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  1. Alyx Wilde

    An Apology

    As Joshua Scott poses before the shocked fans he was once beloved by, an unfamiliar theme cuts through the silence of the Carnage Arena. As the slightly confused crowd begins to rise to their feet Josh's head snaps towards the stage, realizing there's only one man it can be. It's Alyx Wilde. As "The Sickness" emerges onto the stage from behind the curtain, the BPZ Universe goes absolutely ballistic for the return of the man who was once in the main event of BPZMania. Wilde himself is even taken back by the reaction, as he looks around at the thousands and thousands of screaming fans he can't help but crack the faintest of smiles before clenching his jaw tightly and focusing his attention on the man who called him out, Joshua Scott. Alyx Wilde wears a baseball cap, casting a shadow on his half painted face, and a hoodie underneath a large flannel, the very same hoodie that moments ago Josh was admonishing the crowd for purchasing and wearing in support of The Sickness. Wilde also carries a heavily used, slightly damaged skateboard at his side, which he suddenly drops and allows to slowly roll down the ramp as he flips his hood up and catches up to the skateboard, hopping on as the Carnage audience grows even louder. As Wilde finally approaches the ring, he leaps from the board onto the apron, landing on his feet in a crouched position, leaning on the ropes as he stares down Joshua Scott who takes a few steps back, his eyes locked on the former Triple Crown Champion. Wilde grips the middle rope and slides himself between the bottom two ropes, quickly shooting to his feet has he now stands in a BPZ ring for the first time in almost 2 years. James Cunner fetched a mic in the meantime and goes to hand it to Wilde, but The Sickness just stares at him briefly before shoving him out of the way and making a beeline towards Joshua Scott and ripping the microphone out of his hand and cocking his head to the side and locking his icy blue eyes on "Manchester's Number One", almost begging him to throw a punch. Wilde slowly raises the mic to his mouth to speak as the crowd intently listens. Failure? You think I'm a failure? Josh...if I'm a failure, then what the fuck are you? You know, some people are stupid enough to compare us. They see two guys who have all the potential in the world but never achieved the things they said they would, they see two guys who went from the highest of highs to the absolute pits of despair. But there's a few things everyone seems to be missing. I was trapped in hell, but I clawed and scratched until my fingernails and hands broke and bled but someway, somehow I got myself out. Unfortunately for you Josh, you're hell is just beginning. I saw that blindfold match of yours and...I really have no words. I've been around the wrestling business for almost 10 years and I can honestly saw that was the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in the ring. I genuinely have to commend you Josh, I had one of the greatest performances in the history of BPZMania and still falling short of the World Heavyweight Championship was enough to make me leave the company. Meanwhile, you lost a qualifying match in possibly the most embarrassing fashion in the history of the sport and yet, here you are. But that's where my compliments for you end, cause I have to say Josh...you're a total fucking idiot. You couldn't even land on a move on Alex Costa, in a blindfold. And look, that Costa kid seems pretty talented or whatever but I'm not Alex Costa. I'm not a calculated technician, I am a sickness. I am a monster. I am a storm. You ever been in a storm, Josh? I don't mean a thunderstom, I mean a storm of violence, raining down on you, smashing into your head, hitting you in the chest so hard that you think your heart is gonna stop, you almost wish it would. You ever been in a storm like that Josh? The Carnage audience are in the palm of Wilde's hand as his trademark intensity echos throughout the arena, a sound we haven't heard in months and years. Alyx Wilde takes a deep breath as he continues. Alex Costa embarrassed you. I will ruin you. Alex Costa