

    Power  (2 at max) - Teleportation, Weapons skills.

    What does your character look like - Winter Soldier

    Nationality - Welsh

    Team (Sheridan's Slaves, Brenden's boys, Akki's Ally's, loner) - Loner

    • Name: Owen Dalton

      Age: 24

      Nationality: American

      Height: 6'8

      Weight: 224 lbs

      Wingspan: 6'10 3/4 inches

      Looks (be as descriptive as you want): Dirty Blonde, beard, Sleeve tattoo on left arm

      Strong Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending) Defending

      Secondary Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending): FInishing

      Third Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending): Shooting

      Weak Suit (Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, Defending): Playmaking

      Position: SF/SG


  15. The titantron cuts back to the ring after Mirage's promo. Jack Bishop comes out, seeming amused.

    "Alright Mirage. You have your match. I'll gladly beat your ass in front of these people. But let's get a few things straight. I'm not the one hiding behind lies. Everything I say is the truth. You're the one who had to copy me to get over. You act like you're some divine preacher, but you're just full of shit. I have never followed the management like a "dog", the management is one of the biggest issues in this company. I know your type. You try to make me insecure, and then strike while I'm weak. Spoiler alert: That's not going to happen. You should feel insecure. You should be scared. I see through your lies and your sermons. I am the only person who tells the truth in this company, I am the real Eye Opener, and I will open your eyes after I beat you on Carnage. I've bled for this business, broken bones, suffered through immense pain. I can't wait to introduce you to the same pain. See you then."

  16. Jack Bishop comes out sporting a new theme.


    "Later tonight, Mecko and James Knight will face each other for the NXT Championship. Quite frankly, it should've been me facing Mecko for that title. But that doesn't matter now. It doesn't even matter who wins tonight. Whether it's James, or Mecko, I'll still beat them at Night of Legends. You see, Night of Legends will be the one-year anniversary of my first pay-per-view here in BPZ. I've been here for a year. And yet I get no damn recognition for my work. No titles, for week after week putting my body on the line, sacrificing time and energy, and yet I get no gratitude from you idiots. Unbelievable. At Night of Legends I'm going to prove you all wrong. I'm going to open your eyes, and make you recognize that I am the best wrestler in this division. Mecko got lucky at Winter Warfare. Not this time. I'm going to make you suffer. Looking at your broken, destroyed body is going to be a beautiful sight."

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