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  1. I've always been a mark for striking finishers so I'd have to say Aleister Black's "Black Mass" or Will Ospreay's Elbow, whatever that's called. It looks sick but I have to admit Will is super unsafe with it and full contact shots to the back of the head are super bad.
  2. Backstory: Alyx Wilde has seen the highest of highs and the lowest of lows in BPZ and currently faces what very well may be his last chance at obtaining the legendary status he promised he would from day one. There is nothing more dangerous than a desperate man with a dream. Born: August 17th 1996 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Canadian Based in: USA Active Wrestler Style: Brawler Body Type: Ripped Size: Middleweight Minimum Size: Middleweight Maximum Size: Middleweight Moves: "Man Vs. Wilde" Benadryller, "Enter The Void" SleeperHold Face Gimmick: Something Wholesome Heel Gimmick: Something Cocky Mask: None Hair: Yes Favoured Role: Wrestler Picture: Indie CM Punk
  3. Something is really appealing to me about a Finn Balor, Mr. MITB run but I think most of these guys would be pretty fun with the case. I think Kofi will get the last spot and they're just putting him in there because he can pull of rad spots, but I really hope that guy gets his day in the sun one day (WHC Run), cause he deserves it as much as anyone and is just as talented as all the guys in the main event scene rn.
  4. Ricochet vs Velveteen Dream has me hyped beyond words, and they've worked a beautiful feud psychologically in the past week or so with a lot of subtlety. Like the things with the attention seeking VD being outshined by Ricochet's insane abilities like when he leaped out of the ring is such a brilliant way to cast those two and it does so much for the theater nerd inside of me.
  5. The Nia and Ronda thing was anti-climactic at best, Roode v Strowman is two great guys who really shouldn't work across from each other, it just did NOT work for me. Owen v Balor is pretty fun, standard RAW performances from both of them but that's still better than most the roster imo.
  6. Really hope it's nothing to serious with Regal, behind the scenes he is absolutely imperative to NXT, it really couldn't exist without him. Not to mention that he is an incredible on screen personality playing that GM Role.
  7. Nice to meet you, buddy! I hope to see you around the forums and if you have any questions at all or are just looking for someone to chat with, my DMs are always open. Enjoy your stay pal!
  8. As EVOLVE returns from commercial we see an empty room covered in golden foil and filled with various gold props. There is a long, almost eerie silence as we stare at a still shot of the room. Eventually, the crinkle of shoes on foil is heard as "The Greatest Show on Earth" Alyx Wilde walks into the frame, wearing a golden suit with his freshly won Intercontinental Championship thrown over his left shoulder. With the capture of the IC Belt and a victory against NXT Champion Marker to earn himself a place in the Global Championship Triple Threat, this has easily been the most successful stretch in Wilde's career since his historic 2016 run. A large grin grows across the face of Wilde as he sets down his Intercontinental Championship in front of him, basking in his own reflection cast by the brightly shining belt. He slowly looks up at the hard camera and smirks as he says. By now you should know, that gold and Alyx Wilde are synonymous. One cannot exist without the other. A world where I don't have a piece of gold around my waist is a waste of a world. These are the facts as old as the universe, but yet somehow a large portion of you have grown to resent me for how I captured what has been rightfully mine for a long time now, MY Intercontinental Championship. And all I can say is... Wilde lifts the belt from the desk, admiring it in all it's glory before planting a long kiss on the front plate and tossing it over the shoulder before continuing with his speech, now making direct eye contact with the camera. What did you expect? I am Alyx Wilde. I always have a plan. I am Alyx Wilde. I don't wait in line. I am Alyx Wilde. I can't be stopped. Josh couldn't and that sorry excuse for an NXT Champion sure as hell couldn't either. But despite that, degenerates like Angelo Caito think it's a brilliant idea to call me out in some strange, insecure, homophobic rant that did nothing for anyone beyond showing everyone how scared you are of irrelevancy. I get it Brad. I really do, these are desperate times for a once great man. You're going one on one with Ark at Takeover: Fallout for christ's sake, I mean, that's just low, I know you're obsessed with accomplishments because you seem to be incapable of achieving, well, anything really, but was "Least Interesting Match Ever" really on your bucket list? I know you're not a very bright guy so I'm going to keep this simply for you. Wilde leans forward and removes his glasses, reveling his cold, intimidating blue eyes as he stares down the camera, as if to personally deliver these words of warning to Angelo Caito himself. Keep my name out of your insignificant mouth. You'll be a lot fucking safer that way. But I'm done wasting my breath on someone so meaningless to me, especially when there is something much more important on my horizons. The Triple Threat Match at Takeover. My shot at more gold. Gold that needs me. Don't get me wrong, winning my first Intercontinental Title was a very important step in my story, and there isn't a single person on this god damn roster capable of taking it from me, but my work isn't done. I lay awake at night, unable to get any sleep as I hear the Global Championship calling my name at the top of it's lungs, begging for me. Well don't worry my little friend. In just a little over a month your savior will arrive. I will free you from the grips of mediocrity that have held onto you for far too long. Unfortunately for the other two men who have the displeasure of standing across the ring from this specimen, your savior isn't coming. As a matter a fact, nothing can save you or anyone else in this company from Alyx Wilde. Nothing can save you from The Greatest. Show. On. Earth. Wilde smiles and blows a kiss to the camera before posing before it, basking in the power of his own words as the footage slowly fades to black. Alyx Wilde is back, and he just put the whole roster on notice.
  9. The show had some decent moments and didn't drag on as much as usual but it was still only a 5/10 at best. Rehashed segments and pointless DQ finishes made it hard for me to really get into the show at all. Finn vs. Braun is really decent however, I actually really rate their chemistry.
  10. Really glad to hear they're bringing this back, the first one was great and some of the talent that has since moved into the developmental system is incredible, the future of women's wrestling is extremely bright and I'm glad to see them getting the credit and exposure they deserve. (Most of the time.)
  11. Some of the writing in this feud has been some of the shittiest, cornball stuff I've seen in years. Not to mention the classy bit of transphobia. But to be fair Sami has shown some really strong mic skills and it's obvious both guys are trying hard to make this work. I'm assuming Lashley wins here but I really hope that doesn't just leave Sami with nothing to do and nowhere to go, cause as I've said time and time again, the man deserves to be at the top of this business.
  12. Thank you lad, I look forward to our battles for months to come.

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