made you turn on these people. I will make you turn on yourself. Alex Costa defeated you. I will end you. But Costa let you off too easy, I won't do it quickly. I will infect you, spreading from limb to limb, from organ to organ, destroying you from the inside out until all you can do is watch as I hold your career, your future and your very life in my hands. And I won't be wearing a blindfold, not because I think that'd even give you a chance, but because I want to, I need to see the look on your face as I take away everything you've ever worked for, as years and years of your aspiration and hard work all slips away from you in a matter of 20 minutes. You came out here with a lame fake apology but ironically I'm sorry Josh. I'm sorry you were dumb enough to let my name leave your mouth, I'm sorry for what I have to do to you. I'm sorry that you're just weak enough to be the perfect Patient Zero for The Sickness. I really am sorry Josh, you're just a dumb guy who made a dumb mistake. But as I know better than anyone, we all have to pay for our mistakes one day. Wilde lets his words hang in the air for a moment before flipping the mic into the air, landing in the hands of Joshua Scott who just stands there, he seems slightly shocked by the words of Alyx Wilde as he just stands there for a moment. Wilde slowly walks towards the ropes, looking as if he is going to exit the ring before suddenly leaping up and off the ropes and hitting the Constant Headache out of nowhere on the unsuspecting Josh! As Josh goes crashing to the canvas Alyx Wilde makes a dead sprint to the top rope, leaping up and looking to hit the Full Blown Meltdown, but just as Wilde jumps off, Scott regains his awareness and rolls out of the ring. Luckily for Wilde he sees this just in time to make a surprisingly athletic move to land safely on his feet before dropping down to a seated position with his elbows resting on his knees. As Joshua Scott holds a hand to his his freshly kicked jaw and stumbles up the ramp, "The Sickness" Alyx Wilde just gives him a twisted grin and taps an imaginary watch on his wrist as we fade to black.
  2. God I remember seeing Dominik on TV as a literal child so this is pretty insane to see. Idk how good the match itself will really be but it's a pretty great story and I'm sure it's a very proud moment for Rey.
  3. 2020-21 NFL Predictions (https://playoffpredictors.com/Football/NFL?L=EwRlLYqiz-TlnGyVsrVrlInnTRefUmY-AyQyjLezRpaWlCk5h7Vi9rcxnTQ1hRVhgAMQA) AFC # AFC North WLT 1 Ravens 14-2 7 Steelers 9-7 8 Browns 8-8 9 Bengals 8-8 # AFC South WLT 3 Texans 12-4 6 Titans 10-6 14* Colts 5-11 16 Jaguars 4-12 # AFC East WLT 4 Bills 10-6 5 Patriots 10-6 10 Jets 7-9 12 Dolphins 5-11 # AFC West WLT 2 Chiefs 13-3 11 Raiders 6-10 13 Broncos 5-11 15 Chargers 5-11 NFC # NFC North WLT 2 Packers 10-6 9 Bears 9-7 11 Lions 8-8 12 Vikings 6-10 # NFC South WLT 3 Buccaneers 10-6 5 Saints 10-6 14 Falcons 4-12 16 Panthers 3-13 # NFC East WLT 4 Eagles 9-7 7 Cowboys 9-7 13 Giants 5-11 15 Washington 3-13 # NFC West WLT 1 Seahawks 12-4 6 49ers 10-6 8 Rams 9-7 10 Cardinals 8-8
  4. Alyx Wilde BASIC INFO Figurehead: Darby Allin Current Alignment: Mostly Heel but adored by a cult fanbase Nicknames: Former - The Wilde One, The Heir To The Throne, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Truth Current - The Sickness Height: 6’4" Weight: 167 lbs. Pace of Birth/Billed From: Portland, Oregon. Entrance Video: APPEARANCE Ring & Entrance Attires WRESTLING Fighting Style: 50% Striker 50% Hardcore Spot Monkey Alyx Wilde's Move-Set is a made up of two main components, the first of which being striking. Due to his thin frame Wilde heavily relies on his Kick-Boxing training to deliver precise and devastating elbows, knees, and kicks rather than powerful lifting moves. If Wilde is dominating his opponent he will typically get a little cocky with his striking, attempting to string together beautifully complex combos usually reserved for an MMA fight. However, if Wilde is desperate and/or letting his emotions get the better of him, his well-trained striking becomes much less precise as he attempts to wrap you up in a clinch and deliver brutal elbows and knees, as if he's attempting