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  1. WWE Bans Beach Balls

    Not a bad idea to be fair, I would hate to pay all that money for a ticket just to have to deal with assholes swatting beachballs at you. Not to mention how shitty it is to due to the guys trying to put on a good show for everyone.
  2. Football (Soccer) Discussion

    EPL Predictions Week 3 BOU 0 - 3 MCI Comfortable win for Man City here, can't see how The Cherries are gonna get anything from this. WAT 1 - 0 BHA Brighton are yet to capture their first points in a Premier League match and I think Watford will prevent them from doing so this week. NEW 1 - 2 WHA Neither of these teams have played well, both on 0 points but I see Hernandez capturing a big win for The Irons here. CRY 0 - 0 SWA Two teams I could see near the relegation zone come the end of the season, a win would be big for either team but I don't think either will get it. HUD 2 - 2 SOU Huddersfield has done very well thus far, with 6 points from their two first games but I think Southampton has what it takes to hang in with the potent attack. MUN 4 - 3 LEI Watch for offensive fire works in a game very reminiscent of the season opener, another 4 goal win for Manchester United. WBA 0 - 2 STK West Brom have done well so far, but Stoke have all the momentum coming off a win against Arsenal, expect a good performance for Darren Fletcher against his old team. CHE 1 - 1 EVE Everton have shown the are prepared to compete with the top flight teams this year, I can see them getting a crucial point against Chelsea. TOT 2 - 0 BUR A rough result last week for the Spurs but they shake it off this week and get all 3 points against Burnley. LIV 3 - 0 ARS In the shock result of the week, a demoralized Arsenal team gets completely outclassed at Anfield for their second loss in a row.
  3. What a fucking day lads

    Stoke 1 

    Arsenal 0

    Jese scores

    Arnautovic gets sent off

  4. Football (Soccer) Discussion

    EPL Predictions Week 2 SWA 0 - 4 MUN Man U looked ridiculously good in their opener, Swansea looks like they could get relegated, especially without Siggy. BOU 1 - 2 WAT Watford put on a really nice performance against Liverpool, look for them to continue their form against a weak Bournemouth side. LEI 4 - 1 BHA The Foxes were unlucky not to get any points from last weeks season opener, expect them to get all 3 against Brighton who seem destined to go down. SOU 0 - 1 WHU Southampton looks like they're in for some real regression this season, Irons get a contested victory here. LIV 3 - 1 CRY Liverpool starts slow typically but you really gotta think they'll get the win over an atrocious Palace squad. BUR 1 - 0 WBA Ryan Vokes breaks through the tough Baggie defense to prevent the classic West Brom bore draw. STK 2 - 3 ARS Gunners weak back line cause the some more issues but a late winner gets them all 3 points. HUD 2 - 1 NEW Potent Huddersfield attack gets them a big result against another promoted side. TOT 2 - 2 CHE Two top teams battle it out for a tight draw, Chelsea need to bounce back after their embarrassing defeat to Burnley. MCI 1 - 1 EVE Glfyi plays well in his debut for a Everton team that suddenly looks like they could do some damage, Manchester City weren't too convincing in their victory over Huddersfield.
  5. Jason Jordan & Hardyz vs Miztourage (Preshow)

    Well I probably won't be watching this match but I will credit them that despite the massive push they're giving to JJ with the "Angle" angle, they don't seem to be trying to rush his stardom which is a great thing because if Jason Jordan has any chance of becoming a main event guy, they can't force him on us like they did Roman Reigns.
  6. Why Dolph Ziggler is off of WWE TV

    What a shame, this guy proved that he's not only one of the strongest in ring workers in the WWE but also a upper tier promo artist, his work with the Miz was some of the most emotionally moving promos since Mankind. Please let him return to glory one day, he's fucking earned it.
  7. Sorta mixed emotions on this one because, I fucking despise Baron Corbin, well and truly I think he's awful. So if this had to happen to anyone on the roster I think it should be him, but it defenitly should have never happened because IMO they just completely killed this mans career. But also I'm thrilled cause now I get the sense that Shinsuke will get the win and wont get cashed in on like I originally thought.
  8. You are not a true wrestling fan if you don't vote for what team I should do a FIFA 17 Manager Mode with


  9. Jinder Mahal vs John Cena set for SD

    Should be a decent match I suppouse. My little prediction would be that Corbin runs in to fuck over Cena but Shinsuke makes the save, possibly starting the foundation of the feud if Corbin cashes in on Shinsuke on Sunday.
  10. Official BPZ Tag Division 2.0

