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  1. Pacific NorthWrestling Alyx Wilde's PNW is the premier cult brand in the western half of the United States, combining the hardcore style of ECW with the glitz, glamour, and "cool factor" that comes with the West Coast, airing a weekly show every Friday night known simply as "PNW LIVE!" Kane Undertaker Owen Hart RVD Sting Kenta Kobashi Mick Foley Sabu Dean Malenko Bam Bam Bigelow Roddy Piper La Parka The Headbangers Abdulla The Butcher Glacier Hayabusa Blue Panther Stevie Richards
  2. (credit to @Arius for the graphic) Ever since the shocking return of former Triple Crown Champion Alyx Wilde, there was one question on the minds of the BPZ Universe, who would step up to be his first opponent? That question would be answered the very next show when none other than Joshua Scott, fresh off of attacking a fan after the most humiliating loss of his career to a blindfolded Alex Costa, would come out to fake an apology before calling out Alyx Wilde, who to the surprise of many would accept, "signing the contract" with a stiff springboard roundhouse to the side of Joshua Scott'
  3. THE BERKELEY BEAT Cal lose close one in PAC-12 Championship, look forward to March Madness Associated Press Berkeley -- A strong conference tournament run from the Cal Golden Bears ends in heartbreak as Owen Gonzo Jr.'s potential game winning three bounced on the rim two times before falling out, clinching the USC Trojans Pac-12 Championship victory, 89-86. It was a somewhat disappointing end to an otherwise dominant run through the Pac-12 Tournament but with the announcement of the March Madness Tournament bracket today, Cal will now shift their attention to much bi
  4. We open on a wide shot of the Burnside Skatepark, a DIY skatepark that was illegally hand-built by the Portland skating community in the early 1990s. Punk music can be heard blasting from a cheap speaker as we see skaters of all ages and backgrounds shredding the worn down concrete when suddenly, returning BPZ Superstar Alyx Wilde skates into frame. Wilde effortlessly glides through the dips and curves of the park, it's obvious that he's done so hundreds of times. Wilde picks up speed on his well-used skateboard as he eyes a half pipe to attempt a trick on, but as he kickflips himself and his
  5. Alyx Wilde

    An Apology

    As Joshua Scott poses before the shocked fans he was once beloved by, an unfamiliar theme cuts through the silence of the Carnage Arena. As the slightly confused crowd begins to rise to their feet Josh's head snaps towards the stage, realizing there's only one man it can be. It's Alyx Wilde. As "The Sickness" emerges onto the stage from behind the curtain, the BPZ Universe goes absolutely ballistic for the return of the man who was once in the main event of BPZMania. Wilde himself is even taken back by the reaction, as he looks around at the thousands and thousands of screaming fans he can't h
  6. God I remember seeing Dominik on TV as a literal child so this is pretty insane to see. Idk how good the match itself will really be but it's a pretty great story and I'm sure it's a very proud moment for Rey.
  7. 2020-21 NFL Predictions (https://playoffpredictors.com/Football/NFL?L=EwRlLYqiz-TlnGyVsrVrlInnTRefUmY-AyQyjLezRpaWlCk5h7Vi9rcxnTQ1hRVhgAMQA) AFC # AFC North WLT 1 Ravens 14-2 7 Steelers 9-7 8 Browns 8-8 9 Bengals 8-8
  8. Alyx Wilde BASIC INFO Figurehead: Darby Allin Current Alignment: Mostly Heel but adored by a cult fanbase Nicknames: Former - The Wilde One, The Heir To The Throne, The Greatest Show on Earth, The Truth Current - The Sickness Height: 6’4" Weight: 167 lbs. Pace of Birth/Billed From: Portland, Oregon. Entrance Video: APPEARANCE Ring & Entrance Attires WRESTLING Fighting Style: 50% Striker 50% Hardcore Spot Monkey Alyx Wilde's Move-Set is a made up of two main components, the first of which being striking. Due to his thin
  9. Pac-12 Tournament Preview: Seeds & First Round Match-ups Set for the Conference Tournament Associated Press A very exciting Regular Season has come to a close for the Pac-12 Conference, a season that saw the #3 ranked USC Trojans cement themselves as a viable threat for the national title lead by Pac-12 Player of the Year, C Onyeka Okongwu as well as the emergence of the "Bad News Bears", the physical, fast paced California Golden Bears team who behind the performances of their star freshman SG Owen Gonzo Jr. and C Josiah Bridges rose to rank #16 in the nation, their best season i
  10. Name: Alyxander Klukas Age: 17 Nationality: Lithuanian Club: Newcastle Skin Tone: Pale Height: 193 Weight: 169 lbs. Position: RW/ST Role: Wide Target Man
  11. I'm conflicted about this cause on one hand I feel like getting the WWE out of the control of anyone related to the McMahon family is the best thing that could happen to the company but in reality if it's not Triple H next in line it will just be one of Vince's random yes men cronies and I don't even wanna imagine how that would turn out. Plus, depending on how much you credit HHH for NXT, he clearly has a much fresher and modern take on wrestling than the average higher up at WWE.
  12. THE BERKELEY BEAT (Pictured: Freshmen Owen Gonzo Jr. (7) and Josiah Bridges (44) holding down the paint) "Bad News Bears": Scrappy #24 Cal dominates rivals Stanford to Continue Undefeated Conference Play Associated Press Berkeley -- How about those Golden Bears? Cal celebrated their first top 25 ranking in over 8 years in a perfect way by winning their 5th straight Pac-12 conference game last night, absolutely dominating their traditional rivals, the Stanford Cardinal, by a score of 101-74. The "Bad New Bears" of Cal were unstoppable all night, lead by t
  13. THE BERKELEY BEAT (Pictured: Owen Gonzo Jr. (7) hits a deep 3 with 1.9 seconds left to give the Golden Bears the victory) UPSET ALERT: Cal knocks off #4 Louisville to win their 10th straight Associated Press Berkeley -- When you're wrong, you're wrong. When the Golden Bears dropped their season opener in ugly fashion to the UNLV Rebels, everyone wrote them off, but Cal didn't seem to mind. The gritty young team put their heads down and got to work, and ever since that unfortunate loss the Golden Bears have been white hot, winning their next 9 straight, already giving t
  14. The Return of Alyx Wilde.


  15. Thanks Slim, I really appreciate it my man, it's great to be back and I hope I can make this an interesting story for everyone to read, I have some stuff planned for it that I'm really excited about.

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