to take his opponents head off with every single shot. The second component of Wilde's fighting style is his uniquely fearless ability to throw his body in, off, and around the ring. Wilde doesn't quite have the athleticism nor aerial mastery of the typical BPZ high flyer but he more than makes up for it with the one of a kind reckless abandon he brings into every match, sometimes Wilde's aerial moves aren't moves at all but rather just throwing his lanky body at his opponent with as much velocity and force he can generate, ideally sending them both through a table or barricade or whatever destructible structure he has at his disposal. Wilde loves to dive from the ring to the outside typically favoring the Suicide Elbow which he's been using his entire wrestling career, a bit of a trademark for him. Alyx Wilde made his start in the indies wrestling for local, trashy hardcore promotions in his hometown of Portland, Oregon and while his move-set has been refined quite a bit, Wilde still holds onto those violent roots, always being the first guy to introduce a weapon into a match if the stipulation allows for it, (and sometimes even if it doesn't). Signatures Constant Headache (Springboard Bicycle Kick) Man Vs. Wilde (Mushroom Stomp) Finishers Full Blown Meltdown (Coffin Drop) Hypoxemia (Rear Naked Choke) Other Notes - Alyx Wilde seems to have a strange fascination with blood and tries to induce it in almost every match he can, seemingly unconcerned with whether it's his or his opponents - Wilde is an accomplished MMA fighter, spending his time out of BPZ in a barely legal PRIDE-style fighting promotion based in his hometown called RISE FC, where he went on to win the Welterweight title and currently holds a record of 9-0 -Outside of wrestling Wilde's main interests are skateboarding and music, he's the lead singer of a small independent Hardcore Punk band.
  5. Pac-12 Tournament Preview: Seeds & First Round Match-ups Set for the Conference Tournament Associated Press A very exciting Regular Season has come to a close for the Pac-12 Conference, a season that saw the #3 ranked USC Trojans cement themselves as a viable threat for the national title lead by Pac-12 Player of the Year, C Onyeka Okongwu as well as the emergence of the "Bad News Bears", the physical, fast paced California Golden Bears team who behind the performances of their star freshman SG Owen Gonzo Jr. and C Josiah Bridges rose to rank #16 in the nation, their best season in over 10 years. Those aforementioned teams strong play have earned them 1st round byes as well as the #1 and #2 seeds in the conference tournament respectively. USC is seen by many as the strong favorites to win the tournament but as we've seen all year nothing will come easy when you play in a conference absolutely stacked with future NBA talent. _____________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ Regular Season Standings #3 USC Trojans: 29-1 #16 Cal Golden Bears: 25-5 #25 Washington Huskies: 24-6 Oregon Ducks: 20-10 Arizona State Sun Devils: 18-12 Oregon State Beavers: 17-13 Stanford Cardinal: 15-15 Colorado Buffaloes: 14-16 Utah Utes: 12-18 UCLA Bruins: 10-20 Arizona Wildcats: 9-21 Washington State Cougars: 7-23 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First Round Match-Ups (Top 4 seeds receive a first round bye) (5) Arizona State vs. (12) Washington State Cougars (6) Oregon State Beavers vs. (11) Arizona Wildcats (7) Stanford Cardinal vs. (10) UCLA Bruins (8) Colorado Buffaloes vs. (9) Utah Utes ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Name: Alyxander Klukas Age: 17 Nationality: Lithuanian Club: Newcastle Skin Tone: Pale Height: 193 Weight: 169 lbs. Position: RW/ST Role: Wide Target Man
  7. I'm conflicted about this cause on one hand I feel like getting the WWE out of the control of anyone related to the McMahon family is the best thing that could happen to the company but in reality if it's not Triple H next in line it will just be one of Vince's random yes men cronies and I don't even wanna imagine how that would turn out. Plus, depending on how much you credit HHH for NXT, he clearly has a much fresher and modern take on wrestling than the average higher up at WWE.