    Does The King of Soft Style need a tag team partner? DM me if you wanna team.
  11. A to Z Wrestler Game

    Oleg The Usurper
  12. Adam Cole Officially Signs With NXT

    Adam Cole is a guy I could definitely see WWE having no idea what to do with but I really hope that's not the case because the lad is such a massive talent it would be an absolute shame to waste him.
  13. The fans are on their feet as the show opening promo package ends, and the pyro lights up the First Direct Arena in Leeds. EVOLVE has an amazing show lined up to night and the show kicks off with a BIG match. As the exciting new luchadore El Oculto takes on the returning former United States Champion, "The King of Soft Style" Alyxander Cuddlezworth in a thrilling clash of styles between two fan favorites. First out is the exciting young man on a mission to keep lucha alive, El Oculto! He's obviously well liked by these fans as a loud roar rises from the small arena, Oculto stands on the ramp pumping his fist before charging down the ramp, high-fiving fans as he goes before rolling in the ring and striking a pose. "O-Cult-O" chants rain down as the agile luchadore does some movements around the ring, awaiting his opponent. When suddenly, a very very familiar theme hits the air waves, met with the loudest pop a crowd of that size can muster. "The King of Soft Style" himself explodes out of the curtain, Reginald in arm, blowing kisses to the cheering fans in front of him, he makes a mad dash for the guard rail to greet some fans, hugging and dancing with his fellow UK Lads. Cuddlezworth takes his bowler cap off and gives it to a young child in the front row, giving him a big hug as he does. Alyxander stands in the middle of the ramp for a moment, taking it all in with a deep breath before heading to the ring, walking right up to El Oculto and wraps him in a giant hug. The luchadore struggles a bit but ultimately realizes it's pointless and pats the goofy giant on his back. Cuddlezworth eventually lets go and puts his dukes up, a big toothy grin on his face, excited to be back in his first grappling match since October. The ref cautiously approaches, taking Reginald out of his hands and handing him to the ring side officials. The ref looks at both masked men, before calling for the bell and taking a step back. And it's a good thing he does cause right out of the gate El Oculto comes flying towards Cuddlezworth, sending him tumbling out of the ring with a drop kick. Cuddlezworth lands on his feet but is obviously dazed, stumbling around the outside. The high flying luchadore looks to take advantage as he throws himself against the ropes and flips head over heel looking for a Suicide Senton but the much bigger Cuddlezworth catches him in a cradle position, wagging his finger in his face before rocking him around like a small baby and dropping him with a massive back body drop on the apron! With that, Alyxander Cuddlezworth skips his way back into the ring and begins dancing around the ring, blowing kisses to his adoring fans who are on their feet for the return of their king. But maybe Cuddlezworth should spend less time celebrating and more time paying attention to his match as suddenly a recovered El Oculto springboards over the top rope and catches Cuddlezworth with a flying knee to the jaw, dropping the former US Champ like a ton of bricks. Oculto kips up, pumping his fist in the air and immediately scaling the turn buckle. El Oculto stands on the top rope waiting for Cuddlezworth the get to his feet, it takes a second as that knee clearly caught him badly but eventually he does get his legs underneath him, just in time for Oculto to land a missle dropkick that sends Cuddlezworth into the ropes, Oculto pops up and handstands himself off the the ropes just in time to catch Alyxander with a brilliant enzuguri, what a maneuver! The fans are going crazy, as this has been one of the most exciting opening sequences to a match in recent memory. As The King of Soft Style rolls around clutching his jaw in pain a "Cuddlezworth" chant breaks out amongst the crowd. Alyxander begins slapping the canvas, trying to will himself to stay in the fight, when suddenly Oculto lifts him to a standing position, looking for his next move when suddenly Cuddlezworth absolutely jacks his jaw with a stiff forearm which sends Oculto stumbing into the ropes, before rebounding into a pop-up X-Factor from Cuddlezworth, a move he once used as a finisher in the indies. Cuddlezworth skips into the corner and begins winding up his arm, looking for a clothesline from "heck" as Cuddlezworth would put it. Oculto makes his way to his feet, and realizes where he is just in time to duck the clothesline and reverse with a massive Pele Kick, straight on the dome of Alyxander Cuddlezworth, sending him to the canvas. Oculto dives