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  1. With me not able to film for my channel I have sometime on my hands. Does anyone know any good TV shows I can watch? Thanks! Have a great day.
  2. Born: 9th of February, 1995 Set to debut: January, 2017 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American Based in: USA Active Style: Brawler Body Type: Muscular Size: Lightweight Minimum Size: lightweight Maximum Size: light Heavyweight Moves: "The Death Drop" Scorpion death drop heel Face Gimmick: same as heel Heel Gimmick: a Paul Heyman the advocate Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: wants to be a wrestler, but as of now a manger. Bio: Indiana born in Texas, has always wanted to be a wrestler. He is a old school redneck, and has a little drinking problem. He is currently training to be a wrestler, but decided to be a manger till he feels confident in his wrestling skills. Indiana can't wait to see what the Pro-Wrestling industry has to offer. His catchphrase "Hello I am Mr.John, and I represent ...., and we are here to destroy, and win titles." Ready to do almost anything for the business Real name: Indiana Daws Wrestling name: Mr.John picture:
  3. Thank you, and will do. Thanks I can’t wait to get into everything. I’ll slowly try to get into everything thanks for he heads but I would hate to mess something up. Thanks again for the info and welcome.
  4. Sadly I haven't done some gaming in a bit I have just been kinda doing videos of my personal beliefs which if its your cup of tea great if not I defiantly get that. I hope you like my gaming while I am working on improving the quality so I apologized for the suck your about to check out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNZ-KGhG3tBuGJEY89mC0pA
  5. Hey guys its Indiana. Not my real name of course but its life long nickname so I mainly go by that. I love playing video games on my Youtube channel, and watching Brendens TEW series cause I love wrestling. Friendly, very southern, and clueless. Also can't wait to be apart of this fan base type thing.

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