  8. THE BERKELEY BEAT (Pictured: Freshmen Owen Gonzo Jr. (7) and Josiah Bridges (44) holding down the paint) "Bad News Bears": Scrappy #24 Cal dominates rivals Stanford to Continue Undefeated Conference Play Associated Press Berkeley -- How about those Golden Bears? Cal celebrated their first top 25 ranking in over 8 years in a perfect way by winning their 5th straight Pac-12 conference game last night, absolutely dominating their traditional rivals, the Stanford Cardinal, by a score of 101-74. The "Bad New Bears" of Cal were unstoppable all night, lead by their duo of Freshmen stars, Owen Gonzo Jr. and Josiah Bridges who combined for 62 points, only 12 less than the entire total of the Stanford Cardinal team. Gonzo Jr. was absolutely on fire, dropping a season high 37 points, including seven 3-pointers. Athletic Center Josiah Bridges added his best outing of his season with 25 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks. With this statement win the Cal Golden Bears move into 2nd place in the Pac-12, second only to the undefeated #3 USC Trojans (20-0). We were lucky enough to catch up with Cal head coach Donnie Hurwitz about the success the Golden Bears in his first year at the helm, he had this to say: "It's been a great start for the boys, there's certainly still plenty for us to improve on but overall I'm really proud of them. We've lost some games we easily could've won which is always tough to swallow but every time it's happened I've been really impressed with how they've recovered and responded every single time. We're a young team and you don't normally see this kind of toughness and maturity that we've gotten out of our freshmen, I couldn't be luckier to get to work with these young men every day. Stanford Cardinal at California Golden Bears JAN 16, 2020 1ST 2ND SCORE Stanford (11-9) 42 32 74 #24 California (17-3) 60 41 101 Team Leaders: Stanford Cardinal Points: 21 - PG Oscar Da Silva Rebounds: 8 - C Tyrell Trevor Assists: 6 - PG Oscar Da Silva Steals: 2 - SG Daejon Davis Blocks 2 - Tyrell Trevor Team Leaders: California Golden Bears Points: 37 - SG Owen Gonzo Jr. Rebounds: 14 - C Josiah Bridges Assists: 5 - SG Owen Gonzo Jr. Steals: 2 - PG Jayden Morris Blocks 5 - C Josiah Bridges
  9. THE BERKELEY BEAT (Pictured: Owen Gonzo Jr. (7) hits a deep 3 with 1.9 seconds left to give the Golden Bears the victory) UPSET ALERT: Cal knocks off #4 Louisville to win their 10th straight Associated Press Berkeley -- When you're wrong, you're wrong. When the Golden Bears dropped their season opener in ugly fashion to the UNLV Rebels, everyone wrote them off, but Cal didn't seem to mind. The gritty young team put their heads down and got to work, and ever since that unfortunate loss the Golden Bears have been white hot, winning their next 9 straight, already giving them more wins thanin their dreaded 8-24 record of last season. Despite getting off to their best start in over 10 years, even the most optimistic Cal fans figured this was where the streak would end, with the #4 ranked Louisville Cardinals coming to town. Louisville has been sensational this season, crushing every team put in front of them, due in large part to the ridiculous play of the nations #1 recruit out of Brooklyn, Small Forward Lamar Valentine. Valentine has been the best player in the country so far this year, averaging a ridiculous 28.1 Points, 7.4 Rebounds and 4.8 Assists in to start off his Freshman campaign. Given the dominate performances Valentine and his talented