in for the cover for the 1...2..NO! Cuddlezworth fires his shoulder up right before the ref can count the 3. We see almost an overwhelmed look on the face of Alyxander Cuddlezworth from behind his signature teddy bear mask. Oculto might be getting a bit frustrated here as he fires a boot into the ribs of The World's Sweetest Man. Cuddlezworth squeals a bit as the boot impacts, he rolls himself into the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. He obviously didnt appreciate that kick as he immediately charges his smaller opponent and captures him before lifting and slamming him on his head with a fisherman buster! That could be it, 1...2..No, the resilient young luchadore isn't done yet. Cuddlezworth snaps his fingers in an "Ah, shucks" motion before getting up to his feet and lifting his opponent who out of nowhere drops Cuddlezworth to his knees with a flurry of leg kicks before running of the ropes and leaping up, wrapping his legs around the head of Cuddlezworth and whipping his skull into the mat with a brutal hurricanrana DDT. El Oculto is feeling it now, he pops up and runs to the top rope, climbing to the top turnbuckle possibly looking to finish this but in an amazing burst of adrenaline, no doubt caused by the roar of his loving fans, Cuddlezworth stands up and leaps his way to the middle rope, meeting El Oculto at the top, in a very very dangerous position, this can't end well. Cuddlezworth tries wrapping Oculto up for a German Suplex but gets caught with a back elbow, and El Oculto immediately takes advantage, grabbing him and launching from a SLICED BREAD NO.2 FROM THE TOP!!! That absolutely has to be it! 1...2..NO! NO! Oh my god! Some way, some how, Alyxander Cuddlezworth is still in this match. "Holy Shit!" Chants echo throughout the arena, and I have to agree with them, what we've seen from these two men has been absolutely sensational, and this is only the first match of the night! El Oculto is in absolute shock that he didn't put Cuddlezworth away with that one. I think he's done playing around, he wants to finish this one right here, right now. Oculto slowly and methodically makes his way to the ring apron, obviously drained from the physicality of this match. He's looking for his Springboard 450, a move he has used to put away the likes of Jason Black in recent weeks. Cuddlezworth is flattened right in the center of the ring, in perfect position and he doesn't seem to be stirring anytime soon. This could be the beginning of the end, Oculto is clear for take of, here we go, he hits the top, and turns the full 450 like it's nothing but CUDDLEZWORTH GETS THE KNEES UP, TWO THICK KNEES JUST SLAMMED INTO OCULTO'S SPINE LIKE A SEMI-TRUCK! Oculto tumbles through the air before landing in a kneeling position, this is The King of Soft Style's moment! In one last burst of momentum, Cuddlezworth shoots up to his feet and fires off a mule kick at the kneeling El Oculto while blowing a kiss to the audience. IT LANDS, CUDDLEZKICK SQUARE ACROSS THE JAW OF OCULTO!!! CUDDLEZWORTH COLLAPSES INTO THE COVER, TIGHTLY HUGGING HIS DOWNED OPPONENT...1...2...3!!! CUDDLEZWORTH DID IT, CUDDLEZWORTH DID IT! When it seemed all hope was lost, the most resillient man in all of BPZ swung for the fences and hit it out of the park! What an incredible match, what a way for The King of Soft Style to return. Both men are still laying in the center of the ring, Alyxander Cuddlezworth still clutching his possibly unconscious opponent. Finally, Cuddlezworth sits up to his knees and looks down at El Oculto who is finally beginning to stir. Cuddlezworth tosses Oculto's arm over his shoulder and helps him to his feet, the two men stand there, exchanging a few words and a firm handshake, as Oculto lifts Cuddlezworth's arm in a brilliant show of sportsmanship. Cuddlezworth pats Oculto on the head before rolling out of the ring, grabbing Reginald and taking a running start before hopping over the guard rail to celebrate with his adoring fans who powered him on through the whole match. The crowd mobs him before lifting him above their shoulders. Alyxander Cuddlezworth embracing his fans, smiling ear to ear, after 10 long months, finally back where he belongs.
  14. Football (Soccer) Discussion

    Premier League Table Predictions 1. Manchester United 2. Manchester City 3. Chelsea 4. Liverpool 5. Arsenal 6. Everton 7. Spurs 8. Leicester City 9. Southampton 10. Stoke City 11. West Brom 12. West Ham 13. Watford 14. Burnley 15. Huddersfield 16. Bournemouth 17. Crystal Palace 18. Swansea City 19. Newcastle 20. Brighton
  15. Eh I mean, doesn't really jump off the page as something I'd like to see but there's a cool kayfabe dynamic, with the disrespectful young gun taking on Mr. Hustle Loyalty and Respect so I'll give it a chance.

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