supporting cast have put in early in this young season, most figured the Golden Bears would put in a strong performance but ultimately fall to defeat against a much more well rounded Louisville squad. Cal had a different idea. The Golden Bears have gained a slight reputation this season for their aggressive, physical play and that was on full display early on in this game. Just 4:32 into the first half, Lamar Valentine blew by his man and had a clear path to the hoop when right before he took off, scrappy Cal freshman Owen Gonzo Jr. came out of now where to throw his body into Valentine for an aggressive foul, sending the Louisville star crashing down to the court. Lamar didn't take kindly to this as he immediately shot up and got in the face of Gonzo Jr. who gave him a stiff shove, their respective teams had to rush in and separate the two to prevent a potential fight. For those who don't know, these two are no strangers. Lamar Valentine beat out Owen Gonzo Jr. for the New York High School Men's Basketball Player of the Year award last year, despite Gonzo Jr.'s Marshall Academy Panthers winning the state championship, knocking off the reigning back-to-back champions, Valentine's South Shore Vikings. It doesn't appear as if Owen has forgot about it either as the broadcast picked up him saying "Player of the f****** year, eh bud?" as the two were being separated. That fiery start set the tone for the entire game as Cal and Louisville would trade bucket after bucket, neither team able to gain a lead greater than 5 points for the entire game. Given the competitive nature it should be no surprise that the game would come down to the final two shots. with 16.2 left on the clock the Golden Bears of Cal had the ball with the game tied 94-94. Center Josiah Bridges inbounded the ball to fellow freshman Owen Gonzo Jr. who had the hot hand all night. Gonzo Jr. calmly dribbled the ball down the court, stopping at the top of the 3-point line to size up his match up, at first he called for a screen but then waved it off, deciding to take this one on his own. After burning about 13 seconds off the clock the freshman Shooting Guard finally made his move, using his lightning fast quick first step to fake like he was going to drive right before stepping back to create separation from his defender and rising to launch a 35 foot 3-pointer. Nothing but net. With no timeouts remaining and just 1.9 left on the clock Louisville was forced to inbound quickly and launch a hail mary of a full court shot that never had a chance. Cal players and fans alike stormed the court, celebrating the victory and swarming Owen Gonzo Jr. who just stared down his rival and waved as Lamar Valentine and the Louisville Cardinals made the long walk to the locker room. Louisville Cardinals at California Golden Bears DEC 11, 2019 1ST 2ND SCORE #4 Louisville (10-1) 52 42 94 California (10-1) 52 45 97 Team Leaders: Louisville Cardinals Points: 35 - SF Lamar Valentine Rebounds: 8 - C Steven Enoch Assists: 5 - SF Lamar Valentine Steals: 3 - PG David Johnson Blocks 2 - SF Lamar Valentine Team Leaders: California Golden Bears Points: 34 - SG Owen Gonzo Jr. Rebounds: 11 - C Josiah Bridges Assists: 6 - SG Owen Gonzo Jr. Steals: 2 - SG Owen Gonzo Jr. Blocks 4 - Josiah Bridges
  10. The Return of Alyx Wilde.


  11. Thanks Slim, I really appreciate it my man, it's great to be back and I hope I can make this an interesting story for everyone to read, I have some stuff planned for it that I'm really excited about.
  12. A dimly lit figure sits on the railing of the Burnside Bridge in NW Portland, hundreds of feet above the Willamette River. As the camera comes into focus we get a better look at the man, he's wearing a black denim jacket and torn jeans tucked into leather boots, the smoke from his cigarette clouds his face for a moment before dissipating to reveal messy, curly locks of dark blonde hair resting just above his icy, piercing blue eyes...those eyes. It's... it's Alyx Wilde. He doesn't look much different from when we last saw him, but he doesn't look the same either. His once lean, muscular appearance has given way to a much skinnier one, his jawline and cheekbones look as if they may rip through his skin at any moment, and just below those very cheekbones on the right side of his face, a long, deep scar. He looks like Alyx Wilde, just...more damaged, sicker almost. As the camera focuses on his face we finally see what light source is gently illuminating him in the cold pitch black of Oregon night. Not headlights, nor streetlights of the usually busy city of Portland, but a small projector placed on the other side of the bridge, casting what appears to be a highlight reel of his once decorated career across half of his face. Just as we start to make out the images being projected, the reel suddenly flickers and burns out, leaving nothing but a soft white like shining delicately on the face of the former Triple Crown Champion. He takes a deep puff from his cigarette before exhaling, leaving the smoke to dance in the soft, ambient light. You know...I can't tell you how many times I've come to this bridge. Sometimes it was just to clear my mind and sometimes...sometimes it was because I was gonna throw myself off. But...but I never did. I never did cause...cause I don't think it would kill me. I don't think I can be killed. I know that probably sounds insane but...trust me, I've tried. I've spent my entire life trying to die. Whether it was Wrestling or MMA , I turned bleeding into my career. I dedicated years and years of my life into bleeding in front of thousands of people who couldn't care less because I thought maybe, somehow, that would cure me. But it didn't. And you know, I don't watch those highlights to reminisce on good times or whatever the fuck, I watch them cause I don't remember any of it. I don't remember any of it cause every time I stepped into a BPZ ring I was too high to remember anything, I was too high to feel my body, I didn't want too. What? What, do you really think I came up "Cuddlezworth" without taking a little acid? Wilde lets out a giggle that turns into a loud, almost involuntary and uncomfortable laugh before tightly clenching his jaw and wincing as if he's in pain. He shuts his eyes tightly for a long, tense moment before sighing deeply and hitting his cigarette one last time before tossing it behind him, off the bridge and into the river below. He looks down at his hands, all of his knuckles have the same faint purple tinge, bruised time and time again. Wilde digs his thumb nail into his other hand as he begins to speak again in his raspy, almost frail voice. My whole life I've told myself that I'm just a sick guy, an otherwise normal guy whose just unlucky enough to have an illness like thousands of other people. But that's not true. I don't have an illness...I am an illness.... I am the sickness. I'm a sickness that can't be cured, I'm a sickness that can't be killed. Sure, like any sickness, I go away sometimes. But I'm never gone. Maybe you can't see me but I am always there, waiting. Waiting to see who I can infect next, waiting to see who is vulnerable enough for me to drag down into my pit of filth and misery and pain. You can hate me all you want, plenty of people do but can you blame me? I mean, after all, that's just what sickness does, isn't it? When you least expect it, it plants it's knee in your chest and it wraps its fingers around your throat and it squeezes and squeezes until there's nothing you can do but lay there and watch as everything you thought you knew about your past, present, and future leaks and pours out of every pore, every fiber of your being....and just when you think it can't possibly get any worse...well. Well, that's the thing about sickness...it always finds a way. It finds a way to some how, some way, squeeze even tighter than before until you feel like your eyes are about to pop out of your skull, you feel your own blood that's spent years keeping you alive start to fill your mouth, suffocating you...and you spend the final moments of a life you once loved, praying for it all to be over. That's what sickness is. That's what I am. As Wilde finishes delivering finishing that chilling message his body begins to tremble slightly, as if he is either deeply excited or scared of the words leaving his scarred lips. His purple knuckles turn white as he tightly grips the railing beneath him. And I...am back. But this time, I'm not here to cure myself...I'm here to spread the disease. A sinister grin crawls across the face of Alyx Wilde, slowly stretching the corners of his mouth towards his ears. His cold, menacing eyes are staring daggers into the camera when suddenly the projector fires back on violently, flickering brightly for a moment before projecting nothing but the image of a skull across half his face as his smile slowly fades away.
  13. Also if you're wondering what I've been up too while I was gone, I'm in a band, give us a listen if ya want.


  14. I'm back boysssss!!

    I have a new diary out now, check it out if you're a fan of basketball or sports storytelling in general.


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